Sadie's Last Days on Earth (2016) - full transcript

Everything in high school is like the world ending and Sadie Mitchell's crippling fear of the coming apocalypse is the heightened version of that. Undeterred by the naysayers, Sadie has two weeks to ready herself before doomsday. She needs to master survivalist cuisine, learn to sew, but there are other things...personal things: go to a high school party, kiss a boy, and most importantly, get her best friend back.

- So if he likes
your pic, he likes you?

- Not necessarily, but
it's definitely a click

in the right direction.

- I would just say something.

- Wait.

Like, if you were me,
or you for me?

- Umm.

Both, I guess?

- Okay, no pressure,
but what would you say?

- I... well...




- They're supposed to stay
inside, we can't go in there!

- The only safe place!

- Sadie!


It's your turn to present.

- And so, with science and
multiple religions agreeing,

I think it's safe to say
the apocalypse prophecies

should be taken seriously.

- Sadie, once again, you've
misunderstood the assignment.

It's supposed to be a study
on the effects of religious

government on economy and

- Can there be any bigger
effect than the complete

demolition of both?

I started doing my research
and discovered what many other

people already know.

How can I not do my
part and educate others?

I have produced some
literature to help you

ready yourselves.

If we prepare, we can make it!

In 30 days, the world is
going to end as we know it!

My name is Sadie Mitchell.

I'm keeping this log
so if I don't make it,

whomever inhabits this world
in the future will have a sense

of who we were and learn
from our unpreparedness.

Human beings are
creatures of great denial.

But we also have a vast sense of

The powers that be know this,
so they pepper our brain

waves with war-this and

And a big thank you to main
street media for providing us

teenagers with a perpetual
sense of inadequacy.

I'm the first to say that
all that fear-mongering

is just to keep our senses

But this predates media.

It's millennia old.

31 more days, disaster
will strike the world over

and prom queen or geek,
everyone's fucked.

But I'm going to survive.

I know this because what
started as a school assignment

has become a minor distraction.

♪ Someday maybe they'll
change you, change you ♪

♪ but don't let, don't let 'em
lead you, lead you astray ♪

- Afternoon, Sadie.

Only one more month
till doomsday.

- And seven hours, 42 minutes,
and 16 seconds.

- Yeah, but like you've
already bought everything

in the store, so if anybody's
gonna survive, it's you.

I mean, other than me.

Wait, have you thought of
something else?

- Early Christmas presents,
since there won't be one.

- You're caring.

Sadie, I have a question
for you.

If the Mayan calendar is right--

- and the Egyptians,
the I ching dynasty...

- Yeah, to name a few,
but whose side are you on?

- I think if I had to pick
an mvp, I'd go with science.

It's winter solstice and the
earth will fall in direct

alignment with the sun
and the milky way galaxy.

The sun will lash out
huge solar flares,

which will destroy our
protective magnetosphere

that will trigger geomagnetic
storms that agitate

the earth's core, followed by
the obvious.

- Super volcanoes
and earthquakes!

- And subsequent tsunamis.

- I'm still on the fence
about the entire earth's crust

shifting around the core,
seems a bit far-fetched to me.

- Yeah, but either way, the
whole thing goes "kablow".

- Not us, though.

We'll see each other
when the dust settles.

- You know it.

- Do you think if everyone
was this prepared,

they could survive it too?

- Yeah, more could than will,

Ten bucks.

- Ring me up.

I've decided before there's
nothing and no one left,

I need to make a list of a few
things I should accomplish.

I have all my supplies,
i need to learn to knit,

how to cook, you know, practical
stuff for when it's just me

and the obliterated countryside.

There's some personal stuff,
now please don't discredit me

as a hormonal adolescent, but
there'll be no room for being

a teenager in
post-apocalyptic suburbia.

I should probably go
to a high school party.

And I'm barfing too.

I wanna kiss a boy.

But most importantly,
i need my comrade in arms.

I don't wanna be
the sole survivor.

I want my best friend back.

And by my side.

November 26th, today I begin
to prepare for the end.

- Morning, sweetie, ready
for another big week?

- One of the last!

- I should never have let
you convert your bedroom

into an impenetrable bunker.

Your mother--

- what about me?

- Nothing, honey, just
commenting on your beauty.

- Now, I don't hate my parents
like every other 16-year-old

girl, I just don't respect them.

Mom! Can you please make sure
dad keeps his survival kit

in the car at all times?

- He's so big and strong!

- Oh, if Vera was in
pictionary, they'd draw me.

- He's such a sucker
for the marketing of youth,

but is borderline a pensioner.

I should call him gramps.

I mean, he acts like one,
gives me what I want before I

can ask, takes zero
responsibility, and offers the

occasional uninvited piece of
Sage advice.

- Honey, when I was a kid,
we didn't have anxiety.

You know?

So if you put a little
less emphasis on Facebook

in some fresh air.

- Craigslist-ing?

- Yeah, it exists!

- And my mom.

Her Australian accent is
about as flaky as she is.

She's never been overly
maternal, a failed search

for a surrogate led to a
very successful c-section.

Exhibit: Me.

- Honey, I'm so proud of
you for trying that diet

I told you about!

- Mom, I'm on a rationing
dry run.

- Well, you could market that.

You can "half" it all!

- Brennan might be coming over
after school, if that's okay.

- She hasn't been over for ages,
that's wonderful.

- Gotta go!

Merry Christmas!

Love you!

- I try to be at school
right on time.

Not early, not late, just the
minimum amount of time I have

to spend in that
precarious structure.

Hiya, Teddy.

- Wotcher, Sadie!

You would not believe
my morning.

Wait, can't you smell it?

Disaster's in the air.

- Please don't.

- What?

One more month.

- 26 days actually.

- Hey, hey, hey, you can
see history class from here.

- You know I can't walk
through the old part of school.

- It's 40 feet.

- And earthquakes happen
in an instant,

I will see you there.

- Sadie, I really liked
your presentation yesterday.

I think this place is
due for a soft reset.

- Right? Are you readying

- No, I'm too, like,
here, for preservation.

- Hi, Brennan.

- Sadie.

- How you been?

- Fine.

- It's good, good, I'm glad.



- What's this?

- Early Christmas presents
since there won't--

- be another one.

- Yeah.

- Thanks.

- Oh!

- What's up, Sadie?

- I can't walk that way.

- We both have classes that way.

- Yeah, I go up and around.

- We'll be late for class.

