Sakura hangan (1962) - full transcript


(Sakura Hangan)

Original Story by JINDE Tatsuro
Screenplay by NAOI Kinya

Photography by ITO Takeo
Music by YAMADA Eiichi





ITO Yunosuke


Directed by OSAWA Shigehiro

During the stable times of Tokugawa feudalism.

Spring of 1841.

We petition Elder Mizuno of the Shogun's Council!

On behalf of the farmers of the
56 villages of Hizen Shimabara...!

We petition the elder for his assistance!

Direct petitions are prohibited!

Go through proper channels!
- It's no use!

The Honorable Judge Toyama arrives.

I, Toyama Kinshiro,
am here upon your summons.

We summoned you to give you
orders to execute, without delay,

the 5 farmers who dared attempt, a direct
petition at the Sakurada Palace Gate,

who are now in custody of the north magistrate.

We remind you that no trial is necessary.

I cannot believe my ears, elders.

Summary punishment of the pettiest
of offenders compromises the law,

to say nothing of the execution
without due trial of violators

of the great Law of the Land.

Silence, Toyama!
- But...

Watch your tongue, Kinshiro!

As administrator of the law, you have your say.

However, in the conduct of state affairs,
you must abide by state policies.

Why the summary executions?

We cannot tell you.

May I at least see the offending petition?

We burnt it.

Magistrate, the monthly rotation is a day away.

Why must we turn over untried
offenders to the south magistrate now?

I recused myself before the elders.


Shogun Ienari has, aside from his wife,
40 some concubines and 55 offsprings.

Keeping them placated is his biggest headache.

Sanjuro, do you know who is
lord of the 70,000-koku Shimabara?

Yes, the 34th offspring of the present Shogun Ienari,

Lord Hyobu Daisuke, as I recall.

Trying farmers who have petitioned against him

would mean trying an offspring of the shogun.


Not that I blame the elders
for trying to bury the matter.

How can I execute them without a trial, Sanjuro?

You can't!

No, I can't.

But an administrator of the law
must bend to political realities.

So I was reminded.


His lordship returns!

There is trouble, my lord!

What is it?

The old lord was wounded by an intruder!

Fortunately, it missed the vital parts.

He will live.

Take care.


Who did this?

Have you any idea?

Did he look like a mendicant priest?


No use looking for him.

Why do you say that?

I was cut down by a ghost.

A ghost?

A phantom of earthly desires
lost in spiritual darkness.

I saw it with my own eyes.

A frightening vision of my karma...

My father insists it was a ghost,

an intruder none of our retainers saw.

How weird.

Now, what do you want with me?

I wanted to ask you, Inspector General Atobe,

about my father's tenure as Nagasaki.


Sir Kagemichi's tenure as Nagasaki Magistrate?

Go on...

A year ago, when my father was Nagasaki Magistrate,

the son of Lord Matsudaira of
the Shimabara clan, Naonosuke,

met with a fatal accident, followed
by the lord himself and his wife,

who both died of an unknown fever.

It was a great tragedy for the Shimabara clan.


Shortly thereafter, Lord Hyobu Daisuke,

son of the present Shogun Ienari, was named heir

and my father resigned his post to return to Edo.

But he has never been the same,

emersing himself in Buddhist pursuits

and refusing to discuss that period of his life.

It disturbs me.


Were the untimely deaths of Lord Matsudaira

and his heir Nanosuke really coincidental?

What do you mean?

I suspect there is a big secret behind it.

Don't be absurd!

Beware of obsessing over Shimabara
just because of those farmers.


"March 3rd, a day of festivity.

"On this day, young Matsudaira Naonosuke met

"with an accidental death on Mt. Unzen.

"Such a tragic loss of a promising heir..."

"April 5th, Yamada-ya Inn, Kawasaki Town."

