Sakuran (2006) - full transcript

A young girl is sold into a red-light district brothel and tries to adapt to life as an oiran (courtesan).

Step right up!


A client!

Come on in...

Come on in...

Kiyoha, do you know
who that was?

Takao's man.
Some kind of tormented artist.

So that's who's taking her money!
No wonder the old lady's so pissed off.



Shut up and behave.

You're far too picky
about clients, you are.

'Her heartless lover...

'... is now outside the Quarter,
in Mukojima.

'Alone, without a client,
she tilts at windmills. '

Get cute with me, will you?

You piss me off, you pig!

Let go!

Hands off!

Let go, I said!

Get your hands off me!

Just what is it
that bothers you, anyway?

This world is a vale of tears.

There's nothing in it
that doesn't bother me.

Is there anything
you like about it, Seiji?

Well? Is there?

Save that for the clients.

Ah, I love a good pipe.

You can smoke on your back
and the ashes don't fall on you.


The cherrytrees
were so beautiful...

...I forgot I'd been sold.

Hurry it up!

Shut up and look at
the cherry trees.

What did you say?!


Come back here!

Get lost!

Shut up!

Come here!

Bubbles! Bubbles!

All colors of the rainbow!

Hey! It's the Tamagikuya oiran!

I shouldn't... you always pay
more than the going rate.

I just give you
what the boss tells me to.


No, Miss Hamayu.

'Hamayu ofthe Tamagikuya'
died 20 years ago.

Tell the boss O-Ran said hello.

So you're the new girl?

Not bad at all!

You're pretty enough to train
for a courtesan.

Now, listen...

You belong to the Tamagikuya now.

You'll serve Elder Sister Shohi,
and she'll teach you lots of things.

Your name will be 'Kiyoha'.


It sounds like a plant!

I don't like it.


I do not wish a filthy little
boiled root for an attendant.

Oh! She stinks!

My nose is about to fall off!

So that hick came back again?

Yes! I can't take him any more!

You look worn out!

He wanted it five times!
One after another!

Get him so drunk he passes out.

You're awful!

You'll burn in hell!

Women, women, women.
A world of women.

The thought I'd become one of them
suddenly terrified me.

Hey, you little brat!
Watch where you're going!


Come here!

Damn you! Let go!

Let me go!

Let go!

You can't leave here!

Even if you manage to get out,
it's no different outside.

Come on.

Cherry blossoms...

Why aren't there any in here?
There's lots outside the wall.

This is a cherry tree.

The day it flowers,
I'll take you out of here.

No, thanks. I'll take myself out.

You've been sold
to the Tamagikuya.

I'll teach youwhat happens
when you run away.

You can never get out of here.

I'll get out.

When the cherry tree flowers
at Inari Shrine, I'll be gone!

That tree doesn't flower.

It never will.

Get used to being here
in the Quarter.


I can't stand it!




A goldfish...


If I stay,
I'll turn into a horrible oiran!

My goldfish...

You killed one of them.

Inside the bowl
it would have been fine.

Put a goldfish in the river,
and what you get is a carp.

They only stay beautiful
in their bowl.

Why would you jump...

...out of your bowl?

I don't want to be an oiran!

Most of the girls here
never become oiran!

Say that when you are one!

I don't want to be a whore!

And who's the girl
this whore's money feeds?!

You're a contrary little bitch.

The clients won't want you around.

So where else can you go?

Go clean out drains
or toilets, then.

Earn your keep that way.

That'd suit you better.

You? Become a whore?

Astupid village girl like you?

You'll never make it.

Let alone an oiran.

Who are you calling stupid?
What do you know?!

I'll learn to play samisen and koto.
And poetry!

Then I'll become a 'new girl'.

Then a courtesan.

And straight on to oiran!

Awhore can make a client
do what she wants him to.

For that you need
'the tricks of the trade'.

If you ever want out of here,
you must rise through the ranks...

...and find a rich merchant'sson.

You have this.

The more a girl is given things...

...the more the others hate her.

That's being an oiran.

And no one likes you, so it's perfect.

Wear it after your first time.

Good, firm flesh...

Good color, too.

Kiyoha... you really are
a goddess.

The kind you only see
once in ten years!

It's time you were put forward.

With that innocent way you have...

...and that pussy,
you'll make 'em weep for joy.

Then I shout out, 'Yes, there!
' And, 'Oh, that feels so good! '

Then bend backwards
and pant real hard.


Kiyoha, you don't 'shout'.

Your voice 'seeps' out.

Mr Konoya's here.

Send Kiyoha instead.

Excuse me.

Come in.

Well! Who are you?

