Saigon, Anh Yêu Em (2016) - full transcript

Like a poem of this beautiful city, four love stories happen in Saigon will show you how lovely Saigonese and their Love could be. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Saigonese baguettes,
filled with buttered crumbs.

-1,000 VND each. Come buy one!
-Buy engines, water pumps,

-buy TVs, fridges...
-Tofu pudding, anyone?

Saigonese baguettes, filled
with buttered crumbs, 1,000 VND each.

Come buy one! Come buy one!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Welcome to our shop!

Can I have the perfume with this scent?

-This one?

Someone just bought it as well!

-Here's your drink.
-Thank you!

How much per kilo?

It's 200,000.

How about 180,000?

Sorry, no...

Either 180,000, or I leave.

Fine. Come back here, please.

I knew it!

Well, I'll get 300 grams
of lean meat only.

No fat. I'm on diet.

All right, don't worry.

Thief! Thief!


-Thief! There he is!
-Thief! Thief!


Catch him!

Thief! Be careful!
He's heading over there!

Thief! Catch him, everybody!

Run, everyone! Thief! Over there!

You're dead meat now!

How dare you!

-He looks better than that!
-Teach him a lesson!

Hey, don't sing along with me like that.

Says who?

You must be really lucky
to hear me sing along. You know it!

You're right. I'm so lucky.
Hearing you sing every day

must be why I moved
to the temple to sell incense.

That's rude.

Is that you, My My?

It's My My listening.

Your presentation is ready on the USB.

Don't worry. I will be on time
for the bidders' conference.



What is "xa long he"?

You claim that you're good
at English, and you don't get it?

It's an English word. It means a place
where people come to get a haircut.

Geez, it is pronounced as hair "salon".

"Xa long he" in Vietnamese
sounds like you're selling fur.

-I haven't finished yet.
-Mom, stop being so creative.

Please ask me to do it next time!
It looks so goofy!

You know what? I'm gonna have
a really big sign saying:

"Fast Brightening Cream
Multi-Level Unlimited Company."

All right, whatever.
I have to go to work now.

Hold on. Give me one second.

Hey, what is that?

My homemade brightening cream.
Please promote it in your company.

No way. I have a meeting today.
I can't sell anything!

Then you can do it in your free time?

Please help me.

Because I know most
of your co-workers are...

Hot guys and pretty girls

who need to maintain their beauty
with My Tien Brightening Cream.

Actually, it's Tuyen, not Tien.

-My Tuyen.


There you go. Thank you very much.

Next, what's your name?

"For my husband".

"Funeral ceremony,
please take another route."

Why didn't he die sooner or later?

Oh my God, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to insult you.
I was in such a hurry.

I will take another route
right away to please you.

Oh my God, I'm gonna be late for sure.

God help me.


-Are you a motorbike taxi?

District 4, please.

-It's urgent.
-Put this helmet on.

But how much?

Like usual.


-Hop on.
-Wow, such a good price.

OK, please head that way. Hurry!

Hurry up, please!

That's for 5,000.

Gosh, I told you
to take me to district 4!

Let me tell you this.
You take a taxi to any hotel

and the bellboy that carries the luggage
will ask for at least 25,000 from you.

And you want me to take you
to district four for 5,000.

Keep it to buy the incense for your mom.

Geez. You're so goofy!

What does it mean?

It means funny. So how much do you want?

Twenty-five thousand.

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Geez, I'm not a coat stand.
Why do you hang so many things on me?

Sorry... I'm bringing them
to my wife on the way.

I'm in a hurry! You're killing me!

How can I go faster with this crowd?

Then why don't you take the main road?

-This is a shortcut.
-More like a cut-throat to me.

Can you please go faster?
We're moving as slow as molasses.

-Are we almost there?

Relax. We're almost there.
You're so odd.


How on Earth can we arrive there!

My My... I'm so screwed!

OK, Friday, I got that.

See you then. I'm going
to the bidders' conference.

Never mind, be confident!

