Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie: Black Dream Hole (1995) - full transcript

When the Evil Madame Vadiane kidnaps Chibi-Usa, the senshi rush to her rescue with the aid of Chibi-Usa's new friend, Peruru. After trying to find Chibi-Usa and fight off Vadiane's henchmen to no avail, the three outer senshi (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) come to their aid. To rescue Chibi-Usa before she falls into a permanent dream filled sleep, Usagi must enter the Black Dream hole and save her. With some luck and a lot of effort, Sailor Moon saves Chibi-Usa, and she transforms to help Usagi. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
When you smile,

the world turns sweeter than
the sweetest candy there is.

See, if you listen carefully

there's a sweet melody

The three o'clock fairy
is calling me

Knock on slumber's door

Wake up quickly

And board the ship for Candy/and

Oh, so many dreams

Mint pie and apple pie

Cake makes me happy

Cookie gets me excited

Enjoy a jiggly pudding

Have a bit of chocolate, too

The three o'clock fairy
watches with a smile

Knock on slumber's door

Wake up quickly

And board the ship for Candy/and

Oh, so many dreams

Mint pie and apple pie

Cake makes me happy

Cookie gets me excited

Enjoy a jiggly pudding

Have a bit of chocolate, too

The three o'clock fairy
watches with a smile

The three o'clock fairy...



Gomen-ne, it's hard for me to say

Although it's easy to say it
in my dreams

My thought circuit
is about to break down

You know right now,
I want you with me

It has me nearly in tears,
this moonlight

Can't even call you
because it's midnight

But my heart is sincere,
what can I do?

My heart is a kaleidoscope

The moonlight guides us
to our destination dear

Time and again,
we'll find each other

Counting the sparkles
of the constellations

Foretelling me the future
of this romance

We were born on the same planet

This is the miracle of romance


This is the miracle of romance

It smells so good!


I think it's ready...

Ow! What was that for?!

We're supposed to check
if it's done or not!

I prefer to follow the instructions
in this recipe book


- Oh yeah?!
- Yeah!

Here, let me take a look.

Just a little more.

You have to wait until they start turning
golden brown around the edges.

Told you!

It hardened up.

You're not supposed to dump
the sugar in all at once.

Remember, impatience will
get you nowhere in life.

That is so true...


In case you haven't noticed,
you ate most of the chocolate chips.

I can't stop myself.

It's not easy to shut one's mouth,
you know?

That's not how you use
that phrase...

Well, there goes our plan of
baking chocolate chip cookies.


That's really clever, Ami.

You've been secretly practicing,
haven't you?

My mother taught me this trick.

Your mom?


She's very busy and is away
most of the time.

But when I was little,

she would often bake me cookies
to try and cheer me up.

She'd say, "Look, Ami.

These are special cookies that will
give you lots and lots of energy!"

The three o'clock fairy
is already here.

The three o'clock fairy?

What's that?


The three o'clock fairy!'s a silly story.

Now I'm curious. Tell us!

When I was little,

my mom used to always bake me
a cake at three o'clock.

I once asked why
she makes it at three.

And Mom said it's because of
the three o'clock fairy.

It's a fairy who comes
around at three

telling moms to make snacks
for their kids.

But at the time,

I didn't get what she meant
by a three o'clock fairy,

so I thought it was that little bird
in the cuckoo clock.

The three o'clock fairy...

There was something special
about Mom's homemade cakes.

You're right.

Whenever my mother
baked me cookies,

I thought to myself...

That there was always
a bright side to feeling down.

I feel sort of jealous...

My mommy in the future can
only bake burnt cookies.

Why do you have to bring up
things like that?!

That's so Usagi!

I knew it!

Those were very touching stories.

It sounds like sweets are something
filled with wonderful memories.

Memories are nice,

but what matters most is finding
your future happiness!

For next Valentine's Day,
I'll definitely make sure

that my homemade sweets will
score me some happiness!

Does being skilled at baking
help you "score" happiness?

It sure does.
That's why we're here for lessons.

Yup, Mako is a master
at making sweets!

