Saikô shukun fujin (1959) - full transcript

lchiro, the president of Mihara and Co., is henpecked by his wife Momoko, a clever and beautiful woman, but prattling and intrusive. She makes her younger sister Nashiko marry lchiro's younger brother, Jiro, manager of his company and now plans to marry her youngest sister Kyoko to her husband's youngest brother, Saburo. This means her domination of the Miharas and their business, a fine triple play which would gain her the title of "The Most Valuable Madam." However, in opposition to Momoko, Kyoko boldly declares that she will never marry Saburo. However Saburo is a most attractive young man and attracts Kyoko. Will she or her elder sister be able to win the title of "The Most Valuable Madam"? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


Produced by:
Kazuyoshi Takeda

Planning: Hiroaki Fujii
Original Novel: Genji Keita
Screenplay: Yoshio Shirasaka

Cinematography: Hiroshi Murai
Audio Recording: Toshikazu Watanabe
Lighting: Isamu Yoneyama
Art Direction: Tomoo Shimogawara
Music: Akio Tsukahara


Ayako Wakao
Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Eiji Funakoshi, Mieko Kondo
Atsuko Kindaichi, Keiji Noguchi
Katsuhiko Kobayashi, Yoshiro Kitahara

Yatsuko Tanami, Yuko Yashio
Seiji Miyaguchi, Ushio Mantaro
Shinichi Yanagisawa, Hisako Takihana
Masako Motoyama

Hiromi Ichida, Reiko Mizuki
Kazuko Miyakegawa, Keiko Koyama
Mariko Ogasawara, Hachiro Misumi
Tetsuya Watanabe, Eiichi Takamura

Ken Yamaguchi, Rin Sugimori
Akira Natsuki, Kisao Tobita
Shuichi Minato, Atsushi Osanai
Fujio Yonezawa, Tadashi Date

Munehiko Takada, Kimiyoshi Fujimaki
Yuji Shimada, Hisao Watanabe
Nobuhiko Inoue, Bunji Murakami
Yoshihiko Kanazawa, Masahiro Kameyama

Aiko Mishima
Wakayo Matsumura

Isamu Nakane
Chieko Higashiyama

Directed by:
Yasuzo Masumura

Now is the era that
we launch rockets to the moon.

So, it wasn't surprising
when a chief sales officer,

fell in love with enthusiasm and
decided to get married.

Let's not say he's "pursuing
someone out of his league".

Mostly, this depends on
the ability of the woman.

abilities are the key.

What's incredible is that,

this time, the marriage between
Jiro Mihara and Ms. Nashiko Nonomiya

follows right after that of Ichiro
Mihara and Momoko Nonomiya.

Two brothers, double weddings,
and one family!

The Chief Sales Officer of
Mihara Corporation...

has repeated his brother's mistakes,
falling in love with his secretary.

Three years ago, when the late
President was still with us,

the current President Ichiro was
the Chief Sales Officer.

Momoko Nonomiya actually
known as Mrs. Mihara now,

used to be a secretary
famous for her beauty.

They fell in love and became a couple,
and the wedding then was here, too.

Brother, still hot for love?

Of course, Saburo.

It's okay to say
history repeats itself.

For both Jiro and Nashiko have now
repeated their siblings' mistakes!

Therefore, today, an auspicious occasion
unsurprisingly happens again.

Let's begin now.

Bride and groom, cut the cake!

People with cameras,
please come to the front.

Go ahead.

Poor elder sister!

How so?

Sister Nashiko will now
be forever disgraced

by her older sibling
being the President's wife!

Now, it's time for the TV President,
Chairman of Daily Newspaper,

and also the President of a radio station,
Mr. Mizuo, to deliver a speech.

Mr. Mizuo, please!

To the prosperity of
Mihara and Nonomiya families,

and the future happiness of
the bride and groom, bottoms up!

- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!

Now, time for the bride and
groom to change clothes.

And, everyone, feel free
to enjoy your meals.


Congratulations to both of you.

Thank you for coming here today
in the midst of pressing affairs.

Hello, long time no see.
How's it going?

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Thank you so much for everything today.
We all love it.

Oh my, oh my! It really touched
my heart that you came.

All for my sister, I appreciate your
kindness. Such a wonderful gift.

Oh my, Mrs. Oshima! How long since we
met last time? And how's Ms. Fujiko?

Saburo, a moment, please.

Thank you all for taking
care of our Saburo.

Here's the thing.
Kyoko said she needs to talk to you.


After the wedding, she wants to talk.
Spend some time with her.

Sure, no problem.

Very well.
Oh, gosh! Madam.

Darling, this is Mrs. Tsuchi,
from Apollo Pharmaceuticals.

Thanks for coming
in the midst of pressing affairs!

Anyway, well done.

Marrying off two sisters,
the father made a smart decision.

The father's a CFO in a small company.

This way, he'll be playing a big role
in Mihara Corporation after retirement.

Father, would you like
something to eat?

No. Not now.

- Don't take their words seriously.
- Sister...

The champagne's so powerful!

I'm drunk.

My daughter is my daughter,
and I am me.

I don't care what people say!

- Right?
- Yes, that's right.

Your father is right.

Oh my! Pop and you guys.
Help yourselves, please.

Let's not waste food.


Here's the thing.

- Saburo would like to talk to you.
- Me?


Is that alright?
Letting them spend some time together?

Make it quick.
What happened?

How would I know?

It should be alright.

Really! Give it a go.
Excuse me.

- Something came to my mind.
- What is it?

How about marrying Kyoko
off to Saburo?


This way, Saburo will be back to our
company from Oshima Corporation.

If he's back, we can have a peaceful
mind thereafter, right?

It'll be no problem.
Trust your wife's abilities.




Something to drink?

Black tea.

You don't drink alcohol at all?

- Not that I don't, just not interested.
- A lemonade for her.

- For me, same as usual.
- Yes.

First time to a place like this?

This seems to be a top-grade bar.

I thought here would be like, lots
of women holding and hugging you,

smiling while talking.

- There are places like that.
- Welcome.

Those are quite interesting as well.
For what it's worth, women tend to like me.

Very confident, aren't you?

So, what do you want to talk about?

I thought you wanted to
talk to me.

Is that a joke?

Aren't you here because sister
Momoko sent a message?

Is that why you want to see me?

Got it. It's a conspiracy.


I mean, sister Momoko
wants to conquer the world.

She wants us to get married,
and then pull me back to Mihara Corp.

In fact, sister Momoko
completely dominates my brother.

If you and I get married, she'll feel even
more powerful, like conquering the world.

She really craves power, my sister.

Like an overwhelmed primary
school teacher,

she's confused by her sense
of superiority.

Anyway, sister Momoko is an expert on this.
Gotta find a counter-move.

What to do now?

We don't get married. That's all.

That idea has never crossed
my mind. Sorry.

Neither have I.
It'd be so lame to marry you.

It’d hurt my reputation as a man to have you
bossing me around for the rest of my life.

It’d hurt my reputation
as a woman, too.

- You seeing someone?
- What?

I mean, a lover.
Sweetheart, a boyfriend.

Yeah. There's one guy.

One is good. Some have a dozen.
What a world.

What about you?

I was told to marry
the President's daughter.

Is she pretty?

