Safety (2020) - full transcript

The story of Ray-Ray McElrathbey, a freshman football player for Clemson University, who secretly raised his younger brother on campus after his home life became too unsteady.

This is WSBF, and it's
a beautiful day in South Carolina.

Fall is here.

So, it's time to warm up the pecan pie
and pour a nice glass of sweet tea,

because the wait is over, folks.

Clemson Football is back.

I know the seniors
are anxious for redemption.

And the new group of talented freshmen
are entering campus today,

hoping to define their legacy.

If you don't have your season tickets,
get 'em fast

'cause they're selling like hot cakes.

There's rumors of a special
half-time performance

during this year's Bowden Bowl
that you don't wanna miss.

Both coaches, father versus son.
It'll be the rivalry of the year.

My fault. My fault, my fault.

- Bad time?
- No, sorry.

-I'm Daniel.

-Are you...

You on the team?

-Ouch. Okay. Okay.
-Hey, hey, no disrespect.

No, no, no. It's cool. What position?


Yeah? Yeah, you look like a safety.

I was a Long Island linebacker,
two years runnin'.

For real?

No. Look at me.
I'm the third-string kicker.

But don't get it twisted.
I could lay a lick on someone if I gotta.

Yes, sir.

What you got over there?

Care package from a special lady?

Nah. It's a joke from my little brother.

That's cute.

Yeah, I have five older brothers,
you know?

Felt like a punching bag all my life.

Are you hungry?

We got lasagna, braciole, homemade bread.

Mama's special.

There you go.

No, thank you. I can't take your food.

No, no, no. Where I'm from,
not takin' the food is the insult.

Besides, we're roommates now, Ray.
What's mine is yours.

Mangia, come on.

What does sacrifice mean to you?

To me, means puttin' it all on the line.

It means being selfless...

Let's go.


Let's go! Let's go!

You can't be satisfied.

There ain't no room for comfortable.

You must sacrifice.

- Pick 'em up!
- Get down!

- Go.
- Turn it up.

- Move!
- Let's go!

We Tigers over here, baby.
That's what Tigers do!

Let's go!

The hell's goin' on, Ray?
You tired?

Want us to stop practice for you?
We'll wait.

It's through sacrifice...

Turn it up!

- ...we find honor and tradition.
- Let's go!

Now our tradition here,
it's unlike any other.

Now I know you all
saw the hill on your official visits.

If you're fortunate enough to make it
through training camp, some won't,

you'll get to experience
that honor of runnin' down that hill.

And I'll tell ya,

I guarantee that is
the most exciting 25 seconds of your life.

The Howard's Rock is sacred.

It's sacred to this team,
it's sacred to this community.

We touch it
every single game for a reason.

It's up to you to figure out why.

But I will tell ya this.

If you are not gonna give me 110%,

you keep your filthy hands off it.


For those who don't know me,
I'm Coach Simmons,

but I did get to know most of you
during recruitment.

And if you remember my first day,
what'd I tell ya?

Bein' a student athlete's gonna be hard.

Now, you upperclassmen,
you already know what I'm talkin' about.

Freshmen, you're about to find out.

So tomorrow mornin', 5:30 a.m.,
you got first practice.

Don't be late. Hey, Keller, where are ya?

Here, Coach.

Got any advice for these young pups?

Good luck.


Five more minutes.

Daniel! Wake up!

Daniel, wake up! It's 5:26.


Let's go! Push it! Come on now!

Let's go!

Let's go, Keller! Good knees, good knees!

Head up! Find that ball! Let's go!

Move! Let's move!

Push yourself! Let's go!
Don't you touch my back. Let's go!

- Hands up, eyes up...
- I like that one!

Cramp, cramp, cramp.

- Hey, you all right, man?
- Hold on.

- Hey, what's up?
- Cramp, cramp, cramp...

Thanks, man.

Don't cheat my drill, son.
Don't cheat my drill.

If we're in base temp of two,

and they come out trips
to the wide side of the field,

we know what we have to do.

We need to go cover six, right?

This our bread and butter here.

This is the base nickel cover two.
And the third-and-long?

All you corners,
I want you hard on the flat.

And the safeties, nothin' over the top.

Don't you dare let anything get over you.

And the nickel,
it's real important here, all right?

Ray? Listen to me.

Anything comes across your face,
you let 'em have it. You got that?

Come on, man,
we got some of that...

- Run 'em, Riley!
- Hold that stretch!

Back it up!

-Yo, Coach.

You think I could leave practice early
to pick up my textbooks?

Don't wanna miss the deadline to get 'em.

Sounds like a personal problem to me, son.

You can pick up
your textbooks after practice.

By the time we finish, there's only a few
minutes left to get back to campus.

I see. You're sayin' it's my fault
and I scheduled it wrong?

No. That's not what I meant.

-That's not what you meant? Hey, Morrow.
-Yes, sir. 'Sup, Coach?

- You senior?
- Yes, sir.

Ever have any problems
gettin' your textbooks on time?

- No, sir. Come on, now.
- I thought so.

It's called time management,
and the faster you learn that,

the faster you're gonna build our trust
to put you on the field.

Now, I told you it wasn't
gonna be easy when I recruited you.

And what I tell you right now,
great players only need to hear once.

Scholarships are yearly.

So, if you don't perform
on the field and in the classroom,

they're gonna take it away. You hear me?

Yes, sir.

Wait, wait, wait...

Sorry, we're closed.
We open again at 8:00 a.m.

Just have to pick up the textbooks
I ordered. It won't take long.

Sorry, we're closed.

You don't understand. I gotta
have 'em today or I get in trouble.

And I have to close on time
or I'll get in trouble.

Hey, I got it, Chris.

I can grab the books. You can go.

You sure?

Yeah, no, I still gotta put some
things up, anyway, so I can lock up.

Thank you.

Ray McElrathbey.

Psychology 101.

You sure you don't wanna take
Nutrition for Athletes

like every other player?

Good thing I'm not "every other player."

Besides, I can't depend on football
to hold me down for life.

Need to plan after.

Okay. A real, student athlete?

Thanks for helpin' me with the books...

-Nice to meet you.

Man! You're batting 2-0-5 against
a pitcher that can't throw a fastball.

Just be patient. It's not that hard, dude!

Take it you like sports?

Sports reporter.

I've been on the Tigers' staff
since last year. I just do this part-time.

Sorry for my diatribe.

-I'm trying to get better...
-I love you.


- I love it.
- Okay.

Yeah, you likin' sports.
I love that you like sports.

Right. Yeah.

I play sports, so I thought...

-Right. Yeah.
-Yeah. Okay.

- ... Walk me out?
- Yeah.

You know, I actually been followin' sports
my whole life.

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm so sorry. One second. Gotta take it.

Fay, what do you want?

For starters, little bit more excitement
to hear from me.

-I'm busy.
-Talkin'-to-a-girl busy?

-Yep. It's a girl.

What do you want?

Man, I need you to sign
this discipline paper for class.

What did you do this time?

Man, the system's against me.

-So am I! Go to bed, Fay!
-Come on, bro!

Go to bed! Go, go.

Yeah, so...



- Come on!
- Yeah! Simmons!

You're the man!

Our favorite time of day, right?

All right, y'all know
what time it is right here.

- Let's do it!
- Check it out.

-You get it now.
-As my upperclassmen know,

-the game is won or lost in the trenches.
-Yes. Yes.

Yes, sir.

Now, I don't care
who you're goin' up against,

I just wanna hear some pads flappin'.