"As we will be arriving in Edo tomorrow,

"I've decided to dismiss my servant Moheiji,

"amply compensating him for his devoted service

"and swearing him to secrecy about

"our one year nightmarish experience."

Moheiji hasn't been home much
since he returned from Nagasaki?

The old lord paid him well
and he has been leading

a life of dissipation ever since.

Rumor has it, he hangs out at the Sanya district.

The Sanya district?

"I can still see the distant sky, on the road...

"Even as I awake from my dream...

"I ask the floating cloud,

"I ask the gentle breeze...

"Where, oh, where is my brother?

"Where is the brother I dream of?"

Hey, sis!

Who said you could do business here?

You're a pretty one.

You must be new around here.

How about if I take you to bed?

Come on, sis!

Let me go!

Take this!

That is the tool of her trade.

What is the idea?!

Looking for a fight?


What the hell are you?
- Just a man.

You don't see a tail on me.

Don't you know who I am?

I'm Thunderbolt Gorokichi and you're asking for it!

I don't have time for the likes of you!

Then butt out!
- No way!


Don't think you're going to show off
to that girl what a big man you are!

The same to you!

Why, you!

Get him, guys!

What the...?

Shut up!

Thank you.

Don't hang around here by yourself.

There are bad guys around.

Go on home.


This isn't much but take it.

I couldn't, not after you saved me.

Go on, take it.

Where are your parents?

My mother is ill.

Your mom is ill?

Poor thing.

Your sleeve.

Can't tell, if I do this.


It's an indelible reminder of the bad son I've been.

There he is!

You again?
Haven't you had enough?

No! We want to be your henchmen.

My henchmen?

We didn't realize how tough you were.

Please let us be your henchmen.

Come on guys!


All of you, listen up!

This man here just beat us to a pulp,

making him the toughest guy
in these parts, and my bro.

Got any problems with that?

Clear the table!


I'm the proprietor.

Order anything you like, sir.

Here. Drinks for everyone on me.

Thank you!

That is a whole ryo!

Get a load of that big spender, Oharu.

He is handsome and tough!

Tougher than Gorokichi, would you believe?

He is just a show-off!

You're such a pushover, just like Gorokichi.

You're so saucy!

I'll tell Gorokichi on you.

Go right ahead.

I'll do anything for you, bro.


We're having a meeting.

Beat it, dog face!

Take this.

There is something you can do for me.

Anything, bro.

I came here looking for a man.

Give me an ear.

You go that way.


How about one for me?


Did you really beat Gorkichi up?

It was just luck.

Aren't you humble.

I love tough men.

Your sleeve is torn.

I'll mend it for you.



Since when did you start working here?

The day before last.

And before that?

You sound like an officer.

Who cares?

I'm just nosey, especially when it
comes to pretty women like you.

How many hearts have you broken with that line?

How many have you seduced with that look?

I'll prick you again.
- A little prick for this big prick?

Oh, my!

Hold that thought.


A guy named Moheiji shows up now and
then at a Shotenbori boat gambling den.

I'll check it out.


An even 2 and 6.


Someone told me to hand you this.


Here we go!

- Even!


Young lord Toyama?

He just stepped out after reading a note.

Where to?

The riverbank by Shirahige Bridge, he said.

Who asked you to give the note to him?

A mendicant priest.
- A mendicant priest?

Oh, no!

That tune... That flute!

Toyama Kinshiro, I presume.

And who are you?

A vengeful demon from hell.


I've slain Moheiji, and I shall
slay your father, Toyama Kagemichi...

Inspector General Atobe Yamashiro...

Elder Mizuno Echizen, and anyone
else who stands in my way!

My brother!

My brother...!

"Turn, turn, Dharma!

"Until you get all dizzy and tumble!"

You've given me a new lease on life, Yayoi.

Everything is rosy and I feel so happy, mum.


What shall I call you then?

Kuma calls his "ma."

Tora calls his " that broad."

Surely not "mother dearest."

"Mum" is just fine.

