Sacred Point (2020) - full transcript

A family of women drive stories centering on the Sacred Point, the last bit of habitable land at the mouth of the Tiber River, a precious triangle of soil they want to cling to. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Rome, Ostia. A strip of land
where the river Tiber meets the sea.

Here are the houses of the Idroscalo,
built over 60 years ago.

In 2010, the police tore down
half of their houses.

The people left now form a community
who keeps fighting for its existence,

caught between the threat of the sea,
and the one of men.

This is the story of the last
self-built neighbourhood in Rome.

The people there call this land
"the Sacred Point".

Look at what the sea washed up.

It's like Nadia's home
is coming out of it.

You can see all of it.

Like, one day

I wanna drain the whole river

and go see what's at the bottom.

Like, stop the flow.

Remember "Moana"?

Like she did, open up the sea

and you're left with that thing
and all you see is fish.

I wanna see what's at the bottom.

So cool!

Beautiful, huh?

Hit the lights.

Look how they run.

Fuck you!

I'll knock you down sooner or later.

I'll knock you over, too.



I'm scared!

I'm really scared!

Come here, Giulia.

I'm scared, for real.

Here it is!


Someone might see us.

"someone might see us"

Don't dare her, Assunta.

Here, look. How much did I get?

December and January.
They've been together for four months.

Giulia, it says "no calls".

I don't have any bars!

Assunta! Damn it!
How do I turn it on? Like this?

- Turn the mobile data on.
- Right, the mobile data.

- Now you have a connection.
- No, I don't.

Now you do.

You're a gossipmonger.

Just like your friends.

A lot of my girlfriends are gossipmongers,
that's why I prefer boys.


- What the...
- Look.

- What is it?
- I can't see it anymore.

We're here today, tomorrow too,

and anyone who wishes us harm
can fuck themselves.

At night, when the sea flooded the place,
and it was full of water here,

almost all the way up to the square,
I was with the firefighters,

and I went from house to house
to warn everyone to flee.

A lot of people
even told me to get lost.

They wouldn't leave because they were
afraid their houses would be squatted.

I was with the firefighters
evacuating homes for 24 hours.

A wave was meant to come,

a very big one from Sardinia.
It never did.

C'mon, wake up.

The alarm went off.

Come on.

It's stormy.

This is a storm.

Remember when we played with the waves,
when we jumped them?

Yes. Look.

You play in the summer.
It's not summer now.

No! Get her!

Stefania, you'll fall on the rocks.

OK. Get up.



Very good!


No, that's enough.

Look at the sea.

- Do it up.
- No.

I remember we had a tree here...

- It was huge.
- Wasn't it?

It didn't even fit in, did it?

Look at Giulia.

She's always had that mischievous face.

Your mum looks like a gypsy here.

Whose baptism was this?

- Mine?
- Yours.

- Mum always wore trousers.
- Yes.

She never wore skirts.

Grandma, where was I?

You weren't born yet.


It's your grandpa again.

- Grandpa Claudio?
- Grandpa Claudio.

This is when I met him. I was 16.

We lived in Rome and then we moved here.

Had they knocked the houses down yet?

No, not yet.

- Right, it was in 2010.
- Nor here.

We bought our house and stayed here.

We built it little by little.
In the meantime, he fell ill...

When he died, I had to finish it quickly

because it was unauthorized, and we...

weren't really allowed to build it.

We managed to build the walls,
but not the roof.

You were born soon after,
so we started with the flooring

just to make our home liveable.

Over the years, step by step,
we built the gazebo,

and made it a bit more homely.

Grandpa would always look down
from the balcony and say:

"Look at that house!"

The sun was always shining over
that house, from morning 'till evening.

Are you coming down from here?

You coming home?
Then we will take Boss for a walk, OK?

Watch out for the car.

Let's go.

Careful, watch your step.

You lost a flip-flop.

Mum, it's a lizard!

We gotta put a plank here
or it's gonna come crashing down on us.

Be careful with that hammer!

Pick up the fallen nail.

I'll get another one.

You bend over, my back hurts.

We've been struggling for eight years

to get rid of some nicknames...

let's call them compliments:
bad, dirty and ugly, loose cannons,

slum dwellers, squatters...
We owe them to the speculators, too.

When the Civil Protection arrived
to carry out the evacuation

they accessed for a river emergency.

They only demolished
the houses by the sea.

Not even one house by the river
was touched.

There were interests
which could lead to other money.

- Of course.
- Why do we have to carry on like this?

- Look here.
- Silvia, this is...

- Home.
- No, darling.

Darling... "Pasolini on the ground".

That's when Pasolini's corpse was found.

Pasolini didn't die at the Idroscalo.
I told you a thousand times.

- They slaughtered him...
- We did it at school.

...where Lipu is.

Tell your teachers
Pasolini didn't die at the Idroscalo.

He died where Lipu is.
Going back to the Waterfront,

that's the 2.5-kilometer long strait
Balini had to make in the sea,

which they started
demolishing the Idroscalo for.

Hotels, restaurants...

As the State, you gotta give people
the chance to stay.

- That's right.
- You can't tear it all down.

I'm sure not everyone agrees with us,

'cause a lot of people want to leave.

