Saint Jack (1979) - full transcript

Compelling character study, revolving around Jack Flowers (Ben Gazzara), an American hustler trying to make his fortune in 1970s Singapore in small time pimping. He dreams of building a fortune by running a brothel himself and returning to the States to lead a life of luxury. Savvy but not unsavory he strikes up a friendship with William Leigh (Denholm Elliot), a genial and decent auditor who travels to Singapore every year. Ultimately, the background of the Vietnam War comes into the picture as Jack is offered the opportunity by the CIA to run a brothel for the R&R activities of U.S. soldiers on leave in Singapore.

Hey, how's it hanging?

Mr. Jack.

- What is it, Gopi?
- Mr. Hing want to see you right away.

- Fuck him. - Fuck him?

- Yeah, you heard me.
- Mr. Hing wait two hours.

- Tell him I got smallpox.
- Smallpox?

That's right

What happened?
Have you been playing at my desk again?

No, Mr. Jack. I do not play.

Do not play, huh?
So, what is this? And this?

- Medicine?
- That's right, medicine.

Mr. Houston? Jack Flowers here.
Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner

Yeah. What can I do for you, sir?

Really? Ah, that's great, Colonel.

Are you kidding me?
Two thousand's a big help!

A whorehouse is always a good investment.

Who? Yamila? Sure!

Prince's Hotel okay?

Sure, you got it sir.

But Mr. Hing!

Yes, Gopi.

I know, Gopi.

Kinda hot!

How you running, handsome?

You looking for me, Smiley?

New man coming from Hong Kong.
Main office. Audit books.


What happened to the old man?

Die. Sick. This year new man.


Armo, Armo! How would you like it
if I called you a Chink? Eh?

You got no tact, you know that?

If it wasn't for me, do you
think any red-headed skippers

would buy from you? What?
Because of your charm?

You will meet at airport.
Mr. William Leigh


My car's being fixed
You will meet... 5 o'clock

I'll have to take a taxi.

Now, you make the auditor take the bus,
he'll find something wrong with the books.

In taxi.

Look at this! The Geneva
Conference over 4 bucks!

How do you stand that shit?

One night when he's asleep, jump on the bed
and bite him in the neck.

What the hell? They can't arrest you

Bus to airport Taxi back

You want me to tell him about
that other set of books?

Okay Andrew, you wait here, huh?
- What about the police?

- That they get mad.
- That, now, that they get mad.

- What's up, Charlie? How is the yen going?
- Smooth sailing.

- What about the Deutschmark?
- That always goes well.

- Always good. What about the dollar?
- Pretty good.

Pretty good.

Hey, buddy, where's my cigars?

- Hi Jack. I keep them for a month.
- Why didn't you call me?

- My wife will kill me if... - Oh,
your wife, your wife! Let me pay you that

That's okay. You can keep.

Okay, Call me next time, for Chrissake.
Don't be afraid

Announcing the arrival of Malaysian
Airlines flight number 623 from Danan.

Flight number 623 from Danan.

Is the name William Leigh? - Yes

Hi. Bill. My name's Jack Flowers.
I work for Hing.

- How are you?
- Let me give you a hand.

No, no, I can fix myself.
You... you are not Chinese.

No, I'm italian. Well, I wasn't born in
Italy, but my father was.

I was born in Buffalo.
That's in New York, near Niagara Falls.

Hello honey! How you doing?

You know how Buffalo got its name?
Nothing to do with the animal.

Here, let me handle that
It has been a very long trip.

You see, the French arrived first, they saw a river
there and they called it Beau Fleuve. Beautiful river.

A couple of Texans must
have gotten hold of it

Beau Fleuve,... Bofler,... Buffalo
you know?

- Oh I see. They erm...
- To the Prince Hotel, Andrew.

It's a nice place. They give me a little kickback
- Really?

My God, how hot it is!
- Well, we're in winter, Bill.

This is just the equator.
Have you never been to Singapore?

No, never, but I have been told
that it is very... very...

Alright. Let's go, Andrew.

Very pleasant.
- Well, it depends on what you like

Five hundred dollar fine! You know that?

- What? For that?
- That's right!

Well. how's the weather in Hong Kong?

Well actually, of course,
it's a good deal cooler than here.

So then... you want something nice for tonight?


Girl? A special with two girls...
A massage?

Take it easy, Andrew! The man just got here!
Do you want to kill him?

No, I want him to feel at home.
- Are you that interested?

Oh no no no. Well, in point of actual fact...
I was wondering if...

- Come on, don't be shy.
- I wouldn't want...

Come on, shoot. The choice isn't very big.
Most people don't realize that.

It boils down to 5. There's
boys, girls, dirty pictures,...

exhibition, massage...
... combination thereof.

Now what did you have in mind?
- Well, I'm... I'd like to get a game of squash


That's no problem.
Here we have five places with courts

The Tanglin Club, the Racket Club...
- Excuse me, I'm hot.

Look at this! The man can't breathe and he wants to play squash.

I'm so sorry.
You're not a squash player yourself, by any chance, are you?

- No, Bill, I drink. Do you drink?
- Well... William.


Well I...
...take the odd drop

There you go, Andrew.
Don't spend it all in one place

- Sorry
- Thank you

Let's go downtown for a bite to eat, yeah?

I'll be with you in a minute, William.

European, Chinese,
Thai, Indian food...

We will go to Chinatown,
it is the best place.

What? Oh, erm... two, I should think

- Two? - Yes

William, I'll with you in a minute, huh?
Just a second?
- Right

Hey! How byou doing, kids?

Nice dress, Judy!

Hello Jack.
Judy tells me you sold a lot of Coca-Cola last night.

Bet your life!
Who was that black girl, Judy? Just left?

- Oh, she's so beautiful.
- That she is!

The first time I saw her I just put my hands on her face.

- Where's she from?
- She come from Ceylon.

That son of a bitch prick Chinese boyfriend...
...she come down to see him

- And he put her on the street
- Yeah, the son of a bitch prick

- Yeah, well, it's an old story, Judy
- New to her!

- Bob. - Yeah?

I've fixed old Colonel Gunstone up with Yanila.
He'll be in later.

- Wow!
- Now you make sure the air conditioning's working...

- Yes
- And if anything goes wrong with his ticker, what do you do?

- I call you
- That's right!

Bob, I want you to meet a very good friend of mine, Mr William Leigh. - How are you doing, Mr. Leigh?

- Ah... We gotta have grade A service.
- Grade A!

What did you give him?
An inside room or an outside room?

- Outside.
- Nah, too noisy

Nice view

Look, we gotta have an inside room, right, William?

The view stinks anyway
- Jack!

- Yeah?
- I'll see you later.


Enjoy your stay, Mr. Leigh.
See you later, Jack.

