Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Fine (2019) - full transcript

The final chapter of the anime adaptation series based on Fumiaki Maruto's romance comedy light novel series


Celebrating the success of Icy Tail's first independent concert ....



Because this is Tomo's treat, don't hesitate.


Beef tongue, brisket, beef, tripe, ten servings all in all ....

Don't overdo it!

Well, independent concerts are great, right, Tomo.

That's right, everyone came together just for us.

And that many people ....

The dressing room is spacious, huh.

Usually, we push each other.


Good thing about that?

We did it, Tomoya-senpai.

The promotion of our latest work has been a huge success.


All because of Izumi-chan's hard work.

But, I just finished drawing the key visual at ten this morning.

Because of that, the products being sold are also tight ....

Don't feel guilty about that.

Izumi-chan has been fighting hard for the sake of circle.

Therefore, as a circle member, protecting you is our obligation.

Megumi-san ....

The problem is, even though all circle members have tried hard

but there is still one member who is not doing anything, right?


What do you mean me?

Without having to suspect, I didn't tease other people, though.


Well, I'm a believer and I don't do anything anyone can do.

As a member of a circle, I think helping each other is an obligation.

When it comes to that, about how much preparation I made for today

I hope you consider it.

He-Hei, Michiru.

Why can't they get along like this?


How could I know?

If you ask Michi, it means you are stuck, yes.

Because he is the most clueless person.

Because of that, Michi was unable to get involved in the wife war.


Can you explain the war I just learned about?

Listen, Kato-san.

Promotion that I did at that time

past five thousand retweets on twitter.

The meaning

with ten times the attendance at the concert

I've already spread the info about our latest work.

I thought it was just a promotion and had nothing to do with game development.

I don't think sales of those products have anything to do with games either.


Boy, on fire, on fire.

Don't put a lot of internal organs, please.

Kato-san has changed, huh?


Did you say something?

In television shows, because we always stand out

we are not used to being treated like side characters in a film, huh.

What to do?

After all, we are no longer related to the circle.

Perhaps, our cast order was at the bottom of the list.


Thank you for coming today.

Eriri dan Kasumigaoka-senpai.

No, I should be grateful.

Thank you for the invitation, Megumi.

Is everything going well?


Well, when it comes to work, it's hell.

Fields Chronicle is a big project, huh.

Because the scenario was made by Kasumigaoka Utaha

that sounds dubious, though.

Well, the two of us do it intimately.

You guys are close, huh.

As usual.

Which one?

We're always fighting.

You guys are getting closer too, huh.


Since when were you able to argue like that with Hashima?


It is because

we must immediately sterilize any foreign objects that enter the circle.

Great, Kato-san.

Because Sawamura-san was too kind and willing to be removed.


What does it mean?


Come here for a moment.

Utaha-senpai ....

Because we haven't seen each other in a long time

let's talk alone.

W-Well ....

Ta-Tapi ....

If it's about that ....

Don't worry.

It is indeed my first experience

but I'm not sorry at all.

There, there, there!

Do not continue!

I remember!

What happened, Eriri?

Listen, Megumi.

This guy ....

This woman ....

W-Well, Kato ....

Well ....

About that ....

How about you stop teasing Eriri like that?

Right now, you guys are friends who are fighting together, right?


You only think of this as my and Sawamura-san's problem huh, Kato-san.

Even so ....

If that means about it

there are parts that make sense, though.

How about you go there, Aki-kun?

Are you okay, Rinri-kun?

Just now, I'm not okay.

What the heck are you saying?

Even though you are sorry

the fact that you left a deep mark on me

and being my first male, that doesn't change.

Before you talk about it, I don't feel anything, though.

You are so annoying.

Even though you're already in college, are you still desperate for high school kids?

Very embarrassing.

You yourself.

You are still chasing the boy from your childhood whom you betrayed twice

isn't that more embarrassing?

I don't mind.

After all, I was forgiven twice.

That means, your relationship just returned to zero, right?

You guys haven't progressed yet, huh.

Then, how?

Blessing Software's latest work?

Oh, take it easy.

Just watch, you two.

This time, I'll make it with my own hands.

Galge game that makes everyone's heart churning.

Besides that, although this is only the second work

but you wrote the scenario for the five heroines alone ....

You're very excited, huh.

Even though a year ago, you were just like pork moe.

Well, he still looks like pork moe, though.

Anu, anu, anu.

Tomoya-senpai is indeed pork moe

but he wrote a great screenplay, you know.

When the scenario is over, I'm always excited.

What is the direction of this event?

How is the expression of this scene?

However, there are some parts that are stuck.

For example, the heroine has blonde hair and braids.

Or the usual long and black haired heroine.

Isn't that not really necessary?

But, because of the simplicity and cuteness of her junior heroine

it became a god level scenario.

Do you compliment my scenario?

Besides, even though the scenario is like that

with Michiru-senpai's BGM, Megumi-san's production, and my image

we can make up for the shortcomings.

So, you too.

Even if you are working on a big project with an abundant budget

after putting it off

if it becomes a rotten and unsold game

don't cry, okay.

I am the one crying here.

How dare you say that, Hashima Izumi?

I don't hate your carelessness for deliberately challenging us from the front.

Then, can you promise me?

You will produce extraordinary works that are not inferior to ours.

Don't ask again.

Our new teamwork emerged in this urgent situation ....

You better not underestimate it.

Let's begin.

What does this mean, Kosaka-san?

To come to a place like this?

Being rude has its limits, right?

Even so

but I'm done doing feed back.

Even though I told you to stay at night

but since you sent it during the day, this is what will happen.

Because there is an important business, we deliberately finish it.

Oh, I see.

Then, you guys are very unlucky, huh.

It's a secret, Tomoya-kun.

I understand.


It has to be this way.

What do you say?

It won't be good on screen.

Are you stupid?

Isn't this armor very functional?

If you do, the design is too ordinary.

Think of the total balance.

This is really floating, right?

Design is my job, right?

Just shut up and let me draw it.

That level is still inconclusive.

Think and try again.

Yes yes.

Hey, Iori.

That ....

Well, this place is Akihabara, though.

Even though I had asked Akane-san not to talk about work matters in a place like this.

Isn't this like breaking a secret?

W-Um, please don't photograph or share this ....

The influence is very weak.

What kind of event is this?

The weak is your opinion.

Stop blaming each other and eat quickly.

Don't you understand?

This event where Philene died ...

... was the best climax in the first half.

Before reaching the climax, spoilers were already scattered.

You're the one who doesn't understand.

Describe the scene slowly and calmly

it can have a huge impact.

Although the straight patterned crying scene was lively

it just made the player feel sick.

If so, sharpen it again.

Like a cutter, slice the player's heart.

If you can't, it's just a bland story that's just nice to hear.

A-Anu, sorry.

The other guests were annoyed ....

Ah, really sorry.

I've been annoying.

I'll pay all the bills at this place.

So, you guys understand, right?

Eat until you are full

and forget whatever you see here.

Beef tongue, brisket, beef, tripe ....

Bring everything.


Sorry, I have no appetite.

What time do you sleep?

Before anyone else, I was planning to stay awake, though.

Then, how is it going?

Because the rest is just a heroine play scenario

he said it could be finished easily during summer vacation

but what date has it been since July?