That night my home was going to be
torn down too along with the Idroscalo,

all the way to this road.
All of this area.

We should really start a revolution.

In fact, I already have.
Did you see the press release we issued?

Of course, the Idroscalo
was the first to get hit.

The 35 families who are still living
in a residential development

don't know
what's going to become of them.

Right there, we fought,
there was a battle about it.

And at the end
he came up with this absurd line.

They went forward with the project,

with this huge deployment of police,

totally unproportioned
to the matter at hand,

five or six hundred between cops,
carabinieri, everybody was there...

in full battle gear.

And we never understood the reason why.

This way...

Keep it straight!

One... right... straight... One...


I swear I'll break your fingers!

Let's do it again.

Come on.

Ouch, you destroyed me.

No, no, no!

OK, you got it.

Poor Ilary got chewing gum
in her hair today. The Air ones.


Here, like on a...

- Right here.
- Did she have to get it cut out?

No, she got it out with some ice
and a comb.

- Did she get mad?
- Don't know.

- Who was it?
- Don't know.

Do you know
we're doing our hair in pairs?

Next week, with Angelica.

- Are you doing hers?
- She's doing mine. Then I'll do hers.

Cristian is with Sofia.

What a coincidence.

Francesca with Kumba,
who's a black girl.

One day, when I'm older,

I'll have a hair salon of my own...

- I can see it already.
- I'll come. It'll be great.

I don't want you.

Imagine how beautiful... mirrors,
customers coming and going.

My salon will be in Rome,
next to my teacher's.

She promised
I'll be her trainee next year.

Down there?

In Rome. I'm going.

Being keepers of a place
is different from owning it.

The Idroscalo community...

has never wanted to own
the Tiber's mouth.

"remember the world"

- Right and left, are you familiar with it?
- No, Assunta doesn't.

Step aside!

Giulia, she can't see.
Elisa is little.

Assunta, come on, be serious!

She's good at this, though!

I'm asking a question!

- When are we rehearsing outside?
- Tomorrow.

- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Tomorrow I'm tidying up,
cleaning, getting...

- Isn't there a stage?
- Sure, there's our little one.

You go out there and dance.

You gotta know the choreography
by heart, otherwise...

- Of course I know it by heart.
- Shut up, you don't.

The younger ones are on the stage
and the older ones on the sides.

They gotta start when a young one stops.

Do I have to dance in front of everyone?

Get how the thing works?

Oh God, right, I'm getting anxious.

You're such a... Jeez!

I'm killing you.
I swear I'm throwing you under a train.

My hand hurts.

I'm gonna put a pierced plank here,

- where we can hang all the threads...
- The lights?

No, the lights are all around.

Here on the rung...
The lights will be here.

What do you have to put there?

This pierced plank
for the transparent thread...

where I'm hanging
the Christmas balls. Got it?

Imagine this is a tree.

You say I took the name in vain

I don't even know the name

But if I did, well really,
what's it to you?

The minor fall, the major lift...

Take a breath...

The baffled king...

No, I can't do it.

The baffled king composing Hallelujah

I get "composing" out of key.

You sang it right until now...

Take a breath after
"the minor fall, the major lift".

You gotta sing those lines together,
so that...

Come on.

It's a melody!

Now, I've heard there was a secret chord

That David played,
and it pleased the Lord

But you don't really care for music,
do you?

I can't sing it.

Yes you can.
You must raise your voice when...

I can't.

Silvia, you have to. Period.


I can't!

Put the song on, I'll show you.

No, please, spare us.

Please, don't.

I did my best, it wasn't much

I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch

I've told the truth,
I didn't come to fool you

Heaven has fallen! Go, Silvia!

And even though it all went wrong

I'll stand before the Lord of Song

Well done!

I can't, my voice sucks.

I can't do it.
I haven't got the voice for it.

If I have no microphone, I can do it.

You gotta feel the music.

What about this angel?

Do I take it home with me?

Help me!

It's a dummy, not an angel.

- Of course it's a dummy.
- Not an angel.

It is. Dummies have no wings.

You fool. I'll take care of it.

It has tits. It's sexy.

- Don't you get anxious when...
- Not at all.

We were talking about Roberto,
that sort of boyfriend.

Hark who's talking!
The one with the freak fetish.

Then let's talk about Fabrizio
and Gabriele-booger-nerd?

Gabriele's cute though.

- Yes, he's nice.
- Is he coming today?

No, he left.

Right, he went to Calabria.

- How long have you been together?
- Nine months.

I know it while she doesn't.

- Two years?
- What?!

She's in fourth grade and she's already
in a 9-month relationship.

I've never even had one.

Let's go over that passage,
I'm not feeling it.

- It's a bit tricky.
- This one.

Yes, from "please".

- Let's pull this out.
- I'm not reading.

"Please look at the true face
of the Idroscalo,"

"at its future, because we children
are the Idroscalo's future."

"Please look at it through your...
our eyes!"

"Through our eyes.
Welcome to our home. Thanks."

Read it again.

OK, so... "Please look at..."

"I want to live here forever,
get married"

"and someday raise my children here,"

"although many people say the contrary,"

"but I've learned
you gotta look forward."

"Grandma Franca always says that
the women of the Idroscalo are warriors"

"and they're the Idroscalo's
real strength."