William, What say I pick you up at about...
eight tomorrow morning

Alright, fine

- Oh Jack! - Yeah?

- Thanks so much for meeting me
- Ah, forget about it!

- Can I buy you a drink?
- What?

Why not?

- What... what shall I do about my...?
- Take Mr. Leigh's bag upstairs, will you?

- Are you sure you've got the time?
- As a matter of fact I'm going to a place that I think you'll like.

- Look, I don't want to intrude
- You'll meet some of your countrymen there

- Really?
- Get yourself a game of squash

- After you, William
- No, after you

- Come on, don't be a pain in the ass.


- Hi, Shirley.
- Jack, how are you?

- How byou doing baby? How's business?
- Okay

- Well, that's good. How's the kids?
- Just fine. Fine, thank you.

- You're looking beautiful
- You're not looking too bad yourself. Bye!

- Take care now
- Flowers, you're a ponce, aren't you?

Hard to say what anyone is

I only mention it because personally speaking
I could never bring myself to pay

William, people make love for so many crazy reasons

Why shouldn't money be one of them, huh?

- Hi, Wally. - Hi Jack.

- Mr. Tan, you're looking good
- Business is good, Jack

- Oh it is, huh?
- Ah, where can I get a wash?

- What?
- a wash

Right through there

Guess who's back in town
- Nancy from Bangkok?

- That's right. Be here a couple of weeks.
- This week, very bad

- Moving the office
- I understand
- See you in two days

Fine, any time
Listen, do you want to buy my car?

- How you gonna get around?
- Well, you're not gonna drive it, are you?

- Jack
- What?

- You bring Coca-Cola girls to ship?
- Yeah, that's right

- Too much! I hear people no like it
- What people?

They've been giving me the same dirty looks for twelve years now
Now look, buy my car. 1500

- Okay, Jack
- All right!

But... you no start house

- But
- Jack, Chinese people sometimes very awkward

Mr Tan, you're a prince

Boys, I want you to meet a very good...

Boys! Hey, boys!

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine from Hong Kong.

Oh! Dear old Honkers! How very agreeable!
I thought you looked a bit stunned

Did you by any chance bump into a chum of mine called Bunny Piecraft?
In the Honkers and Chankers?

- I don't believe I've had the pleasure.
- An incredibly nasty man.

The vilest habits you can possibly imagine

I daresay he's gone back to UK now for a spot of leave

Do you ever go back to the UK yourself?

Oh, I used to.
The last time I went back they passed a bill making homosexuality legal

I said to my wife,
Let's get out of here before they make it compulsory!

What does your friend drink, Jack?

I'll take care of it, Walt.
You want a drink, William?

- I don't believe we've met. Yardley.

Leigh. L-E-I-G-H.

L-E-I-G-H? Not L double E?

- No, no. L-E-I-G-H.
- Get that spelling, Froggie!

- Don't be a cunt, Yardley!
- Just arrived, have you?

Yes, one hour and forty
minutes ago to be precise

- We like to be precise, don't we Froggie?
- Of course.

Seeing we're sitting on the slagheap of life
it's always a bloody good thing to know the time of day

- Yardley is a philosopher, Jacko.
- Yeah, I noticed!

- What's your friend drink, Jack?
- What are you drinking, William?

- Let me think. A Plymouth Pink
- A Plymouth Pink!

Do you want a cherry in it?

Are you a navy man?
Shall we pipe you aboard?

How very agreeable!

- Plymouth Pink?
- Gin and Angostura

- Have you just come down from K.L.?
- No no. From Kong Hong.

- Kong Hong? - Splendid!

He is perfectly right. Kong Hong.

Plymouth Pink!

I was in Hong Kong a few years ago.
Couldn't stand the poxy place

- Do we still own it, Yatesy?
- We don't own anything

- Well, I think I'll go whore-hopping
- Oh what a splendid idea. I think I'll join you.

Do you know, Yardley,
I haven't exercised my bandage of pleasure for many a month

- Oh, we'll just have to lift you on again
- Oh, now that's not very kind of you!

Hey, Jack. What was the name of that
skinny one you fixed me up with? Helen, Mildred?

- Gladys.
- Christ! She was a lively bit of crumpet!

She does marvelous things to your ass
It's like being dead - you know, paradise!
Come on, Yatesy!

- Goodnight, Jacko
- Goodnight, Yatesy

- I suppose I'm just not a bar person
- I don't know about that. You did alright

- Is Jack Flowers here tonight?
- Jack, are you here?

He's here!

- Are you Jack Flowers?
- Yeah, that's right

- A friend told me to look you up
- Uh-huh?

- He said you could help me out with something special.
- How much do you want to spend?

- What would fifty get me?
- Would get you dick

- What?
- Get you nothing.

- How much then?
- Four hundred Singapore.

But that's almost 150 US
- Uh-huh

- Is that for two?
- As much as you can handle, buster

- Okay
- Wanna tag along, William?

- But... well, just for a while.
- Here you go, Wally.

- Thank you, Jack.
- You're welcome, Wally.

- Good night, Jack.
- Good night, Wally.

How are you doing, Charlie?

Hey, Jack!

- How you doing?
- Here, sit down. How are you?

What are we drinking here?
Beer. Beer, Sonny, beer. Three beers. No food

Here, take your choice
- Hi Jack.

- Hi, Rita, sweetheart. How are you?
- All right.

- Where's Bridgit? Bridgit here tonight?
- Yeah, just a minute. I'll get her for you

- Good.
- Who's Bridgit?

- That one!
- She's beautiful.

- Oh yeah! You made a great choice!
- Are you interested in something?

Vibrator, pussy cat.
- You boys want to buy anything?

Mini monk

take your monk and go home.

Give my love to your kids

Hey, how are you doing, Max?
Well I'll be damned! You got a new line, don't you Max?

Where did you get this stuff?

Yeah, I know. Take it home, Max
No sale

Hey honey! What are you drinking?
- Good evening gentlemen.
- Hot chocolate.

- Hot chocolate, Sonny!

- Welcome to Singapore.
- Thank you.

- Do you like your stay in Singapore?
- Ah, they love it, don't you, fellows?

- Yes, it's fascinating.
- You're English?

- Yes, I am
- Oh, I'm very interested in Englishmen.

Really? I'm glad.
You are Chinese, right?

- Yes, I'm Chinese.
- Were you born here, in Singapore?

born in Singapore,
live in Singapore,
die in Singapore.

Bridgit, honey, a friend of mine from the US thinks you're very beatiful

- Are you American?
- Yes

- I'm very interested in American men
- Isn't it getting kinda late?

Let the lady have her hot chocolate.

It's alright, Jack.
Your friend is impatient.
That's very flattering.

- We have an angel here.
- Why don't you get a taxi?

