Saga of the Phoenix (1990) - full transcript

The Holy Maiden of Hell, Ashura possesses immense power that can destroy humanity. Buddhist monks trap her in a deep cave to keep her from falling into evil hands. Kindhearted Abbot Jiku grants her wish to enjoy the human world for 7 days.
















The fight between man and Evil
has been going on for thousands of years.

Man has help from the Patriarch
to suppress the devils,

while Evil uses Hell Virgin Ashura
to resurrect them.

Although a Hell Virgin,

Ashura has a childlike innocence

and a vivacious personality.

Unexpectedly a catastrophe is starting again.

Kneel down.

Kneel down, hurry...

Come down.

Come down...



It's fun.

-Don't turn it the other way round...
-Got it.

-Or it may bring disaster. Understand?

Sun, come out.

Sun, come out.

Sun, where are you?

Monsters, I'm no longer Hell Virgin.

Stop following me.

Monsters, how dare you!

Peacock, Lucky Fruit.

Okay, let me deal with this big one first.

Monsters, don't hurt my friends.

Ashura, if you continue to order the devils,

you would stay the Hell Virgin.

Yes, he is right.

Let us handle these monsters.

Move away.


using your magic in man's world
would bring serious consequences.

We're now taking you to Abbot Jiku.

-The Sun, Moon, Star Abbesses...
-Say no more.

Now come with us to see Master.

Your Worship, High Abbess...

Your Worship, Ashura is here...

Abbot Jiku.

Ashura, on your knees.

You harassed mankind
and caused devils to resurrect.

Do you know it's a serious sin?

Your Worship,

I've vowed not to command the underworld.

I won't perform magic in man's world.

Can I live in man's world

like you do?


man and demons can never be reconciled.

But considering that you're repenting,

the merciful Patriarch will forgive you.

This Sleeping Buddha behind me

is a holy ground for Buddhism.

Now we've decided to let you
practice and repent in there...

for the rest of your life.

Your Worship, can I see the sun
inside the Sleeping Buddha?

I will obey you if I could see the sun.

Ashura, karma is fair

and it's not up to you.

-Abbesses, execute the order.

Master, High Abbess, please have mercy...

Your Worship, High Abbess...

Don't force me to live in a pitch-dark place.

Darkness is horrible.
The sun and you are beautiful.

I've been confined in hell for 660 years.

I promised myself

not to live in darkness anymore.

Master, the Patriarch says: "Lay down
the knife and instantly become Buddha."

But why would you shut Ashura up

forever in the Sleeping Buddha
where there is only darkness?

Ashura will die
if she does not stay in the holy ground.

Your Worship, I'm not afraid of death.

All I want is to live in a place with sunlight.

I'll value any second of it.


why haven't you woken up yet?

Your obstinacy may bring catastrophe to mankind

in an everlasting and irreparable way.

Ashura, don't you understand?

High Abbess, let Ashura stay by our side

and it will be alright.

Lucky Fruit and I can watch her day and night.

Any slip may put the whole mankind at risk.

Can you two undertake such a heavy burden?

Master, High Abbess,

if you put the fate of the whole mankind

on Ashura's shoulders alone,

how can she carry the burden?

Master, High Abbess, Lucky Fruit is right.

You have no reason
to force your will on people.

You both have no respect for the elders.

Master, High Abbess, please have mercy.

Even with mercy...

I can't act against Heaven's will.

You've practiced for such a long time.

Can't you distinguish between right and wrong?

Why are you so mawkish?


it is noble to sacrifice
for the good of mankind.



Master, either you kill her or let her go.

You've seen it now.

She's proving with her own life
that she's truly repentant.


do you know it's foolish to fight against fate?

Your Worship,
I've never thought to fight against my fate.

I've only promised myself

to live in a place with friends and sunshine.

I don't want to be a devil to kill anymore.

I only want to be an ordinary person.


Your wish is granted.
I'll let you stay on earth for seven days.

After seven days, you must return to us

and let us execute the laws.

Will you give me your word for it?

Your Worship, you...

Ashura, do I have your word?

Master, for seven days only...

Your Worship, that is splendid!
Seven days is enough.

Even for one day, one hour,
one minute, or one second only,

I would be grateful to Your Worship.

It's dawn. Cherish your time. Go now.

Your Worship, I'll take my leave.

