Salama Is Safe (1938) - full transcript

Misr Co. for Acting and Cinema

Misr Studios present:

Naguib El Rihany in:

Salama is Fine

Screenplay and dialogue by:
Badee Khairy, Naguib El Rihany

Based on a story by:
Misr Studios

Directed by:
Niazy Mustafa

Khalil and Naasan Hindawy

Ok.. sure.. it will be
delivered right away

Hello Aziz, send Nefertiti
House's order right now

The mail, sir

Where are my glasses?
Where are they?

Get Salama to come look for
my glasses quickly

I brought you a wonderful
collection Mr. Khalil

The factory wants to produce
unequaled stuff this time

I even want to take advantage of
prince of Bloudestan's visit

to promote our factory's goods
in his country

Go see where Salama is



Slow down! That's no floor
you're wiping

- I like to work perfectly
- No, don't

Here! Missed by 200 numbers

- Take one
- I'm broke, there you go

Good Lord! 5 'ladies'!

Just one is driving me crazy

- Looking good
- No, take these

We're so late, what's the
time now?

- Now it's...
- Nobody asked you

- What's the time please?
- The watch broke down

How rude!

- We need the customs stamp
- It's over there. Hello

I can see you're busy, sir.
I'll come back tomorrow

Hello.. what? How much is
a pound?!

Here we sell by meters.
Whom do you want?

The meat restaurant?
No, it's a wrong number

- The cupboard is locked
- Locked? The key.. Get Salama!

Where is Salama?

The manager is
asking for you


Why are you crying, dear?
Do you want chocolate?

You want a candy? Take it

I told you not to take dirty
things from anyone


- Hello.. Welcome..
- Thanks sir.. what for?

I told you many times not to
move from here

You are an office man, that's
your job here. Understood?

Yes sir, an office man..
I didn't say I was a partner

Where are my glasses?
Where did you take them?

They're right here, sir.
Where would they go?

My glasses!

Don't be angry, sir. I didn't
sell them

Go get the customs stamp,
tardy oaf

What are you rambling about?

I'm saying please be patient

- I need half day off, sir
- Why is that?

- My aunt is dead
- 2 days ago somebody died

Yes, it was my cousin, sir

You took half day off last Friday
because someone died

She was my cousin's daughter

How many aunts and cousins
do you have?

Big family.. they die after
one another.. what do I do?

No more days off except when
you're dead. Got that?

Got it, sir, but what holiday
will this be?

Beat it! Go cash these cheques

Patience is driving me crazy
Mr. Rihan

I worked in this store
for 25 years

Since it was built. We started it:
me, the owner and the builders

Now he tells me I'm just
an office man

What should he tell you? Mr. manager?
You are an office man

An office man for 25 years,
Mr. Rihan?

The soldier who serves 25 years
in the army

is promoted to be a general
not just a sergeant

You are stubborn!

El Bashawat Alley

Charity please

Are you always begging? Shall I
call a doctor for your hand?

My wife is in labour, son

She's been in labour for 19 years

What kind of baby is that?
He'll be born with a moustache

Shame on you. Finish this story

Thank you.. but it's a bit erased

What's wrong, Um Yam“?
Watch it son!

That stupid boy put ink
in his sister's eye

Shame on you boy. You put ink
in your sister's eye?

She put chili in my ears

Shut up!

How are you Um Yanni?
How is Mr. Kostin?

Fine, thanks. How are you Mr. Salama?
How is your family?

They're fine, Um Yanni

Who is it?

- Hello Sattouta
- Poor thing carrying all that!

Hello, mother in law.. Wow.. soup

My guts are freezing

Where are the spoons?
What's that? A jug?

Did you cook the soup
in a barrel?

Our neighbour Um Ayousha
borrowed them

Doesn't she have anything?
She borrows a seive,

a knife and a broom. Why doesn't
she borrow your mother?

Shame on you

What's happening up there?

What is it?

Stop hammering

I said I'm sorry. If you don't
like it, go to hell

I'll show you, I'll ruin your day

Calm down, Salama

Hey you messy, foolish man!

Shut up you insolent, ill-bred,

good-for-nothing office man

You garbage can.. teaching scumbag

If you're man enough, come up here

If you only come down here

- I'll break your neck
- I'll pull your teeth out

Coward! Let me go!

Hey you people.. everyday a fight?

I'll kill you both. I want to
have some sleep

If only this man didn't want
to sleep.. Sleep Mr. Kostin

You're lucky.. you slipped
away you idiot

If I throw stones at barking dogs,
stones will have a price

Hello, Helen.. how is my wife?

