Safeguard (2020) - full transcript

When a Japanese restaurant is extorted by the London Mafia, a father takes matters into his own hands to protect his family and their business.

What's in the bag?

I can't say.

Pull yourself together!

Be quiet!

Where's the package? Where is it?

Tell us now or die a traitor!

Fuck you! You'll never find it.

Check the back.

See if anyone is still alive.

Find them right now!

Let's go!

Hey! Listen up...

If we can't find it, we are dead.

Hurry up!

Go to the right.

Over there!

Where is it?


Are you okay?

Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. It's just...

What's going on? Where have you been?

Please, just sit down.
There's something I need to tell you.

You're worrying me.
What's going on?

Sakura, please just listen to me.

We have to leave Tokyo.

I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen.

- When?
- Tonight.

I'll explain more after we've left.
You just have to trust me.

Of course I trust you. But go where?
You mean to another house or city?

No. We have to leave Japan and move to London.
We have to leave now.

- London? But that's...
- l know, but we don't have another choice.

- Has it got something to do with your work?
- I can't say anymore here.

We have to leave right away.

Okay, I trust you.

I'll sort the kids out and pack everything.
I hope you've got a plan for us Kinji.

We can't let anything happen to them.

Of course I do, don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Nothing will happen to any of them.
I promise.


Timmy, the food's ready.

Okay, got it.

We've got three more chicken
teriyakis for table eight

and a shrimp sushi
platter for table four.

Okay Mio, coming right up.

Everything all right out there?

Yeah, everything's fine.

I think we have to start
turning people away soon though,

the restaurant's pretty
packed at the moment.

Oh no no no, Mio, we
never turn away customers.

We always find space for
them, no matter what.

Oh course father,

we'll make sure everyone
has a table, don't worry.


Focus! No mistakes today.

- Hi, thanks again.
- Hello.

Hi Preena, thank you
so much for your help.

No worries.

How was he?

He was a really
good boy, yeah.

Oh thank you, we'll
see you next week.

Yes, bye.


Jumpei's sleeping.

Good night, Junpei.

Sweet dreams.

Should really cut
down on those, Frank,

before I have to start
cooking for your kitchen, too.

How you doing, Kinji?

I'm good, thanks.

Busy day?

Oh yeah, you could say that.

Got an earful from my staff

so I came down
here for an escape.

Ah, giving you
a hard time again?

Bet your ass they are.

They always want a raise
man, I mean come on.

This is England, the land
of cheap and cheerful,

that's why we came here, right?

Anyway how are you doing?

Looks like you're killing
it, man, good for you.

I, I can't complain,
business is good.

I do work them hard though.

And so you should.

I am thinking of
expanding into catering,

but, Sakura's not sure
I'm ready for it yet.

Why not, that's
a great idea man.

Want me to talk to her?

Maybe she'll buy the American
bullshit, greed is good.

Great seeing you, Frank.

You too, man.

Go easy on your staff.

Come on.

I gotta get going
but, I'll see you soon.

Hey, not if I see you first.


See you later man.

Convince her.

Catering's a good idea.

And this is the edimame,
your favorite, I assume.

And your drink's
not here, is it?

I'll get it for you right now.

- How was everything?
- The food was great.

- Please send my compliments to the chef.
- Thank you so much.

How long have you had the restaurand for, may I ask?

Must be 3 years now!
Time certainly does fly.

Well you've certainly achieved a lot in 3 years.

Thank you. We're still growing!
My husband has a lot of ideas.

I can imagine.

That must be the chef?


This gentleman was just paying you
a very nice compliment.

Thank you so much.
My name is Kinji.

- Yasuyuki.
- It's a pleasure to have you here.

I've been trying to find a good
Japanese restaurant in London!

I see. You are welcome back anytime, Yasuyuki.

I will definitely be back. Thank you.

Well, we are closing the kitchen soon.
It was nice to meet you, Yasuyuki.

- Yes. Thank you.
- Excuse me.

- Lovely to meet you.
- And you.

Prawns, prawns, prawns...

Boss, join us!


- What's going on in here!?
- Let's dance, Mio!

Prawns, prawns, prawns...

Sorry, boss. I'm so sorry.

So just send
everything to me, okay.

I gotta go, I gotta go, bye.


- Daddy!
- Having fun?

I made a new friend today.


He's called Masaki.

Masaki, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Can we go play longer?

I'm sorry, Jumpei, but I gotta
get back to the restaurant.


Tomorrow, I promise.

- Kinji. Good to see you.
- Yasuyuki.

I didn't know you had a son at the same school?

Yes, he started a few weeks ago.

What a coincidence!

- It's a great school. He's in safe hands.
- Yes, so I've heard.

Can we go play?

Just for a minute, yeah.


You should stop by the restaurant again.

Bring your wife or a friend next time.

My wife is out of town at the moment...

but I may stop by again.
Thank you for the offer.

You're welcome. We also have a new menu.

New menu? That sounds very tempting.

- Okay, I'll see you tonight.
- Great! See you later, Yasuyuki.

Thank you. See you later.

Jumpei, we do need to go.

Masaki, nice to meet you.


See you.

He seems nice.

Well hello again!

- Great to see you back so soon.
- Thank you, it's nice to be back.

Kinji told me about the new menu.
I would love to try it!

Yes, it's a little different to what you
might expect.

