Safe House (2012) - full transcript

Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is a CIA rookie who is manning a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa, when Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) the CIA's most wanted rogue agent is captured and taken to the safe house. During Frost's interrogation, the safe house is overtaken by mercenaries who want Frost. Weston and Frost escape and must stay out of the gunmen's sight until they can get to another safe house.

I'm going to talk to Parker
about my promotion today.

In the worst-case scenario...

you're two weeks ahead of me,
you get...

a gorgeous little apartment in the Marais.

What if I don't want to live in the Marais?

We could live somewhere else, then.


We could go to Detroit.


Yeah, you could meet my mom and dad.

You can meet my sister.
She owns a bakery,

and she will make you fat.

I have six hours before I have
to go back to the hospital.

You want to go back into bed with me?

I do.

But I got back-to-back meetings all morning.

Too bad for you.

Yeah, I know.

But I got to get in.

There's probably already 25 people
lined up outside the door, waiting.

Je vous aime.

I love when you speak French.

Satcom check.

Echo Nine Three Victor Echo Two.

Ops Center.

This is safe house 7-R.
We're open for business.


Any reservations?

Nothing in the registry.


Not expected.
Reconfirm in three hours.


Matt? Your cell, really?

Relax, I've got an encryption packet.

You know me, I never relax.

Watch the cholesterol, old man.

You sound like Miriam.

So, what's new in Cape Town?

Nothing, nothing.

I updated my Surveillance Target Analysis.
It's complete now.

Yeah, that's an exit report.
It's not due until you leave.

Exactly. Exactly.
And when is that?

How long has it been?

Twelve months.

Well, talk to me in another four.

David, I'm dying here.

What's happening with the post in Paris?

One slot, 37 applicants.

Every one of them with more
field experience than you.

How am I supposed
to get more experience?

I'm staring at four walls all day.

I got passed up on Rome, then Berlin.

You said yourself,
my evaluation was excellent.

Just put it in front of Whitford.

I know he'll see that I'm ready to go,
I'm all in.

Matt, I know this has been hard,

but it's the way the system works.

Look, I'll talk to Whitford about
Paris, but I can't promise anything.

Look, I've got to go.

Don't worry,
I'm looking after you, okay?

Yeah, I know, I know, I know.

This is not a negotiation.

It's 10 million.

You'll get the file, and if the money
is not in the account by 3:00 PM,

I'll take it to another buyer.

How do we know that
you won't do that anyway?

You don't.

Here you are, sir.

Alec, how are you?

Petrus, 1972.

You look good.

I do, don't I?

So, how are things at MI6?

The usual. Same bureaucratic
bullshit and appalling remuneration.

Life of a government man.


The original file.

Dates, transactions, names.

A bargain at triple the price.

Take a look.

I've been waiting a long time for this.


what's in that box is going to make

the world a smaller place for you,
for both of us.

I got your account.

You get your cut 24 hours
after transaction.

Some of our old bosses
aren't going to be happy

these files are out in the open.

Do I make you nervous?


You want her?

Please, listen to me.

I had nothing to do with this.


Let's go.

Tobin, you have to believe me.

I knew nothing about any of that.

Did you know if anybody was following you?

No, I don't think anybody was following me.

I swear on my life, Tobin, I had absolutely...

Slow down.

We're going by foot.

Head towards the square.

Move! Move! Move!

We're heading west.

Holland Street. Move, move.

Excuse me, sir. Thank you.

My name is Tobin Frost.



Lock down the consulate.

Get me a team in the Situation
Room in five minutes.

I want everything we got on Tobin Frost.
Yes, ma'am.

Is it him?

Whitford know?

I'm on my way there now.

Sir, place your finger in there
until I tell you to stop.

Thank you.

So how long has he been
playing in your backyard?

We're working to get you
that answer right now.

Meaning you don't know.

No, meaning, we're looking into it.