The doctor says it'll be
today? 0 Lord

Keep in touch. Go away now,
I can't think

We have to finish our issue.
I'm leaving after tomorrow

Do me a favour Mr. Albert,
delay this issue for a while

I can't get hold of myself today

Why? You're changed since that
phone call from Alexandria

For 20 years my wife
couldn't get children

Today she's in labour

Imagine? For 20 years
I couldn't get children

I mean my wife couldn't
get children

OK, I understand" Congratulations

- Mr. Armanios
- Don't make me lose count

46+5 equals 51 pounds..

What do you want?

The manager wants the power bill

Last month is November

Go November, come November,

there is November

Power bill.. Power bill

71 pounds and 622 millieme

What else Salama?

Nothing. Give this to the manager

This is the week's revenue,
take it to the bank

There is 4000 pounds

and 118 pounds, equals

00:14:06,991 --> 00:14:09,050
Take care, Salama

God help me

- Are you blind?
- You look drunk

Stop it, it's your fault

Is this you, stupid teacher?
I'll ruin your day

Is it you, bloody office man?
Crush him, driver

Crush me?! I'll crush your whole
family. Hey sergeant!

Stop it people, I'll take you
to the police station

Yes, to the police station.
I'll testify with you

He was blocking the street.
You are a liar

You have no conscience

Shut up please. What's your name?

Mr. Bayoumi Morgan

- Without Mr.
- Yes, without Mr.

- Shut up
- 0k

- Your profession
- Teacher

- Teacher in a kuttab
- Stop it


You can go now

Tomorrow I'll watch you in jail

- Shut up.. you dog
- A dog should bite...

- Congratulations, sir
- Thank you

- May you see him a man
- Thank you. Same to you too

- Congratulations, sir
- Thank you

Today in honor of this great day,
we'll close this evening

All the employees have
half day off

Great. There's no way out now

It's not the time for labour,
Mrs. Khalil

Damn you, Bayoumi

What shall I do in this trouble?

Don't say.. really? Where?

Abd El Latif? What will you eat?

16 dishes” Cool.. what are they?

- Please, sir, I'm in a hurry
- Wait till I finish

- Strange
- Calf's legs? Delicious!

I love it..

And molokhia?
With chicken or rabbits? Wow!

Your turn, Mr. Salama

Please, sir

What? Vine leaves and beans?
Fresh or dried?

I'm sure coming tomorrow

It's tomorrow already

Wow! And cream soup too?

Come on, man, it's still a
long way to go

What about salads? Tehina
and pickles? Very good

I was coming, but something
bad delayed me

My wallet was stolen
and I didn't feel it

No, I'm not an idiot, but thieves
here are very clever

You scared me to death

OK, I'm coming. Goodbye, Zuzu

Is this Mr Khalil Hindawy's house?
It's me Salama

Please, get him for me.
What? He travelled?

Perfect! Now there's no way out

Your beard Mr. Salama

My wallet..

- My wallet, you theives
- What's wrong, sir?

I hang my jacket on the peg
and my wallet gets stolen?

I'll sue you

It's not right to say so.
Look for it again

Look for it? Am I lying?
Here are all my pockets

Salama! What's the matter?

Nothing. Am I hurt?
Are my clothes torn?

I'm alright. Bring me
something to eat

Don't we know you? You're changed.
What were you holding?

- A briefcase
- A briefcase?

Yes, a briefcase. You've never
seen one before?

It contains the manager's

Where is the food?
Didn't you cook today?

- Cook in what?
- Nice joke

- There is a disaster
- Disaster?

We went out and when we came
we found the door broken

- The door is broken?
- All the copperware is stolen

- What are you looking for?
- Nothing

- What are you hiding here?
- The manager's clothes

Where are you going?
Wait till you eat

- Dirty staircase
- Insolent stairwell

Hello Mr. Salama

No hellos, where are you
Mr. Rihan?

Come tell me what to do

What happened?

I went to the bank and
found it closed

Will just one minute make a big
difference? Couldn't wait?

Where shall I put these now?

- Money?
- Lower your voice!

I go home to find the
copperware stolen

and the manager has travelled.
The street is full of bikes

- Listen, there's only one way
- Say it quickly

The Science of Palm Reading

The right hand, idiocy line

There is a VIP guest coming.
His Highness prince Kandahar

Prince Kandahar?

I heard this name when I was
a consul in Persia

Yes, his state in Bloudestan is
close to Persia

He's one of the richest
princes in the east

Huge fortune. He owns
an emerald

as big as an orange

What kind of orange, dad?

Will he stay in Egypt for long?

I don't know, my lady.
It's an unofficial visit

He recommended it remains
in secrecy

Too bad Your Excellency
will not attend it

- Well, I...
- We can delay our trip a week

But I'm not ready with
protocol clothes

Don't worry. I'll handle
this issue

Nahed. You have to come
to Cairo right away

- I'll be there tomorrow
- Not tomorrow, right now

Get the ermine coat with you

Don't forget anything,
my jewelry and dad's tuxedo

- And Fayek's too
- Wait

- I want to tell her something
- Ok.. here

It's me.. how are you Nahed?