I like the sound of that, you know?

Hey, what's up, Solo?

Come on up, you're up, son.
Let's go.

You got this, big guy.

Let's go, big Solo.

-Who you got, Simmons?
-Hey, Solomon,

where's your roommate?

- Tobin!
- Run it, baby!

- Set!
- Time to eat, baby!

- Heel!
- No doubt!

You got it, big dawg!

Check this out. Keep your head up,
unless you want your neck broke out there.

Break it up. Break it up.

No way I'm goin' out there.
I thought this was light contact.

I think this is light contact.

I need somebody
to take it to the next level.

I just need somebody to...

- Somebody step...
- Coach.

-Say no more! I'm right here.
-Okay. All right.

Who's my victim? I just want you to know,
blood is on your hands, Coach.

Who's it...

Hey, Simmons got you covered. Simmons?

- Hey, Ray Ray.
- Who?

-Who's Ray Ray?
-Get some.

- That's Ray Ray? A freshman?
- Let's go, Ray!

You hold this? Do I need to wear this?

All right, um,
this is the last one right here.

Show him
how we play up here. This big time.

Show him what you got.

All right. Show 'em what it is.

All right. Let's go, let's go.

Yeah! Let's go!

You're lucky I slipped, boy. Hey!

Better pray they don't
line you up against me again.

I hope you're happy right now,
but I got hawk eyes on you all season.

You hear me?

- Chill, baby.
- Don't touch me, dawg!

- Hey! What up, what's up, Ray Ray?
- What up, what up?

Yo, yo, yo.
Looks like Keller got the invite.

I said get me a drink, rookie.

- Let me get...
- Keller, let it go.

- It's cool.
- Come on, man, I'm dancing.

- Go check yourself...
- Are you serious?

This is where the freshman
gets the senior a drink.

What you doin', man?

Hey. One drink for the captain?

I asked for him to get me a drink.

Now, when it's your turn, I will tell you.

Big dawg, I got you.

You need to learn
how things are done around here.

-Don't touch me again, hear me?
-I don't want any problems, bruh.

-Come on.
-No, Kaycee, it's cool.

You know what?
I'll see you later, funny guy.

Addiction is a family disease, right?

One person may use,
but the entire family suffers.

Can anybody explain
the causes of addiction?

Stone, how about you?


It has something to do
with physical or mental trauma.

Okay, I mean, it's part of it.

Can anybody tell me
what Miss Stone is leaving out?

The Newman study.

Yeah, that's correct.

What about him?

In the '70s, Dr. Newman studied
the brains of dead addicts.

The orbitofrontal cortex,
which deals with impulse control,

was underdeveloped.

So, they concluded
that someone might be an addict

'cause that's how they were made.

It's impressive.

Dr. Newman's research
was not included in the reading.

It was in the footnotes.

Right on.

Much learning
does not teach understanding.

All right, everybody, have a good weekend,
I'll see you next week.


Why didn't you tell me
you was in the same class?

I didn't know I was supposed to.

FYI, I wasn't tryin' to
show you up in class.

Just tryin' to help.

Well, you know, helping would have been
raising your hand before he called on me.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, bro.
Little freshman down there

-makin' a move on...
-Hey, chill out.


Take it you two haven't kissed
and made up yet.

That's the nicest look he's given me
since we first met.

Hey, sorry about that party.

I was the one that told Keller
to go get me a drink,

and then, next thing I know,
he's harassing some freshman.

Yeah. I should've stayed out of it.

Now I'm at the top
of his hit list in practice.

Well, I'm not a coach.
But I'd say talk to him.

You can't win if you ain't right within.

Girlfriend, let me break it down
for you again

You know I only say it
'cause I'm truly genuine

Hold up, hold up.
What do you know about Lauryn Hill?

-Everything. What you mean?

-Okay, I'm impressed.

You know, there's this neo soul night
at Esso Club this weekend.

I'll be there.

You goin' with your friends
or with your crazy boyfriend?

Well, I guess I'll see you around.


And, Ray?

Keller's not my boyfriend.

We went to high school together.

Feels too dressy.

This dressy?

No, you're good.
Listen, those poetry clubs,

you have to dress like you don't care,
but you really do care.

Just trust me on this.

Is that Kaycee checkin' in?


It's my brother. Again.

Fahmarr, why aren't you asleep?

Man, I need you to sign somethin' for me.

-Sign what?
-Another discipline report.

But, before you trip,

I wasn't the only one that got in trouble.

This is not funny, dawg.
Why you can't get Momma to sign it?

Yo, little homie!

Why don't you get that for me?

Is that Jarren?

I told you! He's not safe.

Fahmarr, why are you there?


I gotta run back home.

Why? What happened?

I just need to go.

I'll be back before practice, Monday.

Bus 1304, 8:20 departure
to Atlanta, Georgia,

now boarding at Bay Three.

- I'll take that.
- Thank you.

Yo! Where my money at?

Make me come up here again...

- Nobody's home...
- 'Sup?

Mind your own business!

- I guarantee you!
- Ain't botherin' nobody!

Hey, it's open.

Get up. Let's go.

I said, let's go.

Where's Momma? She not at the apartment.

Ray Ray, that you?

Dang, my boy. It's been a minute.

For a good reason, too.

Don't be like that. I'm a changed man.

Been readin' self-help books
and meditating.

Fay, let's go.

The least you could say is thank you,

since I been keepin' a eye off on him
since your moms went to Fulton.


You didn't know mom's
a guest of the state again.

Let's go.

Good seein' you, superstar.

I almost thought you forgot about me.

What'd I tell you?
'Bout movin' my stuff!

I been tryin' to tell you, I ain't scared.

Brenda, go!

Close it.

Man, you ain't heard nothin'.

I already said no!

Yo! How dare you
disrespect Frosted Flakes?

How long has she been gone?

Man, about a week or so.
Probably got her on possession.

She gonna be out, like,
tomorrow or the next day.

She always come back
sooner or later, so I ain't even trippin'.

You should've just called me.

Yo, I did.

But you kept ignorin'.

We'll go see her and figure this out.

Where's Dad old toolbox?

Mom sold it.

The TV, too?


Based on the results
of your most recent drug test,

we've made the determination that Juan
is to go to foster care at this time.

- No. It's not his fault.
- Please.

- It's for the best interest of you both.
- No.

- I'm the one... Right now?
- Let's go. Just procedure.

Best thing for him.

-You're doing this right now? Come on.

You're gonna have to calm down.

I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.

-Ray McElrathbey?

Hi, I'm Stephanie Soltero.

I'm your mother's public defender.

I'm sorry,
but your mother is not here anymore.

They said she's bein' held here.

She was. But earlier this morning,

I got her into
a 30-day in-patient program.

She'll get great care.
All covered by the state.

So she's not comin' home?

Not for 30 days.

But when she does, she'll be all better.

This is Mr. Balasky from Social Services.

It's good to meet you both.


Ray. I'm gonna
go over some things with you,

and if you have any questions,
feel free to ask.

Since your mother
was the only registered parent updated,

-we'll be placing Fahmarr in...

-His name is Fahmarr.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

We'll be placing Fahmarr in foster care,

while your mom receives treatment.

Okay? If she completes the program,
he'll be able to go back to her.

So, if everything makes sense,

then we have a car out back.
Whenever you're ready.

Wait. Can't I just have
a family member watch him?

Technically, yes.

As long as they're over 18.
You have someone in mind?

