Sadhu Aur Shaitaan (1968) - full transcript

Kind-hearted yet naive Bajrang (Mehmood) drives a taxi (laila) and helps anyone he can. He is devoted to another kind-hearted gentleman and long-time bank employee by the name of Sadhuram (Om Prakash). Bajrang is attracted to a school-teacher, Vidya (Bharathi), whose brother is an artiste, Dina Nath (Kishore Kumar). One day a man claiming to be a child-hood friend of Sadhuram, named Sher Khan (Pran), enters their lives. His motive is to rob the bank where Sadhuram is employed and blame Sadhuram for this. He manipulates Sadhuram into accepting him, and moves in with him. He borrows a large sum of money from Sadhuram, and also manages to duplicate the bank's safe's key, and steals the money. The Bank Manager (Nasir Hussain) notifies the police of the robbery and Sadhuram becomes the prime suspect. In panic Sadhuram, who comes into possession of the money that Sher Khan has stolen, flees with the police on his tail. Sher Khan (alias dacoit Dilawar Khan) gets killed and his dead body ends up in the back seat of Bajrang's taxi, and Bajrang too is on the run. The only one who can clear them of this crime is Dilawar Khan, and he is - dead.

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

"Please give us a place at your doorsteps."

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

"Please give us a place at your doorsteps."

"Give the wealth to someone else.."

"Give the wealth to someone else.."

"But give your blessing to us."

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

"Please give us a place at your doorsteps."

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

"The body and soul should be in good condition."

"The body and soul should be in good condition."

"And we should never forget you."

"We should lose ourselves so much in your devotion.."

"We should lose ourselves so much in your devotion.."

"That the whole world would feel that we are mad."

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

"A poor person like me, can't go to Gokul and Mathura.."

"A poor person like me, can't go to Gokul and Mathura.."

"..on the pilgrimage."

"When I look into my heart.."

"When I look into my heart.."

"I can see you there."

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

"Please give us a place at your doorsteps."

"Give the wealth to someone else.."

"But give your blessing to us."

"Nandlal, Gopal, have mercy on us.."

Now, I have become a Sikh.

Azam. - Yes, boss. - How do I look?

I swear, even I feel like saying 'Sasriyakal' (Greetings).

Listen to me. I trust honesty completely.

For a few days, I will be hiding in this disguise.

Don't search for me. And I will come when it is necessary.

Hail Lord. - Yes, sir.

The party from Delhi has asked for two kids.

What happened to that matter?

Sir, these days the kids are cleverer than the elders.

But still, we are trying to kidnap two kids..

..and send them to Delhi. - Make it fast. - Yes, Sir.

We are ready.


Okay, we are leaving now.

And prepare something sweet for the kids tonight.

Okay, sir. - Come, let's go.

Sir. - Yes.

Can you do me a small favor? - Yes, tell me.

I need Rs.10.

It's been about eight-ten days since you got the salary.

Yes, sir. But Bajrang has a taxi.

It is always under repair. He needs to buy some parts.

Okay, fine, I'll give it to him on my way.

Father, one day we sat in brother Bajrang's taxi.

The taxi used to go forward once and sometimes..

..used to go backwards. It was so much fun.

Help. Help. What's happening..

Move. Move.

What happened?

Get down. Get down, you idiot.

Get down. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him.

I salute to Hindus, Muslims and the Sikhs, who has done..

..this to me. - Do you drive the taxi with eyes closed?

The taxi drivers assume that the pedestrians are fools.

No. I'm not at fault.

If it is not your fault, then whose fault is this?

It is my taxi's fault.

When I put it in the front gear, it goes in the reverse gear.

And when I put in the reverse gear.. goes in the front gear. When I want to go front.. goes back and when I drive back, it goes front.

I used the brake, but it didn't stop.

And when I stopped the engine, the engine didn't stop.

Then why don't you change the parts.

Definitely, I will.

First of all, let me change my dress..

..then I will change everything. - Come, let's go.

How does it look from back.

I can't see it.


What a design, it is? The latest mini style pant.

If some fashion designer sees it, we would definitely copy it.

Brother Bajrang.

Greetings, Brother Bajrang. - Greetings.

Brother Bajrang, why are you sitting inside? Come outside.

I am not in a position to come outside. - Bajrang. - Greetings, sir.

Greetings. Your aunt sent Rs.10 for you.

Sir, this is your money.

She might have asked you to give me the money.

Does it make any difference? - Sir, I am such a boorish man.

Instead for helping aunt, I have become a burden for her.

You are not a burden. She is just like your mother.

You are right. - Come, let's go to the school.

Sir. You go to the bank.

I will drop Ganesh and Munni to the school. - Okay.

But Father, come back at 5 o'clock to receive us.

Okay, I will come at 5 o'clock.

Ganesh, this door is not working. Come from that side.

Fulfilling the promise is more important than life.

Fulfilling the promise is more important than life.

Trivedi. - Yes, Chaturvedi.

This is a great devotee of God.

I have been watching him since 10 years.

He comes to the temple daily and worships God.

May God bless him and his family.

Amen, Amen.

Madan, this is a road, but not a stage..

..that you would dance here.

What rubbish?

I was going on my way. If your eyes are not working properly..

..go get them checked by the eye specialist.

If I had any problem with my eyes..

..I wouldn't have got the license of the Taxi driver.

Taxi driver. Have you seen your uniform?

It looks like you have stolen somebody's taxi.

What did you say? You called me a thief?

Good morning, teacher.

Ganesh and Munni?

Brother Bajrang. Why are you fighting with her? She is our teacher.

So, you are a teacher. I didn't know it.

Please, forgive me. I've seen you many times on this road.

But I thought that you were a student..

..but I didn't know that you are a teacher. - Shut up.

Kids, you would come with me. What is your fare?

Teacher, he our brother Bajrang.

He is the nephew of the aunt at our home.

He never charges money from us. You come with us. - No.

Listen, do you want me to get a saucer? - What?

Please, don't be angry. I have misbehaved with you.

I don't have a mother, but I bind you with my aunt's oath.

Please let me drop you on my taxi. Please come, teacher.

Ask her to come. - Yes, teacher. Please, come with us.

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"I don't know where it takes me."

"I don't know where it takes me."

"Laila, my Laila."

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"I don't know where it takes me."

"My Laila. My Laila."

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"The taxi named Laila, get boorish customers."

"Those who doesn't have any money in their pockets."

"Pauper, hungry, and naked.."

"But today, by luck, I got a beautiful customer."

"The engine, accelerator and brakes are in love with her."

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"I don't know where it takes me."

"My Laila. My Laila."

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"The water and the petrol are in equal proportions."

"Then, why did Laila stop?"

"Because, she jealous of the competition."

"A woman's disease of suspicion is very bad.."

"How can we make her understand?"

"What would a horse eat, if it makes friendship with grass?"

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"I don't know where it takes me."

"My Laila. My Laila."

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

"I don't know where it takes me."

"My Laila. My Laila."

"Sometimes forward and sometimes backward."

"Sometimes upward and sometimes downward."

"Sometimes left and sometimes right."

Brother, Bajrang. Bye. - Bye.

Please don't mind.

Here it is. - Thanks.

Count it. - There is no need of it. You can never go wrong.

Sir, the boss is calling you.

He called me? I am coming.

Greetings. - Greetings.

Is your work done? - Mr. Sadhuram.

Where there is a good and intelligent person like you..

..nothing could go wrong over there.

Mr. Sadhuram, if you need any help from me, don't hesitate to call me.

Yes, okay. - Greetings.

Have you called me?

Yes, I want to introduce you to someone.

Mr. Dinanath. Mr. Dinanath. - What?

He is Mr. Sadhuram. He is a very old cashier of this bank.

And he is a famous musician, Mr. Dinanath Shastri.

You might have heard his name.

Yes, I hear his name almost everyday.

You are absolutely wrong. My program is on air very rarely.

I'm not talking about the radio. We don't even have one.

Then, where do you listen about me?

From your sister Vidya. - From Vidya.

What does she come to the bank for?

Not in the bank. She comes to my house to teach my kids.

You're Sadhuram, whose kids are my sister's students.

Please forgive me, sir. I couldn't recognise you.

It seems that both of you are very well acquainted.

I called you because, Pt. Dinanath..

..wants to open an account in our bank.

Please fill this from with your hands and open his account.

Pandit (Master).

Pandit, please give him the money.

Yes. No. Here it is.

Take this.

Dinanath, the one who gets an account..

..opened with Sadhuram's help, prospers.

Today, you have 500 in your account, but..

..within one year there will be Rs.5000 in your account.

That means, Mr. Sadhuram is a very noble person.


Hey, Birju.

Birju. - Where did this elephant come from early in the morning?

Birju, I am going to buy vegetables.

Please, drop me at the market.

Market? - Yes, market.

Where is this sound from?

I guess your tier has gone.

My tier.

You've ruined me.

Fatso, what have you done?

Tier has got burst.

Do you know the cost of a second hand tier these days?

Stop laughing.

I wonder from where this coal mine came into my taxi.

Birju, why are so angry at me these days?

You don't even talk to me with love..

..nor do you look at me with love. - I don't care about you.

Whenever we meet you start you age old rubbish.

I wonder why I borrowed money from your father..

..because I have to pay it with interest. - Hey, Birju.

That's means we were right. Dilawar Singh is in this city.

Yes, sir. And I have set a team of policemen around the city.

But be careful.

Dilawar Singh might have changed his appearance.

Sir, the culprits change their appearances, but police..

..never changes its uniform. - Well said. Go ahead.

Thank you, sir.

Come fast. - Sir, Laila is handicapped right now.

Look at the red bandage. Come from that side.

Wonderful. - These Sikhs are so great.

They don't differentiate between anything.

They are content with anything.

Sir, where do you want to go?

Start the taxi. Go where I ask you to go.

That is what my job is. - Go right.

Wow, Laila.

"I got stuck in a rope.."

Sir, where do you live? - What do you got to do with that?

Nothing. I am asking just like that. Your face is very familiar.

Do you belong to Tarantaran, Ludhiana or Amritsar?

Thank God, you didn't say Jalandhar, Panipat or Karnal.

Sir, you said the names of all the districts of Punjab.

Sir, have you ever been to London? - Yes.

And you must also have been to America? -Yes. Yes.

You just drive the taxi. - Sir, I am driving the taxi.

I am not riding a bullock-cart.

Sir, say something about America.

When Marlin Monroe committed suicide..

..did you attend her funeral?

If you don't stop talking, I have to attend your funeral.

Likewise. - What did you say?

