Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) - full transcript

Nazi-Fascist Northern Italy, 1943-44. Four senior members of government, aided by henchmen and Nazi soldiers, kidnap a group of young men and women. They hold them for 120 days, subjecting them to all manner of torture, perversion and degradation. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food



Male victims

Female victims





Written and directed by

Northern ltaly, during the
Nazi-Fascist occupation


Your Excellency


Your Grace

AII things are good when
taken to excess

Come on, let's go

Where are you going?

Claudio! Your scarf, my son!

Sorry, we're obeying orders

Marrying each others' daughters will
seal our destinies for ever

President, take as your IawfuI spouse
His ExceIIency's daughter, Tatiana

President, I wiII marry
your daughter, Susy

Your Excellency and my brother the
Bishop will marry my daughters

The preparations for our
undertaking are completed

In puberty's ambush, maidens bloom,
all unaware of impending doom

They listen to the radio, drink tea,
unaware they will lose their liberty

Bourgeois recoil not from slaughter
though victim be son and daughter

- What's this one's name?
- Claudio Cicchetti

- What is your name?
- Franco

I knew you'd consider him

A girI heIped us catch him

The fooI thought he was in for
romance, and ended up in a sack

- What is your name?
- Sergio

Shouldn't we inspect them?

Trousers down, shirts up

That will do

Lamberto Gobbi

Carlo Porro

Umberto Chessari... just Iook
at him, gentIemen

I waited two whoIe weeks
to ambush him

...and this is Ferruccio Tonna,
from Castelfranco

From a subversive famiIy

The one with the curly hair,
Tonino Orlando

I know him

I've waited two Iong years for him

Your Excellency, please help me

His father was a senior judge,
Iike myseIf

A southerner, aren't you?

Don't expect me to deflower you.
In time we will decide..

...who will do you that
delightful honour

That's right, Tonino

Eva, come along

Try to behave yourseIf

Come, no one will harm you

Show these nice gentlemen
all your hidden charms

What a beauty

A delicious bum, solid yet bouncy

Tits to revive a dying crippIe

Bring us another one

Signora Castelli, your turn.
The gentlemen are waiting

Please let me go home

Albertina's father is a professor
in Bologna

To slip her out of the convent school
we had to convince two nuns

You'II prefer us to the sisters,
won't you?

I don't know yet, sir

Very well, undress her

Just a moment

We didn't notice her blemish.
She's a pretty virgin, too

Don't you disgrace me,
I know your IittIe tricks

We waited untiI she came out
with her mother...

...pushed the mother into the river,
where the damned fooI drowned...

...right before this angeI's eyes

There were nine boys, now only eight

Anyone know the difference between
"8", "no-no", and the family?

What's the difference?

"8" is twice four,
"no- no" is twice not for

- What about the family?
- They're fine, thank you

Everything is prepared
according to your wishes

You herded, feeble creatures,
destined for our pleasure

Don't expect to find here the freedom
granted in the outside worId

You are beyond reach of
any "IegaIity"

No one knows you are here

As far as the world goes,
you are already dead

These are the Iaws which wiII
govern your Iives

"At six p.m., the company will
assemble in the "Hall of Orgies"...

"... where our Storytellers...

"...will tell us stories, each with
a particular theme

"Our friends have the right
to interrupt at any moment

"The purpose of the stories is to
inflame lust; all will be permitted

"After dinner, the gentlemen will
conduct the so-called orgies

"The Great Hall will be
adequately heated

"Participants, appropriatedly

"...will lie on the floor
like animals...

"...they will intermingle...

"...copulate indescriminately,
incestuously and sodomistically

"That will be the daily procedure"

No servants here!

"Any man caught in flagrante delicto
with a woman...

"...will be punished by
the loss of a limb

"The slightest religious act by
anyone will be punished...

" death"


I was born at a girIs' boarding
schooI, where my mother was a servant

One day, my sister asked if
I knew Professor GentiIe

"Well, look outside, he's waiting
for you...

" show you something
he's shown me"

She said: "Don't run away

"He'II give you some money"

I ran out to meet him.
I couIdn't beIieve it

- "Where are you going?"
- "To put away the chairs, Professor"

"Your sister will do that. I'll show
you something you've never seen"

I foIIowed him into a room

He took his huge penis from out of
his trousers and began to masturbate

"Have you ever seen the Iike?

