Sakaling maging tayo (2019) - full transcript

Pol and Laya are college freshmen and meet during their last day of school in Baguio City. Laya is moving back to Manila to escape her failed relationship while Pol is about to spend a ...

--== McEphie ==--

[upbeat music playing]


[camera shutter clicking]

Let's party before your trip to Manila.

That's right. Today's your last day.

Let's celebrate. Come on!

We'll look for our future husbands!

-[Erna] Non-committal?

-Fine. Future lover, then.

Disgusting. No way!

You still owe us a story.

-Now you're keeping secrets.

-Look at that!

So dismissive.
And you're going home to Manila.

You'll have fun even without me.

I believe in you.

I need to pack my things at the dorm.

You won't be there to see me
meet my boyfriend tonight.

I guess there's no stopping Malaya Ocampo

because she's Malaya to do what she wants.


Fine then, don't join us.

More guys for me.

[Erna] I'll go look
for my future husband tonight.

Hey, me first! You'll regret it.

-I'm sure she'll regret it.

-Bye! Bye!
-Hey! Wait up.

Hey, Pol! Happy anniversary!

-[man 1] Time for a Yummy kiss!
-[man 2] Kiss your boyfriend!

My name's Emer, not "Yummy!"
That's a tired old joke!

[Pol laughing]

Why are you laughing?

You're still affected by an old joke.

Even if you're a good catch...

the joke's annoying.

[muffled] Whatever.

[Emer] Your eyes are about to pop out.

You've been staring at Laya all day.

Stop staring!


What time are we meeting later?


What time are we meeting?


I'm sorry.



You're trying to get her attention.
But you can't approach her.

Just kidding.

-[camera shutter clicks]
-[woman] Next!

-[woman] Hey, you're next!


[upbeat music continues]

Wipe off your sweat, mister.

You'll carry your school ID
around for four years.

You're cute. Let it show in your ID.

[upbeat music continues]

♪ I have you in my arms ♪

♪ And when my day starts
Beside you, my love ♪

♪ For sure, joy fills my heart ♪

♪ The best time of my life ♪

♪ And when my day starts
Beside you, my love ♪

[camera shutter clicks]

[music fading]

[dog barking]

Okay, I'll get back to you later.

[woman] Yay! Here she comes!

[phone ringing]

Hello, Auntie.

[Auntie] Laya,
when is your trip from Baguio?

Tomorrow morning.

So you'll arrive at around lunchtime.


I'm sorry. No one's available
to fetch you at the terminal.

Can you manage?

It's okay, Auntie. I can manage.

I'm looking after the kids.

Manuel is attending
Chichi's recognition day.

Luella will leave early
for an interview in Makati.

It's okay.

All right.
Text me when you're on your way.

Yes, I will.

Okay. Take care.



Have you seen Toto?

He already left.

I've been calling him.

But he's not answering.

What do you need?

To ask him to make me coffee.

I'll do it, Dad.

Good timing.

[paper rustling]


Today's your last day at school, right?

Talk to Butchik.

You'll take turns driving the taxi.

So you can save up during your vacation.

Okay. I'll talk to him tomorrow.


Can I go out tonight?

Where are you going?

I'm going to a concert.

I'll be with Emerson.


No drinking.

Of course.


Can I take the taxi tonight?

-You're asking a lot favors!
-[laughs] Just for tonight.


Make sure you come home before dawn.

What time are you leaving?

Six o'clock.

All right.

By the way, Toto said that
I'm running out of medication.

If you pass by a pharmacy, get it, okay?

Yes, Dad.

And don't forget my coffee.



-[Kevin] Girl?
-[Erna] Laya!

[knocking on window]

-[Kevin] Laya?


I take it back, we need you.

It won't be fun without you.

[Kevin] We'll dress you up. Come on.



[Kevin] Come on, please?

[groans] But I'm about to go to sleep.


[Erna whining] Look at your stuff.

You're ready to leave.

That's why should you go enjoy
the party even without me!

-Girl, are you bringing all these?
-[Laya] Mmm.

[Laya] Yes.

-But this one... you kept.
-[Layla] Mmm.

-I'm so touched.

You're making me cry.


I know.

Let's finish it before you leave Baguio.

-Come on, Laya.

Okay. I'll start.

-[Laya] Go ahead.

