Sai Wan dik goo si (1990) - full transcript

Though the storyline is virtually non-existent, this is a beautifully shot (by Raymond Lam) Hong Kong film directed by Ma Wu, who directed (with John Woo) "Just Heroes". Waise Lee and Jacky Cheung, who would later star in Woo's "Bullet in the Head", are part of a trio of old friends whose loyalties are tested by a scam to make money. The film explores many of the issues "Bullet" explored such as mateship, loyalty and honor. The film is slow and uneventful at times, but the climax is reasonably bloody and gorgeous to look at, and the film's Kennedy Town setting is novel. Great trailer, too. Not surprisingly, the film, which falls into a category between action and drama, did not perform well at the Hong Kong box office. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The decease was a bright young policeman

Given a meal for top performances

The defendant didn't hold a decentjob

Out of spite he plotted the murder

The jury please consider
this cold-blooded killing

And pass a just verdict

Great! Beautiful!
Thank you

You dropped your money

Yes thank you

Cut it out Let's eat

This is great!

Why is there nothing?


Bad luck!
Cut the vegetable and soup of the day

There's one who's even worse than we

Llike a well dressed man
picking up cigarette ends

Gathering of the unlucky


Things will be better

Might have to see many bad days
before the good days come back

vegetables and sliced abalone

The bill please

Four dollars eighty

Stop running!

That son of a bitch gotit first

I'll come and get it in an hour



I'll take down the adhesive on the plate

I didn't do anything indecent

Hui-hsin I love you

This is decent money

I want to marry you soon


Your father's looking for you

He told us to put away this motorblike

No way
I need it for a living

To get money to repay my debts!

Don't Chuan!
Damn it! Fighting back?

Please give me back the motorblike

That'll be all for you

Dad how are you?

Are you all right?
They say it'll be different next time

I don't want to look at you

It's a waste

It's spilt

Damn Let them rot in hell!
May they be cursed

Kid looking for trouble?

I don't given a damn!

Damn you!

No business Let's go

That kid just now

You know what you'd done

Great! You double crossed us
Where's the gold chain?

I got it first not you

What guts!

Don't you know this is our neighbounood?
I don't

Search him!

What are you doing?


Give me the chaini it's life or death to me

What? This is your neighbounood?

No Brother Ying just kidding

I thought you're serious

Want to be with us? Do the honors

This gold chain is one of the honors
What did you say?

Don't llike it?
Of course not

Chiang don't!
Sorry Brother Sang

Brother Ying take it if you llike

You mustn't

You're smart

Be smart

Isn't it your neighbounood? I'm in trouble

I have to redeem the motorblike for my job

What should I do?

Don't go We'll make compensations
Go away don't bother me

You're a man don't be sissy
Go away

How's it? Can still make it?

Just in time
That's good

What's showing in there?

Dragons Raid On Earth
Go in and have a look

I'll got that woman back for you

Gone so long Where's you been?

Back now
How's it?

It's Ying's woman

So little money?
Go away!

Where's the rest? Speak

How dare you keep the money!

Hit him!

That's enough Stop

Whoever you are you're dead meat!
Let go of me!

Go on
Stop beating!

You deserve it
Right beat him!

Damn kid

Don't let them get away

How dare you!
Hit him!

Hit me?

Brother Peng

Go away!

Damn it! You should know better

Don't move!

Who the hell are you to interfere?
What are you? Fighting me?

Damn you Let's go

Heaven above - I'm Chuang Peng

And I Kao Tieng-chiang
And I Li Shao-wei

Shall become sworn brothers today
Sharing joys and harships in all matters

There's wafternow Come on up

Take out your money and line up

Your turn Hurry

Ying's man
Stay calm Everything's all right

Let's go


Pretty girl

Let me help you

Watch your head!

Your friend?

This is Wei whom I've been talking about

How do you do?
How do you do?

I'm Peng


Come up Pretty girls has priority

We'll keep watch You go up
Come on up


Go away

Don't move!

What's going on?
Big brother

What's the matter?

