Sadak 2 (2020) - full transcript

The film picks up where Sadak left off, revolving around the journey with a young girl who becomes an important character in the life of the protagonist, and the reason for him to stay alive.


She's here.


Oh Lord!


Follow her.

There she is!


Don't move.

I'll shoot you.

Go on, step back.

Go back.

Go back.

Aryaa, stop it.

You're having another attack.

Haven't you given your
father enough trouble?

Hi Mommy!


Hey, catch this crazy girl.

Hey, catch this crazy girl.

Yes, yes, I am crazy - take
me to hospital, give me an injection -

but I refuse to stay silent!

I refuse to stay silent!

Jai Guruji


No Ravi

No Ravi, No, Misha is coming

You've started again?


Nobody is coming here Pooja, no one

I don't want to be a Father

Misha is coming!

Misha is not coming

I am coming Pooja,

I am coming to you

Ravi! What's happened, Ravi?

Ravi.. Ravi?

Pakiya, one can pay back a debt,
but not return a favour

This man has given me back my life

Can't I do this much for him?

Don't worry,
I'll take care of everything

Nothing's happened to me Pooja,
I am okay


Now they will take me inside

and give me an injection, here

Is that what you want?

What is this circus?

I am leaving.

Just keep quiet and sit down

I am not Pakiya.

Take this and give it to the Doctor.

What is this Ravi?

Why are you doing this?

You are not meant to die such a death,
my friend.

You have to live. Somehow.

Who is there to live for?

She who brought meaning
to my life is gone,

now whom should I live for?

You still get moved to tears
when you see others in pain.

Plenty of people are dead
inside even when they're alive

But you are not totally dead yet, Ravi.

Ravi Kishore ji, please come in.

Go buddy

Or else I'll miss my flight.

With great difficulty I managed
to land this job in Ranikhet.

You should get yourself
admitted to our mental hospital.

Mr. Ravi, you are a danger to yourself.

Nobody listens to me.

I need to go somewhere else, Doctor.

Tell me,

if your house is on fire
and I try to douse the flames,

won't you help me?


I will pour more petrol onto those flame

till the whole house
burns down to ashes.

I cannot live in that semi-burnt
house without my Pooja.

Thank you, Doctor




What happened, Yogesh?


I know you will be very worried
about me, but I will be back.

I will come back.

You have to be saved from
Gyaan Prakaash and Nandini Maa.

She's the disease you
need to be saved from Daddy,

I love you very much,
take care of yourself

and I will be back soon. I promise.

Oh Lord,

she ran away even from the hospital?

Didn't I tell you?

Didn't I tell you to stay
the night with her? Just one night?

Didn't I tell you?

Aryaa is right.

You are a disease.

A disease.

Don't say that Yogesh, don't say that.

Now stop your drama, stop it. Stop.


I don't know where to look for her now.

I don't know what to do,
where do I look for her,


Shh..calm down, calm down.., see this. Come

Let's go see Bhagwaan.

Jai Guruji

He alone can get us out of this darkness

Protect my child,
O Guruji, Jai Guruji

Jai Guruji

Jai Guruji


Look, I have shut down my business

I don't understand why
nobody reads the board outside

Mindlessly banging on my
door in the middle of the night

Here, take this


I made a Booking for Kailash from here.

You will find plenty
of other drivers in this city

Please excuse me.

I don't want to talk to you.

Call her


The owner of this place...

..who had assured me
while taking my booking that.. would take me wherever I needed to
go, from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari.

Call her,
and ask her if she said this or not.


Then what's the point of making
a booking 3 months in advance?

You tell me!

It's impossible

There's one thing you can do.

You will find a row
of cars parked outside.

Just pick any one of them and go,
you don't even have to return it.


He's crazy.

Do you expect me to drive
all the way to Kailash by myself?

Call her, please, call her.

Didn't I just tell you I can't call her?

Now go on, leave.


My bag..

I was all prepared to come to you.

Why did you take a
booking from this crazy girl?

