Saint Clara (1996) - full transcript

The year is 1999 and the storyline is actually a number of sub-plots all revolving around the 13-year old Clara, a girl that can predict the future and has telekinetic powers. The sub-plots include a boy in her class who has a crush on her, his family, her family and her principal that keeps talking French for some strange reason. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Saint Clara

Based upon the novel by
Pavel & Yelena Kohout

Golda School 1999

Liby! Get rid of the oranges!
The cards are coming!

Whatever happens, nobody says anything.

Something very unusual happened in this class.

This is the first time in the history
of the school ---

maybe in the history of the whole
education system ---

that a whole class, all of you,
got a perfect 100.

It's amazing.

Not one of these 24 creations

contains a single mistake.

It's amazing. They're all correct.

And not only that,
they're all solved the same way.

It's like a cloud of telepathy fell
over the class.

And so it goes, that Galit Biron,
whose weighted average

comes close to 37, thinks exactly
the same way as Elinor Galash,

whose average is 107.

- (whispered): Square!
- Doesn't it strike you as a bit odd?

Now, there's a big difference

between a small sophisticated connivance,
and organization leading to anarchy.

And it turns out that you need
some brains to cheat.

And if you had some brains,

you would have distributed some
good grades to this mediocre class

and some lower grades.

But hundreds for everyone,
that's apparent. Apparent!

This, gentlemen, is an act of rebellion.

And like any act of rebellion,
there's the leader,

and there are the following masses.

A herd of stinking swines!

Now, if there's a swine in this class
who wishes to be Napoleon one time

let him stand up and confess.


First thing, take another green.

This green, relaxation-wise,
equals two oranges.

But concentration-wise,
it can put an elephant to sleep for a week.

It's true everybody's using oranges.

But we, as the leadership, can afford ourselves

a green before investigation.


Mademoiselle Elinor Galash,
what a name you have.

We both know you're the only one in the class

who can solve all 100 exercises in this book,

without connection to what the teacher
chose to give you in the exam.

What do you want, headmaster?

That I'll hang myself on the
basket because of that,

and they'll find a note in my mouth
saying "I didn't betray"?

I see your problem.

A problem common with geniuses
of your genre.

I understand you're a very lonely girl.

One that can be easily used to solve
100 exercises in the night

for a little warmth and love.

You're right. Sometimes I walk in
the street, and am amazed at

how men my father's age turn
their head when they see me.

But what does that have to do
with what happened in class?

Cool down, alright?

I'm only trying to be alert to
my students' mental balance.

That's all.

In every crime, there's a number one,
and a number two.

Number one is in charge of planning.
Number two

is the slave, the gimp.

The one that gets the maximum
penalty while the head sneaks out.

And why do you think they go on
number two during investigation?

Because he has the most chances
of inheriting the brain.

A natural mistake of number twos.

They go on him because he's
emotionally weak.

You see, Monsieur Rosenthal?

Number two carries around a lot
of frustrations towards the leader.

OK, I can see you think I'm number two.

That I have a lot of frustrations,
that I feel inferior.

But we both know you have nothing on me.

I see you're not only depressive
with a tendency for violence,

but you're also not very smart.

If you were a little more alert
you'd see that...

you'll be sold anyway.

But I see you want to be number two forever.

Don't worry, I won't be in your way.

Me, I'm only interested in one thing:

Who is the swine that blackmailed
Elinor Galash?

Let me tell you about a dream
I had last night.

In this dream, I'm sitting in a bobsleigh

which slides at fantastic speed
down the snow tunnels.

And who do you think sits there
in front of me?

Edith Piaf sits there.

Edith Piaf.

Who's that, headmaster?

The fact that you don't know who
she is, is irrelevant to the story.

Ask your father who she is.

And while we slide,

she sings "Non, Ne Je Regrette Rien".

And I hold her slim waist and I feel
how her holy voice flows

right into my heart.

And people stand on the sides
and clap their hands,

serving us cups of tea like in a marathon.

But the slope never ends.

And I look for the brake,
and there isn't any.

You see how it's connected with you, Tikel?

Have you ever been in love, Tikel?

At your age I was desperately in
love with a girl.

I did a lot of nonsense to impress her.

You know what she does today?

She works at the post office.

Sitting and putting stamps,
with her butt.

Never mind. Sometimes you do
mistakes out of blindness, Tikel.

