Sagaa (2019) - full transcript

Sathya, Siva, Kathir, Jacky and Ganga have lived a life of crime and are imprisoned. The plot revolves around revenge, friendship and love.


...we must go upto "Kolkatta",

"...this 'Piece', won't make it!"

"Can't leave her here too,"

What if... someone complains?

Greetings Sister!

You picked & brought-up,
...those orphan boys, since birth!

What have you done,
...for your own brother?

Can't you let go of,
...this property, atleast?

If there is an emergency,
...would those orphans stand by you?

But your own-blood, will!

Why let the enmity, extend?

Is the 'Male' ego in his blood, boiling?

I'm a mix of 'both' bloods!

Tell him, I won't.

"We request & you act smart, eh?
You'll see!"

She's let go of all relations,
& has been there for us.

She isn't expecting much...

Just, calling her 'Mom' would do!'ll make her happy!

I checked with her...

Doesn't seem to agree!

You, finish her...

"I'll handle it, with the Police!"

She's fond of you, over me!

Without change of clothes,
...we were roaming here. Remember?

Do you hear me say, 'No?'

"No Sir, enquiries are in order,
Yet he manages to abscond..."

Could you stop acting, pricey?

So what if you call her, 'Mom'?

I know what I'm doing.


"...he sounds convincing,
That its not her!"

"Sir... check it out!"



"You killed my Mother.

"Hey stop...!"
"Stop, you!"

"My Buddy!"

- "Young Offenders Prison" -
- After 6 Months -

What's that look?

You've grown arrogant,
having easy-meals everyday!

I'll peel the skin,
... off your flesh, Slum-dog!

How dare you raise your hands?

Die... you dog!

- This Night, 07:12 -

"After avenging our Mom,
who picked & raised us..."

...we came into the Jail.

"We wanted to reform and,
Live a normal life, upon release…"

"When our next adversary, arrived!"

as this... 'Ganga!'

"Only pastime inside the Jail..."

"...were the fights,
within these 4 walls!"

"In our words..."


- 5 days ago -

"Whatever happens to whoever...!"

The Loser pays the Winner...

The Winner, must fight me!

10 on "Sathya" & 20 on "Attack!"

This is my..."Kadhir!"

"We must never fear,
...else we'd fail!"

"That's what I always told, Kadhir!"

How's that..
& if your guy wins?

Leave that to us!

They go, on & on about 'Singles'!

But this 'Singles', fine with us!

We kept our 'Singles', confidential.

"It wasn't just about the money!"

"But about showing,
...who's Boss, inside the Jail!"

With each punch,
...he must go to pieces!

"Do not be someone,
to just come & go..."

"Be the one who,
...came & conquered!"

You feeling bad for him?

How could one like you,
...come into this Jail?

Took the wrong-bus, an 'Accused', eh?, "Jar-Head!"

...mistook us for, Empty-Vessels, eh?

We've made noise,
...before coming in too!

"In our Singles,"

"the first drop of blood,
...decides the Winner & Loser!"

"Its where our Happiness, began!"

" did, Rivalry!"

"Inside the city,
I was wasted!"

"Inside the jail,
I've grown wise!"

"When desire develops..."

"Every nut & nail falls!"

"It even pulls, a man apart!"

I've lost my fuse,

"& broke to bits!"

"Below my brain,
...It's all gone loose!"

"Heart is torn to pieces,"

"& Everything is clear!"

"Before growing my mustache..."

I've attained 'Saint-hood'!

Hey... pal!

"When your heart feels low..."

"Do a lil' dance, pal..."

"Quit showing-off!"

"I learnt the tricks,"

" a spoilt-child!"

"Having lost my learnings,"

"No-one here is, Buddha!"

"Listen up...
Mandela & Gandhi,"

"Learnt their lessons,"

"...Inside a jail, too!”

"Shall I quote..."

"Couple of proverbs?"

"I am a Socrates, without any stubble!"

"Move it, move it..."

"Step aside, you!"

"This is 'Our' reel..."

"So don't play 'Your' scene!"

"Kuthu-dance... Kuthu-dance..."

"Lets, jive in this jail!"

"Listen up, you…!”

"& Dance to our song!"

"Heart is torn to pieces,"

"& Everything is clear!"

"Before growing my mustache,"

I've attained ‘Saint-hood'!

"The dream has dissolved,"

"& Reality is now, lost!"

"I go, where my legs take me..."

"But where is there, a path?"

"What's more fateful?"

"Our hearts speak...
The language of friendship!"

"Inside the city,
I was wasted!"

"Inside the jail,
I've grown wise!"

"When desire develops..."

