Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962) - full transcript

A Zamindar neglects his wife and prefers the company of alcohol and dancing girls. The decadence of the Bangali Zamindar milieu and the raising bourgeoisie in the late 19th century, seen through the eyes of a young upward mobile rustic seeking fortune in Calcutta, and fascinated by the lady of the house... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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- With steady feet!
- Heave-ho!

- With steady feet!
- Heave-ho!


- With steady feet!
- Heave-ho!

- With steady feet!
- Heave-ho!

- With all your force!
- Heave-ho!

- With all your force!
- Heave-ho!

- With steady feet!
- Heave-ho!

- With all your force!
- Heave-ho!

- Heave-ho!
- Heave-ho!

- With all your force!
- Heave-ho!

- With steady feet!
- Heave-ho!

Hey. Lunch break! Lunch break!

Lunch break!

- Come on.
- Come on.

Come on. Hurry up.

Overseer, I've granted the lunch break
to workers.


"The lamps all unlit"

"All unlit"


"Are weary and tired"

"Oh beloved"

"Live a little"

"Live a little"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Oh beloved"

"Live a little"

"Live a little"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

Come over here. Come here.

Come. Come here.

Chhoti Bahu?

Sit down.

The ruins of the mansion...

I am demolishing it today.


How splendid this mansion once was!

Years ago, when I came to Calcutta
from village...

and saw this mansion for the first time.

How magnificent it was.

Come on, hurry up.

Little brother
- Brother-in-law!

- When did you arrive in Kolkata.
- Just arrived?

But I just got your letter last week.

Why didn't you mention
that you were coming today?

You are just impossible.

If only you had let me know...


I would have come to the station
if you had sent me a postcard?


- Brother-in-law, no purdah!
- (Shushing)

I live upstairs. Come along.

Why are you starring at them?
Never do that!


That was Majhle Babu.

After the demise of Baray Babu,
he's head of the mansion now.

- But where are they going?
- Wherever! It's none of your business.

Let's go. Stay away from them.

As long as you are here,

don't see anything. Don't hear anything.
Let's go.

They are prominent people.
Prominent people!

If we keep that in mind,
then they are not bad people.

As you can see...

I came here as a teacher.

To teach children!

Their studies ended long ago.

But I am still paid
and provided with shelter here.

And don't worry, it will stay the same.

You stay with me and explore Kolkata
as much as you want.

I've seen it, brother-in-law.

My lord!
There are such huge houses here.

Such huge houses that my neck got stiff.


Everything is big here bro.

Houses, people, names
and prices are big, too.

Back in Fatehpur you get 20 liters
of milk for one rupee.

You know, how much will you get here?
11 liters!

- Only?
- Only.

I told you, everything is big here.

And all the weight is upon poor people.

Either it causes stiff collar,
or breaks off the neck.

Oh, yes. I have found a job for you.

At Mohini Sindoors'.

Mohini Sindoor?

Brother-in-law, what will I do
in a women's workplace.


The name sounds feminine,
the work is not!

It offers handsome salary.
Seven rupees per month

and free lunch alongside.


Lunch as well brother-in-law?

- I can eat as much as I want?
- (Chuckles) As much as you want!

But what is this boorishness? Sit up.

Come on sit up.
The bed has been set up for you.

Yes, Mr. Suvinoy, the proprietor,
is a part of Brahmo Samaj.

But he is a noble man.

But Brother-in-law,
Brahmo Samaj members are Maleech.

How would I eat there then?

Don't worry, he has employed
a Maharaj to cook.

Master Babu. Master Babu.

Who is there? Nipahran? At this time?
Is everything okay?

Let's go quickly.

The British shot
fired in Bowbazar again.

Someone at the entrenchment...


You rest for a while.
I'll be back soon.

Hurry! Chhote Babu is coming out.

I got it now.

I got it now that who you are.

Our Master Babu's brother-in-law.

Aren't you?

This is so unfair Brother-in-law.
So unfair.

- Unfair?
- Indeed.

Why are you sitting in the dark?

Don't you know how to turn on
that imported lamp?

You definitely not know.

I was scared
that the glass lamp might explode.

That fear is inevitable.

I was scared of the same thing
when I came here for the first time.

But that fear is disastrous.

That fear has broken
thousands of glass lamps.

Hey. Why are you standing? Sit down.

You know, nobody cares
about the damages that occur here.

It's a strange house.

- Strange?
- Yes.

Did you see the young master?

- No?
- The one who just left in the carriage.

Do you know where he went?

She's the root cause of all evils.

I'll tell you about it later.

I'm so busy around here
that I barely get the time to chat.

I'll head out now.

(Dog barks)

(Dog barks)

"The lamps all unlit"

"All unlit"


"Are weary and tired"


"Oh beloved"

"Live a little"

"Live a little"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Someone is calling you from far away"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Someone is calling you from far away"

"Come to me"


"All night long I keep waiting"

"My heart is restless in pain"

"All night long I keep waiting"

"My heart is restless due in pain"

"My beloved"

"Don't tease me this much"

"Come to me"

"Come to me.
Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Someone is calling you from faraway"

"Come to me"


Master Babu, the beliefs
of Brahmo Samaj

are good for the nation's uplift
and freedom.

Only those principles can awake
the nation.

Throwing few bombs will not be suffice.

Whoever was responsible
for yesterday's bomb incident

in Bowbazar made a fool of himself.

Yes, yes. You...

You wanted to hire a new employee
for your factory right?

I have a boy in my mind for that.

- Boy?
- Yes, a boy.

Although he is from village
but he's educated.

He is so hard-working and honest.

That you'll never get
a chance to complaint.

- He is standing outside.
- Outside?

- Yes.
- Why didn't you tell me earlier.

(Clicks tongue)

- Call him inside.
- Okay. Okay.

Younger brother! Younger brother!

Take the stairs and come upstairs.
Take the stairs of veranda.

(Shoes squeaking)

Now what was I saying?

Yes, so, people are throwing bombs!

I mean come on,
first remove the faults in society,

remove false values, old customs
in the name of religion...

(Shoes squeaking)

You were saying something...

- about old customs.
- Yes. Yes, old customs.

They all should...

(Shoes squeaking)

He is my brother-in-law.

My late wife made him her brother.

He just arrived in Kolkata.


Come over. Sit down.

(Shoes squeaking)

- Will you have some tea?
- I drink milk, but not now.


Where did he use to live up till now?

Fatehpur Village, Post Gajna,
District Nadia.

Fatehpur Village?

In Nadia District?


- Do you know that village?
- Yes.

- What is his name?
- Bhoothnath


The fact is...

Actually what happened is that
I was born...

on Shivratri.

- That's why my aunt named me Bhoothnath.
- Okay.


Very bad Jaba

such mannerism is not suitable.

And it doesn't suit the girls
of our society.

Let her laugh. I'm not offended.

Everybody laughs at my name.

Isn't it so brother-in-law?
Don't they laugh?


- Master Babu.
- Yes?

Your brother-in-law
is such a simple man.


