Sahara (1983) - full transcript

After her father dies, young Dale takes his place in a trans-African auto race, but ends up being abducted by a desert sheik.

We got it!

Sensational, Dale,
the best time until now

How much did we do?

86 seconds per lap.
We reached the 110.

On the last lap something broke
in the gearbox.

Was in third
and began to vibrate.

- He may have broken the shaft.
- Let's take it down.

Let me know as soon as
find out.

"Has Mr. Chase said anything?"
- Still early.

Sponsors like to
play cat and mouse.

Will not make better investment
as in Gordon Packard.

We'll know soon enough.
He's going to come home tonight.

- Your party?
- To my party?

Thank you for having me.
warned, father.

You will receive the guests.
Put on a dress.

- What do you think?
- A dismay.

- My daughter or the car?
- Both.

I am a man of few words.
I devoted my life to company.

You're full of debt.

I bet everything I had on
Gordon Packard. And you saw it.

It's a good car. Further
on a flat road,

but how do you react?
in difficult conditions?

Like great distances,
hard or alkaline roads?

With high
under sandstorms?

- You look like the Sahara.
- Yeah.

The Sahara World Rally.

There are five cars,
but each one is a legend.

A Rolls, a Bentley,
a Saab in Hispano Suiza,

An Alfa Romeo and a Mercedes.

It has a nice car,
but before you hand him over

a contract of 60 million,

I want to see this thing
run through hell and win.

What's wrong, String?

The engine is clean,
but we discovered metal

in the gearbox
and I want to withdraw it.

The engine is fine.
The transmission is worrying.

Dale said it sounded like a
gear shift.

Yes you can be sure
if I try.

I'm going for a ride on the runway.

Whatever it is,
will grind or munch.

You promised
that would be easy.

Erwing, what happened?

MS. Gordon, there was an accident.

You were right about the transmission.
The wheels got stuck.

I know dad, we'll talk tomorrow ...

The left front suspension
was destroyed.

Do not speak.

Hey, shit!
The last time we'll meet.

I hear nothing!

This car is all for us.

My plans for
the future is for you,

for the company.

We know that o
that's best

but the Chase Group wants
one last experiment,

a race of resistance
along the desert.

The Sahara World Rally.

We can win.
We can win ...

- It's a very difficult race.
"It was my father's dream.

It was his life ...
and now, mine.

- more than guiding ...
- What you mean?

An organized race
by members of a club

very elegant that they are very

They have rules.

Do not let a woman guide
nor even to the starting line.

s for men.

String thought that, since
I'm here, I can drive.

Andy, do not worry.

Check it out!

What a surprise...

Welcome to Morocco.

- The American car?
- . My name is Dale Gordon.

Son, of course ...

We better drink
account of our friend.

I am Captain Brown,
of the United Kingdom quota.

This Enrico Betrocelli,
our Italian rival.

a sensational rider,
but never won a race.

"You talk too much."
- Welcome aboard.

- He's new ...
"Dad beat me once."

Who does not win?

- Forget it.
- It worked!

Do not forget to go to
men's bathroom.

What place is that?
Who are these men?

They are from the Chambra tribe. They come
from the desert to buy women.

Buy women?

My name is Dale Gordon.

There must be 2 reserved rooms
for me and my team.

I'm so sorry,
but we are full.

- But I booked the rooms!
- Sorry, but we do not have anything.

Sorry, but maybe
I can help.

I'm Eric Von Glessing.

They must have canceled
the reservations

when they heard about
death of his father.

"You knew my father?"
- Very well.

I have to arrange accommodation
somewhere else.

As this is the only hotel
in El Jarida, it will be difficult.

But I have a dream.
very large.

Take Mr. Gordon
to su te n 23.

- Thank you very much.
- It's a pleasure.

I do not want anything to happen to you.
before we started the race.

No car, you will not.
to start a race.

His car is known
by the Mirage.

They are annoyed by me.
do not show my car,

a custom that your father
understood and respected.

You knew him very well,
did not know

I beat him once.

But it was always a pleasure
run against a Gordon.

The best player win.

welcome to morocco.