The guy goes rogue, he spends nine years

selling out the Agency to all takers.

To Russia, China, Iran, you name it.

The guy is just not going to prance

into an American consulate
without good reason.

All right, listen up.

Everybody off the phone.

Tobin Frost has just waltzed his way

into a U.S. Consulate
in Cape Town, South Africa.

Now this man, without question,

is one of the most notorious
traders that we've got.

Errington, call up his background profile.

Tobin Frost was recruited
into the Agency in 1984.

He tested off the charts in aptitude
for psychological field work.

His first assignment was in
Lebanon, in January, 1985.

Three months later, he captured and flipped

a high-ranking Hezbollah leader.

Over the next several years,

Frost successfully questioned and
recruited many high-value individuals.

He became known as an expert
manipulator of human assets,

and he literally rewrote Agency
interrogation protocols.

Frost served in many active theaters,

including Libya from 1995 to 1998,

Jordan, 1998 to 2000.

During his tenure in Jordan,

Frost was suspected of leaking
information to Mossad,

but nothing was confirmed.

Ten years ago, Frost went off
the reservation completely.

He currently has no allegiances

and is wanted for espionage
on four continents.

His last known sighting is Hamburg,
Germany, in 2011.

You know, Harlan, we should
interrogate Frost now.

Sweat him for everything he's got.

Once he's stateside,
we have fewer options.

I have an interrogator in Yemen,
can be there in eight hours.

I already have a team in Jo'burg
that can be there in two.

We'll take Frost to the safe house,
interrogate him there.

My people are fully capable
of handling this.

This is Tobin Frost.

We'll go with Jo'burg.


You must turn around.





We have a last-minute reservation.

ETA for check-in?

Sometime tonight.
Freeark Insurance.

Got it.


Hey, where are you?

Parker just handed me
his oversight papers to finish

and his daughter Chloe's got the
measles, can you believe that?

How long are you going to be out for?

I don't know. I don't know.

Okay. Well, look, I'm gonna dive into this,

and then hopefully I can meet up
with you later, okay?

Yeah, that sounds good.

Hey, hey...

I love you.

I love you, too.


Extraction team is in the air, sir.

They should be on the ground
within the hour.

I want that team in and out of
the city in less than 12 hours.

We're not even supposed to have

a presence in Cape Town.
Yes, sir.

Any communications about Frost's
whereabouts are strictly need-to-know.

Sir, the extraction team is en route
to the consulate now.

Who's reaching out to 7-R?

Richards, ma'am.

I want the housekeeper briefed.

High-priority target is coming in.
I want the house quiet.

Under no circumstances should there be

any communication until the team has left.

Yes, ma'am.


Do you have a room?

Daniel Kiefer.

Freeark insurance. K-l-E-F-E-R.

Kiefer. Freeark Insurance.

You are a go.

You're good to go.

Hi, I'm Weston.
Guest room?

It's right around the corner.
Two rights and a left.

All the way back.

That's Tobin Frost.

Stay with him.
Let's go download our gear.

Yes, sir.

Linen closet?

Down the hall.
Just right at the end, there.

Kill all the surveillance cameras in this room.

My name is Daniel Kiefer.

We were at The Farm together.

Technically, you were a year ahead.

I'm here to make you aware of your rights.

You're being held under
a National Security Directive,

which means you have none,
but you know that.


The towels, you need six-hundreds.

Those are 350, 375-gram weight.

You're gonna need six-hundreds.

I want to know the reasons
for you being in Cape Town.

I want you to name your
resources, contacts, assets,

everybody you've done business with,

traded Intel with, sold secrets to,

in the nine years since you
betrayed your country.

Anything you want, Daniel.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
lasted 20 seconds.

They had six-hundreds.

Is this legal?

Bring him down.

Bring him up.

How long was that?

All right, take him down.

Bring him up!

Get me a knife.


Get in there with Frost.

Sir, all the security cameras
are down.