Bhoothnath, if you wish
you may begin work today.

Why not, why not?

Okay, let's go then.
I'll explain the job.

- Come.
- Sure.

They're new.



(Bell rings)

Mr. worker.

Come have lunch.
Maharaj is serving it.


- Such little rice?
- Yes. You will not get more.

- Why?
- Why?

The Didi Mali measures the rice herself
from the ration.

Whatever portion she has given for you,
I've cooked it all.

Where should I get more?

This is a crime Sarkar Babu.

My family is starving.
I want my land back. My land!

I won't return until I get it back.

Stop this nonsense.

Your tongue will be pulled off
if you said another word.

I won't stay quite.

You have occupied my forefathers' land.

Tell your masters...

The curse of this poor man will...

(Crackers bursting)

(Music playing)


(Music playing)


Wow, Majhle Babu brought
such a splendid son-in-law!

- There's no one like him all over Kolkata.
- Are you high on bhang.

Sir, there's no one like him
all over India!

See how his eyes gleam.

You have outdone that Cheni Dutt
who tries to compete with us.

Sir, Cheni Dutt also got her cat married
to an Indian cat.

(Music playing)

When I told him that our son-in-law
came from Persia...

he was dumbstruck.

You'll always tell him
the least important thing.

Tell him the important one.

Sir, I told Cheni Dutt

That you spent 10,000 rupees
at your cat's wedding just like that.

Cheni Dutt got so surprised

that his eyes popped out. Like this...


Idiot, fan properly.

Can't you see,
Master has started to sweat.

I'm so busy in this house
I don't even get the chance

to talk to somebody.

It's like everything
is my responsibility.

That Chinta does nothing.

- Chinta?
- Chinta sir, Chinta!

My sister.

Do you know who she works for?

For Chhoti Bahu.

But I'm no less than her.
I'm Chotay Babu's special servant.

The same man you were carrying
into the sitting room the other night?

Just that night?

I have to carry him every night.

What should I tell you?

My Chhote Babu is an alcoholic.

He drinks and returns home
at five in the morning.

The moment he enters the sitting room,
he crashes on the couch.

He doesn't go upstairs.

But where does he spend the night?

Where else?
With Chuni Dasi, the courtesan upstairs.

He's lost his mind under her spell.

(Anklets tinkling)

If it was possible,
I'd cut her hair off publicly.

She lured Chotay Babu in such a manner,

that Choti Bahu never gets
to see him anymore.

The same woman who sings sadly
at night, right?

Obviously sad songs, what else?

What else a woman can do except lament
over being rejected by his man.

Our Chhotay Bahu is really sad,

You haven't seen her.

She is fairer than the moon.

And our Chhotay Babu has left
such a pretty wife for a courtesan.

"My love oh my love don't be so cruel"

"My love oh my love don't be so cruel"

"Don't tease me"

"Don't tease me"

"Don't tease me"

"I swear you took my breath away"

"My love"

"Oh my love my love Oh my love"

"Don't be so cruel"


"My eyes are so intoxicating"

"In their depths lie tales of love"

"My eyes are so intoxicating"

"In their depths lie tales of love"

"Let us get lost in stupor"

"Don't take the blame"

"Let us get lost in stupor"

"Don't take the blame"

"Come indulge in my eyes"

"Don't drink not from the goblet"

"Let us lose control in love"

"My love"

"Oh my love"

"No, no, no my love"

"Don't be so cruel"


"You have gone insane under my trance"

"I have gone mad in your love as well"

"You have gone insane under my trance"

"I have gone mad in your love as well"

"You are inebriated over there"

"I'm restless here"

"You are inebriated over there"

"I'm restless here"

"Neither am I aware of myself"

"Nor you are in your senses"

"Now this intoxication
will last forever"

"My love"

"Oh my love"

"No, no, no my love don't be cruel"

"Don't tease me Don't tease me"

"Don't tease me"

"I swear you took my breath away"

"My love"

"Oh my love"

"My love"

(Playing piano)

(Shoes squeaking)

(Playing piano)

Is Suvinoy Babu here?

No, he has gone to a meeting.

(Playing piano)

This is bad.

- (Playing piano)
- What?

I wanted him to proofread this.

This advertisement needs
to be published today.

Give it to me, I'll do it.

- (Playing piano)
- (Shoes squeaking)

I remember it. Read it aloud,
I'm listening.

"The Wonderful Miracles
of Mohini Sindoor.

All the lovers...

and beloveds troubled by separation..."

Why did you stop? Go on.


"'...or whose union is hindered
or obstructed...

- Go on.
- Okay.

"Or the lovers whose beloveds
are near to them

but does not air."


Or the beloved who is near but...

but does not air."

Make this correction.

- Who is near but does not care.
- Okay, okay.

Didi Mali.

What vegetable should I buy?

Go downstairs, I'll tell you shortly.

Go on.

May I ask you something?

Go on.

Who rations out goods from the pantry?

- Why?
- Nothing. Just asking.

But why?

"Or lovers who broke up

they all may use Mohini Sindoor
- (Playing piano)

With money back guaranty if
not satisfied. Fee 1 Rupees, 5 annas."

Okay. I'm off.

(Shoes squeaking)

Mr. Worker,

you spoke against me to Miss Jaba right?

You'll have to pay for it.

But I...

Play wisely Mr. Worker.

Cross my path and you'll lose
your job soon.

Many like you have come and gone.

Got it?


Bhoothnath, come here.

Stand here before me.

- What has this Maharaj told you?
- Um...

- Nothing.
- You're lying.

Actually I'm...

If you are not lying
then have I lied to father?

- What?
- Don't play fool.

I heard everything.
Tell us honestly what did he say?

Just that if I crossed his path
I would lost my job.

You accepted it in silence?

Shame on you.

Get out, get out of my house.

You're not only a liar but a coward too.
Why didn't you complain about it?

I didn't want to make a mess.
That's why...

Don't lie.

You asked me then that who rations
out the goods from the pantry.

You thought I gave you less food?

Actually I...

Why should I do that?
What could I have against you?

I've no ties with you
except feeding you properly.

What is this?
Haven't you gone home yet?

I wanted to talk to Suvinoy Babu.

He is upstairs.


But I wanted to talk to you too.

Yes, go ahead.

Well, I've thought about it.

- You can think?
- Excuse me!

What have you thought?

That it was all my fault.

I should have complained about Maharaj.

Forgive me.

Is that it?

What are you looking at?

That because of me,
that man was sacked.

Now you are going through
all that trouble.

Don't worry, I know how to cook.

Although it must frighten you.

Why should I be frightened?

Because from tomorrow you must eat
the food cooked by me.

Will you eat food prepared by a Maleech?

Why do you always taunt me?

- How else should I talk?
- What?

I... I...

(Clicks tongue) Don't hesitate.

- Go on, tell me.
- I...

I'm going.

You are leaving?

Didn't you want to talk
to my father, too?

Wouldn't you apologize to him?

I'll do that tomorrow morning.

