Sad Movie (2005) - full transcript

When Lee Jin-woo rescued Su-eun from a fire they both defied the odds in surviving. He fell in love with her older sister, Soo-jeong Lim, who now desires the brave fireman to propose marriage thinking that this will make him less fearless in facing the flames and lessen her greatest fear. He wishes to do so, but his romantic streak causes him to seek the proper moment. Su-eun works as a "character" in an amusement park. Her face was scared in the fire, and in addition she is a deaf mute. Feeling free to be more forward when in costume behind a large "Raggedy-Ann" head, she approaches a handsome artist who frequents the park to paint. He starts to come infatuated with her, despite never having seen her face or heard her voice. She starts to fall in love with him. Choi Suk-hyun informs her boyfriend, Jung Ha-seok, that she wishes to break up for he is still unemployed after 3 years and she cannot face a future of poverty. He vows to get a job to reverse her feelings, and when a stranger enlists him to tell her boyfriend a final "goodbye" on the phone, he decides that he can turn doing this into an online business and starts a "separation agency." Busy with her career, Eom Jung-hwa neglects her young son Park Hwi-chan, and he becomes a problem at school. When she is hospitalized he becomes happier since he can visit her anytime and she has time to spend with him. Separation looms as a possible outcome for all of these inter-twined souls who who live and love in Seoul, Korea.

Sad Movie

This year, 32 public libraries are
scheduled to open in Seoul.

The city announced it as part of
a plan to introduce 48 libraries,

First, let's have a meeting
regarding the design.

When are you available?

And now, Hong has a report
on today's weather.

When you go out today,
be sure to take an umbrella.

We are expecting showers today.

The rain should cool down this
unseasonably early heat.

After the showers pass...

It'll rain today.


except Snow White & 7 Dwarfs!

Help me out. If this keeps up,
our son will be uncontrollable.

Because it keeps getting
more serious!

How can you be so
laid back about this?

He's your son too, isn't he?

All you do is accuse me
of being overbearing.

Oh, whatever!

It's because you never seem to
care about anything.

Okay. I have an incoming call.
Let's talk at home.

Yes, Ms. Kim. How are you?

This is Hwi-chan's picture diary.
Take a look.

These days especially,

He seems to have many
complaints about you.

I'm aware that much of what
he writes are lies, but...

- I need to see my son.
- But, he's in another class now.

Maybe later, you should talk
in a quieter environment.

Please sit down.

I need to go. I'm sorry.

Ms. Eom!

What is this money for?

Here is today's weather forecast.

Heavy clouds and showers
are expected tonight.

How was it?
Was it okay?

Too slow.

It'll be night and raining
by the time you finish.

And smile, won't you?

Good, good.


Let's do it again.

I can't hear you.

Once more, please?
I'm your only sister!

So you're clumsy, aren't you?

You're a lousy artist,
but your face is well-drawn.

I didn't know we had
such a cutie in our park.

Oh? This...

How did you know it was mine?

Is there any other artist
around here, dummy?

It's all smudged.

Tell me it's a very
important painting for you...

You could've just thrown it out.
But thanks anyway.

Damn! You punk!

I was going to be generous
since you're cute, but...

Well, I'll let you off this time
Today is your lucky day.

Bye-bye, see-ya!

Is this enough for
my sister-in-law's birthday?

- Sister-in-law?
- Yeah.

- Who?
- Su-eun.

Since when has my sister
been your sister-in-law?

We're not even married.

You who don't even have to propose...

Su-eun told me to call her that.

You're on your period
aren't you?

Should I cook seaweed soup
for her birthday? I'm good at it.

You fry up the beef,
add a dash of sesame oil,

you boil it with soaked
seaweed... fantastic!

She'll like it.
What do you think?

Let's rest a bit.

It's hard on you, isn't it?

Of course. You make me carry
these heavy bags.

Not that!

Then what?

Don't you think
you can take it easy?

- I am taking it easy now.
- You've been doing it a long time.

And worked harder than anyone.

What was that?

It means "I love you forever."

Doesn't it?
Sister-in-law taught me.

It means, "I love you,
so let me touch your breasts!"


Why do you want to know
my bra size?


- I never knew Su-eun was so dirty-minded.
- Get away from me!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Su-eun,
Happy birthday to you.

- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!

- Okay, in one shot!
- One shot!

