Sailing Into Love (2019) - full transcript

Biology teacher Claire is busy juggling her duties as bridesmaid to three friends, as well as teaching a summer enrichment class at her most favorite place in the world, Blue Island. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

♪ For so long

♪ I've had dreamsabout a ship ♪

♪ And one of these daysI'll dust them off ♪

♪ I told myself

♪ But life keeps on going

♪ And time keeps onrolling away ♪

♪ Another day, another yeararound the sun ♪

♪ And all the thingsI'd like to do ♪

♪ Keep stacking up

♪ But I keep on going...

[text chimes]

♪ And time keeps onrunning away ♪

♪ Away

♪ But it's all about to change

♪ 'Cause my time is coming

♪ It all starts now

♪ I'm on my way up...

♪ I'm on my way up

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ It all starts now

♪ The stars are waiting

♪ I'm on my way up

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ It all starts now

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohOh, oh, oh... ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohOh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Every step I'm going to takeI'll see it out ♪

♪ And every fearthat's in the way ♪

♪ I'll take it down

♪ And I'll keep on fighting

♪ 'Cause I knowI'm finding the way ♪


♪ I can feel the change

♪ And my time is coming

♪ It all starts now

♪ I'm on my way up...

♪ I'm on my way up

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ It all starts now

♪ The stars are waiting

♪ I'm on my way up...








Good catch.


You know, a little baking sodawill just take that right out.


In this case...

maybe a lot of baking soda.

[text chimes]

Excuse me.



You forgot your...


Your book.


Mom and Dad, Carl...

Dan...Where am I going to put him?

[door opens]I'm here!

Mom, Dad...


Thank goodness.Oh, my gosh, I am dying.

I'm sorry. I had to change.It's a long story.

For you.

Oh, thank you.You're a lifesaver.

Okay, what's wrong?

Well, you know how peopleplan their weddings

for months and months,

down to the tiniestlast detail?

As someone who is inthree weddings this month,

I do.


Well, Mark has just decided

to invite two of his co-workersto the wedding.

Oh... not good.

I keep telling him

that he can't makethese last-minute decisions

with the weddingonly three weeks away.

In his defense,

it is awfully cute

how he getslike an excited puppy

about the wedding.

I know.

Last week, we were havinga conversation

with a coupleat the dry cleaner's,

and by the end of it,he had invited them, too.

Are they coming?

No, no. They have plansthat weekend, thank goodness.

Okay, so I've been trying

to rearrange the tablesall morning,

and I still can't find a placefor the co-workers.

Let me see.

Looks pretty good...

um, what if we did...


No, we can't putmy aunt Gladys next to Aunt Bea.

They've been in a tifffor years.

Got it.

All right, what if we...


...Trade that...

Oh, that might work!And then we can just...

put her over here...

and her there..


Now there's just one spotleft at the main table for...



You know what?

We can put himsomewhere else.

No. Why?

Claire, I don't want to sityour ex-boyfriend at your table.

I feel guilty enoughthat he's coming.

Well, you should notfeel guilty.

He's one of Mark's best friends,

and besides, he was invitedlong before we broke up anyway.

We ended things

because he took a jobin another state,

not because we wantedthings to be over...

and he did ask meto go with him.

Knowing thatyour family was here,

plus your job teaching,that you love.

Jason, of all people,should have understood that.

And I understandhow much his job means to him.

It's just unfortunate

that our jobs weren't inthe same place at the same time.

Well, are youlooking forward to seeing him?

It has been a year.

You know I have a planfor my life,

and he wasa really big part of that.

I'm a big girl.

I can handle it.


What is going on?Are you on a diet?


No, they're snacks for tomorrow.

Uh... "field guide"?

You're not changing professionson me, are you?

Giving up the big, blue sea?

Come on, you know how muchI love sailing the world.

It would've been funto call you Professor Hastings.

I'm afraid you're gonnahave to stick with "Captain."

-Hmm.-That belongs to the woman

who ran into meon the docks earlier.

She dropped it.

Oh, are yougonna return it to her?

No. I want to,

but I can't exactlyspend all day

just roaming around the docks,

looking for a pretty womanwho dropped her field guide book

and drives a Zodiac.

No, but you could spendtwo seconds and open it,

see if her name's there.

You don't think it's intrusive?

No, no, no, no.It's pragmatic.

Besides, it's not likeit's her diary.

-Here.-Those are valid points.

Thank you.


Does Miss "Pretty LadyWith a Zodiac" have a name?

"Claire Richards."

Do you want to grab lunchafter your class tomorrow?


Oh, no. I have Amber'sbridal party meet-up.

She wants usall to get matching pedicures.

Oh. What about Tuesday?

Bridget's cake tasting.

Remind me again

why you've agreed to be inthree weddings in one month?

Because all three of youasked me,

and I loveall three of you madly.

We love you, too,

but if this is too much for you,

I can always ask Mark's sister

to help mewith the cake and flowers.

I promised you I'd be there,and I will.

I'm more than capableof balancing it all.

That's my Claire.

Oh! I almost forgot.

The alterationson your bridesmaid dress

was all done,

so I picked it up for you.

Thank you.

I'll add it to my collection.

I'll see you tomorrow.

-Okay, bye.-Okay.


Where did I put that notebook?

[text alert chimes]


Hi, Dad!

I knew chowderwould get you here.

