Safe (2012) - full transcript

In China, the girl Mei is a genius that looks like a computer in numbers. She is abducted by the Chinese Triads and the boss Han Jiao ends Mei to Chinatown, in New York, to help him in the control of his activities. Meanwhile, the fighter Luke Wright has his life destroyed when he wins a fight against the will of the Russian Mafia and accidentally kills his opponent. The Russian mobsters kill his wife and the alcoholic Luke wanders on the streets and hostels with no objective in life. One day, Han Jiao asks Mei to memorize a long number and soon the Russian Mafia abducts the girl from the Chinese mobs. She escapes from the mobsters and is chased by the Russians; by the corrupt detectives from the NYPD; and by the Triads. When Luke sees the girl fleeing from the Russian mobs in the subway, he protects the girl and discovers that the number she had memorized is the combination of a safe where the Triads keep 30 million dollars. Luke is an elite agent and uses his skills to protect the girl.

- You're lying to me.
- I'm not!

I don't know what you're talkin' about, I don't
know what you want from me, I swear I don't.

I have three children.

The first thing you have to learn as a father,
is to know when your children are lying to you.

You're lying to me.

And if you don't stop, I'm going to use one
of those tortures your people are so famous for,

on your little body until you
tell me what I want to know.

For the last time,
give me the numbers.

- How dare you come here?
- Mom! Enough! Stop!

You have no right to be here!
No right!You should be in jail!

- You get out of here! You get out of here!
- Sorry.

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

You piece of Garbage!
He should never have been in there with me.

- Luke! C'mon! What! Are you crazy, Man?
- Get off! Get off!

I never liked you, Luke. You're a better fighter
than 90% of the guys you go in the cage with,

but you just let 'em pound on ya
like you're a side of beef.

You already lost to every chump in the circuit...

but last night, of all nights, you're supposed
to go down in the 2nd, you sonofabitch.

- Once!
- Back off!

I hit him once!

Where'd ya find him, a fuckin' playground?
- YouTube, you asshole.

The kid's a internet sensation
until you put him in a coma.

Which, frankly, I do not give a shit about.
But you cost me a million dollars!

Which is nothing compared
to what you cost Docheski.

Yeah! You recognize the name?

He was bettin' on you big time to take the dive!
And he's gonna take it out on me, too!

'Cause he knows I'm the schmuck
that set this whole thing up.

Unless I deliver your
head with a down payment.

You know how the Russians are.

You got the right number,
so leave the right message.

Call me when you get this, Annie.
Call me right away.

If you're out, don't go home.
If I'm scarin' you, that's good. Call me.


Is that it?

I heard you were some kind of tough guy.

No fighting?

You just going to sit on the floor
like a dog who wants to die?

Sorry it had to be so messy.

The boys are still learning.

And I'm not a doctor,
but I thing she was eating for two.

Like the Charlie Manson family.

My father was going to send someone else,
but I'm making my bones.

You make your bones by killin'
someone who can hurt you back!

And who would that be? You?

Well, why not?
You just killed your wife.

I didn't kill did! want to hurt me?

Good! I want to see you try.

- Get it over with!
- Over?

You've cost my father money...
made my family look bad.

Now we're going to make an
extra special example out of you.

So! We looked into your
records...not much to find.

Work for City, garbage
collection, sanitation.

Good benefits, but no glamour, eh?

Father and mother...dead!

No brothers or sisters,
which is too bad.

Because I would like to
take them from you, too.

But you love your wife.

We know that.

So! Here's the deal: You are free to go,
but we will have eyes on you.

Not always. But when you
least expect it...we'll be there.

Anyone you try to make
friends with or even talk to

or anything or bring hot dog or anything...

will your wife...
because of you.

Of course you can always end it! Jump off
a bridge...throw yourself in front of a train.

Damn your eternal soul to hell,
if you believe in that kind of bullshit.

Personally...I don't!
So, I'd go for it, but...

but I am not you...thank God.

So do what you want.

If you stay here tomorrow,
we're going to kill the landlady.

- What was her name?
- Tobeloski is her name.

Mrs. Tobeloski.
Nice lady.

Clean up the mess, Garbageman.

All right! She's your daughter
and she's an American citizen.

I ain't gonna ask what the deal is
with her, that's your business.

But I'm gonna tell ya,
pullin' strings is hard work.

And hard work don't come free.

Your price, Captain Wolf?

Chinatown Precinct take goes up 20%.

Bronx on your 21st, Brooklyn
Divisions each go up by 12%...monthly.

That's a steep price for a passport
and some papers for a little girl.

Things are tough all over.

Chinatown gives-up 10% off. Bronx and
Brooklyn will stand by the current rate.

And the fact that we won't start shooting cops
and their families in the streets like dogs

at the first signs of pressure.

Things are tough all over.

Hey, Man, I know you, I saw you fight
in Jersey. That was really good.

You knocked that guy out!

I got some good shit, man.

Good fight.

Exactly 800,000?

Almost 800.

I'm not asking you if it's almost 800,
I want the exact number.


And the week before?

It's losing money.

- What?
- Why?

Because he was hurting business,
and business is a serious matter.

I understand business, but why beat him
if we are going to kill him anyway?

