Safe (2019) - full transcript

Shreya opens a Pandora's box of sexual abuse cases that point to a high profile celebrity. Amidst rising crime and violence, Arundhati, a Social Activist starts a public movement called SAFE to protect women, children and the aged.

Aunt, come fast.

Oh! Father, look at this.

Sreya, come fast.

You have to go to school.

Come on.

"Good morning Kochi."

"Isn't it through mornings like
this that vanished evenings reincarnate?"

"It's 6.30 on the clock and
it's RJ Abhishekh on air"

Wishing you a wonderful morning.

You must be all reading the newspaper.

There is a hot news in the newspapers.

Our collector's 'Operation Sulaimani'
has become a huge success.

A big salute to all those who made
this noble cause a great success.

Aunt, I'm leaving.

Don't go. I'm coming.

Sreya, at least have this.

It's your father's death anniversary today.

I had gone to the temple.
That's why I got late.

-Drink this fully.
-I'll eat from out.

You can take him later.

I'll call you.

Sir, you'll be there to help, right?

-Yes, sir.

Come in.

All the details you asked
for is there in it.

What do you want to drink?


Don't expect any support
from the government.

If such a big incident has
happened before our eyes,

there is someone powerful behind it.

The trust manager...


He is missing.

Is there any way to contact him?

It's an organization run in
memory of my ancestors.

It was passed down through generations.

Now there...

The downfall of the trust
started when he joined.

Sorry, sir.

Twenty one cases of sexual
abuse have been reported.

Inquiry must be done.

This inquiry is my personal need.

If at least one of the girls
is saying the truth,

whomever be the person behind it,

he must be punished.

Yes. Okay.

I'm leaving.

Sir, your medicine.

Look who's here. Sreya IPS.

You do modeling? You're really photogenic.

If you record a selfie video
and give, we'll make it viral.

Don't you know him?
He's from 'Manjakili Media'

If the content is strong,
it'll definitely go viral.

I call him woodpecker.

His social media group has
2.5 lakh genuine followers.

Let's rock.

You must have come to meet my father.

Why do you come to meet
him for everything?

Is there any use?

If you want publicity,

Look here. Mallu girl in police uniform.


Where have you been?

I had gone to maintain your reputation.

Inauguration of a health club.

Health, Peace and Development.
Isn't that our aim?

Hope you know that they have started
inquiry on Devanathan Trust.

I got to know now.

Aren't you happy?

Development will happen.


Development through your short cuts.

It's not one or two.

Twenty one girls have given complaint.

Hope you know that.

Mahadeva (Lord Siva) is
the lord of everything.

Haven't you heard it?


It's a good quote.

It'd make an awesome status.

Good morning.

-Deepan, good morning.
-Good morning.

Tomorrow is the inauguration
of the auditorium, right?


I need the VIP list and the security
measurements. We need to discuss it.


We'll come there once Vani becomes free.

What's the case today?

A high profile petty case.

Come soon.

I can't keep going to the
police station anymore.

I want to know what
happened to my daughter.

That's all.

You should try for that.




We are here.

Where is Savan?

He has gone for a local
search to find Idikula.

He'll join us.

Please be on standby for him.

From what MLA has told, this case
can turn high profile any moment.

Tomorrow is the inauguration, right?

Who's leading central minister's security?

Security measures have been taken.

But there is a last minute
change in the program.

Minister is not coming.
He has got some urgent meeting in Delhi.

Instead of him MLA
Vamadevan is inaugurating.

Also social activist Arundathi and Kozhikode
Collector Nishanth Nair are attending.

So as per the protocol I
don't need to be there.

This is the list.

Complete details of the victims, including
their name and photo are there in it.

Did you check the authenticity as well?

Yes everything is fine.
You can have a look.


Leave her.

Leave my daughter.

Leave her.

What did you do to my daughter?

Leave her.

Leave her.

Don't do anything to my daughter.

I told you...

"A 13 year old girl has gone
missing from Nadakavu junction"

"This girl shown in the photo is a
student of Nadakavu Girl's School"

"Since cases like this have increased,

the Deputy Commissioner told a new team
has been given charge of these cases"

"Any information about this girl should
be passed to the nearby police station"

With your permission.

We need to surround ourselves with
people who believe in positive changes.

That's all we need to bring
out our true potential.

With this positive thinking, we can
find solutions even for big problems.

We need in our society not just the
people who point out the problems...

but also those people who
find a solution for it.

Solution providers like you.

You! And you all!

Thank you.

Now I welcome Ms. Arundathi, women
empowerment department's national head,

a true leader and an influencer.

Like Mr. Nishanth said, a real solution provider.

Please ma'am.

When I was invited for the
inauguration of this auditorium,

the main reason for accepting it is that,

I'd get some time to interact
with my little friends.

I don't know how to speak
like our eminent guests.

I'm one among you.

In my school...

sitting on the last bench over there...

I used to listen to eminent people.

I curiously listened and wondered if I'd
be able to speak like them someday.

Because I wasn't confident.

I needed a genuine reason
to get that confidence.

