Safrom (2015) - full transcript

“After the massacre, the man fled…”

“His doctor states that
he's a dangerous guy…”

“But his prescribed therapy should
have kept his frenzy under control.”

“He probably stopped taking his medicine.”

“We have an update: The victims of this
madness are now 8.”

“Even the man's eldest son, the only one
still alive, has just died in hospital.”

Fucking radio…


I'm fine. And you?

Listen, I don't give a shit.

Because she exaggerated…

I'm a nice guy, I can resist,
but at a certain point, I explode.


Listen, I really don't care.


I'm not smoking. I stopped.

I'm driving.

I can't spend my life quarreling
with a girl, who wants to change me.

I can't talk about movies or take her
to the theatre, because it bores her.

I can't wear jeans,
because they're not elegant.

She even tried to make me eat artichokes,
and I hate them!

It's not funny…

What? Sorry, I got distracted.
There was a car on the road…

Listen, I don't care…

I need this holiday to forget everything.

My job, my ex girlfriend,
the town is boring…

I need to... I need to breathe.


Hello? Do you hear me?


The power of technology…

The radio doesn't work…

The telephone doesn't work…

Fucking nothing works.

“There's no hope! This is the end!”

“We're all screwed!”

“We're all going to die!”

“This is the end!”

“This is the end!”


Are you crazy?!

Keep your eyes on the road!

You were about to run me over!

I'm sorry. Ouch…

Fuck your excuses!

Are you hurt?

Don't touch me!

Calm down.

I'm sorry.

Sure you're alright?

Yes, I'm fine.

I'm sorry. I got distracted a second and…

You got distracted a second?

Yes, there was a crime novel on the radio…

A crime novel on the
radio!? You're an idiot!

I said I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?

My car broke down.

I was on my way to work.

you could have avoided running into me.

I could have avoided running into you?!

You have to keep your eyes on the road!

If there was a child,
you would have killed him!

Okay, I was joking. Sorry.

Where were you going?

To look for help.

No one passed for half an
hour. Then I saw your car.

I wanted to ask you for a lift…

And you were about to run me over.

I'll try and make it up.

Can I give you a lift, Miss?

I don't accept lifts from strangers.

I'm Max.


Hi, Sara.

Hi, Max.

Some water?


You smoke?

No… I stopped.

So, what are you doing in this wilderness?

I work here.

What kind of work?

It's complicated…

Explain yourself…

I can't.

Why not? What are you? A spy?

What about you?


What do you do?

I'm not sure I can tell you…

You're also a spy?

I'm a broker.

An adventurous life…

No. Once,
maybe… I used to be a private detective.

Is it a dangerous job?

You bet…

The major risk was to follow someone and find out
that he was betraying his wife…or her husband.

I started working with a financial advisor.
Things worked out…

So I continued.

And now?

Now I'm on holiday.

To be honest, I'm fed up once again.

It probably wasn't what you wanted to do…

I know.

But I'm getting too old to find out
what I want to do when I grow up.

Don't worry.

We're all destined to do
something. You'll find your way…


I feel much better now.

But don't change the subject.
Why are you so mysterious?

What do you mean?

Tell me about your job.

I can't. I told you.

You like making fun of me?



I just finished University.

I'm doing scientific research in drugs.

I doing an internship in a lab

I have a confidential contract.

Go on…

This is all I can tell you.

A spy.

You're a spy, right?

License to kill and all of that…

I'm not a spy…

I told you: I'm a researcher.

Let's talk about something else…

Like what?

We talked about me,
but we can't talk about you…

I didn't say that. I only said
we can't talk about my job.

We don't know each other well
enough to talk about other things.

Oh, I have an interesting subject…

Go ahead…

There's not much fuel left…


No need to panic, but I haven't seen
a gas station for quite a while…

We'll find one sooner or later.

I just hope I won't be too late…

A laboratory here in the wilderness…

Does it have anything to do with the army?

Still going on with my job?

I'm curious…

About me… or my job?


It's a pharmaceutical industry.

I don't know much about my job yet.

You know, industrial secrecy…

Bad day for cars today…

Seems so…

Keep your eyes on the road!

You could run another driver over,
looking for a lift.

