Saem (2017) - full transcript

"When I was little,
I lived in a very old house."

"According to old stories,

there was a treasure
hidden in that house."

"Of course, no one had found it."

"Or maybe no one had even tried."

"But that treasure

made the house seem enchanted."

"That's because a secret
was hidden deep inside the house."

"'That's right.
Whether it be the house, stars, or desert,

what makes them beautiful is not visible.'

I said

to the little prince."

Oh, hello.


Hello to you, too.

Have you had lunch yet?

Yes, I ate earlier.

How about you?

-Hold on, please.

Hey, pervert.

Open the door.

I'm counting to three. One, two, three!

This is the men's toilet.

Hello, Doo-sang.

You're a real looker.

Let's run a simple test.


Take a look,
and pick the same person as A.

This one.


Just a moment, please.

It looks like the shock
from the traffic accident

has impaired
your visual recognition ability.

You should get
a detailed examination in Seoul.

Yes. I was planning to go to Seoul anyway.


Are you all right?

What's the matter with you?

Hold on, please.

Let me call you back.

Yes, I am sorry.

Gosh, are you hurt?

Oh my!

Sorry about before, in the toilet.

You can't even recognize
your friends and family?

I can. You know it's a rose
from its scent even without seeing it.

Why did you need medical care?

No, I was just visiting someone.

I see.

What a coincidence.

We're even headed the same way.

You live in Seoul?

-No, I'm going to Seoul to find someone.
-I bet it's a girl.

But how can you find her
without recognizing her face?

-By her scent?
-Do you mind if I take a leak?

-The shock…

I sure look different with sunglasses.

What's going on? My suitcase! Stop!

Stop! Hey!

Just a second.

Who is it?

I'm sorry, but who are you?

-Come on.

Your hair got even curlier.

Dude. I was gonna kick you out
if you didn't recognize me. Hold on.

-You said you'd come yesterday.
-Something came up.

Sung-joong, your place is nice.

Let's see. This is the bathroom.

Can I use this room?

No, that room is…

-The previous owner…

-…rented that room and took off.

Oh no.

I agreed to let the tenant
stay until this month.

-You can use it afterward.


-Damn it.
-Why? Did you lose?

We were about to win, but he left
because his girlfriend came.


Hey, Sung-joong. How is Yu-jin?

I recently got mail from her.
It was a wedding invitation.

-I am sorry.
-No need to be. I'm okay.

Do you want a beer?

No, I quit drinking.

-What happened to your hand?
-It's nothing.

Here, eat this.

-You couldn't catch that?

It's Van Gogh.

-Van Gogh.

He is my life mentor.

He's a great bachelor
who changed the history of mankind.


-You're laughing?

Geniuses like him
didn't believe in petty things like love.

I'm telling you.

But you… How could you come
all the way to Seoul to find your crush?

You moron.

I keep telling you
she's my first love. Okay?


So, how will you find her?

I plan on looking for colleges
with piano departments first.


Hey, look.

-Look over there.

-Do you see that bridge?

Do you see the building behind
and across it with the lights on?

-The building that is lit.
-Yes. Why?

-That's the arts college.

I heard you can find her there.

Hey. You looked her up?

-But it will need some legwork.

You won't get her number
just by knowing her name.

But how will you recognize her anyway?

I will know from her scent.

So, she was there.

What a pervert. Her scent?

It's not what you think, but I can…
Forget it. You won't understand.

Put your clothes on the right way.
It's backward.

You mean this?

-Don't be absurd.

-This is the right way.
-What are you talking about?

This is supposed to be the front.

-This hood is for snacks.
-Don't take me for a fool.

Why don't you believe me? Here, look.

-My gosh.
-This works as a mask.

This hoodie is designed for this season.

-Sure. Don't insult my precious hoodie.

-It must be a Seoul thing.
-Move over.

My bag was stolen yesterday,
so I don't even have undies.

-How about your settlement money?

In my bank account.
I just have to create a new one.

What now?

What are you going to do?

I've been thinking.

I'll probably see her if I get
a part-time job near her college.

-A job? With your condition?
-Don't say that.

There must be a part-time job
even people like me can have.

-What are you doing?


Do you know your forehead is so pretty?


I have a big forehead.

-What was that?
-Why not?

-Close your eyes.

-Close your eyes.