"Every nut & nail falls!"

"It even pulls, a man apart!"

"I've lost my fuse,"

"& broke to bits!"

"Below my brains,
...It's all gone loose!"

"Heart is torn to pieces,"

"& Everything is clear!"

"Before growing my mustache..."

I've attained 'Saint-hood'!

"Next 'Singles' with Sathya & Ganga,
...would to be interesting!"

" know what happened, right?"

"But Sathya wins, everytime!"

Ganga, is very annoyed with you!
One-look & its evident. Be cautious!

I'm talking to you!

Let him be, I don't care!

Now on, let's stop the fights Sathya!
We'll stay, straighten-up, leave & survive!

He is pushing weights,
...& you just stand, watching!

...who are you?

What are you looking at?

Who are they?
Making a scene, here...

No, they are here for 'Inspection'!

Only now they'll start,
...'making the scene'! Go, Go!

Hey, come on!

It was him, Ganga!

Who are you?

You come here &
...mess with us?!

What's going on?

"They've come for Inspection,
...get to the Hall."

I'll chop you up &
...have you sold.

He must not be spared, Ganga!

- "Come out now... all of you!"
- I won't let you be!

Lock you hands behind your head.

The Covers-book is in your room, right?

How so? I came to return,
...but you weren't there,

So, I left it there & came.

"In my cell!?"


Get- up, I say..."

No Sir, I had asked for
'Chirpy' Chitra's song-book...

But they replaced it,
...with the Covers-book!

"Instead of studying &
...staying home with family,

"You've committed crimes,
& ended up here, away from them!"

"When you leave from here,'re expected to be reformed!"

But you keep adding to your crime-list!

Go on...

Where did you find this?

In cell no. 8

There, he's the one.

I know nothing of it, Sir.

It's not mine...

I have no clue,
how it got into my cell.

"It's not mine, Sir..."

Honestly, I don't know anything...

Reaping rowdyism inside the Jail, eh?

"Why do you have it?"

"Tell me!"

Speak up, Why do you keep it?

- Speak up...
- "It is mine!"

"I had kept it...
I too, stay in that cell."

"What arrogance, in answering!"

Do we all look, fools to you?

Tell me... is "Jacky".

One Sharp, son-of-a...

"Shut it!"

What 'sharp' is he talking?

"...but what he did, a big-deal!"

You must've rubbed his wrong side!

Do we look like dumb-ass' here!

Hey "Kulli", go get him...

"We keep walking,
...where our feet takes us..."

- What now?
- Nothing...

Keeps laughing like a loose-nut, always!

So tell me,
...they tore me bit-by-bit!

But, they hauled a Hailstorm on you!

What did you do?

...I had a weapon!

A 'Weapon'?!

So that makes you,
...A bigwig in this Jail?

It wasn't mine, though!

I'm aware,
it was the act of an 'unwanted'.

An 'Unwanted' someone...?

So... why is 'He' here?

Him? Well he...

"...thought he'd escape,
but was caught!"

What is he talking about?

Dude, yours was a 'Tragedy'!
...mine's a 'Romance'!

- Look at that....
- "Let him speak, will you"!

Go on, sire... tell him!

All who are in Love...
stay 'happily' in love,

...until a Villain enters!

Aren't you a Mechanic?

Stop going behind, 'Pooja'.

So what, if I do...?

Pooja, is for me!

What's up, Partner...
Keeping good?

What do you want?

You claimed,
being in love with 'Pooja'...

What are you in Jail, for?
"Is this even, fair?

You kept claiming 'Pooja' was for you!

But now 'Pooja' is definitely, for me!

I know about, 'Pooja'!

Whatever your 'love' maybe...

...there must be, 'Honesty'!

Tell me, '...need sheets to sleep!'
& I'm okay with that!

What's with this 'Honesty', 'Majesty' etc.,?

Me & her are going for a Party,
...this weekend, where I plan to-

Get lost!

If anything happens to, Pooja!

"Is Love just a fire,
...that burns my heart?"

"Just like 'God',
Whom our eyes don't see!"

"For a second, I survived!"

"But in the next,
I'm dying again!"

"I carry all this pain!"

"Come, drain this darkness..."

"My Lady of Light!"

"Pooja, doesn't know about him!"

"She is all 'friendly' with him..."

"I fear he'd hurt, my Pooja!"

- Then... you must go to her!
- "Yeah right!"

The Superintendent wants you 3.
Come-on out..

"Let us go meet him, first!
Come on..."

"Airaa", He is Jacky...

" new, here!"

One 'Sharp' guy!

That 'Load-Lorry' outside,
...its yours, right?

