Sadhna (1958) - full transcript

Mohan ( SUNIL DUTT ) is the only bachelor son of his widowed mother. Mohan works as a professor. He is against prostitution and consider prostitutes as a black spot to the society. But due to some circumstances a prostitute Champabai ( VAIJYANTIMALA ) comes to his life in the form of Rajni. Will Mohan and his ailing mother accept Champabai as Rajni or not is the story.

Bye, Mom. I'm off to college.
- Son, come here, will you?

What is it?
- Choose a girl from these.

They' re all nice.
- True.

But you can wed just one.

- Wed?
- Yes, Wed!

And I want no excuses either!

Being unemployed was your excuse
earlier. But now, you have a job.

But it's not permanent yet.
- So what? We' re quite well off.

Look, I've vowed to remain
a bachelor till l' m 25 years old.

- l' ll marry at 25!

- But...
- It's 10 O' clock!

I've heard everything,
now let me go to the college.

He always avoids the issue.
I don't understand it.

Hello. All's well, I hope?
- Yes.

Bless you, my boy.

- Who is it? Come on in.

It's me. Good day, madam.
- Please be seated, sir.

Well, what did your son say?
I' m sure he agreed.

The girl's a gem. Whoever sees her
will always approve of her.

A rare one.
One in a thousand, I tell you!

Yes, the girl is nice, but...
he doesn't wish to marry as yet.

Take your photograph.
- I wasn't forcing the issue.

I got this because you asked me to.
Plenty of fish in the sea however.

What a fusspot!
Thinks her son is a Magistrate!

Doesn't like any of the girls!
I approached out of respect.

What's the matter?
- That Mohan's mother...

She has her head in the sky!
She rejected this girl!

What a dish! If I wasn't already
married, I'd wed her myself.

Watch it, you!
She's my daughter, you see.

Sorry! She's a nice girl.
But why did Rohan refuse?

He's a professor now!
Dime a dozen, I tell you!

So! I was telling you
about the great poet Shudrak.

Like I said before, Shudrak
was a great Sanskrit poet.

His " Vasantasena" is a very
famous Sanskrit play.

But before I begin, I'd like to
explain something about it...

so that you can understand
its background atmosphere, etc.

In this play, the author has used love
to depict politics at its worst.

The hero is Charudatta and
the heroine, Vasantasena.

Charudatta was a noble man, and,
Vasantasena was a prostitute.

She falls in love with his
good looks and goodness.


She was a prostitute?
- Yes, she was.

And he, a nobleman?
- Yes.

Did he love her too?

The play says he loved her, yes.
- Can a decent, man love too?

Then? Do only fools
have the right to love?

I meant, can a noble man
fall in love with a prostitute?

That's what the poet has
written in his play.

Will you call such a man
noble or foolish?


Is a prostitute capable of love?

The poet has described the love
of Vasantasena as ideal.

He has shown it as a love
of an ideal woman.

We want your opinion.
- I think whores are social stigmas.

They' re sinful. They love, not
the man, but his assets and money.

I hope, instead of giving importance
to the romance in this play...

... you concentrate on the poet's
language and style.

Mom! Didn't the maid come?
Why are you sweeping?

She has fever.
- Then let me...

No! your clothes will get dirty.

If you' re so concerned about me,
why don't you marry, son?

She' ll help me in all this.

I' ll be the daughter-in-law for now.

Dear Lord, you've fulfilled
all my wishes till now.

Now fulfill this one wish too.
Get my son married.

I wish to see his wife,
before I die. Hear my prayers.

What's this? You had fever last
night. And you' re up for the Puja?

Then who else will do it?
Take the Lord's blessings, son.

You' re too much!
Your fever mustn't increase.

If you' re so worried,
listen to me.

You' re an educated adult now.
With a good job too. Get married.

My only wish now,
is to see your wife.

And you will too!
Just let me be 25, and l' ll marry.

That's still 2 years away, son.
Will I still be alive then?

You' ll live to be a hundred!
- Old leaves are not trustworthy.

That's because they hang on
trees. Mother's different.

Come, l' ll see you downstairs.
- Let it be. I' ll go on my own.

You always make a joke out of it.

She' ll come around soon.

Nothing to fear, I hope.
- Old age itself is a fear, son.

She has hurt her waist, and she's
weak. She needs good rest.

Get the medicines called.

I heard she fell down the stairs.
What did the doctor say?

He said it's nothing serious,
and she' ll get well soon.

Do me a favour. Get me these
medicines. Here's the money.

The prescription!
And hurry back.

Drat it! He had to call me!
Why did you call me from behind?

If l' m not to do that, and you won't
see me face to face, what do I do?

If you don't want me to call
you from behind, pay up!

I spent your money, on groceries.
I didn't blow it! I' ll pay later on.

You have 2 watches on you.
- Don't touch! They tell the time.

Isn't one watch enough for that?
- Two watches show 2 times.

Good times and bad times.

They think that your bad times
are here! Eh? Hoodwinked again?

Satisfied? That's why,
it's a said, insult a gentleman.

May I take ration on credit?
- You' re so lovely! Get lost!

Credit, my foot!
Nothing but trouble.

No use hiding your face.
- I am always discreet.

Else I too know how to shameless.
Anyway what can I do for you?

Do? Give me my rent.

Look, I had to leave
many houses for this.

I don't have any money.
- Then vacate my house.

You owe me 1/2 a year's rent.
- Then let's make it 1 year!

Then l' ll either pay or vacate.
- You dare tease me like this?

Wonderful! You' re a girl aren't
you, for me to tease you?

I' ll pay you tomorrow.
- You'd better!

Or l' ll throw your things out!