- We could jog.

- I don't want to jog.

- You wanna hang out at
my house this afternoon?

- What?

Sadie, you evaporate.

You can't just ask me to
hang like it never changed.

- I'm just scared.

- And I have a life to live.

- Brennan, who cares
about finding cool music

or cute boys anymore when
it's all going to be over?

- I have fears, too.

I'm sorry they don't
"matter" matter,

but high school is my world.

This is everyone's world
here, and one hallway whisper

and it could all end
any day too.

You better run
if you wanna make class.

Brennan and I thought we'd be

best friends forever.

She's always been the bold one.


Why are we running?

You stole all those?

We have to take them back!

- No, they used to be five
cents and now the same candies

are ten cents.

You bought them, I did the math.

- But we're gonna be in so much

- Not if we don't get caught.

Come on!

I was always the anxious one.

- Today, we start
the rest of our lives.

If I don't get a locker
in the yellow hall,

I will die.

Don't worry, you look amazing.

- You see, the
thing about anxiety is it just

makes you more anxious.
It's a vicious festering cycle.

- We should probably just
get our schedules first.

- Okay.

Your chest gets tighter,

your stomach twistier,
your head smushier.

- This is it, Sadie,
we're sophomores now,

and you're coming with me
to this party this weekend.

- I already have so much reading
to do.

- Oh, I read, I get good grades,
but I also made out

with Paul last weekend!

Everyone saw. I got, like,
seven new followers on Sunday.

Come on!

Come have some fun!

- I have fun!

- Because we're not
minor niners anymore.

We could be great.

- We always have been great.

- B!

- Roberta banana!

Come on.

Well, I'm gonna be great.

You find new interests,
and disinterests.

- Hey.


I think that's out of
my cool range.

Plus, I'm kinda busy
with that bedroom Reno.

It's not a joke, bren!

Why don't you come over
tomorrow and check it out?

Well, maybe's better than no.


'Kay, bye.

Different languages, and the
words have been put through

Google translate so many
times that their meaning

is completely lost.

So maybe right now,
Brennan doesn't want

anything to do with me.

But there's still
a lot to accomplish.

Ms. nickel,
my teacher I eat lunch

at the park near school with,
is showing me how to knit.

I'm supposed to call her Connie.

- Surprised you came to
me to learn how to knit.

Nothing says "Connie" like
boring, scratchy wool.

I like Connie,

but she makes me think
that maybe it's better

I don't grow up in this world.

She's engaged.

They both have good jobs,
but she seems lonely at school.

And her lunches are more
depressing than mine.

I've mastered everything
from cornish game hens

to creme brûlée.

I figure being skilled
with a blowtorch

is a double whammy.

I also explored
survivalist cuisine.

I even skipped a class,
by an accidental sleep-in.

I hate this rickety bridge.

I'm gonna be home a bit late.
I got detention.

- Wow, that's great, so normal.

- What's normal?

- Sadie, sort of.

Maybe she'll even use
our abandoned pool.

- Yeah, so when
a 9.9 earthquake hits,

I can instantly drown.

- Chlorine's bad for your hair,
anyway, honey.

- Thanks, mom.

Well, this was very rewarding
family time,

but I gotta go.
See ya later.

But on the Richter scale
of my list,

I've barely felt a tremble.

I haven't gone to a party.

I don't venture anywhere

- Sadie, I'm spinning at
mod night this weekend,

you've got to come,
you lonesome dove.

- 11 days to the armageddon,
it's my last weekend

to get everything organized.

- Oh, don't be such a potato!

Say, do you cool cats
wanna twist your hips

this weekend?

- Is this gonna be, like,
weird music my dad listens to?

- Possibly.

- Okay, well, I'll, uh, make
sure to check my calendar.

- Blimey, as if your
doomsday paraphernalia

wasn't perfectly in check.

Alright, well your name's
at the door as always.

Nope, definitely haven't
kissed a boy.

- Toodle-pip.

Say, have you heard...

- And I don't
have my best friend back.


- Hey, Sadie.

Not an obvious stain,
which is worse
because people stare

trying to figure out if
it is, in fact, a stain.

- Bummer.

- But worse than the stain
is the smell.

I smell like brine.

- And on top of that,
or maybe that is on top of this,

Calvin and I,
i think we're done.

- You think?

- Well, we broke up,
but it's not instantaneous.

- No, it's like, a wavering
jenga tower, kind of.

We don't carefully
dismantle what we built.

We'll both just be left
with heaps of rubble.

- Maybe you can try and
slide a piece or two back in.

- We'll try.

We always try.

Update me on the list.

- I've gotten nowhere on
the personal side of things.

- Sadie, I told you that you
have to try--

- I know, I know, but as much
as I'd like to have fun

and participate
in my adolescence,
the mere thought

of it makes me nauseous.

Like I'll screw up,
or it'll screw me up.

- Now, I am no certified
guidance counselor or anything,

but I think that's
a normal feeling to have.

- But for me, it's debilitating.

I'm sure getting wasted
and blotto is a hoot, but--

- no one's gonna get wasted
with you if you say "hoot".

- But that loss of control
feels like it'll crush me.

I think if I can just
get Brennan back,

then I can at least get my
proverbial foot in the door.

We were so close forever,
but then my usual anxiety

morphed into this, and i
guess we drifted apart.

- I think maybe
you drifted away.

- Yeah.

But she turned
into someone else, too.

I just wish I could fix it.

Or that we could start
a new game of jenga

and not remove a single piece.

- Maybe it's
a different game now.

- Jack, just barely made it.

- Please, make use
of your time here.

- So, whatcha get busted for?

- Skipped.

- Oh, bad-ass.

- Mm, no, I slept in.


- Well, I painted the inside
of my locker hunter green.

- Why would you do that?

- Well, I wasn't gonna
paint it chartreuse.

- I saw you with
Brennan chartrin today, right?

- Uh, yeah.

- So, are you, like,
in that clique now?

- In that clique now?

This isn't a lunchroom
movie scene,

that's not really a thing.

Aren't you, or were,
best friends?

- Yeah, but stuff happened.

- Like what kind of stuff?

I'm prying, go on.

- I did this project
about natural disasters, and... consumed me.

The end.

So now I wear this vest
every day,

I guess I was always,
air-quotes, prone to anxiety.

- Well, I like the vest.

It's very vintage-y.

- Fashion.

It's where I keep my
field supplies, you know?