Well, it just took a little while.

When does this summer vacation end?

Well, that's just a little more.

Maybe Izumi-chan's part would stop waiting for the scenario.

Ah, sorry, okay.

I'm slumping.

What can be done, right?

Where have you written?

Meguri 15.

{\ an7} Event that occurs when the player chooses a heroine (enters a special route)

Ah, even though I am an amateur, I know that this is very important.


The event before entering the special route with Meguri.

That is, because it is the biggest turning point in a work

that part cannot fail.


I have to carve out the greatest story in history.

Then, what do you want?

Hey, Kato.

How can you write well?

You ask me that?

What can be done, right?

I'm stuck.

Help me, please.

Is it just my feeling if you don't feel like relying on me?

Yeah, right.

For example, how about learning from other people's work?

Oh, I see.

The predecessor's insights were indeed the soul of the new writer.

Anyway, you can keep writing and writing.


A 100 kb rotten work is better than a 0 kb masterpiece, though.

Or maybe, forget everything and get some rest.


While sleeping, there is a possibility that the dwarves will solve everything.

Well, the time to try all of that is long past, though.

Hey, Kato.

What should I do?

Anyway, than asking me

how about if you ask the expert?

That means ....

Hasn't your problem been experienced by him many times?


But ....

If I ask Utaha-senpai for advice ....

Kato, aren't you angry?

Why me?

After all, at my yakiniku place yesterday ....

Kasumigaoka-senpai may not be a member of our circle anymore, but ....

Even so, if it's for the sake of our game

I think I can be more lenient.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, Kato.

Do you realize that your words and your expressions are completely opposite?

Well, anyway ....

Hyoudou-san and Izumi-chan will be coming soon.

How about washing your face?


Due to some business, I was near Utaha-senpai's house, are you home?


Too bad, Kasumi-sensei isn't here.

Today, what business?

I received the draft revised scenario this morning

but it's still not good.

Before coming, you should have contacted him.

Didn't you also come in front of his house?

Like a stalker.


Even though you've been dumped for a long time, you still look heartbreaking.

Ah, even though it was removed from the circle's point of view, but as a man ...

That is not the case.

I just want to ask for advice on a scenario.

Besides, you have no right to say that.

I was the one who found Kashiwagi Eri and Kasumi Utako.

They have long been famous as a doujin artist and writer.

Even so, the concept of their collaboration game was already imitating me.

Don't be rude like that.

Against your savior.


When did you do that?


Even though I already escorted you to Nasu Kogen.

Moreover, at night.

I-At that time, em ....

At that time, I missed four deadlines, lo.

After that, I was scolded all out by the editor.


That is, Kosaka-san ....

When you see Eriri's picture at that time

are you attracted to him?

Ah, I guess so.

That is, I am the god of death for you.

I'm going down.

Stop the car.

Ah, right.

I'm tired of driving all the time.

Let us eat.

That is not what I mean.

Anu, Kosaka-san.

Shut up, I'm focused.

Em ... did you read it?

Don't worry, I didn't miss anything.

It's not a human ability.


You're not laughing because my scenario isn't interesting, are you?

What is this?

This is so disgusting.


Moreover, this part ....

The blonde haired heroine who cries from a kiss.

What is this?

Isn't that holy?

Even though it's 2D, girls like this are already rare, you know.

Don't keep explaining.

M-My stomach hurts.

Stop ...

Stop already ....

This change in the nature of this long, black haired heroine was too crazy.

Even though his character was sadistic ...

When in bed, why did he become an amateur?

The event is like that.

He didn't do anything more.

In that case, this part ....

E-Even though I say that, it's actually my first time.

What does it mean?

Don't talk about it.

Then, this is the scenario for playing the heroine, huh.

It's still in the middle, though.


In ....

I want to hear your harsh opinion.

In a short time, the progress is not bad, huh.

There are differences like mud and clouds from sub-heroine scripts.

That disgusting messy manuscript

become quite regular when entering the main heroine route.

Well, I had no idea that you would have progressed this far.

This is what's scary about an amateur who doesn't know his talent.

S-Thank goodness.

Actually, I was very hesitant to continue like this.

I feel like this is different from before.

I thought that this was a slump.

But, actually it's a development, huh.

Actually I wasn't wrong, huh.

Thank you very much.

Because of Kosaka-san's support, I feel even more convinced to ....

You stupid!

The only thing that is not wrong is your doubt.

Good thing you slumped.

Luckily you stopped.

Otherwise, it will be really bad.


It is becoming increasingly organized and very tedious.

What is this fine script?

You're getting shy, huh.

Not usually.

But, you said earlier ...

They say there are differences like mud and clouds ....

How could a cloudy cloud beat the sparkling mud?

Cherry Blessing scenario ....

That mindless scenario is yours, right?

How could Kasumi-sensei write such a boring script?

Isn't that the same as half the scenario?

Well, that ....

Well ....

Besides, I couldn't possibly write it.

It can be a wonderful weapon.

Kosaka-san ....

Isn't it your specialty to drain the rotten imagination of an unclean otaku?

Even though it makes chills, embarrassment, and wants to close your eyes ...

But forcing people to read it is the strength of your sleazy scenario, right?

If you want to praise it, don't mention it rotten.

The unclean otaku will support you.

If you want to be better, rely on your uncleanness.

Put all your dirty imagination into practice.

Make friends with the heroine until death.

It's just ...



Masturbate there, boy.

Masturbation that makes you feel very comfortable ....

Masturbation that makes everyone want to see it ....

Incredibly embarrassing masturbation ....

Show it wholeheartedly.


So what will you do?

Want to come back to Kasumi-sensei's place?

I want to go home.

Oh, I see.

All right, until here, huh.

Anu, Kosaka-san ....

For today ... em ....

When the game is over, leave one for me.

I'll pick it up during the Winter Comiket.



Don't drive anymore, take a taxi.

So that's how it is, Kato.

In ....

I really don't know what you mean.

The reason for my slump.

What I am lacking right now is an unclean aspect.

I have to masturbate more.

Sorry, I said wrong.

What I want to say is

I have to expand the imagination that can satisfy myself.

That means you have to write an unclean script?

Looks like I'm not strong with that.

Girls are not strong with that.

But, guys like me even like that.

It can make our hearts flutter.

So that means, yes.

For me, it's really bad.

So ....

Before entering Meguri 15

I rewrote Meguri 01 to Meguri 14.

You know, Aki-kun?

What date is this?

Em ... August 31 ....

Until when is the summer vacation?

Until 31 August ....

Can I say something?

You can't.

I don't care about assignments or exams try out.

After all, this year I've decided to put everything into this game.

We're in third grade, lo.

We're going to have an exam soon, lo.

Anyway, I'll send you Meguri's scenario.

When it's read, contact me via Skip.

Let's talk while reading the script.

In ....

Look, Aki-kun ....

What time do you think it is?

I'm willing to wait for hours.


I read it.

You did call me, huh.

I'll hang up, lo.

Ah, thank you very much.

Kato-sama, Megumi-sama.

Okay, let's discuss each text.

Ah, there's a problem with this event.

The actions, traits, and behavior of the main character ....

In short, all of them ....

Everything was rejected?

You know?

If the guy is very selfish and just like this

no girl can survive, lo.

That's a boy's imagination.

