Sage and Edison (2018) - full transcript

Subtitles by explosiveskull


Where's your bag?

I forgot it.

You didn't bring anything?

- I got some change.

Oh... [stutters] I've dropped

- Let's go.
- All right. Come on.

- Ooh, that car just drove away.

He was like, pow pow.



What's up?


SAGE: 'Cause yours...

Oh, now. Oh.
What the hell was that?

- See the ocean?
- Yeah.

It means the Staples Center
is that way.










MAN 1 ON VIDEO: That's what's up.
She's out. She's out.


MAN 2: She picked up her hand.
She's out.

She's done, Mike.

So, we just passed 40 hours
here, which is, uh...

This is usually when people
start dropping off like flies.

You know, you kinda
have to go inside.

Um, it's not just standing there
with your hand in a car, you know.

It's more of a spiritual
experience for me.

I think that's why I went.
You know, I went...

I think focus, drive,
and some strength, obviously.

There are not that
many big dogs out there.

I'm the biggest of them all.

The wolf.



♪ Pedal down the foothills
Wheelies on the front ♪

♪ Pedal down the foothills
Wheelies on the front ♪

♪ I got this '89-'90
Pistons champ flat ♪

♪ Bill black starter cap
With the hologram tags ♪

♪ White Mag rims
Red rubber tires ♪

♪ Chain, frame, pegs, grips
Ship to my supplier ♪

♪ Dope man attire
Gimme 'bout an hour ♪



♪ Bitch and I'm fly
And it's tied to the side ♪

♪ That's the flag
That I'm flying ♪

♪ Add to the fact
That it all coincides ♪

♪ With these wheels
That I'm riding ♪

♪ Three point Mags Make you
think That I'm gliding ♪

♪ I got a long rap sheet
That'll say that I'm tied in ♪


- What up, Alex?
- What up, dude?

Check this out.

What is this?

It's a survival contest.

What did you
draw this with? Crayons?


- ALEX: What's up, player?
- SAGE: What's up?

- How's it going?
- It's all right.

- How you doing?
- Good.


Hey, Sage.

Hey, Edison.

Hey, Sage, check this out.

Dude, what is this?

It's a secret contest.

Skate contest?

No, a survival contest.

We can win money?


Uh... nah.

Dude, you drew this.

Dude, I did draw it,

but I copied it
from the Internet.

See, there's a truck full
of skateboards and $1,000.

Whoever can hold on the longest
without letting go wins.

- Huh?
- You gotta hold on like this.

You gotta hold on like this.

But you can't let go,
no matter what.

[CHUCKLES] What about to pee?

No matter what.

Dude, that's easy.

But you have to be at the Staples
Center tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.

- Staples Center?
- We can sleep there tonight.

Isn't that like 100 miles?

Nah, it's only 12.
I mapped it.

Just think about
all that money.

- And the skateboards.
- All right.

Just tell your mom you're staying
at my house for a school project.

I can do whatever I want.

And my house is so big,
they don't even know I'm gone.

Meet at the pier after dark?

All right.

Okay. Bye, Sage.
I gotta go get ready.



JAMES: What's up, scrappy?

on a high note. Dessert.

Three full courses.
Just $12.95...


JANICE: I swear to God.
This is over.

What's all this, huh, Janice?


JAMES: What, now
you're upset with me?

maybe I am.

Baby, you know, come on.

JAMES: I'll break your hand
if you touch that money.

- Get out.

Don't... Baby,
don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it.
It's all good. It's fine.

Come here.


- MAN 1: See you later, man.
- MAN 2: Yeah.



CHRIS: Yo, what up, sucker?

Listen, you boys
behave tonight.

Chris, don't be a jerk
to your brother.

Mom, I have a show tonight.
No babies allowed.

[WHISPERS] Are you for real?

Mom, can I go
to Jake's tonight?

I have a science project
for school.

Since when are you
doing science?

Yeah. I'll drop you off,
all right?

Just get your stuff,
get ready.

Grab your backpack. Let's go.

Chris, you're off the hook.

♪ Uh, yeah
Money, money, money ♪

♪ Yeah, money ♪

♪ Money, money, uh ♪

Hey, give this to Jake's mom.
Tell her to call me if she needs anything.