- You can't come in here.
- I gotta get something to eat, Man!

Well, you can't! Go back, Man!

Lights out! Lights out in five.

Nice kicks.

Better be here in the mornin'.

or you'll be wearin' 'em on your ears,

or chewin' your feet off
to your god damned ankles.

I could really use some new shoes, Man.

I could do whatever you want, ya know?

Whatever get you through the night?

- I can't take...
- Shut up, shut up!

Shut up, okay. I still got my old ones.

You get those feet looked at.

- And get well soon.
- I will.

Thank you, Man.

Jesus loves you, Brother.

Jesus loves you.

Lights out.! Lights out 'til 7 a.m.

Mei, I have bad news.

I heard them talking and...

Your mother is gone.

She died two weeks ago
in the hospital.

They weren't going to tell you.

But I'm telling you that you can
pray for her soul to find its way heaven.

Please say anything.
If they find-out I told you...

I won't say anything.

Thank you.

Everybody up!
Everything must be cleared by 9 a.m.

Please have your I.D.s made by 3:30

Please remove all your personal belongings.

Everybody up! Let's go! Take your
belongings with you. You know the drill.

So, ya wanna tell us what happened.

- Someone liked the shoes.
- Funny guy! Do you think this a joke?

You know, you guys are outta luck,
crack security squad...

You were right here, you
coulda said somethin'.

But you were too busy sleepin'
off this contraband, right?

You come into this shelter again, and I'm gonna
run your raggedy ass back out into the street.

Hey! Watch where you're going, Man.

I could give you a kick
for that, okay?! Huh?!

Four fifty-five.

You got no money,
you gotta get outta line.

I got money.

He doesn't have any money,
look at him.

Mister, I told you, if you don't have
money, you have to leave, okay?

Get outta line,
people are waiting.

C'mon, Buddy, ya gotta go!

- Is this guy givin' ya trouble?
- He's crazy, Officer, get him outta here, okay?

All right, c'mon, let's go!
Hey, you! C'mon, let's go!

Out! Onto the street!

So, Buddy Boy, you want to be a clown, go join
the circus. Not in my precinct, ya hear me?

I don't wanna see you around here.

Jesus Christ!

Look what the cat dragged in!


- Look at him.
- Look at him?

How about the smell?

I'll call the boys.

Miss us, partner?

Welcome back to the force.

I'm sorry, I can't let them have you...

Come back.

- How's your day been, Luke?
- Started lousy.

But it's lookin' up, isn't it?

Luke Wright, the Bit Apple's
hardest cop...once upon a time.

Always could take a shot.
But you know what your real talent is?

You're a uniter! I mean,
who'd a’ thought that us and

the Russkies would ever be on
the same page about anything.

Not me!

Nice to see you, Rat! I've
been wantin' to do this

ever since the day you opened
your big, fuckin' mouth.

When we what Docheski did to you...

I had to laugh.

We felt bad for Annie,
you was the breaks.

She knew who she was with.

When it come up on the street you were back, we couldn't
believe how fuckin' ears. Now, why would you come back?

Why wouldn't you disappear somewhere
far away, huh, like the moon?

I missed home.

You were one of us, Luke,
we were a team.

We're a family.

- Then you threw us under the bus.
- We were kings, you sonofabitch.

Now we are a bunch of god damned suckers!

Hey, hey, hey, easy Benoit, huh?

When you come back, we figure you want to die.

Ya know, we got a pool goin' on
when you're gonna end it and how, you know,

Bus, train...

I got my money on "Suicide by Cop".

C'mon, take it!

Take a shot. C'mon.

Annie's waiting for you.

Question is, do you really
think she wants to see you again.

Actually my real talent
is costin' other people money.

You oughta know that, Lasky.

You're going to lose that bet.

Unless you want to shoot me in the back...
wouldn't be your first time.

What don't you just end it?

What are you waiting for?

More people around you to die?

What are you waiting for?

For the last time,

give me the number.

You're a very brave girl...and clever.

But do you know how we knew
exactly what you can do,

- where you're going to be, and when?
- Someone told you that.


Can you guess who?

Bring her in.

Your friend, the one who
told you about your poor mother,

when the scamp who took you from home would not.

She's working for us with a smile.

Da! In English!

I said, speak in English!!


She won't tell me anything.

My father is a patient man.

I am not.

Tell him what he would know or I'll...

N-Y-P-D! Open the door!

What the hell?

We got a report of a disturbance.

You can make this easy
or you can make it hard.

Open the door or we come in by force.

Bullshit, Boo! You come in here you
go out feet first, I swear on my mother.

They're in there, Captain. I don't know what the
hell you're lookin' for, they're not cooperating.

You better get down here
before things go to hell.

Negative negative. This
is big. I'm goin' back to

the Station and monitor the
City. I'll get back to ya.

All right, we got her
pined-down, You know what I want.

We have a deal.

Get the girl, alive if you can...

dead if you can't.

We go in, Brooklyn's take goes
up by 10%., that's the new deal.

Hold on, I got an incoming call.

- Hey, Emile, what's up?
- Take your men off, Boo.

Whatever the Chinese offer to you,
I'll up it by 5%.

Get her back here!