You could've apologized to me
in the morning, as well.

Or... was it necessary today?


What is it?

It's a dark night.

And there's drop
dead silence everywhere.


Should the watchman see you home?


A man isn't afraid of the dark.


Bansi, where are you going?
What is it in your hand?

It's all in the destiny brother-in-law.

Chotay Babu hasn't returned home
since yesterday.

Come with me and you will understand.

- But Bansi...
- Let's go.

What is happening?
How did he get inside our house?

Desperate times call
for desperate measures.

- What?
- Where is your mistress?

Don't worry. Your master's alone.

My mistress is getting ready.

Get a side.

Wait here for me.


- Who is there?
- Bansi, sir.

Why are you here?

Why are you here you fool?

Yesterday, Bahurani observed
the Ashtami fast

- and you didn't come home.
- Go away.

- Please let the water touch your toe.
- Go away.

Until she drinks this water
she cannot eat.

She hasn't eaten since yesterday.

Let her be.

Why she has to hurt me
with this saintly behavior?

You would not be bothered at all sir.

- Just dip the toe.
- Get out of here.

Go away. Get out of here.

Give me the glass.

The glass, sir.


Let's slip away, Salay Babu.

What are you doing, Salay Babu?

Bansi, what is that thing?

Thing? What are you talking about?
She is Bari Bahu.

Mother of Chottan Babu.
She is going to take a bath in Ganga.

To bathe? On that bedstead?

Yes, she and bedstead both will bathe.

- Such purdah?
- Only purdah would have been fine.

She also caste conscious.
She is a widow after all.

(Horse neighs)

Salay Babu.

I have a very delicate
matter to discuss. Come here.

Don't tell anyone.

Chhoti Bahu summoned you to her room.


- She summoned me?
- Yes. Tonight.

- Tonight? But I am a man.
- Yes, yes.

I mean strangers going into women's
rooms, is against customs of this place.

True, but don't worry.

Tonight I shall take you there secretly.

Tonight. Understand?

Now I must go.

I'm so busy around here
I don't even get the chance to chat.

"The bee"

"Is so naive"

"Of the garden"



"He is the visitor of the garden"

"Yet he does not understand"

"He does not understand
He does not understand"

"The smile of a bud"

"The bee is so naive"

"He is the guest of the garden"

"Yet he does not understand
He does not understand"

"The smile of a bud"

"The bee is so naive"


"Sometimes he flies away,
Sometimes just wanders around"

"He never revels
the secret of his heart"


"Sometimes he flies away,
Sometimes just wanders around"

"He never revels
the secret of his heart"

"He hovers before me,
exchanging glances"

"He gazes at me, yet remains silent"

"He gazes at me, yet remains silent"

"The bee is so naive"


"Luring me yet pretends
to be indifferent"

"Like a stranger he acts"


"Luring me yet pretends
to be indifferent"

"Like a stranger he acts"

"Near to my heart, Yet far away"

"Acts like a stranger"

"Acts like a stranger"

"The bee is so naive"


"Stopped or interrupted by someone"

"He quickly flies away"


"Stopped or interrupted by someone"

"He quickly flies away"

"Neither he asks nor he learns"

"He seems inept"

"He seems inept"

"The bee is so naive"

"He is the guest of the garden."

"Yet he does not understand
He does not understand"

"The smile of a bud"

- "The bee is so..."
- (Gasps)

Can you knock?


I'm asking why didn't you knock?

How dare you sneak up
and hear my poetry!

Why are you starring at me? Go to work.

Salay Babu...

Salay Babu, come along.

Bansi, what if anything goes wrong?

Don't go back on your word.
Let's go.

- Who is coming?
- It's me Gindia. Bansi

Wait Bansi.
Bari Bahu is washing her hands.

It's the bedstead lady.

She'll wash her hands all night.

- Bari Bahu. Bari Bahu.
- What?

How many times have I washed?

Are you counting or not?

It's been sixty-two times.
Wash once more.

Now it's 63.

Bansi, you can come now.

Bahurani, Salay Babu is here.

Go, go inside.

Bansi, you may leave now.

Come, come over here.

Sit down.

You seem to be very shy.


(Anklets tinkling)

They all call you Salay Babu.

What should I call you?

- Bhootnath.
- Bhootnath?

My father named me Atulya Chakravarty.

But after he died all started calling me
by the name my aunt gave me.


- Why not? Bhoothnath is a lovely name.
- What?

What is wrong?

I shall call you Bhoothnath.
It is one of the many names of God.

And you can call me Chhoti Bahu?

Chinta, serve the offering.

It is blessed by Lord.

Have some.

At least do not be shy away from food.

Otherwise, I shall feel bad.

Bansi told me you work
at the Mohini Sindoor.

Do you?

Yes, but...

But what?

Actually, over there...

What is it over there?


I don't get along with Jaba.

Jaba? Who is she?

A girl.

I mean, the owner of the company
Suvinoy Babu...

she is his daughter.

Otherwise she is...

she is nice, but she speaks so harshly.

What did she say?

She said we had no ties with me
except she has to feed me properly.

That's very harsh
- She also said that...

I'm talking to you as if we've known
each other for a long time.

I'm sorry. It's very late.


You have been living here
for long enough now

Yet you haven't learnt the customs
of this house.

Days are meant for resting here.
And nights for staying awake.

I have summoned you...
to relieve this torment.



You can't understand
but you can help me to relieve it.

Keep this.

(Coin clinks)


This money?

It's the price of Mohini Sindoor.

Bring me a box.

- For you?
- Yes, okay tell me...

Is that vermilion even effective or not?

I don't know.

Ask the people you work for.

But do not tell anyone about me. Okay?

Now that you have forbidden me,

why would I tell anyone?

Oh God.


Would you have told everyone
if I had not forbidden you?

Why are you so perplexed?

Don't you know
such things are not talked about.

Do not even tell Jaba.

She is unmarried, she won't understand.


What won't she understand?

It cannot be explained to men.

Not even to few women.

It can only be understood
by an unfortunate woman, I guess.

It is a great disgrace for a woman.

Such a shameful thing.

I'll wait for you tomorrow night.


He's Chottan Babu.

Bari Bahu's son.
He's very fond of women.

Oh God!

He is the timekeeper.

He winds the mansions' clocks.

Who are you? Where do you live?
What do you do?

Speak up! Speak up!

Are you dumb? What is your name?


(Clock ticking)

Father's name? Village's name?

District's name?
How many houses are there?

Any mansion?

Come on tell me,
do you have any mansion there?

(Clock ticking)

Run away.

Run back. Stay away from these mansions.

I'm telling you. I am!

The timekeeper!

Have you seen the clock?


It's an illusion breaker.


It has broken all illusions.

It has disintegrated the Mahakaal.

In hours, minutes and seconds.

Listen to the sound of time
and recognize the illusion.

- (Clock ticking)
- (Laughs)

Kingdoms do not last.
Palaces do not endure.

These mansions will not endure as well.

I speak the truth, young man. Truth!

