Sag mir nichts (2016) - full transcript

Lena is happily married to Bodo. She spots a very attractive man on a tram and has a spontaneous sexual encounter with him. The stranger, Martin, also thinks this secret encounter will not ...

Urzina Lardi

Ronald Zerfeld

Sarah Hostetter

Roland viznekker

In the film directed by Andreas Kleinert


Where have you been? I tried before to
get through, but you didn’t pick up the phone.

My battery is dead.
What happened?

What happened?
Mom and Dad have arrived.

No! Already, today?

- Yes.
-I thought they were coming tomorrow.

No, no, today.

As I thought- urgent task.

You look great.
Just wonderful.

- Oh.
- Martin.

Sorry, I lingered.

And his battery was dead.

- Urgent task?
- Yes.

I could not refuse the chef.

Someday it will give fruit.

- What is it?
- Is something wrong?

- Good wine.
- Good?

It costs 15 euros.

And how is it?

Good wine.

Next time bring wine with you.

I actually prefer beer.

They are all idiots, don’t listen to them.

Fools ...

You are a thousand times better than them.


Oh sure.

- Hi.
- Hi.

What is the score?


In our favor.

That's great.


Sorry I can't, not now.

You are lying.

What are you doing?

We’ve been trying for a long time,
Today is the right time.

You finished quickly.

I'm sorry ...

This has never happened to you before.

- What, again ...?
- Turn on your side, okay?

I'm sorry.

Sorry, sorry, sorry ...

I'm sorry ...

Oh shit!

What happened?

I have to go. Where are my pants?
Where are my pants?

No, no, not now, not now!

I have to go, I'm late ...

No, no, don’t!

I'll be late!

Too late, too early!
Well, at least once finish on time!

Fischbach, you assume
the opening of a kindergarten.

Weinreich, you take
this long-term construction.

Environmental pollution, loud noise ...
Something like that.

Traber ... And where is Traber?

- Ah, and here you are.
- Sorry.

Sorry again.

Everything's fine.

You are interviewing
at the cultural adviser.

- Good.
- Squeeze out everything possible from it.

- You know how to do this.
- I thought culture is my topic.

No, Traber will take care of the culture.
You will be busy with city noise.

Now shake your heads.

And smile again.


Not so formal.
You can hug each other.

You are now married.

Fix the tie.


Excellent. Make a braid forward.

Just a dream.

Oh, just awful.

Turn down the contrast a litle, Julia.

We will have to close.

I recently spoke
with a tax consultant.

Tax payments will eat up
everything we have.

Lena, did you even hear
what I said?

I probably need to
start smoking again.

When do we finish editing the brochure
about the environment?

- Tomorrow.
- Then today you need to write a preface.

- You know my style.
- Well done.

And view the survey report for
treatment facilities.

Avoid definitions that indicate

Instead of the words "representatives"
and "representatives" write

"members of the selection committee."

- Do you understand me?
- I get it.

Then we have it all.


Your wife is here.

- This is my wife.
- Clear.

Your wife doesn't know colors?


Well, I don’t know, all the photos are colorless.

Well yes ...

Are you unhappy with something?

Do you want to hang her
at our table?

This old woman?

Are you against it?

I do not want to look at the old woman
at lunch time.

Sorry, I have to go to work.

- Can you handle it?
- Yes, I can handle it.

And you can't hang
anyone younger here?

Yes, that's right.

If not colored,
then at least young.



So what do the ladies want?

What should I cook for dinner?

- So what?
- Tonight for dinner?

- But we agreed.
- Right ...

Did you forget?

No, but ...

Something has changed.
I have another plans.

What other plans?


Tonight I'm going to the pool.

Going out tomorrow.

I always go on Wednesdays
when there are less people.

Stop it ...

You always go to drawing corses on Wednesdays,

and I go to the pool.

We often endured it before.

Yes, but ...

- Oh well.
- Well!

So ...

What do you want for dinner?

Oh Dad, leave me alone.

Are you going to the pool again?

Yes, after work.

New swimming trunks?

- Yes.
- And where are the old ones?

I thought that if I regularly
go to the swimming pool,

then I need new ones for motivation.

I think so too.

That's right.

Yes. Well, I have to go.

Good start.

Maybe too much abstraction.

Try it a little different.

Ah, I see a young lady
I like to draw.

A very natural pose.

And here I saw you look at
the beauty of the female soul.

The outlines are especially good.

Continue in the same spirit.

Very good.

- Bye, Bodo.
- Till.

Until next week.

Hi ...


It's so hot here, right?