One shot! One shot!

Bottoms up! Bottoms up!

My present?

You want more?

My present, my birthday present!

You think I'm still a kid?

These are really popular these days.

Then you wear it.

We spent all day looking for this.
Just keep it.

Quiet, both of you!

You're so loud
I can't understand anything.

Let me speak too.

What's his problem?

Sister-in-law, I'll give you a
better present than this.

How about a blind date?

With who?

Well, in my station, there's...

No, No firemen.

- Wait, let me finish.
- Absolutely not. No way.

- Why are you so worked up?
- Fools... don't I have a say in this?

Forget it. No.

I have a guy already.

A blind date is
the best present, right?


You have a boyfriend?

You do?


He's cute, isn't he?

Yeah, he's good-looking.

How'd she meet a guy like this?

- They look like a good couple, huh?
- Right.

Hey, Sister-in-law!

Stop! Stop! Wait a minute.
Time out!

Looks ridiculous, huh?

- It was a mistake! Coach, save me!
- You're dead meat! Come here, you bastard!

Get over here, you bastard!

It was a misunderstanding!

The ministry of education requested
proper courtesies regarding cell phones.

They asked students to turn off
their cell phones in libraries,

classes, hospitals and concerts and...


- Mom!
- Huh?

Aren't you going to let me out?

What's wrong?
Does your stomach hurt?

No... I'm okay.

Should I drive?

You don't even have a license.

You know what I mean.

It's frustrating, unnerving,

- scary, sad, and futile.
- What is?


You know how long it's been?
Three years.

But in those three years,
nothing has changed.

I worked here part-time back then
and I work here part-time now.

You've changed...
you've grown much prettier.

You had no job then
and you don't have one now.

What drives me crazy is,

in the future I'll be still here,
and you'll be still unemployed.

Do you need a bag?
It costs 50 won.

- The total is 24 dollars and 80 cents.
- Wait a bit more, give me a chance.

- I know I can do better.
- I've been waiting three years.

Hurry up and pay.

Will this work?

I think so...

- Let's break up.
- Why, Sook-hyun?

- We've made it this far. Just...
- This card is maxed out.

Find a better woman.

Can you put these back
on the shelves?


There's no better woman for me.
Don't do this...

Cut it out and get lost!

I'm sorry

Attention please.

Guardians for patient Kwak,
please come to the ER.

Attention please.

Guardians for patient Kwak,
please come to the ER.

Will you go in and see Mom?

Don't worry.
They said she's fine.

SMS from Lee Jin Woo

Meet me at the Sky Lounge today.

Hello, Hello.

Jin-woo, if you're off duty,
then act like it.

Forget this and go start a fire
in your girlfriend's heart

Okay? See you.

Hey, be careful!

Where is it?

Please let me find it.

The gap in performance at
elementary schools is rising.

Now, today's weather forecast.

Due to the high atmospheric pressure
from the southwest, the heat wave...

Someone's coming!

So this is where you've been?

Shall I paint you a portrait?

It's for free.

Can't you take that off?


Okay, I'll paint you like that.

But next time
you'll take it off, right?

Take it off? This punk...
he's got a weird taste...

You punk...
what are you smirking about?

- Aren't you hot?
- Wouldn't you be?

- I'm roasting in here.
- If I were you, I'd take it off.

I'm dying of curiosity.

Are you a man by any chance?

There are plenty of guys
with long hair.

And lots of guys have pretty legs.

Right... men don't wear bras

Alright, stop it.

You little cutie...
don't be so shy.

I know... your face is really ugly!

I'm joking.

You're so cute.

This is what I like about my job.

Jin-woo... if you don't
show up, we're through.

We apologizes to customers
that the fire alarm has begun.

Please evacuate to the...

Front side of the building
Don't move

I'm five seconds away 4 seconds
3... 2...

What are you doing here?


Are you okay?

I thought you were
going to propose!

I thought you wanted a nice
dinner in a fancy restaurant.

And we never play games with fires.

How could you not know that?

What? Hey, Lee Jin-woo...

The movie's starting. Shhhh.

Hwi-chan, look at me.

Did you do your homework?

Then you better go home
right away and do it.

Don't play on the computer.
Do the homework first, okay?

I have to stay here
for a few days.

You'll be fine on your own, right?

You won't?

When have I ever not been alone?