In the story, the main character like that can trigger a girl's instinct to give in.

Well, what can I do?

Like that.

If we discuss the real world

what can do that are signs of separation.

We're not talking about the real world, are we?

We're discussing the male imagination, right?

Even like that ....

There should be certain limitations.


You better think about her heroine feelings.

Sometimes, I hope you can be gentle with him.

Then what should I do?

Shouldn't that be corrected and resolved by yourself?

You're very strict, huh.

Really bad.


Endless ....

This is the event before entering into a more serious event, right?

Right ....

Meaning ....

Meguri started to like the main character in this event, right?

{\ an5} Meguri and the main character start making up

I can't accept it when the love flag flies in a normal event like this.

In that case ....

Meaning ....

It has entered a serious phase.

That ....

Because of that, it was all very bad.

Better ....

Em ... stop like that.

No, I won't change this.

After all, among other scenarios, this is what I like the most.

I really like this scene.

Then, without having to ask me for advice

you can write it yourself, right?

Hey, Kato.

Hurry up and cheer up again.

I'm not mad, though.

Then, can we discuss Meguri 15?

The plot alone is sufficient.

I want to hear your opinion.

You can write it as you like, right?

I told you, right?

This part should be the best case scenario.

So, I really need you.

You are very selfish, selfish, and pushy, Aki-kun.


Right ....

I think something's wrong with this scene ....

In what part?

Here, lo.

When things are sad for them

and the main character is crying.

Ah, the crying main character is really bad, huh.

It's very strange that the heroine love flag fluttering just because of that, huh.

Not ....

What's wrong is the heroine.

She shouldn't hug him.

Is it true?


But, doesn't that mean Meguri's love flag doesn't fly?

It is not like that.

It's really not.

The love flag has been flying for a long time.


he better let the main character cry as much.

Can that be conveyed to the user?

If not conveyed

they won't be able to enter Meguri's route.

Oh, I see.

Yes alright.

If that's what you want, I'll fix it.

Yes, cheer up, Tomoya-kun.

Kato, just now ....

Ah, finished ....

After this event, they called each other by their first names, right?

Ah, yes ....

In the game ....

Then, no problem, right?

Oh, I see.

No problem, yes.

It is true.


In that case, I'll be overtime in a bit before going to bed.

Bye, Megumi.


Bye, Tomoya-kun.

Well ....

In ....


What, Tomoya-kun?

You can turn off Skip already.

Since I'm not sleepy, it's fine, right?

I'm free to see you, right?

Well, that ....

So, take it easy.

Don't be annoyed.

Of course I was annoyed.

Good night.

G-Good morning, Megumi.


Morning, Tomoya-kun.



Well, well, just like April ....

I'm afraid you suddenly smile and look awkward.

Actually I don't remember that at all.

You do it.

You really do.

When I saw my new glasses ....

Uwah, I see.

If you are like that

I'll call you "Aki-kun", lo.

Forgive me.

Please guide, Megumi-san.

Me too.

After that, what time did you sleep?

Well, actually I didn't sleep.

Tomoya-senpai ....

If you don't get enough sleep, can you come up with a good scenario?


They both look ....

Megumi, Tomoya, good morning.

Ah, good morning.

Good morning, Eriri.

That genius kid should learn to read such atmosphere.

It's finally over.

Meguri 15.

Even though you can't write it for a month

but this can be finished in one night, yeah.

Well, that is the best scenario for me.

It is a work that contains our soul.

Hurry up and read carefully.

Sorry for waiting.

Ice coffee.

Please enjoy.

It will take time.

Do something else.

You yourself ....

Don't be influenced by anything else

and read it seriously.


It's so embarrassing that it makes me want to close my eyes.


I don't praise you, really.

If girls can be shy like that

men will feel lecherous.

Thanks, Kato.

I told you, I don't praise you.

Then, not Kato.

Ah, sorry, Megumi.


How about the climax?


Since Meguri and the main character have become lovers, next ....

Will Meguri lose her memory?

Or will the main character die?

Have you forgotten the concept of this work?

I didn't forget it.

I just want to forget about it.

Explaining the heroine's appeal is our top priority.

Therefore, after this, to the limit ....

Of course they will continue to make out, right?

Ah, I thought.

Therefore, tonight ....

Want to do it?

W-Well ....

If you are tired, I won't force you.


This is for games, though.



Is this the result of our meeting last night?


The intimate event of the main character and Meguri, who starts dating number one.

Is it possible?

There are still number two and number three?

When it comes to that, I can think about it after I finish writing.

Ah, I wanted to ask you to check this part.

At that time, Meguri's body trembled slightly.

But, not long after

his little hand held mine.

At that station, there were many people besides us waiting for the train.

Among them, new lovers like us

trying hard to suppress a smile because of the tension.


A very embarrassing sentence when it was mentioned ....

What should I do?

H-What do you think?

This heroine expression ....

I think that's really moe.

You ask me that?

If I ask your opinion, maybe I can draw a better expression.

Those heroine words have several patterns, though.

And you asked me to think about it?

By reading it on this station

maybe it can make us feel the realistic atmosphere.

I won't know that.

Well, because of that ....

Please try ....

If I don't try

I won't know.

It's just like a retro event, huh.

The boy's otaku actually likes this.

Well, when it comes to shame or not, it's a shame.


But, shouldn't this be made even more special?

What do you mean?


In ....

Hold your lover's hand?

Like what do you do?

Well ....

Ah, I see, yes.

Well, since this is a matter of playing heroines, this is quite mandatory.

But, isn't that quite critical?

But, you've made even more extraordinary skin contact with other people, though.

Do you have to discuss it now?

You've kissed, too.


This conversation is of no use to the scenario.

The climax?


Follows the path of Meguri 20

I have two ideas.

The first?

The "cornering" pattern in the narrative structure.

You mean a story that suddenly changed drastically?


For example, Meguri lost her memory.

Or the main character dies.

In ....

Well, well ....

So far, the heroine's appeal has appeared a lot, right?

So, I want to try another plot ....

Well, I discussed it with you to determine the theme.

Never mind.

Then, what about the other one?

Without changing the pattern like that

we can keep the groove intimate.

Until the end?

Until the end.

Well, maybe the climax of an ordinary story like that is easy for users to accept

but if we look at the complexity of the story, it's still lacking, huh.

I don't feel that it's lacking, though.

Living in a loving relationship with a loved one takes courage, you.

I find it weird to call it less, though.

So, you don't need a cornering pattern?


Oh, I see.


Then, I'll make it like that.

Without being serious

I will keep him intimate, keep dating, and kiss often.

Ah, yes, yes.

Keep your spirits up.

Alright, our next plans have been decided, huh.

23 September, Saturday ....

At one o'clock.

Di Ikebukuro.

Let's take a walk and think about it together.

I'll send the details via message.

See you again ....

Wait a minute.

Next Saturday, are we going?

Do you have an interest?

That's not what it means.

I have no interest.

But you already know that day, right?

Your birthday.

That's just for site survey, right?


Isn't that right?

Which one is good?

That's cheating.

T-Then ... alright ....

If I said no, wouldn't you come?

I'm definitely coming.

No matter what, I'll come.

I will look forward to it.

I-I see, yes.



I don't want to know, Tomoya-kun.