Reboot. I want to see what's out there.
Copy that.

Let's go, boys!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Let's go, move!

Velez, take this corner.

Erickson, get the back elevator.

Pope, what do you got?

Sir, I see approximately 12 heavily
armed men in perimeter two.

Okay, gents! Work fore to aft.

Two-by-twos. Perimeter two.


Yes, sir.



I'm good!

Let's go, fellas.



Step-slide! Start walking back!

Velez! Three-round bursts!

Velez, where's Greer?

He's over there, sir.

Go, son.

This ain't a test.
This is the real thing.

What are you gonna do?

You don't want to try me.

Let's go.

Velez, stay there!

Listen to me, stay there!

Son of a bitch!



Hey! Get in here!

Hey, hey. Take these.

Go watch him.

Hey, they're here for me,
but they want me alive.

You, they'll kill.

You got one in the chamber?

It's okay.

I remember my first posting.
Rio de Janeiro.

A house like this.
Beautiful women.

Not one single visitor,
but I remember rule number one.

You are responsible for your house guest.

I'm your house guest.

The clock is ticking.
They gave you the keys.

Do your duty, son.

Shut up. Let me think.

You want to be the guy
that lost Tobin Frost?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Where's Frost?

We're leaving.

Where is he?

Stay here, stay here!
Wait! Don't move!

Hey, hey, hey!


Get in the trunk.

Are you serious?
Yeah, get in.

The trunk?
Get in the trunk now!


Ops Center.

Echo Three Victor Echo Nine.

Go ahead.

This is Weston. 7-R's been hit.
Everyone's dead.

I need you to repeat that, please.
Say again.

Kiefer, his team, everyone,
they're all dead.

Stand by.


It's the house.

This is Weston.

The safe house has been breached.

What's your location?

I'm eastbound on Albert Road.

I'm just passing Woodstock.

I want eyes on this.
Real-time sat feed.

And what's the location of the guest?

We escaped.

Clarify. Do you have the guest?

Yes, we escaped!

Look, I can make it to the consulate.

There's no chance for SDR,

I think I might have picked up a tail.

We can't have a gun battle
in front of the consulate.

Diplomatic catastrophe.

Where's that satellite feed?

Denied by National Recon.
War theater use only.

Buy us some time.

Do not go to the consulate.

Follow protocol Alpha Zero.

Secure the guest and stay off the grid.

Reconnect at 1800 hours.
I repeat, stay off the grid.

Copy, copy, copy.

All right, Cape Town police
have responded to the house.

I want the site secured.

I'm hearing nine dead.

Initiating damage control.

I'm on it.
Reaching out to NIA now.

The locals are going
to have that house locked off.

Check all the traffic cameras,
police reports...

Find out why Frost wanted to go
in that consulate to begin with

and who in the hell else
might be after him.

We need to get Weston and
Frost out of South Africa.

Now, do we have any tactical teams?
Anything in play?

Yeah, I have assets in Egypt but,

they're in deep if I pull them out, that
would compromise two years worth of work.

I can scramble a team from Europe or Asia,

but it's going to take at least 18 hours.

At this point, Weston is all we got.

I need to find out who this
Matt Weston is, right now.

Matthew James Weston.

Born 02-24-82 to Terry
and Madeline Weston

in Port Washington, New York.

An assault arrest, one month after

both parents and a younger sister

were killed in a traffic accident

in which his father's blood-alcohol

was twice the legal limit.

Yale, degree in Economics,
recruited out of Yale law.

High marks in analytics
and linguistics at The Farm.

Excellent in trade-craft skills.

His girlfriend, Ana Moreau,
is a French national.

He reported them as having
close and continuing contact.

She's a second year resident in the
oncology department at Groote Schuur.

Get in that car.

She accepted a position
with Hotel-Dieu Hospital

in Paris, starts in two weeks.

No known political affiliations.
She's clean.