-Stop it.
-No one's coming.


Excuse me.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Jeez. What is this?
The jjajangmyeon noodles are soggy.

-It's not my fault. You--
-Is it my fault, then?


-Is it my fault the noodles are soggy?
-Stop it.

-How much?
-It's 10,000 won.

-All right.
-I don't have cash.

It's okay, I got it. Here you are.

And also…

please put the empty plates
next to the blue bin outside the lounge.

Thank you.

-All right.

-Let's eat.


Damn it.

-Who are you?
-I came from the Chinese--

The Chinese language department?
Come on in. Take a seat.

I'm sure you know this.

Who has never seen it before?

-As you can see, it's a urinal…
-Excuse me.

The jjajangmyeon.

-Artists voted it the most influential…

It is Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.

In Korean, it is called Saem.

This urinal was made in a factory.

In other words, it's ready-made.
How did it become an artwork?

This question is
the theme of this special lecture.

My gosh. Are you all right?

Open this window.

I will call the police if you don't.
One, two, three.

-Why on earth are you blocking the road?
-You just hit me and took off.

Come on. It was just a graze.

-You know who I am, don't you?

-Where did I see him?
-Hey, Saem.

It's me, Doo-sang.

-You're Saem, aren't you?
-Saem? What are you talking about?

My gosh! You're bleeding!

Hey, what are you hammering on my wall?

You can't hammer nails
without asking the landlord.

-Picasso is my life mentor from now on.


He's a legend who changed
the history of mankind.

He was admired by women his whole life.

What's gotten into you?

Hey, slow down. You can't even drink.

Damn it.


-I was in a hit-and-run today.

What, again?

Jeez. What about the perpetrator?

I'm sure it was Saem.

Did you meet her on campus?

-Are you sure?
-She recognized me.

Did you report her?

I'm going to forget about her.

I'm going to live freely now.
I will swear all I want.

Meet women, drink,
smoke, rage, and all that.

Are you saying I'm trash?
You're going too far.

-By the way, doesn't it smell like smoke?

-It does.
-It did for a while now.

Where is it coming from?

Jeez. What is this flickering thing?

-What is it?
-A Wi-Fi router. Turn it off.

Damn it.

What the hell?

Hey, turn on the Wi-Fi.


You shouldn't smoke inside the house.
For crying out loud.

-Hey, Sung-joong.

What is this?

What do you mean?

Is this why you hid it?

Hid what?

How long have you been living with Saem?

What on earth are you talking about?
She's not Saem.

Do you know me?

We met on campus earlier.

What are you talking about?
Just turn on the Wi-Fi.

-Are you saying we didn't?
-What's your problem?

We didn't?

She said you didn't. Shit. Who is it?

Hello, I live next door.
I can't get a Wi-Fi signal.


-Gosh, I'll turn it on.
-Don't turn it on.

You seem to think the Internet is free
because it's wireless, but it's not.

Are you saying
you will hog it in this recession?

It's really frustrating
without Wi-Fi at night. Don't you agree?

-It is frustrating.

You two are ridiculous.

-You can leave now.
-The Internet is meant to be shared.

All right, then. I will turn on the Wi-Fi.
But your attitude is wrong.

What's this ruckus
in the middle of the night? Apologize.

My apologies, sir.

Check it in five minutes.

Hey, can you put a password on the Wi-Fi?

Can you?

It's simple.

I see. Can you also change
the name of the Wi-Fi network?

I am against it.



I knew it. Shit.

That was a cheap move.

-Why are you talking down to me?
-Talk down to me, too.

All right, then.

You know what? Buy your own router.

Or turn on your G-spot.

-My G-spot?

Watch yourself.

Damn it.

-Hey, Doo-sang.
-My gosh.

-It's called a hot spot.


-What's with you today?
-Right, hot spot. Shit.

What's gotten into you today?

-I think it's because I hit my head.
-Your head?

Everybody looks like Saem now.

I don't know what's going on anymore.

-My gosh.
-What does she do, anyway?

I don't know. She always leaves at night
and comes back early in the morning.

That's right. Yesterday,

whatever she was doing in her room,
she was groaning like this… with some guy.

And you did nothing about that?

I just listened.


-Do you know her phone number?

It's okay. I have my ways. Give it to me.

Just stop it already. Jeez.

What are you doing? Power?

