Saigo no Chûshingura (2010) - full transcript

An army of loyal samurai plot to revenge their unjustly executed lord. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Farewell to this
world and the night.

What is one traveling toward death?

Frost on the road to the graveyard.

Footsteps that vanish one by one

A dream within a dream, alas!



Mistress Kayano!

It's me!

Terasaka Kichiemon!


I'm amazed you found me.

I gave up samurai status,
and now I eke out a living here.

Squire Yoshida's
wife told me the way.

Squire Yoshida?

So are you going around
to all the families...

...of the Loyal Retainers of Ako?

I've spent 16 long years walking
from one to the next.

You are the last.

All this?

Squire Oishi left it.

He said with the samurai of Ako
now left masterless... use this money to them
from falling into poverty...

...of even crime.

Thank you very much!


I take my leave.

You are one of the 47 samurai
who invaded the Kira mansion.

You are supposed to be dead.

But I am alive.

I should probably tell you why.

If was 16 years ago,
on December 14th, 1702.

Who's there?!


We're in the front gate.


I went back and forth
through the fighting...

...bearing Squire Oishi's orders.

And then...

Lord Kira, I presume?

We serve the House of Asano,
of Ako, in the Province of Banshu.

We are here to avenge the death
of our late lord, Takumi.


For honor!

As we bore the head of Lord Kira
to Sengakuji Temple...

...we paused at the Asa clan's
residence in Takuji.

You called, sir?

Terasaka Kichiemon...

Proceed now to Nanbu
Hill in Akasaka...

...and tell Lord Asano's widow
of what you have seen.

Yes, sir.

Then go west, to Hiroshima
in the province of Geishu... the Asano home there.




Listen, Kichie...

Your rank of foot soldier
is not why I have chosen you.

As messenger, you went from
the front gate to back...

...all though the Kira Residence.

No one else saw as
much of the battle as you.

Terasaka Kichiemon... are to bear
witness to what took place.

When we have been
sentenced and are dead... live.

You must live on.

Hold your life dear.

And then... out those who survive us...

...and assist them
with their livelihoods.

This is a vital task.

Yes, sir.

Now I know how the act
of vengeance took place.

Kichie, it's good...

...that you lived on.

I've lived on because
I was ordered to.

The 17th-year rite for the 46
is next February in Kyoto... Zuikoin Temple.

I must be there to attend.


Some tea, sir.

Is that a honey-locust tree?

Yes, sir.

An awful things. This wood's
too hard and it bears no fruit.

"Bears no fruit"...

Just like me.

Thank you.

Thank you. It's a fine piece.

Take care.

Shall we?


Seno Magozaemon!



I'm home!

Ah, Kisuke...

I heard you were coming back,
so I've warmed the house.

Thank you.

We've taken Miss Kane
in over at the house.

Who's playing?

Miss Kane.

She's gotten better lately.
Evan Yu-san can't match her now.


I'm back.

You're late!

You said you'd be back by sundown!

I'm sorry.

The rain slowed me down.

Thank you as always.

Not at all!

How did your business go?


oh, my!

A very rare piece.

I'm pleased to have it,
but it's a problem.

I don't know who to sell it to.

I don't know who to approach.

How about Chaya Shirojiro?

No, no.

The likes of me...

...could never hope to approach
a wealthy merchant like him.

That's so beautiful!

Take this to the
Chaya establishment.

I'm sure Shirojiro
will agree to see you.

Leave to enter!

I am Terasaka Kichiemon,
former samurai of Ako.

I ask to see Lord Shindo Nagayasu.

Terasaka Kichiemon...

You have done well.

Finding the families of the 46,
and seeing to their livehood...

You have had a long journey.

I have merely done
as Squire Oishi told me.

The 17th-year rite is February 4th.
Stay with us here until then.

Come in!

I am grateful.

How many former Asano
retainers will attend?

60 who now serve this house
of Konoe, or in other domains.

A hundred, counting those
who did not seek new positions.

That is a very large number.

All through the good offices
of Squire Kuranosuke.

While it is immodest to speak well
of one's second cousin...

...Kuranosuke had
great depth to him.

He took vengeance...

...but also planned for the future
of 300 who were not involved.