All right, Quan, I got the Russians
offering-up Brooklyn's take by 7%.

Bronx the same. so,
I don't know what ta tell ya.

I talked to my guys, they're willin'
to go to war over this.

Ya know, you're gonna be stuck between us and the
Russians, like Hitler, fightin' on two fronts, so...

You better think hard about this one.

10%. Both precincts.
Final offer.

Hey, Mack, both these bastards are willin'
to pay a stiff price for this little Chink girl.

Whatever she's got, I want it.

So, what's our plan?

I get the Russians to
drop their guard, you go in.

If she catches a bullet, I want you to take-out
every last one of the Bolshevik scumbags.

All right, Emile, your offer's good.

I'm gonna call my guys off,
only because I like you better!

Bullshit!. You're a greedy bastard, Wolf.

You got the scent of something big
and now you want it all for yourself.

But I have to tell you something
before you send your men in, guns blazing.

She's gone.

What do you mean, she's gone?

She has escaped, and with all
your men out there I can't follow.

I offer you a truce and you will find her.

But if the Chinese find her first, that will
be a thing you regret as long as you live.

Docheski, what does she have?

Do we have a truce, Captain Wolf?

The girl is Chinese, eleven years old girl.
She speaks Mandarin and English. find her and bring
her straight to 7th Street.

She's headed for subway.

Sorry, I...

She's here!

Lost my lock on the Russian's cell on J Street.

Sounds like they went into the subway station.

Men headin' down.


- The garbage collector?
- You got bad information.

I never collected garbage...
I disposed of it.

Don't lose sleep,
he had it comin'.

You all right?

It's okay.

Oh, shit! Hey there, Hon, we're the police.

Everything's all right.

Hey, what's your name, Hon?

- This is her.
- I don't know, they all look alike to me.

- You got that picture up?
- Yeah, let me see...

In New York City, you don't
see somebody for years...

you bump into them twice in the same day.

I'm not gonna hurt you, Honey.

Police, stop!

What the hell did you do, Kid?

A lot of those men who're chasing you are bad.
You wanna tell me why they're after you?

You understand me?

You speak English?

The other way! The cars coming! The other way!

Are you crazy, Man?

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.

Hold on.

If this goes on, a lot of innocent
people are gonna get hurt. Want that?

Good! Then do what I say.

Out of the car! Go get her!

You okay?

Let's go.

I'm not five years old.

Then keep up!

- You had her and you lost her.
- No, Captain, we didn't lose her.

- She was taken from us by force.
- The Russians?

Not the Russians.

- was Luke Wright.
- What?

- Captain Wolf.
- Not now, Teague!

The mayor wants you, Captain.

- Put him through on 2.
- He's not on the phone.

He wants you at the Mansion...yesterday!

There ya go.

- Thank you, Mr. Ivanov.
- Thank you.

Mr. Ivanov! Here you are, Mr. Ivanov.
Room 1012, Tenth floor.

Thank you.

You like a nice hotel?

I've never stayed in a nice hotel.

No one's gonna look for us in one.

Man, I don't wanna run a shower.

You could use one.

I couldn't just let those
Russians grab you off the train.

Why did you save me?

I didn't save you...
you saved me! you back.

My name is Luke.


Did you have parents, Mei?

- I have a father.
- What's his name?

Chin Quong.

We're talking about the same guy.

He didn't have any kids last time I checked.

Wouldn't make sense, wouldn't be
a day over 3 years old.

I'm adopted.

He get you from back home?

Chan isn't the fatherly type.

Why are you here, Mei?

To count.

You were over sent by the old guy.
Chan's boss, what's his name.

No computers, no electronic trails,
just what you have in your head, right?

- Do you know Jiao Han?
- I know of him.

He told me a number, a very long number.

I was going someplace for yet
another number and more instructions,

but the Russians came and shot everyone.

Then the police came and I ran away.
Now you know everything.

Happiness for you?

Wanna go back to Han Jiao?

I make too much trouble...
bad business.

After I do what he asks, he kills me...
good business.

So, what about this number?

It’s a long, boring number.

I can tell you.

It wouldn't mean anything to me.

How do you know it's one number
and not a bunch of separate numbers?

You're a crazy man..
but not so stupid.

Is there anything interesting
to you about these numbers?

- Maybe a few of them.
- Why?

Because they have a three
or a seven before them.

All the numbers are random, but...
five of them has a seven before,

and eight of them has a three before.
That's too many times to be random!

It is a code.

What else?


So, it's the three and the
seven that are interesting

because they happen too
many times to be random?

Because they're not numbers, they're words.

Right-left or left-right.

Old school.

A combination to a safe.

In the hotel?


About five eleven, brown hair, 30's. Probably
came in here less than a few hours ago.

- Sir, we're not allowed to discuss our guests.
- So, he's a guest?

- Did he check in?
- I'm sorry, Sir, we...we're not at liberty to...

He was with a Chinese girl,
eleven years old. I'm her father.

- And I'm very worried about her.
- I'm so sorry, um...

I...I can call the police for you...

Do that and I blow your brains out.

Now! What room is he in?

What room?

- I think...maybe I put him on the tenth floor.
- What room?

- I swear, he didn't have a little girl with him.
- Room.

