Sainik (1993) - full transcript

Lieutenant Suraj Dutt has been in the Indian army for years. It is now time for him to take a leave of absence so that he can meet his father, Retired Colonel Yashpal Dutt, and sister, Minni. He travels home, and on the way rescues some school children held hostage by a group of armed men. The media portrays him as a hero, and it is here that he meets with a young woman named Alka, and both fall in love with each other. Alka and Suraj get the approval of their respective families' and get married. Minni also gets married to a young man named Vijay Ghai. Shortly after the marriage, Suraj leaves his pregnant wife and re-joins duty at the border. His father is the first one to get the news that he is missing, believed dead. He decides to keep his news from Alka and Minni. What Yashpal does not know that both Minni and Alka have already received this devastating news - and both have decided to keep a brave front and also hide it from each other. Watch how this family tries to live a "normal" life and pretend that Suraj is still alive. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
This is the Indian military post.

There are mountains
on both the sides.

The truck laden with arms can enter
your country only from this route!

And there are soldiers
guarding the post.

"But, without your help, how can
I take the truck to my country?"

If you manage to cross
this truck across the border...

then no Indian soldier can stop me!


This empty truck will cross
the check post with my men...

it will go through this route...

my men will abandon the truck.

"Then you can take this route,
from the jungle."


Sir, this truck is empty!"

"Sir, they succeeded in
escaping the encounter..."

even the truck is empty.

"It means, this was
a plan to misguide us."


Send a message to Lieutenant Suraj
on the wireless.

Don't shoot or
he will blast the truck!

Put on the headlights.

Get down!

Hold It


C'mon Move


Akshay Kumar

Ashwini Bhave




Anupam Kher

Ronit Roy

"'We will succeed, one day..'

"'We will succeed, one day..'

Oh, Colonel..."

driver, stop the car."

Good Morning , Colonel
- good Morning , Good Morning Chaudhary

Why are you punishing your daughter?

"I am being punished, I have to
make her jog 5 meters everyday."

"But I have decided, I will make
her reduce 10 kilos in 10 days."

"- She is your daughter, not a cow.
- You may say what you want."

"But, this cow has to be
tied to your house!"

"- But, my house is not a stable.
- I was talking about Suraj."

"When he comes home for vacation,
he has to agree to marry Guddi."

"- Chaudhary, the bride as run away!

"You have lost weight!...
Batu, get the sweets!"

Getting!...Here are
three kilos of sweets.

She has already eaten two kilos!

Let her eat, what are you losing?"

The poor girl has to waste
five liters of sweat everyday.

"Do you know, my tyrant father
makes me run 5 miles everyday."

"But, I am smarter than him, I will
not let his scheme be successful!"


- What scheme? - He wants to reduce
her weight and marry her somewhere.

"No Guddu, I will not get
married to someone else."

That man will not feed me
sweets the way you do!

"Forget these sweets, if possible,
I'd feed you the entire sweet shop!"

Do you love me so much?

"If your father wouldn't carry a gun,
I would have married you long back!"

- Guddi

- Guddi

"- Guddu sir!
- Get out

, don't disturb!"

You will become a pick pocketer.
Haven't I told you not to disturb me?

leave it

Leave me!!

Let me sleep
whenever you feel like...

"you go in a corner and sleep but,
let me sleep in the night!"

So the sun has risen!

my glasses

Kalu, give me my glasses..."

if you don't then I won't
be able to see anything.

"I won't give you milk,

please give me my glasses."

"Come on Kalu, hurry up,
give me my glasses."

Be happy!

...Hey, Colonel..."

"Stop prancing like
a monkey!...

Stop, I say!"

Yesterday you had fever...

are you after my life?





Thank You
Thank You

- It was put the wrong way.
- Then you put it right!

Stop Colonel or the thermometer will
also start prancing like a monkey!

103 degrees!

"Colonel, I told you that
you have retired now..."

"what is the point in jogging
so much, you have gone crazy!"

- You take good care of me.
- I am like Hanuman to you!

Okay, get the thermometer."

"- Does it belong to you?
- No...but, shake it well!"

You think you are a doctor?

Hey! Your fever has
gone down so soon?

"It is your love, if you keep
loving me, I will never get fever."

"But, how can your fever
go down so soon?"

"I went for a jog

so with that,

my body temperature rose...

now, that has gone down, that's all!"

So now you don't have fever?

"You take a bath, I'll make
breakfast, no,

do it the other way!"

"- But, fever...
- I have no fever!"

This is strange!


Hey Colonel!...

There is a letter!!

There is a letter!!


Let me see that letter!

- Give me the glasses quickly.
- Here they are!

- Who has sent it?
- It's from Suraj.

His leave has been sanctioned.

Suraj, your leave has been canceled."

What?...My leave is canceled?

"- What did you do?

- Ranjit,

nobody takes you seriously."

"- But, I am very serious.
- Why?"

How will we spend
two months without Suraj?

"You will manage but,
think about these poor guys."

They will get bored of your jokes.

"No sir, he has taken
an oath not to joke anymore!"