[Erna] Game! I'll start.

[Kevin] Ready?

Let's go.

Smack Erna in the face.

Why me? Smack her instead.

She'll take my place.

-[Layla] Go!
-You smack her.

-[Erna] Why me?
-[Layla] Why not?

-[Erna] Go!
-[Kevin] Let me just do it!

There you go!

See? You're having fun. So let's go.

-Come join us!
-We're going to Teacher's Camp!

-Ouch! That hurts!
-Stop that.

-[Kevin] Let's go, girl! Come on.
-Get changed.


[Kevin] Let's go?

Good night! Bye-bye!

-[Kevin] Killjoy!
-[Laya] Yeah!

["Siberia" playing on radio]

Let's dance to this.


-[Emer] Okay, game?
-[Pol] Game!

Five, six, seven, eight...

[both singing] ♪ Love comes
The least you expect it ♪

♪ A kind of love that needs
No pretending ♪

♪ Or the one that you just make believe ♪

♪ Or you force yourself to feel ♪

[screaming] Pol!

You're too gay!

Because I'm gay!

Which stage are we going to first?

Alternative rock.

But we'll leave if I don't like the music.

What do you think?

[chuckles] Depends on who's playing.

Of course I'm going for the music.

And the bands!

-The boys?
-Of course, the boys!

[Emer] How many stages again?

[Pol] Eight. Alternative rock,
R&B, rock, jazz, acoustic...

[Emer] My beauty isn't ready
for eight stages in one night.

But seriously, what's the plan?

-Be serious.
-R&B stage first.

[upbeat song continues]

♪ Love comes the less you expect it ♪

♪ It may come from such a distance ♪

[phone rings]


♪ Because true love will endure ♪

♪ You will be together ♪

♪ It is always sure ♪

[song fading]

[Emer] Hurry up!

-Wait, what's the game plan?
-[band warming up]

Game plan? No need!

Wherever the night takes us.

-[Emer] Pol! Look! It's Maui!
-[audience cheering]

-[drum beat starting]
-[audience cheering]


♪ You don't have to know
About this feeling ♪

[Pol] I'm moving to another stage.

-Are you coming?

But, Pol, I like the music here.

♪ That♪

♪ Makes me feel contented ♪

♪ With the story that is in my head ♪

♪ Imagining I'm more than your friend ♪

♪ How do I deal with this restlessness ♪

♪ 'Cause my heart battles with my head ♪

♪ I really can't help it ♪

♪ This can no longer go on ♪

-♪ I should learn not to take my chances ♪
-[song fading]

-[somber music playing]


Did you come to see the show?

We need to talk.

Do we need to talk now?

What is it?

You think you'll run out of women

so you go looking for more.

She's different from the girl
you cheated on me with, right?

You came here just to say that?

I think I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant...

but not sure?

I'm two weeks late.


Maui! It isn't funny.

So you came here just to tell me
that you're pregnant,

but you're not even sure.

Is this a pity party?


There's nothing to fix, Laya.

We can only be friends.

Just come back when you're sure.

[laughs sarcastically]

As expected...

because you already got what you wanted.

And what is there to fix?

Shame on you!

I'm moving to the rock stage.

Are you coming?

[Emer] Pol, let's stay here!

Whatever, Emer.

[woman] Please take me to Engineers' Hill.

-I'm sorry, the taxi's not--
-I'll give you a big tip.

Miss, this isn't for hire...

Mister, you shouldn't be
picky with your passengers.

No, I meant--

[soft music playing]

[Laya sniffling] Damn it.

He thinks it's a joke.

How stupid of me!

I gave myself to a prick.

And he calls it a pity party?


Have your own pity party!

What now, mister?

You just going to eavesdrop?

If you had started driving earlier,
we'd be there already.

Okay, ma'am.

[engine starting]

["Bakit Lumuluha" playing]

♪ If leaving you is what's fated ♪

♪ And what's destined ♪

♪ For the two of us ♪

♪ Then I will choose to stay away ♪

Mister, I just need to get something
from the convenience store.

♪ Force myself to grow ♪

♪ Every time I cover up this grief ♪

♪ And everybody seems to believe ♪

♪ Why can't I stop these tears? ♪

♪ Why do I still weep?♪

♪ But if I believe that I am strong ♪

♪ Just like my conviction ♪

♪ Why do I feel weak? ♪

[phone ringing]

♪ Why do I still weep? ♪

[sighs] I've had enough.