The road doesn't seem full of cars…

What are you doing tonight?


What are you doing tonight?

I'm going to a place you don't know, …

And you have to continue your holiday…

But my trip doesn't have a destination,
so I can stop where I want.

In fact, maybe I just found my destination…

So what do you intend to do?

I told you: take you out to dinner.

I can't believe it…

It's easy: I'll drop you off,
find a hotel in town…

…and wait for you to finish working.

Then I'll take you to a restaurant,
and we can spend the evening together.

Do you always do this?

Do what?

Pick up the girls you try to run over?

No... Only the cute ones…

Can I refuse?

I could say no…

After all, you're in a stranger's car…

And he could be a madman
escaping from a massacre…

It wouldn't be wise to contradict me…

You're right.

It wouldn't be wise.

But how do you know I'm a wise person?

What's that?

Looks like a fire.

This way. Turn left.

A road block…

Good morning… What's going on?

There's been a serious accident down there.

The road is blocked.

But I have to get to work…

Sorry, Miss. But you can't pass.

I'm very late…

Where do you have to go?

To Safrom.

The accident occurred
right in front of the entrance.

You can't pass by here.

You have to go back…

…or drive to town and wait
'til things have settled down.

Shall we go for a coffee?

It's too late, anyway…

Let me give you some advice…

When you go to town,
don't say you're going to Safrom.

Why not?

It'll avoid you trouble…

But why?

It's a complicated story.

Good day.

Good day.

I don't understand…

Neither do I.

But maybe we should forget the coffee…


What shall we do?

I have to get to Safrom.

But we can't pass through
here. We need to find a solution.

Shall we fly?

Doesn't a private investigator
always have a solution?

Actually no…

The GPS doesn't work
here. Do you have a map?

Look in the dashboard.

I can't understand you. Can you repeat?

“There's been a call for help.”

“A body has been found near the woods.
At kilometer 2. But the call was cut off.”

Can't you send someone else?

“You're the only ones in the area.”

“An officer is coming to replace you.”


“The SOS arrived at 11.01 a.m., at... “

Central unit?

Central unit?

Interesting day, today…

Find anything?

I don't know.

Maybe here, behind the bend, …

…there's a country road,
…leading to nowhere.

At least, according to the map.

Alright. It's worth a try.

It's very isolated here.


Your employers are
concerned about their privacy…

There's nothing bad about that

They need to protect their work.

All pharmaceutical companies do that.

But not all of them are
in such a remote place…

The spirit of the detective comes afloat?

That's right.

What's the Military doing here, anyway?

Why are you still going
on about the Military?

Because it's strange.

The radio… It's not working anymore.

Maybe a cable got unplugged.

Or there's an interference out here.

Like what?

I don't know. Hear that?

There's always the same sound,
as if a transmitter were interfering…

Maybe the Military are
blocking the frequencies.


What is it?

I don't know.
It looks like a man.

Shall we call someone?

There's no service.

I'll go check. You stay here.

You're working, now…


Oh, there you are.

Yes, I know.

I can't hear you properly.

There's no service here.

Listen, I'm in a delicate situation…

Yes, a girl is with me.

There's a body on the edge of the road.
Maybe he's dead.



It's only a scarecrow.

Wearing a Safrom overall.

Let's go.

It's covered in blood.

Let's go.

Fuck, are we out of gas?

No, it's the alarm.

It switches on automatically, when
the engine's off for more than 2 minutes.

We need to call the police.

Listen, I'm awfully late.

Do you want to tell them you found
a scarecrow covered in blood?

I don't know.

But this situation is very strange…

What are you thinking?

I don't know what Safrom does…

Nor what a blood-stained Safrom
overall is doing here.

Maybe you're right.

Let's call the police.


Are you worried?


I don't know. How about you?


The blood-stained overall, the scarecrow…

The radio's not working,
the bad phone connection…

Bad phone service is quite normal.

Could be…

And to think that I wanted to
take you out to dinner…

Will you allow me to invite you?


Fuck! They could at least turn on
the siren, when they're in a hurry!

I'm also in a hurry…

I should have been at work ages ago.

Why don't you call Safrom?

Don't you have any contact person?

the Professor in charge of the project.

But I don't have a mobile phone…

I do.

