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- Oh, God!
- Hurry! Step on it!

- I can't go any faster. - Why not?
I'll kill you if you don't!

- That's the speed limit!
- You're only going 60!

You can go up to 160.

- That's the radio.
- Radio?

Sorry, I'm short-sighted.
Just hurry!

That way... by the bridge.

- Go right?
- Yes, turn here. Hurry!

What are you doing?
Over there! Hurry!

You're too slow!
How many are there in your family?

- Eight.
- That many?

Then they can do without you!
Hurry! That way!

Big brother!

You, too?

Over here!


Stop the car.

That way!

That's my big brother.

- Good!
- Don't forget your bag!

Better notify his family...

before it's too late.

He has no family.

Any relatives?

- Can't you save him?
- Are you a doctor?

All I can do is reduce his pain.
That's all.

Thank you.



That needle is too much!

I don't have needles for
humans; I'm a vet.


There's a hospital sign...

It says 'Pet Hospital'.


- Sakuma.
- Yes!

- Masa.
- Yes!

- Aki.
- Yes!

- Hiko.
- Yes!

About the successor,
I have to tell you...


Let my nephew take over.

Where is he?

His name is...



No classes today?

Today is your father's funeral.

We plan to pay our respects.

- Thank you.
- You're alone?

I have no relatives.
I'm like an orphan.

What about your father's colleagues?

I didn't tell anyone.

He probably wants me to see him off.

- He must have loved you.
- Since my mother died,

I wasn't just his daughter.
I took care of him,

like a wife or mother,

so I'll be there to see him off.

Clasp your hands.


Brace yourself!

Work hard!

Come back to school soon.

Thanks! You should be getting back.

- Bye.
- Bye.


I'm all alone now.


That's alright.

Who are you?

Are you Koizumi?

Yes, I am.

My name is Mayumi.

What do you want from me?

Can we go inside?

My father said
I'm not to let strangers in.

I'm not a stranger.

Takashi talked about you
all the time.


Hoshi Takashi was your father.

Nice place.

Don't touch that!

I don't want strangers to touch it.


- What is it?
- Read it.

My father wrote this?

"Dear Mayumi,
because I'm a traveling salesman,

"it's highly likely I may get
into an accident.

"If anything happens to me,
go to my house...

"and live with my daughter.
Koizumi is strong,

"but she's also very naive.

"With her you can share your
views in life.

"Thank you for taking care of her.

"Bless you - Takashi. "

Excuse me.

What was your relationship
with my father?

Was it...

a male-female relationship?

To put it bluntly,

were you...

my father's mistress?


- Tomoo.
- Yes!

- Leave quietly, if you're done.
- Sorry.

Make the nose higher.

No, it doesn't look like it.

I can't do it.

You better go home.

Look over there.

Who are those men?

It's dangerous!
Bullets may come flying...

Move away... back off.

Please leave; it's dangerous.

- Move away! - Back off.
- It's scary!

What are they doing?

Nobody knows!
That's what worries me.

- Let me go in.
- Stay back...

- We'll escort Izumi home.
- Use the back door.

- Alright... too crowded up front.
- No! I want to see...

- Stay back.
- Don't push! - Let me see!

This is the first time I've
seen the Yakuza at the school.

- We can't take the back door.
- Hurry! Koizumi!

Koizumi, come back!

Don't go! Come back!


Hoshi Izumi?

We're here to pick you up.


- Move aside.
- Open the door.

Please go upstairs.

Medaka gang?

That's the Yakuza.

The Medaka gang existed
before the war...

Nothing like the so-called gangs
these days.

4th generation...

Hoshi Izumi.

Excuse me...

My name is also Hoshi Izumi.

Yes, that's you.

Please let me explain...

My father is a blood relation?

Your father was named his successor.

We went through great trouble to find him,
but he died in a car accident.

We went to the crematorium...
and you were the only one there.

That's why...

- you chose me?
- Right!

If his nephew couldn't take over,

we were supposed to find his
nearest relative.

Please accept...

Please accept...

Wait a minute!

You are...
You're being reckless!

Listen to me...
I'm an ordinary high school girl.

Don't worry!

Age and gender is not an issue.


It's impossible!

I can't do it!

I'm not capable...

There's a first time for everything.
You can earn your experience.