Yes, my Hwi-chan
can do great on his own.

Your mom will do well too.

And I'll try to do better
once I get out of here.

But you need to promise
me one thing.

Show me your diary every day.

After school I went to
the hospital to see Mom.

Mom is hurt, so she has to
stay there a few days.

Tomorrow I'll go to the hospital
and show Mom my diary as I promised.

It's nice...
Now Mom doesn't work late,

she doesn't drink,

and I can see her
whenever I want.

- I wish Mom would just stay sick.
- I wish Mom would just stay sick.

My son wishes that I would
just stay sick.

I don't scold him,
I don't go drinking...

How long has it been hurting?


- Just... since the accident.
- No, I don't mean that.

Haven't you had abdominal pain?

It must've been quite severe.

Listen carefully to what I tell you.

I already told your husband.

Wait a minute, wait!
Time out!

Wait! I didn't mean to hit you.

Nice job.

You're the best human sandbag.

Excuse me!

Sorry, but could you
do me a favor?

- Me?
- Yes.

If he asks who you are,

- just tell him you're someone I know.
- Yes...

Yes... hello? I am...

What is... your name?

Mi-ryung, Song Mi-ryung.

Well, I'm an acquaintance
of Song Mi-ryung.

And next?

I want to break up with him.

Say I can't stand being with
a guy like him anymore.

But... you want me to say that?

Just help me this once.

I can't say it to him myself.

Mi-ryung asked me to tell you this.

She wants to break up with you.

She can't stand... being with
a guy like you any longer.

He's crying.

You can hang up now.

She said you're
a really good person.

She hopes you can
find someone better.

Yes, really.


Now what?
You said it's finished!

Thank you so much.

- Your nose is bleeding.
- What?

Don't bother. We're over

Separation Agency

For people who are hesitant
about breaking up,

or for those who have trouble
saying the words,

I will...

no, we will do it for you.

Separation Agency.

I wish it would just pour rain
and cool things off.

Excuse me?

Is anybody here?

Didn't she come in
here just now?

Oh my god! You nearly
gave me a heart attack.

Damn, why's it so dark?
Is it on backwards again

I saw the window was open,
I thought that maybe...


I have a request.

I have something to ask you.
A request.

A request?

Just don't ask me to take this off.

I want to paint you. Your face.

Don't smile at me,
My knees will go weak.

Oh, wait!

I can't explain why I'm doing this,
but you are difficult, too.

Just once... don't be so difficult!

Say something. Say I'm not a thug.

I'll say something.
Those guys there are thugs.

Hey, I asked you to say something!

May 10, 1995.
He's never a romantic

but today after some romantic time
suddenly he threw his body on me.

That bastard... beast!


An unwished-for thing has happened.
That day I got pregnant.

I got so scared, I ran to him.
Abort it, he says.

That scoundrel... bastard!

I'll raise it.
Healthy, smart, good-natured.

Better than me, better than its dad,

better than both of us together.

Please, let it be a girl...

Why am I acting this way?
Am I a pervert?

Good night, Princess.

How are things with your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend...

Is it going well?

Did you propose to my sister?

You argued with your boyfriend?
You aren't speaking?

What a dunce.

Did you...
propose to my sister?

Don't worry, don't worry.

I'll find a better
boyfriend for you.

You want to...

You want to make up with him...?

Ah, you need some money?
I'll give you some.

He really is thick-headed.

Sister-in-law. I also have...

I have a worry, too.

But don't...
don't tell your sister.

Your sister...



She wants me to propose like this.

Why'd she hit me?

Not enough money?

Client/Park Suk Yong,
Message to/Lee Hyun Woo

Reason for separation/indifference

- Are you Mr. Lee Hyun-woo?
- Yes. Can I help you?

Well, I was sent here
by Park Suk-yong.


- Park Suk-yong.
- Yes, Suk-yong.

She wants to break up.

- Step aside a moment.
- Yes, well...

Lee Hyun-woo.

You've been dumped
by Park Suk-yong.

I heard you.

Tell her she made
the right decision.

And mister, you have
a really interesting job.

Client/Han Hung Suk,
Message to/Lee Eun Jung
Ms. Lee,

Reason for separation/Too lavish & selfish
I'm here to deliver

a break-up message from Heung-seok.