[crying] I give up. I'm tired.

[Laya sniffles]

[crying] Mister, let's go.

[engine starting]

She went home. She said she's tired.

-Was she crying?


I don't know.
She doesn't want to talk about it.

Let's go to her?

Let her be.


How much?

[Laya] Keep the change.

[Pol] If you're going through something...

you know that's not the answer.


[loud bang]

[dog barking]

Laya! Laya!



Laya! Laya!

Open the door!

How do you know my name?

Are you okay?

Don't do it.
Life's hard, but it doesn't have to--

What are you taking about?

Is your problem so unbearable
that you to resort to this?

Are you crazy? I'm not taking my own life.



I thought you were taking your life...

You're bugging me.

[laughs nervously]

Since you're here...

can you please take me to the bus station?

The taxi's not for hire.

Please carry the box.

So how do you know my name?


Because what?

We were classmates last semester.



That's why you look familiar.


What's your name again?

Uh... Pol.

You know what?

I like your sideline.

You're a taxi driver
even while you're studying.


the taxi's really not for hire.


Mister, I already know that one.

To make passengers pay extra.

I'll just give a big tip.

It's true, promise!

The taxi's not for hire.

I borrowed my dad's taxi
to go watch the concert.

-It's true.

Why didn't you say so?

I told you earlier.


I'll get off over there.

Drop me off here.

I'll take another taxi so you can
go back to the concert.

It's okay.


I still have time
before the concert starts.




You seem nice.

Why were you crying?

I'm hungry.

Let's eat.


[crickets chirping]

-[sighs] Did you give your order?
-I did.

You dropped something.

I didn't know I had brought this.

What's inside the pouch? It's light.

Nothing important.


Open it.

[waitress] Here's your order.

[Laya] Thanks.

-[Pol] What's this?
-Pick one.

-[Laya] Can I have some lime?
-[waitress] Okay.

What's it say?

Whichever dare you pick,
you have to do it.

It's just a game my friends
and I do to pass the time.

Let me see.

"Tell a lie."

It's so easy!

A lie...

-[laughs sarcastically]
-[Pol snickers]

Again, you have to do the dare you pick.

If someone backs out, there's no point.

You're not pretty.

Wow, thanks. Was I asking?

The dare is to tell a lie.


We've done a lot of dares. It's fun.

So the pouch contains different dares.


It seems to have a few dares left.


My friends and I were supposed
to finish the dares

before the school year ended, but...

I don't feel like it.


I don't know.

Let's finish it.

Finish what?

The remaining dares.

-Are you sure?

-No backing out?
-No backing out.


So what now?


Do you really want to finish this?

I have no idea what
the remaining dares are.

You might pick a difficult one.



Take me to the terminal, then. Let's go!

I'm game. Let's finish the dares.


Yes. Promise.


I know.

Um... let's do a staring game.

Whoever blinks first
will pick the first dare.


-One, two, three, go!

[expectant music playing]

-You're about to blink!
-I'm not.

-I'm not.
-Hey! Hey!

I didn't blink. One more round. Game.

-One, two, three, go!

-You blinked first!
-One more.

-Come on.

You already lost.

Give that to me.

-Oh, gosh.
-Hurry up.

How is this fun?

-Why? What's the dare?
-See for yourself.

-You're brave, aren't you?

Laya, I don't think I can do this.

You know, I really hate people who are...


-This one's really hard.
-Weak! You're weak!

-What's the range of the dares here?

Not knowing is part of the fun, Pol!


Sometimes, we have to dare ourselves.

You're lame.

You were going to agree anyway.


[Laya] Let's go!

Psst! Are you backing out?

[Pol] I'll do it.

[needle whirring]

-[Laya] What course are you doing?
-[wincing] Geography.

What will you do after
graduating from that course?

That's exactly what my dad asked
when I chose geography.

When I was little...

my dream was to be a pilot.

But sometimes...

no matter how much you want something...

if it's not meant for you,

it's not for you.

We're not well-off.

I'm also not smart enough
to get a scholarship.

So I'm stuck here.

I ended up taking...


[Pol groaning faintly]

[Laya] Why are you stuck?

