Saheb Film (2019) - full transcript

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I'm the influencer with
sharp eyes and magic filled.

Streaks in my hands are
that of an ungovernable.

I'm the influencer with
sharp eyes and magic filled.

Streaks in my hands are
that of an ungovernable.

I am...

...the influencer.

Hey, what is it?

Do not mess early morning.

What is this?

Does your father own the street?

Your sharp eyes.

I ran to my fullest.

Instead of investing my
time in thrashing you...

...I must invest it
in bird watching.

Ram Singh, it was our fault.
Kindly, apologise.

And hurry up.
We have to go and pick up dad.

I am the traveler...

...of my convenience.

Will drown and go across.

Cheenu it is.


Here you are after
great bird watching.

The girl in the car was
really pretty, wasn't she?

How do you know?

I had gone to buy some milk.

I thought to buy some snacks
from uncle Cheenu's shop.

And what do I get to see!
- What?

I saw someone bird watching.

I like it.

But I didn't do anything yet.

I don't even know who she is.

But I do know.
- Really?

Then do the honors. Please.

- You won't tell me! Wait.

Wow! Splendid!

After so many days,
climbing so many stairs...

...Saheb has come upstairs.

Uncle, how are you? Fine?
- Yes.

Tell me.

Tell me all her details.

Only on one condition.

I accept it. Tell me now.

Look, if I pass out
MBBS examination...

...then you owe me
a wrist watch gift.

Wrist watch? Done. Go on now.

She's the daughter
of the registrar.


Mahek! Mahek!

Mahek (fragrance)
spread all over me.


Her name has actually
made the ambiance...

...redolent, right?

Don't began flying.

Don't underestimate her.
She's enough for many.


But both of you will
make a good pair.

Because she is just like you.

Amazing! Vagabondage!

In which college does
Ms.Vagabondage study?

She got expelled from the college.

Then now?

Do not worry.

Her father will get her enrolled
in your college. -Really?

I have won the lottery.
I can't stay here now.

Hey! Don't forget,
you owe me a wrist watch.

Only if you pass out.

Your milk is ready. Have it.


Hey! Stop reading the
feminists columns.

At least invest time in cooking.

Hey! You think this
is feminists column!

Home Minister Mr.Dalsukh
is expected for the...

...inauguration in our
neighboring school.

Feminist columns!

Ask your CM...

...that the temple
is shut since years.

Ask him to grace
and inaugurate it.

CM doesn't entertain
people like us.

Leave and let me
do my arrangements.


You'll build the alter.

And arrange the chairs.

And then?
- Then what?

All of them will be on stage
and you'll be the audience.

You are right. Dalsukh and I...

...joined the party together.

He has become the Home Minister
and I am still a welfare worker.

No one entertains us on stage.
- Me.


There are many seniors
out there who deserve it.

You old generation!

You can't think smartly.

Do you want to be
seated next to the CM?

Leave now.
- Don't challenge me.

Don't challenge me.

I can make this
happen and in return...'ll buy me a bike. Done?


If I make you sit next
to the Home Minister...

...and if it gets published
in the newspaper... return,
you'll buy me a bike. Done?

Think about it. Don't laugh.

I was anyway going
to buy you a bike.

But challenge will be a fun now.

you do not worry at all.

Your daughter is
like my own daughter.

But be sure about the fees.

You anyway charge millions.

But to be honest.

A child pass out graduate in
our university in just Rs.12000.

Sir, I can't hide it from you.

We do own it all.

It reaches the higher authorities.

Right. I will do it.

Anyway, education and
politics go hand in hand.

Call the student.
Where is your daughter?

She is sitting outside.

She is sitting outside.
Send her in, - Nice.

She seems to be
simple and generous.


Pardon me but...

...such a girl in our college!

She might be misfit.

We have modern students here.

So such a girl will
not set here...

She can.

Can this girl set?



I have got the admission.
Can I leave?

Yes. Go.
- Thank you.

Hurry up. I am thirsty.

Hurry up. You are here since long.

Hey! Help yourself from the
canteen if you're in a hurry.

It costs only Rs.20.

You are fond of having
from a bottle. Not me.

What did you say?

Whom did you abuse? Fool!


Hey! What are you doing?
Come on fast.

Hey! Why did you let him go?

Malhar, he was one with attitude.

You should have trashed him.



- Why did you get trashed?

The one to get
trashed, gets the girl.

Do not worry.

And if you spare him...

...then you don't deserve
your name. - Okay.

Do not spare him.
- Okay.

Goddess will punish him.

May she face the wrath.

Malhar, where are you heading?

Did you reach?

Yes. Reaching. Hurry up.

Come on.

Oh! Jayanti, you!
- Yes.

After years!

I still remember the tea you make.
- Thank you.

How is it going?
- By your grace. Welcome.

Stay blessed.
- Are everyone positioned well?

Where are you?

Home Minister has arrived.

Everything is set. Wait.

Is everything set?

- Yes.

Tell me, how many of
them are yet to arrive?

Two corporators.

Okay. You just occupy
one of the two chairs... soon as I tell you.

Malhar, corporators are here.

Get ready. One.

Two, three.

Come on.
- Hey!

Hang on. Don't you know driving?

As if you know.
- Wait.

I will show you, get down.
- Come here.

Come here.
- What is it?

What is it?
- Look here.

Do not mess with me.
- I'll trash you.

I will trash you.

- Sir.

I am getting late. Hurry up.


Just go and sit on the chair.

That will help the students...

...of the school.

Thank you.

Move aside.
- You keep quiet.

Come on.
- We are getting late.

Sir, grace my shelter.

It's really nice. Just as earlier.
- It's CM calling.

Coming, sir.

I had to go. CM is calling.

Just a photo please.

So go on. One, two, three.

Forceful companionship
is possible but...

...not forceful happiness.

We've to pen down a tribute.
Go on.

As you have left... has incurred
an unforgettable loss.

Your sudden death...

...has traumatized me severely.

May Lord...

...grant strength
to face the grief.

Oh! Mr.Mansukh.

Live long, Mr.Mansukh.

Yes. Hey!

Do not worry.

Government is responsible
for your safety.

My dear.

You won't get a scratch. Okay.


Write it.


Sorry. Late Mr.Mansukh.

I will miss you a lot.

My sweet Lord!

And yes, remember.

Send this cover post
5 pm over-morrow.

A tribute is meant to be
given after the demise.

What made you remind of me?

I am lucky to have not
faced such days yet.

Politics is a really awful.

We need to opt for
all wrongdoings.

Is everything set for Mr.Mansukh?

Yes, sir.
- Good.

Where has the party
fund raising reached?

The industrial fund... not enough.

But if you don't mind...

...then we can manage
with the liquor.

I guarantee you the returns.