"I've shown your sister and
girIs of your age

"Give me a hand. Provoke the semen
from which we're all created

"I'II make it spurt on your face

"This is my sole passion, my child...

"...and you are about to see it"

At that very moment...

...I was immersed in a white jet,
drenching me from head to toe

You mustn't omit any detaiI...

...otherwise your stories will not
arouse us sufficiently

I know I was urged to give
every detaiI...

...every particular,
even the slightest...

...that may illuminate the
human passion

I've not overIooked anything

You haven't given us details about
the size of the Professor's penis...

...or the nature, the consistency
of his emisssion

Did you fondle his genitals,
did he oblige you to do so?

Dear Signora Vaccari, more clarity

From now on I shaII conceaI nothing.
May I continue?

Time the staff of my old age
had some fun

Shortly after my seventh birthday...

...I took a girI friend to see
the Professor

One of his colleagues was with him.
They drew me inside

Looking at me, one said to the other:

"Goffredo, didn't I teII you
she was a IittIe beauty?"

"She is a rare IittIe jeweI",
repIied Goffredo

Then he took me onto his Iap
and gave me a kiss

- "How old are you?"
- "Seven, Professor"

"You are fifty years younger than me"

Then he gave me another kiss

Meanwhile, the other prepared
some kind of strange syrup

They made me drink it, saying:
"It wiII make you pee"

"AII we want of you, dear chiId,
is that you urinate

"And that you do that with me,
alone together"

I want this miserabIe boy
punished severeIy

We are at your service

He had the insolence to
pull away from me

You can choose one of ours

No, thank you

It wouId take too much to
satisfy me now

A moment ago, only the slightest
effort would suffice, but now...

You know to what we're driven
by frustrated desire

AII I ask of you... exemplary punishment
for this bastard

My Lord, I feeI ready to satisfy you

I need no instruction

No, Iet me be

There are a thousand occasions when
one does not desire a woman's anus

I'II wait. Let Signora Vaccari
continue her story

Everything was so arranged that he
swallowed every drop of my piss

At that moment his penis,
overcome by victory...

...cried tears of blood over me

Then, passion consumed, the Professor
seemed to realize...

...his idoI no Ionger inspired
such reIigious fervour

Without ado, he put ten Iire in my
apron pocket and pushed me out

The boy's hopeless at masturbation,
he needs a lesson

You'd think he'd never seen
a man's tooI

Well, friends...

...Signora Vaccari will turn them
into first-class whores

Nothing is more contagious than eviI

You are mistaken, Your Excellency

Some can do eviI onIy when
passion drives them to it

They are always unhappy, regretting
the evils of the previous night

Umberto, Franco... what do you say?


Efisio, it's my turn

On the Perati bridge

A black flag flies

The mourning of the Julian regiment
that goes to war

The best young men lie
under the earth

The gentleman are not satisfied
with you

The first thing you must Iearn
is how to hoId it

Go on

Up and down

Squeeze it harder...

...and stroke beneath with
the other hand

Slut! See how it's done

There were nine girls, now only eight

Here's a number eight story

It's about a man who had a friend
named Six-times-eight

Going home in the blackout one night
they lost each other

Our man tried to find his friend,
Iooking everywhere

At Iast he thought he saw something
in the darkness

He was overjoyed, thinking he had
found his friend

- He cried: "Six-times-eight!"
- "Forty-eight", came the repIy

Music! Signora Vaccari will tell us
another story... stimulate us for
another skirmish

I was nine when my sister took me to
MiIan to meet Signora CaIzetti

She examined me and asked if I
wanted to work for her

I said I wouId, if the pay was good

My first client, a stout man named
Vaccari, looked me over carefully

At once I showed him my pussy,
which I thought was very speciaI

He covered his eyes:
"Out of the question

"I'm not interested in your vagina,
cover it up"

He covered me up, making me Iie down

He said: "AII these IittIe whores
know is to fIaunt their vaginas

"Now I'II have to recover from
that disgusting sight"

He wrapped me in a sheet,
Iike a mummy...

...Ieaving onIy my behind uncovered

He caressed it gently, opened
and closed the cheeks...

...began to suck it greedlily

Then he carefully...

...put his member between my buttocks,
his movements became frenzied

"Such an adorable behind, the sweet
little anus. Now I'll anoint it"

He said that three or four times

I never saw him again

Your first client...

