Sacred Silence (1996) - full transcript

A young priest crusades against organized crime in his Naples neighbourhood but falls in love with a 13-year old boy. It's the chance the gangsters were waiting for to get rid of the thorn in their side. Will they be able to force the boy to accuse the priest of sexual harassment and have his reputation destroyed? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

In front of you...

without understanding...


...feeling pain...

...without blood.

What do I do with my life?

My hands are lost, false.

They can't work,

pray, teach.

Father, I'm facing you,

crushed by guilt,

in the cross's shadow of a sworn love,
but tied to a forbidden one.

I don't know.

Don't move!

The watch!

Gimme the watch.

Loving is bitter.

Scrambled, fried, eat,

- Got anything?
- Just winning numbers.

- Anything else?
- Get lost!

Fuck you!

Your eggs are rotten!

They're not rotten,
they were layed today.

They're warm.
Straight from the chicken.

- Yes, ma'am?
- Give me 30.000 lire worth.

30.000... coming up!

Good. See how light
this angel is.

He flies and makes no noise.

Try this other needle...

Look, start from below.

Telephone, Madam.

Slowly, softly, good.

Telephone, Madam.

Hello? It's me.

Yes, madam.

It's open.
Until June.

Ours is an art.

Unfortunately it's disappearing.

We're like a family here.

You can always speak to me.

What's wrong Father?
You're dressed like a priest.

What time is it?

What time should we come

Father, don't you feel well?

Did your nose bleed?

Want some grapes?

Where d'you find them
in this season?

You find everything in Naples.
Just ask us.

Look Ada, it's Nunzio.

Did you sing well?
What d'you sing?

- Did you sing?
- Which song?

- Will we see you on T.V.?
- You should get a haircut.

- Going home?
- I have to run an errand.

Can I walk you or not?

- You crazy?
- No, you're crazy.

See you tomorrow.

Shall we walk?

You asleep?

Sleep, you sleepy-head!

Lucky you!

Nunzio stop by?

You sleeping or flying?

On drugs again!

You must be rich!

Stop being a ball-breaker.

Gimme the money
and I'll stop stealing.

If I had it, I'd give it
to you son.

Here comes the "Crooner"!

Nunzio, wanna play
a couple of games?

No confessing today?

The priest gave Giovanni
the Rolex.

Son of a bitch.

- Giovanni who?
- Your brother.

The priest gave him the Rolex.

Father Lorenzo is hot stuff.

Where's Giovanni?
Did he say that?

You don't understand shit!
Let's play a game.

D'you see Giovanni
with the Rolex?

D'you see Giovanni?

Guys, seen Giovanni around?

Carlo, d'you see
the Crooner's brother?

He's on a trip.

Wanna take a trip too?

- Giovanni here?
- What do you want?

My legs hurt.

Where's Giovanni?


You and your brother
are killing me.

Where is he?

You know where he is?

Piece of shit T.V.

Nunzio, I gotta talk to you.

- You're here...
- Come over.

How are you?
Wanna come with us?

- Wanna come to Rome?
- To Rome?

- To Rome
- Going to Rome?

- Yeah, to try the car
- Whose is it?

- Like it? Wanna buy it?
- He's broke!

D'you have
Father Lorenzo's watch?

- What watch?
- Father Lorenzo's Rolex...

- The Rolex on the water heater?
- D'you have it?

Where's the watch?

If you came to bust our balls,
get out of the car.

- You sold it, huh?
- Get out!

I won't say anything.

Looking for me?

I wanted the chapel key.

I wanted to play the organ.
I like it.

Why did you think of that?

I never played it.
I don't know. Why?

Come on, give me the keys.
I'm the church organist.

Be careful. It's old
and delicate, understand?

So many keys!
Do you have the key...

- to this door too?
- Of course.

What's in there?

You want to play or not?

"That day Jesus left his home
and sat by the sea shore"

"A huge crowd
gathered around him,"

"so he got on a boat and sat,"

"while the crowd stayed ashore"

"He spoke to them in parables"

- You're laughing?
- Private joke.

- Are you bored?
- I can't laugh?

"And he said:"

"once there was a man
who went out to sow"

"Some of the seeds
fell along the path"

"and the birds ate them up"

"Some fell on rocky ground"

"They sprouted
because the soil..."

"because the soil wasn't deep,"

"the sun burned the land,
and having no roots, dried up"

"Some seeds fell on thorns,
they grew and choked them"

Can I say something?

This farmer was pretty dumb.