But at the end, we each go back
to our natural place.

Like the salmon.

Like the salmon,

that comes back to where it was spawned,

After circling the northern ocean

for four years and two months.

Now, I want you to admit your
pathetic attempt at rebellion.

Admit it now.

Look, I don't know what the other
children told you,

but I didn't copy no exam, and
didn't organize any rebellion.

I sat down, and solved the exercises.

But I do believe I understand
the salmon parable.

Get out of my office.

Galit Biron!!!

- Did you take a pill?
- No, Leader.

I'll cut your head off and spill all
your blood if you say anything.

Clara Chanov!!!

Maybe you want to guess who told on you?

You were there a long time, eh?

I don't need to guess, I know.
Galit Biron.

Know, yes. And maybe you claim
she made it all up?

No, not at all.

Zvi. Let me.

All this is not interesting.

What interests me is how she got
the questions for the exam,

which were marked in your book,
which was locked in your private locker.

I didn't break into anywhere, headmaster.

No, no, sure you didn't.

Zvi. Stop.

Look, Clara. We both know your parents
immigrated here from some remote hole

in Asian Russia.
But you're a pretty intelligent girl.

Believe me, I know how things work.

You're only the cone. The delta.

I'm here to help you.
Do you understand what I'm saying?

Now. Tell me, how did you get the
questions for the exam?

You gave them the number, didn't you?
Did you or did you not?

- I did, headmaster.
- (in French) I knew it.

(resumes Hebrew) How did you get them?

An idea came to me.

A what?

An idea.

An idea?

An idea came to you?

Very interesting.

Yes, an idea came to me, about the
exercises in the book we'll get.

Munitz said the question for the
exam will be from the book.

So I sat at home, opened the book,

and the exercises jumped in front
of my eyes.

This lovely building that you see
behind me, with the elegant dome

is a nuclear plant. A narrow fissure
in a thin aluminium pipe

separates this plant from the
plutonium leak that will cause

the death of thousands in horrible agony.

This is the dog Charlie.

Charlie is the dog that will warm
your legs, in the cold winter nights.

Two days after the mushroom sinks,

Charlie's fur will fall down, and
he will look like a mouse.

Say, dad - do you think anyone
can tell the future?

Eh, dad?

I think the past is much more
interesting than the future.

We have one, in the class, that knows
what will happen in the future.

Who's that?

You don't know her.
A Russian, kind of weird.

With purple eyes.

This is the first time you're talking
about girls in this house.

You know, when I was your age,

my dream was to know what
everybody's thinking about me.

I'd lie for hours in bed, trying to imagine

what each and every one of
the kids thinks about me.

Until this day I keep dreaming
about knowing what others are thinking.

Mainly, I'd like to know what my
inmates are thinking while I

beat the hell out of them.

I'm not talking about the thoughts
they have when they think they're not guilty

but about what they're thinking
when they see my hand

smacking on their face at 120 kmh.

What are they thinking?

How did you say that girl was called?

Clara. Her name is Clara.

I'm freaking out in here.
I'm gonna call Rozy.

... These little children with the orange capes.

This is how it would look in
your own back yard,

where your children play in the afternoon
in front of your eyes,

the day after the mushroom sinks.

We came on a dead day.

Say, who's that Marilyn Monroe, after
which the seismographic institute is called?

Marilyn Monroe.
What, don't you know her?

She was Richter's whore.
The one from the earthquake scale.

Just so you know, when there's an
earthquake, the seismograph is happy.

It starts drawing Marilyn Monroe.

They tell the strength of the earthquake
in Richter by the size of her breasts.

What a real sex maniac Richter was.

Say, dad - Who is Edith Piaf?

Edith Piaf? She was some French
singer. Not too bad, really.

She used to fuck all kinds of
third-rate boxers. Why do you ask?

Our headmaster used to know her.



I like this day the best.
First class is sports.

I don't know how you can even breathe
in sports with this stinking weather.

At least at home you can close the shutters.

Right, they evacuated Asthma to the hospital

in the middle of the 600m run last week.

But still, I prefer sports to
classes in the classroom.

In the classroom, seven minutes
after the class starts, I go nuts.

After a quarter of an hour,
I'd rather die than suffer that misery.

Say, isn't there... one teacher,
which you... like?

Hate them all. I hate them to death.

