Saige Paints the Sky (2013) - full transcript

Meet nine-year old Saige, a talented artist with a passion for horses, in this modern-day story about finding your voice! Saige is excited about the new school year, until she discovers that art-her favorite class-has been cut. On top of that, her best friend, Tessa, seems to be spending more and more time with another girl. For help, Saige turns to her grandma Mimi, a well-known artist and horse-woman, who inspires her to take action. Can Saige find the courage to overcome her fears and save the art program-and her friendship with Tessa? Heart-warming, empowering, and fun, it's a movie for every girl who has ever dreamed big. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




Hurry up. Let's go.

you're gonna miss the bus.




Come on. Let's go!

Cutting it close.
And on the first day of school, no less.

I had to get out
there and draw.

Everything was just
so beautiful this morning.


Hey, hey, hey.
How's my fourth grader?

Morning, Dad.

You excited?

Tessa just got back from music camp,

and I can't
wait to see her.

Do you know this
is the first summer

we haven't spent
every single day together?

Do you know
this is about

the hundredth time
I've heard you say that?

And I know you're
also excited about

all the cool things you're going to learn this year, right?

That too.

Hey, I want you
to check this out.

They're almost done sewing the fabric for the balloon.

It's gonna be ready just in time to fly at the Fiesta.

It looks amazing!

I can't believe
my design

is actually going to be turned into a real balloon.

I mean,
just imagine what it's gonna look like at the Fiesta.

The sky's gonna be filled with all these hot-air balloons.

Yours is gonna be up there
with us inside of it.

That's pretty cool, huh?


To my
very talented daughter.

I don't mean to break
up your little brunch,

but this artist is on the verge of missing the bus.

I'm on it.

We'll see you at
Mimi's for dinner?

Okay! Bye!


Crazy. The show...

Oh, that song!
It was so hard to learn.

I know.

Oh, I missed you so much!

Okay, you first.
How was camp?

It was beyond!

It was more than beyond!

They'd have to invent a new word for how beyond it was!

She's right.
I learned all these cool vocal warm-ups

and met other girls who love music just as much as I do.

Totally changed my life.

Oh! You know Dylan,

She was in Mrs.
Martin's class last year.

We were in
the same cabin at camp.

She's an incredible singer.

Oh, yeah. Hi.

Hey! You're the artiste, right?
That's pretty cool.

Um, yeah. Thanks.

how was your summer?

I feel like we haven't talked in forever!

Um, it was fun.
I painted a...

Speaking of fun,

Tessa and I did
this crazy duet

at the end-of-summer
talent show. Let's do it!

One, two, three, four!

Don't let them tell you that you dream too much

Don't let them tell you
that the world's too rough

They should be making time
to have some fun

'Cause we do,
'cause we do, 'cause we do

Clearly, we totally rocked
the house with that song.

Yeah, that was...

First place, baby.

It was amazing.
You're a crazy girl.

Good morning, class.
Everyone, please take your seats.

I'm Mrs. Applegate.
Everyone, this is Gabi Peña.

She just moved here from South Albuquerque.
Let's welcome her.

Hi, Gabi.

Go ahead
and take a seat.


You're Saige, right?

Yeah. Have we met before?

No, but I moved in just a few doors down from you.

I've seen you in your yard, drawing.
I'm kind of an artist, too.

I design my own clothes.
And I drew these.

They're cool.

Not as cool as your grandmother's stuff though.

My mom told me
she's Mimi Copeland.

She's pretty awesome.

At my old school,
my art teacher took us

to see her exhibit
at the art museum.

And I've seen
her every year,

leading the parade at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

You're so lucky to have a famous artist in your family.

I'm actually going
to her house today.

You should come over
and meet her some time.

I'd love to.

So, let's get started.
We are going to have a fantastic year.

I've got lots of very exciting activities planned.

But before we get into that,

there are just a few things
I need to announce,

some of which
won't be easy to hear.

Due to budget cuts,
we unfortunately

will not be having
art class this year.


From now on,
art and music will alternate.

This year, it's music.

I know this is disappointing news,
and I'm so sorry.

But at least you'll get art back next year.

Mimi. It's me.
Anybody home?

Hello? Mimi.

Hey there, Rembrandt.
Hi. How you doing? Yeah?

Have you seen Mimi?

Have you? No?


Hey, Luis.
Hey, Saige.

How you doing, Georgia?

Where's Mimi?

Right out there.





Come on.


Do the parade gait,

You bet.




Go, Mimi!


Now try the scarf trick!

Coming right up!

Let's show them,

Let's go.


Go, Mimi!

Come on!




That's what I'm talking about.

- Whoo-hoo.
- Whoo!


Great job.

Hey, hon,
you wanna go for a ride?

Georgia's all saddled up.

Hyah! Giddy-up!

Here I come!

Whoo. Watch out!

You know, Mimi,
that scarf trick was amazing.

It blows me away every time.

I don't know how you do it and get Picasso

to do the parade
gait at the same time.

I'm thinking of doing that scarf trick again this year

when I lead the parade
at the Balloon Fiesta.

You have to.
It's a tradition.

I could never lead a parade.

The thought of a huge crowd staring at me makes me want to throw up.

Well, I was nervous
the first time

I performed in front of that crowd.

Something wrong, hon?


Come on.
You know you can tell me anything.

Well, today
was the worst day ever.