Time does likewise. Listen. Listen.

Listen. Listen.

(Imitates clock ticking)

Run. Run. Run.


"My wine-bearer"

"My wine-bearer"

"My wine-bearer"

"Today I"

"Would not be able to sleep"

"I would not be able to sleep"

"My wine-bearer
I would not be able to sleep tonight"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"The night shall pass
While gazing at each other"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"My wine-bearer
I would not be able to sleep tonight."

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"The night shall pass
While gazing at each other"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"


"My wine-bearer is here
So as the night."

"And so as the goblet of love"

"Destiny will favor those"

"Who know how to
take advantage of these"

"The enchantment will
last all night long"

"The enchantment will
last all night long"

"No need to worry about the morning"

"No need to worry about the morning"

"The enchantment will
last all night long"

"No need to worry about the morning"

"Your presence your face remains here"

"What more could I desire?"

"What more could I desire?"

"Today your face will be without veil"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"My wine-bearer
I would not be able to sleep tonight."

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"


"He who shatters in love"

"He is unable to speak"

"This is the niche"

"Where the heart cannot be protected"

"Whose world is not destroyed here?"

"Whose world is not destroyed here?"

"Who is not in pain here?"

"Who is not in pain here?"

"There isn't one person
Whose world is not destroyed here"

"Who is not in pain here?"

"One captures the heart"

"There is no escape"

"There is no escape"

"Our worlds will collide today
As we will glance at each other"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"My wine-bearer
I would not be able to sleep tonight"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"The night shall pass
While gazing at each other"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

"I've heard tonight is the night
Of celebration"

Wow! Very good.

(Door thuds)

(Vase shatters)

What are you looking at?

Don't worry,
you won't lose your high caste.

- What?
- Yes, sit down.

Now you can eat without fear.

I have employed a new cook.

- He has served it as well.
- No, no.

- That wasn't worrying me.
- Then?

I know we villagers eat a lot of rice,

- but this much rice...
- You'll have to finish it all.

You never know, if you are not well fed,
you might get annoyed again.

Okay, tell me something.

If used properly,
is Mohini Sindoor really effective?

I'm sorry, but I have not had the need
to use it yet.

By the way do you want to use it?

- Yes.
- Oh God.

Who will you try it on?

It's not for me, is it?

If so, you'll lose Bhoothnath.

Please don't joke about it.

I have to buy it for someone else.

She is very unhappy...
very tormented.

Who is she? I want to know.

- Our Chotti Bahu.
- Yours'?

Why is she unhappy?

There is no bigger disgrace
and great shame for a woman,

- other than this.
- What kind of torment is this?

It is something.
Something really troubling.

But you would not understand it.

- Then explain it to me.
- No.

How shall I? You are still unmarried.

Who is that Chotti Bahu?

I will not tell you.

She has forbidden me.

She seems to have command over you.

I promised her.

She told me not to tell anyone
not even Jaba.

- Me? Does she know me?
- Yes.

I told her everything
- What did you tell her?

You must've complained about me.

No way.

Not even your enemies
would complain against you.

And I...

You what?

Come on say it already.
Why have you stopped?

Leave it. You'll get offended.

Even so, I won't reduce
the quantity of your food.

I know that.

We have no ties except
you have to feed me properly.

Did you tell Chhoti Bahu all that?

Yes. I told her everything.

Why? You don't tell
me anything about her

but you told her whatever I said.

Why are you quite? Answer me.
Why did you tell her?

It's spicy.

This chili!

I used to think you are stupid
as your name is.

But now I've found out,
you're deceiving.

Elder sister! Elder sister!

It's time to eat. Why are your hands up?

Her hands are unclean.

She was airing the laundry on the balcony
and a wretched crow came down there.


Majhli Bahu, do not laugh.

One day you might get afflicted
with this sickness.

Do not laugh.

Oh God, should I seal my lips?

Your antics make people laugh.

Chotti Bahu, come and see.

Why do you tease her Majhli?

The poor widow does no one any harm.

Then why do you tease her?

Be quite. Don't stand up for her.

When you are laying
in your husband's arms,

do I interrupt you?

When do I stay with your brother-in-law?

When do I get the opportunity?

He does not even stays at home.

Stop lamenting shamelessly.

My brother-in-law is a man.

If a man from rich family does not enjoy
singing and dancing all night long,

he is not considered man enough.

I come from a poor family.

All I know is that a woman lives
for her husband.

If the husband does not stay at home,

then what are these ornaments for?

Who shall I get ready for?


What is this life for?


Have some shame.

You ruin the prestige
of the Chaudhary family.

I've never seen such a woman
who craves for her husband this much.

Never seen till date.

I want to ask you something.

What is that?

Is this advertisement
of Mohini Sindoor real?

My father started
the Mohini Sindoor business.

He was an orthodox Hindu.
Not a believer of Brahmo Samaj like me.

I became a member of Brahmo Samaj
after my marriage.

- But I asked about Mohini Sindoor.
- I'm coming at it.

Goddess Bhawani revealed Mohini Sindoor
to my father in a dream.

He was a staunch believer.

He truly believed in that blessing.

Whatever business he has started,
I'm just running that.

But do you believe in it?

Oh Dharamdas.
He is the head of the Samaj.

Welcome Dharamdas.

Come. Namaste.

Namaste. My nephew, Supavitar.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.

- He has passed his M.A. this year.
- Okay.

- Let's go upstairs, come.
- Come.

- Chotti Bahu.
- Come Bhoothnath.

I was waiting for you.

The food is on the table, for you.

Have you brought that thing for me?

Yes, I brought it Chhoti Bahu.

Show me the vermilion.



- Is Chhote Babu in the mansion?
- No, he has gone out.

Okay, listen inform the people
in the kitchen, I shall not eat today.

Nobody should bring food to me.

Go and fetch Bansi.

Chotti Bahu, why won't you eat tonight?

There is no other way
to fulfill my desire, Bhoothnath.


I was very young when I got married.

When my palanquin was being lifted,
mother said to me,

"Look my child serve your husband
with all your devotion.

A husband is like a god to a woman.

But when I came here I came to know,

my husband is never at home.

Tell me, whom shall I serve?

Honestly, this is a strange house.
Strange house.

I got married into a grand house.

Plenty of wealth,

servants, ornaments,
everything is at my disposal.


But all these comforts are meaningless.


I don't have the greatest comfort
a woman can have.



You called me?

Yes, Bansi.

Can you bring Chhote Babu
to my room tomorrow?

How shall I?

Chhote Babu sleeps all afternoon.

As soon as he gets up just bring him.

Tell him, tell him
I'm not feeling well at all.

And I have eaten nothing
since last night.

Ask him to see me once.

Yes, Bahurani.

You must be surprised Bhoothnath.

You must think your
Chhoti Bahu is a liar.

But, believe me, my Lord knows
I have never told a lie before.

But today I lie
for my husband's wellbeing,

But I can lie
for my husband's wellbeing, right?

Husband's wellbeing?

Yes, Bhoothnath.

