Salam (2018) - full transcript

A female Lyft driver has to navigate the night shift in NYC while waiting to hear life or death news from Syria.

Just hit it!


Come and help me!

Just hit it from there.

-I don't want to be in your way.

What's going on?

We have a visitor.

A mouse! A mouse!

I see it! I see it!

Stop it! Rashad!

What are you doing?

I'm helping you from over here.

Bravo! Thank you.

Yeah, hit it like that.


I'm going to catch it.

Go on, hit it.

Hit it, hit it.

No, no.

Come on, hit it.

Did you kill it?

No, I couldn't.

Now it's going to run away.

Thank God.

Thank you, Salam. Now take it away.

You always were a scared boy.

I wasn't scared.

I just didn't want to be in her way.

Can I see it?

Hamad, stop.

I'll take it outside.

Can we come?

No, my love.

Hey, little mousie!

There was another bombing
about an hour ago.

Have you heard from anyone?

Not yet.
Internet and phones are still down.

It always takes time.

Close your eyes.

Look at this!

You can wear it to school next week.

Say thank you to your aunt.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Go and show your father.

Do you think
they'll stop bullying him now?

It's getting late.

I should get going.

Call me if you hear anything.

May God be with you.

Thank you.



Hey, Rashad.

Hi, Salam.

I just heard from father.
He and mother are fine.

Thank God.


Musa is in the hospital.

Salam? Can you hear me?


He has a head injury.

He's in surgery now.

It's serious.

Are you still there?


Come home. Don't worry about the money.

Hello? Salam?

I have to go.



Can you drive?


I don't know. Just drive.

I don't have an address.

Just far. Please.

Hey, you know, there are places
in the city for women that need help.

Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.

You don't seem fine.

Just because you're oppressed
doesn't mean we all are.

What are you doing?

I need coffee.

I'm sorry about what I said before.
That was inappropriate.

Yes. It was.

Where are you from?

The Bronx.

No, originally. Where are you from?

The Bronx.


I'm Palestinian.

I've never been there.

We're not allowed to go back.

I was born in Syria.

What about you?

Oh. Just upstate.
This little town called Kerhonkson.

I know it.


Yeah. It's pretty.

My mom still lives there. I mean,

I haven't been back
in a couple of years so...

But she's there.

And why not?

It's complicated.

It's just my husband and my mother.
They don't really get along...

Do you have a boyfriend?


Really? What's his name?


What does he do?

He's a nurse...

Do you have kids?

It's complicated...

It is.

We wanted to wait.

But he's not here, he's...

Do you think you could drive me upstate?

Can you pull over?

You okay?

No, I didn't...



I have to go back.

Hello? Hello?

My darling.