If you find any!

I knew you'd do that, wrestler.
- I know that. Get me my money.

It's in my safe, at home.
- That's an old story. Pay up! Else...

- l' ll kill you!

And the rest?
- Tomorrow.

- Of course, calm down.

How about an embrace?
This give and take goes on in life.

You not only have brawn,
but a brain to match too.

Don't forget tomorrow morning.
- Of course not.

This tener is my commission.

Woe be me...
- What is it?

My pocket was picked!

I've lost the money.
Give me a tener for the medicines.

I' ll get the medicine when I go to
the college. Sit with mother now.

Okay, l' ll serve her
in this way at least.

Aunty! Eat this.
You' ll get your strength back.

Aunty, it's me, Jeevan.
- Where's my son?

He's gone to get the medicines.
He' ll be here soon.

Get the doctor.

A daughter-in-law...
Get me a daughter-in-law.

Carry on with the medicines
God willing, she' ll live.

She's obsessed about a

Give her the Holy Water, son.
- Yes, must do the religious rites.

A daughter-in-law...

Until she sees her son's wife,
she won't even die.

Even if she dies, her spirit
will always roam here.

Had she seen her son's wife.
She'd have died happily.

Don't give up, son.
- Let me know if you need me.

Serve her well till her
last breath, son.

She was very nice.
- Her son has really hurt her.

A daughter-in-law...
Get me a daughter-in-law, son.

Get me a daughter-in-law?
- From where?

One can't buy one.

But she' ll go on pining for her.
- What can I do about it?

You' re right.
What can you do?

Mohan, there's one thing.
Come here.

There's a girl I know, who can
be presented as your wife to her.

It's a question of a few days...
- I don't know. You decide.

Her father will talk
of money no doubt...

That's no problem.

My mother must be at peace.
- True. Anyway l' ll go and try.

"Tell me, what all will you..."

" Listen, what all will you..."

"Tell me, what will you buy?
Listen, what will you buy?"

" Everything here is up for sale"

"So tell me what will you buy?
Listen, what do you wish to buy?"

" You sir, you, and you too...
What do you wish to buy?"

"These naughty curls,
or, these swaying arms?"

"The mischief on these lips,
or the magic in these eyes?"

" A mine of sensuality, or,
the youthful songs..."

"Or even these joyous times.
Tell me what will you all buy?"

" Each and every thing here is sold.
So, what will you buy, tell me"

"Shall I surrender these
youthful passions"

" If you ask for a bud,
I shall give you the whole garden"

"These rays of intoxication.
And aromas of darkness..."

" And these colourful nights...
Tell me, what will you buy, sir?"

" I sell love, and,
I sell decency too"

"Go away, if you' re prudish;
for I sell my modesty..."

"Just look into my eyes.
Don't put on airs"

" Look into my eyes, I say.
And don't show off"

" Don't be so shy either.
So, what will you buy, tell me"

Wonderful! What a performance.

Wonderful, Madame.
May God keep you.

No dearth in buyers either!

My respects, sir.
- Welcome, sir. Sit down.

Shall I inform the l.T. Dept?
- We look to the earnings...

... not the expenditure.

I had some work with you.
- Yes?

There's an old woman
who neither lives, nor dies.

So? Show her to a hakim.

Her death potion is in
your hands, sir.

- Send Champa at her place.

She wishes to hear music.
- Something like that.

Must be young at heart.

People like to take the Lord's name.
This one wants music!

What's the matter?

People like to hear you
sing for pleasure.

But there's this old woman
who wants your song to die.

No, it's not like that.
The fact is that woman...

... wishes to see her
son's wife before dying.

You have to play her daughter-in-law.
I' m mean, act as one for some days.

I' ll pay Rs. 25/-
- I don't leave the house.

I' ll pay you Rs. 50/-
- l' m so tired.

Rs. 75/- then.

I told you l' m not well.
- Don't push your luck!

Rs. 100/- and that's final;
Else l' ll go elsewhere! Sir?

Say yes, my dear. It' ll be a
new experience. She' ll come.

Go on, dear. Get ready to go.
- Okay. I' ll go.

And listen Rs. 25/- will be mine!
- Make it Rs. 1 25/- and take it.

Okay, the hell with that!
Now get ready.

A daughter-in-law, remember!

That's her.
- Much obliged.

Forget it. How's your mother?

- She's unconscious.

Aunty, your daughter-in-law's here.

Is she really here?
- Yes! Look, there she is.

She's paying her respects.

Bless you my dear.
Son, stand next to her please.

Let me see you both together
to my heart's content.

May God keep you both.

Could you, please?

Now Aunty will die peacefully.

How much?
- Rs.200/-.

There's a limit after all.
Rs.200/- for such a small errand?

Water! Please give me
some water, dear.

Go on.


Bless you, what is your name?
- Rajani, her name's Rajani.

Right then. We' ll go now.
Come on, Rajani.

Back already, my dear?
- The hell you sent me to!

He was very adamant.
Well Jeevan? Did she die?

Not yet, but she will.
Why bother?

We had to fool them for
our own gain. And we did it!

The mother and son are a
pair of idiots, I tell you.

After seeing me, the old hag said
" Be happy my dear".

"Son, stand next to her.
Let me see you both together"!

And that idiot...
Wonder who made him a professor.

He was so scared to stand near me,
as though I was fire!

No doubt about that, dear.
I can feel the heat right here!

I totally forgot.
- Never mind.

I' ll go now.
- Righto.

Take your medicine, Mom.
- Your wife was here last night.

I couldn't see her properly though.
Go and call her, son.

My wife?
- Yes.

If you liked this girl,
why didn't you tell me?