Such deep consideration...

If I may,
there is one thing I'd like to ask.

What is it?

About Seno Magozaemon.


A servant to the Oishi household.

The one who fled the night before?

On my way here, I saw a man
who looked very much like him.

If he is living here in Kyoto...

...perhaps word has reached
Your Lordship's ear.

I know nothing.

Why are you so concerned
with this Seno?

Seno Magozaemon was
a friend like no other.

His family had served
the Oishi's for generations.

He was as close to Squire
Kuranosuke as his own shadow.

But the night before the vengeance,
he suddenly vanished.


Where are you?



Since last night the
following have withdrawn.

Oyamada Shozaemon,
Nakata Riheiji...

...Suzuta Juhachi,
Nakamura Seiemon, Yano Isuke...

...Seno Magozaemon.

Six men!

Leaving a total of 47.

Perhaps Seno simply
didn't want to lose his life.

His wife had died young,
and he had no children.

Without Squire Oishi,
he had no reason to live.

And we had all pledged to die.

But he fled...

I'm sorry to bring this up.

But now you're in Kyoto.
Find some diversion here.

Ah, I know.

There's a new
entertainment popular here.

I doubt you've seen it.
The puppet theater.

I have an invitation
from Chaya Shirojiro.

Flowers for sale! Flowers!

Chaya Clothiers

I'd like to see Mr. Chaya.

Which Mr. Chaya?

Chaya Shirojiro...

The master?

Would you have an introduction?

Could you give him this?

Mr. Kariya Magobei?

And you have something to show me?

This is magnificent!

It's from a temple, with no documents,
but it's Yi dynasty, from Korea.

The Ryusen Kiln...

Where did you get it?

As a trader, I go west... Chugoku, Sanin,
and even Kyushu in search of wares.

I'd prefer not to say more.

Just as long as it's not stolen.

Though even if it were,
I'd still want it.

How much?

It cost me more than 50 ryo.

With travel expenses
and commission... about 80?

I was expecting thousands of ryo.

You're certainly not greedy.

By the way,
how do you come to know Yugiri?


The lady who wrote this letter.

I know her as Mistress Yu.

In the Shimabara quarter
she was The "Courtesan Yugiri".


The toast of the quarter?

That's her.

They say it was you
who bought her out of there.

That was long ago.

But handwriting this beautiful
I'd know anywhere.

Lord Shindo,
such a pleasure to see you.

I brought someone with me.

Terasaka Kichiemon

You know, the survivor of the 47.

Well, well, well!
My name is Chaya.

Terasaka Kichiemon.

This is my son Shuichiro.

♪"Hatsu, is that you? Hatsu?"...♪

♪...he calls, and she runs to him♪

♪"Toku? Where have you been?"♪

♪When they meet, her angry words...♪

♪...stay in her mouth...♪

♪...but her eyes say...♪


♪Tokubei removes his hat.♪

♪"You look a trifle tired."♪

♪"Of what does this tell?"♪

♪Through fingertips...♪

♪...pass feelings...♪

♪...of concern...♪

♪...and love.♪

♪"Living in tears as I do..."♪

♪"...this heart of
mine you do not know."♪

♪"To ask why I am so thin..."♪

♪" heartless of you..."♪

♪"... Tokubei."♪

Well, Kichie?

It's like they're alive.

They hardly seem like puppets.

Isn't she beautiful!


Why is he here?

Magoza? What's wrong?

Magoza, the play's only half-over.

I'm sorry.
I just remembered something.

I want to know how it ends.

What happens to them?

Love-suicide, I think.

Why do they have to die?

Love is something
I don't understand at all.

♪"Well, Tokubei?
Shall we die together?"♪


♪"I will die..."♪

♪"...together with you."♪

♪She holds out her foot.♪

♪Under the veranda, in tears...♪

♪...he takes her foot...♪

♪...and lifts it.♪


Come over here.

No. I'm fine here.

You used to eat beside me.

Do that now.

That was when you were small,
to teach you table manners.

I prefer that.

Magoza, come close.

Miss Kane, is something wrong?

Magoza... always keep disappearing.

Well, you know...

It's business. I'm sorry.

I get so lonely I don't know
what to do with myself.

