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'Love unites people.'

'But ego and pride divides them.'

'Humans can end any kind
of relationships very easily..'

'..just to satisfy their ego.'

'Ego can separate a father and a son..'

'..a mother and her daughter..'

'..a husband and his wife.'

'Hurt feelings and ego can put an end..'

' the love they
cultivated for years.'

'Ego grows bigger as we grow older.'

'This is the story of a man
who sacrificed his love for his ego.'

What is going on? How long
will you keep looking at those photos?

Hello uncle.

We can look at them
and talk about you forever.

There is no end to
your accomplishments..

..and to the accolades
you have received.

You are a great man, Mr. Rao.

I love your attitude when
it comes to staying on top.

You worked hard to earn
a good name and status.

Extraordinary man!

Thank you.
I hope to remain the same all my life.

Mr. Rao, we are truly fortunate.. know you and to
become part of your family.

- We are lucky!
- Please come.

Sir, we are about to start.
Your son isn't here yet.

He will be here.
Let us start and he will join us.

He is my son. He will be on time.

Sorry, boss. I am a little late.

- Keys.
- You are very late.


Boss! Actually, I did not borrow your
car to take my mother to the hospital.

I had to drop my
girlfriend at the airport.

I am sorry, boss.

- It's okay.
- Here are your keys.

Boss! I thought you would get very
upset with me and fire me immediately.

How can you be so cool about what I did?

Sorry, boss. Here are your keys.

If you expected me to fire you..

- ..I am sure you realized your mistake.
- Yes.

Then what is the point of getting upset?
Keys please.

Boss! How can you be so patient?

Looks like God gave
you a super positive mind..

..only to bear up with
stupid people like us.

- Keys, boss.
- I will indeed get upset with you..

..if you don't hand
me the keys immediately.

My dad is not as patient as me.

Keys please.

How could he bring such
stupid people to my house?

I don't need praises
for my achievements.

Do they even know anything about me?

Do they have any idea
about my ways and my thinking?

- What is wrong with you?
- Sorry, sir.

I thought they would get to know you better
if I show them what awards your received.

That is the stupidest thing I heard.

Complete nonsense!

What happened?

Shanti, if you like me
we can move to the next step.

I am a hundred percent sure about you.

I like you very much, Shanti.

- Excuse me!
- Yes?

You are not on a date to say
that you like her or that you love her.

We are discussing marriage here.

Liking her is not enough.
You have to like me too.

Who wouldn't like you, Mr. Rao?

We even brought the priest
along to fix a date for the wedding.

- Isn't that true?
- Yes, dad.

If you can consider
this as the marriage altar..

..and wash the feet of your son-in-law..

..we are all too eager
to take our daughter-in-law home.

Did he step on some
shit to wash his feet?

Dear, why are you being so rude?

Let me handle this.

Or do I look like an employee
in your son's factory?

What made you think
that I would wash his feet?

Don't get it wrong, sir.

It is our tradition,
part of wedding rituals for..

..a father-in-law to
wash his son-in-law's feet.

After all you are giving
your daughter's hand in..

Wait, that is not yet decided.

Many influential people
will attend the wedding.

Your son far younger to me.
And he is no match to me.. education,
status or anything for that matter.

I can never bring myself to wash
his feet and sprinkle them on my head.


I am a father and I have a daughter.

I will let her marry him
and they can go ahead. That's all.

Mr. Rao, it is our tradition
to consider son-in-law as a God.

To wash his feet is
a sign of your respect..

..for accepting your
daughter as his wife.

How can you consider that as an insult?

I know which traditions
to follow and how.

And, please,
stop talking as if we are relatives.

It is very irritating.
I just cannot bear it.

If everything works out
and we agree to this wedding..

..I will let you know
how and when to talk to me.

- Understood?
- No sir.

I don't think I can handle people who
are particular even about the way we talk.

Please, dad.

Son, do I really need
new problems in my life now?

It is true that we
are not as rich as you.

Yes, my son's company
is smaller than yours.

But remember one thing. You
are giving your daughter in marriage.

It may be better for her
if you were to be a little humble.

Really? Is that a rule?

Why should a bride's
father bow his head?

I thought you had sense. Do
you even realize how stupid you sound?

- Sorry, uncle. My dad was just being..
- What?

No, he knows exactly what he is doing.

I don't mind my daughter
marrying a poor man.

But I will not forgive people who speak
in a roundabout and devious manner.

- Forgive me?
- Dad!

Whoever asked you to forgive me?

Hey! Mind your tongue.
Out of my house! Right now!

We are not so keen on staying either.

I don't think you
will ever get married.. long as your father behaves
so egoistically. Think about it.

- I know how and when to get
my daughter married. - Don't!

- Out of my house!
- Don't touch me!

Take him away!


What's wrong with him, mom?

Why would he feel so egoistical
about washing son-in-law's feet?

What made you marry him anyway?

I don't get it!

I have two wonderful
children out of this marriage.

That's all I need.

I am sure I inherited
positive thinking from you.

That is exactly why I tolerate
him and let him get away.

But, how are we going to find a groom..

..for her if he is going
to continue behaving this way?

We will definitely find one.

Maybe she is meant
to marry a better man.

Maybe that is why God
let this happen today.

Let us wait and see.

Forget it. Don't even expect
her to sympathize with us.

She is his wife before
she became a mother to us.

She is still defending him
instead of trying to change him.

- Hey!
- You want him to change?

Why don't you and your
sister try to change him?

You both know very well how he is.

We need a miracle to change him.

Sir, maybe Pranic Healing
will help your father.

Why don't you try it?

- Chari!
- Yes, sir.

Who is that?

Maybe she is here to visit your father.

Should I find out?

No. I don't want her to leave
if she is here for someone else.

Let me watch her for some time.

Oh, my God!

I see sparks flying everywhere.

"The moment I saw you.."


Looks like she too
is enjoying the attention.

Go ahead, sir.
Make good use of your time.

Imprint her every feature in your heart.

She seems a little irritated.

- Yes.
- Go and find out.

Excuse me!

What can I do for you, madam?

What took you so long?

Is chivalry dead?
Why couldn't you come before?

I guess I brought this upon myself.

Anyway, who are you looking for, madam?

I am looking for this address.
I am new, I am shifting here.

Why couldn't you ask us?
You saw us standing there.

Me and ask someone?

I offer help to others,
I don't ask for help.

'She surely reminds me of your father.'

You can ask me now.

Sure, let me see the address.

I am sure it is this
house according to the pin.

But that is your house, isn't it?

Yes. But the top floor is vacant.

I thought maybe you are here for that.

What is taking them so long?

Your friends?

Why don't you come into our house..

..and enjoy our hospitality
till your friends arrive?

Please, madam. Sir is inviting you.

Step into my sir's
kingdom like a princess.

Oh, even the nature is welcoming you.

Even the birds are calling out to you.

Look at that, madam.

Even the flowers are
begging you to come in.. falling at your lovely feet.


Left leg first.

Left leg?

Oh! You are amazing, sir.


Our villa is over there!
Why are you going there?

Useless friends!
They always enter at the wrong time.

Sorry, I brought you
in because I thought..

.. that this was the house
according to Google maps.

It is not our fault, madam.
Stupid nature is at fault.

Shut up!

Stupid birds!
Everything gave out wrong indications.

You can go, madam.


Not you, madam.
I was talking to these flowers.

Don't you have any sense? All they
know is how to fall at a woman's feet.

Stupid flowers! Senseless flowers!

Here you go.

Why did you come so late?

That is our villa. Come with me.

- P.K. Susheela!
- Yes?

By the way,
who is that cute and arrogant girl?

She is the most proud and
egoistical girl in the entire state.

What does she do?

Fine Arts, JNDU.

I find it hard to believe
that she is an artist.

I see no stability in her.

Then why are you friends with her?

At first we were willing,
now we have no choice.

What do you mean? You are not a slave.
Friendship is supposed to be a bond.

You are right.

Does she eat by herself
or do you have to feed her?

I know you are being sarcastic,
but you are right.

Look at Kumari.

She follows her around 24 hours a day
as if she was born to be a slave to her.

Anu is too proud even to
bend down to pick up her bag.

She needs an assistant for everything.

Can't help it. Bye.


They look more like
victims rather than friends.

Anyways, I guess another person in our
family is interested in getting married.

One proposal failed yesterday.

But another one proved successful today.

Madam, eat this.


- Please come to the wedding.
- Do come.

Thank you.

Who else do we have to invite?

Soujanya! I need you to
invite one guest for me. Please.


She is the younger version of dad.
I will explain later.

Come with me.
She is standing right there.

Hi, Anu. Did you like our colony?

Yes. What do you want?

This is Soujanya, my sister's friend.

I consider her my sister too.

Their wedding is tomorrow.
And today is their music ceremony.

It would be nice if you could
come and wish I mean bless them.

Hey, why are you smiling like that?

It is okay even if you don't know her.

She is inviting everyone in this colony.

She will be happy if
you come and bless her.

Give her the invitation.
What are you waiting for? Here you are.

Don't be silly, Chaitu.

My wedding, for that matter
even this music ceremony..

..wouldn't be taking place without her.

In fact,
I gave her the first invitation.

Do you mean you know her already?

Yes. We've been friends
since we were kids.

Yes. Just for the reason
we studied together as kids..

..she has been a loyal friend to me.

I didn't miss my mother because of her.

In fact, I should be
getting married in a temple.

But being as loyal friend as she is..

..she booked Chiraan Fort..

..and arranged a grand wedding.

That is how Anu madam is.

Once she considers anyone her friend..