But it's gone crazy, today.

No service.

Let's go.

- Listen...


Go ahead.

I was just thinking…

…that it's an absurd situation

It comforts me that it's
only absurd for now…

What do you mean?

In my experience as a detective,
absurd situations usually change…

And so?

They only get worse.

Fine, that really relaxes me.

You sure know how to reassure a woman…

I was just joking.

I didn't want to be pessimistic.
Nothing serious really happened…

I'm not going to stop.

I agree with you.

What do you think happened?

I don't know.

I'm getting really worried, now.

There might be an easy explanation…


Maybe it's just a series of coincidences,
which make everything seem…

Seem what?

I don't know.

You can't pass.
There's been an accident

I know. Listen, your colleague's car…

My colleague?

Yes. It zoomed past us, then we saw it
parked on the road not far from here.

Explain yourself…

Your colleague's car…

The only car in this area belongs
to two of my colleagues.

I only saw one officer in the car…

And it's right behind the bend.
But no one is inside.

Are you sure?

Of course. She also saw it.
Tell him, Sara.

It's true.

You're not joking, are you?

Do I look like I'm joking?

Motorcycle 12 calling central unit.

Motorcycle 12 calling central unit.

See? Isn't that strange?

Vehicle 91 calling Motorcycle 12.

Vehicle 91 calling Motorcycle 12.

Could you take me to Safrom?

I was supposed to be there this morning.

You work at Safrom?

No, not yet.

And I probably never will,
since I can't get there.

Listen, I can't get away from here.

So drive to town and
go to the police station.

- Actually, I...
- I can't explain now.

Drive to the police station and
they'll tell you everything.

Thank you. Good day.

Thank you. Good day to you.

Something's strange about this situation…

Perhaps you're right:

It's only a series of coincidences.


What did you see?

I don't know…

It seemed like…

I don't know.


Let's just forget everything
and come on holiday with me …

Come on, stop joking…

I'm not joking.

It's important for me to get to Safrom.

Damn it!

I want to know everything
you know about Safrom!

I told you: I never even worked there!

Yes, but it was important for you
to get there this morning.

I want to know why.

I was supposed to show up and get employed!

I don't believe you!

First you said you were going on an internship,
…then that they were going to fire you…

… and now that they were
supposed to employ you!

I'm waiting!

It's not what you think!

Cut it out!

Tell me what's going on, or get out and I'll
continue my holiday far from this fucking place!

Continue your holiday!



Fucking hell!

Motorcycle 12 calling central unit.

Motorcycle 12 calling central unit.

Stop it, Sara.

I'm sorry I shouted.

But you fooled me.

If we want to get out of this situation,
we have to cooperate.

We have to?

What do you have to do with it?

Stop it.

You leave me no choice.

If you don't tell me what you know,
I can't to help you.

Why should you?

You're all alone…

In the middle of nowhere.

You want to go to a place we
can't reach, because of an accident.

It's a dangerous situation and
I want to help you, alright?


I was hired by Safrom a year ago.

But I didn't work at this laboratory.

I was at the headquarters.

I started studying a new molecule,
for healing mental diseases.

My boss is starting
a trial in this new lab.

And I have to reach him to help him out.

Why were you in a hurry this morning?

I told you: he was doing an experiment.
I'm his assistant.

They've probably started without me,
by now…

Tell me about the experiment.

What do you want to know?

The drug, the molecule…
What is it?

Come on, Sara.

I don't do industrial espionage.

It stimulates the brain to release
substances that control specific functions.

Until a certain dose, it acts by negative
feedback, then it turns positive.

Can you translate that in a
comprehensible language?

We were studying a system to
control violent impulses.

Against oneself and others.

The problem is that the response
depends on the dose…

And on the subject receiving the therapy.

So depending on who receives it
and how much he receives…

…it either works or it doesn't?

Approximately, yes.

But the matter is much more complex.

If you give a wrong dose to an
inadequate subject, …

…this can stimulate
incontrollable reactions.

In one sense or the other.

In other words, if you fail, …

…he either enters into a catatonic state…

…or he can unleash his
most violent instincts.

The only positive thing is that the crisis'
only last a few hours.