- Hello, how are you? Do you wanna buy...
- All right, honey, I'll do that

- Oh no, thank you.
- Sonny, forget the beer.

What do I owe you?
- Twenty dollars.

Twenty dollars?
No beer, twenty dollars?

And what if you gave us a beer, what would it cost?

- Alright
- I'll see you soon.

- Jack, I never see you any more.
- Away, away, away!

The women here are all so attractive!

They're all guys!

Looks like a pretty nice neighborhood.
Do you live here?

- Are you kidding me? Where else?
- They are sleeping.

- Yeah, boys, keep it down, huh?
- Jack

- What a charming house.
- Right up the stairs, gentlemen.

- Thosee operations must be very expensive.
- Oh yes, very expensive.

She saved up for eight years.
Where did you go, honey?

- Hamburg.
- Where did you go, Lily?

- Copenhagen.
- Huh?
- Copenhagen.

- Keep your eye on this.
- Oh! Jesus!

- Hello Jack.
- Manny, Manny, Manny!

What is the matter?
Don't you like the show?

- Terrific. Here, this is for you.
- Do you want tea?

- You got something stronger?
- Scotch!

- Scotch is good. You're looking beautiful
- Thank you

- Ah! Show over, William?
- Yes

- Yes, but our friend is...

Personally I find it all rather touching... a couple of puppies gamboling in the grass.

Not sure about the music

Yeah, well don't get too comfortable,
he'll be down in five minutes.

- Five minutes?
- Jack!

- Yes?
- Do you want it with soda?

- Make it neat
- Your friend? A drink?

- No thanks.
- Why is it so quiet tonight?

- The police are making trouble on me.
- You not paying them off?

- Every week.
- So?

Politics. One forget pay police
and another forget pay gangster.

No more money left.

Well, you just bring 'em around, Manny.
You'll see what I do.

- Jack!
- Bribes?

Yeah. A lot of small-time punks
shaking people down, trying to scare them.

- Cold towel?
- Oh, thank you!

- Thanks, sweetheart
- Cold towel?

Um... No thank you

- All set, pal?
- Yes. Can we go now?

- Yah, why not? Let us out, Manny.
- Yes. Where you wanna go, Jack?

You got a date?
- Yeah, that's right.

- Very nice to meet you. Goodnoght
- Goodnight.

- I'll see you, Manny.
- Jack!


You be careful
You fix up this fellow, that fellow, okay

But house?
- Don't worry about me, sweetheart.

Here we are, mister
I hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise

Thanks, Jack. If you're ever in Philadelphia, look me up.
The name's Milton, George Milton.

No it's not, Stanley.
And you're out of Baltimore. So long!

What ever brought you to Singapore in the first place?

- You ever think of going back? Home, I mean?
- Well, William, it's a long way to Tipperary

Hey, fellows!

Having a nice evening?
We're going to Prince's now.

- They're not very friendly
- The competition never is. So let's walk fast

- What?
- Walk fast!

Right through here, William!
Here we go!

You have good legs?
- Yes

All right!

Hang on William! We're almost there!

Hold it.
Hey boys! We're here now!
Don't you want to come in and have a drink?

You too busy, man!

Yeah, that's right!

You alright, William?

OOh, yeah

I'm proud of you, William.
You've got a lot of speed.

- My legs are getting tired.
- Come on, sit down.

Where the hell's Mr Gunstone?
- Always take a long time put on socks

- I know.
- Hey, Jack! Come here. I got a present for you

I need a present

This better be good.
- Monika?

- Monika's a nun, huh?
- A nun?

Don't go away, honey

- I'm going to turn in, old man
- Okay, William. You do that

- Who's this good-looking friend, Jack?
- Very subtle, Judy!

- He is!

My Girl Friday, William
the most honest woman I have ever met.

- Hi, Judy.
- He is very cute!

Maybe two girls?

Well, I promised my wife I'd give her a ring.
- Mmmm!

Thank you for a most entertaining evening
- You're a little jet-lagged, right?

Well, just a bit
I'll be bright as a button in the morning.
- Excuse me

- Ah, Mr Gunstone! Colonel, sir. How are you?
- And you?

- Cab?
- Yes please.

Been on the tiles?
- I sure have, Colonel.

I brought something for you. I know
you'll run a splendid place with this.

I hope that makes me a life member.
- Oh, it sure does, Colonel.

Do you want a receipt or something
for this? - No, don't bother

Coming my way?
- I'm staying to talk to Bob
- No, thank you

- You come with me? - No thanks.

- How about you, Jack?
- I have a date, Colonel

- Anyone I know?
- I don't even know her!

Ho ho! How splendid!

- The taxi's here, Colonel.
- All right.

- How is Mrs. Gunstone, Colonel?
- Thank you, Jack. She's well, and she sends best regards

- Well, you send her my best regards
- Where's that little car of yours?

Well, it's ermm... I sold it.
It was always in the shop anyway.

Always the way with those
little French cars

- Goodbye, Jack. Bye.
- Night, Bob

- You Italian?
- Yeah, that's right

- Italian. Good lover, bad husband.
- Yes

- Yes!
- That's what my mother always said.

- Hmm. Many flights!
- That's right. It's a walk-up

- Oh! God damn it! Sari. Hate sari!
- Why the hell you wear them?

Men like them. Stupid!

- Okay, this way
- Jack, do you want soup? A bacon sandwich?

No, not tonight. Just some coffee. What
about you, Monika? What are you drinking?

- You have tea?
- No tea. Coffee only

- I don't like coffee.
- What kind of a girl don't like coffee?

- This kind of girl don't like coffee!
- You'll like Coke

- Okay, Coke
- Coke?

All right.

That's right. Play mahjong

That much I asked her

- Uh-huh?

Frightens Devil
- That's what they say.

(WHISTLES) - Hey! - Yeah - you ever
fuck her? Or you just steal her food?

I dunno why you put up with it

- Beautiful
- If you like it, take it

- No no
- Alright. Then don't take it

- Jack. Sandwich. You must eat, no? If you don't you'll die.
- Ya, ya, ya.

- Coke.
- Not too late with that mahjong, huh?

What do you do? Give it to me.

- There must be a lot of material right there, huh?
- Too much.

- Yeah?
- Stupid. Men like.
- Hold this

Are you kidding me?


Come here.

Will you marry me?
- Marry?

Never mind

Well, there you are, Mr. Hing.
That's the end of it

Checking in, Hing. Checking right out.
I've been doing a lot of good business for you today.

Hey William. How are you doing with the Bowsie twins?

Well, they certainly don't trust adding machines

To hell with them!
Finish up tomorrow.

Mr. Hing, I assure you it is all in order

The famous oriental politeness

- Awesome, isn't it?
- Has he spit yet?

Not for an hour

Well, he will in a minute
Probably hock a loogie on your shoe.