Hi. Saigon is so small.

What a coincidence to see you here.

After you.

Hey, count the bowls carefully...

-I know.
-Don't forget any bowl.

I know. You talk too much.

We can't even miss the bowl
of the guy pulling the stage curtain.

If he's not happy,
he won't raise the curtain.

-Oops, we have one extra here.

Is that meant for me or something?

Don't say bad things! Touch wood!

Start praying. They must be hungry by now.

I know. I can tell from their pale looks.

Thien Kim!


Mad at me because I won the bidding?

Please don't be sad.

Can I invite you to dinner
to make up for it?

Thank you, but I'm fine.


You don't have to do anything for me.

Is it so difficult to go out
to dinner with your ex-boyfriend?

You can't even manage to bring me the USB!

I'm so mad. I can't stand you anymore.

I'd like to resign!
Can you send me the form?


Of course.

You keep going on about this USB.

That one and a half hour
of you yelling at me

could have been used to save the world!

You haven't admitted your fault.

Your lateness made us lose, big-time!

It wasn't my fault.

It was because of fate,
of the unexpected traffic jam.

All right, I don't want to argue with you.

I will quit.
I'll leave so you feel better!

You will regret your decision someday.

Do you want anything to drink?

I knew it. Come here.

If you quit and just hang around jobless,

it'll be harmful to people, you know?

Well, only you would take me in.
Therefore, I never dare to quit.

So the files for the Consulate's Party?

They're in here.

Why do you bring lots of yogurt to work?
Can I have one?

Eat that and you'll die!

What's that?

It's not yogurt.

It's the brightening cream
made by sister My Tuyen.

Your sister?

The word "mom" makes her feel old,
so I just call her "sis."

Oh really?

Here, focus on me.

Miss Bay! Hello, Miss Bay!

Hi, Tu. Where you going, darling?

I'm going to Aunt Hai's
to ask for some seasoning. What about you?

I want to borrow some cucumbers
from her to make a mask.

The sun has darkened my skin.

God, the cucumber masks
won't help much in restoring your skin.

What can I do then?

You can try the fast
brightening cream made by My Tuyen.

Buy it now and get a 50% discount.



They said our idea
needs to be more creative.

They asked for a new one
by the end of this week. Otherwise...

Hi, feeling cool?

Stop playing.

It's noon already, get to work.

Bye Auntie, we're leaving.

Wait, do me a favor!

Bring the iced tea outside!

-Hurry, no messing around.

Be careful, please!

OK, put it there.

Be careful not to spill any
or there will be nothing left to drink.

Well done, thank you kids. Now, dismiss.

-Bye Auntie. See you.

-Guys, stop!

Jeez. What an old lady!

Oops, I'm talking to my grandma.

Hello, My My?

Where are you?

On my way, almost there!

Do you have a pencil?

Yes, don't worry.

My whole life depends on it.

-My My.
-Hey. Where is the pencil?


Is he really handsome?
Why are you so panicked?

Of course. Take a look yourself.


What's wrong with your eyes?
He's right behind me.

Hey, what do you think?

So so...

My mustache is just so so?
I draw it on quite boldly!

Huh? What?

What are you talking about,
the guy or the mustache?

Geez, I'm asking about my mustache.
Does it look good?


Thanks to you, now my mouth is
as black as coal, isn't it?

No, it still looks good on you.

Good? This mustache
gives me more confidence.

I'd like to have one Green Lady.

Why are you ordering?


Aren't we hanging out?

No, we're not.

Today, I have some important things to do,
"adult things."

You want to hang out? Go elsewhere.

Go find a guy for yourself.
I'm busy keeping mine!

That's not cool, My My.

Here's your pencil.

Hi there.

Again, Saigon is really small.

Anywhere I go,
I end up running into my... ex-girlfriend.


Well. Do you mind if I sit here?

Not at all.


How about we play a game?

We haven't met for a while,

but I can see that
you're still as childish as before.

I just want to make you feel...

more comfortable.

