Salala Mobiles (2014) - full transcript

A lazy young man who owns a mobile shop fells in love with a college student. He recieves an illegal mobile tapping software and starts to find fun by intruding into the conversations and personal lives of other people the rest forms the story.

'Salala Mobiles'

If there were
mind reading machines...

...what would we do?

If you were a male you would
try to read a woman's mind

If you were a woman you would
try to read anotherwoman's mind

This story is about
such a machine

Afsal is a lazy
handsome guy

He has no ideals in life

Forthe same reason
he is innocuous

Very innocent
Good boy

Mom Safi is his only kin

She prepares excellent
biriyani and chicken

Would make his son eat them
and would sell for others too

Afsal has an uncle
at Salalah in Oman

Safi's brother

Afsal has no
particular work to do

Safi is worried about
Afsal's slothful nature

He has studied
up to plus 2

Work-shy Afsal sits
at home in style

Who suffers
He and his mom Safi

To make Afsal industrious
Safi tried many times


How could you sleep like this?

Get up

I would now make you...

My God! Has the well dried up?

Finally when her brother
came on leave last time

Safi shared her
concern with him

It's very difficult
to deal with him

He is awake
only when he eats

He found his only nephew...

...sleeping at 11 AM like a raft in a lake

He realized that
it is time to counsel him

Finally the opportunity came


- Shall we go?
- Ready


Mom, I am going

On the day Salaudeen
returned after leave...

...he asked Afsal to
accompany him to airport

Because he got a ride and there is a
possibility uncle would get him mutton...

...from the Arabi
hotel near airport

Afsal got into the car


- Afsal
- What uncle?

Can you simply sit like this?

We are in a car now

Shouldn't you do a job?


Will you come
with me to Salala?

I will take you with me

- For a paid job?
- No man for a merry life

Paid job is a slave work

What he said is right

Then what about a
small business here

Business is a good idea
But for funds?

We can manage the funds

- Then we can start
- What will we start?

It must be profitable

What about a mobile shop?

Very profitable
There's a great demand


I like only that

When one does the job
he likes the job

Agree, but on one condition

My God

Will he ask me to
marry his daughter?

Look here man

The shop should be named
Salala Mobiles



Salala Mobiles

I have toiled there
to earn my wealth

The money I give you to
start the business is my sweat

We didn't get anything from
our country except debts

Arab's Salalah
gave me everything

Arab's Salalah

Afsal thought about
Salalah in gratitude

The money to start his business
has come from Oman's Salalah city

Let the shop have
uncle's favourite name

Salala Mobiles

Go up...go up

Thus uncle who returned to Salalah
sent money to Afsal to start business

Without much delay
near a local parallel college...

...he started his
'Salala Mobiles' shop

Afsal found an intelligent, trustworthy
well behaved assistant for his shop

His was his playmate
a technician...

Who has studied mobile repairing through
correspondence course He is Binoy


- How is it?
- Bring your head

That's mom

During the first week of the shop
two incidents happened

Both the incidents
happened on the same day

That day morning
a person came to Salala Mobiles

Praise Lord Shiva

Hail Lord Sankara
Praise Lord Shiva

Those who cognised
virtues, materialism and...

...pleasures of life
will not have any jinx

Oh's your
cosmic dance

Hail Lord Sankara
Hail Lord Sankara

For saying Sivaji Ganesan's dialogue
we would not give a penny

You may go

This is not a dialogue brother

This is my
Lord's hymn

On His mercy
shall I predict yourfuture?


I have a good future

Why don't you try? would get
a novel machine

- He says you are robot
- Go man

Listen to my
soothsaying carefully

This boy would
soon get a machine

A machine that would
make you hear the mind of others

What is he saying?

He says you would
get some machine

A machine that would
help you to read minds

He is a fraud

Your translator is not right

I would whack you man

- Let him talk
- I am telling you the truth

I swear on my Lord

You would get a machine that would
read the mind of human beings

I asked you to go

- Make some offering
- Offering?

Give 50 Rs top up free

Same day evening
second incident happened

Opposite to the shop
across the road is the bus stop

That day evening a beautiful girl
was waiting at the bus stop

Afsal had just
one glance of the girl

But he was bowled over

She never knew it

She was doing a degree course
was waiting at the bus stop

My God!

It is hard time for moon

'There is insufficient balance
amount in your account'

She is coming here

- Recharge
- For how much?

100 rupees


Perhaps Afsal would have
given her the entire shop

It's his good fortune

She asked for
100 Rs recharge

- Is it recharged?
-Yes, thank you

From that day Afsal came
to shop only to see her

On all working days
at morning and evening...

...he had a comely
glimpse of her

On holidays and when ever
she availed leave he was like a corpse

Love kills

Hi Munna

Salala Mobiles


- What sir...?
- Do you have iPhone?

- iPhone...?
- Ya

Alas...we don't have

Bad luck
It's problem

We have lots of
other stunning models sir

Don't sit dreaming like this brother
Try to increase the stock

Else business
wouldn't flourish

People come asking for iPhone

Why have not we
received stocks ordered

- Not come
- Why?

Could she be indisposed

Friend at what time you...

Here...she comes

Hey please consider once

Wait...Iet me tell you

Abdul Manaf...

Goldbrick, rich and wanderer

Schoolmate of Afsal and Binoy

He is a big nuisance for girls is my girl

Which one?

Did you not see her
The girl I was talking to

- I did not see
- But I saw

You ogling her
But it's of no use man

She is inclined to me

She wants to marry me soon

She is close to our family

One Sunday me, dad and mom
would go to their house

On the next Sunday
she and herfamily would visit us

Thus we go there they
come here it goes on

Then wedding anniversary

- Birthday, picnics
-And mom's funerals

He doesn't have holidays

By the way Binoy do you have new
clips of Dhanyashree?

Even the old ones
have no demand

He is asking for new ones

Every one has a crush on her

- Whom?
- Dhanyashree man

When I see her on the screen...

Oh Binoy...!

Then ok Afsal
We would meet in the evening

I have promised to meet her


What is the name
of your girl man?

Is it not enough if you know her
name in the marriage invitation?

Let us also know man



Shahana Manaf

Damn it
He says Shahana Manaf

what a beautiful name

But Manaf...