Flashlight, iodine tablets,
reflective blanket,

whistle, the basics.

- So, the 21st, huh?

It's all gonna be over.
Why worry now?

- Because it's happening now!

Natural disasters went up
150 per year in the '80s

and now it's up to 370.
It's like the planet's

warming up to bat!

I don't wanna get caught
off-guard before the big one.

Then there's the aflockalypse,
the fish dying--

- so, how does it work?

- Well, the winter solstice
happens on December 21st,
like, once a--

- no, no, I mean like, your
life, how does it work now?

- I go to school.

But I spend as little time
in the building as possible.

I wait outside
until the last moment

and enter as the bell rings.

- Sounds good, less school.

- Except I can't go in the
old part of the building.

- Well, I mean,
it's too dangerous!

- Exactly!

Most important, when inside i
always know my exit strategies

and have at least three
land routes home.

- Okay, right now,
what would we do?

- Well, main library door's
the closest,

but the turnstiles
could get twisted
and present a problem.

You'd think the back fire exit,

I don't like
those top-heavy stacks.


Through the office,
out the faculty exit,

that's for me, then it's
a straight-shot to
the front doors.

- Wow.

And outside is better?

- Of course, no falling beams,
shards of glass,

you have to watch out
for the trees, though,

I mean, unless you can get
to my house,

then my bunker's
the safest place I know of.

That's where I'll be.

- Wait, your what now?

- I converted my bedroom
into a bunker.

- Well, you showed up
and I got pilates, so...

- To the bunker?

- Huh?

- Well, when the time comes
I'm not just gonna run blindly
into this oasis.

I gotta make sure
it's up to scratch.

- Okay.

- Wow!

This is kind of awesome!

- Makes me feel secure.

Gives me hope.

- These air tanks?

- If the water doesn't recede
after the Tsunami,

I'll need air to surface.

Life raft.

- Wow.

Man, I wish I thought-- or,
knew, the world was gonna end.

Look at this guy!

- More people need to prepare.

- Well, no.

I mean, if it's all gonna end,
then, so what?

Then I wouldn't have
to worry about everything.

Wouldn't have to worry
about getting good grades,

so I can get
into a good college,

so I can get an SUV
instead of a minivan,

so I can still feel like
i have some control

in my life.

I could travel.

Or I could just sleep in
and not feel

so guilty about it, you know?

Just feel free.

- Believe me,
doesn't make you feel free

or I wouldn't have my list.

- Your what, now?

- It's okay, you can go.

Don't waste your inner monologue
on me.

"How did I end up in this
crazy girl's bunker?

How can I get out?"

- Trust me, that's not
what my inner monologue
is saying.

What's, what's this list?

- Things to be completed
before the world ends.

- Oh, well, I think we all
have one of those bouncing

around in the back of our heads.
It's called a bucket list.

- Not a bucket list.

It's a list for before
everyone else dies.

- Dark.


Let's hear it.

Time capsule?

- I can cross detention
off the list.

Go to a high school party,
sneak into a bar,

get my best friend back--

- Sadie, you know--

Sadie, you know what would
make this list

a lot easier?

Is if you just, you know,
let loose. Okay?

Let yourself feel free.

You know,
i think we can do this.

- We?
- Yeah, I wanna help.

- I, I think I need to
revise the list anyway.

Brennan looks at me like
I'm a bug-eyed hermit

crawling out of the woods.

She snubbed me.
That's not a friend.

- What?

Oh, come on.

I mean, sure, Brennan might
have turned into a bit of

a tumblr-scrolling stereotype,
but I mean,

you kinda just
faded into the small print

without even saying goodbye.

If you want this fixed,
it's kind of up to you, Sadie.

Luckily, you have me.

- You can't say anything to her.

- Oh, I wasn't planning
on doing the talking.

I was just gonna throw you
into the fire.

- Terrifying.

- Bunker girl, stop looking
so lonely.

- Says the man with no friends.

- You're right.

I am a man and I choose
not to befriend
these philistines!

They don't get me, nay,
and I don't get them.

I've got mates,
they're just not at the school.

- Debating whether or not sting
was the right casting choice

at quadrophenia in the record
store is not friendship.

- Venomous.

Are you out to destroy
all your relationships,

or you taking a piss?

I'm joshing.

- I've got it.
- Chlamydia?

- What? No.

- I hear it's going around.

- So, a bunch of people
including Brennan

are headed to the beach
after school.

It's like a group thing,
like dogs, right?

Once you guys get used to
being around each other

and intentions lighten,
we'll get you off your leash.

- I can't go to the beach,

nor am I a canine.

- Why, why not?

It's outside,
i thought outside was okay.

If I may, proximity to water,

unseen underwater earthquakes,
the water recedes

at a rapid rate
and it's too late.

- My mediator's succinct.


But thank you.

- Challenge accepted, Sadie.

Anyway, I gotta hand in
this paper before nine

so I can apply
to some far-off institution

that will define what I do
for the rest of my days,

all before I can vote,
by the way.

Or I'll get grounded.

Brainstorm sesh after school?

In the bunker?

- Okay.

- So, Jack Daniels just
pops over to the batcave

all of a sudden.

- His last name is Diaz,
and he's helping me

figure things out with Brennan.

- Is that all?
- Yeah.

It's go time!


- I'm gonna be alone
for the rest of my life.

- I got home last night and
Calvin's clothes were gone,

like he caught me cheating,
which I didn't,

and then there was
this note there saying,

"have fun on the cabo trip!"

Our Christmas cabo trip!

It's so dramatic!

Like, if we're growing apart,
it should be slow,

no grand malevolent gestures.

Don't put all your eggs
in one basket

so early in life like I did,

Or they'll go bad,
you won't be able to procreate,

and no one will want you.

I'm kidding.
Your eggs have decades,

and young love is a
beautiful passionate thing.

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

- Not really.

- What about
that Teddy pipsqueak?

- Oh, no no no,
he's just a hall friend.

But I do have a new boy friend!

- Who?
- Jack Diaz.

- Oh, yeah,
disarmingly charming,
funny, but not, "I'm funny."

Teacher crush.

Please, they have 'em
in elementary school.

- He's helping me
get Brennan back.

- Is that all?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

So, the green are safe zones?

- Yeah.

- And the red are no fly zones.

- Mm-hm.

- Okay, well I'll just take
the old part of the school

and the cafeteria,
and you just take

the new part of the school.