So... what are we gonna play?

We're gonna play "Answer or Drink."

Let's start.

How tall am I?

Five foot ten.


High heels included.

Where did we first meet?

At the school canteen?


It was at camp
when we were in high school.

What are my measurements?

They were 85 - 62 - 94...

in the past.

So, no change at all?

My favorite food?

-Pan-fried rice cake!
-Wrong. It's goat hotpot.

Rice cake is your favorite,

but I wanted to please you,
so I ate it even though I didn't like it.

You have a lot to drink!

Challenge me with a tough one!
Make me drink!

What color do I like?

Black. And you hate pink.

Hold on. You love to see the rain
but hate the sound of water dripping.

You graduated on October 12th, 2008.

Drink up!

Now it's my turn.

Just a simple question.

Do you still love me?

Do you?

You haven't answered me yet.

It's OK. I can drink.

Let me ask you again.

Do you still love me?

You have to answer me first
and then drink!

Do you still love me?

Thien Kim, tell me...

why did you decide
to study abroad when we were in love?

And even so, we could still be together.

Why did you want to break up?

Do you still love me?

Geez, you can't even answer
a simple question.

Thien Kim, you...

Thien Kim!

Thien Kim!

Are you all right?

I look pathetic now, right?

You must forget this moment.

You wouldn't remember it, would you?

I would.


Why would you? I told you not to.

I mean I wouldn't.

Of course every woman wants to have
a man to protect and take care of her!

But you don't understand...

that I...

am used to doing everything by myself.

You will never understand.

Thien Kim, I'm sorry.

Do you think you were the only one
who wanted to make this relationship work?

I wanted that, too.

I'm sorry.


Thien Kim.

Thien Kim.


I said I wouldn't sell this stuff,
but she still gave it to me.

I'm an office worker, not a street vendor!

I must talk to her when I get home!

It's 20,000.


You stay in the sun to sell baguettes.
How can you have such nice skin?

It's cucumber face masks!


You mean the cucumbers
you put into the baguette?

Well, keep it to yourself, all right?

No big deal! The big deal is your face.
It looks good but not bright enough.

I'm outdoor all day.
How could it possibly be bright?

Change your life then!

You have to brighten your face.

Good fortune comes to bright faces.

People passing by will notice your face
first then realize you're selling bread.

Then they will buy from you.

Show me how I can do it.

Use my fast brightening cream.

Don't you dare give me
a shitty cream which would damage my skin!

Those are the fake creams.

Mine is handed down from my ancestors.
Its quality has been repeatedly confirmed.

I am your loyal customer,
so how about you support me a bit?


All right. I will support you
but let me be clear:

if something happens to my face,
I will come for you, no matter what!

Rest assured. I will not hide anywhere.

Here is one jar.

-How much for one?
-Two hundred thousand dong.

What? Two hundred thousand for this?

Bright skin, good fortune!
Prosperity will hit you on your face.

"Bright skin." I have your word!

Thank you. Please advertise for me.

Only if it works on me.

OK. Thanks a bunch.

"Bright skin, good fortune."

Hey, where are my files?

-Here they are.

Also, flowers for you.


Thank you.

You scared me!

Morning coffee delivery, just for you.
More energy for a new day.

Life is goofy!

Something's strange today.

One bouquet a day brings more fun to life.

So cheesy. Let me hold that for you.

-Saigon, I love you.

This is the idea
for the Consulate's Thank You Party.

A short Vietnamese opera performance
at the party?

Gosh how can you come up with
Such a brilliant idea

Is it because love

Makes people think better

My My, what do you mean by love?

Do not try to hide from me
I can tell just by looking at you

Vietnamese opera?

I know a pair of older singers

They used to perform it very well

Come with me for more details.
I'm getting tired already.

Don't run, slow down.

Those are pointy
and could skewer you if you fall on them.

-Auntie Ba.

Uncle Sau said he'd teach us
to perform Vietnamese opera.

We've been waiting for a long time.

