Sacrifice (2020) - full transcript

After his mother's death, Isaac and his pregnant wife return to his birthplace on a remote Norwegian island to claim on unexpected inheritance. During their visit, the couple discover dark ...

Hey are you okay?

Is it sea sickness or morning

Can it be both?

From what I reckon it's the boat

I've got it covered.

I got one for you too.



This island is good
things for a family, huh?

Yeah I hope so,
I mean it's beautiful.

Holiday home.

- Yeah.
- Imagine.


How you feeling nauseous-wise?

I'm okay, let's just oh,
fresh air will be good.

Doesn't look like we have

That's good.

So what do you think?

I think we'll be lucky
if we don't spend

the night in jail for
breaking and entering.


Oh ye of little faith.

I would carry you across
the threshold but

Oh stop!

Well, is it all flooding back,.

I don't..uh...


Kinda, it's definitely smaller
then I remember.

Yeah, everything is bigger
when you're a kid.


I remember this.

I used to stare at this for
hours as a kid.

Well it's not the best day to
take a photo, but...

- You know.
- He's fine with the rainbows.

- Right?
- Hmm.

Book of Genesis?

- God's reminder that he's watching over us.
- Oh okay.

I just sleep through Sunday


Don't drink the water it's

Left it running to see if it

What's up?



It's my dad.

I'd almost, forgotten what he
looked like.


do you speak English?

That depends.


On what?

Do you speak Norwegian?

Oh, I don't know.

I'm sorry.

So if I don't speak English and
if you don't speak Norwegian

then how would we communicate?

So you do speak English?

Of course I speak English
everybody speaks English.

We raped your women.

You raped our linguistic Legacy.

Actually, we're Americans.

I don't think you guys made it
that far.


Is this man bothering you?

His ignorance is bothering me.

That's for sure.

Are you one of those indoctrinated
zombies that still believes that

Christopher Columbus discovered

That depends on what you mean by

many would argue that the Native
Americans actually-

- We...

were smashing Cherokee feet.

when Christopher
Columbus is great great great

grandfather was still
sucking on his mother's tit.

Guys, come on.

There's a lady present.

Well, uh,

unless there was an
Immaculate Conception uhm,

pretty sure she knows what a
good Harpoon is by now.

That's not the point.

Come on we can go somewhere else
for dinner.

Good luck with that.

We're not going anywhere.

We're hungry.
They got to feed us.

Where's your menu?

We don't have a menu.

Of course, you don't

but this is a fishing village.

So I assume you guys serve fish,

Well, we don't serve chili dogs and
pizza if that's what you're looking for.

No fish'll do just fine

Do you have any calamari?

Calamari is not a fish.

Fish is a vertebrae,

calamari are is an invertebrate.

A fish has
a backbone, it's Seafood.

- It's seafood, same thing.
- Same thing?

Yeah, it's Seafood.

You guys serve food from the

- If you don't serve calamari the-
- We definitely don't serve calamari.

Well then for the love of God,

what do you serve?

That depends.

Jesus Christ!

Jesus won't help you here.

Come on.

Let's go.


do what your lady says.

We're not going anywhere.

I'm hungry

- and you're gonna feed us.
- I'll feed you to the sharks.


I want two plates of fish, a large
beer and a lime and soda for the lady,

make it snappy.

That's enough.

It's time for you to go.

I'm not going anywhere.

It's time for you to go.

No! Okay!

Okay, just stop! Just get
off him!

You leave quietly and go back
to where the hell you came from.

He is back where he came from.

- What do you mean?
- He was born here.

Gunnar: What's your name?


Your family name.
What's your family name?



Yeah very Norwegian.

Most nights we can hardly move
in here for all the pick men.


That was his birth name,

Johan Jorstad's son?



Isaac Jorstad, why didn't you
say so?

Oh my God, you're, you're

Ledvor, get the man a
bandaid he's bleeding!

Look, we're sorry, okay.

We were just, just messing

I mean, it's really not
much else to do right here.

Yeah sleepy town restless
nights, you, you know how it is.

What? Why don't you get the lady
a chair?

Could you see she's with child


What's your poison?


Beer, please.


Aquivat, the whole bottle.

Tonight we celebrate.

Welcome home.


Okay get in.



Come on.

Go upstairs now.

Emma: No, lie back.

Back, back, back.

- Come here, come here.
- No you're good.

Hey, whoa, whoa.

You're coming back right?

Where did you get breakfast?

Don't creep up on me, please.


You are lucky you didn't induce

Where did you get breakfast?