What experience?

Fighting, gambling...

That kind of experience?

No way.

I refuse.

You must be kidding.

Then you leave us no choice...

We give up.

This has turned into
a farewell party.

- Hiko, pass the wine.
- Yes. - Aki, get ready.

We'll settle our score with the
Matsunoki gang.

Before we disband, we must
put on a good show.

- Prepare to die
- Yes!

Will you come to the farewell party?


If you're disbanding,

why do you still have to fight?

It's the four of us against 40.

There were a lot more of you
outside the school.

Big Brother found them.

- They're on loan from other gangs.
- There's only four of us left.

It's time to disband.


- Let's go.
- Yes! - Let's do it!

Hold on!

Please wait!

I forbid you to fight.
You can't go!

This doesn't concern you;
you're not the Boss!


- I accept!
- Miss...

That's why...

I forbid you to fight.


I'd appreciate it if you'd
address me as "Boss".


Pass the wine cups.

That's some hangover.

Please, not so loud!

My head's pounding.

- I called in sick for you.
- Thanks.

You made such a scene
at the school!

Everyone thought you'd
been kidnapped.

You must eat, or your
breasts won't grow!

They're big enough!

You're in a bad mood?


I just don't know what
my father saw in you.

I'm curious.

You're not very pretty...

and not particularly smart.

In which case...

It must be your body...

I'm sure of it!

You're silly.

How much did you drink?

Wine cups of this size...
I had five.

I'm the Boss, I had to drink.

You're in trouble!

The Medaka gang is a real gang.


- You know about them?
- Yes.

I heard of them in my
degenerate days.

I'm so worried...

I'm sorry you had to do this.

- We have to say hello!
Where are we going? - What?

Where are we going?

To meet with the Boss of
the Hamaguchi gang.

That's the biggest gang in this

What a pain!

I don't know any gang etiquette.

I mustn't offend anyone.

All gangs have a front these days.

The boss is always a chairman of
some company.

What's on the roof?


Do we always have to wait this long?

Be patient!

We can't survive if we offend them.

- Is the Boss in?
- Please wait!

Who is that?

That's Sekine,
of the Matsunoki gang.

Matsunoki gang?

Were you supposed to fight them?

They're affiliated with the

that's why they moved in
on our turf.

Is that Sakuma?

- Long time, no see.
- How are you?

- Fine!
- I see.

This is our new Boss.

You must be kidding!

I'm the new Boss of Medaka gang!
Nice to meet you.

"Nice to meet you"!

Are you running an
amusement park, Sakuma?

You expect this little girl
to run the gang?

Can't even sell her to
the bath houses.

- Go home and change diapers.
- Say that again!

You're dead if you make
fun of her again!

Don't get mad, Sakuma.
I'm just kidding.

Hey, looking again,
you're quite cute!

How sweet!

- What the hell...!
- You little bitch! - Wait!


Come see me. Also invite our
guests from the Medaka gang.


I like you...

You have guts and you're cute.

You deserve to be the Boss.

I really like you.


Stop it!


Matsunoki gang has taken over
our turf, I want it back.

Is this for real?

- This is a gift from the Hamaguchi boss.
- This is great!

- A toast to the Boss!
- Cheers!

Out of the way!

Are you alright?

We haven't had so much fun
in a long time!

I'm so happy.

It must be hard on you.

Don't say that!
This is a new beginning.

- Exactly! Don't cry!
- Boss!

Yes, this is a new beginning!


Brace yourselves!
Yakuza don't cry! Understand?

- Yes!
- Cheers!

- What's going on?
- Machine guns.

- Hiko, get the stuff!
- What stuff? - Weapons!

- Aki, get the weapons!
- OK!

Withdraw from school?



We'll sign a petition for you!

Don't be discouraged!

Hoshi Izumi?

Yes, that's me.

I'm Detective Kuroki,
from Shinjuku.

- Police?
- Yes.

- You're here about yesterday?
- Yesterday?


I'm here about your father.

My father?

He was killed in a car at the airport,
when he came back from a business trip.

Is that right?

He was dead when the
police called me.

Actually, I think he lost control
of the car and crashed into a tow truck.

You're saying...

My father was murdered?

- He worked for a sales company?
- Yes.

