Sacred Knives of Vengeance (1972) - full transcript

Hsieh Choun, the Black Dragon, is in trouble with the police since Wang Sien Tien's gang is helping them; he is no longer free to conduct his drugs shipments out of the port freely as he used to. He buys more thugs and killers to dispose of the young upstart, and soon Wang is in dire straits, in the port of Hong Kong. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Teacher Wong, in there
is full of opium.

Burn it!

Cheng Tung Hoi.


You have undercover men working under Wang

But so far, your information
is very inaccurate.

This time the Black Dragon lost the opium.

How should I tell my boss?

I deserve to die.


We acknowledge we have accidentally failed this time
but that doesn't mean we should take it lightlyy,

if our secret were exposed

the Black Dragon organization cannot
stand firm here

Do you have any plans?

How can you help here?

I have someone who can do it.

I have a killer of exceptional abilities,

to kill Wang Hing
Tin and his men.

What is it?
- Security check.

Checking out?
- Look!

Whyjust me?

Security Captain

I check who I want.

Stop checking!

Stop checking!

Well? No more checking?

Fuck off!

Lord, buy some.

Need a rickshaw?
- Gao Sing Inn.

Gao Sing Inn


Please enter.

Mr. Tse, our chief Qiao ha!
Instruct us,

reserve this space for you.


Just call me if you
need something.


We heard you had your way at the pier

Our teacher Wang asked us to
come and teach you a lesson.

Who is this teacher Wang?

If you do not speak,
I'll cut off your ear.

Take it back and ask
your teacher Wang to come


Wait! Do not be impulsive.
That's enough!

This man of mine
is just arrived.

If he was impertinent,
forgive him please.

Please put in a word for us.

When you return to school.

Please accept this sum money.

Let's go.

Please excuse me.

Who are those assholesl?
- Forget it.

Besides, you can't do anything about it.

Tell the waiter to
bring food and wine.


Brother Tse, you are a great friend.

You must have left at once
when you got my letter!

This is! my home.
I'll go home again.

You said some people were causing
you trouble is this the gang?

Is it about the opium?

This is along story.

You were gone for more than
ten years and know nothing.

During this time the people
have a lot of pressure.


It's all because of that Wang Hing
Tin of the Kung To martial arts school

They use their power to consort with
corrupt officials to

form the so-called protection society
and control the piers,

bullying our people and
doing as they please

Take me for example

I didn't yield to their blackmail

so they picked on my goods many times
and accuse me of smuggling

Damnll have been under
severe oppression all these years!

How do they do this!

How? With power and fist of course.


That is Why I asked to avenge our wrongs

If you can get rid of these crooks,
you will be richly rewarded.

It is very important.

By the way, I was in your debt.

Now that you are being bullied
could I stand by and watch?

You're a true friend.

Although your martial arts
skills are strong

Don't be rash.

The Best way to destroy them

Is work in secret.

When you get rid of Wang
Hing Tin and his three chiefs

they will bejust a disorganized lot.

No, a hero doesn't do things stealthily
I'll go through the front door.

Whom are you looking for?

I'm Tse Chun and I'm here to
talk to your Master Wang.

He has returned to his
village for private reasons.

What is with your three superiors?

They are not here right now.
May I help you?


Because I want to fight with them.

It would be better if
you would not fight.

Hold it!

Besides, I'm not in the mood
to teach you a lesson

Wait a minute! I know you!

You're the guy who hit
someone on the pier.

Brother, our Kung To martial arts school
never hurt anyone

Can you be mistaken?


That incident at the inn,
and the fighting now

It seems that I'm not to blame,

but the name plate at the school.

What's your problem!?

IWill take the name of your school!

What should I do?!

Go to Yum's place and get
our three masters!


The name plate of our school was destroyed.



Why did you manage this?

For no particular reason.

The term, kung to "(fairness)
pass! Not to your school.

Do not move!

So you came hereto make trouble?

No, I've come to see how
good your school is in bullying people

Then I have to fight with you.

If you don't
I'll be disappointed

Let's start.

Wait for Master Chiu
here, I'll go after him



What is the matter, Tung Mui?

The Miss wants to go
out, prepare the car.

Hung Mm..