Sorry, sir. I got confused..

..because the police jeep is following us.

And many people loses their memory..

..when they see the police

Have you seen the English movie Random Harvest?

Take the left.

"Promises and oaths.."

Take the left. - Oh, my God.

Take right.


Sir, you are confusing me. Where do you want to go?

Go straight. - Okay.

Go fast. - Okay.

Why did you stop the car? Go forward.

Sir, only a ship can go forward. A taxi can't go forward.

Sir, before you jump into the water pay the fare.

How dare you to ask me money.

Then, whom should I ask?

Be happy that a person like me travelled in your taxi.

Come with me. Even my taxi is grand.

Cheap guys don't sit in this.

Its name is Laila. Now, give me Rs.14.50.

You are asking me money. Don't you want to stay alive.

You hit me.

You touched me.

You touched a taxi driver.

You...You are messing with a taxi driver. My name is Bajrang.

I fought with people like Dara Singh, Milka Singh..

I guess you never faced a real Sikh.

Hey, get lost.

If you were a real Sikh, you would have given me..

..two Rs.10 notes, without taking the change.

Give me my money. - Should I? - Yes. - I'm giving you.

This taxi isn't your father's. The petrol isn't your mother's.

Take this. - Sir. Sir, please take this weapon back.

Please take this back.

Now, you learnt the lesson. - Yes, sir. I learnt my lesson.

Sir, I forgot that this is not Tarantaran or Amritsar..

..but this is Mumbai. I am a servant of yours, sir.

Sir, keep this weapon back where you took it out from.

Now you got me. - Yes, sir.

Go away.

Sir, whatever I take, I will not give you. Sir, first you leave this place.

And if you speak about me with anyone I will kill you.

Sir, I swear by God, that I will never tell this to anyone. - Okay.

Today, you deceived a taxi driver.

I curse you, that one day you will die in a taxi.

Hello, Mr. Marathe. I have sent the statement.

Didn't you get it? Okay, I will send the duplicate copy.

Mr. Sadhuram, there was a call from..

..the manager of State bank of Pune.

He is saying that he didn't receive the statement..

..which we sent them last week. - We sent them.

Then, send a duplicate copy today itself.

This is very important. - Okay.

Sorry, you have to work over time. - It's okay. It's okay.


Ganesh, father didn't come till now.

He comes at 5 o'clock daily.

Hari Om, have you seen these kids?

Yes, boss. This is a good opportunity.

We got the kids for the Delhi party. - Come with me.

How is the ice cream? - It is fine.

What is you name? - My name is Munni.

It is a very beautiful name.

My name is also beautiful. My name is Ganesh.

Your name is beautiful too. - What is you name?

I will tell uncle's name. Uncle's name is ice cream uncle.

Very good. You are a very wise person.

Eat it.

Go start the car. - Okay. - I will bring these kids.

Pandu, attach the stamps and post them. - Okay, sir. - Be quick.

It is already 5:30. The kids might be waiting for me.

Bahadur Singh, after Pandu comes, lock it properly.

I am in a hurry. - Okay, sir.

Why are you worrying? Our sir is good with kids.

He is coming with the kids. Start your car.

Brother Bajrang.. - What are you doing here till now?

School has closed for the day, but father hasn't come yet.

Okay, come with me. I will drop you at home. - Oh, no.

All the kids are gone? - Yes.

Why didn't Munni and Ramesh wait for me?

The road is full of traffic and vehicles.

Good evening, teacher. - Good evening.

Hang on. Teacher, do you just teach the kids? - Why?

What's your opinion on me? - About you?

Because my aunt still treats me like a kid.

Do you want me to treat you like a kid?

Yes, but only at study. I want to learn English.

But I know Good morning, Good evening and Thank you.

But I am not good at alphabets.

How can such a big man learn alphabets?

Teacher, when I was learning to drive..

..I used to have an L-board behind the car.

And when I will learn ABC, I will attach it behind my back.

So that people will think that I am a learner.

Excuse me, I am getting late. - Okay.

Okay, one minute, teacher.

Teacher, do you teach the kids lessons or singing?

What are you saying? - Because, when you talk..

..I can only hear sweet and melodious tunes.

What a great smile?

This smile is just like the final bell in the school.

Ganesh. Munni. - Sir, what happened?

Did they come back home? - Yes, Uncle, I brought them.

Thank God. - Father.

Kids, why didn't you wait for me outside the school?

We waited there for you.

A bearded uncle bought us an ice cream.

I've told you so many times not to accept anything from others.

Father, you don't bring ice creams..

..and you don't allow us to eat ice creams from others.

Ganesh, you are a fool like me.

If your father buys an ice cream and brings it to the house.. will melt down on the way and just the stick will be left.

Sir, this is about kids.

Your job is an accountant's job.

If you mind what they say and do even a little mistake.. your job, you'll have to count the pebbles for six months.

What's that? - You will have to go to the jail.

You work with ease. I drive nearby their school.

Whenever you are late, I will drive both of them and..

..and rest of the people home. Now, give me Rs.5.

Rs.5. What for? - As a donation.

We have an association of taxi drivers in Mumbai.

We are doing a charity show for the Prime Minister's fund.

For the fund? - Yes, it is for a good purpose.

Give me the money. - But I will give the money on the first.

Which first? - The first of the next month.

Okay, then. I trust whatever you say.

Ganesh and Munni, come here. Don't you want to study.

Go dear, go and study.

Sir, ask her to buy one ticket. - You try yourself. Go.

Teacher. Will you buy this? - What is this?

This is a charity show, by the drivers.

I will buy it, but I can't come there.

I know it. Whenever the rich people buy tickets..

..of the charity show. They send their maids to attend it.

Are you paying me the money, right now?

Or will you pay it tomorrow? - I will pay it tomorrow.

Okay, I will come to your home and collect it from there. - Okay.

Are there any dogs in front of your house? - No.

Thank God. Anyway, the dogs love me very much.

Even the nicest dogs, who haven't barked ever..

..start wagging their tails when they see me.

Okay, then. I shall go now.

That's the window. - Ganesh. Munni.


"The night is like a snake without my beloved."

"The night is like a snake without my beloved."

"My heart is worried a lot."

"My heart is worried a lot."

"The night is like a snake without my beloved."

Wow. It's really great.

Who are you? You look like a nice person.

My name is Bajrang. I drive a taxi.

What? But I haven't called for any taxi.

Who's there, Brother? Is it you?

You came here to collect the money?

Yes, I came for that purpose. I came to collect the money..

..from you and sell a ticket to your brother.

But I have changed my opinion now.

You are not good enough to buy the ticket.

What? Who is this fool who is insulting me in my own house?

Sir. You don't get angry.

I am the cashier of the Taxi Drivers' Association.

I came here to collect the money.

But the money I saw you, I changed got an idea.

You can help us in other way. - What is that?

A great person like you, a talented person like you..

..a tyrant like you.. - What?

I mean a good singer like you.

If you participate in our show, it will add grace to our show.

Vidya, how do you know this taxi driver?

Brother, his aunt is the caretaker..

..of Mr. Sadhuram's kids. He is a very funny person.

Funny person? Tell him, that I am foolish person. A joker.

Sir, will you participate there with these idlers.

Idlers? - Sorry. I meant that..

..would you participate in the show with your friends.

It will ruin our show. - What?

I mean it will add grace to our show.

Teacher, you please convince your brother.

Brother, this is for charity. Please, participate in it.

Since, it is for charity. I will definitely participate in it.

He will. That would be fun. Thank you.

And now, convince your sister to participate in it.. that there is some sensuous appeal to our show. - What?

I am sorry. I mean sari appeal. Family appeal.

Vidya, this person is really funny. Since it is for charity..

..why don't you too participate in it, along with me.

Okay, Brother. - I thank both of you.

Okay then, I will send two taxis, one hour before the show. - Okay.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I welcome you on behalf of the Taxi Drivers' Association.

The name of the play which we are going to perform..

..for the Prime Minister's fund is 'Dream of the cart-puller'.

And I hope you will be happy to watch the play.

And here we present 'Dream of the cart-puller'.

I have a horse-cart. I have a horse-cart.

This horse-cart is as good as a car.

Lalita. Lalita.

What's the matter? - Open the door. I am back.

I won't open the door. Why are you so late?

You sleep outside today.

I will sleep outside for the rest of my life..

..but I would never enter your hut.

I will sleep in the place of the horse.

Why are you calling me with signs?

Do you think that I am a girl?

I am Yamdoot (Lord of Death). - What kind of doodh (milk)?

Goat milk, buffalo milk or cow milk?

Not cow milk. I came from the sky. I am Yamdoot.

Then, what are you doing here?

You are dead. I came here to collect your soul.

Are you fooling me? Are you talking about that 'sky' film?

Look at you dead body and this is your soul.

Come with me. - I have to do like that?

Let me hold my wraparound first. Let's go.

Hail Yamraj (Lord of Death). I have brought the Ram of Charminar.

Maharaj (King), we have done a grave mistake. - What happened?

This fool has brought Ram instead of Shyam.

Go and put him into..

..Ram's body and bring Shyam. Go

Oh, no. Maharaj, disaster happened. - What happened?

He body has been burnt.

The final rites have been done.

Look there. - You are right.

What should we do now?

Go and bring Shyam's soul and..

..put Ram's soul in Shyam's body. - Okay, Maharaj.

Come on, Ram. - Ram Who?

Yamraj, I have seen a movie in my village..

..there only the same mistake has been done.

If you want to send me beck, then send me into my body.

I won't go into other's body. - Hail Narayan.

Yamraj, is something wrong?

Please come, Maharaj Narad.

You make him understand the situation. - No.

I have studied in my school about Maharaj Narad.

He is the root of all the fights among Gods and Goddesses.

I won't fall in web of his tricks. No.

Now, I could understand. His soul is here my mistake.

The situation is complicated.

Dear, come with me.

Don't worry. Lord Vishnu will solve this problem. - Lord Vishnu.

Narayan. Narayan. Come.

Narayan. Narayan. Narayan.

Please come, Narad.

Who did you bring with you today?

You know everything about the three worlds.

I'm sure you will understand it all.

This is a problem. My responsibility is to protect..

..the universe from evil.

I can't do anything about the deaths and births.

Ram, you have to return to the world. - Narayan.

Keep quiet. I want to make one thing very clear.

If I will go, I will go to my body. I won't enter other's body.

What's your opinion Narad? - Narayan. Narayan.

Let's go to Lord Shankar.

Come, let's go. - Okay, I will take your leave.

Hail Lord Shankar. - Welcome saint Narad.