You kids again? Want more beating?

Beat the hell out of them!

We'll stick together Don't be scared

Don't let them run away
Kill them!

What're you doing?

Detective Sergeant Huang

Don't run Or a bullet gets you!

Stand still Face the wall

Fighting? Causing trouble in my territory?
Stand still

Ying don't let me see you again
Next time you'll be in trouble Go


What a show!

If something happens get the cops
I know

Who's he?

Don't you know? Ask her
He's the detective sergeant

What's the test?
I'll fall it What shall I do?

Peng can you do it?

Me? A little

Do police have to be literate?
No talking

Sorry sir

Now newspaper dictation

It's easy Don't be afraid

You'll write what I read out

The police cracked a brothel in Mongkok

The pimp and customers were all caught


How do you spell brothel?

I only know to find prostitutes

Cheating? One more word and you're out

When you finish hand in the paper

very smart

Your writing says you're a better
signboard painter than a cop

One of us three must make it
Be well prepared

Already? Follow me

Stand there You're Chuang Peng?

Yes sir
All right Go out

Thank you

That'll do

First time on patrol?

Follow me

I think I've seen you before
Have you?

Why become a policeman?

There's a future in it

Not necessarily

Uncle Chao I want to ask you

How long have you been a policeman?

Many years Sort llike a consolation price

I'm not cultured don't know English
I've to pay for promotion

Is it that difficult?

You're smarti you're different
You'll make it

You patrol with me today
Tomorrow I'll follow you

Make sure you take care of me

Uncle Chao someone's fighting!

I'm short-sighted can't see

Uncle Chao

A good cop learns to avoid trouble

We're the low enforcers
We're after the money too Let's go

Place bets and hands off Bet more win more

Leave it alone Place your bets
Come for the protection fee again?

It's getting less and less?

Want to close up the stall?

Uncle Chao the amount is right

Give me luck
3 brothers /2's company


You're good for exams but
no good at finger game

Li let's play

Come on we'll play again
You're very poor at the game Better go

Li I'll play with you

2's a gem
What do you say about 8?

8! 8 is your mother

Nonsense! I'm not playing

I'm not playing with you

Mui-hsin I'll play with you

She? Play dumb finger-guessing then

Dumb finger-guessing?
That's it

No problem come on
Don't be afraid

Don't be too cocky

Hui-hsin you don't play just once
Forget it I'll play This glass

Not giving me face?
No she can't drink

I'll play with you

Want to lose more Come on

I won't play with you but with Li
All right

Brother 3/ Zero
Bull's eye on / Your green hat

Brother 3/ Zero
Bull's eye on / Your green hat

2's company / Bull's eye one

you lose
I'm not good at it

When you lose you drink

Can I skip that?
Come on

Poor players need a good drinking capacity

I can't drink

Why play the game then?
I'll drink for her

Peng is a real gentleman

At the most I'll take a sip

Your finger game is lousy

Thank you

How're you feeling now better?

Yes thanks

Kid brother go in and get some sleep

Ming I'll go with you


Nice choice
You take it

No kidding How about you?

Huang come I want to talk to you

I'll look for you anyway

Huang why take things so seriously?

Sometimes you've to close an eye to things

I can still see with one eye open

Tell them not to go too far

I can't possible accept this big gift

I'd rather borrow from loan sharks

Dunce is coming

Who's dropped the money?

Someone's picking pockets
Let's go

Police pickpockets!

You're great

This way


Take a rest here

I almost couldn't shake off the police

Let's count the money


Quite a lot

We're rich

Let's go

Don't move Face the wall!

Stop or I'll shoot!

I stole the wallet

You'll be executed for this

What? Execution?

Wei see who it is


Gun and boots
Yes boots are shiny

I really thought I was going to be killed

How smart

Take it
Yes sir

That's all
I was scared to death

Just let me know which
neighbounood you're in

To protect us

Better be more careful next time

I will

Drive them away

Let's have a look

What're you doing here? Go


Take the boys and ill Huang

Make it a clean job
I will Brother Ying

Let's go

Why so nervous?