Fine, thanks Mr. Fayek

- The cylinder is broken
- That means we can't move?

I have to replace it

I hope Your Highness is pleased
with this trip

Sure Mr. Gawdat, seeing Egypt
after all that time..

Memories of studying days

and the lovely tarbush that
I missed

I hope that depression and
boredom Your Highness felt

are gone now, especially after the
welcome from people on board

and the admiration
Your Highness noticed

Your Highness were the center
of all attention

Especially ladies who were competing
to get your attention

Because I'm a prince. Looks
have influence on ladies

If I had been a normal person,
no one would have cared for me

We can't help him.
It needs a lot of repair

- Come with us if you don't mind
- Thanks

We're going to Cairo and
we have enough room

- I'd rather wait
- Of course you're free

but this is a desert and
you may not find help

You'd better go with them
to send me help

I don't want to cause you trouble

On the contrary

It's a shame the car breaks
down in such a road

Yes, especially for a lady alone

- Shall I open the window?
- No, it'll let sand in, thanks

The weather is nice today

Yes, sunny day, cool weather

What is it?

A deer on the road, he asked..

- A deer is called Shikabi?
- Yes, in our language

- Your language?
- We're strangers

- But you speak Arabic well
- Yes, my colleague is Egyptian

I had my education
in Egypt too

- Are you Turkish?
- No, we're from Bloudestan

Bloudestan? Where's that?
The north pole?

No, between India and Afghanistan.
It's famous

Are you here for leisure?

Yes.. no, we're from prince
Kandahar's court

- Kandahar?
- Funny name, isn't it?

Why is she so late? Maybe
something happened to her

Maybe she came walking.
She is athletic

No, there's nobody

Excuse me, sir

- No one called me?
- No my lady

Strange, where did she go?

Your handkerchief my lady

- Please Mr.
- What do you want?

If somebody wants to use the
deposit box and get a room

Please Mr..

- Excuse me
- What is it?

- What do I do to sleep here?
- Get a room

- How much does it cost?
- 150 pt.. 2 pounds

- Per month?
- Month! Per night

Is there a room on the roof
or beside the stairs..

In the basement, something poor

- Poor? For whom?
- For me

For you? You will sleep in it?

Yes. What's so strange
about that?

- Go away..
- What? I don't want charity

- You are rude
- No, but be nice, it's a hotel

A client asks. You should
not insult him

What is that noise?
Get out, please

Why get out? I'm not in
your own house

- You are rude. Out
- Don't push me

Is this Nefertiti Palace hotel?

- I think so
- I live here

Please come in

Stupid barbarians

Chaotic hotel. Where's the manager?

Get lost!

Where's the prince?

- The prince is here
- Here?

Yes, outside, dressed in black

The prince? I think he
arrived before us

Great fuss about nothing..
useless employees

If it wasn't for what I have..
Where is the manager?

Welcome Your Highness

- This is prince Kandahar?
- Prince who?

Oh yes, prince Kandahar

Forgive us if the reception
isn't perfect

Reception good for nothing

and this idiot manager..

- It's me Your Highness
- Excuse me

It's strange you recognised him.
This is prince Kandahar

0k Mr. manager. A client comes here
and you insult him that way?

When a client comes to us for
1/2 meter, we give him lemonade

And you.. shame on you

Forgive us. We didn't know
your arrival time

I myself didn't know when
I was coming

I don't want any music..
just some respect

as a client entering a hotel
not someone asking for charity

Come in, please

What's all that army behind me?
All that for one client?

Strict orders..

This is a temporary prince

The special suite

Is it small this special suite?
I want something cheap

- Don't say that, Your Highness
- One must talk frankly

Don't bite more than you
can chew, right?

Yes, right this way please

This is luxurious!

- Reception hall
- Reception hall?

Where is the sleeping hall?

I can't afford all that

There's no problem,
please come in


- What is this?
- The bed

I'm afraid to sleep on it

His Highness likes the system of
your hotel and he thanks you

And who are you?

First secretary.. Second secretary

Your suite is that way.
Would you like to see it?

No thanks, don't bother

What now Your Highness?

Let's have some fun. Plus
I have something in mind

How much is this room?
It must be 2 pounds

We didn't discuss money yet

- Well, this issue is...
- Just to know, to sleep freely

- How much do you want to pay?
- Frankly speaking"

I can afford 20 piastres

You got a deal

- What? With 20 piastres?
- Yes

- All that with 20 piastres?
- Yes

How cheap! With a reception,
first bathroom, second bathroom

I'll visit you frequently,
to change scenery

What do you do in this hotel?