Why can't you leave?

[whimpering] Is it almost done?

-[artist] Keep still.
-It hurts.

Let me see.

-[stammering] I'm tearing up.
-[Laya laughs]

[Laya] You said you were brave.

[camera clicks]

Nice! One more foot and it's done.

My dad's going to kill me.

[titters] But why? It's cute.

-Tell him it's just biro.
-[Pol laughs]

[artist] Here's your change.

[Laya] Let me take that. Thank you.

Come back if you want
to add a baby to the tattoo.

[Pol laughs]

[Laya] Sure.

-[Laya] Don't forget your jacket.
-[Pol] Yup.

-[Laya] You want another tattoo?
-[Pol] No way.

[Pol] Let me open the door.

-[Laya] I can do it.
-[both laughing]

[phone chiming]


Do you mind if we stop by somewhere?


It's along the way.

-[jazz music playing]

Let me.

I can do it. Don't be fussy.

[Pol] I got it.

Cut the sass, okay?

Let's go find a spot.

Near the stage.

[band playing jazz music]

You're having iced tea?

My dad said I shouldn't drink alcohol.

Even just one bottle?

I'm driving.

I shouldn't drink.


Your choice.

[Laya] So uptight.

I've never heard anyone

forcing their driver to drink.

-[Laya laughs mockingly]
-[Pol imitating Laya]

[Laya sighs]

Is this your first time here?

Not really.

I've been here a few times...

to watch a gig.

You mean...

your boyfriend's gig?

I'm not stalking you.

There was one time I saw
you both outside this bar.

Also, a friend told me
your boyfriend is in a band.


Thank you.

Come again?


We're done.

What happened?

I'm sorry. You don't have to answer.

[snorts softly]

Isn't jazz music cool?


[Pol] I often listen to jazz.

It's easy listening.

-It just goes with the flow--
-But you usually don't notice it.


Jazz is commonly played in...

-elevators or hotel lobbies.
-Hotel lobbies.


not everyone stops...

to pay close attention.

And to listen intently.

I love those which are...

usually unnoticed.


I'll pick a dare.

So we can get through all of these.

You got two.

Two dares for you.

Wow! I'm not doing both!

[Pol laughs]

-This one's yours.
-[Pol exclaims]

That's for your turn later.

-[clears throat]
-Seriously? [clicks tongue]


How disgusting!


[Laya] Are you all right?

Is it difficult?

[Pol] No.

[Laya] Let me see!

We can switch if you want.

No need.

-There's no need.
-[Laya laughs]

It was just a suggestion.

Let me see that.

[audience clapping]

This is easy.

I got a tattoo!

That's nothing!

[rock music playing]

[Pol] With vinegar, please!

That's the one-day-old chick we'll eat.

This is for you.

You're supposed to eat that.

You lived in Baguio for a year,
yet you haven't tried that?

Truth is, that's not even a dare.

It's delicious.

Then eat it yourself.

Watch me.


[muffled] All gone.

So stop complaining. Start eating.


Its eyes are closed.

The chick I ate had its eyes open.


Finish it in one go.

So you won't taste it.


Eat the whole thing.

You practically just kissed it.

The technique is to eat it in one go

so you won't taste it.

-Wait. I need more vinegar.
-There's enough.


I'll help you.

Let's count. Okay?

I'll count to three.

One, two...

[Pol laughing] The claws.

-Miss, can I have water?
-You're not allowed to drink.

-What the--
-Swallow it first.


Just keep chewing until it's gone.




Good job!

You're exhausted? You didn't run a race.

You never run out
of things to say, do you?

[laughs] Watching you
eat the chick was funny.

-It just tastes like chicken.
-Just pick your next dare.

It's your turn.

Miss, can I have water? Please?

It's just street food!

[vendor] Ten pesos.

Ten pesos. Pay for it.

Oh, you think it's funny? Here!

[Laya] Come on!

I can't do it!





That's it!


["Di Mo Na Kailangan Pang Malaman"

♪ Don't you know ♪

♪ The feelings I try not to show ♪

Make it more weird!

♪ To be with you is wishful thinking ♪

[Laya] Make it more weird!