I'd have got you married to her.
Go and call her now.

I don't have much time now.
I want to talk to her.

Have your dose at least.
- No. Call your wife first.

But how can I leave you alone?
- I won't die so soon. Call her.

Where did you get the cash from?
- Started a new business.

Now pay off all the debts.

What debts?
- Borrowed money.

Give and take is part of life.
Now go and do your work.

No! First return the money.
You go out, but I've to face them.

Who can it be so early?
- Someone you've borrowed from!

Tell him l' m out.
- What if he asks when you' ll return?

Tell him in 2 months time.
- That l' m jailed for 3 months.

- Now go and tell him.

Go and tell yourself.
Don't involve me in this.

Oh? Do you think I need you?
I' ll manage it myself.

Who is it?
- It's me, Pehelwan.

- I wish to fight him.

He's hardly your size.
- l' ll kill him!

What! You' ll kill my man?
Get lost, I say!

He said the money was in the safe
and I was to come and get it.

It's been a week now.
Enough is enough.

Tell him if he doesn't pay me
today, l' ll beat him to a pulp!

Okay, l' ll tell him.

Who is it?
- It's your landlord.

We don't want anything.
- l' m here to collect the rent!

He's out!
- He's always out.

Is he ever in the house?
Tell him I was here.


Who's this now?
- He's not in.

When will he come?
- Don't know.

Tell him Mohan had come.
- If it's Mohan, l' m at home!

Sorry. I thought somebody was
wanting money for charity.

I' m fed up with them!
They' re always asking for money.

As if l' m an industrialist!
Anyway, come in.

Get some tea for Mohan, my dear.
- No thanks. I don't take tea.

Forget it then my dear.
- Shall I get some milk then?

Didn't I say he doesn't drink
anything? She will go on and on...

How's Aunty?
- Much better.

Better? Thank God!

She remembers that Rajani.
Get her now if you can.

Now? No. She can't come now.

Who's Rajani?
- My uncle's niece.

Your uncle's niece?

No, your uncle's niece.
- What?

She's totally mad. She' ll ask
what I want to hide from her!

Karamchand's daughter.

Is he your uncle?
- No, my foe!

A distant relation, you see.
- But his daughter is Rajoo.

And you are a fool! Her pet name
is Rajoo. She's actually Rajani.

Now go do your work. She can't
come now. She's a young girl.

I had brought her last night
with great difficulty.

Why had you brought her?
- For God's sake! Go do your work!

I' ll tell you later. A bad habit!
Very inquisitive nature.

Bring her. For Mom's sake.
- Sure. But more money.

Her father's damn greedy.

No problem.
- Fine then.

Tell Aunty her daughter-in-law
will come tonight.

"The sensuality that I possess,
is not found in everyone"

" Love may be found in all,
But loyalty, only in few"

" It's not good to go
to such places"

" Be careful, dear man,
the times die bad"

"To fall in love
is not good"

" Flowing tresses can
become shackles too"

"The eyes that appear shy,
can become arrows too"

" It's men who fall in love"

"They fall prey to the
wicked charms"

"This is that place where
love is given freely"

" And the heart?
It's given away every time"

"That's why I say,..."

" It's bad to go to a place
of ill repute"

" Be careful, dear man,
the times are bad"

" It's bad to fall in love too"

" It's not good to go
to house of ill-repute"

" If I smile at everyone,
they think l' m drunk"

" And if I stare at them,
they think me mad"

" If someone gets lost in songs
or instrumental music..."

" And who is saved from this too,
get's lost in dance"

"They' re very fast to put
their arms around the necks"

"Their eyes are after money
and not anyone's heart"

"That's why I say..."

"They inflict atrocities;
they give you agony"

"They steal our hearts,
and give us heart-ache"

" If you want pain,
come to me"

" Else, off with you.
Go find some other place"

" Even if you go away today,
you' ll return tomorrow night"

" You won't find another like me
in the whole world"

"That's why I say..."

Come on in.
- Jeevan is here, my dear.

Tell him I won't go today.
- Why?

Who' ll go to that sickly hag?
- Who's bothered with her?

Our aim is money. Isn't Rs.100/-
for a few hours, worth it?

I' ll take Rs.200/- this time.
- This daily hike in price won't do.

Make it Rs.1 50/-. Now go, my dear.
- Hurry up. She must be waiting.

What time is it?
- It's midnight.

You said your wife would be here.

She got held up at a religious
ceremony. Very religious minded.

Bless you, dear.
I was waiting for you so eagerly.

The sermon took a long time
and father also came late.

Come here.
- Go, sit near her.

Being well-bred, she's very shy.

Sit down. This is your chance
to be blessed by Aunty here.

Sit near me, my dear.
Go on, sit.

She's so innocent and beautiful.
You' re feeling shy too now, eh?

My days are numbered; you' ll
have to take charge here now.

I've called you here to tell you
about whatever possessions I have.

But is this all necessary?
- It is, son. Very necessary.

This house is worth Rs.25,000/-.

1 5,000/- in insurance.
1 2,000/- cash.

And ornaments worth Rs.10,000/-.

Stop blabbering. Mom.
- Shut up!

Your father had made them, but
he died without seeing your wife.

Take these keys, son.
Show her the ornaments.

See if the bangles fit her.
- We' ll do this after you get well.

Don't argue now. I don't have
the will, nor the energy for it.

You' re a good boy.
Show her the ornaments.

Go my dear.

- Your mom sent me.

She thinks you' re really my wife.

But I haven't forgotten that l' m
hired. I' m actually cheating her.

No. I' m cheating her.
And you too of course.

You have obliged me in fact, else
I wouldn't have met such a lady.