Sage, wait.

Don't worry about James. We...

We don't need
his help anyway.

- See the ocean?
- Yeah.

It means the Staples Center
is that way.

Let me show you.


Dude, put that away
before we get robbed.

- Seriously?
- Seriously. Put it away.

- EDISON: Sage, I'll lead.
- SAGE: Three, two, one.

EDISON: Three, two, one.



EDISON: $1.75.

Two dollars twenty cents.

Two dollars and twenty cents.

I want a bear claw.

I'm not buying them.

My mom makes me wait
in the car here.

SAGE: Don't be a wuss.

What do you want?

Can we have a bear claw?

Chocolate twists
and four donut holes.

SONG: $4.30.

Four dollar.

We only have $2.20.


So sorry.

KARL: Hey, Song.

How about a dozen
of those glaze?

SONG: Already
have them ready for you.

Holy crap,
it's a real life pirate.

Mm-hmm. Sure.

EDISON: Why'd he
order so many?

SAGE: Mmm-mmm.

Goodnight, boys.

Goodnight, Song.

Kids, Mr. Karl,
for you the rest.

Goodnight, Song.

We need to eat a lot so we're
not hungry at the contest.

Sometimes I forget
to eat breakfast.

That's nothing.

Sometimes I don't eat
until after school,

'cause school lunches
are nasty.

Yeah, they are.


There's the bus.
Come on.

Let's catch the bus,
come on.

Come on!

We're not supposed
to take the bus.

We're not supposed
to be out all night either.

Did you see the people
at the bus stop?

They're crazy.
They'll kill us.

Fine. Game of Skate.
You lose, we take the bus.

One, two.

All right, all right.
One, two three.

Don't turn around.

Dude, relax.

See, watch.


He's fine.



Whoo! Okay.

You're fucking up.

- SAGE: Ooh, man.


♪ Checking the distance
On the list that connects us ♪

♪ The attack was vicious
Took a sip of the essence ♪

Flip it.

♪ On my lips is a message ♪

♪ Image of the kid With his
fists As big as Texas... ♪

Oh, damn!

♪ Give him room
Let him rest his doubts... ♪


♪ 'Cause they're all Gonna
burn it down If this gets out ♪

♪ And the kid With the big fist Has a
big, big mouth ♪

♪ I once heard a man
In the moon above indoor... ♪


♪ I once heard a Jedi
Was moved to lovesick lords ♪

EDISON: Oh, no!

You don't
want that to happen.

♪ I'm in love with a centaur
What you give a shit for... ♪

Oh, you suck.


One more try.


Good game.

Dude, my brother's friends
always take the bus.

See? They might see us.

Hey, let's go look for
a roof or something.

Maybe we can see
how far we are.

Nah, that's
the wrong way, though.

We'll need a skyscraper
to see downtown.

Let's just keep going.

All right.

SAGE: Hey, what's the farthest
place you've ever been?

EDISON: Uh, I think Mexico.

I've been to Minnesota,
Michigan, and Philadelphia.

So much farther.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?


BOTH: Oh, shit!

SAGE: Run!


Come on, dude!

You're an idiot!

Why'd you have to
knock on the van?

SAGE: Come on!


EDISON: That's not okay, dude.
I'm not built for this.

SAGE: Shut up.
You're fine.


My mom talks about these
camper freaks all the time.

They probably steal kids
and they sell them.

Holy shit!

Shoot. This is the bus.

EDISON: Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me.

Please don't kill me.

Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.

Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.

It's okay. Come on.

EDISON: Would you
rather have $1,000,

or be able to
breathe underwater?

SAGE: Um...
Breathe underwater, for sure.

EDISON: I'd rather
have $1,000.

Then I could pay for my mom
not to work for a whole month.

And we could go to Disneyland,
Chuck E. Cheese,

and go to the movies.

And then I can get
a new skateboard.

SAGE: If you could
breathe underwater,

you could hide and scare
people at the beach,

and see when sharks come in,

and look at girls' butts.

My brother, Chris,
he always talks about ass.

Ass this. Ass that.

"Dat ass tight."

And titties.
He loves titties.