- Did he travel much?
- All the time.

Did he bring home any gifts?

Something about this big?

Like that?
Anything like that?


What are you trying to find out?

Most murder cases at the airport
involve smuggling.


You think my father was a smuggler?

That's impossible!
You must be joking.

I apologize.

We must check out everyone.

It's not a popular job.

Please believe me,

I don't think your father
was involved. Goodbye.

Oh, I was at your house:
there was a woman. Who is she?

You mean Mayumi?

She's a relative;
I'm afraid to live alone.

Is something wrong?

I've seen her picture.
She's wanted by the police.

Her real name is Tsuchida Koumi.

She's wanted for theft,

But maybe I'm mistaken!

You gave me a scare!
I just arrived at the station,

and I heard you called 110.


My goodness!

This is the work of a professional.

I don't suppose you'll find
finger prints.

What was the name of that woman?

She's gone.

This is what I found when
I came home.

Strange! ls she really a relative?

She had a letter from my father.

- He wanted me to live with her.
- That's strange...

Look at this mess!

They didn't take anything,
isn't that weird?

They weren't after money.

Could she have done this?

She must've been looking
for something...

But she didn't find it.

If she did, she wouldn't
have done this.

You're very sharp!
That's what I think, too.

What were they looking for?

Perhaps... drugs.


He's just kidding.

You're scaring us.

Sorry! I'm telling the truth.

He's probably jealous...

and he lied!
He wanted to kill that guy.

He didn't expect him to be a cop.

- She's so cute!
- Are you in love now?

Of course not!

- You're blushing!
- Come here!

You're serious?

- Who do you think you are?
- Come back!

What a fool!

Listen... cheer up.

It's frustrating to see
you like this.

- Have a drink!
- Come on!

No, they're underage.

You must drink!
Drink up!


- Alright...
- Good!

- I'll drink it.
- Excellent...

What did I tell you...

That hurts... I'm going to die!

Like hell you are!

I'm still a virgin,
I don't want to die!

- Virgin? - I'm too far from that.
- Virgin?

- Over here!
- Aki.

At the bath house,
when I was in junior high...

You're weird! A fool!

- Yeah! - What about you?
You're a rapist.

Shut up! How dare you!

Don't lose your heads!

You ruined my mood! Really!

We'll be more careful.

We have to go, Koizumi.


You can stay with me,
I have extra rooms.

- No, thanks.
- Why?

No reason! I want some fun.

I don't want to be alone.

If I'm alone,
I'll be bored to death.

I'll be like this...

For a girl, I don't want people
to see me like this.

I see...

I don't want you to know me.

That's the difference between the sexes.
You won't understand.


Thanks! Good night.

Good night!

Go home and get to bed, kid!


- Hiko.
- What?

- Could you give me a ride
on a motor bike? - Motor bike?

Let the wind blow away
my troubles!

Sure, no problem!

Aki, the Boss thinks she'll go crazy
tonight. What does that mean?

I don't know!

Stop! It's me!

- You'll get yourself killed!
- Look! It's me!

- How are you?
- Get off, I need that.

- Give me the bike.
- Sure. - Please get on, Boss.

Get her a helmet!
Come on...

Here... try this!


Hold on! Here we go!

Move it!

- Let's go!
- Move it!

I'm cold! Boss!


What is it?

The rain on my back...

My shirt is wet.
I'll catch a cold!

It's alright.
It stopped raining.

- What?
- Yes!

It feels good!

I'll speed up!

- Hiko.
- Yes?

Why did you join the gang?

No reason!

You must answer me...
in 100 words or less!

I can't find anything
I want to do.

I hate school...
but I hate work even more.

It's the natural move from the
motorbike gang.

It's the only way out!

- Here...
- ls there any order to this?

- Yes, the red one in the middle.
- Red... red in the middle...

- Good morning!
- Good morning! - Morning!

- What are you doing?
- Redecorating for you.

- Coffee?
- Yes.

Aki did this, Boss!
He has good taste.


I used to be a painter.

We have the money to renovate?

Thanks to you,
we're making money.

Your coffee, Boss. You want it
here or at your desk?

Enjoy your coffee, Boss. Come!

- Milk, Boss?
- Yes, please.

- Where is Hiko?
- You don't know where he is?