Whether Shanhana or Shavarma
you must eat to satiate your hunger

You talk to her man

My Allah
I can't do that

Then she would become
Shahana Manaf

That's for sure

Top up for 100 rupees

Whom does this lovely girl
call to exhaust the amount

You did a top up
just yesterday

Go man
Do it fast

- Will you call today also
- Will call for ever

I may require a
top up tomorrow also

What about the day after?

- Today I would tell her
- What?

That she is everything to me

How will you tell her?

I would wait for her
at the bus stop

And would tell her
when she comes

It would not happen man

- Why?
- She's coming towards us

- Are you not telling her?
- Go man

- For 100
- Is it top up?


Brother she wants
top up for Rs 100

He would come now

'Will you call today also?'

'Will call for ever'

She is topping up daily

Don't knowto
whom she is talking

- To me only


Exactly at 11 PM she would call me

Afterwards till dawn
it is a great pleasure

How nice!

These nights should
stretch for ever

What do you say Afsal?

But today morning
I saw her ignoring you

That that is because

Yesterday we had a petty sulk

To set that right I mean...

I know how to
set that right

Is it?

Oh God...

- Hello Hari
- What nonsense have you done?

You said you
would come yesterday

That I wanted to come there

Did you avail leave?

You need not
come to Coimbatore

Don't get annoyed

Tomorrow I would surely come

- Ok
- Damn it! You would come

Was that Hari...?

He would have availed
leave trusting you

Finally he would
lose his job

Anyway tomorrow
I would go to Coimbatore

What work you
have in Coimbatore?

If it had been Bangalore...

I would have also
accompanied you

I have to get some stock

There you would get mobile
applications and games at cheaper rate

Try if you can get
some clips of Dhanyashree?

Why do you
need Dhanyashree?

What's your problem?

Now are you not the
lover of that beautiful girl?


Lover is also an human being


Is she Shahana Manaf?

She is Shahana Afsal man

Shahana Afsal

Why do you stare at me as
if you would burn me down?

It would be a case of
sour grapes foryou man

Gandhipuram bus stand...


Shall I get on?

Sorry, don't get annoyed

Forget it

I am tired

We can get
rid of tiredness

Before that
we have to go to a place

Today I can't man

There is a friend nearby
whom you should meet

- He is a Tamil
- I am damn tired

Let's go

He would be useful for you

What use?

That Tamil guy is an
engineering drop out

He is a brainy guy

He makes software and
games on his own efforts

And you can get
it for a fair price

There's great demand
for his items at our shop

You come...

If you buy something I would
also get some commission

- So that is the reason
- Let me also live man

Where are you taking me friend?

Hari is taking Afsal... a guy who is going
to change his life

To Alagarsamy

"Come on..."

"You are Alagarsamy
Cell phone God Alagarsamy"

"You can read the mind of
the world Great Alagarsamy"

"Ride on wi-fi Alagarsamy
Shower mercy Alagarsamy"

"Cell phone God Alagarsamy"

"You can read the mind of
the world Great Alagarsamy"

- Who is it?
- It is me Hari...

Open the door


Oh God!

Come on
Come on...

It's ok...come...

Hello boss
Come man

Come Mr.Hari
How is life going on...?

Is it jerking
or is it bright?

It is bright like
Tiruvannamalai lamp

Very good

Who is this new person?

- He is my friend Afsal
- Greet you (Vanakkam)


He has come
from Kozhikode

- From Kozhikode...?
- Yes...

Then I withdraw Vanakkam

Welcome you...! (Swagatham)


May I knowthe
purpose of your visit?

He owns a small
mobile shop there

He has come to get
some stocks for his shop

I told him all your
products are super

He also wanted to
see your products

To see my products
this is not a museum

After seeing he would
buy the ones he likes


So he has plans to buy

- So he is my customer
- Yes...yes

Nice to meet you
I am Alagarsamy

Please take your seat

- Sit down
- Thank you sir

See Mr.Afsal

Martin Cooper might have
invented cell phone...

...but what tricks can be done
in cell phone was invented by me

Android guys duplicate Apple

- But who does Apple copy...?
- Who...?

It is me...Alagarsamy

He would tell lot of lies
That's his...

- Just showthumbs up
- But this is excessive

What is going on between you both?

Nothing, I just said you are great

It is true! See Mr.Afsal...

I don't showmy applications
to ordinary guys

I have certain qualifications

I would ask 2 questions

Only if I get satisfactory answers
I would showcase my products

That is you must listen to his questions
carefully and then answer him

That's what he means
Is it right

Question number 1

Why do people buy cell phones?

That is why does...

I have understood


People like to talk

They should talk easily
whatever may be the distance

That's why people buy phones

What he says is...

He also talked in Malayalam

I can understand

Question number 2

Why do people change cell phones?

Why do people frequently
change cell phones?

I'll tell that

To go in for latest trends people
change cell phones frequently

Is that right?

See Mr.Afsal...

Very good

Both your answers
are good ones

But the answers
are different

People buy cell phone to play

To play using
applications to play games... play in another person life

Why sometimes we
play in our own life

Have you understood?

Because inside all of us
there is a playful mode

Question number 2

Why do people change
cell phones frequently?

We do many private things
and we share many secrets

The only witness for all
our deeds is cell phone

If a person who knows everything...

...about us is with us for a longer
duration will we not get a fright

That is why, we throw it away

We change the cell phone
and get new ones

Do you get my point?

You are a cell phone shop owner

You must know this psychology

Now I will show my items

Now he will show his items

This is Alagar's
Vehicle parking reminder

Where is my bike in this lot?

What would I do now?

Using this application
you can easily identify...

...where you have
parked your car or bike

Your bike is here

Alagar's Parking reminder

This is Alagar's
burning flame light

This is a two in one application

You can use it
as a cigar lighter...

...and also as a
candle light for romance

This is Alagar's
electric shock application

If persons you don't like touch your
phone it would give an electric shock

"During Mondays..."

With an out dated phone he is...

It's all super products

Vehicle Parking one and electric
shocker anyway I would purchase

Thank you
Along with that...

I would give
'burning flame' free (ilavasam)

Take it with you

Who is llavarasan?

Not llavarasan (ilavasam)

- Thank you

We are hungry!