- I just need to check.
- Then check quick,

- or I put a bullet in your brain...

Get your hand up!

- You don't want any part of this.
- Hands up so I can see 'em.

No one leaves the hotel.

Ten twelve.
He's in room ten twelve.

I thought you said no one
would look for us here!

- It's off, I turn it off, no one can call,
- It doesn't need to be on.

Get back! Back! Get down on the floor!

Everybody back!

Write down the numbers! Just the ones
with the 3 and the 7 in front...quick!

You! Get over there!

Stay down, stay down.

I'll try to get you someplace safe. If we get
separated, don't tell them you told me anything!

- Mei, if they try to scare you...
- Try? I'm so scared already!

- Yeah, me, too. Remember, lie!
- We're almost there.

If you see them downstairs,
try not to kill the girl.

Back inside.

Follow them! I'm going
back down and cut them off!

The cops are here. Hold them off 'til I
give the word! Do not let them in!

Everybody stay down.
You ain't goin' nowhere.

Hey! Where ya going? Step back!
Stop! Down! Get back!


Get up! Everybody up!
We're getting out of the hotel.



Don't move!

Don't move!

Exit this way and keep moving!
Anyone who doesn't, this!

Hold your fire!

Hey! Stop right there!

Drive, drive!

Hey, what the hell are you doing?

My car! Do something!
He took my fuckin' car.

Head Downtown,
I'll give you the address in a minute.


- Hey, Buddy! You wanna give me address?
- Wait a minute, just hold on.

He's here...Luke Wright is back in the City.

- In my city.
- Actually, he's been back for a while.

- A while? What's a while?
- Maybe a year.

Turn that god damned thing off!

What's going on, Wolf? And how is
Luke Wright involved in it?

I figured I might ask you the same question.

Don't try to game me!

You're not even a pawn...

playing on a board so big you can't even
see the edge, that's all you've ever been.

I knew about Luke Wright. Which is more
than you can say until five minutes ago.

What you know about Luke Wright rates
less than a paragraph in a very fat book.

After the towers fell, when our manpower
was spread-out tracking terrorist activities,

I was the one who formed a special task force
to deal with the crime that was filling the gap,

and don't you ever fuckin' forget
that I'm the one that put YOU in charge!

- I never work made you Mayor.
- Your work?

You think Luke was just one of your cops?

When I put together your team, I knew I needed
an edge no ordinary detectives could give me.

Something "surgical".

I called friends in places buried so deep they
don't officially exist. They were sympathetic.

A week later they send Luke Wright.

Those wise-guys who vanished over the last seven
years? You think that was an internecine war?

Those cocaines you found in the gutter
in Harlem, Freddy Petrovich in Brooklyn...

Tommy Lau in Chinatown.

Luke Wright is a ghost.

Very deadly ghost.

And it worked like a charm, too.

Then you dicks had to get
greedy and pad your pockets.

Luke's a killer,
but he's an honest one.

When he threatened to take
the whole thing to I.A.,

it took some people with a lot of brown
stuck to their pajamas to talk him off the ledge.

If my team gets dismantled,
we're P.I.s again.

But if Luke Wright's so connected how does he end
up in Jersey cage fightin' on the B circuit?

Do I look as a psychiatrist?

Get everybody on this.

Once Luke Wright gets on a roll, only one man
in this City can take him on one to one.

Excuse me, I know this is a closed door, but there
was just a major gun battle downtown at a hotel.

The media's going nuts, you're
gonna need to make a statement.

Han Jiao is in the city also.

He gave this little Chinese
something, I don't know what.

- Luke Wright grabbed her before I could.
- What?

- I said Luke...
- Yeah, yeah.

I heard ya the first time.

Close every exit out of Manhattan, make sure
that neither Wright or the girl gets away.

You get commission,
let 'em go,

you'll need a shovel to dig your own grave.

That girl is not leaving this City.

We recovered the girl, but the
information might have been compromised.

Should we change our time frame?

Impossible, now that the whole
damned thing has gone supernova,

what's gonna happen is
gonna happen tonight.

- The meeting-place needs to be changed.
- Where to?

I'll let you know.

Here! Right here!

Slow down.

Naw, naw, you don't bring
no hookers in my cab, Man.

Just keep the meter running.


Good evening.

- Name?
- We don't have a reservation.

It's full tonight, but we should
be able to find you a place.

- Get out! Take a walk!
- We have tables downstairs,

We can sit upstairs, if you like.

Sir, do you have a preference?


We'll just get a drink at the bar.

I want you to give me a kiss and
then lie and walk out of here.


Tell 'em you forgot something outside...
but you don't come back!

Give me a White Russian, please.

What does he drive
and where is it parked?

A silver SUV in the alley outside.


Not even close.

Who is this?

The guy who's been
killing your boys all night.

The guy who has your son
tied up in a very dark place.

Now, here's what I want...

Do you think I give a
shit about what you want?

Do you think you can blackmail me because
you have Vassily? Kill him and go to hell!

Oh, I'm goin' to hell, all right.

But I'm not going to kill your boy...
I keep him around.

Like a pet.

A badly we treat a pet.

I'm going to do things to him that'll make
him ashamed to look in the mirror afterward.

But I will do them.