Lucky is the girl
who weds in this house.

You liked mom so much?

I' ll ask her for my mom-in-law
from God, in my next birth.

Try these out...
Mom asked you to. Remember?

Why try on something which
will never be mine anyway?

Circumstances may change.
- Why dream the impossible?

Impossible may become possible.
Dreams do come true.

I' m not so lucky.

I went looking for evil...
I found none.

I had to look within to know
there wasn't anyone more evil.

I' m sure of just one thing.
Take life as it comes.

It's right time for you to go on
your son's shoulder, but I pray...

that you see your son married.
See his kids and their kids too.

That you go to heaven
on a gold ladder.

No, nothing like this.

I just want my son to wed.
That's all.

Well? Did they fit you?
- Yes. They' re lovely.

She didn't even try them on.

Why not?
- Some other time.

I' ll go now. It's late.
- Okay, but come tomorrow.

Make it during the daytime.
- l' ll try my best.

Call her anytime, Aunty.
She' ll be here. No objection.

Your money.
- Let it be. I don't need it.

But what about your father?
- Who? Don't worry about him.

I' ll manage him.

Why did you refuse the money?
- Because I want gold, not money!

There are ornaments worth 10,000/-
in that box - l' ll take those.

Kill without shedding any blood.

But what about my commission?
- l' ll pay you.

But it should be a fair amount.
- Sure, why not?

But let me get the gold first.
- Hats off to you, girl.

I' ll sleep peacefully tonight.

A sit-down strike to get the money?
It's become an epidemic in lndia.

Anybody can go on a strike.
Never mind. I' ll no less.

He's here!
- Catch him!

He isn't here. You' re dreaming.
- But he' ll come for sure.

If he's inside, he' ll come out.
And if he's out, he' ll go in.

We' re here for him!

Let me see how he escapes!
- Sure! I too won't spare him.

That man is sly as a fox.
He may not give us the slip.

You look that way,
and l' ll look this way.

You' re right!
We' ll do that.

When Lord Rama saw Sita's beauty
he was very happy.

He praised it to himself,
but couldn't say a word.

A house where " Ramayana" is read
is not a house, but a shrine.

Bless you. Sit down.
Mohan, let her read it to me.

Come on, dear. Read it out.

You want me to read it?

Yes, go on. You always read it.
She is a pious person.

She doesn't even drink water
until she finishes her prayers!

Such are the hallmarks
of a good lineage.

And what a lineage!
She' ll uplift any family she goes in.

Give her the book, son.
Let her read to me.

Take it, dear. Don't be shy.
- It's the Ramayan after all.

Rama with his brother Laxman
was walking in Janak Park.

Sita too had come there
with her friends.

Rama saw Sita and was struck
by Sita's beauty.

Same thing happened to Sita too.
And when Rama left the park...

there was expectation
in the air...

Not in prose, my dear.

But in verse. Sing it.
- Sing?

Poor girl was singing
all night yesterday.

That's why she has a sore throat.
Excuse her this time.

Next time she' ll sing
the way you want.

That's alright.

Son, get the bridal jewellery.
Let's see how she looks in it.

And listen.
Get the bridal sari too.

He's such a silly boy.
He chose a girl and never told me.

And there I was
selecting a girl for him!

How will he tell you?
He must've felt awkward.

He at least told you! My mom
came to know of my marriage.

... from others!

I' ll get Mohan married soon now.
- But naturally.

Here you are.
- Yes. Wear and show me.

It's late now. I' ll wear tomorrow.
- Okay. Why wear tomorrow?

Wear it and come here.
Do you mind if we take them home?

Why should l? They' re for her.
Wear them and come tomorrow.

Okay, l' ll wear them and come.
- Righto! My work is done.

You' re very late today.

You mean early. She has earned
2 years earnings in 2 hours!

- Yes!

She has brought ornaments
worth Rs. 10,000/-!

Let me see them too, Champa dear.

Show me the ornaments, dear.
- See them when l' ll wear them.

What about my share?
- Here you are.

What's this.
I meant my share from the ornaments.

Was I the daughter-in-law or you?
- But I made you one.

So l' m paying you for it.
- You are cheating me.

You' ll need me some day.
- My foot!

I' m not going to step in that house.
Please show the gentleman out!

I can find my own way out thanks!
- Why do you get so angry?

We' ll have plenty such chances to
use your dishonesty and her beauty.

With your blessings everything
will be fine. Dishonesty, beauty!

Till Champa gets ready, let's
hear some couplets from you.

Hear this one.
- Yes, go on.

You' ll repent you severed my head.
For whose head will you swear on now?

- Too good!

Last night's dream... Oh God!

You'd be shocked to hear it.

Before coming, my beloved
has sent me a message.

But for me the moon
has come down to earth.

Wow, Champa!
You look like a bride!

A Goddess, no less.

A lady...
- A nobility.

Sure sir, she looks like a lady,
nobility, even a goddess!

But Champa looks a nautch-girl
whatever she wears!

A bride?

A Goddess?

A lady of class?

You' re no noble lady, Champa.
You' re a nautch-girl, a prostitute.

A prostitute can't wear
a bride's ornaments.

They' ll burn you... scald you!

" Why have you hidden
your face today?"

" Why this curtain between us?"

" We've seen your every hue
and every style"

" We've seen you from near,
and from afar too"

" We've guaged you.
We lost you and rediscovered you"

" We understand the language
of the heart, and the eyes"

" We' re familiar with the sound
of your bangles and anklets"

" We know how moody
and seductive you can be"

" We know each and every secret
of yours... Then..."

" Why this curtain between us?
Why are you behind the door?"

" What's the point
in hiding your face?"