Can we go and
have some food!

Can we booze
and have food!

Ok...we can booze
and then have food!

When I talked about booze
see how cheerful he is!


Let's go...go
Location change!

What? Go man...


Brother, when one falls in love more
than love what is important is courage

That is important!
I don't possess that!

- My God! Alagar sir is crying!
- I have that Courage!

What? Courage to steal
another person's drink!

- Not that
- Then keep it here!

I kept

I have courage to love
but I don't have a lady love! you
have a lady love?

That...not yet! are so lucky!

Look at me...

Although I have a lady love
I am in a fix! Oh my god!

Alagar sir...

You marry her with courage!

I am there for you!
Not just me...

He is also with me

- You both are here...

But if I go there
I would not be alive!

The marriage can take place
only if I am alive!

This friend does
not understand me!

Look Alagarsamy!

Why is he rude...?

That shows his clean mind!

Clean? This fellow doesn't
even shave his beard!

- Come here man
- What!

'Drinking not good'!

Did you buy this T shirt
out of yourtips money!


Then why do you preach!
Remove the T shirt!

- Go...go man!
-Why are you afraid sir!

That's what...I don't know!

I can't understand!

Sir...a guy who loves
must be fearless!

Especially a talented genius like you


Should never be scared!

With the kind of intelligence and
talent you have surely you can get...

...the girl you love
It is for sure!

Brother, I was baffled!

With the ease of opening a liquor bottle
you brought clarity to me!

I should give
you something!

Don't be scared
I would not kiss you!

I would give you
something else!

Come on
Come with me...!


He will clear empty bottles
and reach by bus! You come!

Can we start...?

Put on this and hear...

Bill shows glucose man

What Senthil? Am I such a fool!

Not like that

I knowyou would
think before you act

Your commission is ready

Next week
when I come there...

- I would call you
- Why so much delay?

Boss is in station

Next week beginning
he would go to Madurai

- Then I would come
- Is it so...?

Your cash is safe here!

How is it Afsal?

- This one
- This is cell phone tapping!

This technology eavesdrops
another person's conversation

Using this one can find out
easily who is talking to whom!

Will he know
we are over hearing?

What Afsal? He will not know!

But if we want we can intervene
we can intervene and talk!

There is such a
facility in my software!

I will explain

There is a small mistake
in our cell phone technology!

Using that glitch
I invented this software!

If this goes out to market you
don't need any other entertainment!

No TV serials, cinema...

One can stealthily hear
other's conversations!

What could be more
entertaining than this!

Suppose you doubt a guy, that he is
stealthily talking to another person...

...using this tapper
you can hear him talking!

'Exactly at 11 Pm she would call me'

'Afterwards...till dawn
it is a great pleasure!'

Is this very costlier?


Price for a machine that lets you read
the mind of another person!

There can't be
a price for this

Is it priceless!

I have raked my brain for 1
year to invent this technology!

I am going to gift it to you!


- Take it
- Free?

"Cell phone God Alagarsamy"

"You can read the mind of the world"

So far no one has
called me a genius!

You have a place
in my heart!

Thank you sir!

Let this Alagar amazing
cell phone tapper...

...give you boundless joy!

All the best!

Can we start?

This looks like
a fraudulent one!

Don't take
unnecessary risks!

If someone finds out
You will land in trouble!

This software
can't be traced!

- Who told you?
- That guy Alagarsamy!

This was invented by him!

He would have told you
under the influence of booze!

Don't you have
better things to do?

When we talk on phone sometimes
don't we hear cross talk!

That is unintentional!

But this software
does it intentionally!

- That's all
- Still...

We can just test it!

What is wrong with you man?

It is very easy to load this

Can load this through
Bluetooth USB

After installation if you send a message
from that phone to another phone...

...and once the message is opened this
software would get installed in that phone

Looks like some virus!
I am not for this!

So good night...

Will meet at shop
tomorrow morning

Binoy...biriyani is ready!

- Go after eating biriyani!
- I will wash hands and come!

You also come Afsal!

- Afsal
- Lost my hunger mom!


Afsal...very unusual
You have come early!

- A person is waiting
- Not for me alone!

Binoy...give me flexi for Rs 50! look smart today!

Don't poke fun on me!

No master
a glamour is always good!

There are lovely
girls in your class! do you manage not
to lose control while taking classes!

What did you say...?
I am a teacher!

I teach them

Just teacher
student relationship!

I don't look at them
in any other way!

They are all my students!

Hereafter don't make such
comments lacking culture to me!

You guys come
with an uncouth face!

Forgive me master!

Brother...give a
flexi 50 for master!

What man?

Master...number please!

What happened!

It has come
Shall I get you?

Where is it?
Let me see...

- What GB is this!
-What GB you want?

- 16 would do for me!
- This one has 64 GB!

Does this have 64?

- Is it a dual sim one?
- Yes!

- Camera
- It has the best camera!


What's your name?

- Chetan
- Chytan...? (pun- Devil)


- In which school are you studying?
- Model school

- In which class?
- Seventh...

Do you go to school
carrying mobile phone?


You go to school to study
and not to play with the phone!

Will your dad
not say anything?

- That...
- Forget about it

- What is this model?
- Samsung galaxy grand!

- What is it boy?
- Samsung Galaxy grand!

I knowthat!
You tell me

Who is the
Kozhikode collector?


Who is Kozhikode collector?

Master...Ieave him
He is a small boy!

Why should we leave him...?

Can there be any one who does not
know the name of Kozhikode collector?

He does not know

He is going to school
carrying a mobile phone!

At your age
we carried slate and pencil!

Those days we
went for studying!

To study and
come up in life!

And not to play
games like you

- I also...
- Come this side...

Are you going to
school with mobile phone?

What is your
class teacher's name?

- Class teacher's name is Sada...
- He will not know

He doesn't even know
class teacher's name!

No point in talking to you

Should blame those
who sent you to school!

- Master
- What's your dad's name?

- I know that!
- He knows to bicker

What is Africa's capital...?

- Master
- Damn Africa!

My god...he doesn't know
Africa's capital!

Why should he know
Africa's capital sir?

- Should he not know?
- Should he know!

- Then should he not know?
- He should know

He is going to school
with mobile phone!