If you listen
without interrupting...

Nunzio stole the keys
to the chapel?

Music is always beautiful.

Where were we?

Where the seeds fell where they
weren't supposed to...

"Some seeds fell on good soil
and produced corn"

We just read a great parable,
which as we said,

is constructed on a same scheme,
to make it more understandable.

Anyone want to tell me
what this parable means?

You have to sow a great deal...

...even to obtain a tiny fruit.

Sow a lot, the seed
must go underground and die.

If it doesn't, there is no fruit.

Mario Diodato,
born in Naples 2/9/73.

I'm an altar server,
I help around the church.

We meet a few times a week,
twice a week...

We speak with Father Lorenzo,
the boys listen to him.

We discuss openly.
Everyone says what they feel.

He had the organ fixed.
It hadn't played for years.

Nunzio Pianese plays it.
He comes to church often.

Good evening,
is Father Lorenzo in?

Of course, I'll get him.

Pica Anna Maria, born
in Naples February 27th, '75.

Since Father Lorenzo's arrival,
Anna and I offered to help.

We cook a little. I cook
in the morning, Anna at night.

I bring the food and leave.

First, I cooked in church,
then went home.

Now I do it at home,
then bring it here.

It keeps warm anyway.

Father Lorenzo eats,
and sometimes Nunzio.

He's thirteen,
and sometimes someone else.

I know, so I cook extra.

They eat together.

I sometimes clean the kitchen
then I leave.

- 'Evening Father. Hi Nunzio.
- Hello Luigi. You're back early.

What's the time?

How are you?

I'll wash my hands.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Want some?
- A little.

Everything okay?
Get a glass for the wine.

Everything's fine.

How about you, Nunzio?

He's angry tonight.

- You're pissed off?
- You kidding?

I saw Ada in the subway.

- So?
- With Sonia.

There's nothing
to be ashamed of.

Right Father?
She's his girlfriend so...

Fuck off.

Don't be rude. Luigi's kidding.

- I'd better shut up.
- You should.

- If I shut up so should you.
- Good.

Enjoy your meal.

Nunzio has exams,
you should understand...

Don't change the conversation.

You're like a bookmaker,
you talk when it's convenient.

- I'm a bookmaker?
- That's right.

Shouldn't have said that.

Stop if you have the guts!

- Catch me!
- You know I'm faster.

- I beat you.
- At words.

- And songs!
- In your wildest dreams!

Give him a lesson!


- Let go!
- Apologize!

- What are you looking at?
- The neighbourhood.

Buildings on top of each other,
inside one another.

Nice view from this window.

Looks like rollercoasters.

It's true.

Like being on a flying chair.

An angel brought us up
and turns us round and round...

Were condemned because
we're offered nothing better.

We have to make sure
people aren't born with that destiny.

Until recently,
I was in the "camorra".

As a child,
I used to see local plays.

I thought there were
2 sorts of people:

Those with respect,
those without.

It took me a while to realize
I was mistaken.

The "camorra" men are deceived.

They think they're somebody,
but they're nobody.

If I spoke about this
in my neighbourhood,

I would be the only one
and they would kick me out.

Don't be afraid.

I changed, and not thanks to me.

I suffered then met
the right people.

I still have
a 10 year-old daughter.

I'll raise her properly.

You think I'm isolated,

one who lives away
from the others.

To my family I'm a UFO.

To fight this "camorra" circus,
we have to commit,

to do things that'll change
this life of misery.

I came to visit.

- Let me look at you
- Why today?

Why not?
I also visited Rosaria.

You never visit me.
Let's sit down.

- Why don't you visit?
- I'm studying.

That's good,

you'll have time for fun later.
Come on Sunday -

- With Salvatore's car...
- I don't want to.

We've changed. The house is nice.

Salvatore and I don't fight

He bought a new white kitchen,
and a TV set. We have 3 now.

He bosses you around.

Nobody bosses me around.

- Do you like it here?
- Yes I do.

So do I.

Why doesn't Father Lorenzo
give you a room here?

Stop it, Mom.

He gave one to the druggie.

There's enough space.

Stop making problems, will you?

You didn't ask about
your sisters.

You didn't ask about Dad.

It's a beautiful church,
all these saints...

Can't smoke here, right?

There's Father Lorenzo,
let's say hello.

You came to see him.

Yes, he's as handsome as you.
He's grown.

Wait, I brought something
for both.

Ferro Concetta, born in Naples
April 8th 1956...