I want you to post a car
outside their apartment.

Use back channels.

And get NSA to cross-check their telephone
records and their e-mails, please.

Yes, ma'am.

You know, it would be easier
if I knew where we were going.

You just drive, all right?
Just drive, middle lane.

All right.

Hey, what are you doing?
Middle lane.

Just drive around.

All right. I'm driving.

Nice to know who you're talking to.
What's your name?

You crushed my windpipe.

Well, you locked me in the trunk.

Come on, you're not NOC.
You're here under your real name.

What is it?

Weston, Matt.

All right.

How long you been a safe house keeper?

Twelve months.

Happy birthday.

Cape Town, that's low-level detail.

You should have been out of here by now.

Maybe I requested the assignment.

Or maybe Langley doesn't trust
you with anything else.

So, what's your plan?

Oh, let me guess.
Follow protocol.

Protocol states that
if your house is crashed,

you do an SDR to make sure
no one's following you.

Activate your GPS in your Go-Bag,
select another safe house.

You think I'm going
to let you just take me in?

I think you need to shut up.

I think you need to consider how your
house was attacked in the first place.

Have you done that, Matt?

They followed Kiefer.
They followed him from the consulate,

and that's how they found the safe house.

Come on, you don't really believe that,
do you?

How did they know I was near
the consulate in the first place?

But I like this, you know.
You and me, figuring shit out.

Like the Hardy Boys.

That house was a secure location.

Whoever crashed it,

didn't stop by a gas station and ask for
directions to the nearest safe house.

They were invited.
Someone told them, Matthew.

Think about it.
Someone you know.

So you better ask yourself,
can you trust your landlord?

Go ahead, you're not going
to get in my head.

I already am in your head.

They're going to isolate you, Matt.

They're going to be real
nice to you at first.

They're going to put their arm
around you and tell you things like,

You did a decent job, son.
We'll take it from here.

That's when you know you're screwed.

Forget about me.
They're going to focus on you.

They're going to try and make
a connection between you and I.

So that if this all goes wrong,

they'll have something to fall back on

in their little Senate hearings.

I'm not your only enemy tonight.

So, it's someone in-house.

It's the only way this thing could've happened.

We were completely buttoned up.

I want a list of everyone
who knew about this.

Backgrounds, affiliations,

particularly any connections with Frost.

Every movement right up
until this operation.

Your extraction team,
how long had they been together?

My team had been together six months.

Well, I'm just trying to get
my head around this.

That will do, thank you.


Baby, where are you?

I'm all right. I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I'm sorry I didn't call you back,
I saw your missed calls.

You must be worried sick.

Is everything okay?

I'm good. I'm good. Listen.

This sounds so crazy.

We had some threats against
the clinic last night,

so Parker and I, we stayed all night
trying to get to the bottom of it.

And I'm sorry that I didn't call you back.
I should have, right away.

I was so worried.

I know.

Can you do me a favor? Can you go
over to the window for a second?


Can you just take a quick look
out the window?

I want you to see
if there's anyone out there.

Are there any cars that don't belong?

Anyone hanging around out front?

There's a police car.

What's going on?

I'm sorry about this.

I know this is a lot,

but we felt like it would be best

if we didn't go home as a precaution,
and I agree with him.

I know there's nothing to worry
about, but I agree with him.

I think you should just go
to Dena's for a little while,

just for a few hours,
and I'll call you in a little bit.

And we'll get together, okay?

Okay, I'll go.

Okay. I love you.
I'll talk to you soon, all right?

Don't worry. Okay, bye.

She know what you do for a living?

The girl on the phone.

It was a girl, wasn't it?

Maybe it was a guy, I don't know.

I don't judge.

You can't expect to have a real
relationship in our line of work, Matthew.

Don't worry.
She's not going to leave you.

See, what happens is,
you try to protect her,

with lies and then it starts to add up.