- Titties are pretty cool.

Would you rather be invisible
or shoot fire out of your butt?

Fire out your butt?

Chris, he lights
his farts on fire.

Invisible. Everything would
be easier to do.

Wait. Will anybody see me?

No. Invisible forever.

Fire then.
I could use it for self defense.

smell like a burnt fart, too.


I wish I had a brother
to burn farts with.

SAGE: Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Me and Chris hang out a lot.

Hey, maybe we can see
downtown from up there.

If only I just had
some Internet,

I could have
checked on the map.

Chris, he gets his Internet
from Starbucks.

He doesn't even
buy anything, though.

I thought you had
Internet at your house?

Yeah, we got all that.

Cable, Netflix, video games...
All that shit.

What I meant to say was

Chris just goes to Starbucks
when he's not home.


My mom wouldn't even
buy me a TV.

You're lucky.

Internet should
be free everywhere.

Like invisible Internet
right here.

And over here.

And over here.


SAGE: I'm really tired, dude.
Come on, let's take the bus.

EDISON: No, dude, I told you.
We're not taking the bus.

SAGE: Wow.


I promise it's all right.

I take the bus all the time.

It's so fun on the bus.

You know how there's
all those bars in there?

People hold on.

I always
swing around on 'em.

Last time I went on the bus,

I was swinging around
the whole entire thing.

It's just... Watch out for people.
Don't like...

If you swing,
look out for people.

Don't hit 'em.

But yeah, they don't...
They never really care.

It's me and him.

I thought you only had change?

Does this bus
go to downtown?

- Okay.

SAGE: Hey, yo, Edison.

Hey, Edison.


- Come on.
- No.

Dude, come over here.

Come on.

Come on. Don't be a wuss.

Come back here.






SAGE: Where's your backpack?


We got to get off the bus.


MAN: Yo, kid.
Is that your backpack?

Some money in that backpack?


Is that your backpack?


I didn't know
you speak Spanish.

I'm Mexican, stupid.

You told me nothing bad
was gonna happen. And see?

Nothing bad did happen.

You're supposed to be helping
me, not trying to get me killed.

Helping you?
Why would I be helping you?

Only one of us can
win the money, Edison.

We're helping each other,
aren't we?

I mean, I guess.


You see this?

So, go like this, side.


Out. Careful, it's sharp.

All right.

You got that,

I got these.


Feel better now?



Know where we are?


I got an idea.


EDISON: Did you hear that?

SAGE: Mm-hmm.

Maybe somewhere over here.

Wait, no. It's more this way.

- [WHISPERS] Shh. Be quiet.
- SAGE: I'm trying.

I see somebody. Come on.

Yeah, there's more
service here.

WOMAN: Who's out there?

Get down! Stop moving.

WOMAN: Don't make me
shoot you.

We're dead!


WOMAN: I want the lights up
like a goddamn Christmas tree.

Sorry, lady.

What do you think
you're doing?

She doesn't even
have a gun.

We're lost, and we're
trying to find some Internet.


What are you gonna do
with the Internet?

For the iPad.


WOMAN: You boys like whisky?

We aren't old enough
for that yet.

WOMAN: Says who?



Nana 911.


That's the password.

Thank you.

It worked.

All right.
Where are you boys off to?

We're on our way
to the Staples Center.

No, we're not.
We're going home.

What's at the Staples Center?

Y'all going to
a Clippers game?


Mr. Wilson took me
to a Clippers game

for my 80th birthday.

Dude, seven miles left.

Almost halfway.

Barely going anywhere.

Ooh. We took that
new metro line.

Mm! Real nice train.

Did you say train station?

Yeah. Oh, about
two blocks over there

across the boulevard.

Love me some Blake Griffin.

He jumped over that car.
Whoo-wee! [LAUGHS]

But I know it's way too damn
late for a Clippers game.

Come clean.

Spill it.


Our dad's in the military,

and he's got us on
this scavenger survival hunt.

And if we can make it
to the Staples Center,

we pass the test.

And if we pass the test,

we get to go to, uh...

Oh, yeah, Disneyland.

EDISON: Yeah, we're brothers.

Dad's out there waiting
for us to keep us safe.