...resident in Via Zaniboni 34
in Ponticelli.

I'm Pianese Nunzio's mother.
He's 13 and a half.

He's living with my sister-in-law,
Pianese Rosaria.

She's my husband's sister.
She lives in Sanit?.

He's got a nerve illness
and doesn't support me.

I live far away,

my husband lives in Vico Barattoli
with my other son, Pianese Giovanni.

"After lunch Susan wanted..."

No. I said:
"wanted to do some"

"After lunch Susan shopping"

- "in Oxford Street"
- Be careful.

"Susan wanted to do some shopping."

What d'you write?

- D'you have a girlfriend?
- None of your business.

- Where's she from?
- The Vomero, why?

- What'd you do?
- Nothing. And you?

I have more fun with Katia.

- Who's Katia?
- My cousin. You know what?

She spreads her legs,

I see and get a hard-on.

She notices and laughs.

Once she spilled beer
and took her skirt off.

I saw the hairs
through her panties.

She let me lick the beer,

took my dick in her mouth
and sucked me off.

She said it was better
than a real drink!


How was your day?

The day is long, never ending.

It does end, have patience.

You used to have more time for me.
Now you're always busy.

Things change, nothing's
the same, but I'm here.

Life shortens, lengthens, expands.

This cigarette is endless.

Have one for me?

- It's nice to smoke together.
- It's bullshit.

- Not again.
- It's empty.

Give me some juice.

Rosaria Pianese, born in Naples
August 7th 1958.

I live in Vico Lammattari, number 4.

I'm Carmine Pianese's sister,
Nunzio's father.

I live with my husband, and
my two kids, Katia and Gianluca.

I took Nunzio in
when his mother moved out,

I felt sorry for him
because his family broke up,

and my brother was ill.

At first I thought he was an angel,
but he disappointed me.

I didn't kick him out,
he's still a boy.

He goes to S. Rosa school
and wants to become a priest.

It's not a good time.
Tomorrow or the day after.

Dear Father Lorenzo...

- I'm Mr. Zinno.
- Carmine Zinno.

- You know my name.
- I've heard it often.

I should have come
to welcome you sooner but...

the new Party,
the organization,

the work, convincing, speaking,

Now I see why people esteem you.

- People are kind.
- People know who's worthwhile.

I left my heart
in this neighbourhood.

I used to come to the parish,

though the organization
left a lot to be desired.

You didn't get along
with Father Maglione.

On the contrary, I did.

With Father Maglione,

I spent long hours talking,

I know.

He used to give us rooms here... have a better relationship
with the parishioners.

I see.

Here's the key to the room.

Please get rid of everything in there.

I need it for seminarists.

Long time, no see.

- Let's take photos
- What for?

You have to say something
before the photo...

Your name, your age
for example...

- tell a secret.
- A secret?

Something I don't want
to say out loud...

that we love each other...
things like that.

Are you sure secrets
don't show in the photos?

If it shows,
it wouldn't be a secret.

Don't worry.

Then we'll exchange photos...

Don't listen...

Pianese Nunzio, 14 in May.

I'm Ada Liguoro...
Liguori's boyfriend.

She's twelve and a half.

We still don't...
just kisses...

When I whip it out
she runs away.

I'm Ada Liguori,
telephone number 459802.

I'm twelve and a half,
engaged to Pianese Nunzio.

He sings for a record company.

We kiss a lot.

He puts his hand up my skirt.

I could wear jeans
because he gives me the shivers...

...but I like it
when he makes me shiver.

Who will free us?

We're helpless,

paralyzed by fear.

By egoism...

We're unable
to set ourselves free.

If Ada died, it's also our fault.

We're "camorristi",
without knowing it.

We have to fight this passiveness...

...with all our strength.

It means surrender, renouncing.

For this we can't
just come and pray...

We have to get organized,
create groups, movements.

Create a new conscience.

Stop being afraid.
We're the strongest.

We're hundreds of thousands
against a few criminals.

Don't fear those who kill the body.

They cannot kill the soul.

I say to the young people...

hear Christ's word.

Ignore them,

they're blind and
guide the blind.

The camorra, the mafia...

You're nothing.



Aliens to the church...

Some may be here and

laughing and thinking...

...all this is worth nothing.

Nothing changes.

But they're wrong...

We're not afraid of you,
you aren't Naples.

You're only scum, Naples scum.

I won't give communion today...

...for the first time
since I've been a priest.

I won't give communion,
in protest, in shame.

None of you is worthy
of receiving Christ's body.