Are you trying to
scare me by staring!

- I don't want mobile
- Stop dear...

- Don't go...wait
- Go man

What did you do master?

- What man?
- I have lost a business!

What did I do...?

New generation
is nation's wealth!

I would not allow any business
that would ruin the new generation!

This nation is spoilt

Present day parents
are to be blamed!

They lead a life
with no morals or values

Then who will the
children emulate!

Even teachers look at students
with an evil motive!

To whom...I am talking!
Useless fellow!

The message has come!

Looks like a blank message!

That is a different one
You would get now!

I have recharged for Rs 100!

- Buy I asked only for Rs 50
- It is an offer

If you charge Rs 50 flexi
you get another 50 free!

Anyway that is good! It would
last for some more days!

Who will I call? need not worry!

We shouldn't earn money
ruining the younger generation!

That will not be helpful!
Hail lndia

What did you do in his phone?

Tonight we will know about it!

This is his number!

Put it on speaker

It is all imaginary girl!

My love for you
has increased only! are lying master

Of late you don't
show any interest!

No darling
Nothing of that sort!

- He calls her darling...!
- Stealer...fraud!

Today in class all the time
you were staring at Saritha's chest!

Look...don't make
charges against me!

I have looked
at only one chest!

- Whose...?
- Should I say that?

Tell me

Was it Saritha's...?

Look girl I would...

'What I would'
you would do nothing!

I don't teach
just Chemistry!

What dress
are you wearing?

- Frock
- What's the colour?


I am also wearing yellow!

What an ideal match it is!

What do you say now?

This seems to be good!

Did you hear?

- Why are you silent?
- I just turned over the bed!

- Are you lying...?
- Hm...

I am also lying! it possible
to intervene?

- Dear!
- I am going to sleep

Me too

My God...who is it?


Has her sound changed...?

Hello...Iet's not talk now

- Greetings
- Master!

Shall I call the
fraud to the shop?

- Just to mock him!

- No...don't do
- Just for fun!

If he comes to know
we are tapping his phone...

What fun we will have...?

I only when he
doesn't knowthat!

Idea 30 recharge!

- Forfifty
- Hundred!

- Fifty
- Thirty

For 110 recharge!

- Thirty
- Fifty

- For hundred rupees!
- Vodafone!

- Fifty
- Fifty five

For Fifty

- Hundred
- 110

- Eighty five!
- Twenty!

- Hundred
- Twenty

Fifty five!

- Are you late today?
- Who is late?

No, thought you
didn't get the bus!

- Who thought...?
- No, I just thought...

For hundred rupees!

Get in guy...

Seeing you the guy is baffled!

Binoy...don't do...

That would benefit you

No...don't install
it in her phone!

Why is she so special? is like that...

That phone
shouldn't be tapped!

In case she calls
Manaf at night daily?

Is there a betterto way
to know about it! Tell me

- Manaf
- Don't tell me anything!

I would nowtap her phone!

In this rain both of us
would get drenched and...

Not required!

Let him not be impolite to me...

Tell him! I would smash and kill him

Why are you not
talking anything girl?

What kind of a man are you...?

Your baby is in my womb

But you still support that...

Even if you kill me I would not

Hang up the phone you dog

'Exactly at 11 PM she would call me'

Was it a bluff by him?

Don't cry like this...dear!

I can't bear it dad!

Dad... (Vapa...)

Never mind
Forget it

I would take it
as my destiny!

Yet...what mom does
even God may not like

Because you both
are not in good terms

What can I do for that dear!

Even those days
she was very obstinate!

Especially towards me
it would be to a higher degree!

Stubborn and obstinate...! are an innocuous
person and put up with her!

May be now
I could...

But the thought
that Shajahan and... would be put
into troubles


But what has
happened now

They don't want to invite
you even for the marriage!

That's what
mom and uncle say!

They don't even
allow me to visit you!

It is 4 months
since I met you

I can't bear this dad!

Don't cry my princess!
Look...don't cry!

Those with the name
Shahana shouldn't cry!


Shahana means
princess in Arabi!

Do princess cry?

I am not a princess!

I am Vadavarakara
Syed Ulvi's daughter!

I would cry
when I am in distress!

You are a real princess girl!

Afsal's princess!

Oh my girl...

Why are you not talking!

Kavi...I am scared
to sing in stage

But you are not alone

Me and Shini are with you

- Even then
- No excuses

Don't force me

You can only sing it properly
We would also support you

If you want
I would sing it for you now

You hear me and learn
I can't do it in stage

This is really bad

If I get on to stage
it would be worse

This is very bad!

Then you sing in detail
On stage we shouldn't look awful

Just a minute
Let me have some water

"Like the melody of the damp wind
Like the shower of dry frost"

"ln grief stricken night's company

"Like the melody of the damp wind
Like the shower of dry frost"

"ln grief stricken night's company

"Rain taps a mellifluent rhythm
on the sash bars of the window"

"ln moonshine the mind blossomed
I turned as the cherry red bloom"

"l would sing the soulful song
Dear, come to hear the song"


"Like the melody of the damp wind
Like the shower of dry frost"

"ln grief stricken night's company

"This house lady would write
in petals romantic odes"

"The anklets would wriggle in mind
realise it in your dreams"

"Like clouds hiding behind blue sky
there is someone behind my eyes"

"The smirky grimace
and the gentle cuddle was a boon"

"l would sing the soulful song
Dear, come to hear the song"


"Like the melody of the damp wind
Like the shower of dry frost"

"ln grief stricken night's company

"At day break that showers dampness
with withered leaves spread on the path"

"The sun rays appeared lazy
and was like an embrace in cold"

"Like a colourful butterfly come near me
and bask in delight like a breeze"

"Memories flowed in the chill weather
and I turned as a river"

"l would sing the soulful song
Dear, come to hear the song"


"Like the melody of the damp wind
Like the shower of dry frost"

"ln grief stricken night's company

"Rain taps a mellifluent rhythm
on the sash bars of the window"

"ln moonshine the mind blossomed
I turned as the cherry red bloom"

"l would sing the soulful song
Dear, come to hear the song"


"ln the damp wind..."




Oh my girl...

Take me to your realm

"Like the melody
of the damp wind..."

"Like the shower of dry frost!"