You boys watch a lot
of TV, don't you?

Mom says TV is bad for you,

and just a waste of time.

I like me a good movie.

I didn't get TV
till I was old.

And that keeps me up late.

I can't skateboard anymore.

I'm going to get Mr. Wilson

to take you to your house.

To your mama's house.

Mr. Wilson!

You are not gonna
believe this!

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Come on, let's go ♪

♪ They trying to groove
We didn't have any rules on ♪

♪ I punch him in the mouth
While I'm putting my shoes on ♪

♪ Who's on first
Put a curse on you ♪

♪ I'm the lost boy dead
Wake up with a new one ♪

♪ They drag it out of bed ♪

♪ Slick hit a brick
To the back of your head ♪

♪ It don't matter
Watch 'em all scatter ♪

♪ Better raps it like
Snacks on a platter ♪

♪ Pat 'em down
No back shit allowed ♪

♪ Take it out So they hear
it In the back of the crowd ♪

♪ It's like yeah ♪

♪ Come on, come on ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

Oh, look!

Let's go in.


The train station!

EDISON: Have you ever
been on the train?

SAGE: No. You?

EDISON: I think when I was
super little, with my mom.

Hey, look.
Over there, come on.


It says how far we go.

I think I just
pushed a button.


It says $5 for a ticket.

I only have $5.

Hey, I can sneak in under.



Hey, it's working!


Let me see.

Hey, come on.
Let's go upstairs.



It's better
on the train than here.

Yeah, you're right.



We missed the train.



EDISON: The last one came
30 minutes ago.


Dude, I told you to hurry!

I'm sorry.

You're too scared
all the time.

Acting like a little bitch.



Hey, yo. Wait.

You were really gonna
leave without me?


SAGE: Don't be mad.

SAGE: Dude, raisins?

I'd rather eat turds.



Ew. What is this?

Hotdog sandwiches.
They're my favorite.

Mm. I'm so full
from the donuts.


It's a crazy man.

MAN: ♪ I ride the bicycle... ♪

- Shit!
- SAGE: Back up, dude!

- Back up! Back up!
- MAN: Don't turn at me!

I didn't mean to startle you.

I... I ruined your sandwich?

You can have 'em.

SAGE: Yeah, mine, too.

Back up.

This is really good.

You must be the chef.

I'm just Edison.

And this is
my bodyguard, Sage.

Bodyguard Sage.
It's my lucky day. [LAUGHS]

Where are you two going?

Uh, we're on our way
to Staples Center,

but we missed the last train.


I owe you for the sandwich.

I have rope.


Hold that.

- SAGE: Oh. Okay.
- Oh.

All right, boys,
Arthur at your service.


♪ Back, back, way back I used
to front like I was Don Juan ♪

♪ Couldn't settle down Couldn't
find a girl To hold on ♪

♪ Used to get my roll on
Hit the spots and stroll on ♪

♪ Now I found one
With a hand I like to hold on ♪

♪ Every time I'm with her
Dudes always wanna stare ♪

♪ I be staring back like
"You don't wanna go there" ♪

♪ Used to didn't care
Now I hit you with a chair

♪ If it just so happen
Touch a string on her hair ♪

♪ The gloves are off
The wisdom teeth are out ♪

♪ What you on about? ♪

♪ I feel it in my bones ♪


♪ I'm stronger now
I'm ready for the house ♪

♪ Such a modest mouse ♪

♪ I can't do it alone
I can't do it... ♪

Oh, yeah!


Dude! Arthur!


You okay, Arthur?



You did a flip.


EDISON: You were flying.



You guys gotta go on
without me.

We can't just
leave you here, Arthur.

It's just a few
more miles that way.

I promise.

It'll be okay.

I'm just gonna lie here.

EDISON: All right.

Wait, wait, wait.

Take this.

Take this with you.

Bye, Arthur.

Oh! Hey, look.

Those are nice.

SAGE: I need to get one.

- You like onions?
- Yeah.


Come on.

Look at that.

Oh, that looks so good.




I saw boobs last week.

My brother and a girl were
doing sex FaceTime things,

and I saw it all.

What did they look like?

Like boobs.

How big?