Ying' men are ambushing Huang

Detective Sergeant Huang? I'm going

Don't go Give me 2 bucks

Be careful
If you save him you'll have good luck

Hurry up

It's just ahead

Peng here's your chance

Mister want something?

Main course of piglet

Sang this is a vegetarian's restaurant

Anything on the menu

Detective Sergeant this is your table

Thank you

A corn porridge and bean cutlets takeaway

How's your wife?

She's fine Quite good lately

Don't move or I'll shoot!

Stop running!


Peng it's all Yours truly
All right


Damn kid I won't forget you!

Are you all right?

I'm all right What's your name?

Chuang Peng

Thanks Mr Chuang

Not at all Mrs Huang

He's hot-tempered

A senior policeman he's lot of enemies
Will it be so lucky next time?

You don't know when you make enemies

As long as you do it right

Peng is right Just llike when I was young

You're never so handsome then

You married me for my good looks

Mr Chuang another tea?

No that'll be fine

Forgive me I can't move about easily

Please don't say that

Huang make tea for Mr Chuang

No we'll have some wine lafterduring meal

Enemies are unavoidable

When you're transferred here you'll know

Transferred here?

I forgot to tell you

I've spoken to your superior
about the transfer

Thanks detective sergeant
Don't mention it

Have a nice chat I'm turning in
Help yourself

Have a seat

Slowly there's no hurry

Don't drink or smoke too much

You've had bad coughs at night lately

What do you want to eat
I'll buy it tomorrow

Uncle Chao


I owe it to you

As I say you can do it

I'll take good care of you

I only ask for a consolation stripe

I'll go up first



Another $350 weod have save $1000

The we can

I went for a job with a salary of $150

No more tough guy

I promise you

Son of a gun working as an informer!

Tall guy where did you learn that language?

Be gentle with girls

very smart

The kid's girlfriend is quite nice

Leave her alone She's dumb

So much the better can't yell

Please I beg you Let her go

No Ying let her go

You bastard!


Cruelty to the handicapped Won't
leave a dumb girl alone

Take him away


Quick buy the ticket It's almost show time

Tow tickets please
You want one too?

A fight with Wei? A quarrel?

Let me sell the tickets

Did you see where they'd taken Wei?

I know where he is

Tell me quickly where's the other one?

Play games with me? You're asking for it


Be careful


I'll beat you bloody up!

Brother Chiang

Too bad He's dead What now?

Let's to

Peng who do you think did Mak Ying's case?

Hard to say He's had too many enemies

See what we can get from his enemies

Mr Tu

Any leads on Mak Ying's case?

It's under investigation

What's the problem? No leads?

Anyway fix it up quickly
or I'll be in trouble

Yes sir

What's he so uptight about?

Ying used to be his informer
closely related

Must crack this case otherwise
we're done for

Don't worry I'll fix it

Ming don't play anymore Do your schoolwork

It's Peng

Brother Peng

Enough I don't drink while on duty

Everything all right Peng?

The department is uptight about Ying's case

Any news outside?

Wonder who did it?

God knows He's so many enemies


I'll be in the office Get
me if there's any news

Ming buy something to eat

Thanks Brother Peng
Good boy

Wei I'm going Let me know if there's news

I know

Wei come over

What do we do now?

Ying's men will tell
Don't know what to do

I'll surrender myself to Peng

You'll go to jail for this

What about your father and Hui-hsin?

There's no way out Hae to do it

If someone cracks the case
won't do Peng any good

That's right

I'll go get Peng
Why not talk to Hui-hsin first?

Hui-hsin I want to tell you

Take your time I'll wait outside

I know

I can't marry you just now

Listen We really can't


Where? What time?

Yes I know

Huang we've just got news
The killer of Ying will show up in a minute

Good let's go to the scene

No let's go

If I don't give myself up Chiang will go

If Chiang takes my place
I'll have the qualms

Hui-hsin Chiang did this for me

I have to go

I love you

Sorry I can't look after
you Don't wait for me

Chiang are you outside? The door's locked


He must have gonde to surrender himself

Let me check the surroundings
Take care

Is Chang Peng there please?