Only yours.


So... when is your first classon Blue Island?



Ah, I'm excited.

Hey, two of my studentsfrom last year

went onto declare biology majors

their first year of college.

It's amazingwhat that island can inspire.

Well, I'm not so sure

it's the islanddoing the inspiring.

My money's on the teacher.



You've still got it.

Aw, your first time fishing.

Now, we tried to help you,

but you were so determinedto use it on your own.

Who got the first fishthat day?

You did.

Aw... just like your mom,

eyes always on the sky,looking for the birds.

I was looking for you.


When you'd go to work,

Mom said I'd watchthe water all day

to see if I could find you.



It's getting late.

I'd better get going.

All right.

Well, uh, let me knowhow it goes tomorrow,

and say helloto Will Mayweather for me.

I sure will.

Goodnight, Captain.

Goodnight, Claire.

Hey, right this way.

I'm so gladyou've all decided to take

summer enrichmentbiology with me.

You're actually going to beearning credit for studying

in my favorite placein the world, Blue Island,

and you're gonna get to meetone of my very favorite people,

Captain Will Mayweather.

Claire Richards!




you must be this year's cropof future scientists.

Mind your teacher!

She's a fine one.

And the Captain hereknows more about the ocean

than we ever will.

He'll be sailing us outto Blue Island

every Thursday and Fridaymorning at eight bells.

That's nautical talkfor "8:00 a.m."

Well, sadly, Miss Richards,

I won't beyour skipper this summer.

What? Why?

Well, I decidedit was time

to turn the helm overto someone younger,

and I thoughtI'd come down here today

to tell you that, well,

the missus and Iare finally retiring

and gonna travel a bit.

That's wonderful,but we're going to miss you.

Well, I'm gonnamiss you, too,

but I sold the "Seagull"to a fellow Navy man,

fine sailor,

and I know he's gonna takeexcellent care of you all.

Well, if he's gotyour seal of approval,

I'm surewe'll be in good hands.

Ahoy there!


I thought you were a fisherman.

Well, occasionally, I am,

when I'm not losingall of my bait.

So you know two each other?

Oh, we met the other day.

Well, I would sayit was more of a collision

than an actual meeting.

Well, now we can properly meet.

I'm Tom Hastings,

but you can call me Captain.

Claire Richards,

but you can call meMs. Richards,

especially in frontof my students.


Okay, everyone,

a change of plans.

Captain, um... Hastings,was it?

Will be taking us outto the island for the month.

That's right.

Who's ready for an adventure?

All right! If we headstraight to the bow,

we can beginour safety walk-through.

I don't know about you,

but I can't focuson an empty stomach.

If the kids like,we've prepared snacks,

and they're waitingin the galley.


You don't like snacks?

Of course, I love snacks.

Everybody loves snacks,

but we're ona bit of a schedule here.

Well, we've gotstrong winds today.

We'll make good time.Don't worry about it.

Hmm. Okay, everybody.

Let's get onboard.

And get snacks!

This is my first mate, Mick.He'll show you the way.



About yesterday...

You know what?

You don't need to apologize.


I, uh, I wasn'tgonna apologize.


You ran into me.

I saved youfrom falling into the water.

Which I wouldn't have beenfalling into in the first place,

if you hadn't run into me.

And I lost a lot of bait.

Yeah, onto my sweater.

Yeah, and mine.

Did you, uh, did you usethe baking soda?

Yes, I did.


After you.

Thank you.


[indistinct conversations]

All good here?

We're all good. Jack, get down.We're good, thanks.


You dropped this yesterday.

I have beenlooking everywhere for this!

Thank you.

Did you really seea Higby's banded plover?

You opened my notebook?

Only to seewho it belonged to.

I promise.

You can ask Mick.

And you just happened

to see the part aboutHigby's banded plover?

It caught my eye.

Higby's banded plover?

My father workedfor the military.

We traveled quite a bit.

Spent some timein New Zealand.

My little brother and Iused to watch

the plovers forageon the mud banks.

I had no ideathere were any over here,

and now, thanks to you,I do.

They were a stapleof Blue Island for decades,

but they haven't been seenon the island in over 50 years.

So you're lookingfor a bird that hasn't been seen

in over 50 years.



sometimes, things come back.


When I was child,

my parents and Iused to sail out here.

My mother was a teacher.

She was my first,and she was my best.

I'm gonna take you all

on a guided hikearound the island,

and I want youto keep your eyes open

for as many different typesof wildlife as you can spot.

You should each startthinking about a project

to count and studythe different species

that inhabit Blue Island,

and your research needsto be sound and scientific.

Everybody ready?

[students, overlapping]Yeah.

One of my favorite thingsabout Blue Island

is that you can spend daysand days out here

without ever running intoanother living soul.

Except today?

Oh. Um...

Excuse me?

Uh, what are you doing?


I'm a surveyor.It's what I do.

Ha. Very funny.

The island is city-owned.

Belongs to the townof Willow Bay.

Until someone buys it.

Well, they can't buy it,because it's not for sale.

Might be...

if I can ever finish my survey.

What are you talking about?

Well, town council

is considering sellingBlue Island for development.

That's impossible.

They need the moneyfor municipal improvements,

and they think the islandis underutilized.

Of course it's underutilized!

That's the whole point.


Excuse me,I wasn't quite done.