..she will go to any lengths for them.

She takes very good care of them.


Yes, I am always great.

- Are all arrangements in place
for the evening? - Yes, Anu.

Do you need anything else?

I had no idea there are
such positive things about you.

I have fallen for you, babe.

Boss, let me tell you something.

A little ego adds beauty to a woman.

It increases her charm.

But her ego is as big as the sea itself.

You will drown if you jump into it.

- What do you mean?
- I mean what you do, sir.

Pickle is meant to be
an accompaniment to rice.

Doesn't mean you can
apply it all over your face.

You already have a basic version
at your home in the form of your father.

Do you really need an advanced version?

Chari! Roses have thorns.

Pomegranate has skin over it.

Chocolate has a wrapper over it.

But do we stop eating it just because
it is wrapped? We open it and enjoy it.

Ego is wrapped around my dad and Anu.

It doesn't mean I should
stop loving them, Chari.

- Understood, sir.
- Good.

The very fact that you compared
your father to the girl you love..

..shows how deeply
you are in love with her.

Remember one thing, Chari.

Everything we love
in life has a drawback.

Our life will be very colorful..

..if only we can
accept it and endure it.

Like a rainbow.


Done, sir.

From now on I am at your beck and call.

What would you do if
you were in this situation?

My dear great artists of India.

Sir, why limit to India.

Call us great artists
of the whole world.

Calm down and listen
to what I have to say.

Next week we arranged an
art exhibition in our college.

And ICat Solutions company is sponsoring
a hundred thousand rupees for that event.

But the company MD, Mr. Chaitanya
wants us to draw his portrait..

..and display it in the art gallery
before he can hand over that cheque.

And I am sure you went overboard
and assured him that our Anu..

..will make an exact
replica of his face..

..and that the portrait
will be so excellent..

.. that it will get excellent ratings.

Looks like you know more about
media than about art and culture.

Why don't you do one thing?
Go to movies every Friday..

..and write reviews about them.

Sit down!


This is the most prestigious
issue for our college.

I want you to draw a portrait for him.

Prove that art is where
Anu is and Anu is where art is.

And only you are capable of doing it.

I know. Only I am capable of doing it.

- Actually..
- Sir!

Our art student is here.
He is the one I told you about.

Hey, Anu!

Sir, she stays in our colony.

- Their villa is adjacent to hers.
- Hi Anu.

- Anu, tell him.
- I thought you said he is an MD.

Of course.
Don't you have a card? Show it to her.

- Sir is the topmost and the foremost
CEO of.. - Stop! Stop! Stop!

I don't want to hear about
or acknowledge his greatness.

You can keep it with yourself.

He is sponsoring a hundred thousand
rupees. You will get the first prize.

I told him that you are our top student.

- Do I really have to do it?
- Yes, please.

Fine, come in the evening.

Anu, he came with a cheque.

Why don't we finish
the portrait right now?

I am sure it is a piece of cake for you.

That way we can get the money
right now into our back account.

Fine. You can wait downstairs.

Thanks, Anu.

Job done.

- Done.
- Thank you so much, sir.

- You dealt with her in the most convincing
manner. Thank you. - You are welcome.

She is the most arrogant
girl I have seen.

How will spending an hour
with her work out in your favor?

Spending an hour with her
in itself is a blessing, sir.

Where do I look, Anu?

What do you mean? Look at my eyes.


Don't look at my eyes. Look at my nose.

I think your lips are
much better than your nose.

They are cute, I will look at them.

Sir, you cannot look at what you like.

Just do as she tells you.

History proves that you don't get
the best output when you hurt artists.

Right madam?

Anu madam, fruits.

She didn't even work hard.
She just picked up the pencil.

Chari! It must be for creativity.

You can continue, Anu. Please.

Mind blowing.

She looked into sir's
eyes and she drew them exactly.

You are lady Picasso, madam.


- Hello?
- Sir, your phone is with me.

But I am wearing the Bluetooth.

Yes, I am coming right away.

Anu, sorry. This is an urgent call.

We will sit in the same
setup in the evening at my home.

- What?
- Listen.

Please arrange a vehicle and
shift everything to my place, okay?

- Yes, tell me. I am coming.
- Sir, should I switch on the phone?

Sir, I thought you wanted to spend an
hour. But you didn't even last 15 minutes.

All your effort will go waste.

That one hour is very valuable to me.
I didn't want to spend it in one go.

So I am going to divide it
into ten sessions of 15 minutes each.

- Like a web series.
- Amazing, boss.

So you are going to
reveal your love story.. the audience in
phases and in installments.

- Exactly.
- Did you put off the Bluetooth, sir?

- Chari!
- Sorry.

Okay, you can go.

Anu?! How come you finished so fast?

Sir, one should be very lucky for me to
sit with them and draw their portrait.

And this guy gets up
and walks out suddenly.

He asked me to come
to his house in the evening.

What does he think of himself?

Strange. He said he would
sit for more than an hour.

Maybe he had some urgent
business to take care of.

I apologize to you in behalf of him.

- Even he apologized to me.
- Then what?

But he hurt my feelings.

Dear, don't let such small
things hurt your feelings.

I clicked a photo
while you were drawing..

..and posted it on our college website.

You know how students are.
They are always with their phones.

They are overexcited about your art.

They cannot wait to
see the finished portrait.

They are even asking
for updates every hour.

Is there no other way?

Please don't try to
find any other options.

Just try to get him to cooperate
and finish the portrait.

Thanks for your cooperation. Thank you.

- But sir..
- No, don't say anything.

- Sir, please.. - I know you are doing it.
I cannot hear anything else.

Yes! Come on, come on.

Sir! Anu madam is calling you.

Hey! Hi Anu!


Stop playing, come and sit here.

I am full of sweat, Anu.

I don't think sweat will
look good in my portrait.

I will be there tomorrow morning, okay?

Bye, see you.

Why would sweat be seen in the portrait?

As if you are going to draw that too.

Good morning, Anu.

I haven't brushed my teeth yet.

I will brush my teeth, take a shower,
dress up and come directly to your place.

Then my portrait will look fresh.

Who will find out from the portrait..

..whether you have
brushed your teeth or not?

You will.

Anu, why do you keep
such silly people around you?

I'll be there.


If this portrait looks
as good as they claim..

..we will arrange a
big display in our street.

What do you people
think about Anu madam?

The picture draws itself..

.. even before she picks up the pencil.

Picture draws itself?

She seems like an amazing artist, boss.

It is done. Come and see.


Anu madam! That is mind blowing.

Out of the world.

She says it is mind blowing.


I wasn't this nervous
even while going to MCET exams.

- Let's go and see.
- Ready? One..

- Two..
- Three!

'Who is he?'

'Who else? Me!'

'Maybe you should write your Aadhar
address and your phone number too.'

'Who would believe even
if I write those details?'

'I don't think anything will
help when this looks nothing like you.'

What happened? How is it?

How is it?

How is it?

We were so speechless when we saw it
that we ended up talking telepathically.

My boss thinks that
he is looking into a mirror.

Boss! This is not a mirror.

- If it was, you would see the both of us.
- Okay.

Why don't you say anything?

- Please say something, boss.
- 'What can I say?'

Boss is still trying
to talk telepathically.

Boss, speak up.

What can I say?

I don't think I look
this good even in real life.

Do I really look so handsome, Anu?

You don't see any mistakes, do you?

What mistakes will he
find when it is not even his?

Dude, bring a gun. I see snakes here.

Hey, shut up.

Actually, I do find a small mistake.

What? A mistake in my drawing?

Where is it? Show it to me.

Show it to me right now.

I mean it is a very small one.

It will look amazing if
you can just erase this hair.

- You mean to say that the rest is
correct, accurate and flawless? - Yes.

Anu, their faces are
telling a different story.

That looks like a mirror, is it?
From which angle? Show it to us.

- Excuse me, why can't you mind
your own business? - Yes.

Why are you creating problems?
Silly people.

Anu, don't give me such serious looks.

Why don't we ask someone
else to get a clear idea?

Don't worry.
I can prove it to you right now.

Excuse me, boss. One minute, please.

How long are you going to look at that?
Say something.

This is my portrait. It is mine.

True, the man in the sketch
has exactly your features.

That doesn't mean this is yours.

Then is it yours?

Me? Do you mean my face is that ugly?

Look at that crooked nose,
those ugly thick lips.

- That is not even a drawing. It is..
- Chari!

Mind your tongue.

- Sir, I cannot take this..
- Chari!

Madam, you drew by looking at me, right?

Hey, shut up!

I will give you a tight
slap if you say another word.

It was my fault to call a man
who has no appreciation for fine art.

Get lost!

Anu, don't you worry.

They drew my face and are
saying that it is someone else.

Get lost!


Anu, let me call someone
who has some knowledge.

Enough! You deliberately tried to
insult me make me lose confidence..

..tried to end my career and
crush the artistic spirit in me.. calling such a man for an opinion.

I had no idea his opinion
would change your future.

Madam, please don't mind me telling you.

This is my sincere advice.

Display this drawing in the exhibition
and announce that we will give a prize.. those who can guess
the person in this correctly.

We can even make sir
stand next to it for a clue.

I will kill you if you say another word.

I understand the matter now.

You are trying to find faults with my
drawing because I refused to look at you.

You are trying to make me feel guilty.

No, Anu. That is not true. Please.

Don't say anything.

You made me hate my own drawing.

Oh, no!



Shall we go for a movie?

Why would I go with you? No way?

Fine. I will go with you. Take me.

Hey! Hey! Why are you
just standing there? Help them!

- Dad!
- Yes?