Compared to a lemonade girl like you,
she's prolific like some luxury cocktail.

Marry her as soon as possible! The best
move to win against sister Momoko.

In that case, you should
marry your lover, too.

- Definitely.
- Then, start over.

To Saburo Mihara that'll never
marry Kyoko Nonomiya.



It's been two weeks. How is it?
Getting used to it?

Yes, kind of.


- Have you two already argued?
- No, not yet.

Don't lie. Three times.

Three times in two weeks.
That's not bad.

- We had ten, right, darling?
- Huh?

I guess so.

Ten times, and I won every time.
How about you?

I won every time, too.

You did? Excellent.

- Saburo's not coming today?
- No...

I called him to have a meal together.
Said he's busy.

Keeping a respectful
distance from us.

Because you always told him to come
back to Mihara Corp. in the past.

But I really want Saburo to be the chief
of general affairs in my company.

My late father agreed that he went
to work in Oshima Corp.

He wanted him to work under someone
else. And, then, let him back.

Has told him again and again.
Always the same reason: busy working.

Let me find a workaround.

Before this, I'd like to ask you two.

You have no objection on the marriage
between Saburo and Kyoko, right?

No, I'm in favor of it, in fact.

- Jiro?
- No doubt I support that.


Saburo is the best among us.

He might even conquer Kyoko,
putting his "machismo" on the map,

which will have a "good" impact
on both of our families.

That's a good one.

What kind of laugh is that?

My apologies.

I've got a good Go board.
Come to my room and have a look.

Bring the dessert and tea
to my room.

You must be careful and strike first,
otherwise you'll be just like me.

Women are simply thick-skinned
animals that never stop.

History has started to repeat itself.

Momoko wasn't like this, at first.

When we went to a hot spring
during our honeymoon,

she was still a pure and cute girl.

Three years is all it takes, you see.

Brother, women are
just so terrifying.

Everything matters most
in the very beginning.

Men will become more and more aggravated.
You should learn to control them.

No problem, I'll learn from
you, sister.

It'll be fine if you learn from me.

- Once married, immediately get pregnant.
- Really?

But we have talked about this. That we
do not want babies within two years.

To experience the pleasure of
newlywed's life more.

How foolish. You know the reason
why I dominate this house?

- It must be due to your competence, sister.
- That's true.

But, most importantly, it's the fact
that I gave birth.

Once the baby's there, for the first time
the wife consolidates her position.

After having a baby, the husband and wife
will stay together through thick and thin.

We went from a clerk to
being a wife in such a family.

Till death, we must hold our ground.

Make haste.
Get pregnant soon!

But I promised.
Within two years.

No worries. Just say to him:
"I want a baby".

What if he doesn't want it?

Then, ask him every night.

Most will succumb
if you persist for half a month.

Has this also happened to you?

It took me only 5 days.

Who's the first hitter
on Team Kawakami?

It's player Yonamine, I think.

He's old.
Not as good as he was.

I think Yonamine can still play.

I want to go and watch the Giants.

Narao, you're getting late
for school.

- Oops. I forgot. Player exchange.
- OK.

- How come? Isn't it Sunday?
- Yes.

There's a special lecture
on college entrance exams.

Are you tired yet, father?

No, not yet.


- Momoko is here.
- Really?

She's getting fatter,
more and more like a President's wife.

And you're getting ill-mannered.

My ill manner is in fashion.

Keep talking like that.
No top-rate companies will hire you.

Very nice to meet you, sister.
I'm leaving now.

Mom, I'm here for
something serious today.


Come here, Kyoko.

- I'm having fun just now.
- You hear me? Come here now.

Kyoko, let's take a break.

Should we let Kyoko work?

- Huh?
- How about it?

I want her to just stay home.

That's not good. Staying at home
like this is completely fruitless.

This house built by me is unique.
I'm not moving, even if I die.

For you, it doesn't matter.

But you need to find a good lover
and get married.

You can't just live a poor life.

What's wrong with
living a poor life?

It's just not good.

I cried many times
due to lack of money.

You want a job, right?

I haven't even expressed my
opinion on this yet.

- So, what do you think?
- Provided that there's a good spot.

How about Mihara Corp.?

Mihara Corp.?

Not good enough?
The wage is 8.000 yen.

8.000 yen?!

With special bonuses.

Save half of the salary. It'll come
in handy when getting married.

That's what Nashiko and I did.

Take it as showing your
filial piety for parents.

Respect and filial piety
cannot be forced upon.

Am I competent for the job?

It'll be piece of cake.
Nashiko and I have done it before.

You mean...

Secretary to the President.

I'm not doing it.
I don't like being a secretary.

How foolish of you. A secretary is
the best position among all the clerks.

There's already two "bad
examples" in Mihara Corp.

What do you mean?

Two sisters that have adopted
the name Mihara.

Why are the both of us "bad"?

I'd never want to be "Kyoko Mihara".

- That's what dad thinks as well, right?
- Yes.

- Mom thinks so too, right?
- Indeed.

How foolish. Saburo Mihara doesn't
even work at Mihara Corp.

Well, that's true.

Having said that, you haven't even
gave a serious thought.

Actually, Saburo was asked to marry
the daughter of President Oshima.

What? Really?

- Dad, would you like to play again?
- Yeah. Sure.

- Fresh news.
- Huh? What?

Nothing, it's my business.

Here we go, dad!

Are you free tonight?

- Sorry. Someone asked me 10 days ago.
- What about tomorrow?

- Tomorrow, it'll be Yokoyama from Sales Dep.
- The day after tomorrow?

- Nakayama from Finance Dep.
- And the day after it?

No, I can't. But I'm free the day
after that. Will you be free?

- Yes.
- I see.

Hello. Yanazawa speaking. Oh no! It's the
General Affairs Dept. in Oshima Corp.

Hey, phone for you.

Hello. Saburo here, who is this?
Ah, it's you!

I'm nearby where you work now.

Yep. Something's up today.

No way. I'm not asking you
to buy me lunch.

But if you intend to do so,
I'll help myself, then.

Wanna watch a movie tonight?
A foreign one.

No, I can't.
I have a choir rehearsal today.

- How about tomorrow?
- I have oil painting class.

Preparing to be a good bride now?
Seems hard.

You seem to have a strong appetite.

Because I'm healthy

Fujiko never finishes everything
on her plate.

Oh, that fiancée of yours.

Something wrong with that?

She's highbrow.

Impossible. Nowadays no girls
in Japan are highbrow.

They're all faking it.
Unlike you, a comfort person.

I'm done.

Sorry that I have not praised you,
even though you bought me lunch.

Reliable as you are,

if married, probably you will be as
domineering as the President's wife.

Speaking of the President's wife...

What was it?
The thing you just said?

That you now work as
a secretary in Mihara Corp.?

To be honest, I'm bored
at home every single day.

I would love to test myself
in the real world.

I wonder, what the
lover's doing now?

- Whose lover?
- Whose lover? Yours!

Oh, my lover.

The one that I'm madly in love with.
He's not around. He went on a trip.

Do as you wish. It's alright
to work as a secretary, I think.


Since the President's wife is
secretly trying to matchmake us,

let's pretend to do what she wishes,
then beat her at her own game in the end.

That'll be satisfying.