Clear it off the road... as Sir says & get back!

- Sir, I've told him...
- "He keeps yapping!"

Tell me, what's the matter?

While moving pieces to 'Kolkatta',
the Police caught us at the border!

Our boys left the 'pieces' there & escaped.

What do you mean,
...they escaped - missed etc.,!

You're working with, silly boys!

If only I was out...
I'd be moving 'pieces', every week!

Alright, forget it.

Our boy is following one, now.
If she's picked, 'Baaji' would pay a fine sum!

Don't talk it,
...make it happen!

Welcome... 'Goodfellas'!

You've brought me, great honor!

Do not worry...
He'd let us off with a warning.

What are you looking at?

If you're not disciplined now on...

Don't stand here,
...just be gone!

"That size of him & the stuff he does!"

What of us, Sir?

We have orders to,
Shift you to another jail!

Its out of my hands!

The order asks us, shift you in 4 days!

Here... sign & leave.

What are you gaping at?

You must've thought well,
...before committing the crime!

What can you do, regretting now?!

"Sign & leave!"

'Airaa', I can get released anytime...

Till then, you must look after things.

Do not tell me, was a hit & miss, again!

"With the next Piece you pick,
...ask 'Mippu' to follow-carefully!"

Why didn't you tell,
...that weapon wasn't yours?

It would get Kadhir in trouble, too!

Oh really!?

"You're not allowed to come here! Get back"

Go on!

"Like loosing the Mother,
who brought us up!"

"I can't lose my Sathya, too!"

"Your guy takes the blame, avoid the fight, eh?"

"You seem happy that,
...we couldn't conduct, 'Singles'?"

"In the Singles tomorrow,
...his absence is his defeat!"

Look, who it is...

Hey 'Jar-Head!'

"Since his arrival to the Jail,
...Sathya's been provoking me!"

"I've been waiting for it!"

The Fight'll happen, whenever he's out!

"He will die by my hands!"

"We must never fear,
...else we'd fail!"

You've placed bets on, Jacky...
Would he complete this, Ganga?!

Hush! He'd do just fine!

What is it?


I'm not giving any money...

"When awesome-action is about to unfold,
You got us playing carom, Ganga!"

"Guess who it is?!"

Guys, its 'Jar-head'!

You dare call me, 'Jar-head'?

Bring on the 'Singles', now...

- Hey, What are you...
- Let it go!

Woah, Look at him getting haughty!

Sathya isn't shying, away...

He just took my place, there!

Come on, now!

I don't care about,
Shifting to another Jail...

But Kadhir is my life, you know!

We've never been away,
...from each other!

You can't be away from Kadhir,
& I can't stay here, any longer!

This hit, would hurt Sathya!

"I walk a lonely-road,
...cos of you lady!"

"I've gone completely-crazy,
...cos of you, lady!"

"I became a ferrous-fragment,
... cos of you lady!"

Even among known places & faces,
...I couldn't manage to do a thing!

Next in a new-place with fresh-faces, could I possibly escape?

Im only pondering over "Pooja"!

"It's a big deal for bike-mechanics like me, have a girl look at us, even!"

"But my Pooja, looked at me!"

"The happiness, it brought me! Woah!"

"I don't fancy,
...splurging with her!"

"Just want to express, love & live with her!"

"That'll do!"

I used to follow her for long,
...worse than a puppy, even!

And when I dared to,
...finally face her with a ring,

Before I told her of my love,
...the store-owner called the cops!

But why?

Only the 'love' was mine, gift for her, was his!

It's this drive,
...that's brought us this far!

Sathya... Kadhir has fallen, unconscious!


"He's faced Ganga in Singles..."

"In his rage against you...
Ganga has smashed him!"

"As the jail-hospital is ill-equipped,
...they took him to the General Hospital!"

- "Hey you, go on now..."
- Sir... Sir...please open!

...I need to meet Kadhir!

Its nothing, he needed a check-up!
I'll open, you wait now.

Was this necessary,
..for him to do this?

Forget it, he'll be alright.

Nobody would question you...

Even if they do,
You'd hang your head with no reaction!

What do we have to fear in this!?

A life has been lost!

Leave this to me.

I shall handle it!

We've handled far too-many things,
We'll handle this, as well!

"Are you even, human?"

If this goes up to the Director, would get us all in trouble!

Make sure the information isn't leaked,
I'll take care of the post-mortem reports!

Make sure the Boys don't
...create any trouble for us!

Only now you've spoken, a Superintendent!

"Rajendran", I must meet with Sathya...

How is Kadhir, doing?

Have you known Kadhir,
...since childhood?

