Safe Inside (2019) - full transcript


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Your name
is Ana Walker.

Your father died
when you were ten.

And you've missed him
every day since then.

When you were 12,
you went to sleep one night,

and as you were lying there
in the darkness,

you felt this sudden wave
of dread.

You couldn't breathe,
couldn't move.

It was at that moment you
understood what it means to die.

This fear of non-existence.

That was a long time ago,

but sometimes the fear returns.

You have a boyfriend.

And he loves you more than
anything in the world.

Problem is...


It's so beautiful, Mom.

Are you coming
to see me tomorrow?

No. I can't visit you tomorrow,
or the day after.

I just told you,
we're in France.

Do you hear me?
It's very important

you remember
what I tell you now.

Your desires
are like guiding lights

shining through
from the future.

You have to know
who you are.


Mom, I have to go now.

It's expensive
to call from here.

I love you.

I don't think she knew
who I was.

I don't know why
you keep calling her.

It only ever
brings you down.

Come on.

Stop it!

Oh, my God,
is he insane?

He's going too fast.

It's fine.

Guy's probably
driven this way

a thousand times before.

God, he's texting.

Close your eyes. Okay?

- Just count your breaths.
- One.

- Relax.
- Two.




You okay?

It... it hurts.

You hit something?

I just want to get out.

- What do you mean, you wanna...
- Now.

What are we
supposed to do now?

Can you just
check Google?

We're out of range.

What's this?

medical assistance.

I... I feel
safer that way.

Well, whoever wants to
save his life will lose it.

Where did you hear that?

I can't remember.

All right.

Come on.

Let's just go back.

Catch a bus to Dijon
and get on the train there.

What about money?

Well, we have enough
to get there.

We'll just get
a different job.

We have a plan,
let's just stick to it.

Okay, then where's
the damn house?

I don't think
this is the right place.

It's not supposed
to have a fence.

Isn't the same house.



- Hello?
- Hi.

We're the, uh,
the guys from the ad.

Yes, of course.

So it's...
it's here?

Just, the place
looks different.

It does?

My name is Richard Rolle.


Has, uh...

Has France lived up
to your expectations?

- Oh, it's beautiful.
- Yeah, we're loving it.

Wow. We have to go there.

It's, uh...

It's quite a walk,

all the way around the
other side of the village.

Are you hungry?

Come on.

Please, come in.

Make yourselves at home.


It's like a museum.

Yes. And, uh...

I am the curator.

So many
beautiful things.

Must have cost a bit.

Well, it's amazing what one
can achieve by thinking.

When you're ready,
the kitchen is downstairs.

Want some?

How is the food?

Very good.



You know, it's not often
we get Americans

looking for work in
this part of France.

Yeah, well,

we're not all fat
bankers smoking cigars.

Maybe we're not
thinking enough.

Anyway, Dick,

what is it you want us
to do here?

Well, uh...

There is a lot to be done.

I have a...

an area which needs
to be cleared of rocks.

I have some trees
which need to be cut down.

There is a wall at the end of the
garden which is in need of repair.

I thought guys like you
had gardeners.

If I had, I wouldn't meet
interesting people like you, would I?

What about the locals?

What about them?

Well, I'm just saying,
can't you hire any locals to do it?

They are just old
and decrepit.

What are you paying?

Tom. Do you
have to be so...

Two hundred euros a day.

Plus a very nice room
for you both upstairs.

Full board.

We accept.


You live here alone?

Not anymore.

We are set.

Ah, can you believe
this house?

And the wages?

We will be filthy rich.

Just... don't ruin it.

Please, Tom,
don't ruin it.

- What do you mean?
- I mean,

this big macho idiot
that lives inside you

and will get you
killed one day.

Come on, "Dick"?

What? I was just
being friendly.

What an asshole.

I didn't like his food.

You didn't?

It wasn't a burger
and fries, was it?

Behave yourself,
or I'll kill you.


When will you learn
how to spell, dummy?

Called me dumb?

Yeah. You're a dummy.

Oh, I love it when you
call me dumb.

Yeah, you're a dummy.

Yeah, you're a dummy.

Big, dumb body slam.

Oh, no.



What's wrong, babe?

Bad dream?

I was in a hospital.

I couldn't move.
I couldn't speak.

I could just watch.

There was this man...

with a needle.

It was just a dream, baby.

I didn't feel
like a dream.

It felt like when I dreamt
about my father.

I know. He was already on
his deathbed at that point.

I feel strange here.
And I think we should leave.

You gotta be
kidding me.

We need this money.

Something bad will happen.

What do you mean,
something bad's gonna happen?