First secretary

- Second secretary
- I just don't understand it

First and second bathrooms..
first and second secretaries

- System
- System or not, I'll pay 20 pt


Mr. first and second secretaries

Look, I'm not here to sleep
or to shower

but I have something valuable.

I heard you have a safe

Yes we do

And do you both think

it is safe?

- Of course it is
- No offense, just asking

You give a receipt for
what you take?

- Sure
- Great, count these

- The car broke down
- Don't answer back

I was alone in the desert but
the prince's secretary saved me

- Prince who?
- Prince Kandahar

What does Kandahar mean, dad?

He didn't say when the prince
will arrive?

He already arrived,
I just saw him

- How does he look like?
- In my point of view-

his secretary is 30 times
much better

I'm better than him.
Right, Nahed?

I received from Mr. Salama Abd
El Sabour.. your profession?

Employee in Khalil Hindawy's Shop

What kind of employee?
Manager? Clerk?

- No, organiser
- Organiser?

Yes, I organise desks, chairs,
and papers

- A servant?
- No, an office man

- Office man?
- The manager's first office man

An office man and you have
4118 pounds?

That's the disaster,
they're my responsibility

Unfortunately, the bank closed
the manager's wife was in labour

He went to her in Alexandria,
our copperware was robbed

- What?
- What is it?

Kandahar? Who is that?

- His Highness the prince
- His Highness who?

- His Highness the prince
- Who? I want a hotel receipt

A hotel receipt or one from
His Highness?

I'm not buying that talk

- Just listen...
- Listen to what, you burglars

If you don't give me my briefcase
now, I'll kill you

- Shame on you
- Shut up thief! My briefcase

You, let him go. Give him his

Take it

Your Highness! You wanted
to steal it?

I would let you sleep in a hospital..
Your Highness..


I see you don't care; royal bed
and 2 bathrooms.. 20 pt.

Only to steal my briefcase,
but you didn't fool me

- It's over now
- Who is this in your court?

The secretary for trick department?

- Splendid
- Let's forget it Your Highness

- Listen Mr. Salman
- Mr. Salama if you don't mind

What do you think of
a 500 pound reward

and living in luxury for
a couple of days?

You want me to join your gang
and steal together?

- See these?
- What ? Today's revenue?

Aren't those enough?
Must you steal my briefcase?

Look at this currency

You must have robbed
some tourists

Just look well

What's that?

You know who I am now or should
I get you another evidence?

Shame on me!

It's alright Mr. Abd El Salam

Salama Your Highness.. Salama

- Stand up
- I can't, sir

Good grief. I said too much..
my big mouth

- Get up Mr. Selim
- Salama, sir. I'm so embarrassed

My manners are never like
that, but...

I have a strange idea Mr. Salama

What sir? To take my briefcase?
Go ahead

No, listen. Would you like to be
a prince for sometime?

I'm an office man, Your Highness,
just an office man

Do you insist on that Your Highness?

I want to prove that money

and appearences are
everything in life

Call the hair stylist

It looks like coincidences
are chasing us, miss

This is the second time we
meet accidentally

I'm afraid you don't like
those nice surprises

No sir, on the contrary

I think your family was
worried about you

I envy myself for this chance

And I have a strange wish that
accidents like this repeat

On one condition, that I save you

You are so sweet

- Are you still here?
- I was just going, madam

I won't wait for you till you
finish talking with passers by

I'm sorry, miss. I didn't want
to cause you trouble

No, sir. It's alright

His Highness cares to
support science

I'll put up your petition to His
royal Highness and I hope...

So we may expect the honour of
his visit to school tomorrow?

- God willing
- Long live the prince

Kind and generous by nature..

Blessed and majestic his stature


- Handsome...
- Thanks

Thank you.. I'm flattered

Perfect! Now you got the rest
of the instructions?

Yes, Your Highness,
won't you be with me?

- Right beside you, don't worry
- 0k

Take your position

Would Your Highness condescend
to meet the visitors?

What is it?

Would Your Highness condescend
to meet the visitors?

I'll condescend, why not?

- Bravo! That's perfect
- The shoe is tight

- What's the matter?
- My foot

- Smile while talking
- The shoe's tight, my foot hurts

- Get down
- Alright

They're just taking photos of you,
smile and get down

Say something

I miss you all

On behalf of His Highness,
I thank you for welcoming him

and I'm honored to give you
his high appreciation

Allow me to present captain

the famous pilot


Is he a pilot?

Yes, he broke a record in altitude

Strange! Air carries much weight

Gobran pasha Elzahlawy,
Your Highness

Hello, Gobran pasha

I pray to God to keep your
grace, prosperity,

your health and your
shining beauty

Thanks a lot

Gobran pasha is a millionaire

Hello, how are you Gobran pasha?
I miss you so

What do Your Highness think of
the project I presented?