I think you insulted
mom a bit yesterday.

Sensitive woman, your mother.

What did you do with Rozy yesterday?

I didn't go to him at the end.
I went to the forest.

What did you do in the forest?


What's nothing?

I don't know.

What do you mean "I don't know"?

Come on, Eddie, get in the car,
you cocksucker.

I have some things to do until we get there.

That's Vered, Rozy's sister.

Come on, get in!

There are two kinds of girls I can't stand.

Whores and snitches.

You're both a whore and a snitch.

We'll have to kill you.

Rozy, the flower looks ready to be watered.

You have the mind of a horse,

so you should be able to understand that the
chemical effect of a lighter and fuel, is called fire.

You're insane, Rozy! That's real fire...

Let me go! We have a math test now!

Instead of sports we have a math test again.

How do you know?

Clara told me.

When did she tell you?

Right now.

Can you, maybe, check the book for us?

He always gives questions from
the book. He's so square.

I don't know. But I can try.

You're so naive. How can she
know, out of a thousand exercises...

Shut up and start solving!

Are these all of them?

No, there's one more,
but I can't concentrate like that.

Can you back off a little?

Come on Elinor!
The scooter is on the way!

We still need to copy the answers.

First, you don't let anyone go
out during the test.

Don't even let them go to the toilet.

Be especially careful of the little women.

This is exactly the age, where their
fluids go into their head

and all those hormonal eruptions
make them not distinguish

between right and wrong.

I saw girls that age do some terrible things.

And as a principal, of course,
I can't give them a body search.

But pay very good attention to
those trained little kittens.

I've been awake since five.

I hope you picked the harder
questions from the book this time.

Nobody knows what questions
will be in the test. Not even me.

Elinor Galash, come here.

Is this a personal test, teacher?

No. This is the lottery.

Books, notebooks, only one
pencil on the desk.

Elinor Galash.

You're invited to put your hand inside,
and tell everyone what you feel in there.

Well, what do you feel there?

Notes, teacher.

How many notes?

A thousand notes.


Even Galit Biron can solve the
first question in the book.

Now, take out five notes,
and tell everyone,

the questions that will be in the test.

Please. Silence.


Maybe you haven't noticed, Elinor Galash,
but there's a little line under the number.

A minor detail, that little people such
as yourselves tend to ignore usually.

The number again?


Go on.


I see you like it, eh?

What are you doing here, Tikel?

What do I have to do here?
I'm taking a piss.

Don't you think you should have
something else on your mind right now?

Actually, I have a lot on my mind lately.

I think I have some kind of mental crisis.

If something is really bothering you,
you can talk about it with me, Tikel.

You know I'm not a conventional principal.

No, it's just a temporary crisis.

Don't get smart on me.

Where's #2?

There's no-one here.

Then who did you whistle to?

I find it easier to piss when I whistle.

Seriously, headmaster.

I finished the test long ago,
if that's what you mean.

Actually, everyone has.
Except Galit Biron.

I want to tell you something.
In Crimea, the place Clara came from,

there are a lot of supernatural phenomena.

I heard about someone there,
who was born with two brains.

He works at the nuclear plant,
developing bombs,

that a man with only one brain
can never develop.

Personally, as someone with only one
brain, I can tell you I saw very well

how Munitz looks at her.
And not at her head.

I think he's a big lecher, even though
he acts like a cocksucker in class.

If you look at Clara deeply, you'll see
she's not an ostrich from the zoo either,

how she hints him with her bleached eyes.

What are you talking about?

Don't tell me you're stupid enough to
believe she guessed all those numbers.

Twice? She gets in his head too well.

Come on, let's go.

I have to say it: that Tisona ---
he prowled the toilets like a leech

to catch us red handed.

After that, he started to go wild:

banging on the walls and licking toilets.

I tell you, the system is paralyzed.
We need to take advantage of it.

Lets smear shit on his windshield.

Go to the jungle, you pervert.

I have a great idea.

Let's burn down the school today.

We'll do something real heavy that will
put this place in the country's history books.

Listen to what I tell you.
The revolution starts here.

- Ok, Rozy. Your place at 4.
- (in English) Bye.

(resumes hebrew)
Did you notice that Tikel got soft lately?

Let me tell you something,
but you better swallow what I tell you,

so you don't spill it out at
the wrong moment.