"Now I know what it means."

"Grandma Franca also taught us..."

"that our actions show who we are,
not our words,"

"because actions show who you are,
words who you think you are."

Can I check something out, real quick?

Let's decide.
I'll give you the reindeers first,

and then the hats
for the Christmas dance.

You mean when we're singing
with the reindeers?

With the hats.

No. You don't sing now.
I'll give you the reindeers.

Or maybe I should give them the reindeer,
but maybe I can give you the hats now.

Hats are nicer.

Remember the world...

What's the program?

- I have it now.
- Are you telling us when we have to enter?

Of course.

You're Santa's reindeer.

Stay here.


My goodness! That's why I told you
to let your hair down!


- Let your hair down!
- No. You let down yours!

Can I start?

- It's not up to you to start.
- Yes... "Welcome."

Where's the microphone?

Marco, where's the microphone?

Bruna, are you going to be here
for Christmas?

I still don't know.

I had all those little
nativity scenes...

"Thank you all for being here
at our Christmas party today."

Not like Leopardi.
Leopardi with joy.

I explained yesterday
that this is not an interrogation,

but a moment inspired by the heart.

I said, "Guys, improvise,
because your words,"

"as we've seen before,
with poetry, are always..."


"No more hate, no more war,
just peace for all humankind."

I'll stand before the Lord of Song

With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

I mean, come on!

Oh God, so embarrassing.

"space is still earth"

The boy learned to do hair on dogs.

- Now he's doing yours.
- Stop it, Gianluca, don't make me laugh.

Why can't you laugh?

'Cause I can't stand Gianluca.

That's a whole different issue.
It's your business. Not mine.

Now do me a favour
and please cut off my father's ears.

- You're right. Looks like Alessio.
- He does.

- Alessio who?
- Siria's cousin.

Alessio's cuter than my brother.

Is he?

- Is Alessio cuter than me?
- Yeah, but your haircuts are similar.

He uses gel on his hair.

Just like Thomas.
It's all about that shitty wax they use.

- He's also bought a tube of...
- Do you use gel?

I use nothing.

The Idroscalo is breaking in two.
Someday we'll wake up in...

I wish! So we'll all die.

Someday it'll collapse
and we'll wake up underwater.

You will.

Who brought you here? Huh?


- C'mon mum, I'm hungry.
- Then make yourself some pasta.

Right, I'll get it done like that.

No Mc Donald's next Saturday,
but I'm going out with Beatrice. Deal?

Mum, you gotta let me go out once.
I can't always stay at home with you.

Yes, we'll see.
You learn, because I'm no good.

Do them on your own.

So don't break my balls,
because then, you know...

Why do you have to do that?
You always say yes.

Claudio, move over.

It's destroyed everything.

It's destroyed everything.

It's destroyed the roof. Everything.

It's an eyesore.

Please listen to it. Then tell me
if you come up with a video.

Lock it.

- Two key turns?
- Yes.

Listen to what I'm working on.

What do you think of it, bro?
Do you like the project?

You need eight bars,
not a five-minute piece.

I have done it to know no owner

I have done it to get out of trouble

I have done it
because art inspires emotion

And I've made a Bernini sculpture
of my heart in marble

"Swim, Natale, swim!"

"May I ask why you don't swim?"

"Swim, get the blood pumping
and the veins tingling!"

You don't have to spend
your whole life in the same place.

- But it's kinda fascinating.
- It is. Of course.

People complain about Ostia.

They're always complaining.

But bro, if you see Ostia differently,
as the place where you belong...

Of course!

Bro, it becomes beautiful.

It's fun when I get asked:
"Where do you live?"

I don't know.

I don't know.

Am I supposed to say "in Rome"?
No, I'm from Ostia Lido.

I see the thing in a more cosmic way.

- I'm from the world.
- I'm an earthling!

You moron!

It's almost 2020, bro.

I'm talking about belonging.

You were born and raised here,
what the fuck are you going on about?

You were born and raised here.

You have to identify with something,

the street where you live or go out.

The first thing I say
when I meet other people is...

"I'm from the world".

No. No!

I was 11 the first time I came here.

Let me give you an example.

We lived in Fiamme Gialle,

and my granny had a friend on her floor.

I had such love for my grandma,
I can't even tell you.

We went to the seaside,
but to a different beach.

I didn't usually go there,
I didn't even know about it.

With Granny's friend, we caught
the bus to the end of the line.

We got to the seaside.
Once I hopped off the bus,

I swear, I told myself,
"I'm in heaven."

So much sand, such a clean beach.
The water was crystal-clear that morning.

It was shallow.

I told Granny, "This is heaven."

I was 11. Pure. Really pure.


I still remember that day fondly.

Things changed afterwards.

I started living by the sea

and understood the problems
it brought with it.

- Everyday life.
- Right.

Listen to this.

The video is already online.

I called it "M.A.D.R.E.S.",

Molti Artisti Donano Ragione E Sentiment!
(Many Artists Give Sense And Sensibility).

I asked my mother how she felt

About a life spent cleaning staircases

She said, "Son, what can I say?"

"Sweat and tears
are the cost of being poor"

- You can understand that.
- Sure I can.