Gobran pasha presented a project
to monopolize the gas resources

That's good. Splendid

But did you take

- For what Your Highness?
- Lanterns or candles

- Candles??
- Yes. Candles

When you monopolize all gas
resources, how will lamps light?

His Highness will handle this
issue, Gobran pasha

- Long live His Highness
- May God forgive us

Rostom pasha is one of the old
swordsmen, Your Highness

I saw your late father

prince Karim El-Din Shah

God rest his soul

I was a consul in Persia

Where persian carpets are made

I remember Your Highness was
only 7 years old

I was young and I grew up,
Rostom pasha

I remember an incident that
the newspapers mentioned

Your Highness is fond of hunting
since childhood

Yes, I used to like that thing

The horse bolted and Your Highness
fell on a rock

and the result was some wounds
in your foot

Yes, and they still hurt till now

May I dare to ask Your Highness
to attend a party

we will hold tonight in honour
of your visit?

With pleasure, why not?

Miss Maria Lukovitch the
famous Russian explorer

Lady Nahed

His Highness would appreciate
your attending tonight's party

Miss Nahed is my maid,
Your Highness

No problem, we all must gather

I don't deserve this honour,
Your Highness

It's alright, you can come.
I love company

That's strange

Since when do servants sit side
by side with their masters?

I can feel some hidden things
I don't like

Tell us, what's between you
and that silly secretary?

I can see everything,
I'm not an idiot

Smiles & impolite gestures

I did nothing to deserve
this, madam

They found me alone in the desert
and did me a favour

No, I feel I'll do something bad

I'm afraid I might lose my temper
and strangle him

Nahed, if you smile at this man
again, I'll kill him

I'll strangle him, slice him
and dice him

Miss Nahed, you know her?

The desert girl? Yes
Your Highness

That's her, I want you to
treat her perfectly

Yes I see, like flirting,
a wink, a smile

- No, no
- What then?

I mean talk gently,
show sympathy

and high appreciation,
you get that?

Yes, high appreciation. Damn you
and your bad idea Rihan

Don't you have a mind?

I thought I did, now I'm
not sure about that

I'm in the fabric business, then
you take me to gas resources..

Listen, you are not supposed
to talk

That's better but they start
talking to me

Answer in a simple way

In tonight's party,
I'll give you signs

If you're talking well,
I'll cough once

If I cough twice like that-

it means you're rambling,
so you correct your words

That's good, I like that

Watch it! Be careful
with my foot

Do you know how to read?

Be sure about that, Arabic
or your language?

Arabic, read this aloud

Future young men, students...

This is the speech you'll
read in a school visit

This one in an asylum visit

Tomorrow we'll visit an asylum
for the homeless

and in tonight's party, you'll
read this if you have to

Don't forget our deal

Did he come, Sattouta?

No mom, I'm so worried
about him

He's never that late
it's 9 o'clock

Maybe at work, in the shop,
maybe he's in the café..

His friends asked him to stay and
the time passed Um Sattouta

Dark thoughts are haunting me
Um Yanni

He was nervous and confused
when he left

He didn't even have his lunch

Sayeda Zeinab, please bring
him back

Your blessings Hussein

Oh God! May it all end well

I wonder what you're doing
now, Salama

Nahed, you were travelling
from Alexandria to Cairo

and my heart was travelling
from Cairo to Alexandria

See I..
How are you, Nahed?

That's strange about dreams,

I once dreamt I rode a donkey

I mean a horse

No, a car

- I was walking
- Then what happened?

Then I woke up

What a sweet dream!


- I understand
- Be a gentleman

- Desert girl
- Your Highness

You know the American apples whose
ounce's worth 9 piastres?

Yes, Your Highness

Your sweetness can spit on
its own

Thanks for your kindness,
Your Highness

Your royal Highness prince Kandahar

I find no words to

thank your condescension

Finally, I repeat my thanks

along with the honored guests

Read your reply

Wretched miserables

Great miserables

They gathered you in this orphanage
from the streets

fancy ones

Rescued you from hanging out

in cafés and shops

And villas and palaces,
it's written like that

They fed you after famine,

and saved you from begging

His Highness is touched by
your hospitality

His Highness agreed to join
the roulette party

in support of the
Eye Hospital Project

What a luck, Your Highness.
Congratulations, you are lucky

You didn't see it all yet,
I'll leave you all broke

To compensate your loss, this
would please His Highness

Oh Your Highness

Take them, it's not my money

The winnings OK, but not our money.
I don't care

What's that? Are we broke
or what?

- The rest of the money
- 118 pounds Your Highness

What? How much?