His daily outings, his drinking and...

How long will his health last?

I hope to God, this vermilion does
what it has promised.

Don't worry Chotti Bahu, the vermilion
will definitely be effective.

It will, won't it? My heart say's so.

I'll always be obliged
for your favor Bhootnath.


If you ever have any problem,
inform me through Bansi.

Do not forget Chhoti Bahu, all right.

I won't forget, Chhoti Bahu.

The British are coming!
The British are coming!



Brother, please get out of here.

Get out of here.



(Bomb explodes)

Run! Run!






you have cast such a spell on me"

"It's like I have lost my tranquility
My very self"

you have cast such a spell on me"

"It's like I have lost my tranquility
My very self"

"Every step I hear, I think it is you"

"Every step I hear, I think it is you"

"I hide my face beneath the finest veil"

you have cast such a spell on me"


"When you enter the courtyard
Of my world"

"All doors open to you"


"When you enter the courtyard
Of my world"

"All doors open to you"

"All doors open to you"

"I sense that my beloved is near"

"I sense that my beloved is near"

"Showers of petals fill the air"

you have cast such a spell on me"

"It's like I have lost my tranquility
My very self"

you have cast such a spell on me"


"I anoint my brow with vermilion"

"I make myself beautiful for my beloved"


"I anoint my brow with vermilion"

"I make myself beautiful for my beloved"

"I make myself beautiful for my beloved"

"Fearing my beloved
may cast an evil eye"

"Fearing my beloved
may cast an evil eye"

"I darken my eyes with collyrium"

you have cast such a spell on me"

"It's like I have lost my tranquility
My very self"

"Every step I hear, I think it is you"

"I hide my face beneath the finest veil"

you have cast such a spell on me"

Why have you called me here?

Why so silent? Tell me.

Please look at me this once.

Just once.

Didn't you notice anything?

What nonsense, I have no time
to stare at your face.

I don't have time for this.

Please, listen.

If you don't like looking at me,
that's fine,

but please don't go there today,
I beg you.

Don't go? And why is that?

Do you think all the males
in this house are impotent?

Staying with his wife,
does not make a man impotent.

We wed according to
the rites of Hinduism.

Don't you have any
obligation towards me?

The man who has to learn from his wife,
is utterly shameless.

How are you feeling now?

You're an idiot. Why did
you get mixed up with that stuff?

the bullet struck you in the leg

What if it had struck some place lethal?

What if it had?


Who's there to cry over me?

Is there no one?

I don't see anyone.

Yeah, why would you see someone now.

Well, you can see her, obviously.

Who are you talking about?

The person who's name you were muttering
in your delirious state.

- I muttered?
- Yes. All the time.

Really? Then tell me the truth.

Why are you so concerned
with Chhoti Bahu?

Chhoti Bahu?

So, you just hear her name and go quiet.

Is she very beautiful?

This you could only understand
if you were to see her.

Words can't describe it.

At least, I can imagine how she looks.

No Jaba.

You may be able to imagine
every other beautiful thing...

But my Chhoti Bahu...

She is beyond anyone's imagination.

All you ever talk about is Chhoti Bahu.
Is there nothing else on your mind?

Are you upset?
Okay, I won't mention her name again


Even if you do, it's of no
concern to me. Who am I to stop you?

Yes. You are absolutely right.

Other than feeding me to the full...

what's the relationship between us?

Will you never forget that incident?


Salay Babu, where are you?

I've tried looking everywhere for you.

Only then did I find
out that you're here

- How are you?
- (Groans)

Does it hurt?

- Is Chhoti Bahu all right, Bansi?
- It was on her instruction that...

What's wrong with her?
Why did she run off?

How is Chhoti Bahu, Bansi?

She's the one who ordered me
to find you immediately.

The palanquin is outside, let's go.

Tell me,
does Chhote Babu stay at home now?

Forget about all that, Salay Babu.

A leopard cannot change his spots.

- He slips away every day.
- What?

Didn't the Mohini
Sindoor have any effect?

Does Chhoti Bahu still
wear the vermilion?

Yes, she did. On her forehead.

A mark as large as a rupee coin

But it was of no use.

This is all my fault, Bansi. My fault.


If I hadn't given that vermilion
to Chhoti Bahu...

What's wrong?
Is your condition that bad?

We have been so worried about you.

I cannot stay here any longer,
Suvinoy Babu.

I want to leave immediately

Why Bhoothnath Babu?
Are you experiencing problems here?

Absolutely not.

The care that you have given me,

- for that I'm...
- Then why do you want to leave?

I cannot stay here any longer.

I've done someone a grave injustice
by giving vermilion to them.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Why didn't you tell me?

- Salay Babu. Salay Babu.
- Why didn't you tell me?

Salay Babu, Salay Babu, Salay Babu...

How is Bhoothnath, Bansi?

He's not able to walk right now.

But the doctor says he'll be
up and about in a few days.

Make sure that he's fully looked after.

I'll pay for whatever medicine he needs,
all right?

All right, Bahurani.

Bansi, that was Chhoti Bahu, right?

Yes, boss.

The door at the end of the stairwell,
leads straight to Chhoti Bahu's room.

Then why have you
brought me here, Bansi?

Then this room must be
in the women's quarters, right?

It is and it isn't.

It is a secret room.

- Secret room.
- Yes.

There are other rooms
in the mansion, Bansi.

Why did you specifically put me
in this one?

Because Chhoti Bahu ordered me to.

She wanted to keep you
under her personal care.

Now, I'm off.
There's always work in this mansion.

Hey, Bansi.

I'm so fortunate, seeing you here today.

Where is that fool?

Why don't you just stay for a while.
I'll go and get Bansi.

- I'll find him myself.
- Please, listen.

Do you want something from me?

No, not really.

It's just that I haven't seen you
for a while...

Well, go ahead and take a good look.
Look. Satisfied?

Just looking at you
is not enough for me...

Even if I spend my life looking at you
that still won't be enough.

What is this nonsense.
I've told you I'm getting late.

You go there every day.

Why don't you spend a night with me...

I am a man, Chhoti Bahu,

not a bunch of keys,
forever tied to your sari.

No one is talking about forever.
Just for today.

Please give me a chance to serve you.


- Why are you laughing?
- (Laughs)

Do you even know how to serve?

Give me a chance
and you'll know it yourself.

I am a Chaudhary, Chhoti Bahu.

I have hot blood running
through my veins.

You wives can't satisfy
the men of this mansion.

I'm not like the other wives.

I come from a poor family.

To please my husband...

I can go to any extent.

- Any extent.
- Hmm?

Can you sing a song for my pleasure?

Will you like my song?

Not your devotional songs
but a romantic one,

like the one that Chunni Dasi sings.

Will you be able to sing and
dance for me? Will you drink with me?

- Liquor?
- Yes, liquor.

Will you be able to drink wine with me,
all night long?

Will you be able to dance in front of me
all intoxicated?

You wanted to serve, right?

How would you serve?

Bhoothnath, come here.