This is CelebKonect app.

This is a platform that connects
celebrities with the common man.

I studied it thoroughly.

I feel this app has a good future.

You don't have to discuss
this with your dad.

You have rights as the company MD.

Go ahead and pay them if you like it.

No! Don't say that and ruin him.

He is MD and he is my son.

Yet, I don't like it when
he does things without consulting me.

Sorry, sir.
I just thought this is a small matter.

Don't be silly.

They check with me even
before they cook lunch.

I don't eat it if they consult me.

I don't tolerate people who
do things without my permission.

Be it friends or family.

I never forgive such people.


Oh, really?
I will be there in half an hour.

Okay then.

Where to? Fine Arts college again?

Why do you waste your time, sir?

It is easier to turn mud into gold
than to make her fall in love with you.

You wasted 3 days for that portrait.

Then you spent 6 days
singing song for her.

What other excuse will you find now?
Who will be your scapegoat now?

- Who can it be?
- Who will you find?

Boss, you sacrificed me for your love.

I used to cover my
body in full hands shirt.

Now it is standing exposed to public.

You made me dress up in
this weird costume with leaves.

What if the wind blows away the leaves?

What if I sneeze?
And what if the thread breaks?

My dignity is at stake here.

My dear students.

This is a rare specimen of early man.

Realistic model.

- Make your art pieces look
absolutely natural. - Do it fast.

Sir, wouldn't it be more natural..

..if we remove the leaves?

What do you think you'll
find if you remove the leaves?

Are you here to sculpt
or to look at my body?

If you are that interested,
go get married..

.. and dress up your husband
as an early man. That will teach you.

Sir, can you please turn this way?


Oh, God! I know I didn't have a choice.

You are sculpting.
Why are you dressed up like that?

Sir, putting myself
in the same position..

..helps me to make
sculpt awesome statues.

But, this is horrible for me.

Wind is blowing away the leaves.
Keep it covered, you fool!

Oh, no! She looks super upset.

I am sure she is
going to lash out at me.

Why were you staring?

Actually, I was admiring the building..

I am talking about staring at me,
not at the building.

You? I don't understand.

I know your intentions.
Don't lie and hurt my feelings.

I still don't talk to my childhood
friends who hurt me when I was a kid.

Stop trying to impress me.

Stop coming to this college.
Or you will never see me here.

Hello! Wait a minute!

I don't understand what
makes you so overconfident.

Yes, I am following you.
But it is not you that I like.

Then who is it? Kumari?

'Awesome idea. I will have
to use Kumari to get to you.'

You guessed it right.

I am a hundred percent
in love with Kumari.

It is okay even if I don't love you.

But if I ever get married,
I would want..

..your assistant who serves
fruits without even asking.

I sat in front of you
to get that portrait done..

..and followed you
around singing that song..

..only for Kumari.

Enough! Kumari, Kumari, Kumari.

Even I don't take
her name so many times.

You don't have to but I will.

I'll take her name with
heart full of love, Kumari 21 F.

She is over 27.

Never mind.

Samantha was older than
Chaitu in 'Ye Maya Chesave.'

They fell in love, got married.
That movie was a big hit.

Are you out of your mind?

Look at her and look at you!

I consider all humans equal.

I don't have any ego problems like you.

Riches don't matter to me.

That's why I'm in love with Kumari.

Why are you so suddenly
smitten with Kumari?

This is not sudden.
It's been going on for a while.

Since you know the truth now..

..why don't you act
as a mediator between us..

..and help me win my love?

They say that you should eat sweets..

..before you venture
out for doing something good.

Enjoy this chocolate
and think well, okay?

Anu, please.
Only you can make this happen.

Thank you, Anu. Bye.

Anu madam. I am going out to the market.

Missed her.

Why don't you give me some good advice..

..on how to make her fall for me.

Go and push her, she may fall.

Even she can crack
jokes with a straight face.

Doesn't she have a poker face, sir?

What else do you expect from me?

Do you really think and
plan to woo someone like her?

Don't be so judgmental, Anu.

Girls like immediately say yes or no..

..the moment a guy proposes to you.

Do you think a women like her..

.. accept my love so
easily and say yes to me?

Boss! I didn't know you
had so much love in your heart.

My love cannot be measured
in human terms, Chari.

My love is endless, immeasurable.

Oh, my God, infinite love.

Come on, follow me.

Where are you going?

She went out to buy meat.

Loving the people we love
means sharing their problems.

Love means taking good care of them.

Chari, continue.

It means carrying their
bags and buying meat for them.

Let's go, sir.
Let's get into the car and go after her.

- Chari!
- I meant go and solve her problems.

- Chari.
- Yes, boss.

- Am I right in guessing that she
is behind us? - Yes, boss.

Oh, my God!
I'm so terrified right now, sir.

You should have told me the truth.

You don't know how angry
Anu madam can get, sir.

I don't understand how she
is going to fall in love with you..

..if we pretend to be
in love and go around in car.

Your Anu madam has ego issues.

I don't understand.

It's a person's sense of
self-esteem or self-importance..


I guess you didn't get that too.

Pride. Extreme pride.

Yes, that is very true.

Since she is so proud, she will
want the love that I am showing you.

Oh, I understand it now.

She didn't speak to
me properly yesterday.

I think she was thinking
about you all night.

- Is that so?
- Yes, sir.

I woke up late at night and saw that..

..she was wide awake
even at 2 in the morning.

- Chari!
- Boss.

Looks like daddy's scheme
worked out after all.

Madam is right on track.

Call and tell that
Anu madam gave his number..

..and hand over my car to him.

He will repair and give it back.

Take your bloody car out of my way.



Who do you think you
are to call me like that?


Did you really think
you could get away so easily?

It was your fault, you came in my way.

You're driving rashly,
and you're drunk during day.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Where do you think you're going?

- Leave me. - Come with me,
I will show you real speed.

Come on.

Hey! Who are you?

Who else? Must be her lover.

You guessed it right.

The harder I hit,
the stronger will be our love.

Isn't that right, darling?
Start the music.


No.. Stop.

Sorry, madam.

I don't need your stupid apology.

Okay, I hope your ego is satisfied.

Sorry, Anu.

Don't feel bad about telling
them that you are my lover.

I would react in the same way..

..if anyone mistreats a woman.

I just went with the flow.

Don't take it seriously
and keep thinking about it, okay?

Anu! Good morning!

It's 9:30 already. Get up.

How come you are here? Where is Kumari?

She got up early, dressed beautifully
and went over to meet Chaitu.

She asked you to give her
a missed call after you wake up.

Chaitu, this is too much!

- Oh, no.
- Hi.

What? Having lunch with my sister?

Okay then. Bye.

Okay, bye.

Where is Kumari?

In my heart.

I mean physically.

Physically, mentally and
every way she is right here.

Chaitu, I hate what is going on.

I don't want you to love her.

Why? I think she is
responding quite well.

So what?

I am happy that she
is at least responding..

..even though she isn't
giving any response.

Okay, I can do the same. Love me.

What? Will you love me?

I don't know.

But I want the love
you are showing Kumari.

I don't want you to do anything for her.
Do everything for me.

Now tell me that you love me.
I will respond with an 'I love you too.'

Do you really think
you could just pass orders?

Love is meant to be
expressed beautifully.

It is supposed to
grow deep in our heart.. should stir emotions which..

..should reflect in our eyes
and reach the other person's heart.

But this is not the way.

And if I have to explain
even such simple things to you..

..I am sure you know nothing about love.

I cannot accept your love
just because you proposed to me.

It would be like entering the cricket
pitch alone and with no one to support.

What do you mean?

I mean I'll have to do the balling,
batting and fielding.

I'll have to catch the ball myself,
get myself out..

..and also be the umpire
who says that I am out.

Love is a great game
in which both the players..

..have to show a lot of understanding.

Only then will we win the match of
marriage and win the cup of happiness.

And I don't think you
are capable of all that.

Chari was right all along.

He said I was lucky that
I fell in love with Kumari.

If I had loved you and
texted you asking for a kiss.. would send others to kiss me..

..because you would
be too proud to come to me.

Thank God.

Anu madam, what are you doing here?

I have been looking
for you since morning.

Where did you go?

Anyway, it looks like it
is going to rain. Let's go inside.

What have you done to me?

You have turned me
into a complete loser.

Do you have any idea what
a fool I made of myself today?

Why did fall for him and
even kiss him when he provoked me?

Why did I beg him to love
me when he is in love with you?

Why would I want to
force someone to love me?

Who am I and what's my status?

You're a human, a woman.

And you're in a position
where others have to tell you that.

Did you understand or
do I have to explain further?

You are the reason for all this!

Don't you dare point fingers at me!

Who do you think you are?

Do you think you're Miss
World or some Miss Universe?

Or did you come down from heaven?

You're an ordinary girl
just like everyone else.

Remember that.

Ego?! I have a bigger ego than you.

But I'm also sensible enough to understand
where to stand firm and where to let go.

You lack that.

You're always upset
with me because of your ego.

But I tried to turn that
into love because I love you.

But you never understood that.

You kissed me and said that
you love me only because I provoked you.

If that is the case, you will find a
thousand men waiting for you out there.

Will you kiss them all and hug them too?

Answer me.

You will slap them and
push them down from the terrace.

Then why did you kiss only me?

Because you like me.
Because you love me.

I took Kumari's help and provoked you..

..only to bring out
these feelings in you.

You're doing all this because
your heart is telling you..

..that I am the right one for you.

But your ego is not
letting you accept that.

I cannot take it anymore.

We are not meant to be with each other.