I know about your problem.

Lord Shiv, do you know about me?

I have got a lot of publicity.

Now, you only can help me.

I can't make this fool understand this situation.

Goddess Parvati, please help me.

I'm suffering a lot.

I neither belong to the world, nor to the heaven.

Please, recommend my case to him.

Lord. He seems to be a very innocent man.

Please, have mercy on him.

Goddess, only Yamraj can do something about it.

Narayan. Narayan. Let's go to Yamraj again.

What is this? You have made me visit all the departments.

Here it is just like the world. I want to know something..

Do you get some commission to do this?

Narayan. Narayan.

Yamraj, he is a very stiff person. I have a solution.

What is that?

He is a human. Give him some money and send him back.

A guest who comes without invitation.. bound to be troublesome. Narayan. Narayan.

Don't look for him. He is gone.

Ram, if I give you Rs.5 lakh..

Will you accept some other body? - Never.

Ram, will you go if..

..I give you 1 lakh kg of gold?

No, never. If I go there with so much gold..

..they will assume that I am smuggler.

Ram, come here.

Will you drink something?

What will you give me? Will you give me Tea or sweetened curd?

I will give you Somras (nectar). - What does Somras mean?

You are talking about liquor.

Which liquor will you give me? Golkonda liquor or scotch?

No. This is the beverage of the Gods.

You will feel elated if you drink it.

Really. I used to drink country liquor in the world. Give it to me quickly.

The colour of Somras is just like Coca Cola.

Maharaj. - Yes.

I want to ask you something. - Yes.

In the world, every place is not permitted for boozing.

What about this place?

Here there are no restrictions. This is heaven.

You can booze wherever you want.

Okay, sir.

And there is one more thing I want to ask you. - Yes.

Come here.

I am saying it before I drink. And later, don't say that..

..I said it in a drunken state. There was a beauty. - Beauty?

I mean, there was a girl. Her name was Chunia. - Chunia.

Yes. She is a very modern girl.

She had an affair with me, but she used to look at..

..another person and she used to think about another person.

That's why she died so soon.

If you let me meet her..

..I assure you, I would enter any body without any mess.

Then enter those clouds..

..where Chunia is waiting for you. Go.

"Chunia, where are you?"

"The princess of my heart."

"The grandmother of my grandchildren."

"Look, I am here."

"Look, I am here with permission."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"I left Charminar and sold my horse-cart."

"I came running to you. Please accept me."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Your beautiful eyes. Your lovely hair."

"Your lovely words. I want to mix all of them and drink."

"Your lovely laughter. Your lovely package."

"They are just killing me."

"If you turn away your head this time."

"If you break my heart this time."

"I swear by my mother.."

"I will drink some poison."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Wow, your dance is great."

"How is the dance master in the heaven?"

"Who did you learn it from?"

"Why are you showing me your teeth?"

"Please come nearer to me."

"Acting smart, are you? I'll grab you."

"You don't come and you don't let me come near you."

"You burn my heart. I warn I will clasp you."

"Why are you doing like this?"

"Why are you so harsh to me?"

"Why do you ridicule me?"

"I warn you I will hug you."

"I warn you I will hug you."

"What is your plait for?"

"What is your awkwardness for?"

"What is this shake for?"

"Please broaden your heart."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"I left Charminar and sold my horse-cart."

"I came running to you. Please accept me."

"Darling, make me the groom.."

"..and set fire in my kitchen."

"Please set fire in my kitchen."

"Use the oil and start the fire."

"Shall I bring a matchstick from the earth?"

"I want to eat the food prepared by you."

"My queen. My Chunia. Where are you going?"

"Please come back."

"Come back."

Come back. Come back.

Why did you beat me? - Why did I beat you?

Because you were asking the girls to come back. Aren't you ashamed?

Lalita, I am your husband, right? - Yes.

I am father of a son. - Yes.

And you are my wife. - Yes.

And you are mother of three kids. - Yes.

If you have slept here, in my place..

Would I have shouted like you?

Do you know the name of this place?

What? - In dreams. In the dreams.

The pair of the birds costs just Rs.10. Will you buy it?

The price is too much. - Sir, these are love birds.

They cost Rs.10, including the cage.

I want it without the cage. Tell me, what would you charge?

Without the cage? Will you take the birds in your pocket?

It is none of your business. Tell me how much will it cost?

Rs.5. - I will pay Rs.4.

Rs.4. No, sir. It will cost Rs.5.

You didn't give birth to them. You caught them in the jungle.

Sir, you look like a good person. Okay, give me Rs.4.

1, 2, 3, and 4.

Take this.

Mahatma, what have you done?

The crows will kill those birds. Even you will die one day.

At least, these birds will die with freedom. Go.

Great. I am surprised to see a pure hearted person like you.

Are you Sadhuram? - Yes, I am Sadhuram, but who are you?

Sadhu, did you forget me? I am your childhood friend.

Dilawar Singh. - Dilawar Singh.

You are Thakur Balur Singh's son Dilawar Singh.

Yes, you are right.

But what about your appearance.

It is because of Allah's grace.

When the times are changing, it doesn't take much.. change the appearance.

Dilawar, I feel like my childhood and youth..

..has returned upon meeting you. - How nice?

Come, let's go to my house and talk over there. - Okay.

Dilawar, if you don't mind, shall I ask you something?

Please, please.

How did you change your religion?

You asked me after a long time. It is a very strange story.. I became Sher Khan form Dilawar Singh.

You know that I am an orphan. My uncle brought me up.

But my uncle married for the second time at an old age.

My aunt was young. And he didn't want me over there.

That's why I decided to leave the house..

..before he asks me to leave.

That's why went to Kashmir.

There was a lot of trouble in Kashmir during those days.

There he saved a rich Muslim from the goons.

There were goons in Kashmir?

There were no goons in Kashmir..

..but some crept from outside.

But the government has thrown them out.

What happened then? - That person didn't have kids.

He adopted me. After some days he gave me..

..all his wealth and he passed away. - And then?

With that money, I built a temple and a mosque..

And I donated some money to the poor.

You have done a great job.

There is nothing better than charity.

Have you saved some money for yourself or not?

What will I do with money? I don't have a wife of kids.

But I have invested around Rs.10 lakh in firms in Delhi.

Then, why don't you get a fixed deposit in some bank?

What are you saying?

I am a Muslim, so I can't charge interest.

This is even better. Still there are many people..

..who give money for credit and royalty instead of interest.

Allah will definitely punish them.

Mumbai is such a big city.

So, I was wondering that I should invest money here.

What are you doing?

I am the cashier of the City cooperative bank.

You are a cashier. - That is great news.

If I invest my money here, I may need to meet you.

I shall leave now. - Where are you going?

I am staying in a hotel, but I didn't like the place.

That's why, I was thinking of changing the place.

You're staying in a hotel? Why are you insulting this friend?

When you have your own house..

..what is the necessity to stay in a hotel?

I have a vacant room upstairs.

I can provide you the kind of food which I eat.

Okay, Sadhuram. You are right. But now I am a Muslim.

If I stay here, it may effect your worship.

What are you saying? In this country, we can hear..

..the bells ringing as well as the prayers in the Mosque.

When it doesn't effect the county, how can if effect my home?

No, ifs and buts. Come, I will show you the room.

Greetings. - Greetings.

Please come. I will drop you to your house.

I travel by bus. - But what is this taxi for?

But I don't have money right now.

What a blow you have given me.

Am I that selfish that I won't drop you to your house.

But the petrol will get over. - My heart..

Let the petrol get over, or else, my heart will shrink.

Please come. - I will come, but you to shut your mouth.

Okay, I will keep quiet.

Listen, if you sit in the back seat, I'll assume..

..that you are a passenger and I will charge money from you.

If you want to have a free ride, please sit in the front seat.

But do you remember the condition? - I will keep quiet.

Hold on. Gents first.

Why are you staring at me like that?

Answer my question.

I said that you can't talk..

..but you can talk if ask you anything.

Yes, tell me. Why were you staring at me like that?

I agreed that I won't talk..

..but I didn't say that I won't stare at you.

You have answer to everything.

Teacher, he who is a school drop out..

..has answers to everything.

Why didn't your parents let you study?

Teacher, it is matter of destiny.

My father was a school teacher.

There was a vacant place in heaven..

..when I was 10 days old. So, God gave him that place.

I heard that father loved my mother a lot.

That's why father called my mother over there..

Since then, my aunt has brought me up.

She bore this burden. She worked hard to support me.

The only thing she was not able to give was education.

Being a school master's son..

..the urge for education was in my blood.

And that urge made me learn to read and write on my own..

..without going to any school.

..which I did in spite of many handicaps and obstacles.

When the question of my livelihood arose..

..I decided upon on an independent career..

..without having to serve anybody.

But my problem was, that I didn't have any university.. or diploma, nor any financial resources.

So I made up my mind to become a taxi driver.

And teacher, I personally feel that there is nothing.. be ashamed of, to be a taxi driver. Am I right?

Shut up. - What?

I said, stop the car.

We haven't reached your home yet.

I will go walking, but I won't travel in a liar's taxi.

But whatever I said is the truth.

If this is truth, then whatever you said that day was a lie..

..that you don't know ABC. - I am sorry, teacher.

Sometimes, a person has to lie for some benefit.

What kind of benefit? - I won't tell you this thing.

If I will tell you, you will get down from the taxi.

What is that?

Promise me that you won't get angry. - Okay, tell me what it is.

I.. - What is that?

I.. - What is that?

Under the pretext of learning the alphabets, I wanted to sit near you.


'Why' is very dangerous.

I can't dare. How can a taxi driver ask a teacher..

There is no need to say anything else. Drive the taxi.

You got me? - Drive the taxi.

You didn't get me.

Teacher, before you leave, assure me..

..that you are not angry with me.

Don't forget that I am a school teacher.

Many kids yell in the class..

..that doesn't mean that I am angry with everyone.

Am I a kid?

You are not a kid, but you sound like a kid.

I hate liars. - Who are you mad at?

Whose letter is this?

What can I tell you, my friend?

I am in a lot of trouble in this new city.

The Delhi party is due for 1 lakh..

..but they are extending the date since first of this month.

But here it is written in the letter..

..that you have to send the money within a week.

Why is it so urgent for you? - I am an ordinary person.

Even the richest persons fall in the financial mess.

I've seen a very nice place to open a new office.

It'll cost Rs.1 lakh.

And I've agreed to pay Rs.15,000 in advance.

But I have just Rs.10,000 with me, right now.

Now, I have to lose this place or I have beg someone.. this new city. - Give him 10,000, right now.

