Safety Catch (1970) - full transcript

Duca Lamberti est un ancien médecin, radié de l'ordre pour avoir pratiqué l'euthanasie; il est appelé par l'ing. Auseri pour essayer de sortir son fils David d'une dépression nerveuse qu'il a attrapée depuis une année, pendant laquelle il n'a fait que boire et courir en voiture. Dans un petit château hors de Milan, Duca découvre que David se sent responsable de la mort de Alberta, qu'il n'a pas voulu aider il y a justement un an. Il a encore avec lui son sac à main fermé. Une fois celui-ci ouvert, Duca découvre une pellicule qui n'a pas encore été développée. Avec l'aide de David et de Livia, une amie à Alberta, il commence à enquêter sur le suicide de Alberta et ses raisons. Mais s'agit-il vraiment d'un suicide?

Come in.

Excuse me.

They're beautiful but very
delicate. Better not touch them.

You can undress over there.

Don't you have a screen?

Sorry. No screen.

Take it all off. All of it!

Remove your hands.

And the shoes. Take them off.

- I didn't know. It's my first time.
- Your first time?

Now that I think about it,
the occasion calls for chains.

Do you want chains?
Now I'm gonna chain you.

No! Don't touch me!
What are you doing? No!

No, not the chains!
I don't want them! Let me go!

No! No! Let me go! Not the chains! I don't
want them. Let me go! Ah! You're hurting me!

No! I beg you let me go! No!

I don't want them. You're
hurting me! You're hurting me! No!

Your face!

I want to see your face!

- Stop it, stop it!
- Look at me!


You'll have to destroy
these last two takes.

Fine sir.

- If you like, I'll give you a mirror.
- No, I don't need one, thanks.

I'll bring your money miss.

Want a ride?

Let's go for a swim.

Come on.

Get in.

Come. I'll take you for
a nice ride at the lake.

- Good morning doctor.
- Good morning doctor.

I'm not a doctor anymore.

- Is this all your luggage?
- Yes.

Auseri has tried everything with his son.
He's yelled at him, he has even hit him.

- And before yelling at him and hitting him,
did he try to talk to him? - Oh, certainly.

And what did he say? Nothing. He only opens his
mouth to drink. He doesn't have any friends anymore.

The only thing he's still
passionate for is speed.

He jumps into his car
and speeds like a maniac.

One of these days he'll have an accident,
and the problem will be resolved.

Duca, I think you may be able to help
him. Do you want to give it a shot?

Does Auseri know that I'm not a doctor anymore
and I'm not allowed to even give an injection?

You still have a degree in medicine.
Anyway, I've explained it all to him.

- And what's his son's name?
- Davide.

I apologise sir, I wasn't
expecting you so soon.

Mister Auseri is not here?

Engineer Auseri doesn't come here since master Davide
stated he would not talk to him anymore, sir.

And he assigned you with
his son's surveillance?

Master Davide is not a prisoner.

He's absent from this
world. Completely absent.

I'm just here to take care of him.

I'll show you to your room.

I presume that the gentleman is
looking for master Davide's room.

- I will show you to it immediately.
- Please.

- Don't bother, I'll introduce myself.
- Exceptionally, dinner will be served at nine o'clock.

Good morning Davide.

I'm Lamberti.

Duca Lamberti.

It's in there.

No ice?

Do you like Conrad?

I'll visit you another
time. Now I'm hungry.

Ah, right. Exceptionally dinner
will be served at nine o'clock.

Well done. This polenta is very good.

Exceptional I'd say.

Leave it here.

- Tonight I'll have the coffee in my room.
- Why don't we go for a whiskey somewhere?

I don't have a car.

- You don't have a car? - Master Davide means
that the keyes to his car are not available to him anymore.

Give them to me.

You assume full responsibility.



So you're courageous.

Don't talk. Concentrate on driving.

- Shall we invite them?
- I don't know how to dance.

Here's your chance to learn.

- And now what will you do?
- The seducer.

- So what do you think? Did you see how
good a dancer he was? - Yes he's very good.

May I?

Good evening.

- But why not?
- Thank you, but we can't. It's late.

- But it's very near. It's only a ten minute
ride with the car. - Really? - Really.

- Ask Marialina.
- You always want me to decide for everything.