Client/Song Han Na, Message to/Michael
You love... Hanna loves.

Reason for separation/Playboy
This is your love, okay?
It's cut

It's cut to bits. Okay? Cut. Understand?

- Why?
- Why?

Cause you're a playboy
that's why. Uh...

You have many girls.

Here's a girl, there's a girl.
Everywhere girls.

Around you are all girls.

Client/Lee Bora
Message to/Kim Yeon Chul

Reason for separation/Too naive.

I wish you meet a nice girlfriend.

Client/Park In Suk
Message to/Min Sueng Yeop

Reason for separation/incompetence
Address/Dongjak Bridge

Choi Sook-hyun!

I've been sent by Jung Ha-seok!

Ha-seok has a message for you.

Wait, Sook-hyun.
Ha-seok wants to go on a date with you.

He used to be unemployed,
but not anymore.

And he won't be in the future.
He said to tell you this.

- Do you really have to do this?
- It's true!

Oh, wait.

Hello? Yes, it is.

Right now?

It's not a good time right now...
can I go tomorrow?

No, no. That's okay.
I'll go right now.

Yes, goodbye.

- Sorry about that.
- We've broken up.

It doesn't matter
if you have a job or not.

Hey, even the card companies
give you three months.

You can give me
three months, can't you?

Let's meet on Saturday for sure.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Is there a forecast for rain today?

Well... the report has just come in.

Sorry, Soo-jeong.
It'll be clear today too.

Oh, I see.

I'm right here.


- Did you eat?
- Yeah.

- And your homework?
- I did it.

- And the diary?
- Of course.

Hey, I told you to draw me better.

Look, my eyes are closed again.

Watch here.

Like this.

It's not working very well.

Mom, do you regret it?


About me.
Do you regret it?

Why should I feel any regret?
It was my fault.

No, it's Dad's fault.

And if anything unwanted comes up
in the future, get rid of it.

And I'm sorry.

But I can't wear a skirt for you.

A baby, crying all night.

This poor mom,
who can't do anything for him,

other than to cry outside,

so that he doesn't hear her.

All night the baby cries
inside the house,

and I cry outside...

I love you, baby.
Please don't be sick.

I love you mommy.
Please don't be sick.



Hwi-chan. You don't need to
do that for Mom anymore.

The nurse came and
gave her a shot and some pills.

So you don't have to do that.

No, when Mom did this for me
I got well.

Go on.

- What?
- The song.

Hurry, hurry and get well.
Daddy's got a healing hand.

Mommy's got a pot belly.
Hurry, hurry and get well.

Daddy's got a healing hand.

Is anyone here?

- Is nobody here?
- We're the rescue team.

If anyone's here, just yell.

- Anyone here?
- We're the rescue team.

Ten, this is 101.
We've found someone, 46.

- Take him out first.
- Yes.

This afternoon, a fire broke out
in a Seoul warehouse,

35-year old Lee who was working
inside the warehouse

was injured from smoke inhalation.

While rescuing him, two firemen
from Dobong Station received burns

and are currently in intensive care.

The fire burned down the whole
warehouse and $350 thousand worth

of property was damaged.
The fire was out after an hour.

The police are investigating
the cause based on the

witness' depositions.

How did you get here?

I'm okay. I'm not hurt.

I am the one who's hurt.

I can't take it anymore.

Every time I hear a siren,
my heart drops.

Soo-jeong. It's okay, so let's go.
There are other people here.

No, it's not okay.

Who cares about other people?

- I care about you, and about myself.
- Soo-jeong.

These people say you're cool,

encouraging that you are a great fireman.
That's all, isn't it?

Su-jeong, that's not it.

And so they just push you deeper
and deeper into the fire, right?

Soo-jeong, no...

You know...

how we work here...

You know.

No, I don't know.

I've forgotten it all.

When you say 'we',
I'm not included,

so how can I know?

104 this is 10, roger.

Fire Alarm!

Look at you...

Now that I'm sick,
You seem to study harder and

don't get into trouble.

I think I'm getting better
because of you. Really...

Then Mom, can you come
in front of our school?

School? Why?

You know how mothers direct traffic
by the school. Can you?


I wish I were sick instead of you.

If you ever say that again,
you're not my son.

My baby is sick.

Please, please let me be sick
instead of him.

- Why do you make women cry?
- Huh?

Oh, you saw it?