I am Major Duvain,
military attache,

and I represent the French government
in Western Sahara.

Allow them to
suggest that you forget

the so-called Sahara Rally
and return to your countries.

The reason for the change in
our policy

a tribal war about
happening in the dunes.

North Africa is on the brink
of a tribal war.

How wonderful!

You know what?
tribal war, mr. Brown?

For sure.
Everyone knows.

So I suggest you do not
the shortest route,

because it's a car with wings
could cross these dunes.

For the longest route,
it would take 9 to 10 days.

Do not forget that the route
the shorter you have a poo,

there is no gas,
elevations or landmarks.

Just a tribal war
and the Chambra.

- Good luck.
- Equally.

Someone saw the second car
of Von Glessing?

He must plot another
of his dirty tricks.

Too late for
to worry about it.

Stop it.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I ask for your attention.

When the cannon fires
the race...

- Now?
- Now.

A mess!

- We got it!
- I knew!

Let's win the race.

Did you see that?


- What do you suggest?
- The longest way.

It will take six to seven days
by the longest way.

By the shortest path,
we'll save 3, maybe 4 days.

They are at war
and can kill it.

- Who's that?
- The English.

If you want to go by the way

turn left
on the camels.

with you.
Are you afraid of being hit?

Alpha has stayed behind.
The others are ahead of us.

Good. No one will see us
take the shortest route.

This is beautiful!

I wish
My father was here.

It's time to rest.

- What time is it?
- Two and a half.

But it's only until dawn.

- Andrew, wake up.
- Are we there yet?

What happened?

They are gypsies, nomads of the desert,
harmless people.

They must have been killed
before we arrive.

But the map said that
this was the Po o Chambra.

"And they protect the gypsies."
- They do not do very well ...

Let's get our water.
and get out of here.

Only 4 days from here to El Jarida
and two or three days until arrival.

We have to leave soon.

- This is Hamancha.
- Tribal war started.

"The devil's soldiers ..."
- Let's go.

Let's go!

- Can not we do anything?
- We just surrender.


Welcome, Blue Eyes,
The land of the Chambra.

Leave me alone.

Learn, Blue Eyes.

Have the honor of being
in the tents of my master,

the Sheik Ahmed El Jaffar,
lord of the sand.

I am Ibrahim Rasoul,
warrior of the Chambra.

And you're my slave. Should have
Proud to please me.

Take her to my tent.
and watch over it.

- My master is?
- Yes, it is.

So let's gather
the War Council.

It looks like the Swamps are
trying to infuriate the Chambra.

Chambra can not find out
our plans.

- Has anyone seen him?
- No, but I saw the American car.

Some Arabs surrounded him

and it seems that there
a girl with them.

How wonderful!

Without the Americans, and us,
with two days of travel

... we won for sure.
- We still have not won ...

We still have half
of the Sahara.

Get away from me!


Enough! Stop!

I promise, my lord, that she
will not bother you again.

You tried it once
and she burned her tent ...

This time, if she resists,
I cut her throat.

And for a moment of pleasure,
will the Legion invade our sand?

The French will not dare
to interfere.

I pray you're right.

Take her to the camp.
and put it in my tent.

No! She's mine.

Forget that nothing to you
not to be what I say.

She's not worth anything.

Take her to the tent of
my women and watch over her.

She how
a wild animal.

Let's invest against Beg,
the murderer of the gypsies.

Von Glessing, my friend
diabolical, you deceived me.

I asked for a war car,
And what do you bring me?

Precisely what
you ordered

Now I'll be the thunder
in the storm.

It's a pleasure to serve
a soldier so brave.

I will soon
more cars, 10, 20, 100 ...

If we are dealing with payment,
I'm leaving.

Kill the goat,
join the women and celebrate.

No, my indecent friend,
I can not.

Prayers have to be said
and satisfied women,

before silver
change hands.

Let's go to my fortress
in my new stud.




Good Morning. He recovered
of proofs?


I am the private servant
from Sheikh Ahmed El Jaffar.

Let me let you go.


A crazy Englishman who can not
without the midday sun.

- Can I help you?
- Get me out of here.

In the desert, no
gua rock.

Here I am a slave.