"- What are you saying? - _Sir,
your baggage ls kept In the jeep."


See u again sooraj
all the best

See you bro
take care


Excuse me, what is happening here?"

Some thugs came to loot the bank..."

"to hide from the police,
they are hiding in the school."

Go out!!

Go out!!

Go out!!

"There is no way you can escape,
surrender yourself!"

Let us go or you will responsible
for the death of these children.

If you don't leave this place
in next five minutes...

then we will kill
these children one by one!

Don't shoot, no point in killing!"

You cannot escape from this place!

Whoever tries to get close to the
building will meet the similar fate!

Very good! They will use these
children as their armor and get out!

You start the car.


Get inside, come on!"

Drive the car, you fool!"

Sir, I salute you!"

Long live our soldiers!!

Long live our soldiers!!

Excuse me , sir
Long live our soldiers!!

Long live our soldiers!!



"Alka, wake up!...Look,

my brother's
photo is published in the paper!"

- Let me sleep! - Wake up
and see how they have praised him.

I have been hearing that
since the past three years.

"Alka, the media has
printed this, not me!"

- Let them print!
- Wake up now!

- No! - You want
wake up?...You just wait!

This will teach you!

- Was it fun?

- Why did you do this?

What a friend you are! Everyday I
must hear your brother's praises.

"Don't just hear, see, read,
think and understand!"

"My brother Suraj, has received
an award for bravery."

Go, take the call."


"Yes brother, Minnie speaking,
I saw your photo in the paper."

You are calling from the station?
Will you go without meeting me?

Please meet me and 90!...
For my sake!...



- Brother is coming to meet us.
- Meet us?!...Help!!

- We don't have the permission.
- Then what permission do you have?

We have the permission to refuse!

"Minnie, please give
my towel...Hurry up!"

Why did you take so long?

- You are here?! - I came
to take clothes for laundry.

- What?
- Take it out!

N is dirty.

- Where is Minnie?
- She is very busy.

"There is a party in the lawn this
evening, in honor of her brother."

Yes, didn't you read the notice?"

Does he think he is
the Prime Minister?

There is a male in the hostel!

She is the secretary
of our college union.

"And, the moon has not yet appeared
from the clouds, I mean..."

"the most beautiful...of course,
not more beautiful than me..."

"her name is Alka,
she has yet not come!"

I will just be back.

"Come, let me introduce you
to my brother."

Suraj, this is Alka."

"- You?!
- Well,

Have you met him before?

When, where, why and how?"

- In the room!
- No!

- In the room?! - Didn't you
show me his photo in the paper?

I desire to be in love with you!

"To come close to you
and get you close to my life!"""

"But, how can I express
my heart's feelings?"""

"You are my life,
you are my beloved."""

You are the beat of my heart.

I need you to live!

"Sweetheart, you mean
everything to me!"""

I desire to be in love with you!

"To come close to you and
get you close to my life!"""

"But, how can I express
my heart's feelings?"

There is fragrance of
flowers in the air...

I am treading on the path of love!"""

You are always in my thoughts...

"you are in my dreams
and in front of me!"""

This is my only prayer to God...

I should always be close to you!"""

Halt there, you impudent girl!"

Is this the time for
decent girls to come home?

"Your highness, I beg
for your forgiveness."

"Before I forgive you, I want to
know the details of your crime."

"Tell me, which crimes
have you committed today?"

A very innocent crime...Love!

"- Love?!
- Yes, your highness!"

"Love is a departmental store
of crimes, you insolent girl!"

Tell me one by one, what did you do?"

"First of all,
the prince caught my hand."

"Does that mean, he took
your hand in his hands?"

"- Yes, your highness.
- How did you feel?"

- Very good!
- After that?

He pulled me close to him.

- How close?
- Very close!

- After that?
- He held my face in his hands.

His breath mingled with mine.

Your breaths mingled?...After that?

"After that, I could not
speak anything, your highness."

Why couldn't you speak?

My lips were sealed.

Your lips were sealed?!...What?

My brother sealed your lips!!

"Madam, but you will have to open
your lips in front of your father."

- Why? - Why?...Take
this book and pen...

write a letter to your father!
- What do I write?

Hey! Don't write what I asked
you and what you told me.

Oh! It's Alka's letter.

'I love Suraj and
would like to marry him.'

This is your hundred rupee note.

"What is this written,
...with love from Suraj!"

My dear, this is just written..."

it will be valid
when my brother signs it.

- Can you see this note?
- What is so special about it?

This is what is special
about this note.

- Who has written this?
- Minnie.

- This is a token of our first
meeting. - Let me stamp it forever!

- Not now.
- Then when?

After marriage.

- Was your photo published
in the paper? - Yes.

Your act of bravery is
the talk of the town.

"I am burning in the fire
of your love, sweetheart."

"For the moment,
one autograph will do."

"Seeing your picture, I told
my father that I would marry you."

But, who is this other woman?"


You don't let me sign that note
and now you are jealous of them?

"I just gave you all an autograph,
why have you come back?"

Oh! So this was your prank?
Get down!