No. With this step,
the opposition will get a chance.

Instead, do one thing.

Grant permission to all
the self-financed colleges.


To ask for money from
the old colleges.

They are earning good.
- Sure, sir.

And corporation by-election
is round the corner.

I am sure,
you haven't thought of it.

We must win that seat.

Sir, I have just
inaugurated a school today.

- Consider, we have won the seat.

Then do add the
youth in the rally.

Sure, sir.
I'll order all the workers today.

And inform them.

I am off.

One has to die to
witness the heaven.

Salvation leads one to the heaven.

Oh no!


You hit me once and I hit you
five times. It is settled.

You should have trashed
him in the college.

Why did you put in
so many efforts?

My dear!

His girlfriend was with him.

If I had trashed him
in her presence...

...he's be my enemy forever.

Now, he is friends with us.


Actually, we both trashed
each other. End of the story.

Actually, we both trashed...

...each other. End of the story.

- Right.

Here, darling.
- Thank you. Hey.

Where are you going?
- I have brought water for Malhar.

He's my friend.
- Water for him!

Girls are really magicians, right?

She can make enemies friends.

And vice versa.

He got trashed yesterday
and is serving me today.

Water for you.

- Let it be.

- Chilled water for you.

Chilled water.
- Yes.

Get lost now.

Malhar, here she is. Come on.

- Yes.

- Yes.

Come running.

Coming. Tell me.

Transfer this water
to another table.


- Yes.

Tell him,
he must have the courage to...

...feed the same.

I had gone to the river
bank to fetch water.

I have quenched my thirst... your presence.

The glass is half filled.

Fill it half with some love.

A boy... no more in control.

The bud has bloomed.

Is no more in control.

A girl... really splendidly smart.

Cuts and scales me.

And yet gathers me every time.

Here you are.

Don't flirt. I am engaged a lot.

There's no one here.

If you concentrate
on your career...

...this photo could
replace by yours.

My photo will be everywhere.

But I won't have
time to flirt then.

I feel your presence
everywhere in your absence.

You play like music
of love everywhere.

I feel your presence
everywhere in your absence.

You play like music
of love everywhere.

You entice and placate me.

And make me laugh.

And get me trapped in sweet havoc.

Different attraction
and different drill.

Something happens in
the corner of heart.

Different attraction
and different drill.

Something happens in
the corner of heart.

A girl... really splendidly smart.

Cuts and scales me.

Yet gathers me every time.

Different attraction.

Different drill.

Something happens in
the corner of heart.

Something happens in
the corner of heart.

Didn't I tell you.
- What?

That I am engaged.
- I know.

I am a volunteer.
- Fool.

Even I am a volunteer now.


Oh! Smart.

I know...

...what made you a volunteer.
Come on.

Both of us will close our eyes.
- What?

Do not miss the target.

On the count of three.


Two and three.


Do not interfere.

Will you interfere as you've got
a package worth Rs.15,00,000?

I'll see you later.


Good morning, sir. How can
I help you? - Good morning.

Be a good host.

He intends to buy a mobile.
- Bring it.

Sir, of how many sim cards?

His intellects are too
low to understand this.

How many sim cards?

- Dual sim.

Come on. It'll be fun.
- Come on.

This mobile is in demand.

Okay. - And this is
also the latest piece.

You buy yourself a phone.
I'll be there.

Order 30 pieces of this model
and tomorrow... -Excuse me.

I have seen you somewhere.

This is meant to be
said to the girls.

It doesn't suit us.


I can't be wrong.

I am sure, I have seen you.

Do you click photographs
fro identity proofs?

Then you might have seen me.

Bring the stock.
- Sir, we have 10.

This is the new stock.
- Perfect.

Hurry up.
- Hang on.

You are the one related
to Rs.15,00,000 package.

- Boss, MT college.

Rs.15,00,000 package.

Your poster was there and you
study in the same college.

What are you looking at?
Count the stock. - Rs.15,00,000?

There's so much to work.

Check the I Phone consignment.
- Okay, sir.

Chintu, you be there. I'll be
back. - Where are you heading?

Hey! Malhar.
- He fooled me.

How are you?
- Fine.

What is wrong with you?
Why are you following me?

I am the same guy.

But do not share this with anyone.

But you had got
Rs.15,00,000 package.


I didn't get Rs.15,000.

They committed a fraud
in the name of placement.

What? -The company hired
me on a contract basis.

They got me work like a
donkey for six months...

...on probation period.

And later fired me with the
pretext of bad performance.

Fired you!

But that's how
corporate world works.

I am not the only one fired.

Since last four years...

...all those who got hired
through campus placement...

...almost everyone got
fired from the company.

I will... you the Whatsapp
group of those fired ones.

Look at this.


They asked me to resign
after six months.

They didn't pay me for last month.

You should have
protested the company.

It didn't click out of job need.

We did sign the contract.

But it stated...

...they can terminate
without reason.

Thank you.

We'll have to stop
placement for this year.

Is it fine?

Change the contract.
- Sure.

a foreign trip and a lot more.

Wow, my contract!

Are the changes fine?

I have made it as you asked for.
- Well done, guys.

Just watch now.

Now they have got trapped.

Malhar, show us your moves.

What is it? I am here.

Show me your moves.

Here. Leave now. Idiot.

Hello, sir.
- Hi.

Welcome, Mr.Malhar.
- Thank you.

What are your hobbies?
- To collect the information.

I am known as Google in the
college and Google has it all.

What can you do for our company?
- Everything.

I mean, everything right
from the peon till the CEO.

What will you do if a
tiger trespasses you?

I will sign a contract
with him and eat him later.

Good one.

Here are your contract papers.
Sign them.

You are hired.

Oh! Thank you.


You not have just given me
this job, but a lot more.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Thank you.
- Excuse me.

It is my key.

- So, he owns the car.

- But I own it now.

Didn't you read the contract?

Read it. It is stated there.

You will hand over car keys to me.

A film with my
girlfriend twice a week.

Two foreign trip twice a year.

And 30 percent partnership
in your company.

What do you mean?
- Is it a joke?

Who did that with you?

I don't deserve your company.

In fact,
no student from our college... worth your company.
Thank you very much.

What nonsense.
What do you intend to say?

Your turn over is
about Rs.50,00,000.

You have 40 employees.

Sorry, you had them.

You fired 10 of them 15 days ago.

You didn't pay the
rest for months.

And terminated ex-students
of my company...

...without paying them, right?

- How does he know this?

Google. I told you, I am Google.

What nonsense?
- Google.

- Are you mad?

We've hiring you and
you're being audacious.

We're not interested in your
fake jobs of your dummy company.

You intend to hire free
workers in the name of job.

Yes. -You are fooling all of us.

- Yes.

You are paying Rs.10,000...