Which song is this?


I think this is
Shiraz's music!!

This is surely
not that stuff...

This is an emotive song
by a beautiful girl!

Today she may not come!

Singing songs...her throat
would have dried up!

Devil...don't say anything
with your malefic tongue!

Who is the devil...?

Any way it is not you...

Don't waste time
Take out the thing!

Tell me it's worth!

Whose one is this?

- It's a big shark's

- What...?
- Don't you know...

He is known as 'big shark'?

We got this mobile from the stomach
of a shark we caught this morning!

From sharks' stomach...?

We have heard
about Wi-Fi mobile!

First time I am hearing
about a mobile from stomach! (Vayiru)

Which brand is this!

It is not brandy
It is a mobile phone!

He asked about the make...?

If you ask such details
we would blink!

Our Veppur Sulaiman
had a similar old phone!

Yes...yes he had one!

Last month he went to sea
and has not returned so far!

- Hasn't come yet...!
- Is it...? Forget it...

What price it will fetch?

Must get market price any way!

Then you sell it in market!

Mohammed brother...

If you don't want
it is ok!

We thought
it would help you guys!

Jaffer...Iet us check
in Gulf bazar...

Oh yes...

He is not the only guy
running a mobile business here!

You are right! seems
we are lucky!

We are lucky!

Mohammed brother!

Gulf bazar is on this side!

Is he teaching us
about gulf bazaar!

- Leave that here and go!
- Say so...

Will sell it to
some gullible guy!

The singer is going...

"When I lay my net in the lake
oh girl... did you rattle your bangles"

Seems the Salala mobiles
guy has an eye for you!


Do you have an eye on him?

Even if you don't need
you go there often!

Don't drip saliva like a dog
Like a brave man go and tell her

You go dog...

Shall I give you a kiss

- No...
- I would give

In forehead

- No...
- In eyes?

- No...
- In cheeks?

Shall I give there?

What is this Kumaretta?

- In neck?
- Give Kumaretta

Shall I give...?
I will give!

- I want it
- Shall I give?

Give her Kumaretta!

- Who is it?
- May be your son

How is it man now...?

These days one can't talk anything
in mobile phone safely!

I have already
tapped that phone

Thus via Nilambur along with...

...this girl is on herway to Ooty

Chill wind is blowing

I want to tell you
something privately

What is it?

Today I would make
you eat unripe mango...

- Mango...?
- That...

That mango's

Someone is regularly
tapping my phone sir!

When it is tapped
were you talking to your husband?


There is no doubt your phone
is tapped by your husband!

Chief minister is now
popular due to his public support

Meet the public programme!

But before parliament election
the government must fall

I have met all the 15 MLA's

All of them are ready!

Are you

We are spending money
It is a risky affair!

It is certain...

Tomorrow Chandrasekar's
government must fall!

Done...including me 12 MLA's
will vote against motion!

Government will fall! it news channel?

'Greet you...'

'Welcome you
to breaking news!'

'ln today's vote on...'

'No confidence motion' Chief Minister
Chandrasekaran's government proved majority!'

'Ruling party MLA Hameed Maranjeri
indulged in horse trading...'

'...and instigated other MLA's
to vote against motion!'

'Pending inquiry he is
suspended from party!'

Anyway I need
police protection!

My phone was tapped
and on the basis of those information

I was expelled from party!

This is what CM says...

Is any law being
followed here?

From where will you
make wedding purchases?

Mom says it would
be from Trissur!

Why is it from Trissur!

She says that
would be convenient!

When are you
going for purchase?

Day after tomorrow!

From Kodungallur
uncle would come!

Kavi, you hang up

- Why Shahana?
- Someone else is on this line!

Trying to hearwhat we talk!

May be your illusion

Yes may be your illusion

No, I am hanging up

220 full talk time!
Do it fast

Why do you call me
often to say this?

I like her and...

I have candidly told hertoo

What is there to
get annoyed on this?

If one can't express one's
love no use in having a tache...!

Don't call me again
to talk about this

He seems to be
a strange guy

'Greet you'

'Welcome to
news bulletin'

'lf you are making
a cell phone call...'

'...remember a third person
from this town is also hearing you'

'The phone tapper
is not yet identified'

'Reports say a group is
behind this phone tapping'

'Though public have
lodged many complaints...'

'...police are yet to taken any action
objections are raised on this score'

phones are tapped

Of late phone tapping
prevails widely in Kozhikode

What's your opinion on it?

I don't know about phone tapping
My hut is leaking and can't stay there

But you are asking about phone tapping
What's your name? Is it Ameer?

Along with camera man Ameer
from Kozhikode fish market Mohammed

Phone tapping
What is it?

It is a downfall for
a cultured society

It has even intruded into
a teacher's privacy

- Phone tapping is an issue
- Tapping does happen

Oh my God!

If all the people use iPhones
tapping would become impossible

Should we continue this?

- Why do you stare at me?
- Shouldn't we continue?

We must nab
these criminals soon

Phone tapping has become
an issue in state assembly today

Under these circumstances
the pressure on us will increase

CM called me
today morning

Even if we nab the culprits
he asked me to handle them softly

He has some gratitude
towards these phone tappers

Because they saved his
government from falling

These phone tappers could be his
party men or sympathisers of his party

That's what he suspects

Whoever they are we shouldn't
show any lenience

Before they tap our phone-

We know, they are
already doing it, sir

A constable from North station
one R.K.Kumaran...

...has made a complaint
that his phone was tapped

'- Kumar'etta
- Shantha'

From where this
would have started?

What would be their motive?



Could it not be a
terrorist outfit, sir?


But shall I ask you something?
Could it be done by a single guy?

One person

Try this

It has good clarity

Is it ok?

Why do you merely
look at time, Afsal?

My girl would come now
let her see me once man

She will live for 100 years

Why are you in a hurry?

I am here

My girl is a real princess

'Shahana means
princess in Arabi'

But yourfriend
is not that lovely

Manaf, have you studied Arabi?

Arabi? Why should I learn Arabi?


Talk something princess

One minute


- What did she say now?
- Oh nothing

She said she can't
call me at night daily

She has no money
to top up daily

Now she has asked me
to call her daily at night

Binoy, did you recharge?