A coffee.

Buy me a coffee.

Another coffee.

- Sugar?
- Two.

- I like it sweet. And you?
- Bitter.

- How come?
- I killed my parents.

Get serious. Let's talk.
You busy?

I was going home.

Finished working?

Let's go for a ride and talk.

- About what?
- Come on.

You just can't stand wearing
your priest clothes.

Yes I can.

I wanted to be a labourer,
bake pizzas or something.


This is your room.

We'll put in a bed,
so you can sleep. Like it?

- Beautiful, can I sleep too?
- This is your home.

Father, you seem like
you're from Naples,

but you're from Milan, right?

Maybe my folks were from here.

Are you from the North or South?

Who knows?
What's the difference?

- What's up handsome?
- I'm thinking.

- Problems?
- Who hasn't got problems?

If you have problems I'll help.

And you help me.

- Gigi, everything alright?
- Just fine.

If you want help,
be frank with me.

Need good stuff?

You need it, huh?

Okay. I'll deliver it.

I need a favor.
You know Father Lorenzo?

And the young boy,
what's his name?

- Come in Nunzio
- May I, Father?

It's you. Of course you may.

Come on in.

Gennaro said I would find you here.
So I came.

You're always welcome,
even in my room.

- Should I guess?
- You'll never guess.

How can I return
all these favors?

Just stay in this church forever.

We're happy.
The church really exists.

We've changed
since you've been here.

Father, can I ask you
a question?

Of course.

What's Paradise like?

It's where the wolf
lives with the lamb...

where corn ears are high,
like palms.

Lakes of honey,
rivers of wine, oil...

- All humans are...
- Father, and I... you...

could you give me Paradise
in this room now?

Gennaro Ricordi,
born in Naples 7/18/1930.

I live in Giugliano,

Via 4 Giornate no18.

I used to live in Sanit?...

and attended church
before the earthquake.

I come every day
to make myself useful.

I like this ancient atmosphere,
among other things.

I'm unemployed.

I know Pianese Nunzio
he comes here too.

He eats here,
plays the organ and sings.

We sometimes exchange
a few words.

Katia, make some coffee.

We'll drink some.

Don't bother.
I just came to chat.

Friends are always welcome.

If I can make myself useful, I will.
I'll be happy to do it.

It's a good soap opera.

- You watch it?
- Sometimes.

He and Chiara are cousins.

He's very handsome.

The mother wants to poison
her husband.

How awful.

What's it about then?

How's your nephew behaving?

Who, Nunzio?

He's very handsome, isn't he?

Too bad he's always in church..

That environment
wasn't typical of Pompei.

Sexuality had a strong cultural
presence in the old world...

a source of inspiration
for literature.

Various erotic frescos
in Pompei reveal...

A journalist wants to see you.

Luigi Grasso, mother's name Esposito,
born in Naples 3/4/1976.

I live in Via Stella, 102.

House-painter. I've lived
in the church 7 months.

I was an addict,
used to shoot heroin.

Father Lorenzo said "when you
give it up, my door will be open."

So I gave it up.

Father Lorenzo said "good".

Nunzio is a quiet guy.

He plays the organ,
sings on bootleg tapes.

We rarely speak to each other.

Big and small bosses own
the neighbourhood and the people.

They also own our lives.

More than 80 people
were killed in 2 years.

Among them many innocent victims.

A part of the church
is standing against racket,

arrogance, usury, the mafia.

Some priests drew up
a very clear document...

accusing criminality,
urging other priests to speak,

urging the church to take
a more courageous stand.

- Time has passed.
- And today?

Five priests to 2 million inhabitants,
the majority over sixty.

We should represent
a social anchor in this void.

You know our neighbourhood?
Come by sometime.

You refused communion
at a funeral mass.

Communion is for the forgiven.

We're unworthy, it's a sacrilege.

I'm reacting to passivity,

I'm doing the best I can.

And complicity.

I can't bear to see people
dying anymore.

Not everyone agreed with your gesture.
The Curia complained.

Anyway, I'm busier trying
to change the neighbourhood's life...

rather than behaving by the rules.

What issues arose since priests like you
began working?

People have reapproached sacraments.

Many youngsters
come to the parishes.

Tragedies have happened too.

The killing of priests
who symbolize this change.

Why were they killed?

They said the mafia was
an anti-catholic phenomenon.

"A white linen cloth wreathed"

"a different but
not less white brow"

"Two black eyes fixed
the people's faces"

"with a superb searching look"

"The pale cheeks,"

"had a delicate,
precious outline"

What are you doing?
Father Lorenzo in?