If there's anything, I don't want to know, lo.

You mean ....

Sorry, Megumi.

I can't come.

This is difficult to explain

but this has to do with someone's life.

I'll tell you the details later.

I'll call you and talk to you.


Eriri, Utaha-senpai ....

Business card?

When we met yesterday, we exchanged business cards.

He suddenly collapsed at the minimarket.

He didn't carry any identification.

And he only took my business card.

He doesn't like carrying identity cards or identification.

He always wandered around carrying cash.

Then, what did the doctor say?

He had a stroke.

When the ambulance arrived, his words were not very clear.

Then, he started to become speechless, but ...


His right hand ....

Can't move it.

Wait a minute.

He's a drawing artist, you know.

Mangaka, lo.

Isn't that like losing everything?

No, if he gets better, he can draw again.

If he doesn't get well?

If the artist draws it doesn't exist

how do we fight?

Eriri ....

He is the strongest ....

No, he is a monster capable of taming me ....

If the strength is gone

it's not strange that her heart will break.

Because we don't know the certainty of the cure

it's natural that we are confused.

Anyway, we can only wish him well.

Either it takes any time ....

What about the Fields Chronicle?

Nobody said that the project could be postponed again, right?

Take it easy.

Our work and Kosaka-san are almost done.

With just a few tweaks, the rest is just compiling.

Oh, I see.

In that case ....

What are you saying, Kasumigaoka Utaha?

We're totally disconnected from other co-workers, are we?

Hei, Sawamura-san ....

In fact, we don't know how many repetitions there are in our work.

Kosaka Akane made all contact with Maruzu.

Is it true?

We did not receive any news from Maruzu's staff.

In order to maintain the purity of our work

he protects us.

I really and really don't like it, though.

But, if it's like this, we just feel the impact, huh.

Alright, I'll prepare everything for Akane's hospitalization

and come back again.

Machida-san to do that?

Despite having many work acquaintances

he has no friends.

Her relationship with her parents was also bad.

Well, that's only natural, though.

I don't think Kosaka Akane wants to hear that from you.

Therefore, you should just go home.

You still have work, right?

But, without him directing us

what should we do?

Take it easy.

I will confirm the condition of the Fields Chronicle to Maruzu.

Me and Hashima-kun.


He has known Akane for a long time

and he's been trusted.

Hashima-kun will convey your current state.

Okay, please help.

Kashiwagi Eri-sensei.

Even though I don't want to cooperate with you.

I can't imagine how big the trials awaited me.

I wouldn't dare bother the members of Akane-san's team.

Besides, I am a member of Blessing Software.

After this business is over

I will return to my circle.

You can come back soon, right?

We don't need you at all.


Looks like his life is not in danger.

For now.

For now, there's nothing I can do.

I can go there ....

Oh, I see.

That is true.

It's too late, huh.

Alright, see you at the circle meeting tomorrow.

Sorry, Megumi.

I can't celebrate your birthday.

Forgive me.

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, Kato-chan.

Even though it's one day late

Happy birthday, Megumi-san.

Ah, happy birthday.

Em, this is ...

In ....

Everyone, thank you.


Let's start the meeting while eating cake.

Brother Hashima still hasn't come, you know.

Ah, Onii-chan still has business ....

Due to the urgent situation, Iori was unable to participate in the circle's activities.

Well, even if that person doesn't exist, it's the same.



What the heck?

Even though I want a discussion about next week's concert ....

Ah, about Icy Tail, I'll ....

I'll do something.


Is that okay, Kato-chan?

Well, I can't negotiate like him

but if it's a live house contract or the like

I can do something.

Chairman of this circle

still have to focus on the scenario.


Ah, sorry.

Help please.

Oh, I see.

All right, please help, Kato-chan.

Well, now I feel relieved.

Forgive me.

I got to trouble your circle again.

No problem.

I don't even know what he was doing in the circle.

Well, in the game-making department, he's useless.

If other than that, your words seemed to be useful.

Do you hate Hashima more than me?


Is your game creation process okay?

Everything is still smooth.

I can't say that, though.

Oh, I see.


Since you are my friend, I will not hide secrets.

To be honest, the impact of Kosaka Akane's departure was too heavy.

Soon it can compile, right?

In that case, isn't it almost over yet?

However, the examination is still not running.

Like a balance adjustment from the previous change ....

Of course, a drawing artist like me couldn't decide anything.

But, if you are satisfied

whatever people say ....

This work ....

Not ....

Only this work ....

For me and for many people

this must be the best.

Sawamura Eriri ....

Kashiwagi Eri cannot allow any defects.

I have to draw to the maximum.

In this project, I have to become the greatest illustrator that everyone accepts.

If not, I will leave the circle in vain.

It's useless that I stay away from Megumi and Tomoya, huh.

Eriri ....

Well, don't worry.

This is my own opinion.


It doesn't seem like your own opinion.

Right, maybe Kasumigaoka Utaha understood.

Okay, I still have work to do.

See you later.

Ah, right.

Even though you are one day late, but happy birthday, Megumi.

After compilation, let's celebrate together.


No, Eriri.

There is still one person.

Someone who's been watching you since 10 years ago.

For now, the meeting with Maruzu was hell.

Stop those killer words of hope.

It was so.

Looks like a gloomy creator like Akane-san

should not be allowed to negotiate work.

Don't laugh and go into more detail.

I don't want to hear but tell me.

Maruzu's deadline has long passed.

Wait a minute.

Why did it happen?

Kashiwagi Eri dan Kasumi Utako ....

The more often they are forced

they are growing.

Increasingly asked to repeat

they are getting better.

Because of that, Akane-san became fixated on that.

Then, how long will it take Kosaka-san?

One month.

During the?

However, Maruzu couldn't wait anymore.

Unfinished scenarios and drawings will be deleted in the event.

They will arrange the relevance of the story.

With the existing materials, he said they could make a pretty good work.

If you let it go, what will happen?


Akane-san's opinion will be ignored

and game development will be carried out according to Maruzu's schedule.

Kashiwagi Eri and Kasumi Utako won't be able to do anything anymore.

Their part in Fields Chronicle 13 ends here.

They were forced to withdraw, yes.

Eriri and Utaha-senpai were still excited, right?

It can't satisfy them yet, right?

If Akane-san continues negotiating

with his enthusiasm and pride, maybe he could still do something about it.

But, Machida-san and I can't.

We feel that Director Maruzu's opinion is correct.

What should we do?

What can we do now?

Our role will only end here.

But ....

Listen, Tomoya-kun.

Your group is Blessing Software.

Together with your cirlce members, you've come this far.

Your determination

should be directed at Izumi, Hyoudou-san, and Kato-san.

What is that?

I just said what Machida-san said.

It is impossible.

There are still more than ten concepts that I haven't drawn yet.

Nearly half had to be repeated.

I also just finished the main story.

I still have to take care of the sub-scenario.

This is what makes me not want to rely on Hashima.

No, this is a win for him.

After all, hereby our work is well done.

Our wages will be paid according to the contract

And we won't be penalized for missing the deadline.

In a sense, this is a victory.

Do you really think this is a win?

What to do.

Maruzu doesn't need us anymore.

Maybe Kosaka Akane's words can still be heard

but the new creator's selfish fixation

would only be a distraction for a big title like Fields Chronicle.