"I did play a prank but,
just a minute..."

"You have seen the snowfall, I mean,
this snow has fallen over you."

Now will you think
of people besides Alka?

For example, our father!"

What is it?

- What was that for? - I want
to know why you are silent?

I have noticed that you are
very sullen since past three days.

You are right!...My hopes were
raised that he is coming on a leave..

He rose our expectations
and kept us waiting!

"Since days, we are just
looking forward to his arrival."

There he comes!

- Soldier has come! - Suraj
has come home on a holiday!

Kalu can sniff him
from 2 miles away!

"That is why, he makes that sound.
Now I'll get you married soon!"

- My soldier son!
- Father!

"I had gone to meet Minnie,
she is enjoying herself."

- She isn't studying?

- Can't
she study and enjoy herself?

What is your problem? You take
out the bags and let us talk!

You don't talk to him!


are you my relative?

"- Come, Chaudhry!

- Colonel, here I am!"

- Where is the cow?
- First let me see the stable.

"- Is Suraj alright?
- He is, I will call him."

"- Stable! - What,
he called me a stable?"

"No, you are like a wash room!
Go and call Suraj!"

- There he is!

- Haven't I told
you not to walk out while shaving?

"- Hello, Chaudhry!
- Hello!"

- He has come here to talk
about a proposal. - Whose proposal?

- My daughter's proposal.
- Bihari is still a bachelor.

- What happened?
- A mosquito!

"Colonel, I came to talk about
her alliance with Suraj."

"- Remember, I told you my
daughter... - Yes, sit down!"

- Thank you!

- What is her name?

"First change her name,
Guddi (doll) is meant to be carried.."

and played with.

You think Suraj can do all this?

You need to find
a truck for your daughter.

"Don't worry Suraj, "

I make
her run 5 kilometers everyday.

"Chaudhry, why don't you take
a chance somewhere else?"

I've heard a rumor

that your daughter
is seeing someone else on sly!

"- Is it?...What do you mean?
- Chaudhry, he is Bihari!"

I thought he was a Punjabi!

"I mean, he is Bihari, not a
dictionary to know all the meanings."

"He has told you, now you find out
about her. She is your problem."

Have some
are losing weight!


"- Guddu, Guddi's father
is coming. - Let him come!"

- He looks very angry.
- I don't care!

- Where is she?
- Whom are you looking for?

"If I find what I am looking for,
I will shoot that person!"

Where is he?..

Give this to me!
Where is that rascal?

- Which rascal? -

The one who is
flirting with my innocent daughter.

"- Flirting? - Yes, he is
trapping her in his love."

That rascal is sitting
on your daughter.

- Just a minute.
- Who is sitting?

- That rascal!
- Just a minute.

- Where is he sitting?
- In your daughter's mind and heart.

In my daughter's mind and heart.

- How did you know?
- Just a minute.

- It is happening in front of me!
- Just a minute!

Hey! Why are you giving him money?

- I am giving his salary. - Why
don't you give it once for all?

He wastes his money on drinks.

"- Chaudhry, I know!
- Here, take your entire salary!"

"- What do you know?

- Come with me, I will tell you."

Without fees, I cannot tell you!"

What fees? Are you a secret agent?

"You don't know about his family,

his great grandfather was 009..."

"his grandfather was 008,

his father was 007..."

and he is 006!

- What is he doing in this lousy
hotel? - I've to be in a disguise.

"Give me hundred rupees, I will
tell you that man's name in a minute."

"- Really? - No, he'll take a week,
it takes time to search a person."

"Okay...take this money but,
I should know about him in a week."

"I am not deaf, just a
little blind.

.is that Ramu?"

Give the milk...oh! You are here?

"Have you got the milk bill?
But, I cannot find my glasses."

"Without glasses, I am blind
and master has gone for a jog..."

"his son is sleeping,
without glasses I cannot see..."

then how can I pay your bill?

- Where could his glasses be?
- Who was that?

If you have found my glasses give it
back so that I can see who you are?

- Why have you come here? - To
talk about my daughter's proposal.

- What?
- With whom?

With Yashpal Dutt's son.

He is in love with my daughter.

"You are lucky that you daughter
loves you that's why, she told you..."

"perhaps, my son doesn't love me
that is why, he did not tell me."

If the girl and boy agree
then we also agree.

"- It means, we become relatives?
- Yes, let us embrace each other!"

"This may sound old fashioned

we must match their horoscopes."

"Don't worry, I have got it along
and that too, after matching it!"

"Sorry Alka, I got late
because of my friends."

Not me, it was Minnie!!"

lam fed up of her!
I wonder when she will...

"Brother, how did
you like your wife?"

No! Don't vent out your anger
on me...

ent it out on her!

Here she is!

'Soldiers will become
martyrs for their country!'

"I will deal with you in the
morning, now you leave, crazy girl!"

What is this?

You still remember it?

You all are welcome to hotel Mewar
Palace and best dance couple contest.

You all must be eager to know
the best couple of this season.

"My friends, the best pair is the
honeymoon couple, Mr & Mrs. Suraj!"

