Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather (2020) - full transcript

Yashiro is the young leader of Shinseikai and the president of the Shinseikai Enterprise, but like so many powerful men, he leads a double life as a deviant and a masochist. Doumeki Chikara...

Come on!

Calling me out in the middle of the night, what's the fuss, Yashiro?

As you can see, my underlings are being beaten into pulps.

Well... I can see that.

That guy over there has broken bones. Thanks, Dr. Kageyama.

Thanks my ass!

Whose host is that?

He has quite a pretty face.

He's the rumored 'Mad Dog'.

Oh, that punk you're lately set on.

But I kept being turned down.


I wanted to see it.

How he would fall in love with a 'male'.

How he would make him his.


That's enough. He'll die.

Ah?! What, you asshole-!

And look how that blade I threw returned to me with a sharper edge.

W-What's wrong?

My heart feels like bursting...

My only friend from high school, Kageyama, had fallen in love with a guy.

From the moment he saw Kuga, I had a feeling it'd turn out like this.

What is this, Yashiro?

Oh shucks... You found it already?

Well, I was just wondering about Kuga-chan's well-being.

You liar!

When will you stop your bad habits?!

Won't you cure me?

Too bad, psychiatry is not my specialty.

If you'd like a referral, I'll write you one now. Don't hold back.

Boo, I want you, Kage.

Stop it! It's not cute!

Just don't do it again!

The true form of the blade that was flying towards me...

"Why wasn't it me?"

"Why can't it be me?"

All this time, while I was by Kageyama's side, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't wish for that to happen.

By turning myself into an observer, I've managed to distance 'myself' so far.

Kuga is a bright light, like the sun.

On the other hand, I'm...

Hey, I'm going to take a leak. Look after the boss, will ya?

There's a guest inside.

Nanahara-san, did you peek again?

Idiot! I didn't!

Take your time

This is Shinsei Enterprise.

Oh, hello! Thanks for the other day!

Hey, hey, Yashiro! Don't come yet.

I haven't even come once!

Yes, yes, but of course!

We'll do it properly, of course!

I'm probably not enough to satisfy you anyway, right?

You slut.

What's with you?!

Are you alright?

I'm not alright. You idiot.

I'm very sorry!

Hey you, bow your head too!

So? What's with that big guy?

Right! He was just released from prison last month.

He was sent here to help out as a loan shark, but he's not so bright over here.

Plus he's not very good at talking, so they suggested for him to be the group's bodyguard...

Doesn't talk much, huh?

Nanahara, get out.

Eh, ah, yes!

Excuse me!

Not there.

Your name?

Doumeki’ Chikara.

It's my real name.

Do you like it?

It doesn't matter to me.


Do you know about me?

I've heard a few times over at the other office.

Not that. You've heard about other things regarding me, right?

The young leader of the Shinseikai, the group under Doushinkai.

That only? Tell me, I won't get angry.

An extreme perverted masochist.

There's more than that, right?

Slutty bitch.


The executives' public toilet.

What else?

He might be smiling, but he's mad, so be careful.

You have nice eyes.

I really like you.

I don't lay hands on my underlings.

Do you know why, Doumeki?

They're scared of the consequences later, so they can't do it roughly.

It also affects their work performance.

Take your belt off.

I thought you said that you do not lay hands on underlings?

Yeah well, my hands...

How old are you?

I'm 25.

When I was 25, I was hard every day.

Well, that's because I'm a pervert-

I'm impotent.

Tsk, you should have said that earlier!

My jaw hurts.

I'm sorry.

Haa... Jeez...

I shouldn't have done something I don't usually do.

Nothing good ever comes of it.

Impotent huh?

But well... I'm glad I did it to you.

Don't tell the others, okay?


So? When will that brother of yours bring it?

Within this week, we'll go back to the countryside with our guys and get the full amount from the parents.

Go right now. If the parents won't do, try the siblings.


If that doesn't work, try the relatives.

It that still doesn't do, chop him up into pieces and sell the parts.

That dog from your place, he's not bad. Very obedient.

That's great!

We can't even get contracts and couldn't even collect debts properly...

He even takes care of my bottom half, he's really helpful.

I'm an extremely perverted masochist, a slutty bitch and a public toilet after all.

And so, Kirishima-chan...

Who are the executives?

That... I don't know anything...

Hey hey, don't tell me all our executives have banged my ass?