Is that right?
Looking forward to it.

Mio, Mio!


Mio, take Yasuyuki to a table.

- This way, please.
- Sure.


Here we go, best table in the house.

- Thank you, that's very kind.
- And here is a menu for you.


Hi, can I help?

A table for
three, in the back.

Would you be eating
or just drinking?

Depends how good is the food.

Where is your husband?

My husband?

Your husband.

I imagine he is the boss.

Where is the boss?

Well, we both
own the restaurant,

so we're both in charge.

You are a woman, your
husband is the boss.

Where is he?

He's busy in the
kitchen at the moment.

Very smart, he's the
chef too, very good.

Tell him we will wait for
him there when he's finished.

We close at 11:00 PM.

We will wait.

And bring a bottle of
vodka for our palette.

- Kinji.
- What's wrong?

Some strange men just walked into the restaurant.
They want to talk to you.

Why do they want to talk to me?
What do you mean?

They said they wanted to talk to the boss
and will wait until we're finished.

Who are they? What do they want?

I have no idea who they are.

Don't worry, I'll talk to them.
I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding...

and they have the wrong place.

It doesn't look like it!
They're drinking vodka.

Don't worry, Sakura, everything will be okay.
Let's finish the orders first.

As soon as we are done, take Mio home.
I will close up the restaurant. Okay?


Just make sure they leave and don't come back.

- They are scaring our customers away.
- Understood.

Everything okay?


Ah, you must be the boss.

Please sit, we've
been waiting for you.

My wife says you wanted to
talk to me, how can I help?

Yes and you have a,

a very charming wife,
but to business.


Yes, you have a business,

and now your business
is my business.

I'm sorry, I don't follow.

How long have
you had this place?

Three years.

Three years, long time.

It's time you start
to pay your fees.


Yes, your fees, for having
a restaurant in London.

Everybody in this
town pays someone,

and that someone is me.

I'm sorry, I
still don't follow.

This is our restaurant,
we have no debts,

there's no one we need...

You have a debt now!

That debt belongs to me.

Now let me explain how
it's going to work.

The last Friday of every month,

you will give us 20%
of what you make.

Your turnover, not your profit.

We will check your books,
we will check your tills,

so you can hide nothing from us.

I'm sorry, but that's
never gonna happen.

The money we make here
is our hard earned money.

And now some of that
hard earned money is mine!

It's very simple, if you don't
pay we will hurt your family.

And we will hurt you.

Just leave my family alone.

I will pay you what you want.


Finally, we are coming
to an understanding.

I'm starting to like this man.

Now remember, the last
Friday of every month,

you will have the
money ready, yes?


We are done.

Have you done your homework?

Yeah, but I haven't read the book
so I might get told off.

You haven't read it? I'm sure you'll be fine.



Who were those men at
the restaurant last night?

Who's that?

You know who I mean.

Oh those guys.

They were nobody, don't worry.

Just some people who wanted

to make themselves
known in the area.

Big cities sometimes
attract strange people.

Thank you mommy.

Can I stop?

Of course, Jumpei.

They were more
than strange, dad.

The way they were
looking at people.

Mio, your father
have dealt with it.

Don't worry about them.

Anyway, what have you
got on at college, today?

Oh just preparing for
the exams, nothing crazy.

Well that sounds important.

Anything you want
us to help you with?

No mom, I'm fine, but thanks.

Oh, I gotta go.

I'll see you both at
the restaurant later?


Bye, dad.



Mio said goodbye.

Oh, I'm sorry honey,
I'll see you tonight.

Good luck at school.

Oh, it's called
college now, dad.

- Bye...
- Bye!

Kinji, I really do hope
they won't be coming back.

Please tell me you
have dealt with them.

Of course.

No, they just wanted to
make themselves known.

Anyway, you know
me, I have a plan.

I always have a plan.

Do they have anything
to do with Doku?


No no, of course not.

Why would you say that?

That's long in the past.

Actually, thinking of
that, I do need to go.

Right... I'm leaving.

Junpei, be a good boy.

See you at the restaurant.

I need to do a few things before we open.

- Okay. See you later.
- Bye bye.

Excuse me, is Frank around?

Sleep right here.

Sorry, is Frank here?

He's probably out back, man.

Out, there?

He's out the back.




Kinji, um.

Uh what do you, what,
how'd you find me?

What are you doing here?

Your staff told me.

Where are your customers?

Um, thank you Brittany,
um you're doing very well.

We'll take care of that
next week, all right.

Um, my customers are, um,

okay business isn't
doing that well.

I don't think your
staff are helping.

Yeah, I mean tell me about it.

It's all going to shit.

Listen, can we talk somewhere?

Yeah sure.

Oh, just, by the way that, that,

wasn't what it looked like.

That was just a staff thing.

Yeah, sure.


Hey guys, listen up.

I want you to go for
lunch, all right.

When you come back I
want you scrubbing tables

or trying to get
customers in here.

Or you're both fucking
fired, comprende?

Let's go, let's go!

Well, this is obviously

where I'm doing
something wrong, Kinji.

I mean, for a while we
had it really good there.

Then the bloody
Russians showed up

and all our customers went away.

Whoa, that's what I
wanted to talk to you about.

Aw geez, they haven't
called you already, have they?

Oh shit man, you're screwed.

Well how do they
get away with it?