Just the local store.

- Yup.
- Because somebody,

has been dreaming away up there
for hours.

What time is it?

Yeah, it's way past your
breakfast time.

Technically breakfast time's whenever
you break fast, so it is breakfast time.

Wow, you sound like one
of your new friends.

What do you mean.

Fish is a vertebrate,
calamari is an invertebrate.

Well actually squid
is an invertebrate.

Calamari is squid
served as food.

So it's like saying

steak is mammal.

See what I mean there.

What am I doing?

Great guys.

Yeah, great might be
overstating it a bit...

interesting, I'll give you that.

Well, you just wouldn't get
that kind of welcome back home.

No, you're right.

My head though is killing me.

Well, that's surprising.

How did you sleep

Like a baby.

Oh, that's good.

Unfortunately, whatever idiot coined
that phrase clearly never spent any time

around babies or they'd
know how badly they sleep.

Look who's being pedantic now.


Mr. Isaac Pickman.

I... yeah.

Otherwise known as

Isaac Jorstad.

I guess.

I am Lensmann Renate Nygard.

Local sheriff.

I would like to ask you some

I'm here,


This is my house.

I own it.

Yes you do.

May I come in?

Of course, sorry.

Should I

- go put some clothes on.
- That won't be necessary.

Take a seat, please.

Would you also like to

sit down.

I'll stand, thank you.

Look Sheriff if this is about
what happened last night,

uh, then I just want to say that

that was an innocent misunderstanding,
no harm was done and I...

- certainly don't want to press charges.
- What happened last night?

Them, argument in the bar.

This is the first I heard about

That's not why I'm here.

Okay, so why are you here?

I assume it's not just a
welcome us to the neighborhood.




what did you want
to ask me?

I wanted to ask you about your

My father?

Specifically the murder

The murder

I want you to tell me everything,
you know about the murder.

Every detail.

My father murdered somebody?

- What?
- What?

I want you to tell me
everything you remember

about the night your father was

My father was murdered?

Well, there has never been a

We are still very unclear
about the events of that night

Personally, however, I am

that six separate blunt impact
wounds to the back of the head

at least two of those being

constitutes murder.





Who murdered my dad?

You don't know

Do I look like I know?


this is uhm-

Who the hell murdered my dad?

You don't remember anything

about the night your mother left
with you?

well my mom she woke me up and
we, we left

we got, we got on a boat

and, and we just left

- And she took you to America.
- It was her home

- And she never told you why she left
- Of course she did.

What did she say?

She told me that he left us.

He abandoned us and he...

he found a new family.

So she,

took me back to her old family.

And how is your mother?

She's, uh,

She's... She's dead.


I'm sorry.

That's why we're here.

The house was in the will and

I'm, I'm...

Next of kin, so.

I see.



murdered my dad?

Mr. Jorstad,

I came here today,

because your father's murder

has remained an open case for 25

And I was hoping

that perhaps you might be able
to help us.

Finally bring matters to a

Or, uhm,

perhaps even convinced your

to turn herself in.

I, uh...

I'm sorry.

That's all right.

Well, uhm,

where did, where did she, uh,

do it.

Your uhm,

your foot would be

resting on his head.

We tried our best with the
cleanup but some stains you just,

Can't wash away.

Look, I.

I can see that my assumptions

Entirely misguided in this

and I apologize

that you had to find out like

Believe me,

I was just as shocked as
you when I first heard.

Your mother and father were
much loved in this community.

Why do you think she would do

I don't know.

She told you that he found a new

Then families are complicated.


people get jealous,

they feel betrayed

and often they lash out.

But family

is also the most important
thing in the world

and in a way your mother and
father were both part of mine.

I feel terrible about this.

I really do.

This is not.

Not a good welcome

to our community.

Let me try to make it up to you.

Why don't you?

The three of you,

come to my house for supper
tonight, and I can

fill you in on

some of the brighter aspects,

of your family history.



65 Krone, please.


Dream well.



You too.

Are you sure this is the right

Well looks like it?

If not, I need to hand
in my Eagle Scouts badge.

Well that's the creepiest
thing I've ever seen.

Creepier than my dad's corpse

Oh apologies.

We have the wrong house.

My husband's map
reading skills are clearly

not as good as
he thinks they are.


If there is one thing a
Norwegian knows how to do

it's to navigate.

It's in our blood.

Isn't that right Isaac?

Speaking of blood, this is
my daughter Astrid.

Pleasure to meet you.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

We got this for you.