At the safe house you said that
they'd kill me to get to you.

After a while, even the truth...

Starts to sound like a lie.

You have something. You got something
that they want. What is it?

Is she a local?
What is it? Don't worry about her.

What is it?
Oh, it is a girl.

You'll keep covering your tracks,

she'll keep believing because
she wants to, because she needs to.

That's why we exist,
you and me, that's our job.

To take advantage of that.

People's desire to believe.

To trust.

She's not going to leave you, Matthew.

You're going to leave her.

I'm not you.

Correct, sir.
We verified it.

That is your boy. You take it.

Everybody, stand by.

Matty, it's me.

How are you holding up?

I'm all right.

Matt, we can't get another team
in for at least 12 hours.


We've cleared a new safe house
for you outside the city.

There's a Go-Bag located
at locker number 256,

Green Point Stadium Metrorail station.

The combination is 2-5-1-22.

2-5-1 -22.

Now, the bag's got a GPS in it.

It'll direct you to the safe house.

But you got to be careful,
it's an active location.

So, approach with caution.


Do you know how they found Frost?

Do you know who led them to us?

We're working on that.

We're counting on you, Matt.

Get Frost to that safe house and
you can write your own ticket.

I will.

Left at the light.

To the stadium?


Hey, scarf.
How much for a scarf?

Only fifty rand.


Cuff your hands together.



Are you sure you don't want
to just walk away from this?

Can't do that.

Yes, you can. You should.

Move. Go. Across the street.

Going to the game.

I like games.

Metrorail, straight ahead.

Straight ahead.

Right over there.

Let's go.

Help! Help!
He's trying to kidnap me!

He's trying to kidnap me! Help!

He's got a gun!

He's got a gun!
He's got a gun right there!

I'm undercover. I'm undercover!

Calm down, sir.
Everybody, calm down!

Get down! Get down!

All right! Okay!

Get him up. Get up.

I'm an American citizen. I don't
know what he wanted from me.

Just calm down.

Hey, hey, hey. I'm a police officer.
I'm from America.

I arrested this man.
His name is Tobin Frost.

Where did you take him?

He's in the infirmary.

There, there!
Is that it?

Top left, second screen from the top!
Look, look, the infirmary.

Right. Go back.

Third-tier infirmary, now! Move!

Third-tier infirmary. Go, now!

Do you see?

Don't move.





Stop! Stop!

Get out the way!


No! Stop!


Drop the gun.

Drop it.

I'm responsible for you.

You're responsible for yourself.

Get on your knees.

Are you going to kill me?

I only kill professionals.

Height, approximately six feet.

Anglo, wearing a stadium security jacket.

The suspect was last seen entering Green
Point Stadium Metrorail, stadium concourse.

Sir, we have a thread on what Frost
might be doing in Cape Town.

Can you bring up...

Alec Wade.
Fifteen-year NOC at MI6.

Sabotage, counter-ambush,
counter-IED tactics,

until he blew up an op
in Lisbon four years ago

and was put on a desk,
pushing papers.

Cape Town Police found him
shot through the head,

high-powered rifle,
14 blocks from the consulate.

Witnesses placed someone
fitting Frost's description

in the car at the time of the shooting.

And we think, what?
That they were working together?

They ran joint operations
in Hamburg in the mid-'80s.

Frost's last sighting was in Hamburg, 2011.

And what are the Brits saying about Wade?

Officially, they're saying nothing.


He's been the subject of a
five-month internal investigation.

They think he's been trading Intel.

So what the hell did Wade leak to Frost

that was so important it was
worth killing six of our men?

I want more details from MI6.
Call in every chit you got.

Yes, sir.

David, I want an internal investigation

into Daniel Kiefer and his team.

I've got Weston calling in for David Barlow.

I lost him.


Yeah, he's gone.

After I picked up the GPS,
he created a diversion,

took out a couple of cops
at the stadium.