...they'll be first

I held her close

Your son respects you

...and I'm with it...

This song is so touching, really.

Yeah, it's great.

The sample is from "The Jungle Book",

from the song the girl sings

when she's getting water
from the river.

She sings this tune you hear.

When my mother listened to it,
she burst out in tears, poor soul.

If it eats me, you gotta jump in.


- What?
- Damn it!

- The log?
- No, it wasn't the log.

To***, say hi to the fish.

It's gonna block your fishing rod.

- No it's not.
- Look.

Eat it!

Otherwise we gotta go around,
I'm not climbing anything. I'm tired.

- You didn't do anything, To***.
- Me?

Wearing a wetsuit is tiring for me.

I haven't even eaten today.

Come through here, there's some light.

You make me climb everything.

Let's go fishing at Circeo next summer.

- Are you in?
- Let's do it.

The rod's point is gone, though.

I warned you. I warned you!

- Come diving with me.
- Sure, then I'll sleep with the fish.

- Why?
- Are you kidding me?

- Are you scared?
- In the dark?

No, we'll go when the sea is calm.

You'll be like me after you've learned.

I can beat you anyway.

As long as you win.
I'll be glad if you do.

- It's easy, you only caught two fish.
- Me?

- This year...
- Didn't I fish before?

- Doesn't count.
- Why not?

You mean now? Let's see how much...

If I come,
you gotta catch at least four.

- Will you count the fish for me?
- You suck.

- Kids start when they're 12.
- Yeah, right, 12.

- How old are you now?
- 15, going on 16...

Might as well start now.

- I'll start when I'm 18.
- Come dive instead of playing Fortnite.

Fortnite is better than diving.

- At least I can kill someone.
- Don't be stupid.

You'll see, you'll love it.
You won't even like Playstation anymore.

We'll get out of the shit
as the song says.

I bring everyone with me
on the palm of my hand. Wow!

Who am I?
I don't mean at a cosmic level.

I mean...

what the fuck do I stand for?

What I am for this fucking society?

Do I have a home? A flat? A job?
What can I afford?

Which shoes do I wear?
Can I? Must I? Will I?

These are different questions.
Do you get what I mean?

My father gave me what really matters
in this world. Poems, real songs...

I don't mean reggaeton,
I mean real, true songs.

We got together and listened
to the music he grew up with,

the music I grew up with,
the music I learned from.

In that moment, we were a musician
and a person who loved that music,

and father and son together.
So four things.

We ended up talking about Victor Jara.

We were listening to Victor Jara,

a great Chilean singer and songwriter
who was killed during the dictatorship

under Pinochet's regime.

He sang for the people, for that majority
of the population called "pueblo".

He sang about the many missing rights
of the campesinos,

who owned some land
and didn't know how to deal with

the buyers of that land
who wanted to make the rules.

So he gave voice to those who had none.

I identify with him.

We ended up talking about this song,

and what struck me was that my dad,
who was born in Chile

under the dictatorship, told me,
"Listen, let me tell you something."

"They killed Victor Jara..."

"but another thousand of him were born."

I'm Victor Jara. You're Victor Jara.
That man's Victor Jara.

Talking about Victor Jara
playing the guitar in Chile is just like

talking about Chiky Realeza
at the Idroscalo,

because the people here
have their homes taken from them, too.

Just like in Chile.

People had no rights
because they were ignorant,

and maybe they owned nothing
because they could afford nothing.

That's not right.

So if there's a leader
who can do something, he has to.

That's the reason.

Where's the difference?

I'll be glad to hear you,
if you can find it.

Please tell me.

I know there's no difference, 'cause
we're all fighting for the same thing.

There's no difference.

Maybe we're not being deprived of our land,
but we're being deprived of our space.

Which is still land, earth.

What the fuck are we living on now?

"it's your life!"

I asked my mom how she felt

About a life spent cleaning staircases

She said, "Son, what can I say?"

"Sweat and tears
are the cost of being poor."

I didn't stay silent, I said, "Mommy"

"The people who are now last,
don't worry, they'll be first"

With a tearful smile I hugged her,
I held her close

Thanks for what you've done,
I'm happy

Your son respects you

The world's in pieces, God,
and I'm with it

On the ground in little pieces
that end up in dark corners

My only friend, the end, says that
that's the reason why

Now it's playing its best track
and dedicating it to all the B-boys

Shut up.

With that match you lost...

She's got two flaws:
she's a communist and she's a Roma fan.

- Couldn't be any worse.
- Proud. Proud.

And she even likes Pasolini.

You make me sick. You think
you're so tough acting all fascist.


When he died, the fascists said
that he was a pedophile.

Franca, you just say that
because it was Pasolini,

but if it had been your neighbour,
you'd have thrown a fit.

- No way.
- Let's clear things up once and for all.

It's not because it's Pasolini,

because Pasolini the man,
I can agree with you,

I can agree as a mum, as a granny,

- but Pasolini was an intellectual.
- How can you distinguish between the two?

He was a life teacher.

Please tell me how you distinguish
between the two.

- He's still the same person.
- I can tell the difference.

- He was a life teacher.
- No kidding, he lived the big life!

I mean that he taught,
like a proper teacher.

He taught...