What should we do?

What must we do for Maruzu to listen to us?

How can we make it satisfied?

Sawamura-san ....


If we go straight to Osaka and negotiate ...

It is impossible.

Within this boundary of work

if there is someone whose pride is too high

he'll be fired immediately and it's all over.

In that case ....

If so, who can do it?


Maybe humans who really believe in our abilities.

People who believe that we are allowed to work until the end

we can create masterpieces.

For that matter, he is willing to bow or cry

and fight hard for us.

Oh, I see.

There is.

Only one person.


No, I wake up.


Yes, I understand.

Leave it to me.

You didn't go to school, huh.


You want to go to Osaka, huh.


Together with Eriri and Kasumigaoka-senpai

You make games, yeah.

If I don't go

Fields Chronicle 13 will just be a good game.

Just let it be a good game.

In fact, it should be a masterpiece.

The promised work of the god.

If you struggle hard

will the god's work come true?

I couldn't possibly know that.

Even so, Eriri and Utaha-senpai said that they needed me.

So that's what you wanna do, huh.

To the point of dumping our game, so that's what you want to do.

You said it yourself, right?

He said you will fight hard to make god's work, right?


You said that we would make it together, right?

However, Fields Chronicle 13

was Eriri and Utaha-senpai's greatest chance on the festive stage.

But, our game

is our chance, right?

In one year, we have fought hard

and hit the festive stage, right?

Hei, Tomoya-kun.

What should I do?

Like a selfish 3D girl ....

While angry and crying ....

Should I get you in trouble?

Or maybe, like playing 2D heroine ....

While smiling and waving ....

Do I have to send you off?


Forgive me.

No, everything is my fault.

That's true, but ....

Megumi ....

Sorry, Tomoya-kun.

It looks like I ...

... can't be a heroine for you.

Listen, Taki-kun.

Enthusiasm alone will not move the company.

Because Akane already used her name as a shield

You have to do it with the concept of success.

You have to think of the best solution

looking for profit loopholes

and reveal information from opponents.

If the concept of success doesn't work?

Well then, the rest is enthusiasm.

Threatening by crying ....

Either way, you have to do something.

Isn't that like denying your words earlier?

Enthusiasm will not move the company

but without enthusiasm, humans will not move.

Human ....

Therefore, it is not me, you must do it.

The one who was deeply fixated on Shi-chan and Kashiwagi Eri was half to death.

That person must be you.


I am back.

Welcome, Rinri-kun.

Eriri, Utaha-senpai.

I ....

I ... have succeeded ....

I extended the deadline to two weeks.

Why only two weeks?

I told you to ask for a month, right?


Do you want to kill us?

Even though I had a hard time negotiating ... how cruel.

This is it, this is it, this is it.

Right, it has to be this way.

The biggest crisis was when the party was nearly destroyed.

In that despair, appeared the mortal enemy, Gaiel.

Only I can beat you.

Mainstream among the mainstream.

Let alone Gaiel's illustration in this scene ....

This is a classic classic.

What is this?

I've never seen an expression this great.

This is very extraordinary.

But, after this, we will finish this god game.

Reducing character?

Yes, we have to remove Lute and Sarashi.

It was the result of my negotiations.


Deleting two characters?

They want to erase five characters.

I negotiated and held it in two.

Five peoples?

If it's like that, the story won't connect.


These two characters have little influence with the main story.

Because of that, I used it as an ingredient to convince Maruzu.

But, we've gone to the trouble of making it ....

I also like the design.

Even the scenario ....

It will be created in a few years.

In remake form.

That way, the game will be lively again

and more produce.

Isn't that too low?

You are influenced by Hashima, right?

In exchange for information

they promised not to mess up the main route.

Even the images and scenarios will be preserved.

It's an additional scene idea that Kosaka-san had in mind.

Before coming here

I asked him and put it together.

Did you talk to Kosaka Akane?

Even though it's someone like that

but he's a sick person being treated, lo.

Take it easy.

Machida-san with me.


Can't you hear people's stories?

After the obligations towards Maruzu were fulfilled

you are free to use your time.

The Fields Chronicle 13 that Eriri, Utaha-senpai, and Kosaka Akane were chasing after was approaching.

Well, let's get started.

Our revenge.

Sorry, I didn't go to school yet.


What's wrong, Hyoudou-san?

Well, because I composed a new song

I want you to listen to it.

Actually I also finished a good picture.

I've contacted you, right?

Circle activities will be temporarily suspended.

But, there's no time until Comiket Winter, right?

Right, isn't this a critical time?

I do not know.

Just ask the chairman.

I've heard from Tomo.

Said he couldn't come for two weeks.


But, even Tomoya-senpai couldn't join the activities

We can't just stop, right?


You can continue your work.

Yeah, but ....

We should continue in the same direction as circle members, right?

It is impossible.

Without a chairman, this circle cannot decide anything.

That is not true.

Don't we still have leaders to rely on?



The greatest producer like Brother Hashima-chan.


Why are you stepping on a land mine, Michiru-senpai?

Well, if you go on serious, it's really awkward, right?

Even so, why did you have to choose this time?

That reliable leader is Megumi-san.

Great, great.

All of Michiru-senpai's songs were indeed divine.

Well, keep saying.

Actually, I was inspired by Hashima-chan's image, though.

Yes, that's fine.

The main character and Meguri become lovers.

This scene will be very festive.

Alright, the director said okay.

This game is almost at the climax, huh.

The rest is just the scenario.

You should have promised not to say that, Onii-chan.

Put that aside

but why isn't Brother Hashima here?

You're on top, right?

Even though I didn't appear

I'm doing my job, so don't worry about that.

Isn't that even troublesome?

In a girl group, when there is one guy, it feels really awkward, right?

Though Tomo didn't think about it at all.

Well, we don't think about it either, huh.

Anyway, it doesn't interfere with the creator

and keeping them fully focused is how I work.

Brother Hashima ....

Actually, are you really a good person?

Stop thinking me bad.

How many times do I have to say that?

That mysterious attitude ....

It's really not clear.

Even though we've been together for 15 years

but I still can't understand you, Onii-chan.

For me, this is very unclean.

Wait ....

This ... could it be ....

That's an unbelievable rotten manuscript, huh.

Then, what is this?

Stalker threat letter?

What narcissists say?

Both are very embarrassing to read.

W-Wait ....

Could that be the scenario for your work?


Y-Yes, that's right.

This is the main heroine scenario, Meguri.

A-Um, because Eriri is sleeping

I have time, and ...

I couldn't possibly complain.

Actually your job is our job.

Is that really unclean?

Yes, really unclean.

But, Kosaka-san praised this, you know.

He said this was my weapon that Kasumi Utako couldn't write about.

Really ....

It's like a dirty fantasy otaku cursing.

Do not be like that.

You should have said otaku imagination, right?

I can't say I'm unhappy.

... I'm sorry, Megumi.


So noisy.


Today, we will do circle activities, right?

We're going to do it, right?

After all, we're already on a schedule, huh.

At this rate, our Comiket Winter will be threatened, huh.

Then, do you want to help, Megumi-san.

Not helping.

I'm just doing my job.

After all, I don't want to be considered a failure just because the chairman isn't around.

I will prove that its existence is meaningless.