It was the boys in my class
who made me find it.

There was a big jamun tree
in my school playground.

The stubbornness of the boys to climb
the tree and eat the jamun from it.

For the girls, the goal was to catch the
fruit before it fell on the ground.

I tried to climb up the tree many times.
But I failed.

My friends mocked and laughed at me.

But after many failures, I
climbed the tree one day.

The sweetest fruit I've eaten in my life
is the jamun I plucked on that day.

After finishing college, I founded an
organization called Women for Women.

It's a big organization
with around 2000 women.

It was that jamun tree on my school ground
that gave me the confidence for it.

This is what I want to tell you.

In order to achieve your goal...

Let you all get the confidence for
it from your school days itself.

Trust me.

The fruits are sweeter from up here.

Thank you.

Now I request Vamadevan sir to
handover the cheque to Ms. Arundathi.

Thank you sir!

Don't worry. There is no other problem.

Thanks a lot, dear. It's because
of you that we got this.

We'll always remember what
you have done for us.

That is okay. It's my job.

Now don't worry. Just be happy.

Call me if there is anything.

-See you dear.


Take this.


I'm Sinimol.

Just brief her. I'll check and come.

Don't worry.

Didn't you save your daughter on time?

Just think what would have happened
if you hadn't got there on time?


He'd promised to take care of us.


I'll give the medicine for him correctly.

He won't touch you or your daughter again.

And don't get frightened by seeing this.

We are all there to give
Saira a good future.

We are all there with you.

It's over there. The third room.

The kids are there inside the bus.
Be careful.

Ask in the office.

-Come in.

Sit down.

It's our daughter's fifth birthday.

We'd like to celebrate it here.

We want to know about the
facilities and other details.

Okay. I'll show you.


Please show them around.

You can go with him.

Okay, thanks.

Please come.

Who is representing the victim?



Your honour. PW1

She's the mother of the victim.

A woman, a wife and a mother.

Last day, she went through a situation
that shouldn't happen to any woman.

Jashik, the accused is
Amina's second husband.

They have been living together
since their marriage.

When Amina returned home
from work the other day,

she found her 12 year old daughter from her
first marriage being sexually abused by him.

She was shocked.

It's clear that the accused
who's addicted to cocaine,

had the intention to sexually use the
mother and the child simultaneously.

And the victim is experiencing
post-traumatic stress disorder.

And the victim's mother, PW1 Amina is still
in shock wondering what would have happened,

if she hadn't reached there on time.

Stop the jeep.

Stop the bus.

Go and get her.


What is your intention?


Just because you work in
media, you can say anything?

If you utter anything about
our party again, you'll be assaulted.

What will you do if I say?

What? You want to know?

-Don't touch me.
-What will you do if I touch.

Leave me.

What the hell are you doing?
Take your hands off her.

Get lost!

Get out!

-Get out of the bus.
-You get lost.

Come here.

-Come here.
-Leave me.

Come outside.

What are you doing?

Leave me.

Come here.

Leave me.

Get inside.

Close it.

Start the vehicle.

Who are you? Why are you here?

As per the poxo 2012 act,

I request the court to deny bail for the
defendant and give him maximum punishment.

That is all your honour.

You have anything to say?

No, sir. Not guilty.

Is the information correct?

Don't let him go. I'll
inform Sreya and come there.

Who are you?

Looking at your appearance, you
seem to be from Andra Pradesh.

Do you need transfer?
Just tell me if you want.

I've a strong contact in Vijayawada.
I can help.

Don't be ashamed to ask.

Sreya, where are you?

On my way.

I'll come soon.



The game would change if you touch me.

I'm not just a trust manager.

I'm friends with even our ministers.

Lenin Idikula won't give you statement.

Just do whatever you can.

Didn't I tell you I don't know anything?

What's it? Did he say anything.

He's not saying anything.
Just showing attitude.

I'm not going to say anything at all.


Lenin Idikula...

Your Vizag contact...

Andra Anti traffic unit
caught him two days back.

It was he who said you'd be here.


Let's start?

Deepan, you come with me.
Savan, you take him.

-Close the window.
-What's this?

-Are you okay?

Close the window.

No. Don't jump.


Sreya, are you okay?


Pull her from there.

Lie her down.

Guys, careful.

Savan, look back.

Somebody is there. Go.

Savan, you go. I'll take care of her.

Oh God!

-Catch him.
-Stop there.


Stay there.

"Acid was thrown at Sreya IPS who's investigating
the sexual allegations against Devanathan Trust."

"Trust manager Lenin Idikula has been killed."

"He was the main man
behind the sexual abuses."

Dr. Mahadevan.

Have it.

Have it.

To be honest,

I was shocked to hear the news.

What an incident!

See, I have been shivering since then.

Just like some English films.

But it's sad that you killed
poor Idikulla in an encounter.

Many families are depending on him.

Sreedharan sir's daughter's
career opening is good.


There wasn't even a
rehearsal before the stunt.


What if the acid had fallen somewhere else?

So don't do risky games.


-You wait outside.