...instead of Rs.5,00,000 package.
- What bullshit?


Your company is a bullshit.

Good for nothing.

We don't want it. Out.

You are rusticated
from this college.

But ma'am, the company...
- Shut up.

I don't have time
for your nonsense.

Dad, what is it?

Don't be tensed unnecessarily.

Something will get managed.
- What?

They have rusticated you.

I got you enrolled... such a respected college
and paid a huge amount.

Not to do all this.

That's my point, dad.

There are no jobs despite
of paying a huge amount.

The trustees and the company
are fooling together.

They are all involved.


Malhar is right with his actions.

At times, when unjust is being
practiced in your presence...

...instead of keeping
quiet, it's better to die.

What are you saying?

Hey! What are you saying?

Be positive.

And you! Instead of
encouraging him to study... are favoring him.

And you!

You will apologise the
principal tomorrow.

I don't want to listen anything.

Why should you write
an apology letter?

Is there any other
option left for us?

Otherwise his year
will be in vain.

Including the fees
of whooping amount.

But they run the college.
We can't do anything.

You are right.

But you are running it.

Sorry, guys.

For interfering.

I am a reporter.

After years...

...I've come to cover as someone
for the first time has...

against the college.

Malhar, my pal.

It takes courage.

Do not write an apology.
- Right.

Because if Malhar
will apologise...

...then the matter
will get closed.

How will you seek the news?

The world has large
number of coward people.

And those people know
only one thing the best.

To stop the courageous ones...

...from opting for
the right things.

What is expected to be done?

Don't fear,
make the college fear instead.

Ask your fees back.

They will pay us back
but how will that help?

That's the problem.

Will you leave if they ask you so?

You all don't question.

Whereas you prepare a
questionnaire to buy...

...a phone worth Rs.5000.


Then after you paying a
whooping price of Rs.5,00,000... don't question
the college...

...about after paying
such a huge amount...

...what will we gain?

Will we get the job or not?

If yes then how?

Your fees is your power.

The college might pay you back.

But what if all the other
students ask for it back?

Let's do it. Yes.

I have a great idea.
- Which is?

All of us will not
get the fees back.

But if we all...

...don't pay for
upcoming semesters...

...then something is possible.


- College won't be able to... anyone if
we don't pay fees.

They will have to seal it.

And this college holds...

...a lot of importance
even politically.

Because Home Minister...

...has invested in this college.

And if this scandal
gets revealed...

...then it will be
no less than a havoc.

So we all will not pay the fees.

- Yes. We will not.

Students of MT college
are on strike...

...since five days in order... cancel Malhar
Palladia's rustication.

The important thing
is, these students...

...denied to pay for the
upcoming semester fees.

The other self-financed
colleges are petrified...

...that their students should
not follow these steps.

Vinita ma'am, act wisely.

Sir, you do not worry at all.

I will settle everything.
Two days.

All the students will get
back to normal in two days.

And I have expelled...

...the root of the problem.

You didn't expelled the
problem, but invited instead.

Do one thing,
cancel his rustication.

But if we...
- Nothing will happen.

But if you don't, then it
will be get into a scandal.

Experience speaks.

The black history of politics... granted by such
unsatisfied students.

Cancel his rustication

Everything will be fine.

All the students
will pay the fees.

You know, elections are
round the corner next year.

Okay, sir. As you say.

Sir, did you watch
Aishwarya's new movie?

You know, I have never
watched movies alone.

So let's go.
- When is the next show?

We'll have to reach
within 30 minutes.

Did you hear it?

She has canceled
Malhar's rustication.




The triumph of victory played.

Warriors, wake up now.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

Awakens the havoc within.

Reminds of the forgotten chapter.

Lights up.

Enlightens us.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

Awakens the havoc within.

Reminds of the forgotten chapter.

Lights up.

Enlightens us.


A war resounds.

It takes.

It takes color red.

Awakens the spirit of war.

Sparkles the blown fire.

Lights us.

Enlightens us.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

Awakens the havoc within.

Reminds of the forgotten chapter.

Lights up.

Enlightens us.

It awakens.

It awakens.

Enlightens us.


...the havoc within.

Lights us.


'Forgive me.'

'I had pass out the examination.'

'But I got failed in
front of the system.'


'I couldn't fulfill dad's dream.'

'And I didn't had time...'

'...wear the watch
I asked you for.'

'If you could give
me something now...'

'...then grant my dad the
strength to face this grief.'

'I am off.'


You come to play...
- Malhar. the corner of my heart.

You bring tears... dry eyes.

You are the color...

...of Holi (festival
of colors) in my life.

You are in the memories.

You are the flying kite.

You are in the...

...prayer of... heart.

You are in the...

...bounded compassion.

'At times, when unjust is being
practiced in your presence...'

'...instead of keeping
quiet, it's better to die.'

Kabira Mewada.

Malhar Palladia.

I don't want the degree.
- Malhar.

I don't want the degree
from the system...

...that led Purvi commit suicide.

Sir, education helps
lead people a good life.

But why are people
dying out of the system?

Sir, please.

I ask justice...

...for Purvi and other students... her.

I don't want the degree...

...but justice.

Enlightens us.

No one will interfere.

Arrest him.

...the havoc within.


Come on.

Someone else reminds me.

Reminds me.

After I meet you, I wonder... remind me of someone else.

Reminds me.

How did you come?

In police jeep.

I mean, what are you in for?

I scorched the degree in
CM's presence in the college.


I appreciate your daring.

How did you come?
- In an auto-rickshaw.

See this.

He scorched the degree.


Police informer.

You know what I mean.

I am Rehmat.

I have all the information...
- With me.

Come on, you are out on a bail.

Come on. Open the door.

Come on.
- Not you. The other guy.

Wow! You got behind the
bars in college age.

Now no one will mess
with you outside.

Sign here.

You have got out
on a bail for now.

But don't get into anything.

Otherwise you will lose your life.
- Oh!

You are threatening.

You have messed with the CM.

Have you lost it?

Do not get influenced
by these reporters.

Otherwise you'll get destroyed.

If I wish, I can get you in again.

He is out on a bail right now.

If he doesn't get out,
you will get destroyed.

Let's go, Saheb.

Live long, Malhar!

Live long, Malhar!

This college student
is getting viral a lot.

We need to fix him before
he opts to become a threat.

Sir, you do not worry.

Let some days pass by.

We will fix him in such a way...

...that he will be quiet forever.

Mr.Dalsukh, speak softly.

Always be patient
when having alcohol...

...and using politics.

Sir, we can't help it.

You know...

...that it takes no time for
a spark to catch the fire.

Get some water sprinkled
in this sparkle.

Sir, I can call a tanker.

His father... an old welfare worker.

Give him the seat of a corporator.