That's the spirit, Megumi-san.

If it's just a complaint against Tomoya-senpai, I can listen to it.

This is not a complaint, but the anger of justice.


No, nothing.

Just rest.

Ah, it's at this hour, huh.

Then, how are you doing?


You ....

This ... part for two days?

What do you say?

You saw me make seven pictures in one day, right?

After that, you collapsed right away.

Apart from that, it was really extraordinary.

Actually what happened to me?

Why are you asking again?

Can't you still improve?

That is not what I mean.

Then, what does that mean?

Why can I draw it?


Even though there are you ....

Even though you see ....

Why can I draw it?

What do you say?

It can be troublesome if you don't draw.

For that, I am here.

You are right.

Look here, Tomoya.

When this game is over.

One day, it would be great if we could make something together, huh.


One time, let's do it together.


Without giving up for years

I will fight, fight and fight

and offer you a contract with pride.


I will always waiting.

I'll be working at your game company.

I told you, it's not like that.

The reason why I'm angry

is because he does not have the responsibility as the circle leader.

No, no, no.

If you look carefully

after ignoring you

You look angry because he prefers Sawamura-chan and Senpai, you know.

Isn't it just your weird imagination?

Anyway ....

Besides, didn't we discuss Meguri's feelings towards the main character?

Why are we even talking about me and the circle leader?

Of course because you are hiding a lot of secrets, right?

I have no secrets ...

I heard from Senpai.

You said you guys are dating behind us, right?


Is it true?

It is true.

Kasumigaoka-senpai was already spreading a strange issue.

He said you two called each other in secret

and send each other romantic messages.


Lately, I've been ignoring everything.

It's because you guys fought, right?

Doesn't that mean you guys are dating?

We're not dating.

After all, me and Tomoya-kun ....



Since when did you call Tomo by his main name?


Megumi-san who I didn't know appeared.

What is wrong with it?

Aren't you two

always calling Tomoya-kun by the first name and familiar abbreviation?


I told you ....

Instantly hook everything up like that ....

Can you guys stop it?

Good, Izumi.

Don't miss Kato-san's expression.

At this rate, the best work ...

A very troublesome main heroine will be created.


But, I understand the reason why you are restless.

For that insignificant man

I'm not worried at all.

Sawamura-chan and Senpai ...

... already felt the bond of fate when they met Tomo.

I've been with Tomo since we were born too.

When compared to that

Kato-chan and Tomo

has no drama story, huh.

I-Um, don't I have any part?

Did Kasumigaoka-senpai say that?

So what?

Can you guys ignore me?

I don't know what I feel about Tomoya-kun

It has nothing to do with Kasumigaoka-senpai, right?

Don't we really have a certain part?

Don't involve me, Hashima-chan.

Endless ....

For all of you

maybe Tomoya-kun is a very special figure.

But, for me ....

He's nothing special at all.

He's just so-so ....

Because of that ... I ....

This is the final shot.



This is perfect.

Maruzu won't be able to complain anymore.

Besides, I won't let him complain.

Already completed.

Done, yes.

Two weeks late, though.

That's two weeks fast.

This is the fault of the inexperienced director, though.

But ....

This is the best Fields Chronicle.

Well, we have to admit it, yes.

At the last moment, we were forced to work twice as much, though.

Then, what are we going to do?

Want to party and have dinner together?

Let's take a break.

I don't want to move just yet.

I'll go home.

Come with us to the party.

I'm only helping you.

Two weeks and several months Kosaka-san

it's very different.

This is not my work.

But, Blessing Software's new masterpiece

is my work.

My absence for two weeks and my absence for several months

it's very different.

It should be.

Even if you feel that way, maybe Megumi and the others don't.

It's possible that you were removed from credit.

In order for that not to happen, I must return immediately.

This is very fun.

I will never forget these two weeks.

In a few moments

for going to another hell, you will forget.

Those arrogant words

it should be said after you detained us for one year.

Yes, I will.


He's gone, yes.

To the circle.

To Kato-san's side.

He just returned to his place.

In the first place, this was not the place.

During this time, even though he wasn't struggling at all

did not have any results ....

An otaku who has big dreams like him

got involved with the Fields Chronicle ....

It doesn't make sense anymore.

All right, as we promised

now is our turn to fight.

I understand.

We have to try hard.

So that the main heroine conquest route does not disappear.

There is.

Only one person.

People who really believe in our abilities.

If it's for us ....

Even though he was kneeling, crying, he would use any means ....

Stop that, Sawamura-san.

Relying on Rinri-kun is against the rules.


We have betrayed him and the circle.

He forgives us.

Tomoya wants to support us.

But, at this time, he ....

Circle ....

Currently making new works.

With hard efforts that are not less than us.

If we ever get Rinri-kun here

maybe we can crush her dream.

But ....

If we give up, our promise to him ....

Our vows to become extraordinary creators

will be destroyed.

If you really want to rely on Rinri-kun

there are some things we must do.

What is that?

The first is not that difficult.

After our game is over

next, we have to help Rinri-kun ....

Help Blessing Software to create games.

If that's all ...

But, because we went out on our own

do they all want to accept us?

Maybe it's not that hard.

When compared to the second.

Should we help with anything else?

Actually we don't have to move.

We just need determination.

After our game is over

next, we have to help Rinri-kun

in his love affairs.

What the heck?

You understand right, Sawamura-san?

Since you left Rinri-kun

she won't go back down the route of her childhood friend

or senpai route.

After all, he ....

Have chosen to take the main heroine route.

With him ....

With Kato-san ....

He formed a bond that grew even stronger

and reach the climax event.

It is impossible ....

Megumi ....

Megumi ....

If you feel that way, you can ask the person.

An ordinary girl like her

there is no way to love an ordinary guy like Rinri-kun.

Do you still believe that?


Although he chose that

we are still connected as friends.

However, we won't be able to pursue the same dream as him

as his only companion.

Sorry, Kasumigaoka Utaha.

I made you take on a heavy role.

I always end up like this, huh.

I wonder why?

It's because of you

gloomy girl, bad personality, cunning

but, you can be relied on

and you're actually very kind, right?

All right, let's start tomorrow.

The operation to make Rinri-kun and Kato-san make up.

But, maybe that's not needed.

After all, Megumi was very obsessed with him.

Only you don't realize it.

The real him

is a bad, greedy, troublesome bitch.

Because it comes from a bad girl like you

that sounded reassuring.

He couldn't possibly give up on Rinri-kun.

He couldn't possibly express his feelings and set a trap, huh.

She's a trap girl who can't be satisfied if she doesn't get shot, huh.

Really nasty.

Megumi ... why?

You sent me weird stuff, huh.

One hour ago.

Strange thing?

It's finished, huh.

Yes, it's done.

Fields Chronicle and Kano Meguri scenario.

This is very dirty, yes.

I wrote everything I thought about you.

After getting a love letter this bad

Is there a girl who feels happy?

I don't know that.

I do not know.

Well, but ... nobody seems happy ....

But, at least ....

It becomes the best story that makes my chest churn.

I admit that.


I want to go home.

No, wait a minute.

Because of your fault, do you know how many late schedules are?

That ....

But, the scenario is finished.

Do you know that I can't possibly forgive that?

But, you want to see me ....