Of course not! You already have your hands full with Misumi-san only...

I thought so.

Uh, ah, no...

T-That's only what I've heard.

That Misumi-san was very fond of Yashiro-san from way back.

Yashiro this, Yashiro that...

That's enough.

You won't deny it?


Public toilet.

Why would you think it's not true?

You've just saw my naked ass the other day.

That guy... He's a detective, right?

That's surprising. How did you know?

For a guy that age within our industry, I thought that he's too casually dressed.

And you said you would not lay hands on your underlings too.


Don't tell the others.

Pfft, that's the second time I've said that.

It's unfair, so tell me two of your secrets.

Fine... Let's make one of them your impotence-

I always thought that you were beautiful.

Even when I was over at the other office.

Please keep it a secret.

I got it. Another one?

I don't have any more secrets.

You suck at lying.

Thank you for your hard work.

Doushinkai's Misumi-san is here.

Ah, I forgot he's coming today.

Hey, do you want a drink too?

You're gonna drag me along after this too, right?

new face?

He's Doumeki. Attendant and bodyguard.

He's still under probation.

Fire him. Fire him now.


This guy is your type, right? I can tell.

Fire him.

You definitely need to fire that guy.

Are you still saying that?

Don't tell me you've already fallen for him?

Even though I keep telling you.

It's because Misumi-san keeps saying that, I've become your human toilet.

Eh?! Meat... What?

My mistake, public toilet was it? or so the rumor goes.

What's that? Why public? Just mine is fine!

Okay, okay.

But well, compared to the past, I've calmed down quite a bit.

Yeah right, your 'calmed down’ doesn't mean much.

That's not true.

Yeah, don't you remember how bad you were back then?

Compared to that, anything is better.

That was my golden age.

Dark age, you idiot!

The 'me' back in the day...

After graduating high school, without a clue on what to do, in the name of trying to find myself, I pursued lust.

Those were the heydays.

Back then when Misumi-san was the group leader, he came across me by coincidence.

He took interest in me, who knows why, and quite forcefully took me under his wing.

After that, Misumi-san handed over the position to the leader now, Hirata.

And now he's the young leader for the commanding parent group, Doushinkai.

The first year or so, we were sort of lovers and had physical connections, but now, we're totally drinking buddies.

It's not that I'm not grateful, but in the end, it has made me painfully aware that this was the only path I could take.

Don't go doing things that are too dangerous.

I'll be needing you to work under me from now.

So it's true? The rumor about the battle for succession.

The chairman's health is declining as one can see.

Among the top ranks, there are a few who don't really like me.

Even I can't tell what moves they are going to make.

I feel bad for Hirata, but I want you by my side.

Come back and be mine once again, Yashiro.


Can you pay our taxes to the government?


Haha, I'm just kidding.

Can I have some time to think about it?

Was it Kageyama, that doctor friend of yours?

Are you still hung on him like a child?

What are you talking about?

Don't stay so much on that side.

You won't be able to come back.

Won't be able to come back?

From die beginning, he's...

Have there been changes lately?

He's rarely this drunk.

I'm still new here, so I don't really know.


"The boss is beautiful..."

That's what you're thinking, right?

Your eyes say it all.

When you're standing alone at a train platform, you'd better watch out.

Boss... Keep the doting parent shtick down.

Then, I'll be leaving.

Let me suck you off, Doumeki.

Boss, I...

It's okay.

It's good that you don't get hard.

As usual, you're looking down on me with those eyes.

Oh, it's fine.

Being looked down on is thrilling.

Plus, this here is completely ignoring my fantastic tongue techniques.

It's just exhilarating.

Boss, when did you start liking men?

What's with that stupid question?

Is it stupid?

I've never fallen in love with a man before.

Before those feelings could bud, they were crushed when my father did me up.

Ah, my step-father, I mean.

There was only one time I've ever fallen in love with a 'human'.

You get it, don't you?

There's no way for someone like me to have a normal relationship.

Come to think of it, you look quite a bit like that guy.

No, more like the he back when in high school?

He is...

How bout you? Why did you end up in prison?

It was just a fight.

Then, when did you become impotent?

It just happened somehow.

You are really bad at lying.

Quit staring at me so much. You'll burn a hole through me.

I want to see what your face would look like when you want to do it so badly.

I've talked too much. Gonna sleep now.