She'll know it's a mistake to attempt
to "conquer the world" like this.

- Okay, let's go.
- I can pay a little bit.

No need!

You always split the bill
when on a date?

Yeah, mostly.

How much does he earn per month?

How about you?

Less than 20.000 yen.

Same as you do, then.

Then, he's quite stingy.

That's because you're too generous.

Oh no, I gotta get back to work.

Mr. Mihara, you have a guest.

- Waiting for you in reception room No.2
- Thanks.

What? It's my sister-in-law.

Can't I come?
Yes, it's me.

- A gift. Necktie.
- Thanks.

Why didn't you come to my house
the night before yesterday?

I'm at work now.
Please, be quick.

I heard Kyoko say that you're going...

to marry the President's
daughter here, really?

If it's true, why can't I?

I'm not saying you can't, but because
this is an important matter,

it's really not good that
you're hiding it from us.

But it's me who's getting married.
Hello? Yes, it's me.

Speak of the devil!
It's Fujiko Oshima calling.

It's me, Fujiko.

Hello, I can't hear you.

Speak up. With all your might.

I'm currently
in my flower arranging class.

After this, I have a Greek lesson.
Wanna have a drink tonight?

Your vital capacity's too small.

Can't you speak louder?

I'm almost screaming now!
And no, I'm busy tonight.

Haven't finished my work yet.

I've got stuff to do.
Tonight, I can't

Is that so?
Talk to you later, then.

Poor Fujiko, so young and
already hearing-impaired.

If we get married,
will there be any objections?

I don't mind. It's not me
who's getting married.

I'm just worried that...

maybe there's some
misunderstanding between us.


That you think we're
matchmaking you with Kyoko,

so you choose Fujiko,
for opposition's sake...

It's not like that! I thought you
already knew, sister-in-law.


Kyoko already has someone that
she's madly in love with.


Thank you!

If you do not hurry,
you'll be late, sis.

It's bad to be late for work
on your first day.

I know.

You are all similar.

It's just like sister Momoko and Nashiko,
dressing up half an hour before going out.

Of course, they did this to
find a husband.

I'm not doing this to find a husband!

Who knows? Assuming Mihara Corp. has no
young people, but married older men,

would you still work there, sister?

Hey, keep a secret for me,

I must find a lover
as soon as possible.

Let's not hurry for such a thing.

He doesn't have to be Mr. Handsome,
but shouldn't be too bad either.

A capable, straightforward,
and kind man with some money.

Saburo Mihara fits that description.

Not him! I need a lover,
so that I don't marry him.

How weird is that.

There are times in life when you
can't take your words back.

- Not ready yet?
- I'm done now.

I'll be leaving first.

- Please keep this secret for me.
- Don't worry. My lips are sealed.

- Work as hard as you can.
- Yes, I will give my best.

For passengers with tickets,
please check.

When you start working for a
company, take your job seriously.

That’s how you get people to like you.

I'll do what I want to do.

Where I work, there are people
who do need a job,

but also many girls simply
looking for a husband.

- Did you hear what I said before?
- What?

Oh, forget it.

When will you retire?

Well, May this year.

What will you do, then?

It's a bit too soon for me.
Money is the issue.

If only I could keep working
till your brother's graduation.

You don't want to work
in Mihara Corp.?

I'll refuse even if they beg me.

But isn't it better than nothing, still?

You and Saburo won't get
married, right?

No, we won't.

Were I to have another son-in-law, I would
prefer one who's not from Mihara family.

An ordinary man like me, who's easy to
get along with, would be nice.

Otherwise, my three daughters will end
up in the same boat. That's no fun.

But I have agency, I'm not just a
daughter you have to marry, right?

- Dad, it's your station!
- Ah, you're right.

Take care!

Father, good morning to you.

Come in.

- She's here.
- Good.

I'm Kyoko Nonomiya,
nice to meet you.

No need for that.

Business is business.

That's right.

Incredible. You look exactly like
your sister Momoko 3 years ago.

A true beauty! Uno, take 10 days off at
General Affairs Sec. to lend her a hand.

Oh, glad to do that.

Cantaloupes and chocolate?
Anything else to buy?

Don't worry.
I'll be home at 6.

It just so happens that Kyoko's here.

- It's Nashiko.
- Yes.

You two really look alike. The same look
Nashiko had before she got married.

A true beauty.


Kyoko. Is everything alright?
Can you handle it?

If the workload gets out of hand,
let the men there help you.

That's what I used to do.

Tonight, let's have dinner together!
Give my husband the phone.

Our company was a start-up built
by the late President Mihara.

Competent and highly
regarded in the industry.

Is that so?

Who's she?

The younger sister of the
President's wife. New secretary.

Mr. Uno looks so happy.

- Worried, Ms. Iwasaki?
- No worries.

Rumor has it that she'll marry the
President's younger brother.

- Tired?
- Not yet.

My two sisters used to work here.
It's so exciting to think about that.


- Is the President here?
- Yes. Please.

Who is she?

I need to inform you of this

The most important duty of
a secretary is to keep secrets.


Due to his demand
in the business world,

sometimes the "otherworld's women"
will come here.

Don't let anyone know.

Especially his wife.

Does this bother you?

Yes. Please hold on.


Your wife's calling.
What shall I do now?

Let's go there.

Recently, bars are in a recession.
Asking for payments all the time.

Hello? It's you, Momoko?

What! It was Kyoko before.
I wasn't ready for you just yet.

Get her on the phone.

Kyoko, how are you? Can you handle it?
I'm calling because I'm worried.

Be sure to work hard.

Do not embarrass me and Nashiko.
Both of us were "famous" secretaries there.

To celebrate, my husband and
I are treating you to dinner.

But sister Nashiko also asked
the same a moment ago.

You've already agreed to it?

So immature. You should've discussed
with me, the President's wife, beforehand.

Forget it.
Let's celebrate together,

plus Saburo.
Yes, I'll call him.

This word's not legible.
Please write properly.

I'm sorry.

Yes, it's me.

Oh, Kyoko.

What? The President's wife?

She just called me
and told me everything.

And what will you do?
Are you coming?

Look at the new secretary.
Already asking people out.

Oh. What can I say?

Find an excuse and get out early.
Let's meet at "Scandal".

Yeah, it's a bar.
See you at 8:30 p.m.

That Saburo. We've been
stood up by him again.

How strange. He said he'd come
on the phone, didn't he?

Perhaps something's up, so
he changed his strategy.

Then, I'll excuse myself...

- Get in. I'll give you a ride.
- I'm fine, thanks.

You should accept it.

I'd love to, but I have a date.

Why don't you guys get in first?

I have something to tell you.

What is it?

There's someone that you're
madly in love with, is that so?

- Who told you that?
- Saburo.

He has such a big mouth...

Who is that person?

I can't say.

Why not?

I don't want to.

If you don't tell me, then I'll think
you have no lover whatsoever.

Be my guest.

I feel very sorry for Saburo.
I thought you two could have a thing,

provided that you had no lovers.

Saburo has a fiancée.

As far as I know, their
relationship isn't final yet.

But I told him it's better
not to marry you.

If I didn't tell him that,

everyone will know why you
become the third secretary!

- Hey, are you finished?
- I am.

When you figure it out, tell me your
lover's name, and I'll help you.