I mean, what do they want?

Okay look.

In London there's
always somebody

calling the shots
behind the scenes.

Could be the English, the
Irish, Russians, whatever.

It's always one of them.

When they smell a business
that's doing well,

that's when they call on you.

It's usually two
or three years in.

Wait, did they do this to you?


And what happened,
did you pay them?

You bet your ass I did.

I mean not right
away, but eventually.

'Cause you don't pay them,

they make your
life a living hell.

Not to mention what they
do to your restaurant.

What do you mean?

Those burns up there,
yeah that was them.

And after they torched the
place they threatened my family

and that's when I
knew I had to pay.

Which I did for
six months or so,

while we still had customers.

Then all the sudden,
customers went away

and the business
turned upside down

and the Russians
haven't been back since,

which, maybe it's a blessing.

So what are you saying, I,

I just turn away my customers
and I hope that they go away.

No Kinji, that's not.

Okay, what I'm saying
is don't fight it.

Okay just, just play ball.

Do what they ask and if
you're lucky you'll get by.

I need to find
out who they are.

Who do they work for?

Jesus Christ, Kinji, just
don't look into this all right?

Stay out of it, okay?

The deeper you dig, the
nastier it gets, trust me.

They all answer to someone who
runs things from underground.

I don't know his name, but
they all answer to him.

The Italians, the Irish,
the Russians, everybody.

He's bad news, Kinji.

Think about your family,
don't do something stupid.


No, I have to do something.

I can't let them do
this to me or my.

Kinji you could get.

Just be patient Frank.

I'm gonna fix this,
for both of us.

You're early!

- The restaurant isn't open yet...
- No problem, Kinji.

I was just passing by and thought
I would come to see you.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

- Here we go.
- Thank you.

How are things with you?

They are well, thank you.

Masaki is really enjoying his new school.

That's great to hear.

Maybe we can get our sons together again soon?

I'm sure Masaki would like that.

What about you? How's business going?

The restaurant seems to be doing very well.

Yes, it's going surprisingly well, thank you.


But? Has something happened?

I'm sure it's nothing, but...

we had some trouble with a few Russian men.

Yes, I saw them come in.
What did they want?

Oh it's nothing really.

I know it's not my business,

but please let me know if there's anything I can help with.

When the Russians came,
they must have wanted something?

It was nothing really.

I understand how important this restaurant is to you.

I represent many businesses.

So I know how the Russians operate in London.

I see.

You're a lawyer?

Yes, I am.

I see.

I guess I'm still learning
how things operate in London.

Would you be willing to help me in some way
with the restaurant?

Of course.

You can reach me anytime...

and tell me how you think I can help.

Thank you. I appreciate that.
But, not here.

- My wife would start to worry if she heard us talk.
- That's okay.

Just let me know where and when you want to talk.
I'll be there.

My family means everything.

Family is important.
You must always protect them first.

Thank you.

I must get back to preparing for lunch.
You are welcome to stay as long as you need.

The way things
work around here,

is when I ask for
something, I get it.


So when I ask for this very,
very important information,

and you tell me it's
gonna be difficult,

makes me wonder how fucking
useless you really are, huh?

I don't want to
hear any of this,

it's gonna be difficult,
bullshit, just get it done.

I wanna hear solutions,
not fucking problems.


Or do I need to find someone
else to do the job, huh?

- No.
- No.

Not at all Mr Dyer,

we're just talking
about the highest levels

of government security and data.

It, it's highly classified.

It will take us just a
bit more time to obtain.

I'm expecting more...

Hang on there.


You want more fucking time?

He wants more time.

Fucking time?

Time, is something you
don't have my son, yeah!

Time, is always against us.

So if there's one thing

in this beautifully fucked
up world you don't have,

it's time.

Now do you understand the words

that are coming out of my mouth?

Or am I speaking
double fucking Dutch?


Yes, yes Mr Dyer.

We understand completely.


Now we're getting somewhere.

We'll have everything
to you by tomorrow.

I want it by the
end of tomorrow.

And if I don't have it by then,

let's just say your time's up.

Now get the fuck out of my club!

Set up a meet with the Russians.

Sure boss,
where do you want it?

Where the fuck do you think?

Here, you idiot.

No no, my love.

Sakura, Sakura,

You don't have to worry anymore.

No I took care, they
won't be coming back.

No, I know who they
work for and they.

Hold on, I'm gonna
call you back, okay?

Daddy, daddy, look
what I made today.

Hey hey Jumpei.

You have a good day?


Wow, what is this?

I made it all by myself.

I spent my whole break time.

Is this for me?


Wow, I love it.

Let's find a good place
for this in the restaurant.


Come on, let's go home.

All right, darling?

Yeah I'm fine baby, but
you seem a little tense.

Is there anything I can do?

Where those men
making you angry?

Well those men, Vanessa,
are gonna change everything.

Ooh, everything?


I like the sound of that.


Go bring the car
out front, mate.

We're gonna head out, yeah?

Sorry darling, I've got to go.

Yes, is everything okay?

Everything okay dad?

Yes, everything's fine.

Well the kitchen needs you,
the restaurant's filling up.

Okay, I'll be there in
minute, just handle it for now.

Sorry, it was Mio.

I'm worried they are going to do something.

Yasuyuki, I really need your help.

I can't risk anything happening to my family.