But I hope it's okay.

They didn't have much in the

You shouldn't have.

This will go wonderfully with
the trout.

Come in.

This looks amazing.

Thank you so much.

Yeah if it tastes as good as it
looks, then we are in for a treat.

It's all Astrid.

I don't know where she gets
her domestic talent from

certainly not her mother.

I must say I feel terribly

you both look so glamorous.

I think Perhaps it is we who are

It's just that,

we don't get much opportunity to
entertain and...


it's just so lovely to have

Dive in,

before I get cold.

Mmm, mmm.

That is divine.


What did you what did you put in

I'm afraid Astrid doesn't talk
too much.

Not since her father was taken
from us.



when is the little one due?

Six weeks.

Yeah, so we're well
into her third trimester

And will the baby be born here


Oh, no, no, no.

No, we're just here to make
arrangements for the house and then

in a couple weeks we'll head
back so I can still fly.


That is a striking piece of art.



that's been

with my family for Generations.


and what is the writing say?

Tré skuggans a strond hússins
hinna dauou.

- Old Norse.
- Oh.

The tree of the shadow

on the shores

of the House of the Dead.


But that's a lot to
wrap your teeth around.


we just called him,

the Slumbering One.

The Slumbering One.


Hinn sofandi.

Local myth.

Iceland has its elves.

Ireland has leprechauns.

The rest of Norway has its trolls
and we have this lovely fellow.

And what is this
Slumbering One do,


The clue is in the name.

He sleeps.

Sometimes he dreams.

And that's it.

I wish I could offer you

more exciting.

Well, you should rename him the
lazy one.

Yeah, maybe we should.

The scarecrow outside.


we don't get too many crows
around here.

Oh, I assumed it was there
to scare something.

It's very sinister looking.

if you don't mind me saying.

No, I don't mind.

My husband might.

Oh your husband.

Yeah, it was meant as a tribute

to my late husband.

Oh God, I'm sorry.

When a member is taken from us,

it is customary to erect a

in the image of the Slumbering

To celebrate

the time permitted.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
offend you.

It was dark outside.

I probably didn't see it very

No. No, that's all right.

You didn't offend in the
slightest and

really it's no prettier in the

It's just another

antiquated community custom

dates back

more years than we have counted.

You'll see them scattered all
over town if you care to look.

My husband

was nothing if not a

Nobody built one of those
remember my dad.


I'm so sorry they didn't.

What are you doing tomorrow?


If you'd like to learn more
about our community traditions,

you should really come
and witness Altarisganga.


Annual Sacrament.

I'm surprised you don't remember

I presided over all six of your
Altarisganga when you were a child

- Really?
- And your mother

and your father and just about
anyone else who has

called this place home
for the last 30 years,



It's settled you are a coming






another interesting evening.

I can't deny that.

Man people are so friendly here.

Not like back home.

Astrid was certainly friendly.

No, I think she was kind of

Is that how you like them?

Well, I did marry you.

She couldn't keep her eyes
off you all night.

She's only human.

And so are you?


what's this supposed to mean?

Don't worry I don't blame you.

I found it difficult not to
stare myself.

She's a very beautiful girl.


are a very beautiful woman.

Come on let's face it we both

I'm a whale

Sexiest goddamn whale in
the entire goddamn ocean.


And you know, what's sexy whales

If you're gonna say good

I'm actually gonna divorce you.

If you were planning on
divorcing me you probably

should have done it before I
became a property baron though.

No, that makes no sense.
The best time for me

to divorce you is after
you become property baron.

Oh really, I see.

- This is weird.
- Weird is good.

No, I don't think that
your unborn child is gonna

think the same.

Well, we'll use his college
fund to pay for a therapist.


Uh uh, no.

It's just been a strange
couple of days, okay?

We're both tired and emotional.

Go take a cold shower if you
need to.

Let's just go to sleep.

Why don't we take a hot shower
together instead?

Isaac go to sleep!

Isaac I'm pregnant!

I'll be gentle.

Isaac I'm being serious.

Get off me.


Get off me!

How'd you sleep?

Like a baby.

How did you sleep?

Like the dead.

It's alright for some?

Okay I take it back.


is the creepiest thing I've ever


come on!

Hi Isaac! Come on!


we're being called.


She wants to come in.

You're joking.

Come on, it will be fun.

Uh, hypothermia when
you're pregnant is not fun.

Suit yourself.

Are you serious?

Yeah! Isaac!

My dear child.

I cannot tell you

how grateful we all are for your

Thank you.