Prepare my blue
dress for tonight

Yes. - I'm going to sing


I'll kill you!

He is! Siao Fu, of
which I have told you.


It's really you.

Siao Fu.


I still do not trust myself.

It's ok, you've trained hard.

Pluck up your courage.

Do not be afraid.

Do you still remember how we used to be?

Yes, it is! More than ten years ago.

You were gone for more than ten years.

How did you feel the Whole time?

So so.

Sometimes here, sometimes there

A wanderer.

Do you still everyday like before.

In this society you have
to fight every day,

because there are too many bad men around.

Still the same
martial temperament.

No, I've changed, I'm not called Siao Fu

my name is Tse Chun.

Beautiful House. Yours?

No, it belongs to the boss,
for whom I work as a singer.


After you were gone,

Our circus was disrupted
by corrupt officials.

I've heard about it.

I asked someone to find out where you
were, but could not find either of you.

Your were all gone.

A Singer took me up, taught me to
sing and gave me the name Yu Giao.

So now I sing at Da Koon.

Was Brother Ma still with you?

He went one day after you went.

He has also gone away?

Yes. He left the day after you left

Siao! I must leave!


Life in the circus is inconsistent.

We can not get as many ticket buyers.

Damn it!

The high taxes of the corrupt
officials were to blame.

But I left this organization,
for you and your sister.

The three of us were
happy when we were kids.

But when we grew up, We
seemed to be one too much.

Two is company, three's a crowd.

IWill find something else.

It's the best for all of us.

Promise me, after I leave,

Take care of sister.

I left him a letter when I left

asking him to take care of you

But then he went.

Then you.

He told me to tell you that you
should take care of me when he left.

It ended up that
you both were gone.

And I remained alone.

I have took care of myself for
more than seven years.

Do you blame me?

No, you're back, are you not?

When did you come back?

Because of me?

Yes, you, and something else.

Where did he go? This is
the last place we saw him.

Is that not the house of Yu Giao'?
- Yes.

Miss, men from the Kung-To-martial arts
school are here, and they're pissed!


They want to find someone!

Siao Hi, Did you fight the
moment you came back?

Do not worry, I'll
drive them off!

Don't make a scene!
Go hide in back!

Let me deal with this.
Tung Miu, open the door!

- Go in there.

Master Chiu. - Exactly, young lady!

Meisler Chiu, What are you doing here?

Please come in.

Please take a seat.

Tung Mui, bring tea.
- Yes.

Take a seat.

I think you're looking for someone, right?

Right when we were not in school, someone
named Tse destroyed the school's Sign.

He's seriously injured our
third brother.

I only' found it when I returned
with the second brother.

They told me thatthey have lost
this Tse here in the area.

I'm worried he can be ajam.

That's Why I came to see you.

I am concerned he might be a menace to you

Let's search the house.

Right! Where else could he be?

Where are your manners?

This is! The house of Miss Yu Giao.

If someone had come in,
would not she have known?


Master Chiu, if he is not satisfied
better search everything.

I can't bear
the guilt of harbouring a criminal

He is not a criminal, But there may'
be a misunderstanding of our school.

By the way, it is better to
win friends than to make enemies.

I just want to cite a
few things with him.

Now that you say you
you saw no one,

we will leave.

Miss, thank you so much for your time.

We will go.

Still left, drink some lea.

No, we have to go back and after the
wounds of the third brother. Let's go!

Well, goodbye, thank you.
Let's go men.

Thanks so much for your time.

Uncle, get the door for them.

Siao Fu, Why did you make
trouble in the Kung To school?

I have to teach this
tyrant a doctrine.

Who says they are tyrants?

What do you know about this?

I'll tell you later.

I've got to do, I'm going now.
See you tomorrow.

Siao Fu.

As soon as that Tse fellow came,
he wrecked our place

destroying our school
and wounding our men,

he bears a grudge against us.
There must be a conspirarcy.

What problem could
he have with us?

Mr. Wang, we have all the years of
peace and have done nothing wrong.

When Tse Chun has come to take attack,

he must be a villain.

Brother Chiu has right.

He's solving other peoples' problems

He is a hired assassin.

Not necessarily.