May I ask where "Bar Scandal" is?

I was there once, can't recall where now.
It seems to be nearby...

Uh! Uh! Uh!

Oh! I'm sorry.

Hey, over here.

- You're so late.
- I forgot where this was.

This is Ms. Fujiko.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Nonomiya.

Take a seat.

- Something to drink?
- Lemonade, right?

I'll have another gin fizz.

I want a gin fizz, too.

- That can get you drunk.
- No problem.

- Did you come from work?
- Yes, started today.

Jobs for women. All before marriage.
The employed also calculates when to quit.

Women eat slower, talk too much,
and cry when things go wrong.

It can't be helped.
Nowadays, they're not as useful as men.

But I want to keep doing it,
now that I've started.

Everyone says so in the beginning.
Go ahead.

But, as they keep working, at some point
they want to marry and have kids.

That's why I'm not working.
I only play and have fun.

Like your avant-garde ikebana,
and learning Greek.

And I just started flying lessons!
Excuse me, I have to go to the toilet.

I thought you stood me up,
so I called her.

I'm leaving.


Sorry for disturbing you.

The band's here.
Wanna dance?

- Good idea, call your lover to come here.
- He has no telephone, though.

Go pick him up. We got a car.

But he got a cold from traveling.

- Then, ask your elder brother.
- I'm going home.

Yeah, my elder brother's very nice,

he's the producer of father's TV station, a
soon-to-be high level executive. Let's go.

Come with us!

Three minutes before shooting.

Everything is crashing down.
This show will influence my reputation.

Right now, the theaters are empty, and
everyone is gathered in their living rooms.

They're waiting with their handkerchiefs
ready, full of anticipation.

I really wanna kill you!

This TV show can make
4 million people cry in tears,

and you're hiccuping.

Hold your nose. Take a deep breath!

I can't breathe
with my nose like this.

Two minutes before shooting.

Ah, damn it...

No water yet?

- When drinking water, do a handstand.
- I don't know how.

Cover your ears, and try
sticking out your tongue.

Try to scare him.

Is it cured now?

Hey, a doctor!
Get a doctor now!

Master, how's the script?

I went to the same university as Saburo.

It's me who introduced him
to Oshima Corp.

You are just the way I imagined.

Just the way you imagined?

Saburo kept talking about you.

So, I had an image in my head.

No, it's not right!

I bet Saburo's words
weren't favorable.

The opposite. It's like he's into you.
Everything he's said about you was good.

Stop that nonsense!

Forget about Fujiko.
Marry her instead.

That won't do.

Ah, how nice.

Brother, do you need to work?

- Yeah, an overnight rehearsal.
- I see.

- Master, how's the script now?
- One more breath.

So, you'll have no partner?

- You go, I really need to get back.
- Really? I'm sorry, please do.

Shall we go, then?


I'll take good care of Ms. Kyoko.

I'll show you around the studio.
You haven't been there, right?

Goodbye, Mr. Saburo.


- Saburo hasn't expressed his love to you?
- Nope.

None at all?

None at all.


I'll tell you this. Ms. Kyoko has
someone she's madly in love with.

That's to be expected. A pretty one like her.
How can men leave her alone?

- Your interest in her serves no purpose.
- Seems to be quite the competition.

I did it! I did it!

- I'm counting on you, then.
- No problem.

Mr. Uno.

Wanna hang out tonight at
the beer hall?

No way.

I have to pay a visit to the
senior managing director's house.

I have to entertain clients at Oshima
Corp. You can leave now.

Your wife just called.


She said:
"don't forget the deal last night".

Ms. Kyoko.

- Would you like to go to dinner tonight?
- I'd be glad.

I can treat you as a token of appreciation.
But with a budget of 200 yen.

I'm a working man, so I'll pay.

But I'm a working woman, too.

How about we split the bill?

- Splitting the bill? That's good.
- That's it, then!

What's up?

A run in my stocking.

- That's just a pair of silk stockings...
- But my savings... 300 yen are gone.

Uno and Ms. Nonomiya left together
for a date. It doesn't look good.

- Is that true?
- I saw it with my own eyes.


- Hey!
- What?

Do your best.

Who's that just now?

He's at Marketing Dept.

- And his salary is similar to yours?
- Yeah, roughly speaking.

Why do you ask?

I just want to get acquainted
with everyone sooner.


How about you pay for the beer,
Mr. Uno?

- Let me pour the first glass for you.
- Here, here.

Wasn't expecting you
to serve me.

I'm just a low-paid girl.

But your sisters... They're both
managers' wives.

My sisters are my sisters,
and I am me.

- Is that so?
- Of course.

- Two beers, please.
- Sure.

Then, let me ask you something.

In the future, you'll marry the
President's brother, right?


That's what everyone says.

I'm really single.


It's true. The real reason why I
work there is to find love.

Wow, is that so?

It really is true.
But I wonder if it will work out?

Don't worry.
You'll find a lover very soon.

There are 45 single men at
Mihara Corp, myself included.

Most of them are interested in you.
And I am, too, of course.

But, you and other girls are
really incomparable.

They are trash!

What would you like to eat?

- Beer and tonkatsu.
- Alright.

However, after work,
only you, Mr. Uno, talk to me.

There must be some

Like they feel you're
out of their league.

But I won't tell anyone
that you're single.

Otherwise, I'll get kicked out
by a swarm of pretenders.

Tonkatsu and rice!

This is so nice, though.
Life is just unexpected.

If I'm brave enough, I might
be your only one pretender.

Tonight, the beer hit the spot!

Shall we get one more bottle?

- How's your alcohol tolerance?
- For me, 3 bottles are fine.

- And more than that?
- A bit of a mess.

In what way?

It makes me want to
touch women.

Got it.
We'll have two tonight, then.

- Miss, one more beer.
- Okay.

You're a very practical person.


- You met Oshima's president at the party?
- I did.

And did you tell him what we
talked about last night?

- About that...
- Darling.

Why don't you just tell him
about Saburo's situation?

- Do it, will you?
- Calm down.

Any further delay, Saburo will be
Oshima's guy. Is that really okay?

That would not be good.

Then, get Saburo out of there
as soon as possible.

Let him and Kyoko marry.
It'll be for the good of everyone.

You always go your own way
and believe it's for the best.

But that's not always possible.

Did you ask him, or not?

Before I did, he asked me first.
Said he want Saburo and Fujiko to marry.

Of course you refused, right?

Before I did that, he asked again.

What did he ask?

Takehisa seems to be
interested in Kyoko.

Say that again.
I did not catch that.

Let Takehisa and Kyoko
be together.

How did Takehisa know Kyoko?

- Saburo introduced him to her.
- That idiot!

Anyway, Takehisa wants to
marry Kyoko!

I won't allow that!

I think it's good.
Oshima is much bigger than us.

They're a first-class company.
Unionizing with them can help us...


I'm having a headache.
And I don't trust anyone.

Don't be silly.

Don't touch me. I'm alone now. I don't
trust anyone, they're all my enemies.

I'm feeling so much pain.


But I'll keep going.
I swear I won't lose.

Is that true?

Yes, Ms. Nonomiya's single.
She's here to find a lover.

It has nothing to do with the
president's brother.

That's a shame.