Our teacher
told us there was no art

in school 'cause
of some dumb budget cut.

And Tessa made a new best friend at music camp.

So you
had a rough first day.

A new school year,

and things are different
between you and Tessa.

Change is hard,
but we can't let that scare us.

But I don't want
things to change.

I know.
Sometimes it's good to shake things up a bit.

Race you.

You're on.


Come on!

Dinner's in the oven.

I hope you're hungry.
I made enough red chili tamales to feed a city.

Saige, that's great!

You're developing
a wonderful sense of texture.

Oh. Well,
I'm not done blending.

Wait. Maybe you should try
the impasto technique.

I mean,
it would take your painting to a whole new level.

the impasto technique?

Well, instead of
blending out

and hiding
your brushstrokes,

you get a painter's
knife or palette knife,

and you show
the strokes on purpose.

This was one of Van Gogh's favorite techniques.

Look. You see
how freeing it is?

The paint just
glides on there.

And all those beautiful,
happy accidents.

All those colors mix.
It's just so freeing.

Wanna give it a try?

No, thanks.

I'm pretty into my brush.
Maybe another time.

Remember, hon,

it's important
to try new techniques

if you want to
grow as an artist.

I know.
But I really like my brush.

And I think I'm just getting good at this stroke.

Maybe next time.

Do you think you'll finish the mural in time for the Fiesta?

Well, that's the plan.

I'm thinking of calling it
Portraits of Albuquerque.

What do you think?

I think that's perfect.

'Cause the Fiesta
wouldn't be the Fiesta

without one of your
world-famous paintings.

I'm so lucky
I get to paint with you

since we don't
have art in school.

But it still
doesn't seem fair.

Well, if you really
think it's unfair,

maybe you should
try to do something about it.

Like what? There's nothing I can do.
I'm just a kid.


Mom and Dad must be here.

Mom, it's good.
Hot sauce is fantastic.

Not too spicy?
I like it.

I think I got carried
away with the red chili.

Hey. You still thinking
about your art classes?

Yeah. I just
don't get why art

should be less important
than anything else.

That's what you're gonna say when you fight to get the program back.

Who said
anything about fighting?

artists never give up,

especially when
their ability to express

themselves is at risk.

Artists never go down without a fight or at least a protest.

Do you really think
a protest would work?

Why not?
At least you can try.

Sometimes the causes
most worth fighting for

are the ones you're not sure you can win.

Do you remember that time that old
adobe building was gonna be destroyed,

and they were going to replace it with a little mini mall?

But then you
convinced half the city

to show up with
signs to save it.

And then Mom rides Picasso
through the crowd,

just chanting
through a bullhorn.

I think you made
national news with that one.

Guilty as charged.
But it worked.

And it could
work for you, too.

All artists have a voice,
and you have one, too.

Clearly you
haven't heard me sing.

I'm not talking
about that kind of voice.

Now, an artist's voice
speaks through her work.

And you
won't be alone either.

There are a lot of kids
who like art.

And music.

This could
be a great way for you

to reconnect with Tessa.

I never thought
about it like that.


I'll talk to you later!

There's no need for fear

'Cause I know
I'll never be lonely

When you're here,
my gray skies turn blue

You understand me

I smile when you're around

The sun's so much brighter,
it's true

Always forever

Whatever the weather

We stick together like glue

Forever and always

Good times and bad days

I always know what to do

'Cause I've got
a friend just like you

'Cause I've got
a friend just like you

'Cause I've got
a friend just like you

'Cause I've got
a friend just like you


You sound really good.

Thanks. It's a song Dylan wrote at camp.
Isn't that cool?

Yeah. Super cool.

So, Mimi had this idea
I wanted to talk to you about.

You know,
how we're not having art this year?

then no music next year.

I know.
But I was talking to Mimi,

and I think we should do something about it.

Start a school-wide protest.

And we can get a bunch of other kids involved.

And then next year,
you can have music again.

A protest, huh?
Like the Boston Tea Party?

Something like that.
I haven't figured out all the details yet.

I think that sounds...



Hey, listen,
I'm going to Mimi's after school

if you want to come hang out with me while I paint.


I feel like we haven't
done that in forever.

I'm supposed
to go to Dylan's.


Well, maybe tomorrow.

You know, it's all good.
I can just meet up with her later.

I'll ride the bus with you after school?

Oh, and then I can show you the sketches for my balloon design.

You're still gonna fly with us at the Fiesta, right?

Uh, hello?
In the gagillion years we've been friends,

have I ever missed flying in the balloon with you and your dad?

I can't wait!

Oh. See you later.


Should we go through
the harmonies again?

Sure. From the top?

Hey, Saige.

Oh, hey.

I wanted to see if you can come over after school.

I downloaded this Japanese anime movie.

The drawings are so cool.

Uh, today?

Yeah. Sorry, Gabi.
I'm busy.

Maybe we can hang
out later in the week.

Oh. Okay.

See you in class.

'Cause I've got
a friend just like you

I wish I was a star

Blinking brightly from afar

Looking down on everything

of the light I bring

I dream I was a fish

Swimming everywhere I wish

Moving smoothly
through the world

But I'm always
glad to be a girl

I look up
to the stars at night

I know that
everything's all right

I can be anything I want

When I grow up,
I'll chase my dream

I'll change
them to realities

Who knows
the things I could achieve

If I can just
always believe in me


Keeping the faith
Think of the things you'll see

If I can just,
if I can just

Always believe in me

Always believe in me

So then, Tessa
started playing her guitar,

and it was just like it was before she went to music camp.