With Vietnamese opera,
you have to take your time.

You must be gifted,

have talent and your voice must be good.

It can't be learnt in one day. Understand?

When can we learn it?

I will teach you
when you're ready to perform.

What do you mean by "ready"?

Let me explain it to you.

Look! Singing is like this...

That's it.

It's great.

What's that, Uncle Sau?

It's a horsewhip.

Let me show you how to ride a horse. Ba?


Let's perform some Vietnamese opera
for the kids.

OK. Riding a horse act?


All right, watch us.


Give us an applause!

Uncle Sau, Auntie Ba,
someone is looking for you.

Good evening.

If we turn you down...
would that put you in a tough spot?

Well, to be honest, it would.

We can solve the problem
of traffic in Saigon,

but these kinds of issues,
we are unable to solve.

This program will be a lot less meaningful

without your performance.

Since Saigon is the birthplace
of Vietnamese opera, right?

It's true.

Maybe we can help them out.

Just like we performed
at the communal house for the guests.

If we can't perform well,
it'll be awkward, really.

He's not as fit as he looks.

He can hang around
with the kids just fine,

but when it comes to performing onstage,

I'm afraid...

he might have a heart attack.
That would be a problem.

You guys should go home.
Give us some time to think, OK?

All right? You should go.
We'll think about it and get back to you.

-Well, thanks in advance.

Oh my God! What is it?

What is what?

Oh, you mean your face.

If you go to the wedding,
the groom will be running after you.

I have a feeling that something is wrong.

Oh my God, it's because of your skin.

It's not bright.

Use some of my fast brightening cream.

It's OK. I don't use cream.

-I'll pay you then. How much?

Two hundred thousand.

You ruined my dress.

-I didn't do anything.
-So annoying.

-What the hell!
-Scared the shit out of me!

It's your mouth that scared me.

You're so rude!

-So annoying!
-You too.


Oh my God.

Such ugly make-up,
like a puppy got hit by a car.

He's walking around like a lost puppy
but dares to comment on my beauty.

I'm always cute
like a descendant of the sun.

I'd be scared too if I saw you with
that mask, especially without the light.

Look at him with all his teeth.

You're silly. My teeth are pretty
and need to be shown.

Why are you here today?

I'm just passing by so I thought I might
as well come in to pick up the cream.

You've used a lot of cream already.

Look at him! What bright skin!

Everyone in my company
is using your cream now.


Even the cleaning lady asked
me which brand it is.

Did you tell her about me?

Of course not.

-I told her my skin is naturally bright.

What are you thinking, dear?

You know what? You should share it

with those ladies too, you know?

Actually, because they kept asking,

-I already told them.

-But not for free!

Have to earn a bit from that.

Sure you do. But not just a little!

-A huge fortune!

Sell for me, and I will give you
the best price for my top-level dealers!

-Top-level dealer?

You're running a pyramid scheme?

Upgrade, not a pyramid scheme!


You're home early today, honey.

-It's done.
-What's wrong with you?

Let me tell you this about your son:

he's over 30 years old
but has never had a relationship.

-You have to watch out.
-Watch out for what?

Science has proved that karma
of the mouth can cause cancer too.

So watch your mouth!

I'm only 29 and a half this year,
not 30 yet.

Actually, if based on the lunar calendar,
you're 31 already.

-You have a dirty mouth!
-Don't hate!

Stop fighting.
It will be worse if men are involved.

Just be happily single like me.

You got cheated on but moved on

and raised your children!

I'm tired of talking too much.

It happens every time I come here.

All right,
get me the cream so I can leave.

-How many?
-Two packs.

Right away.

Get the new ones.

These are new.

Oh my God.

Put them in a cool place.

Don't mistake them with yogurt.

You're crazy!

I'm leaving now. See you later.

I'll pay you at the end of the month.

Oh my God, such a cutie.


What are you thinking, saying he's cute?

He has such a big, lousy mouth
that can swallow everything.

Don't badmouth him.
He's my best customer!