So you know everything about this drug…

You're just calibrating the doses…

More or less…

Do you mind if we
continue talking in the car?

Absolutely not.

What are you doing!?

What are you doing?!

I want to have a word with the policeman.

And it's better to stay close
to someone with a gun.

What else can you tell me
about these experiments?

Nothing of particular importance.

Except that a new experiment method
was supposed to start this morning.


It's not possible.

Disappearing seems to have
become the national sport…



Who's that?

I don't know.

And I'm not going to stop and ask him.

Who was that?!

Where's the policeman?!

How the fuck should I know?!

There's a huge mess going on here!

Where are you going?!
The road is blocked, due to the accident!

Let's hope so.

There should be other patrols and people,
who can give us an explanation.

I really want to know
what the fuck is going on.

Sure you have nothing else to tell me?

Yes, I'm sure.

Maybe something happened
at Safrom this morning.

And I wasn't there.

Oh my God.

Just as I suspected. There's no accident.

What is happening here?

The police must have been warned
that something was wrong.

So they made up the story of the accident
to keep people away.

If that were the case, there should
be more policemen around…

It's a small town.

It might not have enough...

So they were ordered to block the streets
while they were waiting for reinforcement.

What shall we do?

We need to find a way to call someone

Safrom is nearby.

It has phones…

Or do you want to go back?




Let's turn him around! Help me!


There you go…

Slowly, slowly! Calm down.

It's only a superficial cut.

Nothing serious… I hope…

Let me go!
- Keep still!

- Let's go away!
- Keep still!

Calm down!

You're safe now. Look at me.

Look at me in the eyes.

You're safe.

Get some water in the car.


Hey, hey…


Don't open it!

Don't open it!

Why not?

It's not yours.

You don't have the right.

You know what? I don't give a
shit of what you think.

There's an injured man and maybe…
the briefcase contains something…

…that can tell us what's going on.

It Safrom's property, so you can't open it!

Then you open it!

I don't have the key.

My finger…


You need my finger.

Come here.

Slowly, slowly! You got him?


How are you? Better?



Now I'm better.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

I'm Professor Fabris' new assistant.

This guy just gave me a lift.

A guy who just gave you a lift?

We were waiting for you.

Yes, I know.

I'm the project's Technical Manager.

We have to get out of here.


Do you have it?


The box.

What box?

The fucking box!

Let me think…

We don't have time for thinking.
Get in the car and let's go.

We can't leave without the phial!


- Phial?
- The phial!

What phial?

I cant' tell you.

Don't tell me you did it…


Do what?

What happened?

A complete mess.

I have to find the phial.

Where did you find me?

Find you?

You stopped us! Can you tell me
what the fuck is going on?!

Calm down now…

- Can I know what's going on?!
- I can't tell you now!

I'm leaving.

No, wait! Wait!

Wait for what?!

You're saying things I don't understand…

And apparently you know much more
than you told me, so I'm leaving.

You can't leave us here!

Yes I can! Look! I'm doing it


I'll explain everything.

But don't leave us here.

I've had enough of you and your mysteries.


Let's go get him and I'll
explain everything. Promise.

Thank you.

I'll charge you for that.

I think it'll be a long list…

What are you looking for?

Maybe we can help you.



It's a small, airtight metal box.

A safebox?

What the hell is a safebox?

A safety container for
dangerous substances.

Great. Now I understand.

Maybe I lost it in the tunnel!

What tunnel?

The one leading to the emergency exit.

Safrom is underground.

This area is full of emergency exits.

Very interesting. Can we go?

I can't leave without the phial!

I have to go back and get it!

Are you sure you lost it there?

I escaped from there.

I started running.

I had it when I got out of the old factory.

Then one of them jumped on me.
I fell down… and now it's gone.

I'm confused. I can't remember.

Maybe I inhaled something
while I was escaping.

When the revolt began!


There's not time to explain now!
I have to find the phial!

Let's help him! It's important!

Yes! Take me there!


I'm leaving. You do what you want.



Oh my God… It's them.

Please, let's find the phial!

Let's go back to the facility!

Fucking shit!

Damn alarm…

How many are they?


Is there anything else I have to
know about this damn story?

- Well…
- We can't tell you anything!