It's cool.

You should be gettin' back
to school anyway. I'll be good.

I heard they got AC and Cinemax,
so I'll survive.

All right. All right, see you later.

I'll take him.

It's just 30 days, right?

I guess I'll take him.

Thirty days can be substantial.

Without adequate support...

I'll take him. I'm sure.

Man, this joint nice!

What are you doin'? No one can see you,
especially the dude at the desk.

Okay. Let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.
One door. One door.


-Yes, let's go.
-It's this way.

-Let's go. Go, go, go.
-Sure looks pretty dope.

Go. Come on, come on.

Look. This is the room, this is the key.

This is Ray.

-Yes. Go.
-Ooh, snap!

There's me.


Get your feet off my bed.

Stay inside until I figure out
a better place to hide you.

What are my options?

I need time to figure it out.
Just stay inside until I do.

What if I gotta go number one?

Then use a water bottle.

But if boosters, alumni,
or God forbid, gamblers come to you,

with money, gifts, cars,

homes for your parents
or anyone else you care for,

say no.

Because if you accept
these improper gifts,

it will be you,
not your parents, that'll get hurt.

You will lose your scholarship.

You will lose an opportunity
to be an NCAA athlete.

You will lose your education.

I know a lot of you
come from tough backgrounds.

And it's hard to say no.

But when it comes to this issue,

the NCAA isn't messing around.

- Ray Ray!
- Get back! Get back!

You the L-Two!

McElrathbey, you got time
for us today! What's goin' on?

- What're you waiting for?
- Get out there. Razor left!

- Ready, Ray?
- Get into it, Ray! Razor left!

Ray, line up! Let's go!

Left! Left side!

Let's go, boys! Let's go, boys!

Come on now! Line 'em up! Let's go!

Let's go!

Come on!

Bring the pad, baby!

Get your helmet on! Let's go!

There we go! Set it up! Set it up!

Let's go, baby! Let's go!

Switch! Switch! Outside!


Razor left,
you got outside contain. Outside!

Coach, we don't have time.
Get him off the field.

Let's get someone who wants to be here
and learn the plays.


My bad, man.

-Don't run up on me like that.
-All right. All right.

I called your phone after you took off,
but you didn't answer.

-Is everything good?
-Yeah, yeah. Why?

Well, you were off in practice today.

Then you ran out of the locker room
like you were a Mob boss.

I just got a lot goin' on
with school and everything.

Don't you have night class?

That's tomorrow, so...

All right. What?
You're gonna open the door or not?

Get 'em, Luke! You're not my dad!

You crazy? I told you to lay low.

I was bored.

Hey, listen. Please don't punish Ray.

He didn't know I was here.
I snuck in while he was practice...

It's not security.

He's my roommate.

And teammate.


-He plays football?
-I'm right here, kid.

- No offense.
- A lot taken.

Look, I can explain all of this.

Hey, it's Jimmy, the RA.



Fellas. Um...

It's no noise during study hours.

I'm sorry. The knob was switched up
when I turned on the TV.

There's actually a remote setting
to prevent that.

Here, let me show...

It's okay. We'll figure it out. Thanks.

You know I got detergent allergies.

You know, I'm almost positive
you can't use that anymore.

It used to be mine.

Until Fay took it.


We played with that every day.


We don't have to do this on our own.

It's just for a few weeks.

I already hate that I brought you into it.


it's not often
I get asked to do many things,

especially harborin' a kid,

so, the pleasure's all mine.

Promise you'll keep it between us?

No doubt.

-Fay, don't make a sound.

Good boy.

All of this to pee?


Hey, Jimmy, how are you doing?

How's it going? All right. Hey.

I don't know what you did to that.
After class...

Did you hear about...

-Look who it is.
-Hey, what's up?

Not much. What about you?

How was your weekend?

I'm sorry. I was plannin' to come

and I got pulled into somethin'
last minute I couldn't get out of.

-Are you okay?
-Yeah. Yeah.

I'm sorry. I'm just runnin' late.
I'll make it up to you. I promise.

-Yeah, I promise. Yeah.


All work must be completed and signed off
each day before you can leave.

No talking.

Hey, Ray.

I noticed you're signed up
for 18 credit hours this semester?

Am I not allowed?

Well, technically, yes, but that's a lot
to carry during your first semester.

Anytime, really.

They're free classes.

Why not take advantage?

I just want you to be aware
of the load you're accepting.

Thanks, Mr. Kurt.

Why do I have to go to school?

I'm only here for a few weeks.

So I don't have to keep
sneaking you around as much.

You need to do more
than just playin' video games all day.

Hey! Wake up.

Repeat after me. "I am a winner."

-I am a winner.
-I am a winner.

-I am a winner.
-I am a winner.

I am a winner.

Let's go.

Yo, stop the bus!

- Thank you.
- Excuse me.

That guy.

Nope. Get up.

-It's just a seat, man.
-No, no, no.

Where's my lunch?

Sorry. I forgot.

You suck at this.

Ray, yeah, I'm Mr. Potts.

-Ray McElrathbey.

-and you must be Fahmarr.

Well, the principal
explained your situation.

I'm sure your brother's gonna have a lot
of fun over the next couple of weeks.

I'll be his teacher for the duration.

So, feel free to reach out at any time.

Sure thing.
Fay, I'll pick you up after practice?


-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-So, what's your name again?
-I'm Mr. Potts.

So, first, we're gonna go to the mall,
and get, like, this super cute necklace,

and these adorable shoes
that have little, tiny stars on them.

And then we're gonna go to Chick-fil-A,

and then we're going
to the Kelly Clarkson concert!

That is so awesome!

I know. I just can't wait.


Did you catch the Falcons game?

It was crazy.

No, I actually missed it
'cause something came up.

I'm sorry. I know that was weird.

Which part?
The laundry room or the no-show?

I deserved that.

I'm truly sorry, and I know you
don't have a reason to believe it,

but that's not me.

Where are you headed?

Interview. Or was.
But my cameraman bailed last minute.

I'll do it.


It can't be that hard.

Press record. Press stop.

Make sure it's not shaky, right?

More or less.


Yeah. As long as I can
finish in time before practice.

All right. You're hired.

Come on.

-This is a lot of stuff.
-Yeah, it is.

I heard you've been Clemson fans
for a long time.

-Probably about 50 years.

You know, there's no place I'd rather be
on a Saturday night in Death Valley

than watching the Tigers play.

Except maybe on a date with you.

You make me blush.

We're good. Okay, that was perfect.
I loved your passion.

And we're glad that you are coming
to our Clemson family, Ray Ray.

-Thank you, ma'am.
-He's got good manners.

Yes, he does.

Your mother has taught you correctly.
Will she be coming to the games?

Whenever she can.
She travels a lot with work. So...

She does? What does she do?

She's a travel nurse.

Well, that's okay. I hope she gets there,

and we welcome you to the Clemson family
and playing in Death Valley.

Go, Clemson.

So? How did I do?

Surprisingly well.

You might be better off
behind the camera than on the field.


That's how you feel?

Don't think I haven't read
the practice reports.

Big difference from high school?

Yeah, it's hard
when you have ball, class, and...

And what?

Life, I guess.

Next stop,
Tiger Athletic Center.

-Ooh, this is me.

There's this open mic event next week.

Could be fun.

I'm in.

Hey, Ray. Little heads up for you, man.

We're gonna start
on two-minute drills this week.

-Okay. Thanks.
-All right.