My mouth was completely dry.

Did you have?

So what?

Do you want a beer?

Beer? Yes.

- That is, no.
- Well let's go.

My treat.

That is very sweet, but ...

I ...

I can not.

That's a pity.

Maybe next time?

Yes ...

- Are you leaving?
- Yes, to Bonnie's.

But what about dinner?

What dinner?

What dinner?
Are you joking?

- Where's mom?
- She's not here yet.

She's not here?

Don't wait for me today.
I will spend the night with Bonnie.

- And the lessons?
- I already did them.

You know me.


"I am with Julia.
Urgent business. Kisses."

Well, class.

Mr. Traber!

Please wait a moment.

Oh sure.

Today is the opening of the annual
economic conference.

Vainreich was supposed to go there,
but his child is sick and his wife ...

But I have things to do now.
Can’t Fischbach be sent there?


No I need someone
who will do it well.

Can I count on you?

Oh sure.


I'm sorry.

Look what I bought on the way.

As compensation
for a failed dinner.

- Do you think this is enough?
- We will see.

How is Julia doing?

As usual. You know,
she likes to be dramatic.


Not bad.

Yes, that's true.

Not bad.

Don't you like it?


No, everything is okay.

- My back went numb ...
- Yes ...

How was your day?

I had to replace Vainreich.

At the opening of the conference.

Long speeches, warm champagne,

dried ham, blah blah blah.

Did you not manage to go to the pool?

Of course not.

Someday all this will pay off.

Yes that's possible.

I imagined all this differently.

Maybe it's time to change something?

I think - if not now,
then when?

We are still young.


After all, we agreed you would smoke on the balcony.

I understand. Yes. Yes.

If it’s the sum of my fee,
then we can discuss it.

Yes, there's nothing to be done.


Yes. Bye.


Everything is okay?

Yes, of course, everything is at its best.

Are you in a bad mood today?

They declined the report on the hospice.

What? Why?

With a catalog of lighting effects
nothing happens either.

But they did confirm and you gave
your consent.

They said that they have no money.


- What are you doing?
- I'm stopping.

One must have patience.

And exercise more.

And how do you do it,
if there is no model?

- No.
- Why not?

- Never.
- Well, don't be so shy, girl.

I'm not shy.

- What's the matter?
- Well, I don't have perfect shapes.

- You go to the pool, after all.
- I don't go anymore.


I can't stand the smell of chlorine.

You will make a great model.

And besides, in art there is
freedom of imagination.

- Yes?
- Yes.

So we will succeed.

Forget about it.
I do not agree.

Oh my God!

Let's go, faster.

- Hi.
- Hi.


The mind is incomprehensible.

My old folks are crazy.

Ah, stop it.
Your mother looks cool.

No, Bonnie. You better shut up.


How awful ...

Sit still.

How long should I pose?

- I will die soon.
- Sit still.

My lower back hurts.

- Stay in that position.
- In which?

The way you are sitting now.

- You're completely crazy.
- Sit!

- You're just incredible.
- Incredibly stupid.

- Incredibly hot.
- But it's cold here!

I can warm you.

- Stay where you are.
- What will you do to me?

Believe me, you will not like it.

I want a new sensation.

Are they crazy?

- What is that?
- Just don't laugh.

What are they doing there?

But it's super if your parents
still want each other.

Compared to my old parents...

Night of the Living Dead!

Hope this time
we made it.

On ... for sure.

- Mom, get out!
- Sorry ...


- Am I snoring again?
- Do you know that Bonnie is sleeping with Suzanne?

- Bonnie?
- Yes.

I found them recently.

They did it.

- Did you know this?
- Yes. Sex.

- True?
- Yes.

- Gee ...
- Yeah ...

Not that I was opposed
to Susanna having a girlfriend ...

Do you think we're doing something

Anyway, it's safer
than with a guy.

Yes ...

Bonnie ... hmm.


- Does it suit me?
- Very sexy.

Not too much?

- No no!
- No? Fair?

- Everything is super.
- No. I think it will not work.

My superiors are a little conservative.

Come here.
Maybe this?

Or is it silver?

- This?
- Try it on.


I dont know ...

Well, why are you offended right away?

You know that I
I’m not good at this.

- Poor Dad.
- Stop it.


And this?

- Quite.
- Yes?

- Will it fit?
- Yes, it does.

Then do it ...

There is no help from you.

I will buy it.

Well, well, let's go to the shoe room.
And then I can get boots.

Lena, are you coming?

Yes now.

You go, I still want to
view photo frames.

