Sacred Hearts (1984) - full transcript

Life in a repressive convent school during the Second World War. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[church bells]

[soprano singing in latin]

[man speaking latin]

[bell rings]

[muttering in latin]

[radio crackle]

VOICE ON RADIO: This is London.

This morning the British
ambassador in Berlin

handed the German
government a final note

stating that, unless we heard
from them by 11:00 o'clock

that they were prepared
at once to withdraw

their troops from
Poland, a state of war

would exist between us.

I have to tell you now that
no such undertaking has been

received and that,
consequently, this country

is at war with Germany.

[man muttering in latin]

[distant siren wail]

Father, that
noise, it's a siren!

Would you kindly kneel down?

I don't hear anything.

No, father, it's a siren!

I can hear it!

They're going to bomb us!

[siren wails again]

Sisters, get the
girls under the pews,

away from the windows.

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst
women, and blessed

is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God,
we pray for us sinners.

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women.

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among
women and blessed

is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God,
we pray for us sinners.

[father continues praying]

[nuns begin muttering prayers]

[prayers continue]

Mary, mother of God,

pray for us sinners now
at the hour of our death.

[siren wails]

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.
Blessed are--


You can all come out now.

[siren slowly dies away]

Sisters, girls, we shall
now receive God's comfort--

and you, too, girl--

in the sacrament
of holy communion.

[panicked breathing]

Nothing is wrong
with you, Maggie.

Dr. Taylor, I can't breathe!

[strained breathing]

What do you feel?



I'm all right then?

Yes, of course
you're all right.

You're just a bit
nervous, that's all.

Sit down.


Drink it down.

[maggie gags]

I just knew the
war would come.

We're all going to die.


Well, if we're all going to
die, you might as well go

with a smile on your face, hm?


[maggie coughs]

told me of your nervousness.

She's Saint Dymphna, the patron
saint of nervous complaints

and mental disorders.

She's absolutely beautiful.

She isn't a saint
because of her beauty.

Yes Sister Thomas.

She was a martyr
for her faith.

I shall make a special novena
to Saint Dymphna for you.

Thank you sister.

But you must help
with your own prayers.

Every day, morning and evening.

And always call upon
her when you need her.

Yes Sister.

But then, do why
you are nervous?

I'm afraid to die.

But death is something we
should all look forward to.

It means we can finally
be united with God.

It's really unnatural
to fear death.

Unless, of course, your
soul is stained with sin.

Oh, no, Sister.

I went to confession yesterday
and I haven't sinned since.

Not even a venial sin?

MAGGIE: No, Sister.

Even considering
your behavior today

in front of the Eucharist?

If you were to die with one
venial sin on your soul,

it would take 1,000 years in
purgatory to make up for it.

That's how long it takes
God to get over the pain

caused by your one venial sin.

That's how much we
hurt God when we sin.

You know, McLean, if you really
understood how much God loved

you, you'd never sin again.

And you never, ever
fear anything again.

Yes, Sister.

Good Good evening, Ms. Blundel.


How do you do, Ms. Blundel?

Good evening, Sister Perpetua.

Sisters, I'm terribly sorry,
but I must dash off to place

six more girls before midnight.

Oh, we understand,
Ms. Blundel.

Everything's ready
for the evacuees.


(WHISPERING) One more thing.

The girls are all
in the family way,

but they're not very
far along and we'll

find other arrangements for
them as soon as possible.

Why weren't we informed
of this beforehand?

We didn't know.

And then when we found out
we had a bit of difficulty

in placing them.

But one nice thing, the
girls are all Roman Catholics

and, I might add, very devout.

They're really lovely girls.

I know you'll get on very well.

I must dash.

Thank you so very much.

We will be in touch.


Mother, I must tell
you, all those girls

are in the family way.


What are we going
to do with them?

Didn't you set up beds near
the older girls' dormitory?

Well, yes, but I don't
think that's a good idea.

Our girls will ask questions and
they're bound to start talking.

I don't know where
else we can put them.


Doris Miller.



And how far along are you?

I'm not in that
condition, Sister.