No, I'm not that good...

Does that mean you've already
"scored" happiness, Master Makoto?

Like they say: Happiness is a journey,
not a destination.

Mako, that didn't sound the least
bit convincing coming from you.

But nice try.

Thought so...

Are my cookies beautiful, or what?

Your cookies are ugly!

There's no comparison!


Shut up! My cookies win in
the taste department!

They're special cookies!

One bite will increase your power
and courage a hundredfold!

Whatever. I already know
mine tastes better...

Good grief...

Hey! Chibi-Usa's batch
is really good.

You're right! They're delicious.

They may look bad,
but the taste is perfect.

See? Told you.

Why are you all taking her side?!

I don't care.

Mamo will still eat these
and say it's delicious.

No matter how you slice it,
I'm going to win this contest.


Yup. Once Mamo tastes
these cookies, I win!


Is something wrong?

That's a cute cat.

Her name's Diana.

I see. How do you do, Diana?

That tickles!

What are you doing here?

Waiting for someone?

Let's go home so we can eat it.

Mommy, are you excited too?

- Yes.
- Really?

I was watching the children
as they come out...

They all look so happy.

Of course they do.
It's a sweets shop.

This is a very lovely town.

All the mothers here seem
so nice.

Not all of them.

My mommy's clumsy,
a crybaby and a scatterbrain.

She even steals
my snacks and eats them!

Then again,
I also eat her snacks, too.

You're pretty funny.


This town feels so warm and friendly.

Even the sweets seem happy.

You can tell how the sweets feel?

They look like they're about
to dance in celebration

for making the children happy. See?

All I can tell is that they look tasty.

No way...

I'm Chibi-Usa!

My name's Perle.



Delivery service!

I'm here to deliver
the greatest love in the world!

That little nuisance is
hiding somewhere, isn't she?

You mean Chibi-Usa?

It's not nice to call her that.

And she's not here today.

Well she's little,
and she's a nuisance!

She always gets in our way!



When did you buy this shirt?

Oh this?

The other day, when I went
shopping with Chibi-Usa.


I've been meaning to ask you...

Who's more important?
Me, or Chibi-Usa?!


Which of us is
more important to you?

Why do you even ask?

You can't answer, can you?

I knew it!
You care more about Chibi-Usa!

And after I came all the way

to bring you the world's best
homemade cookies...

I'm the world's unluckiest woman!

Wow, you brought cookies?
I'll go make us some coffee.

Now for today's news.

In a strange series of incidents,

children around the world
are disappearing at night.

These incidents...

have so far been confirmed
in 43 cities in 27 countries.

No details are yet known regarding
the children's whereabouts.



Hey! They might look a little ugly,

but it's the taste that counts!

Just a bite from these special cookies

will increase your power and
courage a hundredfold!

You're giving these to me?



See you again!


Master Usagi. .. Master Usagi!

Mamo... I love you...

Please wake up, Master Usagi!

What's she doing?


You're all here!

Something strange is going on
with Chibi-Usa.

It's not just Chibi-Usa.

- What?
- Look over there.

No way! What's going on?!

Seems children throughout the city
are leaving their homes.

Is walking around at night
what's popular with kids nowadays?

Of course not!

Today's news said that children
around the world are going missing.

There's probably a connection.


You guys hear something
that sounds like a flute?

A flute?

The sound from the flute
is giving off an unusual energy.

See, if you listen carefully

there's a sweet melody

The three o'clock fairy
is calling me

Knock on slumber's door

What's that over there?

Wake up quickly

This is definitely not normal.

And board the ship for Candyland

Oh, so many dreams

Chibi-Usa! Stop!

Mint pie and apple pie

Cake makes me happy

- Let go of me... Let go of me...
- Small Lady! Snap out of it!

Cookie gets me excited

You asked for it!

Enjoy a jiggly pudding


Have a bit of chocolate, too

What'd you do that for?!
Stupid Usagi!

The three o'clock fairy
watches with a smile

See, if you listen carefully

Don't you remember anything?