I haven't seen him since
he took me home last night.

He's like a bullet:
he doesn't come back.

I'll get it...



- Who was it?
- Some guy...

- He said the goods are
on the stairs. - What goods?

- Go check.
- Alright!

Here you go, Boss!

I don't suppose it's a bomb?

After the machine gun?
I don't think so.




The Matsunoki gang did this!

The shootout was a warning.
Now he'll kill us one by one.

Hiko, we'll avenge you.

Shooting at us on our tun'...

and now they killed one of us!

I'll handle this...

I can't just stand by and watch!
This is not a joke!


Why are you acting like this?

Stop yelling!
Don't you ever listen?

Damn! This is messed up!


- Wait!
- What are you doing?

- Boss...
- Let go of me! - Boss!

You have a lot of nerve.

I hope to talk to you
one boss to another.

One of my men was killed...

- You know about it?
- Yes, I do.

That's why I'm here.

I believe you're behind this.

Idiot! Cut out the nonsense!

Listen to me, little girl...

I ordered the shooting, but...

since the chief gave his order,

we've laid off you and your men.

The cops are watching,

giving me a lot of trouble.

Do you understand?


I just wanted to make sure.


Teach this naive little girl
a good lesson

- Yes, sir!
- Come on!

Your clothes are dirty!

Up to her head!

How's the water temperature?

I'd like to take a bath, too!

Hello? Sekine speaking.

What? You have Akira?

Help me, Father!

If there's even a scratch
on my Boss,

your idiotic son is history.

- Tell him again!
- Father!

Don't die on me!
I need you.

Say it...

Help! Stop it!

The Boss says to stop!

Let her down!


Put her down!

Have you heard of Fatso?


His real name is Sandaiji Ichi,
another Yakuza boss.

What about him?

Only he is capable of
such brutality.

But why?

For drugs.

Fatso is always into big drug deals.

I think he's after your
father's drugs...

He turned your flat upside down
and couldn't find them...

so he tortured Hiko.

But I don't have any drugs!

There must be some...

or else Fatso wouldn't be involved.


You must be careful.

Don't do anything reckless.


Like going to see the
Matsunoki gang alone.

I did it for Hiko.
Someone killed him...

- Aren't you upset?
- Of course I am!

But it's different for me.

No one can replace you.

You're heartless!

I can't believe you're
being like this.

Hello? Hoshi residence.

Who is this?



It's me, Mayumi.

Long time no see!
I don't know what to say

How are you?

I'm fine.

Good... Very good.

Did you want something?

I ran into a bit of trouble.

You must wonder why
I disappeared.

That's why I'm calling.

You seem to be doing alright.

Not really...

Nothing is going the way I want.


You sound depressed.

I want to see you
and apologize in person.

I apologize.

I used to hang out in places
like this since grade school.

Because my mother owned a bar,

I started drinking in high school.
When I got to college...

Yes, I was in college.
I majored in pharmacy...

because I thought I'd be able
to get my hands on drugs.

But I was too naive.

They caught me stealing heroin,

and just like that,
I was finished.

I had more men than
I can remember.

It was a tough life.

I was drunk and on drugs
when I crashed the car.

It was raining very hard.

A car passed by and saved me...

That was your father.

He saved my life,
as well as my heart.

I'd never known the meaning
of true love till then.

You're such a liar.

That sounded like a plot
from a book.

You don't believe me?

I know your real name is
Tsuchida Koumi,

and that you have a rap sheet...

for robbery, theft...

- even prostitution.
- That's what they told you?

Yes, it is.

You think I ransacked your place?

Didn't you?

Do I have to take the fall?

This isn't tears...

Just the rain...

Caressing my face,

Making it wet.

Algeria is the end of the world,

A reflection of Algeria...

My father liked the bars...

What a coincidence!


I'm leaving.


I'm in love with someone else.

I thought your father was my last,
but now I'm in love again.

Can you forgive me?

Why do you need my blessing?

Because Takashi was your father,

and I promised him I'd take
care of you.

But now I've fallen in love
with another man.

Mayumi... You're lying, right?

Quit the act!

Thank you, come again!


in hotels...

are heartless.

I hate to do this to such a
cute Yakuza boss.

But if I don't,
Sakuma will not see me.

What do you want with him?