I want to go to the computer department.

If you still are here ...

- Alright, go.
- Just do not be offended.

No. I’ll calmly look here.

- I could stay.
- No.


- Lena.
- Very nice. Martin.

How do I contact you?

(Announcer) Ground floor.

- I'll call you.
- Good.

- Better on the cell phone.
- Good.

(SMS) I can't today

Hey! And what about paying?

- Number 412.
- Thank you.

You can kiss each other.

Now look at me.

I have to fix something.

Veil a little forward.

Like this.

(SMS) I have to see you!


Hey! Yoo hoo!

- Huh!


Yoo hoo!

Let's go somewhere.

For a few days.

Don't be mad at me, but ...

I don't know yet.

Because you need
to deceive him?

And you?
What do you tell her?

Oh well ...

It was just an idea.

- Yes!

- You can forget about it.
- No!



Open up!

Are you alright?

She's completely crazy.

Yes? What's the problem?

The problem is that she is not
over 16.

And she wants to leave
for a week with Bonnie.

- So what?
- To some festival.

Rock festival, somewhere in the East.

- So what?
- So what?

And you now too!
Can you imagine how dangerous it is?



Sex! Drugs!

Do you think this is something like Woodstock?

Free love and all that?

No need to be ironic.

Calm down.

Suzanne is already 16.

Remember what you did
at her age.

- You cannot compare this!
- I can!

She's not even as crazy
as you were.

She knows her limits.

Thanks, Dad, thanks.

- Ready?
- What? For what?

Today it should work out.

Right now?


(SMS) Let's leave!

Oh my God!

Do you know what is the best?


I forgot about everything.

About what?

About everything.

What do you mean?

About everything that is going on.

There is nothing here.


Well, let's dance.

- Let's go!
- Not.

- Let's go!
- Not.

- Well let's go!
- No no!

Well, come here!

No no!

No no no!

No no no!

Back already?

Something happen?


Bonnie ...


What's with her?

We broke up.

She met a guy
at the festival.


It hurts so much.

I understand.

Well, why does this happen?

It ...

- It's all complicated.
- But why?

I dont know.

I don't want this anymore,

Someday you will have someone
who it’s worth suffering for.

Like Mom?

I'm so hungry.

- Ah.
- What?

I'll take a salad.

- You said you were hungry.
- Yes.

- Well ... that's not my level.
- Ah, I invited you.




Ah boy!

What are you doing here?
On vacation?

Yes, something like that.

And you? Also on vacation?

Something like that.

And how are you?

Good. And you?

There is nothing to complain about.

- So, okay?
- Well, I do not repent.

- Are you a Berliner now?
- Yes.

Are you still working
on the Rhine old people?

Yes very funny.

You don’t want to grow old there?

No, no, God forbid.

Just now is not the time.

There will never be a suitable time.

Well, let’s not bother you.
Have a nice evening.

Thank you, you too.

That was my colleague. Two years
back he moved to Berlin.

Don't worry, we can rely on him.

Has the lady already chosen?


A small portion of salad, please.

And sir?

I'm thinking about it.

- Yes ...
- It's me.

- Are you already asleep?
- I can not hear you.

Julia is sleeping nearby
I do not want to wake her.

- Did you call me?
- Yes.

Suzanne ...


She broke up with Bonnie.


Yes ...

The world suddenly went to hell ...

Is everything so okay?

I told her that everything will pass.

-So what?
- What do you think?

She is a smart girl
and of course she didn’t believe me.

Are you listening to me?


I'm listening to you.

I'll be back tomorrow.

I miss you.

I miss you too.

Well then ...

- Till tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

Are you thinking of something?

Is something bothering you?

- Yes.
- What?

Do you want to tell me?

- Last night ...
- Yes?

This Tommy ...

Ah, Tommy.

Don’t worry about Tommy.
He is a reliable guy.

And he won’t tell anyone.

After all, he himself is in a similar situation.


- Do you also think of me like that?
- Like what? What do you mean?

Like the child that was
with your friend.

Naive and lustful?

No, I do not think that.

- Lena?
- Who am I to you?

Something like ... a sexual adventure?

Lena, stop it. Stop it.

- This is not a good idea.
- What?

Stop it.

Lena, stop it.


Well yes ...

- What happened to you?
- Nothing.

- I'm great.
- Lena, get in the car!


Lena, come back!
Get in the car!


(TV) Drop your weapon!


Are you okay?

Yes. I'll be right out.

I do not understand you, Martin.

- You are listening to me?
- Ah? Yes.

Of course.