By your grace!

Lower down the volume.


You scorched the degree but
your father has graduated.

- I mean... has given me
a ticked for next...

...corporation elections.
- Dad.

You know the fact...

...there are many seniors
who deserves this.

They all intend to
stop me with this move.

They are not obliged.
- But...

To douse the fire of my protest.

Dad, try to understand.
- You are right but...

Just recall Purvi once.


This is not the time
to get emotional.

You will not stand
for this election.

I am a sure shot winner.

So I will stand the election.

Then get ready to get defeated.

We will visit everyone and speak.

No family should be unvisited.

Transform the customs.

Say it loud to the societies.

They cannot take away...

...the voices now.

Transform the customs.

Say it loud to the societies.

They cannot take
away the voices now.

I swear... the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.

I swear... the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.

A big event has occurred
in the history of politics.

The corporator of
Sattadhari Lokmanas Party...

...Jayanti Palladia...

...lost the election from an
impartial candidate by 3000 votes

- Hariya, you're here.

Will you help me?

Yes. Tell me.
- My father headed to...

...clean the drainage
and died out of it.

Mr.Mansukh was about
speak about it.

But he too died
out of an accident.

Have you requested properly?
- Yes.

But I am still
awaiting the response.

the government might hear you.

I will do something.
You do not worry.

Something will happen.
Do not worry. - Okay.

A corporator might have won.

But a father of a daughter
is still defeated.

Nothing but if I just
become the voice...

...of those defeated
ones is enough.



This is not our victory.

This is the beginning
of our war of justice.

So not the victory celebration.

But will held the candle march.

Candle march.

I swear... the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.

Time is the most...


I swear by the sun.

Filled with the courage.

And fill the sky with our voices.

That is the victory...

...of mankind.

I read Purvi's letter everyday.

And I always think that
she didn't commit suicide.

But has got murdered.

The same way... many students
dreams gets murdered.

You are right.

Your responsibilities
aren't fulfilled...

...just with the
tag of corporator.

Hang on.

Hello. Yes.

Are you serious?


Thanks for the information. Bye.

I had given Purvi's phone
details to an expert.

And he has found that...

...since last three days
a college admin's...

...assistant used to call her.

Will you say the truth or...

...go behind the bars out
of Purvi's suicide case?

Tell me.
- Look.

I am just an ordinary clerk.
- Really?

I have no knowledge about it.
- Really?

Before Purvi
committed suicide... were continuously
calling her.

Should I give details
to the police?

People whom you are
helping right now...

...will not come for your bail.
What will you do then?

Then go to the jail.

And your family will
become homeless.


...I should not get
dragged anywhere. -Okay.

In all the semesters...

...they fail students for mere
marks and ask a whooping amount.

I had called Purvi
to ask for money...

...and all the amount goes to...



Who is Tribhovan?
- I know that rascal.

He is the party worker.

He is fond of being with
prominent politicians.

Famously known as Tribhovan Batli.
- Tribhovan Batli!


Let the bottle's bottom up.

But our brotherhood
should be unchanged.

I follow a rule.

I get ready... 8 everyday.


You are a rich man now.

You play with prominent people.

People like me can't reach there.

No. Keep mum.

You are my brother.

I can take you wherever you want.
Tell me.

Hello. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I will deliver two
treasures the following day.



...while having this
foreign liquor... my foreigner son.

Oh yeah.
- Yeah.

He is my NRI friend's son.

- He intends to invest in India.

I have brought him to you... you earn in billions now.

No. That's not the case.

He is an NRI.

My NRI pal.
- Oh, yeah.

Pass me the cheese cube.


My earnings are like
these cheese cubes.

A huge amount of my earnings...

...goes to higher authorities.

And all I get is this piece.

Can't you get it all for yourself?

Have you got 100 million?
- By check or in cash?

Open a self-financed college.

I'll get you all the permissions.
- Wow!

But I'll charge 10 percent
commission. - Sure.

There's nothing to earn from
a self-financed college.

The government relies on that.

Do you know,
who had called just now?

Education minister.

In every 15 days...

...a whooping amount goes to... minister.


...the transporter has become
rich now out of the same.

Are you serious?


Thank you!

Education minister
seems dangerous.

How can we invade his farm house?

From the front gate.


There's tight security...

...where there's so much
money kept. - Yeah. I know.

No. How can we invade?

Do you know how to ride a tempo?

Do you know how to ride a tempo?

Tribhovan sir has send the locker.
Get it down.

But some other driver
comes every time.

He is sick.

That won't work. Get him online.

Then you speak with him.
- I will.

Waste of time.

Sir, someone has
brought the locker.

I have send it. It's mine.

One's your sir's and
another for Home Minister.

Okay. I will get it.
- Okay.

Come on.

I'm the influencer with
sharp eyes and magic filled.

Streaks in my hands are
that of an ungovernable.

I'm the influencer with
sharp eyes and magic filled.

Streaks in my hands are
that of an ungovernable.

I am the...


Sharp eyes.

And magic filled in eyes.

Why did you come back?

Sir, it got messed up.

What happened?
- They took the wrong locker.

This has to be kept, not that one.

Oh God! Come on.

Yes, sir.

What are you saying?

We won.

Captivate them.

Come on. Get down.

Leave me.
- Hold him.

Come on. Start the car.

Hey! Leave him.


The heart has...

...called a war with wisdom.

Can't find the solution.

Whom should I agree with.

But my heart says, this life... about ups and downs.

Rann it is.

The prominent animal
found here is Ghudkhur.

If a human trespasses him...

...the other Ghudkhars...

...tears him into pieces.

Then those Ghudkhurs...


Too bad.


Not to trespass someone.

Come on.
- Ghudkhur has got Saurashtra.

Only donkeys are the problem.
- Sit.

Straight forward answers.

I like it.

I wish you had wisdom... much as you have words.

You have 30 minutes.

Stop all your acts.

Otherwise I will bury
you in this Rann.

Or I will tie you on the camel...

...and send you across the border.

You won't even get...

...death if you ask for.

Nor could you survive.

You are giving me 30 minutes.

I give you 30 days.

Within 30 days...

...I will demolish...

...your government.

A wisdom has awakened.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

A conch plays.

It awakens.

It awakens.

Oh, man.

You seem to have
watched South movies.

Delivering dialogues when
death is on your head.

I don't understand if you
are clever or stupid.

If I go alive from here...

...then I am clever.

And if something
happens to me...'s your stupidity.

Let me have some fun
for being stupid.

Pick him up.
- Hey, mister.

If I got damaged...

...then you'll incur
loss worth 20 billion.

If I don't reach my friends
within 30 minutes...

...then the photos,
videos and locations...

...worth 20 billions...

...will all be right
in front of the media.

That's a good try.