" Your glamourous appearance
only enhances your beauty"

"Soft cheeks aglow with fire...
and limpid eyes like butterflies"

" You sway with sensuality.
And blush like a bride"

" Without you our nights are boring;
this romance is so dull"

" You' re life to the dying"

" You' re the light in this darkness.

" Why this distance between us?"

"Come, we' re awaiting you
most impatiently"

"The flame flutters...
The stars skip a heartbeat"

" If you oblige a bit,
this earth will become heaven"

" Now the night just comes and goes.
This fan of yours makes an appeal"

" May the Lord keep
your beauty intact..."

" I beg you, please oblige us"

" We' re mad about you"

" Your long time ardent fans.

" Why this privacy from us?
Why this distance between us?"

" Why this curtain between us?"

The curtain has opened...
- Lift your eyes and see the Goddess.

My darling girl?
Where's that bridal attire?

Yes, where's the new look,
and, those aristocratic ornaments?

We liked your new look Champa.
Change into that and come.

Today we' ll have a bride dancing.

No; nobility will dance today.

Yes! nobility will dance today.
A lady with class...

If you want to see such a dance,
then go home all of you!

I' m not a lady of class, but
a nautch-girl; A whore...

Come on in.
- No, let's talk here.

Rajani didn't come last night.

She' ll never come now.
- Why?

You make a mistake and,
ask me the reason.

Why give her those ornaments?
- She said she'd wear them and come.

But her father didn't promise!
He must've kept all the loot!

You knew how greedy he was!

But Rajani's not like that.
- l' m talking about her father.

Give me her address.
- What for? I' ll do something.

If you get the ornaments,
well and good, else...

Okay, you go to your college
l' ll see her in the evening.

- Come, my dear.

You really made me wait.

Keep your ornaments first.
- But they' re yours.

And why didn't you wear them?
You and my son have had a spat.

You've begun fighting already!
But why are you standing?

Please sit down, dear.
Near me like this.

My son is silly! Listen;
wear these ornaments for me now.

My body is not worthy of them.

Not worthy? Silly girl...
My daughter-in-law is lovely.

Yes, Ma'am?
- My daughter-in-law to be.

Mohan will marry her soon.
How is she? Lovely eh?

Very! Get them married soon.
- Yes. I' ll fix the date today.

Finished your chores? Then go home.
Rajani will sit with me now.

Ever since I've been ill,
Gods have been neglected.

Go and bathe the Lord,
and do all the holy rites.

Me? I' ll bathe the Lord?
I' ll do the holy rites?

Yes. It' ll be your duty now.
That's the prayer-room there.

Go, my dear.
Listen to me. Go on.

Yes, that's the room of the Lord.

Me? Touch the Lord?
No... no..

" Why are you so nervous
at the door of the Lord?"

" When thousands of wretched beings
are blessed by Him?"

" Millions of sinners are relieved
of their sins at His door"

" Why are you so nervous
of the Lord, at the door"

" When thousands of wretched
live are blessed by Him?"

" Whether it's Mahananda,
Ahilya, He helps everybody"

" Whoever touches his feet
is blessed by Him"

" At the Lord's door, why does
your mind become nervous?"

" When the thousand of wretched
souls are blessed at his door?"

" He's not bothered with the caste
nor anyone's vices and virtues"

" He is God's favourite devotee,
who takes His name."

" Whoever comes with faith to Him,
is rewarded the most"

" Why are you so nervous
at the Lord's door..."

" When thousands of wretched
people are blessed by Him?"

O Lord, please bless me.
Save me O Lord.

I' ll have you jailed.
Where's Champa? Tell me.

I don't know, I swear.
- Show me the house you took her to.

Why are you hitting me?
Want to see the house? Come.

What's the point in going in?
- She has taken the ornaments!

Stupid, aren't you? Will she
return to the scene of the crime?

This is the house.
Go in.

if you need me, inform me.

If she can't be here,
where will she be?

Expand your vision.

Many men go to her dance-hall.
She may have fallen in love.

Must've gone to him.
Come with me.

What's the mater?
- Jeevan...

Did you go there?
- lt' ll be fine!

Listen to me...
- Listen? Such small matters...

in the evening.

- Yes. Come, Sir.

He's fond of drinks.

Home, son?
- How' re you?

Fine, l' ll not fall sick how.

Son, your wife...
- Oh yes! I spoke to Jeevan.

She' ll come tonight.

Tonight indeed!

Let it be. It has fallen
in the right place.

You picked it up now,
but don't let it fall again.

I didn't drop it purposely.
- These things happen unknowingly.

For instance, it was in your hand
Then at your feet, and now...

it's close to your heart.
- No... nothing like that.

I was just looking at it.
- Then my photo is lucky.

What do you mean?
- Today you held the photograph.

Tomorrow it could be my turn.
I also have some hopes.

The ones I hold, usually fall.
They don't rise in life.

Hold my hand and see.
- l' m not really worthy of you.

A pearl doesn't know its value,
nor a flower, its fragrance.

All flowers don't smell sweet.
All of them aren't offered to God.

Sir, l' m a scent-less flower.

Only the one who smells the flower
knows its scent. Not the flower.

Ask my heart, what you really are.
- You' re wrong.

You' re mistaking bronze for gold.
I' m bad... very bad.

Listen to me, dear...

" Be careful, dear heart...
What's the point in aching so?"

" Why go to a place where you' ll
never find a place? So, careful"

" Please come back.
Why turn your face and go way?"

" Why let that heart suffer
which longs for you?"

"So come back..."

" Who' ll want to make me his own?
Who' ll want this trampled flower?"

" Why dream empty dreams?"

" Why go there,
where you' ll never be accepted?"