One thorn of experience is worth
a whole wilderness of warning.

James Russell Lowell.

It was taught by Sreedharan sir.

I haven't forgotten it.



I was coming to meet you.

The most glorified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Arun!

Hey, what's this?

You have a tattoo.

"Sudha"... Is it your new girlfriend?

Leave it.

How come you're here? Any relatives?

Actually I'd come to meet you.

That is when I got to know Sreya
IPS has met with an accident.

Remember Swetha who had
studied with us in college?

She's Swetha's sister.

Our Swetha.

Your Swetha.

-Swetha Sreedharan?

Sreya is her sister.

I'd tried to contact you.
But you were in the USA.

And I got busy.

I came to know only recently
that you got back.

Come. Let's have a coffee.

Come on.

I'm on duty.

Carry on.

I'll call you. Bye.

-Who was that visitor?
-MLA's son.


Ma'am, any problem?

It's just a first degree burn.
It's superficial.

You'll be fine within two days.

Ma'am, are you okay?

Finally you took out your weapon.

You had to see how she beat them up.

I almost lost my consciousness
seeing her beating a guy.

And another guy's reproductive
system got smashed.

That is how it was.

Don't be Mary Kom for sometime.

She is the one who made
trolls on party people.

And when everything got over, she left
only after taking a selfie with them.

I'll show that.



-Isn't it good?

So, have you started online promotion?

No. Anyway, you come after your duty.
We'll all be there.

Let's go.

Thank you.

My hand is paining badly. Oh, God!

What happened?

I tried calling you.

This needs only two weeks of rest.

Why did you call?

Oh, yes...

I wanted to know about my patient.
How's Sara?

Debriding session has to be started
before doing skin grafting.

She got out of that work
space only two weeks back.

It's natural. A person's biggest
confidence is their external appearance.

She's a strong girl.

She'll recover from this trauma
if you give her support.

"Which melodious agony is sung
in my ears by the rainbow?"

"Which mind's desire is the
breeze caressing me?"

"The inked poetry by the eyes and words"

"Is there a silent consent
in those sweet lines?"

"You vanish, the rain falls...
The desires get chilly..."

"Are the snowflakes in love"

"Someone is filling up
the lashes with coyness"

"Is it a new emotion"

"At the lake where moon swims,
I saw on the lily flower"

"Seasons of love and your
gentle smile, my beauty"

"The beautiful twilight and
the singing wild mynah..."

"Their hearts weaved love
without anyone knowing"

"The inked poetry by the eyes and words"

"Is there a silent consent
in those sweet lines?"

"You vanish, the rain falls...
The desires get chilly..."

"Are the snowflakes in love"

"Someone is filling up
the lashes with coyness"

"Is it a new emotion"

I forgot. Your signature is required.


Oh, right hand?



I used to do it for fun when I was young.

And I got used to it.


I've an ambidextrous
friend...from my childhood.

"Which melodious agony is sung
in my ears by the rainbow?"

"Which mind's desire is the
breeze caressing me with?"

"The inked poetry by the eyes and words"

"Is there a silent consent
in those sweet lines?"

Are you staying here for the first time?


Oh, nice!

We've two options.

A standard room or a studio apartment.

-Studio apartment.

We have a safety button installed
for your safety in the rooms,

about which my staff will tell you.

So have a pleasant stay.

Thank you.

See you.

Joji, let's start.

I'm standing in front
of the Police Club now.

It's a special reporting on MLA Vamadevan.

To question him the police...

Hey, come on.

Sir, why were you asked to
come to the police club?

Is it regarding Idikula's murder
or the sexual allegations?

Please tell.

Will you deny it if I say the man
behind the sexual assaults is your son?

Police inquiry is over and I've
given them honest answers.

Let the party decide now. I'll obey them.

He's not well. That's why.

-Let me go.
-Hey, move.

The last four years of my life.

It was a journey in search of new
technologies through scary paths.

Maybe it was all for this moment.

For this day. Only for this day.

I was in jail...

War zones...

Difficult situations...

Don't use flash.

Hey, come.

Sir, we need your help.

People with whom we can never get along.

Their conflicting concepts.

Visionaries with foresight.

Blind believers.

It was my experiences with them
that led me to the decision to... a new technology
to wipe out fear.

Let's forget the negative things around us.

One such protective sheath...

But in order to build it, a creative and
an innovative invention is required.

When we have to face such a situation,
without depending on the police or others,

but something that is
useful for them also...

Something which is useful for
everyone in the society.

Be it children, adults or women...

A protective sheath to travel
with in the society without fear.

An immediate response system.

That is SAFE.

Also, we have seen many
software applications.


SAFE is not an app that was built by some IT
professionals working from their comfort zones.

SAFE is a community.

From the old moscode to rocket science,
merging all the communication systems,

Let it be telecommunication, mobile
technology,radio frequency or satellite...

Merging all these, SAFE is a
technology built with no limitations.

The things which were mere
accessories until now...

Rings, key chains, lockets...

These become a communicative
device through SAFE's technology.