- Ha! I'm pretty agile.
- Yeah, I know.

Have you finished, lah?
Man before need three day

Christ! You finished already?

Yes, they got me a seat on the 9 o'clock...
- Yes, it IS all done, Mr. Hing!

- You tell Hong Kong... Everything okay here
- You don't want the man to lie, do you?

- Why do you stay on there?
- To keep my visa.

I can't exactly go to immigration and say
- Occupation: running a wang-house

And what about that towkay [boss] of yours in Hong Kong?
- Well actually, he's a ... a cunt

The call of the East, indeed! God!
Still, it won't be much longer

- Huh?

Margaret's been left a small Georgian house in the West Country

Oh! That's nice!

Yes, it really is delightful
We'll be going there soon...

...and it's got some very good trout fishing attached to it

Whenever I get uptight about being stuck out here...

...I think of the fish rising in Glocestershire.

And it makes me feel calm again, for some reason

I can't wait to put myself out to pasture

Aw, you're not ready for that yet
How old are you?

I'm fifty-one.

Me, I just want a yacht, big mansion,...

...a peacock or something in the garden, you know?

Walk around all day with a bowler hat and silk pajamas.

Play golf, smoke real Havanas

And who knows?

I'll be a son of a bitch!
Don't tell me they're raiding Prince's now!

Excuse me, honey
- Excuse me
- Mike, what's going on?


- Oh, Christ!
- Move on! Move on!
- You! Move on! Get out!

Not a bad idea. Come on
- Move! Move!

He was such an accommodating fellow.
He went out of his way to...

- Yeah. Too accommodating.
That's why they killed him

Trying to hang a sign on me...
- Stay away!

I should forget about that house of yours, Jack.

It doesn't strike me as a very popular idea
amongst the Chinese community

- You want to check out?
- Leave it for a while, at least. Don't you think?

You're going to miss the plane.

See you next year. I hope.

I'll be wearing silk pajamas.

- Hey Judy, where's Jack?
- What's happening?

- Outside, I think. Can I help you?

- No no no. I've got to talk to Jack

Now the Chinese, thy go for Australian girls.
They got big bones

The Germans usually go for Tamils

The English, they don't give a damn as long as they're young and boyish
Isn't that Colonel?


The Americans, they do a lot of hugging up in taxis
When they go home, they write letters.

The girls are always after me to help them answer them.

How splendid!

- Say, Jack! Can I see you for a minute?
- Yeah, sure

Excuse me will you, Colonel?

Pour some champagne, will you, Goonner?

What's the matter, fellow?
- Jack, I can't screw that girl

Oh? Why's that, Floyd?

I never could screw a girl who says bullshit.

Bullshit this, bullshit that...
...turns me right off

Yeah, I know what you mean

Wait right here, Floyd

- Wong May!
- Are you boys hungry?
- Get them something to eat, will you, honey?

Do you see that guy back there?
- Yes

- Tell him you're new and you don't speak English.
- Groovy!

Jack! Telephone!

Here, sugar

Mr. Tan, how's business?
- Businesses is terrible, Jack

- And why is that?
- My son is a Chinese idiot.


Yeah, I remember you, pal

Oh, that's easy. You take a left past the old Methodist church.
We're half a mile on your right

Yeah, okay

- Yusof!
That guy at the end of the bar, does he want a girl?

Just a drink. Hennessy XO

He has good taste.
- Take care of him, Nancy. He's not happy.

- He makes me happy.
- Goodnight, Jack.

Yeah, see you pal

Who's outside?

Okay okay, Jack. I'm a dog.
I'm here to bark.

- Fair
- No, it's good!

- Fairly good. Too much garlic.
- A little, Jack. Just a little.

- What do you think?
- I like garlic.

- Do you want to eat, Jack?
- No, it's too early yet

It is always early. You must eat.
If you don't eat, you will die.

I know, I know, I know.

Are you depressed about something, kid?
- My boyfriend making trouble for me

- Oh, you got a new boyfriend?
- Same boyfriend.

I thought you dropped that guy?

I have no time for him.
He work all day, I work all night.

- Why don't you give him a present?
- Present?


Here, give him this.
Glows in the dark.

Good-looking cigar! Cuban?
- Yeah

- Indonesian. Made of paper.
- Well, try one of these.

- Ah, thanks! I'll smoke it after dinner.
- Jack.

- Yeah?
- Do you know Englishmen?

Yeah, I know them. Hi Henry.
They're okay, honey

Good evening

Good evening

She's beautiful. Where's she from?
- Ceylon.

- Ceylon?
- Yeah. They call it Sri Lanka now
- Yeah, I know

They've screwed up all the names.
Zanzibar, Congo, Siam, Persia - all gone

Millions of people were killed because of that fucking thing!

- Just a minute, huh?
- Yeah sure.

- What are you doing wearing that, for chrissake? Answer me!
- Take it easy, buster!

- Take it easy yourself. What the hell do you let her wear that for?
- It's an old Buddhist symbol.

- What?
- Stands for peace, love and happiness.

- Oh? Really?
- That's right. The prick didn't even invent that.

Honestly Jacko!
How can you expect me to pierce the valley of pleasure
with all this noise going on?

It upsets my concentration
- We're sorry, Froggie. Aren't we, pal?

- Yeah. Erm... Sorry
- Buy him a drink, honey


It's all very well, you know, Jacko...

...but this evening has been a long upward climb...

...and now I've tumbled to the bottom.

- Want something?
- No, I'm not hungry.
- It's uphill

Where will it end, Jacko?
Hey? Where will it end?

- Are you crying again, Smale?
- No, he's not crying, Jacko. He is pissed!

Ah keep it down, can't you Froggie?

Keep it down?
I've been trying all night to keep it up!

- Steady dear!
- How tall are you, Mr. Froggie?

Oh, about 6 foot 4, my dear

Oh! Tall enough to kiss an elephant's balls!

Judy, Judy!

Hey Jack, how come I haven't heard about this place?

How long have you been open?

A couple of months.
We're not in Yellow Pages yet.

- Why the hell did you call it Done Roaming?
- Why the hell not?

Hey, Mac!
- Jack! Telephone!
- Put it on hold

- Leaving so soon?
- Well, I saw what I came to see.

- And what's that?
- You, Jack.

Well you've got me all wrong, sweetheart

I have something for you I think you'll like.
- [I'll call you]

- OK pal. What are you, Italian?
- The name's Schuman, Eddie Schuman.


William Leigh? Jesus Christ!
Where the hell are you calling from?

You're here!

It is, isn't it?
I don't know where it went.

So, how you doing?
Couldn't be better.

Look, why don't you hop in a cab and get over here?

You work too hard, William.

Okay, I'll pick you up around five o'clock.


Yusof, let me have a scotch, will you?