Any idea where he's headed?

Not exactly, but I will.

This is Linklater.
You said he took out two cops?

Matt, you're on speaker.

Yes, ma'am.
At the Green Point Stadium.

Involvement in a possible kidnapping.

The suspect is being described
as a white male of medium build.

Stadium police is
reporting you shot a cop.

I returned fire in self-defense.

The fact of the matter is,
Frost is on the loose.

I've spent the last 14 hours with him.

He might have said or done something
that could lead me to him.

You are to stand down,
proceed to the consulate,

and present yourself for exfil and debrief.

By the time I'm debriefed,
Frost will be gone.

I've spent 12 months researching
every square inch of this town.

I will find Frost and I'll deliver him.

Weston, this is Harlan Whitford, son.

Now, you've done a fine job,
but we'll take it from here.



Sir, I respectfully request that,

that exchange not make it onto his files.

He's either incompetent or
he's working with somebody else.

Do not make this about Weston.

It was your guys that lost Frost.

It was your team that
folded at the safe house.

I want both of you
on an airplane to Cape Town.

Frost is trying to get out of the country.

Go find his ass.

There you go, baby.

One ticket to Jo'burg.

Thank you.

Police had detained American
NGO worker Matthew Weston

as a possible suspect in the shooting.

Weston had been detained earlier today,

but managed to escape while being
questioned by stadium security officials

about his involvement in the shootings.

The suspect has been described
as a white male of medium build,

possibly wearing a stadium security outfit.


Are you all right?

I lied to you.

About everything.
The NGO, Parker.

My job.

My family.

So, who do you work for?

The government.


No, I don't...

I don't do anything.

I sit around in an apartment all day.
I answer the phone.

I need you to leave.

I need you to do that for me. Okay?


This is a ticket to Jo'burg.

When you get there, you go
straight to the airport.

There's a 6:00 AM flight to Paris.

Take this.

You take this.
If anyone stops you...

If anyone stops you...
If anybody stops you...

Who do you think I am?

Stop, stop.

Fuck you!

Hey, stop. Stop it.

We broke up a week ago.
You haven't seen me since, okay?

I'm sorry.

Just leave.


Do you love me?

Very much.

Go. Go.


Attention, all passengers,

Platform 20 for Langa Township

departing in five minutes.

Langa Township, departing in five minutes.

Sir. Someone just logged into our
system using Weston's password

accessing his stored files.

It's him. What the hell is he doing?

I'm not sure.

I want to see what he's looking at.

He's pulled an old report

on surveillance targets living
in the Langa Township area.

It's a profile of Carlos Villar,
a Nicaraguan national.

He's a known document forger.

Get me a copy of Weston's report.

Yes, sir.

Logged off, sir.
He's gone.

An Internet cafe on Long Street.

Like a black Dorian Gray.

That's right.
How you doing, brother?

Come in.
Yes, sir.



We have a guest.

Good to meet you.

Joseph, my daughter.

How are you?

My son-in-law.

May I offer you some tea?

No, we're going upstairs.

I remembered.

You even let it breathe.

Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart.

O when may it suffice?

That is Heaven's part.

In the old days, a cheap bottle

of Flor de Cana kept us happy all night.

Tastes change.

People change.

People don't change.

We grow old.

And some of us adapt.

And learn how to enjoy
simple pleasures of life,

like a family, a home.

And for you...

What's in that glass right now, for you,

is as good as it's ever going to be.

One day you'll understand.

You got more past than future, you learn.

What is this? An intervention?

I thought you were dead.

So, what brings you to my home in the
middle of the night after all these years?


We're going.

Okay, be careful.

Okay, Papa.

What are you going to do with this?

Make some money.

Let me borrow your glasses.

That's it. Listen.

I'm going to need a new passport,
photo ID, driver's license,

the whole shebang.
Can you do that for me?


You sure?


Weston never showed at the consulate.