Yes sir!

For how many years,
...have you known each other?

We never kept 'count' as friends,
...nor did we ever have to!

So tell me, how is Kadhir?

Is there anyone else, care for Kadhir?

What happened to Kadhir?

They told us, he'd get better...

What happened to Kadhir, Sir?

For Kadhir... Kadhir,

"The Superintendent wanted to meet you!"

"Now on, let's stop the fights Sathya!
We'll stay, straighten-up, leave & survive!"

We'll take care.
I've put a word too!

Kadhir is dead!

What can we do?

You know...

Where is Ganga?

We don't know, Sathya!

Where is that, Ganga?

What's with him?

Where is, Ganga?

Go tell him...

Sathya calls Ganga, for 'Singles'! Go...

Ganga... has been released, Sathya!

"Whose sin, am I suffering?"

"My heart inside, is missing!"

"Whose sin, am I suffering?"

"My heart inside, is missing!"

"Your smiling-face,
...from yesterday!"

"Has gone missing,
So has your body!"

"Snapping a finger,
Comes with a sound!"

"Disputes get dispersed,
...Oh when you come!"

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy,
Buddy, Best-Buddy!"

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy,
Buddy, Best-Buddy!"

"Time rolls-on for,
Mirage to meet the ocean!"

"It even waits, with hope!"

"We lost mother's lap!"

"But discovered her warmth, our friendship!"

"Now I wither, as you rest in peace!"

"A 1000 bonds,"

"...may come & go!"

"Nothing lasts, like friendship!"

"Even the skies can't suffice!"

"I lost my heart &
Also my world with it!"

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy
B-U-D-D-Y, Best-Buddy!"

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy
B-U-D-D-Y, Best-Buddy!"

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy
B-U-D-D-Y, Best-Buddy!"

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy

"My Best-Buddy...!"

How many years,
...before you're released?

I got 2 more years...

I got 2&half years.

Don't you feel like meeting "Pooja"?

What are you doing?

Get to work!

We've to close the file...

Anything about Kadhir's death,'d like to disclose?

Tell me, Son...


He used to get this problem often...


...why didn't you tell...?

How'd you feel,
...if your Father is killed?

...your Mother?

Kadhir was a father &
...a mother to me. When he is killed...

What do you think, I'd feel like?

What's the point, in telling them?

"Ganga", must die!

How do we escape?

All, have gone to eat.
Get it before they return. Go!

Come back before the Staff, Quick!

Let's go...

The only way I've got, reach "Ganga" is, Him!

I'm aware of this place,
...been there to repair my bike.

What, now?

All day in the Workshop,
...he mourns for "Kadhir"!

As everyone who worked, the 'Mechanic-Shed' are released...

& me, being a 'Mechanic' from before...

Could 'we' take it up, now?!

Alright, go on!

"All of the Jail's rubbish,
...drain's through this!"

- What is "Ganga" telling, now?
- Satya must...

I'll handle that...

Where is Ganga, now?

We can leave tomorrow, yeah?

Else we'd be shifted, another Jail.

Fear not, same time Tomorrow...
We won't be here!

"For me: Ganga must die!"

"For Siva: Must meet with Pooja!"

"To escape from this Jail,
...this Mechanic-Shed, is all we got!"

"Everything below, is ready & cleared.
Tonight, we're good to go!"

"...had us clear gutters. Atrocious!"

"Yes, but we have to!"

So... we're leaving tonight, right?

Why ask me?

What, who else should I ask?

We have our reasons to get out.
Why does he want to ruin that?

It's unfortunate,
...we're caught with him!

...didn't eat, still?

Do you know,
...what those 2 are upto?

Go & check...Go!

"...without me, eh?!"

Jacky, would support Ganga,
...if he's out!

Reaching Ganga then,
...would be a problem!

You'd have to handle both.
Give it a thought!

So... is what Jacky saying, true?

Can't I have dreams too...?

What is your problem, pal?

Say... why are you losing temper?

Anyway, saw the new edition,
...with 'Sunny-Leone' photos, in color!


A man's curse can be very dangerous,
& mine is the worst, Mind you!

Go on...

What's with you, mate...
You tickle a trouble & expect silence?

I'm dry as a dessert already,
...wondering, who 'Sunny Leone' is!?

What's the matter?

That was because, spoke without me.

Even if you think of,
escaping without me, you'll...

Now you know, who "Jacky" is!

Every step has been correct, till now!

The only problem is, Jacky!
If this screws up, I'll...."

Why do you get tensed over nothing?

Whatever comes, we'll handle it.
Let go!

He's done for!
& no-longer, in our way.