♪ You need to look at
The world around you ♪

♪ Or you won't get anywhere ♪

♪ I didn't plan this at all ♪

♪ But baby just please stay ♪

♪ So go ahead and ask me ♪

♪ And I will ask you too ♪

♪ If you are ready to confess ♪

♪ I'll do everything ♪

♪ So go ahead and ask me ♪

♪ And I will ask you too ♪

♪ If you are ready to confess ♪

♪ I'll do everything ♪

♪ I didn't plan this at all ♪

♪ But baby just please stay ♪

♪ So go ahead and ask me ♪

♪ And I will ask you too ♪

♪ If you are ready to confess ♪

♪ I'll do everything ♪

You want one?

Watching people do stupid things is fun.


-There's something wrong with you, then.
-Oh, wow!


I enjoyed watching you...

Look stupid?

You looked stupid.

I looked stupid?

You're just jealous
because it was pretty cool.

Right? [laughs]

Admit it, you're jealous.

A bit.

You looked like you were at peace.

And without any worries.

What was peaceful about it?

I was all over the place.

When I was watching you,

I realized I want to experience that.

Even for the duration of one song...

just three minutes...

of having not a care in the world...

and just being happy.


I don't think we can ever live
without worries.


We're the same age, right?

But it looks like you're carrying
the weight of the world on your shoulders.


And you? How are you?


I think this is the happiest day
of my life.


-Because if you really knew me...

You'd know what I'm doing
at any given moment.

You'd know exactly where I am.

My life is just routine.

But now, I don't know what's
going to happen next.

It's exciting! I want to keep dancing!



Hey! What is it?

How are you?

I'm okay.

All good.

What was going through your head?

When exactly?

When you suggested
that we finish all the dares.

I was practically a stranger.

[sighs deeply]


Are you that thirsty?




truth is...


I want to tell you...

-I like--
-[phone ringing]

Excuse me.

I like to drink some more.



What happened?

[lounge music playing]

[Kevin] It's Laya.

Look at you!

You were giving us a hard time earlier.

Erna called me up. She's drunk.

Shouldn't you be with her?

Look how handsome he is!

Don't you dare. He's mine.

-This is Emer, my baby. My baby.
-By the way, I'm Emer.

Laya, right?

I know you so well.

That's enough.

Just kidding.

Wait. Where's Erna?

I don't know. I've been busy.
She was out of touch.

You and your priorities.

Stop it. You're annoying me.

-She started it!

Laya! Did you find her?

What does she look like?


You really are competitive.

You brought your own guy. How tall!

Introduce us.

It must be fate!

Kevs, my baby.

Laya, Kevs' friend.

Shake hands.

[Laya] He's been with me.

He's my driver.


[Laya] Yeah.

How do you know each other?

He's my best friend, babe.

So, Laya, how's your driver doing so far?

[both] Whatever.

Wait. Where's Erna?

Let's look for her.

Stop annoying me.

She could be doing something crazy.

-[Kevs] I think that's her. She's here!
-[Laya] Are you okay?



[Erna retching] You're cute--

-[Laya] Erna!
-Erna, are you okay?

-Erna, here's more beer.
-[Erna retching]


You're not drunk enough.

-No more drinking.
-[Kevs] Don't mind her.

-Let's go.

[Laya] You come with us.

Did you bring spare clothes?

[Emer] Let's sacrifice Erna
to the bad spirits.

[Kevs] Come on!
It's your last night here, Laya.

[Laya] And?

-[Kevs] You owe us this dare.
-[Emer] Why drag us along?




-[Laya] It's nothing. Keep walking.
-I saw something.

I didn't. Let's go.

[all yelp]

-Did you see that?

[Pol] Guys, I hear someone crying.

[Kevs] Girl.

-[Laya] What?

[Kevs] Let's go back to the car.
I can't do this.

[Laya] But we just arrived.

[suspenseful music playing]

Hey! Are you okay?

-[breathing nervously]

-Yeah, I am.
-[disembodied voice] Laya?

[woman] Laya?

[woman sobbing indistinctly]

[woman] Hello?

-[woman sobbing] Laya!
-[Laya exclaims]

[all screaming]


[upbeat music playing]


[Kevs] Hurry!

[all screaming]

-[Laya] I felt something back there.
-[Kevs] Me, too!

-[Laya] You ruined it, Erna!
-[Kevs] It was supposed to be fun.

Blame it all on me. What else is my fault?

Why did you get out of the car?