Try again in your next life.

2nd floor, Bungalow 24,
Harsukh Farm House...

...20 billion in the
cupboard in bedroom.

Till now, only I know.
Within 30 minutes...

...whole world will know
Education Minister's address.

Look at Tribhovan's video,
if you don't believe me.

'Here is 100 million.'

'Open a self-financed college.'

'I take responsibility for
all the permissions.'

'But I'll charge 10% commission.'


'Government depends on it.'

Outweighed me.

Outweighed me.

The political profession
outweighed me.

We're talking about 20 billion.


...I will get...

...another chance to kill you.

Take him. And drop
him till home.

Let the AC be high.

Let him be cool.

Okay? I'm going.

You will go forever now.


30 days.

Heart has gone naughty...

...being good.


Tribhovan Batlivala.

He's killed, sir.
But that boy...

How are you? Good?
- Yeah.

30 days?

Are you kidding?

Who do you think you are?

Whatever happens,
Government will go down.

Who will do that?
- Me



Action has started.

Hello. Greetings.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Hi, thanks for coming. Hi.

Our Honorable Chief Minister...

...doesn't have time for
inauguration of this temple.

Which is why it is
closed since six months.

That's it.

I just want to tell
Chief Minister...

...that even God will
not wait for you.

Brother is here.

He is here.

Brother is here.

He is here.

Brother is here.

He is here.

Saheb is here.

He is here.

Brother is here.

He is here.

Saheb is here.

He is here.

Brother is here.

He is here.

Saheb is here.

He is here.

Hail to Godless
Parvati's Husband.

Hail to Lord Mahadev.


Roll camera.

For justice of Purvi...

...and for the problem
of students...

...I declare closure to all
the colleges in the state.

And now, will organize
a student rally.

Hail Mahadev!

Why have you come?

Saheb has declared closure
for colleges.

At this age, in
native language...

...Saheb is called a Nag.

Whoa, sir. Sir. Sir.

You are the only sir.

I want to kick you hard.

But I won't. Stand up.

Make sure that not even a
single college gets closed.

Sir, Guardian Board,
Student Board...

...Board of Trustees
has been informed.

And Police will be very strict.


Tell State IB... keep an eye on Malhar.

Where he goes, whom he
meets, what he does.

I want details of every minute.

Malhar you called me?
- See.

I am sending this map now.

Our rally will go
from here first.

Then on the main road.
- Okay.

And then on this street. Okay?
- Okay.

I'm forwarding this.
You pass on others.

I'm going for
rally's permission.

I'll send it to every student.
- Malhar!

Very few colleges are closed.

And the Government workers
are opening the closed ones.

Government's applies
on their workers...

...not on the students.

Which is why I organized
students rally.

- Yes?

Aren't you hurrying?

How will so many students
will come in your rally?

They will. From everywhere.

...library, colleges.

And everyone is with me.
I will rock it.

Not everyone, Malhar.

Only youth is with you.

There is difference between...

...real followers and Instagram
and Facebook followers.

There is no time for this.

This time is for this action.

Look, Malhar.

Whatever you do next...

...just think of it
a hundred times.

Because all who are
with you today...

...could be against
you tomorrow.


I'm going to Government
hospital since five months.

No one is investigating
for my father.

They are telling me to
bring the documents.

Now, you do something.

Look, I'm in a hurry.

I will do your work for sure.

100%. Start giving
your documents.


Let her pass.

Someone stop this girl.
We'll have fun.

Leave it! Leave it!


Run! Get out from here.

Get out of here!

Run. Let's get out of here.

Let's go. Let's get it.
- Go behind him. Catch him.

Malhar and his supporters
answer less behaviour.

This is Malhar's hooliganism.

Will Malhar take
responsibility for this?

People's anger on
Malhar is growing up.


We have to go to
police station fast.

Students who were supporting...

...cops arrested them.
We have to bail them.

Their parents are pressurizing me.

They are arrested...

...because they made a mistake.

They were in rally
because of us.


Because of you.

It's all similar.
- No.

You don't want to fight.
You want to be a hero.

From now on,
do not expect anything from me.

Is there a problem if they
listen to me and agree with me.

Or you don't like me being famous.
- No.

I don't like it.

Because people have
hopes from you.

And you don't even know that.

Do you intend to come with me
to the police station or no?


After all these years?

Now I understand from
where this boy... so much influenced air.

Then let's finish the air pump.


Kill this boy.

Kill this boy mentally.

Go on.

Look, sir.

They are students.

Does it mean,
they can do anything?

Sorry, sir. They made a mistake.

Yes, they did.

If someone like you
calls for a rally... should not go.

They should know this.

Sir, this will not happen again.

That's why they are in there.

You can't keep them
here like this.

Keep them aside.

First, you get out of here.
Out! Get out!

Hey, go inside.

My children are behind the bars!

You know what you did?
Look at us.

What did our kids do...

...that they are
arrested because of you?

You should be ashamed.

What are you looking at me?

Look at us.

Brother is here.

Saheb is here.

Brother is here.

Saheb is here.

Brother is here.

Saheb is here.

Brother is here.

Brother is here.

Saheb is here.
Hey! Hey!

Brother is here.

Saheb is here.

Brother is here.

Saheb is here.

Yes, mom. - Son?
Come home. Quick. Come home.

In our home... - What?

No, no. I'm coming right now.
I'll be there.

What thugs? Did they hit you?

They hit dad? Is he injured?

Where are you?
- Don't worry. I'm coming, mom.

Malhar is also with me. We are...
- Don't bring him with you.

Don't bring Malhar with you.

And from now don't
even meet him.

Listen. Thugs were in the house.

They hit my parents
and messed the house.

I have to go. Listen,
- Let's go. Let's go.

Come here. Come here.


Mom told me not to
take you there.

She has also asked me
to stay away from you.


You received a revenge...

...for what you did.

Amazing! Amazing!


The lips that can pray...

...together they can...

...also create eroticism.

Amazing! Amazing!

- Yes, sir.

Do something to
entertain people.


Sorry. This video...
- Where were you?

I saw this video.
I don't know...

I know. Not bad, huh?

Malhar, I know. Why
are you worrying?

And what's this? Where were you?

Don't worry.

How dare you come here? Get out.
- Daddy? Daddy!

Shut up. Not a single word.

Are you not satisfied
by disgracing us?

I'll file a case against you.

Ant trust me, you
will be in prison.

Then I'll also go in the jail.

Not only Malhar kissed me.
I kissed him too.

And I will.
- Mahek?

You are not getting it.

But, dad...
- You should forget him.

He'll do nothing in future.
Trust me.

This stupid is
influenced by Saumitra.

You don't know Saumitra.

Saumitra is the one...

...who killed his loved ones.

He cheated on him.
And that Saumitra...