There's a sweet melody

Go on home, everybody!

The three o'clock fairy
is calling me

Let me go...

Knock on slumber's door

We're going to a dreamland
filled with candy and sweets.

Wake up quickly

Wake up, everybody!

And board the ship for Candy/and

Oh, so many-

Stop interfering.

Who are you?!

The children came here
on their own free will.

So don't get in their way.

You're the one who's been
abducting children, aren't you?!

We won't let you do this to them!

Good grief...

This interference was unexpected.


What is that?!

It's a candy!

A monster?!

Bonbon Babies, attack!

Stay away!

- GO away!
- GO away!

Chibi-Usa, do something!

You do something!

Everyone! Transform!

Mercury Crystal Power...

Jupiter Crystal Power...

Mars Crystal Power...

Venus Crystal Power...

- Make Up!
- Make Up!


Love and Beauty Shock!

- Moon Crisis Make Up!
- Moon Crisis Make Up!

Moon Tiara Action!

Who are you people?!

I was hoping you'd ask!

We are the world-renowned
heroes of justice!

And we're not going to
let you get away

with using that hypnotic flute
to abduct all the children!

We are the Pretty Guardians...

who fight for love
and for justice!

I am Sailor Moon!

And I am Sailor Chibi Moon!

In the name of the Moon,

- we'll punish you!
- we'll punish you!

The same goes for
us Sailor Guardians!

- We will not forgive you!
- We will not forgive you!

Huh? What is this?!

What just happened?

I smell something sweet.

It's coming from that house.

No way, is that...

...a gingerbread house?!

Sailor Moon! Everybody!

What happened to them?

It's an illusion.

The sound of the flute is
making them see things.

Wow! A real gingerbread house!

It looks so yummy!

Hey! When did you all shrink?

You did, too, Venus.

You're right...
You're all my size.

It looks so yummy!

- Tuxedo Mask!
- Tuxedo Mask!

You mustn't bite into that, Sailor Moon!


That hurts!

Are you with them, too?

Tuxedo Mask!

Wait! Stop!


Perle... What do you think
you're doing?

Brother, how can you resort to
such violence and be fine with it?!

Poupelin, what is going on?

Queen Badiane...

Why have you stopped?

We can't fall behind
with our plans.


But it seems Perle has cold feet.

Why are you making us
do all these horrible things

to gather the children?!

Watch your tone, Perle!

I can't go along with this!

Badiane, I cannot trust you, after all!

Queen Badiane is doing this for
the children's eternal happiness.

I don't see it that way!


So. . .it's that little girl
who's swaying you.

No! She has nothing to do with it!

Continue your work.


And bring her along with
the other children.

As you wish.


Looks like they're back
for another round!

Attack, Bonbon Babies!









Tuxedo Mask!

Chibi Moon!

They got Chibi Moon. ...!

Oh no!

See, if you listen carefully

there's a sweet melody

The three o'clock fairy
is calling me

Knock on slumber's door

Wake up quickly

And board the ship for Candy/and

Oh, so many dreams

Mint pie and apple pie

Cake makes me happy

Cookie gets me excited

Enjoy a jiggly pudding

Have a bit of chocolate, too

Oh no you don't!

You're not getting away.

Who are you, anyway?

See, if you listen carefully

there's a sweet melody

The three o'clock fairy
is calling me

Knock on slumber's door

Wake up quickly

And board the ship for Candy/and

Oh, so many dreams

Mint pie and apple pie

Cake makes me happy

Cookie gets me excited

Enjoy a jiggly pudding

Have a bit of chocolate, too

The three o'clock fairy
watches with a smile

Enjoy a jiggly pudding

Have a bit of chocolate, too

The three o'clock fairy
watches with a smile

Well done.

So you're the one who took
Perle from me...

Yes... I can sense
a mysterious energy inside you.

Do you wish to join the other children
in the Dream Coffins?

It won't be long now.

Very soon, my Black Dream Hole
will swallow this planet.

At the center of this castle,

my Black Dream Hole is
making itself grow larger

by absorbing the Sugar Energy
from the children's dreams.

