Saigon Bodyguards (2016) - full transcript

Saigon Bodyguards follows the intense and hilarious journey of two professional bodyguards tasked with their most important assignment ever. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
He's coming back.

Let's get out of here.


Trinh, look out!

I was busy karate chopping those dudes.
But this guy was too fast.

This honey tripped.
Her lips fell on my face!

Mr. Tai?

I karate chopped them like this!

You know that's coming
out of our pay, right?

Let's just say some chick slipped, threw
her hands up and knocked the bottle over.

It's fine. I'll cover for you.

She did that, too.

Please forgive me!

I swear I wasn't cheating.

See? I found him.

Oh, it's you two.

You guys made quite the mess.

It's nothing.
We were just... well...

Just having a dance party.

We'll clean it up.

What's your name?


Saigon Bodyguards.

At your service.

Get them!

Saigon Bodyguards

Hey, boss!

You're looking hot!

Tonight, I'm definitely
gonna dream about...

you abusing me.

You know Air 360 is dangerous!

How could you take him there?

You think that was my idea?

Protect your client at all costs.

But we got him out safe and sound.

Did I say you could speak?

All you did was destroy the place.

I take full responsibility.

Despite my best efforts,
I couldn't prevent that.

Your father could have.

Damn. She just went there...

Hey bro, thanks for having my back.

Normally I'd suspend you miscreants.

But this woman asked for you personally.

She must have seen my
picture on our website.

Zumba tonight?

My glutes could use a workout.

Will Trinh be joining us?

Six packs are for photos.

But a tight ass like this...

pays the bills.


Get over here!


Mimi, call me.

Be serious.

Screw this up and I don't care
how tight your asses are.

They'll be pudding once
I'm through with you.



Hi, Trinh.

Hey, big bro.

Thi, a pleasure as always.

Been a long time.

Sorry to break up the class reunion.

What's this about?

You're brother and sister?
Why don't you sound alike?

She was born in the south,
but grew up in the north.

I was born in the north,
but grew up in the south.

And our dad, born in the south,
but raised in the north...

and now lives in the middle.

Now my grandpa...


This is Henry, twenty years old.

Philosophy major at Harvard.

He flies back in tomorrow
for his father's funeral.

We'll get you his flight details.
He's yours all weekend.

Henry's dad is the CEO of LeMilk.

He suffered a heart attack...

without naming a successor.

There'll be an emergency
board meeting on Monday...

to determine the new CEO.

LeMilk is...

in a very delicate situation right now.

If Henry misses that meeting,
he'll lose the company.

This vote...


Life and death.

Seems simple enough.
Let me deal with it.

Why don't you sit this out?

Actually, I was thinking
Trinh was the right guy for this.

Well, we're a team.

But this time it'll be just me.


You and Trinh.

Don't mess this up.


I won't let you down.

'I won't let you down.'
Who are you? Captain America?

Should we get Thi something?
A thank-you gift?

Don't worry about my sister.

Henry! Henry! Henry!

Is that Henry?


We'll be your bodyguards.

Hi, Henry. I'm Trinh.

I don't need babysitters.

I'm Vien.

Sorry sorry sorry...

- Glad to be back home?
- What about the vote?

Are you nervous?

What about Lawyer Minh's comments?

No questions, miss.

What comments?

That you're too young to be CEO.

Minh was my father's right hand man...

and a trusted family friend.

We'll take his opinions
into full consideration.

Saigon Bodyguards at your service.

Wow, kid. I didn't realize
you were such a celebrity.

My dad's the celebrity.
Not me.

Hope they got security at the funeral.
I don't wanna...


Stop the car!

Hey! This crazy brat!

This was my dad's first store.

He kept it exactly the same,
refused to change a single thing.

Come on. Think about something else.
You're inheriting billions!

You don't have to worry about a thing.

Except 3,423 employees.

Our cow farmers. The board.

Plus all their families...

So how many in total?

Duty is not about
what others tell you to do.

It's about what your heart tells you to do.

Who'd you steal that from? Jesus?

My dad.

So he stole it from Jesus?

He was a bodyguard his entire life.

Even before they paid him,
he was protecting others.

Is that why you became one?

Just following his footsteps.

You guys are totally ripped!

What's your secret?


No. Zumba mostly.



Oh, I know. I know.

Ever think about modeling?

I tried out a few times.

But each time I went, they told me
my lips and booty were too big.

I'm sorry, sir. We're on duty.