...had an idea of women that
most of us do not share

Homage to the rear temple... more fervent than the other

I put this question to the company

How can we determine the true
inclination of a boy or girl?

Their best part, in other words

I beIieve by masturbation of the
requisite body areas

Let's take the youngsters about whom
we have doubts...

...and take them aside to verify

Observing, with equaI passion
and apathy, Guido and Vaccari...

...masturbating the two bodies
which belong to us...

...inspires a number of interesting

Would you care to elaborate,
dear Duke?

We Fascists are the only true


...once we've become masters of the
state, true anarchy is that of power

However, Iook at their
obscene gestures...

...Iike deaf-mute Ianguage...

...with a code none of us can break,
no matter how great our power

There is nothing to be done

We must restrict our impulses
to a single gesture

He came. Now he is a man

Little Sergio, we're proud of you

- She's a woman now
- Our first couple has been formed

Sergio, you've proved you're a man

She is your prize

Come forward

Appreciate the goodwill of
these gentlemen...

...who allow you to enjoy such
a great privilege...

...we will solemnize your marriage

What a fine thing

What a whore

Get out, you sluts!

Let us resume the ceremony

Will you, Sergio...

...take Renata for your wife?

I pronounce you man and wife

Clear off, all of you!

lf you salute him,
then you are bound

lf you are for him,
if you are sound

Then you must join up,
honour bound

Lustily! Aren't you newlyweds?

Give rein to your feelings

Get busy, idiot

No! That flower is reserved for us

The principle of all greatness
on earth...

...has Iong been bathed in bIood

My friends, if memory does not
betray me:

"Without bloodshed, there is
no forgiveness

"No forgiveness without bloodshed".

Excellency, the expression is not
to be found in Baudelaire...

...but in Nietzsche's
The Genealogy of Morals

It is neither from Baudelaire
nor Nietzsche...

...nor in Saint Paul?s
Epistle to the Romans

It's Dada

Sing me that sweet melody
l loved so much, that goes da-da

Delicious creature, do you want
my dirty underpants?

My old underpants. What incomparable

You see how sensitive I am
to the value of things

Little angel, my greatest desire is
to grant your wish

You know I respect aII tastes
and whims

However baroque, all deserve
to be respected

Because we're not their masters,
even the most bizarre manias...

...derive from a basic principle
of refinement

Yes, old buggers, it's a question
of delicacy

One day Madam sent me to
another Iibertine

He took me to a room with
a splendid Chinese carpet

After making me undress, he ordered
me on all fours, like an animal

Having stroked my head two or
three times...

...he said: "I want to see if you're
as quick as my dogs"

He threw two chestnuts across
the room...

...saying: "Good bitch, fetch!"

I thought it best to go aIong
with the game

You have two beautifuI eyes...
then Iook


"Filthy muck, putrid bitch",
he shouted, approaching me

Then he ejaculated over my back

Then he Ieft

I dressed...

...and discovered 25,000 Iire
in my coat


Your Excellency, are you convinced?

It is when I see others degraded
that I rejoice...

...knowing it is better to be me
than the scum of "the people"

Whenever men are equal, without that
difference, happiness cannot exist

So you wouldn't aid the humble,
the unhappy

In aII the worId... voluptuousness flatters the
senses more than social privilege

My next story is about the mania
of Minister MissiroIi

I went to the Minister's office
at ten one morning

The moment I entered,
the doors cIosed

"What are you doing here,
you IittIe bitch?

"Who gave you permission
to disturb me?"

I hadn't been warned of what
wouId happen... I was frightened by the weIcome

I can't take any more

He tore off my clothes,
shredded them...

...and threw them into the fire

Then he stretched out
seemingly semi-conscious... a chair...

...and ejaculated...

...making his sperm fall upon the
charred remains of my clothes


Don't you think, Signora Maggi...

...that before your stories, you
should show us your best part?

With the greatest of pleasure

These buttocks merit our attention

I have seIdom seen better

Very kind of you to say so

We thank you. Please begin

I see that you gentIemen esteem
the rear end... I shaII devote my stories
to this subject

My story will interest you all...

...especially our dear President;
it concerns a particular mania...