"Moonlight Sonata."
The desperation of Beethoven because…


I'm outside room 401,
but there's a class here.

The building next door? All right.

What the hell?

Gosh, I'm exhausted.

-Yes, hello?

Where the hell are you?
I'm not here for a school tour!

I'm at the rooftop, but--

It's not that rooftop.

-I'm here! Your six o'clock.

Six o'clock?


Hello! Your jjajangmyeon is here!

Over here!


Hey! What is this?
The jjajangmyeon noodles are soggy!

-And you forgot the pickles! Take it back!
-Excuse me!

I don't know what your problem is,
but I know you're doing it on purpose!

Enjoy your meal!


He really can't recognize faces.

-It's 2,350 won.
-I've got this.

-No, I will pay for it.
-No, let me pay.

-This card, please.
-You shouldn't have.

Could you pour water in the noodles?

-I'll get drinks.

Penthouse ultra-thin condom.

It's 4,500 won.

Oh my gosh, puddings!
Honey. Buy me these puddings, please.

What did you get?

Come out!

-It's gonna come out now.
-What is coming out?

I think it's a big one.

I just got in, though.

Please. I beg you.


Hey, come out. Hurry up. Fuck.

This is why I live.

-What is this?

Come on, you are so mean!

-It's not me who turned it off.
-Don't lie to me!

It must be a blackout. Shit.

Come on!

For crying out loud!


You didn't lie.

I'm sorry. I have chronic enteritis,
so I couldn't help it.

All right.

-You're gonna go inside?

-But how are you gonna wash yourself?

I can wash in the dark. Get out.

That's not what I meant.

Shit! What the fuck!

Holy cow.

Why did you get so many puddings?

I'm sorry about yesterday.


This beer is making me tipsy already.

You kept asking me yesterday
if I am Saem. Who is she?

My first love.

Your first love.

Your first sex?

Come on.

When I was little,

I moved to a school in the countryside.

It rained hard one day, so all the moms
were waiting outside the school.

I usually walked home in the rain.

But this girl I've never seen before
put her umbrella over me.

We became close after that.

But I moved again after one month.

It was a crush then.

You know what it is? An obsession.


Hey. Do you think
love is like a Wi-Fi connection?

Easily connected and disconnected?

To me, Saem was real love.

-You wouldn't know.
-Of course.

I only know about power sex.

But from now on,
I will meet girls and go on dates.

Do you think
you can get dates that easily?

You won't stand a chance.

Guys like you
don't have the nerves or know women.

I can easily guess your size.

What do I need to do then?

Do you want to know?

You seem interested. Then, buy me
late-night snacks and drinks for a week.

-I don't have any money.

-How about your settlement money?

How do you know about that?

I can even hear
your friend fart through the walls.

Are you in or out?

I'm in.

You know the problem
dating virgins like you? Canned coffee.


You envy those who are dating
and do nothing about it.

It's all about courage for men.
You can never fail.

Do you see that girl eating a burger?

Go get her number.

I've never done such a thing before.

First, say hello with a nice smile.
Then nicely ask her name.

-Nod your head making eye contact.

Okay? Let me see you smile.

Don't show your teeth.

Just smile.

Okay, go.

"Hello. The autumn sunshine is real nice."

"I can't remember when…"

"What do you mean?"

"When you became
the only thing my eyes see."

"My gosh. You've been watching me?"

"May I know your name?"

"I'm Hamburger."

"May I hold you in my heart,
Ms. Hamburger?"

"Are you declaring your love?"

"I've never seen a hamburger
as beautiful as you."

"I don't believe in love,

because it has always
turned into a nightmare."

"Let me erase your nightmares."

She said she's on a diet
while gobbling down a burger.

So I just got curious about
how many burgers she could eat.

Hey, I told you
to touch her heart not her pride.

-My gosh.
-At least you've got some nerves.

This is too hard.

Don't you know a move I can make,
and bang, make girls fall for me?

Do you want your head banged?

I'm going to the bathroom.

-Hey, Doo-sang.

Who the hell are you?

You're Ma Doo-sang, right?

I asked who you are.

Gi-tae, class ten, eleventh grade.

-Gi-tae? It's been a while.
-It's you, right? How have you been?

Gosh, you're strong. I'm so heavy.

-I'm sorry. This couple shot is trending.
-I see.

-What are friends for.