- So, we just follow her?

It seems a bit creepy.

- Do you use the Internet?

Creeping is, like, like a
hallmark teenage pastime.

It's reconnaissance.

Now, if only
we had walkie-talkies.

- You do realize
who you're dealing with?

- Of course
you have walkie-talkies.

- So are people actually going
to that kid Teddy's mod party?

- Honestly, I don't really care!

- The marsupial's on the move.

- Marsupial?

It's too many syllables.

- The possum's on the move.

- Perfect.

- Still a marsupial.

- I have a visual.

- Is mod a thing?

Like, is it coming back?

- When was it here?

- Isn't it 21 and over?

- That does give it a
Monday morning bad-ass cred.

It's kind of crazy how he DJs
at a bar when he's only 17.

- I don't think we have time
to go to the bean today.

Should we just grab a
drink in the cafeteria?

- Well, let's make it quick.
I don't wanna be seen
in the caf!

Bean, def tomorrow!

- Think we found
our possum's tree.

Holy-- where'd you get this?

- It's my dad's.

- What was he,
an action hero or something?

- Nah, a mid-life crisis.

Just gotta make sure
i don't Bueller this thing.

- No, I don't wanna get ya
in trouble.

- Ah, don't worry about it.

When your dad places
all his unfulfilled dreams

on your shoulders,
you're kind of always
in trouble.

- I didn't realize that--

- alright, so,
have you thought about

what you're gonna say?

- Umm, I'm gonna talk
things through with her?

- Long verbose declamation,
or short and earnest?

- I didn't plan a speech.

- Spontaneity!

Straight from the heart.
I like it!

Good luck.

- So I checked the hashtag

and mod definitely has
a "nobody's doing it"
type of feel,

but nobody's doing it.

- Are, uh, you girls heading
to the bean?

- Yeah.

- Uh, well, I only have room
for one.

Brennan, you want to ride along?

- Oh!
- Oh.

- Uh, sure.

- Oh, my god.
- Good for her.

- No. Good for her, totally.
- Good for her.

♪ Fuck all you bad boys

♪ you bad, bad boys

- cool car.

- Uh, yeah, yeah, thanks.

♪ You bad boys,
you bad, bad boys ♪

♪ comin' on down cloud 69

oh, crap, um, there's
the thing, at the school,

and, and it matters!

I gotta go back.

- But the bean...

- Right, um, sorry.

Why don't I just drop you here?

- Yeah, sure.

- Sorry.

♪ I'm like dynamite

♪ it's a gentle pull

♪ you can let 'em wait
but you never feel full ♪

♪ I'm like, oh my god, you know
you need a girl girl girl ♪

- Oh my god, girls.
Get here.

Yeah, it was like the
coolest car ride ever!

Mm-hm, yeah,
I'm already at the bean.

Um, 'cause it's like
a muscle car.

They're the fastest!

Yeah, see you, too.

♪ Comin' on down cloud 69

- didn't go so well?

- Didn't go beyond the tree.

She was on the phone pretending
like she was already there,

acting cool.

- People wanna seem cool.

- We never did.

Not for each other.

God, I'm such a wuss.

Ugh, I suck!
- Me too.

Let's just get it over with.
Off ourselves.


Shit, not supposed
to suggest suicide to students.

Especially not one
who's obsessed

with the world's
population dying.

It's my obsession
with everyone dying

that nurtures my extreme will
to survive.

- Phew, that could've been
a lawsuit.

- And you'd feel bad.

- Sure, that too.

So you were sucking?

Oh my god,
i have to stop doing that.

- I can't figure it out!

It's like I don't know how to
have relationships anymore!

As soon as I get a moment
to talk to Brennan,

I just filled
with so much anxiety

and shrank into nothingness!

- On the flip side,
i called Calvin last night.

Bared my soul,
blubbered, wailed,
and I think I even gag-heaved.

There's no green side
on our lawn.

- It's the Friday
before the final Friday,

and I resigned myself
to myself.

They don't need me
and I don't need them.

There's a lot to be done.

I know weeks from now
I'll be digging

through rubble, hopelessly
searching for survivors.

And I'll have to make peace
with the fact

that I didn't sort
things out with Brennan.

But I might as well get
ready for a life of solitude.

At least I'll have a life.

- And that is uranus.

You got it?

Neptune is the outermost planet
and the third most massive.

It's similar to uranus
but it's a darker blue color.

Alright, fire alarm.

Let's line up at the front
of the class for a headcount.

- Excuse me!
- Sadie, let's wait
for the class.

- My way's more efficient!

- Sadie!

Sadie, Sadie, it's okay!

It's not your responsibility.
You can't--
you don't have to--

- shhh, it's just a false alarm.
It's okay.

- I'm sorry.

- It's okay. I get it.

- No, I got so wrapped up,
i didn't know I lost you.

And then when I did,
it was too late.

- You don't think I missed you

I couldn't wait forever.

- You! You!

- Slow down!

- I thought I was gonna die!

- Wait, you orchestrated this?

That's so sweet!

I guess I can still hang
with someone

who doesn't have
a yellow locker.

- You pulled the fire alarm,
and I get

a full lunch detention
on Wednesday.

- You totally deserved it.

- Hey, look, I risked my
baby-making bits

pulling that one, alright?

- Connie, come join us!

- You're gonna get detention
for that one, sade.

- Later.

- Um, you call Ms. nickel
by her first name, sade?

- We eat lunch together.

She's a bit quirky,
but I like her.

- I can't believe
you guys did all that.

And thanks, Jack, for
pushing her off the cliff.

- Nah, she jumped.

She's gonna do it.

Oh my god, she's gonna do it!

Yeah, crustaceous rose!

That's the darkest shade yet!

Been practicing.

- 'Kay, so, it's Friday.

What should we do tonight?

- I say we each commit
three dollars and see

who can find the weirdest,
slash funniest, buys

at 99 cent store.

- Or, we could stay
in the bunker!

Hazard vest, huh?

So funny, slash weird!

- Sadie, outside is okay.

- It's an unnecessary excursion.

- Sade, remember how we got so
bored lying around our rooms

we'd take an hour and a
half to walk the four blocks

and back to the dollar store?

- Yeah.

- Well, the longer we take
to get there,

the closer we are to the bunker,

and when we get there
we'll know the bunker

is just a few blocks away.

- And so here's the real kicker.

My mom threw out
my lucky underwear!

My lucky pair!
They're gone.