Come here, Bhoothnath.

I am here.

Why are the lights off, Chhoti Bahu?

It's better
if you don't see my face today.

Today, I have summoned you
to do something...

That would make a woman die of shame.

Die of shame?

Yes, Bhoothnath.

There's no one else
I can talk to this about.

You are the only one
who can understand my torment.

Why have you summoned me?

No one should find out about this.

Bring me liquor.

- Liquor?
- Yes.

You will have liquor?

I will have to drink.

Whatever my husband desires...

I will do exactly that.

If he wants me to have liquor...

then I will.

What are you saying?

The addiction to alcohol will ruin you.

So what if I'm ruined?

If a woman cannot not live up
to her husband's expectations,

it's useless for her to live
in this world, Bhoothnath.

I'm not going to get you liquor,
no matter what you say.

This is my last hope, Bhoothnath.
You must get me liquor.

- Never.
- If you don't get it,

I will never be able
to win over my husband.

- You'll have to bring it!
- No, Chhoti Bahu. No.

I can't bear to see
you destroy yourself.

You are very fond of me, aren't you?

If you really want me to live happily
with Chhotay Babu,

do this favor for me.

Get me liquor.

For my sake.

Chhoti Bahu.

Chhoti Bahu.

My dear Lord...

Chhoti Bahu.

Chhoti Bahu.

Where were you?

To get dry fruit for you.


Well, the dry fruit was here already.

No more excuses, now.

Here, drink!

You go ahead. I'll drink later.

I've been drinking for a long time.
Now it's your turn.

Come on. Go ahead.


Is that it?


That's all you got?

No, it's not that.

I won't get too inebriated, right?

The more intoxicated you are,
the more beautiful you will look.

Here, drink.

Please, look away.

Why such an inhibition?

Go on, drink up.

It's bitter

Idiot. Not like that.





Kingdoms do not last.
Palaces do not endure.

These mansions will not endure, either.


May I come in?

Come in, Bhoothnath.
You have a long life.

We were just thinking of you.

- Did you get our message?
- Yes.

Come here.


- Your health seems a little...
- Yes, since the day...

The day you left.

Bhoothnath Babu...

I have closed the
Mohini Sindoor business.

Shut it down? Why?

You're asking me why?

Bhoothnath Babu,

I have much to talk to you about.

- Jaba, please bring that letter.
- Yes.


- Bhoothnath Babu...
- Yes.

I'm oddly dubious for the past few days.

- Oddly dubious.
- What is it?

Weren't you born in Fatehpur,
Nadia district?

Yes. Why?

Did your parents die
when you were a child?

Yes. I was four years old.

In his old age,
my father also lived in Fatehpur.

Was your father's name...

Here you go, papa.

Here, take this.

- This...
- Five hundred rupees for you.

For me?

- But I...
- Please keep it.

Master Babu left me
with your responsibility.

And I took away your job
by shutting down my business.

Do not refuse the money, Bhoothnath
or I won't be in peace.

- But...
- Keep it.

Are you going to break
a sick man's heart?

And please take this letter
of introduction to Mr. Rupchand.

He is a very big contractor.

He will give you a good job.

Thanks a lot.

Just one more thing.

You know that Jaba is my only daughter.

And now she is of marrying age.

Father, the doctor has prohibited you
from talking too much.

No, daughter.

There is no prohibition in talking
to Bhootnath Babu.

You can see how sick I am.

That's why I want Jaba
to get married by next month.

I cannot do that
without your help, Bhoothnath Babu.

- I am unworthy...
- No.

I have complete faith in you.
I am a sick man.

That's why you'll have to take care
of the marriage formalities.

Excuse me?

Yes, Bhootnath.
I have found a good husband for her.

His name is Supavitar.

- Supavitar?
- Yes.

Suvinoy Babu?

Come in, Mr. Dharamdas.

I'll come another time.

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"

"My dreams remain unfulfilled"

"Remain far out of my reach"

"As the fire spreads in my life"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"


"O beloved, my sweet love"

"You are engraved in my soul"

"My eyes cry for you"

"But you do not hear my cry of pain"

"Although the rain fell
My heart remains parched"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"


"We could have talked
We could have listened"

"Why did you leave
me with a broken heart?"

"My life has plunged into darkness"

"The light of hope ha extinguished"

"My life is cloaked in darkness"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"


"Wherever you are"

"My love, I remember our dreams"

"How do I tell you?"

"How can I love again?"

"There has never been another for me"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"

"My dreams remain unfulfilled"

"Remain far out of my reach"

"As the fire spreads in my life"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"

"My unspoken words reside"

"Sealed in my heart"

"I was unable to say a word"

"I was perplexed"

- Chhoti Bahu.
- Hmm?

Bhoothnath? Come here.


Sit down.

Chhoti Bahu, are you unwell?

Me? Why would I be unwell?

These days it feels like the flowers
have once again blossomed.

Like, it's spring.

I have some money that I want
to leave with you.

Because I don't have a strong-box.

You don't have a strongbox?

I can sacrifice a
thousand boxes for you.

Go and get Bansi.

No, please. Just keep it safe.

I can't carry it around with me.


your Chhoti Bahu isn't dead.

Come closer.

Come closer.

Are you scared of me?


Here. Take the key.

I can't do it.

Put your money in the safe over there.


Please hand me that glass.

My whole body is aching.

All your aches are due to the liquor,
Chhoti Bahu.

You know nothing.

As soon as I drink this,

this young body will feel alive again.


Give it to me.

Give it to me.

It looks like you're addicted.

I'm not addicted.


Rather what?

My husband...

I am lost in his intoxication.

He wants me to drink...

so I drink.

Do you know,
now he spends the night at home.


I am very happy these days.

Don't you see that
I'm putting on weight?


Give me the glass.

No, Chhoti Bahu.
You are not in your senses as it is.

Please, don't drink any more.

What did you say?

Should I obey you,
instead of my husband?

Give me the glass.

I will drink. I'll drink for sure.

Go ahead, drink.

Empty the glass and satisfy your soul.

Yes, I'll drink.

There's nothing you can do about it.

I'll drink it.

Oh no!

- Shame on you.
- Shame?


What's there to be ashamed about?

(Glass shatters)

What no other men of the Chaudhary clan
has done for his wife,

Chhote Babu did that for me.

Now, he is all mine.

Mine alone.

And I'm not ashamed but proud of it.

- I am proud.
- Are you going to drink more?

- I will. What's it to you?
- No, you will not.

Why? Am I answerable to you?

Yes, you are.

You can drink in front of Chhote Babu,
but not in front of me.

Give me the bottle!

Oh God!

You dare to touch me!

You touched someone else's wife?

Get lost! Get lost!

I'm telling you to get lost!

Go! You touched another man's wife.

Get lost! (Screams)

The survey map is good.

You're learning
the overseer's work pretty quickly.

Do you work at home too?

No, just here.

I've been learning
from Mr. Banerji at night.

Every night?

That means you haven't had time
to call on Mr. Suvinoy.