-Can you help?

I don't like this background.
Since you've offered, could we move there?

This is not the right angle.

-Hello, could you please take our picture?
-All right.

-Just me and my girlfriend, please.

-Haven't we met before?
-I don't think so.

You look familiar.

-Honey, I'm getting tired.
-Okay. Come on, we've got this.

This background is lame.

-How about there?

Let's move this way. All right.

-I think it was better before.
-Really? Okay, let's move again.


I will shoot now.

Oh no, there's no battery.


-Shall I take it with my phone?
-I'm sorry, Doo-sang.

One, two.

Come on.

How could you do this?

Idiot. Were you born
to protect world peace?


Hey, kiddo, did you order jjajangmyeon
all the way here?

No, it was someone I know.
She ordered for me.

From now on, tell her there are also
many Chinese restaurants here.

Just give me the jjajangmyeon.

-You're going to eat here?
-I'm waiting for my mom to eat with her.

Here you go.

-Why don't you go in and eat?
-Because I can't wait to see my mom.

Are you a baby?

I know I'm not. Still, I miss my mom.

Lucky you.
You have a mom you can wait for.

I too used to live
in a neighborhood like this.

Enjoy your meal. Bye.


Are you okay?
You came out so fast, I didn't see you.

I see you're Japanese.

Would you like to go to the hospital?


Are you all right?

I have to make a delivery,
so I need to leave. I'm sorry.

By the way, what's your name?



Tomorrow is my day off.

If you're available, why don't you
come to this Chinese restaurant…

and eat with me?


Okay. All right.

See you tomorrow.

Let's call it a day. I have to leave now.

Hold on. One last move.

All done now. Let's continue tomorrow.

My gosh. Good job.

Zing, zing, zing.


Sex, sex, sex.


I wondered where
the cicadas were chirping.

I see it was the rooftop.

I'm so thirsty.
Do you have any spare beer?

You know what?

Cicadas live as larvae
under the ground for seven whole years.

They live only one week as cicadas.

And only to have sex.

What do you do for a living?

I work in theater. How about you?

Really? My dream
is to become a playwright.

-Show me what you've written sometime.


"Her voice resounded
from inside the bathroom.

'This is why I live.'"


"'This is why I poop.'"

Oops. I almost forgot the title.

The title is…




Why did you wake me up
before the break of dawn?

Don't you feel cold?
You wear the same clothes every day.

Because someone stole my clothes.

You don't have to be good-looking.
But then, you should at least dress well.

I'll wear something else today.

It's a style really popular in Seoul.

Hey! Aren't we going that way?


It looks nice over there, like an island.

It is an island. It's a park.

Let's have a look.

Another time. I'm sleepy.

Anyway, your courage earned you
a date with that Japanese girl.

After having lunch,
I'll try to go to the movies with her.

Why is today's date important?

Because it's a crossroad
between friendship and relationship.

What kind of signals do women send
when they want to make out or kiss?


I mean, if I know how she feels,
I could hold her hand or kiss her.

-Do you know Morse code?

When us girls take classes
like Understanding Feminism,

it's compulsory to learn Morse code.

Morse code?

There are so many.
Shall I teach you just one of them?

This signal means she wants to kiss you.

It's known as "kissing you, baby."
Give me your hand.

Why are you laughing?
Are you pulling a practical joke on me?

No, it's because you look so serious.

How should I grab her hand?

Just ask for her hand and just snatch it.

But something like this may happen.
Try to grab my hand.

Gosh! If she reacts this way,
just come back home.

But if you get lucky enough
to walk her home holding her hand,

and somehow, she seems to stall…

and you take one step towards her,

and you wait for her
to take one step towards you…

You know what time it is?
It's your time to kiss her. Okay?

Gosh, why is it so complicated?

Aw, you can't date if you're thickheaded.

Hey. Let's say that
I'm that Japanese girl and you're you.

No more joking around.
Okay, ready, action!

Doo-sang, I had ippai fun today.

I had fun, too.

All right. I'll get going then.

All right. Take care.


Wait up.

This is supposed to be worn
front side back. It's a trend.

I think the Japanese language is cute.
Sugoi ne.

I see. In Japan, you find
Korean interrogative sentences cute.

Is it pretty?

What are you doing? Are you happy?

Oh, that one over there?

That's the number one treasure of Korea.