Come on, let's go!

Thinks he is some 'Sharp-Spark'!

"The watch, you found in there..."

"- ...who's is it,
- Does it matter..."

"That explains..."

"Come on..."

What you checking for?

...think I missed the ring!

What do you mean?

I jus had it, right here!

It was just scrap-wood!
...get one later!

- Must've fallen close-by. I'll...
- No, No... you get down, I'll go! get down!

Why are you here?

I lost some money, Sir.
Came to check!

You checked?
Now go...

Why did you thrash me,
...that day?

Take your hand off!

I repeat... "Why did you thrash me?"

"Had I not intervened,
...Warden would've foiled our plans!"

"Siva getting out,
...felt right for me, then!"

"Me & her are going for a Party,
...this weekend. Where I plan to-"

"Oh dear..."

"I may be caught now..."

"But Ganga cannot escape from me!"

"...for now I'm happy,
...with Siva escaping!"

- This Night 07:55 -

Why son?
Why would you do this?

Why rub him on the wrong side?

...want to be beaten to death?

You being here is,
...only for a little longer!

Get up now...

"We can leave tomorrow, right?"

"Fear not, Same time tomorrow,
...we wouldn't be here!"

- Did they take it too far?
- No... just go!

"Why hang your head, then?"

"What now?
...thought I would've left?"

Why didn't you go?

How could I just,
...leave without you?

But, you should've...

I can't go,
...leaving you behind!

"A 1000 bonds,"

"...may come & go!"

Nothing lasts, like 'Friendship'!

"Even the Skies can't suffice!"

Where's you? You left?

"Its raining here, to my Hostel!"

Stop sounding silly & get here!

"I'll be there..."

You got the mechanic-shed's key?

I don't have it...

While returning, I locked &
...left it in the Warden' room.

We're going to be here,
...just for some more time.

What do we do now?

Whatever happens tonight...

We'll get into Warden's room,
...& take that key!

"You may have been,
...around this Jail for long!"

"But 2 guys are,
...fooling with you here!"

Go, check the mechanic-shed...

"'ll know what they've done!"

Warden'll be here soon...

"Jacky would've surely squealed on us!"

Whatever happens,
...we must face it. Understood?

Enough of hitting him,
He isn't going anywhere!

We can hit him later, come on..!


"Siva you come,
...we'll leave!"

"Just go..."

"Damn! They've come already!
Siva... run!"

"Stop running. Hold it!"

"When you're caught,'re dead-meat!"

"Don't add to your crimes..."

"You can't run for long..."

"One's down. Get him!"

"Watch it... Warden's here!"

"Welcome Warden..."

" see that?
They messed his face up!"

"Why do you move slowly,
They hurt your leg too?"

"...must've broken it!"

"Guess they ganged up & you hammered!"

"His cheek has turned red!"

"See him walk, silently!"

"How could he...
they'd have, mauled his mouth!"

"The Jail is soaking in blood!"

"His nose seems swollen, specially!"

"Is that 'tomato puree' around his mouth?"

"Why walk, looking down? lost an eye, eh?"

"Guess they put you, your place!"

"Is your life, only a riddle?"

"Guess he's the new, Frog-face!"

"The pride in your walk..."

"The punches, you've taken..."

"Is it now, in peace?"

"Is your heart, hurting as well?"

Go on... comment!

Everybody... comment!

Yeah... spit on me!

I won't spare them...
I won't...

Only he was caught!

Isn't opening his mouth,
However much we hit him!

You keep asking me to, "Tell!"
What do you want me to tell?

Knowing they were escaping...

I too wanted to escape...

"See... that arrogance in his reply!"

"So... you won't tell!"

I fooled you &
He fooled me!

They'll be, running in circles!

I'll get them!

"I will get them!"

"I will get them!"

"I will get them!"

"I will get them!"

I'll deal with you,
...after I catch them!

I'll handle you!

- You... put him in the Dark-cell!
- Yes Sir!

"Wake up, you!"

- "Rajendran", get the car!
- Yes Sir...

"Get going, you!"

"Go... He'll join you soon!"

Damn! We've to rob clothes, even!

Let's sit for sometime & leave.

"No, they'd ve started,
...looking for us already!"

"We must leave this city, before sunrise!"

Come on, lets go.

"Even in this age,
...your desire seems insatiable!"

- "...of corse!
- Every-time, this happens..."

- "Your face brightens up!
- Fresh-pieces, sizzle-me up!"

"Surely it does...
I managed to sneak it out!"

So... better you 'handle with care!'

"Who are you?"

What are you doing here?

Leave now!