What did you do with that cigar?

It's long enough for both of us.

- Bye Jack!
- See you soon, boys

- Mr. Jack, Mr. Hing want to see you in a hurry
- Fuck him

- Fuck him?
- Just get Mr. Leigh out here

- But Mr. Hing...
- Just hurry up, will you?

Yankee, go home.

- Hey, man. Where are you from?

- Buffalo? How about you, Red?
- Houston

- Memphis
- Wichita Falls.

- Two men from Texas, how do you stand it?
- It ain't easy!

- Where are you stationed?
- In Danan.

Ah, rough

- Yeah
- Yeah

- Have you been there?
- No, I'm a little too old. Korea.

No shit. My old man was in Korea.
Got a couple of fingers blown off

- How long you boys gonna be here?
- We're going to Bangkok tomorrow.

- R & R
- One whole week

Oh, you're gonna love it, you're gonna love it.
Gotta get yourself a Thai massage.
You know what that is?

Hell yeah!

That's where two women soap themselves up
One works the front...

...the other works the back
You're a sandwich!

Don't let me hold you up, boys.
Have fun.

- See you
- Goodbye

- Hi Jack!
- William!

- Sorry to keep you waiting
- Don't worry about it. Hop in

- Wow! Any peacocks in the garden yet?
- Well, I am working on that!

How long you staying this time?

Oh, I'm doing a rather leisurely audit
Giving myself a night or two on the town

That's the spirit!

You know, when I though about that night in Singapore
I felt as though I must have dreamed it

- You didn't get to play any squash
- Well, I've gone off squash a bit

What's going on over there?

A vice raid.

Perhaps they're behind in their payments.


How they hanging, Sahib?
- Hanging very good!

Glad to hear it

How's your son? I haven't seen him.
- Good, Jack. He goes to school.

- Wow!
- Kind of hot!

- Hey, Katie!
- Hello Jack.

William Leigh, Katie Horner.

- Hello
- How do you do?

- What are you doing at the Raffles, Jack? Slumming?
- Ah... You're looking good

- Don't sound so surprised
- Erm... Cigarettes. I'll just go

- How are thekids?
- Oh, they're fine. They still ask about you

- Oh, yeah? No kidding!
- It's been two years

- That long?
- That long!

- Well, I started feeling kinda funny about it again
- Funny?

Yeah. I thought to myself, this is getting too regular
Like being married.

And you know how I feel about that.
- Yes. It ruins your sense of humour

- I should've called you, Katie.
- Yes. You should have.

Come on, William.

You should feel right at home here.
- Oh yeah. The dear departed days of the empire

- Two Singapore Slings
- Very well sir.

- And a glass of water.
- Hey, Jacko!


Pull up a pew. We're celebrating our 23rd

Oh yeah? Well, happy day. Four Slings!
Sit down, William.

Ms. Yates, you're looking more beautiful than ever
- Thank you, Jack. You always exaggerate

- Haven't we met?
- William Leigh.

- L-E-I-G-H.
- Oh, yes!

- Jack
- Yes?

- Did you know Henry and I first met here?
- No kidding!

- At the palm court
- Well, I'll be...

I was standing on the piano at the time, I believe
- and I was as drunk as a lord!

- But he was so dashing in his uniform.
- I'll bet he was!

- Where were you stationed? In the...
- The Royal Navy

- Oh, of course!
- Now the Royal Malaysian Navy.

They're wearing our uniforms
- Are they? Are they?

Come the three corners of the world in arms
and we shall shock them

- Quite!
- Henry is very well-read

I know he is

Isn't this where Kipling, Maugham
and all those writer fellows used to hang out?

Oh yeah, that's right

Mrs. Yates, did I ever tell you about my days as a writer?

- I don't believe so, Jack.
- Well, I was knocking around the world, you know?

And then one day, in Manila I think, I was down on my luck and broke
I went to see about this job...

...on a ship and the skipper asked me what I did

I said I do anything
but I'm really a writer

And he says: Oh you write, do you?
And I said: Yes, sir.

Then he said: Well, pick up that pad and pencil
So I picked up the pad and pencil and he says
- Write!

I said: Shoot!
And he says: Carrots, 400 pounds. Flour, 80 pounds

Ah, here we go!
William, did you ever taste a Singapore Sling?

I'll be right back. Excuse me

- Did I say something wrong?
- Nah

He forgot his pills.

- What's up with him? Something you said?
- Yes, I'vehad too much to drink


You forget your pills
- Oh yeah!

The heat must have brought it on

- What is it? Your ticker?
- It's a bit wonky

- Why don't I call you a doctor?
- No, really

- Look, I know...
- I think I'm going to just lie down a little.

Okay, let me give you a hand.

- So embarrassing!
- What's so embarrassing?

Why didn't you tell me you didn't feel good?

Look, let me just take a taxi. I'll be alright
- What are you talking about!

Mr William Leigh, from Hong Kong. One night.
Give me the key, fast.

- The register, sir?
- The man doesn't feel well, come on!

- Please Jack, let me...
- Forget about it. Tax deductible

- Hundred ten.
- It's... it's quite unnecessary.

Alright, here we go.

This is so silly...

We'll get you in some nice air conditioning

I'm terribly sorry

Will you quit apologizing?
Fucking English national pastime!

It's all we've got left

All right, which way?

Come on, William.

- Well! This is very grand!

Oh, that lovely chill!

- I can bring the baggage, sir?
- Oh, no bags

What are you smiling at?
- Nothing sir.

Hey, get the hell out of here

He thinks we're a couple of boys in heat.
- Oh dear! That'll bash your reputation, huh?


Nothing else I can bring you?
- No thanks. I'm feeling much better now.

I just need cool my "ticker", as you call it
- Okay, William.

I'll erm... I'll visit your place tomorrow.

Any time. Any time.
You try to get some sleep, and you call me if you need anything.

I will, I will.
You've been very kind.

Shut up and sleep

- Good morning, Tuan. Beautiful day.
- Yeah, that's right

Mr. Leigh call from Hing's office


He say "Ticker fine, thank you very much"
- and say he will call you back

Hey, that's good

- A little more milk, willya?

I got my eye on you
- so watch your step!

Do you want some tea, kiddo?
- You kidding me?


Don't you know any other songs, for chrissake?
- Of course, no sweat!

Come on, come with
me, sing with me!

Sleep a little longer honey,
it's still early.


Yusof, Yusof! Come here.

Get the girls inside and nobody comes downstairs
I mean nobody


Jimmy, Jimmy!
You and Esther - in the kitchen.

And stay there.

We're closed, fellows
Why don't you come back after seven?

Do you care to buy some interesting books, Mr. Flowers?

What are you selling?

Special bizarre sexual material

Anything else I can do for you boys?