...will kill him.
- One minute.

What did Saumitra do?

Why are you asking me? Ask him.

You come with me.

Understand what I say.
- Daddy. Daddy...

Come with me.
- Daddy...

Saumitra is treacherous.
- But, daddy...

And I think, to kill him...

...Saumitra viraled this video.

Saumitra is treacherous.

'Saumitra has viraled this video.'

'Saumitra is treacherous.'

'Saumitra has viraled this video.'

'Saumitra is treacherous.'

You'll be happy killing me?

You go.

Come back when you are calm.
- Why?

Are you afraid to hear the truth?
- I'm afraid to say the truth.

Then run away!

Just like... years ago... ran after cheating
on your men. Just like that.

What is this place?

This is my office.

- Where I too dreamt...

...of changing something.

And I am still having the
pain of not fulfilling it.

'Is everything alright,
Mr.Diwakar?' - Me and Sachin.

Who is CM now.

We both were sincere
students of Mr.Diwakar.

You and CM together?
- Yes.

Sachin wanted to enter
the system very fast.

And I wanted to
change the system.


Sachin had the passion
to enter into politics.

For that he could
go to any limits.

'Yes, Sachin. Have a seat.'

'Saumitra, look...'

'Poor people,
farmers, students...'

'...raised Rs.3,00,000
as a fund for our party.'

- Yes. Take this.'

'You keep this.
- Okay. As you say.'

I didn't understand
Sachin's game.

Have ever shouldered the
burden of a dead body?

I did.


- Move.'

'Mr.Diwakar committed suicide
because of you.'

'You got involved
with the government?'

'He is a traitor.
- What are you saying, Sachin?'

'What am I saying?'

'See this. By taking money
from Government...'

'...he dealt us.'

'Mr.Diwakar was so upset
on you for this.'

'You gave this money
to me, saying...'

'...that our party
raised this fund.'

'Okay. You got caught...'

'...which is why you are blaming
on me. You are a traitor.'

'He is a traitor.'

'Saumitra, what you did,
is called cheating.'

'Do not come here ever again.

'You are out of here.
- Get out! Get out!'

'He is a traitor.
- He is a traitor.'

'Get him out of here.
- Come on, Get out!'

'Get out of here.
- Get him out of here'

'Get him out of here.
- Go away from here.'

'Blacken his face.
Blacken his face.'

Sachin sacrificed Mr.Diwakar
and became the CM.


...I'm sorry.

When I saw you for
the first time...

...I thought you can
stand against CM.

I am surrounded by many
questions right now.

I feel like quitting
and escaping from here.



...the customs.


...the societies.

They cannot take
away the voices now.


...the customs

Tell the societies...

They cannot take
away the voices now.

I swear... the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.


Today I understood...

...what is it to shoulder a
burden of a dead body.

But, did you see?

You are not alone in this fight.

These laborers, farmers...

...these women.

They all are fighting against
Government's injustice.

You take all of them with you.

Government is afraid
of only one thing.

And that is aware public.

Dilip Desai.

I'm from the opposition party.

I'm with you in this fight.

Fight for your war
in the Assembly.

We'll fight our way.
No need of you.

I swear by the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.

This is Hari.

What did he ask for?

Justice for his late father.

He stood alone because
he had the courage.

And did what he said.

Hari, who had fire in him...

...he is on fire today.

Hari has turned black.

He is not Hari.

This is our State.

Little bit black,
tired, half burned... the leader's
greed, betrayal, tricks.

We may not have so much
courage compared to Hari.

But from within, we are all
on fire. Just like Hari.

We also have sparks inside us.

If these sparks gathers...

...then it won't take time
to take the Government down.

Now fire of Hari's pyre...

...will cool down, when
the Government goes down.

I swear by the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.

From today, no one will...

...pick up garbage from
Government worker's houses.

Put all your garbage in
front of their houses.

They will understand when...

...they will suffer
from all this.

Then they will understand.

Yes. Yes. It is Saheb on line.

Yes, Saheb. Yes, yes.

Yes? Okay, then.

Why is this garbage here?

Cleaners are on strike.

Your houses will be cleaned...

...when politics
will get cleaned.

Clean the walls.

The breath...

The farmers are also
forced to come... the Assembly
for their demands.

The voices against government is
witnessed everywhere in the state.

Cleaners were also
on strike till now.

And opposition corporator
stood trying for...

...her daughter's justice.

I swear by the sun.

Will send back the night.

And let the sun rise.

We want justice.

We want justice.

Do you think, you'll get
justice for Purvi?


I definitely believe that...

...Purvi will get justice.

I saw your news.

I appreciate your coverage.
- Thank you so much, sir.

Shall I send my camera
team to have a byte?

No, no. Look.

People gain trust by votes.

I do it by talks.

Order, sir.
- Do one thing.

- Arrange a debate with Saheb.

Okay, sir.
- People must learn...

...that there is
no other branch...

...of the original Saheb.

- Done, sir.

Welcome, sir.
- You look pretty.

Lord has created you nicely. Come.

Malhar Palladia will get late.

Will you give an interview
to two reporters?

Very smart.

Just handle if those reporters...

...ask controversial questions.

your gesture is enough for it.

Welcome to your very own... True Facts.

Today we have with
us, none other than...

...honorable CM,
Mr.Sachin Majumdar.

And our prominent...

...reporters are present
here with their questions.

And yes, the other special
guest for the day is...

...Mr.Malhar Palladia.


- I can understand your eagerness.

But Saheb will join
us in some time.

So meanwhile let's
begin with the show.

We heard that you're
quite flying in the air.

I mean, you use government
helicopter for...

...personal use.

Is it true?
- Mr.Reporter.

Where have you gone to
with your family yesterday?

To Bhavnagar for
sister-in-law's marriage.

With office vehicle.

Pal, car and helicopters
are machines.

We must keep using it
or it might get damaged.

Sir, how about education
getting expensive?

We heard that self-financed fees
goes to the government fund.

And people are deprived of
clean water on the other side.

See you after a short
commercial break.

Sorry for being late.

As the streets are too good.

I couldn't ride more than 40.

Sir, you accomplish many tasks.

Then look after the streets too.

You are heading on
the wrong street, pal.

And also influencing the youth.

I am warning the
subjects of the state.

He is someone who is
against the state.


Reasonable person

You seem to have watched
South movies a lot.

If I am a fool... can I be reasonable?
Do not confuse me.

You are making fun of me.

He is a shameless fellow.

Friends, have you seen his clip?

Clear obscenity.

Show the clip to them all.

Shameless fellow!
- Okay.

He made it a 24 seconds video!

Thank you.

Thank you for showing my clip.

Now see this too.

'In every 15 days...'

'...a whooping amount goes to...'

minister's farmhouse.'