We don't even know who is smuggling dope

How can we be sure with
whom they are connected?

In any case, we need to meet
him again, find What he wants.

Let's not be rash!


Mr Ma of the provincial
patrol is hereto see you

- Yes.

Mr Ma.

Master Wang.
Please Come in.


Please, have a seat.

What business do you have here?

Hasl you got something?

I've heard a band of Japanese

is operating secretly here

Master Wang, have you heard anything?

As far as I know

these mercenaries were
terminated by us a few years ago

This secret organization
is called Black Dragon

and is related to a big case I solved
in the city

Yes, they deal it, and
never Show their faces.

They not only sell drugs to make money,
they have other intentions. - For real?

You know better than I do, That's
why' I want to ask you for help.

It would be a pleasure for me to help!

I'll not allow the Japanese
mercenaries to operate illegally here

Has anyone of interest shown up?

Yes, but he's not a Japanese mercenary

I am ashamed to say this person operates
mysteriously his martial arts are strong

Alright, a lead!

What do you know about this guy?

He came so cocky.

He has been trouble ever since he arrived.

As soon as he came, he started fighting the
students and he smashed our schools name plaque

and injured 3rd brother

What's he like?

We haven't figured him out

We only know he is called Tse Chun

Tse Chun?

He is good with flying daggers

He hurt brother with them.

Brother, I've been thinking
about the Whole thing.

It is better when I go.

You can much better take
care of sister

Siao Fu.

Do not worry, I'll
find him for you.

Even if I have to go
to the end of the world.

Where is this man who has
thrown the dagger?

We can't seem to find him

We chased him to the house of the singer.
Then he disappeared.


- What is?

A man named Ma is!
Here, he is going to see you.

Brother Ma. Brother Ma!

Brother Ma.

Chiao Mai-Brother!

Sister, it's you

The beloved Yu Giao
is my sister.

Do not talk nonsense!

You were gone for 10 years.
Why are you back here?

I'm coming with a task.

I heard a man named Tse

caused trouble and injured someone at the
school. He has left his throwing knife.

Chun? Siao Fu?

What? Is Siao Fu really back there?

He has changed his
name to Tse Chun.

Where is he now?

I do not know. He came and left.

Why has he gone
against Wang Hing Tin'?

I do not know But it is strange
that he thinks Wang is a villain.

Something is fishy here.

How can we find him?

I think there is a conspiracy here!

Chun! Chun!

An agent from the provincial
government came today

He probably wants
to deal with you.

They must know I hate corrupt officials
most and have sent someone to die

I'll handle it. Where is he now?

I think they are this
night at Ta Koon Lau.

Could a stranger be conquered?

I run out of my room.

But I do not find anyone,
everything is still.

I can only see the willows
moving in the wind.

Birds smile at me,

They mock my love.

My waning causes more fear.

I know, you two know each other.
- We grew up together.


The evening dusk is here
and it is soon dark.

I can only find my
love in my dreams.

In my dreams...

Sir, Master Wang needs you
urgently at the pier.

Please go sofon.

I am interested,
you can to be in love with me.


I think you're better at school.

I will ask Guang Ouan to send
after you when I need you.

Let's go.

Let's go back to school.
Let me know if What happens.

- Come on.

Today something could happen.
- Maybe.


Sir, What tea do you want?

- Anything will do, where's Yu Giao?

Just resting.

Can I ask you Whether somebody
came to hear her singing?

My friend Tse.

Can I sit down and
chat with you?

You guys again, please sit

What can I do for you?

I'm Go Wu, top teacher of the
Kung To Fighting School.

I want to clarify' a thing:

Why did you hurt our 3rd brother?
And destroy the shield of our school?

It's easy.

Your school is not the one to
be called "kung to" (fairness),


You are pushing it

You can make the first move.

Siao Fu!

Why are you fighting here?

This place is good as another.

I just don't know Where
Mr Go prefers to fight

Right, we go outside.
- You're welcome.

Siao Fu.

Wait, I'll be right back.

Where's Chief Ma?
- At the pier.

Probably nothing will happen.

I think a cargo of firearms
could arrive here.

Brother Ma.

What is it?

It's terrible,
Siao Fu is fighting with Master Go

Siao Fu.