Are you positive you don't care to buy them, Mr. Flowers?

I'll take a dozen. How much?

For you, cheap. We have much special in the car.
Would you care to choose

You choose them.

Oh, Mr. Flowers! Everybody has their own preference in sex

I like this...
...maybe you don't like

Alright boys. Let's get it over with
before I drop-kick this little sucker down the hill

Honey, get out of here.
- No, they'll kill you, Jack.

No, no. They're trying to scare me.
Get inside. Esther, take her inside

- They will kill you.
- Get her outta here!

I think you should choose you
books, Mr. Flowers.

Looks that way

- I am a dog, only here to bark.
- Get yourself a drink, buddy. See you later

Where are the girls? Are they alright?

Everybody leave. Gangsters come back.

Take everything.
Destroy everything.

- Yeah. You got a drink?
- You bet!

Did they hurt you bad, Jack?
- Nah, they just wrote all over me, that's all

- You want something to eat?
- No, no

- Jesus Christ, Jack!
- Read me what it says, Jimmy

Go ahead

Just read the words

I am poison and death.

Remove this, you will die.
- Yes?

Red goat face

Whore's boy
- What?

Whore's boy, like son of prostitute

Curse of dog shit

Jimmy, you stay out of sight
You haven't seen me.

Twelve dollars. Twelve dollars.

Yes I know. Can you wait?

Five dollars.

Wait, I just want
to see if he's here.

Better wait one month.
Then come back.

No. Let's go Harry.
Let's get this show on the road, huh?

It will hurt

Maybe you should wait for it to heal.

- Don't you have a plane to catch?
- No, don't worry

Do not worry about it Harry
You just... do a little bit...

...because I want to see the quality of your work.

- Quality depend on money
- Money's no object, Harry!

You know that

What the hell's the difference?
I'm broke anyway!

So what's the choice, Harry?
What have we got here?

- What you like?
- What've you got?

What do you think?
- My God, I don't know!

I mea, it's not like choosing a tie, is it?

I'll tell you what, Harry.

- Give me the flowers. Over there
- Can do

Everything, flowers.

That's a good idea, you know.
Vines, leaves, cowsail areas

- I'm gonna miss you, William
- Thank you.

Do you know Singapore got its name, William?

Well, erm... it was nothing but jungle, you know
- Yes

Nobody ever crossed over it
Then one day, this Hindu prince...

He rose over with a big bunch of people.
A hunting party

They were gonna shoot some deer,
with bows and arrows, all that...

and, erm... they traipsed around a while...

...and wait a minute!
What do they spot?


A tiger.
Then they spot another tiger.

And then some more tigers.
They were up to their asses in tigers!

So they run. They run like hell, you know?

They hop back in their boats,
they row away, and the prince says...

Boy! That place is something!
I'm gonna name it!

I'm gonna call it Singapura
Lion City

Lion City!

I thought you said
they were tigers.

Well that's right!
That's the point of the story, William

The dummy couldn't tell a tiger from a lion

- That's very funny
- What can you expect...

...a place that got started like that?
- Quite

- Hey, Harry, how long is this gonna take?
- All night.

William, you'd better get outta here
You got a plane to catch

I think... I'll wait.

Get the fuck outta here!


Oh! We can't shake hands!

See you next year.
- Yeah sure. See you next year.

Harry, Harry, Harry.
Do you do this for a living?

Thanks Harry, I'll see you
- Be careful, Jack.


- Mr. Flowers? - Yes

Mr. Schuman asked me to pick you up.
He'd like you to have lunch with him

- Is it air conditioned?
- Yes sir.

Okay then

How old are you, kid?
- Twenty-one, sir.

Seen any action?

No sir. I just drive for Mr Schuman, sir

Ah, Well, where've you been lately?

Mr. Schuman asked me to give you a box of his cigars

He said he knows you'll enjoy them

Mr. Schuman.

- Jack, how are you?
- Pretty good, Eddie

- Mr. Schuman, should I wait...?
- Why don't you go, erm... Marvin?

Jack, have a seat, will you?
Sit down.

Henry, two youmes.

- How's it going honey?
- Hello darling

- Fast worker, Eddie. How'd you find me?
- Top secret. Here, have some of this

I'll have a beer.

Bobby, when did you get in?
- Yesterday.

Tonight I'm coming to Done Roaming
- Ah, you're too late, pal. They closed me down

Oh, no!

- You ever been to Amsterdam, Jack?
- Not yet.

They're very subtle over there

The girls sit in shop windows, you know
with red lights burning, right?

- Yes.
- In case missed the point

See you later.
Sorry to hear it

That's alright, Bobby. You take care now


- Do you speak Chinese too?
- A little Cantonese.

You speak Italian?
- Yeah, some

Sure. Your name's Giovanni Fiori.
John Flowers.

First generation
- Yeah, that's right!

Born Buffalo, New York, August 28, 1931.

Now eat that, Shamir. That's very good.
- I don't like with the head on

- But the head is the best part
- I don't like.

You fought in Korea.
A purple heart

Went to college on the GI bill
Majored in English Lit.

Why'd you quit writing?
- I didn't know enough

In '59 you left the States
Shipped out on a freighter bound for Jakarta...
...and then?

What are you? In the CIA?

There was a general in the Civil War,
he thought it'd be a very good idea...

if his men had a little sexual activity to relieve the...

So, he went to Lincoln
and he convinced him to...

...send a bunch of girls up to the front

Now, this general's name was Hooker

Oh yeah?

Well, the army's still in the cat-house business.

But I guess you wouldn't be interested in that

Did you hear the one about the guy with a rash on his arm?

Goes to a skin doctor,
they try everything, creams...

...ointments, injections
No go

Finally he goes to a specialist in Copenhagen

The doctor asks him...
"What do you do for a living?"

The guy says...
"I work in a circus. I give enemas to elephants"

The thing is, if you give an enema to an elephant,
you have to shove your arm up its ass.
The doctor says...

That's it! You give up your job, I guarantee you...

the rash will go away!

The guy says...
"What? And give up show business?"

To the bus. To the bus.

Hi guys. Give me a kiss.

Let's go. Let's move on.

Over there.

Over there.

Come on boys.
Come on help me get you on the bus

Up, come. To the bus, let's go.

Oh, please!

No, up. To the bus.

I do not want.

Judy honey. Give me a drink, will you?
Come here, handsome!

Where's Jimmy?
- In the kitchen.

You tell Hing no more Australian beef

Not Australian. Prime US

Prime, your ass!

Probably not even Australian
Probably Malaysian!

- No cow in Malaysia
- What?

- No cow in Malaysia.
- Yeah, that's right!

Jimmy, come here.

- What do you want?
- You selling smack to these kids?

- Smack?
- Heroin

No, no, Jack.

If I catch you selling heroin, you're out on your ass.