I feel like I have my best friend back.

I am so happy for you, hon.

Oh, quiet, Rembrandt.

That dog's gonna eat me
out of house and home.

I've gotta get
him a dog biscuit.

Keep talking.
I can hear you.

Oh, quiet.

So then Tessa and
I started painting

and laughing,
and singing and...



Mimi! Mimi!


Mimi! Mimi!

My leg.

Luis! Luis!

What's going on?
It's Mimi! She fell!

She tripped
over Rembrandt.

He was so excited
to get his treat.

She's going to be okay, Saige.
She's a very strong woman.

But I feel like
I could have helped her.

It's not your fault, okay?
Trust me?



Saige. Saige!

Mimi! No!



Dad said I could come in for five minutes and see you.

They said you had to have an operation.

They sure don't try to make this place very cheery.


I'd wave hello,
but I broke my wrist and my leg.

I was really scared, Mimi.

I know. Me, too.

Now, on to something
bigger and better.

How's the planning
for the protest getting on?

I don't want
to think about art

or some dumb
protest right now.

Don't say that.

Your art classes are too important to stop fighting for.


Artists never give up.

Do it for me.


Promise me.

Good. Oh, good.

Now, I think I need to get a little rest right now.

Okay. Bye.



I got your message
last night about Mimi.

I'm really sorry.

Thanks. But I'm sure
she's gonna be okay.

And she really wants
me to do this protest.

Well, then let's do it.

I hope you don't mind that I invited Dylan to help us plan.

Uh, no, of course not.
Gabi's gonna help out, too.

The more,
the merrier, right?

So, I came up
with an idea when

I was visiting
Mimi last night.

Her hospital room
was so boring and drab.

Everything was beige,
and all I could think was,

"How could anyone possibly feel better in this room?"

And then I thought,
this is what

the world would
be like without art in it.

and totally colorless.

So the idea
for the protest is,

"A Day of Beige,"
the world without art.

That's a great idea!

It's totally genius!

Thanks. And I'm thinking
we can do it next Monday.

And have all
the students who want

to protest wear
only beige, no colors.

Well, I look terrible
in beige.

Can't we do "A Day of Pink" or something?

I mean,
that was kind of the whole point, but...

I have an even better totally genius idea.

You do?

A protest is great and all,

but who cares
if no one knows about it?

at school will know.

I'm talking, like,
the whole city.

How would
the whole city find out?

Hello! My mom's
a reporter for The Post!

I don't know
if we need to get...

Really? That's awesome.

I'll bet I can
get her to do, like,

a press conference
or something.

We'll get a ton of attention!

Now it's like a real protest.

Is that okay with you, Saige?


That does sound good.

Cool. So I'll talk
to my mom right away.

She knows so many reporters.

Okay, so what
we'll have to do is

we'll have to tell
everybody to wear beige.

And then we'll
have to talk about why

we love music
and art so much and why...


Hey, Saige! Wait up!


I saw you from
the window walking your dog.

What's his name?

And it's more like Rembrandt was walking me.

He's been
freaking out ever since

he came to stay with us after Mimi's fall.

It's just like
he wants to be home with her.

I'm sorry, Saige.

It's okay.

I just wish she could come see the Day of Beige.

Even though Dylan took over the whole thing and made it all about her.

Dylan's pretty intense.

And a press conference?

The last thing I want to do is talk in front of a bunch of reporters.

but it's still a good idea.

If Dylan's mom can get
us all the publicity,

it'll all be worth it,

Yeah. I guess so.

What's wrong?
Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
We'd better get going.

We have a protest
to get ready for, right?

Come on.

Help save the art program.

On Monday, wear only beige.

Help save the art program.

On Monday, wear only beige.

Help save the art program.

On Monday,
wear only beige.

Wear beige and protest.

Wear beige on Monday.


Almost everyone's
wearing beige now.


Good morning.
What's this?

This is gonna be awesome.

Hey. Get rid of the green.




Come on.

Will the following students

please report
to Principal Laird's office?

Saige Copeland, Tessa Jablonsky,
Gabi Peña and Dylan Patterson.

I'm sure you all know why you're here.

Are we in trouble?

That depends.

I'm hoping you can give me some clarification.

Why are reporters
calling my office

asking me about an after-school press conference?


And how does
this relate to the fact

that the majority of the student body is wearing beige today?

I have to admit,
the lack of color is a little depressing.

So what gives?

Would you believe it's the weirdest coincidence ever?

Go ahead.
You can explain it.

Well, um,
we kind of meant for it to be depressing.

That's right.
To show how the world would be without art in it.

I guess you could
call it a protest.

I appreciate
your enthusiasm,

and I agree with you that art and music are important.

But I've fought
this battle before,

and I don't think a press conference will help.

But we have to try,
don't we?

Artists never give up.

The causes most
worth fighting for

are the ones you're not sure you can win.

I just wish you girls had let me know about this in advance.

We're really sorry.
We should have asked you first.

Yes, you should have.

And since you didn't,
I really should cancel that press conference.

But, I have to say,

I'm pretty impressed
with what you've done.


I am.

And if...

If I let this happen,

do you promise
never to do anything

like this again
without permission?


Okay, then you can go ahead
with the press conference.