You should try
getting left alone in there.

Why didn't you call?

I wasn't exactly
in the best condition earlier.

I was traumatized.

-[Erna] Yeah.

Sorry. I had a hard time parking.


[Erna] How handsome!

[Kevs clicks tongue]

-Hi, Pol!
-Oh, my!


-Are you feeling better?
-Yes, babe.



I don't know his name.

And who knows? He could be my boyfriend.

Are you jealous? Hmm?

-[Kevs exclaims]
-[Pol clears throat]

-I'll order our drinks.

I'll go with you.

Let's go.

-I'm coming.
-Sorry. Three's a crowd.

-You coming?
-[Kevs] No.

Your beer, sir.

I can carry the drinks.

Go back to them.

-It's okay.
-[bartender] Ma'am, what's your order?

Yes, one passion fruit beer.

Two lychee beers.

And one strawberry beer. One iced tea--

[Pol] Strawberry beer for me.

-That's two strawberry beers.
-[Pol] Yes. Two. All right.



Who's the bad influence?

Let's smack their head.


I thought you were driving.

Just one beer.

It's a special night.

Did you ask why they continued
doing the dares?

No. Let's not spoil the fun.

Pol's had a crush on Laya, like, forever.

-[man exclaims]


Since enrollment.

Laya handed him a handkerchief.
Pol hasn't washed it since.

What a revelation!

Why did it take him a year to make a move?

-Babe, you gotta admit, we're fast.
-Faster than a talk show host.

-And your hand. How annoying!
-[Erna laughs]

[gentle guitar melody playing]

[Laya sighs]

That was intense!

I suddenly feel sleepy.

Erna mentioned something earlier.

Mentioned what?

Something about enrollment
and a handkerchief.

What about enrollment and a handkerchief?

I can't remember. Will you tell me?

Why should I? You're the one who should
do the talking so I won't feel sleepy.

Why are you so defensive?

I'm just explaining.
You're not even making sense.

Okay, then.

I'll just tell you how Erna narrated it.

Can we talk about something else?


I'm enjoying this. It's like a throwback.

Pol, why are you sweating? It's cold.

I'm not.

[tuts] Your forehead says otherwise.

Do you have a hanky?

-Did you bring my hanky?
-[brakes screeching]

[all yelping]

[Kevs] What's happening?

-[Erna] What's going on?

[Erna] You two.

Keep flirting, but no more drinking.

[Kevs] Look who's talking.

Just go along with it.
You know what I mean.

[Emer] That hurts.


text me if you decide not
to go to Manila anymore.

If you're not leaving,
I'll break up with Emer.

So all three of us are single.

That is,
if Pol won't become your boyfriend.

Come on, friend.

Don't waste this opportunity.

Make me proud.

[Erna] Ooh!

-I can see right through you.

Okay. You two take care.

[Erna] I'll miss you, girl.
I'll miss you more, Pol.

We'll get going.

[Emer] That's enough. Let's go.

[Laya] Bye-bye!

So... where to?

The taxi meter's still running?

As if you're going to pay.

Hey! I have money.

When I dropped you off,
you were insisting--

Insisting what?


Insisting that I keep the change.

Your change was only
one peso and fifty centavos.

When did I say that?

Earlier tonight.

While you were crying.


I can buy candy with one peso
and fifty centavos.

Are you on a talk show?

You sure make a lot of comments.

Let's go.

[Pol] Excuse me!

Who were you talking to?

Oh, you heard me?

Are you a forest spirit?


Why did you say "excuse me"?

There's a superstition

that offending forest deities
will enlarge your...


-You know--
-What if you're a girl?

I don't know. I'm not a girl.

You don't know? You're innocent?

I honestly don't know much about girls.

You're funny when you get irritated.

I'm not irritated.

You're embarrassed?

Why should I be?

-There's no reason--
-Are you still a virgin?


I've never had a girlfriend.

I've never been kissed.


I'm such a loser.

Maybe it isn't the right time yet,

or maybe you haven't
found the right person.

Is there such a thing?

I don't know.

But it's nice to think there's
a perfect time and person.

Just be patient.

It will happen.

Don't be like me.

I was reckless.

Look what happened.

What do you mean?

Where's the pouch?


The pouch.

I don't have it.

You were the last one to pick a dare.