And pay the rest later. - I am a man of my word.

When I agreed to pay 15,000, I will pay 15,000.

Is that money important, Dilawar? I mean, Sher Khan.

This is a matter of my reputation.

Mr. Sadhuram, you are saying that..

..Mr. Sher Khan is a very rich person. Well, he may be.

May he prosper even more.

But I don't know him at all.

Did I say something wrong? - But you know me.

Mr. Sadhuram, if you need money.. are the keys to my locker. I won't even look at it.

Take whatever you want. - This is your generosity..

..that you trust me so much.

But my friend needs just Rs.5,000 for few days.

Even the people of the bank, need money some times.

I won't send you back with empty hands.

Lalla, go and bring Rs.5,000.

I have just counted Rs.5,000 and kept it aside.

Then, count it again. If one extra note goes.. will be an insult to Goddess Lakshmi.

And if one note is less, it will be our insult.

Father, we may get insulted, but Goddess Lakshmi won't.

Here, Mr. Sadhuram.

Sher Khan, take the money.

Mr. Sadhuram, I will give the money to you..

..and get your sign on the papers.

Okay, as you wish. Sher Khan, take this money.

Hold on for a second. First, sign here.

After that the money will be yours. Then, you may give..

..this money to Sher Khan or anyone you wish.

Take this. Thank you very much. - That's all right.

Thank you very much, my dear friend.

You have saved me from insult, in this city.

Come, let's go.

Mr. Sadhuram, you are a very contented and happy person.

What was the necessity for you to borrow money..

..for someone else? - He is a childhood friend of mine.

If I don't help him here, who else will help him?

I am saying this because you are a very straight person.

And the world at this moment is very crooked.

You don't worry, sir.

My friend will return the money within a week. - Okay.

If you trust him so much, then I can't tell you anything.

Here is the safe's key.

But why are you giving this key to me?

I forgot to tell you. I am going to Baroda for a couple of days.

There is the meeting of the board of directors.

This key will be with you till I come.

Sir, your train is at night. - Yes.

So, I want you to come to my home, in the evening.

Why? Is there something special?

It's my daughter's birthday today.

I want you to come and give your blessings to my kids.

That's really a happy occasion.

Okay, I will come there for a couple of minutes..

..before I go to the station. - Okay.

Happy birthday, kid. - They are just like your kids..

..there is no need for this. - Who are you to interrupt me? Here, dear.

Happy birthday.

Greetings, brother Bajrang. - Greetings.

I am not destined to get a new taxi..

..but I have brought this new car for you.

Brother Bajrang, will this car go forward or backward?

Have you seen it?

Now, even these kids have started making fun of me.

Happy birthday, Munni. - Thank you, teacher.

Take this dear. Have sweets.

Bajrang, you too take it.

Everyone take the sweets. Listen, come here.

"A for apple. B for baby. C for camel. D for daddy."

"A for apple. B for baby. C for camel. D for daddy."

"A for apple. B for baby. C for camel. D for daddy."

"D for dadi (beard)" - "D for daddy."

"D for dadi (beard)" - "D for daddy."

"A for andha (blind). B for behra (deaf)."

"C for Cana (squint). D for duffer."

"A for apple. B for baby. C for camel. D for daddy."

"E for England. F for Finland. G for Greenland. Sing it."

"G for German. H for Holland."

"I for our India." - "Hail Motherland."

"Leave A,B,C and start learning Ka, Kha, Ga (Hindi alphabets)."

"Leave A,B,C and start learning Ka, Kha, Ga."

"Forget the foreign tunes and sing Sa Re Ga Ma Pa."

"Sing Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa."

"Ga Ma Pa."

"Ga for Gai (cow). Ma for Makan (house)."

"Ga for Gai (cow). Ma for Makan (house)."

"And what is for Pa?" - " Pita (father)."

"Leave A,B,C and start learning Ka, Kha, Ga."

"Start learning Ka, Kha, Ga." - "Ka, Kha, Ga."

"Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa."

"N for Narangi (orange). "O for Oh, Hari Om."

"And P for Prem patra (love letter)."

"You don't get angry, after you read my love letter."

"You don't get angry.." - "P for Prem Patra. And what does Q stand for?"

"Q for Queen. R for Roti (flatbread). S for Saag (vegetable)."

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q... L, M, N, O, P, Q.."

"Ka, Kha, Ga." - "A, B, C."

"Ka, Kha, Ga." - "No, A, B, C."

"Stop fighting about English, Hindi and Urdu."

"Stop fighting about English, Hindi and Urdu."

"Speak Tamil, Bengali and.."

"..other languages of our country."

"If you can learn, then learn.."

"If you can learn, then learn all the education of the world."

"Stop fighting about English, Hindi and Urdu."

"Speak Tamil, Bengali and.."

"..other languages of our country."

Munni's birthday was great.

I bought her new dresses, which is a big relief for me.

What else can an ordinary bank cashier.. for his kids other than this? Am I right, Dilawar?

It is all God's grace. You bought dresses for the kids.

They are happy, as well as you are.

But think about it. It is not happiness..

..but it is betraying oneself. - Betrayal. Why is it betrayal?

I didn't get you. - I will explain it.

Patience is the hurdle in the path of a person's growth.

If a person gets food for the two times..

..he isn't worried about anything else.

Tell me honestly, if you are happy.

Why shouldn't I be happy. I have two beautiful kids.

I have a good job. I get the salary on the first.

And I've a lot of goodwill in the bank and among the people.

And what is the value of that goodwill?

Around Rs.400-Rs.500 per month.

Friend, don't speak like that. My salary may be 500..

..but my goodwill is worth lakhs of rupees.

Look at this. Tell me what's this? - Key.

This is not an ordinary key.

This is the key to my bank's locker..

..where there are millions of rupees.

If the agent of the bank doesn't trust me..

..why would he hand this key over to me?

What are you staring at? - Nothing.

You are becoming happy.. if all the money if that safe is yours.

This is not a key, but it is a handcuff. - Handcuff?

Yes, a handcuff.

Assume that you go somewhere..

..and you meet with an accident.

And then you faint. And the key falls down.

Someone else picks up the key..

..and steals the money from the safe.

Now, tell me, if it isn't a handcuff..

Sher Khan, tell me, what's the matter?

Nothing. At times, I get chest pain.

Shall I call the doctor? - No, I have the medicine.

I have kept in my briefcase. I will bring it.

God, help Sher Khan.

What happened?

At times, it becomes too painful.

Do you have anything made of iron?

Some knife or key or something.

Yes, I have a key. - That would be better. - Here it is.

I need some water. - Hold on for a second.

Water. Water.

Where's it..

Sher Khan, here's the water.

Don't worry. I am here.

Thank God that you were here..

..and you gave me this iron instantly.

You saved my life. Here is your key.

How long have you been having this problem?

Since about ten years.

Sometimes it becomes too painful.

What is this in your hand? - It is for remedy..

..which helps me when the pain is too much.

A saint in Kashmir gave me.

If I touch it, the pain reduces to some extent.

This is your superstition. Visit a good doctor.

This kind of things doesn't work.

You won't understand it, Sadhuram. My life is in this.

Okay, go and take rest. - Yes, I need to take rest. - Go.

Thank God.

Boss, you got a fortune, this time.

I always look for fortunes.

I don't get involved in ordinary things.

Now, it is your duty to get me a key just like this model.

Boss, you don't worry about it. In fact, we were apprehensive..

..since Sadhuram is your childhood friend.

What if you go weak?

Correct. Correct.

Here is the key to bank's safe.

Why did you bring it on a holiday?

You could have given it to me tomorrow.

The sooner the responsibility is detached, the better.

Listen. - Yes.

Has your friend returned the money which he borrowed?

No. Not yet. But he will return it soon.

Sadhuram, I couldn't sleep the whole night.

Why? Did you get those attacks again?

No. But I am worried about my responsibilities.

The party from Delhi is not in touch with me.

No letter. No phones.

I am worried about the money which you borrowed for me.

And also the time is ending.

I feel that I should go to Delhi and bring the money myself..

..and payback the money which you have borrowed.

Is it necessary for you to go personally?

How many days more can I wait for them?

One should complete the task which one has taken.

Do you want me to bring something from Delhi?

Well, since you are going there..

..I want you to bring some dust from Rajghat.

Dust from Rajghat? What will you do?

Everyone has his own beliefs.

Mahatma was the God of Ahimsa.

I am a devotee of Ahimsa and a follower of Bapu (Gandhi).

I am not sure if I will visit in future.

If I rub the dust of Rajghat on my forehead.. wish will be fulfilled to some extent.

Come fast.

Bring them. - You sit in the taxi.

Birju, wait. You don't worry. I am with you.

Inspector. - What's the matter?

Please don't hurt Birju, he is my future husband.

Take her outside. Not you man. You go outside.

I told you, he is a very angry man.

Come here. - Yes.

So, you drive a taxi? - Yes, sir.

What is your name?

Why are you making faces? I am asking your name.

Sir, my name is Bajrang and my number is 786.

I look like a bad person, but I am a very good person.

Because my eyes are red, people assume that I do drugs.

But I swear by your mother, I don't have any bad habit.

And I drive the taxi accurately.

When the passenger comes into the taxi, I raise the meter.

And when he goes out, I pull the meter down.

Even if I meet traffic inspector or a police or a constable.

I respect everyone. I start my taxi at 5am..

..and stop it at 10pm. And after that, I don't drive.

I don't drive in Juhu, Paras road, Pali Hill.

And I drive taxi with my eyes, ears and everything open.

Till now, I ran over a chicken, which was already dead.

My record is very clear.

Once a kid came in front of my taxi all of a sudden.

I pressed the brakes suddenly.

And another taxi crashed into my taxi.

I can see the things which are in front of me.

Even if I can't see the things that are behind.. - Break.

What's this nonsense? - You asked me to put brakes.

But who asked you all these questions?

Sir, the insurance people ask even more questions.

This is not an insurance company..

..but this is a police station. - Right, sir.

I want to know that who travelled in your taxi last week.

Sir, many people got into my taxi last week.

If anyone travels in my taxi, is that a crime?

Yes, a foreigner lady got into my taxi.

Instead of giving me Rs.10 note..

..she gave me a 100 rupees note.

Even I handed that Rs.100 note to the police station.

And also, I lost Rs.10 over there.

I don't want to listen anything. - Yes, sir.

Try to recollect. Tell me, last week..

..did a person with a beard hire your taxi?

Last week? A bearded person? Sir, last week, it was Guru Nanak's birthday.