No no.

You old-fashioned, Jack.
- I don't know what I am,

but one more time and I'm gonna kill you.

What, you got the day off?
- You wake up in the wrong bed, Tuan?

Yeah, I know.
How's it going, kid?

- He's in love.
- Do not bother, man.

Wait a minute... you mean dog trap.

Not dog trap, that big guy we saw out in Filepeli.

- Yeah, I know the guy you mean
- What the hell was that fucker's name?

He caught the clap in Bangkok.

- That's the one!
- Blond. He got killed, didn't he?

Fuck yeah!

Took a fucking mortar in the back of the head
What was his name?

That was that guy "Lone Star"

You fucking with us now, man?

Lone Star? Fucking Lone Star's in a hospital in Tokyo
- Getting blown!

Who the fuck cares who the fucker was?

Hey, Flowers. What ashole talked you into all them tattoos?

Well, I'll tell you the truth, fellows
I had this long phone call once...

...I started doodling...
...ran outta paper...

Hey, asshole!

Hey! You got a joint?

Come on, come on. Give me a joint

Come on, it's alright
Let's get her inside
Come on, let's put on some ice on it

Judy, come on. Get some ice
- Come on, sweetheart

Alright, sweetheart
Put some ice on it, Judy

Come on girls
Get back to your rooms

Let's go
The party's over, guys

Hi honey

Tell the truth
Somebody bit it off in a fit of passion?

You can level with me
I won't tell anybody

No, huh?
Born that way?

Oh, what the hell?

Hey, Flowers, get your ass over here

- Hey, the flowers?
- Who the hell are you talking about?

Hey, you know that guy from Mississippi?

No no. You know, that crazy motherfucker
who rigged a grenade in the shithouse

Oh, yeah! He's really crazy!

Old Muller went to take a piss
and got the shit blown outta him!

Yeah, The Man tried to blame it on Charlie

- Ain't nothing new there, man
- Hey, pass that joint

Can't you just see Charlie digging up there
to rig one shithouse?

Give me a toke

- Fucking command's crazy anyhow
- No shit!

The last tour I was on
we had goddamn orders not to shoot back...

...going through villages
- Hey, what the fuck...

Hey man, when you gonna pass that joint?
I've been waiting all day.

- Mr. Flowers. - Yes?

- Mr. Schuman is in your office
- Okay

See you later, boys
- Where the hell you going?

- Top brass
- Up their ass, man!

- Come on, Millie, have a toke
- No, I don't want to start. We're not allowed to smoke

No, no. Not allowed in Singapore

No shit, man

- Hey, Eddie
- You can't win here

- Jack, you eat
- No thanks

- You must eat. If not, you die! You know?
- I know, I know.

- Those are for you
- No kidding? Thanks a lot

There's a couple of bigwigs coming through town tomorrow

Yeah? So?


One of them swings the other way
Find me something, will you?

- Jack!
- Yeah?

Shirley said she's pissed off
She's going home

I said: "Are you kidding me?"
She says she's going home anyway

What's the matter with her?
- Hello, Eddie.

- Hello gorgeous
Who the hell knows with Shirley?

Ah! Let her go
- Ah! Let her go?

What about Hing?
- Fuck him

You fuck him!

Are you going to dig me up a boy, Jack?
To help out the army?

Call Manny Long. She handles boys


She can handle this place too

We're in the slaughterhouse business, Eddie

We're the ones that fatten them up
- Yeah, I know.

Like the man said
Never touch shit, even with gloves on

Yeah, that's right

Did you know you still can't get these in the States?

Yeah, I know

Ever since Kennedy and Castro
you can't get a good cigar in America

You see that?
Take your places!

Yeah, everybody's dead!

The war's over, man
Everybody's going home

You hope!

- No more boys, Tuan?
- It looks that way

Mr Jack! Mr Jack!

- Hey, the Gope!
- Mr Jack!

I don't see you in a long time.
- Yeah I know.

How's our friend Hing?
- Fuck him!

You want some medicine, Mr Jack?
- Yeah! Medicine is good

You got some stashed away?
- Yeah. Just a second

Somebody played around with the desk
I'll get my glass

- How's it going, Smiley?
- It goes good

Armo get shit-kicked by Vietcong

Yeah, that's right

No more money, Uncle Sam
Better you go home

- I'm thinking about it
- Go home! Where buffalo roam

You know, I'm gonna miss you, Smiley

- Hi Jack

What are you doing, Hing?
The man looks exhausted. Let him out of his cell, will you?

- I'll have to finish tomorrow, Mr. Hing.
- Okay, okay. Eight o'clock

- Nothing ever changes, huh William?
- No, nothing ever does

Thanks, Gopi, see you around

You know what I mean

Wait here a minute will you, William?

Hey, have a drink, Tommy

Came out good, huh?

You got legs too

Yeah, that's right
How would you like one of them up your ass?

Hello, Wally
- Hello Jack

The lynching party hasn't arrived yet, I see

It's still early
Scotch and... what the hell are you drinking?

Plymouth Pink!

- What are you going to do, Jack?
- Oh, I don't know. Something will turn up

We'll be going back soon anyway
Margaret's getting a bit restless

What are you going to do?
Gonna Retire? Grow roses? Huh?

You know, maybe that Schuman fellow could put you in touch with
some real money, and...

in this way to return home. could go home
Yeah, maybe

You've seen what can happen out here
These old Anglos...

...difting from day to day
No job, no visas...

Even the Coolies live better

I'll be alright, William

Scotch. Plymouth Pink

It's best to know when to quit

Hello, hello, hello

- Hi Jack
- Hi, Froggy

Hi Jacko

- Pity about your recent fiasco, Jack
- Hardly surprising though

They didn't tell you they were going, did they Jack?

No, they were his fellow countrymen, you silly sod!

Typical American failure,
don't you think so, Leigh?

Absolutely! Basically a nation of amateur ponces
From their president down...

..all the way down to Jacko

They try to run the world like a bloody bordello

And making such a balls of it

Any comments, Mr. Leigh? Any questions...

- I'll be right back
- Are you alright, William?


It's next to the food
You can't miss it

Yes I know. Thank you.

I never ordered for beer, Wallo!

These gentlemen may drink beer,
but you know perfectly well that I...

I never drink beer on a Wednesday

Nice and warm is it, Wallo?

Wednesdays I always drink a Frogget


- Frogget?
- Frogget!

I'll tell you what a Frogget is

It's a large gin, a kiss of lime, a ton of ice,...

...big glass, and soda


Oh, Wally. Listen
It's perfectly simple if you concentrate

Large gin, kiss of lime, ton of ice,..

...big glass, soda

A Gin and Tonic!

Apparently that's what I'm going to get
It's not like this back home, is it, Smale?