"So control yourself"

"Come back to me..."

"This heart has seen you, wanted
you, and even worshipped you"

" Actually, it's the first time that
this heart has asked for something"

" Why pretend not to know
when you know everything"

"So come to me"

" Be careful, dear heart"

"Those who find happiness
are others, not me"

" It's for others to find a place
in somebody's heart, not me"

" Why let hopes toy
with false pretenses?"

" Why go there,
where l' ll never be accepted?"

"So be careful"

"Come to me..."

" What was in the heart,
has now found voice"

"Then let the matter stay
where it is now"

"The matter has now reached
its final stage"

" When you' re going to lose that
person for sure, why chase?"

" Why go there,
where there' ll be no place for me?"

"So be careful, dear heart"

" Please come to me"

The whole area is busy.
Only your place is locked!

She isn't here either.
Must've eloped with somebody.

The bird has flown from the coop!
- Where to? I've long arms too!

Hey! There she is!
- She's sleeping.

But your luck has awakened!
- l' m so relieved!

You' re well, aren't you?

I just dozed off.

Get up. Take a wash, and change.
People will soon start coming.

Let's go, Jeevan.

Greetings, Sir.
- Sit down Maestro. Tune up.

Come on, sir. Champa's returned.
Tonight I expect something better.

Bless these beauties
who make us yearn.

Everything seems quiet today...
- Just like my dear heart, Sir.

Sir, why don't, you sir,
Come up with some couplets?

Champa, we' re losing our patience.
Come out now.

Come out, dear.
See how impatient they all are.

I' ll get her.
- Wait! She' ll be here.

Didn't you change your clothes?
- I've had a change of heart instead.

What a dialogue!

Your change of heart
has changed my fate.

Shut up! Ask them to leave.
I' ll not perform.

Look, how eagerly they await
your performance.

She' ll sing. Please don't mind.

Never mind. A beloved's abuse
I is also music to one's ears.

Ask them to leave! I' ll not sing!
- My foot!

You' ll have to sing!
Play on...

Stop it!

Yes, come on.
- Hold on...

Please sit down. She' ll sing.
I' ll make her sing.

Who the hell is she to refuse?

Have you forgotten your bad days
when you had nothing to eat?

I lifted you off the streets
and put you in this mansion!

I made you a queen!
- I don't want to be one!

Make your sisters queens, give
them mansions and make them sing!

Shut up!

Will you sing, or not?
- No!

Let's see how you don't!
- You rascal!

You bitch!
You dare do this?

Now talk!
- What's this? Have you gone mad?

I' ll kill you!
- You will eh? Then go ahead.

I' m standing before you.
Kill me!

Why did you stop? You cur!
You live off a woman's earnings!

You can't kill anyone.
The Champa you wish to kill...

I've killed her myself!
Today the woman in me has risen.

I've risen and so has my soul.
No power can force me to dance.

Get lost! Else l' ll kill you.
Didn't you hear me?

Okay, but remember.
I vow to make you dance again!

And not here, but,
in the open market!

Gently, dear.

Then tell me.
How did you get hurt?

You've heard it 50 times!

A volcano erupted and
one boulder hit me! Satisfied?

Where is this volcano?
And what were you doing there?

Oh Lord!
That's where my factory is.

Factory? You work in a factory?
- No, I work in a coop!

Don't get angry. I' m just asking.
What do you do there?

I' m the middle-man between client
and the stock.

A broker.

What a cheap word.
I take commission!

God save people from such guys.
They think my home is the factory.

I had gone to Rajani's house.
- She had already come home.

No wonder you' re so happy.
- She returned the ornaments too.

Really? Didn't take your
heart instead, did she?

What's this on your head?
- Nothing. My wife bumped into me!

Why don't you come in?
- No, l' m off to college.

Mom wants to meet
Rajani's father.

Oh, really?

She' ll discuss marriage?
- Yes.

Excellent. I' ll meet him today.

But he's a greedy person.
He' ll want money in exchange.

Don't worry, l' ll give him
whatever he demands.


Do you have any money?
I'd have taken it to him.

Here you are.

A greedy man sometimes
sells his integrity...

and at times his daughter.
Such people are very lowly.

You, and praying?
I can't call you Champa anymore.

It has to be Rajani.
- A name doesn't change a person.

But a change of heart
changes a person.

Mohan was remembering you. Let's go.
- No.

I' ll never go there now.
- Then shall I bring him here?

Don't do that. I beg you.

You won't come. He can't come!
How do we proceed further?

It's all over now.
- Over? It's just begun you mean.

He wishes to marry you.
- Marry me? No.

He wants Rajani, l' m Champa.
A nautch-girl, who' ll wed me?

Don't tell him my real identity.
Let this secret remain a secret.

Sure, and it can be kept too.
But you have to make a deal.

My whole existence is on mercy.
Close one fist, open the other.

I' ll pay you as much as you want,
but Mohan must never know.


Love is blind. It knows no
caste, colour, or status.

Vasantasena was a prostitute to
the world, but not to Charudatt.

To him she was a woman.
He missed her when apart...

and was a happy when they met.
This portion is always remembered.

The great poet describes it thus.

Charudutt is saying
to his beloved Rajani...

Rajani, Sir?
- Did I say that?

That's wrong.
I meant Rajani, as Night.

They met only at night.

Of course. Charudutt must be
attending a college in the morning.

So! Charudutt says to
Vasantsena in the night...

"O one with the large eyes,
I spent many a night..."

"... remembering you and
sighing deeply in frustration"

Does separation from one's
beloved does that to a person?

Worse than this, I mean,
the poet seems to think so.

There must be a remedy to it.
- There is togetherness.