...his dearest caprice, which
enabled me to make his acquaintance

ConceaI my turpitudes from
these innocents

Enough. I am eager to hear
Signora Maggi's voice

My childhood years were spent in
endowing my body with the capacity... satisfy the basest,
most outrageous desires

I soon became expert in that
difficuIt task...

...and my fame spread throughout

My clients included many

...and to them I gave the best
of myseIf

My first story concerns a most
curious episode in my Iife

Signora Evola, the Madam
I worked for...

...sent me to a client after feeding
me a large laxative-spiced meal

The client was an old
Carabinieri General

He made me undress him and
put a nappy on him

I was used to such fixations,
I was ready to heIp him

Suddenly, my bowels rebelled and he
ordered me to relieve myself...

...which I did without embarrassment

He made me dip my fingers in
the excrement...

...and feed it to him Iike a baby

He swallowed everything, imitating
the cries of a baby...

...and ejaculated into his nappy

I knew a man capabIe of quite diverse
refinements of the sort

We expect only the best tales of you

My next story took place in Verona

I was toId that the cIient
waiting at a hoteI...

...was an old nobleman,
notorious for his depravity

My curiosity was immense

That evening my mother was more
intolerant than usual

She pleaded with me not to go

I couIdn't resist the temptation,
so I kiIIed her

The only thing to do

The excitement awaiting you was

...meriting the utmost sacrifice

It's foIIy to say one owes
anything to one's mother

Must we be gratefuI for her having
pIeasure with a man?

That should have been enough
reward for her

Long ago, I was cursed with
a mother...

...who aroused the same feelings
you felt for yours

As soon as I couId, I sent her
to the next worId

It was a profound pIeasure when she
cIosed her eyes for the Iast time

Why is that child crying?

Your words remind her of her mother

Her mother died trying to protect her


It's your mother you're crying for?

Come here, Iet me consoIe you

Come back to Papa's arms

He'll sing you another lullaby

What an opportunity you offer me

Signora Maggi's story merits
immediate re-enactment

I beg you to have mercy on
my suffering

My mother died for me and
I'II never see her again

Undress her immediateIy

Kill me! God will take pity on me!
Don't dishonour me!

This howling is the most exciting
thing I've ever heard

Kill me! Free me from this torment,
seeing and hearing such horrors!

You all heard her call on God

Your Excellency, enter her name
in the Penal Register...

...for a terrible punishment

Do away with me, so that
I can be with my mother

You will be punished and deflowered
when we decide the time is ripe

Don't think your tears restrain my
desire; they make me more ruthless

Come here, my child, it's ready

On your knees!

Go on!

Eat it

That stupid girI's making a scene
over such a deIicacy

A friend insisted that all the
excrement he ate every day...

...come from a beggar woman, so it
would be more putrid and delicious

I found an oId woman of seventy
for him

Spoiled food can provoke
excellent diarrhoea

The subject should eat hastily, at
odd hours, to overload the stomach

We must try that at once

Dear President

I am eager to know how you
first met Signora Maggi

She will tell you after His Honour
has married his Sergio

Then you'II Iaugh at my expense

I won't deprive you of that pIeasure

Today's story demands a revision
of our rules

If we wish to enjoy the fruit...

...of our stay within these walls...

...Iet us revise some of our ruIes

For example, we put containers in the
latrines to collect all excrement... that nothing goes to waste

Let's follow Signora Maggi's example,
giving our dear President...

...the joy of seeing his dream
come true

Good day, Signora Castelli

I'm sorry, we'II be ready in a moment

I've come to make sure

The chamber pots, quick!

You know the rules!

Tell me your name!

I couIdn't heIp it, with the muck
we're given to eat

Your name?

It's Doris, the most undisciplined
of our girIs

She will be company for those
already listed here

- Whose is this?
- Mine. Help yourself

Is that how you obey our ruIes,
impertinent brat?

Show me this boy's arse

You even dared to wipe yourself.
You'll get what you deserve

We're ready...

...but preparing this one meant that
I couIdn't watch these rogues

There is no evasion

Unless the German people fall...

...we are prepared for any
eventuality ... save a human soul,
even in this part of Africa

We are happy to carry out
your every command

Those I considered the most

...were fed appropriately

Thus as this solemn wedding feast we
shall enjoy the greatest delicacy

Our girls abstained from relieving
themselves all day... compliance with your decree...

...that we produce this for you

Let the rite begin

Our guide restored the divine
character of monstrosity...