"I Promessi Sposi",
Chapter One

Where's Father Lorenzo?

You're not heart to heart
with him anymore?

Eat my dick.

Crooner's got a dick
in his mouth.

Can't take a joke anymore?

How are you?

Don't you recognize me?

I knew you wouldn't.
Don't you remember where we met?

Get in, the assholes
won't let us talk here.

Remember? In church, the wedding.
I was the bride.

Of course, with the dress,
the veil...

Without them, I'm unrecognizable.

And how's Father Lorenzo?

Send regards from Sandra.

I'm so good to you.

I don't know if I can convince him.
He's stubborn.

You gotta understand.

Gotta stay on your toes.

What the fuck you do all day
with that fucking pushcart?

You go up and down,
you see nothing.

- See nothing? Sure I do!
- You see dick.

They shove it up your ass.
Why do I keep you? For fun?

C'mon Marlon Brando. I'm down
and out. I'm covered in debts.

Who the hell is it?
Fuck off. Put Salvatore on.

That you?
Who was that asshole?

What did he say?

Tell him to take a flying fuck!

Tell him he's gotta give me
a blow job.

Tell him exactly that,
a blow job for Marlon Brando.

If he has a problem, let me know.

- About your son...
- Who? Nunzio?

Instead of singing on TV...

If you get info, tell Gigi here.
Talk to him.

Got it?

I gave him 2 million 350
last night.

What did I make?
What did I put away?

How much? D'you know?

You don't. Guess.
You don't know. You can't guess.

Say something. Say it, say it.

I've been around for hours.

Calm down, Cuccarini.

I can't fucking calm down.

What the fuck are you saying?

I bust my ass, I make numbers speak.
Got that Vilma?

They talk to me.
You listening or what?

I have to convince my son.
He pays no attention to me.

Like he wasn't my son.
He doesn't give a shit.

Can't treat me like this.
I bring millions in.

I'm not bullshitting.

I don't bullshit.

I don't bullshit.
You tell me to calm down,

you of all people.

Did you tell me
to calm down or not?

Know what?
I won't fucking calm down.

How can I calm down?


What make are these jeans?

I don't know.
Not wearing your undershirt?

You're very curious.

Doesn't want to stay put.

Does it hurt?

Just a little bothersome.

He's not as old as the other priests.

When I thought about it,
I was glad he was coming here.

He could help with my studies
and other things,

otherwise nobody would.

Can we come in?

Can I help you?

- Are you Mrs. Rosaria Pianese?
- Yes.

We're social workers,
I'm Mr. Santoro, Mrs. Palumbo.

- How do you do?
- Hello. So?

Does Pianese Nunzio live here?

He lives with me.
He sleeps here.

I'm not his mother.
She lives elsewhere.

- Can we come in?
- I'm busy. I have to go out.

We'll just take a few minutes.

We need to ask some questions
about Nunzio.

You have to explain a story I read.


After my shower.

As soon as you finish
you'll explain.

Come closer.

Water's warm.

Want to shower?

Why not?

- Why were you peeping?
- You're crazy!

Don't lie, I saw you.

You could send an innocent to jail.

You'd probably do that.

Ugly duckling!

Me ugly? Look in the mirror!

- What's for dinner?
- We have to talk.

- What's for dinner?
- I made zucchini and duck.

Did you say suck?
I suck dicks, not you.

That's your calling?

I don't see you
wearing a robe now or ever.

Two "social people" came.

Did you hear me?

They asked about your parents,
why you're always in church...

If you get along with Father Lorenzo
If you come home angry...

Answer me!


If something's wrong,
if someone wants to touch you,

you have to tell us.

Spit it out!

A little birdie told me.

Did you bet on Masaniello?

He's got no balls.

He's got a dick too. Cool it.

Keep calm.
Tell me about that matter.

About that... matter.
I started to move on it.

The priest in jeans.

What is it?

My aunt said
two social workers came.

They wanted to see how I felt.

- How should I feel?
- Fine.

- Where's the music?
- They asked if we got along.

- Do we get along?
- You're asking me?

Do you think we get along?

I don't know. You tell me.

Aren't we friends?

Don't we work together,
sing together?

We study together.
This church is your home.

What's that mean? Answer me.

What does that mean?
Do we get along or not?

You're asking me?

You know better than I.

- I'm just a boy.
- What are you saying?

Careful of what you say.