I think it might be a good idea for you
to join us for dinner

and get to know my family.

Would you do that Yasuyuki?

Great, I will send you our address.

See you soon.

See you boss, thanks for tonight.

I'll be back in next week.
I'm off on holiday tomorrow.

- Where are you off to again?
- Mexico, boss. Family re-union.

Oh that's right, Mexico.
Well enjoy the Tequilas!

Haha will do. Thanks boss.


Hello, Mr Kinji.

So nice of you to
finally arrive, huh.

Just getting friendly and
acquainted with young Timmy here,

and his plans for Mexico.

Such a fantastic destination.

Would be a terrible shame if
he was never to see his friend.

No, leave him out of this,
he has nothing to do with it.

Let him go.

He is our esteemed colleague,

surely has everything
to do with our business.

Look, I have your
money, just let him go

and we can settle this.

Why didn't you say so?

Enjoy the margarita's friend.

And be careful of the women,
they are very, very nasty.

Where were we, oh yes.

Go get my money.

Fucking shit hole.

What's this?

Here, take it.

Wasn't so hard, was it?

But if I get one more sniff

that you are trying
to avoid our business

it will not be the neck
of Timmy under my arm,

it will be the neck of
your little boy, Jumpei.

It will be a terrible...


Leave my family out of
this, I will pay you.

Just leave my family alone.

Good, it appears we
are getting somewhere.

See you next month
my good friend.

Listen up. We must find him no matter what.

- This is your mission. Understood?
- Yes, sir.

- Boss.
- What is it?

It's for you, boss.

Yes, hello, what is it?

Everybody out. Now!

You've found him?
Where is he? London!?

Which restaurant?

I will send Kazuki to assist you.

Make sure you return what is ours,
no matter what.

Well done, you should be proud.

Prepare Kazuki. Send him to London immediately.

Make sure he brings the device back.

We have to finally put an end to this.

- Kinji Suzuki must die.
- Understood.

We've found him.

Eat some vegetables too.

You've really come a long way
with your cooking, Mio.

Thanks for prearing dinner tonight.

You haven't finished it yet, Mum!

Besides, I've learned from the best,
haven't I, Dad?

I'm not sure your father would consider
himself the best...

Well, I think both of your cooking is delicious.

I can definitely see you taking over
from your Dad one day.

Mio, can you answer the door?

- Would you like some?
- Thank you.



Are you eating vegetables?

- Hey everyone!
- Hello!

Akiho's here.

Did you cook this Mio?
Looks amazing!

- Please join us.
- Thank you.

Have some food.
Nice to see you.

- How are your parents?
- They are fine.

When did we see them last? 6 months ago?

- I heard you moved?
- Yes, we have.

- Where to?
- Just nearby.

How near? Walking distance?

About 10 minutes.

Really? You should come by more.

Mio didn't tell us.

Mio, who's that man?

Dad's new friend.
He often comes to the restaurant.

Don't you think he's handsome?

- Didn't know you like older men.
- Not like that. But he's very nice.

- Who made this miso soup?
- Mio. She cooked it all.

Except for the Nori seaweed...

Yeah, the seaweed and the pickles.

Isn't Mio's cooking great?

You should ask her to cook again.

Right, Mio?

So Yakuyuki, tell us more about your work.

Kinji tells me you're a lawyer?
How long have you been doing that?

Let me think...

Well I worked in this field for many years
back in Japan.

So maybe around 15-20 years.

Oh wow, you must be very experienced then.

Yasuyuki is going to help our family business.
Make sure everything's in order for us.

Really? Well we must be in very safe hands then.

- Would you like some more?
- Thank you. I feel drunk now.

Is everything okay?


Hey, yeah.

Yeah, everything's fine.

Um, can I help?

No, I'm just, last one here.

- Oh.
- All done.

Thanks, my love.

It was a really nice dinner
with Yasuyuki-san tonight,

wasn't it?

Yeah, he liked Mio's fish.

He seems to be
a very nice man.

Yes, he is.

I'm really glad you
have sorted out those men

who came to the
restaurant last month.

I was really worried that.

You don't need
to worry, Sakura.

I will always make sure
you're safe, before anything.

Protecting you and the
kids is all I care about.

You know this restaurant,
it's just a business.

We can change it
anytime we want to.

Well hopefully we don't have
to change too many more times.

I'm beginning to like London.



Me too.

I'm gonna go and
check on the kids.


I'll see you soon.

Welcome to the Madarin,
may I take your name?

Yes yes, of course.

Leave it!

I will take this.

- Yasuyuki! So good to see you.
- Good to see you too.

- I wanted to thank you for a lovely dinner.
- That's very sweet.

Your cooking was delicious, Mio.

Thank you, Yasuyuki.
Such beautiful flowers!

It was so lovely to have you over,
you must join us again.

It would be my pleasure.

- Maybe Junpei can cook next time!
- Maybe!

Kinji should be here soon
if you wanted to say hello?

That's okay, I have a few meetings to get to.

Send him my regards. See you again soon.

Thank you, I will do.

We'll look forward to seeing you soon.

- Thank you again for the flowers!
- You're welcome.


- Look.
- They're beautiful.

Why do you always get the flowers!

I can't help being the best chef
in the family, Mum.

Good for you.

Well well well,
you must be Kazuki.

Normally I'd say I've heard a
lot about ya, but I haven't.