That will not do.

Why not?

A lady of the warrior caste
must never say...

...words like "lonely" or "dear".

And what should I
say when I feel lonely?

For that...


Such self-indulgent thoughts
must never lodge... a Warrior's heart.

So it's wrong to feel lonely
when you're away?


And I shouldn't think of you
as the dearest thing in the world?

That's what you used to say
when you were a little girl.

"Dear Magoza"...

"Dear Magoza"...

When I was little,
I used to sleep in your arms.


...aren't you lonely
when you're away from me?

Let's eat.

You don't mind?

You're not lonely?

Magoza, answer me!


...I guess I'm a bit lonely.

You're just like me, then.

A certain young lady?


We saw her the other day
at the puppet theater.

A very beautiful young lady.

My son fell in love at first sight.

I was amazed a beauty
could exist so hidden from society.

But I have no idea who she is
or who her people are.

I see...

So Mr. Kariya... a dealer in antiques... must know many of
samurai or official status.

I thought perhaps
you might have some idea.


If not...

...could I ask you to undertake
to look seriously for her?

If I were to find this lady...

...what might your
intentions toward her be?


...for generations our house
has fostered such arts as...

...tea, incense,
flower arrangement, calligraphy...

She would need the airs and graces
of a cultivated woman.

So she could not be a bride here
simply because she was beautiful...

I don't know...

A proper young lady,
could come to the theater...

...and sit in our box
among our retainers and maids.

But that's about all.

Let's forget it, then.


It's not just my son who's in love.
So am I.

Beauty that striking and pure...

If I can have it, I want it
for the House of Chaya.

Well, I might come across her... I go around
in search of antiques.

That's what I want, Mr. Kariya.

That's what I ask.

They want Miss Kane as a bride?


That Shirojiro!
He has a good eye.


It's a fine match!
Why would you hold back?


I've told you all about me being
a courtesan in Shimabara.

So isn't it right
that you'd tell me...

...what secrets you're hiding?

The fact that you won't...

...must mean it's
something very serious.

It was snowing that night,
too, wasn't it.

16 years ago...

...when you came
through the snow...

...with a baby in
the fold of your kimono.

I'm told that a woman here...

...just had a baby.

A girl marked to a peasant
nearby is back with her baby.

Would she nurse this child?

Her mother's dead.

She'll never survive.


She's freezing cold!

Isn't she pretty!

You've raised her as if
she were your own daughter.

You've taught her etiquette,
writing, music...


Painting and music
are a courtesan's skills.

I'm embarrassed I can teach them.


...going as a bride to
the land's richest merchants.

Why wouldn't you
jump at the chance?


The authorities aren't after you
for anything, are they?

One day I swear
I will tell you everything.

Until then...

...forgive me.

Miss Kane... old are you now?

What a strange thing to ask!
I'm 16.


A proper age.

A proper age?


Most woman marry at 15 or 16.

I have no wish to go into a house
of which I know nothing.

I'm happy here.

I can't agree to that.

My orders were to see to...

...your happiness.

Your orders?


You raised me on orders?

Does my "happiness"
mean going as a bride?

Miss Kane...

...your late mother... she breathed her last..

...took my hand...

...and said. "A Warrior's lot
is an unhappy one."

"if you can,
make Kane the wife of a merchant."

The head of a merchant family...

...wants you to come
into his household.

I won't have it.

I want to live here with you!

♪"We will be the stars that shine
for wives and for husbands."♪

♪"We will," she says
and clings to him.♪

♪Between them...♪

♪...fall the tears...♪

♪ many the river surface...♪

♪...must have...♪


♪"How long will we
go on talking like this?"♪

♪"To hesitate over death
is the shame of all shame!"♪

♪"Now is the moment!"♪

♪"Steel yourself!"♪

♪He swiftly draws...♪

♪...his dagger.♪

♪But against this skin...♪

♪...the blade...♪


♪...and its point goes weak...♪

Um... I've been waiting here,
hoping to see you again.

The other time you
left halfway through.

I've been waiting for you
to come and see the rest.

What do you want?

My name is Chaya Shuichiro.

My family are clothiers.

May I ask your name?


Miss Kane? Where is your home?