I wanted the oiran, not a new girl.

I'm here in her place.
My name is Kiyoha.

Whatever kind of plant you are,
I'm not your typical old fart.

Just being young isn't enough.
A girl's got to know something.

The young ones make a lot of noise,
then they get sleepy and hungry.

When they drink they get crazy.

Back home they say...

Stop it. I don't need to hear
all about you.

They say a man who teases a girl
is just a big kid.


You don't like the young ones
because you love them so much.

'I don't like the young ones...

'... 'cause I love 'em so much... '

You old bastard!
What did you tellthe oiran?!

Takao is very, very jealous,
you know.

I told her howwonderful youwere,
and how much I liked you.

It worked out better
than I ever thought!

Fuck off and die!

Old Man Konoya for your first time!
You're so lucky!

Mr Konoya's been coming here
since he was a young man.

Nothing to worry about.
Just lay back and shut your eyes.

I'm only worried that...

...while my eyes are shut
he'll fall asleep.

Takao-oiran must like you,

Letting you have
a regular client like that.

I wonder...

Mr Konoya seems to have been
very persistent.

So it's not her idea...

Watch out, Kiyoha.



Kiyoha, since all you've got
going for you is your looks...

...I'll let you in on something.

The old man likes them
meek and mild.

So just lay back and let him do
whatever he wants.

Oh yeah?

Ah, me!

You smell so good...

Kiyoha, you're so nice...

I am? You've said
nothing but bad things about me.

Don't be angry.

I'm goingto show you...

...just how nice you are.

Kiyoha! Kiyoha!

She drives me wild!
She's only 17!

Look how white she is!

She's every bit as beautiful
as Takao-oiran.

She'll be the next oiran.
Just you wait!

I'll be her first!

You're crazy! I will!

It's me!




It's you.

All her clients come back
before three days are out!

The girl's amazing!

The daytime's busy, too.

Maybe we should give her
her own room.

And triple her price.

Like butter wouldn't melt
in her mouth!

When did she learn
to make eyes like that?

Yeah! She's really good.

It drives me crazy!

Why have I worked so hard
all these years?

Maybe you should take lessons!

What a thing to say!

I can't explain why,
but / know exactly what to do.

How to tilt my head
and look at them...

How to I/nger on them,
how to move...

Why, I don't know.

You're a man of wit, sir...

I am?


I'm not much good at this.

Is it fun for you?


Where are you from?

Up north.

So you must like seeing the snow...

I've made up my mind
to forget everything...

...from before I came here.

You have?

Then when I come here
I'll forget everything, too.

The man of your dreams
will be handsomer than mine!

Read my wish!

It's for candy!

I wonder who he was...

Excuse me...

This place has so many rules!

They're a nuisance.

What's wrong?

Sit down.

I left the other day
without telling you my name.

That bothered me.

I didn't want you remembering me
as 'Joe Blow'.

My name is Soujiro.
I came to tell you that.


'... ji...

'... ro'.

I won't do anything... cause youtrouble.


Oiran, Mitsunobu's here.




You mean the girl
with the bold eyes?

You liar!

You said you only painted flowers...

...because there were no women
you wanted to draw!

I wasn't lying.

Why did it have to be her?

She was watching me.

Those eyes...

...sent chills up my spine.

If it's her you love...

...then kill me now.

Were these hands to kill me...

...I would die happy.



You know how I feel!
Stop pretending you don't.

I have dozens of men...

...but my heart belongs to you.

Why won't you believe me?

I hate it when morning comes.

I feel the same.

Now I'm here with you...

...but once I leave,
you're not mine any more.

I hate to think of you
with another man tonight.

Don't talk like that.

The more a whore swears love...

...the more she is accused
of deception.

I guessso.

It's worse for you, isn't it.

Forgive me.

I... you.

Stop it! My nail clippings
are flying all over the place!

What's wrong with Kiyoha?

Has she done something?

Her heart's not in it lately.

She's off in her own little world.

Maybe she shouldn't
be seeing so much...

...of 'him'.

I mortified to hear it, sir.
I'll speak to her.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir!

What are you doing
to make a regular tell me that?

You're seeing too much of that guy.

And you're brushing off
Lord Sakaguchi, another regular.

That ape!

What about next time he comes?

What about it? I don't like him.

Oh, I see!

Pretty high and mighty
for someone who isn't an oiran.

Well, if you won't meet
Lord Sakaguchi...

...I'll just have to fix it
so you don't see Sou.


Are you all right?

That bitch!
She's got me where it hurts!

I have to go
with Lord Sakaguchi.

The last thing I want now!