'The government relies on that.'

Now you tell me.

To love someone is shamelessness?

Or to compel someone to commit
suicide is shamelessness?

You tell me.

To kiss in public
is shamelessness?

Or to get someone
killed is shamelessness?

Mr.Harsukh, Mr.Mansukh.

Hari, Tribhuvan, Purvi.

Sir, the list is too long.

You tell me.

Who is shameless?

And what is called shamelessness?

Yes. This is called shamelessness.

CM, down with!

Justice for Hari.
- Justice for Hari.

Justice for Purvi.
- Justice for Purvi.

Investigate Mr.Mansukh's case.

Yes, get it investigated.

CM, down with!

CM, down with!

CM, down with!

CM, down with!

CM, down with!
- Calm down.

CM, down with!
- Calm down.


You have given me a
space in your heart.

Let make some space
for my car to pass.

He is really a shameless fellow!
- Yes.

This is injustice.
- Come on.

Where will you go?

They are just students.

Can't you handle them?

This is CM's security! Nonsense.

Break his car.

Damage it.
- Damage it.

Damage it.
- Damage it.

Damage it.

Damage it.
- Damage it.

Damage it.
- Damage it.

Damage it.
- Damage it.


We are campaigners, not traitors.

And this is our pride and
must not get stigmatized.

CM, down with!

Damage it now.


Brother is here!

He is here!

He is here.

My Saheb is here.

Brother is here.

He is here.


I am still telling you.

We are ready to support you.

Grace your campaign...

...with our support.

And get the government down.

We are here.
- You just be there.

Your time will soon come.

I will tell you then.

Do not step back then.

Have you ever been
to Dang district?

Yes, sir.

By God's grace.

I think,
you need you to visit once again.

Residing in this city...

...your energy has gone into vain.

No, sir. This is not the case.

So before the youth make me quit
politics and send to Dang...

...I will get you
transferred to Dang.

Then the nature
will entertain you.

With the tribes.
- No, sir.



Sir, don't get me transferred.

Speak with him.
- Then fix this boy.

Bury him, throw him in
to the well, drown him.

Do whatever it takes.

- Okay, sir.

Right, sir?
- Yes.

And if you can't do it...

...then Dang is for you. Enjoy.
- Go.

Here he is. Stop him.

Hey, stop.
- What is it?

Get down.

Let me speak.
- Why did you stop me?

Hang on.
- Stay aside.

Come on.

Do not speak louder.


Hey, why are you hitting him?

Leave him.
- Come on.

Leave him.
- Move.

Leave him.
- Hey!

Farmers movement has increased.

They are protesting
in their talukas...

...against the government offices.

Government will go down.

It is really painful.

Come on.

- Yeah.

It is really painful.

At least you got some days
rest because of the cops.

Because of whom?
- The cops.

I will not spare the cops.

Sir, did you get hurt?
- Come.

Those were the cops.

If I don't get you suspended...

...then I don't deserve my name.

Saumitra, calm down.

I asked them to hit me.


But why?

Because CM has ordered the cops... kill Malhar.

Be grateful to these honest
cops who informed me.

If they hadn't hit me...

...then my corpse would
have been buried somewhere.

I am safe here because of them.

- Hey.

This was not needed.

Keep it.
Accept it when cops give you.

Malhar, we'll leave.

- Go.

You have begun playing tricks
like political leaders.

- Sorry.

You are clever now.
- Of course.

Would you like some juice?


You are good for nothing.

I had made all the arrangements
but he made a quick move.

Sir, now...'s risky to kill him.

And you will get accused
if anything happens to him.

And subjects are anyway agitated.

Subjects are agitated?

Subjects are agitated!

Then agitate them more.

Sir, they will not spare us.

Not against us.

But against each other.

- Yes.

Do me a favor.

For Rs.2000. Be there at 11.

Oh! But what do I have to do?
- Hey.


We have to create
some riots with them.

And some petrol bombs.

I've spoke with them too.

They too will do the same with us.

Create riots. It is all set.

Be there at 11.

Take a turn.

- Right.

Yes, Rehmat.
- Malhar.

They have planned to...

...agitate Hindu-Muslim riots
in name of your campaign.

CM has bribed them...

...and set people of
both the communities.


Do you know their children?

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan. -Go.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

Ram and Seeta!

Ram and Seeta!

Man, worship Ram and Seeta.

Ram and Seeta!

Ram and Seeta!

Man, worship Ram and Seeta.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

Take them to their mommies.

They must waiting for them.

I was of five...

...and my mom had gone to buy
groceries and left me home.

She didn't return
after the riots.

No Hindu or Muslim
had killed my mom.

These riots killed my mom.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.


Right now,
government has 112 MLA's.

If the government intends
to win by majority...

...then he must have 94 MLA's.

If he misses out even one MLA...

...then the government
will go down.


If 19 MLA's does not
support government...

...then government will lose
it and goes down. - Correct.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ram and Seeta uplift
the downtrodden.

Ishwar and Allah are both same.

Our government is
so good at work...

...that the opposition
has nothing to do...

...except reciting hymns.

You have played the
Hindu-Muslim card.

- Lies.

It is lies.

Poor..., laborers,
students are all agitated on you.

You have lost the moral
right to be in the politics.

We will approach the governor...

...and claim this government...



...I will be the CM.

King Rama,
descendant of Raghu clan.

Ishwar and Allah are both same.

Let God give good sense to all.
- Silence.

As per the news...

...that governor has
accepted the request...

...of untrustworthy government.

Calm down.

So what if the opposition
party has done this?

We have the majority of votes.

But sir...

...we all will get
destroyed before you.

Yes, sir.
- Look.

I know, how much the opposition
party intends to deduct...

...MLA's of our party.

But that will not happen.

No one will get deducted.

Sir, we're not petrified
by the opposition.

But by the subjects.

They exasperation has increased.

People gets vexed looking... your visage. No big deal.

HM, do one thing.

Take them all to the resort.

Sir, are you serious?

Stay there for some days.
- Okay.

And reach the Vidhan
Sabha directly...

...and vote for us.
- Okay.

That's a good idea.

Anything else?

No, sir.
- Thank you.


Dharti Travels, at CM office.

I am the happiest when
do something good.

We have fought with
it for our happiness.

I am the happiest when
do something good.

Listen to me carefully.

We've spoke with all the
zillas, talukas and villages.

They have to reach the spot.

Government's death
bell will ding.

And death bells...

...should reach CM's ears.

Wow, Saumitra.


I am glad to see the office.


You anyway have experienced
to get humiliated here.

Sachin, be careful of the chair.

The legs of your
chair are shaking.

I know, how to handle the chair.

You all were good
with the campaigns.

- You got impressed?

Then get ready to get depressed.