Vassily's gonna tell everything
he knows about your operation.

And then what you going to do?
Tell the police?

- You want me to laugh?
- Who said anything about the police?

I'm gonna share the information with the
competition, the ones I haven't already killed.

Anything that'll take from you, I will.

First I want to take your trophy wife.

Then I'm gonna take your trophy children.

I'm going to leave you with nothing.

When I'm done, you won't
even be a memory of a memory.

But that doesn't have to happen.

What do you want?

- I want to know what's in the safe.
- What safe?

The safe the girl gave me
the combination to, that safe.

30 million dollars.

The kid was on her way to get a second number,
what's in the second safe?

Something worth 30 million dollars.

To who?

No idea.

That's 'cause you're only half-smart, Emile.

So, here's the deal...

You tell me where the first safe is,
I take the money and let your boy go.

Lie to me and your world ends...
you have my word on that.

Idiot! I know when
a man is working alone.

And you're as alone as one can be.

You need a small army
to get near that safe!

- The kind of army I have.
- Had!

It's been shrinking by the minute.

Last chance before I hang up
and go to work on your son.

You going to kill me, Garbageman?

You could have taken us out
that day, couldn't you?

But you just sat there.

Let us ruin you,
let us make you nothing.

I guess finding out about that safe gave
you new motivation, eh, Garbageman?

I wouldn't spend my time
talking if I were you...

I'd spend it praying:

when this is over, that
little girl's still alive.


When and where?

The underpass, under
the bridge, one hour.

Sorry I pointed a gun at you...

when the Russians attacked us.

- It was...
- Business...I know.

Good! That's good! You understand.

We'll get this done and you'll be
safe with me and Uncle Han.

I promise to be a better father to you
than the one who left you and your mother.

There's no one in the world
who cares more about you.

You know that, don't you?

The gang's all here.


- Bernie get to call in sick?
- He's in the hospital, Dickhead!

- You broke his trachea.
- I didn't know a trachea could break.

- Hope they can fix it.
- Yeah! How about I fix you, you...

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Not here!

Been a while, Luke.

Can't say I missed ya.

So, let's get down to business.

Do you really want your hands full?

Scotch's, where else.

That's good!

I've been in restaurants all night.

And all I was served was lead.

Anyone got a light?

You know what, screw this! Look, Captain,
you asked us to come here so we came.

but I ain't gonna sit here and
listen to this scumbag's big mouth...

Shut up, Kolfax!

Still haven't quit, huh?

What the hell is that?

The combination for the safe
with 30 million bucks in it.

- Whoa, whoa! What the hell?
- You big piece of shit,

so the only place it exists now is in here.

Remember that next time your
trigger finger gets a little itchy.

Why would Han Jiao stash it right in the
middle of Chinatown's busiest gambling den?

Because of sleaze bucket cops like you, Benoit,
who collect off of Chinatown's busiest gambling den.

Where else would you surround with a
dozen armed men without a trace of his intention?

Captain, how do we know this
sonofabitch is on the level, huh?

He's a bum? Where are you
gettin' your information?

There's an exchange happening tonight.

That's why half of the deal isn't
safe in the casino.

Only I couldn't get to it
on my own, so I called on you,

My old pals.

30 million dollars split six
ways is still a lot of money.

We're riskin' a lot, Captain.

You especially. Everybody knows
ya got a bright future.

Promised by who?

His Honor?

Take it easy, he's teasin' ya, Wolf.

He's goin' to let you on the
street knowing what you know now?

Hey! What's that supposed to mean?

Meaning, his second term
has now come to an end.

His hold over the City goes POOF!
Just like that, he's Joe Citizen again.

30 million would be a nice retirement package.

What's he givin' the Chinks?

If I knew that, I wouldn't be standing
here with you assholes, would I?

Bright future, huh?

Big headlines:

"Hero cops take down New York City's
biggest underground gambling operation."

5 million bucks a piece.

No one will ever know about this...
to give it that extra sweet taste.

All right, who's been in there?

- For Christ sake, who's been in there?
- I..Me, Cap.

You two, you're on point, place is packed
with civilians. so exercise some judgment.

Remember I got the combination.

You want that money, watch my back.

Where are you going?

Shut it down!


This way! Go!


Take him out!

Cover me!

Owen! Take it!

Oh, God! I'm hit!

Aw, shit! I gotta get outta here.

Ah! Captain!

God, you shit! You shot a man
in the back, you sonofabitch!

- All right, Mears, where are we going?
- This way.


- It's locked and bolted to sinners like us.
- Well, let's not wait for an interview.

All right, you bastard, get started.

Here's how we do this:

You put down your guns,
I open the safe.

You wanna shoot me,
go ahead.

Make your minds up quick, 'cause
the real cops'll be here soon.

On the floor!

C'mon, you sonofabitch,
what are you trying to pull?

They're right-left switched!

It's gonna open.

You'll live.

Left 26.

Captain Wolf, what the
hell happened in here?

What do you think happened, huh?
We had a raid on the place go bad!

We got dead cops! Casualties!
Get it there, will ya!

Captain Wolf, you need an ambulance!

I need a fleet of
ambulances, all right.

Call it in, will ya! I'll drive
my own busted ass to the hospital.