Voluntarily I admit,
more powerless.

Please eat.

We do not have poisons
nor aphrodisiacs.

The food is a present
of my master and Lord El Jaffar.

This civilized Jaffar?

I hope you one day study in
my university, Cambridge.

also my name

I was a teacher l
for many years.

Your question
There is no answer.

I have to win
a race.

Your friends told me
of the crazy race,

but for you,
it ceased to exist.

War dominates the sands
and Rasoul is his master.

- That's what he thinks.
- His property.

And when he returns,
it would be wise

appreciate his attempts
to seduce her.

- Leave him?
"More than that."

If you become impatient
to touch you,

maybe he will
your death.

- You're joking.
- No, I'm not.

A passionate surrender
It's a cheap price

to keep these your beautiful
head over shoulders.

You have embarrassed your father's name.
The Chambras do not retreat.

Would you rather they died?

It's better to be eaten by lions.
which tormented by hyenas.

Now, the tribes of sand
will do little of us.

"The storm will pass.
- Words ...

If the boss, attack,
beat me or kill me,

but enough of words.

Just go everything.

I think I should first
learn to guide

I am sorry for this unfortunate delay,
my desert lion,

but sure, as soon as
the car is in order,

you will rule,
without doubt, in the desert.

As for me, I have to
follow my path.

I have to win this race.
to bring more cars,

canh es and maybe even
an airplane.

This car is yours.
That one is mine.

That's a ...
Very well.

You can keep my car.
while I repair yours.

"The armor serves us both."
- And I want him to drive.

I'll kill him!
Or I'm not Lord Beg.

For sure.

Let's go.

You can pay me later.

What are you doing?
with my friends?

If you do not release them,
they die.

S Al can decide
the hour of death.

- What do you want?
- I want the girl.

- She's mine according to the law ...
- It's me.

You've embarrassed me today.
You will not do it again.

- It's done.
- It's blood.

So she warms up
your blood ...

At least we found
one you like.

- Do not touch her.
"Tonight will be mine."

The law says that mine
by right.

"Only if I do not marry her."
- Do not you dare.

She is an infidel,
a demon with blue eyes.

You should not do that.

Take it as my gift,
but do not marry her.

Tell us that we are at war,

and that we can not offer
the usual hospitality.

Tell them you're leaving.

They say they came to see Ayesha,
the demon with blue eyes.

What a clown thing! Tell them to go
to other tribes.


Gypsies are the source
of legends.

The shadow of the Chambra
their shadow.

Blue Eyes has already begun to
spread fear in our people.

The gypsies will increase it.

the law, uncle,
and our tradition.

Give them a fire,
a tent and water.

She already knows about the wedding.
or are you afraid of her too?

You will know.

Really beautiful.

Do not be afraid.

The one who lives in my shadow
Enjoy my protection.

"What about my friends?"
- Also.

"Then why do not you set them free?"
- They will be released in due time.

What does it mean to be?
claimed by you?

Do you want to ride?

It looks like a dream.

o O sis Chambra,
our secret refuge.

The young people of my tribe
Come here and bathe

before the wedding.

A waterfall in the middle of the desert!
To lose your breath!

You what
of losing your breath.


I want to thank you for yesterday.
you have appeared that way.

It saved my life.

You need to understand that
it was my uncle's right.

In the Sahara, a woman without
family that protects you

belongs to the warrior
which to capture.

So now I belong to you.

- Water is cold!
- Why do you drive the car?

It was designed and built
by my father.

His dream was to win.
a race through the Sahara.

Your father is now.
with the stars?

My father, too.
Three years ago.

He was magnificent ...
the Storm of the Sahara.

It's with the stars ...
It looks like poetry.

They are the customs of the desert.

I knew they talk about you.
around the campfires?


They say that you
an evil power ...

Able to possess the soul
of a man.

And what do you say?

You're not.

Now our destinations
They're just one.

I wish we could stay here

But we risk our
take the shortest route

and we are losing
the advantage.

You should understand what this
race means to me.

You see?

Help me out.

- A very lucky woman.
- You can talk.

But I would not wear this outfit if
I wanted to surrender to him.