Get ready to be at home...

...honorable Sachin Majumdar.

- You are too eager.

Some people...

...applauded out of excitement.

And you became a politician?

This is politics and here...

...digits is the game.

I have disappeared...

...all the MLA's.

So I will win now.

And you will lose.

Game over.

And yes.

It's 7 O'clock already.

Ding your death bell.

This is our politicians
Benami property list.

Ask our team to cases them all.

Whoever interrupts, break them.

Malhar, what if someone
gets hurt in this?

Pal, this is Benami property.

You won't find honest souls there.

Politicians stooges
needs to be trashed.

And yes.

Here is the list of politicians
and their loved ones.

Make sure no household groceries
is being delivered to them. -Okay.

We will make sure.

They have had enough
with others money.

Now let us make them
face tough times.


There's no water here.

Forget that.
Maid has not come today.

No milk is supplied and I am
deprived of tea since morning.

Including the newspaper.

Uncle Dilip.

Uncle Dilip.

- Is water supply in your house?


And milkman?
- Yes.

He didn't come to us.

Including the newspaper.
- Hello, dad.

Where are you?

There' no water supply...

...and I've applied face pack.

Get water and electricity
supply in all the houses. -Sir.

We are cops.

Not a plumber or an electrician.

No one is proving my family
with household groceries.

Sir, my family couldn't
get out even while covered.

Sir, our family is important.

If our families are safe...

...then we will fight and
win the elections once again.

For now, here is my resignation.

Mine too.

Sir, a call from Delhi.

Yes, sir.

No. Everything is all right.



No MLA should not leave now.

The matter has reached
the high command.

So here is the breaking
news once again.

The political situation
in the state...

...has faced another trouble.

11 MLA's have resigned.

CM has got an order from Delhi.

Mr.Mansukh's death mystery
will soon get solved...

...sources as per CBI.

So with this,
here ends today's news.

This is subjects power.

The subjects who
can elect the MLA...

...can compel...

...them to quit in no time.

11 MLA's have resigned.

And 101 MLA's are still left.

If we deduct eight,
there won't be any majority.

One down.


Normally, a father jacks
for their children.

But we are here for our fathers.

What? - Our fathers
intends to work with you.

Will you approve them?

But who are they?

We have done a lot of wrongdoings.

Till now, we did everything
for our children.

We perceived...

...that our children
should be like us.

But you are their role model.

And so we are with you.

You are not with me.

But with state's subjects.

- Yes.

Dad, uncle.

Malhar has hired you.

It calls for a selfie now.

Sir, four MLA's are with Malhar.

Which means 97 in total.

If we add these two...

...then five more than majority.


The people in Th selfie...

...should not reach
Vidhan Sabha to vote.

Position our police and other men.

They should not reach.

And we will automatically win.


This might be the first
event in the country...

...where the youth has shattered the
government with majority votes.

To Vidhan Sabha.
- Sure.

Not even films has such suspense.

In today's contest,
you have to answer...

...will Malhar take
down the government?

Sir, what do you think?
Will Malhar succeed?

Not so easily.

This is all official in overseas.

Should I call the radio guy?

Yes. Dial him.

So, I await your quick answers.

Mulji speaking.
- Yes.

I bet, Malhar will win.

He will win.

Let us begin for motion
of no confidence voting.

The game has begun.

Voting has begun.

But Malhar and some
MLA's are missing.

It digits are increasing.

And government is getting
stronger with every vote.

Hold them.

Has Malhar accepted his defeat?

It seems as the state subjects...

...expectations has once again...

...gone in vain.

Last 15 minutes for voting.

But there's no update
about Malhar yet.

Hit them.

Hit them.
- Hit them.

Hit them.
- Run.

Save us.
- Leave us.

Save us.
- Leave us.

Save us.
- Leave us.

Save us.
- Leave us.

Save us.
- Leave us.

Save us.
- Leave us.

Breaking news.

Malhar Palladia and MLA's...

...have reached Vidhan Sabha
in injured state. -Hurry up.

Hurry up.
- Take a close up.

Injured state!
- Saumitra.

They have reached
the Vidhan Sabha.

Sir, hang on.

Sir, hang on.
- Later.


Let us see... much blood will this
motion of no confidence ask for?

- How are you?

The way was too long.

But we finally reached
the destination.

But government still
has five votes of MLA's.

And government will
not get defeated.

'You are gone.'

'He is right.'

'Here is CM's statement.'

'CM has mentioned you
being responsible...'

'...for Mr.Mansukh's death.'

'Whenever he faces tough times...'

'...he slaughters his
closest one first.'

'You know the history.'

'You will have to help us
in taking down government.'

'You and some more MLA's...'

'...will vote against
the government.'

'Because if the
government wins...'

' will die.'

As per the sources... has concluded.

Let us see,
if government could survive in...

...motion of no confidence.

Whether we win or lose.

We have fought well.

Right. And...

...subjects are awakened too.

That's the actual victory.

The votes have been counted.

Government has got 90 votes.

Whereas 94 against the government.

Government could not
prove their majority.

And so with the immediate effect,
government gets discarded.

We won!

Brother is here.

He is here.

He is here.

My Saheb is here.

Brother is here.


This boy defeated us in our game.

He defeated you. Stop the car.

You intended to strangle me.
I have cut your wings.

I have provided all
the evidences...

...of yours against
Mr.Mansukh's death. Bye.


Malhar, this is your victory.

You are our new CM.







I feel, to take down
government is easier...

...than delivering a speech.

But remember.

The campaign does not...

...stop by defeating
the government.

It's not necessary that every
campaign has a politician in it.

Not all the campaigns are
meant for political career.

But for transformation.

And my protest... not against
any particular party.

But is against
the entire system.

And so... this moment...

...I reject the CM seat.

I am just a student leader.

The college campus bench needs me.

Because there...

...the students who
sits next to me...

...are common man.

Common man means CM.

It is more than enough...

...if no follows Purvi
or Hari's footsteps.

Your party will govern now.

Remember one thing.

It's a warning.

If you choose
political benefits...

...over subjects...

...then Sahebs will merge from
all the colleges once again.

And get down your government.

Remember the name.


The triumph of victory played.

Warriors, wake up now.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

Awakens the havoc within.

Reminds of the
forgotten conscience.

Lights up.

Enlightens us.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

Awakens the havoc within.

Reminds of the
forgotten conscience.

Lights up.

Enlightens us.

Lights up.

Lights up.

Lights up.

Enlightens us.

Awakens the havoc within.

Lights up.


A war resounds.

It takes.

It takes color red.

Awakens the spirit of war.

Sparkles the blown fire.

Lights us.

Enlightens us.

A conch plays.

A wisdom has awakened.

Awakens the havoc within.

Reminds of the
forgotten conscience.