I wanted to be here
because I'm Catholic.

Are you telling the truth?


Well, we'll put you in
with the normal girls.

Sister Thomas!

evening, Sister Thomas.

Good evening, girls.

Girls, this is Doris Miller.

Corrigan, would you
show Miller her place

and explain all
the rules to her?

Yes, Sister Thomas.

This is your bed.

Most places I've been there's
just one bath in each room.

Well, we're lucky we get two.

If all the girls on our floor
had to use the same bath,

the water would
get awfully mucky.

Didn't she carry
on something awful?

Doesn't she always?

Well, they might
bomb, you know?

No, I don't know.

I bet they do.

You haven't got
any money to bet.

Now, that one in there--

she's got money.

She can make a few bets.

How can you tell?

Didn't you see her clothes?

Bet they cost a few bob.

- Highgate?
- Yes.

It's-- it's in London.

Sounds lovely.

Well, I hope it's still
there when I get back.

That's it, girls.
Knees down, legs together.

We don't want to make
room for the devil, do we?

No, Sister Thomas.

This present war
is a mortal's war.

And if we should lose, it
won't be the end of the world

because we can always pick
ourselves up and start again.

But there's one war that
we can't afford to lose,

and that is the war with Satan.

If we give in to
Satan's temptations

and die in the
stage of sin, we'll

spend eternity with him
in hell without hope

of ever getting out.

Is it worth it, girls?

No, Sister Thomas.

[siren wails]


Wake up!

Air raid!

Wake up!

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst
women and blessed

is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of
God, pray for us sinners

now at the hour of our death.


[muttered prayers continue]

Blessed are thou amongst
women and blessed is

the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of
God, pray for us sinners

now at the hour of our death.


Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst
women and blessed

is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

[prayers continue]

Holy Mary, mother
of God, pray for us

sinners now at the
hour of our death.


[siren wails]

That siren, girls,
is the all-clear.

Now, you will remain
seated until it's finished,

and quietly give thanks
to God for protecting you.

McLean, do you
have faith in God?

Yes, Sister Thomas.

I do.

Then I suggest you prove it
by praying to Saint Dymphna

for the remainder of the night.

Yes, Sister Thomas.



Get up, girls.

We have no time to be idle.

The devil loves idle minds.

Move, Harris, you'll
be late for mass.

It's wet again, Buxton.

Yes, Sister Thomas.

God gives us time
for everything.

We have a time to use the
toilet, and a time to sleep.

We mustn't mix the two.

You'll walk the grounds
until I call for you.

Yes, Sister Thomas.

Lizzy, what's the
matter with you?

Get it off her.

Well, what do you
get when she leaves?

You're not much of
a head girl, are you?

Mirrors aren't allowed
in here, you know?

Oh, no, sorry.
I didn't.

Well, you'll have
to give it to me.

Oh no, please let me keep it.

I'll put it in my bag.


I have to tell
Sister Thomas then.


And, uh, don't let
me catch you looking

at yourself in the pond.

Hold on, we'll
have a look first.

You might break it.

[girls giggle]

- Ugh.
- Can I have a look?


Go away.

Look at her.

[girls giggle]

Yeah, look at her.

[muttering in latin]

Close your eyes and
stick out your tongue.


Girls, Warden Rodgers would
like to have a word with you.

This no joking matter, girls.

War is not something
we laugh about.

Girls, please.

Warden Rodgers is
here to help us.

When the enemy comes marching
through your front door,

you will all have something to
laugh about then, won't you,


Now then, I checked your
blackout work and it'll do.

First off, we better
get all the beds

moved into the main corridor.

The corridor?


When the bombs start
falling, it will protect you

from the flying glass.

Excuse me, Warden, but
we're in a safe area.

We have evacuees.

As far as I'm concerned,
they're are no safe areas.

The enemy has an Air
Force that could wipe us

all off the face of the earth.

Now then, let's
talk about bombs.

Our biggest worry at the
moment is the gas bomb.

If a gas bomb should drop
I shall sound this rattle.