"You heard me?
Don't just stand there!"

"- Get-going...
- Come-on..."

Hold on a second!

Are you guys, thieves?
What do you carry?

We carry nothing!

What are you staring at?

What about you?

Didn't I just tell you...
"We carry nothing!"

Why you...


Go on!

Could you come a lil' closer!

Come on...

Why are you such a pain...

What now?

Where did you get, much money from?

Take it & free me!

Jacky attacked the front-guard,
& escaped, "Rajendran"!

- "What are you saying?"
- Its just happened...

They're searching on all sides!

You stay alert as well!

"Mipu"...the Piece!

What is it? at this hour...

'Checking' was unusually high today.

So I'd pulled over, but...

'...but', what?

The 'Piece' escaped, Airaa!


"The Party is informed &
...has paid the advance too!"

I don't know how/ what you do!

"Tomorrow you must,
...return with, the Piece!"

Hang up, now!

"Put on the lights!"

Unless the escapees are caught, not open any cell!

No one gets any food/ water!

Do not permit bath/ pee breaks!

Let them rot inside & die.

We're already rotting here!

If the doors won't open,
...this Jail would decay!

Unfit, to track the escapees...
But forbids us from taking a piss!

...think we must part ways, from here!

You get to your business,
...and I'll get to mine!

Guess... that'll work, for us both!

What do you think?

Making it this-far, isn't a big deal.

...but your next-stop is!

So... watch out!

Be in his place, get it done & leave!

That must be safe...

Here, take it!

What's this for?

Keep it!

Do not steal to gift Pooja, from now!

Pay & buy for her...

"We've been tainted already,
...let your love stay clean, atleast!"

Go on...

"Even the King-card, is a waste!"

What do we do now....?

What's your name again?


"Who cares for,
...what's happening around?"

Shouldn't you be more careful,
...having shifted for education?

3 years ago,

A 7 year old,

...was violated by some.

They should rot in hell!

I'll drop you off at,
...the next Police-Station, dear.

Your parents can come,
...and take you home!



Lets go....

You must hurry...

Where could have these guys gone?

Atleast, Siva has a home, a place...

But that Sathya, has nothing!

Siva has a home, you said!?

Yes, his grandfather lives there, per our records!

"Pooja, is on leave today..."

"Who are you, to her?"

If I find him myself,

You won't have him, perform your last-rites.

Did he come here?

Where else could he've gone?

Sir, apart from this house...

He only knows that Mechanic-Shop!

He must be somewhere around...

"Sir, when you find him...
Hit him. Blast him..."

But, please don't make it worse!

- Hello..
- Hello..

Pooja... Its me, Siva!

- I just need a minute to....
- "Hello, Hello, Hello!"

"There is no one by that name, here!"

- "Got the wrong number, hang up!"
- Sorry, Sorry!

"Kadhir, the only one...
Who cared for me, is no more!"

"Ganga must die!"

Its our Stop, dear! Come on...

Why bump-in like a buffalo?
Have any sense? Damn!

You come along, dear!

"Lets go... Right!"

Grandma, I'll be careful now on!
You take care!

One can never trust,
...the kids of today!

Ramya... Ramya,'s me Siva!

- "Ramya... Hello?"
- Which Shiva?

Ramya, I understand you're angry.
But I need to speak with Pooja, once!

"Please Ramya..."

Why don't you talk...?

Pooja's changed her number, Ramya...

"She has forgotten you, already!"

- What did I do?
- "What do you mean...?"

You stole & were jailed,
...aren't you ashamed?

"...not giving any number,

Please, Ramya I just want to,
...speak with her, once! Please!

For introducing you to her,
I should be punished!

I stole, yes I did & its wrong...
But I did so, just to gift her!

So, try making her understand!

"You please understand..."

I got no-one else, but you...

- "Please give her number..."
- Just wait, I'm not giving any number...

"But I can tell her,
...what you just told me!"

"If she's ok, she'll call this number."

- "You wait there..."
- Thanks Ramya!

"...Tracking without a Trace!"

Are you here to pick the phone?

"Didn't he answer?"

"Oh fate, my fate..."

"The life in me,
...please give me!"

"Oh fate, my fate..."

"The life in me,
...please give me!"

Please Sir...

"I'm not going anywhere!"

"Hit me"!

"You promised to,
...come back & hit me!"

"I have come... willingly!"

I've got to go...

"Hit me...!"

I have to...

"Oh dear, my racing-heart, refusing restrains!"

"Should I cry...
Or should I crumble!"

"Your memories though,
...are cuffing my hands!"

"Should I come...
Shall I surrender!"

"Tell me, dear!"