Yeah. It's time for you to separate
yourself from the rest of the pack.

Show up, Ray!

What are the five cards?

Commitment, accountability,
responsibility, discipline, sacrifice.

I don't care if you're
hand-picked or walk-on.

There's no guaranteed spot on my team.
Am I clear?

- Yes, sir!
- Come on!

- Come on! Move! Move!
- Power it, man.

I like that. Right in the hips.
Bring it back to six. Explode!

Keep your head up!
Nice. Nice. Like it. Like it.

Pull it back.
All right, come on, Ray. Explode!

Don't you cheat me, Ray.

- Explode! Go!
- Let's go.

- Bring it back. 30.
- Hard.

You got a good form.

41, get your eyes on that ball.
I don't see your eyes on that ball.

Fay, get up.

Come on! Get up, boy! Get up!

-Why is my shirt pink?
-Doesn't matter. Put it on.

I ain't wearing no pink shirt.

Look, Fay, I gotta get you on the bus,

then all the way back to campus
for my psych exam.

The last thing I'm worried about
is the color of your shirt.

Get dressed.

All right, crisscross.


Ray, you're gonna
have to miss this exam.

Look, I asked everybody to be here
on time. This is a disruption.

Dr. Matthews, I'm here.
I can't miss this exam.

I'm sorry.

- Let's go!
- Now to me.

Right here! Rover Hawk-Two!

Let me see you, Rover Hawk-Two.

Box it! On the feet, in your head.

Hey, Ray? Boundary, right?

- To left!
- Back up! Come on!

-That's it!
-We go motion, motion...

Hey, check zero! Check zero.

-Get back, 9.
-Get back. Get back.

- Sweep.
- Check zero! Check zero!

Zero, now.

Here we go, hey!

Close your left!

No! No! No! Out!

- That's you, man!
- Ray, come on!

Ray, what are you doing?
Rover-hawk zero, who do you have?

That man's in motion. Who do you have?

Runnin' back, Coach.

Well, why didn't you get him, son?

You just cost us six points.

Get your head in the game, boy!

So this is the freshman
you telling me about?

Ain't nothin' special about him.

We're out here
givin' out scholarships?

Salvation Army takin' in strays
and put 'em on field.

Right, Ray?

You're gonna be a backup
for the backups, son.

On your way downstairs with rollerblades.
That's what you're on your way to.

Take a knee, gentlemen.

Now, we're gonna be posting
the travel squad list after practice.

Make no mistake, gentlemen.

Boston College is coming ready to play.

And if we lose,
we'll be out of contention. You men ready?

Yes, sir!

Raheem, break 'em down.

Now, bring it up. Bring it up...

Make sure
y'all get your study hall hours in.

- Once test has begun.
- Once test has begun.

-Never leave until it's done.
-Never leave until it's done.

-Be not labeled great or small.
-Be not labeled great or small.

-Do it well.
-Do it well.

-Or not at all.
-Or not at all.

-Power work, on three. One, two, three.
-Power work!

- Let's go.
- Do it.

At ease.

Yep. My coach hates me.

So, number five is A.

Number six is C.


We have a problem with Fay.

What kind of problem?

He refuses to change into
the school's gym uniform.

He sits out every day.

Look, he's only got a few days left.

No, I understand.
But it encourages insubordination.

Now, no students wanna wear the uniform.

So, that makes him a leader.

If I can interject.

Ray, the more serious issue here
is Fahmarr's education.

He's years behind where he should be
in reading, math.

My advice? When Fahmarr goes back home,
he should drop a grade.

But he's a smart kid.

He's too smart to be doing this poorly.

When your mom gets out of the hospital,

she should explore counseling for him.

What you in for?


Said the big one.


Tax fraud.

Let's go.

-Nice talkin' to you.

Did you know white kids
cut the edges off they toast

and don't get in trouble for it?

Why is everything so difficult with you?

The teacher says wear the gym clothes,
then just wear 'em.

I leave my clothes in my locker.

Someone's gonna take my lunch money.

They don't have locks.

That's 'cause they don't need 'em.

Look around. No one's gonna go through
your pockets and steal your food money.

That's what Mom did.

What are you talkin' about?

While you were livin' with your coaches,

I put money under my pillow
and I'd hide it in my shoes.

She still find it. Always.

I didn't know that.

And you wouldn't.

'Cause you left me!

You still don't understand.


Here. Smallest size they had.

Clemson gloves!

Ooh, snap!

For real?

Sorry for raisin' my voice.

Don't start with the mushy stuff, Ray.

You had me at Nike.

But speakin' of mushy,
ain't you got that open mic thing tonight?

Not goin' anymore.

Are you not goin' because of me?

Somebody has to keep an eye on you.


- He's already done enough.
- Yep.

Standin' your girlfriend up
is real smooth.

Or you could just be lookin'
for an excuse not to go

because you're...

Scared of commitment?


So you want me to babysit him?

I'll be babysittin' you, Mini-Me.

Look, I just need you around
while I'm gone for a few hours.

Of course I will.

-As long as the rest of the crew knows.

There's no way the rest
of the team can find out.

And then Coach? Are you crazy?

They can keep secrets.

But the point is, we need help.

No offense, but it's become exhausting.

It doesn't have to be
if we lighten some of your load.

We about to get hazed?

This is Ray's brother, Fahmarr.

-What's up?
-What's good?

-What's up?
-What's up, little man?

So, when y'all gonna tell me about
this secret you all was talkin' about?

Ain't there supposed to be a secret?

-This is my secret.
-That you got a little brother?

Hey, man, I got a little brother, too.

Not as tall as you
but he's got a green shirt.

No. That he's secretly
livin' on campus with me.

- Makes sense now.
- I get it.

Ray's been freakin' out, but I told him
we have each other's backs.

No doubt, bro. We got you.
As long as you family, so is the kid.

You okay?

You look nervous.

What would I be nervous about?

I don't know. That you secretly hated it

so you're debating
if you're gonna tell me or not.

No. Nothin', no, no...

I loved it.

That was a good call. Thank you.


When I ran into you,
at the laundromat on campus,

you dropped some kids' underwear.

I didn't ask at first,
but also, I don't wanna be naive to think

that you couldn't have a kid
because you could.

Do you?

No. No kids.

That could be left over from a duffle bag
I brought back from home.

My family switches 'em out all the time.

You would know if you've been to my house.


That's settled.

'Sup, Ray?



Ray! It's me. Come on.

Are you crazy? What are you doin' here?

You forgot this.

I was hoping to see you practice
before I went back.

You can't, Fay. It's too risky.

Just... Hold on tight.

Come on now, boys!
Time to get this working! Time to eat!

Come on, come on.

What's goin' on?

- Can I touch this?
- No!

Okay, come on. Come on.


I have never...

-No way!
-This stuff looks cool.

Come on.

Yo, my bad.

- Point in the right direction.
- Here.

Y'all got a lot of laundry.

Get in one of these bins
until I figure out...


No, no, no. Don't, don't...

What if I gotta use the restroom?

I don't know.
You asked that too many times today.


What are you doin', little man?

Please don't tell anyone I'm here.

Man, Ray, you know
they got me playin' the wrong position.

The sexy aim position.

Yeah, Tobin the Quarterback. Pow!

-Met your little brother.
-What? What'd you do now?

If Coach finds out you're hidin'
a kid on campus, you'd be done.

And that hurts the team.

-Where is he?
-Where you left him.

Look, man, just please don't tell Coach.

I'm not.