I don't mean to brag, but...

I quite like myself.

Also, I accept who I am.

Therefore, I don't really envy other people.

Not even once.

You stayed over at the boss' house, right?

What did he do to you? Spit it out.


We're yakuza, but the organizational structure is the same as a normal company.

The most important thing is Ho-Ren-So.

You understand? Ho-Ren-So.

Should I buy some?


Are you stupid?

Report, contact and consult!

If anything happens, you need to immediately report it to the higher-ups, get it?

He did not do anything to me.

He said he does not lay his hands on his underlings.

It'd be troublesome if they really fell for the boss.

Occasionally, there are a few who look at him differently.

He totally dug them up, including the roots, and cut them off.

He probably just wants to do it with no strings attached.

Ah, that brat is here again.

From last week, he's been there, staring at everyone who comes out of the building.

I'll go chase him away-


I... will go.

Boss, where are you going?

Convenience store.

If that's it, I'll go!

When you grab every condom available and bring it to the cashier, the part-timer guy makes a really good face.

That's a tasteful hobby you've got there.

At least bring Doumeki along.

Shut up.

I've decided not to bring him along with me today.

What's with that?

Ah, but today, he's...


That brat seems to be Doumeki's ex.

The moment he saw him, he ran into his arms and cried.

But Doumeki, that bastard, coldly pushed him away.

Miss, are yakuzas really that scary?

Thank you... very much...

You're welcome.

Uncle here is Doumeki's superior.

I can't be responsible for my underlings' unfaithfulness.

If you have a grudge against him, should I bring him here again?

H-He's not such a person...


You're his sister... I see.

My brother is not the type to become a yakuza...

You're right.

If there's such a standard on how suitable a person is to be a yakuza, he's definitely the unsuitable type, your brother, I mean.

Then, make him quit... Please...

Don't wanna.


Because I like him.

Plus, Uncle here really doesn't like listening to people's requests or orders.

The weather's bad today, go home for now.

Ah, right.

Here, a symbol of acquaintance.



Go home!

This is not a place for you, I've told you just now.

Besides, I've already cut ties with the family.

Don't cut us off.

You have mother with you.

I'm very sorry.


My sister was rude.

Come a bit closer.

Give me back my condoms. You don't need them, right?

I'll bring them to you later.

Your timing is great!

What is it? Are you angry?


You don't really look alike. Different mother?

We are not related by blood.

How old is she?

She will be 20 this year.

So young.

And what's with that? Anthrophobia?

Hey, your mouth is resting.

Please spare me.

If you won't tell me, I'll cut you off right now.

It was when I was about 10 years old, I think, when my parents adopted my sister from the orphanage.

We got along pretty well, until she entered middle school.

Then one day, my friend teased me, saying that my sister has weird feelings for me.

I began to avoid her.

Then, from a certain time, my sister started to behave strangely.

She stopped talking to anyone at home or at school, and she did not smile.

Even so, I continued to deny her existence and did not call out to her.

The first time I heard her speak in a while was when I passed the police recruitment exams and was about to move into the dorms.

I brushed off my clingy sister by saying "I'll drop by soon" and left the house.

During my second summer as a police officer, I went back home after a long time.

There, my own father...

We managed to conceal what happened to my sister, and for assault, I was charged with 4 years.

Over and over again, I've regretted not killing him at that time.

Because if you did kill him, your dad would've taken your sense of guilt to the other side with him as well.

And so, that's how you became impotent.

It's not even a suitable drinking story.

There's something I want to know.

As a former police officer, what do you think of being here?

I was in need of money, so I needed a job as soon as possible.

I thought this was a normal financial company.

Ah, you sure are stupid.

Why didn't you run when they made you come over here?

When I first saw you while I was over at the other office, you looked so beautiful, even if you were just standing there.

I thought that if there was such a beautiful person in this world, perhaps being a yakuza could not be that bad.

Are you a homo?

I do not think I'm homosexual.

I have been straight all this time.

But then, you think I'm beautiful.


How would you feel if that beautiful person suddenly sucks you off and shows you all kinds of things?

I don't really understand.

Boss, I have never seen or met someone like you before in my entire life.

What's with that? It's not flattering at all.

I'm sorry.

Can I not stay by your side with such a reason?

Huh? Well, it's fine, isn't it?

There's no good or bad reason to be a yakuza.

But in order to quit, you'll need a stronger motivation.