You'll be responsible for all consequences
in these seven days.

Don't worry, High Abbess.

To live in a place with sunlight

Ashura has only seven days to live.

If Ashura should return to hell
within seven days,

what should we do?

Peacock, Lucky Fruit...

watch her closely these days, understand?

Protect Ashura with all your might.

Yes, Master, here we go now...

You three are also going.
Kill her, if necessary...

-to stop her from returning to hell.
-Got it.

Listen, ghosts.

Since Ashura is going to desert hell...

we must make good use of her.

Bring her back...

for me to drain her spirit.

I'll replace her to command
the resurrection of devils.

You know what to do, don't you?

Don't worry, Your Ladyship.
We'll bring Hell Virgin here at once.


Thank you, Your Worship.
Thank you, Peacock and Lucky Fruit.

Thank you, Sun and the whole world.

Now I'll meet my best friend first.

Your best friends are right behind you.

Ashura, turn round and you'll see us.

Not you, you're my second best friends.

My best friend is much more handsome than you.


Don't let it run away. Catch it...

Don't run...

Over there.

Throw at it...

There... don't run...


Shoot it...


Darn you monster, you stole our food.

It's Genie. Genie.

Hit it...

How dare you try to scare us. Do not be afraid.





Are you alright?

Does it hurt?

Does it?

I missed you.

Genie, it's nice to see you again.

Why are the children going after you?

I see. You stole their food
because you were hungry.

You are so naughty.

Let me see what you've stolen.

So you've stolen so much food,

no wonder they want to kill you.

Eat now.

Easy, don't get choked.


Outrageous, a monster is pestering Ashura.

Let me deal with it.

Fighting warriors...

The imp let off poisonous gas on me.

Don't hurt it, it's my best friend.

Ashura, we're under Master's orders
to protect you.

We mustn't let any demons
or monsters follow you.

It's not a monster.

It's my only friend in hell.

I spent 660 years with it in hell.

I wouldn't be living now without it.

It's my most trustworthy friend,
not a common monster.

Is it the one
whom you said is more handsome than us?

It does look more handsome than you.

Ashura, are you going to let this thing...

this buddy, follow you?

Yes, to be with me forever and ever.

Alright. But you must never
be away one step from us.

If anything happens to you,
I'll hold this thing...

no, this buddy, responsible.

Good, Genie, we now have two bodyguards.

Do you like that?


Oh, no, to be the bodyguard
of the most handsome buddy?


Don't tug at me.

Let me protect this imp.

Stay with Lucky Fruit. Don't leave him.

Don't worry. I will come back to you soon.


What sort of devils are you?

Why do you bring us here?

Idiots. What did you
bring these things back for?

Your Ladyship,
this imp is Hell Virgin's best friend.

-So what?
-Yes, we slipped.

Genie, come here.

Don't be afraid...

It looks like you are their big sister.

But what kind of big sister
who lays a hand on an imp?

This thing's too noisy. Mute it.


Stop calling us things.

We are men.

Unlike you monsters.

Miss, you have dropped something.

-Thank you.
-Don't mention it.

Wait, please...

I must rush to the airport.

Wait, stop.

Miss, you think I don't want to stop?

The car has no brakes.

Sir, is your car alright?

Now quickly take me to the airport.

What an eerie rock!

Don't ever move. You need someone
to push the oar up the slope.

Why don't you find help now?

Everybody's taking a nap. Who would do it?

Do you think everybody is as diligent as I am?

Do you want some sweets?


-Push the car for me after you've finished.

Don't fight.

Me, first...

Alright, now push the car. Come...

-Go, push the car.
-Let's push the car.

Come on, 1,2, 3.

Push harder.



Bye-bye, sister.

I have a hunch Genie is around...

but it seems to be
getting farther and farther away.

Could it be in that car?

I'm not sure, but now I have no more inkling.

Let's keep up and have a look then.

Genie is on the plane.

Brother, open the door, brother...

Oh, no, I was only gone for a few days.
Could he have evaporated?




Brother, I'm back.
What experiment are you doing?

Sister, are you back?

Perfect. Help me with some research.

-Where are you?
-Addis Ababa.

-Where is it?
-In Ethiopia, Africa.

Why are you so lousy in geography?

-What are you doing in Africa?
-I'm working on an experiment.