You scared me at first, but you're nice Gorokichi.

I'm glad to hear that!

Let me do that.

I'm not a yakuza by choice.

It's the times.

But I can change, for you, Yayoi.

I have to go get the medicine.
- The medicine?

Why didn't you say so?
I'll go get it for you.

- Leave it to me.

No, I couldn't.

Let me go.



Ohan, what are you doing here?

That is what I'd like to ask you.

I came to apologize to Yayoi about last night.

Oh, sure.
Go get the medicine.

Go on!

That hanger-on!

Say what, skank?

Go on!

Sorry to drop in on you.

I brought you something.

You shouldn't have.
- Take it.

You've always been like a sister to me, Yayoi.

I hear your mom isn't well.

I've been such a burden to Yayoi.

Come now, mother.

It's a child's duty to nurse a parent.


I was right.

That was such a beautiful
exchange between you two.

Despite her lowly appearance,

I could tell that Yayoi was no commoner.

She is young and pretty, too.

Beware of creeps like that Gorokichi.

In fact, consider all men wolves.



Why don't you go on in?

I can't.

What are you doing here?

I'm thinking of renting next door.


Men like that Kinshiro are the most dangerous.

They offer you kindness then bare their fangs.

He may be an ex-con.

He sure looks like one.

Not that man!

You got that right.

You just beware of vixens, Yayoi.

Just to let you know I'm moving in next door.

Where do I get your medicine?

I brought you tea, dad.

Take it easy or you'll wear yourself out again.

I'll take a break then.

Did our samurai boarder go out again?

No. He's been cooped up in his room all day.

A cat?

Did I just hear a lark?

It flew straight up into the sky.

Poor thing.


The lark keeps singing its song until it dies.

That is how people are.

But people can dream.

What do you dream of, Yayoi?

I dream of seeing my brother.

You called that mendicant priest "brother."

He looked so much like my brother.

I just know I'll see my brother soon.

My nanny and I have looked so hard for him.

Your nanny?

You mean that ill woman?

Her name is Okei.

But I call her my mother.


Because all men are wolves, I'm told.

A protective mother keeps them away.

Are you a wolf, Kinshiro?

Lady Yayoi...

No, Princess Yayoi...

The crest on this hand mirror belongs
to the Matsudaira of Hizen Shimabara.

From your bearing and speech,

I did suspect you were of samurai birth.

Forgive me for my disrespectful behavior.

What has come over you, Kinshiro?

There is no point continuing this charade.

I am the North City Magistrate Toyama Kinshiro,

investigate the truth behind the successorship

to the 70,000 koku Shimabara domain.

I, too, shall tell you the truth.

I am indeed Yayoi,

the daughter of Lord Matsudaira
of Hizen Shimabara.

Why is Princess Yayoi living in a tenement?

With the untimely death of my brother,

followed by the deaths of my parents to illness,

Hyobu Daisuke was named my husband and lord.

But one night, an arrow was shot into my chamber,

with a note affixed to it that said my
brother was alive and heading for Edo.

It was written in my brother's hand.

So Lord Naonosuke is alive.

My nanny Okei and I followed him to Edo.

Why did my brother attack you, Kinshiro?

You mean that mendicant priest the other night?

Tell me what my brother is doing, Kinshiro!

Do you trust me?


Your brother is in Edo with one end in mind,

and I, as magistrate, may have to arrest him.

What end?

Who is there?!

So Naonosuke is alive?


Keep your eye on Yayoi.

He is bound to approach her.

Sir Toyama is watching her for the same reason.

Good job.

For your service.

Make this my last job.


I'll think about it.

Find out for sure, before Toyama does.

Hyobu Daisuke's arrival in Edo is imminent.

I'm counting on you, Ohan!

Blood tie to the shogun or not,
Hyobu Daisuke is a problem.

His subjects make a direct appeal
and are on the verge of an uprising,

and he has been taken to wine and
women since he has arrived in Edo.