- That actually is the most
embarrassing first ever date.

- Well, aren't they all?

Sadie, what's yours?

- Oh, um, I actually
haven't been on a date.

- Mine was pretty awful.

- Soda Sam?

- Yeah, I had the hugest crush
on Sam.

Like, school started and
he was a different person.

So, a bunch of us were going
to the movies

but Sam asked me to go with him.

- The one where the girl
takes off her glasses

and she's hot.

- Gotcha.

- I'm excited and nervous
and have all the feels.

So, Sam and I sit two rows
away from everyone else.

- Wait, and you were there?

- Yes, now let her
tell the story!

- Okay, sorry, sorry,
i like a full picture!

- So, the movie starts,
cool guys made a bet,

but I'm barely paying
attention because I can't

slow my heart rate.

Guys, why am I telling you
this story?

- Oh, no no no, c'mon,
it's cute.

- Is it?

- Yes, continue.

- Ugh, okay!

So, I notice his hand
moves past the kernels

and I realize he's reaching
for my hand,

so I reach out to meet
him halfway but it's like

I've lost control of my limbs,

and my hand flies towards him
and barrels

into the giant coke
and pours all over him!

Okay, no, I can't do it!

- No, no no, you have to,
come on.

- Sadie, just finish it!

Sam leaps up,
his pants are all wet,

and Brennan grabs some napkins
and starts

mopping 'em up!

And Sam gets
noticeably... excited...

- No, no, he--!

- Yes.

- It was pretty awful.

- Yeah.

- Okay, and then what happened?

- Actually, Sadie had a
severe allergic reaction

to peanuts, so we had
to rush her out of there,

and thankfully a near-death

outshines the awkwardness
at school on mondays.

- Eventful.

So, um, so, Sadie, do you
have your epi-pen on you?

- Hm?

- You're eating
chocolate-covered peanuts.

- Sadie! Spit it out,
spit 'em out!

Are you okay?

- She's not allergic.

- Okay, Jack, this is serious!

- He's right.

- You faked it?

- You were standing there,
your face was crustaceous rose.

What was I supposed to do?

- Alright, ladies.

By the looks of the moon,
if I don't head home now,

I will turn into a werewolf.

- Goodnight.
- Night!

- Goodnight, ladies.

- Thanks for saving me.

- It was my pleasure.

Oh, but hiding my nutty legumes
from you for years sucked.

- So, tomorrow?
- Hm?

- Let's do stuff.

We'll do things, or nothing,
i don't know.

- Sounds perfect.

This is cool.

Us like we were.

- Yeah, we're getting there.

I think I'm in the best mood
I've been in

since I learned about
the planet's expiry date.

I leave you with one of my
favorite songs.

- If I were a dude, would i
be like a hot action hero,

or an endearing cute nerd?

- A suave international spy.

- If I were a post-apocalyptic
heroine, which I will be,

would I be more like
tank girl or katniss everdeen?

- Linda Hamilton in Terminator.

- Ooh.
- Yeah.

- Guys, I think we have a plan.

- I like planning.

But yours make my stomach bark.

- Teddy's mod night is tonight.

- Not happening.

- It's 21 and over anyway.

- Don't worry about it!

- I'm not!

I'm worried
about everything else.

- Look, I've got it covered,

I went to the club today,
and I told them

that I drunkenly forgot
my credit card there

the night before.
My dad does it all the time.

They couldn't find it.
I must have been hammered.

You want your exit routes?

You got 'em.

So, the club is located
in an alleyway,
with a main entrance

in the front and then
a second in the back.

Once we're in the club,
we have our bathroom
to the left,

along with our coveted
emergency exit.

- What was the structure like?

Converted factory space.

- So, wide ceilings,
horizontal supports?

Ain't happening.

- No, no,
it was vertical supports
with great thick pillars.

- I'd have to inspect it first.

- So, what would we wear?

- Mod clothes?

- Looks hygienic.

- Looks fun.

- Looks like it could cave in
without an earthquake.

- Sorry, you can't get in.

- Well, you only live once
and stuff.

Let's do it.
- Really?

- You'll go in?
- Totally!

Act cool.

♪ Whenever I'm with him

♪ something inside

♪ starts to burning

- oh. After you.

♪ And I'm filled with desire

♪ could it be a devil in me

welcome to the critter club.

- Hi.

We're on the list.

Well, she is, she always is.

- Sadie Mitchell.

- Gotcha.

Just need to see some ids.

- No, it's okay,
we're on the list.

- Not tonight, kids.

- Well, solid effort, guys!

- It's like, when they say
you can't, you just want to.

- I know, and now I'll
never get to scratch

"sneak into a bar" off my list.

- What list?

- Of things to be
completed before the end.

- Was I on that list?

I'm honored.

I'm sorry you won't be able
to scratch "bar" off it.

- Yeah, what I'd do to get in

- Well, then I guess
it's a good thing that I

used the bathroom today and i
taped the backdoor lock open.

- What?

Guys, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no!

- Sadie, now, you,
you wouldn't lie to us,
would you?

Nail file.

- No, it is on the list,
i just, I just, I just,

I think I exaggerated
my determination.

- Come on!

- Okay, Sadie, Sadie, look!

Well-lit exit signs,
and easy exit routes

around the crowd
there and there.

- I'll get us drinks.

- Sadie, look at me.

I'm proud of you.

- I can have fun!

♪ Nowhere to run to, baby

♪ nowhere to hide

♪ got nowhere to run to, baby

♪ nowhere to hide

♪ it's not love
I'm running from ♪

- I think I really love dancing!

- Where'd you learn these moves?

- Look around!

- Look at you two love-birds
twisting in my club!

Glad you made it.

How'd you get in?

- We snuck in.

- What have you done
with this bird?

Third bird!

- Hi Teddy, cool party,
or night.

- Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Well, I've gotta go
while the needle's hot.

Let me know if you geezers
wanna hear anything.

♪ Got nowhere to run to, baby

♪ nowhere to hide

- this one goes out to Sadie!

For who the world is not enough.

♪ Set me free,
why don't you, baby ♪

♪ get out my life,
why don't you, baby ♪

♪ 'cause you don't really
love me ♪

♪ you just keep me hangin' on

♪ you don't really need me

♪ but you keep me hangin' on

♪ why do you
keep a-coming around ♪

♪ playing with my heart

♪ why don't you
get out of my life ♪

♪ and let me make a new start

♪ let me get over you

♪ the way you've gotten
over me ♪

- So you use that pocket
watch to time travel?