Why are you fighting
Wang Hing Tin and his men?

Since our circus was forced to disband

I hate these corrupt officials
through and through.

They monopolize the water and the pier and oppress
the people. How could someone live decently?

Who has made these accusations?

Never mind

In any case, they operate in secret.

What would you do?

If I understand it properly, the government does
not have enough troops, to control the area.

That's Why Wang Hing
Tin took over the task,

so he could defend the
people from these gangs.

I also heard Wang Hing Tin has made
great contributions to Fang Kang

But have you heard of corruption
and actions of tyranny?

Have you heard of the corruption
and violence?

Who says they are corrupt?

Siao Fu, every official is at the risk of
causing displeasure

maybe the one who talked to you
intentionally defamed Wang Hing Tin

And you were misled by them.

He is right, the reputation of the Kung To
combat sports school is good.

So it's all my fault

I can not say that, too,
but you must find the truth

and decide who is wrong and who is right.

You can't act on hear-say

You must also understand
What sort of person it is

who is talking to you

It's never too late to make things right.

Brother Ma has right
You're too hasty.

Alright, I'll make investigations

but if Wang Hing Tin is
as bad as I think he is

I'll not let him go

At that time I hope you'll stay out of it

Don't worry, if they are villains

I'll deal with them with you

Right, it's a deal

When did I ever lie to you?
But before the matter is clarified

But until the case is cleared, you better come in
here so you do not have to worry about sister.

Secondly, itwouldn'tbe nice if after the first
escape you have to make another escape, right?

Brother, here you go again

Miss, the food is ready!

The food is ready! Perfect timing!

Let's toast to our reunion


Mr Tse, you're back

- I am checking out at once

- Coming!

What can I do for you?

Hand this letter to Boss Qiao
My address is inside

If he needs me,
he can find me there.

- Thank you. - With pleasure.

Forge ten of these flying knives.
The same design as this one.

Just like this one?

No one can tell the secret
of the Black Dragon.

When do you want them?
- Tomorrow morning!


Master Cheng, What is it?

Nothing, I want to kill you four.

Siao Wang!

Put the knives in their bodies,
before anyone comes.


What? These four daggers
all come from their bodies?

Chief Ma, because Tse Chun is your friend

we gave him some room, even when he smashed
the shield and violated the third brother.

But now he has killed our young students,
we can not tolerate him.

Master Chiu, Tse Chun is a true man.

I guarantee that he would
not do such a thing.

Do you think we framed him?
- Wait!

Inspector Ma,
something stinks here.

Only Tse Chun has such knives,

and no one can copy his technique.

It's true these are the daggers he uses
but they can't prove

he killed these men

So What proof do you have, which
prove that he did not have them?

Sister, these are the happiest days
which I had in all these years.

For me too. I Wish they never
end, will never end.

Do you remember how we used to come here
and pick lotus flowers?

Of course, I remember, I
almost drowned that day.

These days were so beautiful.

Will not the next
days be beautiful as well?

Even more beautiful

Really, you will stay?

I'll be with you always starting today


To watch the water lily' blossom in summer

and the Willow become green in spring

Siao Fu.


Siao Fu.

Siao Fu!

What is it, brother?

A few people were killed
at the school last night

Your knives found on their bodies.
- What?

Nowthey all think you did it

You better get along with
me to clarify the case.

I didn't do it! Why
should I go with you?

The same old temperament.
Murder is not a small reason.

So What?
I didn't do it

Siao Fu, if you do not tell them,
How do you know you're not?

No need!

Mr Wang knew he wouldn't come

That is Why he has
told us to come instead.

What do you want?

We want to know What happened last night.

Sorry, but I don't know What happened.
Not my problem.

What about those daggers?

If you want to attach this to me,
you can make a few knives

and put them in the bodies.


Don't move! Don't Move!

Brother Tse, What you said
was unacceptable

You attack for no reason, isn't
that also unacceptable?

I think the Whole thing is a frame up

Tse Chun would not commit murder.

How can you prove that?

I mean What I say
That's all the proof you need

Looks like we have
to fight then.

Siao Fu, you can not...

Brother, when I say I have not
done it, then I have not done it.