Sister, press that Buenos Aires switch for me.

Not Boston.

Not Bangkok.

Not Beijing.

Not Brazil, but close.

It's its neighbor Argentina.

Who told you to go to such a remote place?

I'm coming back.
Press Hong Kong for me, my lady.

What happened?

What kind of rock is this?
How come it has waves?

Tell me what kind of rock this is.

-A lucky rock of Nepal.
-Lucky rock?

I'll smash it to see what devil it is.


Hong Kong is not a small place.
It's so hard to find it.

Get away.

Oh, my waist.

Ashura, remember that this is man's world.

-Don't use magic all the time...
-It's a mess. I can't sense anything.

Let me try. Give me your hand.

-Genie is in danger.
-Where is it?

Where is it?

Over there, follow me.

Don't saw it, brother.

Where did you come from?
Do you think you are Jack and Jill?

Why did you knock? Are you trying to rob me?

How did you get in?
Sister, I told you to close the door.

-Sorry, I'm looking for my friend.

Sister, is she here for you?


Don't touch my rock.


ls Genie really in the rock?

Let go of him.

Do you know how to get it out?

I have an idea.

Please don't stand in her way.


Hey, why haven't you left?

Miss, we came abruptly last night

and soared you out of your wits.
We are very sorry.

I want to apologize to you in person.

Who are you?

We came from the spiritual world
so we know some magic.

Sorry that we scared you last night.

Please excuse us.

-Ashura, let's go.

Don't go.

-Brother, don't be so spiteful.
-They are demons.

They are magicians from the spiritual world,
not the evil type.

How do you know so much?

Oh, where's that monster
from the rock last night?

Where do you keep most food in this house?

The kitchen.

Is this my place or yours?

I'm sorry.

My friend was confined in that rock
and it was not fed for a day.

That's why it's so hungry.

A whole day or a whole year?

I'm sorry. I'll buy food and return it to you.

Wait. I'll go with you.

Who knows if you'd slip away.

Sister, keep an eye on this girl
and the monster

until I return safely, okay?


-My name is Ashura.

Ashura, you and your brother
dress in a curious way,

and that may draw people's attention.

How about getting some clothes
for you and your brother?


Stop eating. Come on. Let's go shopping.


Lady, you're carrying this monkey around.
Is that your pet?

It's not a monkey.

What is it then? Let me have a closer look.

How dirty.

It's ugly-

Come and check this out. Here is a monster.

Look how strange it looks.

It's frightening.

Let's put it in a bag.

Thank you.

-Put it in here.

Go in.

-What are those?
-A lifebuoy.

-For swimming?

There are so many styles. So interesting.

Look, darling. My watch has stopped.

Darling, there's a big clock. Look.

Oh great. It's 3:00. I'll set my watch.

No, it's 5:00 now. Look.

Oh, God. It's 8:00.

That girl really must be some kind
of a magician.

It's hungry again, but I have no money.

I'll give it a treat.

-It eats a lot.
-It's okay.


-Is this the place?

Hello, I want congee, vermicelli rolls,
fried dough sticks and fried noodles.

How many plates and bowls for each one?

Ten bowls and 10 plates.

Wow, are you refugees from Vietnam?

Three more plates of fried noodles, please.

Three more plates of fried noodles,
is that right?

It's delicious.

Did that old lady steal all the clothes
from the four guys?

No, she is arrested for hawking
without a license.

She is not hurting anyone.
I think I should help her.


You haven't paid yet...

Don't run...

-Thank you.


Come, lady, get on it.


Don't run...

Alright, we can stop now...

We did it.

Grandma, it's fine now. You may go home.

Thank you so much, girls.

You are such nice girls. You are so kind.

I wish you were my granddaughters.

Sister, what's the matter?


Ashura is weakening.

It's high time to capture her now.

Let me drain her of her spirits.

Listen, six ghosts.

We are going to catch her now.

Idiots, do you think outnumbering them
is the way to win?

You, bring back Hell Virgin.


How come this house become so beautiful?

I've hidden all the food.

Now we could sleep in the fridge.

Sister, today is your birthday.

With the use of advanced technology,

I made a fantastic birthday cake for you.

He helped a little too. He's helpful.

Say no more. Let's cut the cake.

Let's blow our minds, shall we?

It's interesting. What is a birthday?