Not bad. If you weren't such a double-dealing
asshole, I could almost like you.

Almost! Drive!

It's a scratch.

I'm not gonna kill ya.

But I didn't say I was
putting you up at the Ritz.


I need money, Danny.


Thirty million! Five thousand in
one thousand dollar bills.

I want it so..

No! No! What you want to do is
calm down so we can talk like adults.

Shut it down! I want to talk. But I don't wanna
talk to you, I wanna talk to your boyfriend.

This is Alex.

It's been a while, Alex.

How do you get this number?

C'mon, Alex! Reach up the
Mayor's ass, and there you are.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, huh?

Betty's a better catch than Annie was, anyway.

I never understood how you
hooked-up with a cow like that.

It was never about her looks,
it was her sense of humor.

She's not so funny now, is she?

No, she's not, and neither am I.

I have the money, Alex. I had to kill
a lot of people to get it, so listen up.

We haven't made the combination exchange yet.
What's in the other safe?

A disc.

Names, money trails...

When our commanders sent the two of us
to help Danny to clean up the City

they attached a price.
In exchange, Danny looked the other way.

while the assets seized
from every group deemed

a terrorist organization were
funneled into their private accounts.

It's amazing that you people let you get away when
they're scared and want to feel protected, huh?

Amazing how many scumbags go outta
their way to take advantage of 'em.

- Like you did?
- I quit!

You think that helps all
those souls you sent to meet

their Maker without due process
rest a whole lot easier?

You thought you could atone by climbing into a
cage and allowing yourself to get beaten to a pulp.

Don't fucking preach at me, Luke!

I'm getting paid for services rendered.

You sold the disc to the Chinese
so they could blackmail and rolf Han Jiao.

Take the 30 mil and waltz off
with Danny to a villa in the Bahamas.

Bali, but whatever, right?

- So, now you know. Now what?
- Now you pay.

All right, I'm turning around.

No you're not.

What are you talking about?

You got the money, the Chinese
have nothing you care about.

No, they have something I did.

Give the girl the combination to your
safe and she will give you our number.

We go to your location, you go to ours,
we we've gotten the disc,

we will explain the code,

and you get the cash.

That's the deal.

- Let's hear it.
- It's a very long number.

You want to write it down.

Thank goodness I brought a pen, huh?

You might want to close your eyes.

Have it your way.

C'mon, Luke.

The old place...
just you and me.

Are you a friend of Luke?

Not as far as your concerned.

Violence that has rocked the City tonight
continued in a bloody gun battle

in a Chinatown nightclub
less than an hour ago.

- This is really gettin' out of hand.
- Ya think? Thanks for that insight.

Your Honor, Alex Rosen's on your
private line, he says that it's urgent.

Excuse me, Your Honor...

I'll be back in five,
don't bother me now.

Why didn't he call me on my cell phone?

I thought I told you to
put all my calls through to the...

I always told you this place
had a lousy security standards.

Yeah, that's because nobody's been crazy enough
come in here and pull a stunt like this.

- You got some balls, Luke.
- Yeah! Amazing that I can even walk.

The disc.

What? Think I'm stupid enough
to let a gang of Chinese

walk up the front steps and collect
it from me in my living room?

- It's in a safe far away from here.
- No, I don't think you're stupid.

Which is why I don't for a second
believe he'd give you the only copy.

I going to meet Alex.

First you're gonna give me the disc,

or I'll put the bullets in
places that won't kill ya

but it'll make you spend the
rest of your life wishing I had.

- Satisfied?
- I want to make sure it's not Elvis' Greatest Hits.

Alex will kill you, you know.

Yeah, probably.

Luke, you look like hell.

Just alcohol.

Lack of sunlight, sleep deprivation.

Other than that I feel great.

Yeah, I was thinking, how many bodies
are we dumpin' in this place, huh?

You know, I didn't keep count.

They're all assholes though, right?

Let'r go, Alex.

Danny called.

Told me about your visit.

I have to admit, even I
didn't see that one coming.

You have the disc and the money.

What is she to you?


Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

'Cause she's the reason that
yours is gonna be a whole lot shorter.

Money, Luke.

In the car...

or in a bank,

or a series of lockers at Grand Central,
or maybe I donated it to charity,

goodness of my heart.

Gonna find out where the money is
you're gonna have to do it the hard way.

You all right, Mei?

I saw him fight before...
bad business for you.


You saved me.


We saved each other.

I know how you feel.

Help me get this sack
of garbage outta the car.

He gets to his daddy's things now.

50 grand.

For your trouble. I don't see how much
of it you're gonna live to enjoy it.

You wanted him safe and sound
after what he did to you?

For her sake.

We meet again, all bets are off!

- Watch where you're fuckin' goin', Man!
- Keep walkin'!

Excuse me? Pardon me? Anything?
This is New York City.

Bank number five, how many more?

That's it!

They're copies of the disc
in security boxes all over the City.

If it comes to us, a lot of important
people are gonna be very sorry.

Our security,
good business for us.

What's now?

Now we get outta town.

Ah, you're a kid...

I'm not sure I could be a good father,
I think that ship has sailed.

I don't want no more fathers.

Will you be my friend?

'Til my dying day.