Nobody will dare to attack
someone who's a member of SAFE.

They would think twice before doing it.

Because the culprit will
know the consequences.

That is the only intention.

In SAFE there are lawyers, doctors, IT
professionals, media persons and scientists.

Now, you are also there with us.

So, SAFE can be downloaded from...



Hey, congrats.

Congrats to you too.

Our celebrations and pizza are over.

Is it over?

Attention please.

Hey, thank you.


The balance amount in
SAFE's bank account is...

...just fourteen thousand two hundred rupees.

So it's time we request all our well wishers
to contribute very generously.

Because we really need it.

We have to meet lots of
expenses this month.

Does Sreya IPS need fund for her surgery?

No. She has only shallow burns.
It'll get cured easily.



Oh, thank you.

Highly appreciate it.

I should be thanking you.

These patients and the hospital
routine were getting into me.

Thank you for gifting me a good Sunday.

Please smile.


Okay then bye.

Look at this.

Isn't it good?

Let me see.

Isn't it nice?

Doctor's smile is good.

Should I tell him?

-Give it to her.

Okay. I'm coming.

Hold this. I'm leaving.

It must be from her office.

What is that?

-What happened?
-Don't know.

It's from Arun.

"Breaking news... Nadakavu
MLA Vamadevan passed away"

"His death was due to heart attack"

"MLA Vamadevan's body will be
brought to his residence shortly"

"The party spokesman informed the body will be kept
in the town hall for the public to pay respects"

"The Prime Minister expressed
his heartfelt condolences"

"The Chief Minister said his demise
is a great loss for Kerala politics"

"Thousands of people are coming
to pay last respects to him"

"He has served as the health
minister in 1984, 1996 and 2003"

"He was to become the health minister after
the upcoming reconstitution of the cabinet"

"Political observers are looking forward to see if his
demise would pay way for his son's political entry"

Vamadevan was mentally distressed
for the past few days.

"The sexual allegations
against the Devanathan trust..."

"The trust manager Idikula's murder..."

"The acid attack on Sreya IPS..."

"It was amidst these that he passed away"

"With cameraman Sajeev, Fiona Philip"

Party has lost its captain.

Along with mourning for him,

let's hope that he helps us to
find an eligible candidate.

[news regarding Vamadevan's death]

Round them up.

Get them, along.

Let's go.

Conduct discussions for that.

Your names...

I want to say something.


You people are talking as if
I'm behind my father's death.

It was cooked up by some channel reporter.

Party need not go behind it.

In the name of police investigation,

if you are going to do something that
would destroy my political career...

Not just me, it would affect everyone.

Got it?

Let me make it clear. I deserve that seat.


And I'm qualified for that.

Son, why do you have to get angry?

Party is yet to make a decision.

Isn't it?

Try to cool off the media, not our party.

The ones making false accusations
against you are outside the party.

The opposition party, police and media.

Son, handle them. Isn't it?

President, you just take care
of the people in the party.

I know very well to
handle the ones outside.

And don't do this backstage drama to
increase your followers on social media.

Consider this as a warning.

Will you stand in the next by-election?

Will you deny it if we say you are behind
the sexual abuses and your father's death?

Will you deny it if I say there is something
suspicious behind Vamadevan's death?

There is a difference between
old school and new school.

It's made up by people like that.
It's natural.

And if the party says, I'll
participate in the by-election.

I've agreed to it.

I've got only one thing to tell to those saying there
is something suspicious about my father's death.

Don't waste your time on baseless stories.

Let's work for our state.

Let's develop our state.
That's what is needed, right?

Fiona, one minute.

You ought to be a little more careful
when you follow up political stories.

It's required, Fiona.

Be careful.

Your friends might not
be there all the time.

Hope you understand.

Did you understand what I said?

Is this the man who assigned you the work?

Haven't you completed the formalities?

Yes, sir.

Okay. You proceed.

Take this.

Vani, look there.

Deepan, go up.

Savan, check out that place.

Nothing is there.

There isn't anyone there.

What is this?


Check it.

Check inside.

There is no one here.

Not available.

We've a problem.

I don't think we'd get anything from it.

I think it's hacked since
the last 10 hours.

That security camera...

Bring it.

Brighten than shot and search
for more facial details.

Zoom it a little more.

That hoodie...

Can you freeze it?

Aunt, come fast.

Are you okay?


I want to know what
happened to my daughter.

"Mahadevan's disappearance case
has taken a new lead"

"Police got the CCTV visuals of
a group kidnapping Mahadevan"

"CCTV visuals are pointing towards Shweta"

"Has he been kidnapped or is it a murder?"

Thank you, sir.

Does Sweta have any role in
Mahadevan's disappearance?

No comments.

Do you think this suspension
is a political vengeance?

Will the missing case of
your sister be reopened?

"Is Mahadevan's disappearance just
the opposition party's allegation?"

I'm leaving. Bye.