I didn't make her cry, kiddo.

By the way, what's with
your long face?

Does your girlfriend
want to break up?

Or, you want to break up, but
you're having trouble saying it?

You're too young to be
making that kind of face.

When you get old, you'll have
plenty of chances to be sad.

Mister, what do you do anyway?


To keep the one I love,

I make other couples break up.

What's that supposed to mean?

You wouldn't understand...

Here. Take this, in case you
need it later.

Take it.

Separation Agency

Stop sighing at the ground!

Stop sighing at the sky.

I guess she doesn't
want to see you.


Ask her to call me later.


He understood.

She likes you a lot.

Don't worry.

No, it's okay.

I'll eat dinner at home.
By myself.

I'll just go. See you.

You're not the one who
got burned. Why are you hiding?

Leave me alone.

Why are you being so childish?
How long will you hide there?

I said leave me alone!

Don't just yell for help,
you need to help him first.

At least you can say
"I love you."

You're better off than me.


You know why I wanted him
to propose to me?

It was all for him.

If he confessed his love and
thought about marriage and such.

Then, he could think about me once
more before jumping into the fire

and make him a bit more scared of
the fire I thought I could change him.

That's how it started but now

I've become sort of fixated on it.

I understand the situation,

but if you could help...

Yes... just a moment.

Dad. Don't tell Mom about it.

I heard that
his mother has cancer.

Your dad's a doctor, right?

- Do you know about cancer?
- Sure.

- What happens if you get it?
- You die. Everyone with cancer dies.

Why? Does someone have it?


Mom... Mom!

Mom, are you okay?

Of course! Why wouldn't I be?

You know how much
I wanted to blow this whistle?

Whenever I see you,
I'm full of energy.

Mom, wait a second.

Mom, blow the whistle for me.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Client/Jun Young Joo
Message to/Min Chung Bum

Reason for separation/excessive violence

Are you the delivery boy?

Delivery? Oh, no.

You're not?
Then who the hell are you?

I'm... I was sent by
Jun Young-ju.

Jun... Jun Young-ju

That name sounds really familiar...

Is it you? Are you her new guy?

No, I just... she sent me...

Shut up, bastard.
Tell her this.

If she's got something to say.

Beat it, punk.

What now?

Young-joo wants to breakup.

The excessive violence...

Get lost, bastard!
Get a life, you shit.

- What?
- Wait, wait...

I delivered the message.
You heard it?

No I didn't! Keep your nose out
of other people's relationships!

I don't deal with relationships,
only break-ups!

Go! Beat it!

Hey, I didn't hear anything.

Get lost!

You don't get it, do you?

You listen to me, god damn it!

I thought I'd die from hunger.


I've something to tell you.

What? Slow down.
I've got tons to say too.

Let's eat first, then talk.

You said you were hungry.

Sook-hyun! Try this, it's great.

Once a fireman rescued
a girl from a blaze.

Everyone else gave up on her,
but he charged

in like a madman.

The fireman and the woman,
they survived against crazy odds.

So the fireman and

the girl started dating, right?

No, he dated her sister.

She was the woman of his dream.

Aren't you glad to see me?

I keep doing sign language,
so I forget how to speak.

I remember how to
say it with my hands,

but not with words.

It stays at the tip of my tongue.

But there are words that
even if I remember,

I can't say.

Maybe I just wanted
to hear it from you first.

I have something to say too,

but not here.

This isn't a sky lounge,
and there's no wine.

I can't treat you like a princess.

Hey hey!
What's going on here?

You shouldn't use public equipment
for these purposes.

Can our model fireman
act in this way?

Give us an explanation.

OK, stick closer.
I'll take a beautiful picture.

Stop smiling.
Now, here we go.

Do you know where he is going?

Maybe New York or Paris.

Maybe we should make
them meet before he leaves.

You know why none of the Dwarfs

hooked up with Snow White?

They couldn't tell her
how they felt. Not one!

They were all ashamed
of being dwarfs.

In fact...

In fact, Snow White
had a thing for short guys.

When the Prince dismounted from
his horse, he was goddamned... uh

really short.

This is a secret,

but actually he was the youngest.
The eighth, who was adopted away.

You know why the bitchy
queen died so miserably?

She was tricked by the mirror!

When you look at your sweetheart,
you don't look with a mirror,

you look with your heart.