I got info on a school
for gifted kids up in Seattle.

It's a nice ride.

If you like trees and shit.

Are we safe?

One day at a time, Mei.

One day at a time.
:48,027 --> 01:13:50,261
Kali ini akan terbuka‎.

Kau akan tetap hidup‎.

Kiri‎, 26‎.

‎- Kapten Wolf‎, apa yang terjadi‎?
‎- Kau pikir apa‎? Penyerbuan ini di luar kendali‎.

Ada polisi yang tewas‎.
Masuk ke dalam‎, tolong‎!

Kapten Wolf‎, Anda butuh ambulan‎? / Aku perlu banyak
ambulan‎. Tolong hubungi‎. Aku bisa ke Rumah Sakit sendiri‎.

Lumayan‎. Untuk ukuran seorang bajingan‎.

Aku hampir menyukaimu‎. Hampir‎.

Ini enteng‎.

Aku tak akan membunuhmu‎.

Tapi aku juga tak mau ambil risiko‎.


Aku perlu uang‎, Ayah‎.


Kau mendengarku‎. 30 juta dolar‎.
Dalam satuan 5‎.000 dan 1‎.000 dolar‎.

Tidak‎, kau harus tenang sehingga kita
bisa bicara seperti orang dewasa‎.

Diam‎. Aku mau bicara‎. Tapi tidak denganmu‎,
aku mau bicara dengan pacar laki‎-lakimu‎.

Ini Alex‎.

Lama tak bertemu‎, Alex‎.

‎- Bagaimana kau dapat nomor ini‎?
‎- Aku periksa pantat Wali Kota‎, ternyata kau di sana‎.

Seorang pria harus lakukan apa
yang mesti dia lakukan‎, hah‎?

Aku selalu lebih baik daripada Annie‎.

Aku tak pernah mengerti bagaimana bisa
kau berhubungan dengan "sapi" macam itu‎?

Aku tak mempersoalkan fisiknya‎,
tapi aku suka selera humornya‎.

Dia tidak begitu lucu lagi sekarang‎, kan‎?

Tidak‎. Begitu juga aku‎.

Aku dapat uangnya‎, Alex‎. Aku harus membunuh banyak
orang untuk mendapatkannya‎. Jadi‎, dengar‎.

Kami belum membuka brankas berikutnya‎.
Jadi‎, apa yang ada di dalamnya‎?

Sebuah cakram data (disk)‎.

Nama‎-nama‎, data keuangan‎.‎.

Saat komandan kita mengirim kita berdua
untuk membantu Danny membereskan kota‎,

mereka menyebutkan harganya‎. ‎.

Sehingga Danny mencari jalan lain‎. Sementara
aset disita dari anggota organisasi teroris‎,

mereka menyalurkannya ke
rekening pribadi mereka‎.

Luar biasa melihat bagaimana orang‎-orang membuatmu
menyingkir dari ketakutan orang yang kau lindungi‎.

Luar biasa melihat berapa banyak bedebah
yang mengantri untuk memanfaatkan mereka‎.

‎- Seperti yang kau lakukan‎.
‎- Aku sudah berhenti‎.

Bukankah itu membantu membuat semua jiwa yang kau kirim menemui
Pencipta‎-nya‎, tanpa proses apapun‎, jadi jauh lebih mudah‎?

Kau pikir kau bisa bertobat dengan masuk ke arena pertarungan
dan membiarkan dirimu dipukuli‎, sehingga kau jadi Paus‎?

Jangan ceramahi aku‎, Luke‎. Aku akan
mendapatkan bayaran atas semua pelayananku‎.

Ya‎, kau menjual disk itu pada orang‎-orang Cina‎,
sehingga mereka bisa memerasnya‎.

Ambil 30 juta dolar yang Danny
tawarkan dan bangunlah villa di Bahama‎.

Bali‎. Tapi terserahlah‎, kan‎?

‎- Jadi‎, sekarang kau mengerti‎. Lalu apa‎?
‎- Sekarang kau bersamaku‎.

‎- Baiklah‎, sekarang aku berputar‎.
‎- Tidak‎.

Apa maksudmu‎?

Kau dapat uangnya‎, orang‎-orang Cina itu
tak punya hal yang menarik perhatianku‎.

Tidak‎, mereka punya sesuatu
yang menarik perhatianku‎.

Berikan gadis ini angka kombinasi brankasmu‎,
dan kami akan berikan angka kombinasi kami‎.

Kami pergi ke tempatmu‎, kau pergi ke tempat kami‎.
Dan setelah kami dapat disk‎-nya‎.‎.

Kami akan berikan kodenya‎.

Dan kau dapat uangnya‎.

Itu kesepakatannya‎?

‎- Mari kita dengar‎.
‎- Angka ini sangat panjang‎.

Kau mesti menulisnya‎.

Untungnya aku membawa pena‎.

Kau sebaiknya tutup mata‎.

Sesuai yang kau inginkan‎.

Ayo‎, Luke‎.

Di tempat yang lama‎.
Hanya kau dan aku‎.

Kau teman Luke‎?

Sebaiknya kau tak perlu tahu‎.

Malam ini terjadi baku tembak di sebuah klub malam
di kampung Cina‎, kurang dari 1 jam lalu‎.