Hi, boss. I see you've met
Henry's bodyguards.

I'm sorry, sir.

No worries.

I'm Giang, vice president
of health products.

A pleasure.

Hey, Brother Giang.

So, you really think I could model?

That is my favorite tie of yours.

If you want to finish school,

the board will completely understand.

Thank you, Lawyer Minh.
But I've already decided.

I see. And you're certain?

My dad would have wanted it this way.

I'll move back and take over.

Fresh milk. Would you like a cup?

I have to know where it came from
before I drink it.

Drink up.

Then, you can try it
straight from my bottle.


You're not drinking that?

Damn, that's fresh!

That must have come
straight from the cow!



Vien can check on him.

Can you help me set up for Giang's speech?


So... sleepy.

Sir, are you OK?

What's wrong?
Are you OK?

Milk... milk...

Two cups.

Rich... sweet... delicious...

You pervert!

Excuse me?

Sweet dreams, Henry.

Now I'd like to welcome
our top employee.

I can't name a single soul
that works harder.

She was CEO Le's favorite.
He adored her like his own daughter.

I would like to introduce...

Chi Chi...

I know this is hard for you.

Do you have any parting words?


What? Where are you?


Excuse us!

What's wrong?

Big bro!

The bathroom?

Yes, sir.


Wake up! Hey!

Was he in there?

Henry! Henry.

The cute waitress...

This is no time for flirting!

The milk... was drugged.

Wake up! We gotta get them!

Low battery...

Come on! Wake up!

Now we're even!

You crazy?
Why'd you do that?

Taking his side?

We have to call the cops!

No! Absolutely not!

But Henry just got kidnapped!

We'll find Henry. Cover for us.



I'm so sorry, sir!

What the hell?!

I'm sorry.
Let me get a towel.



Extra onions, extra beef,
no bean sprouts.

My pho stand!

Owww. Wow! Big size!

Thanks, man!
You guys are amazing!

Yeah, yeah, buddy.
We know we're great.

Trinh, what happened?


Please tell me you got Henry back.

Trinh? Trinh?
Can you hear me? Hello? Hello?

Hello? Thi? Relax.
Everything's OK.

Yeap, we got Henry back.

We'll see you at the safe house.


I'm sorry we messed up your stand.

What's your name, buddy?

What are you doing?
My skin is sensitive.

What are you doing?
Let him go!


Photocopy. Scan.


I've been sick my whole life.

You won't get a dime for my kidneys.

Please let me go.


We're after the kidnappers.

We're professional bodyguards.

What the Phuc?!

You guys are real bodyguards?

What's your name?


Here's the deal, 'What the Phuc'.

Our client just got kidnapped.

You look just like him.

If you help us out,
pretend to be him for a few days.

Whatever you want,
we'll give it to you.

I'm sorry, but all I know
is how to sell pho.

I want to go home.


It's OK. Let him go.


He must make enough selling pho.

You're right.

There's nothing we could offer him.

Oh, still here?

Thought you had to go sell pho.

If I agree, what do I get?

What do you want? Cash?

How about twice your daily rate?

I don't want money.



Then what?
Come on, noodle boy!

I want to be a bodyguard.

You wanna be a bodyguard?

He's got potential.

I'll train you to be a bodyguard.

Really? Do you know the first rule
of being a bodyguard?

Protect your client at all costs.

Lucky guess.

I know it by heart!



What happened to you?

It's complicated, sis.
Top secret bodyguard stuff.

But he's fine now.

Right, 'What the... '

What the Henry?


Henry, you forget your name?

Yeah, of course.

Hello, beautiful.

You look stunning.

Why do you smell like pho?

You like pho, too?

Do you know who I am?


You are my...

You are my...

side chick!

I'm sorry.
You're my girlfriend!

Who is this?
Where's my Henry?

Relax, sis.

This is just temporary.

He's agreed to pretend
to be Henry until...

What?! Pretend to be Henry?
Are you crazy?

Henry... Oh, Henry!

I'm calling the cops.

No, no, no!

Henry's in their hands.

They're gonna ask for a pile of money.

I gotta cancel his press conference...

Don't cancel his press conference.

But it's two hours away!

If the press find out,

they'll blow it up and make it
more dangerous for Henry.




We'll find him. I promise.



Whose lipstick is this?!

You naughty boy!

No. That waitress 'hit' me.


He 'hit' that already?!

No. Not 'hit'.
She punched me.

Hey, check this out.

What is that?

How could a punch
leave a mark like that?