Many of my Sikh friends got into my taxi.

Which bearded-man are you talking about?

I am talking about that person who had a suitcase..

..and a stick in other hand.

The stick. A stick is very useful.

I won't tell you, sir.

If you won't tell me, I will kill you.

Birju, tell quickly, or else he will kill you.

Shut up. Don't interfere between us.

Tell me quickly or else I will kill you.

This is even better. If I will tell you my mom will be dead..

..and if I don't tell you, then the father will eat the dog.

Whose father will eat the dog? - I didn't mean your father.

This is just a saying. A father had the habit of eating meat.

One day there was no meat, so the mother cooked a dog.

The son saw it.

And when it was the time for the dinner, the son thought..

..that if he tells the truth to father, he will kill mother.

And if he doesn't tell him, he will eat the dog.

If I tell you, he will kill me..

..and if I won't tell you, you will kill me.

Bajrang, don't cry. There is no need to fear.

This is a police station. Police will protect you.

Will the police protect me?

You... Will you protect me? - Definitely.

Sir, this is a very safe place. Here, I am not in danger.

Now, I am getting some courage.

Now, I will tell you about that bearded-man.

He was a very tall man. He had a long beard..

..and on the other hand, there was a suitcase.

Whose tiffin box is this? I am feeling very hungry.

May I eat? - Yes, you can eat and tell me about him. Eat.

Tell me what happened then? - Water.

Constable, bring some water. Drink slowly.

The food is great. Will you eat? - No, thanks.

Have it. Tell me, what happened next?

Sir, that tall man was somewhat scared..

..since the police jeep was behind him.

At one moment he asked me to turn right..

..and at the next moment he asked me to turn left.

Then, finally he took me to the seashore.

There I asked him to pay the fare.

Then, he took out a knife from his stick.

Then, he warned me not to talk about that incident..

..with anyone, or else he would kill me.

Then I, along with my taxi came back in the reverse gear.

Sir, why are you asking me all this?

Have you too given that moron a lift?

You are a fool.

Do you know whom you have given a lift? - Who did I give a lift to?

He was none other than the famous dacoit Dilawar Singh.

Right now, he is in the city.

You would have got 10,000 as reward..

..had you brought him to the police station.

Who would have given me Rs.10,000?

You would have got it. The government would have given you. - Government?

The government would have given it to me? - 10,000? - Yes.

10,000? For me? - Yes.

10,000. sir. 10,000.

Birju, where are you going, without your taxi? - 10,000?

I will reach there before the taxi reaches there.


Mr. Sadhuram, we are here.

Please come. - I will sit later, first you pay the money.

Where is the money.

I am sorry. My friend Sher Khan didn't come till now.

We don't care if he didn't come.

We have given the money to you.

Mr. Sadhuram, if you are not willing to give the money, say it clearly.

We know how to take our money back.

You please don't insult me.

I have a great respect for your father..

..and he also respects me a lot.

If you wish you scold my father..

..but before that give back money back.

Can you wait for a couple of days more?

I'll not run away with your money.

No one dares to take away my father's money.

If you don't pay the money by tomorrow.. have to go to the court and jail.

Tomorrow. Mind it.

Court. Jail. Handcuffs.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Sir. - Yes.

Like a musician should care about the tunes..

Similarly, a cashier should be careful about with the cash.

What have you done? - Have I done something wrong?

How much was the check worth? - Rs.500.

And how much have you given me? - I have given 500.

If you give Rs.600 on every 500 check..

..the bank people will take you to the police station one day.

Here is your hundred rupee note.

Thank you. I haven't done this kind of mistake before.

And it shouldn't have happened.

Not every person in this world is like Pt. Dinanath..

..who would give a 100 rupee note back. Got it?

Sir, boss is calling you. - Okay.

Yes, sir. - Sir, this circular..

Why are looking at me in that way?

I am trying to recognise you. You are not Mr. Sadhuram.

What are you saying? I am not Sadhuram?

There is always a sandal dot on Mr. Sadhuram's forehead..

..and there is always grace on his face.

And there is a lot of peace in his eyes.

Today, I woke up late in the morning.

I came here without worshipping..

It is my duty.

Mr. Sadhuram, don't try to change the topic.

I know that the reason for your worry is those Rs.5,000.

Am I wrong? - Yes.

I warned you that day..

..that the days of helping others are gone.

The moment I saw your blank forehead..

..I felt like Goddess Lakshmi has left this place.

Please, don't say like that. Lakshmi will always be here.

I will never come to the office again, without worshipping.

Please, translate it in Hindi and Marathi..

..and glue it on the notice board.

And have you heard this? There has been a big America.

The robbers have made a duplicate key..

..with the help of the wax and robbed the bank.

Is it possible? - It has happened.

That's why I am putting this information..

..on the notice board. So that no one would get fooled.


The world is full of such people.

"Lord says such things are being done since long.."

Trivedi. - Yes, Chaturvedi. - What am I watching?

For the first time, this man is not worshipping God.

It takes time to become a believer of God..

..but it doesn't take time to lose that belief.

You are right, Chaturvedi.

Now, the numbers of devotees of God has lessened.

Who's there? - Mr. Sadhuram?

Inspector, it's you? Hold on for a second.

Ramdin, come here and take the kids inside.

Kids, go inside. Go.

Please come in, inspector. - It's ok.

Mr. Sadhuram. I came to know that a guest is staying here.

Yes, a friend of mine is living here. - Where is he?

He has gone to Delhi for a few days.

Since how many days do you know him?

Since my childhood. We used to study together in college.

After that? - After a long time, I met him now.

He is a very rich person.

He told me that he has done a lot of charity.

Look at it carefully and tell me if you know him.

Yes, this is an old photo of his.

But now, he has a beard.

And also he has changed his name and his religion.

His name was Dilawar Singh, and now it is Sher Khan.

He has changed his Religion and name.

He just changed his appearance.

I am very confident that he is not Sher Khan..

..but he is the same old dacoit, Dilawar Singh.

No. Inspector, how is it possible?

Everything is possible in this world.

Inform me, the moment he returns.

If you don't do it, you will be convicted for helping a dacoit.

If you call me Dilawar Singh, in front of anyone..

..he will think that his dress is that of a Muslim..

..and name is that of a Rajput.

I am very confident that he is not Sher Khan..

..but he is the same old dacoit, Dilawar Singh.

There has been a big robbery in America.

The robbers have made a duplicate key..

..with the help of the wax and robbed the bank.

This is a thing which helps me when it is too painful.

It makes one lively.

A saint from Kashmir had given this to me.

If you don't pay the money by tomorrow.. have to go to the court and jail.

He has changed his religion and name.

He just changed his appearance.

Inform me, the moment he returns.

If you don't do it, you will be convicted for helping a dacoit.

Ganesh. Look at father.

What happened father?

Nothing. My head is aching. You go and sleep.

Ganesh, father is lying. - He is lying?

Yes, because the police came here.

That scared father.

You are mad. Father is not afraid of him.

Because the cashier is more powerful that a police.

You are a fool. Police is most powerful.

You are a bigger fool. Dacoits are more powerful than police.

Ganesh, why are you talking about dacoits at midnight?

You should sleep now.

You didn't tell us a story tonight. How can we sleep?

I can't tell you stories all the days.

Go to sleep, otherwise I will beat you.

Kids, why are you crying?

I asked you to sleep. I didn't beat you.

If you want to beat, you may beat us.

Yesterday, Babla's father was beating him..

..but his mother came and saved him.

We don't have a mother.

Oh, kids. I'm like a mother to you..

I'm like a mother to you.

Have I ever beaten you? Have I ever got angry at you?

Then why did you do it today? - I am sorry.

I will never get angry at you. Now, go to sleep.

Who's there?

Who is there? Who opened the bolt?

Who is there?

Who is there?

What is this? The guard hasn't closed the door.



Bahadur Singh.

Bahadur Singh, who has done this to you?

Bahadur Singh. - Yes, boss.

Who is that?

Who is that?

Who are you? Where are you running?

Dilawar. - Yes, I am Dilawar.

You appearance. The guard's dead body..

..and you coming out of the bank. I can't understand it.

Shut up. And come with me.

Dilawar, what is there in this briefcase?

You are my friend. I won't hide anything from you.

This briefcase contains bank's money and jewellery.

Have you stolen it? - Yes.

And you have also killed the guard? - Yes.

Oh, God. What are you saying? Is this the truth?

Why would I lie to you? - How could you do this?

This is public's money. I request you to return..

..this money to the bank. - I am not a fool like you.

I won't leave an opportunity like this. - Dilawar.

People used to say many things about me..

..but I never believed them.

I always said that my friend can't do a thing like this.

When you got that attack, I gave you the bank's key..

..and you are giving me this, in return.

I don't have the time to talk all this rubbish.

I am ready to pay you for your trust.

I can solve all your problems. I will give you Rs.50,000.

You can pay the Seth's money back..

..and you can spend the rest of your life happily.

You want me to commit a sin like you.

No, Dilawar. I want people's goodwill more than the money.

I can't take this sinful money.

What did you get with your goodness?

You can't spend your life with goodwill.

You need to money to spend your life happily.

I can give you as much money you want.

How much do you need? Tell me.

I don't want money. Give me this bag. - No.

You can't run away with the bag, till I am alive.

I see. Even the saint has started revolting.

Leave me. - I won't leave you.

Leave me. - I won't leave you.

Sadhu, get down from the car.

Don't force me to kill you. Leave me.

You have cheated me in the disguise of a good Muslim.

And now, you are threatening me with this pistol.

My work and my honesty is more important to me..

..than my life. Remove this.

I say..


Dilawar, leave it..




Dilawar, how could this happen?

How could I do this? I haven't done anything wrong.

I was stopping you from committing a sin.

I was trying to show you the right path.

I swear, I haven't done anything wrong.

I don't know anything.

Sir, please sit. Sorry, I went to drink a cup of tea.

If I don't drink a cup of tea early morning..

..I can't do anything.

Sir, I didn't ask you and even you didn't tell me..

..where do you want to go?

Sir, I am asking you, where do you want to go?

Are you dumb?

Sir, it's you?

I didn't see you and even you didn't call me.

Sir, where are you coming in this early morning?

Will you go to the home?

Sir, you look very worried.

Even your face is sweating. Haven't you slept last night?

Yes, I haven't slept last night.

I am right. Or else you face glows in the early morning.

Oh, it got stuck. Laila started singing in the early morning.

Hey, driver. Why don't you stop the taxi's horn?

What? - Why don't you stop the taxi's horn?

What? - Horn.