We'll have the villa to ourselves.

Really? I'm in. Let's go Mara.

Come on, shall we?

Tell me something. Your little
brother doesn't ever speak?

No. He becomes shy in the
presence of emancipated girls.

You're amusing.

Will you mind if I
drink from your glass?

I won't drink anymore.

Ah! He's not that shy after all.

Yes, you see...

Let's leave them alone.
I'll show you the castle.

I'd take you back myself, but I have
to take care of Davide. He's very tired.

Oh, tired, tired. He's
just had too much to drink.

- Think so?
- Yes.

Oh, I forgot my glasses.
I'll be right back.

Listen, it's an
embarassing question, but...

Sure, ask me. But why?

What I'm asking you is important.
Was he adequate in bed? - Yes.

But why do you want to know?

I found them. They were on the table.

As I was coming down the stairs I saw
your brother who was going to his bedroom.

- I said goodnight but he looked at me without a
response. - Better hurry. The taxi is waiting. - Ok.


I absolutely must speak to him.

Where can I find him?

It's very important.

Then please tell the engineer
to call me as soon as he returns.

Exactly. Thank you.

I'd like a coffee. Strong.

It's my duty to inform the engineer
of what takes place in this house.

With toasted bread. And some marmelade.

What time does the
bus leave for Milan?

The gentleman wishes to leave?

What time?

At half past noon.

You don't need to. I'll
take you with my car.


- You've had enough
yet? - Of what? - Of me.

You could say that.

It's natural. I'm wrecked.
And an idiot on top of that.

You should stop drinking. Your
remorses originate from your liver.

- Has your father tried to cure your dependency?
- Yes.

- At a clinic?
- Yes, but he wants to keep it a secret.

He's afraid of the scandal.

And how did you end up in prison?

I've killed a woman.


She was dying. She was suffering.
I gave her an injection.

- What was her name?
- What does it matter?

I too, have killed a woman.

Have a match?

Her name was Alberta.

- Well, can I stay with you?
- No.

You'll never see me again.

Alberta! Come here!

You knew her for a long time?

From that morning.

- Look what I found.
- Wait.

Cin cin.
- Cin cin.

And then?

- Why did it end since it was going so well?
- She said she didn't want to live without me.

Take me somewhere for a few days
Davide. It doesn't matter where.


Look how I'm gonna leave him behind.

I can't return to Milan. I really can't.

Enough. What's wrong with you?

I can't tell you, but I beg
you to let me stay with you.

If you don't take me away I'll die.

And then?

She's dead.

She's dead how?

- She commited suicide.
- And what's that gotta do with you?

She commited suicide because of me.

If I hadn't left her
she'd still be alive.

Are you certain?

Yes I'm certain.

Have you told anyone?

No. Just you.

Leave it. Give it back.
You don't have the right.

I never opened it. You think that
everything is permitted to you?

- Leave it, give it to me!
- Take it easy!

Excuse me.

Mister Auseri called. He thanks
you infinitely for your trouble.

And he also told me to take
care of your compensation.

Shall I accompany you
to the bus of 16:40?

Come in.

Can I come?

Doctor Carrua told me
that the switch is damaged.

I'll have it repaired.

Are you uncomfortable?


It was Enzo's room, Carrua's son.

He was obsessed with soccer.

A real friend.

We can stay here for as long as we like.

- Morning.
- Good morning sir.

- I'd like one copy of each, as soon as possible.
- Ok.

- 9x12.
- Professional, eh?

- No, why?
- No, I just thought. They will be ready later today.

- Good.
- Around three o'clock. Eh...

- Your receipt. -
Bye. - Have a nice day.


You bastard!

Come on.

The Radelli family please.

In that yard over there. Thanks.

Let's go.

- The Radelli family.
- They're upstairs, come.

- There.
- Thanks.

Gina go play.

Are you the sister of Alberta Radelli?

Yes. What do you want?

- To talk with you about her. - I've already told
everything to the police and to the journalists.

Who are you?

We were friends of Alberta's.

Friends. Come in.

So you will see how she was living.

Are you surprised? Who knows
what you were imagining.

Everybody imagined something
different than this.

You can understand that there are moments
where one wants to escape from all this.

And Alberta had the courage to try it.