But I didn't keep it.

I don't have it.

How about...

we wait until sunrise?

Until then...
we'll continue with the dares.

How do we go about it?


We'll take turns coming up with a dare.

Wait. You might make me do obscene things.

No way.

I'm a virgin, remember?

-I'm innocent.



Are you game?

Okay. Game.

Who'll go first?

Let's see.

One more staring game?


You're challenging me?


Game, one, two, three, go!

[expectant music playing]


You blinked!

You lose.

Let's go.

[Laya] The view's amazing here.

Why did you bring me here, anyway?

[Pol laughs] No reason.

Seriously, though,
this is my favorite spot.


-Your turn.

Are you sure about this?

Well, I'm not coming up
with a new one, okay?

What did you pick over at the Jazz Stage?

Let me see.

-Where is it?

Come on.


I'm sure Erna wrote this.

She probably thought
she'd pick this herself.

[Laya clears throat]

Who's your crush, anyway?

Wait, did you bring me here because...

You wish.

That's not what I meant.


But, yeah.

You're right.

The thing is,
I don't even know why I like you.

I mean...

you're pretty.

You really are.

And I'm sure you know that.

But Laya...

there's more to you than that.

I've had a crush on you...

for the past year.

And I feel that there's
so much more to you.


I like you.


I wouldn't get to say
these things to you...

if you hadn't taken
that taxi ride with me.

[sighs deeply]


I think I'm pregnant.

[voice breaking] I've felt so lost...

these past few weeks.

I fell too hard and fast.

So I ended up giving all of me
to someone else.


I had nothing left...

for myself.

And it's all because...

I gave it all to the wrong guy.

You know how I found out
that he was the wrong guy?

[crying softly]

I realized he was the wrong guy...

when I felt that...

he was not willing
to take any responsibility.

And you know what hurts the most?

It's not losing him.

It's losing that part of me
that I can never get back.

Despite that, I still have to find out...

if I'm actually pregnant.

But I'm scared.

Because I might not...

get the outcome I'm hoping for.

And I'm not ready for that, Pol.

I still have my whole life ahead of me.

Do you really think I'm brave, Pol?

I'm not, believe me.

Would you still like me?

I may not know you well enough...

but I know you're brave. I just know.


I'm sorry.

I know you're a great guy
but my life's a mess.

[wistful music playing]

[engine starting]

Pol, here.

No, Laya.

It's okay. Take it.

For all the trouble.

It's fine, Laya.


Thanks again...

for everything.

Thank you.


You know what the answer
to your problem is?

It's to face everything head on.


You can do it.

Whatever happens,
I know you can pull through.

[wistful music playing]

Mister, take me to Burnham Park.

[engine starting]


-[door closes]
-[Pol] Dad, you're up early.


I wasn't expecting you to be
home at this hour.

Concert's over?

Did you have fun?

You don't look too happy.


What happened?

[voice breaking] Nothing.

Then why are you crying?

I wanted something, Dad.

Something I wasn't meant to have.

But it's okay.

See, that's exactly what
I'm trying to save you from.

I don't want you to think

that you'll never be happy in life...

just because you didn't have
much growing up.

No, Dad.

I'm happy with how my life turned out.

Then what's wrong?

Maybe I just can't have
the thing I want the most.


Did you fight for it?


the heart just wants what it wants.

We just have to be brave enough
to go after it.

You're all grown up now.

And I trust that you know
and will choose what's right.

If you're worried about me, then don't be.

If you want to go after
what you want, then do it.

There's nothing wrong with that.

[soft music playing]

-Now, stop crying.

Your eyes are hardly open to begin with.

If you cry more, they'll glue shut.

Now, now.


That's enough.

Where are you going?

I have to get her back.

["Tagu-Taguan" playing]

[keypad clicking]

Where are you?

Is Maui there?

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Just screamed for you one day ♪

♪ That's when I realized I fell for you ♪

♪ And I only have myself to blame ♪

[panting] Mister! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Wait! Wait!

-[driver] What is it, sir?
-Just a moment.



-[driver] Are you looking for someone?
-[Pol] I'm sorry.

-[song continues]
-♪ It's too much to take ♪

♪ So I just close my eyes ♪

♪ And play hide and seek ♪

♪ In the dark of night ♪

-[phone ringing]
-♪ And dream of a love ♪

♪ A love that will last ♪

♪ As I count to three... ♪

[Emer] Pol?