The horn got broken right now. I can't help it.

Repair the care and take it away from here.

I would definitely take it with me. I wouldn't leave it here.

This is model of the times of Queen Victoria.

Get it repaired then. - I will.

Sir, why are you getting down? Please, sit down.

Today, Laila was shouting in such a way.. if someone has shot it in her heart.

But it is a very honest car.

It became alright in no time.

Someone has done this very smartly. - Yes.

Tell me something, who has the keys to this safe?

I have it. See.

And you're the first person to open it in the morning?

No. My treasurer does that in my presence.

Where's he now? - He must be at home. Why?

Ask him to come immediately.


Pandu. - Yes, sir. - Call Babuji (sir).

Babuji, where is that bearded friend of yours?

Who? - The one with a beard, who had gone to Delhi.

Did he return from Delhi?

Babuji, don't make that mistake.

As soon as he returns, hand him over to the police.

Here, an ace.

Did you find out anything about the boss?

No, I couldn't find out anything about him.

Keep going. Keep going.

Oh, no.

My Laila is very weird. She roars with heat at night..

..and turns cold in the morning.

Babuji. Where are you going?

Bajrang, I'm in a hurry. I'll catch another taxi.

Just a minute, Babuji. I'll fix her.

Babuji? What's this? It's so cold today and you're sweating.

Sweat? Not at all.

Bajrang, take this. I don't have anymore. - It's okay.

It's going to be a good day today.

I received my first fare in the hands of Babuji.

Start, dear. Start.

Come on. Let's go to Baburam's house and check.

Sir, Babuji isn't at home. - Where did he go?

His family members don't know.

Okay, you can go. This is weird.

Do you doubt your treasurer?

Not at all. He's a Godly person.

It's a sin to even doubt him.

Anyway, I've to investigate.

What's his name?

Babu Sadhuram.

Babu Sadhuram... Babu..

Oh, Babu Sadhuram?

What's your name?


Whose son are you?

Don't you know my father? - Yes, I do.

Then why do you ask?

Bali, speak softly. He's a policeman.

Tell me, dear. Did your father kiss you..

..before leaving in the morning?

Had he done so then why would brother be crying now?

Tell me one more thing, where will your father be now?

Sir, why are you questioning these kids?

What do these kids know?

They haven't seen their father since last night.

Constables, let's go.

Uncle. - Yes, dear.

If you meet my father, ask him to come home soon.

I have got my exams tomorrow.

Okay, dear. I'll ask him to return home soon.

Look, you're posted here. No one from..

..outside should be able to come in.

And if Sadhuram comes, then arrest him..

..and bring him to the police station. Okay? - Yes, sir.

Two of you come along with me.

Oh, God. They're planning to arrest me.

Now, I can't even meet my children.

Sadhuram has boss' bag in his hands.

And even the police are posted outside his house.

And there's no news of boss either.

I'm sure there's something fishy going on.

Follow Sadhuram.

I'll keep an eye on his house.

Yes, let's go. - Let's go.

There isn't a single taxi in sight today.

Taxi. Taxi. Taxi.

Sorry sir, I didn't realise that you were calling out to me.

Hurry up, I've to reach the studio.

But sir, this is a big taxi.

So what if it's a big taxi? The film producer is paying for it.

Come on, let's go.

Rajkumari at 10.30, Helen at 11.00, Kumkum at 11.30..

Sir, which film company do you work in?

Had I worked for a single company..

..then I could've told you.

I'm in Bandra today, Andheri tomorrow..

..and Dadar, the day after. I've been doing this for 20 years.

For 20 years. But I've never seen you in any movie?

Can you please remove your glasses?

How can you see me, I'm not an actor.

I would've become one if these teeth weren't a problem.

Oh, God.

That's the problem, pal.

Otherwise, even I would've become an actor.

Actually, I'm a hairdresser. You know about it?

The hair of film stars... Dressing. - Okay. Okay.

You've a good business.

You touch the hair of women with your hands..

..and even get paid for it. You get two rewards.

One is the money and the other is the woman.

Why are you laughing?

I'm laughing because you're being fooled.

Do you think that film stars have such long hair? - Yes.

Red cheeks and lips? - Yes.

Why? Isn't it so? - Forget it, pal. Don't make me talk.

Why do you make me reveal their secrets?

Okay, don't reveal their secrets. Just tell me..'s the heroine you're going to meet today?

How beautiful is she? What does she eat?

What does she drink? Does she travel in a taxi?

Why are you laughing?

You're being fooled again.

I'm not going for a heroine today...but for a hero.

He doesn't have a single hair on his head.

I've to fix this wig on his head.

What have you done? What have you done? - What?

You beheaded someone for the sake of a bald hero?

Beheaded someone? What are you saying?

This is a wooden head and this is false hair.

False hair? I don't think so. I'm scared.

Along with you, even I'll get into trouble. - Let's go.

You please sit at the back. Otherwise, I'll make you leave my cab.

I'm getting late. Drive faster.

Sit at the back. Come on.

Unless you go back, I won't start the taxi.

You're ridiculous man. If I don't reach the studio in five minutes..

..then that bald hero will kill the producer..

..and the producer in turn will kill me.

Come on. Hurry up.

You're the son of this country. The youth of this nation.

Your body is made of the soil on which everything stands.

Prithviraj Kapoor.

I'm not talking about the actor, I'm talking about..

..Prithviraj Chauhan. He gave his life for the country.

No, sir. I haven't heard of him.

Have you heard of Lakshmibai?

Lalitabai? - Lakshmibai.

No, sir. Which movie did she act in?

She's not a movie star.

She's Lakshmibai, the Queen of Jhansi.

She's the one who fought the battle of 1857..

..on horseback and killed the British..

..eventually sacrificing her life for the country.

And you. This is what I'm talking of.

If you lose your wits on seeing a wooden head then..

Look, sir, I'll bump the car somewhere. Keep it inside.

Ridiculous. - Keep it inside, sir.

If you get scared of this..

..then what'll happen of this country?

You're the son of the country where..

Where the river Ganges flows..

Yes, the Ganges does flow, but the land which gave birth.. Subash Chandra Bose..

Have you heard of him? - Yes, sir. I've heard of him.

He held the tricolour (flag) in his hands and..

..scared the British out of their wits.

He marched forward into the battlefield.

There were bullets raining everywhere.

Hail the soldier.

Bombs were being showered from above and..

..bullets were being fired from below.

Sir, you talk well. Please continue.

Stop the car. Stop the car.

The flag on the top...the skies above and hell below..

Stop the car. Stop the car.

There's heaven up above, and hell down..

Stop the car.

Sir, you were talking so well. Now, I'm not able.. understand a word of what you're saying.

Come on, stop the vehicle.

Stop the car.

I can't stop the car now. It's still..

Here, take your money. Take your money.

Sir, I don't have change for Rs.10.

Keep the change. Just stop the car.

Stop the car or I'll shout. Corpse.

Hurry up and stop. Corpse.


A corpse. A corpse.


We'll send the bride and the groom in one taxi..

..and follow them in another. Okay?

Taxi. Taxi.

Mother, even I want to go in a taxi. - Yes, go ahead.

Mother, why don't you take him with you.

Why don't you understand? He'll come with us.

Let them go alone in that taxi. - Go, dear. - Okay.

Hey, Cabbie. What are you doing?

Nothing, sir. Have you got married just now?

Yes. - Congratulations. - Okay. - Sit inside.


Baby. - Move aside.

What are you looking at? - At Mumbai city.

You'll have enough time to look at Mumbai.

Look at me now.

Wow. Such a big house. How would the people climb up?

Those who have to climb will do so. Look at me.

Why are you scratching? - Why do you shout?

If the driver hears, what'll he think of us?

My baby.

Oh, baby's dearest, I can see everything in this mirror..

..sit separately. I'm not able to see the jeep behind.

If we had to sit separately then why..

..would we get into this can?

Wouldn't we have gone by bus?

Okay, sir. Then I'll get out of this can.

Whenever you feel like going, just whistle towards me.

No. You keep driving silently. But drive slowly.

My wife wants to see the place.

What are you showing baby? - The city.

When will you take me to Ranibagh?

I want to see the Langurs (wild monkeys) over there.

Look at me first. Then you can see Langurs.

Excuse me, sir. But her screams don't sound good..

..inside my car.

Why are you disturbing her?

I didn't do anything. - Then did I do it?

Baby. Baby. Baby.

Why are you nagging her like a child?

She's calmed down with great difficulty, let her sleep.

You look forward and drive.

Baby. Baby. Baby.

Oh, God. Both are alike.

First the wife shrieked and now the husband.

Look, somebody in the front. Hey. Love birds. Hey. Make way.

Are you deaf. Hey you, sugarcane..

Make way or I'll bump you.

I am telling you, I'll bump you.

Make way. Move aside. They are shameless.

Hey you village Romeo and Juliet. I'll kill you. Move aside.

Do you think this is your farm that you're wandering about.. the middle of the road?

You look like Dilip Kumar, that doesn't..

..mean that you act like him.

Many people in the film industry mimic Dilip Kumar..

..and earn their daily bread. Walk on the side or I'll..

..beat you to pulp and bring you to your senses.

Get down.

Come on, move.

I've seen a lot of couples, but none like you.

Drop us home first and then you can fight with them.

Sir, you don't know about such people.

They should be dealt with seriously..

..whenever and wherever you meet them.

You've already dealt with someone.

How many more will you deal with?

Look, sir. You go and sit inside.

If your glasses break then your new wife..

..will look like an old wife to you.

Hey. What is your intention? Tell me.

Shall I tell you? - Oh, so, you can speak. Tell me.

Oh, God, I am dead.

Sir, leave this poor man. Sir. Sir.

Oh, sir. Please forgive this man. Sir...sir.

Oh, God, I am dead. - Forgive me.

Forgive me, I won't do anything.

Mother, please tell him to forgive me.

No. Mother...not mother, father...father..

Father, you hit me so hard.

What a Dilip Kumar I've met. I thought he was an impostor..

..but he turned out to be the real person.

What a man.

Sir, don't tell anyone about what you saw.

Now, get in. - I don't want to sit.

Here's your money. - But I don't have change.

Just leave us alone. Wife. - I'm here.

Come, let's go.


Birju. Stop. Stop.

Stop. May God bless you.

Birju. - What is it?

He'll devour me alive.

Birju, I'm tired. Drop me home.

No. I'm going to earn a lot today.

Son, I want you to earn a lot so that.. can repay my loan soon.

For what? - Have you ever paid the interest?

Get in, dear. Get in.