You are.

Ray, Ray, Ray.

It wasn't planned, Coach.

I was caught off-guard just like you,
but I had no choice.

Why wouldn't you tell us?

I wanted to, but I didn't...

You knew it was wrong, so you didn't.

I didn't think
it would get so complicated.

You didn't think managing school,
football, and hidin' a kid on campus

would get complicated?

Who else knew about this?

No one did.

This is me, alone.

He leaves tomorrow.

You put yourself
and your team in jeopardy.

-Coach, I had no choice.
-You had a choice,

but you decided it'd be better
to hide from us than tell the truth.

Pack his things.

-Ray, I'm sorry, I just was...
-Fay, not now.

-Pack your things.
-It wasn't my fault, man.

It never is.

Just like showin' up to practice
when I told you to stay home.

You're stubborn.

-Ray, take it easy on him, man.

-Come on, let's go.
-You ain't gotta be so hard on him.

Bro, can I handle
my little brother, please?

You need to chill out.

-Is that everything?

-What are you doin'?
-Give me the bag.

- Come on, man!
- Bright and early tomorrow.

You need to sit down some more.

- Okay.
- Don't be nervous.

- Well, I am.
- It's Momma.

It's Momma. Look, look.

She's lookin' good.


My goodness!
How'd you get so big in just a month?

- Missed you.
- Missed you, too.

Thank you, Raymond.

Knowing Fay was with you,

it helped me
concentrate on getting better.

You look good, Momma.

I feel good, baby.

Star of the program.

We know she'll continue to flourish there.


She's been accepted
into our full-time treatment.

Free of charge.

It'll be a few more months,

but it significantly reduces
the chances of a relapse.

I've been clean for weeks.

I wanna stay that way,
so I could be the mother that you deserve.

You're not comin' home?

I am. I just...

I need a little time.

You said 30 days, Ma.

I can't keep Fay anymore,

or I'll lose my spot on the team,
my scholarship at school.

You said 30 days, Ma.

It's just a little while longer.
I understand.

I just... I need to stop.

You've done more
than anyone could ask, Ray.

We can step in and help with arrangements
for Fahmarr, if necessary.



You think you could
hold out a while longer,

so when Momma comes home,
it'll be for good this time?


I won't, Ma.


Ray, you're doing
the right thing, okay?

Like we talked about.

This is the best place for him right now.

He's gonna be taken care of.
Classes, kids his own age.

It's best for you, best for him.

-Thank you.
-All right.

They're gonna set you up
in a Child Center.

This has classes
and everything you'll need.

You don't have to hide around anymore.

I'm sorry for everything.

How do you expect him to carry the team
with a bruised quad?

He's already shooting 33% from the field.

Move him to a three,
let D-Wade take point.

Hello? Earth to Ray?

Yeah, shoot the shot.

Are you okay?

You seem occupied the last couple of days.

Yeah, I'm good.


I have to be at practice early.
I'll call you later?


-You want me to take this?
-No, it's fine. It's fine.

We're gonna do these until I get tired.

Let's go.

Every sprint you run
is for every day you wasted

lyin' to us about hidin' your brother.

Don't cheat me.

Make that time.

Three, two, one.

Now, don't throw up on my field.

Let's go. That's 19.

You said it was 19 last time.

I did? My fault.

It's 19. Let's go.

Morelli, what are you doin'?

Save the fun.
Come on, get off the line now.

I helped Ray hide the kid, Coach.
He runs, I should be runnin'.

Get your foot behind the line.

Touch that line. I can see that line now.

Better make that time.
I'll add on five more, let's go.

- Three, two...
- Y'all, too?

- That was close on that one.
- Let's go. Put your hands up.

Hey. You guys don't have to do this.

I made the decision.

We had a big lunch.
Few laps won't hurt us.

We're family, right?
We got your back, man.

Now, why don't y'all
get back behind the line.

Let's go, ladies.
Push it, push it. Let's go.

Three, two...

That's 19.

I'm almost tired. Ready?


- Just give me a minute.
- Sorry. We're closed.



I'm busy.

What's up?

I'm sorry.
It's just been a rough couple of days.

Yeah, I've been worried about you.

Is everything okay?


Kaycee, my mom isn't a nurse.

She's a drug addict.

For the past month,

I had to bring my little brother
to live with me on campus

while she's in treatment.

That's the underwear you found

and why I was acting weird towards you.

Why would you keep that from me?

I didn't want you to see me as baggage.

We all have baggage, Ray.

But taking care of your family
isn't something you hide.

And it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Trust me, you don't know my family.

And you clearly don't know me.

I'm sorry.

What else have you lied about?

That's it. I promise. That's it.

-What's his name?

But I call him Fay.

I assume your father isn't around.

No. He left
a few years after Fay was born.

Is Fay with your mom again, now?

No. She's in treatment
a little bit longer.

So, he's in a group home.

-And you're okay with that?
-Kaycee, I have no choice.

Fay being here
almost cost me my spot on the team.

But what happens to Fay
if your mom doesn't get better?

- Morning, Coach.
- Hey, Ray.


Can I talk to you for a second?


Door's always open, Ray.

Now, Ray, we've looked
into all the rules here.

You're in danger
of losing your scholarship

if they find him
living with you on campus.

It's a miracle you got away with it
as long as you did.

The last thing I wanna be
is a distraction to this team,

but I'm the only person Fay has right now.

So if that means leaving the team,
then I'd have to accept that.

Let's go.

-Where are we going?
-We're going to get your brother.

In order for this to work,
we have to move you out of the dorms

and get you an apartment you can't afford.

Coach Bowden,
he's on the fence about this,

worried if you can handle it.

Juggling a lot right now, Ray.

-I can handle it.
-I hope so.

Once we get your brother,
that's a commitment.

He needs stability, now more than ever.

Coach, why are you helping me?

That shirt you're wearing, son.

Temporary custody
is effective immediately.

Thank you.

He's all yours.

I got this.

Cheap apartments
near Keaton off Route 9.

But you're gonna need a job
to pay that rent.

Fay, keep your window up.

And put your foot down.

That job's
gonna cut into your study time.

Keep up your grades up.
I need you eligible.

Pull over, Coach.


Mom's out of the equation, Fay.

I love her and I want her to get better,

but we both know
there's a chance she might not.

So, right now, I'm all you got.

And I'm risking everything
for us to have a real life,

but you will not disrespect me anymore.

That's it.

North, you do what I say
and when I say it.

South, you go back to the system
and wait on Mom.

Your choice.



That's what I thought.

We're good, Coach.

We painted it not long ago,

but it will still need some touchups.
Up top.

- Are you good with heights?
- Yeah.

- No, he's not.
- Yeah?

- You sure? Okay.
- Yeah.

You see that fell?
There might be some wasps in there.

Are you good with insects?

Half off, so no problem.

Gas heater has a leak,
so the hot water goes in and out.

You sure you can fix all this?

For half off of the rent,

I'll fix whatever you want
in this building.

Then we have a deal.

You can start
by cleaning out the basement.

-The basement?
-The basement?

-So we gotta move all this?

Our apartment's
outside the county line,

so you can't use the school bus anymore.

But I don't want you changing schools,

so you're gonna have to walk
until I figure something out.

-Yo, Doc.

I was going through the notes
you posted online,

and I had a few questions
about the theories.

Okay, can I put my wheel down first?

-Sure. Take your time.

Hey. Go show 'em how it's done.


Come on, man. Point the light.