If you don't tell me what's going on,
I'll leave you here!

He has the right to know.

He's helping us.

I also need to know what happened!

We started the experiment this morning.

Apart from the usual subjects,
there was also number 127.

Number 127?


We found a scarecrow wearing a Safrom overall
with the number 127, not far from here.

Oh my God.

So he's free…

Maybe it was that guy we saw on the road, …
wearing the scarecrow's clothes.

Nobody knows who he is.

The Professor brought him.

None of us ever saw him before.

The Professor carried out the last
treatment personally in the safety chamber.

Safety chamber?


The Professor kept him in isolation.

He was probably very dangerous.

Was today's experiment on the doses again?

I had to tell him a few things…



Unfortunately, it wasn't on the doses.

The Professor thought the experiments
were going too slow.

So he decided to move to step 3.

Oh my God…

That is?

The stabilization of the effect.

Without knowing if the subject would
have calmed down or become crazy…?



And what happened?

One of them tried to commit suicide
after the injection.


We knew that there could have been
self-destructive behaviors, so we stopped him.

But he carried on trying…

When they put him in a straightjacket,
to take him back to his room, …

…he managed to wriggle out of it…

…and committed suicide.

He bashed his head against the wall.

Some of the subjects got catatonic.

And the others?

They turned into furies.

In the beginning, they didn't react.

When we didn't notice effects,
we passed on to the next subject.

When the last one received the drug…

…a kind of signal triggered off.

The three subjects we brought back to
their rooms, …knocked down the doors.

Another one jumped on the Professor.

They destroyed everything.

They killed all the people
who tried to stop them.

The Professor is dead.

I asked for help over the radio.


So it was your voice I
heard on the radio before…

What kind of transmitters do you have?

Pharmaceutical industries don't use radios.

Especially ones that are so powerful they
can black out all radio frequencies.

It's a military radio.

Safrom also did research for the army.


Very good!

Who knows what other filthy things you were

Maybe you unleashed something irreparable.

At the lab, we only managed Class 1

There was no lethal risk.

How do you know that?!

This whole situation is lethal!

There it is.


Over there.

Hide the car back there.

No, this way.

A trapdoor leads to
the underground cellars.

Can we make less noise, please?


Wait, Pastrovich.

I have to find the box. I told you.

I must have lost it while I was getting
out of the trapdoor.

Let's try and hurry up.
We don't have time.

If you help us, we'll be quicker.

Why is this safebox so important?

It contains something
that can save our lives.

I think they know we're here.

No, they can't be here already…

Here's the trapdoor.

There it is!


Let's get in car and leave.




How are you?

Well. Quite well.

We're in a huge mess.

Keep the ceremonies for later.

Let's go.

I'm coming with you.


The car's over here. Let's go.

We can't pass.

What shall we do now?

Let's get to Safrom through the tunnel,
and look for another emergency exit.


While I was escaping,
there was an explosion.

The tunnel collapsed.

We need an idea…

Let's go back that way.

So they will follow us…

We'll walk around and
get back to the car.

- Come on.
- Wait!

I'll go.


Let her go!


How are you?


Let's go.

We already finished. Thanks.

How are you?

Alright, I think.

They're coming.

Let's go!


It's not them! Don't shoot!

Take them away. Quickly.

- Commander...
- Silence!

You can't shoot the patients!

Of course we can. We've got rifles.

Commander, listen to me!

Stand by!

Commander, I'm Sara Fabris!

And I tell you not to shoot the patients.

Miss, your father caused a big problem.

I have to carry out my orders.

- Yes, but...
- Silence!

Keep an eye on her.

Stand by!

You fooled me since the beginning.

Who's your father?

She's Professor Fabris' daughter.

He was in charge of the project.

And she's the project.

- What do you mean, 'she's the project'?
- Commander!

If you shoot them, we don't know
what will happen.


I'm sorry.

But I couldn't tell you.

What do you mean, 'she's the project'?!

The Professor started this project
to heal his daughter.

She suffers from a
form of split personality.


I had never met her before.

She was the first subject who received
an injection with the Phase 2 drug.

She can become very dangerous
if she doesn't take it.

My father had a tumor.

He was afraid to die, without
having been able to help me.