Now keep waiting for me!

What is it?

I don't want your money

And I don't have anyone else to turn to

You don't understand,
I have certain obligations.

What kind of obligations?

I can't tell you that,
but I really don't have time. Please.

Oh, you're running out of time?

You've run away from
the hospital, right?

Wait, I'm going to call the hospital

One prick of a needle,
and you will be right back there

Don't move.

If you don't disconnect
the call right now,

I will cut myself.

Go on, what's stopping you?

Hello? City Care Hospital?


Are you crazy?

You cut yourself?

It's your fault

You said go ahead so I cut myself

But why are you standing
there like a statue?

Do you want to just stand
there and watch me die?

No, no!

Then do something!

Oh ho, this looks like a suicide case.

I will have to call the police.


Why are you calling the Police?

Stop the bleeding first

I need to notify the
police in a suicide case


Hello, this is Dr. Dastoor.

Why do you keep calling this a suicide?

Look, she got angry because
her father was getting drunk.

She tried snatching the bottle
away and cut herself. Simple.

Is she your daughter?

Yes, she's my daughter.


Ravi Kishore

Not yours, your daughter's



Misha, Ravi? Misha.

Yes, I got it Pooja,

Misha Kishore.

Nurse, prepare a dressing

Nothing happens in the
Universe without a purpose.

How did she escape from the
hospital despite being sedated?


this upheaval means the Lord
himself is trying to tell us something.

Where were you at that time?

Be still Rajesh, be still.

Let me focus


we are all connected
through our past lives.

Help your brother.

I beg you, please help him

Look how he's suffering,
help him find his daughter.

I will find her. I will find her.

Yogesh, get a hold on yourself.

It is impossible for
Aryaa to survive now.

She is racing towards her death.

One of her own will kill her.

Sit here,
let me get you some turmeric milk.

Thank you.

I am sorry,

I'm a bit messed up with my problems.

it's alright, it's not your fault.

Let it be,
we can eat something on the way.

Can we leave?

See, if I don't reach Ranikhet on time,
my helicopter bookings will go to waste

I will be 21 in 7 days

And my mother wanted me to offer worship
in Kailash as soon as I turned 21.

You have a tattoo of
Lord Shiva on your arm, right?

She told me

If you are going to Kailash,
take my husband with you.

If he had his way, he would
have Shiva tattoos all over his body.

But if you don't want to
honour your wife's last booking,

I can't do much about it.

Keep this safely.

She had lovely handwriting

I'm off


I am here

Can we leave?

Namashkar Pooja Travels and Tours.

Service with Security 24/7 is our motto.

Have a nice day.

Tell me something..


Aren't you scared of death?

No, let me finish this last duty.

Then, I'm off.

Straight up there to my lady

Our love story began on these streets,
but it will end only up there.


Nowadays people start and
end their relationships on Whatsapp.

But Vishal also loves me like this

Who is Vishal?

We will pick him up on our way.

On our way?

Yes, up ahead

But from where?

Central Jail


Who are you?

And who are you running away from?

You've made a booking for Kailash,
but you're going to the jail?

Tell me your real story,
or I will take you back to the hospital.

Why should I tell you?

Because you have no option.

Wait, I'll tell you.

Have you heard of the
Desai Group of Industries?

I am the only daughter
of Shakuntala and Yogesh Desai

And the sole heir of
Desai Group of Industries.

Two years ago, my mother got lung cancer

And then she died a year ago

But my mother did not die of cancer.

My aunt, Nandini, and Gyaan
Prakaash together killed my mother.

And I am sure about that.

Just a week after my mother's death,
Nandini married my Dad.

And since then, Gyaan's fraud Ashram
has been running on my mother's money.

What about your father,
doesn't he know anything?

He himself has become a disciple now

He knows nothing, he is too innocent.

Why haven't you told this to the police?

Because Nandini has had
me labelled mentally unstable.

They all think I am hallucinating.

Nobody believes what I say.

Do you know they wanted
to give me shock therapy?