"As these sunny paths are
withdrawing, return to give me a hand"

"As drops of tears fall on the cheeks,
return to bring back the smile"

"Day and night came regularly
narrating many tales"

"Fun and laughter died away"

"One day...many days...I'm all alone"

"When darkness covers the
sky, I'm the only star left"

"The moment when your mind which
was there day and night left"

"If you are coming back..."

"We can complete the unfinished story"

"All that fills up the mind can
be shared as inner warmth"

"As these sunny paths are withdrawing,
return to give me a hand"

"As drops of tears fall on the cheeks,
return to bring back the smile"

"Day and night came regularly
narrating many tales"

"Fun and laughter died away"

"One day...many days...I'm all alone"

"All alone..."

Why isn't she home yet?

She might have gone to Sreeja's.

-Is this Sreeja's house?

I'm Swetha's father.

Tell me.

Swetha hasn't reached home yet.

Sreeja is home. Should I call her?

No. Do you have the number
of any other friends?

Try calling Akshara.
She might be there with her.



Bring me your sister's college diary.

I'll get it now.


She's not picking up the phone.

Come here.


Please come here.

Dear, get the bike key.

Brother, where are you going?

Swetha is not back yet.

Let me go to the bus stop and check.

You be here.
Give me the key.

-You stay here.
-I'm also going with him.

Oh God!

Where are you both off to at night?

Is there any problem?


Swetha is not back from the college.

The way home is pitch dark.

It's 9.30 pm.

Sir, the last bus has gone.

Is it?

It's been 10 minutes.

Let me go to the college and check.

-That's better.
-Come dear.

Hold this.

Let's go.

See you.

Isn't that Sreedharan sir?


He is alone now.

He has two daughters.

What about their mother?

She died long back.

At a young age.

He's living for his daughters now.

If something happens to them,
I can't imagine his situation.

My God!

Nothing will happen.

It's going to rain.

Let's go.

Who are you?

My daughter is not
back from college yet.

She is not there at her
friend's house also.

Is she there inside?

There is no one inside.

It was after everyone left
that I closed the gate.

Where will I go and search for my daughter?

Will she be there...

Sir, don't become nervous.

She must have got back home.

Don't stay out with her at night.

Sir, please go home.

Where is she...

What happened?

Did you search everywhere?

Did you go to her college?

I'll come tomorrow.
My kids are alone at home.

You'll be here, right? I'll call you.


What will we do now?

I don't know.

Shall we inform the police?

I want to ask you something.

Did Shweta come for your father's funeral?

I'm confused.

Shweta's come back and Mahadevan's kidnap...

I doubt if she's back to
settle the old scores.

They used to be headstrong
rivals at college.

Go man!

Dude, just go.

Just go.

Both of them were very much obstinate.


Here. Shall I bring tea?

We will come inside.

What is the matter?

Any problem?

Hey, it's from SAFE.

Deepan, I'll forward a message.

Do a follow up and let me
know if you need any back up.

It's from SAFE.

It's Arundati Das's dream project.

Their application is live now.
I'm really happy for her.

Arundati Das?

The social activist?

Do you know her?

Yes. Very well.

In the last 3 years, I've done around 20
plastic surgeries for acid attack victims.

She is a true humanitarian.

She is the head of a big organization
that arranges even advanced surgeries.

Where do they get the funds for this?

What is their source?

Public donations, CSR and...

Inquisitiveness of a police?

Hey, nothing like that.

Where is she from?

She is from Kannur.

You can get the permanent
address from some files.

But why?

Just curious.

I don't have anything
much to do now, right?

Tea would become cold. Please come.

I might need a back up.

-There is something fishy there.
-What happened?

Some illegal activity is going on there.

You and four others lock the back entrance.

-Others come with me.
-Sir, your revolver.

Everyone be careful.


Oh crap!

Go down. Fast.

Yes. We did it.

Sradha, what is going on?

The police is here with the ambulance.

We are leaving.

-Everything is alright here.
-That one...

It was Sradha. They are safe.


-Over there.
-Come here.

Sir, who's behind it?

The raid was based on the information
we received from a private app.

We have saved almost 20 children.

I can't reveal anything more.

Please. No photographs.

Please listen. No photographs.

Get them inside.

Speed up.

Start the vehicle.

Get going.
Vani, come on.

Excuse me. Please move.

You move.
I'll join you.

Let's move.

Mahadevan's disappearance is a conspiracy
by the police and the opposition party.

Their intention is to
destroy our party's image.

We'll take strong actions against it.

"This search and rescue operation will
be Kerala police's biggest achievement"

"The raid was based on the information
we received from a private app"

"We have saved almost 20 children"

"I can't reveal anything more"

Doctor, please get that first aid box.

What happened?


Hey, it's nothing.

Just a small scratch.

Sradha, sit there.

Please take.

-Good job.
-Thank you.


This is just a beginning.

Tomorrow is an important day for all of us.

If our software testing should happen without
any issues, we must work in complete sync.

Police should maintain justice.

Stop the hooliganism of police.

IDF Zindabad.

"It's the news cooked up by the politicians, who
envy the growth of the righteous leader Mahadevan

the media are celebrating"

"What mistake did Mahadevan do?"