- There were other ways to do it. A beautiful girl like her.
- What do you mean?

- I'm just trying to understand.
- There's not much to understand.

Here, a fridge, still unpaid for.

The tv set. But what did you think? You want to know how
much she was earning in that store where she was working?

- Didn't she receive certain presents?
- And with that?

Those were her affairs.

Could I see her room?

- Why?
- To see where she was living.

She didn't have a room of her own.

The day she died we were trying
to find cash to pay the rent.

Here's where she slept.

And there, that was her angle.

- Was this one hers?
- Yes, she loved embroidered stuff.

And this?

A gift from a girlfriend.
Her best friend.

- She was always talking about her.
- What was her friend's name?

- Livia.
- Livia what?

Livia... Ussaro. Yes, Ussaro.

But I don't know her.
I've never met her.

- She never brought her friends here.
- We'd like to meet her.

Alberta wrote all the
telephone numbers on the wall.

It's one of those, let's see.
This one, no. This neither.

Ah, here it is. It's her handwritting.

Are you going to keep trying?

We'll never be able to find her.

And then I can't understand why you insist on proving
that Alberta was a whore, I couldn't care less.

You don't say!

And even if she was a whore, that
doesn't change what me and her had.

- Hello?
- Hello?

- Miss Livia Ussaro?
- Yes.

- I'm trying to reach you for hours.
- Excuse me, I haven't gotten your name.

- You don't know me.
- Who gave you my number?

Alberta Radelli's sister.

Hello? Hello!

Hello? I was Alberta's friend.

I read about her death. I'd like
to meet you if that's possible.

Okay. Tonight then.

- Now?
- Yes, right now.

- Where?
- At bar Romano.

- Bar Romano. - Plinio
street. - Plinio street.

- How are we going to recognise each other?
- Just ask the barman. He knows me.

Livia! What a nice surprise!


Livia Ussaro? Duca Lamberti.

I'm sorry I made you go out so late.

Don't worry. Are you a policeman?

No. I'm a doctor.

I'm tending someone who
is sick because of Alberta.

There are certain subjects
I detest talking about.

And Alberta is the one I detest most.

And when something displeases
me I just don't deal with it.

- It's a form of cowardice.
- What will you have?

- Good evening Alfredo.
- Good evening miss.

A straight whiskey please.

So, on the telephone you told
me you were Alberta's friend.

I lied. I've never met Alberta.

Then why?

I'm trying to save a boy who thinks
he's responsible for Alberta's death.

- And you must help me.
- But we weren't really close friends.

The night I first met her
I was out with some friends.

I invited her at our table.

Then, for the rest of the evening we...

...were making fun of her.

- She wasn't resentful?
- No, no. I think that she even enjoyed herself.

I saw her again the next day.

- No remorses?
- No, honestly no.

I save them for other things. And this form of
diletantish prostitution always fascinated me.

- Why?
- It's my job.

Your job?

I'm a sociologist. An assistant
sociologist at the university.

So Alberta was like
a guinea pig for you.

Alberta was a very intelligent girl.

I was fond of her.

And maybe a bit jealous.


Did you know Alberta's friends?

No. She rarely talked about her life.

She must have been very lonely.

And probably that's
why I became her friend.

And these?

Did she ever talk to you about those?

I never thought that she would do it.

That means that she did
talk to you about those.

She had told me about a
big guy with blonde hair.

She said he was very kind.

She had accepted his invitation to take her for
a ride in his car and he didn't even touch her.

He just wanted her to pose
for some artistic photos.


And what's that guy's name?

I don't know.

But he must have been rich.

He offered her 50,000 lire
for half an hour's work.

- At his house?
- No, at a photographic studio.

Didn't Alberta give you the address?

Yes, I think it was downtown...

...but I'm not certain.
It's been more than a year.

Try to remember Livia,
it's very important.


I think it was close to the cathedral.

Piazza... piazza dei mercanti.

You want to see the appartment?

You should come in the afternoon.
Didn't they tell you that at the agency?

They forgot. Now I'm here and I wouldn't
want to have disturbed you for nothing.

Don't judge it by the way it looks now.

- How long has it been vacant?
- For about a year.

- Are you sure? - Yes, since the beginning of June last
year. Just before my daughter's marriage.