So you're free now?

Can you go fix the pipe over there?


I'm small, but I always have to fix
the pipes or the drainage.

Because only small people
can fit in there.


I think we need a man
in this family to rely on.

Forget about it.

I've told you many times already!

Men mean trouble! Men are disasters!

OK, fine.
Let this unwilling man fix the pipes.


Yes, yes.



-Hi, I'm calling from the clinic.

We have the result of this morning's test.

-Congratulations, you're pregnant.

-For real?
-Yes. It's true.

Thank you so much.



Congrats to you
and your Saigon, I Love You project!

Thank you. Such beautiful flowers!

Thank you for calling me.
I forgot about the time.

With you,
work always takes first priority.

It's the weekend.
You're not allowed to mistreat yourself.

And you have no idea,
but someone is really worried about you.

We broke up here five years ago.

Since then,
I haven't been able to forget about you.

Viet Phuong.

Can you not talk about the past?

OK, I will never talk about it.

Thien Kim, can you give me
another chance to start all over again?

Are you asking me out?

Why isn't there anything special?




I love you.

You also use this cologne?

I just started using it recently.

Don't use it when going out.

People will not be able
to resist your attraction.

So this trip,
is it for leisure or for work?

I came back here to find someone.

Your ex?

Well... I left Vietnam
when I was only eight.

I'm looking for my dad.

Three months ago,

my parents and I had to take a blood test.

It turns out
that I wasn't their biological son.

Later, they told me everything.

My real parents used to be in a poor group
that performed Vietnamese opera.

My mom got pregnant; she became very weak.

She passed away after giving birth to me.

Without breastmilk, I cried nonstop.

My dad was worried that I might die

so he gave me to a family
that had just lost their baby.

Have you met him?


I'm not ready for this big change.

I'm afraid everything won't be the same.

There are lots of books about Saigon!

Little Stories in Saigon,
Finding Each Other in Saigon, Street Life.

Saigon Always Calls You "Cung"...


What does "cung" mean?

I hear it all the time on the street.

It means "honey".

It's not only for people in love
to call each other;

everyone can use it.

For example...

a mother can call her baby "darling."

Or, "You're such a cute darling today."

So, "Darling,
want to have coffee with me?"

In the midst of Saigon,
somebody has found love,

somebody has had their heart broken
and somebody has just left the city.

But the love for Saigon remains in
our hearts,

constantly growing bigger and bigger.

We don't know whether
we love someone or we love this place.

An audience just shared her thought.

Goodbye for now.

My name is Yen Khue
and you're listening to

Saigon in Our Eyes on Radio.




Wait for me.

Don't worry, Thien Kim!

We will be successful
with this Vietnamese opera show.

There's no way we can fail.

But if we do fail,
then it's because of fate.

My fate has come...

My life is lonely
Despite whomever I fall in love with

My life is lonely
So love is unreachable for me

My life is lonely
So when I love someone, it is in limbo

When I love someone...

My God, such a somber atmosphere!

Oh, I guess I know...

You're sad, so you want to record yourself

looking sad to show how miserable you are,
am I right?

You look like you're in a movie.
This wine glass must be soda.

-It's tap water.
-No wonder it has no taste.

There are cigarettes too?

Pretending like you know how to smoke?

I bet that just inhaling the smoke
makes you cough like crazy.

You're not only drawing a mustache
but also a fantasy beard, too.

Let me tell you this.

You have the least chance
to grow those in this neighborhood.

You want to see a guy.
Are you satisfied now?

Stop it!

I'm sad enough.
There's no need to keep babbling on.

,I will keep babbling on
till you open your eyes.

You never focus on your work.
It's always about boys. You deserve it!

Yeah! Serves me right, huh!

You always say
we don't need a man in this house!

But every time something breaks,
you wish you had one.

Then you drag me to go and fix them.

What exactly do you want from me?

Just because of your hatred for men,
you force me to live your way.

Don't you think you're too selfish!

Fine, blame me now for being selfish!