Ma'am, excuse me.

They're selling Blue island?


The surveyorwouldn't tell me much,

but he mentionedthe "R" word.


Mm-mm. Resort.

I thought that landwas protected.


No, it's always beenthe town's choice

to just leave it alone,

but it's always been such a bigpart of Willow Bay's identity.

Well, I'm surprised you didn'thead straight to city hall

the moment you got backonto the mainland,

to talk to Councilman Haines.

Oh, I did, but he was out.

I made an appointment, though.

He can't avoid me.

Speaking of people to avoid...

Mark ran into Jason today.

Well, it's kind of inevitable.

He was invitedto Amber's wedding, too.

Have you talked to him yet?

I haven't seen him.

I'm still trying to figure outwhat to say when I do.

Any ideas?

[Claire sighs]


I just want to scream out,"Give us another chance!"

You can't do that.

I know, but that's how I feel.

I've always had this imageof how my life would be.

Following my dreamsand my passions

and making a difference...

and I'm doing all that,

with Blue Islandand my students.

Well, you can't livein the past, Claire.

You're gonna miss out on allthe new, wonderful adventures.

I found the perfect veil.

No, I found the perfect veil.

You know what?

I think I'm gonna gowithout a veil.

How'd the orientation go?

It was good,

except Captain Mayweatheris retiring

and he sold the "Seagull."

-Well, that's nice.-Yeah.

Except the new owner,Captain Hastings,

is really different.

He's younger

and kind of a know-it-all.



No comment.

Which is always a yes!

It's besides the point.

Something tells me

he's gonna be harderto manage than my students.

It's always goodto see you, Claire.

Tim, I met the surveyors.

They told me that Blue Islandmight be for sale.

Ah. And it might've been nice

to hear that firstfrom your godfather?


I didn't want to worry you,

and right nowit's strictly exploratory.

But it might beon the sale block?

Well, the town is just lookingat their options at this time.

Tim, you knowwhat the island means

to this community.

I do.

And I'll let you knowif anything changes,

but right now,it's just the first step.

Nothing may come of it.

But something might.


Or should I stickwith "Ms. Richards"?


Claire's finewhen I'm not teaching.

All right.

What brings you here?

Uh, fishing license.

I'm renewing, so watch out.

Ah. Well, as long asyou're licensed to sail.

Ah, no worries about that.


I'll see ya.




I heard you were back.

Yeah.Just got in yesterday.

Oh... I won't keep you.

I'm sorry.

It's not thatit's not nice catching up.

I'm just kind of running lateas it is.

There's no need to explain.

Wish we had more timeto catch up.

Well, we have Saturday.

Amber's wedding.


To be continued.

[quietly]"To be continued."



♪ Tall and tanand young and lovely ♪

♪ The girl from Ipanemagoes walking ♪

♪ And when she passes

♪ Each one she passesgoes "Ah!" ♪

I got your bouquet!

I thought the florist forgot.

She almost did.

I caught herin the parking lot.

Oh, Claire.What would I do without you?

Uh, toss a centerpiece.


[all laughing]Cheers!


Amber has a candle ceremony?

Why didn't I think of that?

You have your poetry readings.

Yeah, but candlesare so much more visual.

You know what?I bet you I could fit it in.

I'm gonna text the venue.

What did you make me promise

when I agreed to bea maid of honor?

That I wouldn't makeany rash decisions.

This is not a rash decision.This is very well thought out.

Your ceremony is perfect as is.

You're right.

I know. You're right.

I'm gonna go findthe other girls

to take some pictures.

Do not change anythingwhile I'm gone.

I won't.


Excuse me...can I borrow your phone?

Oh! I'm so...

[laughs] ...sorry.

We really needto stop meeting this way.

I feel likesuddenly you are everywhere.

Well, it's not like Willow Bayhas a lot of options.

Yeah, but this is a wedding.

I am aware.

The groomsmen hadhis bachelor party on my boat.

He invited me to join.

And you just said yes?

Yeah, I didn't haveany Saturday plans.



I would never go to a party,much less a wedding,

with people I don't know.

That's how you get to know 'em.

Besides, I know you.


Excuse me.


Hi... again.


You look... lovely.


I look like a fairy godmother,but thank you.

Jason, did you seeif there was a coat check?

[Jason] I didn'tget a chance to ask yet.

Uh, Samantha, this is Claire.

Claire, Samantha.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

How do you know Jason?


We wentto high school together.

Wow, so the two of yougo way back?


A very long time.

Um, I have to go.

The ceremony'sgetting started soon

and we still haveto take pictures, so...

She seems nice.


Amber, you are the lighthouseof my life,

always keeping me safeand guiding me home.

David, I could thinkof a million reasons

why I'd want to marry you,

but if I recited them all,

we'd be standing herefor the rest of our lives.

If I could pick just one,

it would bebecause of your heart,

your caring, loyal,generous heart.

Whoo![guests cheering]


Claire, I'm so sorry.

He never checked the "plus one"on the RSVP box.

To mine neither.

I should go over thereand disinvite him right now.

Please don't.

I don't want to make moreout of this than it is.

So, apparently,she's a dental hygienist,

and they met while he wasgetting his teeth cleaned.


Have they been together long?

-I don't know.-I bet it's not serious.

He probably thoughtyou were showing up with a date

and didn't want to come solo.

Right,because that would be awkward.