I will translate

so you know what you speak.

Repeat after me.

Oh mighty slumbering one.

Oh mighty slumbering one

I call to thee.

I call to thee.

In calm.

In storm.

In sun

and snow.

In calm.

In storm.

In sun and snow.

take my blood,

my flesh,

my body,

My soul.

Take my blood,

my flesh,

My body, my soul.

I come to thee.

I come to thee.

My protector,

my destroyer,

My darkness,

My light.

My protector,

my destroyer,

my darkness, my light.

I come to thee.

I coming to thee.

In Darkest Day

In Darkest Day.

And brightest night.

And brightest night.

Ground control to Major Tom.

Can you hear me?



- Hi.
- You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just daydreaming

About what?

You know.


Oh Christ, you haven't been
converted have you?


Well you're not going to start
wearing robes and speaking in tongues,


You know, it's unbecoming to knock
somebody else's culture, right?

Are you being serious?

Not to mention incredibly

Excuse me?

Now you wouldn't dare

to belittle Christianity

or Judaism

or Islam.

In fact, you be the first one on the
picket line to finding the right to exist.

Who's begrudging anybody's right
to exist.

No, it's

- hypocritical.
- How am I a hypocrite?

do you think that it's rational to
believe that a man can walk on water?


or that,

some Arabian warlord flew to
the moon on a winged horse.


Or in a four-armed elephant

Okay, what are you talking


I'm going to go for a walk.

- Okay.
- Don't wait up.


I'm sorry.

I didn't realize there was
anybody out there.

Aren't you cold?

I'll leave you in peace. Shall

Why do you think leaving
will bring peace?

I just thought you might want
to be left alone.

We will all have eternity to
spend alone.

Some company

in the meantime can
offer a pleasant distraction.

Don't you agree?

Beautiful isn't it?

You know how the Aurora
Borealis is formed?

It occurs when charged particles

emitted from the sun

during a solar flare

penetrates the Earth's magnetic

And collides with atoms

and molecules in the atmosphere.

At least that's what science
tells us.



Science might tell us how

what it fails to tell us is why.

Don't you agree?

What's the matter?

Just a nightmare.

What kind of nightmare?

I was doing the dishes,

and there was something in the

and it tried to drown me.

Of course you'd have a nightmare
about doing the dishes.


You're welcome.


what do you think?

Just how I like it?

- Thank you.
- Oh, no the house I mean.

The house,

- yes well it's beautiful.
- Isn't it?

- They built these places to last.
- They did.

It will certainly still be standing
when we have all been and gone.

Do you mind?

No, of course.

Got to keep the blood sugar
levels up.

For how long
has it been in your family?



a wonderful

family home.

When are you do?

Five weeks.

So we're a bit anxious about
getting the ball rolling.

How quickly to places
usually sell around here?

Places don't come up that often on
this particular island to be honest.

Which makes it all the
more desirable right?


What do you mean by maybe?


sometimes it's difficult
to judge these things.


we're open to offers.

So somebody's going to get
the steal of the century.

I grant you the house has
got a lot going for it.


Robust build. About the

About the best water pressure
I've seen.

Spectacular location.

I mean

many of the community here,

have never even set foot on the

They have everything they need
right here.

It's a goddamn paradise.

People would die to live here.

It kind of represents the

Call it...

superstitious nonsense

a lot of folks are adverse to
living in a

murder house.


and that's something
that we have to declare.

I'm afraid so.

I know we have a reputation
but there are limits.

So a new lick of paint and some
double glazing and you never know.

We might just get lucky.


No, thank you

and dream well.

How is it?

Good, great.

Glad you're enjoying it.


I've been thinking about
what the realtor was saying


Anything can be sold.

It's about finding the right

What's the right price?

Well, I don't know.

We'll just have to do more

the way I see it is whatever
we get is a bonus.

A bonus?


I mean, come on.

This place was unexpected.

It's been sat empty for 25

25 years.

- If sat for another 25 years -
- A home shouldn't be empty.

No, of course not.

What I'm trying to say is I don't
feel like we've lost anything.

I think we lost a lot.

But I think we gain more.

I don't follow.

Why would we leave?

Why would we leave this place?

Are you serious?

What are we going to go back

Our friends.

- Our family
- What friends what family?

Our friends, our family.

Friends? You mean acquaintances.

Whose idea of a deep and
meaningful conversation revolves

around the next pair of
shoes they're going to buy.

- That's not true.
- And family who see once a year.