All right, girls!

Now, go. Get back to class,
all of you.

Thank you,
Principal Laird.

I didn't think so many people would show up.

Yeah. Isn't it great?

Maybe this protest
will really work.

Oh, look.
My mom's gonna ask the first question.

Hi, girls.
Pam Patterson from The Post.

Can you tell me,
what is the nature of this protest?

Our protest was about getting art back in school this year.

We call it
"A Day of Beige"!

Who came up with this?

Saige did.

Now, Saige, tell us
how you came up with the idea.

She asked
you a question, Saige.

It's okay. It's okay.

do you need a minute?

do you need a minute?

For most kids,
school is the only place

to learn about art
and music and dance.

What if right now, in school,
there's a future Picasso or Taylor Swift,

who will never get
the chance to shine

because they never get to discover their love of the arts?

Not to mention,
kids who take art get better grades.

Now, that's
something worthwhile, huh?

There you are.

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

Did I ruin
the press conference?

Not at all.
Do you want to talk?

No. I just...

There were
a lot of people there,

and they were
all looking at me,

waiting for me
to say something,

and I didn't know
what to say.

Saige! What happened?
Where'd you go?

Did you hear Dylan?
She did a great job.

What's wrong?

All of you girls
did a great job today.

I'm gonna do
what I can to help.

I can't promise anything,
but I'll try.


Don't be upset.
We're gonna get the art program back.

Girls, uh,
before you get too excited,

I called the school
board earlier today,

and they said
there's just no money

in the budget for
a full-time art teacher.

then what about a part-time?

Maybe like
an after-school thing.

You just might have
something there, Saige.

But we'd still need
to fund it ourselves.

Like, how much money?

My guess would be about


And we'd need to do
it by the second week

in October to get it
into this year's budget.

Wow. Let me just
check my piggy bank. Not.

How can we find all
that money in six weeks?

Well, I don't know.

But I do know you had quite an artistic vision today.

And after pulling that off,
I have no doubt you'll find a way.

How can we possibly come up with $5,000 in the next six weeks?

I mean, my allowance
is only $10 a week.

How about a fundraiser?

I mean, there must
be plenty of people in

your community who'd
support your cause.

A fundraiser.
That could work.

And I know just
where to hold it.

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
The whole city shows up.

That's a great idea, Mimi.

The Fiesta's in a few
weeks and will give us

just enough time
to get everything ready.

And give you
time to get better

so you can finish your mural and lead the parade on Picasso.


I don't think so, Saige.

But you always
lead the parade.

Well, not this time.

But you could.

You could lead the parade.

Every year,
all of Albuquerque

expects a Copeland
to lead the parade.

This year it could be you.

You're a great rider.

You know Picasso.

And it would only
take you a few days

to learn how to do the parade gait and the scarf trick.

But there'll be so many people there watching me.

What if I totally freak out?

You're used to being in front of an audience.
I'm not.

If I can't even talk in
front of a few people,

how can I ride
and do those fancy

parade moves
in front of a huge crowd?

I'm sorry, Mimi.

There's just no way.

Okay. I understand.

I know
it would make a splash,

but the last
thing I want to do

is ride Picasso
in that parade.

if you want to make a splash,

I think I know
how you could do it!

No, Dad! No, no, no! Don't!

Hi, Rembrandt.


Are you sure you don't want to ride in the parade?

Yeah. But it was weird.

Mimi didn't even try
to talk me into it.

The old Mimi would never have given up so easily.

Do you think she'll ever be the same again?

Look, I know it's hard to see her like this.

But broken bones,
they take a long time to heal.

She can't ride or paint,
all the things that she loves to do most.

But she gets out
of the hospital tomorrow,

and then she's gonna go in some physical therapy.

That's gonna help, too.

She just needs time.

And maybe...

Maybe she needs something
to look forward to.

Something like her granddaughter leading the parade?

I never thought
about it like that.

You really
think I could do it?

I know you can do it.

Think about how much
it would mean to Mimi.


Feel good to be home, Mom?

Well, it's nice not to be in the hospital.
That's for sure.

Hey, look at what I got for you at the art store.

These are
felt-tipped brush pens.

The guy at the store said
they're super easy to use.

So, even though you
broke your right hand,

you can use them
with your left hand.

It's almost like
they draw for you.

That's great, sweetie,
but I'm just not up to it right now.

Oh. Okay.
Maybe tomorrow.

Hey, I know something
that'll cheer you up.

I've decided
I'm going to do it.

I'm going to ride
Picasso in the parade.


Oh, that is wonderful,


Hey. You really
think I can do this?

That makes one of us.

So, the Balloon
Fiesta is in a few weeks,

and we're still looking
for a really big idea

for a fundraiser
to do there.

But until then,
we can still do some smaller fundraisers.

We've got $5,000 to raise
and not a lot of time.

Are you guys ready?


Oh, yeah. Ready.


I have a lot
of ideas we can do,

but tomorrow we'll start with a lemonade stand.

A lemonade stand?
What are we, five?

I'm just saying right now

that I don't think we're gonna raise a lot of money

from stuff like
lemonade stands.

Well, I think you're wrong.

Told you so.


Hey, guys.
Let's rehearse the show choir number.

Don't forget the harmonies in the second verse, everybody!

Come on. Let's do this.

One, two, three, four.