What happened? Let's talk calmly.

My aunt said a birdie told her.

What's so funny?
Don't make me angry.

I'm sorry.

Friendship doesn't include
affection, tenderness, love.

I discovered the warmth of love.

My dedication towards You
hasn't diminished.

I have a greater awareness
of life's joys,

and I witness Christianity.

My relationship with you
is also very sexual.

I'm living a great love story
with a man, with your body,

with you, and you're like me.

We're social workers.

This is my colleague.

- Hello.
- Please sit down.

How can I help you?

Principal, we're here
on a case concerning a student...

...a complicated one.

- Name?
- Pianese Nunzio, 8th grade.

What's the problem?

The usual.
He comes from a broken home.

We'd like to see him.

He may confide if he's out
of his neighborhood.

I'll send for him.


I need to see Pianese Nunzio,
8th grade.

Bring him up here.

The undersigned,
police inspector Silvia Palumbo...

accompanied by my colleague
Marcello Santoro...

visited this day
the S. Rosa school.

With the principal's permission,

we obtain a private meeting
with Pianese Nunzio.

These people are social workers.

They want to see you.

- Why?
- They'll tell you.

Hello Nunzio,
I'm Silvia, he's Marcello.

- What do you want?
- To talk.

Don't worry. We're here to help.

I feel just fine.

These people are here
to do their job.

- Their job is to speak to you.
- I've got nothing to say.

Don't overreact.
Let's get to know each other.

We're not here
to invade your privacy.

Do you still like to go to church?
Has anything changed?

Why should it?

You're good friends
with Father Lorenzo.

When did you meet him?

- Before.
- Before when?

- At the other church.
- Then?

You knew him from before,

What's it to you?

What do they want?
I have a class.

They want to help.

Since I've been born,
everybody wants to help me.

Did you ask my opinion?
I don't need help.

They're social workers,
don't be afraid.

- What if they saw us?
- Don't be afraid, relax.

What is somebody saw us
and told?

Told what, saw what?
We're the only ones who can tell.

Understand? Just you and me.

They probably won't believe you.

- They'll think you made it up.
- How?

We've invented this love,

It's just a game, a little game.


Unexplainable. Unfair.

We don't want
these things to happen anymore.

We don't even count them.

People say it's better
when they kill one another.

People are fed up.

Everything ends in a blood bath.

The dead are not all the same.

The deeds done in life count,

and how I'm tired
of blessing the camorra men.

Tired of being a war chaplain.

You really wanna be a priest?

Look at Lorenzo.

He's giving too many interviews.

He's always in the paper.
It's too much.

- Why?
- Are you kidding?

Are you dumb
or are you pretending?

He's exaggerating.

He blames everything
on the camorra.

Do you think we'd be better off
without it?

- I don't know.
- We'd die of hunger.

Open your eyes, buddy.

We'd be nothing
without the camorra.

Who d'you think is paying
for the pizzas?

We need to talk.


- They let you smoke?
- It's the least they can do.

They make me work.

They give you methadone?

Less and less.

How much d'you get now?

Enough. They give me enough.

It's in their interest.
Why d'you come?

To visit you.

Why does one take drugs?

Not too simple to explain.

'Cause you're fed up.

'Cause it's great.

- Still go to church?
- Why?

Tell your saint to be a saint.

Does he do everything you want?

Good boy. You're hot stuff.

D'you like this neighbourhood?

This neighbourhood's shit.
This city's shit.

This country's shit.
The world's shit!

Wait. You went to see Giovanni.

- How is he?
- Fine.

- Does he need something?
- You ask him.

I don't have time,
I'm working like a dog.

- What did he say?
- Nothing.

- What's new at church?
- What should be?

How should I know?

Wait, Nunzio!

- How are things at church?
- They're fine.

How should I know?

They're going well or not?

They're going well, I said.

You're saying
things are going well, now.

Are you sure things
are going real well?

- Are you sure?
- You're sick in the head!

Hear that?
I'm sick in the head!

You don't give a damn
about my problems!

If I know or not
if you're doing something...

If they kill me.

If you find me strangled,
a rope around my neck...

it's all the same to you
and that whore of your mother!

True or not? How do I know
what you do in church?

How the hell do I know
what you do in church?

Nunzio, I work like a dog!

I'm the only one
who's got the bum deal.

- Where am I?
- In your bed.

In my bed?

And who are you?

- Are you crazy?
- I don't know you.

I'm Katia.

- Katia, your cousin.
- I've never seen you. Go away!