Why are you telling me this just now?
As if we talked about it.

It won’t go any further. You
said that something needs to be changed.

You decided to find work in another city,
without telling me anything about it.

How did you imagine it?

That I'll drop everything here
and go after you?

- I like my job.
- Why are you so worried?

This is just an attempt. Maybe,
I won’t get this job.

You are bullying me?

- Okay, forget about it.
- I've already forgotten.

Yes, right.

Yes, the situation with our orders right
now is not very good.

If you postponed rent ...

Maybe to next year.

But I also need to
live somehow.

We will pay you all of it,
when we receive the orders.

You know how many customers would like
get this room?

No. How many?

- Have a nice day.
- Yes, you too.

Bodo called me.

He asked if something had happened.
If we quarreled?

Of course I said
that everything was good.

But I think he did not believe me.


So, what is next?

- It's over there.
- What?

This is probably funny ...

I want to say ...

It’s somehow ...

Ah, I'm a complete idiot.

Life is so short.

We must try everything.

I wanted to see you, Lena.

I ...

Please wait, Lena.

Please hear me out.

I miss you.
I miss you so much.

I do not know why.
I don’t know what happened.

I ... tell me
what did I do wrong?

Tell me ... Lena!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to.

- And the tomatoes?
- What?

There were tomatoes.

Oh yes.

Can't we have
it as it was at the beginning?

- I want ...

How so - no?

Why not?
Tell me the reason!

I'm so hungry.

Ah finally!

- We have already been waiting.
- Hi.

Did you buy mushrooms?

They are in the package.

I don’t see them here.

Take a closer look.

There are no champignons.

No, they are there.

I know they are there.

Where are they?

Hey Hey!

It's going to be okay without mushrooms.

Is the company bad?
- Yes.

Do not worry.

Easy to say.

Maybe it's time
to change something?

- Change?
- Yes.

Do you think I should quit my job?

Of course not.

Do you understand what this
means to me?

I know what that means to you.
There is no need to talk about this.

What are we talking about?

Do you get satisfaction
from your work?

You do not understand anything.

You live in your world
and you don’t know anything about mine.

What are you saying?

You know, maybe I really
need something to be changed.


Where are you going?

To buy those damn champignons.


I have to see you.

Lena ... Lena ...

Wait, wait, wait.

What did you expect?

Oh hell I ...

Ah, I'm completely crazy.

- Do you feel better?
- Yes ...


If I leave here ...

... to start all over again ...

- You ...
- What?

Will you come with me?

No matter where.

Are you serious?

Something needs to be changed.

Yes ...

You'll start it all again.

If they do nothing ...

How long should
I wait
my first grandson?

Ah, have patience.

I have waited for so long.

Well, I think Solveig and Martin
try very hard.

(SMS) I want you!

- Is that not it?
- Mother ...

Good, but please hurry.

I want to live to see this.


Dad, don’t drink a lot, okay?

(SMS) Lena! I miss you


- Who is it?
- Steffi?

It’s good that you called.

Yes, Merry Christmas to you too.

Ah, we have everything, as always.

Mom is busy in the kitchen.

Martin? A sip?

- No thanks.
- Well, a little bit.

No, I still have one.

- Can I help you?
- No, everything is ready.

All is ready? Good.

No, we haven’t done it yet.

- Looks appetizing.
- Careful.

Have a nice evening.
Thanks for calling.

Ciao. Ciao!

- Oh no.
- No no no!

- Martin!
- I'm sorry.

Everything is ruined.

This is just a dessert, Gaby.

Mom, calm down.

- And what shall we do now?
- We'll figure something out.

We'll figure something out.

- If you want to help, disappear from the kitchen.
- Yes Yes.

Delete the message.

I know.

I got your message

and wanted to call you back immediately.

I'm here at home
I'll go crazy.

Imagine that I have to
sing Christmas songs.

Yes, I miss you too.

I so want to leave here.

I wanna be with you.

I want to taste your lips
your smell, your body.

Let's leave here.
I want to start all over again with you.

I can’t stand it anymore.

I want to see you
as fast as possible.

Lena, call me.

10, 9, 8 ...

7, 6, 5 ...

4, 3, 2, 1!




All the best in the new year.

Yes, and you too.

Hey! Happy New Year!

- I started with him again.
- What?

Oh my God!

Probably enough for you?

- What?
- You have already drank enough.

Why do you say that?

Well ...

So are you following me?

Because I'm acting bad Daddy?

- Do not make me laugh.
- What?

I don't understand what
happened to you.

What's going on?