Please, sit down.



Fuckin' hell, looks
like we're straight

down to business, boys.

You know I've been working
this city for 15 years.

I never come across a Jap
as highly feared as you.

See that's what I
love about this town.

You never know who's
around the corner, do ya?

Never ceases to...

I didn't come here to
talk about your history,

I came here to talk about
a man that I need to find.

And I understand you are the
person to find such people.

I'm sorry, is this your club?


Is this your fucking city?

Because I'm beginning to
feel like I'm in Japan

or some other stupid
fucking country,

where people don't
know who the fuck I am!

Do you know who the fuck I am?

Yes, I know.

You're the person who's
gonna find me, Kinji Suzuki.

Half now.

Half after we're getting him.

Look at this, fuckin' hell.

At least you put your money
where your mouth is, mate.

What's so special about this
Kinji Suzuji anyway, huh?

What kind of name is that?

What makes him special
is my business, not yours.

You just need to
find him for me.


You come into my town,

you want me to
clean up your mess.

You say it's not my
fucking business.

Who the fuck do you
think you are, huh?

Throw him the fuck out, now.

I came here
looking for answers,

but all you've done
is show me problems.

I was told you are the person

who could find me
anyone in London.

And supposedly run things here.

Now, can you find
this man for me,

or am I gonna have to
tear this city apart

until I find him myself?

Be careful who you're
fucking talking to, yeah?

I'll find this man for ya,

but once I do, if I
don't like what I see,

I'll kill him my fucking self.

And I'll send you
both back in a box

to where you belong, yeah?

I will be hearing
for more then.

Well, fucking
get up you morons.

What the fuck am I paying
for you stupid idiots?

Just stand there like a
bunch of fucking lemons.

Get out there and find him
and bring him back here now.

Yes boss.

Right then, come
on lads, let's go.

Yes, I'm making progress.

However the people I'm working with
over here are useless.

But rest assured, if they don't find him then I will.


I will update you at the end of each day until I do.

- Kinji.
- Yasuyuki. Thanks for meeting me.

I wasn't expecting your call so soon.
You sounded worried.

Everything okay? You know I have an office...

No, not in your office.

I don't want anyone to know about this,
especially my family.

Anyway, you said you could help?

Of course, I can always help professionally.

I don't think the law's going to help me.

These men won't stop until they've bled my restaurant dry.

I can't let them do this to my family.

- I had to do something.
- Don't worry.

I have contacts in many different areas.
I can help you.

I need you to get me something.


- Anything you need.
- Thank you.


Oh Frank.

Where the fuck are you?

Oh shit.

What are you
running for, Franky?

Hello gorgeous, hello.

What have you done, aye Frank?

Nothing, nothing, I just,
look I got no money okay.

I, I, I got nothing left.

Everyone's bled me
dry, I got nothing.

You better not be
fucking lying to me.

I'm not.

Bye, Frank.

We don't need for
the money anyway.

Better give us someone,

some chat by the
name of Kinji Suzuki.

Apparently he has a restaurant

round these neck of the woods.

Know anything about him?

Name doesn't ring a bell.

You fucking.

Do me a favor will ya,

we know you know every
fucker in this business.

Now tell us where he is and
we'll make it worth your while.


You heard me.


What would you like, Frank?

Um, well if you could make it

so the Russians never set foot
in here that would be nice.

All right, done.

Okay good.

Now where's the fucking Jap?

I don't know, I
don't know, but.

Ask the Russians,
they'll know him okay.

They run every
restaurant, they'll know.

The Russians.

You better not be
fucking lying to me, Frank.

I'm not, I'm not.

All right, but you know what?

It's about time we paid those
dirty Russians a visit anyway.

Yeah, you guys can take them.

You call us if you
hear anything, all right?

Sure sure, same
same, cell, mobile?

Shut up.


And Frank, so this
fucking restaurant here,

it's a shit hole.

Maybe change the
menu or something.


All right George,
come on, let's go.

Stop serving those bacon
triple cheeseburgers.

I can't fucking help myself
and they're making me fat!

All right, just gotta
call the boss quick then.

Hello, boss?

Yeah, apparently the
Russians know where he is.


So what, you want me to
set up a meet, or what?

Yeah all right.

All right I'm on it.

Fuck me Georgie boy,

this could get very ugly
mate, very ugly indeed.

Fucking hate the Russians.

Yeah me too, George, me too.

Eh, can't we get a little
massage before we head back?


Yeah, one of those Thai
one's, better than the others.

You having a fucking laugh?


All right, just a quick one.

Huh, I'm always quick.



What do I owe the pleasure
of that slap, darling?

I told you to get rid of
those whores from our club.

All right Vanessa, but this
is a night club, isn't it?

Guess you haven't realized,
sometimes that means

having chicks around,
keeping customers happy.

Yeah, I get that Vincent,

but right now we
have no customers

and it's the middle
of the fucking day.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

I beg to differ, darling.

I consider myself a
customer right now,

wouldn't you guys?

Yeah, me too!

Shut up, Dylan, all right?

Sorry darling, how
could I be so rude.

All right girls, piss off.


Hey, hey my love.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, yeah.

Everything is fine.

Just another late shift
at the restaurant.

You're wet.

It's raining.

Hm, you didn't
take the trolley?

I never take the trolley.