Otherwise, if you drag your feet, it's well known that it'll suck you in slowly but surely.


Let's go on a date.

If you're really concerned about it, why don't you just listen to what she has to say, huh?

We are not related anymore.

Huh? What's with that?

Hey, should I go talk to her?


I'll scare her a little, so that she'll never want to come here again.


I won't hurt her, okay?

I'm sorry, boss.


Thank you very much.

I'll be back soon.

Hey, why don't you cosplay next time? I'll buy the costume.

As a police officer... And let me suck you off in that costume.

Ah, you! I knew it!

Even so, it's rare for him to meddle in these things.

Oh dear, he made her cry.

She asked me to give this to you.

And sorry, I accidentally spilled the beans.

"Because of you, your brother is now being troubled by impotency."

And then, your sister began to cry like a kid...

So, this is how you look like when you're angry.

Starting tomorrow, don't let me see you for a while.

When a fiery spark is directed towards me, the thought that I caused it excites me.

I'm hard.

You're blocking the way by squatting there...


I heard old man Misumi came the other day.

What did he come here for?

Nothing particular.

He came here without a reason, ate and drank, then went home.


I don't think that you're trying to overpower me.

Although I may look like this, I quite like the you who lacks desire.

I have plenty of sexual desire though.

It's a pity that you didn't set your sights on me, Hirata-san.

I couldn't be bothered with that kind of desire.

By the way, are you free to go out right now?


Thank you for the hard work.

How do you feel about coming back to the old place after a long while?

Isn't it nostalgic?

Yeah, well, I have been here for a few business trips though.

I see. I was certain you didn't want to meet Ryuzaki.

Thank you for your concern.

Men. Men. Men.

Brothers and fathers... It's just like a fake homo gathering.

Despite your busy schedules, thank you very much for attending today's celebration for the prison release of Murayama Tamotsu, the Matsubara Group's young leader.

Come on! Stick your hips out more!

Don't you dare bite.

Ahh... That's nice.

Hey, Yashiro.


Aren't you supposed to be more up front, Mr. High Executive?

Huh? What's with that attitude?

Hey, Hirata.


See? There's nothing more uncontrollable than a guy's jealousy.

How cold, Yashiro.

You're not even gonna greet me, your sworn brother, before you go?

This is my group, you know?

Sneaking in and out quietly, just like a robber, eh?

Don't get all pissy, Ryuzaki.

Your wrinkly face looks even older when you get all worked up.

Ah?! You bastard, is your skin all smooth and supple because it's covered in cum every day?

Your bottom half is just as usual.

I bet you don't even remember how many guys here you've sucked off, right?

All but 5 people, Ryuzaki!


If it's that hard for you to forget about me...

Come visit anytime.

For your proud gun, I'll empty my ass nice and clean and wait for you.


Don't think you'll be able to stay there forever, you bitch.

Boss, we're ready to get the Matsubara Group at any time.

It's a good chance to show them who's the boss.

Quit it. That was just a personal grudge.

It doesn't matter.

Because the boss' honor is our honor as well.

And when did my honor ever get crushed?

I'm sorry for speaking out of turn.

There is no such thing as losing now but winning later in a yakuza's thoughts.

Once you've made that punch, you!ll have to watch out for booby traps. Else, it's suicide.

Nanahara, I'm hungry. Make me something.

Do you have any requests?

Hmm, pork bun.

Wha... Please let me stop by at the convenience store.

Don't buy the wrong one, like the normal meat bun the other day...

Was it Doumeki? That guy is really stupid.

Right... He probably won't be coming anymore...

Yeah... Uncle here was also raped plenty of times when back in the day.

But, unlike you, I can't live without sex anymore.

Do you like Doumeki?

My brother doesn't even want to look at me.

Because of an unrelated person like me, he had to quit being a policeman and end up in prison.

I know that, but I can't do anything about it.

I've always loved him ever since I was little.

Even if we were really related, I still would have fallen in love with him.

Mom cut out this article, too.

You certainly are mother and son.

You both did the same thing.

How did you know I was carrying this?

Yashiro-san told me.

"I'll make your brother come here now, so take a look at his inner pocket."


I'm really happy now. I'm able to do the things I like.

It's because of you, brother. So...

So please, take more care of yourself.

If you don't do that, I won't be able to forgive myself.

I guess... You can go home.