The worst thing
that can happen

is if the fucking freak
goes insane on us.

You don't think
I can handle it?

There you go.

Look, you're safe with me.


What's wrong?


Be more careful.

Come help me.

I can get tetanus.

It's just a scratch.


I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.

No way.

- Just...
- Please.

Don't ever go
into the barn.

Of course.

I just thought
someone was crying.

No. Just must be
the wind or something.

What happened to your hand?

Yeah, I was just digging
up some stones and...

I'm sorry. I Should have
given you gloves.

But I forgot.

You know,
it's nothing serious.

Yes, well...

We should disinfect it.
Come with me.

So, you're a doctor?

No, I'm a serial killer.

Does it hurt?


We're a very long way from
the nearest hospital. So...

one has to be, uh...


I hope you know
what you're doing.

I often have to help out
the locals.

The petit doctor
they call me.

I used to be sick a lot
when I was a child.

Do you have any, uh...

health issues?

I'm allergic to the pollen
of, like, every plant.

Asthma symptoms.

But the allergy's gotten
better since we got to France.

Let me look.

Your eyes look normal.

I think everything
should be fine.

You should go and
meet your boyfriend.

What the fuck?



What are you doing?

Nothing. Let's go.

American cuisine night

at Dick's bed
and breakfast.

Aww. Thanks.

Took a lot less time
than boeuf bourguignon,

I can assure you.

Excuse me?

Eternity, you have, uh...

- Oh.
- ...Rimbaud on your T shirt?

Yeah, I like
his poetry a lot.

Well, we were
thinking after dinner...

It is found again.

Is Rimbaud popular
in the U.S.?

I don't think so.

My father was a teacher

and he was
his favorite poet.

He used to talk about...

Well, this was... Yeah.

This is...
this is lovely.

Yeah. I think Ana and I
will go and take a walk

before it gets dark.

Ana wants to go and see the
lavender fields, don't you?

So, yeah. Do you have
the remote for us?

I have only one.


So, uh, are we your
prisoners now?

And what was that
all about?


Your homeboy routine.
What else?

Can't you see how
embarrassing it is for me?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I just didn't realize
you were gonna talk

about your father with the
first fucking person you met.

Are you jealous?

Am I jealous?

Fuck, no, I'm fine.

Just sitting there
listening to you

and some French faggot
recite poetry.

Look, I'm not gonna have this
conversation with you right now.

You're delusional.

Oh, you started it.

What's he waiting for?


It's you.

Welcome to France.


No TV.

No WiFi.

It's like the Middle Ages.

If he's got any Rambo
in English, let me know.

We'll see what the fuss
is all about.

Check this out.

Faulty copies.

Maybe he bought
them wholesale

to appear well read.

These are like new.

This one's old.

Do you think...
he collects

defective books
as a hobby?

Won't be the
weirdest thing about him.


this out.


This song.



That's weird.

This is fucking freaky.

You know what?

Let's go to the city.

We've been
trying to call a cab

for the last, like,
30 minutes.

You're telling me nobody
answers their phone around here?

No. Why don't you
try again?

Let me try again.

Wow, that's funny,
isn't it?


Why are there graves
in your garden?


I didn't want to scare you
after the dream and all.

Four graves
down by the pond.


So what's in them?

Dead bodies...

of my dogs.

I can give you a shovel.

You could dig them up
and check for yourself.

What about the strange books
and vinyls?


- Strange?
- Well. they're incomplete, aren't they?

Which is my memory
of them all.

What the fuck
does that mean?

It's what I remember.

All right, you know what?

We don't like
what's going on here.


Have I harmed you?

Harmed us?


No, you see,

I wouldn't allow you...
to harm us.

So why don't you
just tell me

what the fuck
is going on here?

If you don't want
to do this job,

I'm sure I can find
someone else to do it.

I can pay you
for what you've done,

and then you can go.

It's raining.

Well, I can't account for
the weather now, can I?

Fuck you.



I need help!

Help me!

I don't know...

I'm really...

I'm really afraid of dogs.

I need help.

Get the syringe
from the chair.

Now stick it in.

- Where?
- Right through his rectum, dammit.

Oh, please.

Not too fast.

Count to three.

One, two.


Keep it down.

Count to three
one more time.


Two. Three.

A major
cluster seizure.


is the most
efficient way

to administer
if you can't find a vein.

I couldn't have
done it without you.

Thank you.

Are they all sick?

Their genes are sick.

The whole breed.

When they're born as little
puppies, they have, um,

their deaths
buried deep inside them.

And as they grow,
so does it.

And then one day, yeah.

But they're all different.