Not just him;
I need you, too.

Now I can get both of you

You want to kill Sakuma?

- You must carry a gun?
- For self defense.

He was known as the
"Killing Machine",

because he was as quick
as a snake.

Come on, let's go!

Tell him Ogiwara's looking for him.


I didn't know he was a member
of the Medaka.

I did suspect he had a
Yakuza background,

because of his tattoos.

How sordid!

Just like a beast!

The heroin that belongs to Fatso...

fell into the hands of the Medaka.

- Cough it up!
- I don't have it.

- Give it back!
- I don't have it!

Fatso insisted you do.

- If you don't cough it up...
- I want see Fatso.

- Let me talk to him.
- He won't see you.

Please help us!

Me? Ask your woman.

My woman?

The one you held in your arms.

You don't know?
She's Fatso's only daughter.

She ran away because
she couldn't stand him.

If you bring her along,
Fatso may see you.

Otherwise... Think of a way
to find the heroin.

That's the only way to survive.

I see...

She's the woman who stayed with you?

She's a fake.

I agree.

I picked her up at a bar.

You don't know her name?

Most people you meet
will tell you their names.

Most people.

What about you?

I'm a yakuza.

I may not sound like it,

but I'm rotten to the core.

I put up with shit...

I had to deal with garbage.

If I don't do it, it'll be too sad
come the end of the day.

I want to howl like a wolf!

the pressure makes me crazy!

You mean...

- Mayumi is just as rotten?
- No.

Even I'm not too sure!

When I met her...

she told me we're alike.

She said you're alike?

I remind her of a dead person.

You remind her of a dead person?

Perhaps I'm just a substitute...
for the man she loves!

Perhaps you're just a substitute...
for the man she loves.


It's you!

Did you have a chat with the Boss
in the underground cafe?

I saw you.

Who are you?

I'm a member of the Aki.

I'm the Boss's bodyguard.

What do you want with the Boss?

Did you find Hiko's killer?

Sorry, there has been no progress.

We have no leads.

What do you want with the Boss?


How dare you interrogate me?

I'm the detective!

Sakuma told me not to let
anyone suspicious go inside.


I'm not suspicious!

What's so suspicious about me?

What do you mean?

Speak up!

Who the hell are you?

Is this how you protect your Boss?

This is a joke!

It's my business what
I want with her.

I need to speak to her.
I don't need your permission.

What do you want to know, punk?

Speak up!

Speak up!

Sorry! I'm in a bad mood.

Too much trouble...

You're unlucky.


I can't let you see the Boss.

Scum like you...
I can't let you pass.

She's our Boss.

You'll die if you keep moving.

Don't move, or you die.


I'll see your Boss next time.



What happened...
Did you get into a fight?

- Shit!
- Does it hurt?


You know detective Kuroki?

- Mr. Kuroki?
- You know him well?

Not really!

He seems nice, that's why...

Shall I take you to the hospital?

This is nothing!
I'll be fine in a few days.

Take it off!


That's a deep out.

Don't move, understand?

Does it hurt?

It feels good!

Don't move!

Put pressure here!

- I can do it myself.
- Careful, stay still!

Or you'll rip the wound.

Hands on your head!

- Does it hurt?
- No.

You smell good, Boss.

I'm not wearing perfume.

You smell like my mother.

Do I remind you of your mother?

No! She likes to drink and
she's a bitch.

Sorry, I'm babbling.
I can do the rest.

Maybe I'll be like that when
I grow up.

You're nice, Boss.

You smell like my mother...

That smell...

Smells good!

It's nice!

I'm sorry I offended you.

I'm sorry!

Who are you?

You're coming with me.

Why did you kill him?
Why'd you have to shoot him?

Listen to me...

God controls life and death,

but He's busy elsewhere.

That's why, here in Japan,
I'm in charge.

I'll tell you howl lost my legs.

I tried to kill myself...

I rigged up a landmine...

and gradually stepped on it.

Landmines don't explode if
you step on them.

The weight of my body,

even the slightest deviation...

and the landmine will blow.

If you want to live,

you must not move.

I stood there for three days,

until my whole body was numb.

That feeling...
how should I describe it...

It feels like...

The body shudders, mixed with
the fear of death.

It was such a sensation.

Such a fine line between death
and feeling. Understand?