He's gone out long ago

Thank you



What took you so long?

Where's the killer?

I'm the killer

Peng lock me up

Are you pulling me leg?

I'm not Peng lock me u

Even if you are I'll not lock you up

Hurry up

What're you doing?

Sorry I don't want to

What do you want?

I'm sorry Peng

Don't move face the wall

Kao Tieng-chian is charged with the murder
of Mak Ying on the 2nd of May this year

Due to insufficient evidence
it is amended to manslaughter

Sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment
with immediate effect


You've lost weight Do you miss me?

You're even thinner Life's hard here?

No good food and good place

Have you seen Wei?

Wei's very unhappy for what you did

I'm the big brother I'll take the rap

It's your temperament
that gets you into this

Just a few years I'll be out soon

I can wait but mom can't

Tell your mom to get married

This is no time forjokes

Really if your mom can find you a nice guy

If you llike him then marry him

Go to hell!

Promise you'll marry me

And nobody else?

You fool

What a coincidence

How's thing?
Nothing new

Ready to go on duty?
Just finish work

Chao you're old enough to quit doing that

What else can I do? Caretaker?

I must pull through these few years

What'll you do when you're retired?


It's in the air that you're
not happy with your superior

As long as I'm happy myself

You've borrowed from usurer
Says who?

The superior
The superior?

Be careful

I've told you to stay clear of gambling dens

When someone shits on you
still staying away?

This is no fun

I'm not a policeman for fun am I?

I'm leaving
Stand there

You're transferred to countryside next month

What do you mean?

This is disciplinary action
for insubordination

Why did you bust the usurer last week?

I've got instruction from Mr Johnson

I had lunch with Mr Johnson this afternoon

He said you did it because you've
borrowed from the usurer

Bastards conspired to harm me

I can sue you for that

Even if I had to go to the Commissioner
I want my name cleared

Great show me what you've got

Let's see who's suing whom?

Young man you've a bright future

Mr Tu please look after us

Your boss Huang is really a blockhead

He's not as smart as you

They're in our way to riches

The faster you get rid of him
the quicker you'll be promoted

Do you understand what I'm saying?

The hanging this time will be different


You're just after the money don't do that
Where's the money?

Don't talk so loud if you don't have money

I'll have mercy Your hands
will stand for interest

I'm dead

Chuan give me a few more days I'll have it

Your father owes me money
You can pay it up for the rest of your life

Tell you what

You open the warehouse for us one night

How can I do that?
You can't?


Promise him son


All right I promise

When it's over my father's
debts are all paid


Don't play tricks with me

Li get in I'll give you a lift

No thanks It'll stop raining soon

Li come on get in the car

One more minute it'll be soaked

You are soaked through


Wei Hui-hsin have a seat

How're you doing?

What's the matter? So quiet

Chuan the usurer forces
me to do a case with him

What're you going to do?

What else? Can I refuse?

It's all my father's fault

Didn't you tell Peng?

No I want to fix i all by myself

It's no use Peng will fix it

Tell Peng and get Chuan arrested
He will be promoted and you'll be vindicated

We're brothers aren't we?

You believe him? Don't you know that Peng

Wei what did you say?

I saw him with Li one day

I told him to take care of Li

Right we're good brothers

I'd promised that I'll help him

I know Peng He won't do it

Fine I tell Peng later

You take the rear door
I know

Mr Huang

That'll be all

Come in

It's you? Sit down

What's the matter?

Mr Tu I've just got information

Someone's going to burgle the
warehouse in Kennedy Town

Is it reliable?

Good it's your case

Thank you Where's Detective Sergeant Huang?

You're really smart

It's all here

Hurry move it

Detective Sergeant Huang

Chao what's the matter?

Peng's leading the team I don't know why


Detective Sergeant Huang
What's happening?