"Madam, these claps
will not suffice."

- Why?
- I need a kiss.

"- Here?! - Yes here,
in front of everyone!"

- Have you gone mad? - Be quick
or I will start drinking.

"- And if I drink, I will
create a scene. - No!"


A drink is that which
spills from the glass...

"and love is that,
which oozes from the eyes!"""

An ocean can never
hide the waves...

"light can never be concealed
within the lamp."""

The mirror reflects the image...

"and it's fragrance
will be felt in the air!"""

"A flower is the one which
smells on blooming!"""

To show the new light of love...

"I have come here
to wipe out hatred!"""

I will befriend the entire world!

"I will hum the song
of love all my life!"""

"Song is the one
which is played on music!"""

Give that to me, it is my drink."

Sir, there is a call for you."

Come back soon.

- Whose call was it?
- My ex-girlfriend.

- Don't harass me on my honeymoon.
- Tell me the truth.

"It was father's call, Minnie's
engagement has been fixed."

We have to go to the groom's
house on the 26th.

"This is for your father in law,
this is for your mother in law..."

- Can't it be the other way?
- What?

"- Never mind. - No, tell me.
What are you trying to say?"

- He is trying to criticize your
mother in law! - Not at all!

- Uncle Bihari! - What if we could
make your father in law wear a sari?

"Yes why not, we can also make
an elephant wear a swimming suit."

"You can become young, you can
start seeing without glasses!"

- You don't like when I talk!
- You speak rubbish!

Such a light ring for my husband?

Do you want me to make
a diamond ring for him?

Brother is back!!

We are back!

Come, child!"

"No, first seek his blessings
or he will feel offended."

The poor man is elder than me
by three months and three days.

Wow! I feel like
calling you General!

"Don't take me so seriously,
you can seek my blessings first."

- He will never improve!
- God bless you!

He will not give up his old habits!

"Just see, looks like they both have
had a lot of honey on the moon!"

- Don't cast an evil eye!
- I am not doing that!

"- Is this for Minnie's engagement?
- Suraj, we have to leave early."

"Let's do one thing father, we will
take her and leave her there!"

"You cannot get rid of me so easily,
I will make you spend a lot!"

"You can make us spend
but, leave us alone!"

"She will not leave is easily,
she will cry and make us cry too!"

- She will refuse to go!
- Why will I? I'm not going to cry!

All girls says that
they will not cry...

didn't you cry while
leaving your father's house?

"- But, I will not! - No, even
you will cry, I am sure!"

My dear child! I will surely cry!

- Please come.
- How are you?

This is my son, Suraj."

Get them a cold drink.

Who is that with my father in law?

He is your brother in law.

He is the same from whose clutches
I managed to escape at the border.

"Father, if he is the boy then the
engagement will not take place."

Why. son?"

"Because, he is the same whom
I caught smuggling illegal weapons."

He is a traitor!

- Run from here!
- Hey! Stop him!

Come on, drive faster!"

Arrest him!

"Colonel, stop them!...He is
going to be your son in law!"

- We are going to be related.
- I'm glad this relation is severed!

Then listen to me, Colonel..."

my son's alliance was fixed
in front of the society...

"by breaking this alliance,
you will be defaming my honor."

And I will not let that happen!

- What will you do? - You will
get your sister married somewhere...

you can see then!

"Let's go Suraj,
barking dogs seldom bite."

Colonel, you have not seen my bark."

You have come across someone
who can bark as well as bite!

"- Father! - Why do you
have to cry, silly girl?"

"We have broken the match,
they haven't!"

"You should be happy, what if you
would know after the marriage..."

"that he is a traitor,
what would you do?"

"My daughter is very fortunate, you
are not destined to marry a rogue..."

your friend Alka was destined
for that and she has found one!

"You should be happy, you should
sing, dance, enjoy and..."

"- Father!!
- What happened, Colonel?"

"Son, take care,
I will get a doctor."

"Nothing is wrong, you all
were unnecessarily worried."

Gas problem can create this.

Even gas problem first sees
the rank and then salutes!

I salute your Jack!

How come he needs all the cards?

"- But, Minnie won't need this.
- How can I need such a rotten card?"

- A rotten face will get
rotten cards! - Shut up!

"- She has my card. - You have
my card, why don't you give?"

- Look at that!
- Stop helping each other.

We are friendsmtake this!

"- Pick it! - I don't
need it, you blind man!"

I meant from top!

You come on my left!
I am getting all useless cards!

"Suraj always gets
the right cards, you fatso!"

"- Greetings, uncle!
- Come in!"

"All the while you play cards,

and make tea."

and take the glasses

- Why don't you buy one
for yourself? - I will!

"- How are you, how is everyone
at home? - All are fine."

I had come here
with some important work.

"- Minnie, let's make some

Now tell me, son."

"Uncle, your friend,
priest Rampyare..."

"- Is he dead? - Father,
please be serious for a change."

"- Tell me. - Suraj knows that
I want to marry his daughter, Rekha."

"And he refused because, he doesn't
want to marry her outside his caste."