Nothing bigger than the step I'm about to take

Here we go

Start the music,
take a breath and fly away

Here we go

Isn't that show
choir rehearsing?

They're crazy good.

From the nearest star

Nobody can stop me

Let the rhythm rock me

All the colors of my heart


The lights around us


A magic carpet ride

The moment has arrived

Here we go
Oh! Oh!

We got a green light so
Oh, oh, oh!

Doesn't it feel like

this is the time we're meant to shine like gold?

Here we go
Oh, oh, oh

We got a green light so
Oh, oh, oh

Doesn't it feel like

this is the time we're meant to shine like gold?

Here we go

Awesome, guys.
Really good rehearsal.


That was so awesome!

That was amazing!


Sorry show choir
rehearsals ran over, but...

Wasn't that song just beyond?

I've never heard it before.

That's 'cause
Dylan just wrote it.

Wow. That's cool.

So, what's the final total?


That's not bad, right?

Yeah. We only have, what,
4,000 and a few dollars to go?

Another bake
sale should do it.

Well, it's more
than we had last week.

Do you have any
better ideas, Dylan?

Uh, yeah, I do.

Well, we'd love to hear it.

I think we should do a concert
at the Balloon Fiesta.

I can write the songs.
People will love it!

But what does that have to do with art?
We're trying to save art.

And music.
Besides, music is so much more exciting.

All you can do with
art is look at it.

We can have dancing and singing.
It'll be so awesome!

But if you're not into it,

maybe you and Gabi should come up

with your own art
fundraising idea,

and Tessa and I
can do a concert.

You don't think it would be better if we work together?

We haven't come up
with anything good so far.

This way will be easier for us.
Right, Tessa?

I do think a show
would be so cool.

I'm sure you and I can come up with something just as cool for art.

Don't you think?

Fine. We'll split up.

Come on.
Let's start planning.

Are you okay, Saige?

Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Oh, I just thought...

Never mind.

Let's do this!

So, did you figure
everything out yet?

Come on, Picasso.
Come on, boy. Parade gait.

Let's go. Parade gait.

Come on, Picasso.

He senses you're nervous!

Come on, boy.

He needs to know
that you're in control.

Come on, Picasso.

So let's hear you!
Use your voice!

Come on, boy.
Come on, Picasso.

It's never gonna work.

Maybe we just need
to take a break for today.

Try again tomorrow.

I'll get some
water for Picasso.

Okay. Come on, boy.
Parade gait.

Come on, Picasso.
Let's go.

Come on, boy.
Parade gait.

You can do it.

That's it, boy!

Good boy!

Good boy!
You're doing it!

Don't stop. Keep going!

Come on, boy.

Come... Come on.


This is a disaster.

I'm fine when I'm by myself,

but the minute anyone is watching,
I get nervous.

If I can't even do
it in front of you,

how can I lead the parade in front of hundreds of people?

Do you know what these are?

They're horse blinders.

Sometimes we put them on Picasso when he needs help focusing.

They help the horse focus on the task

in front of him by blocking out distractions,

like crowds.

But they don't make blinders
for people, do they?

No, they don't.

But the mind can be a pretty powerful thing.

So next time we practice,
I want you

to pretend that
you're wearing blinders,

just like Picasso.

I think it'll help
to block out

all the other distractions.
What do you think?

I think I'm ready
to try anything.

And then we're all gonna have this confetti and stuff,

and make sure you
don't get it in your eyes.

So, I talked to like 50 kids,
and almost everyone in school

is helping out Dylan and Tessa
with their fundraiser.

We need a killer
fundraising idea for art

to get more
people on our side.

Want to come over to my house and try to figure it out?

Well, um,

I'm supposed to go to Mimi's.

I can meet you there.


Or not.

No, no.
That's totally fine.

We'll meet at Mimi's.

Are you sure?


Okay. Great!

And then all of the guys are gonna get on the right side.

And then me and her...

You're doing so great,

You're so close.

I got you. Okay.

Okay. We got you.

You're okay.

I'm done for the day.

But you're doing great.
You can't just give up.

Your granddaughter's right.
Let's work through it and try again.

It hurts.
I know.

But you need to try to work through the pain.

It's the only way
you're gonna bounce back.

See, the muscles in your legs,
they need to be retrained...

I said no!

Look, I'm sorry. I just...

I need to rest.

Okay, Mimi.
I understand.

Let's try again tomorrow,

I'll just get my things.



I'll be out back
riding Picasso.

How's it going?


It's going great.

Just you wait till you see me in the parade.
You'll be amazed.

That's wonderful.



Okay, Picasso.
It's time you and I had a little talk.

I just told Mimi
things were going

really well
between you and me.

And I don't want
that to be a lie.

There are going
to be a lot of people

at the parade,
and that scares me.

So we need to work together.

You need to help me out
with my blinders, okay?

Good boy, Picasso.

Good talk.

Ready to try the gait?

Remember, blinders, okay?

Remember our talk?
It's just Luis.

We can do this in
front of him, right?


Come on, boy.

Come on, Picasso.
We can do this.

Come on, boy.

Come on, boy.

Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
I knew you could do it!

Good boy.
We got it!




Good job, boy.

I knew you could do it.
Way to go.

All it took was thinking about having blinders on,
and a little talk.

Never mind.

So next time, the scarves?

Can't hurt to try,

Mimi's such
an incredible artist.

She was painting that for the Fiesta.

She'll be back soon.