Miss Kane? Where is your home?
I can't say.

I can't say.

Why not?

I've been told not to.

By whom?

I can't say.

So her name's "Kane"?


That's all I know.

Very mysterious.

And she seems to
be fond of someone.

You mean she has a man?

That I don't know.

We have found out at least
that her name is Kane.


Does that name ring a bell?

Not yet, I'm afraid.

I'm told there's
a man she's fond of.

I hear you met Mr. Chaya.


He spoke to you at the theater.

Oh, that gentleman...

Chaya Shuichiro. Heir to
the rich clothing merchant.


He says there seems to be
a man you're fond of.

This man you're fond of,
who might he be?

I don't want to tell you.

Miss Kane told you
there's a man she's fond of?

But she didn't want
to tell me who it was.

Do you have any idea?

Miss Kane is in love.

In love?

With whom?

A gentleman named Seno Magozaemon.

Mistress Yu!

That wouldn't happen
in a million years!

I've raised her
since she was a baby.

She's the last of a great house.

That can't be right.

It's absurd.

I wish I could agree with you,

...but I was raised
in the red-light quarter.

The face of love is something
I'm never wrong about.

No, you are wrong!

I've carried out my orders...

...and raised her to adulthood.

I've done nothing wrong.

I'm not saying you have.


...a man may live under the weight
of loyalty and duty...

...and "face"...

...but a woman is born a woman,
and becomes nothing else.

It is her fate to
burn with passion...

...for the man she loves.


It's an emotion she
can do nothing about.

♪"Those are human spirits."♪

♪"That is grief you see."♪

♪"Human spirits..."♪

♪"...who have gone ahead."♪

♪"Just like the spirits..."♪

♪"...of you and me."♪

♪"Then are those..."♪

♪"...our two spirits?"♪

♪"Are we dead already?"♪

♪"But even in death..."♪

♪"...we will be together."♪

If I get married...

...what will you do?


...once you're safely married...


What's your answer?

Well, Mistress Yu...

Mistress Yu?


...she'd take me in and feed me.

It won't bother you...

...if I'm gone.

That's not true.

That's different.

You'll live with Mistress Yu
as husband and wife...

I doubt that.

Have you two been talking about
this behind my back?!

She's had nothing to do with this.

Am I in your way?

You've got it all wrong!

How would you be in the way?

Then why can't
we go on like we are?

We just can't.


My orders were... raise you...

...and get you married.

So you have Mistress
Yu in your heart...

ls there no place
for me here any more?

Please understand.

I am a warrior!

Oh, that's right...

Your heart has no room for a woman.

I'd forgotten all about that.

Forgive me, Magoza.

"...devoid of substance. 0 Sariputra,
body is void, void is body."

"Form then is void, void then is form,
as are feeling, sense, will, awareness."

"All things are empty appearance,
not born, and not destroyed."

"So in void there is no form, feeling,
thought, will, or consciousness."

"No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body,
mind, no ignorance, or its end."

"No old age and death..."


Some cloth...

Certainly. This way, please.

Sorry to keep you.
For a lady's kimono?

A man's.

How about this cloth?

Miss Kane.

A man's kimono is
quite difficult to sew.

We could run it up for you,
if you like.

No. I'll sew it myself.

If I may ask,
what sort of man is it for?

I can bring out some cloth
that would suit him.

He's a man of nearby 50.


He's tall...

And his back... is very warm.

His back...

When I was a baby,
he used to carry me.

She's sewing a man's kimono?


And he's a man of nearly 50?

Not her father?

I think not.

Very mysterious.

When will you see her?

She says she'll
write and let me know.

Very interesting!

More enticing all the time.

I'm home.

You're late. I was worried.

I'm not a child.
You needn't worry.



What is it?

I want to borrow something.


A kimono of yours.

A kimono?

One that's old and worn-out.

By my age,
a worn-out kimono is very worn-out.

Miss Kane?

And tomorrow I practice
tea ceremony. I will go alone.


Yes, alone.

♪"If my thoughts..."♪

♪"...can reach you..."♪

♪" your dreams..."♪

♪"...then please dream of me..."♪

♪" I leave this world..."♪

Miss Kane?


Your palanquin is here.

Thank you.