I'm so selfish,
but I let you live up to your gender.

Look at you! You're not older than a kid!

Afraid that you'll be bullied...

I tell you to draw a fake mustache

and pretend to be a strong man.
Is that me being selfish?

Tell you what...

whoever you are, you are still my son.

I don't want to keep saying this.

But I fear...

I fear that you will
fail in life like I did.

Fall for men and hurt yourself.


I think it's cool
to have two loners in our house!

Think about it.

If you have a boyfriend
and go out with him,

I will be bored to death here.
Is that sad?

Only women can bring
happiness to each other.

Oops, I mean only the people with feminine
souls can bring happiness to each other.

Do not be so sad
Blow the sadness away

Your voice is terrible!

-But you laughed!
-It was really awful.

-Don’t be sad.
-Fine, no more.


Hi, may I ask you something?

Is this Mr. Sau Luong's house?

Let me see you smile, boy!

Smile for me!

Wow, you look exactly like him!

You must be his son coming back for him.

Let me see...

My God, it's him. Sau, it's your son.

Wait for me here.

I will go find him. Don't go anywhere.

Sau, your son came looking for you!


Sau, your son is looking for you!




Your son is here for you!

I had to look for you everywhere.
Turns out you're here!

Your son is looking for you.

So, where is he now?

Son? What you talking about?

My goodness!
He didn't say he was your son.

But he looks exactly like you
when you were young.

I told him to wait while I looked for you.

Where is he? Have you met him?

Where is he? Your son.

For real?

Yes, he looks exactly like you!

The more I look at him,
the more I feel sorry for that kid.

What happened, Sau? What's wrong?

Sau, are you OK? Sau! Sau!

Eat some porridge!

Why did my son leave...

without seeing me?

He must hate me, right?

Of course not. He's your son.

He knows you're here.

He will come back to see you again.

Come on! Have some porridge.

I don't want to.

I spent half a day making it.

Just leave it here.
I'll eat when I'm hungry.


Be brave and go meet your dad.

I think if you don't do it,
you will regret it forever.

Are you sure your dad will still be around
when you come back to Vietnam next time?

Why aren't you sleeping?

I can't sleep.

Whenever I close my eyes,
I only see what happened in the past.

It's been 25 years already.

I wish I could meet him once...

to see how he is...

how his life is...
whether he's happy or not.

Then I won't regret anything if I die.






-How is your business?
-It's good.

-No one helps you?
-No, it's just me here.



Come home quickly!
Your son's here to see you!

Really? Well, keep him there!
I will be home soon.

Hurry up!

-Where is he?
-He's inside.

So, how do I look?

Perfect! Perfect! Now go!

How are your parents?

Thank you, Dad.

My parents are good.

They want to apologize.

After taking care of me for a while,
their love grew large.

They were afraid that
you'd take me back...

so they took me abroad.

I understand.

Tell them that...

I forgive them.

And I'm so thankful
that they have raised you well...

which might not have happened
if you stayed with me.

Thank you for not being mad at my parents.

Dad, please don't think too much.

Just let everything be the way it is.

I don't want anything to change.

I just came to say bye.

Goodbye, Dad.

I'm leaving in a week.

That kid... That kid...

He didn't even tell me his name.

I wish when I get old...

I'll have someone to take care of me
like Uncle Sau and Auntie Ba.

She has always been by his side
and has taken good care of him.

They are perfect soulmates for each other.

Just like you and this scarf, right?

This scarf was a gift
from my ex-boyfriend.

We broke up three years ago.

I'm sorry.

That's OK. It's the past.

We should treasure
every moment in the present.

Right now, I know...

if I don't say what I'm thinking,

everything will be quickly disappear,
like the first morning light.

Saigon is so beautiful.

-Carry on.
-No, I want cake.

How about I give you a leg massage?

Ouch, my legs hurt, too.
I've been standing all day.

Have some cake then!

That's it! Thank you.

Saigon's been so hot these days.

Are you better now?