- You hear that?
- She's my new target.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- How was the tonkatsu last night?
- It was good.

How did you know I ate tonkatsu?

Heard it from the General
Affairs Sect.

Is that so?

- Next time, we can have some ramen.
- Sounds good.

I know a very good ramen shop.
It's only 70 yen.

Oh, that's very cheap.

I did not say I would buy your meal.
We can split the bill, if you want.

I'm Maeda from Sales Dept.

How about some delicious and
cheap red bean soup? Bills split.

Ms. Nonomiya, I'm Akai,
chairman of the union.

Wanna have a meal together
tomorrow? Bills split.

This is all your fault.
You told people that Nonomiya's single.

Now, more than half of the
single men are going for her.

You're too greedy.
Don't you already have 7 boyfriends?

You can never have too many.

That's right, and I have none.
This is painful. Uneven distribution.

As a victim, you're responsible,
Ms. Iwasaki.

But I, you know...


Look that way.

- Oh my, what a surprise.
- Please.

I came to talk about your son.

Oh, you came all the way here for him.
Please, have a seat.

Both your husband and mine
have given their approval.

Really, you didn't have to come.

My husband said yes?

Indeed, young people nowadays
really have their own opinions.

Be it my Takehisa, or Fujiko.

They both have chosen someone
they're interested in.

As parents, we can be relieved.

- About that, I...
- Saburo has come here several times.

I knew right away he's
a spotless man.

But, I...

I first made acquaintance of
Kyoko at Nashiko's wedding.

My, she's really a fine and
elegant young lady.

But, I...

After Fujiko met Kyoko,

she thought that Kyoko was
too good for her brother.

But Fujiko definitely would want
a sister-in-law like her.

Actually, I'm here to express
my refusal.

Is that so?

Kyoko has someone that she's
madly in love with.

Or so they say.

You know that already?

Yes, according to Takehisa,

Kyoko would never do anything
improper before marriage.

He’s sure it’s just a
platonic relationship.

I agree with his opinion.

Physical relationships often
start out platonic, you know.

Takehisa says he has experience
with romance.

He’s confident that, through the
course of their relationship,

he’ll be the one she falls
madly in love with.

I'm sure he will. Oh my, I haven't
offered you tea, my apologies.

- Oh my! Oh my!
- I will not lose this fight!

How could I allow Kyoko to become
a daughter-in-law in this family?

- Stop that.
- Come on, don't be a coward!

Hey, give me a kiss.

- It'll be bad if the secretary sees us.
- You don't have to worry about that.

Say, last time you said you really
loved me, was that a lie?

I meant it.

You said that, compared with your dominant
wife, a geisha like me is much more lovely!

It's embarrassing to bring
that up here.

Then, when will you take me to
the Kinugawa Hot Springs?

Sometime in the future.

No, I don't like that answer.

Don't be wayward!

You need to tell me the exact date.

How about Saturday,
next weekend?

I'm so happy.

Oh my, excuse me.

- You were here all along?
- Yes.

If that's the case...

Take this.

But why?

Special perks for you, in addition to
salary. For your special duty.

Then, I'll take it.

- Please, I need your signature here.
- Sure.

But keep it a secret from
your sisters.

- What?
- The 5.000 yen I just gave you.

Because their salaries used to be very low.
It would be problematic if they knew.

What a surprise!
I underestimated him!

I didn't expect that my
brother would cheat.

I think that they didn't go
further than just kissing.

But, next Saturday...

Kinugawa Hot Springs is where brother and
sis-in-law went during their honeymoon.

- I understand now.
- What?

He chose that place intentionally as a
revenge against his dominant wife. How fun!

It's despicable! His doing embarrasses all men.
He needs more confidence to face his wife.

Being more confident will only backfire.
Since your sister is so brilliant.

My apologies,
but Takehisa just called.

- Oh, the guy from the TV station.
- Right.

Your sister went to his house,
to stop him marrying you.


Sorry about that.
"Merci bien"!

If you marry Takehisa, you may become
the wife of TBC's president.

You’d be in a much higher position
than that domineering woman.

Simply eliminate her ambition
to conquer the world.

Therefore, she went there to express her
refusal decisively. What a damnable sister.

Although he cheat on his wife,
I'm all for it.

- But cheating is still despicable.
- You've taken his 5.000 yen.

I simply took what I could.
But let's use your power to stop him.

It's really hard for me
to reject what I'm asked to do.

I know you love helping people.

I'll pass on Takehisa's message,
he wants to see you tonight.


7 p.m. at "Scandal".
I'm going, too.

- Must you come?
- I want to!

- It's 3 months from your retirement, right?
- Yes, Mr. President.

- And how long have you worked?
- 31 years and 10 months.

- Oh, that's a lot. Thank you for your work.
- I didn't do much.

Please, enjoy your rest
during these three months.

You mean...

No need to come to the company.
I will still pay you until you retire.

Thank you for your kindness, but
I still want to work before that.

I appreciate your kind words,
but within 2 or 3 days,

the position will be offered
to your successor.

No matter what you say,
decent jobs are all in Marunouchi.

I feel inferior every time I
see women who work there.

It seems easy to find a lover there.

Those women and us are not the same.

They have lunch at corporate cafeteria,
and buy their stuff at haberdashery.

So romantic.

- Chief, do you want some grilled fish?
- Nice, thanks.

Needless to say, Marunouchi is
the economic hub in Japan.

- It seems I'll be leaving very soon.
- Really?

And the new section chief?

No clue.

- Isn't it Mr. Kawai?
- He's not good enough.

- What's the other possibility?
- Mr. Sawamoto.

I see now.

Tonight, I'll go pay him a visit.
To see how's he doing.

Mr. Sawamoto and I
had a fight once.

Hello? Yes, Finance Section.

- How about a farewell party?
- That's a bum steer.

It's not that bad, you fool.

Oh, Kyoko. What a surprise to
get a call from you.

I earned some extra money, 5.000 yen.
To show my respect,

how about we go to Ginza tonight?

- Mr. Noguchi!
- What's up?

Can you spend some time
with me this evening?

Anywhere is fine.

- It won't take too long.
- I can't, gotta eat with Uno.

It's useless to express your love to him.
He's totally into Kyoko Nonomiya.

What you're doing now is like
saving bit by bit to buy stocks.

Don't make fun of me!


It can't be helped. Things happen.
Guess it's time for you to find a new job.

It'll be tough.
I have my concerns.

If you can’t find a job,
I’ll be in trouble, too.

Why is that?

I don’t want to spend all of
my time keeping you occupied.

Don't be silly.
Your mom and brother are still there.

But you like me the most,
do you not?

Don't make fun of me.

My sisters always said that
you favored me the most.

To express my gratitude,
let me pour beer for you.

- Isn't that too much?
- Just one more.

Also, your son-in-law will definitely be
of your liking, he's someone normal.

Good evening.

Ah! This is my dad, and this is Mr. Uno,
who has helped me a lot in the company.

- Nice to meet you!
- Oh, nice to meet you, too.

And thanks for taking care of her.

It's nothing.

- My name's Noguchi.
- Nice to meet you.

Mind if we have tonkatsu together?

No. Not at all.

If you excuse me, then.

- Miss, two servings of tonkatsu.
- Got it.

We were just discussing something.