But, his daughter is a widow."

Yes, it's been six months now."

Rekha and I loved each other...

"even today, I am
willing to accept her."

"What could be better news
than this for him, young man?"

"I tried to talk to him but, he is
not willing to change his stance."

"Father, when will
these people improve?"

ls the society greater
than the daughter's life?

"Ajay, you don't worry,
we will talk to Rampyare."

What is the point in talking?
Joys and sorrows are predestined.

My daughter became a widow due to
the sins of her last birth.

"Excuse me sir but,
times have changed when..."

widow remarriage was considered sin.

Get out from this hypocrisies
of good and bad deeds.

"When a goat is slaughtered in
a priest's house, it is a sin."

"But, when that goat is slaughtered
in a butcher's house, it's not a sin?"

"if I shoot anyone here, it is
considered as sin, a crime."

"But, if people are killed on
the battlefield, I am given medals?"

I am sorry if I have
said anything wrong.

No son, I should apologize."

You are much more learned than me.
You have taught me a good lesson!

"Guddi, don't you think that
there was no fun in this marriage?"

"My dear, fun begins after
marriage...amongst the couple!"

You speak rubbish! Won't he think
his sisters in law had no fun?

"You are a spark yourself,
why did you need this fire?"

We don't even know you! Why
should we play pranks with you?

"You will know me, I am
the groom's younger brother."


Let's go!

"This is too much! Uncle Bihari,
get the food, I am very hungry!"

- My salad!
- Lentils for me!

- My soup?. - It is difficult
to make your soup.

- Why? - I will have
to put you in the cooker.

- It will take 10 minutes.
- 10 minutes more?

'A long, endless wait for food!"'

"- Minnie, can you cry?
- What do you mean?"

"- Can you sing a song?
- Why sing, I can cry!

'My fragile heart cannot
endure the endless grief...

subjected by this cruel world!'


"Father, your song is
over, stop crying."

"- How was it, son?
- Excellent!"

"Okay, let's start singing,
you start from alphabet

"- She is close to you, tell her!
- Ms. Pinky, you start!"

Shall I?

With whom? Minnie's
secret is exposed.

"If you talk more I will
not play, I am going!"

Sit down!...Tell me
what I have to sing?

I don't know further!

Sing from 'Y'.

Now you start singing from 'H'!

Sing fast or I will sing!

"- Come, son! - I was
thinking of the same song!"

"Bihari, get one more plate. You will
get food but I'll get the dessert."

"Yes meanwhile, eat this
and think of God!"

Spare him!

- How is Ajay?
- He is fine.

"He has sent me here, there
is a party in our house."

You all are invited.

"- We will come! - Alka,
where is the garlic pickle?"

"- It's in the bag. I'll get it.
- No, I will get it."

- Where are you going?
- I was...

- I want a hundred rupee note.
- You are always greedy for money!

Oh! And which hunger
is torturing you?

"Okay, go! But watch out
from the eyes of the world!"

- What did she say?
- She read your letter.

She read the letter?...That's good.

"- But, what about father?
- I will talk to him."

- How can you talk about yourself?
- I think it won't be right!

Hey! What are you both doing here?

I was talking to her
about her college.

Really?...She has finished
her college long back!

"- Isn't it, Minnie?
- Yes, we were..."

- We were talking about her
results. - She passes every exam.

"You think about yourself! Go,
your brother is looking for you."

- How is he?
- Who?

My brother in law...will he pass?

This color suits you so much...

"inspite of not wanting,
I keep looking at you!"

"After drinking,
you cannot see anything!"

- Move away!
- Come that side and drink!

- What are you thinking?
- I've never seen my wife jealous.

"The more your wife loves you,
the more she gets jealous!"

- Is it?
- Why don't you test her?

- Come with me.
- Where is he going?

"Excuse me, can I borrow
your wife for some time?"

"- Why, what is the matter?
- We are putting up an act."

- What act? - I want to
make my wife jealous.

"Here, take this
and make her jealous!"

"Not this standing
with another woman!"

"Actually, the party is quite dull,
we are trying add some life."

"By trying to add life in the party,
I shouldn't be out of her life!"

"- Of course not! Come with me!
- Just a minute, brother."

Tonight, you are free for some time."

You will miss my commitment!

You will cry and protest!

You have ruined me...

who else will you ruino-w"

You will never forget me...

"you will remember me
when I am gone!"""

You will miss my love!

You will cry and protest!

You have forgotten the ones
who belong to you...

how can you remember someone else'>"""

You have plundered my life...

how can you live happily?"""

"Alka, why did you get upset,
he was just joking!"

He borrowed my wife for this joke.

He wanted to see
how much you love him.

And this is the cassette...
keep it with you!

"When he will go away, listen to
this and entertain yourself!"

- Where are you taking me?
- Are they saying the truth?

- Yes! - Will you
ever do this again?


"I have called you here because, it
is my duty to tell you that..."

the pain Colonel got in his chest...

was actually a minor attack.

"- But doctor, you said...
- A doctor should tell the truth."