Wh're you looking for me?

Someone's going to burgle a warehouse
I've all men positioned I'll show you

Uncle Chao you stay here

It's my first time leading
the team Help me out

Any time

Here's the rear door Keep watch for me

Sure no problem
Thank you

Hurry up

Be careful

The police's here!

Stand still Don't run!

Don't run Can't you hear?
Don't run or I'll shoot!

Believe me I've not done anything

I know I shouldn't I apologize

It's for my father I've no alternative

I swear I won't do it again Trust me

Hui-hsin for you I'll quit

Chiang when's Li coming?

Maybe she doesn't know I'm released

The station says Peng is out working

So hard-working because
he'll be promoted soon

Great I'm happy for him

I'll look for Li

What a coincidence



Chiang's back



Released so soon

They say I behaved

Chiang how are you?

Wei says you'll be promoted
to detective sergeant

Nonsense still a long way to go

Let's eat There's enough food Come on

Have been busy lately?

Yes a lot to do

Have a drumstick Ming how's school?
5th in the class

Let's toast to Chiang

How's your work?

Not bad a bit hard though

More food? Come on

Peng Chiang here's one to you

Chiang what's your plan?

What can people llike us do?

Hustling and stealing

Detective Sergeant Chuang do look after me

Don't say that Wei you're
going to open a restaurant?

It's easy to say Where comes the money?

Don't you worry money isn't a problem

Just count me in

Not counting me in? Aren't we brothers?

You put up the money you're the boss

Pulling my leg?

Peng here's to our thriving business

Come on have some more

Shiang bottoms you!

Aren't in bed yet? Don't
you have class tomorrow?

Sorry I've to go

I'll go with you


Aren't you staying for
one more drink with me?

No I'll be drunk Got work to do tomorrow

Of course Peng is somebody now


Chiang don't drink too much

Shut up Stay out of this!

Sorry it's my fault


Go away

Peng you're something but don't forget

It's me and Wei you've stepped
on to get where you're

Or else where would you be today?

Daren't you deny? Speak up!

Chiang you're drunk

Every pip on your shoulder
has our bold in it


Hui-hsin get a hot towel

Peng leave this to me

I'm sorry Hui-hsin

Sometimes I'd rather be dumb llike you

Wei Hui-hsin


Be nice to Hui-hsin all right?

It's hard to rely on somebody

Told you not to trust him

Mr Chuang

I'll pick the outsiders next time
All up 2 onto 3 can't lose


I lost temper because I was drunk
last night I don't want

Don't want me to get in between
you brothers right?

I'm illiterate
But I know woman needs a good husband

I'm not good enough for you

You ask Peng to keep me company
whey you're inside

To have tea go out nothing else

Even if there is It's all right

I won't grudge if you choose Peng

F you don't trust him you should trust me

Don't say that

I know you're mad at me

If you're mad hit me on the head

Hit me hit me!

You're serious?

Don't look for me again

What? Why?

I don't want to make Chiang unhappy

We're fine as we are Don't worry about him

No Chiang is coming out

When he's in jail I was Ionely
and welcomed your company

Now that he's out I don't want

You want to go back to him?

I really llike Chiang

You don't llike me?

Say it You don't llike me?

No Chiang needs me now

How do you know I don't?

Be reasonable
I can't leave him now

Don't push me too hard

All right


Better keep your mouth shut

You showed me the way I won't forget

Opening a new shop happy?
Thank you

Something at the station I've got to go

Li I've got to go

This cafe is new Let's have tea

Table for two Come in

Wait a moment

May I have your orders?
Two tea with mild please

Iced red beans please
Will be right there


Chiang keep an eye on it
I'll pick up Hui-hsin

Hurry it's busy here

Li I'm going to pick up Hui-hsin

Come back quickly
Will do

Take this to tale No3
A spoon

Mister table for how many?
Take a walk

What's the matter?

Why did you break my things?
How can I do business without my things?

Brother Sang

Still recongnise me? You put me in jail?