In short, we both want to date Kyoko.

What were you discussing?

Among the 45 single men in the company,
we became the final two candidates.

It's an honor to meet Kyoko's
father here, what a coincidence.

Let's have a drink.

- You're so youthful.
- What?

Keep drinking,
just keep drinking.

I'm very relieved now.
You're just the way I imagined.

- Thanks for your words.
- Come on.

Why hasn't Kyoko come yet?

Worry not.
It's common for women to be late.

Calm down.
It's just 7:10 now.

TV show producers will be fired
for being 10 minutes late.

- By the way, can I really?
- What?

- Me and Kyoko getting married.
- Sure! It's a bit annoying.

Then, you may leave when she arrives.
I mean you'll be disturbing us.

Mr. Mihara.

I'm staying with my dad. Can't be there.
Please, apologize to Takehisa for me.

I'll meet him next time.


About Kinugawa Hot Springs, remind me
the time of the train when scheduled.

Enjoy the time with your dad.

- Not coming?
- No, she's not.

- What a shame...
- In that case, let's drink all we can!

Hey, two highball cocktails,
double the whiskey.



Showering together...
what a lovely atmosphere!

If Momoko knew about this...
No, impossible. Wait and see.

Your friend's here.

What a nice room.

- You took so long.
- Stop it, stop it...

- But I love doing this.
- I get it.

- Hold me tight.
- Really?

- Enjoy.
- Thanks. What a nice room.

- Oh, really?
- Yes, it's very nice.

The bathroom's here.

I know that.
I took a shower earlier.

Shall I serve dinner?

- What do you want to have?
- Do you want to eat?

No, no, I forgot.
I've eaten already.

Servant, that's all.
I'll do your job from now on.

Ah, is that so?
Okay, then enjoy your stay.

It's so quiet here.
The bugs are chirping.

What are you talking about?

I missed you so much.

I want some beer.

Later, okay?

- I really like you.
- Really?

- What about you?
- I like you a lot, too.

- Then, be my sugar daddy.
- Sugar daddy?

In return, I'll be sure to serve you well.
Come on, hear what I say.

But if I do that...

I don't spend a lot.
I'm not even expensive.

- 100.000 yen would be enough.
- 100.000?!

Only 100.000 yen.
It's not much, right?

So cheap.

I'm happy.

- Who is it?
- Probably the servant.

We don't need any service. Go away, please.
How thoughtless. Come on, go on.

It's you!
You're staying here, too?

- Hey...
- That's right.

When did you arrive?

Not long ago.

Are you alone?

I'm with sister-in-law Momoko.

Momoko... Momoko...

Brother, there's a river that
can be seen from the balcony.

Saburo, please do something.
Help me.

Then, bribe me.
100.000 yen.

100.000 yen?
That's a lot.

Then, I'll go bring her over here.

Okay. Okay.
I'll give you 100.000 yen.

Let's go to the hallway.
I'm borrowing him for a second.

- Be my guest!
- Put on some clothes.

Nice lady.
You have good taste.

Saburo! I'll do everything
if you keep this a secret.

- Where are we going?
- My room.

No! No way!
I don't want to see Momoko!


Spare me this. I'll give you 100.000 yen.
Let's not just meet her.

What's that look on your face?
Come on, face the reality.

This is the room.

Momoko, forgive me.

I felt sorry from the very start.

I told her to stop again and again...

Brother, there's no one here.

No one?

There really is no one.

I feel so sorry for you,

Where's Momoko?

She's not here.
I followed you and came along.

You sneaky bastard.

Aren't you mad?

Go on. Hit me like when we were
young, like an elder brother.

Nope. Too much work.

Useless! I was often bullied by you back
in the day. I wished I were the oldest one.

You fool! An elder brother has
his own worries, as well.

The fact that I caught you
cheating red-handed,

also helped me air my
long-buried grievances.

Now that I've realized
how useless you are,

go on and cheat with that geisha.

I'll turn a blind eye.

What kind of nonsense is that?

I'll leave you alone.
Go now!

I'm not interested in
women like her.

Don't lie!
You're just afraid of sister-in-law.

I'm not afraid in the slightest!

- I dare you beat her up.
- Huh?

By the way, who sent you here?

Why do you care?

- I know, it's Kyoko, right?
- Yeah, bingo.

I guess I just wasted 5.000 yen...

She'll become more terrifying than
Momoko, once she's married.

- No, she won't.
- For sure, she will.

It's understandable that you don't want
to marry her. You spare me this one,

and I'll help you marry Fujiko.

That would be good.
Not letting Momoko have her way.

Oh, mister! It's me, Ponkichi.
I missed you so much.

Say, how about we go to
Atami tomorrow? Huh?

Don't be silly. Kinugawa is my hometown.
I'm back to pay homage to my mom.

Come on, let's go to Atami.

No problem, then.

What do you want?

I'm here on behalf of all the girls
at Mihara Corp. to tell you something.

Make it quick.
I'm starving.

If you can hear me,
I'll buy you steamed buns.

The ones with beans and meat.
I want both. What do you need?

- Marry Saburo Mihara.
- What?

- It's me who told others that you're single.
- Thank you for that.

I've been happy every day
because of you.

So, now every girl is confused.

For men it's always:
out with the old, in with the new.

Mr. Uno and Noguchi have proposed
to you. Am I right?

- Only two of them did that seriously so far.
- Just two?

Those two are the best in
the whole company.

Every girl wants them. Other than those two,
the rest are either second or third-tier.

I get it now.
You like one of them, definitely.

- To be honest, you're right.
- Which one?

- If I tell you, will you let me have him?
- Sure, I won't mind.

- It's Mr. Uno.
- Is that so?

Before you came, we used to watch
movies together every day.

- And eat tonkatsu with him.
- Yes, we split the bills.

Once, he drank five bottles of beer.


After three, he wanted to touch me,
four, he wanted to kiss,

and five, he wanted to
go to a hotel.

- Count on me. I'll help you.
- Thank you, let me buy you the buns.

So, this is the New School
of calligraphy?

I've thought about it.
Exploration requires tastes.

And the first step to develop that
is to learn calligraphy.

I'm glad that I've learned it before.

If you want to be my wife, learning
how to cook would be more useful.

Cooking and doing laundry are totally
useless when it comes to exploring life.

To me, all of this is useless.

- No class today?
- I have one.

Then, don't mind me.

- Wanna come with me?
- What class is that?

- Fencing.
- Kendo, huh? But western.

- I'm not going. I'll take a walk and go home.
- Okay, then goodbye


Oh, it's you.

Did not expect to see you alone here.

- It's a farewell party.
- For whom?

- For me.
- Oh, you're about to retire.

It kind of sucks,
to retire.

For people like me, it's scary
having nothing to do in the future.

If you want, let's have a drink?

Sure, it sounds good.

What are these for?

- Allow me to explain.
- Please, do.

I feel both of you, Mr. Uno and
Ms. Iwasaki, are quite a match.

I agree.

Does that mean I'll be eliminated?

It's me who wants to
opt out of this.

It's better to leave
like a real man.

I'll keep going. Without competitors,
it's like having a tailwind.

- Today, I'll buy you six bottles.
- Six?

After having five, you wanted
to go to an hotel, right?

Then, after six bottles, you'll
want to get married!