I yearned for you. All I wanted
was for you to look at me,..

.. stand by my side and talk to me.

It hurt me not to be with you.

But right now,
I think I will be much happier..

..if you stay away from me.

Bye Anu.

Why did you block my number?

I don't want you.

I no longer need your number.

But why?

You said that you loved
me more than your life.

And then you said that you'd
be happier if I stayed away from you.

Do you know how much it hurt?

For the first time in my life
I am feeling the pain of losing someone.

Without you my life
seems empty and dull.

You said so yourself.

Why would I kiss you
if I had not loved you?

Tell me.

I was impressed with you the same way.. were impressed with
me when we met the first day.

I felt overjoyed when
I understood your feelings..

..and when you followed me around.

I was sure you would
confess your love for me..

..when you came to my
college for that portrait.

But you hurt my ego
by talking about Kumari.

You made me cringe and cry.

I was very upset and at the same time
afraid that I was going to lose you.

And that's why I came
that day to confess my love.

Now tell me that you love me. And
I'll respond with an 'I love you too.'

I waited for you to come
and give me the right address.

But when it came to my love,
I came to you.

Did that not tell you
how much I loved you, Chaitu?

I'm not like other girls
but my love is true just as theirs.

I do feel pain too.

Think of my arrogance
as innocence and love me.

Maybe I will never change but endure me.

I don't know how else to explain to you.

Please, Chaitu. Please.

I didn't know you were
capable of so much love.

And I'm not egoistical
to refuse your love now.

You would always call me and take my
permission even in very small matters.

I didn't expect you to
bring the woman you love..

..without even telling
me anything about her.

I am sorry, dad.

You can apologize and satisfy my ego.

But I will give my approval
if I don't like her. Mind it.

- Anu, just come with me.
- Where to?

What do you mean?
Go and talk to him. Pacify him.

No way!

So, you want to marry Chaitu.


That's nice. Do you see my feet?

Fall at my feet and
beg me to give my approval.

Say, 'Uncle, please accept our love.'

Only then will I give
my approval. Come on.

No, I won't.

Dear, there's nothing wrong
in touching an older person's feet.

Just do as he says
and take his blessing.

Please don't force me.

My ego will never allow
me to fall at someone's feet.

This is how I am.

Accept me if you like me or forget it.

- Anu!
- Please, Chaitu.

I like her.

I'm serious.
I'm really serious. I'm not kidding.

You are perfectly qualified to be my..

..daughter-in-law and
to call me father-in-law.

I admire your self-respect,
which wouldn't allow.. even to bow down
to your lover's father.

I admire your nature
which wouldn't allow you to..

..cave in no matter
how many people forced you.

Hats off to your ego which wouldn't
melt even in difficult circumstances.

Seriously, child.

Do you know how hard it
is to find such a girl, Chaitu?

Yes, sir.
He worked very hard to woo her.

- He put in too much effort.
- Really?

Oh, so sorry. Excuse me.


Congratulations, dear.

Of course, sir.

That'll be my honor.

Just forget about it, sir.
Leave it to me. I shall take care of it.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

They've elected me
as the president this time.

- Wow! Congrats, dad.
- That's great.

Dad has been trying to get
this position for five years now.

Congrats, uncle.

This is all because of you, my dear.

My daughter-in-law brought
happiness to our home.

You can be very positive
when you like someone, sir.

Shut up!

Anyway, leave the
party arrangements to me.

I will take care of everything.

Is everything okay? How does that look?



You look lovely.

I have to go.

I am surprised that he
invited us to this party.. spite of all that
happened the other day.

Good man.

You fool! He invited
us to show off his success.

Mr. Rao!


- Congrats!
- Thank you.

Take this.

Mr. Shankar Rao, thank you for coming.

You know what?

They gave me this position
without me having to..

..falling at anyone's
feet or washing them.

Just for your information.
I thought you should know.

He too knows that you invited
him to only to say that.

- Come on, don't be silly.
- Hello, Mr. Rao.

- Yes, sir.
- Excellent party.

Thank you so much, sir.

But you shouldn't
give that credit to me.

- Then who? - It's purely
because of my daughter-in-law.

Is it?

Yes, daughter-in-law.

You heard it right, Shankar Rao.

She must be around..
Yes, there she is.

Isn't she from Warangal?

Of course she is.

And yes, we considered her for your son.

By the way, did her family accept you?

My approval matters the most.

I don't think they
will have any objections.

I approve of them and that
is all they need to get married.

I don't think everyone
would agree with that.

We backed off because
we didn't want to argue.

But, it is going to be totally
different with her family.

So, here is my kind advice to you. Meet
her parents first and get their approval..

..and wait for everything
to get confirmed..

..before you can brag in front of
everyone that she is your daughter-in-law.

I am not the one to nod my head if they
accept and shut my mouth if they reject.

I told you,
my approval is all that matters here.

They will get married.
And that's pretty much final.

They may or may not get married.

You will find out only
after you meet her parents.

What do you want to find out?

I'm going to announce their
engagement right here, right now.

And I'll see who is going to stop me.

She is not the one to show her finger for
the ring the moment you say engagement.

Looks like you don't know her that well.

She will never agree.

Excuse me, friends.

Here everybody!
Attention please. On the stage.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

In the presence of everyone
who came to felicitate me..

.. I would like to share
a small family matter..

In fact, it's not a small matter,
it's a big one.

It's a very important moment.

And I would like to
share it with all of you.

Chaitu, my boy. Come on up, come on.

Go, sir.

You all know about Chaitu.

He is my company's MD and everyone
here knows how diligent he is.

Do you know what this
little boy has done?

He chose a life partner
who suits my style and status.

Yes, there she is.

She is Miss Anu. Bachelor in Fine Arts.

Why are you still standing there, Anu?
Come on up. Come to the stage, dear.

Come, come closer.


Now these two young people need
your blessings on their union today.

My well wisher Mr. Girisham
will bless them as they exchange rings..

..and garlands as
part of their engagement.

Thank you. Just need your blessings.

Dad, what is going on here?

Wait, I still need to announce the date.

That is not all.

I am going to announce
the wedding date as well.

It's going to be next month on the 25th.


We haven't met or
informed her family yet.

I don't think it's a good
idea to announce the engagement.

We'll inform them after the engagement.
What's the hurry?

- Dad! What are you doing?
- Get the garlands. Come on!

But, dear, shouldn't we
wait for an auspicious date?

I arranged for this party
because today is an auspicious day.

Priest said that today
is a very good day.

Give me your ring.
Your daughter-in-law needs it.

- Hi there.
- Dad! Please stop this right now.

I have already announced it.
Now I can't change anything.

See how Shankar Rao
is giving me scornful looks.

He challenged me about this today.

I have to do this and
show him what I am capable of.

Mr. Shankar Rao!

You rejected his son for sister
because you were upset with him.

Why are you taking him seriously?

I know when and how to handle matters.

Mr. Girisham,
please come onto the stage. Please.

Chaitu, what do we do now?

- Anu..
- What is this?

Anu, there is no way we can convince
him otherwise. That is how he is.

And it's impossible to
talk to him on such occasions.

Anu, just go with the flow for now.

I'll take care of the rest later.

I can't accept all this.

Anu, I'll take care of
any problems that might arise.

- Okay? Trust me, I'll handle it. Okay?
- Chaitu..

Don't worry, I'm with you.

What are you guys whispering about?
Everyone is waiting for you.

Nothing, dad.

Come on, let's go. Come with me.

Take off that garland and come with us.

Who are you and how dare
you talk to her like that?

Who allowed you inside?

That's not important now.

Who gave you the right to arrange
her engagement without informing us?

How dare you! I will see your end!

- Hey! Who are you people?
- Chaitu, please.

- Anu, just look at him..
- He is my uncle.

Did you love her without
even finding out about her family?

Yes, he did.

And I fixed the wedding
without finding out about you.

- What are you going to do now?
- Then let me tell you who I am.

She is Shailaja Reddy's daughter.

Who gave you the right
to do whatever you want..

..without talking to my
sister or taking her approval?

No one will be able to save you now.

- Hey, mind your language..
- Uncle, please.

Uncle, please don't do anything rash.


- Anu!
- Let's go, uncle.



One minute, uncle.

Your dad made a mistake, Chaitu.

Choosing a life partner
was never in my hands.

I don't think I can
ever meet you again..

..if my mother finds out about this.

Forget me.


How dare he comes to
my party and threatens me?


- Vaj..
- I am here, sir.

Vajpayee! Take out your phone.

Take out your phone and
call the Police commissioner.

- Call him and tell..
- Hello.. Hello..

Commissioner may be your friend. But
they're friends with the Chief Minister.

Who is Shailaja Reddy?

Now that is a sensible question.

Find out who she is and then decide
whether to call the commissioner..

..or to pack your bags and leave.

Just tell me who the hell she is.

Then I will decide on how to handle her.

I'll tell you.

'She is the lady leader to the people
in Simpanapalli in Warangal district.'

'She is a sword who was born to slay..'

' who mistreat
and look down upon women.'

'Her very presence creates fear in men.'

'Blood in her veins boil with rage when
she sees any women being mistreated.'

'She doesn't forgive that
person no matter who he is.'

'She makes sure he is put behind bars..'

'..after getting a
good thrashing by women.'

'That is Shailaja Reddy.'

That is her profile in short.

She doesn't forgive a person even
if he is a police if he hurts her ego.

You have a spontaneous ego.

But for her it is a genetic
disorder a hereditary disease.


Shailaja Reddy brings
down wrath upon any man..

..who tries to hurt
a woman in her village.