We must not waste more time.

The favor I owe to you,
I will return it later.

I must go now!

Siao Fu.

Brother, what's going on?

I've checked it, a knife is missing.

Could anyone have done
it in the guesthouse?

Unlikely, the waiters
are innocent.

In addition, they have
no use forihe knives.

Who stole my daggers
and killed those people last night?

What is even stranger? Could
one knife kill so many men?

Someone must have stolen
your knife and imitated it.

This person must also be
very versatile in imitation.

I heard that night

Chief Ma also fought, could it be...


I also think you both are
in love with Miss Yu Giao.

Would he bejealous
so he framed you?


We are like Brothers.

He would not do anything like that.

Your friendship ten years
ago, she could have changed.

Besides, didn'tyou say
no official is a good person?


Friendship is built on trust.

If he is unrighteous to you,
you can also be against him.

Be quiet!

For one thing, there is no proof
that Brother Ma isjealous.

On the other hand, if he wants to marry
Yu Giao, I can not help it anyway.

Did not you say' you love her?

In fact, I love them too much.

Forget it. Forget it.

The best thing I can do now,
is leave her to him.

Qiao, I'm sorry, I did not finish
the task that you have given me.

I will give you the favor
I owe you on another day.

That's fine! No big deal!

I need to ask you,

I still have to trouble you to
accommodate me tonight at the inn

Fine, fine!

We'll meet again.

Boss, it's too easy to
let that Tse fellow off

Not that easy'
I know Wang Hing Tin is looking for him

Let him know, then
they will fight. All our problems solved.

“Flasher Chm Masher Chm..

Tung Hoi, What is it?!

I heard that Tse fellow
is staying at the Gao Sing Inn

Let us surround him, and
then we'll arrest him.

Let's go.
- Wait!

Neither Mr Wang nor Chief Ma is here.

Let us consider their return
and talk to them before we act.

I am afraid by that time
he would have gone

Let us inform Brother Ma, while
we surround him at the same time.

What is ill? Why are you here?

Where does he live?
- Follow me.

Here it is.


If I hadn't wanted to ask
I would have killed you

Do not move!

Master Chiu, What do you want
from me, to this late hour?

I come because of those
who died in my school.

This is none of my business

Whose knives were they?

I do not know.
- Only yoursl!


Stop it!

I need to revenge the
death of our brothers.

So I have to kill.

Shut up and fight then!


Come down!

It's a disaster!

Master Chiu was killed
by a flying knife.

Master Chiu.

It's you!

Hide yourself tonight and come to
get tickets for the boat tomorrow

- Who has killed to him?

Tse Chun has his flying knives

What I?

Sister, has Siao Fu come?
No, what happened?

He just killed Master Chiu.

Where has he gone?

Could he have returned
to his old hiding place?


Yes, it's me.

What's wrong?

This is the knife you
used to kill Master Chiu.

The blood is still not dry.

Mum Teacher Ch'm?

This time they saw it
with their own eyes.

I have not killed Master Chiu.

You still want to deny it?

Brother, What do you want?

- I have to take you back.

Why do not you let me speak?

Go back with me and talk to them.

I have not done anything wrong.

Why should I go with you?

You have to!


I only do my duty.

Oh, I forgot about that.

You are now an official.

I'd better not mention our friendship

Everything should be official.

No wonder Qiao Ji Fei said
now that you're an official

You had to change.

What do you mean?

I just wanna ask you.

You insist I killed these people,

do you have an agenda?

You want to drive me from here,
Do you have an agenda?

Siao Fu

How can you speak like this?

And Why not?

If you never listen,
Why should I trust you?



Do not force me to kill.
I do not force you either.

Don't force me either!

It seems as if you are doing your
duty And I'm gonna fool myself.

Before the law are all equal.

How can we prove it?

Unless you come with me?

What if I don't?

This ends now!

Go now!

In Wu Sins Pavilion I have
owed you my life, I give it back.

In my eyes, you are
still amurderer.

I'll grab you when I have the chance.

Now we're even
Let's see What happens when we meet again

I never thought that our
friendships would end here.

After all these years


If I have not done wrong,

Why do not I explain
the other side?