Who wouldn't want to paint in this place?

I've never seen
such an awesome studio.

I would kill
to draw on this paper.

It's primo stuff.

My cartoons would
look so cool on it.


And these brushes.

This has got
to be natural hair.

I've only used
the fake stuff.

And the acrylics!

Okay, Gabi. I get it.

Mimi has some
pretty cool stuff.

I was just trying to...


I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have
freaked out like that.

I just don't bring
friends here very often.

I mean,
this is a special place for me and Mimi.

The only other person
who's been here is Tessa.

And now you.

I'm glad you're here.

Me, too.


Oh, no.

Dog hair and paint
do not mix.

I'm gonna have
to start all over.

Actually, I think it
looks kind of neat.

It is kind of cool.

I could use the dog
hair to add texture.

Ooh, that's awesome!

It is, isn't it?

I've got an idea.

So, I was painting
in Mimi's studio and...

Some pieces of Rembrandt's hair got stuck in the paint.

So then I thought...
So then she thought...


You tell it.

No, sorry, you.
I'm just so excited.

As much as
I'm enjoying story time,

maybe you could
get to the point?

Yeah, seriously.
Some of us have music class to get to.

So, the dog hair?



So instead of trying
to separate the dog

hair from the paint,
I just went with it.

And then I realized
that when I combined the two,

it made my art look better.

Sounds like a cool picture.

But what does this have to do with the fundraiser?

I think we should put art and music together in a big show.

We can invite other
students to help us.

Dancers, the orchestra.

But how do you
use art in a show?

That doesn't
even make any sense.

I'm not sure yet.
But we've had good ideas before.

Look at the Day of Beige.

We've spent a lot of time
on our music-only idea.

Are we supposed to
just scrap our whole thing

because some dog hair
got stuck in your painting?

Dylan, maybe
there's a way to combine

all the stuff
you've been working on.

But we wrote a song,
and we've gotten

a bunch of
the choir kids involved.

But when we add the art stuff,
it'll be even better.

Tessa and I already have the music thing covered.

You and Gabi should just stick with doing your own art fundraiser.


I think that maybe
Dylan has a point.


It's just that
everyone in choir has

been working
really hard on our song.

So you're just gonna go along with whatever Dylan says.

I'm not just going
along with Dylan.

I agree with her, okay?

The old Tessa would've listened to what I had to say.

"The old Tessa"?
What's that supposed to mean?

I mean that
since you and Dylan

have been hanging out,
you're different.

Uh-huh, well, I could say
the same for you and Gabi.

Let's go, Tessa.

I am so sick of you!

What are you talking about?

Oh, like you don't know.

You take over everything!

You think you're so funny
and the greatest person ever.

But, really,
you're just totally annoying!

And I'm not the only
one that thinks so!

Stop it! Right now!

You say I'm acting different?

Well, you know what?
The old Saige

would never talk
to someone like that.

Come on, Dylan.

We've got to get to rehearsal.

Tessa, wait.

that didn't go as planned.

Oh, you're early.

I wasn't expecting you
for another half-hour.

I needed
some extra Mimi time.

You okay?

Not really.

Want to talk about it?


I just want to forget about today by painting with you.

I got the brush
pens I brought you.

I saw you hadn't
opened them yet.

Hon, that's
sweet of you, but...

No buts, Mimi.

So it's a little different
from what you're used to.

Remember what you told me?

"Change is hard,
but we shouldn't let it scare us."

you don't understand.

I have to accept that there are some things I just can't do anymore.

I get that you can't ride
in the parade, but your art?

When you come see me
ride in the parade,

I know that it'll
make you feel better.

You are coming,
aren't you?

Saige, I...

I just don't know if I'm really up to it.

But you're getting better.

You have to get better.

You have to paint again.

Honey, I don't...

I don't
think I'll be able to.

But you have to try.

Do you know how
hard I've been working?

Trying to raise money,
practicing riding Picasso.

I know I told you it was going well,
but it's not.

And I'm scared to ride
in front of all those people,

and I can't do
the scarf trick.

I know you're scared, too,
but you can't give up!

Saige, please.

The Mimi I know
would never give up.

Now that you've gotten the parade gait,
ready to try the scarves?


You sure? You seem
a little preoccupied.

I'm fine.

Well, then let's see
what you got.

Hey, honey.
We came to see our great horsewoman.

Looking good, sweetie.

Try the scarves, Saige.

Come on.

Find your balance.

You can do it!

Come on, Saige. Stay focused.
Don't let anyone distract you.

Try to stand up straight.

Come on, Saige.
Don't give up.

Pull the scarves.

Come on. Keep going!

Pull the scarves, Saige.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

I can't do it with
everyone watching me!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Take it easy, Picasso.
Take it easy. Good boy.

Come on. I got you.
You're okay.

Come on, Picasso. Good.

The Balloon Fiesta's gonna be
a complete and total bust.

I can't think of any
more fundraising ideas.

I can't ride Picasso
in front of people.

I can't do anything.

it's going to be okay.

No, it's not.

I just wish everything
would go back to normal,

when we had art class in school,
and Mimi was, well,

Mimi, and Tessa
was still my friend.

I want things to be the way they were last year.

You know what?

I think I'd better get home.

Gabi, don't go!

it's going to be okay.



So, what do you think?

I think it's amazing.