So awkward.


Not your song?

I'm not in the mood to dance.

I was gonna head outpretty quick,

but I thought I should getat least one dance in

before I do,

because it is a wedding,after all.

I think everyone should danceat least once at a wedding.

Wouldn't you agree?

I promise I will notstep on your toes.

Let's see whatyou've got, professor.


Am I that bad of a dancer?

What? No.

Um, you're a little stiff.


-That's better.-Yeah?

And... that's my toe.


I'm sorry.

My head's not in the game.

[song fades out]

Oh, that's too bad.

You couldtry to be convincing.

I could.

All you single ladies,come join us on the dance floor.

The bride's aboutto toss her bouquet.

[guests applauding]

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.Where are you going?

Please don't make me.

It's not "making."It's tradition.

It's true, Claire.

It is tradition.

See? He agrees with me.

And you are?

Tom. Hastings.

Oh! Your sea captain?

He's notmycaptain.

I never called you my captain.

No, she didn't.

All right.

Okay, fine.

You know what? I'll go.

-Yes!-I'll go.

-Thank you.-Mm-hmm.

Okay, come on.





[women shrieking]


That was totallyheaded towards you.

Here. still owe me a real dance.



Okay, here you go, Claire.

Thanks, Betty.

-See you later.-Yeah.

Hello, again.


Almost forgothow small this town was.

You here for one ofBetty's famous bear claws?

No. Just coffee, black.

Okay, I was going to getone bear claw...

for old time's sake.

Been home four days,

I'm already fallingback into old habits.

I'm sorry about the wedding.

I wanted to talk to youfor a minute before--

Your date showed up?


It's okay.

Felt like I ambushed you.

It was a reliefto see you weren't alone.

I'll admit,

it was harder than I thoughtto see you with a date.

A date?

I know. I know I haveno right to feel that way,

but seeing you twoon the dance floor...

The dance floor?

Oh. Oh, no.Um, that was just--

You don't need to explain.

Claire, I'm happy for you.

Um...I'm happy for you, too.


You're so bad.

I can't believeyou told Jason

that you're datinga sea captain.

I didn't!

He made an assumption,

and I simplydidn't correct him.

Well, you're not getting offon a technicality this time.


Let's see what's left.

The dress... we already knowthat that's perfect,

so that leavesone more thing.

I had Melinda lay outall of the options in one place

so you could finalizeyour choices.

You're the best.

I was thinking these onesfor your bouquet,

and then she can do smaller onesfor the bridesmaids

and boutonnieresfor the guys.

Oh, I love them all!

You should quit teachingand be a wedding planner.

I will be an expertby the end of this month.


Bridget's wedding is next week.Jason's going.

Yeah, I figured.

Are you still going solo?

How else would I be going?

With your handsome captain?

He's not my captain.

But he's handsome!Why not?


Because!We're not together!

It'll give peoplethe wrong idea.

Like Jason?He already has the wrong idea.

Yeah, I reallyshould correct that.

Or you couldfight fire with fire,

date with date.

You know what?

I'm gonna answer thisjust to end your crazy talk.

It's not crazy talk.It's brilliant.


[mouthing words]

Councilman Haines?


An offer has been made...

a very attractive one.

For a resort.

The response was very positive.

No offer is worthselling off our public land.

No offer is worth selling offyour childhood, you mean.


Yours, too.

Blue Island is not justanother piece of real estate.

Claire, I understandyour reservations.

Now, we're holdinga preliminary meeting

for the companyto make their presentation.

You should be there.

No presentationis going to change my mind.


[Tom] Ahoy!

I thought sailorsonly said that in the movies.

I wasn't, uh,I wasn't expecting

you and your crewuntil tomorrow.

It's just me.

I'm heading out to the islandto take some pictures.

You lookingfor that Higby's plover?


Need a lift?

My boat's right here.

Come on.

You ever piloteda schooner before?

I have not.

Well, then, I thinkit's time you did.




♪ You were a heartbeat dreamer

♪ Never scaredto chase the mystery ♪


[Claire] Places you've been?

Yeah, the blue ones are.

The rest are all placesthat I want to go.

That's a lot of red.

There's a lot to see.

Okay, I want a turn.

Yeah, be my guest.


♪ ...Or a dreamor a shooting star ♪


♪ You're my flashlightin the darkness, baby ♪

♪ You're my electricity

♪ You're the oneI always wanted ♪

♪ The only one I need

You're a natural.

Maybe I missed my true calling.

Well, if you really wantto be a sea charter captain,

you've definitely passedyour first test.

Let's see how you farewith the second.

What's that?



I got it.


My dad was a fisherman,

and my mom taught mea bowline knot

before she taught mehow to ride a bike.

Do they still live around here,your mom and your dad?

My dad does,

but, um, my mother passed awaywhen I was in high school.

I'm sorry.


[whoosh and thudas sail catches the wind]

[gasps] Oh!

Good catch.




You're welcome.


So where do you call home?

A little bit of everywhere.

We moved around a lotwhen I was young, so...

If you mean where I was born,San Diego,

and if you meanwhere I spent the most time,

it was Des Moines, Iowa.

Oh, there's a Navy town.

[chuckles] Yes, ma'am.

I don't get back therevery often.

Why not?

Bounced around my whole life.

I like the ideaof not knowing what's next.

Actually, buying this boatwas a big part of that.