What did you dream?
Shall I call Mom?

My mother... my father...

I'm alone, a stranger to everyone.

Don't touch me.
Don't hug me.

The poet, fascinated
by the past, gathers...

What is it?

- I want to go out.
- It's the third time.

- Are you ill?
- I don't know, I'm fine.

You've been tense lately.
What's wrong?

- May I go or not?
- Go.

They were three.
I had the day's earnings.

Between my shop and my home,
it's only ten minutes.

I always walk.
The traffic's terrible.

To make the story short...

if it wasn't for this,
I'd be in trouble.

- You have a gun.
- I just told you the story.

- You don't feel well?
- A pain on my right side.

Right side?
Could be appendicitis.

It's not.
You shouldn't go around armed.

With all due respect,
one needs a gun these days.

They don't even respect Jesus,
praised be his name.

In America even children
carry guns.

Ilario Domenico,
born in Battipaglia, 5/18/1958.

I'm Father Lorenzo's barber.

I've known him for ten years.

My shop's on Rua Catalana.

A lot of policemen come,
it's close to the police station.

When Father Lorenzo calls me,

I come all the way here
to cut his hair.

I'm very fond of him.

He's an orphan like me.

I visit him when I can.

Edwin Thomas...

Conversation with 64 Priests
of the Vatican and surroundings.

An attempt to...

Of excitement and nuisance...

The shivers and the boredom
they procured him,

when we come back to earth it's
like getting off a flying chair,

on which a malignant angel
made us ride one hundred times.

...tell his secret
and together with God's...

...because eroticism and sanctity
are the same thing.

They both run along the extreme
and uncontrollable roads of existence.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the great Nino Pinis!

We've come twice,
but it's our job.

Tell us where things stand.

We'll have to tell your family.
We know how things are.

- What do you want?
- Confirmation.

The neighbourhood shouldn't
know. You'd suffer.

You don't need a scandal.

I won't talk.

- We're here to help.
- You can go.

We'd like a few minutes
with the boy.

Please, come with me.

Nunzio is with the police.

On our second visit to the school,
so as to have a clear conscience,

Pianese, after crying, spontaneously
confessed the statement he made.

His family members being

the statement was taken
in presence of his teacher.

Pianese, in spite of requests
made by myself and my colleague,

refused to come
to the attorney's office.

Not knowing how to convince him,
we decided to give up for the moment... hopes he would think it over.

The statement was taken
this day at the school.

Call us when you've decided.

Ask for me or agent Santoro.

So that was the secret.

They'll find out.
You told the police, see what I mean?

You still have
a black and white T.V.?

The police knew,
so did everybody else.

You should see the attorney.
The police are right.


Try to understand,
this person abused you.

Don't torture him.
Let him enjoy his meal.

Prof. Adriana Magli.
Born in Naples 8/7/60.

Pianese Nunzio is in the 8th grade
and we got along immediately.

At 9 his mother moved out,
and he went to his aunt's.

He said he saw too many
disagreeable things at home.

He's a very mature
and sensible boy.

He does well in school
and wants to be a priest.

Dear Nunzio...

Anna Maria!

- May I?
- Come in.

- How's your mom?
- Better.

- She's taking antibiotics.
- Good.

- If you need anything...
- I appreciate it.

A man sowed good seeds
in his field.

While everyone was asleep,
his enemy arrived.

He sowed discord in the field
...and left.

Ladies and gents, Nino Pinis.

This boy will be the
future star of Neapolitan song.

Good going!

And now for the sponsor.

Come and meet the boss.

You'll meet the boss,
make me look good.

This is Nino Pinis.

You sing like a goldfinch.
That's the way to sing.

Not only songs you like.


Where were you?

- How was it?
- What?

- Television!
- So-so.

- I'm glad you came.
- I came to say hello.

Were you nervous?

Were you in the closed room?

What do you do locked in there?

We have to talk. Can you stay?

I'm in a hurry. I can wait
a few minutes or come another time.

- Why are you here?
- To be polite.

Why do you behave like this?

Did I offend you?

This is yours.

It fell from your book.

Could be useful.


promise that a bit
of our affection...

- Everyone knew.
- Don't play with fire.

- You're playing with fire.
- Stop answering back, or leave.

- I only kept you here...
- I know.

You make me suffer
when you behave so.

I don't want to suffer anymore.

I'm tired of being a sheep.

I'm not the Nunzio I was.

Try to understand.

If you report me
I'll say nothing against you.