Is that okay?

What is it?

Thought it was a, a spider.


Why are you hiding there for?

I run and ask questions later.

Hey, yo, Ray.

Thanks for coming back for me.

Get back to work.

Bring the light, man.

I will, but the next time you scare me...

I ain't gonna help you.

Not bad, young gun.


Don't touch my bar.

You know I was a walk-on before?


Till spring, my sophomore year, actually.

So, for two and a half years,

I had to carry just about every player's
shoulder pads who came before me.

How many have you carried so far?

Look, Ray. This right here, man.

I bleed this. I made this thing my life.

And I will go to war
for any person on this team,

including you.

But I have to know you'd do the same.

All right.

Let me carry those for you.

Really? My gloves?

Gotta start somewhere.

Sure you strong enough?

Think you learned the first day at pads.

Come on, now.
I slipped on that one, Ray.

- You slipped?
- Everybody knows I slipped on that.

Camera knows I slipped.
That eye in the sky don't lie, now.

Hey, man.
We working those legs all week now.

No, no, no. Come on, dawg.
You better not, Ray.

Listen up, now. We got a party
at the Bowl, I'll meet you there.

We head hunt! Over mug three!
Over mug three!

- Ready? Break!
- Let's go, man!

Let's go! Light it up!

Let's get it, baby!

Motion! Motion!

Slide over! Slide over!

Let's go, Ray!

Bring it back! Go, go!

2 Go, go, go!

That's how you make a play!
Let's go, baby!

I never wanna see you lateral like that.
Remember your fumble against Seton Prep?

-It was raining, Coach.
-It was raining?

That's a lot of excuses.
What are you? Hurricane Ray?

Thank you, though. Let's go.

Wow, you must be Fay.

You must be straight from heaven.


Hello, Miss Kaycee. Welcome.
Right this way, please.

Thank you.


I got that.

Thank you, sir.

-Just call me Fay.
-Okay. Fay.

Yeah. That's...

Yeah. That's good.

Dinner coming up.

This is fancy.

We have to be sound with our checks.

Especially in big "third down" situations.

And when we run our nickel
against their spread,

what are we looking for? Ray?

They like the curl out combo
to free up the backside post.

That's exactly right!

They wanna bait you in.
So, what are you gonna do here?

Disguise, cover five,
check cloud in the boundaries.

Take out the screens
and cover three against the deep route.

I like that.

Nice job.

Yeah, boy!


Man, what's wrong with y'all boys?

L'il freshman.

Here we go!

make sure you get a good jam

on these tight ends
coming off this line of scrimmage.

Touch 'em up. Let 'em know you're there.

Boss 'em. No free releases.

And all you safeties,

I don't want you
taking peeks from the back field.

Now, you guys get eyes on 'em early.

These guys can run and catch.

It's gonna be a run.

I'm sorry, what did you say, son?

Sorry, Coach.
I'll take him to the locker room.

Look, I'm just saying.

23 tugs on his jersey every time he runs.

Look at the tapes.

Run it back.


Run another one.


- There it is.
- Superstitions die hard, right?

Yeah, we could roll a safety in the box.

Yeah, we'll be all over that.

-Nice catch, kid.
-I know.

Look like somebody
gunning for your job, Coach.

We ready

We ready

We ready

For y'all

We ready

We ready

Say what, say what?

We ready

For y'all

We ready

What, what?

We ready

Say what?

We ready

Say what?

For y'all

We ready

We ready

We ready

For y'all

We ready

We ready

We ready

For y'all

This isn't the game
for Clemson to take lightly,

as a loss to FAU

would dash any hopes
for a national championship run.


Let's go!
Let's go! Game time, baby.

Go, Tigers!

Y'all ready?


Let's go, boys! Here we go, baby!

Go, go, go! Yeah!

Get it out, y'all! Get it out.

Let's go, Ray!

Great tackle by Morrow
and Ray Ray McElrathbey.

Brought down on the FAU 11-yard line.

All right, Ray! There you go!

- Good job, Ray Ray!
- For those just tuning in,

we're locked in a battle
with Clemson leading FAU 3-0.

Let's go, man!

Second down
in the Clemson 33-yard line.

FAU hoping to capitalize
on a big drive here,

now in Tiger territory.

A big hit by team captain
and vocal leader, Ron Keller,

for no gain on the play
and the clock's still running.

Where's Ray? Come here, son.

You ready to play?
We got base nickel covering five.

All right? Let's go.

Brings up
a huge third and seven for the Owls,

hoping to get in scoring position.

The ball on the Clemson 33.

All right,
it's time to lock in, boys.

Get off the field! We got Falcon.
Three, red, dog.

Falcon, three, red, dog. Ready?

Close left! Eight-eight, Ray!
He's right here.

Let's go! Come on!

- Move!
- Right here!

Tight, tight, tight!

Check Fahmarr! Check Fahmarr!

Check Fahmarr!

Ay, check Fahmarr! Fahmarr!

Blue eighty!

McElrathbey stops 23
for a six-yard loss, fourth down for FAU.

Whoo! There we go, Ray!
Get 'em off my field!

That's how we do it, Ray!
Come on! Come on!

FAU is gonna have to punt,

giving the ball back
to the dangerous Clemson offense.

That's how you do it!

You understand me?
That's how you come down here.

Where's Keller?

Congratulations. You just did your job!
You keep doing that!

- Let's go, Fay.
- Don't know why I gotta do this.

Aw, you looking handsome, Fay.

You put on deodorant?

I'm 11, Einstein. I don't need deodorant.

'Sides, I don't plan to sweat
'cause I ain't dancing.

You can dance, right?

Does Beyoncé know how to sing?

You can't dance?

Hey, you know what? That's fine, Fay.

I will give you a crash course.


Making her do all the work.

You making her do all the work.

-Yes, you.

-Not him.
-Back up, back up.

-You back up.

And now just like that.

You out your mind?

Look, if you have the most awkward dance
of your life now,

school dance will be a walk in the park.

So, Ray will play Shannon.

Now, Fay, put your hand on her back.

Slow your roll.

Okay. Now, sway to the music.

There you go.

Now, see, the key
is to make her forget that she's dancing.

I'm not a magician.

Okay, keep the jokes to a minimum.
It makes you look more nervous.

And it is equally as important for her
to show you that she's interested as well.

-I'm interested.
-I know.

And if things go well, she may
even rest her head on your shoulder.

What's the point if we're barely moving?

She won't do it 'cause she's tired.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah... yeah, ha

That's the way

Of the world

Of the world

Plant your flower

Gonna plant your flower

And you grow a pearl

Child is born

What's up, Shannon? Wanna dance?


I hope

Life treats you kind

And I hope

You have all you've dreamed of

And I'm wishing you joy and happiness

But above all this

I wish you love

And I...

Will always love you

That was a good call.

I love TD's.

Did Fay make it home safely?

Yeah, the guys took him home.


Look at Ray. Embracing the village.

No, I'm not.

It's not a bad thing.
Everyone's family here.

Yeah, you and everyone else
keeps saying that.

But it's one thing to get outta my shell.

But getting handouts is another story.

I'm not a charity case.

I don't need anyone's pity.

Okay, you don't have to ask for anything.

But you could inspire.


Let me tell your story.
It could be perfect.

Coming off the game you had last week,
going into the Bowden Bowl.

A family rivalry

and a student athlete
sacrificing for their family.

Wow, so was this a date
or a business meeting?

Either way, you got to spend time
with me, so why should you care?