"Shall I still, cry?!"

"Body is broken, heart is hurt,
...And all life is lost!"

"Call to me, dear..."

"Oh fate, my fate..."

"The Life in me,
Please give me!"

"Oh fate, my fate..."

"The Life in me,
Please give me!"

- Be ready, by evening!
- Okay...

Where has Sathya, gone?
Tell me!

I don't know...

"Tell me..."

Hey... 'Sleepy-head'!

Tell me...

Where is Sathya?

Even if you,
...don't tell now,

I'd still find him, don't die in vain!


"Where is Sathya?"

"Tell me..."

"Hey.. Hey...
get your hands off her!"

"Throw him.."

"Be gone!"

"What are you looking at, Get lost!"

"The gate's opened, lets leave!"

"Are you okay, dear?"

"Mom &...
your Mother,"

"Who are they, each other?"

"Dad &...
your Father,"

"How are they related?
Kindly check..."

"On dry-grounds,"

"Like how rain, sinks..."

"Filled with fondness,"

"Our hearts:"

"Forms they lose,"

"& Dissolve too!"

"Tracking without a trace,"

"Giggling without grounds,"

"Murmuring to a mirror,"

"Are they signs of being,
Engulfed in love?"

"Mom &...
your Mother,"

"Who are they, each other?"

"Dad &...
your Father,"

"How are they related?
Kindly check..."

"On dry-grounds,"

"Like how rain, sinks..."

"Filled with fondness,"

"Our hearts:"

"Forms they lose,"

"& Dissolve too!"

"Meandering without a map,"

"Flying-high without feathers,"

"Remaining in your memory,"

"Are they signs of being,
Engulfed in love?"

"Staying up all-night,
Without sleep!"

"Tossing & turning,
Trying to sleep!"

"Waking with dreams, distorted..."

"Are they signs of being,
Engulfed in love?"

"Keechankuppam" Stop!

Where is Sathya?

You tried to escape & got caught!
Now, you hit me & tried to runaway...

Who is 'He' to you?

Your Brother or Blood?

Why do you suffer, for him?

You came in after thieving,
but he came in after killing!

Tell me where he is,
& I shall let you go, now!

Tell me...

Go on...

"Me & her are going for a Party,
...this weekend. Where I plan to-"

I know where Sathya is!

...will show you!

You'll survive!

Rajendran, get the car!

Yes sir!

"Oh my dear...!"

"Lift, Lift, Lift,
...some more, Up!"

- Tell me...
- "Airaa!"

...caught the 'piece'! Where to come?

Come to 'Barge', Ganga'll come over...
Watch-out, I'll go home & get there!

Go & call him...

Go on...

"Hadn't you come forward...
Your grandpa, wouldn't be alive!"

"Oh my dear...!"

- I wasn't around, for a while!
- How are you?

I tried calling you...

Go, get him!

Pooja, ignore everything & just,
...look at me, I came for you!

Love you, Pooja!

"Crawling inside water,
...I wander as a fish!"

"Like rolling-sweat,
…I'm dissolving!"

"On a narrow-lane,
…I walk alone!"

"Im a lace... between-blades!"

"After one's fallen in love..."

"There cannot be, any shame!"

"To be given, before demanding..."

"All yearning, simply takes flight!"

"What magic, have you laid?"

"What spell, have you cast?"

"I'm flapping, as a fish!"

"Won't you hook me out!"

"Oh dear, what sorcery is this?"

"...makes my heart, dance & dart!"

"Oh dear, what wizardry is this?"

"...makes my heart, dance & dart!"

Who are you?

Why you, here?

I'm asking you!

What are you looking at?

Where are you, Ganga?

I'm at the auction-area, Airaa!

We got the 'piece'...

Mipu is with me...

Come to our spot, immediately!

What are you looking at?

I'm going now,
You join us later...


"Livin' the Life, eh?!"

"Ganga must die!"

"I came in at 10...
after beating my father to death."

"I grew, became a warden &
...had the total jail, in my control!"

You thought I'd let you off, easily?

Let him go, whatever it is...
we'll sort it, back in the jail!

What are you talking, Rajendran?

...taking him back to the jail?

If I put him back in jail,
...what of all my humiliation?

"Die already!"

- "Get up, now!"
- "Sir..."

However much I hit you,
you aren't going to tell!

"After scanning many cities, we caught him.
Thinking he'd point us, to the other!"

But without any fear,
...he's played us!

"My love means a lot, to me!"

But you've seen her already,
...just, tell us where Sathya is!

But more important to me, my Friendship!

Where's he?

"Where is Sathya?"

"... tell me!"