- It was a studio of industrial photographs, right?
- That's what the sign on the door says.

I don't pry into other people's affairs, but
the girls that used to come here, I saw them.

- Were there many? - Not really. They were
always different girls, but they all looked alike.

- They looked alike.
- Yes they were all brunettes.

Their hair down to here
and their skirts up to here.

You get the picture?

Yeah, I got it.

Before your arrival I
was tranquil, I was alone.

You weren't alone.

You were living with
a woman, a dead one!

And with this you think I can erase her?

- Look Davide. I was released from prison, but
you're still in it. - I'm going to my house!

Sure, to get drunk again!

To read once more the
articles on Alberta's death.

If you were illiterate you'd
never have fallen in love with her.

Before Alberta died, she was just
a girl for half an hour's fun.

And then you read about
her death in the newspaper.

And you start banging your head
against the wall. You accuse yourself,

you think you love her, and try
to drown your guilt in whiskey.

- I can't fight it.
- Then jump.

We all have our centre of balance. If we move
too far from it we can't go back again anymore.

Go on, jump.


Or put an end to this, once and for all.

And find your balance again.

If I had jumped, would
you have felt remorse?


Somewhere in this
city there's a bastard.

A big guy with blonde hair,

who is responsible
for Alberta's suicide.

If he didn't kill her himself.

We must find that
man. Understood Davide?

You must find him!

I know what Alberta died of.

She died of shame.

She stole the negatives of the
photos because she was ashamed.

But in two of those
photos appears that maniac.

I don't think that she commited
suicide because of that.

No. But maybe because of
that, that man killed her.

- Why don't you go to the police?
- The case is closed for the police. It has been filed as a suicide.

And when I say he killed
her I don't have any proof.

And if we set him a trap?

We need some kind of bait. A girl
like Alberta. Tall, brunette...

Dressed like her, made up like her,
who'll be wandering round Milan until...

...until she catches his eye.

But you're gonna have to find
a girl who'll accept being bait.

You know someone like that?


I might know one.

Not bad for my first time.
he gave me his address.

A minute longer and he'd
have asked me to marry him.

As long as they're asking you to marry them you're wasting
your time, but at least you're not running any risks.

- What do you mean?
- I think we'd better agree on a signal in case of an emergency.

- If you get in a car...
- Yes?

...and you feel that
something's wrong...

...leave your arm hanging
out the window. Like that.

Got it.

Are you alone miss?

- I'm waiting for someone.
- That could be me, no?

- Who knows?
- In that case, may I?

- Don't you have a car?
- I have a nice spacious one.

It's waiting over there.
First street on the right.

I think we're on to something. Go.

- Enough, I'm leaving.
- You're not leaving now. Look.

Get lost.

But Davide!

- Why did you do that?
- The lady is with me.

- Are you ok?
- Yes, I'm fine.

- Everything ok?
- Yes, but let's hope next time we'll be luckier.

The signal! Go!

Hey! What's got into you?

But, the signal. You hanged your arm.

Damn! I forgot all about it. Now
we'll have to explain it to him.

Yes, I'll explain it to
him. In Swedish naturally!

Come sir. Come and test
your strength. 50 lire a hit.

- Here. - 50 lire.
- Out of my way.



Please let me in!

Signora I'm begging you, open the door!

Forgive me if I frightened you... dropped your prize
from the target shooting game.

The blue fly of the swamps.

A pearl. It's poison contains
1000 bacilli per cubic millimeter.

Want a look?

I understand that you too think
it'd be better to abandon our search.

Look Duca, try to reason here.

In a city like ours your chances of finding
that man are very slim, if he even exists.

And aren't you afraid that the girl might run into
more serious trouble, after all your misadventures?

The thought has occured to me. Anyway, you're right. I
never really believed that we'd be able to find that man.

So why do you continue?

For Davide. For Livia. For myself.

We all need something
to keep us occupied.

The blonde man is
perhaps... our white whale.

Already back?

We decided not to go out tonight. So
I stayed to keep Davide company, and...

...and wait for you.

Did he need it?

I'd say that he did.

You too?

Me too.

It doesn't matter. We'll
have better luck tomorrow.

No. I gave it a lot of thought.

Davide is right.

Let's forget about it.