Probably like a peach,
or a small orange.

Not the big kind.

Hey... Hey, let me see
the piece of cardboard.

Hey, you got a marker
in your backpack?




Sorry for calling you a bitch.

It's okay.

I am sometimes.


SAGE: Tricks for tacos.

Come on.
Help us get some tacos.

Imagine the fear
of my little friend,

trying to ollie over me.

Tricks for tacos.

Come on.
Help us get some tacos.

Even a dollar or two
will help.

Come on. Two tacos.
My friend over there is very hungry.

Me, too.
He'll ollie over me.

You're so cute.

Well, let me
see some tricks,

and then, maybe I'll
give you some money.

- Okay. Come on, babe.
- All right. I guess I'm gonna have to...

You got $4. But I wanna
see him ollie over you.

MAN: All right.

- Thank you.
- All right.

We have a winner.

We have a winner.

It's easy. Just go fast.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Here, give me your backpack.

GIRL: You can do it.

The girlfriend thinks
you can do it.

EDISON: All right. Ready?



I need you to...
I need you to really...

- Like, that was real.
- Do it again.

Let me see it
on the front side.


♪ Someone wrote
This song before ♪

♪ And I could tell you
Where it's from ♪

♪ The 4-7-3-6-2-5-1
To put my mind at ease ♪


Holy crap!


It's 2:00 in the morning.


And the battery's almost dead.

We need to plug this in.

I'll be back.




What's up, little dude?

Nice car.


Hey, I was wondering if you
could help me and my homeboy out.

Downtown's kind of far, dude.


RICARDO: Oh, no.

I gotta take my buddy
to Hollywood.

Kind of out of my way.

I can't go downtown
right now.


Hey, I got us a ride
from Ricardo.

Come on.

I gotta tell you something.

What? I got us a ride,
but we have to hurry.

Get up, fatty. Come on.


Get up. I got us a ride,
but we have to hurry.

The battery's barely charged.

Who cares? Let's go.


♪ I'm full of emotion
Icould not explain ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Can't love stay ♪

♪ The sun is shining ♪

♪ And I did not
Know your name ♪

♪ Can't love stay ♪

♪ I wanna do it again... ♪

RICARDO: Why are you guys
trying to get downtown?

To see who can hold on to
the car longest for $1,000.

Hands on a Hard Body?


I love that movie.

RICARDO: What's that?

"What's that?"

Hey, show him the paper.

MARVIN: It's a great ol'
documentary they made

about a bunch of people
in a contest

who put their hands on a car,

last man standing wins.

It's crazy.

People will do anything.

Hey, did you draw this?

Yeah, from the Internet.

It's pretty good, mister.

You are an artiste.

Thank you.


Where are your parents?

I can do whatever I want.

Relax, I'm just asking.

My mom's a nurse.

She works at night.

And she goes to school, too.

Well, what about your dad?

He doesn't know his dad.

He sends me stuff sometimes,
like my first skateboard.

He's pretty cool like that.

You never met him?

My mom met him in Detroit.

I never met my dad
either, Eddie.

I'm gonna meet him though.

- No, you won't, Edison.
- Shut up.

- MARVIN: See you in a little bit?
- RICARDO: You got it, buddy.

Well, boys, there she is.

You live in a hotel?

I work here.

That was my lunch break.

The late shift.

Rico and I get tacos once a
week, don't we, Rico?

RICARDO: Oh, yeah.

Ah! Well, I'm back to work.
I will see you later.

Boys... keep chasing
those dreams.

- Bye, Marvin.
- Bye-bye, boys.

Yo. You guys wanna hit
the skate spots in Koreatown?

- Really?
- Yeah.

I got my board in the trunk.