This is my story.

And how did your criminal
boyfriend land up in your story?

Just like a Hindi film hero!

With a song on his lips

Thank you!


But it is not necessary for
a great artist to be a good human being.

I will come straight to the point.

For the last few months,

you have been continuously abusing me
on my 'India Fights Fake Gurus' account.

Why? What is your problem?

You, and affluent people like you,

who sit in your AC
rooms and think you can

rescue the country from
the chains of blind faith

Arrey, you people are more dangerous
than these fake Babas and Gurus

You're doing this for publicity
and to increase your followers.

You're the fake.

We all look at the world
from our own points of view

I have lost one of my
own because of these fake gurus

Here, meet my friend Naina Das

She went to learn meditation from a
Baba, and ended up being molested by him

This cause is my life.

Now apologise for badmouthing me earlier public.

Otherwise, face the music.

The point I am trying to make is,

we can make fools of ourselves much more
easily than others can make fools out of us.

To these fake Gurus our
suffering is a gold mine.

Every morning when the sun rises, it shines
equally on both the rich and the poor.

But Gyaan Prakaash claims
that only he can hear God's voice.

What kind of God talks
only to him and not to us?

We want His contact too,
we want to talk to Him too.

Please speak to us too.


I have come to apologise.

What I did was wrong.

I did not know your story,

please forgive me.

Like you I too have lost a lot.

My grandfather came under the spell of a Guru,
and signed off our ancestral property to him.

And that Guru sold it all,
and flew off to settle abroad.

We were ruined.

I have hated these
fake Babas ever since.

I want to join your Cause,

I want to make a difference.

I understand.

So come, join our army of one
lakh ninety six thousand followers.

Welcome to the gang.

India Fights Fake Gurus,
please contact us Sir.

Ma'am, India Fights Fake Gurus,
just contact us.

Thank you

Ma'am, India Fights Fake Gurus,
just contact us.

Just contact us.

Just contact us.

Please contact us

Aryaa your words are always on my mind.

My words or me?

Can I ask you something?


Aryaa, don't you think
it's a waste of time

to keep distributing
handbills in this digital age?

Vishal, there's a whole
universe outside social media too.

You know that, right?

We have to escape from
this darkness together, all of us

My heart says that one day these
handbills will lead us to that one person

who knows of Gyaan Prakaash's
criminal activities

and who will be willing
to testify against him.

Here, what are you gaping like that for?

God is on our side,
here on the streets, now get out!

Back to work, guys.


I worry about you.

Don't be scared, Vishal.

What do you mean, don't be scared?

Those who bark, don't bite.

It's okay.



A man came and gave me this address

And asked us both to be there at ten,

He said there's a girl who wants
to testify against Gyaan Prakaash.

Are you serious?

Oh my God, Vishal!

We.. we were supposed
to meet a girl at ten.

Lets go

Thank you.

Vishal, stop drinking.

Arrey chill naa.

What kind of a place is this?



You, get out,

get out!

What's going on?

Vishal..Vishal? Vishal?



Who are you?



Vishal, he's dead..

But this seems to be a case of
self-defence, then why is he in jail?

Because Nandini and Gyaan Prakaash are
very well connected with the Police bigwigs.

Vishal was drinking that night,

They got him on those grounds.

They threatened all our Activists
into silence, and then came after me.

But as soon as I turn 21,

I become the head of Desai Group of
industries according to my mother's will.

And thereafter she won't even be able to
swipe a credit card without my permission.

Just let Vishal and me reach Kailash,

then see how,
with God's blessing, we go after them.

So young, yet so brave!

Don't you feel scared?

Yes I do, but my mother used to say,

real courage is when
you persist despite the fear.

Should we leave?



Ohh Kumbhkaran!


Hello Kumbhkaran?
I've heard so much about you.

Where's Gaurav by the way?

I couldn't get in
touch with him, Vishal,

and I had to throw away my
phone so that they can't track me.

But why didn't he come?

I don't know,
we can call him on the way.