That one over there?

It looks like a spaceship.
I don't know what that is.

I see.

My gosh, Seoul is so complicated.

What brought you to Korea?



I got it. To look for.

You're looking for your dad.

How about your mom?

Oh, your mom is in hospital?

My gosh.


You live so high up like this.

So you have a clear view
of everything below.

You will find him soon.
Don't worry too much.

I'm also looking for someone,
my first love.

I first met her in elementary school.

Someone transferred to my old high school
the day I was transferring to a new one.

She was alone. And I also
didn't have anyone to eat lunch with.

So we bought some gimbap
and had it together.

It was only later
that I found out she was Saem.

I didn't recognize her
because her face had changed.

Namiko. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Shall we go?

To be honest,

I didn't transfer,
but I dropped out of school.

Because there was this kid
who bullied me real bad.

But I've gotten over it now.

I'm sorry. I have to go.


Are you drunk?

Are you okay?

Why did you insist on drinking
when you're such a lightweight?

Where do you live? Let me walk you home.

I didn't say I'd give you a piggyback.

Where do you live, for god's sake?

Motel? Where?

Oh well, let's go.


I'm going to go to a convenience store
to get some chocolate milk.

It works really well for hangovers.

Get some rest.


What's wrong? What is it?

Why are you undressed?

Namiko, what happened?

You are a sex offender.

Let's go to the police station.

What are you talking about?

We came here
because you got drunk last night.

I was going to leave,
but you seemed to want me to stay.

Hold on. Don't pull.

No. You got it wrong.

I brought you here because you were drunk.
And when I tried to leave, you--

Namiko, please calm down.

Hey, Doo-sang. Do you live around here?
We bump into each other often.

What are you doing here?

You have killer taste in fashion.
Come over here.

You remember the girl who took our photo?
She sent it to me. Take a look.

What a bitch.

I recognized her because she went
to the high school next to ours.

The Duksang High slut.


Apparently she's doing it for money now.

I heard she lives there.

I should catch her
and beat the hell out of her, right?

I see.

I see?

I heard you're
a Chinese food delivery man. Bloody hell.

You're doing the same since high school,
running errands. Grow up, dude.

Go now. I'm leaving.

Hey, where are you going?
We're not done talking yet.

-Damn it.
-Oh my.

-Hey, Gi-tae.
-What's up?

-Have you heard of caring or respect?

I heard caring is an act
and respect is a feeling.

What's that got to do with me?

I know no one stands up against you,
but we're grown-ups now. All right?

So what? What's your point?

Caring and respect. And--

And what? What are you looking for?
The key to your scooter?


I'm looking for decency.
You're a real dick.

Hey, asshole. Damn it.


You didn't come home last night.
Your love life must be going well.

It ended at the crossroad
between friendship and relationship.

Shit happens.

Why don't you go for
your first love instead? I'll look her up.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired.
I'm going to sleep now.

Come on. You said you'd buy me
late-night snacks for a week.

I really can't today.
I think I've caught a cold.

-Open your mouth.

It's vitamin C.

Today is your last chance
to drink with me. Come on.


First, drink a shot of soju.

The first thing we do is drink?

Yep. Cheers.

Second, drink another shot of soju.


There isn't enough balance.


I won't get this one then.

And this one.

Where were we?

The ninth step. But isn't this too fast?

All right, the ninth step.
Drink another shot of soju.

-Let's do it.
-Let's do it!

My gosh.

Let's do this.

I'll leave this.

How could you? That's my pudding.

-I'll get you another one next time. Okay?

There's still not enough balance.

-Just this one.
-The 4,500 won payment has gone through.

Let's go.

-I hate you.

-Where were we?
-The nineteenth…

-The nineteenth step.

That's right, the nineteenth step.

We eat these yummy chili spaghetti.

No, the eighteenth step.

-We take a photo and then eat.
-I like that.

One, two.

It's gonna rain. Go home already, okay?

How could it rain
when we're drinking shots?

That's simple.

Water droplets combine
to form cloud droplets.

When cloud droplets keep combining,
they'll become heavier.

Then these heavier cloud droplets
can no longer float in the air

and fall down. That's how it rains.

Go home, now that you know.

Open your eyes, mate. This--

-Excuse me.
-Just a moment.

-Wear your hood.

-Come again?
-Wear your hood.