♪ I've seen a lot of shit
I've paid a lot of dues ♪

♪ I've seen a lot of light
Didn't see a lot of school ♪

♪ Dropped a lot of classes
Dropped a lot of dudes ♪

♪ I bent a lot of rules
I never straightened up ♪

♪ And now the sweet ground here
Is taken away from us ♪

♪ Straighten out your ball cap
Put your laces up ♪

♪ Sharp-edged, laced straight
Ready to get a papercut ♪

♪ You heard that from who?
Don't like your attitude ♪

♪ Get your body language
Spoke back to you ♪

♪ Better loosen up
I know it screws for us ♪

♪ We don't apologize
'Cause it's the truth for us ♪


♪ 'Cause we maneuver up
So, what your level at ♪

♪ We double down, move on
Never looking back ♪

♪ We double down, move on
Never looking back ♪

♪ People get turned on
People get burned on ♪

♪ People get turned on
People get burned on ♪

♪ People get turned on ♪

♪ You ain't heard wrong ♪

♪ People get turned on
People get burned on ♪

♪ Act all suspicious
Get a vicious attack ♪

♪ On the Richter scale ♪
That cracked all your dishes ♪

♪ Submissions must come with tap
outs to King in the black house ♪

♪ I'm doubting the facts
That you bat about ♪

♪ I'll show 'em air quotes
Selling rare folks ♪

♪ Everyone connecting some way
To double like a baseball ♪

♪ Achoo, put it like
A toppled ball stack ♪

♪ Dude, the street's on fire
I'm snacking on Salted cashews ♪

♪ I never asked you nothing
But you still talk ♪

♪ You can expect it
Like Buffalo Bill's laws ♪

♪ No why in the whys
Unless you this tall... ♪

- RICARDO: Whoo!





What do you mean
they need the car now?

Okay. Later.

Dudes. Yo, I gotta go.

Go down Wilshire.

It'll take you to the bridge,
see some construction, you'll see Staples.

And if you don't find it,

there's a 24-hour
McDonald's with Wi-Fi.

You win the money, buy me lunch.
I'll see you later.

SAGE: Dude, Ricardo's such a jerk.
He just left us there.

I don't see no McDonald's.

EDISON: I don't feel so good.

SAGE: You gonna throw up?

EDISON: I don't know.


I can't breathe.

SAGE: What are you doing?

I wanna call my mom.

Nothing bad is gonna happen.

I promise.

Ricardo never would have
left us if it wasn't okay.


I hate this right now.

You know, we'll be ten
by the time we get there.

SAGE: Don't look back,
just keep going.

Come on.

SAGE: Run!

EDISON: Come on, Sage!

They're coming!
They're coming!


SAGE: Come on, Edison!

Keep going! Go!

Edison, what are you doing?

BOY 1: What's up, little dude?
What you got?

Let me see that, man.

Stay down. Let's see here.

BOY 2: iPad, bro.

EDISON: Give it back.



- EDISON: Please.
- Aw, look at this photo.

Your mommy and dad.

You dick!

Oh, shit.


Punk ass kid.

Little punk.



What you gonna
do with that, kid?

Come on, man.


EDISON: You okay?


I'm sorry.

It's all my fault.

At least they only
beat me up.

EDISON: They took everything.


Fuck this.

SAGE: We're going to
the Staples Center.

I'm going to win
that money.

I'm going to be rich.

I'm gonna have $1,000.

EDISON: You're funny.

SAGE: I'm gonna
eat donuts all day,

play video games,

and buy a new house.

SAGE: Holy shit! Look.

That was the construction
Ricardo was talking about.

My brother's never
gonna believe me.

EDISON: Believe what?

SAGE: That we
made it down here.

He doesn't think
I can do anything.

EDISON: I thought
your brother was awesome?

SAGE: I mean, he is.

Just sometimes...
'cause I'm younger.

Come on.

Come on. Let's go!

It's gotta be
behind those buildings.

Come on, we can be
the first one in line.

SAGE: We're almost there,
come on.

Come on.


Where is everyone?

There should be people here.

Maybe it's on
the other side.

Why aren't you
saying anything?

Just wait.

Come on,
let's go on the other side.

You said it was today.
Right, Edison?

That's what you said.

Yeah, that's what I said.


You said 8:00 a.m.

Where's everyone?
Where's the truck?

That's when the line starts.

Maybe it doesn't start
till later.

Is that what it said?


Can't remember.

What do you mean
you can't remember?


I can't remember, okay!

Maybe it wasn't real.

I made it up.

You suck.

Do it.

- Do it! Come on.
- Do what?

Hit me. Come on.

Why did we come here?