That's why he tried out Phase 3.

But by now…

By now what?

I have to take the drug every 2 weeks.

Otherwise I start changing.

I do horrible things.

But the drug has been destroyed now.

No. The briefcase contains the
documents to reproduce it…

…and 2 phials of the Phase 2drug… and a
sample of the Phase 3 drug in the safebox.

Here they come!



Yes, sir?

Go check.


The area has been cleared.


We also found some civilians.


And the Professor's daughter.

Yes, she's still alive.

Commander, listen to me.

Those patients were
given an experimental drug.

- Don't worry. It's our problem now...
- No! You don't understand!

No, you don't understand.

This matter is closed.

Those bodies must be put in isolation,
so they can be studied, or burned!

Commander, I would listen to her…

Yes, General.

Say what you have to say.

The drug we were testing was
for controlling madness.

But it's effect was limited in time.

To make the effect last,
we used a vehicle: Cordyceps.

It's a fungus, which infects ants…

It takes hold of their nervous system
and controls them.

We tried to reproduce the same principle:

We bound the drug to the fungus' DNA.

So it carries it around with it,
and settles down on the cerebral cortex.

The problem is that this fungus can't
pass the blood-brain barrier.

That is,
it can't pass from the blood to the brain.

It must be injected directly in the cerebellum,
… kill its host, … and stop its heart.

The fungus can't be stopped.


So even if the host dies,
the fungus carries on living.

And will try to find a
way of spreading out.

Until the brain works, the fungus'
replication is controlled by the hormones.

When the brain dies, the fungus prevails.

We observed this on guinea pigs.

After they died,
they had strange convulsions.

But we don't know what can happen on
a more developed nervous system.

So you have no idea what could
happen to a human being?

Did you hear, sir?

Yes… I understand.

At this point, Safrom never existed.

And neither did this experiment.


Yes, sir?

Make a fire and burn those bodies.


Yes, sir!

Hear that, guys?

You pile up the bodies!

You go and fetch some wood!

I'm sorry, Miss.

Me too.

What does he mean?

The experiment was financed by the Army.

And was covered by military secret.

Our orders are that Safrom was
destroyed by an accidental explosion.

All of the research material got destroyed.

And there are no survivors.

Just a moment.

Just a moment. Let's reason.

What the fuck is going on?!

Destroy them!

Go, go! Quickly! Let's go!

Out of here! Go!

bring the three of them back to me!

Let's go!

What the fuck happened?!

What I feared…

The fungus took control of
their nervous systems.

It managed to make them move…

Let's get back to the car.


They stopped shooting.


So either the soldiers
won or those weirdos did.

And that's not good for us in either case.

Go! Go, go, go!

They resurrected!
What the hell have you done?!

They haven't resurrected.

They're like puppets at
the mercy of the fungus.


It will take them around, satisfying
their primary need: To find food.

And trying to reproduce themselves.

Can it spread?

No… I don't think so.

No… That is, yes.
Like a fungus.

But it doesn't have any
channel to the outside.

It could create spores…
Through tissues, on the skin.

And then spread out from there.

But apart from ants…

…no, it cannot attack another human brain.

We found some spores in the saliva.

So, … if they bite…

It can't be transmitted through blood.

There's no danger.

Besides, some species of the Cordyceps
are used as food supplements.

And it can't be transmitted through them.

Now what?

Now we can't turn to Safron,
since it doesn't exist anymore.

Nor can we go to another lab,
because the soldiers will follow us.

Maybe I know where we can go…


Sara, no!

If your father had to do everything
by himself, it's also his fault…

Yes, but he was right.

And he has a private lab,
where we can study the drug in Phase 3…

So we can find an antidote.

Who are you talking about?

A scientist who worked with my father.

He abandoned the project when
he understood that it could be dangerous.

He's the only one who can help us.

Take the State highway.

And go North.

Shit! No!

What else is wrong?

The blood coagulated…


The fungus in the blood
can't pass to the brain.

But if the blood coagulates, it forms a solid,
porous basis, through which it could embed itself…

And create hyphas' that would pierce through
the tissue and search for the nervous tissue.


Yes, they're like filaments.

At that point, it could take
control of a new subject.

What a fucking day…

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