We should leave,
there are too many cameras around. Come!


Driver Saab, please look after him,
this is my son, Kumbhkaran.

He sleeps all day... and all night too

He was injured,
we'll leave him in the forest.

Kumbhkaran, something is
not quite right with your Father.


Let's take another cab, man!


Aryaa, I cannot go from
one jail straight into another,

- What do you mean No?
- Yes, please,

I am a little old fashioned,
please take another taxi.

- Yes.
- No no, no,

we want to go with you. Please let's go.

Hello, Pooja Travels and Tours.

Service with Security 24/7 is our motto,
have a nice day.

Vishal you know he is suicidal?

He feels that if he kills himself
he will be reunited with his dead wife.

He still loves her intensely.

Are you serious?

That's insane.

Aryaa, on one hand we are fighting
against blind faith

and yet you're encouraging
this kind of thinking?

You are sympathising with this nonsense?

Can we just please get another cab?

Oh God

God knows when with a
twist of his steering wheel

he will decide to go meet
his wife and take us along.

Vishal, so what are you saying?
We leave him here?

Yes, why? Is he family?

Okay Vishal, you don't know this, okay?

If he wanted he could have
handed me over to the Police

He didn't do it,

he knows everything about
me and he understands me.

I don't know why the
heart does what it does but

I trust him,
like I trust Daddy and I trust you.

I don't want to get another cab.




Okay, you sulk while I go change.


Jai Guruji!

He hasn't touched even a
grain of rice since she disappeared.

And look at her!

What is she doing in
the middle of the road?

Even if you manage to find her,
don't bring her home.

She cannot be the blood
of such a noble man.

Nandini! What is wrong with you?

You're just saying
whatever you feel like.

I knew this video would
make you two uncomfortable.

When our daughters disrespect
our culture like this,

and take to the streets in this manner,
it makes our blood boil.


what I am going to tell you now

will make it clear that our Lord
indeed is privy to divine instruction.

My informer has just
told me that this boy, Vishal,

whom Aryaa considers to be a hero,
is no hero at all..

In fact, he's a close accomplice
of the gangster Dilip Hathkataa,

and is now escaping
with Aryaa in a taxi.

We've got the details
of the taxi and its driver,

but I have no idea where
this boy is taking Aryaa.

But this can't be Dilip's doing..

Then who is instigating this scoundrel?

I don't have an answer to that now,

but most certainly this is the guy who,
as our Lord warned us,

will be responsible for Aryaa's death.

Can I ask you something?

Yes, of course.

What happened to her?

Years ago, we prematurely lost a
baby whom we had decided to call Misha.

Last year we decided
to adopt a baby girl.

Three months back, she came

and told me that the Adoption Centre
had asked us to come collect our Misha.

I've never refused her anything.

God knows what happened to me that day

I said, you go,
I will get the house ready for her.

Twenty minutes later, the phone rang.

She had met with a fatal accident.

Why didn't I die instead of her?

Ravi, the truth is,
despite all our attempts,

sometimes it is impossible for us
to stop those we love from leaving us.

Even I couldn't save my mother.

Please stop feeling guilty,
it was an accident.

Here's some good news for you!

In a very short time,
we will be parting ways.

Then you can go your way,
and we will go ours.

- Vishal?
- This is final Aryaa.

There are too many rules
to follow with him, I can't do it..

And let me be honest..

After what you told me,
about him, I don't feel safe.

Okay? So sorry.

I am sorry

I've spoken with Gaurav,
he's getting us another taxi.

So we'll carry on, Sir?
My friend is waiting for us.

Can you give me your phone
so I can set the location on your GPS?

I don't need a machine
to tell me the location.

Tell me the address,
I'll take you there.

There's Gaurav!

Here we are..

Bro, how have you been?

Where were you man?

I am very sorry for Vishal's behavior.

No, it's okay.

I thought if I went with you,
I would reach Kailash.

But I suppose one can only
reach Him when He calls one.

But thank you,

I feel lighter after talking to you.