Until it can engulf
this entire planet.

When that happens,
the foolish humans of Earth

will all spend their lives
in the Dream Coffins.

What a lovely sight it will be...

Are you stupid or something?

That could never happen.

You are so going to fail.

Oh? And why is that?

Because Earth has Sailor Moon.

That's. . .no ordinary black cloud.

Mamoru's okay. He'll live.



Where's Chibi-Usa?

She's safe.

That little nuisance will be fine.
I promise.

It'll be extremely dangerous...

We must hurry.

If she's cast into
the Black Dream Hole,

Chibi-Usa will be beyond rescue.

Black Dream Hole?

We need to rescue her
at all cost.

This isn't some sort of trap, is it?

We have no choice
but to trust him.

Chibi-Usa gave you that,
didn't she?


We're about to enter the clouds.

We'll arrive shortly once
we get past through them.

I will guide every single child
to a world of dreams...

A place where
they will never get hurt...

And I want you fairies
to help me.


See you again!

Whoa! I'm sensing an intense
evil aura coming from this place!


I don't see anything.

W-What's going on?!

That's Marzipan Castle,

where all the abducted children
are being kept.

It's a cannon!

Load cannon ball!

Loading cannon ball!

Cannon ball loaded.

So we're going to blast Perle, too?


Shine Aqua Illusion!

What's the meaning of this, Perle?

Why'd you bring them here?

We're here to stop Badiane!

Return Chibi-Usa
and the children!


If you mean that little girl,

Queen Badiane seems
very fond of her.

Says she'll provide
the best source of energy

to grow the Black Dream Hole.


How could she...! Unforgivable!

You're a fool.

You'll die here with the others.

Be careful.
These people have strange powers.

- Papillote!
- Papillote!

Supreme Thunder!

Venus Love Me Chain!

Queen Badiane's Dark Energy,
the source of our power,

is growing stronger.

You no longer stand
a chance of defeating us.

That attack. . .!

Who's there?!

Protected by Uranus,
the Planet of the Heavens,

I am Sailor Uranus,
Guardian of Flight!

Protected by Neptune,
the Planet of the Deep Sea,

I am Sailor Neptune,
Guardian of Embracement!

Protected by Pluto,
the Planet of Space-Time,

I am Sailor Pluto,
Guardian of Revolution!

Answering the call
to a new threat,

the Three Guardians of
the Outer Planets are here to fight!

Uranus! Neptune!


Dead Scream.

What are you three doing here?

A huge Dark Energy is growing
within this castle.

Sailor Moon, Small Lady
is in danger, isn't she?

There're more of you?

How could you humans find
this invisible castle?

My mirror can see through
all forms of deception.

Submarine Reflection!

Space Sword Blaster!


If that's the case...




Curse you all!

What're you planning to do with
the children you've abducted?

We're trying to change
this planet into a world

where children can remain
children forever.

What's wrong with that?!

Queen Badiane!

A world where children
will never grow up?

But you get to enjoy more of
life's pleasures as an adult.

They should really mind
their own business. Right?

The ship's okay.
Hurry and get on board.

Sailor Moon... Who is this boy?

He's Chibi-Usa's boyfriend.


This is a sacred place.

You are not allowed to be here.

Where are you keeping Chibi Moon
and the children?!

The children are right there.


Are these all...


How horrible!

Stop this, you otherworldly witch!

Foolish Perle.

I'm trying to create a world that
is both sweet and beautiful.

Isn't that what you fairies wished for?

No one can be happy in
the kind of world you're creating!

My wish is to protect the places

where children can grow up
with their family and friends!

This girl put those silly ideas
into your head, didn't she?

- Small Lady!
- Chibi Moon!

Sailor Moon!

You're late!

Shut up.

What is that?!

It must be the Dark Energy
we've been sensing.

Is that the Black Dream Hole?

That is correct!

It grows more powerful

by feeding on the energy
of children's dreams.

And now...

Stop it!

Chibi Moon!




There's a force field around her!