And you have forced her daughter to get
engaged and even fixed her wedding.

You will pay for it.

By the way, Mr.
Rao, you thought you would..

..satisfy your ego by
inviting me to your party.

But you ended up satisfying my ego.

See you.

Vajpayee, give me the phone.

- Quick!
- Yes, sir.

- I know exactly what..
- Dad!

- Just one phone call..
- Enough!

You've done enough.

Don't make this any
worse that it already is.

Your lack of self-control resulted
in Shanti losing the man she loved.

Please don't make me lose Anu.


I will try calling her again.

Anu madam. It is Chaitu sir.

He has already called you ten times.

Please talk to him.

Boss, she took the call.

- 'Hello, what is it?'
- What do you mean?

Did you think I'd forget
you just because you asked me to?

We are already engaged.
You are almost my wife.

I have a stronger reason now.

That's my bad luck.

Anu! Don't worry about anything.

We crossed Warangal.
We are almost at your village now.

I will do anything to convince your
mother I mean my future mother-in-law.

Really? Are you really that brave?

Anu, I will explain the
whole matter to your mother.

I will even apologize to her and
request her to approve of our wedding.

Just make sure she doesn't
take any decisions till then.

I am sure she will find no reason
to reject me once she looks at me.

Come directly to our
home if you are so confident.


Sir, how come she agreed to so easily?

Where is your mother?

It may take me just ten minutes
to make her accept me as her son-in-law.

Speak softly.

She may kill you
if she hears your voice.

What? I thought she already
came to know about the engagement.

Then she would have sought revenge.

She wouldn't sit at home.


Doesn't your mother know about us?

Then what exactly happened last night?

Anu! Just listen to me.

Don't tell mom about what happened here.

No one should tell her anything.

I will kill myself if
any one tells her about this.

Uncle, I am especially talking to you.

You don't have to go so far.
I'll do as you ask.

Will you promise me?


But why do we need to hide this matter?

Why don't we tell her?

- Yes, why don't you? - Then
you'll be in the same situation as me.

I used to be a star hotel chef.

Today I am serving
as a cook in this house.

- Think carefully.
- Hello, sir.

You have no idea what
madam is capable of.

- That is true.
- Just wait till you see..

Anu madam. Your mother.

What are you afraid of?

Introduce us as your friends.

We are not allowed
to bring even an animal..

..without taking mom's permission.

We are not animals. We are humans.

- Manikyam!
- Yes, madam.

I have a good life
partner in mind for you.

Madam, don't get confused.

Your mother is talking about you.

I know. This isn't new for me.

Anyway, who is it?

You mean the groom?
He is from our own village.

It's almost like he's
right here in our house.


I was just kidding, madam. I thought
she would find it funny and laugh.

But she didn't.

He's a doctor, a very good man.

He would make a perfect
son-in-law for me.

But he should suit her
as a husband too, right?

Just like I match your personality.

He will if she marries him.

Don't interfere in this, Venu.
Stay out of it.

As if you care for my opinion.

Dad is right. This is about my life.
I should like him.

I understood what you mean.

When you feel like
ruining someone's life..

..and when you find
a man like your dad..

..who follows his wife
everywhere she goes..

..and works for you day
and night without a salary.. will let your parents
know about it, right?


Yes, madam. I thought at
least this will make her laugh.

But this didn't work either.

It is my duty as a mother
to look for a groom for you.

It's up to you whether
to marry him or not.

I like it when she's reasonable.

Sir, they're discussing about you.

My sweet!

Hey, you!
You're working here as a punishment.

This is not a vacation.

Let me throw another one.

How many did you hide in your trousers?

And why are they coming
out in installments?

I will strangle you
if any more sweets fall out.

What a funny guy!

Shall I throw one?


I kept a diamond necklace
in your cupboard.

Let me know if you like it.
I'll have to pay the merchant.

You mean my cupboard, madam?

Why would she keep it in your cupboard?

It would have been nice
if you gave it to her yourself.

I'll surely do that
if she makes me happy.

What did you want to talk about?

Why don't you and your
mother talk to each other?

Why are you using that
Manikyam as a mediator?

We haven't spoken to each
other in more than five years.


'Everyone in the village
respects my mom.'

'She has always lived up to her words.'

'She has never once failed in her life.'

'Mother raised me,
her only daughter, just like herself.'

'We were more like sister or friends..'

'..rather than mother and daughter.'

'We were very close.'

One issue drove a wedge
in our relationship..

..and we stopped talking to each other.

'Our village has only
one private hospital.'

And the doctor working
there would always..'

'.. find an excuse to conduct
surgery on every woman..'

'..who was admitted there
for labor and delivery.'

'When mom found out about that..'

Today you are doing
the 56the caesarean surgery.

You know very well that there
are no other hospitals nearby.

You're doing whatever
pleases you for money.

You don't wait for normal delivery.

You don't care even if they're poor.

You create fear and force
them to opt for surgery.

Madam, I don't need you
to tell me how to treat patients.

We didn't spend millions of rupees
to build this hospital in this village.. treat patients for free, do normal
deliveries and take unnecessary risks.

You're a woman and a doctor.

How could you be so cold?

If you don't like what I'm doing go
and build a hospital yourself..

..make your daughter a doctor
and give free treatment for women.

Mind your tongue.

I will do exactly as you said.
Wait and watch.

'Mom felt hurt at
what that doctor said..'

'..and decided to make me a doctor.'

'She filled out an application
even without telling me.'

Mom! What's this?

Find some other way
if you want to serve women.

But please don't force me.

But, Anu, that doctor insulted me.

I want you to become
a doctor and prove her wrong.

I don't want to study
medicine to satisfy your ego.

I want to do what I like.
I like arts. I will do Fine Arts.

Is that more important
to you than your mother?

You care more about
me being a doctor than me.

Anu, let's discuss this later.

Anu! Don't talk too much.

- If you go against my wishes..
- I will.

'I hurt my mom very much that day
by insulting her in front of everyone.'

'She stopped talking to me after that.'

Shailaja, how long are
you going to treat her this way?

She's your daughter after all.

Do you know how insulting it is for me..

..when people ask how
am I going to help them..

..when I cannot even assert
authority over my own child?

She has to know how much she hurt me.

I will never talk to her again.

'Even I felt hurt that
my mom didn't understand me.'

'I decided that I would
speak to her only when she would.'

That's the beauty!

Good job, Anu. Excellent!

Boss, consider your problem is solved.

Yes, Anu.

You are not on talking
terms with your mother anyway.

I am sure it won't even affect her..

..if you marry my boss
and settle somewhere else.

And even if she feels bad about it..

..all she can do is not talk
to you for the rest of your life.

You're already used to
talking to 30 year old Manikyam.

I'm sure he'll live another 30 years.

Follow the same process.
Your future is safe.

How is it, Anu?

What do you know about us?

We may not talk to each other.

But we love each other very much.
More love than you can imagine.

Chaitu, let me make
this very clear to you.

I want my mom, I want to stay with her.

I want my mom to speak to me again.

Okay, Anu.

Forget about what he said.

I swear to you..

..I'll mend the bond
between you and your mom.

I'll make sure she speaks to you again.

I'll tell her about our love.

We will get married only
after she gives her approval.

Greetings, madam.
Thank you, madam.

Madam, they published an article
about you in newspaper.


My friends are arriving today.
Clean up the farm house.

They're going to stay here for a week.


Don't you know that you need to take
my permission before you invite guests?

Of course I do, madam.

Do I need permission to invite
guests to my own house Manikyam?

No need, madam. This is your kingdom.

You're the princess.

Our guests are not artists like me,
they're doctors.

I am sure you're okay
with people in that profession.

I think madam gave
her word to her friends.

Let them come since she invited them.

You can always send them
away if you don't like them.

What do you say?

Hello. I will introduce you to our madam
after she is done talking to those people.

Why are we meeting in the fields anyway?

It would have been a much
more relaxed conversation..

..if we were sitting
in an air conditioned room..

..with sweets and snacks in front of us.

Sweets and snacks?

You know exactly what
were going to serve you.

But madam should like
you before you can eat them.

Why wouldn't she like us?
We are not some goons, we are doctors.

I am Pranic Healing specialist.

Pranic Healing?

- You mean the no touch,
shaking the body method? - Exactly.

I want that shaking treatment.
Please shake me.

Hello, I'm the mother of milkshake.

I'll give you a huge discount.
Go and enjoy.

Then I'll make sure
you can stay at our house.

What's your answer?

First, you married her
daughter without her consent.

And just because she confronted you..

..your abused your wife's mother,
your mother-in-law.. the most cruel way for
a week and locked her in a room.

You didn't even consider
the fact that she is old, and a widow.

Who gave you the right
to treat her that way?

As if this is a court and
they're discussing a big case.

Shut up!

This is my family matter.

I will scold her,
beat her and do whatever I like.

This one is my wife
and that one is her mother.

I don't like you confronting
me in public like this.

And she may face the
consequences of your actions.

It would be better if you think carefully
before you speak or do anything.

Look at him, madam.
Did you hear what he said?

He will ruin my daughter's life.

Only you can correct him.

What's in her hands?

You're at fault for
marrying without consent.

How dare you threaten me?


Put a yoke on his shoulders..

..and make him plough the
all the fields of poor people.

Make him work in the fields till
he learns how to respect women.

Manikyam! My pen slipped from my hands.

I thought you said
you're mother of milkshake.

Why are you shaking with fear?

I can't help it. Please hand me my pen.

Here you are.

Do we really have to go
even after watching that episode?

You know why we're here. Come on.

Doctor, madam is going away. Let's go.