I want to say something to you.

Sure, go ahead

This body - it belongs to Him.

You have no right to harm it, okay?

Ravi ji, this world needs
more human beings like you,

not Godmen like Gyaan Prakaash.



- What are you doing?
- I am coming.

Let's go!

Please take care of yourself, okay?

Thank you.

Okay, bye.

You've gone mad.

- What?
- You've lost it.

Let's go guys.

Why is your taxi parked over there?

Some problem.

What problem?

- Why were you so rude?
- I was rude, or he was rude?

Please, please, please.

What a guy! How did you find him?

Did you see the sign in his car?



- Let me go!
- What is this Gaurav?

Who are these people?

Sorry yaar guys.


I will attend to you later.

First, let me finish her off.

My name is Dilip Hathkataa,

do you know the story of my hand?

Once Guruji gave me a task,

and I failed.

I hated myself so much for failing,

that I cut off my hand
and placed it at Guruji's feet.

Now it's our turn to post
your photo on the internet.

One before offering you to the fire,
one after.

You can set me on fire

but you can't douse the fire
which we've lit in people's hearts.

Let Nandini and your
fraud Guru know this.

Let's offer you to the fire now

Hey, now pour petrol on her.
Get my mobile.

Go Kumbhkaran,
it's time you showed what you can do.

Kartaar, get rid of this beast.
Chase it away.

What are you waiting for? Get rid of it.

And who's he? Throw him out.

Hey you, get out!

Hold it, where's this guy's other hand?

He uses this one hand for everything?

Should I shoot you?

Should I?

Why don't you? Shoot!


Untie them.

Kumbhkaran, handle this.


why are you doing all this?

After all, I am just a passenger.

How will I face my beloved up there
if you get even a single scratch on you?

As long as I am here,
nobody can harm you.

Whether it's an outsider,

or an insider.

Service with Security 24/7,

we'll spend the night close by, okay?


What happened? Are you okay?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
- Wait,

give me a hug.

Come here.


Vishal, you scared me!

Come, lie down.

What happened?


What? Say something please, I ummm

Aryaa, I am not Vishal.

You are not Vishal? Then? Who are you?


Munna Chavan.

After winning a reality show,
I came to Mumbai to become a star

but ended up becoming a drug addict.

Hello? What happened, Sir?
Are you ok?

I'm okay bro


If Gyaan's followers hadn't
picked me up from the streets,

I would have died.

Pick him up, pick him up

Jai Guru ji, Jai Guru ji

I was reborn in Gyaan's Ashram.

You've given me a new life.

From this moment,
every drop of my blood is yours.

Be patient,

you will get your chance
to be of service to me.

Come here..

And then, one night I got my chance.

So Gyaan Prakaash,
your days are numbered,

we are coming to burn down your Lanka.

Didn't that make your blood boil?

Of course.

Then stand by us.

We want to bathe our Lord's
pure feet with her blood.

And for this, we need your help

Just use your beautiful,
innocent face to trap her.

Then his men will take over.

That night, I was all set to kill you.

But I fell in love with
you the very first time I saw you.

Every morning when the sun rises, it shines
equally on both the rich and the poor.

But Gyaan Prakaash claims
that only he can hear God's voice.

What kind of God talks
only to him and not us?

Your innocent questions turned the
image of the Lord into ashes inside me.

That was the most beautiful
morning of my life.

I was about to confess everything
to you when the bell rang..

So how's the romance blooming?

Sir, I won't be able to do it.


Have you fallen in love with her?

But you are misunderstanding us.

Do you think we will kill our daughters?

You just bring her to this address,
that's all

One of my lady officers will talk to her,
explain the consequences of her actions,

and then let her go.

Then you two can continue your romance!

That night, by saving you, I
became Gyaan Prakaash's lifelong enemy.

Sooner or later, they will kill me.

And I am ready to die,

but I had to tell you the truth Aryaa.

It takes two to make a truth.

One who can tell it,

and one who can bear it.