What is our opinion?

Be frank.

With Hyobu Daisuke being so unpopular,

for Naonosuke to be alive is
not good for the shogunate.

It also puts Hyobu Daisuke's life at risk.

What has Toyama Kinshiro been doing?

Being off-duty at present, he is
apparently investigating on his own.

Should he arrest Naonosuke,

we may have a real problem on our hands.

Knowing him, he is bound to
get to the truth of the matter.

Why not just dismiss him from his post, elder?

Not that I haven't thought of it...

But it would mean losing a man
who could do so much good.

The best route would be for the south magistrate

to take care of Naonosuke before he does.

Come over here.

What is it?
- Anyone seen this samurai?

Keep an eye out.
- Sure, sir.

Hey, Sanjuro.

- Any leads?


With the temple magistrate's permission,
I searched the temples, but to no avail.

I see.

On orders from the Council of Elders,

the south magistrate is hunting for Naonosuke.


It's getting dire.


Where are you going?


"I can still see the distant sky, on the road...

"Even as I awake from my dream...

"I ask the floating cloud,

"I ask the gentle breeze...

"Where, oh, where is my brother?

"Where is the brother I dream of?"

My brother!


Where have you been fooling around?

You look extra sexy tonight, Ohan.

Got someone special?

No such luck.
I keep getting the brush off.

I'd like to see what guy would ever brush you off.

Take a look at yourself.


Can't you tell when someone is hitting on you?

Mystery keeps the love alive, they say.

As if you didn't know anything!

Watch it. I'm still a virgin.

Don't you play games with me.

Are you upset?

Of course I am.

I see right through you.

See what?

It's written on your face that you love Yayoi.

No way.

Yayoi and I are from two different worlds.


Who knows what you two were doing in that boat.

What boat?

I knew you were suspicious.

Who sent you? The elders?

Inspector general?
South magistrate?

Bro, it's that Yayoi.

What about her?

I just saw her holding hands with a fellow.

What fellow?

A tough looking, sharp samurai.

Yayoi was all over him I couldn't take it.

I'll go take a look at this guy.

You go do that!

I see...

It was all part of a shogunate conspiracy.

Remember that.

A shogunate conspiracy?

Yes, to get rid of our father and me.

So your, "accidental death" was...

A plot to assassinate me, on the outing.

I'll never forget that day, a year ago...

That outing to Mt. Unzen was
meant to be a diversion for me.

Joined by two horsemen and
Nagasaki Magistrate Toyama Kagemichi...

I rode along unsuspecting of the
dangerous trap that lay ahead.

My lord!

My lord!

I fell into the river below,

but was miraculously saved by a hunter.

When I learned of our parents' deaths soon after,

it all dawned on me.

Who would do such a horrible thing?

Toyama Kagemichi.

I doubt on his own...

But under orders from the shogun's
council and the inspector general.

Toyama Kagemichi was the one official I trusted.

But he turned out to be just another puppet.

Forget God. Forget Buddha!

I vowed to stake my life and
my father's sword on revenge!

Revenge on Toyama Kagemichi?

Not just Toyama...

But on any and all who conspired against us...

Including Hyobu Daisuke who flaunts his power

and oppresses the people of Shimabara.

Is this the frightening end Kinshiro spoke of?


Have you been speaking to our enemy's son?

He's deeply concerned about you.

How stupid!
- It's true!

I beg you, my brother.
Forget this vendetta!

Say no more, Yayoi!

Don't you hate the shogunate for killing our parents?

For ursurping our domain?

For leaving me, your brother, for dead?!

This scar on my face is a reminder for life!

Do you understand, Yayoi?

I don't want to lose the only brother I have...!

I leave Yayoi to you.

My brother!

Be strong, my sister!

My brother!

Intruder! To arms!

Who are you?!

Matsudaira Naonosuke!

This is a Shimabara clan problem, not mine.