It's because I wouldn't be relieved if I didn't complain to you directly.

Because of me, you cry.

At that time, you really cried.

It's because of your selfish opinion

and I was furious about it.

Besides, you don't call me "Aki-kun" ....

After I got angry like this

I can't call you a stranger.

Duh, I don't want to know anymore.

I don't want to know anymore, Tomoya-kun.

I don't want to know anything else.

I don't want to forgive you

but I don't want to know anymore.

End ... end ...

I ...

... loves Megumi.

Even though I love Kano Meguri ....

Even though I love playing 2D heroine ....

But, I love the real Kato Megumi the most.

Why should I?

Why don't they?

Because you are the only girl

who listens to my feelings honestly ...

Don't be kind or stubborn ....

This was not out of admiration or awe ...

You really play a heroine who makes people jealous

but for me, you are not that difficult to reach

so maybe

maybe this will go smoothly.

I don't think girls are happy after hearing that.

Nothing, yes.

Usually ... not really.

Oh, I see.

But ....

You passed.

For all of you

maybe Tomoya-kun is a very special figure.

But, for me ....

He's nothing special at all.

He's just so-so.

Because of that ... I ....

I thought that he was the best.

Maybe this is unacceptable.

Maybe you guys have hatred for me.

But ....

I don't know anything about that.

Tomoya-kun is mine.

Ah ....

Me-Me ....

Megumi ....

I am easy to reach, yes.


A-Ah ....

But, even though you love me

why did you go to Eriri's place?


Why did you return to Kasumigaoka-senpai's place?

Forgive me.

Yeah, but

I can't imagine you not fixated on them.

What should I do?

What do you have to do?

S-Sorry ... sorry ....


A-I was wrong ....

Is on ....

Since you closed your eyes, I thought you agreed ....

Tomoya-kun ....

R-Right, yes.

Suddenly this is the wrong thing, huh.

I can't read the atmosphere ....

You're not wrong, Tomoya-kun.

This is because the timing isn't right.

Apart from that, nothing could go wrong.

Everything is the same as I expected.

If so, on cue ....


One two Three ....

You're coming home next week, huh.

Yes, my right hand can move.

Looks like your left hand has evolved.

When my right hand is back, I can work twice as much.

Irreversible things will happen, so please stop.

I checked the beta.


What do you mean by that?

I feel dissatisfied.

That's only seventy percent of what I want.

Without you, that is the limit.

Yes, without me, that is the limit.

Good work.

Then, how about your circle?

Do you have time for Comiket Winter?

It's like hell.

Well, I'm responsible too, though.


Next week, I'll help you ....

Just hold yourself back for a moment.

It could upset circle balance, please stop.


Well, because of that, I will soon return to hell.

See you soon, kid.

Right, if we meet again ....

We will meet again.

After all, you want to come here, right?

You will fight, right?

To pursue Kashiwagi Eri and Kasumi Utako.

Do you think I can become a person who can fight?

If you are hard to give up

at least, you can hang in the entertainment world.

Like Iori.

I don't like it ....

If you intend, bring your work.

If that's your work

even if it passes the deadline, I'll read it first.

Kosaka-san ....


I'll call it rotten until your heart rots.

When I meet you, I won't greet you.

Hei, Tomoya-kun.


Meguri's dialogue in this scene ....

Is this true?

What's a typo?

In fact, it is inconsistent with the previous one ...

Did you miss the dialogue?


There is no.

It is nothing.

Well, this bad atmosphere ....

Even though I told you not to do it in circle ....

Everyone, if you get distracted by something weird

we won't have time to compile it, lo.

All right, this is the last part.

The final screenplay and epilogue, seven pictures in all.

Wait a minute.

Doesn't that add up?

What to do.

This is because Meguri is too cute.

Moreover, yesterday ....

The part that Tomoya-senpai fixed was really good.

That, lo.

After failing the first kiss

they repeat it

and Meguri kissed the main character, right?

After seeing that thing

I have to add to the picture.

Even though it has exceeded compilation

I can't stop.

Well, you can't go beyond compilation, can you?

Izumi-chan's part is very dangerous, huh.

I've heard everything.

Looks like our turn has come.


Lately, don't you guys come often?

Is the Fields Chronicle okay?

No problem.

Because pursuing the professional world

we've been compiling long ago.

But sacrificing our time, anyway.


So this is the picture for today?

I'll color it.

Wait! Wait.

Narrow, narrow, narrow.

Duh, you can work at your house, right?

It's close from here, though.

What do you say?

If we exchange opinions in real time

we can give birth to the greatest synergy.

So these are the lyrics for the ending, huh.

Okay, I'll style it a little.

Never mind.

Every day, you are always annoying.

After all, your lyrics are ....

Although beautiful, but the grammar is suspicious.

Don't interfere.

Help debug there, please.

You are here, yes.

I'm getting some fresh air.

It's winter, lo.

This was because Hashima Izumi was too persistent.

Great right?


He stole abilities from me.

Of course he's great.

Like you who stole from Kosaka Akane and thrived?

Just so you know

but I broke my own shell.

While at Nasu Kogen ....

I fought to the end ....

Forgive me.

Why apologize again?

That was a year ago.

At that time ....

After that ....

And after this ....

Forgive me.

Ten years ago, sorry that I couldn't be your rival.

Out of jealousy of your improving abilities

I gave up on chasing you.

Forgive me.


Because I blame all the mistakes on you

and stay away from you ....

Forgive me.

Stop it.

Why did you just say that?

At that time ....

I don't know other people's feelings.

I'm a bad otaku who can hurt friends.

Aren't you still like that?

It is true.

even so

because you still want to come back for your bad otaku friend

Thank you.

I'm still a bad otaku too.

Right ....

Since it's getting cold, I want to go back.

Ah, no, hold on a second ....

In ....

There is something I want to say to you ....

You take advantage of your position as the leader of the circle

and approaching the main heroine?


Are you dating Megumi?

E-Eriri ....

I actually ....

Actually, em ....

Don't say it.

I already know.

Okay, I'll go back first.

Hei, Tomoya.

Do you love me?

Since ten years ago

do you love me?

How do I know?

How do I know?

How do I know?

How do I know?


In ....

I intend to take a shower.

Hey, Megumi.

Want to take a shower together?

Sorry, Eriri.


I realized that I did something bad.

Tomoya-kun and Eriri ....

For ten years, you have harbored all kinds of feelings

and I know that.

There is a heavy feeling

and unpleasant ....

But, more than that, there were many wonderful feelings ....

A precious feeling

and I already know that.

Everything was tortuous for a long time, huh.

Because of that, I will accept the punishment.

Even if you hated me for ten years, can't you ...

Wait, Eri ....


How much do you love Tomoya?

T-That ....

In ....

You forgive that betrayal easily

and you guys are close again.

I can't help you, right?

Eriri ....

Well, it feels weird if I say this after betraying him.

That ....

That is very strange indeed.

Apart from that, Tomoya and Megumi, huh.

I thought he wasn't the type of guy that ordinary girls like.

Tomoya-kun is indeed unusual.

However, she wasn't as special as Eriri and Kasumigaoka-senpai.

You're talking about talent, right?

You're not talking about nature, are you?

Therefore ....

Because we could catch up with each other, it was perfect.

Me and Tomoya-kun.