And he was just accessing
our secure server,

searching for someone
to create an alias package.

He's trying to leave the country.

Or he's going after Frost.

Look at what happened
at the soccer stadium.

This guy let Frost escape.

I think Weston's turned.

I know this boy.

He's been looking
for a chance to prove himself.

He's trying to bring in Frost.

Come on, David.

You're not seeing the evidence.

Not my best work.

But given the pressure of time, it's passable.

It's good. I'll wire you the money
as soon as I get out of town.

Tobin, don't do this.
It's different.

You don't need the trouble,
you don't need the money.

You can give it...









He's on the roof!

Go! Go!

Get in the car!

They think they can come
at me like this.

Have to do it a whole lot
better than that.


Matt, how'd you find me?

It wasn't that hard.

Let's go.

Wait, wait, wait.

Who do you work for?

Who sent you?

Who sent you? Who sent you?



Who's Vargas?

You want to die?

Who's Vargas?





There was a shootout
in the Langa Township.

Two crime scenes.
One at the residence of Carlos Villar.

He's a document forger.

The other in a nearby tenement.

And where was Frost last seen?


Have fun at Villar's.

We'll meet up later.

You were right about Ana.

That's her name.

Sorry to hear that.

Most case officers get
married three, four times.



You're falling apart over here.

Don't kill innocent people, Matthew.


Air traffic controller,
a tiny airstrip in Bermuda.

George Edwart Cox,
I remember that name.

Edwart, with a "T."

My inside officer said he was
organizing arms shipments,

but he was just an air traffic controller.
He was just a guy.

I put a bullet in his skull.

Black Ops came in, they replaced
him with one of their own,

and crashed a Gulf-stream
in the ocean that night.

The thing was...

the family that was on the plane...

the husband, he was a whistleblower.

The whole thing was about...

stopping him from testifying
about wet works...

to a congressional hearing.

Is that why you left?


I went back to work the next day
like nothing ever happened.

You practice anything a long time,
you get good at it.

You tell a hundred lies a day,
it sounds like the truth.

Everyone betrays everyone.

That's a shitty excuse.

Yeah, I used to be innocent like you.

Wrap myself up in the flag...

I'm going to take you in.

Good for you.


Witnesses identified a pair of men

fitting Weston and Frost's description

leaving this location together.

So, he pulled it off.

Weston is aiding and abetting a fugitive.

You're wrong.

If he's with Frost,

he's taking him to the safe house.
That's where we got to be.

Fine. Fine.

Meet me at the crossroads
at Old Malmesbury Road.

Who are you?

You Weston?

Give me the shotgun.

What the hell is this?

Who are you?

I'm Keller. Safe house keeper.

Authorization index, Bravo
Four Seven Oscar Whiskey Six.

Inside. Let's go.

To the left.


I don't know who trained you,
man, but this sure as hell

ain't protocol.
Where's the guest room?

That's the thing, we don't really have one.

In there.

In there.

Cuff him. To the pipe.

Out. Over there.

All right.

Control room.

Whatever you say, man.
It's your rodeo.

Call it in. Let me hear it.


My guest is here.


Abaresque Limited.

With a guest?

Yeah, package delivered.

Confirmed. Pickup scheduled.

They're on the way.

Can we at least put the gun down now?

Thanks, Clayton.

It's a microchip.


That was my guy from MI6.

Wade got his hands on a microchip.

And what was on it?

Only Wade knew,

but I think it's safe to assume

that's why he hooked up with Frost.

To sell it.

Let's get moving.

Long day?

I can only imagine, Tobin Frost.

That man's a legend.

I hope you picked up something.

You ain't going to find a better education.

This is the most excitement I've seen.

You're the first guest I've had in 10 months.

But you wouldn't know
anything about that, right?

You got a city posting.

Yeah, nightlife, beaches.

Little ladies running around everywhere.


I'm jealous.

You got coffee?