But we have to keep in mind when
and to whom we should tell the truth.

When are you leaving?

Today but, is it very serious?"

If you say then
I can extend my leave.

No, there is no such emergency."

But he has to take a lot
of care in your absence.

"And remember one thing,
he should not doubt that..."

he had a heart attack.

Brother, what did the doctor say?"

"it was not a gas trouble,
it was a mild heart attack."

Doctor should have told us.

"Don't worry, if it was serious,
I would have extended my leave."

"But remember, he should not know
this and he shouldn't get a shock!"

"Alka, Minnie, I am leaving
father in your hands."

Take care good of him!

"- Hurry up now! - Quick, being
in the military you are delaying?"

Leaving, father!"

"- What is this doing here?
- Father, let me..."

"Come on, we should reach
the platform half a hour before."

- Right?
- Come on!

I will carry that!

"Bihari, you take a long time,
you have become old!"

I can see how young you are.
You get gas trouble very often!

"- Gas comes seeing my rank!
- Suraj, please explain to him."

"- Father, take care.
- Yes, I will."

"- Okay, Uncle Bihari.
- God bless you, son."

"You make us wait for a year,
this time come soon."


God bless you!

What are you doing? Your mother had
got this amulet to protect you!

Your blessings are
enough to protect me.

"- That's not right!
- Father, don't break my heart."

"Father, tell Minnie not to
harass my wife in my absence."

"Before she became your wife,
she was my friend."

"- I will hit you.
- Father, see what he is doing!"

Silly girl!

You are getting late!...
You also go along.


"We have got a report that tonight,
a few secret documents..."

will be smuggled across the border.

"Tonight, we will have
a watch on the border."

"Commander, I am giving you my
country's secrets at a low price."

Where is the money?

- Here! - Now how you take these
documents is your responsibility.

"Careful, the other country's
military will be on that side!"

- They can shoot you! - I cannot
let them take the documents.

Throw your weapons!

Give the file!

Throw your gun!

"You take the documents,
I will stop them!"

"Colonel, I have got your
daughter in law's report..."

she is expecting.

"Really?...Father, if she was here,
I would convey her the good news."

- Where is she? - She has gone
to her father's house.

It's her first delivery and you do
not have a trained woman at home.

"- So, you will have to be
very careful. - Alright."

I want to go to
Colonel Yashpal Dutt's house.

"- I am Yashpal Dutt...are you
Suraj's friend? - Yes, sir!"

"- I am his friend, Basharat Khan.
- Suraj did not come along?"

"- Sir, he...
- What is the matter?"

Look, your eyes say that..."

- Tell me clearly! - I have
come to give his baggage.

To give his bags??

I am fine!!

You return back from here.

Think that you never came here!

Don't tell anyone about this.

"If this news reaches home,
there will be two more deaths."

Neither his wife nor my daughter
will be able to endure this shock!

"That is why, you please
go back from here."



Why did this happen?

"Alka, Minnie, I am leaving
father in your hands."

Take good care of him.

O God! What should I do now?

"Child, you are just not
a military man's daughter..."

A military man's daughter in law
and a wife too!

- I know that! - And you endure
the grief of staying away from him.

- I have to! - Being a soldier does
not mean just guarding the country.

'Mtg Q H Q H Q I' '
a § Q Q rip 't: Q!“

And a soldier's family are greater
martyr's than the soldier himself!

"Because, all their life, they
tolerate this sorrow, isn't it?"

What are you trying to say?

'Suraj has become a martyr'

"Father, this news
should not reach there!"

Suraj's father is a heart patient.

He will not be able
to bear this news.

"Father, promise me that this news
will not reach there at any cost!"

It will not.

I must return back home.

"Why do you leave me and go, Alka?
I don't like it without you!"

"- I will never let you go?
- Okay, tell me, how is father?"

"He is fine, he has become a little
serious after brother has left."

But now he will be very happy
seeing that you have returned.

- Congratulations!
- For what?

"We got your report after you left,
lam going to be an aunt!"

You have a very long life! Father
was just talking about you...

I will go and call him.

You have a very long life! Father
was just talking about you...

I will go and call him.

Why did you curse me, Minnie?"

Why do I need this long life?

Colonel, did you break your back?"

That has already been broken!

Hurry up, Alka has come!"

Alka?!...Have you
told her anything?

Told her what?

What is the matter? You surely
are hiding something from me.

- Nothing!
- Don't I know you?

- What is the matter?
- I said nothing!

"Colonel, if you tell me,
you will feel better."

I said there is nothing!

"- Okay, why are you screaming?
- Because, you forget your status."

You forget that you are just
a mere servant in my house!

I am screaming because, Suraj..."

"- What happened to Suraj?
- He has hidden from us, Bihari."

"He has gone away forever, Bihari!
He has left us shrouded in darkness!"

- What do you mean? - He has
sacrificed his life for the country!

"- Now Alka has come home,
how can I tell her... - No!!"

No Colonel, don't tell her."

She is carrying his gift of love...

"we had only one son,
he is not with is now..."

but, you cannot finish your lineage."