Think about it. No pressure.

Come on.

How was the date?

Good. And yours?

She loves me.

Just the two of us

Just the two of us

Just the two of us

"Ray McElrathbey,
affectionately known as Ray Ray.

"Sacrifices sleep, social life,

"and any semblance
of a normal college experience

"to care for his younger brother.

"He exemplifies the true spirit
of Clemson University."

What about me? I sacrificed sleep.

I better be in here.

Daniel Morelli.
Everybody's favorite Italian.

Fathers, on your marks!

Get set...

Just the two of us

We can make it if we try

Just me, just me and you


All right, all right.
Guys, we got it.

So, Fay, what do we got?

We gonna start off
with this one right here.

Yeah, four fourths.

-In its simplest form though.
-One whole.

- Beautiful!
- My man!

Just the two of us

We can make it if we try

Just me and you

Nope. Nope.

-I won.
-Ooh! I won.

-What are you talking about?
-Thank you.

Here you go.

I actually didn't order this...

No, baby. We got this.
You just keep making us proud.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

Hey, guys! I'm Samantha.

I'm Coach Simmons' wife. Hi!

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

If it's okay,
I'd love to help get Fay to school.

Yes, God!

What do you say?

-Go ahead.
-All right, man. Thank you.

- Thanks, Ray.
- What's up, y'all?

Just me and you

I'm always here for you

Look over your shoulder, I'll be there

How 'bout that filing
cabinet there? We can do it.

Thank you. God bless you.
We're doing the Lord's work today!

- Let's go!
- Excuse me.

Come on, everybody!

Thank you so much. Come on!

God gave you strong backs for a reason!

How you doing, Ray?

Let's get this right here.

There they go.

Somebody is gonna be an athlete
like his brother.

-Watch him be the fastest.
-He will be. You're right.

A friendly competition
never hurt anything.

-Yeah. Yeah, he have a lot of energy.
-He sure does.

You know, all three. My gosh.

Should've seen him
in the dorm room. Man!

It's Ray and Fay.
Say what you gotta say. Beep.

I know you know who this is.

I need you to come down
as soon as you get this.

Coach. It's me.


I'm here to determine if you've received
any financial assistance

outside of your designated school stipend.

No one's giving me any money.

Okay, that's good.

Have you or your brother received
any rides from coaches and their wives?


Yes, sometimes.

And you've been
to coaches' homes for meals?

Would you like my wife
to give him an itemized bill?

I'm just doing my job, Coach.
After all, we both work for Clemson.


I also learned that the church
assisted you with free labor?

Just moving junk to a dumpster,
but I didn't ask them to.

Look, I understand.

But that could be considered
an improper benefit.

Hold on here a second.

These are people trying to help him
and his little brother out.

Now, Fay living with Ray
is not a violation.

People have visitors all the time.

Look, it's my job to overreact so that
we don't get blind-sided by infractions.

It's a thin line with these things.

And we prefer
to be on the right side of it.

I appreciate you, Mike.
But your side of the line is crap.

I wonder if another player
has a sick grandfather

or a mother who can't pay the bills.

These rules are in place
so that schools recruit players

instead of buying them.

Look, I'm not thrilled with this.

But legally, if we're not careful,
this could be an issue.

We heard you the first time, Mike.
Get to the point.


if you wanna keep playing college ball,

something's got to give.

I'm sorry.

I can't send him back.

They'll stick him in a group home.

Coach, y'all got my back, right?

I have everybody in this building's back.
But it's a fine line, Ray.

The longer Fay is here,
the bigger risk you run

of slipping up with some violation
we don't even see coming.

We're talking fines, lost scholarships,

-forfeiting wins.
-Can't they make an exception?

I just want a waiver
that says I can get a little help.

No. You're asking the NCAA
to reverse themselves,

and before a game at that.

I'm not asking them to reverse anything.

Just consider my circumstances.

Ray, I'm considering your circumstances.
But this right here is a Hail Mary.

I don't think we're gonna win this one.

They're asking me to choose
between football and my brother!

But clearly, y'all already chose.


Ray, you will not disrespect us like that
while I am your coach.

You understand that?

We put our jobs on the line for you also.

This just got bigger than us.

-Okay? So, I get it.
-You don't get it.

You're helping another Black kid in need
so you can sleep better.

Stop fronting like you care.

Let me tell you something, son.

I grew up in $8-a-night motels
with my mother till we got evicted.

So, when I played college ball,
she slept on a cot in my room.

Does that sound familiar to you?

So, maybe I do know
a little bit of what you're going through.

And you cannot help
your brother or your mother

if you get thrown outta here
for violations.

I can't let him down.

I know, son.

And you have done more for that kid
than you can ever imagine.

It ain't fair. But it's reality.

Well, I'm not
accepting that reality again, Coach.

I'm tired of that excuse
hanging over my life.

So if you and everyone else
is done fighting with me,

I'll fight by myself.

Used to it.

Thank you. And speaking of which,
you look hungry.

Eat you some of this.

This is caramel, so I like it.

I'm hungry, too.
Can I get a piece?

Hey, Fahmarr. Where'd you get that?

Solo gave it to me.

Yo! It's literally just a candy bar.

It's food paid for by the school.

In a few days,
I'm gonna be asking the NCAA

to bend the rules so I can keep you here.

-You think this helps?
-My fault, man.

I'm sorry.


You didn't call.
I wanted to see how you guys were.

We're fine.

But I drove.
I could take you home.

Your dad's alumni. He paid for that car.

No rides, no food, no help. So, stop.

Everybody, stop.

We can take care of ourselves
by ourselves.

Hope that article was worth it.

Let's go, Fay.

- Yo, I'm sorry.
- Sorry, man.

I'll catch you, little bro.

Goodbye, bro.

- Bye, nephew.
- Fahmarr!


Stop yelling at me!

Why are you so mad, man?

You need to chill, bro.


I don't think I should get in.
Thank you, though.

Sorry, buddy.

From students, alumni and professors,

voicing their support
for Ray and his brother.

We don't like this situation, either.

But between us, Coach,

there's no way he's getting that waiver
passed this week.

At least you know where you stand on this.

Look, I didn't ask Ray McElrathbey
to take his brother in.

No, you didn't.

You're asking him to give him up
or give up his future.

If we have any more perceived violations,
they could sanction the entire program.

And if I'm being candid,

that's too much to risk for one player.

That's where you and me differ, Mike.

'Cause he's not just one player to me.
He's part of a family.

I'll take that risk any day of the week.

Enjoy your reading.

You want the rest of these noodles

'fore I throw 'em away?


"You belong at Clemson."


Thanks, bro.

Solomon and Tobin said
that he hasn't been to the bus stop.

Man, man.

Well, the rest of your team
has the campus covered.

And the cops
are checking the train station.


Yo, Fay, where are you at, dawg?

Ray Ray's kid, man, come out!


-Thank you.
-Yeah, for what?

Just for always being here for me.

Even when I tried to push you away.

You didn't deserve that.

It's okay.

All right?

I'm sorry, too.

Hello, Pastor?

Yes, yes, yes. I'm not far at all.

We found him.

- God.
- He's not far.

-Just straight down the road.

Where is he?

I was walking out of the diner
and I saw him hitchhiking.

I'm not trying to be the reason
you gotta leave Clemson.

When you were a kid,

I said that I'd always be there for you.

That's one promise I'll never break.

Whatever happens, we'll be okay, Fay.

You and me. We'll be okay.