Everything he wrote back in the day
is coming true now,

so much for Nostradam
or whatever his name was.

Franca, even Fallaci said the world
would be invaded by Muslims.

I distance myself from the intellectual,
the director... Let's talk about that.

He made that film,
"The Hawks and the Sparrows",

because he liked birds and cocks.

I respect your view because
it's the right thing to do.

You respect me 'cause you never tell me
when you commemorate Pasolini.

- I wouldn't even want you there.
- I wouldn't even want to be there.

And I've never stopped
my daughter from going.

I've always considered her free
to do as she wants.

It's how it should be.

You see that you can distinguish
between the two as well?

If your vision were so limited,

you would've tried,
bringing up Beatrice,

and whether you managed to or not,

you would've tried to impose your opinion
about Pasolini and about communists.

I told her how I see it,
but she's free to make up her own mind.

She might see it one way today
but not tomorrow.

But I'm not one who's going to tell
her daughter, "No, because I..."

- See, you can make a distinction.
- With my daughter, though.

- I force it upon Giulia.
- It's wrong.

No, they have to be free.
See? It's 'cause you're fascists.

You're two shitty fascists.
End of story.

The values I teach my kid
are that she should know how to behave.

They're grown now and they have a brain,
so teach them.


I mean, I tell them what my values are.

I mean, for me the word "comrade"
is an important word, as I believe in it.

When you started
believing in these values,

you had some sort of support out there

because others shared your opinion,
your group existed

and believed in what they said.
Think of Berlinguer and many others.

Now you want to implement some sort
of communism, like thirty years ago,

these girls, when they go out, won't find it
because that communism is gone.

Danila, that's not true.

Because ever since
the Democratic Party was founded,

communism hasn't existed anymore.

So the left is dead.

- But my values aren't dead.
- She doesn't get it. OK...

I arrived to age 58 with my views.

But as a mother I give her values, too.

But my values are
that she has to be good.

What are you talking about?
The Democratic Party of yesteryear is gone.

The Democratic Party from when I was
a little girl and taught me values is gone!

Francesca, you are confusing things.
I'm talking about values, and you...

You're talking about values
that no longer exist.

Well, they exist to me!

I want to do something I like.
End of story. No reason.

- Whatever.
- Whatever.

- Do what you want.
- I will.

Then I'm not paying
for your private tuition

because if it's just to become
a hairdresser...

What do you know?
Did you even go talk to them?

I read about it online.

You didn't even know until now,
so you fooled me.

- Then I'll show you online.
- You fooled me.

I don't like studying as it is
and you want me to study languages.

Why? I don't like studying as it is.

- Whatever. Fine. OK.
- Whatever.

You don't like studying anything.

Do you even know
the first thing about me?

Do you even know
who Beatrice Belsanti is?

You used to be all happy and excited
and the other day

you texted me
that you got a B in Algebra.

So? I like algebra,

but it's not like just because I like algebra
I'm going to study science.

You used to like studying

- with your Italian teacher.
- I liked studying?

You didn't? Am I talking bullshit?

What are you going on about?
Have you ever seen me study here?

- Whatever.
- Ever seen me study here?

Whatever. Look,
have fun being a hairdresser.

I really want to see
what you accomplish.

When I said "You've got to go"

it's because at least
you'd have a chance in life.

What are you going to do?
Marry the first idiot you meet

who scrapes by with odd jobs
on 20 euros a day?

You do your friend's eyelashes

and her lip hair
for a whooping 10 euros a day?

- Haven't you got a shred of ambition?
- No.

No? Well, I thought you did.

At least you'd get out of the house.

I even told you, "Wanna do something?
Travel, see the world,"

"see what I missed out on."
What more can I say?

You've got the chance, someone's giving you
the chance and you're dropping the ball.

What I really don't get is this:
why are you giving up?

You let others decide
what you have to do.

I just don't get it.

You could do so much
if only you put your mind to it.


I really don't get it.

You put your life in others' hands.

- What did Ms. Candido tell you?
- That I can't go

because I haven't learned enough.

- Ms. Candido said that?
- Yes.

I'll go and speak to Ms. Candido myself.

Go ahead! What do I care?
As if I was scared.

Suppose she and the principal told you:

"Beatrice, yes, I think you're up to it."
Would you have gone?

- Tell me the truth.
- Yes.

Then you're an idiot.

Because if someone who doesn't know you,
who's seen you three times in three months

because you started school in September
and now it's January...

Stop screaming.

You've been going to school
for three months and you let one,

two folks that don't know you
and don't even know what you're like...

- Hey, stop yelling, I can hear you.
- ...make your life choices.

Are you out of your mind?

Am I the only one you stand up to?

You don't want me to study languages
so I can travel.

No? Why, then?

- I know why.
- Shoot. Why?

- No.
- Seriously. Come on, why?

It's so you have a chance.
At high school folks go out

to meet other people,
people even better than you.

I mean, even in terms of income,
they're different.

So you can see there's more than just
Nuova Ostia, Piazza Gasparri, the Idroscalo.

You think I don't know there's more
out there beyond the Idroscalo?

So what's the problem, then?

A mother wants her daughter
to see different people.

Are you really blaming me for this?

- What are you talking about?
- Always playing the victim.

Oh, so I'm always playing the victim?