"Then why is there a
warrant to arrest him?"

"That is the favoritism of media"

"Ask Sreya IPS who is behind all these lies.
Let her answer"

"It's not a media favoritism sir..."

Police should maintain justice.

Stop the hooliganism of police.



What did you say in front of them?


Look at me.

So you'd belittle me in
front of others, right?



-Which room?
-Room no 4.

Abhishekh, come fast.

Sara, just take care of my daughter.

-What are you looking at?
-Leave me.

Shut up!

Open the door.

Hey, open the door.

Who are you?
What is the matter?

Move back.

"Police should maintain justice"

IDF Zindabad!

It's just a political vendetta.

A dynamic leader like Mahadevan
is tomorrow’s promise.

This is just a farce by the opposition
party to win the by-election.

I don't understand why
you are supporting it.

"I'm the one who murdered Lenin Idikula"

"Because he has tortured many girls
by presenting them to VIP's"

"So, I'd to kill him.
He was a cancer"

"He was a cancer"

"So, I just removed it"

Sir, please watch this video.

What is this?

I'm the one who murdered Lenin Idikula.

This is a manipulated video.

You are fooling the people by
using Mahadevan's morphed video.

Party has doubts regarding
the authenticity of this video.

I won't believe this.
I understood your attitude.

This much is enough.

Sir, few more questions are there.

Don't make me throw you out of the house.

That is all.

-You want tea?

Brother, one tea.

That distress message...

It was first received in SAFE's server.

It was rerouted from there
in the form of message.

But I got the message several hours after
the distress signal was generated.

And before you people got there...

...the culprits were outnumbered.

So, this Kannur trip?

Just an intuition.

If it's correct,

then we are on the right path.

If not...

A long bike ride.

Which I deserve. That is all.

I'll message you the Kannur address.

Doesn't this place remind
you of our Dehradun campus?

-Tea was superb.
-Thank you.

-How much?
-Thirty rupees.

Okay, take care.

Drop me off in the town.

"Mahadevan is on the news once again"

"His second confession
video is also out now"

I'll give you five crore immediately.

Go to Devanathan trust and meet Ms. Nirmala.

Tell her you need two 'Ping box'.
You'll get the money.

"Illegal money and documents were found in
the income tax raid at Devanathan Trust"

The opposition party is taking
revenge on us through this.

Or else how is it possible to show the video
of a dead person confessing everything.

Advanced technology. That is all.

So are you saying Mahadevan is not alive?

I didn't say so.

And even if he's dead, he's only responsible
for the murder and the sexual allegations.

Our party has no role in it.
That is all.

Sir, one more question.

Eshwar Das's house?

Go straight and take a left.


This is good for pickling.

Eshwari Amma?

Yes. What's it?
Who are you?

Mr. Das?

Who are you? Do you know Das?

No. I just dropped by to meet you.

I know you. Don't you act in television
serials as a police officer?

It's superb.

Sit down.

Doesn't Mr. Das come here?

What about his daughter Arundathi?

Das comes occasionally.

I've met his daughter when she was young.

They all are in Delhi.

They had come here once.

I asked him to leave her here.

But he didn't listen.

He is her only brother.

He was in the army.

He is younger than me by 10 years.

He fell in love with a girl
from another caste.

Everyone was against it.

He's an obstinate guy.

He went off to Delhi with her.
They have a daughter.

She is given my mother's name- Arundathi.

She has my mother's hazel eyes.

Does Arundathi come here?

Not at all.

Wasn't she brought up in Delhi?
How will she like our land?

It's been years since Das came.

He calls me at times.
That's all.

-Faiza madam?

A distress message from Faiza's phone.

It's switched off!

-Hello Abhishekh?
-Yes Fiona.

A distress message from Faiza's phone.

What happened?

Yes, I've my phone with me.

Wait. Let me check.

Sara, get up.
Switch on the monitor.

Switch it on.

You're listening to WDA 95.3 FM

I'm sorry to interrupt.
I need a help.

My friend who's from Madurai
is new to this city.

She's completely new to this city and
doesn't know the routes over here.

She got into a cab from her office.

I got to know the car has taken a left
from Edachira instead of going straight.

I'm concerned since it's a dead end.

If anyone from that area
is listening to me,

please help the driver
with the correct route.

This is RJ Abhishekh on WDA 95.3

What is it, brother?

Why is your phone switched off?

What if you get lost?

The battery went dead.

This road ends at a river.

Don't make people talk.

Isn't she from another state?

Don't we have the responsibility
to take them home safely?


Are you from Madurai?


When you get into the taxi, you
should check for the child lock.

Thank you uncle.

These girls!

Listen to some songs and
take her home safely.


Isn't it she from another state?
Go fast.


It's Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta that come to
my mind when we say 'a city that never sleeps'

But I'm so glad.

When I asked for a small help,
lots of people called me.

I'm so happy to know that many people are
working at night and listening to my show.

The driver was found and he was
given the correct route also.

The coming track is for all
those friends who helped.

The train is full.
There is no chance.

Sir, my berth is not confirmed.