Tikel is in love with Clara.
I've noticed it long ago.

Both by how he talks and
by the way he looks at her.

I think this screws his mind a little.

And if you're asking me, I don't
know if he's not a double agent for Tisona.

What are you saying?

He doesn't know it, but he's in love.

I thought he was going for Elinor.

Where are your eyes?
Tikel's nothing to her.

Elinor Galash has been fucking
pilots for two years.

You've gotta learn to see
the hints people transmit.

Be sensitive to what's going on around you.

It'll help you personally.

I'll bring the matches,
and you'll bring the spray.

(in English) OK. Bye.

Bring black. They'll put us
into "Catastrophes in Israel".

This is the westernmost tree in the forest.

It carries virus zero.

From it will start the plague that
will turn this whole forest into desert.

Virus zero is not just a lethal virus.
It eludes us.

It eats the trunk from within, leaving
the outside whole, without any traces.

But suddenly, you trust it.
Your favourite tree.

(in Russian) Who's ringing in the forest?

The tree on which you scratched
your initials in puberty.

(in Russian) It's the door.

The tree on which, under its green branches,
you first fucked your girlfriend,

entrenched by love.

This is the tree
which will fall on your head.

400,000 trees a month will die
in front of your eyes.

Come. Come in please.
Everybody's here.


First of all, I'd like to make one thing clear:

As long as I am here, this place
is under school jurisdiction.

It's like a consular.

Regarding Clara. I talked with the lady.

Umm... I'm afraid that, what happened
in the first test happened in the second as well.

You don't want me to believe that
Clara transmitted the answers

using a nail sized transmitter

you brought with you from the
pitiful remains of the KGB.

Excuse me one moment, Mr. consul,
if I'm interrupting your speech. I'm very sorry.

The KGB caught me when I was in Russia.
You see?

There are a lot of people there who
carry microphones inside their heads.

Maybe I have one too!

But Clara doesn't have one.

She knows everything.

Knows? Knows?

Have you heard of statistics, Robin Hood?

Does anyone here know what a
geometrical series is?

- You. Do you know what a
geometrical series is?
- No.

- I'll explain.
- Fire away.

Let's take a chessboard

and put a grain of rice on the first square.

Is it clear so far?

On each of the following squares,

we'll double the number of grains
from the previous square.

How many grains of rice do you
think we'll have on the entire board?

I've learned math too.

How do you cut this cake into
seven equal pieces? Eh?


Leibnitz. Look.



If you're so clever, why don't you
do the exercise with me?

No, thanks.

Let's go back to the chessboard.

We'll put one grain of rice on the first square.

On the second, two.

On the third, four.

Do you see the logic here?

Yes, yes, yes.

Ok, on the fifth, 16.

Bye, Golda! We're taking you
to a trip in heaven!

There are 8192 grains here.

Ok, on the 15th square we put 16,384 grains.

On the 16th, 32,768.

Excuse me, who's that man?

That's Elvis. My brother. Clara's uncle.

- A hunter?
- A hunter.

... 262,144 grains..... on the 21st square.....

You know, what's happening to
Clara happened to me too.

She'll fall in love, and everything
will be over. Just don't interfere.

... Now do you see the magnitude
I'm talking about?

You see, she couldn't know five numbers
out of a thousand, and twice.

Excuse me, Mr. consul. Who's that
man that you brought with you?

Eh? Tell me who he is.

He's asking who Munitz is, headmaster.

But headmaster...
I think you should go.

I should what?

Golda burns.

The classroom!

If I'd known you're sensitive to smoke,
I wouldn't have taken you with me.

It's not the smoke.

Look Clara. Things don't just happen
without reason.

I've been waiting for this
moment for a lot of years.

That the powers would be gathered.

That we can finally start the revolution.

- You and I.
- What...?

We need time.

You have to look out.
You mustn't fall in love.

That's the only way we can start the revolution.

That's the only way we can change history.

I'll be Danton. And you,
you'll be Marion of the revolution.

De La Croix will come out of his grave,

and change his painting of
Marion Mythologique 1789.

(in French) Be strong. Be strong!
Always be strong!

(resumes Hebrew)
Only then, after everything is over...
Only then, you can fall in love.

Did you get that... "Clarion"?

We didn't burn only Golda.
We burned her old soul.

Why didn't Tikel come today?

Where are your eyes? He must
have gone to his Russian girl.