Here's how it rains, Doo-sang.

You know how we wish upon the sky?

Unfortunately, it cannot make
all our wishes come true.

Raindrops are tears the sky sheds
because it feels terrible.

Mr. Ma Doo-sang,
have you ever made a wish?

Yes, I have, ma'am.

I wished I could touch boobs.

That's why the sky got sad and wept.

Come on. I may not look it,
but I touched boobs in eleventh grade.

In eleventh grade?

Did you pay to touch boobs?


Here. Now we're the same height.

I like it this way.
We can make eye contact while talking.


And we can head-butt.

You mean this?

Ouch, it hurts.

Hey, thick skull!

Mine hurts even more!

My gosh!

There's a car coming!


Brush it off.

-Hey, chocolate milk sobered us up, so--

Shall we get another drink in my room?

Your room?

I'm in.

Not bad.

Not bad.

-No. Look.

Hit one.

You should practice.

Hey. When was the last time you saw Saem?


-You want to know?

Shortly after I was discharged
from military service,

I was on my way home after getting wasted,

and I saw this girl
throwing up under the street lamp

So I asked her if she's okay
and offered to pat her back,

and she told me to get lost.

But she seemed very familiar.

I realized she was Saem.

I took her to a motel and left.

That was the last time.

Hey. You're not making this up, are you?

You are! Come on.

Maybe you're right.

I can't tell if I love her,

or love the person I have made up.

I'm not sure anymore
if the Saem I'm looking for really exists.

I don't know anymore.

I should forget about her.

Try all you want.
You won't be able to forget.

You'll forget her when you forget
who you were when you loved her.

Get it, dumbass?

I also don't know
who's the real me anymore.

-Did you sleep well?

How much did we drink last night?
I don't remember.

Jeez, me neither.

-Are you getting ready for work?

-Yeah, me too.

I see.

Let's share a ride.

I have to ride my bike back to work.

I see.


Can I ask you a favor?

I also have something to say to you,
but you go first.

Could you give Saem my letter?

I don't know if I can find her.

Why? You said you could look her up
at the department office.

Drop me off here.

-Why, isn't it over there?
-No, it's here.

Her real name is Byeon Gi-yeon, not Saem.
Look up Byeon Gi-yeon.

All right, Byeon Gi-yeon.

I'll give it a try. Bye.

You remember the island park?
See you there at 5:00 p.m.

Please find her for me.
It's Byeon Gi-yeon.

Hey there.


Can I ask you something?

Yes, go on.

-What time is it?
-It's six o'clock.

How long do you plan on waiting?

Excuse me?

You can't tell faces apart. Will you wait
until you die if she doesn't come?

You knew about it?

You thought I wouldn't know
unless you told me?

You know what?

This place was
a water treatment plant 20 years ago.

It feels a lot like you.

What about it?

Don't change the subject.

I mean it.

What's the similarity?

There's a good blend
between synthetic and natural beauty.

You think I've had plastic surgery
but look natural?

I was going to tell you
about meeting Saem today, but I won't.

You met her?

You gave her my letter?

I did.

Hey. It was really hard finding her.

How did she look?

Pretty, right?

I guess.

By the way, is Gi-yeon her real name?

Saem is a nickname?

I asked her name when we met

back when I was a kid,
but she didn't tell me.

So I just called her Saem,
like the fountain.

Because we always hung out
at the fountain.

Was it like that fountain?

Not really. It was way smaller than this.

Have you found a place?

Yes, I'm moving out soon.

What will you do when you meet her?

Well, there's something I want to find.

We buried a time capsule
when we were little.

-A time capsule?

I want to open that with her.

To be honest,
I wasn't sure about coming today.

Being sorry and all.

Don't worry. It's all in the past now.

Where are we going now?

Do you remember
we buried something in the ground?

A time capsule?

That's right.

You remembered.

Where was it we buried that time capsule?

Do you remember the fountain
under the village guardian tree?

It's around there.

I see. That place
where we used to hang out?

You called me Saem
because I didn't tell you my name.

You're right.

I really liked it when you called me Saem.

Thank you for remembering.

You woke up?


-Are we taking a quick break on the road?
-No, we've arrived.


Really? There's nothing here.

I was also unsure at first,

but then I remembered this place,
Hanil Gas.

There used to be a supermarket here.