I wish it would snow in Saigon.

Drop it, girl. Geez. I'm having
goose bumps. Snow is impossible.

It's just a dream.

All right, you guys stay here.
I have to go. I will be back later.

His type is hard to find, huh?

Marry him right away,
or someone might woo him and make him gay!

Someone can be you. Go for it.

-Just kidding.

I just think it's a joy to be in love.

I'm just not sure about marriage though.

Sau, are you OK? Sau!

Uncle Sau, what's wrong?

Hurry up, call the ambulance!


Where were we when we stopped?

No more rehearsals for you.
You have to take care of your health.

I'm fine.

Get up.

I'm so worried.

You should worry for Thien Kim instead.

We will owe her
if we can't perform this show.

I know.
She also worries a lot about your health.

But you have to get some rest.

I'm not scared that I'll fail her.
I'm scared I will fail you.

If you didn't go with me to find my son...

you could have been a lead singer.

If something happens to you...

I won't be able to live either.

We have been together for many years.

Isn't it your dream to be
a lead singer for once?

This show... I'm trying my best not for me

but for you.

This is how I can repay you.

You owe me nothing.

Don't be like that.

You haven't lived for yourself even once.

Plus, I want my son to see how great...

I used to be on the stage.

Are you worrying about Uncle Sau?

Don't worry so much.
Everything will be fine.

I'm worried about your health.

Who can take care
of this show if you're sick?

Wait for me for a moment.

Thien Kim!

We used to be together...

then we were apart.

We had another chance
to start all over again.

This time

I truly realize how much I love you.

I will always treasure
and hold on to our love.

Thien Kim...

I want to be with you forever...

to be with you through thick and thin.

Just tell me what you want.

I believe I can give you
everything you want.

I can do anything for you.

I can even make it snow in Saigon.

Thien Kim. I love you!

I promise to love and respect you
for all my life.

Will you marry me?

I've imagined this moment many times,

but every single time...

I saw myself as not being ready.

Give me more time.

I'm sorry.

I'll study abroad to develop my career,

but I don't believe
in long distance relationships.

So, forget me and find someone else.

Don't wait for me.

Do you think you were the only one
who wanted to make this relationship work?

I wanted it, too.

But you don't understand...

that I...

am used to doing everything by myself.

We often wonder what love tastes like.

Is it like eating an ice cream?

Charming, appealing and cooling,

it helps wipe out the heat
and hustle and bustle of this city

of over ten million people.

They say you must hold
your beloved's hands tight

because it's easy to get lost in Saigon.

But to me, Saigon can't be the place

where you can lose your loved ones easily.

-Guys holding swords stand on this side.

-Those with the flags move over there.
-All right.

-Just stand there when the music is on.
-Got it.


Kindly sign this, please.

Hey, kid!

What happened?

Stop hitting me! You've got
the wrong person! The wrong person!

I'm dying! Oh my God!

Shut up yet?

We're not hitting the wrong person.

Look at my face! Look!

My face is ruined because of your cream!

You said your cream is special,
but I'm as ugly as a frog!

Perhaps you have food poisoning!

I went to the doctor!
He said it's the cream.


See for yourself!

"Test result... contains toxic substances..."

I'll take the bike.
You'll pay me to get it back!

No way, this is all I have!
Please don't take it!

Give it back to me!

Open the door! Geez! Tuyen, come out!

My goodness, such a liar!

What were you thinking
selling unqualified products?

What can I do
with pimples all over my skin!

Hey, I'm listening.

Are you OK?

They came and beat me
and destroyed everything here.

Luckily, I was able to run inside
and close the door.

You should go hide somewhere.


Are you OK?

It's all over.

My business... everything...

has gone with the cream.

Where do I get the money
to compensate everyone?

Don't be so sad.

You've been working so hard to raise me.

Now it's time for you to rest.

I'm sorry...

I regret it so much now.

Don't be mad at me--

I'm not.

I can't be angry with you, Mom.