Yeah, it's in the cupboard.


Want me to get it?
I got it.

Why are you in Cape Town?

Tell me now. Why?

What is it?

A dirt list, laundry list.

Israeli intelligence, five years ago,
compiled blackmail Intel.

Corrupt agents,
German intelligence, MI6...



We got to get away.

We got to get out of here.


Don't, don't, don't.

No, don't leave me here, please.

Don't. Don't do it.




How you doing?

I'm proud of you.

And what you pulled off.

You're going to make
a hell of a case officer.

Where's Frost?

He's gone.

Place is a wreck.

Blood everywhere.

Was he injured or...

I guess you know he killed Keller.


I killed Keller.

Frost killed Keller.

He killed Linklater, too.

Did he talk about anything?
Anything he was after?

Anything he might have had?

The file.

The file?

The file that you're on.

Along with a lot of other people.

Important people.

Listen to me.

What would you do...

if someone is watching your every move?

Some maybe you're not proud of.

And you will have some you're
not proud of, believe me.

And then tries to use it against you?

You would do what you have to do.

You would do what you have to do.

Where's the file?

Matt, the file.
Where is the file?

You're a dead man.

Yeah, a long time now.

Frost is here.

Let's go.

We got him.

A hell of a job.

You smell that?

Pinotage. It's a good grape.
Great wine.

Local grape.
Pinotage is great...

I don't want you losing this one.

It's worth a lot of money.

You're a good boy, Matty.

You know what you are.


I know what you're not.

You're better than me.

No, it's okay, just be better than me.

You promise me.


Well, let's...

Let's go.

I just got to get up.
I need to get up.



That's exactly as it happened.

Obviously, this situation needs

to be handled with a certain amount
of finesse.

Has anybody else seen this report?

No, sir. Not yet.

Matt, I'm sure this comes as no surprise,

but parts of this report are going
to have to be altered for national security.

Which parts, sir?


David Barlow can't be held responsible

for what happened to the safe house.

We just don't need the scandal.

But, sir, you and I both know that,
that is just not the truth.

People don't want the truth anymore, Matt.

It's too messy.
Keeps them up nights.

I'll tell you what I am
willing to do, though.

I think the Agency has grossly
underestimated you,

and I'm recommending you
for a senior case officer position.

Provided you still want it.

That's a generous offer, sir.

There's just one thing you need
to clarify for me.

Of course.

Frost may have been
carrying some vital Intel.

A file.

I'm not seeing that anywhere in this report.

What was on the file, sir?

Something that, quite frankly,
could be very damaging

to the Agency and to our allies.

I don't see why Frost would even
mention something like that to me.

No, I suppose he wouldn't, would he?

You realize, though,
that if that file did leak,

what would happen
to the person responsible?

That person would be arrested, sir.

He'd be risking everything.

He'd have enemies in every
intelligence agency in the world.

In the eyes of the CIA,
he'd be just like Tobin Frost.

Frost didn't say anything about a file, sir.

All right, son.

Take a few days off.

We'll get you started next week.

Thank you.

And think about our conversation,
would you?

Will do.

I'll take it from here, sir.

And other media outlets

received a controversial file
from an anonymous source.

The international intelligence
community is still reeling

from the release of so many
highly classified documents

and the revelations of widespread
corruption and criminal activity

at the CIA, the BND, and MI6.

Is in an uproar over the lack

of oversight given to British Intelligence,

demanding accountability
of the rogue agents.

Officials at MI6 are fully cooperating.

Chancellor Merkel insists that the BND

has already identified the corrupt agents

and contained the intelligence breach.

She has ensured her
international counterparts...

Indictments are now
expected within the week,

and Congress has demanded that
Deputy Director Harlan Whitford

testify before a Senate subcommittee

in an effort to determine
how many people

at the CIA are involved in this

and just how far up,

the corruption reaches.

Sync & corrections July 2016