Yes, get in. It's your father's property.

Hey, Don't start the meter. I'm not going to pay you anything.

Whether you pay me or not, it's a rule that the meter..

..should be started if there's a passenger in the car.

Down the meter. Okay, then. Come, dear. - Father, keep this box inside.

Wow. Okay.

"My Birju. My Birju."

Shut up. They sit in the car everyday.. if it's their father's property.

Look Birju, I don't like these daily bickering.

Get married to Sundari and I promise..

..that I'll write off all your loans or else return the money..

..along with the interest.

No father, not the money, I want the marriage.

I don't want to ruin my life by getting married.

Neither can I get married, nor can I repay the loan.



Why are you crying? - If you hurt her..

..sentiments, then won't she cry?

Stop this car. I don't want to go in this.

This is the first time that you've spoken wisely.

Don't get married if you don't want to..

..but why do you want to get down from the car?

He's indebted to us.. - Father, forget the loan.

He's a very dangerous man.

Father. - Birjuram, stop the car. I've written off all your debts.

What did you say? - I don't want anything from you.

Swear on the Ganges. - I swear on the Ganges.

I've written off all your loans.

Tell your daughter not to disturb me again.

Let alone disturbing, I won't even call out your name again.

Just stop the car.

Stop the car.

I'm stopping. - Stop the car.

Stop the car.

Father, run.

Dhaniram. You're not even my father-in-law now.

Give me the fare.

Anyway, this was the best earning today.

My loans were written off and I got rid of this mount Everest.

Ganesh, Munni, you haven't eaten anything since morning.

Till when you remain hungry? - We'll eat when dad comes.

He'll surely come, Munni.

When dad comes, he'll scold me.

He'll say that I didn't feed you. Then he'll abuse me.

Will you like that?

Ok, Aunt. Get some milk. We'll drink milk.

Okay, I'll get it right away.

What kind of a son are you?

Father is missing and you're drinking milk?

Talk softly, Munni. Let's run away before aunt returns with..

..the milk.

We'll find father and help him nab the thief.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Father, the rear door is broken.

Get in through this door.

Okay. No problem.

Sir, where do you want to go?

St. Michael Church.

Father. - Yes, my son. - Father, my name is Bajrang.

I'm a Hindu. But I believe in the church and mosque too.

You should be like that. India needs people like you.

It's a very good thing.

But Father, I'm not able to understand anything.

Tell me. - Father, sometimes even good men start..

..committing evil deeds, why is it so?

It's very simple, dear.

It is a very simple matter, my son.

When he's a good man, he leads a holy life.

But Satan never sleeps.

Satan never sleeps.

He's always after good people. And when Satan gets an..

..opportunity, he misleads good people from the path..

..of righteousness and makes them lead a sinful life..


Stop. Stop.

Father, why are you stammering?

My son, stop somewhere. - What is it, Father?

Stop. My son, stop the car. - I'm stopping, father.

Father, you had to go the church, why did you stop in..

..front of the mosque? - My son, whether it's a mosque..

..or a temple, all are houses of God.

Here, take your fare. - But I don't have change, father.

No problem, keep the change.

Thank you, father. God bless you.

It seems the currency has been devalued today.

No one wants the change.

Hello. Police station?

I'm Father D'souza speaking. Just now I was travelling in..

..a taxi, and I saw a corpse in it.

Yes. Yes. No. It wasn't a small taxi but a big one.

Taxi. Can you drop me at the commissioner's office?

Sure, sir. I'll take wherever you want to go.

My jeep has arrived. I'll go by that. I'm sorry.

But sir, I've started the meter. - Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, I am sorry, I forgot about it.


Sir, I don't have change. - It's alright.

This is the first time I've received.. from a policeman.

Look there's a taxi. Taxi. Taxi.

Stop. Stop. Get in from here, not there.

Oh, come from the other side.

Hey don't start the meter. Chaturvedi, this is a big car.

You remained a bachelor all your life because of this..

..small and big problems of yours.

Accept whatever you get. - Okay.

Just a minute, Pandit. I'll charge extra for the luggage.

We don't have a luggage. This is just a bag of vegetables.

And what about this sack of 150kgs?

What? How dare you mock at me? I'll Shrap (curse) you.

What? Being a Brahman, you sell Sharab (wine)?

You're a drunkard, your father is a drunkard..

..your grandfather is a drunkard.

Yes, but they all died of thirst during the prohibition period.

Come, get in.

Chaturvedi, I'll sit in front.

Just a minute, sir. The springs in the front are weak.

Why don't the two you sit at the back?

Sit on the backseat. - Okay.

Pandit, where are you going to?

Ujalanagar, Andheri.

Wow. What a burp. Did you eat in a marriage?

Why are you asking? Your burp suggests that you've..

..eaten a lot of the free meal.

What can one eat in this age of rationing?

What do you say, Trivedi? - Yes, Chaturvedi.

It's enough if we get pudding and fried bread. - Yes.

Nowadays, there are a lot of frauds in this country.

They have the name of the Lord on..

..their lips and knives up their sleeves.

Chaturvedi, did you hear about the murder last night?

Murder. - Yes. And it's related to God.

Has God started killing these days?

Shut up and drive the car. So, what were you saying?

The murderer was a great devotee of the Lord.

Even you know him. He's the treasurer who used to visit..

..our temple everyday and sing hymns to the Lord.

The one who left the temple without praying to God.

Yes, that same person.

That's the reason why God punished him.

From a treasurer, he turned into a murderer.

Which treasurer are you talking about?

The one who works in City.. - The City Cooperative bank?

Yes, he's the one.

Babu Sadhuram is the treasurer..

..of City Cooperative Bank. - Even I'm talking about him.

That man has looted the bank and murdered the manager. - What?

Stop the car. Stop the car.

Why are you shouting? I'm stopping.

Stop the car.

Pandit, you had given some other address.

Why did you stop near the sea?

Just take your fare and leave.

What's all this? - We don't know.

You don't know? - We don't know.

I mean this Rs.10 note. Hey, look back.

We don't know.

Oh, God. - Come on, get up.

Help me get up. May God bless you.

I feel that your treasurer, Sadhuram, and..

..Dilawar Singh were accomplices in this robbery.

And they were the one who killed the watchman.

Oh. Now, I've been accused of killing the watchman.

Inspector, I didn't believe you at first..

..but now, even I feel the same.

All right, let's see. Let's go, Constable.

Even the manager is suspecting me.

I had come to return the bank's property to you.

The police will arrest me first and then interrogate.

What do I do now? My truthfulness..

..and the Lord will be with me.

I should go to Agent.

I should go to Agent.

Sit. Start the car.

What's this? And who are you?

Where are you taking me?

First tell us, where's the bag? And where's the boss?

Whose boss? - Your friend, Dilawar.

So you all are Dilawar's men? - Yes.

Do you understand? There's nothing to be afraid of.

If the boss is your friend, then we're also your friends.

Moreover, you have the booty with you, isn't it?

Is the money in this?

There's nothing to worry, the police won't..

..even be able to trace your shadow.

Let's go to the den. Boss will come there directly.

What? Sadhuram's children escaped from the house.

What were you all doing? Anyway, the case is now clear.

Sadhuram had pre-planned this robbery.

Mansuba, go and search for the children.

If we find the children, then we'll find Sadhuram as well.

Go. - Okay, sir.

Have faith. God isn't so merciless to let anyone..

..harm father. He won't even let anyone touch his hair.

The police are looking for him.

And I'll tell Bajrang and my brother as well.

I'm feeling thirsty, could you get me some water?

Why water? You're our partner now, drink juice.

Hey give me one coco-cola.

Give me one coco-cola. - One more coco-cola.

Hey, give it here. - Wait.

Catch him. He is running away.

Catch him. - Hey, move. Make way.

Move. Move.

"A thief has entered your house.."

"A thief has entered your house.."

I'm sure that man has entered this house.

What are you afraid of? Let's go inside.

The two of you wait here. We'll go and check inside.

Come on, Raju. - Come on.

"A thief has entered your house.."

What are you looking for?

I know you've come to the wrong house.

Gullu, the wrestler, lives in the next house.

Sir, a man tricked us and hid in your house.

A man has hid in this house? You're wrong.

Only notes, rhythm, tune, melody, etc. can hide here.

Pandit. You're lying to us.

How dare you call me a liar?

Let alone lying, I don't even place a wrong note.

Get lost. Get lost.

Where are you coming? Go away.

We won't leave. - You won't leave?

Then I'll call the police. Just wait.


Brother, who were you shouting at?

Two rogues. They came in on seeing the door ajar.

I'm going. Lock the door from inside.

Where are you going?

You forgot that I've a concert today.

It's getting late, I've to pick up the..

..drummer and other instrumentalists.

Okay, Brother. Good luck. - Wish me all the best.

Sir? - The police are searching for me, dear.

And also some goons.

But why did you do this, sir? - Don't misunderstand me, dear.

I'm innocent, I haven't done anything.

If you're innocent, then why are you on the run?

Do you know that Ganesh and Munni ran..

..away from the house in search of you.

Ganesh and Munni have run away from the house?

Yes. - Oh, God.

Keep this. It contains the entire loot.

I'm going out in search of my children.

But sir...sir.

I'm tired of walking. Krishna, give me strength.

Sir, here's a taxi. Taxi. Stop. Stop.

Come on, go inside.

Pandit. - He's my friend. Get in. Get in.

Don't get in. Don't get in. - Why? Why?

I won't allow this man with the pot.

Bajrang, it's an empty pot. Look.

Pandit, everyone says the same thing at first.

One day, a man with a pot sat in this car.

I thought his pot must be empty.

Only later did I come to know that it was filled with arrack.

I had to persuade the cops the whole day.

Bajrang, all pots aren't the same.

This pot is played as an instrument. Play it.

Very good. It sounds good. Get in.

Come here. Okay, go.

Bajrang, did you hear about Babuji?

Yes, I did. But I can't believe that Babuji did it.

Whatever it is, I don't know why but yesterday..

..I withdrew all my money from the bank except for Rs.5.

Sir, keep this Mughal cannon on the other side.

This isn't cannon. - It's a Tanpura (stringed instrument). Tanpura.

Why don't you keep this on your side? - Keep it there.

Wow. Your mouth makes better sound than that drum.

It sounds as if you don't have any teeth.

Bajrang, tell me the relation between music and teeth.

Shastri, I'm an illiterate man.

I was the one who asked you about this. - Oh, yes.

But yes, I respect classical music very much.

Very good. Very good.

But sir, - But what? - I like to listen to movie songs.