[loud rattling]

And that means
get your gas masks

on quick because there
won't be much time

before the gas takes effect.

And it's very nasty, indeed.

When the danger has passed,
I shall blow this whistle.


Now, if you should find
any unexploded bombs

lying about after a raid,
tell me immediately.

And, of course, never,
ever touch any bomb

you might find 'cause
it's sure to explode.


[music switches off]

Who gave you the authority to
let the girls listen to music?

I'm sorry, Sister.

No one did.

Warden Rodgers gave the
girls such a fright,

I thought the music
might soothe them a bit.

Well, this is hardly
the type of music

to soothe young girls with.

Yes, Sister.

And the next time
that you decide

to do something
good for the girls,

would you kindly ask permission?

Yes, Sister.

Sister Thomas told me
those are [inaudible]

civil defense drills.

So never mind what
that warden says.

We're all safe and sound.

Safe and sound?

Hitler has literally walked
into Poland and occupied it.

There's no reason
why he shouldn't

do exactly the same to us.

What's a matter, Maggie?

You're a right
panic-monger, you are.

You're as bad as that
fat air raid warden.

I was just being realistic.

GIRL: See what you've done?

GIRL: Go back to bed, Maggie,
I promise you they won't bomb.

I'm sorry if I frightened you.

GIRL: "If" you frightened her?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm going to die.
I know it.

Don't be silly.

Nothing's going to happen.

Maggie, go back to bed.

Pray to Saint Dymphna.

You'll feel much
better, I promise you.

Go back to bed!

Come here, Maggie.

[rooster crows distantly]

Maggie was upset
and I called her

over to my bed to cuddle her.

We don't cuddle
at this school.

Or share beds.

Is that understood, Miller?

Oh yes, Sister Thomas.

In fact, there's to
be no touching at all.

No holding hands or linking
arms or words of endearment.

We do this for your own good.

Touching in any way, shape, or
form gives rise to temptation,

and the devil lies waiting
for such things to take place.

Do you wish to
stay here, Miller?

yes, Sister Thomas.

Thomas" will suffice.

Yes, Sister Thomas.

Then I suggest that
you obey all the rules.

Is there something interesting
on the floor, McLean?

No, Sister Thomas.

Your fears are not an
excuse for sinful behavior.

You know that you can deal
with your fears through prayer.

You're simply not
trying hard enough.

Father Larkin is waiting
to hear your confessions.

After that you'll
walk the grounds

for the rest of the day.

Christ suffered for you, and now
you must learn how to suffer.

Because only through suffering
can we learn how to love.

Can you keep a secret?

Of course.

You'll never tell,
no matter what happens?


I'm not Catholic.

Are you Protestant?


The nuns wouldn't mind.

I want to convert.

Well then, just tell them.

I don't want to just yet.

There's so much going
on, I'm a little

afraid of upsetting things.

Will you teach me
about your religion

so that no one notices?


All right.

How do you do confession?

Well, you go into
the confessional

and tell father
Larkin your sins.


He'll slide open his
window and you'll say, bless

me, Father, for I have sinned.

It's been a week-- or
however long it's been--

since my last confession.

And then you tell him your sins.

I had unclean thoughts or
wasn't kind to someone.

Do you understand?


And then you tell him how
many times you did the deed.

Then he'll give you a penance.


What kind?


But first you must learn
the act of contrition

which you say at the very
end while the priest is

forgiving you.

Repeat after me.

Oh my God, I am heartily sorry
for having offended thee.

Oh my God, I am heartily
sorry for having offended thee.

[father speaking in latin]

And I solemnly swear,
with the help of thy grace,

never to offend thee again.

Go in peace, my child.

Thank you, Father.

I remembered every word.

[jazz playing softly]

Thank you.

You are a pet.

[chuckles quietly]

There you are.

DORIS: Why aren't you
allowed to look at yourself?

MAGGIE: The devil
will look back at you.

DORIS: You don't honestly
believe that, do you?

MAGGIE: Well, I gazed at
myself once in the lake.


Someone else
looked back at me.

It was terrifying.