Your Highness played with 4000

here is 118 so it's 4118

Good grief! 4118 Excuse me, folks

When the marble stops, sir

What? My heart stopped

- His Highness is a bit tired
- Very tired. 4118!

What kind of person are you?
Are you made of stone?

It's my responsibility Mr. Gawdat

We had no Egyptian currency
so we used your sum

How come you suspect that...

Forgive me, sir. People should
help each other

When will you exchange
currency tomorrow?

This man's presence will cause
scandals, Your Highness

- Don't utter a word from now
- I won't, sir

Just answer with one word;
yes, no, how nice..

May God bless

OK, sir. Yes, no, how nice,
may God bless

When will you exchange
currency tomorrow?

Where are we going now?

Different visits. As I told you,
don't say except yes..

No, how nice, may God bless

Shouldn't Mr Gawdat go to the
bank to exchange currency?

Back to nagging?

No, sir, it's OK

Yes, no, how nice, may God bless

With these preparations

the brigade can extinguish about
10 to 12 fires daily

How nice! May God bless

We welcome the prince

As soon as the prince enters,
you all rise

On my signal, you start chanting,
you get that?

Yes, we do

- You Abdullah
- Yes, sir

- Your voice is weak
- How come, sir?

- Raise your voice a bit
- My voice is so clear

Her heart has beaten and

she loved me

Sit down

All rise! One, two

This saluting chant is written by
Mr. Bayoumi Morgan

It shows from the good words
and the lovely voices

Bravo Mr. Bayoumi Fengan

Morgan, sir. I can't find words..

It's not important, Thank you,
Mr. Bayoumi Betengan (eggplant)

Betengan.. Betengan

It's a math class, Your Highness

- Math? You teach math?
- Yes, Your Highness

How nice

Many people cannot do math,
Mr. Bayoumi. Go on

- Alright Your Highness
- Go on!

Alright, sir. A man
bought 20 metres

of silk, 31 milliemes each

Silk with 3 pt and 1 millieme?
Where is that?

Of what kind? The Japanese
costs 7 pt,

marcilia No.2 costs 16 pt,
colorful 70 cm wide costs 22 pt

- Mahalawy extra..
- It's just a hypothesis

Oh! I thought it was real,
it would be ruin to the owner

- His Highness is a good reader
- In various fields

And he paid 1/4 of the price and
the rest on 50 installments

- Who's that crazy owner?
- Your Highness..

That's crazy, he will be dead
before taking his money

It's him, I can't miss Salama

How come? It's a strange story

Any news about him?

No, Um Mahmoud, I'm going crazy

- You didn't look in hospitals?
- God forbid

Speak good omen

Streets are dangerous these days,
trams make accidents.

Oh my God, may it all end well

What a pity!

- Be patient
- Where is he staying?

- Nefertiti Hotel
- Let's go to him

Yes, let's go

Um Sattouta

- Yes, any news?
- We found him, let's go

This is the oldest person
in the asylum

- How nice
- He's here for 12 years

He was an employee
in a fabric shop

A salesman?

No, a servant

- You clean the shop?
- No, I serve water, get papers

- Office man not a servant
- He did something bad

Stole some fabric?

No, they sent me to withdraw
350 pounds from the bank

I went to deliver them but the
shop was closed as..

- The owner's wife's in labour
- No, the owner's wife's dead

- Then what?
- I left the sum with a good man

When I asked him about it,
he denied

Good, when will you
exchange currency?

No need to hurry, sir.
Your donation..

- Will you exchange currency?
- Then what?

- They took me to jail
- Splendid

- I went out and found my house ruined
- How nice!

- And my wife begging
- How wonderful!

- Your Highness
- When will you exchange currency?

- Relaxed now? Got your money?
- Yes, thank God

You don't get it, when I took
this sum from the shop to..

There's no need for insults

- No sir, no insults. When I..
- Shut up

If you go back to nagging,
I'll hurt you

No sir, there's no need for that

When I took this sum from
the shop.. Alright!

I have an appointment with His
Highness, will he arrive soon?

He won't be late, wait for him

Sit down auntie Um Sattouta,
he's coming soon

Dear Salama!

- Who are they?
- My family

- They are so low standard
- I told you so

Impossible, I'm sure it's him

How come? I'm not married to
an Italian man

He speaks so fluently

Even if he speaks Japanese,
it's him. I'll disclose him

The factory supplies fabrics for the
Afghan, Kuwaiti and Shatt armies

We hope to supply the Bloudestani
army needs too

- How much is that army?
- 12000, your memory's weak, sir

God help me, I've got so many
things to remember

What army uses this delicate
pink color?