No, and I don't want to!

Let me help you...

Where's the heroin?

This is not tears...

It's just the rain...

Caressing my face,

Making it wet...

Stop singing.
Fatso kidnapped the Boss.

They want to trade her
for the heroin.

But Fatso is mistaken:
we don't have it.

That's right!

I need your help.

Cut to the chase.


Tell me where your father is

- What will you do if I tell you?
- When I see him...

I'll talk to him, alright?

What if he doesn't believe you?

You should know
he won't believe you.

- Then...
- He'll kill you.

You shouldn't go.

It'd be suicidal.

Don't move!

It's too dangerous!

You're in grave danger.

The landmine is super-sensitive.

The slightest movement or
shift in pressure on the sensor,

and it'll explode!

Think carefully

Uncle Fatso.

I can't hear hen
Turn up the volume.

What did you say?

You better go see a psychiatrist.

I don't have any heroin,
yet you keep asking for it.

You derive pleasure
from seeing people suffer.

I think you're sick.

Very well...

I'll tell you why I want
your heroin.

It's not for the money...

I have plenty of that.

I want the number of heroin addicts
in Japan to multiply...

I want more.
Do you know why?

I like to see how the addicts suffer...

when they're in withdrawal.

You're the devil!

Thank you. That's the highest
compliment you could pay me.


Stay where you are!

I can't stand it any longer.



Don't come close!

Turn it off, Father!

I'll tell you where the heroin is.

Turn it off!

I tried to shut you out.
Not because it was you...

but because of your femininity.

There's so much I can't do.

Same here. I began to examine
my shortcomings.


I don't like to be left out.

Mayumi, where is the heroin?

Tell me, or I'll kill her.

It's in her flat.

Are you sure?
I ransacked her place.

You looked for the wrong thing.

I watered it down and
put it in bottles.

That's my daughter!

- Kuroki.
- Yes!

You heard that?

Mr. Kuroki?

I'd rather not see you here

This cop works for the devil.

He'll do anything for money.

I interrogated Hiko,
then killed him.


We couldn't find the heroin in your flat,
so we worked on your man.

- You didn't have to kill him!
- He saw me; I had no choice.


Sit down and tell her
the whole story.

Tell her everything.

No problem

Narita was heavily guarded that day.

That was how it began.

Cops were following me
when I picked up the heroin.

Within 30 minutes,
I was being interrogated.

Hoshi Takashi was killed by
a tow truck.

He put the heroin in a pack
and gave it to me.

When I arrived at your flat,
I didn't expect...

the Boss's daughter to answer
the door.

This moron made me leave...

and threatened to turn me
over to my Father.

So that's why you disappeared.

I didn't know things would
turn out like this.

I didn't realize that one
pack of heroin...

would lead to such a mess.

You watered down the heroin
and fooled me as well.

I'd better get over there.

I can't rest until I find
the heroin.



Turn around!

Drop your gun.

I didn't want to fight you.

Drop the machine gun.

Please don't kill me!



- Run!
- No!



Damn it!

We fell into their trap.

I'm glad...

I thought I'd never
see you again.


You can't die.

I thought death could solve

That's a bad habit that
should be dropped.


Boss, don't lecture me at
a time like this.

You have a lot of nerve.

I'm impressed.

Stop this nonsense!

And now for the next autopsy...

- Grab them!
- Wait!

You promised to spare her.


You're too naive.

Remove my legs.


Such good material...
I must have it.

Strip them and strap them
to the table.

The Sandaiji gang is officially
disbanded! Get out!



Since I was little...

this is the first time
I've seen your face look kind.


Who's this?

Mr. Kuroki?

I've been ambushed.

The Hamaguchi gang took the heroin.

Brace yourself, Mr. Kuroki.

Ogiwara betrayed us.

Are you hurt, Mr. Kuroki?

Stop talking!
Mr. Kuroki...

Koizumi... You're a good girl.

I like you.




Why did so many people die
over a bit of heroin?

I really don't get it.

Because of money...

That heroin is worth $100 million.

That's why everyone went crazy.

Hamaguchi is such an asshole!

He must be laughing now,
when he sees the bottles.

- Sakuma.
- Yes?

- Masa.
- Yes?

- Will you come with me?
- Where to?