- Wow.
- I don't believe it.

That bitch finally took her clothes off.

God-damn it.

Wow, look at her tits!

I don't believe it.

That's beautiful.

I think we should report about
them turning off the instruments.

We could be buried alive out here,
and nobody would know.

Shut up! You don't see things like
that even in my sister's German movies.

I'll kill Tikel with this story tomorrow.

We need to isolate them one by one.
Like lab rats.

A single student by the blackboard
instantly has 40 enemies,

no matter how loved he is.

Say, don't you feel something stuffed in...?

I only feel the catharsis
pounding inside my body...

like in Vietnam.

Get Tikel out.

I was at your house.
I saw the stuffed animals on the walls.

You think your innocence will vanquish the world?

I think you're nothing but a poor
wandering soul looking for love.

What kinds of thoughts run around in your head?

We understand your problems
better than ten shrinks would.

You want freedom? You want to make revolutions?
(in English) Go fuck Charlie!

(resumes Hebrew) You only think you hate your teachers.

You actually adore us.

You adore me because I have power.

That's what you don't understand.

Go to the blackboard and solve an exercise.

If there's one student I'd charge
the Bastille with it's you, Tikel.

That's why I asked you to come here:

To warn you.

I was in her house, Tikel.

I saw the dead animals on the walls.

She's a witch.

(in French) That's right.
(resumes Hebrew) Be careful of her, Tikel.

Stay away.

Clever son of a bitch.

He gave her an exercise with no solution.

Do you want to help her?

Sit down.

X is?

I look like a square after what
the students did to me, eh?

I'm a square, I know.

You know what?

I had one day in my life,
you never had such a day.

It was before I came back from America.
I was sent to Vietnam.

The moment I step out of the chopper,
a childhood friend of mine comes.

He took me to a whorehouse
of 14-year-old girls.

I slept with seven at once.

Doesn't matter.

I get out of there, another chopper lands.

In the middle of the war,
Bobby Fischer steps out of it.

The great Bobby Fischer came to
play simultaneous chess with 60 soldiers.

I was the only one who beat him.

They took me back to Virginia with him.

To redraft into the U.S. army chess team.

One day in Vietnam.


Nobody knows it,

but I once spent a whole night
with Edith Piaf.

Yes, it's true.

January '61, a quarter star hotel,
the 16th precinct of Paris.

We got up in the morning, after
she spent the whole night with me.

She made me a cup of tea.

She sat down, and on the spot
wrote a song about me.

She wrote it about me.

- Edith Piaf?
- (Tisona/Piaf singing "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien")

Let's go to a movie or something.
We don't want to be seen together.

Forget the movie.
I only go to the cinema with girls.

All the cinemas are showing crap anyway.

I know. Let's go to Clara's house.

We'll see if another revolutionary
idea came to her.

Forget it, Rozy.

Maybe she can find out things about us,
that it's better she wouldn't know.

What, Golda? It's not like you to say that.

Lately, you've become a real wuss,
just like Asthma.

Come in, sit down please.
Why are you standing?

I've always wanted to meet Clara's friends.

We came here five years ago and...
come in...

and we've never met any of
Clara's friends. Nobody came here.

Tell me, how is Clara in your eyes?

How do boys feel about her?

She... she's very solid.


Yes, that's how we call that kind of girls.

She doesn't care about what
happens around her.

She can sit a whole day in class,
and not say anything to anyone.

What Liby means... is that Clara
like lives in two separate worlds.

She comes down to our world only
when she has a good enough reason.

I think she got that from
my side of the family.

Elvis, her uncle, is also like that.

She has stunning eyes.

What kind of eyes did you say?

She has beautiful eyes.
Everybody looks at her eyes.

A month ago, our teacher, Munitz,

moved her to the farthest place in the class.

Because when she sat in front
of him, in the first row,

he couldn't concentrate.

In truth, I think her eyes hypnotized him.

I think the fact she has purple eyes,

makes people say things to her they
never would have dreamed of saying.

When you look at her, you never
know what she's thinking.

She's stunning. Her eyes are.

Aren't they, Rozy?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Good evening. Is Eddie home?

No, he left a couple of hours ago.
But, come in.

He didn't say where he was going.
He'll probably be back soon.

Come in.

You can sit down here on the sofa.

You must be the girl that guessed
the math test.