Mr. Uno, my looks aren't bad at all...

I have a 92 cm hip circumference and
housekeeping skills. Please, marry me.

- Pour my beer.
- Here we go!

After this, we'll go to
the president's house.

For what?

To have him as a wedding officiant!

Bottoms up!

That's very tough.
A suitable job's hard to come by.

How about working
for Mihara Corp.?

Even you say that!

During the party,
I was told this three times.

"Use your daughter. Climb up,
why not?" I was so mad.

Sorry to hear that.

I shouted: "mind your own business,
and my daughter has someone she likes".

- High ball.
- Yes.

The two that I had tonkatsu with
seemed to be nice young men.

If it's one of them,
we can probably get along easily.

Is it hard to get along with me?

- You're not marrying Kyoko, right?
- I don't think I will.

Then, you don't count.

Give it to me straight.

If you don't mind. Help me land a job.
It doesn't need to pay well.

Sure. It's my shortcoming that
I can't say no to a request.

One more!

He's so drunk.

Six bottles in one sitting.

- Sorry about that.
- Excuse us for the intrusion.

It's okay.
Are you alright?

Hang in there.

Thank you for receiving us.

- Goodbye, Mr. President!
- Goodnight.

Lovely. It makes me happy
to be their witness.

- And who's the other candidate?
- You mean, Noguchi?

- He seems very close to Kyoko.
- Is that so?

He's into her.
My eyes are sharp.

- That's impossible.
- How so?

For example, you wouldn't be able
to tell if I'm cheating on you.

How could you possibly
cheat on me?

That's certainly the case.

Let's transfer Noguchi.


We must banish dangerous people
who might fall for Kyoko.

Nonsense, are you crazy?

We live in a world where only
the crazy ones succeed.

Suit yourself!

A 55 year old man,
who's gonna hire him?

I'm counting on you,
or I'll lose face.

Who is that guy?

- Kyoko's old man.
- Her old man?

Just lend him a hand.
It's definitely worth it.

- Really?
- If you wanna win her, help him first.

- Mr. Oshima, time for rehearsal.
- I see now.


- When will you marry Fujiko?
- I'm not interested now.

What are you talking about?

I'd rather find an ordinary girl
as an ordinary office worker.

You dumped her. For her, it doesn't matter.
But you won't get promoted, either.

- Will Oshima Corp. fire me?
- I don't think so.

But you'll forever work at the
bottom of the company.

Then, let's negotiate. Do you have
a job that can be offered to me?

You're drunk.
You ask a bit too much.

If you can marry her,
then everything's worth it.

The rehearsal's cancelled.

Okay, we have a deal. But you must promise
that you'll help me get married with her.

Haven't I done enough already?

- I need more from you.
- How?

Tonight, I want to see her.

Thank you for sending me home.

Your whole life, your happiness,
they're all on me now.

- What?
- Will you marry me?

You can't just say whatever
pops into your head.

You could get hit by a
car on the way home.

Give me an answer before
tomorrow noon.


I'm an impatient person. If not,
reject me, but please give me an answer.

Give me one more day.
Till the day after tomorrow.

How likely, do you think?

I was really happy today,

What was that?
Watch out!

You fool!

We're making 16mm films
and sell them to the TV station...

Sis, what's he doing?

There were only 3 people when we started:
the president, the executive director,

and a girl answering calls.

Will it go out of business soon?

No, it will continue to rise up.

There are many TV companies out there.
Now's the era of TV!

But, in the past, the company
I was working at...

was producing cleaning agents
and pesticides.

Do you think I even qualify?

- I was in a position similar to yours.
- You mean...

We helped each other. He introduced
me to Big Nippon Television...

Nippon Television Network

So, I went to work there.

- What about Oshima Corp.?
- I quit.

I'd love to discuss this with you.
To be honest,

I'm no ordinary man.

I prefer Cognac to Soju, driving
a Cadillac to taking the tram,

and dining at first class restaurants
to casual dumplings. This is who I am.

I prefer Soju and dumplings,

To be honest, you suck at high class
activities such as chess and go.

I do my best.

And I like Kyoko. I like her very much.
Let me marry her.

My daughter's my daughter.
And I am me. Please ask her instead.

That's what I'm about to do.
But the victory depends on the warhorse.

Am I a horse to you?


Well, what do you think?

I'm grateful that you're
helping dad finding his job.

Finding one is tough.
I worked very hard for that.

But a father's a father. Daughter's a
daughter. Let's not mix them.

- Well said.
- Are you joking? You promised to help.

When will you be able to decide?

The day after tomorrow's evening.

What about the tonkatsu guy?
The ordinary one.

For that one, it's also the day
after tomorrow.

You're so popular.
Pick a nice pretender already.

- Being sarcastic now?
- It's jealousy!

He's a lonely man now.

- I thought he had Fujiko?
- They broke up.

Is that true?

Then, I'll wait until the
day after tomorrow.


One red bean soup, three servings
of mitsumame, and a rice cake.

The mitsumame here is the best.

- Mitsumame in the afternoon is how I live.
- Other flavors are also good.

Sorry for the wait.

What would you like to talk about?

- I want to cancel our marriage.
- Why?

Actually, I learned that I enjoy
tatami and miso soup more.

Nonsense, you like Kyoko, right?

That's not true. Not relevant.

Stop torturing yourself. It's shocking to me.
Try to learn from your sister-in-law Momoko.

Say what you want,
and do as you like.

But what will happen to you?

For me, it doesn't matter. I've got a lot
to do. No time to feel heartbroken.

Next year, I want to go to the USA.
There's nothing left for me here. Goodbye!

Oh, really?

It will be announced tomorrow.
It's from a reliable source.

- Where will Mr. Noguchi be transferred to?
- Sapporo.

Must be freezing cold in Sapporo.

All because of being too
close with Ms. Nonomiya.

- Kyoko's a nice person.
- How do you know?

- I have to go.
- Where to?

To make Kyoko pay.

Sorry for the wait.

- What's up?
- I'll leave after I finish this.

- I've finally decided to have a baby.
- Don't be silly. Too early for that.

Every single night, Nashiko keeps
saying: "let me have one".

- You couldn't resist?
- It's her best move.

Wait a second, Momoko seems to
have said that to me, as well.

- It must be just a coincidence.
- Maybe not.

Few people know this direct line.

Big news. Biggest ever. Saburo quit.
As well as his marriage with Fujiko.

Huh? That's good.
I'm shopping in Ginza at the moment.

You know, earlier, when I was having a
sandwich, President Oshima came in.

He's such a stingy man. He ordered a
100 yen fried rice with chicken.

It's Momoko. I really wish I
could punch her, just once.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The news came
from him directly. He's not mad at all.

He sounded like a big man when he said:
"Young people's minds are like the autumn sky".

My opinion on him as a person
has changed.

Try to be more like him,
will you?

What do you think?
My plan went really well, step by step.

Count on me. As long as I'm here,
Mihara Corp. will thrive.

Is it because of me
that you are transferred?

No other possibilities.

How can it be?
Normally, this doesn't happen.

This is the reality.

Mihara Corp. is a such a bad company
that allows this?

It wasn't first-tier
since the very start.

With only 1 billion yen
registration capital.

I heard from Uno that this is the
president's wife's doing.