I'm really sorry
Sorry? Beat him!

Stoop stop the beating!

Stop don't!

Sang tell me what you want

Ying is dead I'm calling
the shots We need money

All right What do you want?

Give me 50% of today's income

Why don't you rob a bank?

I'll kill you bastards!

Chiang we don't want trouble
Stop the fighting


Have a look It's for you

Put it on

How about it? Very clear?

I'll show you something

Fix this first

Li what happened?

Sang and his men had come to make trouble

Where's Chiang?

He went to the police station

He'll be alright Peng is there

Stay here I'll go with Hui-hsin
to the police station

What's the matter?

He and his men messed up my place

Sang what's the matter?

There's a fire at his cafe
and I help put out the fire

Are you crazy? You messed
up my cafe with your men

Why do you have to shout?
They set the fire

This is a police station not your home

Sir see he's being unreasonable

I helped put out the fire
and he called thief

You bastard!

What're you doing?

You're the one who killed Ying?
Released so soon? Sit down

Lock him up

Don't lay hands on me!
What's going?

Police so what? Don't
you know my big brother?

Who's he?
Chuang Peng

What? Chaung's your big brother
What's the matter?

Mr Chuang
Brother Peng

Chiang what's the matter?

That bastard came to mess up the cafe

I was just helping him out of kindness

Shut up Book him for disorderly conduct
Yes sir

Chiang it's a new shop Control your temper

How can I? They came to stir up trouble

Besides it's your cafe too
What's going on?

Mr Tu

Take off his handcuffs and book him

Mr Tu

Who is he? Well-acquainted with you?

No ordinary friend

The why did he mention your
name in the station?

Remember who you are all right?

I know

Peng how's Chiang?
Chiang is inside

Wait a minute

What's the matter?

Tell Chiang not to use my name again

Chiang it's all right Let's go

Of course it's all right
Peng's in charge here

Peng said not to mention his name again

Why not?

He didn't say

You know my hands were tied last time

It's even worse to be your pal

I'll pour you tea

I came here for the incident of the cafe

Sang will not give up He'll come again

Let him come I've my weapons ready

That's not the way to get rid of him

Ask Sang out for a parley

Then my men and I will do him in

Don't worry my men will not implicate you

You'll surely be fine

I'll take care of you

Here's a gun for you Take it

Sang is an animal

Snag I'll let the cafe incident off

It's settled if you don't
come messing around

Settled? What about Ying's death?

Now about my 3 years' imprisonment?

Shut up

You killed him and we suffered

It's your business not mine

Don't say that
What're you saying?

Sang I know you're loyal to your men
What do you want?

Ioll settle for $30000

$30000? Youore out of your mind

now what?
Don't worry Stay cool


You're not leaving this
place without $30000

Are you men all here?


$30000 Youove got a big appetite



Want me to blow your head off?

You bastards!

Chiang don't bother about me


Don't come over
Otherwise I'll shoot!

Damn you driving me to a dead end?

I'll shoot!

Don't push me too far we'll all go down

I'm not afraid Shoot!

Don't you force me to do it



Ming don't cry

Peing will help you

Hui-hsin any news of Wei?

He didn't come home?

Take it easy You can't revive the dead


Ladies & Gentlemen on behalf
of the Police Force

I welcome you to this awarding ceremony

This is to commend police officers
Who excel at fighting crimes

The ceremony will now begin

The first to get the medal
if officer Ma Kuo-wei

He is an excellent officer if Central
Mr Ma Kuo-wei please


Thank you

Also receiving the medal
is officer Chuang Peng

He is particularly commended
for his performance

In fighting crimes relating
to triad societies

Mr Chuang Peng please

I'm deeply honoured to be given this medal

I've to thank every superior who supports me

Chuang Peng

You best!

For a woman you'd kill your own brother

You beast!

The defendant Li shao-wei

At 230 pm on 25th October this year

Assaulted and killed a police officer

The verdict is unanimous

Guilty of murder

The court hereby sentence
him to death by hanging