...thanks to reiterated actions,
that is to say: rites

No more intoxicating desire exists...

...endowing you with the vigour... meet the challenge awaiting you

Eat, my exquisite bride

You must prepare for our night
of Iove

Nothing's worse than a breath
without odour

I can't do it

Offer it to the Madonna

Do this

Say: "I can't eat rice with
my fingers Iike this"

Then eat shit

I refer, as you wiII have guessed... our illustrious President

After having satisfied him...

...I was impressed by such speciaI
tastes in one so young

Tastes that will become clearer later

Liberated from my mother...

...I found Iife rich in aII
its deIights

One day Madam presented me to
the Iibertine in question

His passion will strike you
as somewhat unusual

The scene took place in his house.
I was shown into a darkened room

I saw a man Iying on the bed...

...and a coffin in the middle
of the room

"You see before you...", he said...

"...a man on his deathbed...

"...but he doesn't want to close
his eyes...

"...without making a Iast homage to
the object of his adoration

"I adore the behind

"Although I am dying, I wish to die
kissing one

"When Iife has Ieft my body...

" me in the coffin...

"...wrap me in my shroud and
close the coffin lid

"I insist that you observe my orders
to the Ietter

"In this supreme moment with the
soIe object of my Iewd desire

"Come quickly!"

He went on, his voice broken, sobbing

"Hurry! I am at death's door"

So I went to him and showed him
my backside

"Oh, what a marvellous arse

"Having seen this, my Iife can end.
I've never seen one as aIIuring"

He fondled it, opened it

He played with it, kissed it, just as
would the healthiest of men

He made me relieve myself of all
that was in my bowels

I was not at aII embarrassed

"Now it is the time for me to die.
The supreme moment has come"

As he said that, he gave
a profound sigh

Piss over me

I can't, it won't come

I've finished

The Iimitation of Iove is that
you need an accompIice

Your friend will know the
libertine's refinement... being executioner and victim

My sister knew an officiaI
in the ControIIer's office

A IittIe pig-Iike man,
with a disgusting face

A chamber pot was arranged...

...for two to sit on, back to back,
and relieve themselves simultaneously

He stirred it with his fingers,
and swallowed it

My sister told me...

...he'd only to see her dirty arse
and he ejaculated

Did your sister have a
pretty backside?

You must judge by this.
A famous painter...

...was commissioned to paint a Venus
with a splendid backside

He selected her as his model
after many weeks...

...Iooking at hundreds of behinds
throughout ItaIy

How old was she then?

Fifteen, Duke

Why don't you arrange a competition
to find the nicest bottom here?

I'II do that. I'm an expert

Your Excellency, doesn't this
situation suggest anything to you?

It might

- Aren't you ready?
- Just a moment

The act of the sodomite signifies
the death of the human species

Ambiguously accepting social
standards while transgressing them

More monstrous than the act
of the sodomite... the act of the executioner

True, but the act of the sodomite
can be repeated again and again

I think there is a way to repeat
the act of the executioner

Turn off the Iights

Here is my masterpiece

I have a proposaI to make

We have not yet decided on
the winner's prize...

...for the best bottom

Here is my proposaI

He or she whose bottom is
judged the best...

...will be killed immediately


This way we'II be impartiaI, not
knowing whose bottom we are viewing

- A shrewd observation
- Thank you, Your Excellency

For if we knew we were Iooking at
a boy rather than a girI...

...we might be influenced
in making our decision

We must be completely
free in our choice

A clever trap I wish to avoid

When one prefers men, it is difficult
to change one's perspective

The difference between a boy and
a girI is enormous

One cannot consider what is
obviously inferior

But if we consider all the
stories we have heard... certain cases a girI might be
preferabIe to a boy

Let us try to remain objective

Look at the elasticity of
those buttocks

There can be no question here

Allow me, Duke

I don't wish to contradict, but may I
re- examine a most impressive one?

We'II be deIighted to grant
your request

I don't think the heaviness of
these buttocks...

...can be compared to the most
beautifuI we have here

However, I wiII yieId to the
opinion of the majority

I vote for the Duke's candidate

My vote goes to the Duke's

Dear President, three votes to one

I bow to the majority

But I request that my candidate
be reserved for me to defIower


We'II reveaI this mystery


You must be stupid to think that
death would be so easy

Don't you know we intend to kill you
a thousand times?