"Surrender to me?"
- You do not know?

- What?
"You should have told him."

It's going to be his bride.

A very happy change
of events.

The first woman
very auspicious,

so get ready
and change clothes.

Everything has to be perfect.
when you come to him.

Do not play with me

I'm sorry but I'm
Seriously speaking.

But he does not
you can do it!

He got it.
He said he understood!

And I know I was
Seriously speaking.

He told her that
Could you leave?

No, but let's believe
that I could leave.

He could never
let her go.

I would embarrass you
in the eyes of his people.

So lied!
You were kidding me!

I can play too.
with him. Tell him...

I'll tell you myself!

Do not come near me
if it's not heart

You are her beautiful words.
He said he understood!

Did not understand anything!
I need to finish this race!

She is a demon
from the house of devils!

"You should have guessed right now."
- Patience, uncle.

"She bewitched you!"
- She'll come to me.

Nothing will go.

stronger than you.
You have to be obligated.

I'll kill him, Rasoul!

Stand in front of me
I can spit in your face!


Get us out of here!

They already started screaming.
and it will only end

when you submit
voluntarily to my master

and crawl to it to
do away with your shame.

The Hamancha!


Take the children to the dunes
and women for oĆ­sis.

Rasoul, spread them.

Abdallah, protect him.

Rumors are true.

They have a demon woman.
which protects them.

They think that
I'm owned by you.

And you're right.

I can not
Take this forward!

Just as I ruled the sand
I rule you.


Tonight, when the bonfires
shine, come to meet me.

come to me

It worked!
Get the stuff!

Damn it!

- Asshole!
- Excuse me!

- You're gonna need this.
- This is quite unexpected.

I never thought she
if he surrendered.

As soon as I saw her,
I believed in the impossible.

Go there. Push!


Let me continue!

I do better than that.
I'm going with you.

We can not lose,

Drive to the hills.

The shortcut through the mountains
for your race.

Come on, man. The moment
which he had been waiting for so long.

It's crazy!

Before, you ran like a dog.
Now he roars like a lion.

And why? Because of a
stupid blue-eyed girl?

Beat more.
Rasoul will not change his mind.

I'll take you to the caves and
will not be able to defeat them.

"Only good blood will be shed."
"Pray that I will not come back."

The moment she
turned him

in everything that you dreamed,
deny their help.

She bewitched him,
he mocked him.

With your help,
he would have a chance.

The blue-eyed demon

who destroyed my beautiful car
in pieces ...


Welcome, little devil.

Now, let's see ...

if you are yourself
Devil's daughter.

"Get away from me, you filthy pig!"
- A wild cat!

It's new...
Did you know that I collect felines?


Fight! I love when
fight with me

Heat the blood.

Throw her in the pool!

If it's a real demonic,
will be alive when I return.

Eat your bullets, you devils!

Eat it!

Kill them!

Get in position
at the top of the hill.

Rasoul, follow me.


Somebody help me!

Wake up!

Do you want to see
with you?



Take the rope!

That's it.


- I can not!
- Yes, you can!

- I'm slipping!
-Hold it!

I can not
I'm slipping!


- Caution!
- Skirt! Skirt!



Blue eyes...
Kill Jaffar and Blue Eyes!

Kill them!

Kill them!

Watch out!

Protect yourself!



"I'm going to die, my lord.
- No!

All my life I have fulfilled
your father 's orders and yours.

Now I'll give you one,
to you, my son.

- Do you obey?
- Obedience.

Do not follow her.

Stay with the sand,
with the desert.

It is at your disposal,
to conquer

and maintain it.


- In between!
- Let's go!

- Go faster without us!
- I'll see you on arrival.

First place!

I swear I will take revenge.
your death.

Let's conquer
the rock!

The girl!

I knew she
it was not trustworthy.

Same as father.

- Jump!
- What?

I told you to jump!
a dead weight.


The crossing!

Come on!

Damn it!

This wheel is mine and it's gone.
the first line!

This means
that I won!

You won!

- We saw! You were amazing!
- We won!

Now everything will work
with the car, the company and you.

Subtitles: jmedeiros17
Review and Sync: Julian Morris