Kindly sing a Hindi song.

Bajrang, the songs these days are so harsh to the ears. - No.

There was a time when film songs..

..were based on classical music. - Yes.

Then Shastri, sing an old film song. - Old song? - Yes.

Let me think.


"The flying bird came here.."

"The flying bird came here.."

"The flying bird came here.."

"Came here.."

"Came here.."

"Came here.."

Where is this whistle coming from?

Didn't you tune the instrument?

If you don't remember this song, then sing another one.

You're laughing. Please sing.

"When sorrow troubles you.."

"You sing a song.." - No.

"You sing a song.." - No.

Don't sing if you don't want to, but why.. your voice quivering like this?

Are you having an attack of malaria?

Not fever. Not fever.

Is the body cold? - Yes, it is very cold.

It's cold.

"I am longing to meet Lord Krishna.."

"..but I am feeling very restless.."

Why are you shivering? Are you feeling feverish?

Brother, I sing according to the situation.

"Go, Bajrang, drive the car.."

Shastri, what raga is this? - This is Bhagaat raga (tune).

What? - Not Bhagaat but Ghabrahat (fear) raga.

I sing this raga when... when I feel afraid..

This is the raga I sing.. - It's a good raga.

Bajrang. - What is it? - Cars are being checked ahead.

It has been reported that there's a corpse in a big taxi.

Nowadays, live men don't travel in taxis.. will corpses travel by one? You don't worry. I'll take care.

Why do you want to go in the path of danger?

Why don't you take a right turn?

Shastri, it'll be a long route. - It's already quite long.

Shastri, I'm not able to understand..

..whether you're laughing or crying.

I'm a straightforward man, I'll go straight.

"Now, I don't have anyone other than you, oh, Krishna."

"Oh, God, help my boat cross the river.."

There are five live men sitting in this car..

..where's the place for a corpse? Go.

Why can't you say it more gently, sir?

Why are you shouting? - Go. Go.

Hey, stop the car. - What is it, sir? Get down.

Sir, what happened? - Come here.

Open the bonnet.

Sir, there's nothing in it. - Open it. - I'm telling you..

"Till the world exists, the problems will exist.."

"Lord Hari.."

I'm opening it, sir. See for yourself.

Oh, God. I had taken a tin of paint from my neighbour.

It has ruined my ration. - Close it.

Go. - Sir, we are abused by the people because of you.

Get lost. - Come.

What are you looking at? Sit.

"Lord Hari.."

"Till the world exists, the problems will exist.."

"Lord Hari.."

Bajrang, why were you messing with the police?

Shastri, you're very afraid of the police.

What can the police do to innocent people like us?

Have we committed a murder?

"How do I know what all you've done.."

"Keep going, don't look back. Your family will be inside.."

Your whole family will be inside.."

Oh, God, Laila has betrayed me again. She is hitching.

Get down. Get down.

Krishnamurthy, come on.

Get down.

Sir, why are you getting down here?

We've to go much further. - First, get down from the car.

Why? - I'm asking you to get down.

What's the hurry, Shastri?

Many a great singers have lost their voice..

..this is just a minor fault. I'll set her right.

Don't talk. Take your fare. Take it.

Get down. Sir, change.

Keep it.

No. Note it. Note the number. - I've noted it.

Note the number? Is this a fake note?

No. A person like Pandit Dinanath..

..who composes pure ragas can't use fake notes.

Did Sadhuram himself come and give this money?

Yes. And he asked me to keep it safely.

He said it was the property of the bank.

He said that and went in search of the kids.

But I was afraid of keeping such a huge amount with me.

That's why I came to give it to you.

This is a difficult riddle. If Sadhuram was innocent..

..then he could've handed over the money himself.

Anyway, thank you, Divya. Now, you can go. Thank you.

Bajrang. Bajrang. Wait.

Bajrang. Bajrang.

Divya, did you hear about Babuji?

Yes. I heard everything. Babuji even visited me.

Babuji came to your house? - Yes. And gave me the money.

I handed over the money to the police.

But where did Babuji go?

He went in search of Ganesh and Munni.

They're missing since morning.

They are missing? - Yes.

Get in the car, we'll also search for them.

What happened? Get in fast. What is it?

Is your throat dry? Shall I buy you lime-soda?

What are you doing? What are you pointing at?

Let that poor fellow sleep. You sit in the car otherwise, it'll..

Oh, God.

"Sing a lullaby.."

"Go to sleep, dear. Go to sleep.."

I'm finished. I'm finished..

What do I do? What do I do?

The man with the beard is dead.

What do I do? What do I do?

The man with the beard is dead.

I'm in trouble. The man with the beard is dead.

I'm in trouble..

What do I do? What do I do?

What do I do? What do I do?

Bajrang, what do I do? What do I do?

What are you doing? - What do I do? What do I do?

Bajrang, have you gone mad? - What do I do?

Tell me what do I do? - Get down.

What do I do? What do I do?

What do I do? What do I do?

What do I do? What do I do?

What do I do? What do I do?

Empty boxes. - Hey, what are you doing?

Bajrang, please stop.


Bajrang. Bajrang. Bajrang.

Bajrang. Bajrang.

Vidya, when are we getting married?

When will we decorate the house, when will we have children..

What do you want? - I want a son, no, I want a daughter..

No, that old man has died... he's ruined me..

Babuji's friend ruined me. What do I do?

Then let's inform the police.

No. Not the police? - Bajrang, why do you fear?

Have you killed him? - No. I haven't killed anyone.

I haven't even killed a dog yet.

That day a chicken came under my car, that's all.

Then why are you afraid? Let's go to the police. Come on.

I'm with you, come on. - You're with me? - Yes.

Then I'm not afraid of anyone. - Yes. Come on.

I'm scared. I'm scared.

Why are you starting the meter?

Because that dead passenger is sitting inside.

Okay, come on.

Come on, get down.

What is this? The door is on that side. Get in from there.

Ganesh, I'm tired. My legs are paining.

Even my legs are paining.

Come on, let's go and sit there for some time.

Ganesh, won't we find our father?

Why not? We'll surely find our father.

You're Sadhuram's children, isn't it? - Yes.

Your father is in our house. - Your house? - Yes.

And he has sent for you. Come, let's go. - Very good.

Munni. Ganesh. Don't go with them.

Munni. Ganesh. Don't go with them.

Munni, don't go with him. Don't go, dear.

Babuji. Babuji.

Bajrang. Munni and Ganesh have..

..been kidnapped by those goons.

Hurry up and stop them. - Okay, but why did you do all this?

I'll tell you later, save my children first.

Okay, you go and inform in the police station.

I'll take care of everything. Hurry up.

Drive faster.

How far is your house from here? - Not much.

What is father doing? - He's eating, dear.

Look, Munni. Bajrang's taxi. - Even father is in it.

Father. - Munni.


My kids. - I saw them.

Faster. Faster.

Munni. - Father.

My kids are calling me.

Babuji, if not you, then who..

..will your children call out to? Don't say such things, Babuji.

Otherwise, I'll bump the taxi somewhere.

Father. - Shut up. - Munna.

Father. - Munna.

Father, don't worry. - Father.

Sir.. - Bajrang, what is it? - There is a problem.

Those children are being kidnapped in the car.

Hurry up and follow me.

Yes. - Hurry up.

Bajrang is in trouble, come on, let's go.

Father. - Munni.

Sir, Bajrang is in trouble. All of you follow me in your cars.

Father. - Munni.

Father. - Munna.

Father. - Shut up. Don't make noise. - Munna.


Leave my father. Leave my father.

Father. - Munni.

Munna. Come outside. Come to me. - Father.

I will not spare you? what are you doing? Leave me.

Leave me. Leave me.

Mother. Mother.


No. - Jewel thief? - Yes.

You are a friend. - Yes.

Leave my father. Leave my father.

Ganesh. - Father.

Sometimes forward, sometimes backward..

Sometimes forward, sometimes backward..

Oh, God.

Father, listen to me. Father, let's go.

Father, listen to me. Father, let's go.

Father, come let's go.

Babuji. You escape.

Come, dear, let's run away.

Where are you running to?

Ganesh. - Father.

Father. - Ganesh,

Come, let's run.

Where are you running?

Come here.

Leave me.

Hey, fight with me, why do you want to fight with an old man?

Leave my father. Leave my father.

Leave my father. Let go of him.

Nab them all.

Leave my father. Leave him.

Leave my father. Leave him.

Come, nab all of them.

Ganesh. Munni. - Sister

Constable, take all of them to the police station.

Inspector, go with them.

Yes. Come on. Get that.

Bajrang. You've done a great job.

Inspector, we're taxi drivers. We're gentlemen.

How can the goons stand up to gentlemen?

We'll knock the daylights out of them.

Come with me. - Brothers, get back to work.

Father. Father.

After listening to the case, it's been proved that Sadhuram..

..killed Dilawar Singh in order to save his life and the..'s money.

Hence, according to article 97 of..

..the Indian constitution, the court..

..orders the release of Sadhuram.

Friends, in return of the services rendered by..

..Sadhuram, the reward of Rs.10000..

..on dacoit Dilawar Singh is being given to him.

Congratulations. - Thank you.

Dear friends, I'm not supposed to say this..

..but due to the circumstances..

..when a saint like Sadhuram is trapped by fate..

..the world watches silently, just like how our dear..

..Lal Bahadur Shastri had turned the cannons towards..

..the border in order to protect our country.

Bajrang has compared me to a person of great stature.

I'm not even equal to him in any way.

I just did my duty and you aren't rewarded for..

..doing your duty. Out of this 10000..

..I give Rs.5000 to Seth Haridwarilal..

..from whom I took a loan for my friend Dilawar Singh.

Here, sir.

And I give the remaining 5000 to Bajrang..

..who is a very hardworking boy. Take it.

Babuji, why did you give Rs.5000 to me?

Let alone iron, I don't even have a wooden safe.

Yes, I gift this Rs.5000 to the famous singer..

..Pandit Dinanath.

I've understood.

Friends, this taxi driver is so wise.

I know why he's giving me this money.

Vidya, come here. Come here.

Garland. - Garland.

Put it around his neck. Don't feel shy. Good.


Put this. Not me. Her. Very good.

And keep this money as dowry on my behalf.

Great. I'm so lucky. I got the money.. well as the interest.

I'll keep my interest with me, and give this money to the.. drivers welfare association.

Sir. Give this to Fernandes.

Where are you all going? At least bless us.

"Live long, and live prosperously."

"Live long, and live prosperously."

"Live long, and live prosperously."

"Live long, and live prosperously."