- Not just travel through time,
my dear, but space and time.

Have you ever read
"a wrinkle in time"?

- Yeah.

- Some people think
it's a kid's book,

but it's actually a how-to
guide on time travel.

- How so?

- The tesseract.

The phenom
of the fifth dimension.

It is like folding the fabric
of space and time,

barreling through the universe,

transporting you
to someplace totally new.


- I'm gonna go request a song.

- Have you seen the future?

- Future?

When I go to other planets,
who knows what year it is?

But here on earth, no, never.

- That's because
it's gonna end in six days.

At least, as we know it.

- The 21st.

Could be, if the it wins.

- The it?

- You know, the darkness,
the mind control.

It's trying to win,
but the artists,
the philosophers,

the groovy cats like these,
they're trying to fight it.

Everywhere you look, the it
is trying to control your mind,

it's trying to distract
you from what is real,

it's trying to make you
fear the inane.

- Yeah.
- It's everywhere.

You can't sit on the John
without seeing those,

those toilet seat covers
provided for your protection,

by management.

Safety guard.

All I know is I plan
to tesser out with this

for a little bit come Friday.

- Lucky you.
- Mmm.

In the words of madame l'engle,

"love, that is what she had
that the it did not have."

- How did you two get in here?

- Oh! Bye, Burt!

- A straight line is not
the shortest distance

between two points.

- You joshing?

Destiny's child is not
the kind of R&B I play here!

- Getting arrested
was not on my list, Jack!


We shouldn't have
left her there.

- We didn't really
have a choice.

I mean, maybe her and Teddy
hit it off.

I'm sure he'll help her out.

- Teddy is oblivious
to other people,

especially when he's listening
to music!

- Okay, then we'll see
her when she gets out.

Okay, we'll wait here.

Sadie, that was a rush!

Didn't that make you feel free?

- Fearing I may spend
the night in the slammer

does not make me feel very free.

- So, should
i call your parents,
or maybe the cops?

They decide.

- I wish I could tesser
through time.

I'd happily take time on
Uriel with the archangels.

- Yeah, that Burt guy
was a trip.

Do you think he was
on something?

- I thought he was interesting.

- Hey, hey, security!

We've got some rockers
ready to brawl at the front!

It's Kobe Bryant all over again!

Please, thank you!

♪ We are the mods,
we are the mods ♪

♪ we are, we are,
we are the mods ♪

♪ we are the mods,
we are the mods ♪

♪ we are, we are,
we are the mods ♪

- What do you think he meant
when he said,

"a straight line is not
the shortest distance

between two points"?

- Maybe when something happens,
or you do something... doesn't always
make total sense.

But if it's right...

♪ So tenderly

♪ with our burning love,
baby baby ♪

♪ that stings like a bee,
baby baby ♪

♪ now that I surrender,
baby baby ♪

♪ so helplessly

- Brennan!

♪ You now want to leave,
baby baby ♪

♪ ooh, you wanna leave me,
baby baby ♪

♪ ooh baby baby,
where did our love go ♪

♪ ooh, don't you want me

♪ don't you want me no more,
baby baby ♪

♪ ooh, baby

- no!

Where are you?

No! No!

- This is why
i should've just let it be.

Feeling like I had lost
Brennan was good prep

for the great loss to come.

Before, I was just
a bad friend who drifted.

Now, I've really hurt her.

The shortest distance
between two points

is not always a straight line.

I had no idea she liked Jack.

I had no idea he liked me.

And until he almost kissed me...

I had no idea I liked him.

But now I don't.

And I hope he doesn't.

- Honey,
there's a Jack here to see you.

- Hey.

- Hi.

- I'm trying to follow
your lead here

of not preparing speeches,
winging it.

Your way sucks.

- Yeah, 'member?

Didn't work so well
for me either.

- Or, grand romantic gesture,

Um, mental rewind.

- Oh sweet angel, a cherub
who will deliver us all

at the hour of the great demise!

And continue on the fight
after the rapture!

Oh, angel of death,
send me high!

- Angel of death?!

- No, no, it's a good thing.
Like Sunday school?

Saint Michael brought
a whole bunch of people

up to heaven after the rapture.

- So, I'm gonna kill everyone
and I'm a dude?

- How did religious metaphor
work so well for Romeo?

- He did have Shakespeare
workin' for him.

- Well, I mean, I didn't have
a lot of time to prepare.

Neither of us knew, Sadie.

It's not our fault.

- There's no more time.

Brennan made me realize
this makes no sense.

I can't open up to somebody
who I'm just gonna lose

in a few days.

I'm no good for you.

- But I climbed a tree!

So this is what
teenage angst feels like.

- Brennan!

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

- Of course you didn't.

You don't blab to everyone
around school

about the boy you like
because you look pretty stupid

if he finds out and he
doesn't like you back.

- Well, why didn't you tell me?

- Sadie, fourth grade,
miss grange's class,

who was my crush?

- Matt Dylan, no relation?

- Our first summer
at camp wonagan,
who did we stalk?

- Christopher creepy-hands,
which I never understood, but--

- you knew those things because
you were my best friend.

You lost those privileges.

See ya.

- No, look, I am here in
the old part of school

for you!

- No, Sadie, it's about you.

This is about jumping
into your delusional void.

You need to figure out
you before there's an us.

None of this is about me.

- Yes, it is.

Brennan, I am trying!

I just wanna make things right
before th--

- ugh, before!

I don't wanna hear "before"
or "when"!

The world isn't gonna end,

You need to free yourself
because break

will come and go and we'll
all be back at school.

This hallway
you're so afraid of,

it's just a bunch of walls
you built

because you're too
afraid to live your life.

- You're wrong.

- Fine.

The world is gonna end.

Super volcanoes fill
the atmosphere with ash

while tsunamis cover the earth
in water.

You're gonna make it
through that?

You and your little bunker box?

- I am prepared.

- But why, Sadie?

Why won't you live your
life while you have one?

What would be left that's
worth being there for?

- Please work or read quietly.

- You don't have detention.

- Chartreuse.

Principal said
if I painted my locker

one more shade of green,
he'd suspend me.

C'mon, Sadie.

Talk to me.

I like you...

...and I'm pretty sure
that you like me.

And look, I get it,
chicks before dicks,

and I feel bad
about Brennan too,

but she'll get over this
before you know it, okay?