What you forget is this used to be home

- Yeah, and what happened to all that?
- We gave it all back to them!

- And were they grateful?
- No
- No

You weren't grateful, were you Wally?

This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle...

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars...

This blessed plot, this earth, this England

This other Eden, this demi-fucking-paradise...

What is it, William?
Is it your heart?

Now, do you think you can get up?
It's cooler inside

Can you hear me, William?

Do you want me to call a doctor?

- He is sick?
- Wally, will you turn that thing off, for chrissake?

Call a doctor. Get me some help!

Hurry up.

Wait, wait. Wait!
You just lean on me, huh?

That's it, lean on me.

Lean on me

You're gonna be alright

Are you alright, mate?

Alright. There's a step down here, William
That's right

You'll be alright, sport
Here we go

Does he... want his drink?

Here we go
That's right

Set him down here

Watch out.

You'll be fine, you'll see.

- What the matter Jacko?
- Is he alright?

Grab his legs

Grab his legs!


Come on, William

Come on, William!

He's gone, Jacko

What time is the funeral?

Cloak and dagger, Eddie
Why couldn't you talk to me on the phone?

There's a guy going to Saigon next week

To check out the withdrawal

A politician
Family man, couple of kids. Democrat.

Yeah? So?


Some people think he's too opinionated

They'd like something to put him in his place

Like what?

Pictures, tapes... whatever

For a minute there
I thought you were going to ask me to kill him

You're not that desperate, are you?

Ah! Some people when they're desparate the think about suicide

Me, I'm different. I think about murder

- The whole island used to be like this, did you know that?
- Uh-huh

- Ten degrees cooler, too
- Uh-huh

- So what do you say?
- Who names the price?

Go ahead

This stinks, Eddie. You know that

The expenses now, and twenty-five thousand...

...on delivery

I could use a drink

It's a good piece of change, Jack.
Twenty-five grand

Give you a chance to go home

It's a beautiful day, Jack
The gods are happy to see your friend

They are, huh?

Sun shine. Very good

You're very lucky too
You've got a new job, no?

Make some bread, huh?
- Yeah, that's right

I hope it doesn't rain

It won't rain for an hour or so

What about the... remains, Jack?

- I'll handle it
- Well, Hing's buggered off

I'll handle it

Let's go for a drink
The day is a dead loss anyway

No point in going to work now

Can't somebody stop those bastards!

You guys go ahead. I'll see you later

The noise torments the gods,
it is very lucky to make noise.

Also to make devils pissed off

- Excuse me, can I help you, sir?
- No, I was just looking for a friend
- Certainly

- You want something Tuan?
- Yeah, let me have a scotch. Make it a double

Yes sir.

You know what I find so luxurious about Singapore?
It's the exotic atmosphere...

Exotic name, yet everyonee speaks English

It's rather like having your cake and eating it too

All the mysteries of the East
All the comforts of the West

Hey, no wonder we can't get you outta here!

Yes, Senator. But it's so boring. I prefer Paris

Yes, Nina, you in Paris...

Nina always wants to be some place else
Don't we all, Jim?

- Yes. But not tonight, Eddie!

You're sweet, you know that?

Thanks for coming. Enjoy this evening

It's been really wonderful.
I will recommend it.

- So you're from Singapore, right?
- Yes, I'm from Singapore

And my parents are from Singapore too

Only my grandparents are not from Singapore

- So where are your grandparents from?
- From France, originally

Oh, really? That's interesting

You're little mini United Nations all by yourself!

Well, thanks for a most entertaining evening

Though I must say that it had very little to do with you

Oh, Senator, I think we have to
thank Eddie for bringing us together

Excuse me

- I'll see you at eight in the morning, Jim
- Fine, Eddie

- Good night, Senator

Watch your step

Excuse me, sir
Do you want a nice girl tonight?

No, thank you

Give me your room number,
I'll send her up to your room

I said no, thank you.

Hey mister!
You want to have a nice time?

Thank you, I'm just out for a walk

And you have a nice time, sir

- How's it going?
- Fine, thanks

- It's pretty warm, Singapore, isn't it?
- Yeah, pretty warm

- Would you like to take a walk?
- Sure, why not?

Thanks a lot

- What's your name, kid?
- Tony, but I'm busy.

Yeah, I know
What's the room number?

What are you? Police?

Here. Two fifty

Count it

Alright, now give it back

What's the room number?

One one five three

Another two fifty
Leave the door open

Don't worry. Nobody's gonna get hurt

Go ahead. He's waiting for you

Come on in

- Tuan?
- Out here, pal

Good morning, Monika.

The pictures are ready, Tuan

Taxi man fix. They come out good
- Thanks pal

- You lay someone, Tuan?
- I guess so

- It's too much, Tuan.
- It's nothing, Yusof. It's money

God bless you, Tuan
God bless you

Yeah, you too


- Yeah, honey, would you get me Hong Kong again?
- Number, please?

- 388741
- Thank you


- Mrs Leigh?

Mrs William Leigh?
- Yes, that's right

I'm Jack Flowers, I'm calling from Singapore.
I hope I didn't wake you

- No, not at all
- Oh, that's good

Well, I've been trying to call, but no answer

- Well, I've been avoiding the telephone
- Yeah, I can understand that

Did everything go well, Mr... Flowers?
No problems?

Oh, the funeral. It went okay, maam

- It was all so sudden
- Yeah, just like that

- Who are you, Mr Flowers?
- Me? I work for Hing

- I see. Did you know William
- Yeah, I knew him. A little bit

I have his ashes here and I thought I'd drop by Hong Kong

- That's far too much trouble
- No, it's right on my way

- No no, really
- It's no trouble

I'd prefer you just post them

Are you sure?

Yes. Thank you, very much
Don't mention it, Mrs Leigh

- I'd rather not... see you

- Okay

- Goodbye, Mr Flowers
- Goodnight, Mrs Leigh


Are you going somewhere?

Sri Lanka, Colombo. Home.

You go to America. Bye-bye
I go to Ceylon

- So long, pal
- What are you sore about?

Who said I'm sore? I'm happy

Now I've got some money
I'll buy myself a rich boy

In Singapore, men buy the women,

in Ceylon, women buy the men

Better in Ceylon.
- So long kid

So long, kid! Tough guy!

I'll look for you in Ceylon.
- Yeah sure.


- I want to send this registered
- Any insurance?

- Yeah, I guess so
- Value?

- What's your tops?
- A thousand dollars

So, how much?

Five dollars plus the postage, total eleven eighty

- Insurance name?
- Mrs William Leigh...

...the name's right here. Address too

- Contents?
- Just personal effects.


Hey, Eddie!

Fuck it!

Do you think maybe I should do something?

Let's get out of here.

Hey, Charlie, how's it going?

Hey, how's business?

How are you doing, kids?