In a year and a half,it'll be all paid off,

and thenon to the next adventure.

So that's your plan,is to just drift?


I will port for a few months,

take some charter tours,

and then, yeah,on to the next town.

Well, what about beinga part of a community?

Never really been oneto stay in one place for long.

I get a little restlesswhen I stop.

My mother used to always say,

"If you're too busychasing greener pastures,

then you'll miss the daisiesin your own backyard."


Hey, guys!


They come to the islandand birdwatch a lot.

We compare notes.

They seenthe Higby's banded plover?

[laughs] Not yet,but it's a new day.

There's another possibility.


You okay?

I still can't believe

that somebody's tryingto put a hotel here.

Well, things change,


It's the course of life.

But there are things in lifeworth preserving.

I mean...

look at this place.

Do you really think it wouldbe better served as a resort?

It's a beautiful island.

Can't argue with that.

What are you gonna do, Claire?

You can't stop progress.

Not all of us are content

to just move onto the next thing.

This island has beenan important part of my life.

I had my first hikewith my mom here.

I learned how to swimright by those rocks.

I had my first kissat summer camp here.

I'm not just gonna letall of that go without a fight.


Claire, where are you going?

Don't worry about me.

How are you gonna get home?

I'll see you tomorrow.

Right this way, kids.

Hey, welcome back.

How are you?




Can I give you a hand?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

How'd it go?

I've got some photos.

This looks likea non-native crab, Ms. Richards.

Excellent observation, Wendy.

You can tell by its claws.

Thanks, Ms. Richards.


You're, uh,you're really good with them.

They're just excitedto be here.

Claire, I've been thinkingabout what I said...

I'm sorry.

[laughs] That's my line.

Ever since I heardabout the development,

I've beenlooking for a fight.

It's just...

this island means so much to me,

and it means so much to them.

I don't wantto see it disappear.

I learned in the Navy

that sometimes it's smart

to offer a cessationof hostilities.

Well, I can't arguewith the Navy.

Start again?

I'm Tom.



This beats the bucket of bait.

[Jack cries out]



Jack, grab this!

I've got you.I've got you.




We're making a habit of this.



Are you all right?

Yeah. Thanks, Captain.

You're welcome.

[Claire]I'll see you all next week.

So are you, uh, backto the island tomorrow?

I have a wedding to go to.

What, another one?

[laughs] Yeah.

Three of my friendsthought it would be fun

to all get marriedin one month.

Well, if it's anythinglike the last one,

you should havea really great time.

You, um, wouldn't want to go...

would you?

With you?

Never mind.

I'll see you next week.

I love wedding cake!

I'll text you the details.

Looking forward to it.

[exhaling deeply]


Tom Hastings?

You got him.

I was toldI could find you here.

Oh, I know you.

You were on the bachelor partyI chartered.

That's right,

and you were at the wedding,dancing with Claire.

Lucky me.

So are you lookingto charter a trip?

I'm booked up this week,but I have time on the weekend.

No. Actually, I'm herewith another business offer.

Boat's not for sale,if that's what you're asking.

Nothing like that.

No. The firm I represent

is looking to win a contractfor Blue Island.

We're askingsome of the charter captains

to speak on behalfof the benefits of development.

Afraid I don't knowmuch about that.

Let me catch you up.

Projections showan increase in tourism.

It would mean big thingsfor your bottom line.

You, uh...

you own this boat?


Not yet.

Think how quicklythat could change.


This is my card.

Review board meets on Friday.

Show up if you can.

Strength in numbers.

[text alert chimes]


[hushed exchange]

There aren'tas many people here

as I thought there would be.

Well, it is a Friday afternoon.

What could bemore important than this?

Dollar oystersat Sammy's Seafood?


Our last item on the docket

is the proposed sale of landon Blue Island,

and we will be hearingfrom a representative

of Panoramic Resorts.


I object.

This isn't a courtroom.



then, I believeI speak on behalf of all...

...six of us

when I saythat selling Blue Island

would be a very big mistake.

And I second that.


you'll have ample timeto respond at the end.

As I was saying,

we will be entertaining

a short presentationby the proposed developers,

outlining their visionfor the island.

Panoramic Resorts

is represented here todayby their lead counsel.


I apologize for the delay,Mayor Shoemaker.

Good afternoon.

My name is Jason McClure,

and I'd liketo share with you all

a new visionfor Blue Island...

for progress.

You're representingthe resort?

I am.

You grew up here.

You know what this islandmeans to us.

I know.

It's been untapped potentialfor years,

but we can putthat island to good use.

It already has a good use.

It could be more.

More jobs,more opportunity.

And never mind at what cost?

The resort footprintis actually quite small.

Minimally invasive,an enhancement.

And I seethat it says "phase one,"

which probably means there'sa "phase two" coming, right?

Look, Claire.

I'm sorryyou're disappointed.

I'm not disappointed.

I'm motivated to stop this.

Have you talkedto Tom about this?

How do you know Tom?

We offered hima charter contract.

We have a lot of investors

who will need to getto and from the island,

and when we open,

plenty of gueststo take out on excursions.

And did he accept?

He didn't say no.

[Claire] I feel so betrayed.

You know, I really thought

that he loved the islandas much as I do.

I'm sure he thinkshe's helping Willow Bay.

Well, he's wrong!