You know, you should take
some of your own advice

and have a few days off.

Maybe we can go away for
the weekend, without kids.


Maybe we can.

That sounds like a,
yeah that sounds like a,

that sounds like a good idea.

Maybe even more if we need to.

Now we're talking.

Um, maybe we can
go up to the lakes.

I knew you'd say that.

That does sound nice.

Let's figure out a time

we can close the
restaurant for a few weeks.

Come up to bed.

I will soon.


Love you.

Love you too.

Don't stay up too late.

All right, come on lads.

Let's make this quick.

I fucking hate the Russians.

Sounds good, boss.

Fucking hate them too.

Don't worry boss,
we got you covered.


We'll wait for, Vincente the
villain, he's coming shortly.

Practice our English.

I hate the fucking English.


How nice of you to pop in.

What's goin' on in here, lads?

Looks like some rich
boy's fucking wedding.

Who's the lucky man?

Has Ivan finally tied
the knot, have ya?

Ya fuck, get your
fucking ear on, mate.

What can we do for you?

Please, take a seat.

All right, I'll tell you
what you can fucking do for us.

You can start by telling us

where this Kinji fucking
Suzuki's hold up, yeah?

Some fucking Yakuza mob
just flew in from Japan

and they want me to find him.

So I need to know where he is

and what makes him so
fucking valuable, yeah?


do you boys know
anything or what?

If we do, what
is in it for us?

What's in it for you?

I'll tell you what's
in it for you, mate.

I'll let you keep extorting

all my fucking
restaurants in London,

that's what's in it for you.

Listen Vincent, yes
we have an arrangement.

You have the clubs, we
have the restaurants.

But I am not in
business with you.

Hang on a minute.

Hang on a fucking minute.

We let you come here and
set up shop in London, yeah?

And you say it's not
my fucking business?

Your business is my
fucking business,

ya bunch of fucking hooligans.

Relax, relax.

We can handle this like adults.

Sit the fuck down
you beautiful man.

It's okay, Ivan, sit.

Vincent, it's very simple.

If we give you this information,

we want something out of it.

All right.

Fair is fair, yeah?

How bout a 100 grand?

There well, that
wasn't so hard, was it?

We'll take 100 now, and
100 when you get the boy.



Now, where the fuck is he?

Oh let me try and remember.

He is in a little
Japanese restaurant

on the corner of Beale
street and Shaft avenue.

And he has a very,
very pretty wife.


But be very careful,

she bites.


I'm afraid I must
ask you to leave.

We have a very important
event here today,

to which you are not invited.

All right, whatever.

Pleasure doing
business, as always.

Yeah, whatever.

See ya later lads.

Ya fuck.

Thanks for the drink.

Cheers fuckers.

Come on lads.

Let's go find this fucking Jap.

Fuckers of mothers.

You must be the wife.

Not bad for a Jap.

Well I'm more of
a Thai man myself.

Can I help?

Most certainly can, love.

You can start by
telling everyone here

to get the fuck out of
the restaurant, now!

Everybody out!

Get out!

What are you doing?

I told your people I would pay.

Why are you here again?

Those people you're
referring to, mate,

work for me, yeah?

Everyone in this fucking
city works for me.

Whether they're
Russian, or Jewish,

or whatever the
fuck they wanna be.

I make the rules and decide
who works for who, all right?

Now, you must be Kinji Suzuki.

Is that right?

Yes, that's me.

What do you want?

What I want from you?

Well that's a million fucking
dollar question, mate.

But it's not what
I want from you,

it's what some fucking
Yakuza mob wants from you,

and they want me
to hand you over

for a lot of fucking money.

And I want to know what makes
you so fucking valuable.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I have no idea who these
people are or what they wanted.

Maybe you have the wrong person.

There are many
Kinji's in London.

Yeah there fucking are,

that's why it took so long

to fucking find
you, didn't it, huh?

But what did you do to get
the Yakuza mob on your back?

- Nothing.
- That's what I want to know.

Nothing, please.

I've done nothing.

They must, it must be
a different last name.

Su, Suzumi.

All right, let him go.

Go on.


it doesn't matter what
I've done to them,

you can't hand me over.

They'll kill my family.

I don't think you seem

to understand the
situation here, mate.

We'll be doing the killing
if you don't tell me

what I want to fucking hear!

Okay, okay, look.

I'll pay you double
what they're paying,

just give me a week
to get the money.

I'll get you the
money, I promise.

Just please, don't hand
me over to them, please.

I'll tell ya what,

I'll give you three days
to get me two million quid.

That's two million quid, yeah?

Or I hand you over to them
on a silver fucking platter.

Please, just don't
hand me over to them.

All right, all right, just
calm down mate, calm down.

But if I find out
you're lying to me,

if you don't hand over
the fucking money,

this will all be over
before you know it, yeah?

All of it.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

This man's got
some money to find.

I like what you've
done with the place.

Got a bit of classic Asia to it.

Be a shame if it all
came burning down.

See you around, Kinji.

- Hey my love.
- Kinji, what's going on?

Who were those men?

What do they want?

Listen, I will explain
everything later, okay?

Just get what you need
and go get the kids, okay?

Yasuyuki's arriving any minute
to take you somewhere safe

while I figure all this,
this stuff out, okay?

Just please, please
listen to me.

I need to get you and
the kids somewhere safe.