I haven't heard you
call me "mom" for a long time.

Who's that?

It's me, My My.

Oh, come on in.

Wait for me a little bit.
I have to clean up a bit.

Let me help you. Give it to me.

What happened to your face?

And your arms and legs? What happened?

They are fine.

They only hit my face because it's cute.

It's no time for jokes.

I'm sorry...

for my mess at the company.

You lost face because of me.

I'm sorry.

Who doesn't make mistakes?

I made even worse mistakes.

Don't tell me
while the Saigon, I Love You project

is in critical phase

that you want to quit.


If you want to quit, finish this project.

Take this money to get
your bike back and help your mom.

My goodness.

Why are you so kind to me?

Just like my mom.

I love you, sis.

Please rehearse a bit more, guys.

Uncle Sau is not here today.

Can we rehearse without him?

Guys, please, we don't have much time.

Uncle Sau, Auntie Ba!

Uncle Sau! It's Uncle Sau!

-How is everything?
-Do you feel better?

Please sit here.

How is everyone doing?

Jeez, without you two for a few days,

nobody wants to rehearse at all.

Are you fully recovered?

Not really,
but I feel uneasy just staying home.

I came to see everyone rehearse.

He's always like that.

All right, please just take a seat
and motivate us, Uncle.

Yeah, that's right!

OK, everyone spread out, and let's do it.
Just sit here, Uncle Sau.

The rainy season has started in Saigon.

The season of feelings...

the season of love.

Our love is just like the rain...

It gently, lightly touches me...

but leaves me blue

and lovesick.

Viet Phuong...

right now...

I wish you were next to me.

It always rains suddenly in Saigon.

If you get sick, your
Saigon, I Love You show will be ruined.

Rain or shine, I will still be with you.

Take good care of yourself.

Viet Phuong!

I love you.


You, go over there.



It seems like most of the guests
have arrived. Is everything ready?

Don't worry. I assigned everyone
their tasks already.

Tonight is going to be impressive!

It's my mom calling. Hello?

Excuse me! See you later.

Hi, baby.


Thank you... for giving me the idea

for the Saigon, I Love You party.

What do you mean?


Oh, right...

-Oh, hi! How's everything?

Oh my God! You look amazing.


It's so fancy!

In fancy places, act elegantly. Let's go.

Welcome, everyone, to the
Saigon, I Love You farewell party.

for Public Affairs Officer Mr. James.

He would like to give a speech.

Saigon, I love you.

I love you so much.

Hello, Saigon.

Take some medicine.

It will give you the strength
to perform well.

I always perform well...

but will my son come see it?

He will.

He promised to come and see you onstage.

What else is wrong with you?

Uncle Sau, are you OK?

Thank you both
for helping me with this show...

but your health is
the most important thing.

If you don't feel well...

just tell me. I will find another way.

Come on.

Will he be OK?

If anything happens to me on stage...

just pretend I'm acting.

Only come after the curtain has closed.

I have to try my best,

even if that means I have to die.

For us, to be on stage
is to have a chance to live again...

to live as another person, another life.

That’s life.

Birth and death are impermanent.

We keep thinking death is far away...

We turn back and forth,

and it's right beside us.

When do you leave?

My flight is on Monday.

Today, I came to say goodbye
to you and to... my father.

Do you plan to come back?

At first, I wanted to go visit my dad.

But now, since he has passed...

Right... well...

go back home,

but please remember him sometimes.

I will take care of his altar.
Don't worry.

I'm leaving now.

I thought I wouldn't be coming back,

but I'm not sure about it now

because I've become attached
to many things in Saigon...

I hope to see you soon.

For you.

Another sudden rain,

that which signals
the changing of seasons in Saigon.

There are only two seasons here.
The rainy season and the dry season.

The rains here are quite strange,
just like the city itself.

They come quickly; they go quickly.

This particular rain is different.

The sky is still blue.

The sun is shining cheerfully,

but at the same time, it's raining
as if it's making fun of something,

something so close and beloved.