Maybe she was wearing a ring.

It looks like...

An orchid blossom.

What are you doing?


Old Miss Hanh is the best in Saigon.

Nothing can escape her all-seeing gaze.

I knew my husband was
cheating in heaven!

So right! So good!

Much obliged.

Only a face that is worthy
may see Miss Hanh.

Wow, dove eyes...

and such an elegant nose.

Heart-shaped lips, square jawline...

You must have hundreds of men
chasing you.

I'm not a girl!

You sure?

Stop it! Here. Look!

That's right.
There, feel that?

It's a bruise from a ring.

The Blood Orchid Gang!

The Blood Orchid Gang?

I hear they're ruthless.

Get out! Get out!

I hear they cut off...

Miss! I need to know!

There's only one place
where the Blood Orchid grows.


Where the sun never shines.

Henry, you said that you'll take
Minh's opinions into consideration.

Will you leave the company
in his hands and return to school?


I mean... no.


Well, if I lose my job, at least you can
teach me how to make pho.

Of course!

There's rare beef pho, fatty flank pho,
stewed beef pho, stir fried pho...


Your dad just died.
Why are you smiling like an idiot?

Absolutely no smiling.

Henry doesn't smile.

You look constipated.

Remember what we practiced?

Henry doesn't smile.
Phuc doesn't smile.


What now?

I'm gonna use the bathroom.

Where's Henry?

Hello, sir. He's just
freshening up a bit.

Did you take care of
those stupid bodyguards?

I don't want them causing
another scene here with all the media.

Hey, Thi!
Saigon Bodyguards in the house!

I'll handle it right away.


Your fly's down.

Don't make a clown of yourself...

and embarrass the company.

You look amazing!

You can be my wingman now.

Any leads?

You got everything down?

Remember, no matter what,
never stop smiling.

Don't talk about your broth.
Let's go.

Please go ahead, miss.

Your competitors are gaining market share.

The only growing division is
Giang's PowerMilk health products.

If you come back, how do you
plan to spur demand?

That's a great question.

Our company sells milk, right?

Well, you know who loves milk?


So, if we want more demand for milk,

maybe we should have...

more babies.

You mean more baby products?

Yes. And also more...

So we can make more babies.

Isn't that what we all want?

What do you think of
when you think of milk?

- Cows?
- White?


And me...?


Because it comes from...

"Mommy's milk is best for
the development of infants and babies."

None of us would be here without them!

They are pillowy...

They are...


They are beautiful.

And they're the sexiest
things on the planet!

My company is selling
the sexiest drink on earth.

When I take over, I plan to
make milk sexy again with LeMilk!

Milk sexy! Sexy milk!

Milk sexy! Sexy milk!

Milk sexy! Sexy milk!

Sexy milk? Count LeMilk's Henry in!

Some are speculating the Harvard student was using
a marketing trick he learned in the States.

Others say it was performance art.

Can milk ever be sexy? Should it be?
That's the question everyone is debating...

Calm down, boss.

How was I supposed to know
he had an identical twin?

I didn't know.

Stop whining and go get him!

You were a pimp, Phuc. I don't know
how you came up with that.

Lobster buffet's on its way. Our treat.

Lobster! Really?!

Yup. Steamed lobster. Grilled lobster.
Fried lobster. Even lobster pho.

I think I should go change my pants.


I'll go with you!

Hey! We still need to find Henry!

After lobster, bro!

You did a good job with Phuc.


I know what you're thinking.

But Vien can't protect me forever.

Thi, our work is...

Dangerous. I know.

Trinh, I'm grown up.

I know you promised him
you wouldn't put me in danger.

Wow! Take it all out!
Nice, nice.

I better go check.

Yeah. OK.

You shouldn't be messing
with Henry's stuff.

Well, you shouldn't be
flirting with my baby sister.


Nothing's going on.

Either way, she's my little sister.

Stay away.

Lobster's coming up!


Move your finger before I bite it off.

Lobster! Lobster! Lobster!

There's my lobster!
There's my lobster!

Bon appetit.


What the Phuc?!

What's going on?

Check outside.
I'll take the stairs.

Ya'll know we're looking for Henry, right?

But let's slow it down.
Have a little fun.

Pick one of them.

And I promise...

I'll only use that...

to hurt you.

But before you pick,
let me tell you a funny story.

The last guy who picked...

Now he walks like this.

Take your time ladies.

I'll go find more spectators.

Phuc? Are you OK?