- To see the Hamaguchi.
- The Hamaguchi?

To stir up some trouble.

- What? - I have to pee.
- Go downstairs, moron.

No, I'm sticking with you.

I've been wanting to ask you...
Are you gay?

I'm in love with him,
but he doesn't care about me.

He killed someone in
the fight for Osaka.

I was in jail...

And we were in the same cell.

I fell in love with him then.

That's how I feel.

You pervert!

Unrequited love is very painful!
Do you know that feeling?

- We're from the Medaka gang.
- What? Medaka?

- Is your Boss here?
- Do you have an appointment?

He won't see you without
an appointment.

Just tell him we're here!

Get him! Hurry.

- Hurry!
- Alright!

I hate women!

What's that?



Please sit down...


You looked down on us and
went off to find Fatso.

And now you bring
the heroin, to join us.

You're so low-down!

I'm a very driven man...

but, thanks to you,
I'm now a part of the management.

Shut up!

If you're willing...

You're welcome to join us.

After all, I found the heroin
because of you,

and Fatso is dead now, too.

I'll give you something to
be happy about.

I've decided to give you...

part of Fatso's turf.

The Medaka gang can
re-establish itself.

What do you think,
Miss Koizumi?

What's that look for?

You have no shame -
you can't call me Koizumi.

- You're nothing but a dirty
old man. - What did you say?

I'm telling you,
I don't care about this.

What are you talking about?

I only want the heroin.

- What?
- I want all of it.

Don't move!

Put your hands on your head...

or I'll shoot.

Get a move on!

Do you know what you're doing?

You're biting off more
than you can chew!


I can't stand by and do nothing.


Don't move!

Don't move!


Nobody moves!


Hold me!

That feels good...


I'm so happy...

Being next to my two
favorite people,

- I can die in peace.
- Masa!

Go to hell!


Everyone is waiting!

It's over!

Hiko, Aki and Masa are all dead.

The Medaka gang should
be disbanded.


I made such a mess of things.

Says who?

Thanks to you,

we had our one last
shining moment.

Our late Boss...

would approve of what we've done.

- I must thank you.
- Don't; I'm not an outsider.

Yes, you are...

If the Gang is disbanded,

you can wear your sailor
uniform again.

And as for me...

What will you do?

Leave Tokyo...

Go back to the countryside
and live the life I want.

You're leaving the Yakuza?

I'm washing my hands of it.


The Yakuza is going backwards...

but no one will admit it.

For righteousness...
for justice...

Everyone is afraid to move forward...

and they dare not look ahead.

They're cowards.

You made me realize this.

So I'm not your Boss anymore.

In that case, Miss Hoshi,
take care.

You, too.

Promise me you'll pull
yourself together.

After I settle down,

I'll visit you.
I promise...

- Boss.
- Not again!

A few months later

Right! What happened to Mayumi?

- She's in America.
- America? - Yes.

- She's brave.
- She's living alone in New York.

She must have a blonde boyfriend!

- You had it easy.
- Why's that?

At least you have three
guardian angels.

- Right, the three of you?
- Of course. - Yeah, who else?

- She's laughing!
- How can you laugh?

You're looking down on us?

No! I just haven't laughed
for a long time.

I'm suddenly very excited,
that's why I'm laughing.

I'm not kidding.

Come on...

Are you Hoshi Izumi?

- Can you come over here?
- What is it?

I'm a police officer.

Who did you piss off this time?!

Last night, there was a street brawl
among the Yakuza.

- The yakuza?
- Yes...

He tried to mediate.

Someone pulled a knife and
stabbed him in the chest.

He died on the spot.

- Was he a gang member?
- No...

He was here on business,
from Hokkaido.

- Hokkaido?
- Yes.


Please take a look at this.

At first he left a name card,
but then changed his mind.

He decided to visit you instead.

He had some time to kill,

but got caught up in the brawl.

Say no more!

If he came across a yakuza brawl,

he'd have done anything
to stop it.

Because he knew that,
if he didn't,

someone would be killed.

He couldn't sit back and watch.

He had to do something.

How were you related to
the deceased?

To Miss Hoshi izumi I'm here on
business, but! missed you...

My first kiss went to...

a middle-aged man.

I'll be...

a stupid woman.

The End.