Where did you unearth this?

A dealer I didn't know
suddenly appeared with it.

And when it appeared in my house... son fell in love.

The son who never liked
the company of women?

Don't tell me the object
of his attentions is...

Exactly. The young lady
we saw in the floor seats...

at the Takemoto Theater.

We know her name is "Kane".

She insists we do
not try to learn...

...her family name
or where she lives.


That's strange.

Yes, very strange.

I can't help thinking this urn
has brought the mystery upon us.

How is this name "Kane" written?

Lord Shindo,
does that suggest something?



Kichie, what do you think?

You'd read that "Karu"?

The first characters of
each name are the same.

Karu was...

...a girl I sent to attend
on Squire Kuranosuke...

...while he was hiding out in Kyoto
before the act of vengeance.

What if she became pregnant by him?

Squire Oishi's natural child?


I have an idea as to
the young lady you seek.

I can't tell you everything...

...but she's the posthumous child
of one who performed a valiant deed.

She is?

Her father died 16 years ago.

Her name is Miss Kane.

And where would
this Miss Kane live?


If you know that much,
you're hiding something.

This Miss Kane you're interested in
has no desire to be a bride.

So if we rush her now
the way forward might be harder.

Excuse me.


Is your master here?


Whom shall I say is here?


If you're still paying respects
at Lord Takumi's grave...

...then why did you flee?


You are Seno Magozaemon,
aren't you not?

You're still alive?!

You flee the night before
the act of vengeance...

...and you still dare to live?!

I'm very sorry.

With the 17th-year rite
for the 46 so close... dare you show your face
before this grave?!

I'm very sorry.

Have you no shame?!

Please! Spare my life!

There are things I still must do!

Don't defile your sword
on the likes of him.

He's a disgrace!

Forgive me.

I've forsaken samurai status.
I'm a merchant now! Forgive me!

Squire Tsukioka...

Damn you!

Let's go.

Come on.




Let's be on our way.

I've been looking for you.

Is there a reason you ran out
on us and stayed alive?


No reason.

I am a coward who simply
feared for his life.

What are you hiding?!

What's wrong with you?

If you continue in this fashion...

...I will have to kill you.

Tell me why!



A girl?




Tell me why you're
trying to kill me!

That's enough!

En garde!

Magoza, this doesn't make sense.
What are you hiding?



If you can hear me, listen!

I've spent 16 years going around
on Squire Oishi's orders!

I've gone to see Ako samurai
scattered all over the place!

All the Ako samurai
are all giving it their best!

The ones who died are honored!

The ones who didn't...


"Cowards who feared for their
lives." That's what people call us.

We've gone through hell.

We bear a lot more
than the ones who died.

You too, probably.

16 years...'ve spent in hiding.
There must be a reason.


Won't you tell me, Magoza?

We're blood brothers, after all.

I see.

It's come to this?

I won't ask again.

You wanted me, sir?


Come in.

The time has come.


For many years...'ve served me well.

I thank you.

Not at all.

You are not a retainer
of my late Lord Asano.

You have no need to die.

Rm sorry?

I am ho third of my line
to serve your house.

I would consider it a privilege
to die with you.



...will you place
your life at my service?

Return to Kyoto...

...and look after Karu for me.

She is ill,
and pregnant with my child.

The child will be treated
as the offspring of a criminal.

Conceal its origins,
and hide it away.


...take care of Karu.



Forgive me.

I need...

...your life.


As you wish.

As of tonight,
Seno Magozaemon is dead.

I will change my
appearance and my name...

...and guard...

...Mistress Karu and
her child with my life!

Until the time is right,
tell no one of this.

Neither former Ako retainers,
nor your family.

Yes, sir.

Here is money for the way,
and my formal kimono.

When you must...

...use it as proof
you serve the House of Oishi.

I heed and will obey.

This is chrysanthemum
and aloe wood scent.

I knew it.

That is the same
scent Karu favored.

It must be Seno Magozaemon
who has raised her child.

Most likely on the orders
of Squire Kuranosuke!

So she is...

I am Terasaka Kichiemon, former
retainer to the House of Asano.

Hearing you study tea ceremony here,
I have taken the liberty of waiting.