My dad will be here today.

Why would your dad
come here?

My dad plays basketball
for Detroit.

And they play LA today.

You are stupid.

This whole time,
you didn't tell me.

All this way!

You got me beat up
because you've been stupid.

Your dad's a loser,
not a basketball player.

You and your
stupid ass dreams, Edison.

It's not a dream.

My mom told me
when she met my dad,

he played basketball
for the pros, in Detroit.

That's why he
couldn't see us.

He was always too busy.

But then,
he stopped calling my mom.

He didn't wanna
see her anymore.

Not me.

So, I'm gonna wait here
until I see him.

I have his picture my
mom keeps in her room.

It's him.

I don't think you would have come
with me if I told you the truth.

I lied,
and you should hate me.

I lied, too.

My brother... He's not cool.

He hates me.

And I don't have
a dad either.

Just my mom's
stupid boyfriend.

And he left us today.

We live in a hotel.

And my mom's broke.

We're about to be kicked out.

We're even now.

You don't hate me?

Nah, this has been
the best night of my life.

Except for getting beat up
and losing our skateboards.

MAN: You little dudes okay?

SAGE: Yeah.

Hey, you got
anything to drink?

I'm really thirsty.

EDISON: Me, too.

Where's your parents?




♪ Pedal down the foothills
Wheelies on the front wheel ♪

♪ For real, Chuck? ♪

♪ Not for play home bro
I made those in those ♪

♪ I skate those in these ♪

♪ I take dough And wear
'em like I made those ♪

♪ Even if I don't, cuzzo ♪

♪ I'll take those like dat ♪

♪ Put 'em in my knapsack
Snap the top latch ♪

♪ Fo' finger ring
On my belt buckle strap ♪

♪ Gotta hold up my jeans 'Cause
they Falling off my ass ♪

♪ Then you gotta
Check these Nikes ♪

♪ At the bottom of my pants ♪

♪ Then you gotta
Check my hip ♪

♪ 'Cause my beepers on blast ♪

♪ Just got it activated ♪

♪ You ain't even gotta ask ♪

♪ So if my phones off
You can page my ass ♪

♪ So I guess what it is
Is I'm who I is ♪

♪ And I'm well aware
A gold rope's what I wear ♪

♪ And they're big
And they hang ♪

♪ And they swang
Here to there ♪

♪ And I'm here ♪

♪ With a little bit of gold
And a pager ♪


♪ Hang on ♪

♪ Follow me ♪

♪ Hang on ♪

♪ Here I am ♪

♪ Hang on ♪

♪ Follow me ♪

♪ Hang on ♪

♪ Here I am ♪

♪ Not feeling up for it ♪

♪ Not going all the way ♪

♪ Paying too much for it ♪

♪ Just giving all the way ♪

♪ Hang on to me
Hang on to me ♪

♪ Hang on to me ♪

♪ Hang on to me
Hang on to me ♪

♪ Hang on to me ♪

♪ Oh, it may not happen ♪

♪ But I believe ♪

♪ And even now ♪

♪ Things are changing ♪

♪ From what I wanted to see ♪

♪ I think I can feel it now ♪

♪ Checking the distance
On the list that connects us ♪

♪ The attack was vicious
Took a sip of the essence ♪

♪ Fingertips on the bricks
On my lips is a message ♪

♪ Image of the kid With
a fist As big as Texas ♪

♪ Samantha didn't mention ♪

♪ Pinchin' the linchpins out ♪

♪ Give her room
Let them list his doubts ♪

♪ 'Cause they're all
Gonna burn it down ♪

♪ If this gets out ♪

♪ And the kid With the big fist Has a
big, big mouth ♪

♪ I once heard a man
In the moon above indoor... ♪

♪ I once heard a Jedi
Was moved to love sick lords ♪

♪ This is a shit war
Shut up, Serpentor ♪

♪ If I'm in love with a centaur
What you give a shit for? ♪

♪ Pocket full of pebbles
That you played ♪

♪ But I will be
Your best person ♪

♪ Can never get away
But I believe ♪

♪ We pose hard
Likes it's the cover of... ♪

♪ I'm together
Never mind the core ♪

Subtitles by explosiveskull