No, I haven't.

Go there today.

He is seriously ill.

How is your father, Jaba?

Supavitar is asleep.

Wake him up.

He must be exhausted.

- Maybe, that's why...
- Wake him up, immediately.

And tell him to go home.

But why Jaba?

Your father is seriously ill,
how can he go?

He has some responsibilities
as a future son-in-law.

No, now he has no responsibility
towards me.

No responsibility.

Even if he doesn't want to go,
he has to go.

Supavitar, Supavitar!

How is father, Jaba?

Why didn't you wake me sooner,

Go home, Supavitar.

Go home? Why, Jaba?

And don't ever come back.

Try to forget me, if you can.

What are you saying, Jaba?

Do as I say. Leave here immediately.


Bhoothnath, come into the other room.

Father passed away.

Hey, it won't affect you
but it will affect me.

Behro Babu was saying the other day

that Majhle Babu is going to buy a car,

meaning I will be out of a job.

So when was our job ever safe?

Zamindari is all gone
will he be smoking hookah any more

and smoke foreign cigarettes instead.

What will happen to us?

They plan to sell the land
and buy coal mines.

Don't know which idiot gave
these landlords such bad advice?


I have persuaded my masters
to buy your mines.

And you are just paying me
Rs. 50,000 for that?

Achariya, here's another Rs. 10,000.

And Mr. Robertson,
here's a check for Rs. 20,000.

Thank you. Thank you.

Please come in, Chhote Babu. Namaste.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.

Biddu, have you made
the necessary inquiries?

- Everything is in order, right?
- Absolutely, sir.

Mr. Robertson, who is a mining expert,
has inspected the mines,

and says they are
in excellent condition.

Yes, Mr. Chaudhary. The coal
mines are in excellent condition.

Chhote Babu, please read the agreement.

Where do I sign?

Sign right here.

Where is Majhle Babu? His signature...

It will happen.

Master, Cheni Dutt's pigeons have flown.

Cheni Dutt is laughing, Master.

What is it?

Are the Chaudharys scared
to confront me?

They haven't come against us.

Let loose the pigeons.

Look! Look, there the pigeons are!


Hey, let's show these Chaudharys
what we got.





(Laughs) We've beaten them, Master.

please sign the coal mines agreement.



- (Laughs)
- Give me five.

Master, our valiant pigeons
have brought back four rival pigeons.


- Mukund.
- Yes.

Take Rs. 1,000 to the Chaudharys
and tell them to return my pigeons.

Yes, Master.

- Did you summon me, sir?
- Yes, Bhoothnath. Come in.

Work is starting off
on our new contract in Munghair.

I need someone reliable
to supervise the work.

And, if you go there,
I will have peace of mind...

- When do I leave?
- Tonight.

And you'll have to stay there
for several months.

Go and collect the money
for your expenses.


(Footstep approach)

Jaba, please eat something.

How much longer will you continue
to torment yourself?

And not just yourself,
but Supavitar too.

- Supavitar?
- Yes

I met him outside.

Why have you stopped
him from coming here?

How can I let him come here now,
Bhoothnath Babu?

- How can I?
- But, why not, Jaba?

Your father arranged your engagement
with him.

So what is the hindrance in your love?

You both belong
to Brahmo Samaji, aren't you?

There is...

But for cultural reasons how
can I break my other ties, Bhoothnath?

How can I break ties
that go back generations?

Jaba, please be honest.

- Do you...
- The day father died...

You remember that day, don't you?

- You and Supavitar were in the other room.
- Yes, I remember.

Something happened that day,
Bhootnath Babu.

It all seems like a dream to me.

It completely changed me.

- What are you talking about?
- Yes, Bhoothnath Babu.

It was the first time father told me

that when I was a year old,
my grandfather took me away,

and in accordance
with Sanata family rites...

- he married me off.
- Married?

- You're married.
- Yes.

When I was a year old.

Didi Mali.

What is this, Yasin?

Where did the sun rise from?

- Chhote Babu's going out again?
- Yes, Master.

Long live, Chhote Babu.

May you live an extravagant life.

The carriage is ready, sir.



- Are you going out again?
- Hmm.

Sitting idly at home is suffocating me.

I need a change of environment.

Please tell me the truth.

You've stayed here for so many days,

- weren't you satisfied?
- Hmm. I was.

But a wife
can only give comfort, Chotti Bahu.

- It's not the same as...
- But listen.

"Beloved, do not leave
The gentle embrace of my arms"

"I swear, I will cry"

"I will cry"

"My husband is getting restless"

"What will I do without you?"

"What will I do?"

"Beloved, do not leave
The gentle embrace of my arms"

"I swear, I will cry"

"I will cry"


"This cascade of hair
These kohl-darkened eyes"

"This glittering veil
The desire in my heart"

"This cascade of hair
These kohl-darkened eyes"

"This glittering veil
The desire in my heart"

"All this is for you, my love"

"Today, I will not let you go"

"Will not let you go"

"Beloved, do not leave
The gentle embrace of my arms"

"I swear, I will cry"

"I will cry"


"I am devoted to you
I thirst for you"

"You are my love
The light of my life"


"I am devoted to you
I thirst for you"

"You are my love
The light of my life"

"I shall take the dust
From beneath your feet"

"And powder my brow with it
Now and forever"

"Now and forever"

"Beloved, do not leave
The gentle embrace of my arms"

"I swear, I will cry"

"I will cry"


"You who try to elude me"

"I implore you to heed me"

"You who try to elude me"

"I implore you to heed me"

"My love, please heed me"

"I am all yours
I am at your feet"

"Here I shall live
Here I shall die"

"Here I shall die"

It's not like you'll do something new.

This is every wife's duty.

That she lives and dies
in her husband's house.

Then do something for me.

Just forget that I am your wife.


What did you say?


Keep me in Badan Bari,
like those other women.

I will live there happily.

At least,
I'll be able to see you everyday.

They live there under different names,
don't they?

If you want, you can give me a new name.

Whatever name you like.

Are you in your senses?

If you did that,
our family's name would be dishonored.

Then, please tell me, what should I do?

Do exactly as other
daughters-in-law of this house do.

Refurbish old ornaments,
play kaurian, sleep peacefully.


What are you laughing at?


You are comparing me with them?

I should refurbish old ornaments?


Play kaurian?


Where are you going? Answer me.

Do you think I'm like
the other daughters-in-law?

On what basis?

Are you any different?
Have you descended from heaven?

Yes, I am different.

I wouldn't have such a tormenting fate,
if I hadn't been different.

Has any other wife
made such a great sacrifice?

As good Hindu women,
have any of them drunk wine?


Why so silent? Speak up.

Answer me!


How could you compare me to the others?

Do I have what they have?

Have you been able to provide me
with all that?

I have...

- I have no one to call me mother.
- Chhoti Bahu!

What do you want to say?
Say what you want to say.

I too drink wine,
but I don't crazy like you do.


You called me crazy?

You called me crazy!

You called me crazy!

You called me crazy!