I have suffered enough these years
what's left is my pride

I've done nothing wrong,
no one can blame me.

What will become of me now?

You have to move on again?

I'm a hiker...

and must move again.

And again.

But you promised

Time to go.

Siao Fu, you promised to be with me?

To watch the lily' blossom in summer

and the Willow become green in spring

Wasn't that What you said?

Forget it!

Come with me.

Today here, tomorrow there.

Move with you?

Why can not we be smoother?

Couldn't we be happier?

Tomorrow's day will
see us go the path.

Will you stay for my sake?

Along time ago, brother said

when we were together.

We three were young and happy

When we became older, it
seemed we were one too much.

That '5 Why you have Brother Ma
to take care of me when you left.

But Why didn't you ask me who I wanted to
be with?

Honestly, there is no one
I'd rather spend my life with.

Tomorrow I must leave again

I wanted us to be together

but fate has been against us

And I do not know
when I will return.

Sol better not wait.

Don't wait for me.

It'll soon be bright,
you'd rather rest.

When do you go?

I do not know yet.

I need to get my ticket
to the ship soon.

Mr Qiao. Mr Qiao!

Brother Tse, What do you want
so early in the morning?

No big deal, I'm hereto get my tickets.

Ah, certainly, certainly!

I've been thinking
about it all night.

It is! Better for you, if you are
on a small boulder the river.

Why? I have always done everything openly.
Why should I secretly disappear?

I did not mean it like that!

Wang Hing Tin and Chef
Wa guard the pier.

It will be difficult
to get on board.

It is in your interest, this way you won't
have to try and fight your way through.

Or can you think of a better way?

Well done.

Great planning.

Right, at the second watch tonight
I'll wait for you there

See you.

Cheng Tung Hoi.
- Yes?

Execute my plan at once

Big trouble!

I have heard that this guy Tse
will flee tomorrow on the river.

Damn, let's go.

Once they hear the news
they'll ambush him

Then our stuff will be safe and
can be taken from the pier.

You are smart

So we kill two birds
with one stone.

When Tse Chun enters the
night at the meeting point,

We have no more worries.

Strange, no people and no boat.

Who says there are no people here?

You want to sneak away?


Ma Yi, you have so
many men to help.

In my eyes, you are
still amurderer!

Chief Ma, this is a
matter of our school.

Let me handle him! My fighting rod

Mister Wang.
- What?

Come to the pier.

The Japanese are leading
smuggled goods.


Tse Chun, What a nice change.

It seems as if he were working for the
organization of the Black Dragon.

Siao Fu, you have become a Traitor

Watch What you say.

Do not pay attention to him.
Let's go to the pier.

I leave you to your poor life.

Be quiet, I always make everything open.

IWill not go until
the case is cleared.

Fine, then we'll meet again.

How should I tell my superiors
that I lost these weapons?

The only way is to get rid of Tse Chun
and Ma Yi, before they cover us.

You! What more do you have to say!

The only way
is to get rid of Tse Chun and Ma Yi

before they discover us
Then we'll deal with Wang Hing Tin

Do it now!!

Yes boss! Yesl!

Let's gel!

You have guts for a traitor

I thought you were gone!

We don't owe each other

Be careful What you say

Not for your kind.

Today I will be getting rid
of trailers to our country.


Damn, that's a setup!

Thank you for coming to my aid,
but this is between brothers

Do not get involved.

You're wrong.

We from the Black Dragons are
hereto get rid of both of you.


It is too realize that you were used.

I'm so sorry.

This is not the right time now.

Kill them!

Now you fools die!!

You are going to taste your own death!

You will taste the Japanese expertise!


Siao Fu.

Do not move.

I kill whoever moves.

Do not run away!

This is a national matter.

If Idie
you must apprehend this bandit


Ma Yi, do not move.

If you do it, I'll Kill Tse Chun.

QiaoJi Fei.

It seems we have to settle
this between us today

Siao Fu.

You're brothers to the end

See you soon.

Siao Fu. Siao Fu.

Siao Fu.

Siao Fu.

Siao Fu.

Siao Fu. Siao Fu.

Brother, sister.

I feel fine.



Must you go?

Did I not say when we grew up that it
seemed as if we were one too much?