Why did you become like this?

- Why are you acting like that?
- How?

You have changed lately.

Unlike you.

Stop it.

- What?
- Stop it!

Let's not spoil the holiday.

No, no, honey
I will not do it.

I promise! I promise!



Sit down.

What happened?

Sit down.

For us.

Have a drink.

Have a drink.

What about you?

- I cant.
- Can't?

- No.
- Why?

I can’t.

- Yes?
- Yes.


- This happened.
- What?

I am pregnant.


Hoop ...

Are you sure?



And how long?

Not so long ago.

Not so long ago ...


Why did you just tell me that?

I want to be honest with you.


I ...

Forgive me, but I fell in love.

Well ... what will happen next?

I don't know.

I do not know that.

When you know, tell me.


- I love you.
- Me too.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Thank God, finally!

I really hoped for this.

When will it happen?

Well ... you can’t say exactly yet.

Hey, leave her alone.

When it will be, then it will be.

Do you already know what it will be?

Let this be a surprise for you.

We don’t care
boy or girl?

- Did you come up with a name?
- No.

We have not thought about that yet.

You must think about this already.

But shouldn't you
get a raise soon?

Quite possible.

But I think I need to change ...

His raise is
almost resolved issue.

I always said that someday
it will pay off. Martin works a lot.

So, for my first grandson.

- Gaby.
- Yes.

Yes, have a nice day too.

What do you want?

What can I have?

Are you asking me this?

Can we talk?


Of course we can talk.

All people say the whole world
speaks about the most different things.

Why don't we talk too?

Let's talk.

Do you want to go home?

What am I supposed to do there?

But it is also your home.

- Really?
- Yes.

Susanna misses you.

She can come see me

- Where?
- At Julia's.

At Julia's?
What does it mean?

That means that some
people can still be relied on.

- Bodo ...
- Lena?

I wish you had told me nothing.

What did you want to achieve this?

Double life permission?

How did you imagine it?

Great idea.

As many as two men for you.

What about Leon?

- Leon?
- Beautiful name.

- Beautiful. but ...
- What - but?

I dont know. Leon ...

- It's too common.
- Common?

And Waldemar?

- Waldemar ...
- It is not so common.

I like Max more.
Or Carl.

Max ... Carl ...

Karl Marx.

Max - Karl Marx, huh?

And if there is a girl,
it's better Ruth or Marie.

(SMS) I want you!

How do you think?


Ruth or Marie?

Yes Yes.

Yes fine.

Everything is okay?

Nothing wrong.

I told Bodo everything.

To whom?

Bodo, to my husband.
I told him everything.

What exactly?

About us.

What for?

Because ...

I love you and ...

Don't you?


Yes Yes Yes Yes!

Yes Yes!


May I help you?

I think so, yes.

- Do you want to agree on a time?
- What about the time?

Yes, for a photo shoot.
You are pregnant.

No, not for a photo shoot.

And what then?

I want to talk to you.

To talk?

Do we know each other?


But it's probably time to
become acquainted.

Hi Dear.

How great. You are
early today.

Sorry to congratulate me
or protest?

Uh ... what's the matter?

I just talked about
Your resume.


The metropolis is calling you.


What arguments can I make to
hold you back?

Money, I think, does not matter.

It is really very noble
from your side.

So you are leaving us.


- Yes?
- Lena, it's me.

Yes, what's going on?

I want to see you.


Today at 19:00 at the cafe "Prague"?

What happened?

I did it.

- What?
- I'd like to check out.

-Will you come with me?
- Do you really want this?

- Despite everything?
- Do you want to?

I have to know that.


I want to.

I have to tell you something.

Do not say anything to me.


I know everything.

Forgive me.

I ...

You know, I ...

This is true ...

Do not worry.

About what?

I know that you are unhappy.

If you still want to leave ...

I will leave with you.

I would like you to
be happy.

So we are happy.

Where are you going?


Come here!

Come up to us.
Dad is here too.

And what is your mother doing here?

She said that we
must stop by.

Where are we going?

She and Dad have some kind of
surprise for us.

Surprise for us?

Yes. For the three of us.

For us ... for the three of us?

Again 1.10.

Is it cool here?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Let's go, dear, show you
where there will be a nursery upstairs.

Well, do you like it?

Just wonderful.

Great thank you.

This is very ...

No, Martin.

Expensive ...

I really like your
short haircut.


You're lucky you have
such a wife.

You have become completely different.

- Isn't she beautiful?
- Yes.

Do you want anything else?

No thanks.
Bring the bill, please.