I never even talk to you
about this stuff.

Whenever I want to complain
I stay in the other room.

But what do you know?
What do you know?

Why won't you talk to me?

Because talking to you
is just impossible.

- Why?
- Because it's just impossible.

Why? You think I have to say
you're right regardless?

You think that's how I should raise you,

saying, "Of course, mummy's pet,
you're right"?

That's how I should raise you?
Telling you you're always right?

Shouldn't I at least try
to make you open your eyes?

This is the last time
we're talking about it.

It's the last time. I'm sick of it.
Do whatever you want.

Whatever you want.
I really don't give a shit anymore.

'Cause then I'm the villain
and you're the poor misunderstood one

- and that just won't work.
- It just won't work.

'Cause in this house that idiot father
of yours and I live for you and you only,

because you're all we have.
We have nothing else.

And if you leave one day, we're stuck here
like two morons, your dad and I.

And just imagine we're willing to do it.

Get it?

You come home and act
all high and mighty. And then what?

You let two people you didn't even know
what they looked like

pass judgment on your life?

It's your life. Yours.

Not mine, not your father's. It's yours.

You have to figure out yourself
what you want to do.

Studying is good for you,
it helps you open your mind.

It helps you get out of your comfort zone,
talk to people, learn how to write things.

I know how to talk to people,
I'm not brain-dead.

I'm ignorant. I'm telling you
I'm ignorant, not you.

And since you say you're not ignorant,
take advantage of it.

Do it.

Go, go, run, come on!

Remember when...

Remember all the times
you made me argue with Bea?

- Remember?
- Yes.

- Go on.
- No, you speak.

I told you, I want to know why.

You know why.

Were you jealous? Tell me.

- You know.
- No, I don't know. You never told me.

You've only ever told me bullshit.

- Come on.
- What do I know?

A lot, I bet. There must be a reason why
you wanted us to argue.

Plenty of reasons.

- What?
- Plenty of reasons.

Tell me, then. I'm all ears.

I was jealous.

Don't worry, though. I'm not anymore.
I've got my own friend now.

Sure, but first you had us
at each other's throats.

If it wasn't for me and Bea
clearing things up,

we wouldn't even be
on speaking terms now.

Your feet are black!


You're such a tramp,
you're not my sister.

"we have to get ready for Carnival"

Some things can't be described
or rationalized.

They're things you feel...

So when I come to certain places
I'm drawn by them

and I feel I'm at home.

So I want to stay.

This huge harbor wrecked our lives.

It's pointless.

A ghost harbor.

I think we should go occupy that space.
They're never gonna give it to us.

I couldn't care less, I'm going.

I'm not saying we have to go
occupy the whole harbor.

All we need is one building.
You know what we can do there?

We can set up a senior center.

We can set up ** she's right **
a tax assistance office.

I mean, if you need a doctor,
you have to go to Ostia.

If you need some aspirin, you have
to get in the car and drive to Ostia,

unless you get a lift from someone.

Whenever you need something
you have to go to Ostia.

Here, there's nothing.

Sometimes I really think
these guys believe

we're only good at having
parties and celebrations, Christmas...

We can instantly don our helmets
and get things done.

Then it snowballs because there can't be
five or six of us occupying.

We're the only ones
who paid for the harbor.

Show me another place
that paid for the harbor.

We let them screw us
right from the start.

We signed 'cause they said,

"Let us open the harbor
and we'll give your kids work."

What did they actually do?
They screwed us in the ass.

They always fooled us.
End of story.

Let's tell it how it is.

How long has Nuova Ostia existed?

I'm 49. It has existed for 49 years.

It was like this
when I came here in 1972

and it's the same in 2019,
how that I'm 49.

It's convenient for them
to keep the whole area like that.

- But now we're sick and tired.
- Right.

As long as you all agree.

If the going gets tough,
the tough have to get going.

We have to get ready for Carnival.

- I have to go get the outfits...
- I don't...

They told me I have to go get
the Carnival outfits on Wednesday.

OK, I'm talking about something else.

We have to get ready for Carnival,

so we have to get the float ready,
so we need the safe for the Beagle Boys.

Gianluca's giving us the float.
He's got this firewood trolley

and you just pull it along.

But we have to find some caps.

- Some what?
- Caps.

I gotta find the caps. The green caps.

Don't the kids have some at home?

They have to be all the same color.

- Blue isn't bad too.
- They're white.

Do I have to wear the red t-shirt?

One has 716 and another has 617.

We're only doing it on the front.

On the back too? No?

Well, if we take up the harbor,
they're gonna arrest us for real!

I've got the eye masks.

All I need to do now
is find those caps.

You've wanted to do the Beagle Band
for three years. Why?

- This year I'm doing it!
- This year it's for the harbor.

Hey Franca, you never told me
it was eight feet tall.

Come on!

Carla, come here! Here, here.

Let's all get together here.

I'll explain the meaning
of our costumes.

He represents King Carnival.

Hey Federico, come gimme a hand
to plant this body!

Come on, I can't do it on my own.

Come again?

I have to build this house.

Do we have to build this house?

It's ours, anyway.

You're such an asshole. With everyone.

- Is that bad?
- Yeah, I hate your guts.