A Chinese place here, a barbershop there.
They were all along this road.

Look, you can still find
traces of the pavement. Right?

Is that the guardian tree?

If I remember right,
there was a road there.

Hold on.

It's here.

Maybe it wasn't here.

The fountain was somewhere around here,

and we buried it somewhere
around this tree.

-What's inside the capsule?
-Our picture together.


The one we took at the fountain.

Oh, that picture.

Do you think you can find it?

Why not give it a try?

The buildings are gone.

Roads are gone.

No wonder people are leaving.

This place has stayed the same, though.

Look. There are students as well.

Where can we wash our hands?

Give me your hand.

Do you remember
I made you these in high school?

The day I transferred here?

I remember.

What's in that time capsule
besides our photo?

We each put one thing inside.

What did you put inside?

Hold on.

What are you up to?

I found it.

What is it?


-What was that?
-It's nothing scary.

Take a closer look.

It's cicada skin.

Cicadas were really loud when we hung out.

I noticed cicada skins on these trees,
so I put one inside the capsule.

-What did I put inside?

You have it with you.

-Now? I do?
-I have one too.

A compass.

But the ones we put inside the capsule
were out of order.

Really? There's such a disorder?

Yes. The doctor explained about it,
but I don't remember.

It must've been difficult to find me.

By the way, what's this on the back?

This drawing?

My friend got drunk and drew it as a joke.

-Your friend?

There's this friend
who gives me dating advice.

So what did you learn?

I learned that
forgetting who I was when I loved her

comes before forgetting
the person I loved.

I didn't know what it meant,
but I'm starting to grasp it.

Do you want to grab a drink
when we are in Seoul?


-It's 500 won.
-Cigarettes, son.

-Which one would you like?
-Dunhill, son.

-This one?
-No, son.

The red one, son.

-The red… This one, son?
-Yes, son.

-This isn't Dunhill, son.
-Just give it, son.

-How much, son?
-Son, 4,500 won.

-What, son?
-Son, 4,500 won.

Oh, here you are, son.

-Do you want a bag, son?
-No, sir.

That's okay, sir.

-Bye, sir.
-Bye, sir.

No, not the motel.
Namiko lives in the motel.

Take off your shoes.

What? This is my house.

I should tell you.

A nasty person lives in that room.

-Be quiet.

-Here we are.

-Damn it.
-Damn it.

Don't use data.

I'll unlock the password.

-How come it's already connected?
-Damn it.

You've been here before?

Go to sleep already.


It's 27,600 won.

-I'll get it.
-No, babe. I'll get it.

-No, let me.
-No, I should…

…get it. Keep your money, babe.

All right. Thank you and goodbye.

Babe, could you pour hot water
in the noodles? I'll get us drinks.

-What's your problem?

-Penthouse ultra-thin condom, 4,500 won.
-Come on, stop it!

I won't get it.

Thank you and goodbye.

Did you find the time capsule?

The accident put him into a coma
for nearly two weeks,

impaired his ability to recognize faces,
and weakened his sight in one eye.

Why don't you
make it work with Doo-sang?

But how?


Like today.

You can pretend to be Saem.

That's faking it.

Hey, wake up.

Why are you here?

-Where is she?

Isn't it obvious? She moved out.

When did she move out?

Yesterday, around 3:00 a.m.

Probably after I saw her at the store.

Was she the one who bought this?

You know her name and number, right?

I don't.

How could you live together
and not know her name?

Damn it. You just don't care.


Could you move over?

We can't give out contact details.

Could you just check, please?
She is Byeon Gi-yeon, 24 years old.

What's her name again?

Byeon Gi-yeon.

Really? Some girl looked up
that name a couple of days ago.

She's not in the system.

What do you mean?

I couldn't find her
in the student database.

Did the girl who came by look like this?

Yes, she did.

Hey, Sung-joong.

-You stay right there.

-Stay where you are.

You want me to stay put? Why?

What's the rush
that you can't wait until we're home?

Did you lie about Saem
going to that college?

-Damn it.

Answer me.

You didn't know yet? Damn it.

Why did you do that?

I lied so you couldn't find her.

Why? What's wrong with finding her?

When you were in a coma,

I contacted her.

Do you know what the fuck she said?

She doesn't even…

She doesn't even know
you got in that accident because of her.