But he's a great lord!

He might even
buy you out of here.

You'd never lack for money again.

Just keep Sou on the string
and go on like you are.

With those 'tricks'
you're so good at.

I've been learning those
since I was an attendant.

I'm steeped in them to the bone.

I'm sick of it.

That's why I don't want to
deceive him with those tricks.



She's in love, and he loves her.

She won't deceive him.

Must be nice!

Milord Sakaguchi!

Kiyoha's waiting, sir!

She is?

She's played hard to get
so you'd want her all the more.

Isn't that sweet!

Perfect for a gentleman like you, sir.


This way, sir. Come upstairs.

Very nice!

Well! Lord Sakaguchi!
Good evening!


Kiyoha's very nice!

We'll go and prepare, then.

All right. I'll see you soon.

I'm on fire!

Lt'll be a long night!

See you later.

See? You can do it if you try!

Just keep on like that.

Go and get ready!


Takao-oiran would like
to see you for a minute.

You won't deceive, you say?


That means... don't want to betray.

You are two
who have pledged your troth.

Then prove this isn't a game...

...and that you won't betray him.

Show me.


I had to see you.




Well, find her before
Lord Sakaguchi notices!

Damn her!

She's not here!

Where could she have gotten to?!

Looking for Kiyoha?

She's 'powdering her nose'.

Here in the Quarter that means
she's off with a lover.

I know that much.

Where is she?




Kiyoha! Where are you?!

Move! Kiyoha!

Where are you?!


Where's Kiyoha?!


What are you doing?


What a stupid question.


You're not making merrywith him!

You're making merry with me!


Lord Sakaguchi!

Get your hands off me!

This is my night to howl!

Are you out of your mind?!

No matter how popular you are,
you're still only a whore!

Remember that!



I had to see you.

The days ofwait/ng for him...

...w/II dr/ve me mad.

I had to see you.

But when I see him
I go madder still.




No! Hold still!




It's the best way...

I kill you...

...and I die, too.

Time for the evening show.
You'd better get ready.

Get ready for who?


That guy won't be coming,
but it'll be busy tonight.

Busy, busy, busy...

Lowest-ranked oiran in the Quarter!

Takao's past her prime.

Her boyfriend's dumped her, too.

Kiyoha's still as popular as ever.

That doesn't look good
for Elder Sister.

While Kiyoha...

She drops His Lordship,
and her man drops her!

The clients love it!


But that guy's
a real piece of work.

Always pretending
he's new to the Quarter...

Made to drink of the bitter cup
bythe man she loves...

My heart just bleeds for
the poor dear!

Just watching it happen
sent the chills all through me!

I'd appreciate your sympathy more
if you hadn't arranged it all.

It's hell being in love.
It's hell being loved.

And it's hell
being sexy to survive!

You know nothing.

Why shouldn't I trust
a man I love?!

Kiyoha! Stop it!

You've got a few clients
and now you're all grown up, huh?!

Let go!

Come down into hell with me
and you'll know howit feels!

Let go!

Let go!

Let me go!

What do you know about it?!

Stop it!

Come back here!

Cry and you lose. Love and you lose.

Win and you lose.


Where are you going?

Just to the bath.

Are you ready for this?

It's eating away at me.

'She who runs away will be known
by her dainty feet'...

How wil/ he look at me?

In tears?

An evil leer?

When I see for myself...

...w/II / know even then?

Haberdashery & Sundr/es

Be right back.


The smiling demon...

Don't waste your tears on him.

Save them for your clients.

Who's crying?!

Everywhere's the same.

At least now...

...I know that.

Out ofthe way!

Gods preserve us!

What a waste!


Keep this quiet.

Out ofthe way!

Purify the room with salt!


Clean this up.

What a sight!

That damn artist took off!

He did it!

That bastard!

After all her talk about love...

...having its own rules!

Rise to Buddha!


We need a courtesan
fit for the highest grade... take her position.

You're the only one who can do it,

Just get someone almost as good.

We can't do that!

I'm fine being number 2 or 3.
I'm freer to bitch that way.

You're our only girl... to promenade!

Seiji! Say something!


Please, Oiran.

Kiyoha! I heard you ran off.

Where did they catch you?

They didn't catch me.

I came back myself.

This way.

The samurai's name is
Kuranosuke Matsumoto.

He's a very important gentleman.

He'll be a very good customer.
Don't let him get away!

His power and money mean nothing.
If I like him, he won't get away.

If not, I won't meet him again.

I saw your promenade
the other night.

Very beautiful.

Thank you.

I very much wanted to meet you.

And I must say...