The House of Asano, did you say?

Magoza, I'm back.

Welcome home.



...your mission is accomplished.
Well done.

I came to say that.

Good day.


How did you know...

...about Miss Kane and me?

Lord Shindo Nagayasu
saw through the whole thing.

I see.


My person...

...belongs to me...

...and yet it does not.

As the natural child
of Oishi Kuranosuke...

...what will happen
to my person now?



I'll go as a bride.

As you have said...

...I want to try to find happiness
as a bride in the House of Chaya.

I was hoping you would say that.

Please be happy.


That Squire Oishi?

The act of vengeance on Lord Kira
was a high crime against the Shogun.

He told me to hide the child
away from the world.

Miss Kane is that child.

I make so bold as to ask...

...does the House of Chaya
have any objection... one who carries the blood
of Oishi Kuranosuke?

Oishi Kuranosuke
was the very model of a warrior.

What objection could we have
to a daughter of his?

Right, Shuichiro?


That is good to hear.

Then I convey the words
of Miss Oishi Kane.

Kane wishes... marry Chaya Shuichiro.

At last!


Is there something else?

She wishes to wait ten days.

All right.
We'll have the wedding in ten days.


♪"How long will we
go on talking like this?"♪

♪"To hesitate over death
is the shame of all shame!"♪

♪"Now is the moment!"♪

♪"Steel yourself!"♪

♪He swiftly draws...♪

♪...his dagger.♪

♪But against the familiar skin...♪

♪...he has loved...♪

♪...and held close...♪

♪...and slept beside...♪

♪...for so many long
months and years...♪

♪...the blade...♪

You're so beautiful!

True Oishi princess!

We come together to chant sutras... remembrance and
for the eternal rest...

...of the spirit of
Oishi Kuranosuke Yoshitaka...

...may his soul
rise to Lord Buddha.

And for Yoshida
Chuzaemon Kanesuke...

...Hara Soemon Mototoki...

...Kataoka Gengoemon Takafusa...

...Mase Kyudayu Masaaki...

...Onodera Junai Hidekazu...

...Oishi Chikara Yoshikane...

...Isogai Jurozaemon Masahisa...

...Horibe Yahei Akizane...

...Hazama Kihei Mitsunobu...

...Nakamura Kansuke Masatoki...

...Sugaya Hannojo Masatoshi...

...Ushioda Matanojo Takanori...

...Horibe Yasubei Taketsune...





Come to my room, will you?

For 16 years you've
looked after me.

Miss Kane...'re beautiful.

I sewed this kimono myself.

It's not very well made,
but I put my whole heart into it.

Will you wear it?


It's wasted on me.

It suits you.


Hold me.


Like when I was small...

...hold me.

Like this?

No, tighter.

Like this?

Tighter. Hold me tighter.

When I'd cry...'d hold me like this.

I've loved living with you.

As have I.

Will I ever love
anything so much again...

Miss Kane, if we were flowers,
you would be a bud.

You will have much to love.


Miss Kane,
if you cry your make-up will run.

I won't cry.

A warrior woman does not cry.

You told me that.

Miss Kane... smile for me, please.

One last time before you go.

It's almost time
for you to be going.

Mistress Yu,
I thank you for all you've done.

Be happy, please.

I will.

Mistress Yu...


Look after Magoza for me.

I'll do that for you.

I'm ready.

Miss Kane...

Miss Kane,
you must have been lonely.

I should have done more.

Why would I be lonely?
You were with me, after all.

You're very kind.

Terasaka Kichiemon,
of the House of Asano.

I come in the wish to serve
on this auspicious occasion.

Squire Terasaka
you are most welcome.



I'm saved.

You organized all this, didn't you.

I couldn't have done it.

This is all Lord Shindo's doing.

By your leave!

Would this be the procession of
Squire Oishi Kuranosuke's daughter?

It would.

I am Tsukioka Jiemon,
former Chief Page...

...of the House of Asano!

I am Kanamori Sahei, fusilier!

I am Kageyama Sobei, of the Watch!

On the occasion of the marriage
of Squire Oishi's daughter...

...out of obligation to him...

...we humbly ask permission... be of service at her wedding.

I am most pleased
at your consideration.