She doesn't remember anything about you,
not even your name.

-You jackass.
-Don't you fucking lie to me.

You have to cut it out now, Doo-sang.
I beg you.


It's 10,200 won.

Shoot! I forgot to bring my wallet.

Babe, did you bring your wallet?

-I didn't bring it, either.
-How about cash?

Damn it. Hold on.

Here, 6,000 won.

All right, in that case…

I won't take this one.

It's 5,700 won.

Thank you.

One Marlboro Red, please.

Not this one, please.


Just… I'll just take it.

Your identification card, please.

Here's your 500 won.

But I gave you 10,000 won.

What do you mean? You gave me 5,000 won.

I only brought a 10,000 won bill.

I just know that I received 5,000 won.

Forget it. I'll just take it.



You give up too easily.

That's why you get everything taken away.

This pudding is on the house.






"When you called me Saem,

I really…"


Hey, mate, sleep in your bed.

Why is he sleeping on the cold floor?

He also drank beer…


Doo-sang, hey, wake up! Hey!

Hey, wake up, Doo-sang! Wake up, dude!

Wake up! Are you all right?


Did you take sleeping pills?

No, I took vitamin pills.

Hey, open your eyes, dude!
Did you take this vitamin?

Yes, I did.

You need to wake up, dude!

I switched vitamins with sleeping pills
in case you try to kill yourself.

-Hurry inside!

Did you find Saem?

Not yet.

Can I pick the title of this script?

What do you have in mind?

It's a secret.



-One, two, three.
-I like this one best.

Jeez. All right, I'm coming.

-Go get him.
-I will.

-Oh yeah.

It's chilly. It's autumn already.

How long have you been seeing Ae-ri?

Hey, how long have we been dating?

You're so mean.

You're so mean.

One year.

Are you happy?

So happy.

Congrats. I heard
your script will be turned into a play.

I got lucky.

You're not giving away your credit, right?


-The ball, please.

Honey, Ae-ri is thirsty.

-Ae-ri is thirsty?

Hey, my Ae-ri is thirsty.

See you.

-See you.
-See you.

Hey, get me chocolate milk!

-Give me the ball!
-Oh yeah.

Here's your ball. Catch!

-You couldn't catch that?

Are you looking for this?

Yes, I am. Thank you.


Do you know you're so pretty?

-Come on.
-I mean it. You drive me crazy.

-Here's your jjajangmyeon.

-Hey, turn on the light.
-Your timing sucks.

-Let's gather around here.

Come on, stick to the script.

How many times have I told you
about the desperation of cicadas?

There's no desperation
in your performance.

Let's talk about each one's role.
Mr. Kim Yu-dong.

Well, I can't really
relate to my role, so--

I find it easy to relate to my role
because it's so realistic.

I'm too handsome for Doo-sang.

He should look like that delivery man.

I got a hold of this script, Saem,

actually from my acting class student.

It's poorly written.

But there's a sense of pureness.

I'm looking for the original author,

-but somehow we can't--
-It's 28,000 won.

It seems the actor playing Saem is late,

-so go ahead.
-All right.

-I'm so hungry.
-I'm starving.

This is why I live.

I'm sorry. I have chronic enteritis.

The ladies' room was full. I'm sorry.

I see.

Could you pass me some toilet paper?

Hey, Saem.

"'The desert is beautiful
because it's hiding a fountain,'

said the little prince."

That's over the top.

Why on earth!

Look at his hair.
Oh my god, it's ridiculous.

-Where are you going?

I'm talking to you. Come here.


-Ma Doo-sang.

Hey, Doo-sang. How much do you have?

-I don't have money.
-What the fuck, Doo-sang.

-How much do you have?
-I said I don't have money.


-How much do you have?
-Fucking hell.

Are you kidding?

-Here. Shit.


Hey, come here.

-Are you going to snitch?

Come here.

-Shoot this.
-Hold on.

Come here.

This is for the 5,000 won.
I'll report to the police if you snitch.

Make sure you can see his face.

-One, two, three, four, five!

I'll kill you if you snitch. Get lost.

What a fucker.


I have another 10,000 won.

What the hell. Give it to me.

Shit, it's so dirty.

It's wet.

-Ten, nine, eight--
-What the fuck, you psycho!

Hey, we've got 15,000 won.

Subtitle translation by: Munhyung Choi