It's the day when someone is born.

Why do we celebrate this day?

To have a reason for a treat.

I'm coming, excuse me.

Don't blink.

How dare you? I'm going to kill you.

Don't do that.

Brother Tan.

-Where are you going?
-Brother Tan.

How dare you? You've eaten my cake.

I'm sorry.

The imp ate your birthday cake.

I'm really sorry.

It's alright.
We can celebrate my birthday without a cake.

Right, I learned cake making
from your brother just now.

I made one as a try.
I wonder if you will like it.

See where you can go.

Now we can start experimenting on you.

What experiment should we do?

Right, let's see how you do
in a high-speed spin.

Your condition is not bad.

Good. Now we do
the high-temperature endurance test.

Right, I'll set the time for 30 minutes.

Will you blow the candles?

Break it.

Are you alright?

What just happened?

Tell Ashura to hide.
Don't come out no matter what.

Go now.


Break it.

Break it.

Are you alright?

I'll burn you to death.

How come there are three Moroccan princesses?

Sister, are they your friends?

Be alert. We will see you again tomorrow.

Princesses, let me take you home.

No need, Sir. We have important work to do.

Where's Hell Virgin?

Brother, Hell Virgin is surrounded by

many monks and nuns of the Mi sect.

Luckily, I ran fast.

Where the hell is Hell Virgin?

I'm afraid I couldn't bring her back.

You've all seen that.

Don't come back to me if you don't succeed.

Come down and swim with us.

A monk mustn't go naked in public.

Alright, get changed and
lap up the sunshine then.

I said I cannot go naked in public.

You call that naked? You have a high standard.

It's only the third day

and Ashura is already in so much trouble.

We have to keep a closer eye on her.

Kill her if we have to.

Three princesses, you are early.

Since you came early, why not join us for fun?

Sorry, Sir, we have serious business to do.

Swimming as a sport is serious business too.

Even theology schools have PE classes.

Sir, we will pass.

Three princesses,
resting at height in tattered clothes

is a dangerous thing.

Please enlighten us, Sir.

I'm afraid there might be dozens of people
eyeing you up with binoculars.

What do you suggest then?

I'd say it's safest to be in water.

Swimming is really good for my body and mind.

Thank you for your suggestion, Sir.

Wait, have some patience.

You cannot go swimming this way.

One must change into swimsuit for swimming.


Yes. As a scientist dedicated to human welfare,

I ensure perfection
even for trifles like swimsuits.

Put them on and you'll feel good.

Let's have a good time.

Hey, you lied to me.

-You said monks shouldn't go naked.

Why are they exposing so much?

I don't care. I want you to swim with us.

-Come on, Lucky Fruit.
-Come on.

-Come on...

Come on.


Is it fun?

Stop it...

Stop it...




Sorry, I really want to know who you are.

How come you know martial arts and magic?

You've been followed and attacked by monsters
for no reasons.

What are the three nuns doing here?

Why did your sister faint upon seeing sunlight?

Come here.

My master predicted that she'd live
for seven days only in the human world.

Today is the fourth day already.

Don't worry, we'll try to cheer her up.

Is there really no way to change Heaven's will?

Ashura has passed four days on earth.

She's getting weak.

Hope she'll pass the remaining
three days peacefully.

Genie, what are you doing?

You darn imp.

What's the matter, Brother Tan?

Your Genie has gone too far.

Why did you make such a joke?
That's unacceptable.

You know nothing but eat all day.

Do you know it's annoying?

It's not Brother Tan's fault
that I passed out while swimming.

It's because I am not well.

Genie, Brother Tan has been very kind to us.

It is your fault this time.
I want you to apologize.

Genie, say "sorry" to Brother Tan.

Genie, where are you going?

Ghost, now go and drain Ashura's spirit...

so that I can resurrect the devils.

Get it?


Is the imp very important to you?

I'm sorry, Brother Tan.

Genie is always so naughty.

Indeed I was being too tough with it.

I put it into a washing machine
and an oven for experiments.

I gave it a hard time.

Now it shaved my eyebrows in retaliation.

It's not completely its fault.

Brother Tan, can I go out to find it?

Of course.

It's a big eater, but it's cute.

Brother Tan, you're
the most generous man in this world.

I'll go and get it back at once.


Ashura, I'm going with you.



It's so great to have you back.