You're supposed to be watching them!


You idiot! They got away!

Relax. All part of my plan.

I placed a tracking chip on them.

They'll lead us right to Henry.

You know it wouldn't
kill you to say thanks.

Shhhhh! Look!

There was no ransom.
Isn't that odd?

What is that?


No joking around.
In and out, OK?

Wait. We can't go in there like this.

In a group of naked people, the one
wearing clothes is the biggest perv.

Private function.
Invited guests only.


Who the hell do you think we are?

I'm Mr. Tu's Zumba instructor.

It's cool.
I'll just go get him.

What's going on?

Oh my my...

If I could stick a straw in that...

I would slurp you all up.

I'm Long.


The Bedroom King.

This is my sister's yacht.
We can get down however we want.

I was just enjoying the view.




It's truly breathtaking.

Here. Let me show you my scenery.

Sorry. I need to use the bathroom.

I'll look later.

Drink 'til you drop!

That's it!

Two, three, cheers!



Put it on Fresh Cow Farm.
I don't care what grade!

Hey! Refill!

Hey! Give me one more.


Open your eyes!

Hello, my Beauty Queen.

Join the party!


Come on! Let's go!

I'm not going anywhere.

Why don't you join us?

Look around. Who needs a company,
votes and board members?

I just wanna enjoy life.

Who knew being kidnapped
could be this great?

Your dad worked all his life
just so you could throw it away?

I don't care!

What's your last name?

What's your last name?

Your name is Le.

And the company's name?


Do you want someone
to change that name?

A name that is now yours to protect?

I know how you feel right now.
But don't let it blind you.

I'm sorry.

Didn't get enough pho last time?

OK. Let's see how you like
the taste of my feet.

Mama's here, dear.

Mama's out of milk.

Hey, Thi, bad timing.
I'll call you back.

You alright?

How dare you kick my Beauty Queen!

Wake up. Wake up!

Brother Dat!

Get them!!

Wake up! Grab him!



Did you drink milk again?

Slap me.


One, two, three!

Get Henry!

Where did you sneak off to,
Bedroom King?

You know it's rude
to abandon your host!

I was gonna show you
my hidden orchid.


Hey, Beauty Queen!
I love you!


Hello, Thi! We did it!


Henry is safe and sound!

You're kidding! Henry?

- Henry!
- Hi, Thi!


This is amazing! But, Henry,
who were those guys?

At the funeral, I told Lawyer Minh
I'd return and take over the company.

Do you remember
where my father passed away?

Lawyer Minh's home.
They were karaoking...


My father didn't die of a heart attack.

Henry? Henry?




I'm here.

Where is Henry?


I'm gonna call the cops.

Why are you being so stubborn?

I'm sorry...

He's my best friend.

I can't.

Sleeping Beauty!
You up yet?

He just woke up.

You got the address?

I'm not giving you his address.
That's illegal.

What's going on?

Listen to me. I saw Giang.

He was in the van that took Henry.

Are you sure it was him?

Henry said it may have been Minh...
you heard him...

I know what I saw!

After severe head trauma...

I looked straight into Giang's eyes!
They were pure evil!

Thi and Phuc are going to a charity lunch.
Giang's gonna be there, too.


We're just gonna check it out.

I always keep my promises.

If you're wrong about this,
I can't protect you.

Does it look like
I'm doing something wrong?

Let's check out the back door.

What is that thing?

Who cares?
Let's just go through.

I'm too big for this stupid hole!

Of course. It's the back door.

Hey! This ass ain't free!


Find anything?




'Fresh Cow Farm'?

I don't know what kind of invoice it is,
but this has got to be Blood Orchid.

It's just an invoice for milk.

On the yacht, the evil Beauty Queen
mentioned this name.

This is our proof, baby.


Act like a dog.


Freeze! Hands up!

Bon appetit. Please.

I hear the lobster near Harvard is famous.

Oh, yes.

So Henry...

Why don't you share with us
a valuable philosophy you've studied?

Go on, Henry. Let's hear it.

Yes, go ahead.
You can use English, if you prefer.

Uh... maybe another time?

We shouldn't let the food get cold.

It's OK. Let the kid talk.

You ever get tired of screwing things up?

I'm not screwing up.

Who was watching Henry
when he got kidnapped?

Whose stupid idea was it to use Phuc?

Who decided to break into
an innocent man's home?

I looked straight into Giang's eyes.

They're not innocent. They're evil!

We just gotta connect the dots...