What the heck?

Tomoya-kun said it.

With me, maybe everything can run smoothly.

If he said that, the average girl would get angry and ask to separate.

Maybe I ...

Until you can love an ordinary guy

I'm not an ordinary girl, huh.

Really, what the heck?

Seriously, what the hell?


Because we have already paid debts in circle ....

It's time to start the real project.

We don't have time to take care of it.

The project passed, yes.

This is a new series in combination with the Fields Chronicle.

Fantastic Bunko could not refuse.

Oh, I see?

Therefore, you must step forward.

You have to run.

Until he can't catch up anymore.

It is okay.

even so

she will pursue.

Endless, no doubt about it

he is someone we love.



It had nothing to do with Kashiwagi Eri or Kasumi Utako.

After all, it is ourselves.

Because of that, he will always be after us.

As a fan who continues to admire the artist ....

Then, as a rival who wanted to follow that artist ....

Tomoya ....

Tomoya ....

Let us ...

... waiting for him.


Let's wait for it while running fast.

{\ an5} Comiket Winter Day Three

Ah, we're late.

Even though I already said that we don't need that many pamphlets.

If the printer was healthy, this would not have happened.

Isn't it avoiding that unexpected situation ...

... is the circle chairman's obligation?

I will accept your criticism.

So, hurry up.

Even though we have compiled according to schedule ....

Turns out we still messed up at the end, huh.

I do take criticism

but later.

Ah, it feels weird ....

Still have time to say that?

Finally, yes.

Comiket Our second Winter.


This is a real battle.

Hopefully lots of people will come.

Could two thousand copies be a lot?

Hopefully playing heroin is famous, huh.

Of course famous.

After all, he ...

... is the girl I found.

The best girl who can make limp chest.

Hei, Tomoya-kun.


Have I become the heroine you hoped for?

Not for many users ....

But for one person ....

Have I become a special heroine for you?

Should we just break up soon?



Why ...

... you say that?

After all, we haven't gotten to meet each other lately.

I've said so many times, right?

Lately, I have a lot of work to do and I don't have time.

Because of a sales job that you don't usually do.

You even forget the dream of being a creator that you always chase.

That ....

After all, I have no talent ....

Besides, I kept you waiting for years ....

So, I stopped chasing my dreams.

Is this my fault?

Am I asking that?

Am I restricting you?

No, that's not what I meant ....

Actually, that's not it, right?


You just want to say all that to yourself, right?

W-What the ...?

You still can't forget that person, right?

I want to go home.

Me-Megumi ....

We can't chase the same dreams again, huh.

Hai, Tomoya-kun.


Escape here again?

Chased by the collector's department?

Or, being chased by a girl?

Actually, I thought of a good concept to get back on its feet.

The client said it was interesting.

In a moment, we'll be forming a contract, but ....

Your past badness was revealed?

Therefore ....

This time, can you sell it?

This project ....

With our strongest combination ....

We will make the best game ....

Don't keep chasing those stupid dreams.



Rinri-kun ....

No, Tomoya-kun ....

Utaha-senpai ....

On the day ....

Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata

Are you singing?

It is not like that ....

What is this?

You you you you ....

Sorry Sorry ....


Forgive us ....

What is this?

What does this mean?


This is Kasumi Utako's best work

and Blessing Software's latest work.

This is the last plot of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.

In the movies ....

In fact, in the epilogue ....

It seems like it's against the rules, right?

In many ways, I was breaking out in a sweat.


My role is like trash

and I quite like it, though.

As usual, I don't understand the direction of your decision.

There you have it, because the plot is finished

just developed and adjusted to the schedule ....

How could it be developed?

A rotten project like this ....

After all, this is the story when we made a doujin game ....

Besides, we all rejected his happy ending.

It was as devastating as the main character who died in an accident.

Even though I was excited and stayed up late to make it.

That is the spirit of the child staying up late, huh.

Anyway, why play heroin

is an older, yandere, gloomy chick?

Where's his innocent childhood friend?

If there is a good contract

I'll write that route.


In addition, if there are two hundred million.

I-I can still handle it ....

Don't get paid.

After all, Utaha ....

Although this is a contract from an anchovies company ...

... since it's work, take it seriously.

That's not nice to hear, Eriri.

After investigating the company's track record and work

I'm thinking of a plot that their fans really like, you know.

Yes, yes, no more excuses.

We should have talked to each other and determined the direction of the plot from the start.

Well, I intended to be like that from the start.

What's more, they are a popular company ....

Don't show weird reactions.

Even though you are a client.


But, but ....

We made it to this point again, huh.

It took a little longer, though.

It seemed, it was only for a moment.

For us, it's very fast.

Yes ....

Yes ....

You can't do that role!


Rinri-kun ....



Meeting with Eriri and the others ....


Megumi ....

Megumi ....

You're not leaving me, are you?

You won't leave me, will you?

Did you see a terrible plot?

For example, by Kasumigaoka-senpai ....

Don't guess the situation right, please.

It will happen soon, yes.

Our dream.


Because you can say that, you are the best.

Looks like you received great trauma, huh.

Yeah, but when this project starts, we'll get busier.

We'll get busy when we start making games, though.

I rely on you.


It all depends on your hard work.

Scenario writer.

We'll make good use of them, yes.

Vice Chairman.

Don't get swallowed up by them.


Let's fight.

If we don't fight, what should we do?

Wait till we get back home ....



Ah, welcome.

Welcome, Tomoya-san, Megumi-san.

Why are you guys here?

Well, because I thought of a good phrase

I can't wait anymore.

Me too.

Because I think of good characters

I can't wait anymore.

Her workplace is next door.

Besides, you guys don't work, right?

But ....

Since long time ago, we always worked in your room, right?

This is not a circle.

This is the company.

Don't mix it up.

We can mix everything ....

Whose mouth said that?


Well ....

That ....


Whose mouth?

Whose mouth?

What is this?

What's this mouth?

What's this mouth?

Tell me again?

Hey, hey, hey.

Whose mouth?

These cutlery and interior ....

None of this is Tomoya's taste, huh.

Eriri ....

Well, when it comes to cleanliness, you pass.

Is that what you did when you first walked into someone's house?

Why are you so cold, Kato-chan?


The two of them will be our co-workers, right?

Basic ....

Lah, both?


I'll go first, Kato-san.

Kasumigaoka-senpai ....

How many years has it been since these members got together, huh?

Today, let's celebrate tonight.

I'll call Brother Hashima.


I'll buy the ingredients for the party.

Forgive me.

Wait, I wasn't wrong.

Ah, you are noisy, Tomoya-kun.

Well, come on ....

Megumi ....

No problem.

How about you serve them?

I can't be like that ....

If you can't ...

Please bring this.

It's been a long time, huh.

Since the six of us got together ....


So, shall we begin?

Staying up late together after so long ....


But, since it feels bad if we bother ....

So I'm going to keep this one thing safe.

Oh, it's here.

I've been waiting.

I've been waiting, lo.

Up to ten seconds ....

It's time-consuming, yeah.


I won't be provoked by such provocation again.

It is not polite.

Good, good, good.

All right, let's get started.

To celebrate the union of Blessing Software's original members ....

Suda h Selesa i


Good work.

Excuse me.

Good work.

Good work.

The beer is great ....