Freddie, he's so obedient

that I sometimes think
he has no will of his own.

But this other one,
this other male...

He's completely useless.

Afraid of everything.

What's his name?

Only Freddie has a name.


Names create bonds.

You gave Freddie a name.


And that was a mistake.

You're awake.

Where have you been?

I just went
to get some water.

What's wrong?


- What are you doing?
- We're going south.

Sorry for not listening
to you before.

What are you afraid of?

What do you mean?

I thought you were the one
that was afraid to stay here.

I just overreacted.
I had a terrible dream.

I... I like it here.

Oh, you like it here now?



Yeah. No, we can stay.

What is it that made you
change your mind?

You don't know?

You're fucking crazy
sometimes, you know that?

You're fucking crazy,
like your mother.

I have to take a leak.

Of course. Be my guest.


I'm feeling dizzy.

I think I may fall.

Please get me some water
from the kitchen.

What are you doing here?

You know those graves?

Were you going through
his private things?

I saw him hiding something
in here, okay?

Show me what's
in your pockets.


Show me what's
in your pockets, Tom.

What do you mean?
There's nothing in my pockets.

I swear to God,
I've never even seen those before.

You promised you'd
never do it again.

And I didn't.

What have you done, Tom?

Do I really
pay you too little?

This is like the most
primitive set up in history.

No, go on, then. How did you
get them in my pocket?

- Tom!
- No. Shut the fuck up!

I know where you went
last night.

- Don't you fucking lie to me.
- How dare you!

- Dare...
- Enough!

There'll be no more shouting
in my house.

You're nothing
but a thief.

I'm calling the police.

Stop it! He's sick!

Oh, fuck.

Ana, I'm sorry, I...

I'm so fucking sorry.

Leave her alone.

Get out of my house.

This is fucking crazy.
I'm calling the cops.

Go ahead.

Yeah, let them fucking see
what's going on here.



Yeah. Police?

Yes, police.

You're inside of me.

There can only be
one alpha male in the pack.

You either accept the rules,
or you die.

Mr. Dawkins?

Your name is Tom Dawkins.

You had an accident,

and we made you
sleep for 12 days

to protect your brain.

- Where's Ana?
- Miss Walker is with us.

- Did you get him?
- Who?

The fucking psychopath
from the house where...

where we had the accident.

Your accident didn't happen
in any house, Mr. Dawkins.

You were traveling on a bus
and it rolled over.

You were lucky, too.

A whole family died
in that mess.

No. No, no, we were...

No, we were on the bus,
and then we went to the house.

It's the man with the dogs.

That is what propofol does,
Mr. Dawkins.

Vivid dreams.

- It was a dream?
- A dream.


I want to see her.

You've been lying next to her
for two weeks.

Today, you have to rest.

I want to see her.

When will she wake up?

Maybe tomorrow,
maybe years from now.


We have a patient here who has
been in a coma for four years.

We were unable to contact
Miss Walker's mother.

She's, um...

She's in a mental hospital.

No other relatives?

I don't understand why...

Why aren't you helping her?

Of course.
There's verticalization,

massage, hydrotherapy,

music therapy,
even dog therapy.

You're not doing anything.

After a severe trauma
bodies switch off the brain,

so to say, to save energy.

Keep it from damage
and facilitate healing.

It will turn on by itself.

When? If it's ready.

I want to see her.

Today, my job is to prevent
infections and bed sores.

This is the real
field of medicine.

But if you need faith,

how many more
would sell your soul?

Now comes the hard part.

Her mother's sick.

No other relatives?

I don't know
what you want.

I know this is
very premature,

but if Ana goes into
a vegetative state,

she becomes just a body
connected to machine.

Would she like us to sustain
her life by artificial means?

You gotta be
fucking kidding me, right?

Don't get me wrong...

You realize there are
many people she could help.

If you so much
as fucking touch her...

You have a problem with
aggression, Mr. Dawkins.

You can't breathe in here.

Let's get you some air.

Where's Tom?

He took
his things and left.

I was just packing.

I'll go with Tom.

I just need to speak
to him first.

Can you please
bring me my phone?

Richard, I'm sorry...

for him and everything.

I met you.
So it's worth it.

I'm sorry.

Who is he?

You must be joking,
Mr. Dawkins.

- Get back to your bed.
- Who is he?


The man in the bed
next to Ana. Who is he?

He's a patient.

And we don't divulge
personal information.

I saw him when
I was in my coma.

What's strange about that?

You saw his face while
you were still in shock,

straight after awakening.

So how did I know his name?

It's written for
everyone to see.

On his hand.


just move Ana to my room.