Are you crazy?!

You know how hard I worked
to get you hired?

Not as hard as getting my sister in bed.

You'll never be a real bodyguard.

And you...

You'll never be as good as your dad.

Stop it!

You're both suspended without pay.

No more company cars.

Surely we don't need to be so severe...

No. They need to
learn a lesson.

I expect this from Vien.

But not you.

Apologize to Giang.

It's OK.
Don't worry about it.

Boss, listen to me.

I don't wanna hear it, Vien.
Thi told me everything.

So you know about...

Phuc? Yes.

He's safe at the house.

If we can't find Henry in time,
he'll vote.


In Giang's house,
there was an invoice for milk...


Your father would be ashamed.

What did you say to her?

None of your business.

Why can't you just say sorry?
You're only good at screwing up.

In tough times you know
who your real friends are.


Is Vien home?

I thought he was with you?

I know, we...

I screwed up.

I'm sorry.

Go home.

Maybe you're not
the right guy for the job.





Is that you, Vien?


We want Henry's twin.

Be a good boy and
deliver that imposter to us.

Otherwise your precious Henry may end up
seeing the Grim Reaper just like his daddy.


Protect your client.
Protect your client.

Protect your client.
Protect your client.


Hey, Phuc?

Are you alone?

Cough, if Nhi is there.

Sorry the weather's been crappy.

Got it.

Phuc, I need your help.

Henry's in trouble.

Can you come meet me?

Um... sorry...

I have friends over.
How can I leave?

Who is it?

No one, miss. Just my babycakes.

Phuc, I really need your help!

Can you sneak out and meet me?

I don't know...
Thi might get mad.

And I already promised.

Put her on speaker.

Sure. Just a second.

Phuc! I'm asking you.

Are you brave enough...

to become...

a bodyguard?

Put her on, now!



I'm gonna put you on speaker.


I'm here, baby.

Who is this?

Hi, I'm...

I'm Sissy.

You sure she's not a he?

What are you saying?

So, you're dating Phuc?

Yes, he's my...

bundle of love.

I adore Phuc!
I love Phuc!

Why do I find that hard to believe.

Ah, well, you've probably
never gazed into his big hazel eyes.

Whenever I look into them,
my body melts...

like butter.

I just get so dripping wet.


Really, miss.

He spoils me so much.

He paints my toes.

And at night...

he's like an untamed stallion.


Honey, your neighing is
making me so hot!


I've heard enough!

I'm sorry, miss.

I get carried away
when I talk about my sexy stud.

Baby, I'll let you get back
to your friends.

But remember, tonight you're riding...

your wild stallion into my dreams. OK?

Of course, dear. I promise.

Phuc! Time for bed!

Sweet dreams.

Fresh Cow Farm.


Vien, I'm outside.

Now what?

Can you climb onto the railing?

Let me try.

OK. I'm up.

You see that electric line above you?


Can you swing down on it?

What the Phuc? Are you...

out of your mind?!

Are you OK?



Can I call my mom first?

Take off your pants.

Are you high?

Come on, honeybun.
Let me see...

that wild stallion.

Just don't do that voice.

Now, swing them over the wire.

Got it.

OK, on three, you're gonna
grab each leg and jump.




Hold on.

What now?

If I die,

tell my mom...

that I died...

a bodyguard.

OK. I will.

My wild stallion.

Just pretend you're
waiting for the bus.

So just wait here?

Those were the Beauty Queen's instructions.

And one more thing...

Remember, now you're a bodyguard.

I'm not scared.

I'm never scared.




Help! Help!! Help!!!

Air 360...


Where are you taking me?
Can I use the bathroom?



What the...?


Whoa. Weird.

Go! Go! Go!

It's stuck!

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Help me!

This way!

Be careful. Break anything
and you're dead.

Beauty Queen.
Your king is here.

Let's go!

Go! Go! Go!

Step aside unless you want me
to break your other arm.

Try it.

One way or another,
we're going out that door!

This one?

Why didn't you say so sooner?

Be my guest.

He's... he's a...

Dancing Orchid.

Let's see who's scared now...

Step aside!

What's the hurry?

Put your hands up.

Time to dance!

Pretty strong, sweetness.

Run, run, run!

That hurt, mommy.

Pity you'll never get to try my milk again.

You saved me.

You're a hero.

Beauty Queen...

I'm just...

a bodyguard.

Not so fast!

Let go or I'll slice
your precious Henry!

I'm Henry! He's not Henry.