Keep the change with you
Can adjust later, okay?

"Reached my heart"

'It's burning in heart'

- Hello?

- I am Kanagan here
- What? Who is it?

You called me and
just say Kangana

No, I am Kanagan
staying in upstairs

Oh Kanagan, what is it man?

There is nothing to worry

Why should I worry?

No, I am going to tell you
something that would worry you

- Is it about, dad?
- No, not that

I told mom and uncle
that I don't want this marriage

But they don't listen to me

My God! It is a misery foryou

But as a dad
I have only one thing to say

Don't stop your studies
marry after completing studies

Of late one can't say
about present day boys

It would be better for girls
to be educated and employed

Then only you would be saved

Do you understand dear?

Dad, seems mom is coming
I am hanging up



Hello, this is me Manaf

Why are you not talking?

Morning you said
you would talk if I call you?

I was waiting for this

Shahana, talk to me

- Who is it?
- Your dad

Did you get only my
sister to propose love?

Your bandicoot dad Usman
had stolen coconuts from our grove

My uncle still has
those details with him

- Does he still have that?
- Not only that

You have a sister
what is her name?

- Salma
- Oh Salma?

How haughty is she?

Long ago when I just talked
to her she made a big issue

Finally didn't she elope with an
awkward looking fish seller

That's a lesson foryou guys

Brother, shall I hang up?

Stupid, if you hang up,
I would kill you

You and your dad put up a fence
encroaching our land when we questioned

Your dad and his gang
pelted stones on us

Were you also
not with them?

- No brother
- Brother?

Damn it

How will I become your brother?

Sorry sir

I wouldn't call Shahana again

Dirty fellow, if you hang up,
I would sever your hands

Listen what I say

The other day when I met sister
she inquired about you

-Who inquired?
- Sister asked about you

-Who inquired?
- Salma sister

-About me?
- Shall I hang up don't hang up

What did she say,
tell me Manaf

She said if she had married you,
her life would have been ruined

The right guy for your sister
is that fish seller

If I see her face,
I would vomit

Whatever it is she is
the daughter of a bandicoot

Do what I say

Come to my marriage
and see my wife

If you want have sumptuous
biriyani and go

Shameless fellow

Will you laugh,
when I abuse you?

Are you a human being?

'Here comes fence encroacher
bandicoot Usman's son Mr.Abdul Manaf'

What Manaf, are you sick?

Sick? That's because yesterday
till dawn me and Shahana were-

- She or her brother?
- How do you know?

That is the grapevine
in Kozhikode now

It is there in
paper and FM too

Excuse me

Do you have iPhone?

No, it is available
only in specific stores

Sir, we have many other
latest models

Samsung, Blackberry
LG, Nokia

- Sir, S2, S3-
- No, I don't want anything

Please leave me alone
Better to shut man

Dad, anyway you couldn't
attend brother's marriage

It's not because I couldn't come
but your mom didn't invite me

If I had attended without invitation,
she would have embarrassed me

Where is Shajahan?
Is he with his wife?


Is a music band arranged?

Uncle, has arranged for Qawwali

Is it? Will my princess sing?


Dad, mom is coming
I am hanging up

"Up above the moonlit castle
in a swing hung by rainbow ribbons"

"Oh my pristine beauty
you swayed in swing..."

"...oh you are my Aisha"

"You woke up from
romance and bloomed..."

"...on the pathway where
Allah's messenger comes"

"You braced up for proximity"

"You are so precious,
world, materialism Rahim Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Ali master...Ali master
Ali in every breath"

"Ali master...Ali master
Ali in every breath"

"ln day dreams..."

"...beneath the mango tree
seeds were planted"


"ln new moon's sky rays
the heart rejoiced"


"The new bride girl
burst out like a new seed"

"Like a moon in woods
would adorn flowers and pearls"

"You woke up from
romance and bloomed..."

"...on the pathway where
Allah's messenger comes"

"You braced up for proximity"

"You are precious"

"Up above the moonlit castle
in a swing hung by rainbow ribbons"

"Oh my pristine beauty
you swayed in swing..."

"...oh you are my Aisha"

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah"

"Like the angel
my desire and love vanished"


"Oh heart's dream,
flower nurtured by cupid God"


"Oh heart's corsage,
will you not adorn love?"

"Will you not grasp without being told
when protector comes to know?"

"You woke up from
romance and bloomed..."

"...on the pathway where
Allah's messenger comes"

"You braced up for proximity"

"You are precious"

"Up above the moonlit castle
in a swing hung by rainbow ribbons"

"Oh my pristine beauty
you swayed in swing..."

"...oh you are my Aisha"

"You woke up from
romance and bloomed..."

"...on the pathway where
Allah's messenger comes"

"You braced up for proximity"

"You are precious,
world, materialism Rahim Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

Phone tapping is an intrusion into
an individual's privacy

It can be used
both for good and evil

In our city in the last
one and half months...

...about 32 phone tapping
cases have been registered

- Is it not, Vincent?
- Yes sir

In Nadakkavu
station alone 13 cases

The rest in town and
Chevayur stations

There may be cases
not registered also

Looking at the reactions in TV channels
there should be more complaints

We understand from inquires the complaints
made to channels would be around 50

There are chances for
it to increase further

What we need to do immediately
is in this tapping case

I mean to find out,
when and what time it happened

Also how did they know
their phone is being tapped?

We must find out this too

This information
may have a pattern

We must cling on to that

Sir, what about help
from cyber cell?

Are you a cop?

First use your cognition
then think about cyber cell

- Okay, and sorry, sir
- Damn with your sorry

Tapping case complainants have come, sir
Let's interviewthem and get the info

Your thing has arrived


A second hand iPhone set

- Like to see?
- Show me

iPhone Traverse

Beautiful man
Good to look at

A party brought it
from Kuwait

What a beautiful smell?

- Do you like it?
- How much is it?

- Ten thousand rupees
- Only 10,000 rupees?

Ten thousand
very cheap man

I am sorry,
I forgot my specs

Count it

- Sir, here is your discount
- I don't want any discount

I want only phone
Oh my God!

I got it...I got it

Your cash, 500000 is ready


To identify you say code word
'Elder-younger brother'

The guy who gives you cash
would say 'Trump Jack'

Place, Standard Bakery
Mithai street

Tomorrow morning
exactly at 11 AM

Okay thanks,
I would reach there

Brother, what if we interpose?