The island has value beyondwhat some hotel would bring.

And the worst part isthat nobody even seems to care.

You saw that meeting.

It was practically a ghost town.

[fuming sigh]

I can't be the only onewho feels this way.


Sometimes we takethe things we have for granted,

don't see quite how specialthey are until we lose them.

What would mom do?

She would give that boardan earful...

so that even if

she knew she wasn'tgonna win the fight,

she would know she had doneeverything in her power to try.

The board is presentingto the town

at the end of next week,

giving the communitya chance to weigh in.

I am gonna dowhatever it takes

to convince themthat the island is worth saving.

Hey, you can finish uphere, right?

I gotta take off.

Right, your date.

[chuckles]I'm not going on a date.

I'm just goingto another wedding.

With Claire.

Well... we're meeting there.

Becauseshe asked you to go

with her,

and you want to.

Well, of course, I want to...

free cake.


Were you thinking about dockinghere longer than we planned?

If, I don't know,

you meet someone, or...

have met them?

Only thingI'm planning right now

is going to another wedding.

All right.


For the teacher.

Just because you're tryingso hard to impress her.

I'm not trying.

Whatever you say,Captain Handsome.



[indistinct exchange]

There you are.

Well, you've got two downand one to go...

weddings, that is.

Thanks, but, um,

I still have some moremaid-of-honor duties

to attend to.


Do you want meto wait for you?

No. It's okay.

Go have some fun.


[dance music playing,guests cheering]


This reminds meof that song we danced to

at Lance and Caroline's wedding.

The one where you got new shoesand you got blisters?


Those... werethousand-dollar shoes.


You'd think they would'vebeen more comfortable.

I love this song.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, of course.

You seem a little distracted.

Just busywith wedding stuff.

You're sure there's nothingthat you're not telling me,


And now, a special requestfrom the bride and groom.


All the couples,

head on the dance floorand join them.

♪ ...'Cause you arethe reason ♪

♪ I'm losing my sleep

Come on.

♪ Please come back now

♪ There goes my mind racing

♪ And you are the reason...


♪ That I'm still breathing


♪ I'm hopeless now


♪ I'd climb every mountain...

Have I done somethingto upset you?

What would give you that idea?

Just a feeling.

♪ ...And fix what I've broken

♪ Oh, 'cause I need you to see

♪ That you are the reason...

I guess I just thoughtwe had an understanding.

Claire, I...I'm honestly lost.

Are you saying it's not true?

I really have no ideawhat you're talking about.

Is what not true?

[DJ] It's timefor the bouquet toss.

Gentlemen, pleaseleave the dance floor.

Sorry, ladies only.

No, I'm goingto sit this one out.

Not an option.

Uh, I have to go talkto Mayor Shoemaker.

[women laughing]

Mayor Shoemaker?

Have you tried one of these?

They're delicious.

Oh, I haven't,

but I'll make sureto track one down.

I was hopingthat I could talk to you

about the potentialBlue Island sale.

Oh, yes.

I was very impressedwith the resort's presentation.

Right. Um, well,

I was hoping that I couldask you what I could do to prove

that development is notin Willow Bay's best interest.

Well, I don't thinkthere's much you can do.

I'm afraidthe votes are there.

Um, I was told that there'd bea secondary hearing.

Oh, and we will honor that,but at this point,

I have to think it's nothingmore than a formality.

The island will be sold.



Tell me.

The board agreedto sell the land.

I guess you were right.

You can't stop progress.

I'm sorry.

I know aboutthe charter contract

with Palm Resorts.

Jason told me.

[chuckles dryly]

Although I reallywould've preferred

to have heard it from you.

That I turned him down?


I turned downJason's offer.



Because of you.

Because, uh,

because you convinced me

that Blue Islandis worth preserving,

as is.

I am so sorry about today.

-I was---It's okay.

It's fine.

Thank you.

[frustrated groan]

I just wish

that I could convinceother people, too.

Well, why can't you?

I was gonna make my caseat the town meeting,

but looks likeI won't change any minds.

Well, you definitely won't,if you don't at least try.

You know what?You're right.

If I'm gonna go down,

I might as wellgo down swinging.

That's the spirit.

What can I do?

This isn't your fight.It's mine.

Claire, come on.

Excuse me.


I know that this is your fight,

and I know that you can take oncity council all by yourself,


Just knowthat you don't have to.




It's growing on me.

If you wantto persuade the board,

you've got to get the townon your side.

Yeah, but you know what?That's the thing.

I thoughtthey were on my side,

and then hardly anyoneshowed up to that meeting.

What's your favorite thingabout the island?

How much time do you have?

You said it meansa lot to this town, right?

It does.

Well, maybe you justneed to remind them.


I don't know, Claire.

Maybe a resortwouldn't be such a bad thing.

Jimmy goes to campon Blue Island, right?

Yeah, every summersince he was seven.

Well, have you considered

what this could meanfor town recreations?

No, I suppose I hadn't.

We're asking everyoneto show up

for the town meetingthis Friday.

It would really mean a lotif you could be there.

Have you thought aboutwhat increased traffic

might doto the fishing population?

Show up if you can, Friday.

Trying to save Blue Island.


Hey. You shouldtake one of these.

Friday, if you wantto save Blue Island.

Hey, guys.Big day on Friday.

If you don't have plans,big town meeting.

We want to save Blue Island.