To the end of eternity, if eternity
can have an end

Once I had a very mysterious cIient

His mania was closely related to...

...the subject of Signora Castelli's
stories, for which I apologize

The man wanted only women...

...who had been condemned to death

The closer they were to death,
the more he would pay

He would visit them when the
sentence had been pronounced

Thanks to his exalted social status,
enabling him to pay the price...

...not a single one escaped him

He did not possess them casually

He insisted on inspecting their rumps
and that they defecated before him

He was convinced that the
tastiest faeces...

...were those of women who had just
heard the sentence of death


Your Reverence, I am ready

We want a marvellous wedding

The President wishes to be first,
he is the most randy

You whoresons!

What is this, a mortuary?

These parasites do nothing
for this festive day

Do anything you Iike.
Laugh, aII of you

Go on, idiots, show how happy
you are

Go on, Iaugh

Why aren't you yelling for joy?
Go on, sing!

You two, what are you doing?

Excellency, note their names

If you Iike to whimper, we'II make
you, for your Iast few days

Shouldn't you have paid your bills,
Monsieur Royale?

Of course, Monsieur Juju

Shouldn't you also pay mine?

Why so?

Because two and two make four
and I'm broke

Earn some money

- How do I do that?
- Through manuaI Iabour

I don't know how

Then become an actor

That's difficuIt

Try to write then;
all you have to write... any old thing

Are you crazy?

I have a duty to perform;
I'II return Iater

Your friend here is ready
whenever you are

- Please, may I speak to you?
- Of course, my dear

What will you do to me?

Talk about that tomorrow;
many things will be decided then

I know a secret. Someone is
vioIating your Iaw

Graziella had a photograph
under her pillow

Give me that photograph

Spare me and I'II teII you
what Eva and Antoniska do

They're breaking your Iaws

Don't kill me. I have secrets
to tell you

Speak, dirty whore!

Every night Ezio goes to the
black servant girl

I can take you there


You make me puke

Those who are named will wear
a sky blue ribbon

You can imagine what that means

Others, if they collaborate, are
reprieved. They will return to Sal?

What are you going to do to us?

You'II soon know the gravity
of your crimes

The main character...

...figured in a number of
the previous stories

He is forty, very powerfully built...

...with a member Iike a staIIion

He is enormously rich,
very powerful, very cruel

A heart of stone

He owns a house near Milan, which
he uses exclusively for his pleasure

At his parties, at Ieast fifteen
young girIs are present...

...aged from fifteen to seventeen

Those who are chosen must present
themselves completely naked

He touches them, caresses them,
examines them...

...then makes them defecate into his
mouth, but he does not swallow it

After these first rituals,
with fearsome gravity...

...he brands each girI
on the shouIder...

...burning a number into
their tender flesh

After these preliminaries,
he opens the window...

...and places a girl standing in the
middle of the room, facing the window

Then gives such a powerfuI kick
to her behind...

...that the poor thing flies across
the room...

...through the window and vanishes
into a dark cellar

Our hero is familiar not only with
Nietzsche, but Huysmans as well

In the ceIIar, a masked executioner
with the deviI's embIems...

...presides gravely over the
horrible machines

When all the girls are in
the cellar, our hero... highly aroused, having so many
contacts without once ejaculating

Naked, his huge member jutting
from his belly

Now all the machines have begun
to function...

...all tortures at once, with
terrifyingly loud screeching

The first apparatus is a huge wheeI
with razor bIades... which is bound a girI
to be fIayed aIive

Another has a Iive rat sewed
inside her vagina

Oh Lord, why hast thou foresaken us?

A rational person... not content to kill
the same person

He would recommend murdering
as many as possible

Umberto, come here

Bravo, always ready

What does a Bolshevik do when
he dives into the Red Sea?

You don't know what a Bolshevik does?

No, tell me

He goes splash!

Poetry Corner. Ezra Pound.
The Cantos

Canto 99

The whole tribe is from
one man's body

What other way can you think of it?

The surname and the nine arts

The father's word is compassion

The son's, devotion

Small birds sing in chorus. Harmony
is in the proportion of branches

The gay face of spring
is set before the world

The sharpness of winter
now flees defeated

In various apparel Flora reigns

And in the euphony of the woods...

...she is hymned in song

Can you dance?

Let's try

- What's your girlfriend's name?
- Margherita