Wonderful Champa!
- You look like a true devotee.

This is a new way
to trap her prey.

Who are you calling?
She's Champa, not Rajani.

Yes. She's a nautch-girl.
a renowned prostitute.

A prostitute.
A nautch-girl.

- Who is Rajani?
Who is she, I say!

Is it true she's Champa,
the nautch-girl. A prostitute?

Why did you bring her to my house?
- Control yourself.

I' ll strangle you! Tell me,
Why did you bring her home?

Because your mom was dying, and
you needed a wife for a while.

And sir, only a prostitute can
be a wife for a short period.

Not a well-bred girl.
- Why didn't you tell me before?

Why should l? You wanted your
mom to die peacefully.

Now is it my fault that
she didn't die and got well.

You did a very bad thing. If
mom finds out, she' ll kill herself.

That' ll be right. A prostitute
in the house of such a pious lady?

She not only sat near her pillow,
and even fed her water.

What do I do now?

Slap me here too!
- l' m sorry.

You can give me 2 slaps if you
wish, but mom mustn't know this.

Please take pity on me.
- But of course!

My whole existence is
on mercy and virtue.

Close one fist, open the other...
you know what I mean l' m sure.

Come home and take it.

Don't feel bad, friend.
I've a family, a wife...

and could've kids too.
I can't afford to say not to money.

Did you meet Rajani's father?
- l' ll never see her face again!

I' ll never go there!
- Why? What happened?

- Tell me at least.

Come in, Jeevan
- Greetings, Aunty.

Mohan says he won't see Rajani's
face again. Todays boys are weird!

They choose their own wives
and then fight at every step.

As if it's a kids game!

Take me to her house.
Who me?

Yes. Come on.

I'd have loved to, but they
went out of town this morning.

When will they return?
- Didn't say.

Where to?
- Don't know.

That's why my son's so angry.

What right have you to be angry,
bossing her before marriage?

I can't marry her. Never!
- Why not?

I've accepted as her your wife,
with all my heart and soul.

She' ll be my daughter-in-law.
You must marry her.

How do I explain? She doesn't
wish to marry me. Ask him.

Yes. I've heard the rumour too.
There's someone else.

You' re lying! I've seen her
with my experienced eyes.

She loves my son,
this house she loves even me!

You' re mistaken, mom.
She's a fraud.

Everything is false here.
This world too.

I' m a fraud, so are you.
But the Lord isn't.

" Woman gave birth to man.
And he gave her the flesh-trade"

" Whenever they felt like it,
they trampled on her...

"or discarded her"

" Woman gave birth to man"

"She is weighed in dinars.
Or sold in open markets"

"She's stripped
in the court of lustful men"

"She's that ill-reputed thing
which settles among the reputed"

" Woman gave birth to man"

" Man can commit every crime;
but a woman can't even weep"

" Man sleeps on a million
soft beds..."

"The woman gets the funeral pyre"

" Man have a right to every luxury"

" For a woman life itself
is a punishment.

" And, it was a woman
who gave birth to man"

"The lips which declared love,
were traded for money"

"The womb in which they were
born, was used as a business"

"The very body they blossomed from,
who abused by them"

" Woman gave birth to man"

" Men made customs which
were regarded as their rights"

" But a woman, being burnt alive
was looked upon as sacrifice"

" Even the food given to her
was considered an obligation"

" And to think it was a woman
who gave birth to man"

" Every act of shamelessness
is rooted in poverty"

" What is passion to men
is a sin to woman"

" Woman gave birth to man"

" A woman is destiny of the world
but she doesn't have it herself"

"She bears Prophets and
Lord lncarnates..."

" Even then she's considered
a devil's child"

"This is that unfortunate mom,
who sleeps with her own sons"

" For a woman is the mother of man.
But they gave her the marketplace"

" Whenever they felt like it,
they accepted or discarded her"

" And it was a woman
who gave birth to man"

Dear Mohan.

I' m not Rajani,
but Champa, a prostitute.

Which you came to know...

I know the doors of matrimony
are closed to a prostitute.

But I wish to see you,
just once, outside those doors.

Tomorrow at midnight l' ll wait
for you outside your door.

Why are you here?
Why do you want to meet me?

To apologise for my mistake.
- Really? But it's not your fault.

That's your profession.
To fool, cheat, and ruin people.

That's what a whore does!

A whore doesn't fall from a sky.
She too is a daughter; a sister.

She too is a woman sir!
- one whose life is full of crimes...

...whose breath is poisoned with
treachery and fraud...

... if that's a woman,
then I spit on her!

Spit on the men who make a whore.
Take advantage of her weak physique.

Who ruin her for their own gain.

A woman is a cheat because
she doesn't make the first move.

She waits for the man to do so.
She's a cheat because...

... she hides her feelings, till
men repeatedly swear their love.

It's not a woman who betrays
and cheats. It's the man!

You men build brothels for whores
and orphanages for your bastards.

And then you mix in the high
society and critize us...

... to save yourselves humiliation.

Ever heard the story of a whore?
She' ll tell you the truth.

Men deceived me.
Men made me a whore.

I too am an unfortunate whore.

You've got your ornaments.
Now take your money.


Where are you taking her?
- You go on. I' ll answer him.

You can't take her!
Let her go.


Better not interfere.

Go away! Else l' ll wake up
the public, and call the police.

Sir, you picked a fight with me!
It' ll prove very expensive.

Let's go...

Where am l?

- Yes, me.

I saved you from those thugs.

Why did you do that?
why did you save me?

They were taking me away,
you should've let them.

Tell me. Why did you save me?
- As a fellow human being.

Who' ll save me tomorrow?
- Tomorrow?