To you, "a while” only lasts half a day?



I'm going to take a bath.

You come in too, wash my back.

Don't take off your clothes.

Excuse me.

You did not get a tattoo.

Is that unexpected?

No, it's very beautiful.

Look properly.

It's not that beautiful.

You are beautiful.


I will contact my sister occasionally from now on.

What's the point of telling me that?


Please let me stay by your side.

I will do anything.

If that means I can stay by your side.

I have never been so attracted to a person like this before.

When I told you not to come for a while, it wasn't because I was angry at you.

I'm hungry. Come to think of it, I didn't eat dinner.

I'll make something...

I want this.

Are you not cold?


I'm sorry.

I've always wanted to touch your hair.

If you do not like it, please say so.

Hold it tighter.

I confess, it's just like what Misumi-san said.

You're totally my type, right on the bullseye.

Even though you said that you don't like men, there are still exceptions like this.

I'm disappointed.

But that's all, okay? No more than that.

And also, if you're gonna quit, you should tell me sooner.

It's still not too late now, 'kay?


Get out. I'll bathe for a bit before going out.

Erm, boss, have you ever thought of me embracing you?

You seem to be the type who would have normal, gentle sex, so no.

I understand.


It's not boss, I taught you just now, right?

Stop it, Yashiro.

I'm arresting you for obstructing official duties.

Mr. Policeman, actually, let's just make this a sexual misconduct arrest.

That only applies if the person is underage.

I see. How about forcible indecency?

That is not right too.

Why not?

If the other person gives consent to do it, it does not apply.

I'm not going to suck your soft dick anymore.

Oh, is that so?

Ah, then I cannot touch your hair anymore.

Hold your hands out.


Fallen hair. Touch that.

What is it, Sugimoto?

With the Matsubara guys?

Boss... I'm sorry.

Huh? I can't hear you.

I'm sorry.

I said, I can't hear you!

Hey, I just stitched him up, so don't waste my efforts.

Tsk, my shoe got dirty.

I'm sorry.

Shut up, you're noisy. Don't talk to me.

W-Why did you call the cops, Sugimoto?!

No, bro, this is...

Are you crazy?!

I said, you're noisy!

Hey, I said...

For now, just die, okay?

Those Matsubara bastards, look at what they've done to my cute underlings.


When he arrived here earlier, he just had a stab on his abdomen.

That outfit... So you've done role-play.

Shut up.

If you mess him up any more, I'll charge you double.

Make it free, you scrooge.

You are the one who's stingy.

In the first place, I didn't want to be an underground doctor.

Since when did you become such a mean guy?

Abandoning a patient in front of your eyes...

I did not abandon him and half his injuries were your fault!

Who's the mean one?

That's you, right? You kept making me cry.

Huh?! When did you cry, tell me?

Why don't you cry right now? Come on.

I'll make it

You have it tough too...


Well then, it's about time we take our leave.

Sorry we held you so late and thanks, Kageyama.

It's alright though.

Don't be reckless.

What's reckless?

I just feel like saying it.

What about you? Is it going well?

Huh, what about?

About Kuga, of course. Is he letting you do it?

W-Whose fault do you think it is?!

Let me give you a piece of advice.

Your advances really sounded like an old man's.

You... don't tell me!

Good night

You're looking too much.

I'm sorry.

Keep your eyes on the road. You'll get us into an accident.


Seriously, you look really good in it.


The cool Mr. Policeman, I wonder what expressions you make during sex.

You're rather restless today.

I'm sorry, it just feels weird...

Don't move.


If you had met me when you were still a policeman, I wonder what you would have thought of me?

I think what I feel would still be the same.

Whether you are a yakuza or not, it doesn't matter.

Huh, I wonder...

Boss, why did you make me wear this outfit?

Isn't it obvious? I wanted to play cops and robbers.

I don't know what rose-colored image you have of me painted in your mind, but I only think of perverted stuff all the time.

Even when you were at the clinic just now?


Was he that person?

The person you mentioned before.

Was he the person who meant so much to you, boss?

For someone who said he would do anything to stay by my side, you've become quite talkative.

I'm sorry.

You're always asking me questions.

Keep your questions limited.

Was he the person who meant so much to you, boss?

I was able to avoid it nicely. Not that it would have mattered if I admitted it too.

But I did not want you to touch that part of me.


You're in the way, move it.