There's nobody else
in there anyway.


She's in a coma.
She stays in a coma room.

You're not in a coma.

You stay in a normal room.

I still have no information
regarding your insurance, by the way.

You have to go
to your room.

It's been three hours.


But the doctor mentioned...

you'd die if you took it.

Only if you overdose.

Why are you asking?

How are you feeling?

I have to go back.

You know, you can stay here
for as long as you want.

That doesn't feel right.

I feel so confused.

I need to call my mother.

I need to see her.

She needs me.

Do you have
a return ticket?

I have to pay you for the
work you've done, so...

you have money.

Yes, we'll finish

Are you okay?

I just feel very cold.

I think
I'm gonna go to bed.

You shouldn't
stay out too late.


I'm so sorry
I left you there.


Go back to your room.

Get out. Allez!

- Fuck off me.
- Move.

A grown man.

Do you have anything
to say for yourself?

We are a hospital
with weak security.

I know there's something
going on here.

There is?

Apart from you sneaking
around like a burglar

and sleeping in
other patients' beds?

"Other patient"?

It's my fucking girlfriend.

When I was asleep next to her,
I swear to God...

Now seriously...

do you want me
to call the authorities?

Sign on the dotted lines.

You release this hospital
from all responsibilities

and demand an
immediate discharge.


No, I'm not signing that.

You can still
visit your girlfriend.

For now, I just don't
want you staying here.

You're making our job harder.

I'm still sick.

You can't just
make me leave.

If you're worried about your health,
there are hospitals in prisons.

What, you send people to prison
for things like that?

If they break into
confidential areas first

and steal life-threatening
medication, why not?


That's on record, too.

Come in.

Breakfast is served.


I dreamt about Tom.

He was so weak.

Also bruises here and here.

Probably just
a magnesium deficiency.

Nothing to worry about.

I'll give you
some supplements.

You're not hungry?

I just want to go
to the lavender field.

Are you afraid
of that place?

Let's finish
the garden first, hmm?

It's going to rain
all next week.

And one other thing,

I'm beginning to look
a little bit like a vagrant.

And Freddie's
a terrible barber.

Thank you.

Yeah, it's ready.

Papa is going to be
a handsome man again.

The fucking psycho liked to
play doctor when he was little.

This place is perfect.

I don't think
the roses will grow here.

It's too shaded.

Come on.
They'll grow just fine.

No, if you really want the rose
garden you've always dreamed of,

over there would be
the best place.

They're always
bullying that one.

Why won't you defend him?

That would be the stupidest,

most dangerous thing
you could do.

Never get between them.
Promise me.

Even I don't try to separate
the dogs when they're fighting.

No graves in the real garden.



Here. Yeah. Uh...



Bonjour. Uh...

Are there any lavender fields
around here?


- Ah. La lavande?
- Yes.

Yeah. In the south?

Not here. There's no
lavender fields here?

Okay. Um...

Are there any graves?

Graves, like...

Um, dogs?


Okay. I...
Yeah, I get it.

You should have names.

Big beasts.


Oh. Fast and furious.


Mm. Poor little
non-alpha male.

You should be called Susu.

Hey. Hey.

Everything is the same.
Just like I saw in my coma.


I don't give a fuck if you
find it fascinating.

The fact is that
we were trapped in there,

and now she's in there alone.
So why don't you just

- fucking listen to me?
- Enough!

I have a hospital to run.

Hey! Hey, fuck you!

Can I see your photo?

So... he was
telling the truth.


He had pictures like these
in his house.

Where'd you get them?

One year ago, we had a boy.

He was in a coma
after a bicycle accident.

Adrian Bosolei.

When he woke up, he said

he had been in a house
with a man and his dogs.

Just like you.

I have to talk to him.

Two weeks
after he left hospital,

he died suddenly
of a brain aneurysm.

Who is this Richard Rolle?

He made his money
on new brain scanners.

Four years ago, he called for
help and he was almost dead.

And they brought him here.

What happened to him?

Police said that...
his dogs...

Attacked him?

Oh, Jesus! Fuck!

Tom... Even if these dogs
are there, it's just a dream.

Yeah, but they are there.

Fuck, how could I be
so fucking stupid?


So how did they, um,

wake up this, uh, Adrian?

His parents

were sitting in his bed
and talking to him

about his life
for hours,

as if they were living it
once again.

Baptiste laughed at them,

maybe it worked.

Yeah, maybe.


Please, will you
help me move her?

Listen, you can always try to
move her to America.

Why don't you
call the embassy?

Because I'm on probation,

and I left
without permission.

That's why.

Hey there,

How're you doing?