Yes, how did you know?

It's my profession to know such things.

Are you his girlfriend?

No, I'm hardly even his friend.

Anyway, you're the first girl who
comes to visit him here.

You're not from here.



No, I'm from Crimea.

Where in Crimea?


I was there once. You have good
sardines there, no?

Yes, very good.

You know... I'm very surprised...

I've never talked with a 15 year
old girl like that.

And what more, I need her to
be my son's friend,

in order for me to talk that
way to a girl like you.

I'm only 13 and a half.

Were you ever in love?


I was in love with a girl in high school.

I looked at her every class for six years.

I looked at her even during tests.

It wasn't beauty. She just amazed
me all over every time.

To this day she doesn't know that I
used to imagine how she sleeps at night.

I would spy after her in my imagination.

So why didn't you tell her you love her?

There were a hundred more
boys like me who were.

I can still feel her in my body
for a few seconds occasionally.

Just a few seconds, and then it goes.

How's the juice?

How's the chocolate?

That was Eddie's mom.


That girl you loved.

No, nobody marries his fantasy.

I have a question for you.
Do you enjoy knowing the future?

No. Do you think Eddie would come
soon? I have to talk to him.

Yes, he should be here any minute.

I have another question for you.

If I give you a lottery ticket,

ask you for the six winning numbers,

can you do such a thing?

Would you want me to?

(in English)
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

(resumes Hebrew)
What are you screaming for?
Have you gone mad?

It was you who screamed.

Sit down. Sit down for a moment.

Six! Six! Six!!! Six!!!

Where are my shoes?
Eddie, bring me my shoes.

How much is it worth?

4,000,000, if we're the only winners.


It's the first time you're happy about
something I did for a long time.

Second time.

Sit down. Listen well.

I'm the only one away of the
real dangers of life.

This form is our chance to get
out of the catch we're in.

But there's no name on the form.
If somebody comes in and takes it,

he takes the millions as well.

Eddie, why are the shades open?


It's not 4,000,000. It's only 2,000,000.
The Chenovs get half.

- (corrects spelling) Chanov.
- Chanov.

What do they have to do with it?

That's my personal matter.
They get half. Stay out of it.

With 100,000 I buy myself a brand new Volvo
with yak linings and a marble steering wheel.

Do you need something?

Anything for the house?

Make a list of everything you want.

Ok, go to bed. I'll secure this
form until the morning.

(in Russian throughout the scene)
Why did you gave the numbers out?
We could have been millionaires by now, you idiot!

What's the matter, Elvis?

What's the matter?


Do you remember, when I ran after Natasha,
I felt...

I feel now, what I felt at that time.
Like a distortion.

I understand.

Clara, try it with this - it's sweet.

I almost caught her,
but.. she left into this zone.

I had to go into the zone.

I understand better than you think.

I know it all started for Elvis
because he loved Natasha

and not because of the radiation zone.

And she died.

(resumes Hebrew, except for some points)
349 winners have been counted
so far in last night's lottery.

This is no doubt a scam of
an international scope.

Hundreds of people will find their deaths
in front of the camera in the next few hours

after they lost their dream.

"God's a whore!
We don't have a dream no more!"

Chanov. That maniac! With that
bitch daughter of his, the witch!

He gave us the lottery numbers. He did.

You know what, Chanov?
Maybe it's for the best.

We wouldn't have known what to
do with the money anyway.

At least this way we had two hours.
Really, don't feel bad about it.

You look like the live spirit of
the catastrophe. Who are you?

I am Igor Chanov. Clara's father.
I gave them all the numbers.

(in Russian) Where is Clara?

(in Russian) Did something happen?

(in Russian) Where's Clara?

(in Russian) What has happened?

(in Russian) I need to talk to her.

(resumes Hebrew) Oh, excuse me.
(resumes Russian, to Elvis) Then go to the school. She must be there.

Who are you?

(in Hebrew) Put a dick in your mouth to shut up, girl.

(Sings Rosenbaum's "Vals Boston")

Two suicides are behind us,
jumped to their deaths.

Soon, the rescue teams with
the black bags will arrive.

But the real party hasn't begun yet.

Hello. You look like one of us.
Who are you sir?

Fuck you and all the media!

Say, how many boobs have you touched?

At least five.

You're probably counting Noa Goren,

who was flat as a racquet
when you dated her.