Any other clan would have been subject to

censure and possibly abolished.

It's your responsibility as clan elder, Makizawa.

My apologies.

I'll go back and start a search for Naonosuke.

The south magistrate can do that.

We need something to lure Naonosuke out.

A lure?

This woman will take you to Princess Yayoi.

What's going on?
- Out of the way!


You mustn't be willful, princess.

Take her.

Let me go!

Stay back!

What the hell are you doing?!

Time for business!

That's enough, Ohan.
You'll ruin your health.

So what?

Who cares?

Enough, I said.
- Leave me alone!


Have you seen Kinshiro?

Don't ask me, I'm not his keeper.

There's trouble at the tenements.

A bunch of samurai took Yayoi away!

Kinshiro hasn't been home since last night.

Don't you know where he is?

Go see at the north magistrate's office.

The north magistrate's office?

Has Kinshiro been arrested for gambling?

Just go and see.

Well, bro?

Let's go!

Cases you take over from the
south magistrate, tomorrow,

on monthly rotation, include:

2 burglaries...

8 thefts...

11 fights...

The Matsudaira Naonosuke case?

It's not here.

Excuse me.

4 tenants of the Asakusa Hyotan Tenements

are at our gate, asking to see a "Kinshiro."

Bring them to the courtyard.

Yes, sir!


Where is he?

That Ohan must have put one over us!

Too late to realize now.

We don't want to end up like Kinshiro!

Get down!

Yo, Gorokichi!

Hey, Kinshiro!
- What's with the get-up?

How dare you!
That's the magistrate!

Get down!

Never mind.
What brings you all here?

Yayoi's in trouble!

What? Yayoi?

- Dad!

Sir Naonosuke!

Hang on.

What's the matter, Okei?


It's the princess...!


Yes, sir.

Will you rescue Yayoi, Kinshiro?

Please, Kinshiro!


The princess is here.

All of you, go.

I found you at last, Yayoi.


It's Matsudaira Naonosuke.
Open this gate!

Anyone here?

It's Naonosuke! Open this gate!

Open this gate!

You men...!

You tricked me!


We aren't asking you to do anything wrong.

Why can't you, the city magistrate,

just demand Yayoi back?

Look, Gorokichi...

Yayoi is the princess of the
70,000-koku Shimabara clan.

I can't take her back from her own clan.

I didn't come here to listen to excuses.

I expected more of you!

Did he show up?
- Yes.

But only to be surrounded by assassins.

It's just like that inspector general.

Sir Naonosuke's life is in danger.


Get my horse, Sanjuro!


I, North Magistrate Toyama Kinshiro,
order you to stand down!

Matsudaira Naonosuke, you're under arrest!


You're going to arrest me, Kinshiro?

Indeed I am.


No son of my mortal enemy, Toyama Kagemichi,

is going to arrest me!


Slay him!

I didn't expect to see you, inspector general.

Kinshiro, I order all of you to slay Naonosuke.


Why do you stop them, Kinshiro?

Why, inspector general...

It's my duty as city magistrate
to maintain law and order

and to arrest those who would disrupt the peace.


Hear that bell?

As of now, I am on my monthly rotation

to fulfill my duty as city magistrate.

On suspicion of assaulting
former Nagasaki Magistrate

Toyama Kagemichi, murdering vagrant Moheiji,

and breaking into Inspector
General Atobe's residence,

I'm placing Matsudaira Naonosuke under arrest.

Seize him!

I must inform the inspector general of

the demise of our lord, Hyobu Daisuke,

and the suicide of our princess Yayoi.




We must not take any measure that would

compromise the shogunate.

I suggest leaving the matter to the
highest court for adjudication.

What is your opinion?

That would mean North Magistrate

Toyama Kinshiro, on rotation this month.

Will he be able to render a fair judgment?

He may have to judge his own father.

I doubt even Kinshiro could do that.