"For the sake of this child, we
will have to forget our sorrows."

Colonel, don't even tell Minnie."

"She is a child, she may
blurt out something."

"Whenever we feel sad,
we will come here and cry."

"Colonel, keep Alka happy,
happier than before!"

Come out!

Get something sweet!

Colonel's daughter in law has
come home! Call her here!

"- Bihari, you is this woman?
- She is our daughter in law!"

"- But, why is she walking like this?
- She is expecting a child!"

"So, the time has come for me
to be a grandfather."

- Father! - May you
be happy and prosper.

- May your husband have
a long life! - What happened?

"Nothing, just a little cough,
...I am fine!"

"Control yourself, you cannot afford
to cry in front of everyone!"

"Bihari, how can I control myself?
For how long should I control?"

I feel as though the entire
world is testing my patience.

I don't have patience and
the endurance to tolerate this!

I am completely shattered, Bihari!"

"Colonel, you have to gather
yourself...come with me!"

How will we manage if
you give up so soon?

We have to hide
our feelings from Alka.

"Whenever I feel sad,
I come here and cry alone."

In solitude, I talk with my Suraj."

"Whenever you feel sad,
you also come here..."

and shed out your tears.

"Your father was a brave man
once upon a time, son..."

he faced many hardships
and sorrows...

but, he cannot bear your death!"

"When I look at Alka, I know I am
cheating her but, for how long?"

You believed that it is a sin
for a young woman to be a widow.

"But, how can I tell her
that she is a widow?"

"if you have the courage, you come
here and wipe out her vermilion!"

Come and break her bangles!

Tell her that she is a widow
and she should forget you.

Bihari, what should I do?"

Stop crying!

"Why didn't you throw this earlier,
I would have finished the game!"

It's quite late, we are leaving now."

You should keep coming often.

Sure!...Get up!

Aren't you forgetting something?

- I am forgetting?! - Didn't
you come here to say something?

"- Talk to Alka.
- Oh, that?"

"Listen to him, he selects a girl
without telling anyone..."

then he falls in love discreetly...

"but, he cannot talk
about marriage himself!"

- Whose marriage are you
talking about? - Uncle!

"I am young for this but, I want
Minnie's hand for Vijay in marriage."

I know that our family doesn't have
the same status as your family.

Your husband broke the age old
orthodox norms of the society...

he gave support to a woman
who had no future...

"in my eyes, his family is
of a very high status!"

"I agree to this match,
you send Vijay's horoscope."

I am in love, tell me what to do?"

"Life has become impossible,
tell me what to do?"""

"Seeing you, I fell
in love with you!"""

Our eyes met and I lost my peace!

Love has made me very restless!

I cannot bear to be away from you!

"Now we are in love,
tell me what to do?"""

"I will not listen
to what people say!"""

"it's my heart's agony,
nobody can help me!"""

"In our passion, we have
abandoned the world!"""

"I have given you
place in my heart!"""

"Even I agree to that,
tell me what to do?"""

I have never seen any two
horoscopes matching so well!

Very rarely does
God make such pairs!

You have no idea what the outcome
of their marriage will be?

"Then let's not delay, quickly
tell me the auspicious wedding date."

There is no immediate date.

"The planetary position is not right,
it will change after 'Karvachauth'."

Why do you have to go to the
Colonel's house to break the fast?

"You don't know, it's
an age old tradition..."

"on this day, all women gather and
go to his house to see the moon."

"Life has to be lived,
irrespective of joy or grief..."

every man owes something to life!"""

One has to pay a price to smile...

"yesterday there was a smile,
today there are tears in the eyes!"""

"Tears are which
glisten in the eyes!"""

What are you doing?

Will you cheat the world?

Will you commit such a big sin
on this holy day?

"Alka, what is this?
What is the matter?!"

Father, this is my real status!"

"I did not tell anyone but,
I have become a widow!"

Suraj is not alive!


"What happened, Colonel?
Someone call the doctor!"

I will not live without
my father and brother. the door!!

If this vermilion
can save two lives...

I will apply it on my forehead.

"If this is a sin,
I don't mind committing it!"

The moon won't come out soon if
you keep looking at the sky!

"I know but, this
wait is never ending."

There, finally it's over."

"Alka, divert our mind, sing the same
song you sang on 'Durga pooja' day."

I don't feel like it.

Her mind is with her husband.

"Right, on that day Suraj
was sitting next to her."

Think of Suraj and sing a song.

Go and get Suraj's photograph.

My beloved resides in my breath...

I have taken an oath
from my beloved...

we will live together
for several births...

"be it joy or sorrow,
we will share it!"""

Whenever I am born...

I hope to get him in my life!"""

My life is for him...

all my joys are for him!"""

"All I want is to
see him in front of me!"""

"I pray to God to
bestow my life upon him!"""

Whether he is near me or away...

he is my life!"""

Our love can never separate us!

Father, where did you go away?"

"Father, why are you eyes red?
Have you cried?"

Yes, I have cried a lot today!"

"What is the matter father,
why did you cry?"