See you guys there.


I talked to Betty,

I'm pretty sureshe's gonna come,

and I got a lot ofpeople on the dock.

-Great. Me too.-Yeah.

They took every flyer I had.

Really? Mine too.


Do you really think they'regonna come to the meeting?

I think you'd be surprised,if you put your faith in people.

I could stay here all day.

It's an amazing view.

You know what?

I have an idea.

Watch your step.

There's a dip here.

I used to work summers hereas a guide.

So I'm gettingthe official tour?

On the house.

This is so cool.

Right?Isn't it so beautiful here?


This lighthousewas built in 1858.

It's been guiding men homefrom sea ever since.

It's a real piece of history.

Fresnel lens?

Gem lens.You can see it for miles.

After my mother passed away,it was just my dad and I.

So it got pretty toughto watch him go away,

sometimes for days at a time.

[takes a deep breath]So...

I took a job here to...

...feel like I was playinga small part

in keeping him safe.

Come on.

This is whatI really wanted to show you.

[Tom chuckles]

You were right.

This is a view.


Do you think you'll miss it?

When you're gone?

When I'm gone?


Onto your next big adventure.


It'll be tough to leave.

Maybe you're more sentimentalthan you think.

Is that so?

-Yeah.-All right.

[both laughing]

Thank you for showing me that.

I really appreciate it.

I thought you might like it.

And I'd loveto return the favor.

What are you doingfor dinner tonight?

I don't have any plans.

Well, now you do.



[laughs] You're early.

What's all this?


This looks delicious.

Thank you.

You made this?



But I did order itfrom a very long list.


I have a question.

-Mm. I may have an answer.-Okay.

[overlapping] Cheers.

[inhales deeply]

Jason McClure.

Mm, right.

Well, we've known each othersince high school,

and after college,we dated for a few years,

and when all of our friendsstarted planning their weddings,

I was pretty sureours would be the fourth.

What happened?

He took a jobat a law firm in another state.

It was really important to him,

but Willow Bayis important to me.

And he didn't seemto understand that,

so we ended things.

And now he's back.

Mm. Now he's back.

Is that why you invited meto the wedding?

The way I remember it,

you were only in itfor the wedding cake.


I'm serious, though.

Did you just invite meto make him jealous?


No, I asked youbecause I wanted you there.

I was hoping you'd say that.


You order very well.

I have years of practice.

[Claire]Do you really think it'll work?


Going to the board meeting.

Well, the whole town shows up,

then they're gonnahave to listen,

and if you let them knowhow you feel...

You're very persuasive.

Thank you for all of your helpand support...

and for dinner.


for all of the above.

I'm gladwe ran into each other.

On which occasion?

All of them.


I should go.



I'll see you at the meeting.

I'll be there.


Oh! So, I've hired your captainto take us to the island.

He is not "my captain."

He is merelyacaptain,


while we have beenspending some time together,

that doesn't make himmy captain.

What's going on here?



What aren't you telling me?

We kissed!


We were spendingall day together yesterday,

and he helped mewith Blue Island,

and then we hadthis beautiful dinner,

and then we...

You kissed.

We kissed.

Okay, so how do you feelabout the whole thing?

I don't know.

Well, you weren'tthinking about Jason?

Definitely not.

Well, that's good.


You know...

I think you might be right.

I think it's time to leavethe past in the past.


The value of Blue Islandcannot be overstated.

We, um...

[frustrated sigh]

This would be betterwithout the cards, wouldn't it?

The cards are fine.

I want to make sure it soundslike it's coming from the heart.

No one who hears that

will have any doubtof your sincerity.

What if nobody shows up?

They will.

How can you be so sure?

You have alwayshad this ability

to inspire great thingsin others, Claire.

Trust that.


Claire, you're startingto make me seasick.

Oh, sorry, I'm just anxious.

Still not much of a crowd.

There's time.

Yeah, it'll fill up soon.

Have you heard from Tom?

No, not yet.

I'm sure he's just held up.


[gavel bangs]

Call to order.This hearing is now in session.


Here we go.

The business before the council

is approvalof the city's proposed sale

of Blue Island

to Panoramic Resorts LLC.

At this time,

we will hear comments

from expertswithin the community

as well asthe general public.

First up is...

Claire Richards.

Thank you,Mayor Shoemaker.

[clears her throat]


Um, my name is Claire Richards,

and I teach summer enrichmentbiology for the high school.

We do field study researchon Blue Island.

[takes a deep breath]

I've runthe summer enrichment program

for five years now,

and I can't evenbegin to express

the impactthat it has on our children.

I grew up in Willow Bay.

It's my home,

and for anyonewho grew up in Willow Bay,

Blue Islandis a huge part of life.

It means somethingto the people of this town.

[sighs] Um...

[door opens]


My mother used to always say

that the islandhad a lot to teach me,

but I think it hasa lot to teach all of us...

about appreciatingthe things that we have

while we have them,

and not taking for granted

the thingsthat make us truly happy.

Blue Islandisn't just a piece of land.

It's...camping in the summer.

It's nature walksin the spring.

It's trips with your family,

and senior skip days,

and... and first dates.

It's Willow Bay.

It doesn'tjust connect us to nature.

You know, it connects usto each other...

And we simply cannot lose that.

Thank you.