Kagemichi should be counseled, just in case.

It's a delicate task.
Will you do it?

Look, Sir Kagemichi...

Any suggestion of complicity on the part of

the Council of Elders or the inspector general

would shake the halls of government.

Surely you understand our position.

Yes, as a samurai, I understand all too well.

"This mirror is my life.

"May your judgment be as unclouded...

"To Sir Kinshiro From Yayoi"

I am to be your judge tomorrow.

You judge me?
- Yes.

Don't you mean the shogunate?

For its despicable conspiracy,
one in which your father,

Toyama Kagemichi, had a part?

I meant to judge them all myself, with my sword.

That was the only right thing left for me to do.

You judge me?

How, without judging Toyama Kagemichi first?

Can you do that?

Can you judge your own father?

I must, in the name of justice.

Princess Yayoi's will.

You drove my innocent sister to her death!


I'll fight to the end!

"When will I see my children again?

"When will they bring my grandchildren?"

You're in a good mood.
What were you singing?

A song your mother loved.


Kinshiro, bring me that wine gourd and cup.

You shouldn't be drinking.

I want to enjoy the cherry blossoms over

a drink with you.

Not too much, though, Father.

- Yes?

Remember climbing that cherry
blossom tree when you were 7?

I do remember.

After you gave me a scolding for
fighting with the son of an elder.

I refused to apologize,

and climbed that tree in defiance.

But my arms got tired and I got hungry.

I'd never felt so miserable.



Such a stubborn boy you were.

You held out for 3 days and 3 nights,

and finally made me apologize.

It's been 30 years.

How time flies.

It feels like just yesterday.

Show me your tattoo, Kinshiro.

Show me your tattoo, I said.

I'd rather not.


I'm sorry.

No need for you to apologize.

I'm the one who should apologize.


So that your brother Kujuro could be named

heir to the Toyama House, you mutilated yourself...

And forced this ignorant fool to disown you.

You promised not to being that up again.

So I did.


I haven't been this intoxicated in a while.

Thank you.

A man's life is long, yet short.

A lot happened in my life.

It was a life I lived in my own way.

Whether that was right or wrong, I don't know.

But as I reflect on my life, I can honestly say...

there was one thing in my
life I could be proud of,

and that was having a fine son like you.

It'll be dawn soon, Kinshiro.

Tomorrow, you show your greatness

as a man and a judge.

You need not show me any mercy.


Presenting His Excellency the shogun.

The senior and junior Council
of Elders, the inspector general,

and the north and south city magistrates convene

before His Excellency to adjudicate upon
the succession case of the Shimabara clan.

North City Magistrate Toyama
Kinshiro Kagemoto shall preside.

Matsudaira Naonosuke of Hizen, raise your head.

Let me remind you of one thing first...

Man does not lay down the law.

Heaven lays down the law for man to obey.

Now, were you born on March 19, 1818,

the son of Matsudaira Tadafusa,

lord of the Hizen Shimabara clan?

Indeed, I was.

Were you opposed to Lord Kamenosuke,

the 34th offspring of the 11th shogun, Ienari,

succeeding to the House of Matsudaira?

Indeed. I was, after all, the rightful heir.

Do you not consider that
insolent to the Tokugawa?

I do not.

You claim, on an outing to Mt. Unzen,

then Nagasaki Magistrate Toyama Kagemichi

plotted to bring great harm to you.

Are you sure it wasn't a coincidence?

It was clearly planned.

What proof have you that it was planned?

I saw his servant Moheiji hiding behind the rocks

that came falling on me.

But you, yourself, murdered Moheiji.

That is, you eliminated the only witness,

which raises suspicion.

Then tell me. You just said the only witness.

Why hasn't Toyama Kagemichi,

the mastermind, been summoned here

so that I may confront him?

What if Toyama Kagemichi were
to claim he has no recollection?

Then that's that.