But Kinji, you said this
would be the last time we move.

I know, I know, I'm
sorry and I promise

I will make it up
to you, I promise.

But what about the kids?

They were settled
in their schools.

How long will it be?

I don't know until I can,

Until I can fix everything
and sort everything out.

Yasuyuki's here, we gotta go.

Here, take these bags and pack
whatever you need to.

We need to leave right away.

My love, just go get the kids,

I'll help pack the bags, okay?

Yasuyuki's gonna take
you somewhere safe,

I promise I'll be with
you as soon as I can.

Quick. Hurry!

Okay, this will be the last
time, you have my word.

Mio, Jumpei.

What you mean, endask
isn't a word, come on.


Kinji Suzuki.

Oh Jesus Christ,

how many times do I
have to tell you guys?

Ask the fucking Russians.



Whoa, you don't, you don't
look like one of them.

I am the Yakuza.

Okay, I, I, I don't
know where he is, okay?

Like I told the others,
just ask the Russians.

Where can I find the Russians?

Majestic Soho,
just please, please,

please leave me out of it.

Just don't tell
him, I, just don't,

don't tell him I told you where.

Oh come on, man.

For your inconvenience.

For me?

You better not be lying to me.

I am not lying.



Get to work.

All right, all
right, all right.

All right, all right, fun's
over boys, fun's over.

Gotta talk business.

Go on, Vanessa.


It's been three days.

It's time to collect
our money, yeah?

Yes boss.

So should we take
all the lads or?

What can one little
Asian man do, huh?

We gotta keep our
bases covered, yeah?

Just get out there,
find our money,

bring him back
here in one piece.

What you mean boss, what,
are we finishing him off?

Nah, I haven't decided yet.

I don't trust him, yeah.

We gotta find out
what he's hiding

and what makes him so valuable.

So that Yakuza mob,

we can't have them
coming to this town

thinking they run
the place, yeah?

'Cause that's not how

we do business around
here boys, is it?

Damn right it's not.

Anything you want
boss, anything.

Good, well quit sitting here

like a bunch of fucking
tarts, get out there,

find my money, bring
him back here now.

And turn the restaurant
upside down if you have to.

Whatever he's hiding, is
gonna be there somewhere.

We're on it boss.

All right boss, we'll
be back soon, all right.


This is the one.

All right, gonna rough
him up good and proper

before we bring him back
to the boss, all right?

Can we get some food
in before we head back?

It's proper tasty here.

Don't be so
ridiculous you fat fuck.

Have some will power.

We'll get some food later.

Fuckin' starvin'.

You just have to
control yourself then,

you mug, wouldn't ya?

I'll try.

Can't promise anything.


Open up, open this
fucking door, now.


Open the fucking door.

Come on.


I said open up the door.


Open the fucking door.

You fucking deaf?

What you got the door
locked for, you mug?

Where's our fucking money?

You don't know what
you're dealing with.

The Yakuza will stop at nothing

until they get what they want.

Just fucking let us
worry about the Yakuza.

This is our town,

nobody tells us how to
do things around here.

Especially not
some Japanese mob.

Now go and get us
our fucking money.

Okay, okay.

It's in my office.

Over there.

I'll get it for you.


We're here, we'll get it.

George, go and get the money.

All right boss.

Hurry up.

Good boy.

It's all here, Dylan.

Now to hunger.

Get some of that chicken teri,
teriyaki stuff now, yeah?


What the fuck?


What the?

Follow him.


Where the fuck are they?

They should have
been here by now.

I dunno boss, they said
they're coming straight back.

Yeah I know what
they said, you idiot.

Don't just stand there,
go out there and find them

and bring them back here now.

- Eh?
- Yes boss.

Come on.

What, now?


Don't worry baby,
I'm sure they're fine.


Thank you.

Are you okay? I'm sorry.

Everything's going to be just fine.
Don't you worry Junpei.

Thank you for everything, Yasuyuki.

Kinji told us to trust you.

- I'm glad he has a friend like you.
- You're welcome.

It's a dangerous city.

We're all here for each other.

Is this your house Yasuyuki?

Hey, hey, isn't
that Yakuza, geezer?

I think you're right, mate.

What do you think we
should do, call boss?

Of course we
should call the boss.

Get to the back and
out what we need.

Will do.

Come on.

Hey, Zeke.

Can I have the shot
in this time, yeah?

Yeah mate, go
on, it's your turn.

All right, get in there.


- How did you find me?
- You're not that hard to find, Kinji.

You didn't think moving to the other side
of the world

would prevent us from finding you, did you?

- Give me that bag!
- What are you going to do with it?

You can't release it, no one would...

We'll decide what's best for it.
It was never yours to take, Kinji.

Well well well.

If it isn't tweedle dumb and
tweedle fucking dee, huh?

You finally found him, boys.

Good job.

Now, what the fuck is
going on in here, eh?

Stay back, Vincent.

He belongs to me now.

You've played your
part in finding him,

whatever part that was.

Now, just turn around
and go back to your club.

Otherwise, I start shooting.

Turn around and go
back to our fucking club?

Are you having a
fucking laugh, mate?

Who the fuck do you
think you are, huh?

You think you can come here
and just take my people

willy fucking nilly, huh?

I don't know what you want.

Just let the two of us leave.

We can call this a day, huh?

I have what I need now.