- Those are ladies silk samples
- I see

- The gifts were delivered?
- Yes, Your Highness

A token of admiration for miss
Nahed's charm.. Kandahar

I present this souvenir with
my regards.. Kandahar

- Wonderful dad
- A real prince's gift

This is one great souvenir

Didn't he send anything
for me, dad?

I was sure that I..

Shouldn't we go thank him, dad?


I want His Highness's suite
please, miss

How come this is natural?
It's artificial

what do you think? Princes
never bought or sold?

You get me meat telling me
it's chicken?

May I have the permission
to meet His Highness?

Who are you?

Please come in

OK, His Highness will handle
this issue

Thanks, Your Highness

Oh! Pretty woman

- What are you doing?
- Relaxing a bit

- Put your clothes on
- What is it now?

- She's here to see you
- Who?

- Miss Nahed
- The desert girl again?

I don't know what's the idea
behind all that

We haven't had dinner yet. Should
a prince work while hungry?

As I told you, be gentle.
Promise her with money, love..

With everything, I'll pay no money

- Good evening Your Highness
- Hello! Good evening

Sit down, make yourself at home.
How are you?

I'm here to thank you for the
precious gift you bestowed on me

You've seen nothing yet.
I'll give you more, I don't care

I want to buy all jewelry
for the sake of your beauty

Your Highness

You're driving me crazy

- Please stop!
- I can't stop my dear, come on

Please stop! Don't make me
ill-treat you

- Don't be silly
- Give it to whom deserves it

Your opinion about me is
very wrong

Please allow me
to explain..

Enough please. I'm sorry about
one thing, my good intentions

I thought you were better people

- You play a very cheap game
- Madam I...

Shut up! What you dream of
is never yours

Next time, pick someone
your own standard

- Madam I..
- Go pack and leave, you're fired

A wonderful gift that I'll
cherish all my life

A great souvenir

that'll remind me when I see it
of the lovely hours I was lucky

to spend beside you

Miss Nahed!

They were really sweet hours

If it hadn't been for the briefcase,
it would have been perfect

- You lost something?
- I was about to but it's OK

While I wore this precious necklace,
I looked in the mirror

I was so happy that,
while daydreaming,

I opened my arms and kissed
the mirror

- I wish I were the mirror
- Really? You...

- Yes, so much
- Is it so?

It is so and so

- I have the mayor's permit
- As the hotel manager I can't..

I also have a warrant

Do you love me, Kandahar?
Do you love Gihan?

Who else shall I love?
Small fish?

Don't play with my feelings.
Please don't break my heart

I'm going crazy

I'll die if you leave me.
What brought me here?

- Your father
- And what brought you here?

The briefcase

It can't be true. It must be
a false report

Maybe, but I have a job
to finish

See how happiness makes you feel?

Yes, I can perfectly see

What is it, hotel man?

Sorry sir, a police request

- For whom?
- Someone called Salama

Who is Salama?
Call for Salama

I have a clear report,
and I must investigate

Go ahead. Rostom pasha,
call my secretariat for me please

There is no one, they all left

Left? They did it?

They didn't say anything
or leave anything?

- No
- How wondeful!

Before the circumstances I told
you about, I couldn't

appreciate the value of your
lovely nature

and discover a proud personality
I thought it never existed

I can't believe this,
it's just like movies

That's what's sweet about it, Nahed

Can I call you Nahed?

The bank was closed. I went home
to find the copperware..

- You are really an office man?
- Yes I am

You joker, you fool, you idiot!

Thank you Mr. smart mind

Thanks a lot

Come, Your Highness, honour
the jail with your visit

>From royal suite to jail.
But the briefcase is fine

Come here, where are you going,
thief? To steal something?

Shut up! I've enough money to
buy you and your whole hotel

You think I come from the street?

You think I'm broke?
Come take a look

Good grief! What a terrible day!
It's a disaster

When they left, didn't they
tell you...

- Take him to the station
- My money!

I can't get a grip of my mind.

I haven't slept for 48 hours

- Really?
- I'm so happy, how can I sleep?

Everybody said he looks
exactly like me

How handsome!
What did you name him?

- Mankaraa
- Mankaraa? Lovely

musical name

My wife doesn't like it,
she wants to call him Joseph

Mankaraa is better. May you see
him a man, Mr. Khalil

and a great shop owner

No, no. I don't want to teach him
to be a liar

A man from Alexandria sent me
some poetry


Where are my glasses?
Get Salama

- Salama didn't come
- Why? Another one died?

And he didn't deliver the
bank's receipt

- The bank's receipt?
- I gave him 4118 LE. on Saturday

and never heard from him since then.
What's worse Mr. Khalil..


Maybe the owner sent him somewhere.
Please go ask him

- This matter is..
- Have mercy

Please sir, she hasn't slept
for 2 days

They look exactly the same

Ask about him at home,
maybe he's sick

Are you heartless? Will you tell
him or I call to him?