I'm sorry.

How long are you going to continue wearing that?

Until you say I can change, boss.

Come to think of it, yeah...

That's enough. I'm bored of seeing it already, so you can go change.

My suit is at the company.

Ah, found it! Wear this.

I got it a long time ago, but I've never worn it.



Does the tiger not suit me?

Nope. Want it?

I cannot accept such a good thing.

It's fine. Take it.

Thank you very much.

I will get you some underwear.

Huh? It's okay. I don't wear them at home.

Your phone's ringing.

Oh, it's a text.

You, texting? With who?

My sister.

Ehh, show me.

Yeah, usually.

Ahh, so you do reply to her.


You're just repeating what she sends you.

Hmmm... Ah, Nanahara.

You pick him up from soaplands too?


How about you?

Don't you try them out?


Oh, what?

You don't try soaplands out?

I do not.

But you might get hard if the girl's your type, right?

It's fine if I don't get hard.

There we go again, that misguided sense of guilt.

What type of girls do you like?

I like people with beautiful legs.

Ohh... So you went out with girls like that?

How many? When?

Back in high school, two of them.

Then, your first time was back in high school?

No, my first time was with another person.

The school doctor during my first year of middle school.

What's that, a wet dream?

It was a real memory.

How? Who started it?

She kept switching her crossed legs in front of me.

Without thinking, I blurted out "They're beautiful."

asked me if I would like to touch them.


This is bad, I'm getting excited.

Keep talking.

You touched her legs, then what happened?

Hurry up.

She took my hand and put it up her skirt.


I touched her there.

Her underwear was wet.

The doctor removed my belt.

She stroked me up and down.

And when I was about to come, she stopped me.

She then lifted up her skirt...

And climbed on top of me...

On top of you?



I don't really remember the rest of it.

Maybe I should call someone who's free.


Hey, Nanahara!

You apologize first!


You were the one who laid hands on one of ours, right?!


Hey, isn't this about 3 of your subordinates coming purposely to a club on our turf, preventing the girls from serving other customers?

No, that's not it.

This is about how your undisciplined underlings beat customers into a pulp just because they were a bit monopolizing over the girls.

Isn't that just pure business interference?

Furthermore, they were ordering drinks that were quite expensive.

I heard that that was not a sum someone from the Matsubara's young ones can afford.

What did you say?

The total cost is 3.52 million yen.

Make sure you pay up before you come and settle things.

If you can't pay up, then go ahead and cry to our group leader.

"Please spare us this month's tax payment," or something.

If you're gonna use that tongue, use it to lick my dick, you whore.

If you're not going to fix your temper, it will delay your promotion, you know?

What's wrong with a yakuza that's short-tempered?

I think yakuzas and actors are the same.


We're talking about your underlings' bad behavior and what you're gonna do about it right now.

We're talking about how humans spend their lives acting.

You, enough with your-

What's with you? Move it, I'll kill you.

I will... If you move away from that person.

That person?! Ha!

You... Exactly how loose is your ass?

Even your underlings are being held by the balls.

It's seems like you're jealous, Ryuzaki.


At the back of Shinjuku 4-chome Tower Hills.


Why don't we talk privately?

Yashiro, just how much do you know?

About how your group is using foreigners to sell drugs in Shinjuku?


Where does the money come from?

I don't think that you're able to get your hands on drugs by yourself.

Haa, what do you mean?

Oh well, it has nothing to do with me.

But you should switch places often, though.

The gang division and the Shinjuku police are starting to sniff around.

They're such a pain in the ass.

Hey, besides that, how is your pistol doing?


Today, when I thought of you coming by today...

I didn't put on my underwear.

Yeah right, I was just so pissed I forgot to put them on.

Dammit! You'd better not be carrying any weird disease!

I don't!

If you're lying, I'll kill you.

I remember now.

You always used to bite my nipples like that.

Shut up!

It feels good.

Hmmm... Oh well...


Thanks for the hard work.

The boss is currently not available.

You still haven't quit yet?

Nevermind. For now, move aside.

I was told not to let anyone enter.


Do you know what's going on inside?

Ryuzaki, don't pull out. Just a little bit more...

You i-idiot!

Don't clamp down on me!

Okay, okay, it's mutual.

You guys, go play elsewhere.

D-Damn you, Yashiro...!

Don't be shy.