Let's go.

Ray Ray, you know
I'm with you till the end,

but swinging at the NCAA?

Hey, whatever they decide is final.
And our coaches can't protect you.

Tell Fay I'm pulling an all-nighter
at the complex.

Make sure he does his homework. Please.

I don't understand. Relinquishment?

It means that you'd irrevocably terminate

all parental and custodial rights
from Fahmarr.

And transfer them to Ray.

-I can't do that.
-Ma, you have to.

I'm getting better, Ray.

I go to group. I work with counselors now.

You said yourself.

You don't know
how long your rehab will take.

It's just a couple of months.
I'll be stable again.

Fay needs someone right now.

Not in a couple of months.
Fay needs stability right now

and no one can give him that but me.

Things will be different this time.
Son, I promise.


We've done this too many times,
but the reality is, you're sick.

And I pray every night

that the day you leave rehab,
you'll never go back,

but I can't keep risking Fay's life
like this anymore.

It's not fair to him or me.

You'll always be his mother,

always be our mother, but...

You asked me to promise
that I'll always be there for him.

Now I'm asking you to be there for me.

Sign the paper, Mom.

Sign the paper, Mom.

Where do I sign?

I'll leave you two alone.

You must be so mad at me.

Can I have a hug?


I'm so sorry I put you through all this.

I'mma be all right.

I promise you, I'mma be all right.



Come in. Come in.

Sorry about that, Coach.

Sorry about that.

Have a seat, have a seat, have a seat.

That's your speech for the hearing?

Yes, sir.

Not too sure what to say yet.

Well, turns out it might not matter much.

Simmons talked to Mike Ferro.

It's looking likely they're not gonna
grant your waiver, son.

I just wanted you to hear it from me.

I'm still gonna go to the hearing.

Not giving up until I hear it myself.

And something tells me
you don't know how to give up.

You know, press is having a field day
with this game Saturday.

Bowden Bowl.
Father versus son, all that nonsense.

The truth is,

when that game is over,

I'll meet my father mid-field.
We're gonna hug.

And we're all gonna go out to eat.

'Cause we're family.

That's what matters.

And I guess sometimes
I even take that privilege for granted.

Some of the toughest men I know

could not endure
what you have these past few months.

You proved a lot of people wrong, Ray.

Including me.

I'm Ray McElrathbey.
I have a hearing today.

Straight down the hall.

Thank you.

Petition will begin.

Mr. McElrathbey,
we have received your petition

for a waiver of NCAA rules

regarding assistance for you
and your brother,

and have reviewed it.

In addition to the petition,
you are entitled to a statement.


My brother and I
had it kinda tough growing up.

The kinda life that hardens you.

Makes you think you don't need anyone.

That you could do everything by yourself.

I didn't have
a picture-perfect family growing up.

It was always
just me and my little brother.

So, when I took Fay in,

I figured that would stay the same.

I admit I underestimated
the responsibilities

of being a student athlete and having Fay.

But the people in this room

kept telling me they would help
if I just let them.

I never wanted to be seen
as a charity case.

But I realize that wasn't true.

They saw me as family.

That's why they're all here
behind me today.

My coaches,

my teammates,

my community,

people I love.

Clemson taught me it's okay
to open your heart and accept help.

Everyone needs a little
every once in a while.

But believe me, I never meant to do that.

Because Clemson has given me
the opportunity to change my life.

And I never intentionally jeopardized

or hurt my school in any way.

But now I have to choose
between football and my brother.

So, before you make your decision,

I thought you should know
that I have already made mine.

Waiver or not.

Let the record reflect that
Mr. McElrathbey has given a court order

making him the permanent and legal
guardian of his brother, Fahmarr.

There's no going back for me.

I'm Fay's brother,

his father, and anything else
he'll ever need me to be.

But these men are my brothers, too.

So, respectfully,

I ask you not to make me leave one family

so that I can care for another.

Thank you.

The by-laws require a majority vote
to approve a waiver.

"Nay" to signify no waiver,
"yea" will support a waiver.

Member Davis?

A regretful nay.

Mr. Kolbrenner?


Mr. Johnson?


Ms. O'Brien?

I'm sorry to have to vote nay.


looks like I have the deciding vote.

But before I cast it,

let me just say that rarely

does the board
see such support for a cause,

and rarely do we have the pleasure

of hearing from such a dedicated
and impressive student athlete.

However, our emotions
cannot dictate our actions.

Mr. McElrathbey, what you are asking for
is unprecedented.

You want the NCAA

to allow a university and its community

to provide you assistance

so you can support
a member of your family.

And in this case,

considering the circumstances,

I find adequate justification
to create precedent.

My vote is yea.

All donations will be administered through
a trust fund for Fahmarr's benefit,

reasonable transportation
to and from school will be permitted,

after-school care will be allowed.

Congratulations, son.

We've been through a lot together.

I told you we'd have to sacrifice.

Both individually and as a team.

Being selfless and committed
to what it takes to be a Clemson Tiger.


you've checked off every single box
a coach could ever ask for.

I wouldn't wanna run down that hill
with any other team.


Four and half, baby!

Thank you, Coach.

That's right, that's right!

Come on, come on!


Fay, take us out!

Let's go!

- One, two, three!
- Family!

Let's go!
Show 'em what we've worked for!

Show 'em what we've worked for!

Let's go, baby! Let's go!

Let's play! Let's play! Let's play! Yeah!


Twenty-year-old Ramon McElrathbey,
known as Ray Ray,

has been all over the news lately
for something he did off the field.

Just last year,
he won a full football scholarship

to Clemson University.


Thank you for that.

But listen to this.

After his freshman year, troubles at home

brought him back to Atlanta
to face another family crisis.

This fall, Ray Ray returned to Clemson
with his little brother in tow.

Now, mornings start at 6:30 a.m.

Ray Ray gets Fahmarr dressed
and off to school,

and then, he heads to class.

Fahmarr is now a part
of the Clemson football team.

He helps out in practices
and has become the unofficial team mascot.

When they're losing,
I have to cheer them up.

Or sometimes, I'll just give 'em them
a pat on the back

if they're doing a good job.

The hardest part of being a parent is,
I guess, being a parent.

You're not the priority anymore.

But for Ray Ray,
the sacrifice is well worth it.

Now, I really, really get the feeling

of how it feels to have a dad
that really cares,

and a dad that'll always be around.

Last month, the NCAA
made a rare exception to the rule.

Ray Ray and Fahmarr join us via satellite
from Clemson University in South Carolina.

Thank you for joining us today. Thank you.

Yes! Thank you! We'll be right back.

Howard tries
to brush it aside, tries to cut back...

And finally, ripped down.

Ray Ray makes the play.

Ray Ray McElrathbey.

And Ray Ray, earlier this year,

had to take in a younger brother, Fahmarr.

And you just gotta applaud this young man
for taking over a tough situation.

I will trust in you

And know that you are with me


I'll confide in you

'Cause you're the only answer

That matters

Even when in the darkness

You will be my light

Even when I'm hopeless

You will be my guide

I will not be shaken, I will not be moved

Even in the chaos
I know that you're good

You're the keeper


It is you that holds us together

When everything else fails us

It is you that holds us together


Holds us together

You're the keeper


It is you that holds us together

When everything else fails us

It is you that holds us together

You're the keeper


It is you that holds us together

When everything else fails us

It is you that holds us together

You're the keeper


It is you that holds us together

When everything else fails us

It is you that holds us together

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