Mr. Khalil.. sir

What's that noise? What is it?
Who are they?

- I'm Salama's wife, sir
- You're his wife? Where is he?

I'm here to ask about him,
he hasn't come home for 2 days

Hasn't come home for 2 days?
How? Come with me

Of course I didn't buy it.
As soon as he left,

I reported it to the police

The idiot pretends to be a prince
and comes to visit the school

He knows all types of silk.
I'm not an idiot

We never would've
doubted Salama..

I have no time, I must meet
Mr. Khalil

- He's upstairs
- I'll ruin your life Salama

Tell me what are
your charges, man?

I had a fight

Just 6 months, I took 5 years

He impersonated a prince?

Didn't he have any money
with him?

Just a briefcase with
fabric samples

He must have put them away
and prepared himself

- Did he steal anything?
- 4118 pounds

Wonderful! He'll spend 6 years
in prison

What a pity, Salama!

Bank Misr?

Mr. Salama? What happened?

He's a friend of mine,
I'll pick fabrics for him

- He didn't deliver anything
- I told you he was a sly fox

He's a poisonous snake,

curled to bite and hide

May a snake bite your heart


- Have a nice day sir!
- Have an awful day!

- It's a dreadful day, sir
- Is this your office man Salama?

- It's me, sir
- Shut up!

- Take him
- Where to?

One minute please.
May you undo the cuffs?


Give me your hand,
may it be broken

Come here, Salama

Sit down. Don't be scared

- If you only understand, sir
- I want no scandals, sit and relax

Thank you, sir. May you
drop dead Mr. Rihan

Damn you, Your Highness of

You want to be saved from
serving 10 years in prison?

I'm not interested in hard labour

- The money
- That's the problem

- Save yourself and deliver it
- How?

- How much did you waste?
- All of it

Take this thief to jail

- Your hand, criminal
- There you are

Save yourself and give back
the money

Yes, give it back, you swindler!

May I have a word, sir?
I have a way out

Great! Bring him here.
Sit down and relax. Talk


- They are 4118 pounds, right?
- Yes

You can deduct them from
my monthly salary

Deduct 4118 pound from your

8 pound salary?

How many years must you live?

Some people may live to 120
or 150 years

Take him to jail, that thief

Is that the end of it?
You steal?

Shame on you, Sattouta.
It's just bad luck

I'll fry a chicken and wait for you
at the prison


Help me, Your Highness.
You saw it all

- Yes, it's OK
- How? I'm going to jail

No, don't be afraid.
There officer

Yes, but I'm sorry.
Take him, sergeant

- How? You have a warrant
- Yes, but he has another charge

- Another charge?
- Yes, he stole 4118 pounds

4118 pounds? How come?
Didn't I give you that sum?

Please Your Highness,
I beg Your Highness

When you suggested that I put the
money in the hotel's safe box

and I told you to keep it
with me..

- Take him to the station
- I beg Your Highness

Move, prisoner

Please, officer, may I speak
with you about this issue?

In the presence of Mr. Khalil

- Is this his office?
- Come please

- You are Mr. Khalil Hindawy?
- Yes

I have something to say
about Salama

He is the victim of a trick and

I'll pay the money for him
- till he proves his innocence

Please come in

Congratulations. May God
bless your kid

Hello. Excuse me

I'm in a hurry, I'm leaving in
30 minutes. These are the samples

and I care to finish this
issue now

I have fabrics that aren't
in the market yet

What is that?

That's not my briefcase

Not your briefcase? Show me

- This is Salama's briefcase
- Salama's briefcase?

Your delicate mood couldn't bear
hammering above

They'll break your bones
in hard labour

May a rusty train break
your bones

Wait sergeant!

I'm sorry, Mr. Salama

Set him free, sergeant!

- You are a real gem, Salama. There
- Strange

I promised you 500 pounds.
Here you are Salama

And 200 pounds from me, Salama

- Who? Desert girl?
- My fiancée

- From now you are storage manager
- How strange!

What is it, Salama? Tell me

Either they lost their minds
or I lost mine, Sattouta

Now give me back my briefcase,
Your Highness

- Is it you? I'll ruin your day
- Let him go, Salama

- How? My money
- I took it, Salama

Congratulations, Your Highness

How nice, may God bless

Let's go

Congratulations my friend, my dear
neighbour. Give me a kiss

Go away, kiss a snake

Better than you I have never seen

Sweeter than you has never been

- It is so now? Strange.. listen
- Yes

If you are no friend in bad times

then you're no good in good times

- I can understand nothing
- Better not to, take these

Ok dear, it's none of my business.
It's good that Salama is fine

And fine is Salama!