Well, just think,
in a few weeks Tessa, you and I

will be up here in your balloon at the Fiesta.

I'm not so sure about Tessa.

Why? What happened?

Dad, it's just...

Things have been
so weird lately.

I just don't understand
why everything has to change.

Yeah, well,
change can be scary.

It's easier to stay
with what we're used to.

But staying with
the same old thing

would get pretty
boring after a while, right?

Being friends with
Tessa was never boring.

Neither was Mimi
before she got hurt.

Of course not.
That's not what I meant.

Look, you're right.

Change can be really,
really hard.

But you know,
sometimes change can be good.

You know how I plot my course
before I go up in the balloon?

You mean how you try to plot your course.

You never end up
going where you planned.

Ouch. That's cold.

But it's true.
And that's because

I can't plot
where the wind will blow.

I have to let it take me where it wants to go.

And you know, a lot of times,
I end up someplace

way, way cooler than I had ever,
ever expected.

The wind has literally pushed me in new directions.

Some people,
they prefer to stay on the ground.

That way,
they can always tell where they're going.

But me?

I'll take my
chances with the wind,

up here in the clouds,
any day.

But what about Mimi?

Mimi will always be Mimi.

Even if she doesn't end up exactly the way that she used to be.

She just needs
to know that...

Well, she needs to know that you'll love her.

You'll accept her,
no matter what.

You understand, sweetie?

Okay then.

Now what do you say we see where the wind takes us?

Gabi, wait.



I'm sorry you had to see me
freak out like that at Mimi's.

I'm not the best when it comes to changing all the time.

I really
hope you forgive me.

It's okay. I get it.

Moving to a new school
is a big thing for me, too.

It's been hard
to get used to.

Well, it seems like
you're dealing

with change way
better than I am.

I'm happy you moved here.

Me, too.

Come on.
Race you to class.

Hi, Mimi.


I'm sorry about
what I said the other day.

I shouldn't have
gotten mad like that.

I get that you need to do things in your own time.

And whatever you need,
I'll always be here for you.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And even though you can't actually be at the parade with me,

you'll still be with me.
You know what I mean?

I know exactly
what you mean.

You gotta keep your
arms straight, Saige.

The scarves keep
getting tangled.

We've been out here for a long time.
We can try again tomorrow.

No. I have to keep trying.


I think that's the best thing
you've ever painted.

You're really talented.


I hope it's okay
that I came by.

I know you used
to like it when

I'd come hang out
while you painted.

But now...

Look, you were right about the idea for the fundraiser.

I was?

I was in choir today,
and I got so caught up

with the new
harmonies we learned.

And then I started thinking

how awful it would be if I didn't have music class anymore.

And I realized
I'd be feeling just like

you're feeling
about not having art.

It doesn't feel good.

I know it doesn't.

We should work together.


But what about Dylan?

I'm sorry I didn't think about how that would make you feel

if I started hanging
out with Dylan more.

I guess I just didn't realize
what that would be like

until I saw you and Gabi finishing each other's sentences.

I got...

I got jealous.

You did?

Yeah. I mean,
you and I are supposed to do that.

And I should have
told you how I felt

instead of
exploding the way I did.

I'm sorry, too.


So, are you still mad at me?

How could I stay mad at you?

Now the only thing
left for me

to worry about
is the fundraiser.

And the $5,000.

Yeah, speaking of that.

Dylan messed it all up.

She went so hard core that pretty much everyone dropped out.

No way.

That's why it's even more important that we work together.

That sounds great.

But without an idea for a fundraiser,
there's nothing to work on.

Is that Mimi's?

She was painting
it for the Fiesta.

Well, it's even better than last year's.

But she didn't get
to finish it before her fall.

So now not only Mimi will miss the Fiesta,
but so will her painting.


I've got an idea.

Hey, guys. How's it going?

It's going amazing.

Let me hear some.

Love it!
Keep up the good work, guys.

Right. Okay.
See you.

See you. From the top?


Do you want to help?

You want me to help?


We haven't got a lot of time,
and you already know parts of the dance.

I know everyone's
mad at me right now.

Guess I can't blame them.

Look, I'm sorry for trying to take over everything.

I just get excited
and want to make sure

I get to be
included in things.

And then,
when I get nervous,

I try to cover it
up by making jokes.

Wait. You get nervous?

Of course.
Especially around you.

Me? Why?

Because I know you and Tessa have this epic friendship thing.

That made me jealous.

But I was jealous of you.

I'm really sorry
I blew up at you.

And I should have
told you how I felt

instead of complaining
behind your back.

I could probably learn a few things about speaking up from you.

Oh, I can so help you in that department.
For sure.


Why don't you go over and have Tessa teach you the new song?

Come on.

So what are we doing here?

We're learning a song.


The 16th Annual
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

would like to welcome balloonists from around the globe.

Come and see the skies
filled with brilliant color.

We can do this, right?

It's just like doing it in Mimi's corral in front of Tessa and Gabi,

times 100.

There she is.
Oh, yeah. There she is.

You're here.

I couldn't miss the debut
of my granddaughter.

You're walking.

I wanted to surprise you.

Luis made me
this beautiful cane.

Or as I prefer to call it,
my fancy walking stick.

I couldn't just leave it gathering dust in my living room.

I'm so glad you're here.

But I'm also really nervous.

There are a lot
of people here.

What if I freak out again?

And I don't think I'll be able to do the scarf trick.