Wait! its ok.
You don't have to...

No... where is it?

Give it to me!

Listen to me & give it...

Let him go, Sir..

"Hand it over!"

"He has his life-ahead!"

"See how happily he runs.
Let him go!"

"Getting him back to the jail, my responsibility. Please relax!"

Taking-in all the insults,
...would be in vain!

For their crimes, they can be changed.
You must try to change yourself too!

"We handled far too-many things,
We'll handle this, as well!"

Leave this to me.
I'll take care...

"I must go now...
& meet Pooja!"

"Get up, Siva!"

"Oh dear, my racing-heart, refusing restrains!"

"Should I cry...
Or should I crumble!"

"Your memories though,
...are cuffing my hands!"

"Don't be child-like, Rajendran...
Thought I'll let him go, cos you got the gun!"

"Oh dear...!"

"Sparing his life would,
...make mine, meaningless!"

"Should I cry?!"

"Body is broken, heart is hurt,
...and all life is lost!"

"Call to me, dear..."

"Not just 2 years...
I'll even wait 5, for you!"

"Till then...
that 'Moment' with you'll do!"

"Oh fate, My fate..."

"The Life in me,
Please give me!"

"Baaji, the piece has arrived,
I'll handle it. Stay jolly!"



...expecting the 'Piece' eh?

"I suspected even when,
...Airaa, sounded shaky!"

Come on...

I must've finished you, then!
Sparing you, was my mistake!

Die now...

With what nerve,
...could you kill him?

Come on, Come on!

Whack him...

Smack him...

You're only an orphan,
...with no-one on your side!

Come on, Come on!

Get up!

"You dare, mess with us!"


Come on Jacky...


You see...?

"Soon as one goes,
...another takes his place!"

So, Ganga...

Would I let anyone kill you,
...when I'm around?

Just, kill him!

Before I could complete my task, got released. You!

"She chose kids,
...who couldn't pay & learn!"

"If they were just eager,
...she taught them 'Bharatham' dance."

"She never lived for herself."

"Was always worried about me!"

Dude, that looks like your girl!

- It is her...
- Oh yes!

"Come, Come..."

- "...but I know nothing of her!"
- wouldn't be out so late, if she's nice!"

- Hey, Hey, Hey...
- Hold up, you!

You, see him following!

Why can't you stop?

Won't you like guys like us?

"Why won't you stop, now!?"

- No need, let's...
- She won't like guys like us!


"Its his Sister?"

"As kids, we lost our
...parents to the tsunami!"

"From then on,
...she meant the world to me!"

"Along with boys from around..."

"We harassed girls, who were passing..."

"But that day it was my sister, Jenny!"

"Only when I was affected,
...I felt the pinch!"

"That all those girls could be,
...someone' sister or mother!"

"I was disgusted, with myself!"

Jenny, Jenny...

Wait up. Jenny!

I promise to never be like that..

I shall go for work, from today!

I raised you as a, Sister!
Had I been a Mother to you...

You'd not be like this!

Its your first day at work...

Smile & go now...

"I was very happy,
...that my sister forgave me!"

"Looking at her,
...reminded me of, Mom!"

"But that was,
...the last-time I saw her!"

"Just let me off, at City-limits"!

...& I'll survive!

"Walking tall,
With her straight-sight..."

"Fearing-none & her Integrity, Intact!"

"Courageous with Conviction..."

"Today's woman,
Shall never fall-short!"

"But are her screams, heard?"

"That driver died, in an accident!"

"Only to kill Ganga,
I had come into the jail."

You lost someone, close to you...

But I lost, my own Sister...

You ruined her, You...

"Whose sin am I suffering...?"

"Mom &...
your Mother,"

"Who are they, each other?"

"Dad &...
your Father,"

I will come back...

"How are they related?
Kindly check..."

- For you!
- "On dry-grounds,"

"Like how rain sinks..."

"Filled with fondness,"

"Our hearts:"

"Forms, they lose,"

"& dissolve too!"

Stay safe...

"Meandering without a map,"

"Flying-high without feathers,"

"Remaining in your memory,"

"Are they signs of being,
Engulfed in love?"

"Staying up all-night,
Without sleep!"

"Tossing & turning,
Trying to sleep!"

"Waking with dreams, distorted,"

"Are they signs of being,
Engulfed in love?"

"Mom &...
your Mother,"

"Who are they, each other?"

"Dad &...
your Father,"

"How are they related?
Kindly check..."

"On dry-grounds,"

"Like how rain sinks..."

"Filled with fondness,"

"Our hearts:"

"Forms they lose,"

"& dissolve too!"