Just as I thought,
this little girl possesses

the finest energy to grow
my Black Dream Hole!


What are they up to now?

Our strong feelings for Chibi-Usa
will power this ship.


Yeah, let's go!

Your puny ship can't get
through my force field.

Everyone! Give Sailor Moon cover!

- Burning... - Shine... - Sparkling...
- Venus... - Dead... - World... - Deep...


- Sailor Moon!
- Sailor Moon!

Return Chibi-Usa!

My Black Dream Hole demands
this girl's Sugar Energy!

You will not have her!

- Sailor Moon!
- Look out!

- Chibi-Usa!
- Stop!

Return Chibi-Usa!

Out of my WHY!

If you get any closer,

you'll be sucked in yourself!


I am the Black Dream Hole!

- What?!
- What?!

And now, I will engulf this planet

using this girl's Sugar Energy!

I won't let you do that!

Perle! Sailor Moon!



- Sailor Moon!
- Sailor Moon!


My transformation...

I can't maintain it...

Sailor Moon...

Damn it!

Sailor Moon?

These are supposed to
be special cookies.

One bite will increase your power
and courage a hundredfold!

Sailor Moon,
you're not thinking of...?

No, don't! You'll never return...!

Sailor Moon...

How foolish of you to leap in here!


Chibi-Usa... Chibi-Usa...


Don't wake her up...

Let the child sleep...


What're you doing here?


Is this your room?

Of course it is.

Mamo, how's your injury?

Nothing to worry about.

I see. Thank goodness.

Mamo, Chibi-Usa won't wake up.


Chibi-Usa ...


It's okay. Let's let her sleep.

Chibi-Usa is having a happy dream.

Let her sleep like this forever.

From now on,
it'll be just the two of us.

We'll live here forever,
with no one to bother us.

But first, we need to save
the children and the others!

They might already be...

Who cares?
They don't matter to us.


As long as you're here,
Usako, I'm happy.



Be honest.

Who's more important to you?
Me, or Chibi-Usa?

That's a silly question.
You're more important, of course.

You're the only person in this world
I care about, Usako.



You look handsome,
even in my dream.

Crisis Power!

You broke free from
the Dream Coffin?!

Why did you leave
your Dream Coffin?

Sailor Moon, what do you hope
to accomplish?!

Let that girl go!

If you let her go, you can return
to your wonderful Dream Coffin.

If you don't, you'll be burnt
to death along with her.

Think about it.

If every person remained
in their dreams

and only had to worry
about themselves,

then there would be no suffering.

I'm growing the Black Dream Hole
for your own good!

And I thought to myself...

That there was always
a bright side to feeling down.

Memories are nice,

but what matters most is finding
your future happiness!

Like they say, happiness is a journey,
not' a destination.

That didn't sound the least bit
convincing coming from you,

but nice try.


This light...

Is it Sailor Moon?


What is this light?!

Sailor Moon!

It's Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon.

Hand me that girl!

I must have the beautiful Sugar Energy
she possesses! Now!

Curse you...

Fine! Then I'll burn you to death!

Please, everyone...

I need your help.
Lend me your strength...

Sailor Moon.

- Sailor Moon.
- Sailor Moon.

- Sailor Moon.
- Sailor Moon.

- Sailor Moon.
- Sailor Moon.



Let's go.


- Moon Gorgeous...
- Moon Gorgeous...

- Meditation!
- Meditation!

Sailor Moon...

She broke through
the Black Dream Hole!

I want you to hang on to it.

You're leaving?

I'm a fairy who protects the sweet
and beautiful Sugar Energy

that grows inside children's dreams.

So I'll always be near you.

Thank you for the cookies.

Give my regards to Diana.

Goodbye, Perle. See you again!

It's not the memory
that's important

but the wish to see you again

More than sadness I feel glad

that I was able to see you

The wind from the fading dawn

dries the tears on my cheek

I smile and wave you good bye

hoping to see you again

Remember morning moon

The voice that calls you

If you hear me,
fly to me on winged shoes

Remember morning moon

If you believe,

Our season together
will continue on