I'll watch over you guys, so go and do it till the end, Ryuzaki.

That Ryuzaki, he was totally droopy.

Poor him.

It's because you said something like that.

Hey, you mean it's my fault?

You knew that I was coming, didn't you?

I was just thinking that Misumi-san might stop it.

What's with that selfish remark?

Well, to be honest, it's been a while since I've seen you cum, so I kinda wanted to see it.

Oh my.

Excuse me.

I'm totally fine with it, anytime you want.

Come to think of it, it's been a while.

I think I'll pass.

You usually only do it with guys that don't matter.


What? Didn't you realize that?

Well, I can't blame you.

Since you've never slept with the person you've actually fallen in love with.

That's not-

Hey, your hand is not moving.


Excuse me.

And? That's Doumeki, right?

That's really something, his adoration for you.

Go easy on the underlings though.

That guy's out of the question. He's impotent.


After he saw his own father raping his sister, he couldn't get hard anymore.

Isn't that a boring story?

Compared to me, who was being fucked by men all the time since I was a kid, that's just plain laughable, really.

Well, that's another hardship for you.

And here I was, thinking of warning him.

There's no point in it.


Doctor, please be a little more gentle...

I'm clumsy! Besides, I specialize in internal medicine.

Hurry up and finish it up, old man.

I'm waiting for you to go have dinner.


Thank you for the other day, Roku... What was it?


What's with this guy?

A new recruit, Yashiro's bodyguard.

You don't look like a yakuza.

Why are you at Yashiro-san's place?

I don't really like that guy.

You can't tell what he's thinking, plus, he's a pervert.

Actually, you don't really like him too, right?

Kuga, I understand how you feel, but not now...

The boss is a kind, strong and beautiful person.

Kind, strong, beautiful...?

Are you high?

I respect the boss.

Is it that funny?

Ah... My bad for laughing.

What's your name?


Doumeki? That's a weird name.

I'm Kuga. And also, I'm that old man's boyfriend.


Yashiro, make up your mind soon.

You're probably just hesitating for some stupid sentimental reason.

Don't disappoint me too much.


Doumeki, bring the car-

Oh, is that Yashiro? Hand it over.


I'm feeding your loyal dog, Hachiko, right now.

He's interesting, lend him to me.

And here I was thinking who else it could be. Kuga, huh?

What's this? Do you finally feel like joining our group?

No way.

Besides that, you've heard what my sexy moaning sounds like, right?

Keep the performance fees, in return, lend me this guy.

There's no lending or whatever nonsense, you damn brat.

Give it back!

Woah, this guy is so panicky, he's forgotten his manners.

Kuga, give it back to him.


So dull.

This is Doumeki speaking. Boss, I'm sorry.

I will come back now.

Don't come back.


Don't come back ever again, stupid.

What the hell was that...?

I think I'll go back.

Isn't it too late?

He did say it's fine not to come back, right?

Come to think of it, he seemed to be angry.


It's not easy to understand what the boss is thinking.

How about just one more glass? Come on.


Yes! Master!

I'm going to the restroom.

Don't get lonely, old man.

Go quickly, idiot! You'll leak.

I'm sorry. He seems to quite like you.

It's okay...

He is your lover, right?

Huh? Yeah, well...

Did you swing that way from the very beginning?

Nope, he's my first.


I don't really know.

It's probably because he's a different type of person from me.

And about the boss?

He's a friend... Or rather, an unfortunate relationship from high school.

How was he like?

Just like how he is now, basically.

From the beginning, he stood out because he was weird.

You're really holding him in high esteem.

It may not be as much as Kuga is, but I think you're interesting too.

You don't fear him or make fun of him.

It's the first time I've met someone who respects him.

Doctor, what do you think of the boss?


He's a troublesome guy. I just can't seem to leave him alone either.

You did not think of stopping him from entering the yakuza?

When I first met him, his household environment was already in the dumps.

Even so, he wasn't the type to rely on or talk about it with other people.

It seemed like he didn't think of himself as unfortunate, and he didn't think that other people would pity him either.

Plus, he's self-centered and couldn't see himself objectively, so he couldn't really empathize with other people.

But since he was not interested in others, he doesn't make fun of them or empathize with them when he discovers their weaknesses or peculiarities.

That's what I like about him.

After graduating high school, I didn't see him for a while.

And by the next time we met, he already went over to the other side.