Go there and you would be

Just sufficient to say the code
'Elder-younger brother'...

...we would get 500000

But we would be killed

Looks like it is
some conduit money

- We would lose our life
-You are a timid guy

This is god's gift

I am not a fool like you

You may not be a fool
But you are a timid fellow

That is why you waffle
and can't talk to the girl

Should tell her
with determination

Binoy, you may go

Go home,
go man

I said go

Timid fellow

He claims he is a lover

Binoy, halwa(sweetmeat) is good

- From where did you get this?
- Ask to your son

Will there be a man like him?

Daughter is admitted
in Baby Memorial

I understood that
when you beat around

People like you
are our support

If I am in a position
to spend 300000-

Rama, we are also
not in such a position

I will somehow
manage to repay

Good joke

Even if you work for a lifetime
will you be able to repay?

Sister, please don't abandon us

If Sowmya's dad was alive
will you talk like this?

- Is she not your brother's daughter?
- Rama, don't talk about sentiments

To give you 300000
I am not running a bank

On this score
don't call again

-Where is Standard Bakery?
- Go straight and turn left

What is the price of Jilebi?

6 rupees per piece

- Milk peda?
- How much do you want?

Just inquired

Milk peda is 10 rupees

Black Halwa?

Are you not a local guy?

'Elder-younger brother'

'Elder-younger brother'

'Trump jack'



Come here man


Come here

Come man

Okay, it is very hot

Take it carefully


'Elder-younger brother'

Is he mad?

'Elder-younger brother'

Where is Standard bakery?

Go straight, turn right
and then take left

From there 2nd left

- Right...?
-Yes, that is the route

Seems this is inextricable

Yes, sir?

Sowmya admitted for operation

Let me check

First floor
Room number 7411

- Thanks
- Okay

'100 rupees top up'

Who is it?

I came to see her

- Who are you?
- I am her brother

- Rama?
- She is my mom

Where is she?

She has gone to pharmacy
to get some medicines

You do one thing

When mom returns
hand over this bag to mom

Take care, this is
for sister's operation

- Okay
- Got it?

- Brother, your name?

That means you are mad

Is it?

Else will you donate
the entire money?

Yet, how could you do it?

I can't bear it?


You greedy fellow

I gave her only 300000
for her operation

Balance amount is with me

Take your 100000

You have lot of debts
Try to clear them

My dear chum
you are a hero

Real hero

Don't prattle man, go home

Razak, it is foolish
to say it is costlier

3 crores in that area
is a best price

Don't expect more than that

Besides who would give this price?

I would give

Will you give?

- What did you say?
-You said you would give

Did I say I would give?

You only said just now

Did you speak or some spirit?

Don't foil the deal

Ashraf, don't fool me
over the phone

Whatever you say
I would not agree to this

Ashraf, who is it?

Your father
Your dad

Oh my God!

She is coming

- Hundred
- I know

Do you know my brother?

No, but why?

I thought I sawyou,
it was my brother's marriage

That was not us


Okay, thank you

Are you fine?

Whole night your
phone was busy

What is it?

Until dawn with whom
are you flirting?

Tell me and go girl

- Manaf, move away
- Let me also know

With whom you are flirting?

Is it confined
to night calls or-?


- Take off your hands
- Oh does it pain you?

I wouldn't allow
this in my shop

Go man

Afsal, that means
you get offended

No, Afsal
Let me go

My God! What is this?

How dare you
hold her hand?

Let him go

- What is this man?
- Go home

Go home
You move away

Why are you staring?

Is this Pooram festival?
All of you go

Go from here

You go to your shop

Go to your shop

Are you intimidating him?

You go to shop

Were you hurt?

It is not like that Vincent

This case is more complicated
than what we assume

Normally in tapping cases business men
or politicians try to get information

But in this case victims are
different people from all walks of life

Not only that reason behind tapping
can't pinpoint the motive

Besides neither
the tapper intimidating...

...nor using the leaked information
to his advantage is not reported

There are no complaints too

All victims have merely complained
their privacy is intruded

What if we go for
a movie tomorrow?

I can't bunk the classes
board exam is approaching

Seriously studious

Are you not serious
about our affair?

- Of course
- I am also serious

That is why I am
studying seriously

Must settle in life quickly
and marry you soon

That must be done quickly

When people of same age
fall in love there is a problem

Do you knowthat?

Yes, boy would hunt for the job

And the girl would study course after
course and give him sufficient time

But I can't do that
I can't study too

- Just want to get through 12th
- Lazy girl, you need not study

I would study

Next year, I would appear
for Merchant Navy exam

If I get that,
I am safe

They offer me super salary

It would help my home
and it would be easy for us too

- But shouldn't you go to sea?
- It's not for fishing

Girl, I would take
you also with me

- Take me now
- Don't flirt

- Will meet tomorrow
- Then give me a kiss

- See you tomorrow
- Where?

Old bus stand
near beach at 4 p.m

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Beloved Allah
Apostle of Allah"

Why have you not
gone to sleep yet?

I know what you do here

But I have great faith in you

That you wouldn't do
anything forgetting Almighty

Hearing what others say... would be more interesting
to overhear others talk

But it would fill up
lot of muck in our mind

Mom, that-

Later it would become
impossible to clean up

It would become like
the bottom of a burnt up vessel

My present worry
is not about that

My son doesn't have the courage
to tell a girl about his love

That bothers me a lot

Meet her soon
and tell you like her

Now switch off this
and go to sleep

Okay mom

'What is important
for love is courage'

How come you are here?

I came to inquire
about a route

To where?

Route to your heart

This software or virus
has to reach other mobile phones...

...or must be made to
reach other phones

- How can we do that?
- Through SMS

Mutual messages
spread the virus

But our findings say most victims
doesn't have any acquaintance

Yes sir

Making a tapping software
is not very expensive

Our country's cell phone
technology especially GSM... best suited
for such techniques

A good programmer
could have developed this

Someone with access to many
mobile phones would have spread this

We didn't pay attention
to one thing, Vincent

What sir?