It's a little difficult.
Let me see.

Do one thing. Go to B3 coach.

Where is the alert from?

A train towards Ernakulam.


The station is 32 minutes away and nonstop.

Where is Faiza?

Her mobile is off, but she is safe.

Faiza, come.

Sit down.

Faiza, are you okay?

See, this is the situation.

Can you help that girl somehow?

If it's third or fourth degree burns,
we'll be going for splits and grafting.

That will be the ideal one.

Derins, please complete it.
Sorry guys, I've an emergency.

-Can I take your car?
-Yes, sure.

Right now the train is in Divine
Nagar, 15 minutes away from Angamaly.

-Wait. The tower?

She needs the tower number.
Not the station.


-Which one?

-That one, right?

You make a list.

I'll read it out. You make the list.

Take the information of all those towers.

Stop it.

Move it towards the side.

Move it.

Show me your license.

Please sir.

Don't say any excuse.
Show the original license and go.

Sir, please try to understand.
It's an emergency.

I know your intentions.

You can go after showing
your original license.

Sir, it's an emergency.

Who are you? Spider man?

Who are you?

Is it a helmet?

Sir, please let us go.

This is a tactical helmet.

Sir, shall I go? My dear sir.

Ijaz and Sradha, come...

Rijo, come on.

Guys, didn't I also come with you?

Ijaz, I'm also coming.

Sir, please.

Hey, please take me also.
Don't go.

Series code is 404-1892

Mobile network code is 15722.

Cell ID is 6554

Next series is 6556

Tower is 57874

Cell ID is 3812

Series is 18281

Don't be nervous.

-Can I have some water?
-Bring her water.

"You're under the surveillance of Kerala Police.
If you misbehave, you'll be punished."

She's there. Come on.

Hey, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Hello, Arun...

She's safe.

It's success.

It's okay.

Is this the work station of SAFE app?


Isn't this a service apartment?

Yes. Can I help you with something?

Yes. One black coffee without sugar.

Check upstairs.

You check there.

Take only those things related to the app.

What is it, sir?

-Have you checked everything?

Laptop and harddisk.

Only these two.

Make a list of these things
and get their signature.

-Make it fast.
-Okay sir.

-Excuse me sir.

Sir, if there is any problem, we
can sit over here and discuss.

We'll definitely talk. But not here.

At my office.

Ask your lawyer to meet me.

Excuse me...

Who is that?

Thank God you're here.
Check this.

Hello, father.

Both the parties are trying to
have Arundathi on their party.

What do you think, Father?

I also have the same opinion.

The problems in Nadakavu
can't be controlled easily.

We need an eligible candidate.

Arundathi should come forward.

No, Father. Arun's intention is different.

If I get into politics, I wouldn't
ask discounts for surgeries, right?

No. Never.

You deserve it.

You've got the leadership qualities for it.
And you're honest as well.

Nadakavu needs a leader like you.

We want to enjoy once you become the MLA.

Arundathi, an emergency.

Excuse me.

Sini, tell me.



I was asked to come.



I needed a small explanation.

What is the true intention
of your application?

Hacking Kerala government's cyber
system is not a small thing.

Are you making a fool out of us?

Sir, do you have any proof
that it was done by us?

Do you think our high end technologies and
highly qualified professionals are doing nothing?

The IP number of the system that
was used for hacking yesterday...

It's that of your laptop at your office
situated in the service apartment.

That is why we raided the place
and seized the equipment.

This application is a joint effort
by including you people also.

It prevents the crime before it happens.

Madam, is this an explanation?

Don't you know you shouldn't
take the law into your hands?

You're trying to run a parallel government.

It's a criminal offense.

If it's proved that it was you or your
team behind yesterday's happenings,

I'll not allow you to function.

And I warn you, it won't be safe anymore.

You got it?


Okay then.


Why are you here?
Your department got changed?

Cyber squad is a desk job.

I'm a field officer.

We've a doubt if it's the team that
hacked the cyber server is the one...

...who hacked the CCTV at Mahadevan's.

So, I'm here.

Though she's my sister,

didn't she gift me a suspension
through her come back.

So shouldn't I also give her a return gift?

So is this the reward for serving people?

So, you have reached the finishing point.


Not at all.

It was my father who taught me chess.

He always used to say...

that the checkmate is the last move.


Arundathi, I forgot something.

I'd gone to Kannur.

Ishwari Amma and Lekshmi
conveyed their regards.

"The last date to give nominations for
Nadakavu by-election is tomorrow"

What happened?

I'll tell you.


Shall we file the nomination?


Shall I file the nomination?

Are you serious?


Don't get so excited.
Will it happen?

Of course. But it means I've lots of work.

Carry on.

Guys, listen.

I've a news.

Arundathi is going to file the nomination.


Oh, God!

The video of the woman who was
rescued last night has gone viral.

When I downloaded the app SAFE,

I never thought it'd become helpful
in such a crucial situation.

I'm so glad that I downloaded this app.

I'm safe.

I'm so glad that I downloaded this app.

I'm safe.