- It can't be! No matter how evil sister is...
- That's just the way she is.

It's a pity that there's
nothing we can do.

Does me getting transferred
have an influence on your decision?

How so?

If we get married,
you'll have to come to Hokkaido.

I'll go!
Be it Hokkaido or Taiwan Strait.

Now, it's lunch break.
I'll tell you by evening, okay?

6 o'clock.
At the Rockabilly bar.

I hate that.

I've got savings,
and stocks as well.

They welcome customers
to go on stage.

When I see you there,
I'll express my love to you on stage.

Then, see you at 6.

Every month, I save 2.000 yen.
And if I can only save 1.800 somehow,

then next month I'll save 2.200 yen.

And winter's my favorite season.
My body constitution can handle Hokkaido.

Hey, take me with you.
I've liked you since the very beginning.

Welcome back.

Hello? She's here.
Madam, Ms. Kyoko's on the phone.

What's up, Kyoko?

Sis, how mean can you be
to transfer Noguchi.

You're the one who's mean.
Not wanting to get married,

but letting others believe you do.
Manipulating people just for fun.

Manipulate others? No, I do not.
I'm being serious.

Okay, I'll just marry Noguchi, then.


What's wrong?

Takehisa sent me to ask
about your decision.

I've decided to marry someone
from the company.

Are you really doing that?

- Yes, getting married and move to Hokkaido.
- Hokkaido?! Why?

He will be transferred to Hokkaido
because he proposed to me.

- It's my sister's doing.
- The company will collapse if you do that.

It's not my business, anyway.

Wait! I can't just let the president's wife
meddling with personnel affairs.

Then, do something about it.

- I'll go and talk to my brother.
- What will that do?

What am I supposed to do, then?

If you really worry about Mihara Corp.'s
future, just come back and work here.

Then, you'll be able to
kick sister Momoko's butt.

That's certainly true.

What's the telephone number
of the TV station?


I'm calling to reject Mr. Takehisa.
What's the number?

- 285171.
- Alright.

- We are ready to shoot.
- Good.

Okay. I have to go now.

I'm going to the director's room.

Saburo will come soon.

You two can discuss the salary now.

- Thank you for all the work.
- It's alright.

- I'm counting on you now.
- Yes.

You can start working tomorrow.

There's labor shortage at the moment.
I even help cleaning as a president.

- I see.
- About the salary, how about...

Mr. Oshima, telephone for you.

- Who's calling?
- Ms. Nonomiya, a female.

Three minutes till shooting.
Please, come to the studio then.

Yes. That's it.
No hard feelings.

The decision's final.
My father's not very into Cadillac people...

What? There's no such thing!
What did Saburo say to you?

- We're filming now.
- Give me15 seconds.

This is something serious, we have
to meet and talk. How about tonight?

-Tonight, there's lines to memorize.
- True.

- How about tomorrow?
- Tomorrow, there'll be another filming.

Despite of everything,
please reconsider!

The 15 seconds are over.
We have to film.

So annoying. Damn, forget it.
I wish you a happy life.

- Let's go to the studio now.
- Yeah...

Hey, can you check this?

You choose to marry Noguchi
because he'll be transferred, right?

That's the straightforward reason.

Marrying out of sympathy?

That's not true.

Then, why?

Because I like him.

- In which way?
- I guess I just like him, maybe.

You marry someone because
"you guess you like him"?

My answer doesn't matter.

It does.

You care?

I do.


Because I like you.

What? What did you say?

I like you.

I can't hear you!

I want to marry you.
I love you so bad.

Is that true?

Do I look like I'm lying?

I feel the same.

What? What did you say?

I like you a lot.

Can't hear you!

I want to marry you,
a long time ago.

Because I like you!

- You like me more than Takehisa?
- Yes.

- More than Noguchi?
- Yes.

- Say, do you want to get married?
- I do.

100 yen on stage. For 500, you can sing.
What song would you like?

"Sweetheart baby"!

Then, here we go.

Mr. Noguchi!

Under certain conditions?

That's right.

I can come back to work at Mihara Corp.,
under certain conditions. If not, then...

- What would you do?
- Work at Japan TV station.

What are those conditions?
tell me.

First, do not transfer Noguchi.

- That's what I said from the very start...
- Shut up! And then?

Second, you do not intervene in
the company's business from now on.

Without me,
the company will collapse.

- You can't do that anymore.
- Why?

Brother's too powerless.

- That's what I think, too.
- Darling!

No, I have to say this, Momoko.
You used to be more lovely back then.

I could feel courage and strength
when I looked at your face.

- But lately, you...
- What?

- You make me nauseous, and lose appetite.
- Why is that?!

I am a man, and I want freedom!

So, you want me to act coquettishly,
like I used to?

- I did not say that.
- Sorry, I can't.

I grew up in a poor family.
To stand out, I couldn't be too honest,

or did every thing I wanted to.
So, here I am. And I won't change that.

Aren't you a man? You think I'm not being
honest. Then, why don't you fight me?

Your hysteria is beyond me.

You know why I did all this?
Out of fear and insecurity.

I never want to be poor again. How could
someone born rich like you understand it?

What did you just say?

I'm a woman,

and I want you to take care of me.

But you’re just a timid rich boy who’s
afraid to ruffle any feathers.

If you heard me scream,
you'd just get scared and run away.

How could I rely on you?
That's how I became who I am.

You did this to me, it's your fault.
You teat me like a fool. To bring me down.

- Kyoko, are you like them?
- No, I'm on your side, sister.


- Saburo, leave with Kyoko now.
- Why is that?

- I'm going to hit Momoko!
- What?

And, then, kiss her.

Congratulations, Saburo. I wanted to
go to your wedding, but I can't.

The schedule's just too tight.
Say hi to your bride for me, though.

I see.
Explore, and keep enjoying your life.


The wedding's about to start.

That's not like it, at all.
Take care, take care.

Aren't you going to the wedding?

I don't want to. Imagine people saying,
"triple climbing-up using your daughters".

Gives me goosebumps.

- Hey.
- Yes.

- I need two of them.
- Yes.

A miracle.
This is the third time. Finally.

History is repeating again.
From the same blood.

The 3rd son of Mihara family, Saburo, and
the 3rd daughter of Nonomiya family, Kyoko.

Just like what happened with their
brothers and sisters, they fell in love,

for the third time, and held
a wedding in this very hall.

abilities are really the key.

Kyoko Nonomiya was able to make
someone like Saburo Mihara fall for her.

Her hand is holding his heart tightly.

A man exceptional like Saburo...


My daughter is my daughter, and I am me.
I depend on myself, not on Mihara family.

Don't try to be tough. You got your current
occupation thanks to Saburo's help.

Now, it's time for our next
round-robin tournament.

Among the three wives of the
Mihara family, which one...

is going to be
the most valuable wife?

Who do you think it'll be?

Despite the fact that I'm upset,
it'll be Momoko! She's so dominant.

Who do you think is
"the most valuable wife"?

Of course, it's sister Momoko. It was due
to her that we ended up getting married.

But she won't always be
the most valuable wife.

After all, every year, new players
join professional baseball teams.

Next year, it'll be me. I'll hit a home run.
And you'll be my coach.

OK! A home run hit by
regular, common people.