You're big only on paper.

I wonder where your dad
got the lottery tickets.

I didn't know he works at the plant.

If it interests you that much, it
was Clara who gave the numbers to me.

You know, our biggest problem is,
you can't handle mental stress.

You'd be dead long ago if you
were in the Holocaust.

(Carving "Saint Clara")

Hey, Tikel! What are you doing here?

I'll be damned, he came here to pick roses.

Why don't you cut the shit?
I was just passing through on my way to Kochavi.

Since when do you go to
Kochavi through the forest?

I know only one person who
lives beyond the forest.

We're not your dogs,
do you understand?

What happened to you?
Didn't you take enough pills?

No. But I took enough shit from you.
For a lot of years.

I wonder what he got from
Tisona for his soul.

You've become a double agent, eh?
I heard similar things about your father.

She'll never go out with a worm like you.

(in Russian for the two characters throughout)
I can remember almost everything now.

Just can't remember how Natasha died...

She didn't die.

She didn't?

No, she left with somebody.

Did she love me?


She really loved you.

(Hebrew resumes)
Wow. Dad will kill you.

Do you like it?

It's amazing.

Did Dad see it already?

He must have been shocked.

I just cut it.

Your father left long ago.

If you looked like that when you were
our age, we would fight over you.

Boys did fight over me.

What happened, Eddie?

Nothing. I had an argument with Rozy.

Because of that girl --- the Russian
who guessed the numbers.

Yes. How did you know?

How did I know? I'll tell you how I knew.

When I was your age I would wear Saint
Tropez trousers with cyan and bourdeaux stripes.

Boys would faint when they saw me.

I was a fantasy from a Mike Brandt
song for them.

They'd try to show me their love
in all kinds of strange ways.

One of them sled on a rope from across
the street right into my parents' living room

and smashed all their windows.

Another one simply had no clue what to do,

so whenever he met my brother
he'd beat the crap out of him,

and then say: "Tell Sharon to come
with her Mike Brandt trousers tomorrow".

Later my father told me that
someone I knew disappeared.

He used to mention me a lot
in the stories he wrote.

He painted me with my cyan
bourdeaux trousers.

He was just some guy in the class.
Nobody took notice of him.

He had a look like a frightened rabbit
who's about to be eaten any moment.

I'd go near him and rub him every day,
pretending it to be accidental

only to embarrass him.

That was Dad.

Do you think Dad still loves me?

I think so.

How do you talk with her --- in Russian?

Actually, we don't really talk.

What do you mean you don't talk?
What do you do together?

We're not together.

I don't think she even thinks about me.

Sure she does. She's mad over you.

You think so?
All the boys are in love with her:

Rozy, Asthma, Uzi and Etgar...

...even Dov.

Who's Uzi?

Just some big guy.

Not those pollution protestors again.

I'm sick of them.

You know what? I'll go to her
tomorrow, and ask her to a movie.

A movie?


Do something special with her.

A movie is special for us.

I wonder what the forest princess does
here in the middle of the chimney neighbourhood.

Get in, fairy. I'll take you on a ride to heaven.

Maybe you can show us what you can do.

Do you have chocolate?

Bring me the bat.

Bring it.

Get on the car, you sick bastard!

Drive, my pretty.

Clara! Clara! Clara! Clara! Clara!
Clara! Clara! Clara! Clara! Clara!

(Writing "Death to traitors")


I reached a state yesterday...
that hurt me here.

I reached a state
where I'm sick of everything.

My parents. Their crazy relationship.

I left all behind, and I came to you.

Do you know the seismographic institute?


They have orgies there every night.

They don't give a damn about
the machines.

We used to go there to peek.

Yesterday, on the way to you,
Rozy came there with ten people.

He brought clubs, swords.

It was a close fight, but in the end...
they knocked me down hard.

My mom said you were the coolest.

Do you really think I have stunning eyes?

Yes. I think your ideas come
from your eyes.

My uncle, Elvis ---

he too had ideas when he was young.

He still has them.

They said it started with him
because of the zone in Russia.

That was a place with radioactive
radiation close to where we lived.

But I know it all started with
him because of Natasha.

That was a girl he loved.
He chased after her for six years!

I think she loved him too.

But they didn't know how to
say it to each other.

At the end, she ran into the zone,
and died.

From the radiation?

No. A bear ate her.