When I gaze at
myself in a mirror

my face can take on all
sorts of frightening shapes.

I do it just to scare myself.

It's the eyes playing tricks.


SISTER THOMAS: The five girls
at the front are excused.

McLean and Miller will
walk until bedtime.

Yes, Sister Thomas.

DORIS: Do you have any brothers?

MAGGIE: No brothers or sisters.

What about your parents?

My mother and father
died when I was just two.

They were drowned
at sea together.

Oh, how dreadful.

Well, not really.

They're happier than I am.

Why is that?

The nuns told me
everything about them.

They were devout Catholics and
loved each other very much.

And then they died and
went to heaven together.

Well, I only feel happiness
for them, never sad.

And after that, they
brought me here.

Why here, of all places?

My mother's dying words were,
take Margaret to the good nuns.

[doris scoffs]

But they are good nuns.

They took me in just like you.

They fed me, clothed
me, educated me.

Now, who would do that for you?

What about you?

Come on.

I've told you.

My mother died
three years ago.

My father, last year.

I'm very sorry.

Well, thank you.

So am I.

I have a brother though.


He's lovely.

You'd like him.

In fact, I think
he'd rather like you.


Not really.

Oh yes, really.

Well, where does he live?

In America.

Oh, I'd like to go there.

Enjoy your stroll, ladies?


My only regret was that
you couldn't join us.

Oh, we had a lovely supper.

Oh, another regret.

Bread and drink are one
of my favorite dishes.

Oh, so it's not good enough
for Ms. High-and-Mighty?

But Kate, mind
your own business.

Good evening, girls.

evening, Sister Thomas.

Girls, sit down.

Now, I have a surprise for you.

Tomorrow Father Power will
be visiting the convent.

We'll spend the
whole day in retreat.

Just the older girls.

It will be a silent
retreat, so there

will be no talking whatsoever.

We'll offer our silence up for
those poor lost souls who fall

away from the church each year.

Now, come along, girls.

We can all knit
our way to heaven.

What's it for, Sister Thomas?

SISTER THOMAS: Our soldiers.

There's a long winder ahead.

We don't want them
to catch cold, do we?

There we are, girls.

Knit socks.

What What size
socks, Sister Thomas?

GIRL: We should make them
as big as Father Larkin's.

How big are his?

Mass will be at 5:00
o'clock tomorrow, girls.

And remember, no talking.

[water running]

[girls giggling]

[water splashing]

The church is not part nor
member of any other society.

It is not mingled in any
way with any other society.

It is so perfect in itself.

But it is distinct from
all human societies

and stands far above them.

[water gushing and splashing]

But the Catholic Church
is not a community

of equals, girls, in
which all the faithful

have the same rights.

It is a society of unequals, not
only because among the faithful

some are clerics and some
are laymen, but particularly

in the Church there is the power
of God whereby to some it is

given to sanctify, teach,
and govern, and to others

to follow and obey.

[water continues splashing]

So my message to you girls
is to believe and obey,

and God will surely reward
you with everlasting joy,

happiness, peace, and
tranquility in the next life.


[groans softly]

You can offer the
discomfit up to God.


Miller, take McLean outside.

What's the matter?

Pompous prat.


Father Power.

He's a priest, Doris.

You should show a
little more respect.


He said "believe and obey."

But they always say that.

Do you know what
a fascist slogan is?

What does fascist mean?

Oh, it's the
government that controls

Italy, a totalitarian state.

I'm sorry, Doris, but what
does toe-li-tarian mean?

Totalitarian is a government
where no opposition is allowed.

Now, please let me finish.

The fascist slogan is
"believe, obey, and fight."

Now all the soldiers of
Christ need are the guns

and they can run off and
join Hitler and Mussolini.

How dare you?

How dare I what?

Well-- question the
goodness of the church.

We believe in peace.

It's a sin to kill.

What about the inquisition?

I don't know about that.

It's just unfair to
say that the church

would side with the enemy.

They're not the church's
enemy, they're England's enemy.

Your pious Pope has
yet to speak out

against the fascist
violence in Italy,

or the Germans
occupation of Poland.