-All the best.
-Thank you. All the best to you too.

We have downloaded SAFE app.

We're ready to help.

Arundathi should win if something
should happen in Nadakavu.

Our first vote goes to Arundathi.
We're safe.

We're with Arundathi.
We're safe.

"The public campaigning at
Nadakavu has come to an end"

"The election is on Monday"

"The next two days are
for silent campaigning"

"The result will be out on Friday"

"Who's going to win the
Nadakavu by-election"

"Coming back to the figures..."

"IDF contestant V.K. Thomas
is leading by 1195 votes"

"The opposition thinks the Devanathan
Trust case might become a setback for IDF"

"Moving on to the bastions of IDF,"

"Will they win or lose their seat at Nadakavu?

"Here is the latest news"

"Arundathi Das is leading in IDF's bastion"

"Independent candidate Arundathi
Das is leading with 36,816 votes"

Shall we eat?

"IDF candidate C.K. Thomas has 33,215 votes"

"And Nishanth Nair has 27,743 votes"

"Now Arundathi is leading by 3601 votes"

"They are yet to count
the votes in two places"

"Those are IDF's bastions"

"In the Nadakavu by-election,
Arundathi Das has won by 24210 votes"

I'd like to thank all the voters
of Nadakavu constituency.

This is a historical win.

The victory of the commoners.

Should I thank you for selecting a social
activist irrespective of the party or...

Should I be mad at you for selecting a
leader without trying to know her past.

-Yes, ma'am.

When a leader is selected,
people believe in them.

Justice which is everyone's
birthright will be protected.

The ones who safeguard it are
the people's representatives.

I wish to take you all 15 years
backwards through my victory speech.

That is why I chose this stage.

In this same campus, on a college day...

A 19 year old...

She was rejoicing after the best
dance performance of her life.

From that corridor...

She flew away.

Without telling anyone.

Mahadevan, come here.

Shweta has gone that way.
She's alone.

Go and call Idikula.

This looks good.

Get out!

Get out!

It's going to rain.

Let's go.

Shivaraman, I won't be there tomorrow.


My God!

"Do you know season..."

"To be a journey in search of life"

"Will you fill up my life
as sun blossoming light"

"Going faraway in search of shores as time"

"To spread as fire with burning eyes"

My father...

If he sees me like this, he won't live.

He's a poor man.

Without me...

I won't go.

Dear, you can go back if you want.

You can take revenge on your enemies.

I'll help you.

That is what I also did.

I killed the men who murdered
my daughter one by one.

But what did I get in return...

A punishment scarier than death.

This fire inside you...

it should burn fiercely.

For you.

For my daughter Arundathi.

"With new blood running
through you and a single thought"

"Come to get immersed in
cold mind with soft sound"

"In these paths soar"

"Your steps get imprinted"

"My mind becomes cool"

"In these paths soar"

"Your steps get imprinted"

"My mind becomes cool"

"Flowers devoid of honey..."

"Wounds that put an end to the thoughts..."

"Come floating in the bright moonlight"

"You are a butterfly soaring
high with golden wings"

"Do you know seasons..."

"To be a journey in search of life"

"Will you fill up my life
as sun blossoming light"

"Going faraway in search of shores as time"

"To spread as fire with burning eyes"

"With new blood running
through you and a single thought"

"Come to get immersed in
cold mind with soft sound"

She has my mother's hazel eyes.

Did Swetha come here for
your father's funeral?


Come here.

I was the answer to Ishwar
Das's idea of SAFE.

I borrowed his deceased
daughter Arunathi's identity.

That one reason is enough for me to
get disqualified from this election.

We should all understand one thing.

Even for a big criminal,

it's easy to get into politics.

Even for a terrorist.

Because there are no
qualifications or criteria.

That has to change or we should change it.

The ones we select,

should make sure every citizen gets
the justice and equality he deserves.

Or they should be the ones
who safeguard our laws.

There are many people
like that in our society.

They should be coming forward.

We should find out them.

Anyway, I'm going to stop my solitary life.

I don't intend to waste the money
in our treasury by taking the oath.

Someone who is ready to give
what you need by being with you.

Someone like that should take that place.

Nishanth Nair.

Our former collector.

Sir, please come up.

I'm not going anywhere by
handing over all this to him.

I'll be here as Arundathi and Shweta.

Congrats sir. The stage is yours.

Thank you Arundathi.

I'm extremely happy to see you all.

Aunt, you took time to get here, right?

I didn't give you any gift
for getting IPS, right?

Here. Keep it.


Look what it is.

Check for this in the parking lot.

Look for this vehicle number.

Deepan, check this.

Check everywhere.

Savan, here.

Who is it?

Who are you people?

Why have you put me here?

Who is it?

Who is it?

Who are you?

Who are you?

-Vani, go.
-What do you want?

Close the door.

Who are you?

Didn't I tell you everything?

I told you everything I know.

See, I'm a doctor.

Show some manners.

It's been many days.

Who are you?

The foolish and the dead alone
never change their opinions.

James Russell Lowell.


Shall we begin?