- Maybe a little later. - I am with you.
Don't be afraid. Come with me.

Madam! They're Anu
madam's friends, doctors.

Hello ma'am.

What brings you here for a week?

You, ma'am.


We are conducting a
survey in all villages..

..with regard to building
a hospital for poor people.

Your daughter Anu happened
to meet me at the right time.

She said that you'd be very happy
to see a hospital in this village.

Is that true?

She's your daughter.
She may not speak to you..

..but she would never
lie about anything.

She's got your blood. 'O' positive.

- Why are we talking about blood now?
- Quiet.

Shailaja Reddy will always support
people with good intentions.

- Thank you. - You can stay with us
till you finish your work.

- Sure.
- See you later.

I see a lot of potential here.

One, you fell in love without
your mother's knowledge.

Two, you are already engaged.

And then you brought Shailaja Reddy's..

.. future son-in-law directly
to her own farm house.

Poor Anu. This is not her fault.

I came here to apologize to Anu..

..and to find a way to
convince my mother-in-law.

But when I got here, I understood that..

..I have another job to do before that.

I have to mend their bond.

Great, son-in-law.

Sir!? Does that mean you have accepted
my boss as your son-in-law?

- Almost.
- Thank you.

- Don't mention. - I don't think
mentioning this will make any difference.

Sir needs to prove that he is fit
to be Shailja Reddy ma'am's son-in-law.

At present that's not important for me.

I want to restore
their good relationship.

And that's why I want Anu
to do all that her mom loves.

I want Anu's mom to remember
the love she has for Anu.


Black day,
I mean our anniversary is in two days.

Make use of that occasion.

- Aishwarya!
- Yes, madam.

What's going on here?

Happy 25th wedding anniversary, ma'am.

Thank you.

Okay, ladies first.

- Take it.
- Thank you.

Who told you? Was it Manikyam?

Manikyam? He doesn't
even remember his birthday.

He saw us decorating
the house in the morning..

..and asked if today is a festival.

Then we had to tell him that today is
your wedding anniversary.

Oh! Then who told you?

Who else? Your one and
only very beautiful daughter.

Arrogant Goddess, egoistical princess. heir to Shailaja Reddy's wealth and
fame but also to her beauty and grace.

Anu told us.

What else did she tell you?

A lot.

She said that she owes
her life to you both.

She said that she is alive and
happy today only because of you both.

And that's why she wants to celebrate
your anniversary more than you.

She said that the celebrations
should last at least 3 days.

She even woke up at 3 in the morning
and prepared a feast for you, ma'am.

I can't believe my
daughter spoke so maturely.

- Did she really behave so well?
- I swear, ma'am.

Yes, Shailaja.

The Anu we saw five years
ago is completely different..

..from the Anu that I see today.

Even I couldn't believe my own eyes.

You will know exactly
what you're missing out on..

..if you talk to her once.

You've already missed a lot, Shailaja.

Why don't you talk to her once?

Please, ma'am. Talk to her once.

- Okay, let's go have lunch.
- Okay.


- Me?
- Yes, you.

- I've been on liquid diet
since yesterday. - Okay.

Now constipation turned into diarrhea.

Since you're got your pen,
I thought you could heal me.

- Definitely.
- Please.

- But you cannot do it here.
- Then where?

Go to your room and
sit in landing position.

Start your job and twist
22 times and shake 36 times.

This will permanently stop the process.

We cannot reverse
this even if you beg me.

No need, sir.
Doing this everyday is quite boring.

That's true.

- You are a God, sir.
- You are too kind.

My pen please. Hello?!

Sorry, here it is. Thank you.

Venu, why did you wait for me?

I thought I'd have lunch with you today.

I wasn't asking you.

- Aishwarya!
- Yes, madam.

- Where is Manikyam?
- I just saw him running out.

- Keep it on the table. - He's went
to check on some leakage problem.

I can manage if you need
to say something to Anu.

Let the manager do his job.
You can start eating.

Manikyam is calling
me from the pump set.

Hello, Manikyam.

I am sitting in landing position
just as you told me. And panic..

'Pranic healing not panic.'

Yes, whatever.

I can come out if you
can heal me with your pen.

Yes, Manikyam.
Ma'am wants to speak to you. Hold on.

Pass the phone, please.
Manikyam, ma'am.

Why is he giving the phone to her?

Talking to her might
make my problem worse.

- Yes, madam.
- Where are you?

Water from our fields was overflowing,
madam. I came here to build a dam.

You can take care of that later.
I need you here.

Madam, not everything
takes place when we want it.

Some things happen at their own time.

Do you need to speak
to your daughter, madam?

I can put her on conference
call if you want.

One minute, ma'am.

It's Manikyam, take the call.

- Hello?
- Ma'am is on line.

Manikyam, do you really need to wake
up so early do this all by yourself?

Our cook could have made
everything if you told him.

Madam, if this is not an urgent matter..

..can we discuss this when I get home?

Manikyam today is my
parents' wedding anniversary.

That's why I prepared
everything as per my taste.

Manikyam, I know you cannot
cook so many meat dishes.

How did you manage all this?

Madam, please, I need a favor.

If Chari sir is sitting beside you,
and if he's got his pen..

..can you please ask
him to stop the water with it?

Manikyam, stop talking nonsense.

I made this special dish myself.

Taste it.

It is tasty, Manikyam.

But I think it is quite spicy..

Water! Water!

Water? Do you need water?
Don't worry, madam.

I'll get water for you.
This faucet is not working.

This bucket is empty too.

Slowly. Slowly.

Anu, tell her to eat this sweet.
Tell her. Say it.

Has the burning reduced, Manikyam?

What can I say, madam?

It is quite impossible
to express how I feel.

I can see all colors.
It's a colorful pain.

How are you feeling now, Manikyam?

We have so many people
working in the kitchen.

Why didn't anyone tell her when she was
adding so much chili powder to the food?

Dad, it wasn't their fault.

I added more even when they
tried to warn me. I am sorry.


Ma'am, I don't think she
ever stepped into kitchen before.

She cooked something for the first time.
I am sure it was to surprise you.

You ate the spicy dish,
and yet she had tears in her eyes.

Why else would that
happen if not for love?

Maybe you should talk to her once.
That will console her. Please.

Venu, I asked them
to make arrangements..

..for the special prayers
in temple tomorrow.

Please take care of those.

Dad, what's this for?

Your mom has arranged
for these special prayers..

..wishing that you'd find a good husband
that you should get married..

..and more importantly
that you should listen to her.

Will I find a good husband and get
married just by doing special prayers?

That's because she
has no idea that you are..

..already engaged and your
fiance is standing right here.

I will translate it for
madam if you can speak louder.

No, thanks. I don't need a translator.

I can very well talk to
my daughter without your help.

Venu, what's your problem with Manikyam?

We're in a temple, please behave.


You need to whisper this hymn thrice
in your daughter's ears.

After hearing that, she needs
to feed the cow with this rice..

Stop. Don't ask me
to do impossible things.

Please, ma'am.
You will see great results..

..if you follow what the priest says.

Your daughter will
be obedient from now on.

Priest, is it possible to conduct
these prayers in a different way?

I don't think I can change
the method just for you..

- Manikyam!
- Yes, madam.

'Looks like they're not willing to talk
to each other even if God tells them.'

[Chanting mantras in Sanskrit]

Sorry, madam.

I cannot even pronounce
high sounding words.


Chanting mantras would be
like going through hell for me.

It sounds so complicated and ancient.

It would bring bad luck
if I pronounce them wrong.

I wouldn't want that, madam.

If you don't mind, can you please.. to her directly
just this one time?

She is standing right next to you.

- Manikyam!
- Yes, sir.

- Go back.
- Okay.

Go back.

Ma'am, think of me
as Manikyam just this once.

Say it in my ear and
I will whisper it in hers.

Anu, close your eyes, come on.

Its okay, ma'am, I don't mind.
I will chant it as it is. Don't worry.

Just give me one chance.
Please trust me.

Close your eyes. Go ahead, ma'am.

[Chanting mantras in Sanskrit]

I can't hear properly.
Can you please come closer?

A little closer, thanks.

- Anu, are you happy?
- A lot.

This is the best time.

Give this holy offering to your mom
as soon as she comes out of the temple.

No one refuses holy
offering even from an enemy.

Will she talk to me if I give her this?

At least Manikyam will
be out of the picture.

Something will work
out at some point of time..

..and you two will start
talking to each other.

Okay? Try it. They are coming.

Venu, tell driver to get the car.

Holy offering.

Anu is giving you holy offering.

- Take it.
- Manikyam!

Yes, madam.

Please give that to me, I will give her.

I'm giving it to you.
Are you taking it or not?

What's this strange behavior, Manikyam?

You never did this before, why now?

That's why I am giving you now. Take it.

Take it.

You know me well.
I don't forget the past so easily.

Ma'am, this is no time to get upset.

She's just giving you holy offering.
Please take it.

Stay out of it.

Why are you being so adamant..

.. even when I'm willing
to swallow my pride?

Manikyam, who is she threatening?

Hey, don't throw. That's holy.

Anu! Anu!

Does she think she can get close to me.. acting so arrogantly?

- Move aside.
- Ma'am! Ma'am, please.

Shailaja Reddy's son-in-law, Chaitu!

They haven't been talking
to each other for five years..

..for a very small reason.

Do you think you could mend their bond..

..just by making her do
things that her mother likes?


Ego percentage is higher
in both of them than love.

You and your love
are sure to be crushed..

..between that mother and daughter.

Mark my words.

Hi, Chaitu! How are you?

I am fine, how about you?