He has confessed his truth,

now what will you do?

We don't let go of those close to us even
after getting to know the worst about them.

He had come to kill you,
but now his own life is in danger

I had heard that love can
turn even garbage into gold.

Today I have seen it with my own eyes.

Do something.

Either hold him close and forgive him.

Or, take the gun, and shoot him.

Because this bond between you can't
be erased by pressing a delete button.

Aryaa, say something.

Your silence is unbearable Aryaa,
please say something.

Just kill me.

Kill you?

How brave, Vishal!

Vishal, it takes courage to live,
not die.

Didn't you hear what he just said?

You had come to kill me,

but what did God do?

He made you fall in love with me. Why?

Because my cause is true,

and so is my love.

And you want me to kill my true love?

Do you remember what you told me the
first time you came to apologize to me?

That I want to make a difference.

Then make a difference!

You fool, don't you see it?

You are the witness who
can bring Gyaan Prakaash down.

You can make us win Vishal!..


You still love me, Aryaa?

Yes, I love you, and you know what?

I will love you till the very end,

because now I alone
have a right over you.

Fool, come here.

I love you, Aryaa.

I love you too.

Ravi, you have grown
attached to this child.

You are seeing your Misha in her.

Ravi, this is too big a game for you,
my friend.

This is out of your league now.

I could not save Pooja,

how do I abandon this child?

You want to save her, right?

Now listen to me, she is suspicious
about her step mother right?

Not her father, right?


You just lie to them,
and bring them here somehow.

Then call the poor father,

and ask him to pick up his child.

Does that sound good?

Take down this number.




Take the number.


Namastey, Sir.

Namastey, who's speaking?

Sir, I need to tell you something
about your daughter Aryaa

Aryaa..yes, tell me?

Please pay full attention,

and note down this address.

One second.

What have you done to yourself?

Why this pistol?

We need this now Yogesh,

we need this now.


We make our plans down here,

but He has his own Super Plan for us.

All the sins began with me.

I used to be so jealous of Shakuntala.

It started with stealing
her lipsticks and make up,

until one day, I stole you from her.

To tell you the truth, Yogesh..

Guruji had instigated me
to push you to kill Shakuntala.

But despite committing this sin,
I got no satisfaction..

See how he has made our
child a roadblock on our path

God knows how she found
out that I killed her mother.

I am the only path through which

Yes, hello, Rajesh bhai?

Yes, I had called you.
I've got Aryaa's address

- Yogesh,
- I'm sending it to you.

I overheard your conversation
with that taxi driver

And yet you're giving
Rajesh Aryaa's address?

Don't you want to bring her home?



I am not interested
in bringing Aryaa back home.

Yogesh, come back to your senses

God is giving us a chance to redeem
our sins through this taxi driver.

Tell me something.

When your sweet sister
was howling in pain,

was He able to give her any relief? Hmm?

Did you hear any voice from above?

No, right?

How will you hear a voice
when there is no one up there?


For me, God died when I was a child

And along with that went
ideas of Good, Bad,

all of it.

What remained was the hunger

to become the world's most powerful man.

The world only bows to power,
Nandini, right?

When you introduced me to Gyaan,

I realised that

there's no greater business
on this earth than the God business .

Spin a web of words,

make promises in this lifetime, and
assure their fulfillment in the next.

There's no business
like the God business.

Jai Guruji!

And yes,

Gyaan provoked you to
kill Shakuntala only when

I asked him to do so

So I was only a means to an end for you?

Of course,

just like your sister and
every other human being on earth.

Man cannot own up to the truth
that he loves himself and himself alone.

Let's get back to the point.

If Aryaa stays alive,

she will ruin everything

we've achieved so far.

Now you need to decide
if you are on my side or not.

You are a demon, a demon!

I will not let you kill my child.


Sunil..Sunil shoot him, shoot him!

He will kill Aryaa, Sunil!

Shoot him..

shoot him, he will kill Aryaa.

No! no! Sunil?

No! no!


Where have we come?