In place of my late father...

...I humbly offer thanks.

I am grateful.

As well... Seno Magozaemon,
in attendance tonight...

...our foolish accusations
of cowardice and desertion...

...were a sin worth
ten thousand deaths.

Squire Seno, in all sincerity...

...I beg your forgiveness.

Squire Tsukioka,
let us go forward together.

I am grateful.

A moment!

A moment!

A moment!

Taki Tarozaemon, Captain,
House of Asano, Ako Domain!

Out of obligation
to Squire Oishi...

...I ask to serve at
the wedding of his daughter.

Shiotani Takeimon, formerly of
His Lordship's Guard...

Sugino Junzaon,
former Under-Commissioner.


A moment!

A moment!

I am Obata Yaemon!

Miwa Kihei, and my son Yakuro.

We are here through the good
offices of Squire Oishi.

Allow us to repay this obligation!

A moment! One moment, please!

I am Haikata Tobei!

Nagasawa Rokurozaemon!

Okamoto Jirozaemon!

Koyama Gengoemon!

Tsuruta Sanzaemon!

Kimura Zenzaemon!

Watanabe Kakubei!

Toyoda Hachizaemon!

The bride has come!

I am Okuno Shogen, formerly
Steward of the House of Asano.

Through the good offices
of Squire Oishi, I now serve... Administrator
to Great Councilor Hino.

Following the 17th-year memorial
to Squire Oishi...

...I now speak for all... offering congratulations... his daughter Miss Kane...

...on the occasion of her wedding.

I am most grateful to you.

Go in.

Miss Kane,
we have waited for this moment.

Come in.

The bride is here!
Everyone, come in!

Takasago! Raise the
sail of our little boat...

Our little boat with sail raised...

With the moon rising,
on the tide...

Over the waves to far Awaji...

Miss Kane...

...has gone safely as a bride.

Now I have carried out my orders...

You've come home, sir?

You're back very early.

Miss Kane has been delivered
to the Chaya home.

Mistress Yu expected you.

She's prepared a celebration.

Miss Kane is safely married.

For that I owe everything to you.

You have my deepest thanks.

Why are you being so formal?

It's like you're going far away.
You're making me nervous.



You mustn't die, you know.

When I was in
Shimabara I was told...

...that a woman is the only thing
holding a man to this world.

One hair from her head...

...keeps that man living.

What has kept you
tied to this world...

...was Miss Kane's hair.

And now that's gone... are very
much in my thoughts.

Your thoughts?

I've always thought
I was very fond...

...of Seno Magozaemon.



...tell me that you are free now
to live as you please.


You are annoying!

I can't replace Miss Kane, but...

...I'm a woman.


I want you to live with me now.

Magoza, I've been
waiting for 16 years.

That's a cruel thing to say... my task is done...

...and this world
has no use for me.

Who's being cruel?

Being tossed aside
after spending 16 years?

Who's being cruel?

Mistress Yu, forgive me.

I am a warrior.

Only one man has ever resisted
the charms of Yugiri.

You are the only one, Magoza.

Is that Lord Shindo's?

Lend it to me.

I have fulfilled
the great task you set me.


...I follow you and cast my fate
to the three realms of time...

...until the end...

...of reincarnation itself.

Farewell to this world

...and the night.

What is one traveling toward death?

Footsteps that vanish... by one.

A dream within a dream, alas!




I need no second.


You are the last
of the loyal retainers!


Koji Yakusho

Koichi Sato

Nanami Sakuraba

Koji Yamamoto

Jun Fubuki

Kinie Tanaka

Masatoh Ibu

Yoshi Oida

Narumi Yasuda

Nizaemon Kataoka

Based on a novel by
Shiroichiro Ikemiya

Screenplay by
Yozo Tahaka

Music by
Takashi Kako

Director of Photography
Mutsuo Nagamuna (J.S.C.)

Art Director
Yoshinobu Nishioka

Art Director
Tetsuo Harada

Lighting Director
Takaaki Miyanashi

Sound Director
Toyotaka Nakamichi

Sound Mixer
Tetsuo Segawa

Sound Effects
Kenji Shibasaki

Edited by
Chizuko Osada

Directed by
Shigemichi Sugita