That's, that's how
these things work.

She's gonna walk down
the hall and see someone

she's seen a million times.

And one day, she'll just
see them differently.

Know they're a match.

Like I did.

- Even if there was time,
i couldn't do that to her.

- Sadie, but that is what's
so great about being with you!

There is no time!

I get to live my life like
the world is gonna end.

I'm not worried
about this detention

being on my transcript.

Do you know that last
week was the first time

that I didn't lie awake in bed
thinking of all the ways

I could have hurt
my college chances?

Instead, I drifted off
thinking about you.

Look, Sadie, maybe it has
nothing to do

with the end of the world.

Maybe you can't open up
to someone...

...well, because you can't
open up to yourself.

- I'm, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- Where do you think
you're going?


- Sadie, Sadie!

- Love.

That was what she had
that it did not have.

No thanks.

It's better if I just stay away.

I'm only causing pain.

If this is it for them,
they should enjoy
their last moments

without me screwing things up.

- Fg is a force of attraction,

and g is the constant
gravitational pull.

The acceleration
between two objects

is shown by a1 and a2.

- Everyone under your desks!

- Is everyone okay?

- The big one's coming!

- This is it.

A preview.

A precursor to something
much bigger.

Time to double-check
the inventory.

- You're out of
water-purifying tablets?!

- Yeah, look, we're out
of a lot of things, all right?

- But I need some!

- Sadie, you keep a
larger stock than I do.

You'll be fine.

- You have iodine pills?

I'll give you 50 for a bottle.

A hundred!

- 80 bucks.

- What?!

- 80 bucks.

Forget the list.

Time to say my goodbyes.

Only minor injuries

were sustained during
yesterday's 7.6,

but some experts worry
this quake may just be

a foreshock of something
much bigger to come.

There is still an Amber alert
on the red Toyota pick-up...

- Morning, sweetie.

Last seen at crimson...

- Have a good day, honey.

- Wait.

You guys can-- should stay
in the bunker tonight.

- Why would we do that?

- Aw, my, my. Come on, honey.

Come on,
i thought this was done with.

You've come so far!

This will be all over tomorrow.

- Roger.

- There was a massive earthquake

But I'm sure
we'll be fine sleeping

in our own beds tonight,

- but you--

- but if anything should happen
when the clock strikes 12,

we will be in that bunker
faster than you can say...

- Apocalypse.

- Come here.

- No one can say
you're not committed.

- I love you.

- We love you, too.

- I just wanted to say thank you

for... distracting me.

- It is one of
my finer qualities.

Sadie, tomorrow's
forecast of doom

has me noodle stewing.

Maybe you're right.

- I have been telling you--

- no!

About how records aren't mates.

I mean, they are, but they
shouldn't be

my only friends.

I think I started running
in the hallways

with you 'cause I thought
this old fish

would swim backwards upstream.

No offense.

- Eh.

- I figured with all
your nutter ideas,

you couldn't possibly
cast me off

as a radio rental.


But I learned you're smashing.

Anyway, maybe I've got
this front

because I'm afraid people
won't accept me.

- Hm, that's very mature...

...or wise of you,
i think, Teddy.

But you're you.

A really great you.

And that's no front.

- I'm not British.

- Well, I figured I could be
someone new in high school,

and if people
can pick their clothes,
why not their accents?

- That's... fair, I guess.

- You know, if I didn't
say that out loud,

I would've just buried it
back down

once tomorrow comes and goes.

Whichever way it goes.


- I'm glad I could help, Teddy.

- I'm throwing a party tonight,
and it's for people

I actually go to school with.

- "One last bash
before the big smash."

Better hurry,
or we're gonna be late.

- One last history class, huh?

I can groove with that.

Did somebody die?

- No, no one died.

"The end is near."

So now they believe.

Crap, bye Teddy!


I know you don't wanna
talk to me, but i--

- there was an earthquake

I know.

You told me so.

- No, I just...
I wanted to say goodbye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- There she is.

- You know what to do, right?

- What are you guys
talking about?

- Can we stop it?

- The apocalypse.

Aren't you the expert?

- Umm, I dunno, I mean,
i know some.

- So what can we do?

- Nothing now!

You might just wanna
say your goodbyes.

- What?
- Goodbyes?

- Look, you have supplies.

Can, can we have some?

- I only have enough
for myself and--

I have to go.

Sorry I couldn't do more
to help.

Hide under a strong table
or door frame.

Fill all your jugs with water.


- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

- Sadie,

I can't tell you how much
you meant to me.

I built my whole life
around Calvin,

and I forgot to keep any
friends in the process.

But then I met you
on the bleachers,
and I made a new one.

You're smart, funny,
and so damn strong

I wanna punch your xiphoid.

There's your last
anatomy lesson.

I want you to use
that foresight of yours

and not make the same mistakes
i did.

Your fight for survival
has made me realize

maybe I don't have to fear
being alone at the end.

It's time to enter the void.

I don't know
what will happen tomorrow,

but at least I won't be here.

Goodbye, Sadie.



- Dad, I need you to drive me!

Dad, go faster!

The white one!
The grey-- white--
right, right, right!

- Sadie!

- Sadie! What the fuck?!

- You can't kill yourself!

- You'll meet other guys,
you can't just hide away

and plan your own pity party,

You are hilarious and brassy
in the best of ways!

It's not your choice
to leave the world behind,

and removing yourself
from it like that is, is

the most selfish thing you could

- Sadie, what are you
talking about?

- You left me a suicide letter!

If I hadn't gotten here
on time and you did it,

just think of the long-term
damage I could've sustained!

Wait, have you already done it?

Connie, spit them out!

- Sadie, Sadie.


I left you that letter
because I didn't

see you at school today.

- But you said, "i won't be

- I won't be here!

Yesterday's quake
got me thinking.

If it is the end tomorrow,

I don't wanna be
lying in bed wallowing.

I'm gonna be sitting on a beach
in cabo,

enjoying my vacation
without Calvin.

That letter was a
"just in case" goodbye.

- Oh.

Wait, the pills!

- Have you ever tried to
find motrin pms in Mexico?

Sadie, did you hear anything
you just said to me?

- Excuse me?

- I meant what I wrote.

You are so strong.

But don't be stubborn.

There is a big what-if
hanging in the air,

and if it is your last night,

then go out there and have fun.

- I can't.

- Yes, you can.

Life can always end.

That's the point of living.