Hmm? My friend John works here

It's your birthday tomorrow, right?

We can rest here for the
night and start off tomorrow.


What happened?



She's stopping us from going inside.

But Ravi ji,
I can't see anyone over there.

I have seen her.

Hold this gun and shoot
only when I tell you to.

- But Sir..
- But why should he shoot?

And whom will he shoot?

You are tired,
let's rest here for a while.

Yes Sir, Aryaa is right, you are tired..

Now you two stop playing doctor-doctor!

I take orders only from my Pooja.

Now come on, take the side entry. Go.


What was that?

Don't know yaa

He saw his wife.


Did you hear that?

Brother, stop it! Stop it now

Brother, stop it!

Guruji says if we can achieve
our ends through gentle means,

we shouldn't resort to violence

Otherwise, what's the difference
between us and the rest of the world ?

Who's that?


Jai Guru ji.

Listen, we have nothing against you two

We are here to simply follow
the instructions of our Guru.

Now tell us where Aryaa is.

Spit it out.

If you don't, I will shoot.

Should I be killed?

Or set free?

What is to be done with me?..


What kind of a man is this?

You pull a gun on him
and he starts singing!

But what about his friend?

Don't worry about me Ravi,

- don't say a word..
- Shut up.

Listen, I will ask one last time

After that, I will kill him

Tell us where the two of them are.

Where is Aryaa?

Spit it out, or I will kill him.

Shoot..come on Shoot..

Shoot, I say!

Jai Guruji





How did they come
to know that we are here?

I was the one who phoned,

for your safety,

I am sorry.

How was I to know

that in this Kalyug children
can't trust their own fathers?


Wha...What is he saying?

I am the only path through
which humanity will benefit..

To protect me is to protect life,

I am love, an ocean of love.

Jai Guruji.

Nandini's last rites
are being performed.

Is the Aryaa job done?


I love you Pooja.. I love you..

Ravi, let's take the
kids and leave this place.


Remember, you said I
will have to live, somehow?



And you also said that I
am not meant to die such a death?

Yes, Pooja too wants the same thing

I kept wondering... In this big city,

why did this child come
knocking on my door, of all places

Do you know why?

Because I had to live for this moment

Now Pooja will have to wait,

because I have to live for this child.

Will you do something for me?

What, Ravi?

Ram Naam Satya Hai.


Ram Naam Satya Hai.

Yogesh, even if Aryaa
knows the truth now,

how does it matter?

Who will believe that mentally ill girl?

But the screenplay
we had written together

in which Nandini was supposed to
be the villain has been ruined by you.

What's done is done, Gyaan.

Now we have to set up a new villain

on whom we can pin Aryaa's murder.

I am worried about that taxi driver,

what if he blurts out the truth?


So what, Gyaan?

Anyone can tell the truth

But only we can fool the whole world
with a lie cunningly disguised as truth.

Breaking news.
Joint Commissioner Rajesh Puri,

who was investigating the Aryaa
Desai kidnap case, has gone missing.

According to Aryaa Desai's father,
Yogesh, she was kidnapped recently

The police has filed a case against Ravi
Kishore and Munna Chavan in this matter.

And here's what Aryaa's father
Yogesh Desai has to say about the case.

That boy is a criminal

He and his taxi driver
called me a while ago,

demanding 20 crores
as ransom for my daughter.

Now it's up to you whether you want to
trust a father, or a couple of criminals.

But the truth will triumph in the end.

Jai Guruji.

Umm.. Do you want coffee? Hmm?


I need your phone.

I am the only path through
which humanity will be served.


Thank you, Daddy, thank you so much.

What a father you are!

Please don't disconnect the phone.

Don't be a coward.

I marvel at you!

You've changed the whole
meaning of fatherhood.

What a strange world it is,

where fathers have
to kill their daughters.

And for what?

For Money?

For power?

You could have asked for it all, Daddy.

I would have given it to you.

I always thought that at
least your family is your own.

Which is why I left home
to seek revenge on Nandini Maa.