No, I'm Henry.

Who cares?

I'll gut both of them. OK?


Let go!
Oh, the handcuffs!

Henry, don't let go!

Oh, too heavy?



First rule of being a bodyguard...

Protect your client...

at all costs.

Don't do it!



The board meeting!


I'm sorry.

Phuc, can you stay here
and wait for the cops?


Thanks, bro.

All three of us? Is that legal?

I'll take the blame.

Hurry up!

Bye bye.

Good luck!


Hey, boss!

Where are you?

We're on our way.

We got Henry!


Call the cops.

Hold on!

All in favor of Giang,
raise your hand.

I am honored
by your vote of confidence.

Boss! We're here!

And take our company...


Not so fast!

Henry, so glad you could finally join us.

Unfortunately, you're too late.
We've chosen Giang.



let me...

Everyone, pay attention.

I'm sorry to inform everyone.

But Giang, with his evil eyes,

cannot be LeMilk's new CEO.


are the head of the Blood Orchid Gang.
Admit it!

Blood Orchid Gang?

I love orchids as much as the next guy...

but I don't belong to any gang like that.

Does everyone know...

why Giang is so profitable?


Ladies and gentlemen,
this morning, my partner saw...

Giang's man pick up
a suitcase full of cash.

Where did this money come from?
Illegal gambling activity.

They deliver empty milk boxes
to their partners to legitimize revenue.

But where does the money really go?

To the Blood Orchid Gang.

Your hand is exposed now, buddy.

This is proof.

An invoice to a shell company for raw milk.

But you didn't buy anything, right?

You only drafted a fake invoice
to shove money into your own pocket!


This is a milk farm
supplying me with raw material.

Then how come their address is just an
empty office down some shady back street?!

Of course, their main
headquarters is in Dak Lak.

That's right.

And these fake orders...

You must have seen my delivery men
dropping off empty boxes to our customers.

It's for recycling.

But... what about the cash?!

Perhaps some of my workers
are still involved in indecent activities.

It's hard to avoid, when my policy is
to give a second chance to some bad apples.

It's too hard!

Everything OK here?

Sorry, officers.
Just a minor misunderstanding.

Henry, did you really believe
I could do such a thing?

Think about it.

Have you seen any concrete evidence
aside from a meaningless invoice?

I'm so disappointed.

I'm sorry, everyone.
It's just a misunderstanding.

There's only one place
where the Blood Orchid grows.


Trinh! What are you doing?!

Vien is right.
He's part of Blood Orchid.

Here's the proof!


You can't rip someone's clothes like that!

Wait! Here!

Are you crazy?!

- Trinh!
- Stop!

Don't make things worse.

You wanna get fired, Trinh?!

Let him go! Freeze!

Do it, bro!

There's only one place
the Blood Orchid grows...

Where the sun never shines.

What do you think?

Definitely Blood Orchid.

Blood Orchid? It's just a rose!

Please come with us, sir.

No! You guys have no right!

It's not a crime to have a tattoo!

Henry, the board has spoken.

I know you're not ready,
but I will always be by your side.

Just like your dad wanted.

You are now officially
the new CEO of LeMilk.

Excuse me.

Everyone, I'm very grateful.

For my first order of business...

I appoint Lawyer Minh
as the new CEO.


I have to do what's in my heart.

The title of CEO is not something
that's given. It's earned.

I hope in the future,
I can be worthy of that title.

I'd like to earn it,
just like my father did.

Henry, you really surprise me.

I'm very moved.

Your dad would be proud.



You disobeyed my direct orders.

You put the life of
two innocent kids in danger.

And you cost our company
thousands in damages.

You're right, boss.
I've let you down.

You didn't let me down.

You made me proud.

Before your father passed away,
I made a promise to him.

That I'd do whatever it took
to make you a leader.

All these years I was so hard on you.

It was because I was trying
to get the best out of you.

To help you become the kind of man
he knew you were all along.

A man like him.


Since I did such a good job,

I can use the company car again.

We'll see...

Victory drinks tonight.

Someone wants to talk to you.

I know you'll protect her
better than I ever could.

What? Bro?

I'm sorry.

You were the right guy for the job.

It wasn't just me.
It was 'us.'


What about us?

Saigon Bodyguards

Henry! Henry!

Are you coming back after graduation?

No comment. No comment.

No comment. Move along.

Sorry, sorry...

Thanks, brothers.

This is for Brother Dat!

Saigon Bodyguards at your service.