I see, Tikel, that you didn't understand
the hint from yesterday.

Cocksuckers can't start revolutions.

And we're on the way to a revolution now.

The best you can do is a sedatives revolution,

with your junky sister, the queen of the swamp.

Besides, they all followed you
today not because of you.

It was because of Clara.

Don't worry, Tikel. You can go.
We didn't come for you.

Wait a second.

Here. Give that to Liby.

She loves you.

Let's go.

It looks like you hurt Rozy.
What did you tell him?

I'll tell you one day.

Do you want to go to a movie with me?

I don't know. I feel like something
big is supposed to happen today.

Do you think I can call things?

Or only know things that
are going to happen?

Judging by the stork, you can call things.

I only wanted something to save me
from the blackboard. I didn't plan anything.

This is Mikael Uri reporting live.

An earthquake. An earthquake in midnight.

That is the rumour that was spread
in this small town

and caused widespread panic.

Masses of people are leaving their homes

with their ugly little white cars.

They're running away from fear
of Saint Clara's vision.

Clara Chanov, that's how she was
called until a few days ago...

when everybody started calling
her Saint Clara.

The earthquake, ironically,
will strike in this ugly town,

known mainly for its seismographic institute.

What's with you, dad?

I told you this is just an
idea we thought out together,

this whole earthquake.

It was me who thought about it.

Ok, now get under the lintel.

Come on, Eddie.

It looks like you're getting
along just fine without me.

You look good this way.

And, Dad? I'm sorry about what
happened with the lottery.

Don't be. I quit my job anyway.

Tomorrow morning, after the earthquake,

I'll get up at ten, eat an
omelette from eight eggs,

with bacon and mozzarella
made of buffalo milk,

drink coffee from a bucket,

and then practice at darts until evening.

Do you get it? Nothing but darts.

Within a week, ten days tops,
I'll kick your ass in darts.

Now get under the lintel.

It's fine.

What's fine?

I still can't grasp that at midnight
tonight this forest will no longer exist.

It's a pity about the trees.

I feel attached to them.

There was a great city here.
We did great things in this city.

In a few years, we could have
started the revolution from here.

You know, I feel sorry for Tikel.

It's a pity he's not here with us.

We've been through a lot together,
him and me.

We've been friends since we were six.

You know, women make us
do all kinds of things.

But Clara really made it big time.

Tomorrow morning, she'll be the
idol of the whole country.

Tomorrow morning, we get up
and start everything from scratch.

Like the pioneers who dried up the swamps.

Tomorrow morning will be a big day.

Do you still love her?

Me? No.

I hope it won't happen.


The earthquake.

Besides, all this quiet is making me nervous.

Suddenly I have these... shakes.

It's not really shakes.
It's only your heart.

You know? I feel sorry about
what happened with Rozy.

It's strange. We usually hanged
out together at this hour.

But anyway, I prefer being with you.

Do you know how things will end?

No. When I'm with you, I don't know.

That is what's good in being with you.

I wonder if anyone we know
stayed here tonight.

Screw them all!
The whole town will be ours.

I wonder if Tisona ran away.

I think he did.

I hope he doesn't come back.
That dog.

I think he's cute. So miserable.

I stayed with him when you burned Golda.

He's really lonely. I felt sorry for him.

Clara! Clara!

That's my uncle, Elvis.


(in Russian) I was looking for you the whole day.

There is something important
I have to tell you.

(in Russian) What?

(cont'd Russian) Don't be afraid of the earthquake.


What did he say?

(resumes Hebrew) He said you surprise him
with your seriousness.

What else?

He said we shouldn't be afraid of love.

(resumes Hebrew) Oh! Mr. consul, it's so great to
see you. You fit here perfectly.

I'm so glad to see you together.
(in French) Love is the light of life.

(resumes Hebrew) Only the four of us left, eh?

Tikel, I'm really sorry. I had to warn you.

What a nice dog you have there.

It looks like it belongs to Bob Marley.

What's its name?

Jean. Jean Gabin.

Ok, we have to go.

See you.


And how do you call your...

My dog?


Yes, dog.

What is its name?

- How do I call him?
- Yes. How?


Let's go. I'll teach you a good song.

A song?


(sings, joined by Tisona)

I think I love you.

It's only Richter 4.
It will be over soon.

EN-GB subtitles by Franco Ferrer