‎- Ini benar‎-benar kacau‎.
‎- Benarkah‎? Terima kasih atas pencerahanmu‎.

Yang Mulia‎, Alex Rosen di jalur
pribadi Anda‎. Dia bilang ini penting‎.

‎- Permisi‎, Yang Mulia‎.‎.
‎- Kami akan kembali pukul 5‎, jangan ganggu kami sekarang‎.

Mengapa dia tak menelpon telpon genggamku‎?

Sudah kubilang agar mengalihkan
semua panggilan masuk ke‎.‎.‎.

Aku selalu bilang tempat ini punya
standar keamanan yang payah‎.

Karena tak ada yang cukup gila untuk
masuk ke sini menodongkan senjata‎.

‎- Kau punya nyali‎, Luke‎.
‎- Luar biasa‎, aku bahkan bisa berjalan ke sini‎.

Disk‎-nya (cakram digital)‎.

Kau kira aku bodoh membiarkan geng Cina masuk ke sini‎,
dan mengambilnya dariku di ruang tamuku sendiri‎?

‎- Disk‎-nya ada di brankas yang jauh dari sini‎.
‎- Aku pikir kau tak bodoh‎.

Yang mana aku yakin kau
hanya punya satu disk saja‎.

Aku akan menemui Alex‎.

Pertama‎, berikan aku disk‎-nya‎.

Atau akan menembakmu di tempat yang tak akan
membunuhmu‎, sehingga kau menderita seumur hidupmu‎.

‎- Puas‎?
‎- Aku mau pastikan disknya belum dihapus‎.

Alex akan membunuhmu‎.

Ya‎, mungkin‎.

Luke‎, tampangmu berantakan‎.

Cuma alkohol‎.

Sedikit kena cahaya matahari‎,
kurang tidur‎.

Aku tak pernah merasa sehebat ini‎.

Aku berpikir‎, sudah berapa banyak
mayat yang kita buang di tempat ini‎, hah‎?

Aku tak menghitungnya‎.

Tapi mereka semua bajingan‎, kan‎?

Lepaskan dia‎, Alex‎.

Danny menelpon‎.

Dia memberitahuku tentang kunjunganmu‎.

Aku sungguh tak menyangka‎.

Kau punya disk‎-nya beserta uang‎.

Apa gadis ini bagimu‎?


Nikmatilah selagi bisa‎.

Karena dialah penyebab hidupmu
akan jadi sangat singkat‎.

Uangnya‎, Luke‎.

Di mobil‎.

Atau di bank‎.

Atau mungkin saja aku menyumbangkannya‎.

Masih ada kebaikan di hatiku‎.

Jika kau ingin temukan uangnya‎,
kau harus mendapatkannya dengan kekerasan‎.

Kamu baik‎-baik saja‎, Mei‎?

Aku pernah melihatnya berkelahi sebelumnya‎.
Kau akan dapat masalah‎.

Ya‎, yang terburuk‎.

Kau menyelamatkanku‎.


Kita saling menyelamatkan‎.

Bagaimana rasanya‎?

Bantu aku mengeluarkan
sampah kedua dari mobil‎.

Dia bisa kembali dengan
aman pada ayahnya‎.

50 ribu dolar‎.

Untuk masalahmu‎. Aku anggap kau
akan sangat menikmatinya‎.

Kau biarkan dia aman‎, setelah
apa yang dia lakukan padamu‎?

Demi dia‎.

Jika kita bertemu lagi‎,
taruhan ini batal‎.

Paman tersayang‎, ini uang 29‎,098 dolar‎.

Kami akan kembalikan 50 ribu dolar
lagi dengan bunga 10%‎.

Jika kau masih marah‎.‎.

Aku akan menghitung untukmu dari Cina‎.

Jika kau tak mengangganggu kami‎,
Kami juga tak akan mengganggumu‎.

Jika kau mengejar kami‎, duniamu akan tamat‎.
Aku bersumpah‎.

Siapkan pesawat untukku‎.

Aku muak dengan tempat ini‎!

Dibodohi oleh seorang anak kecil‎!

‎- Lihat kalau berjalan‎, bung‎!
‎- Teruslah berjalan‎.

Ini kota New York‎!

Bank nomor 5‎, berapa banyak lagi‎?

Cuma itu‎.

Salinan terakhir dari disk yang berada
dalam brankas‎, menyebar di kota‎.

Jika mereka membuat masalah dengan kita‎,
mereka akan benar‎-benar menyesal‎.

Keamanan kita‎, tanggung jawab kita‎.

Sekarang apa‎?

Sekarang kita pergi dari kota ini‎.

Aku tahu kau masih anak‎-anak‎.‎.

Aku tak yakin aku bisa
jadi ayah yang baik‎.

Aku tak mau ayah yang lain lagi‎.

Maukah kau jadi temanku‎?

Sampai hari kematianku‎.

Aku mendaftarkanmu di sekolah
untuk anak berbakat di Seattle‎.

Ini akan menyenangkan‎.

Ini patut dicoba‎.

Apakah kita aman‎?

Kita jalani saja‎, Mei‎.

Kita jalani saja‎.

For beloved brother‎, kucing_gaul‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.