Hon, just being here
is an accomplishment.

If you don't do the scarf trick,
who cares?

You've already
succeeded in my book.

Thanks, Mimi.


I'm the one
who needs to thank you.

For what?

For this.

They're incredible.

I've never seen you
draw like this before.

You inspired me, Saige.

You're my muse.

I am?

You reminded me
that there's...

There's still a lot
of fight left in me.

Thanks to you.

Welcome, one and all,
to the 16th Annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

This is so exciting.
I know!

As you all may have heard,
our usual grand marshal,

the internationally
renowned artist,

Mimi Copeland,
has taken a tumble

and will not be able
to start the parade.

But taking her place
will be her granddaughter,

Saige Copeland!

Go, Saige!


You hear that, Picasso?
It's almost time.

So without
further ado, I give you

the Fiesta de
Albuquerque Parade!

Ready or not,
Picasso, here we go.

There she is.

Here she comes.

You got it, Saige!

Come on, Saige.

Blinders. Blinders.
Blinders. Blinders.

Blinders. Blinders.
Blinders. That's it.



Whoo-hoo! That's my girl!

Go, Saige!

Blinders. Blinders.


What's going on?
I don't know.

You could
lead the parade.

There will be so
many people there.

Well, I was nervous the first time I performed in front of a crowd.

What if
I totally freak out?

Come on, Saige.
Stay focused.

Sometimes the causes
most worth fighting for

are the ones you're
not sure you can win.

I can't do it with
everyone watching me!

Stay focused.
Don't let anyone distract you!

I can't ride Picasso
in front of people.

You're in control!

The Balloon Fiesta's gonna be a complete and total bust!

All artists have a voice.

Let's hear you!
Use your voice!

- I can't do anything!
- You're in control.

You could lead the parade.

You really
think I could do it?

Of course you can.

Artists never give up.

Come on, Picasso.
Let's go.

That's my girl.

Oh, my gosh!

That's it!

That's my girl.

That's it!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we invite you

to the Kimo Theatre

for a special fundraiser,
supporting art and music programs

at Mesa Grande
Elementary School.

Good afternoon, Albuquerque!

Okay, okay. I know you're excited,
and frankly, so am I.

As you all may know,
we're trying to raise $5,000

to pay for an after-school art program.

Participation in the arts has countless benefits for students.

It increases
verbal and math skills

as well
as critical thinking,

and gives kids
a confidence boost.

We've already
raised close to $2,000,

but we've still
got $3,000 more to go.

So get out
your checkbooks, people.

And enjoy the performance.

And now,
I give you Living Art.

Artists live to create.

And experiencing their art
makes us feel alive.

It's my painting.

But tonight,
let us bring art to life for you.


The time is here

Gotta face your fears

When it seems like
the sky is falling down

You stand up tall

You give it all

The moment of truth
just might be now

Today is getting brighter

All because you opened up your eyes

What happens next?

You take a step

Get ready to fly

You're only one voice

But over the noise
just let your song be heard

A dream that's all yours
becomes so much more

an extraordinary world

It's all right
to dance for your life

To place this
feeling first


There's only one you

Your colors shine through

To paint
an extraordinary world

Wait. Not yet.



Get ready, get ready

Get ready, get ready

Get ready, get ready

Get ready to fly

You're only one voice

But over the noise
just let your song be heard

Let your song be heard

A dream that's all yours
becomes so much more

an extraordinary world

It's all right
It's all right

To dance for your life
It's your life

To place this feeling first

There's only one you

Your colors shine through

To paint
an extraordinary world



No. No.

Come on, Saige.
Take a bow.

They want to see you.

Saige! Come on.

Thank you, everyone!

And now, I have
the final fundraising tally.

Today's donations have given us a grand total of...

Please, please, please.

Well, here we go.


So close.

Well, a valiant
and close effort.

So on behalf
of Mesa Grande Elementary,

I'd like to thank you
all for coming today...


Do you mind
if I say something?

Of course not.




I'm Saige Copeland,
and speaking in front of all of you

is pretty much my greatest nightmare come to life.

But I learned a lot
about facing my fears today.

And now I'd have to say
my greatest nightmare would be

not having art or dance
or music in school.

Art is everything to me.

It's the first thing I think about when I wake up

and the last thing I think about before I fall asleep.

And there are a lot of kids who feel like I do.

Art makes us feel
good about ourselves.

It's a way to show
the world,

you guys, who we are.

It gives us a voice.

Gives me a voice.

So please, please,

help us bring this
program back to life.

Thank you.

You were awesome!


That was so good.

I can't believe I did it.

I'm so proud of you.

One second.

Oh, I'm so proud of you.
That's my girl.


Well, I think you
just found your voice.

I guess I did.

Thank you.

For everything.

I'm happy to announce

that today's donations have let us hit the $5,000 mark!

Mesa Grande Elementary

will have
an art program this year!

Look, my design!

Wow! Amazing.

It's incredible!

Totally beyond beyond!

I'm so glad I didn't miss it.

Me, too. Come on.

Hey, Dad.

Hey. Come on in.

Come on.

Whoa. This is so beautiful.

Is it gonna be scary?
Look at that pink one right there!

Oh, man.

You guys ready to go?
- Yeah!

Let's do this. Here we go.


Wow, so cool!

Whoa, look!

Look at those people!
They look like ants!

Whoa, look!


Look over here!