You never know
when to be an asshole.

- I can't be an asshole like you.
- You always have to.

Because if you're not,
people aren't going to treat you nice.

I know.

You treat people nice and then,
when you're looking the other way...

Shut up.

- Who?
- Can't remember.

- Don't, Cri!
- Just one.

No, no one.
You said no for all of them.


No, no one.

Tell me, now.

The first letter.


- With a "D"?
- This summer. Da...

I didn't like him, Cri.
He was cute, but I didn't like him.

I wouldn't mind getting away from here,

because being in the same old place
bores me after a while.

But would you change many things
if you had to?

I mean, if I leave the Idroscalo,
then I'll leave the country.

- That's what I'd like to do.
- Bora Bora, Cri.

Bora Bora.

Well, maybe it'd change over time.
The Maldives?


Know who's been to the Maldives
Ninfer. Cool!

No shit!

I'll choose at some point.

As long as I'm here,
you're not leaving,

otherwise I'm gonna die.

- I'm going in the other room.
- OK.

- I like pubs.
- You stay at home. Period.

If you're gonna be
a boozing idiot on a bar stool,

- then you're staying home.
- Why?

Because at 14
you don't waste your life at a pub.

- Yes you do.
- No.

You have to be fashionable.

I'll slap the fashion out of your face.

C'mon, mum!

- You're staying home.
- Why?

Stop it.
'Cause you're not a pub person.

- You're staying home.
- What is a pub person?

Bea knows I don't want you
going to the pub.

- What is a pub person?
- No, go for a walk.

- Ride round on the bus...
- Like two idiots.

If you're going to a pub,
go to the Idroscalo's.

What's the difference?

Beatrice won't bring
my brother-in-law here.

And what do you do there?
Behave like an idiot.

I just stay there.

- So can I go?
- No.

Mum, you just said yes.

- Lay the table.
- No.

- Come on.
- I have to text Bea first.

- Lay the table first.
- I'm texting Bea first.

We always have to argue about everything.
First you lay the table then you text Bea.

- Are you changing the fish's water?
- They're your fish. You change their water.

Poor fish.

- Stop it with that brush!
- What brush?

Stop it!


At ten past noon,
then he didn't answer anymore.

I must have called sixty times,

but he didn't pick it up.

We have to turn here.

- Are we going past the buildings?
- No, there's no difference.

Even worse than
that chrome dome she has here.


- Bea, you two...
- What?

Sure, in 65 years. Look over there!

You piece of shit!

She hit me with her nose.

- Stay still.
- Who's moving?

So cruel, seven or even eight passes!

Look at that! She's scribbling away.

- I'm not scribbling! It's an "S".
- Look!

- Is it straight?
- Yeah, it's straight.

- Don't listen to them!
- It's fine.

Keep your feet straight.

It's sideways.

It's just that "don't fucking"
is higher.

- It isn't.
- It is.

- Yes, it is. A little bit.
- No, it isn't.

- I would've made you like that, skewed.
- You little jerk!


- Hair remover? Me?
- No hair remover.


No, put it like it was before.

Where did she go?
She won't leave her bedroom.

It's too windy.

Let's go in there.

It's burning in the water, Giulia.
Burn it, Giulia.

- Did it fly?
- No.

Put your hand up there.

One, two, three!

Assunta, hold it!

It took off!



You see?


"outside time"

I was thinking of changing our name

instead of "Kids' News",

because we're not kids anymore.

I don't get it.

- My God, Assunta. You're so clueless.
- I know.

I was thinking about
renaming our radio.

It used to be called "Kids' News",

My God, remember?
When we hung all those signs.

Now we can rename it.

Well, this thing's called
"Radio Idrosqalo."

Really? No kidding.

- My grandma's contributing, too.
- That was a given.

Then some sport.


You just pick some random films.

Good girl.

- Keep your feet down.
- Giulia's there, where do I put them?

Come on!

- Goodnight, Cri.
- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Giulia.

"Diasparagmos" means laceration,
rift, a mystery.

The light emerges on its own
in the midst of nothing.

OK, let's try like this.

Like that?

Yes, it's straight.

A bit lower... perfect!

It's more antiquated.

Hello and welcome to the Idroscalo...
Damn, I already messed up.

Are you all ready to start over
with Radio Idrosqalo? With us.

- She's Vivi.
- Hi.

She was on the radio, too.
I mean here, but a long time ago.

Say the old name.

Say the old name.



Come here.

We'll go through the tiny door,
darling. Come on, dear.

Falling out of time means
falling out from your ordinary time.

This way, dear.

- Ready?
- Come in.

Like here, this place,
the Idroscalo, is a closed space.

It's a refuge of non-sinners.

Time is the most beautiful
and mysterious thing.

It flows, it never stops,
it doesn't go back,

only forward
and, just like the sea, it gathers.

What's up?

- How's it going?
- I'm fine, you?

Fine and dandy.

I visited Mum and Dad.

Some competitive matches
are really crooked. 13 against 14.

It wasn't here,
it was on the third beach.

And there was no harbor.

Aside from that, even when
we went diving on the other side...

With those tiny goals. It was crazy!

- Who was there?
- Mirko, Manuel, Alessandro...


And now they've built this wall here.