...that paulownia chest-of-drawers
is very nice.

The chest may look very nice,
but there's nothing inside it.

I thought it was a point of pride
with the ladies of the Quarter... hide that from a client.

Pretending there's something there
when there isn't...

It's petty. I don't do that.

Pretending there's nothing there
when there is something...

That's called 'style'.

I see.

Perhaps this money will buy you
kimonos to fillthat chest of drawers.

I didn't say I wanted money
to fill that chest.

We were meant to be.

An oiran has expenses.

Please don't be shy.

However great a samurai
you might be... don't please a courtesan
with money.

So you can just bugger off!

What do youthink?
Not a bad dancer, eh?

I yield.

I win!

How dare you!

What are you doing?!

I apologize, Milord.

She'sstill getting ready.
I'll send her straight here.

That's all right.

I'm enjoying the sak?.

Should you keep him waiting,

Sure! You were here first.

Yeah, but...

...I'm not a regular.
I work for days to afford you!

You should be looking after
clients with money!


...I'm crazy about you.

I'm in heaven just being here.

You're such an idiot!

That's exactly
what I like about you.

And I know verywell
that you don't have any money.

Yeah, I guess so...

Excuse me.

Today I come onlyto apologize.

My behavior the other day
was unpardonable.

Please find it in your heart
to forgive my poor manners.

Raise your head, please.

It's as you say.

A courtesan does have expenses.

I was lying when I said
your money meant nothing.

I apologize.


Do you have any marriage plans?

Uh, no...


...would you like
to marry my niece?

I couldn't!

At least hear us out.
We don't have any children.

She's like a daughter to us.

And your mother was
a working girl here.

You're like a son to us already.

If I do say so myself...

...the girl's very pretty.

And not from the Quarter, of course.

In that case,
it is my filial duty to insist...

...such a young lady should marry
a man of greater substance.

I need someone to succeed me
in running this house.

You know very well...

...we can't just close it down.

Tell me, Higurashi...

...would you like to leave here?

If it were on my own two feet...

...I'd leave any time.

I'll take you out of here.

Whatever has come over you,
Milord Kuranosuke?

Do you need someone to warm you?

Don't make jokes. I mean it.

You won't just be a concubine.

I'll look after you, no matter what.

If I ask formally,
will you accept me?

When the cherry tree blooms.

The cherry tree?

When cherry trees bloom
here in Yoshiwara...

...I'll be ready to leave.



It's incredible!

Lord Matsumoto's hired
the whole Quarter!

And that's not all!

He says he wants you to see
cherry blossoms!

Come and look! Come on!

Ah, that's good!

Everyone! Listen to me!

I wish to take
Higurashi of the Tamagikuya... my wife.

That is the reason for this banquet.
Drink your fill!

Lord Matsumoto!

Thank you, Milord!

Lord Kuranosuke! Drink with us!

That's wonderful!

Higurashi...'re not pregnant, are you?

Why do you ask?

What if I am?

You'll have to get rid of it
with lantern-plant.

It'll be rough.

Take some time off.
The quicker you do it the better.

Who says I'm going to?

I've been blessed.

Whoever's the father,
it's my child.

I'm goingto have it.

What are you talking about?!

Even if I didn't love
the father...

...the child will always be mine.

You can't refuse His Lordship now.
That's the rule!

The boss'll force you
to get rid of the baby.

I won't let him!
Tell His Lordship no.

He's a samurai! He can kill you!

If it means killing my own child...

...then he can damn well
kill both of us!

Suit yourself.

Damn right I will!

Higurashi's so lucky!
Bought out of here by a lord!


But can a whore
really be a samurai's wife?

I'm sure Higurashi
will make him a fine wife.

Anyway, that'll never happen
to any of us.

I don't care who it is,
someone get me out of here!

Me, too!

And me!

What's the matter, Mr Seiji?


Have these.

Three of them? You don't mind?

Shigeji... you miss Takao-oiran?

looks after me now.

The Missus says
to be grateful for that.

I see...

Who would you miss
ifthey died, Mr Seiji?

Good question...

I wonder who...

I'm pregnant.

I don't know who the father is,
of course.

But I mean to have the child.

I couldn't possibly go to you...

...pregnant with a child
whose father I don't know.

Even less could I abort
the child... become your wife.

Is this true?


You are a fool, but so am I.

Would it trouble you if I said...

...I'd still have you?




What's wrong?


I won't be needing
the lantern-plant.

I keep telling myself
it can't be helped...

But the poor baby...

My mother...

...was a whore.

The child would be happy
knowing you wanted it.

Get some rest.

Did you think
I was running away again?