I am good. What are you doing there?

Me? Nothing much.

Just trying to look
after wedding arrangements.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

A brother is supposed to
wait till his sister is married.

My sweet little sister.

I am not even sure if
we will be able to get married.

How does it matter
who gets married first?

And you still need
to find a man you love.

I found him already. I met him when
he came home with a marriage proposal.

Talk to him.

What? She is super fast.

Hello, Chaitanya. How are you?

You are fast, dude.

We are counting on you
to get us married. Please.

Fine, but go and meet my dad first.

He will yell at you, don't react.

Shamelessly go back to him next week.

He will yell at you again, don't react.

He will then calm down a little.

Request him to reconsider his decision.

His ego will be satisfied
and he will feel pity for you.

'Are you sure your
dad will give his consent?'

I don't know about that.
But I'll take care of the rest.

That assurance is enough for me.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Okay, bye. Take care.

Crazy people, right?

I didn't expect them go ahead so fast.

Do you know how much
I appreciate all that you do.. make things work
out for us and for your sister?

Anu! Someone may see us.

So what?

What if your mother finds out?

So what?

Hi. You wanted to see me ma'am?

How does he look?

He is handsome. Any problem?

No, he has no problems.
Anu is the problem.

He's a doctor.
He's very interested in marrying Anu.

He's from a very good family.

I don't want to lose such a nice guy.

I've already told Anu about him,
but she refused.

I don't want to ask her again.

I don't know what I'll
do if she refuses again.

'I can't help you
in this matter. Sorry.'

Oh, sorry ma'am.
One minute. Sorry ma'am.


Chaitu, what is today's date?

18th. Did you call
me up just to ask this?

No, to remind you.

I want you to get married
on the date I announced.

That means we have just one week.
Go that way!

Forget about Shailaja
if you cannot convince her.

I know how to get you married.
Come back.

Okay, dad. Consider it done.
Just give me some time.

That's what we don't have, son.
Time is flying.

You have to get married,
at least for me if not for you.

And it has to happen on the day I fixed.
That's it.

Okay, dad. Sure. It'll be done.

Who was it?

My dad. There's a wedding on the 25th.

He wants me to be there.

Oh! Won't you be here
for your friend's engagement?

My friend? Who is it ma'am?

Your friend Anu.

We've arranged for
her engagement on the 25th.

But she hasn't agreed.

That's what you need to do.

I feel that she will consider
your opinion as her friend..

.. rather than her parents decision.

But I know how to convince
her in case she refuses.

Talk to her.

Such a cool breeze.

But you're in no position to enjoy it.

You have to marry Anu
to satisfy your dad's ego.

And you have to mend Anu's
relationship with her mom..

..if you have to satisfy her ego.

And if you have to
satisfy her mother's ego..'ll have to convince Anu to
marry the guy her mother chose for her.

I pray that no lover goes
through this situation, boss.

Tell me, boss.
What is your plan? How can I help?

Should I go to your wedding
on the 25th and welcome all the guests?

Or should I attend Anu's engagement
party as a guest on the same day?

What's it to be, boss?
I'm at your service. I'm your Swiggy.

My brain is all numb, Chari.

I need to talk to Anu immediately if
you need answers for all your questions.

Then call her and wake her up, boss.

I've been trying.
But her phone is switched off.

She is conscious of radiation I guess.

I've got an idea, boss.

Let's cut the electricity
so that you can go into her room..

..and explain the whole
situation to her. Okay?

I am sure this is Anu's room.

Chari! That is mother-in-law's room.

That is Anu's. Go ahead and get it done.

I mean talk to her.

Why did she run into that room?

- I don't know.
- What did you do?

I made smooching noise.

No wonder she was scared.

- Go and call her.
- Me?

Yes, you.

- Go, get inside.
- Okay, sir.

My room is stuffy.

Please forgive me, ma'am.
I'm doing this for my boss.

Doctor, liquid diet has
turned my life into hell.

It's almost midnight
and I'm stuck in toilet.

Please heal me and stop this.
I beg of you.

Oh, God!

Why is he squeaking like a rat
when I'm telling him about my problem?

What's wrong with you?

I came and sat here
hoping that you'd help.

Why are you disconnecting my call?

The other day you were with madam.

At least now we are alone, right?

Do something.

'Do you have any idea what
a horrible condition I'm in?'

It's a natural disaster.
I beg of you, doctor.

I will cooperate with
whatever you tell me.

Just use the healing
pen and stop my problem.

Please, stop it, stop it.

He has switched off his phone.

What do I do now?
He's taking me for granted.

I'll have to go find him wherever he is.

What is it?

You're disturbing
me with all this noise.

Sleep now or I'll go away to that room.

They don't even let me sleep peacefully.

What's with these secret meetings?

Why did you come here so late at night?

Not getting sleep?

I've got no time to think of romance..

..with all these problems
you've created for me.

Come with me.

I need to find a solution
to my diarrhea right now.

Why is she covering herself
when she is feeling stuffy?

Such a stubborn girl.

There's no way I'm going to let her win.

What's wrong with her?

Why is she running in and
out of rooms so late at night?

God, please help me! Show some mercy!

You! I don't understand
what you're up to?

Are you really a healer?
Will you heal me or not?

Don't forget that you're able
to stay here only on my recommendation.

This isn't a good time.

My tummy doesn't know what's
a good time and what's not.

I don't have any peace.
Doesn't even let me sleep.

My problem is getting worse.
I can't take it anymore.

Manikyam! Manikyam!

Healing may not work on some problems..

..but will power surely will.

We may not find happiness in winning..

- ..but there's more joy in
helping others win. - Exactly!

I've read many WhatsApp
messages like this..

..when people forward them to me..

..along with God's photo
and good morning wishes.

Don't provoke me by giving
me such stupid examples.

I'm going through hell!

Manikyam! Manikyam!

- Here, keep this pen with you.
- What's this for?

This is not a Pranic healing pen,
it's a self-healing pen.

- Bend down.
- Bend?

Start rotating.

Keep doing that.

- Manikyam!
- Yes, madam.

What are you doing
here so late at night?

I'm trying a self-healing method, madam.

How can I help you?

I think Anu went out.
Come and help me find her.

I wonder where she is.

- Did you hear that noise?
- Yes, madam.

Good morning, ma'am.

What are you doing here at this hour?

I misplaced my healing pen, ma'am.
I was looking for it.

Usually my U.S.
clients call me at this time.

Oh, I see that you have it.
Thank you, sir.

- This is the pen, ma'am.
- Forget about U.S. clients.

- You should satisfy Indian clients first.
- A dollar is equal to 71..


What's wrong with him?

What happened, Chari?
Why are you standing here alone?

Alone? I thought we're
four people, ma'am.

Oh! I get it.

Why are you standing
here all by yourself, madam?

I came out for some fresh air.
You can go inside.

She's here for some fresh air, ma'am.
You can go inside.


Why are you still standing here?
Go and find out why there's a power cut.

Okay, madam.

Why did you want to
meet at this time, Chaitu?

We had a narrow escape.

Anu, situation is
very serious right now.

Your mother didn't bring
you here for the temple festival.

She brought you here
to get you married.. the son of this farmhouse owner.

So, what do we do now?

Anu, someone has to let
go of their ego in this situation.

Or this may never end.

Please talk to her tomorrow
and apologize to her.

Say that you're sorry for what happened.

Maybe she'll see that
you realized your mistake..

..and start talking to you again.

At least then we'll have
a chance to tell her about us.

Then I'll know how to convince her.

Trust me on this.

I appreciate you trying to help us.

But I'll never apologize
when I'm not at fault.

- Move aside!
- Anu!

She didn't even touch your father's feet
when he refused to give his consent.

Why would she apologize to her mother?

Don't be physical, boss. Be practical.

Take my advice. Don't depend on her.

Do what you have to do
and trust in Goddess to help.

If only you had followed my plan..

What are you talking about, Chari?

he was talking about you, ma'am.

He was telling me what Anu said.

What did she say?

Do we really need to
discuss this now, boss?

It's okay.
This is just about her mother.

She said that she was born
because you offered prayers here.

Oh, does she remember that even now?

Of course, ma'am.

She's praying that you
both should start talking again..

..and that she'll roll around
this temple in wet clothes..

..if God fulfills her wish right now.

Why doesn't she talk
to me directly and apologize..

..instead of doing all this?

She's all ready to
do what you want of her..

..if you're willing
to do something for her.

Yes, ma'am.

She's ready to marry the
guy you chose and make you win.

Ma'am, everyone says that you
display nothing but love in this temple.

If that is true,
show her love as a mother.. the presence of our Mother Goddess.

Go and talk to her, please.

Fine, if your ego is
stopping you from that.. could at least send her a message.

'Anu, I want to talk to you.'

Then she will come straight to you.

Either way,
you will be the winner, ma'am.

Just imagine how wonderful
it will be to talk to Anu again.

You should send her a message.. least to get her to agree
to this marriage. Listen to me.


Chaitu, mom wants to talk to me.

She just messaged me.

Only you made this possible.

Thank you so much.

Anu! Anu! This is me, Chaitu.

Your mother is over there.

Yes, over there.

Why hug me thinking
that I'm your mother?

Your mom is standing right there.

- Go.
- See, ma'am.

Just the thought of
you talking to her again..

..made her so happy
that she didn't realize..

..who she was hugging her best friend.

That's the power of mother
and daughter relationship.

Anu, don't waste any more time.

Go and talk to her directly.

Amazing performance!

First of all, you all entered
the scene at the wrong time.

And you don't even
have the right dialogues.

Who are you anyway?