We used to bathe on the third beach
and then we'd come here and play.

It was awesome here.
Life was terrific.


- Got a family?
- Will have soon.

I'm in a domestic partnership.
I'm doing great.

You're about to get tied up for life!

I'm doing great. I met a great girl.

Sure. I know her,
she used to work at Burger King.

What did you decide to do?

I'm fine. Really.

I have a great position.

- Are you engaged?
- Of course.

What was that quote
you posted the other day?

"What you will be in 5 years is determined
by who you surround yourself with today"

"and by the books you read."

- That's important.
- Lovely. It's in my heart.

I saw a little fox,
I wanted to get it, but Grandma said no.

- Sure, foxes.
- Cute.

This one time, not sure
I ever told you about the ducks...

A fox got in and ate our ducks.

You found the head...

The head in one place
and the body in another.

Poor duckies, they were so cute!

The Neapolitan had given them to you.

I'd even made this nice, big enclosure.
Fuck knows how it got in.

Do you know the turtle's still
roaming around the Neapolitans' home?

What turtle? The one they lost?

- It's still roaming around.
- Really?

Yes. You know that window there...

- Who told you it's still roaming around?
- It is.

- Who told you?
- I saw it.

Silvia, remember the turtle
we took to the harbor?

Remember those six,
how many did I have? Six?

- What do we do here? What way do we go?
- Better go straight ahead.

And then take Alessandra's alley.

Yeah, let's go.

How can we get through, here?

- Come on, go.
- I am scared, you know.

Seeing this river
flowing back to the sea

where the sea is the goal,
one of freedom and fresh air,

as it leaves the narrow banks
to reach the immensity of the sea,

it makes me think of the quest,
every person's quest

for freedom and the fullness of life.

I'm not drawn by anything.
I dunno, it means nothing to me.

I stopped believing
when I was in third grade,

because they'd give you
this religion book

and so I realised there is no God,

because the teacher said,
"When you die, you'll climb this wall"

"with God on one side,
and on the other..."

And I don't believe it.

For instance, we have this...

Sure, if you start following
Satan's path, then...

It's sort of a big, long wall
and you're in the middle,

with God on one side
and Satan on the other.

And it depends
where you choose to go.

If you follow God's path,
you have to do as He says,

but if you follow Satan's path...

Satan was an angel, you know,
the most...

- The fairest of them all.
- That's it.

"we are peaceful folks"

Sometimes you think
religion is faith.

I think faith is something else.

We're having
a brief commemoration here at 6.

In memory of when
they knocked our homes down.

You know what happened, right?

Actually I think the chairs
would be better in a circle.

Under the gazebo, though.
I want to set up some gazebos.

Otherwise we're gonna die, Elena.

OK, but you have to block it.

Gimme the other one.

This one.

Because the ordinance...

The ordinance is from the Civil Protection
and the mayor acts as its chief officer.

- You can hardly hear it.
- I know.

Turn up the volume.

- Turn it up.
- It's already turned all the way up.


My name is Ferdinando Sebastiano
and I've been living here for forty years.

There was no need for all this police,
we are peaceful folks.

They have brought here
everything they have got

only to demolish
a couple of huts on the sea.

They are demolishing these ones,
they are at least twenty.

We only heard last night

and this morning they got here
with the police.

This is how we are left now.
Clueless again.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Giulia.

Happy birthday to you!

- Stay still.
- Wait, here we go.

Gimme me.

Here we go.

That way.

Here, here!

What a dope!


C'mon, guys, let's make a wish.

I thought about how it would be
if it really was real

If my mind was enough
to get all I ask for

I have seen a television world

A sun of fake light and a painted sky

And I was convinced
that what I saw was true

When materialism
took the place of all beliefs

We will tear down these walls
and we will scream:

"Let's have a revolution!
One of thought!"

We were born for the fight,
that's why we will

Let's do like Chile,
the pueblo will help us to victory

In life we'll move forward
as in wartime, but in peace

Freedom, return!

Where's the friendship
amid all this violence?

To be a star
you have to die in a bloody way

I'm neither Tupac nor Biggie,
I'm Chiky

Let me tell you how hard it is
to be yourself

Until I die, I will stay here

Where nothing is a given,
not even time

I don't hear who speaks foul words

Because I see I have a gift, not talent

And I feel it, desculpa, forgive me

I imagined this world
like all it isn't now

No dreams, values, words

I imagined this world as you see it now

In the meantime
I have given time to time

Even if nothing is changing
but what I feel inside

And in the meantime
my essence is a poetic wake

As it writes,
it's persuading all my senses

In all this time living here
I got to be a man

Not half of one

In the meantime that I've been
living here I got to be alone

But rap was always there

- What's this? A tiger?
- No.

- A lion?
- Yes.

I'm gonna knock you off now.

Can't you laugh properly?
You're getting on my nerves.

- It's because of Giulia...
- Move this hand away.

I think I'll build my own home.
I don't wanna leave this place.

If you can.

I don't think there's gonna be
an Idroscalo in 20 years.

Says who?

Who's left? Nobody.

- Maybe a more modern Idroscalo.
- Sure!

A special thank you to the Idroscalo 500 families,
to the "Foce del Tevere" community,

and to all the women
who made this film possible.