Yeah, me too.

I don't know
if this is gonna work.

Here goes.

Your name is Ana Walker.

Your father died when
you were ten.

You've missed him
every day since.

I can't.

I need more time.

What is time?

What is time?

When you were 12,

you went to sleep one night,

and all of a sudden
you felt this...

wave of dread.

I love you.

I love you.

Couldn't move,
couldn't breathe.

You always said that

that was the moment you

learned what it meant
to die.

I'll care for you forever.

You have a boyfriend and...

It's me, by the way.

And he loves you.

He loves you more than
anything in the world.

It's just...

You know, I wish
you could hear me.

I really do.

Just give me a sign,
just... anything.

Please, Ana.



No, no, no, no.


Ana, please.
Come on, wake up.

Wake up Ana, come on.

Ana, wake up!

Get the fuck off me!

Unlawful use of a taser with
exposure of hospital personnel

- to direct threat of life.
- Fuck you!

Don't you come anywhere
fucking near me.

He's killing her.
He's sucking the life out of her.

What is it that
you don't understand?

You'll land up in prison,
Mr. Dawkins.

The police are coming.


This is prison.

I'm coming for you.

Hi. You've reached the Inpatient
Psychiatry Unit at Memorial Hospital.

Please leave
your name and number

and we will get back to you
as soon as possible.



Arret! Freddie, arret!

Hey, Freddie, stop!

It's him...

Tom. He... He was there!
Out there in the field, going away.

He looked like...
like a ghost.

What are you
talking about?

I feel something bad
happened to him.

Please, let me go there.

- I have to... I have to see him.
- Wait.

Why don't you call him?

Call him.

Fuck off already!

"Your"? When will you learn
how to spell, dummy?

He was stealing, Ana.

- I... I, I was just looking...
- It doesn't matter.

You can do whatever
you like around here.

This is your home too, now.

What do you need?

I'm just getting
a bit restless.

I would like to take a walk.

- So take a walk.
- Outside.

You mean, to the village?

The village, the fields.

I need to be alone by myself
in any environment.

I'm sorry, but...
I've lost the remote.

That's fine.
I can climb the wall.

Don't look at me like that.

I'm not doing
anything wrong.


I think I'm being kept
against my will

in the house of Richard Raw.

I think he might have
killed my boyfriend.



Trois, deux, un.


- Are we dead?
- No.

Our brains are just functioning
on a different mode.

Sleeping and dreaming.

I want to wake up.

But you can't.

What is outside?

Your juvenile boyfriend?

Poverty? Your mad mother?

Outside, you're sick
and wounded.

Inside me, in this house,
you're safe.

There's no passage of time.

But I want to
see the world,

have experiences.

I feel suffocated in here.

I have so many dreams.

How did you get in here?

Your dogs. They killed you.

I am not dead.

So no one killed me.

They assaulted you
like they did Susu.

That's why
they have no names.

- It was my fault.
- What are you talking about?

I tried to separate them
when they were fighting.

And they turned on me.

I should have known better.

If we're in your head...

Our brains are
synchronized at the same frequency,

like radio waves.

But this is your world,
not mine.

Can you imagine...

living here
alone in this house...

all these years?

I was rotting in the hospital,
trapped in my own body,

trying to contact someone.


So I'm your entertainment.

My first success was
getting my dogs back.

I'd already
dug their graves.

I could hear them
shooting them one by one

as the paramedics
took me away.

And then one day,
they came back to me.

There was a boy.

He was in a coma
in San Juan Hospital.

I could feel his presence
so close to me.

And then one day,
he appeared.

What happened to him?

I had to watch him go.

Can't you make me go?

If you really love me.

You don't understand.

It is either here or nowhere.

I have a gift for you.




What have you done!

Oh, what have you done?

This is a crime.

Even a life like this
is sacred.

Whoever wants to save
his life will lose it.

You know what we have
in common?

We're both fighting
for survival.

I don't wanna
live like this.

Ana. Dinner is ready.

Hey, what's up, buddy? Mm?

Don't worry. Everything is
going to be fine.


You're not hungry.

Very well.


What an asshole.

- They'll kill him!
- They will kill you if you come between them.

I'm already dead.

Leave him alone.
Leave him alone.

So I'm your entertainment.

I think he might have
killed my boyfriend.

Freddie, no!

I love you.

I love you.

Oh, my boy.

You will never wake up.

Look at you.
With your varicose veins

and your white hair
and your bruises,

you'll rot away in your bed.

That will be your freedom.

Get her.

Get her!

You don't even
know their names.

Bobo, Mika, Susu.


- You have to live, Ana.
- No.



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