Do you feel like going on
a dinner date, me and you?

What are you saying?

You are completely drunk.

- Not completely.
- Where is Davide?

In his room. He should
be sleeping by now.

Out of here. Go.

How are you?


You've reduced him to a fine state.

You've ruined everything. Weeks of struggling
and enduring, and in just one evening...

I hope you took notes.

The alcoholic delirium is fascinating.

He needs an injection of camphor.

Now try to make yourself useful.

Find a pharmacy. Camphor. I'll write
it down. Otherwise you'll forget it.

And be quick.

I'm sorry.

- Good evening miss.
- Good evening. I need camphor.

- In a solution? - No, it's for an injection.
- One moment please. - It's very urgent.

Here's your change.

- Thank you.
- Good night.

It's 200 lire miss.

- Can you tell me where I could find a taxi at this time of night?
- Go to the other side of the main square.

Thank you.

Excuse me miss.

I'm afraid that at this time
you'll have to wait for long.

- Do you live far from here?
- No, no.

- My car is over there.
- Thank you, I'm in a hurry.

Right, the camphor.

It's for the heart, right?

I was in the pharmacy when you bought
it. That's why I approached you.

You're providential.
I'm really exhausted.

What are you doing?

That which I can.


I'm sure you personally know
some artists, some painters.

Or sculptors.


And haven't they ever
asked you to pose for them?

On the nude?


Would you have accepted?

Yes, I believe so.

Would you accept if I asked you to?

Are you a painter?


- A sculptor?
- No.

A photographer.


Do you pay well?

I could give you 50,000 lire.


Then you accept?


- How are you feeling?
- Fine.

You're lucky I found camphor in Carrua's cupboard.
Otherwise he'd be dead by now. Some assistant you are!

- Stop grumbling. I'm fine now.
- You can thank God for that.

- I believe I found our blonde man.
- Just like that, in the pharmacy?

Just like that in the pharmacy.

He's a big guy, has long
blonde hair and a Mercedes 250.

He wears photogrey glasses and
he asked me to pose for him.

Tomorrow afternoon at four,
in his studio outside the city.

I see you're not impressed.

Did he give you the address?

Sure. Studio 601, residence Omega.
Folli street. Just outside Metanopoli.

Tomorrow at four?

- You're not going.
- Are you kidding me?

- Why?
- Because I don't want you to go.

- I'm going!
- You'll do as I say!

What's gotten into you?

What gives you the right to
decide on my and Davide's behalf?

You do what you want. But me and
Davide we're going to residence Omega.


Do you have a map of Milan?


- Would you like some sugar?
- No.

- Would you like some coffee?
- I'll have some.

- Where is it?
- Here. And I'll be here.

If something goes wrong I'll break a
window. We've thought of every detail.

That's good.

Why don't you go to take a look
at the area tomorrow morning?

Yes. That's a good idea.

Good. First of all I'll
rent a normal looking car.

Yours draws too much attention to it.

- Livia?
- Yes Duca?

You'll take a cab.

Good morning. I see you're punctual.

Come on up, please.

You said appartment 601.

A trivial mistake.


Very nice.

It would be a shame if someone found it.

Thank you.

You can undress behind that screen.

If you like.

I imagine you didn't tell
anyone you were coming here.

That's right.

Are you engaged?


But you do have a family.

Your father, what's his line of work?

- He's dead.
- Liar!

Why are you lying to me?

Because I'm ashamed.

Come on, let's get this
over with so I can go.

Take off your shoes.

Go there.

Take it all off.

- I want the money first.
- Later.

No. First.

You're a rebel. I like that.

Go near the stairs.

Now turn around.

On your knees.

Lift your arms.

Are you frightened?


Say it!

I'm frightened.


- I'm frightened.
- No!

Fear is not a posture. It's a snapshot!

It has to be genuine.

What are you doing here?

Why aren't you where you should be?

That's the car that followed us a year ago
when we were on the highway with Alberta.

I'm certain it's him.


- Lift your head up!
- No.

- I want to see your face.
- No I won't do it. I'll get dressed.

Not yet. I said lift your head up.

- I want to see your face.
- No!


- So you told someboby.
- No!

Don't scream.

Well, what happened?

He had an accident, that's all.

Want a lift?

You can loosen your tie.

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