[all applauding and cheering]

[gavel banging]

Thank you, Ms. Richards,

for sharing your uniqueperspective on the matter.

If there are any otherswho would like to speak

on behalf of retainingBlue Island for public use,

please step upto the microphone.


Well, looks likeit's gonna be a long night.


That was some speech.

Thank you.

I thought maybe you hadsecond thoughts about coming.

I wouldn't miss it.

You were so great!


It was so good!

Oh, I'm so proud of you,sweetheart.

Mom would be, too.



let's hope we at least give themsomething to think about.



What are you doing here?

I was hoping we could talk.

About what just happened?

About a lot of things.

I'm not really surewhat's left to be said.

I wanted to make surewe were all right.

I also wantedto ask you a question.

Would you like to goto Christine's wedding with me?


As in your date?


What about Samantha?

The truth is we haven't beenseeing each other for very long.

She's a great person,

and I do like her,

but not the way I should.

And if I'm beingcompletely honest,

I really only brought her here

because I was afraidof showing up solo,

in case you were dating someone.

I know that makes mesound kind of pathetic.


it doesn't.

I've missed you, Claire.


I missed youfor a very long time

when you were away.

Seeing you again has made merealize what I truly want...

and that's to try again.

You should knowthat if the Blue Island deal

goes through,

they'll want me to stay here,

see development through.

The development.

This is a lot to process,I know.

Hey, Claire?


Save me a danceat the wedding?




So that's it?

You're just gonna let herbe with the wrong guy?

No one "lets" Clairedo anything.

She makes her own decisions.

She just didn't choose me.

Well, hang on.

You said she didn'tsay yes to that guy.

She didn't say no, either.

Who am I kidding, Mick?

This guy's beenpart of her plan for years.

Now she can have that again.

Doesn't mean she will.

You like her, right?


I like her.

Okay, then fight for her!

You're gonna do something,

so if she has to makea decision,

at least it won't be easy.

Like what?

I don't know.

I'm more of a "big picture" guy.I don't do details.

You know that.

But there has to besome advantage you have

over this Jason dude.

You've justgot to figure that out.

Thank you.


And then there was one.

♪ When you goWhen you go ♪

♪ Don't go too far

♪ 'Cause we both knowWe both know ♪

♪ What it doesto my heart... ♪

I love it, I love it!

It's gonna be so fun.

Wait, let's take a picture.

Yes, good idea.Okay, get in here.





Hi, Christine.


You look beautiful...

both of you.

Here, let me...Let me take your photo.




-That's great.-Thanks.

[ship's bell clangs]

Welcome, everyone.

I am Thomas Hastings,Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy,

and your captainfor today's events.

This is my first mate,Ensign Mick Rogers.

Today, we'll besailing to Blue Island.

I hope you enjoythe beautiful scenery

and each other's company

on this truly special day.

Welcome aboard.

Well, your captainreally is handsome.






Thanks, Dad.

Dear friends and familyof Christine and Mark...

I am deeply honored

to officiate today

the weddingof this special couple.

Many people would say

having a strong relationship

depends onhaving a lot in common...

shared interests,

shared beliefs...


[lively chatter and banter]


Let me get one of you guys.


One, two, three...


We'll see you up there.


[quiet chatter under music,indistinct]


Thank you so muchfor taking us here.

The trip was so beautiful.

Really something special.Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, have you seen Claire?

I know I've said it before,

but you really dolook beautiful.


Thank you.

[cell phones ring]

I have to take this.

Yeah, me too.

[phones beep on]



It's Tim.

No, I'm calling...

Is that a ukulele?

Yes. Sorry, I'm at a wedding.

Well, I won't keep you.

I just wanted to be the firstto say congratulations.


The board has decided

to postpone the sale of Blue Island,


It was quite the speech.

Your mother would have been proud.


Take care.

Thank you!

Yeah. No.

I understand.


Well... looks like you won.

The town won.

But I lost,at least this deal.

There'll be others.

There will be,

but there's only one you...

And I don't wantto lose you again.

That is almost exactlywhat I dreamed

of hearing you saysince you left.


But I don't dreamthat dream anymore.

Since you were gone...

I realized that some thingsare worth holding on to,


others need to be let go of.

[quietly] Yeah.

Can't sayI didn't see this coming.

The way you lookat that captain...

you never looked at me that way.

It's not just about Tom.

No. I can see that.



[gasps] There you are!

I have so much to tell you!

Don't do it.

Don't tell you?

Don't... don't getback together with Jason.

He's not the man for you.

He's not?

I know that he's beenin your plans

for a long, long time,

but plans can change.

They can.

And any manwho truly understood you

would never even think about

trying to take Blue Islandaway from you.

He'd know how muchit means to you,

and he'd fight with youto save it.

Like you did.

We can keep fighting, Claire.

No matter what happens,no matter what they decide,

it's not over.

It's over.

It is?

We won.

We won?

We won! We won!

Ah, that is such good news.

And you were the first personthat I wanted to tell.

I'm right here.

For how long, though?

And you have plans, too.

Sail the world...

Well, my plans changed, too.

They did?


If I was gonna sailaround the world,

then who would stay hereand help you look for plovers?

And who would make surethat I had my snacks?

That's very important.

And who would keep you from

falling off the dockinto the water?

Listen, I was notgonna fall into the water

in the first place,if it wasn't for you.




Your turn.

Good catch.



It's a great catch.