So take the risk
and live your life.

High school's gonna throw
so much crap at you.

It's gonna get better and
worse in different ways.

Meet it head-on.

- But I'm crummy!

- Are you kidding me?

You have a boy who's
head-over-heels for you.

You show Brennan
that there's more to life

than the reachover
social media brand.

Then the Teddy kid, he's there.

You affect people.

- I guess I do.

- So let them affect you.

The world can wait a few hours.

- You're right.

- Now, quick.

Demure blue or trampy red?

What's the saying?
Sluts have more fun?

- Mm, not sure
I've heard that one.

Have a great trip, Connie.

But when that wave comes,
it's easier if you
don't fight it.

- Morbid, Sadie, morbid.

Come here.

- Oh, also!

I broke a window!

Sorry, bye!

- So charming, okay.


- Sadie.

- Right, you're here.

- Everything okay?

- Yeah.

Actually, things are
pretty great, dad.

- So, you want a ride home?

- Mm... sure.

Love you dad, thanks!

♪ You are the one

♪ you are the only one

♪ I was born to know

♪ beyond the crush
of any summer lust ♪

♪ and we dared to go

♪ to chain our hearts

♪ and tear apart
and come together again ♪

♪ a lover's bane

♪ forever will remain
and I remember when ♪

♪ a-hoo, stars are falling,
are we falling too ♪

♪ a-hoo, dawn is coming,
what's this coming to ♪

♪ on a night like this

♪ on a night like this

- this is seriously the
party to end all parties.

- Kay, so this is definitely

The hat trend
will totally be dead.

- Bunker girl!


I cannot believe you
came before the big kip!

- You know me,
never miss a party.

- And what a knees-up it is!

It's a stonker!

Gecko the lava cakes,

and there's meteor margaritas
as well.

And for additional

we have pin the tail
on the Mayan calendar!

- How does it work?

- You pin the tail
on December 21st.

- Shouldn't people
be blindfolded?

- No one actually knows
how to read it, so...

Everyone drinks!

- Yay!

You've really outdone yourself.

Is there a back door?

- Exit strategies,
right, of course!

Right through there.

And, Sadie,
you look totally dishy.


Now, who's ready for the end
of the world?

Don't touch that.

- No, not yet!

- Emoticons were,
like, analog emojis.

Also, I'm, like,
really intimidated by--

- Sadie.

Why are you on the ground?

- I took a dive.

- I'm so sorry
i stepped on your foot.

- Please.

- I am.

- No, I mean you have
nothing to be sorry about.

- Oh, big picture.

- Brennan, I didn't intend
on becoming this way.

It just sorta happened
gradually over the course

of that natural disaster

You have always been
so adventurous,

and you were so patient
as I tested the waters.

- Felt like I was rising
to the occasion.

- But one day, I looked up
and I couldn't hang out

at the mall under
a glass ceiling anymore, and...

...i felt like you ditched me.

And now I realize
that I ran away from you.

You know I would never
intentionally hurt you.

- Sade.

I love who you are.

I was never angry that
you became this way.

I was angry that you
didn't let me in.

- I'm sorry.

- We're all afraid.
I'm scared my tits are falling

and you're worried the sky is.

Tomatoes, to-mah-toes.

And I'm over Jack.

I met a new guy.

And I already kissed him.

I think you know him?

- Who?!

- Teddy!

- No way!

That's amazing!

And weird.

- I know.

Did you know
he's not actually British?

He's so culturally fluid.

I was hoping you'd come tonight.

I really wanted
to tell my best friend.

- So, do you wanna sleep
over at my place tonight?

I got a cot with
your name on it.

- Then I'm in, cap'n.

We'll brave a new world

But seriously, Jack.

Go get him.

- You don't think
i blew it already?

- I think he'd wait outside
your house in an earthquake.



- Wotcher, Sadie!
- Hey.

Have you guys seen Jack Diaz?

- No, but you wanna try
the beer-cano?

- Not really.

Jack Diaz, you seen him?

- Uh, I think he's
in the sun room.

- Thanks.

Oh, god.


You're not Jack. Oh!

- Check the pool!

- Thank you, thank you,
thank you!

♪ And come together again

♪ a lover's bane

♪ forever will remain,
and I remember when ♪

♪ a-hoo, stars are falling...


♪ A-hoo, dawn is coming,
what's this coming to ♪

♪ on a night like this

- hey.

- I was looking for you.

I was upstairs
and I stupidly thought

you were with someone else,
but of course you're not.

I wanna survive with you, Jack.

- What time is it?

What is it?

- I can't look.

- Why?

- Because then the clock
will strike 12

and the world would turn
into a smashed-up pumpkin.

And there might not be anyone
to bring me my glass slipper.

- Are you comparing me
to prince charming?

- Oh my god, did I just
compare myself to cinderella?

- Wow, I, she is the fairest
of them all.

- That's snow white.

- Just go with it.

♪ On a night like this

♪ on a night like this

♪ a-hoo, stars are falling,
are we falling too ♪

I might have snuck a peek
at your list.

- Yay!

You guys and us guys!

- Blimey, this is personal
and share-y.

- You know,
i say we all go swimming.

- I don't go in pools.

- Sadie, what's left
on your list?

- Well, I guess the apocalypse
won't start before 12.


That was what she had
that it did not have.

- One.

Everything in high school

is the end of the world.

- Two.

And I know I'm ready for it.

- Three!

♪ I felt nothing
as it drained away ♪

♪ later I felt absence

♪ I felt the empty space

♪ self deception, such a
dangerous weapon for me ♪

♪ it's not pretty

♪ a damsel in distress

♪ don't let me
romanticize the mess ♪

♪ pity's not a party

♪ pity's no place
to place your bets ♪

♪ I finally found a way

♪ to give my doubt away

♪ I finally found a way

♪ now nothing's in the way

♪ now I don't feel the weight

♪ I finally found a way

♪ I finally found a way

♪ I felt nothing
as it drained away ♪

♪ later I felt absence

♪ I felt the empty space

♪ self perfection, such a
dangerous obsession for me ♪

♪ it's not pretty

♪ so many things repressed

♪ don't let these thoughts
die in your chest ♪

♪ silence isn't sacred

♪ silent's no place
to place your bets ♪

♪ it's not pretty

♪ a damsel in distress

♪ don't let me
romanticize the mess ♪

♪ pity's not a party

♪ pity's no place, to place,
to place your bets ♪