I should like to see if Toyama Kagemichi

can tell an outright lie right in my face.

You insist?

Just do it!

Then I summon Toyama Kagemichi as witness.

Former Nagasaki Magistrate Toyama Kagemichi...

Did you in fact plot to assassinate Naonosuke,

as he claims, or is it just a false accusation?

Search your conscience and answer.

I did indeed plot his assassination.

Did you also order the
physician Gensai to poison

Lord Matsudaira and his wife to death?

Indeed, I did.

Gensai has since died of illness...

And there is no proof of your
guilt, only your admission.

What have you to say, Kagemichi?

I did, indeed, order Gensai
to poison them to death.

Then I ask you...

Did you plan and execute all this on your own,

or on orders from the highest level of government,

that is, the Council of Elders and inspector general?

Search your conscience and answer.

It was my plan alone.

I'll ask you once more...

Is that the truth and nothing but the truth?

I swear to you it is.

Then I hereby render judgment on this case,

and sentence you both to suicide.

May it please Your Excellency...

The case is closed.

His Excellency the shogun leaves.

Hold it!


Don't scurry off like crooks skipping town!

Case closed, nothing!

Don't think I'm going to let you get off scot-free

while Naonosuke and my old man slit their bellies!

Hell, no! No way!

You're before His Excellency, Kinshiro!

Have you gone mad?!
Seize him!

Get up!

Shut up!


Take a good look at this tattoo.

These Toyama cherry blossoms are a testament

to the true Edoite of a man who's pure of heart...

Or so I wish.

It's actually a reminder of my sad attempt

to escape the life of a samurai
bound by duty and honor.

As I bear my shame on my back...

Covered by my official garb...

I have the painful task of judging my fellow men.

Such is my fate.

It bare my shame and my soul to you now because

a man has to speak his mind sometimes.

Hey, elders...

Do you call this justice?

Is this any way to govern the land?!

You all sit there with your fancy titles,

and let the other guy take your blame.

How unfair is that to the little guy?

How can you ignore all those starving farmers

and govern this land?!

Why did those Shimabara farmers risk their lives

to make a direct appeal?!

Because the shogun's offspring you sent

to replace the rightful heir you
assassinated oppressed all the peasants!

The same goes for Yayoi.

What could a woman do but to choose

death over dishonor?

So who's responsible for this?


No one is.

If anyone were, all this wouldn't have happened.

So I got through to someone.

Then it was all worth it to bare my shame.

I've said my piece and have no regrets.

Cherry blossoms bloom and cherry blossoms fall.

Behold the end of a real man.

Wait, Kinshiro!

You mustn't commit suicide.

I, Mizuno, am the one who must.

I am responsible for everything.


His Excellency departs.

Kinshiro, I relay His Excellency's words to you.

His Excellency was so
moved by your selfless act...

He uttered...

"I am to blame...

"I am to blame."

In consideration of your devotion,

he commanded that
Toyama Kagemichi be pardoned,

and Matsudaira Naonosuke, as well,

and that he be formally instated as

lord of the 70,000-koku Shimabara clan.

Case closed.

Court is now adjourned.

Matsudaira Naonosuke is now lord of

the 70,000-koku Hizen Shimabara clan,

and Lord Toyama Kagemichi has taken

the name "Kiun" and entered a monastery.

So who were the bad guys?

The inspector general and the
elders were only doing their jobs.

Well, it's the guy with the 40 concubines

and the 55 kids, the shogun himself.

I can't even get me one old lady.

What's the matter?


You look down.

Do I?

I know, you're thinking about Kinshiro.

Forget about him.
He's a magistrate!

That's easy for you to say.

I know how you feel.
I was in love with Yayoi.

I wonder if Kinshiro was in love with Yayoi, too.

- Bro!

Yayoi's come home.

So long as we remember her, she's one of us.

I'm so sorry, for telling her whereabouts.

Things are going to get better, guys!

Let's get out there!