Where are you?

She's gone.

What do you mean?

Are you okay?

Laya left you?

She's here. I thought you came together.

Where are you?

At the main stage. How about you?

[song continues]

♪ I wish I took my chance and ♪

♪ Had the courage to say what I wanted ♪

♪ So I just close my eyes ♪

♪ In wishful thinking ♪

-Where are you going?

[Erna] I thought she was done.

[Maui] Hi.

You want me back, right?

Are you sure about this?

-[song continues]
-♪ And in the end ♪

♪ You left me hurting ♪

♪ For trying to fight for what we had ♪

Yes, Maui.

I knew you missed me.

[Laya] Seriously?

You sure are something.

-[song continues]
-♪ We play hide and seek ♪

♪ In the dark of night ♪

-[indistinct chatter]
-[Laya grunts]

-[test kit clatters]
-[sarcastically] Congrats!

-[song continues]
-♪ As I count to three ♪

♪ I find a place to hide ♪

♪ And once again I'm a kid ♪

♪ Playing hide and seek ♪

♪ In the dark of night ♪

♪ Dreaming of a love ♪

♪ A love that will last ♪

♪ As I count to three ♪

♪ I find a place to hide ♪

Pol, are you crying?

Let's talk later. Bye.

-Pol! Hello?

[sighs deeply]


[engine starting]

[car door closes]

I'm sorry, I'm not taking
passengers right now.

Then why is the taxi meter on, mister?

[Pol] Here you go.

This is for you.


When is the bus leaving?


Just go home.
Your dad must be looking for you.

I'll stay here with you
until it's time to go.


A little feisty, aren't we?

[Pol laughs]

Who taught you that?

-That idiot needs an earful.

She sure does.


What do you mean?

Thank you.

-For what?
-For believing in me.

For believing I could face this.

Maybe I just needed to hear it
from someone else.

I knew you could do it.

You don't need me to tell you that.

So how does it feel?



I can't explain it, honestly.

It feels good, though.

Other than that, it feels like...

there's a voice
in my head that's scolding me.

It's forcing me to think hard...

to learn something.

That way, I'll know better next time...

if I think of doing
something stupid again.

-I'm kidding.

Seriously, though, I need to learn
to wait until the time is right.

To not be too impulsive
and give everything up for someone...

Then why are you leaving?

Why don't you just stay here?

What would I do here?

Maybe start over?

I can do that anywhere.

Then why not here?

Because you're here.

I need to start over on my own.

You said I was brave.

The only way I can prove that is
by starting over on my own.

I think you were duped, though.

Why? Because I bought this soy drink?

It's okay, it didn't cost much.

-I'm not talking about that.
-Then, what?

-The tattoo.

It's okay.

At least I have something
to remember you by.

["Suntok Sa Buwan" playing]

I'm really glad that we met.

[song continues playing]

♪ Don't you know ♪

♪ The feelings I try not to show ♪

♪ To be with you is wishful thinking ♪

♪ Don't you know ♪

♪ You need to look at
The world around you ♪

-You're not going?
-[both laughing]

♪ I didn't plan this at all ♪

♪ But, baby, just please stay ♪

You sure?

[driver] All passengers going to Pasay,
please board the bus now!

Have a safe trip!

♪ I'll do everything ♪

♪ So go ahead and ask me ♪

♪ And I will ask you, too ♪

♪ If you are ready to confess ♪

♪ I'll do everything ♪

♪ Don't you see? ♪

♪ You need to listen
To what I have to say ♪

♪ Because I'm not waiting
My whole life for you ♪

♪ That's all I'm asking of you ♪

♪ I hope you'd think about it, too ♪

♪ I know you got my heart
Out on a string ♪

♪ And it's driving me crazy ♪

♪ But all I want is for you to stay ♪

-[song continues playing]

[Pol] You have to go. The bus is leaving.

[Laya] What's the rush? Jeez.

[Pol] Seriously, though,
you're not leaving, are you?

I guess you're taking the next bus.

-[Laya] When does it leave?
-[Pol] Uh... 7:30.

[Laya] I only have an hour.

[Pol] Anything can happen in an hour.

[song finishes playing]

[rock music playing]