At Thanksgiving just remind us why we
spend the rest of the year avoiding them.

- That's not true either.
- Yes it is don't delude yourself.

Delude myself?

Wow, that's rich.

Oh, I suppose you're going to say
we've got friends and family here.

I am, actually.

Oh my God, we've been here
for a fucking week.

That's beside the point.

- No, it's not.
- Yes. It is.

The point is we may have been
here a week.

But in that time we've already
experienced a greater sense of community

- and acceptance than 25 years back home
- Speak for yourself.

I wouldn't have to if you actually
made an effort to assimilate.

Assimilate I don't have
to fucking assimilate.

This is not my home.

But it could be.

I would rather slit my wrists
than call this place home.

Well, that's a little dramatic.

Okay, it's dramatic.

All right.

So you'll think about it?

No, I will...
there is nothing to think about.

I'm gonna get some air.

There's a surprise.

Don't wait up.

I won't.

Okay, you know women.

you can't live with them

and you can't murder them without
possible legal ramifications

No but she just doesn't get it.

She doesn't understand
the meaning of roots

Of, of, of community.


I mean what better possible place
could there be to raise a child?

I mean damn sight more desirable
than a country where you don't know,

From one moment to the next who's
gonna shove a gun in your face.

Where, where the meaning of life is
to sit behind a desk trying to earn as

much money as possible.

The thing about women is that they
don't actually know what they want.

No, no, no, no.

Women want to be dominated.

They might talk about
the equality, but they

certainly don't respect
those who offer it.

The only reason she wants to
go is because you want to stay.

Mmm, if you wanted to

leave she'd be begging you to stay
gives her something to bitch about

But I do want to stay.

Of course you do.

This is your goddamn home.

It is my home.

- To home!
- To home!

To goddamn home.

Why are you standing there, come

- Please.
- Alright alright, alright.

Keep them coming. Keep them coming.
v\Keep them coming.


I'm impressed.

You can't be a corporate drone without
picking up a certain skill set.

Isn't this a little wasteful?

Can't be very easy to find
golf balls around here.

Don't worry.

They always eventually

come back with the tide.

But thank you.

This place is fucking magical.


That's one way of putting it.

What do you mean?


some say

that the lights is God's playful

that the world will end in a
fiery hell.

Doesn't sound very playful.

The world

is indeed comic

but the joke

is on mankind.



I need to show you something.


What are you doing?





Isaac stop!

What the hell are you doing?

What does it look like I'm

I don't even know what it
looks like you're doing.

I'm building a Tupilaq.


Because it's a cultural

Well genital mutilation is
a cultural tradition.

Some traditions should
probably just die out.

There you go again,

with that bigotry.

Where did you even get this

Gunnar gave it to me.

That was nice of him.

Yeah, it was.

No, one had the decency to erect
one of these for my father.

I'm gonna make sure I don't
make the same mistake.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Do you need any help?

I'm definitely alright on my

Thank you.


Well I'm going to go to the
store so...

So I'll leave you to it.


What the hell was that?

Don't worry. It's just a child
in his bed.

Well is he okay?

He doesn't like the nightmares.


I'm sorry about the mess.

I'll pay for it.

A woman in your condition
shouldn't be carrying these.

Oh no, I can manage.

Thank you.

I'm sure you can but
doesn't mean you have to.


Boy or girl

Oh we're not sure.

I thought they can tell by those
scans these days?

We don't want to know.

Well, why not?

I don't know, we just thought as
long as it's healthy

then it's not that important to

No preference?


as long as it's healthy.


What are you doing?

I'm gonna tell you the sex of
the child.

Ah yes, yes.

Could you feel that?

Well I felt a kick but I'm
always feeling a kick.

- He's just impatient to come out, that's all.
- He?

Oh, Yes.

Certainly he.

How do you know?

Do you think it's lady like to
kick with such force?

I think if you're trapped anywhere being
ladylike doesn't really come into it

Definitely a boy.

Boys are simply biologically
stronger than girls.

No girl would kick with such

Hmm. Don't worry child

you will be released into
the world soon enough.

So I bumped into Gunnar

on my way back from the store.

Did you?

You know, you didn't want to
know the sex of our child.

It's a boy.

According to Gunnar anyway

That's nice.


Apparently he's psychic.

I got work to do.





He's coming, he's coming, he's

No, no, no, uh...

- Don't panic, just breath.
- Oh he's coming!

I gotta call an ambulance, okay.

No, no no, no!

I have to go!

He's coming! He's coming!

Alright, alright, alright!