You never were
any good at it.

It was here inside me...

My baby!

My Elder Sister is really something!

She's going to be
a samurai's wife!

My name is Ume.
How do you do.

My husband wants one blessing
to go with another.

He'd like Seiji and Ume's wedding
on the day you're redeemed.

Would you mind?

What are you looking at, Mr Seiji?


...I was just thinking
it might rain tomorrow.

It's been a long time, Kiyoha...

No, you're 'Higurashi' now.

I really wish people wouldn't
just suddenly...

...keep changing their names.

I never know what to call anyone.

When did this cicada
rise up out of the ground?

What about you?

We never saw you any more...

...after you wore yourself out
chasing your youth with a 'new girl'.

Do you remember...

...that cherry tree
over at Inari Shrine?


The only cherry tree in Yoshiwara.

They saythat ever since
you were an attendant...'ve been saying...'d leave here
when flowers grow on that tree.

That was a little girl's dream.

Why do you think that?

I've given up hoping
that tree will ever flower.

And so now it never will.

Was it a good thing
to just abandon hope?

If you don't give up hope... the truth a lie...

...and a lie the truth... won't survive.

Do you really...

...believe that?

Higurashi... don't understand a thing.

There can't be a cherry tree...

...that doesn't flower.

It's like he's going home
after a night out.

Nobody knew the Yoshiwara Quarter
like he did.

Thank you, sir!

Thank you!

Was someone teasing you?

I was dreaming.

A nightmare?

I dreamed you'd gone far away
and died.

I won't die.

But thanks. Now go back to bed.

Here, have this.

It might not suit you, though.

Me more than you!

Wear it after your first time.

We have to be up early.

If you sleep in,
they'll burn moxa on you.

Are you still up?

Oh, it's you...

So tomorrow's my last day...

When I first came here,
the place looked so big...

Nowit feels tiny.

Well, with you gone...'ll be quieter.

Same to you!


Be happy.

You, too.

Still no flowers, huh?



Shallwe go see
some real cherry blossoms?

You won't have anything
if you go with me, though.

That sounds like more fun
than having everything.

That bastard! He'll pay for this!

I'll kill him!

Fools, both of them!

As I live and breathe!


That's the only place
you can live, you know.

I wonder where Oiran is...

In the bath, maybe?

One, two, three...

Only three left?

Then I'll give one to Oiran,
and one to Mr Seiji.

Kiyoha / Higurash/ Anna Tsuchiya

Kuranosuke Kippei Shiina

Soujiro Hiroki Narimiya

Takao Yoshino Kimura

Shohi Miho Kanno

Mitsunobu Masatoshi Nagase Wakagiku Minami
Carpenter Hiroshi Yamamoto Sakaguchi Kenichi Endo

Young Kiyoha Ayame Koike Shigeji MegumiYamaguchi O
- Ran Kyoko Koizumi

Tamagikuya Owner Renji Ishibashi

Tamagikuya M/ssus Mari Natsuki

Konoya Sadanji Ichikawa

Se/ji Masanobu Ando

Based on the manga "SAKURAN"
by Moyoco Anno published by Kodansha Ltd.

Yuki Tanada

Ringo Shena

Executive Producers Yasushi Shiina
Koichi Yamazaki Hiroshi Hayakawa

Takao Igarashi Fumihide
Mizuno Hiroyuki Fushitani

Toshio Hirose Osamu Ishikawa Akira Ishii

Chief Producer
Masao Teshima

Mitsuru Uda Yoshinori Fujita

Associate Producer
Masayuki Tanishima

L/ne Producer
Chikako Nakabayashi

Takuro Ishizaka

Hideo Kumagai

Showa Matsumoto

Art Des/gner
Namiko Iwaki

Toshiharu Aida

Mitsuaki Hashimoto

Hiroaki Morishita

Atsumi Koizumi

Assistant Director
Toru Yamamoto

Production Manager
Masahiro Hondo

Daisuke Iga Yuko Sugiyama

Flower Art/st
Makoto Azuma

Graphic Design
Tycoon Graphics

Support Lumine Wakaba

The Agency For CulturalAffairs

Spec/al Support
Peach John

Spec/al Thanks to Kyoho Jardins des Fleurs

SAKURAN Film Committee

Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc.
PARCO CO., LTD. TVAsahi Corporation

Kodansha Ltd. Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Tower RecordsJapan Inc. / NMNL. Co. Itd

NETWORK. Cinema Investment Corporation

Production D/str/butor
Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc.

Mika Ninagawa

Ian MacDougall

?2007 SAKURAN Film Committee
?Moyoco Anno / Kodansha