And what is it that
you need so badly

that you flew all this
way over for, huh?

He belongs to the Yakuza.

It's our property.

It has nothing to do with you!

I'll fucking decide
if it's got anything

to do with me or not, you
fucking walnut, all right?

Now I've decided, I want
what's in that fucking bag.

No no no no no.

I will never let this
out of my sight again.

It doesn't belong to you.

Fucking hell.


There you are.

Long time.

Who would have thought that
we would be together again

in the same building
just like old times?

My fucking god, what the fuck
are you lot doing here, huh?

I didn't ask for your
input on this one.

We can handle this by our
fucking self, all right?

Like Bob Dylan sing, the
times they are a changing,

and you, are losing control

over whatever you think
you have control of.

I mean, who would let the
Japanese mob walk all over you?

We had a partnership,
you broke it!

Now I am going solo.

I want what is in that bag.

If it's so fucking valuable,
Moscow will have a piece of it.

All right, now
listen here, Igor.

Firstly, you work
for me you bald fuck.

This ain't a fucking
partnership, yeah?

And secondly, I ain't letting

any Japanese mob
walk all over me,

'cause as of right now mate,

there is no fucking
Japanese mob.

What took you so long?

Chop chop.

All right, now Kinji,

where the fuck are my boys?

Kinji wake the fuck up now!

Sorry, they're in my
fridge, in the kitchen.

In your fucking what?

In the fridge.

Don't worry, I turned the
temperature up, they're okay.

What the fuck?

All right, we got
what we came for.

What do we do, boss?

We are not leaving
without that backpack.

Do you understand?

And if you want to have
a gun fight with us,

you know who's
going to win, huh?

Nobody, extorts my restaurant
and threatens my family.


Fucking brilliant.


This guy.

Steven, sort these fucking
two idiots out, will ya.

I'll see you around Kinji, yeah?

And one more thing,

thanks for the backpack.


go back to your family and
live whatever normal life

you lot fucking get up to.

If you keep your head down,
you might just get by.

Yasuyuki! Are they okay?

Thank god.

Thank you. Thank you!

I'll be there as soon as I can.

- Kinji!
- Sakura!


What are you doing!?
Put that gun down!

Sakura, are you okay?

Where is Junpei and Mio!?


Where's the device?

What device?

Don't play dumb Kinji!

I saw you put it in your backpack at the restaurant.

If you don't give it to me...

No, no!

Leave Sakura out of this! She's done nothing.

The backpack Kinji. I'm running out of patience.

Look, I don't have it anymore! Vincent has it.

He took it from me after he killed the Russians!


Before I got here!
I led them all to a warehouse.

Why are you doing this Yasuyuki?
I trusted you...

Well, you were mistaken.

Give me that backpack
or your wife and kids will die.


Where is Junpei, Mio?

They are tied up somewhere safe, for now.

How did you know about the backpack?

Didn't they teach you anything
in government intelligence?

I've been watching you all of this time, Kinji.

The night the Russians first came to your restaurant.

And who do you think sent Kazuki to find you.

You didn't think Hideshi would just let you go,
did you Kinji?

Make sure you return what is ours,
no matter what.

Well done, you should be proud.

You've been playing me this whole time?
Ever since...

Yes Kinji, ever since I first found you here in London.

- Well done for finally working it out.
- Stop.

I have it. It's in the back of my car.

I have to go outside to get it for you...
just leave my family alone.

Not so fast, Kinji, you will lead me to it.
I'm not that stupid.


- Please!
- Shut up! I'm talking. Bring me to it now!

This way.

- Where is it?
- Over there.

- Hurry up!
- Okay.

It's inside the boot.

Hurry! Hurry up!

- It's inside the boot.
- Hurry up!


Now let Sakura go and you can have the backpack.

I don't think you're in a position
to be making demands.

Oh yeah, how about now...

One more move and I destroy the device.

If you don't believe me, you are welcome to try.

Let Sakura go and you can have the backpack.

I don't believe you. You would never...

Yasuyuki, whatever's inside doesn't mean
as much to me as my family.

I'm prepared to do whatever it takes
to make sure they are safe.

Sakura, are you okay?

I'm so sorry.
I never meant to put you through any of this.

Mio, Junpei!

Are you okay?

Junpei! Mio!

I said that, you know.

Aw, thank you.

Oh yeah, did you see his face?

Georgy, love ya mate.

Hey boys, let's have a toast.

- Toast?
- Yeah?

To our fucking good health

and to teaching those
fuckers who runs this town.

- Yeah!
- Hey, cheers!

I am so sorry, my love.

I never meant for any
of this to happen.

This will all be
over now, I promise.

How can you be so sure?

You've said this to
me several times now.

And look where we are.

In about 30 seconds,

we'll never have to worry
about anything ever again.


What's happening in 30 seconds?

It's just a present I left
for someone, that's all.


Trust me.

Trust me.

Hey boys, any
thoughts on what seat

we should take over next, huh?



It's a fucking country, mate.

It's the fucking
same, ain't it?

Fucking cold there.

Somewhere warm.

Oh shit.


What's wrong?

Is everything all right, Kinji?

Everything is fine.

Everything is perfectly fine.

So how do you all feel
about moving to New York?

New York?

Come on guys, let's go home.

Jumpei, you want to see the
Statue of Liberty, right?


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