Oh, Jesus!

Fuck I see the head! Oh my God!

Oh my God! Push!

Again, again!

That's it baby, you can do it!
You can do it!

Oh my God, that's it!


Oh my God!

Oh my God...

Oh my God...

- He's beautiful.
- Let me see him.

You did it!

He's beautiful.

Let me see him.

Please let me see him.


It's beautiful, isn't it?


I know it's been


over the last few days.

But we need to make a decision
about going back home.

I thought you already made
that decision for us both.

Well what I mean is

Am I part of the
decision-making process now.

I mean an actual leaving date.

So what do you think?

Do you care what I think?

Of course, I care what you

I think you're the most selfish woman
I've ever met in my entire life.

And I think

you might just have lost her

Actually, that's not fair.

I'm being a little harsh.

I think it's a tie

between you

and my mother.

Your mother was not selfish.

She was selfless.

She obviously left
this place to protect her

child and that's exactly
what I'm going to do.

With or without you.

- Really?
- Really.

How do you plan on doing

Are you serious?

Oh my God.

Do you know how hilarious you
look when you try to act tough?

It's like watching a
goldfish imitate a shark.

I'll tell you what I'm going to

I'm going to go up there
and pack my bags and

get the fuck off of this
godforsaken hellhole

And you can stay

and play dress up with
your little friends.

You're not going anywhere.

I said you're
not going anywhere.

I'm packing my bags.

- Don't touch me!
- Don't make me hurt you!

- Touch me!
- Be still!

Get off me!

You fucking bitch!


You fucking bitch!





Thank God.

Can I help you?

Yes, you can't help me.

I need to go, now.

I need to go to the mainland

Come back tomorrow 9 a.m.

Oh, no, I need to go now.

Come back tomorrow 9 a.m.

It's an emergency.


- What kind of emergency?
- The kind that won't wait until tomorrow?

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, you see I'm not really
equipped for emergencies.

I'm more of a turtle than a

I have money.

You know, that's good because I
don't do this for the joy of it.

I have anything you need and I
can get more on the mainland.

I just need Go now, please.

And what are you some kind of

You can't have robbed a the bank
as this place doesn't have one.


Just name your price.

Where's your husband?

He's not coming.

Decided to stay this time, did

You know, he caused quite the
commotion last time he left.

Place has never quite been the
same since.

You know about that?

Well certainly did little to
endear me to the local populace

In hindsight, I probably should have acted
with a bit more fortitude, but I was young

and she, she was quite a siren.

What can you do?

So you took her and you won't
take me.

No offense, but you're not quite
my type.

Look, I am pregnant, okay.

I need to go, now.

- Hey, just name your price, okay.
- Listen.

You could offer me all the pearls in the
ocean, but I still couldn't take you.


What are they going to do to


I'm not scared of those

Then what are you scared of?


There's a storm coming.

She doesn't want you to leave,
you know.

Trust me what she wants

she always gets.


What's wrong?

I'm so sorry, I didn't know
where to go.

- and you're a police officer so.
- What's happened?

I think he might be dead.

Here you go.

I'd offer you something
stronger, but

the baby.

Thank you.

Take a deep breath.

Okay now tell me.

Who do you think might be dead?


Why do you think Isaac is dead?


I hit him over the head.

He went insane.

I'm telling you, that house,

it is curse or it is haunted by

his mother and his father, and
now this.

Why do you think he's gone

Because he tried to attack me.

So it was self-defense.

Oh God, of course, it was

You really think I would just go

smacking someone over the head
for the sake of it?

Who's to say.

Who can fathom

what goes on in that tiny
little head of yours?

Renate, Renate.

you need to get him out of here.


he's insane.


Whatever he is told you okay?

Don't listen to him.
Listen to me.

You need to get a
psychiatrist or someone

okay, because he's
gone in the head.

Whose fault is that?

- Sweetie.
- Renate please okay do something.

Cause he needs help.


Oh God.

I don't feel to...

too good.


Uh, I...

Dream well, baby.

There's something,

in the water.

You have no idea.

Don't struggle, baby.

He doesn't like it when you

It's unbecoming.

And you need

to accept your fate.

It's I come to thee,
not I run from thee.

At least the child gets it.

he's been itching to get out
of there ever since he got in.

Haven't you son?

Well my boy.


to fulfill

your destiny.

This was never your son's

This was always your destiny!

You should have just
fulfilled it 25 years ago.

You have no idea

the suffering

you have cost us.

Don't worry.

You'll get used to it.

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