Come here, son.

I would have been his relative
if his sister had married my son.

That didn't happen.
So, what are you doing here?

I'm here for Mrs.
Shailaja Reddy, not for you.

Me? What for?

He and your daughter
Anu are in deep love.

They got engaged without
even telling you.

His father went to the point
of fixing their wedding date.

He even announced that
it is on the 25th of this month.

Hey! Do you have any
idea who you're talking to?

I know that you don't
believe such stories, madam.

That's why I came here with evidence.

Please look at this.

And everyone standing here,
including your husband..

.. knows about this except you, madam.

Tell her. Speak up.

Yes, sister.

Anu threatened to kill
herself if we told you.

That's why..

Ma'am, I can explain. Please let me..


You! I'm sparing your life just
because my daughter is at fault too.

Or I would have buried you alive.

I'm giving you half an hour.

I will kill you if I see
you in this village after that.

I thought you were my family!

Shailaja, just hear me out..

I don't want to hear anything.

She has no respect for me as her mother.

What's the point of
getting upset with her?

She doesn't even remember
that I'm her mother.

It will be a waste
of time to yell at her.

I knew my daughter was proud.

But I underestimated her anger.

I can tell how angry she was with me.. the fact that she not
only fell in love with a guy..

..but also went to
the point of engagement.

I stopped talking
to her five years ago..

..because she insulted
me in front of everyone.

Now she got engaged to
a guy without telling me..

..and cheated me by
presenting him as a doctor.

Will she keep cheating all my life?

Everyone thinks that Shailaja Reddy.. known for keeping
her enemies under control.

But she made me feel that my
own daughter has turned into my enemy.

Shailaja, I never questioned
your decisions before.

Listen to me just this once.

She is your daughter,
she will never do anything wrong.

Just think about her.

She loves you as much as you love her.

If she loves me and respects me
as you say tell her to do what I want.

She spent five years away from me
just to study the subject she liked.

Ask her to marry the guy I chose..

..and stay with me forever.

- How is that possible?
- Venu!

Mrs. Shailaja Reddy! How are you?

I've been looking for this
opportunity for four weeks now.

I wanted to get you when you're alone.

Finally I got you!

Do you know something?

I even killed my own mother because
she objected to my keeping a mistress.

Did you think I'd spare you?

How dare you get me thrashed by women?

Who'll stop me now?

I will kill you and cut you into pieces!

Hey! You're a coward
who waited to find me alone.

Come! Try to kill me!
I'll see how brave you are! Come on!

Don't get excited unnecessarily.

Both you and I will benefit if she dies.


I didn't come to this
village for my benefit.

I came here because I promised Anu
that I'd be there for her whenever..

..she faces any problem in life.

Then you'll die too!



Anu! Give her some water.

I don't need any.

I wasn't giving you.

Shailaja! What happened to your hand?

Where is Manikyam?

- Manikyam..
- Dad, where is Manikyam?

Where is Manikyam?


Are you going to start again?

I've never seen a mother
and daughter like you.

Would there be people like you on earth?

You have great love
just for name's sake.

But somehow ego and
pride and takes over..

..whenever you have
to express that love.

You can cook n number
of dishes for your mom.

But refuse to apologize to her.

You buy a diamond necklace for your
daughter and keep it in her cupboard.

But you'd never put it
around her neck affectionately.

How are you going to display
the love in your heart..

..if you are never going
to express your feelings?

Bringing in a third person
in your relationship..

..will only make you distant,
not bring you closer.

If you noticed your
daughter being proud..

..will she not change
if you try to correct her?

Who can teach a child
better than her mother?

Are you really not capable of starting
a hospital on your own?

Why do you want your daughter to do it?

Fine, imagine she became a doctor and..

..started running
a hospital for your sake.

She will definitely kill people.

Do you really think she
has what it takes to save people?

Don't you know how you've raised her?

And that's why I don't want her.

I thought she had changed
a lot after she loved me.

But, no.
I understood after I came here..

..that she's not been speaking to
her own mother for the last five years.

How can a woman respect her husband..

..if she cannot even respect her mother?

How can a mother-in-law
value her son-in-law..

..when she doesn't
even respect her husband?

I've been enduring my
dad for the last 20 years.

He's the most egoistical man I've know.

That's all I can bear.

He ruined my sister's life with his ego.

I see how painful it is for her.

I don't think I can go
through that kind of pain.

Just one more thing.

You may turn your daughter's
life into hell because of me.

Please don't do that.

You feel for the women who suffer.

Don't see your daughter
in Anu and hate her.

Maybe she forgot
that she is a woman too.

Remind her of that
and mend your relationship.



Did you think you can live peacefully
after you raise a fire in my home?

What nonsense? Who is this?

Just the fact that you're asking
who I am in spite of knowing who I am..

..proves that you are truly
egoistical as your son said.

Come here. Your daughter is with me.

Hey! Where is Shanti?

Where is Shanti?

Stop yelling! I told you she's with me.

You got my daughter engaged
without my knowledge.

But I am informing
you that I am going to..

.. get your daughter
married to the guy you hate.

Wedding is in an hour.

I heard that you've
got a huge ego like me.

I want to know how huge it is.

Come and stop the wedding
if you're man enough.

What's this?

I didn't give you that information..

- that you can get his daughter
married to my son. - Dad!

I wanted you to break his bones
because his father rejected my son.

You should focus on that.
Come on, son.

- But, dad..
- Let's go!

Where do you think you're going?

You need to take my sister's permission.

Go back!

What's this, madam?
You cannot threaten us like this.

Do you know who I am?

I'm sorry, dad.

Why are you saying
sorry when she hit him?

Sir, I think your son has something
to do with this. Look at him!

Ma'am, Chaitu's father was the one
who forced Anu to get engaged that day.

Chaitu wasn't at fault.

And that happened because
my dad provoked his dad.

If everything had gone
according to our plans..

..I would have been married
to Chaitu's sister by now.

And I would've come to you
to talk about their marriage..

..and not to request
your help in this matter.

I hope you understand.

How long are you going to
look at each other like lovers?

Flashback is over.


Chaitu, what did you
tell me and what did you do?

You were supposed to
get Shailaja Reddy's consent..

..for your marriage with Anu.

But you provoked her
to get Shanti married.

Why did you create problems
for me to solve yours?

Dad, I didn't ask
her to get Shanti here.

In fact, I am happy
that she is doing this..

..just because I said
those things to her.

Maybe God willed that
my sister is to be married..

..under the guidance of Mrs.
Shailaja Reddy.

I think that's why
Anu came into my life.

Hey! Don't make stupid assertions.
I will kill you!

Fine. But I will give my
full support for the wedding.

But I won't be here as her brother.

I will take your
position as her father..

.. wash the groom's
feet and give her away.

- Understood?
- Hey!

Dad, yelling from there
won't stop the wedding.

Come here and show us what you can do.

What happened?

Your daughter is getting married.

Okay, let me get dressed.

- Hi, mom!
- Dear, it's our son-in-law.

- Hello, father-in-law.
- He is wishing you.

- Hi, dad.
- Show that to me.

Hey, my phone!

It's gone!

Stop it!

- How dare you..
- Dad, stop it!

Leave him.

- But it's our daughter's..
- Shut up!

She would never do that.
It's his fault! This is his doing!

Come on!

He is solely responsible
for all these problems.

- I will kill you! How dare you..
- Leave him!

Do you realize where
you are and what you're doing?

He is my son-in-law!

What? Do you know who I am?

I don't care who you are!

Once you enter this
village no one is above me.

Your words and your actions
should be under my control.. long as I am around.

Remember that!

First listen to what I have to say.

I wanted to kill
you when I heard about.. you forced my
daughter to get engaged.

But your son made that look positive..

.. and tried to convince
me to agree to their marriage.

But do you think he gave his consent?

Shiva, they should be married
before their father gets here.

Take them away.

I won't agree to that.

I was okay with them getting married..

..but I would never
want that to happen..

..without my parents present here.

What? But you just yelled at your dad.

That was because I
wanted him to get there.. that I can convince
him to give his approval.

But, I don't mean to hurt my parents.

If that is all I cared for..

..I would have married her
long back without telling you..

..and got my sister married
without telling my parents.

I wouldn't waste so
much time in trying to..

..either convince you or my dad.

Child's marriage is
a festival for parents.

They get to experience
that only once in life.

It should take place in their presence..

..and we need to convince
our parents to give their approval.

We have no rights to
take that away from them.

That is the least we
can do to show them respect.

They deserve that
joy for being our parents.

So, tell me now.

Would any father lose a son like him?

I wanted to get his sister married..

..just so that I can
make him my son-in-law.

We parents took away
our children's love..

..just because we couldn't
let go of our ego.

But they proved that
they want to be with us..

..and that they love us.

It's not too late.

We will start the wedding rituals..

..only if you and
mom give your approval.

Yes, dad. We can leave
right now if you don't like this.

Come on, dad.

I didn't want to see tears in your eyes.

All I want is to see a smile.

We will be the most fortunate children..

..if you would just accept
us with a smile on your face.

I am sorry.

I made a mistake with
regard to your daughter.

There's no need for that.

Family doesn't keep count of mistakes.

Would you mind if
we get them married too?

Will you accept her
as your daughter-in-law?


I want you to accept my
son as your son-in-law. Please.

I don't get it.
Either he is a villain or a comedian.

He can be very positive
when he likes others.

Please. It's enough for you to agree.

She is as egoistical as ever.
I don't want her.

Don't be silly. I'm sure
she can change if we can change.

Anu, why are you still standing there?
Go and get dressed.