How could I know that
my own blood is tainted,

that my own father wants me killed?

And what will you do with all the money?

Do you too plan to remain
immortal like your Guru?

The world will have to know the truth,

because what you are trying
to tell the world is nothing but lies.

You have killed both my mothers.

Don't think that I will do nothing
about this because you are my father.

Don't think I am broken and crushed.
I haven't given up.

I will destroy you completely.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Dear Misha,
Happy Birthday to you.

Is everything alright?

Have I walked into the wrong house?

You idiot, I wanted to give
the kids a surprise, but you spoiled it.

Did you get the name
written correctly on the cake?

Yes, of course.
I followed everything you said to the T.

Come on kids, it's party time! Come on!

My new life begins today.

And in this life, all I need is Vishal

and you by my side.

If you had not been there..

Thank you!

Ravi, you remember

you used to say that you are
master of the journey before it starts..

..but once it starts, it's
the journey that becomes the master.

Look how this journey made you a father!

Now swear on God

and make this world as clean
as a fairytale for these kids.

Who's this bugger?

Hey, get out!

Nobody died here.

Now they will!

Hmm? Ok,

Guruji's chartered is ready, Sir.


Why are you staring at me?

Nothing new happens in this world.

Even Arjun had to disguise
himself as Brihannala.

We have security.

Om, take him to the airport
through the back roads, okay?

I will be there soon.


Hey, who are you?

Who sent you here?

What are you doing here?

I am His messenger,
I have been sent by Him.

You all have made a mess of things here.

Now you will have to answer to Him.

Are you crazy?

Get lost, or get ready to die.


Heaven is opening its doors for me.

But before I go there,
I will finish you all.

Ram Naam Satya Hai.

Ram Naam Satya Hai.



Anyone there? Can you hear me?

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Ram Naam..

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Did hearing the name of Lord Ram

send you running to hide
in darkness Bhagwaan ji?

Where are you?




I..I..don't kill me..don't..

Ram Naam Satya Hai.

Ram Naam Satya Hai

Ravi.. Ravi,
wake up, we have to save Misha,


Why do you want to kill me?


That crazy girl Aryaa
has sent you, right?

To kill her own father?

How much money did she give you?

How much? Huh?

I will give you much more,
how much do you want?

How much? Tell me

How much do you want?
How much more? How much?

Pooja Travels and Tours.

Service with Security.

My Misha will not die again.

No, no, please,
I have made a grave mistake.

I have made a grave mistake.

I fell under the influence of my Guru,
and committed a grave sin.

What I did to Aryaa --forgive me,

I made a mistake

Just let me pay homage one last time,

Then I will do whatever
you ask me to, whatever.

Just once,
please, let me offer homage just once?

No no.. you can't
die until you hear me out!

Just tell me,
why did you do all this? Huh?

For love, and God?

I wonder who spread the
rumor that love and God exist!

From darkness we come,
and to darkness we shall return

There's no sin, or goodness.

There's no heaven, or hell

There's no one up there.

And if there is a God, it is I.

Har Har Mahadev!


lets go!

The stranger

who gave his life to save mine

was no murderer,

he was my savior.

That stranger saved
me from my own father,

that father who first killed
my mother to grab her wealth,

and then, with the help of Gyaan Prakaash
and his so-called army, tried to kill me too.

He is a witness to that.

A country doesn't change overnight.

Bringing electricity to every corner of
the country will not wipe out darkness.

We will have to join hands
to fight against blind faith, as one.

I request the Government
to take action against those

who have exploited innocent
people in the name of God,

and driven them to wrong practices.

Those who have turned
God into a business.

One more thing,

I want to let the

body of Yogesh Desai
rot in the government morgue.

Because I will perform the last rites

for Ravi Kishore only.

This journey has made
one thing clear to me.

Fatherhood is an emotion.

Ravi Kishore is the father I never had.

Thank you, thank you.

Om Namah Shivaye

Om Namah Shivaye

Om Namah Shivaye