What's all this about?
It doesn't suit you.

It's too heavy.


What are you doing here?

I have something to say.

What is it?

I'll tell you later.

- Can't you say it now?
- Later.

Oh, I better go.
I'll call you then.

I'll be waiting for you!


- Hello.
- Hello.

- You're a bit late today.
- Yes... sorry.

- Soo-jung.
- Yes?

It's going to rain tonight.
The rainy season is starting.

Oh, really?

Thank you!

Hey, number eight!

I was curious... how you looked.

Your eyes, your nose...

You're pretty.
More than I imagined.

Don't be so shy... you fool.

It's the makeup, and the lighting.

Wait, we don't even know
each other's names.

What's your name?


Su-eun... your name's
pretty, too.

But Su-eun, why don't you speak?
I'm doing all the talking.

Say something.

Hey, can't you speak?

I'm sorry... I just...

Why are you sorry?
You didn't make me this way.

I'll say it today before it's too late.

I've saved a woman from a fire...

Saved a man from drowning...

But now,


I want to save a man
who's fallen in love.

I know it's too late, but...

Please accept this.

The stadium will be open for use
from 9am to 10pm.

The district will try to attract

Citizens from various classes.

Now some late-breaking news.

This evening, a fire broke out
in a shoe factory in Dobong-gu.

The blaze killed
two firemen on duty...

and a third, unidentified victim.

The firemen killed were

40-year old Suh Ki-soo and
30-year old Lee Jin-woo.

38-year old Lee Jo-hyung
was severely

burned and moved to a hospital.

The tragedy occurred in the

basement of the building

as the dispatched firemen

tried to extinguish the flames.

Finally, Hong will report
on tonight's weather.

Rain is falling across the nation.

The rain should quell
the 20-day heat wave

and open the rainy season,
according to the Weather Bureau.

The early arrival of the monsoon...

will most likely continue for a month.

Especially starting the next month,
a seasonal rain front will...

Please draw me again.

Actually, I'm leaving to study
abroad next month.

I know, you punk.

That's why I'm showing it to you.

I don't show this to just anyone.

There was something I really
wanted to draw before leaving.

If the chance came, I thought
I could draw it well.

I really thought...

that I could draw it well.

I know it already.

You wanted to draw me,

but it didn't turn out
as you expected.

Still thanks anyway for saying so.

But I don't want to hear anymore.


it will be too much to take.


Client/Choi Suk Hyun,
Message to/Jung Ha Seok

Reason for separation/found a new love

Mr. Jung Ha-seok.

I was sent by Choi Sook-hyun.
You know her, right?

Sook-hyun asked me
to deliver this message.

Sook-hyun wants to
break up with you.

It was too hard for her to say it,

so I came instead.
You understand?

Sook-hyun said she's
met somebody new.

Of course you're a good person,
and she loved you.

But without realizing it,
a new love appeared.

Please don't take it too hard.

Wish her the best with her new love.

And she hopes that...

you'll find a new love too.

With all of her heart.

You heard me, right?


It'll be ok.

You'll get better soon.



Dad, don't cry. Mom will hear.

Mom... Mom!

I'll be good now!
Mom, please don't die.

Mom, don't die...

Mom, please don't!

Mom... don't die!

I'll behave from now on.

Ms. Eom Ju-young?

I'm from a separation agency.
You know Park Hwi-chan?

I was sent by him.

I was going to quit this work,

but since he's my last client,
I came especially for him.

Now... I'll deliver the message
from Mr. Park Hwi-chan.

Hwi-chan doesn't want to
separate from you, Ms. Eom.

This is an unusual case.

Hwi-chan wants you
to stand up again.


Park Hwi-chan.

My son.


Your son has one more thing
to show you.

And that is...

Didn't he draw it well?

He said he couldn't
draw you well before...

because you are too pretty.

Are you okay?

Hwi-chan says he'll do
what you say, keep his diary,

and won't tell lies anymore,
so please...

Tell my son...

Thank you...

for drawing me... so well.

I will.

Mom... Mom...

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Have a seat.

Would you like something to drink?

No thanks. And the reason
you wanted to see me...?

We found something while
investigating this accident.

I thought I'd better show you.

And these were found in
Mr. Lee Jin-woo's clothes.


Me too.

I love you too.

Sad Movie

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