I'm sorry I've wronged you.

I didn't know Brother Tan trapped you
in the washing machine and oven.

I'm sorry. Are you hungry?

Eat something now.

But don't quarrel with Brother Tan again.


I missed you.

You are useless. You eat so much...

yet you suck in so little spirit.

Now I'll give you another chance.
Go and drain all Ashura's spirit.

My spirit is consumed so quickly
because of you.

Genie, why are you working for Hell Concubine?

Why did you lie to me?

You're my most trustworthy friend.

Genie, listen to me.

My spirit can't fall into
Hell Concubine's hand.

Hell Concubine wants to resurrect
the devils with my spirit...

and rid humankind.

I don't want to kill anymore.

I don't want to harm anyone. Do you understand?

My spirit is fading away.

I'm dying soon.

But, Genie, I won't blame you.

I am sad...

because my best friend has betrayed me.

Do you know that...

we cannot live without friends?

Genie, what are you doing?


Monster, how dare you!



Genie, how could you have done this?


Genie, don't die.

I'll be with you forever and ever.

Genie, I know you have been used.

You will forever be my best friend.


Hell Virgin, I won't die. Together forever.

Peacock has turned into ice
in Hell Palace, danger, save him.

Save him.

Lucky Fruit, please take care of it.
Don't hurt it.

You are both my best friends.


I have to save Peacock from Hell Palace.
I am the only one who can enter it.

Ashura, you must not go to Hell Palace.

We won't let you get killed.

I know I'm dying soon.

I want to use my remaining time

to do something for my friends in this world.

But Master told us...

She's good-natured even at a young age.

I think, even if Ashura returns to Hell Palace,

she won't harm mankind.
Let's put Master's words aside.

Let's find a way to get into Hell Palace.

My brother has invented a time machine.

I wonder if it can send you to Hell Palace?

Let's go.

I don't know how to send you there.
I have no idea where hell is.

Hurry up, Sir.

Saving a life is the best deed.

I know, princesses.

I wouldn't decline if I knew how to do it.

Good. Let's try 30,000 feet below sea level.

Peacock, you're really here.

He can't die yet. He is my stake.

I won't let you hurt my friend.

How can I save him?

Can you really forsake your life for him?

You can't break it, silly girl.

You Will kill him this Way.

What do you want?

Come closer, I'll tell you how to save him.

Why didn't you get off the machine?

It was a pitch dark unknown place.

Anyway it was not Hell Palace.

Perhaps it went too deep.

Well, try this. This should work.

-How is it?
-|t's a small place.

-Is anyone here?

I have an idea.

Brother Tan, I'm now in hell
and entering the palace.

Fantastic! Bravo, brother.

How did you know the location of Hell Palace?

I just sent him back to Nazi Germany.


-Lucky Fruit.

You take Hell Concubine. I'll save Peacock.




-Break it...
-Break it...


Lucky Fruit.


-I have to kill Hell Concubine.

Don't stop me.


-Break it...
-Break it...

Our strengths alone can't
take down this monster.

Right, now we need your help.

The three of us will learn the Peacock magic.


Fighting warriors be alert...

Your Worship, Ashura has followed your order

to return and accept Patriarch's arrangement.

Master, together we've killed Hell Concubine.

Hell Palace has vanished.

But the Sun, Moon, Star Abbesses
were unfortunately killed in action.

It's all destiny.

High Abbess, don't grieve.

Conquering evils and safeguarding truth
is Buddhism's decree.

Yes, Your Worship.

You are right.

There is evil in truth and truth in evil.

The will of Heaven is so mysterious.

Master, why is the Buddhism you preach
so deep today?

Do you find it deep?

The Patriarch's message is indeed hard to read.

Ashura, you have passed seven days
in man's world.

It's the eighth day.

When you three formed Peacock King
to fight against the devils,

Ashura's sincerity moved King Peacock.

His mercy has propelled her
across time and space...

and into the eighth day.

Ashura, now you can live in the human's realm.

Ashura, life on earth is not perfect.

Joy and sadness come in cycles.

Since you've made the choice, treasure it.

Ashura, why don't you stay behind with us?

I want to know more good friends like you.

I want to know all good people on earth.

Let's go, Genie.

I wonder where Ashura will go.

Never mind.

Wherever there is sunshine,
Ashura will be there.