- I'm scared.
- Don't be.


I'll never turn against you.

Don't forget.

What do you want?

- You alone? Watching T.V.?
- Go away.

Is the Crooner home?

He's at school.

I have bad news.

Don Vincenzo died.


Last night, in Rome.

We'd like to arrange
a beautiful mass.

Don Vincenzo deserved it.

He was a man of respect...

...and they should continue
respecting him.

It has to be the most beautiful
mass ever seen.

It's the last thing
we can do for him.

11 o'clock?

We'll arrange everything:

Music, singers, decorations.

You just say mass.

What time should the florist come?
Seven, alright?

I can no longer bless your dead.

Find another church.

Did Katia mention me?

I saw you on T.V.

You sing well.

But you're an asshole.
You're in trouble.

If a car runs you over,
sing your life goodbye.

- We came to bless the house.
- Come in.

Silvia Palumbo there?

You didn't say mass
for my father...

and you want to bless the house?

What kind of a priest are you?

One that doesn't say mass
for murdered people.

People die in many ways.

- A murdered man needs it more.
- You'll have a degree soon.


You study to understand,

to escape this desperate life.

You ask questions
and give answers.

You know everything.

Maybe I want to keep
this desperate life.

Your father caused
a lot of pain.

- I'll follow his example.
- What are you saying?

My father was in the camorra,

the camorra was his life.

He worked hard.
Politicians respected him.

You refused to bless him.
You're a bigot and a moralist.

What do you know of life?

The camorra is a sickness
we have to eliminate.

It sucks the people's blood.

Poisons their conscience.

It's my battle and I'll fight it
with all my strength.

Good morning Doctor.
This is Pianese Nunzio.

Please, sit down.

You finally decided to come.

- Where's Nunzio?
- Haven't seen him.

And you?

What came over you?

We all come here,
and you piss the D.A. off.

Don't be afraid, just tell the truth.
Say what you feel.

- What's wrong?
- I feel sick.

Where's the toilet?

The boy wants to talk.

- Are you sure?
- He says he saw the Holy Ghost.

First station:

Ascent to the Cross.

Jesus is sentenced to death.

Jesus we adore and bless you.

And the boss said to Jesus:

"You say I'm worth nothing"

"and you don't respect me?"

Jesus said:
"I don't respect thieves, killers"

"powerful men
who are their accomplices"

The boss said:
"Who do you think you are?"

Jesus said: I'm a man
from this neighbourhood"

Our father who art in heaven...

Pianese Nunzio,
born in Naples 5/12/82.

In a few days, I'll be 14.

Second station: Vita Street.

Jesus receives the cross.

Christ we adore and bless you.

Jesus is hoisted on the cross
everyone cried in silence.

No one imagined that at this moment
a frightful rite began:

an innocent was condemned.

I went to the parish when the monks
ran it and ate there often.

They left.
And Father Lorenzo came.

I knew him from a nearby parish.

I'd eat with him too.

I go to church a lot...

because I'm the organist.

Fourth Station:
St. Vincenzo Street.

Jesus meets his mother.

Father Lorenzo gave me a room
to study, to rest and sleep.

I keep my things there:

Books, note-books, pens.

I want to join a seminary
and be a priest.

You eat, drink and
don't have to look for a job.

Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Your sentence was written
on the cross:

Jesus, King of Jews.

It wasn't written
in our language.

Two crosses, two thieves,

and Jesus in the middle.

Who goes with thieves, we know
becomes a cripple and a thief.

After three or four weeks,
Father Lorenzo became close to me.

He said he had affection for me.

He hugged and kissed me.

We did homework in his room.

When someone was there
he'd manage to send him away.

Twelfth Station:
Church of Fontanelle.

Jesus dies.

Jesus said:
"Father, forgive them"...

"for they know not what they do."

The boss snickered.

Darkness fell
on the Sanit? neighborhood.

He said: "Father, why did you
abandon me?" and died.

Then he touched me.

He took my hand
and asked me to touch him.

I had to touch his...
and him, mine.

He said that's how we showed
our affection.

Fourteenth Station:
Fontanelle Cemetery.

Jesus is exposed in the sepulchre.

I didn't refuse.

I was glad of his show
of affection.

And also...

because sometimes
I was a little sad.

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Lorenzo Borrelli,

born in Piacenza, April 8th, 1960
from unknown parents.

What day is it?

Aware of the moral
and legal responsibility,

with which I take my statement...

I will tell the whole truth,

and hide nothing of what I know.