I remembered someone!

Whom did you remember?

Whom did you remember, Colonel?"

Suraj's mother!

"On this day, even she used to
pray for my long life."

"Praying for my life,
her own life span reduced."

"Why do people do such things,
why do they leave and go away?"

"Father, what is wrong with you,
why are you making us cry?"

"Colonel, don't you dare
shed one more tear!"

"- Look, even Alka is crying!
- Alright, I will not cry."

I promise I will not cry.

"After I get Minnie married,
even I will go away!"

"Father, please don't
say such things."

It looks so nice!...

- When will that be printed?
- When you die!

Shut up! You think
I will die as a bachelor?

"Until Chaudhry doesn't get married,
he will not marry his daughter."

- You look for another girl.
- 0kay...Shut up!

I cannot be unfaithful to Guddi!

Then you will die a bachelor!

- Colonel has sent a diary with
names and addresses. - You can go!

10 days are left for the wedding
and the first name is Suraj Dutt!

"This means, Colonel is has yet,
hidden this matter from his family."

I think we all should
attend this wedding.

Please hurry up!

I think Suraj has come.

"Welcome, soldiers!...
I cannot see Suraj."

"Sir, he received an order to go
on a very important mission."

- He'll be here in a day or two.
- He knows it's his sister's wedding.

He has only one sister!

Uncle, military job is such..."

"our duty is towards our motherland,
other relations come later!"

"- Isn't it, Colonel?
- You are right."

But they don't agree
to these justifications.

"But sometimes, it gets
difficult to say the truth."

"Anyway, come
please handle the work here."

You all go and work outside...and
you girls go and sing outside!

Sit here...please don't mind!

You are aware of everything.

"But, nobody in this house or
this town, knows the truth!"

"By coming here, you'll have filled
the vacuum created by Suraj."

"But, once the wedding
is over then..."


"Father, what are you doing here,
the sweet maker is asking for sugar."

Suraj's friends were cracking
jokes that made me laugh and...

she is Minnie, it's her wedding."

"They all are his friends, they
have got his message for you."

"Father, I will talk
to them but now, you go!"

"- Minnie, Suraj has said...
- I know everything!"

I know my brother is not alive.

"I received the telegram
but, I burnt it!"

Everyone is longing to meet him.

"But, nobody knows that
he is not alive..."

- Why are you calling me?
- Your friends are calling you.

"Forget them, Suraj's
friends are sitting here."

- Hello.
- Hello!

- You go outside.
- Alright.

"Sister in law,
Suraj has sent us here."

He will come home in a day or two.

You please sit.

I have to keep waiting all my life.

"You perhaps don't know but,
my father is also a Colonel."

I had received the news
about Suraj long back.

I told my father not to tell anyone.

"That is why, everyone...and
for their happiness,

I cannot even cry at my own fate!

My father in law is
a heart patient...

and Minnie...l just
want her to get married...

"till then, we will
have to keep Suraj alive!"

Is this a family of
angels or human beings?

O Almighty! The light of such
houses should never burn out!

Leaving her father's house...

"the daughter is heading towards
the house of her beloved!"""

"it is such a irony of fate,
is it union or a separation?"""

"She will leave behind the toys
of her childhood days!"""

"She will miss the tales of
the prince and the princess!"""

"Her tears cannot
repay her memories!"""

Father's house is
a temporary place...

"a daughter cannot
live there forever!"""

A father conducts
the marriage of his daughter...

in the absence of his son!"""

Tears cannot be controlled...

eyes keep cryingr..."


Father, can I tell you something?"

"- Tell me, child.
- Get Alka married again!"

"Even I was thinking
the same, child."

No, my child!"

"Colonel, I told you that I will
not break this alliance!"

Go and get your bride!


Leave me!!

"I swear upon the Almighty, we'll not
let you succeed in your evil mission!"

Leave my sister...

or you all will die here!

Minnie, run away!"


Cheetah, get the bride!"

"- No, leave me!!
- Leave her!!"

Leave me, you rascal!"

"- Leave me!
- Come on, drive!"

Leave me!

Tie him up!

- Help! - Now you see howl
enjoy myself with your bride.

Leave her, you rascal!"

. No!
" Non


Leave her!

No!...Leave me!!



No...leave me!"

Son!...What have I done?

I shot you with my own hands?

"Son, I traded this country
to buy happiness for you."

"I became a traitor...son,
don't leave me and go!"

I don't have anyone else
besides you!


- How come you all are here?!
- We received her wedding card.

"We thought that she should not
miss her brother so, we came here."

"Suraj, I myself saw a hand
grenade bursting on you..."

then how did you save yourself?

How did I save myself?

"I wonder how many days,
I was unconscious..."

"when I regained my senses,
I was captivated by the enemy."

"And before they would capture me,
I had crossed the border."

I will never ask God
for anything all my life!

- Father!
- You have made us cry a lot.

"Without you, we were
living like corpses."

No, father!"

Even God could not bear
to separate you from us...

and he changed the course of fate!

"- Suraj, my son!
- Uncle Bihari!"