You called me crazy!


(Music playing)


(Lamp shatters)


Get the carriage.
Chhoti Bahu is going out.

What did you say?

- Chhoti Bahu...
- She's going out?

- Really, Bansi. Chhoti Bahu?
- Chhoti Bahu is going out?

It's a disaster, Master.

Cheni Dutt and Chhote Babu got
into a fight at the Chand bazaar.

How dare Cheni Dutt do such a thing?

Bahurani, Bahurani.

- Chhote Babu...
- What happened to Chhote Babu?

He's unconscious, drenched in blood.

Oh, mother.


Bahurani! Bahurani!

Bahurani! Bahurani!

(Train horn blares)

Salay Babu, when did you come back.

What has happened to the mansion?

You haven't seen anything yet.
Look over there

The stable, the carriage,
everything has been sold off.

And how is Chhoti Bahu?

How do you think she is?

From the day
that Chhote Babu came home injured,

she has been ill.

They say that Chhote Babu is paralyzed.

Now he has completely stopped drinking.

But what about Chhoti Bahu, Bansi?

- You haven't told me anything about her?
- It's better that you don't ask.

Look at the condition of this mansion.

Babu, I haven't been paid
for the last seven months.

How did this happen, Bansi?

The coal mines ruined everything.

Masters did not keep check,

so they were deceived.

There was coal on the top,
the rest was all rock.

Just look at what is happening.

I want my money. You owe me 1500.

And 5000 to me.

And 3000 to me. I want them now.

Hurry up.

Just give me a couple of more days.
Where you've waited for so long,

what's a few more days.

(Indistinct chatter)



When did you come back, Bhoothnath?

- Today.
- That's good.

Do something for me, please.
Get me some wine.

You still haven't stopped drinking,
Chhoti Bahu?

I will. I won't drink from tomorrow.

Take this.

- Bangles.
- Yes.

I have nothing left.

You still want to sell them...

For that horrible stuff?

You think you can stop drinking
from tomorrow,

but you'll never be able to give it up.


The mansion's condition,

Chhote Babu is ill, and you still
haven't come to your senses.

What's wrong with you?

You dare to speak to me in this manner?

Yes, I will.

Drinking has made you your own enemy.

You don't give a damn
about anything, anymore.

- You...
- Quiet! Who are you to lecture me around?

If I don't care about my husband,
then who does?

I've sacrificed everything for his sake.

I have even sacrificed my God.

And you say that I don't care
about my husband.

How could you say such a thing?
How could you say such a thing?

Speak! How could you say such a thing?

Who is there?

- Listen.
- Master.

Who was he?

Master Babu's brother-in-law, master.



- Chhoti Bahu?
- Do you want to say something?

Do you want to see me happy?

With all of my heart and soul.

Then stop drinking, Chhoti Bahu.

Stop drinking.

It's a horrible addiction.

Let it go.

What can I do? I can't stop drinking.

A man can stop drinking...

- But a woman...
- I am not like other women.

I'm not like other women.

I can do everything for you.

I started drinking for you,

and I can shun it for you.

For you, I won't touch it.

I absolutely won't touch it again.

You'll see. From tomorrow,
I won't take another swig.

- You won't drink, will you?
- Not at all. I won't drink again.

Not even a bit.

Not even a swig.

I won't drink again, from tomorrow.

From tomorrow...

Bhoothnath Babu?

I've just returned from Munghair.

I came to see you as soon as I could.

I thought a lot about you as well.

Really, Jaba?

You're from Nadia District, right?
I was married there.

If the in laws wanted to accept you,
Jaba, why are they still silent?

Who can say if they are silent or not?

Only father knew this secret,
which he took to the grave.

It's possible that
your husband remarried.

I'm still his wife.

Maybe he is a bad person
and won't be able to keep you happy.

That will be my misfortune.

It's possible that he thinks
that you are a bad woman.

Will he accept you?

That's what I want to know,
Bhoothnath Babu.

Why don't you want me to know?


No, Jaba.

Whatever your heart desires...

I'll surely fulfill.

Go and get me his address.

The other day I found a letter
in father's papers,

which grandmother wrote to my father,
without telling my grandfather.

This has his complete address.

- Atulya Chakravarty?
- Yes.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Do you know him?


I'll have to make a thorough inquiry
about the marriage.

(Smoking hookah)


Master, there has been no work
for us lately.

We are going through
tough times, Master.

Our equipment has become rusty.

(Smoking hookah)

Salay Babu...

Hurry up, you have to go
to Baray Nagar with Chhoti Bahu.

Barey Nagar? At this hour?

Yes. To see a great hermit.

I have hired a carriage.

But the day passed anticipating for you.

Chhoti Bahu has been asking for you
since this morning.

(Mirror clatters)

Don't worry, okay? I won't be long.

I've heard that the hermit
of Barey Nagar is a true saint.

He will definitely cure you.

Yes. He will definitely cure you.

I'll be back soon.

I'll be back before you know it.

I'll be back soon.

Did you call me?

I'll be back soon.

Let's go, Bhoothnath. Hurry up.

Tell the coachman to drive fast.


- who was that?
- Master Babu's brother-in-law, Master.

(Cart rumbling)

- Chhoti Bahu?
- Hmm?

How is Chhote Babu?

He's the one that I'm worried about.

For some time now,
his condition has been...

May God give him my life.

My life...

When I die...

Make sure that I am adorned in splendor.

You hear me?

Adorn me in splendor.

And my brow...

Adorn it with vermilion.

So that everyone will say...

a devoted wife has passed away.

Don't talk like that, Chhoti Bahu.

Don't talk like that.

In this, lies the peace of my soul.

In this.

May God bless him with my life.

(Cart rumbling)



The way you understood me...

no one else could understand me.

No one...


Why don't you get married?

- Married?
- Yes.

How I longed for a happy family life.

How happy I would've been
to welcome a daughter-in-law.

Bring me a daughter-in-law.
I shall adorn her with all my heart.

I am already married, Chhoti Bahu.


(Horse neighs)


(Ship horn blares)

What has happened, Babu?

Any news on Chhoti Bahu, Bansi?

There is no trace of her.

The day the two of you left
for Barey Nagar,

Majhle Babu forced me out
of the mansion the same day.

Now I am working as a coolie
at the train station.

Didn't you inquire
from the other servants?

- What happened to Chhoti Bahu?
- I made a lot of inquiries.

But there was no trace of Chhoti Bahu.

The mansion is ruined, Salay Babu.

Majhle Babu has left the mansion
and is living with his in-laws.

And, what about Chhote Babu?

- Is he still in the mansion?
- Chhote Babu...

Chhote Babu has passed away.

- (Wind gusting)
- (Windows rumbling)

Overseer Babu, we have found a grave.

A grave, in this mansion?

Chhoti Bahu.

Make sure that I am adorned
in splendor, you hear me?

Adorn me in splendor.

And my brow...

adorn it with vermilion.

So that everyone will say...

a devoted wife has passed away.

A devoted wife has passed away.