Yes! And the day after.
Next month. Next year!

This is a life long curse.
this always happens with me.

And it will always happen!

Who were they?
- Men.

Where were they taking you? Why?

As a thing of amusement for men.
To sing and dance.

Against your will?
- Will?

Only the rich and the powerful
have will. And men of course!

I' m vulnerable. Alone.
And a woman too.

My sympathies are with you.

I wish others would
sympathise too.

I too was well-bred.
From a decent family.

I was born in a family which was
rich in culture, but poor financially.

I lost my father
in my childhood.

Mother was my only support.

She was seriously ill.
And I was a female... young.

Her weak hand rose
to comfort me.

But she was dying before me.

Neighbours came feigning decency.

Their excuse was to see mom.
But they stared at me. My body.

Their hands pretended to help
mother, but touched me.

My mother's health got worse,
and with it their lust and daring.

My mother was dying.
She needed a doctor and medicines.

I went to beg to
a sympathetic neighbour.

I spread my palms for help
but he caught my arm instead.

I spread my shawl for alms,
but he pulled it instead.

Instead of helping me,
they wanted to loot me!

Before fulfilling my necessities,
they wanted to sate their lust.

They wanted me to taste poison
before giving medicine to mom.

I escaped from their paws
and went home.

I was running to reach mom,
but my heart was breaking.

And reached home.

Before I got home,
Mom had passed on.

She didn't stop to think
what will become of me?

All the neighbours gathered.

They needed a cloth
to cover my mom's body.

They didn't put a shroud on her,
but on my fate instead.

I was helpless, and alone.

And the society took
full advantage of it.

They misguided and harrassed me
and brought me to a brothel.

I fell in love with Rajani.

Now I love you as Champa.

I'd have married you defying
the social norms. But my mom...

By saying this, you've made me
your wife. I' m married to you.

I've become a decent woman
from a good family again.

My world has changed now.

Now I don't want anything more.

Please go from here.
Somebody may see you.

Tomorrow nobody should say
that I ruined you.

Pleased go from here.
For God's sake!

Your mother must not know
that you visit a brothel.

My son goes to a prostitute?
No! I' ll never ever believe it.

You better believe it. Your son
goes to her, and she come here!

Your son's fiancee is everybody's
fiancee. Anybody can buy her.

I' ll have your tongue!
Go away from here.

I' ll go but how will
you erase the stigma?

Your Rajani is Champa!
A nautch-girl, and a whore!

Shut up!
Where the Lord is praised...

a daughter-in-law's anklets
tinkle. Not a whore's!

Get out of my sight.
My son can never do this.

He can't cheat me.
- Every mom believes her son.

And an unworthy son betrays
his mother exactly in this way.

Here comes your good son.
I was lying, eh? Then ask him.

Who's this man?
He's talking nonsense.

I' m not saying anything.

I just said Rajani is Champa,
a nautch-girl. A prostitute.

Have I lied, Sir?

Why are you quiet?
Say all this is a lie.

Our Rajani's not a prostitute,
but a decent girl - your fiancee.

Why don't you say something?
Tell me all this is a lie.

It's not a lie, mom.
It's the truth.

Your mom died the day you
brought a whore in this house!

O, God! That sinful woman
fed me the Holy water.

I myself was in the dark, mom.
Didn't know a thing.

But you knew I was dying.
That's why you avoided marriage.

You were me misleading
so you could marry that whore!

She wasn't born a whore, mom.
She was forced to become one.

That's why you brought her home?
To enhance your family's name?

She was from a good family too.
- Then bring her home.

Marry her. Let her dance
in this courtyard here.

Sing with her!
- No, mother.

She's a helpless girl.
She can only cry, not sing.

Then marry her!

Bring fame to your family name
and enhance its reputation!

He's not to fault.
Blame me. Please forgive me.

Don't call me Mom with
your vile tongue! Get out!

I've come to say goodbye.
I just wanted to...

Don't you touch me
with your unholy hands!

The Ganges doesn't become unholy
by washing the sins of the sinners.

In fact she purifies them.

Shut up! A fallen fruit can't be
put back on the tree again.

But it can lie in its shade.
- lt' ll make that shade unholy too.

You've made a dent in our home.
You' re no woman, but a vixen.

An insult to womanhood! You've
no right to enter a household.

Hear that? You've no right
to enter a decent household.

But everybody can knock
on your door, anytime!

At night the keepers of society
call your house a heaven.

But during the day it becomes
a hell to them!

They call a whore a
stigma to the society.

I couldn't wash it off.

All the tears of countless whores
couldn't wash it off till now!

Your love is not to be adorned
but to be trampled upon!

You can be a wife for a night.
Not for life.

You just can't be a man's wife!

I will serve you like a slave!

See? Here you fall at their
feet and they shove you away.

There, they fall at your feet,
and you shove them away.

You can't even be a slave here.
There, you' re a queen.

Here, their religion and faith
is soiled by your touch.

And there, you are their
faith, and religion.

There's insult here,
and respect there.

So which is better? The shade
here, or the sunshine there.

Rajani, there's no place
for Champa in this house.

You' re right. A fallen fruit can
never hang from a tree again.

I give up.

I belong to those lanes
and brothels.

You came here as my son's wife.
You can't leave as a whore now.

A home is a like the Ganges.
An abode of the gods.

And a temple's doors
are never closed to anyone.

"These doors have never been
closed to anyone for centuries"

" All those who've lost elsewhere
have won at these doors"

" Millions of sinners have been
purified here"

" Why do you feel so nervous
at the doors of the Lord?"

" Millions of wretched beings
find salvation here"

" At the door of the Lord"