Maximum complaints registered
area's mobile shop guys

Large number of mobile phones
are accessible to them

Let us trail them

It's your mom, man

- What mom?
- Afsal

- Binoy here mom
-Where is my son?

He is here

He left without breakfast

What is the breakfast?

- Dosa
- Oh?

Did you have breakfast?

- Hmm
- What?

Tea and hotdog

What is there to shudder?
I would make him eat

Don't worry, Afsal
she may be sick

Or she would have
gone somewhere

After I spoke to her candidly
I did not meet her at all

Her mobile is also
switched off

I feel very hard inside

Just want to
meet her once

'Culture hero' is coming

If we ask him
may get some details

50 rupees flexi


- Do you teach Shahana?
- Might be

I don't ask girl
student's names

We know about that

But couldn't see that
girl for 2 to 3 days

Why do you
want to meet her?

We have to give her
balance 400 rupees

Since we didn't have change she
said she will collect later and left

She didn't come to
classes for 2 to 3 days

I would inquire and tell you

Thanks master

The other day because of her didn't
you and Manaf pick up a quarrel

That happened because Manaf held
the girl's hand and a tussle ensued

Is it not Afsal?

- Did you top up?
- Will do now

- What?
- Top up

- Hail lndia
- Same to you

"Yaa Allah..."

"Peace be upon him"

"Let prophet Mohammed
bring peace upon him"

"Peace be upon him"

"Let prophet Mohammed
bring peace upon him"

"Peace be upon him"

Are you going for a walk?

- Hello Astrologer
- Who is it?

- Brother, this is Nambiar
- Oh greet you

- Why at this midnight
- Must fix an auspicious time

-At this time?
- I need it urgently

- This is a request
- What's the matter?

My daughter is in labour
She wants caesarian to be done

Want an auspicious time for that

Auspicious time for caesarian?

If born at an auspicious time,
the child would have a good future

Tell me a time that
would bestow regal fortune

- This is not right
- Don't say like that

I can pay you
any amount as fees

When you say this,
give me 10 minutes time

I don't want any fees

Who is that?

I can tell that for free
Best time for caesarian

American time
Morning 11 a.m

Is that okay?

Afsal, I asked her friend Kavitha

What that poor girl will do,
if mom and son compel her

Anyway stopping her education
and taking her away was mindless

Next month is her marriage
she is going to marry her cousin

The boy is somewhere in gulf

- Where is she now?
- At Kodungallur

That's her mom's place

Where are you going?

I asked where are you going?

To Kodungallur
Tell mom

- Are you mad...?
-Yes, I'm mad

"Oh Shahana, in this lovelorn life
I would search you"

"ln this grief struck
ghazal in my blazing veins..."

"...beloved you
turned as my chum"

"Oh Shahana, in this lovelorn life
I would search you"

"Oh Shahana, in this entire lovelorn life
I would search you"

"ln this grief struck ghazal
in my blazing veins..."

"...beloved you
turned as my chum"

"Shahana...oh Shahana"

'Save me'

He is going to uninstall
He is going to kill me

Don't do it man

You...why did you betray me?

We have carefully examined
all victim's mobile phones

This is the test report

This tapping programme
or software is a virus

That's the findings

Either from phone to phone via Wifi,
bluetooth or through messages...

...this virus can be transferred

Otherwise a message from an
infected phone could transmit this virus

Especially in android windows phones
this virus can be transferred

Not only that from where
this tapping is done...

...will not be available
in this virus programme code

Only one thing
that bothers me is this

Who is behind this?
A group or an individual?

What is it?

Who is it?

It's me, Manaf

It's long since
I see you here

I came to meet Afsal

No one answered the call
so I was returning

Nothing can be
heard in the kitchen

Afsal is in his shop
Do you know his shop?

Yes, I know


Sir, where is the commissioner office?

- What's the matter?
- I have an information

Tell me, mom

Your old friend Manaf
came to meet you

I told him you are at the shop

Did he come there?

This is a good joke
I saw him en route

Okay, you hang up

Get his name and address
and let him go

Yes, sir

You stay there

You shouldn't go out of the city
You should be present here

If what you said is false,
I would nab you then

- Okay, sir
-You may go

Leave me

Manaf, you stupid

Idiot, you are going to die

Stop it...stop here

Did you see Manaf?

He came here in the morning

- Why do you want him?
- Asking me?

That dog had hit Mohammed brother
with his bike and ran away

That too in front of
commissioner's office

Police commissioner's office?

Yes, he told me this guy
was coming fast from the office

Now he is admitted in GH

Tell him, if he hides,
I would nab him

Come on guys

'Manaf came asking for you'

'Your old friend Manaf
came to see you'

'That too in front
commissioner's office'

You quickly shut
the shop and go

Let me go to house

Why have you come so early?

Are you hungry?
Shall I get you lunch?

Don't fill your
stomach with water

Dear, if you simply cry like this
will you get what you want in life?

Should you not be brave?

Dad, I am not able to say what I want
and what I don't need in life

This is everybody's problem

Most people ruin their life
because they are timid

Anyway it is bad

At least before you left Kozhikode... should have told
the boy that you like him

You should have told him openly

I did not have
the courage dad

I was not sure

I always like Afsal

But I had no courage
to tell him about this


Who is it?


Enough, this is enough for me

I have read your mind

I am satisfied


Are you hearing me?

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Beloved Allah
Apostle of Allah"

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah"

"Up above the moonlit castle
in a swing hung by rainbow ribbons"

"Oh my pristine beauty
you swayed in swing..."

"...oh you are my Aisha"

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Beloved Allah
Apostle of Allah"

"Noor Mohammed,
blessed light of Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

"Apostle of Allah
Beloved Allah"

'Ajay Chacko and his team...'

'...arrested Afsal and
produced him in court'

'But for personal reasons
complainants either did not appear...'

'...or changed their
earlier submissions'

'Who was behind this
a group or an individual...'

'...the honourable court
raised this question'

'Since prosecution could not
produce any conclusive proof...'

'...Afsal was released unconditionally
after 3 months police custody'

'Shahana declined to marry
and returned to her dad'

'When Afsal's custodial inquiry
was going on...'

'...she met him
along with her dad'

'After unconditional release
Afzal married Shahana'

'Thus Shahana
became Shahana Afsal'