"It's not like I intended to become like this."

"It's just that this was the only path left for me."

If you really hate me being a yakuza so much, I don't mind if you act like you don't know me.

Isn't that easier for you too?

When he said that while he was laughing foolishly, punching him once wasn't even enough!

Yashiro's self-containment habit is the self-defense mechanism he has developed since back then, when he was a child.

Perhaps it's because of that, up till now, I still go easy on him every time.

Despite us being old men in mid-thirties, it feels as if he alone remained as a kid from high school.

The troublesome things he brings and his weird behavior... In the end, I just forgive him.

Is it because you're feeling indebted to him?

More or less.

The boss cares greatly about you.


He probably wants his relationship with you to...

What the heck are you talking about, you idiot!

Ya-Yashiro! How long have-

Move it, idiot.

Just now.

Dang you, talking non-stop about other people...

Even I, shameless as I am, couldn't cut in or go back.

was totally like a dick stuck in an asshole and couldn't budge.

Uwah... Yashiro's here.

What is it? Are you that happy to see me?

How did you found out about this place?

Don't you even know whose turf this is, hm?

I'm going to buy some cigs.

You didn't really have to come, you know?

You guys seemed to be having fun, so I just had to crash the party.

Doumeki, don't just sit there. Order food and drinks.


What did you do while you were suspended?

Didn't your parents get mad at you?

Nope, I haven't even seen them for a year or so.

Oh, really?

What're you going to do after you graduate?

What about you, Kageyama? University?

Yeah, med school.

Don't you have anything you want to be, Yashiro?

Let's see... How about an actor?

If it's you, you can do it, right?


Because you're different from the other guys.

Seriously? It must be my aura.


I actually think that you're a pitiful guy.

You're a poor, pitiful guy... I'm your friend, but I can't help but think that way.


It's because you're alone. Well, me too, actually.



You're weird, but you're not a bad guy.

You hung out with me without making fun of me for my weird fetish.

You're important to me.

As my best friend.

Best friend? What's that?

Creepy! Disgusting!

You still think that I'm a pitiful guy, huh?

Compared to back then, I think I understand myself more now, and I can actually empathize to some extent too, Kageyama.

Ah, stop there for a moment.

Boss, where to?

You come along too.


Just how flustered are you?

Why doesn't he understand?

Even though there's such a beautiful and devoted person by his side. Why doesn't he notice?

Why am I feeling so angry, yet slightly in pain?

Is this a cinema?

An adult one.

Oh, it's made quite nicely. Do you like big tits?

I do not dislike them.


Let me suck you off.

Please let me off today.

Hull? Why are you saying something like a girl would during her period?

I'm sorry.

Well, if you dislike it that much, I'll stop doing it.

I do not dislike it.

Ah... Then... I'll go suck off the guy over there.

P-Please stay here. Please.

Don't wanna.

I refused him because if he did it now, I felt like I would get hard.

Since back then...

If I got hard and the boss finds out, I felt like he wouldn't let me stay by his side anymore.

Just like a toy he has gotten bored with.

I don't want that. I want to be by his side. I'll do anything.

That's why, always, by his side...

You don't listen to what I say. You really pissed me off.

But you were cute, so I'll forgive you.

Besides sweet stuff like this, the vending machine was sold out.

Thank you for the drink.

I'm going to sleep for a while, so lend me your shoulder.

My neck hurts...

Boss, where is your jacket?

Oh, I forgot.

I'll go get it.

That hurts...

Hey, bro!

I'm not dead yet. What're you gonna do about it?

You suck.

Give me that.

D-Don't come!

You're aiming for my life, right?


Then, aim properly at the balls, right here.

Y-You're crazy!



Boss! Boss!

Someone has been shot. Send an ambulance over.

The location is in front of Roman Cinema Shinjuku.



Before the cops come... Hide it...

I got it. The ambulance is coming.


Hang in there a little longer.


No... Boss...


Are you trembling, Doumeki?

You really are so cute.

You're so cute, boy.

What a cute boy... So cute.

Kid, your uncle's thing feels good, doesn't it?

Don't lie.

Ah, what a thing to remember at a time like this.

I've lived my life accepting everything.

I felt no sorrow, it was no one's fault.

My life must not be anyone's fault.

I'm home.

I came to know the loneliness of loving someone.

And I learned about the despair of that person being a 'guy'.

I've known more than enough...