He hasn't?

Not even the slightest
hint of displeasure.

I'm sure the
Pope's against them.

Well, how do you know
that unless he speaks out?

Because he's a good man.

How do you know it?

Tell me, how do you know?

Because he's the Pope?


And the Pope is
appointed by God.

Oh, I see.

Oh, well, that explains it.

Such a know-it-all.

[water rushing]

Oh, Maggie.

The water's never
got this high.

Hurry up.

Oh, sorry, Sister.

That's quite all right.

I've checked every pipe.

Not a leak anywhere.

You need to get a drain put in.

I don't understand it at all.

It's like one of your miracles.

Good day.

Good day, Sister.

[water splashing]

[laughing, screaming]

You're such good girls.

You must change those clothes
immediately before you

catch your death of cold.

And then we have a
little surprise for you.


So we're having a surprise.

Cocoa and biscuits.

you, Sister Felicity.

You're a greedy
little Jew, aren't you?

You had us all
worried for a minute.

No, thank you.

GIRL: You sure, Doris?

They look lovely.


I'm quite full, really.

TILLIE: Maggie?

No, thank you.

Go on, Tillie.

I know you're dying
for another one.

Good morning, girls.

morning, Sister Mercy.

You may be seated.

Girls, you are old
enough now that I

think it's time you knew exactly
what is happening in Africa.

Just yesterday I
received a letter

and, uh, some photographs
from Sister Robert Bellamine,

who's presently in Kenya.

Yes, Corrigan?

How is Sister
Robert, Sister Mercy?

She's very well, and
she hopes we are the same.

Girls, these
African women aren't

wearing any clothes at all.

Pass the photograph around
for everyone to see.

And, girls, they're standing
in front of African men

who are also without clothes.

This is what they were like
when Sister Robert found them.


She clothed them and
taught them English.

But most importantly,
she taught them

about our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Girls, over 1,000 pagans
were baptized as a result

of Sister Robert's work.

We should pray for
those pagan babies who

die each year before
sister Robert and others

like her can baptize them.

As soon as we have the
picture of the African men,

we can get on with our lesson.

morning, Sister Mercy.

Sister Thomas.

Good morning, girls.

morning, Sister Thomas.

Girls, you may be seated.

May I see?

Oh, it's Sister Robert.

You've heard from
her then, have you?

Yes, Sister, just yesterday.

Is she well?

She looks well.

Yes, Sister.

She's very well.

Have you shown
this to the girls?

Yes, Sister Thomas.

Go and wait in my office.

Girls, would you stand?

You will now walk the
grounds until supper.

Yes, Sister Thomas.

DORIS: The Virgin Mary was
born without original sin

and yet you say
the church doesn't

believe in predestination?


We all have free wills.

How do you explain it?

Well, God knows what's
going to happen beforehand.

The mother of God had
a be without sin--

original sin or any other sin.

He knew that Mary would
be pure and never sin,

and he knew that
she would accept

the role as Mother of Christ.


So he created her
without original sin.

But if God knows
everything beforehand,

then he knew that Adam
and Eve would sin.

Yes, he did.

And because of that
original sin and all the sin

to come after that,
millions of souls

would spend eternity in hell.


Why then did he create us?

God created us
because he loved us.

What kind of love is that?

allegation caused the strike.

The men said they had
back all the sweets

except those that had become
dirty from lying on the floor.

The company promised
an inquiry tomorrow,

and the men went back to work.

It has just been
learned that an enemy

plane flew over the
English coast yesterday.

[volume increases]

The twin engine
machine was sighted

through gaps in the clouds
by two southeast fishermen.

The police are investigating
an alleged assault--

TILLIE: Tell us
the news stories.

DORIS: There isn't
much to tell, really.

LIZZIE: There never is.

MAGGIE: Doris, what
about that enemy plane?


DORIS: There was an
enemy plane spotted

off the southeast coast.

LIZZIE: Did we shoot it down?


Two fishermen reported it.

They saw it through the clouds.

KATE: Probably drunk.

LIZZIE: Who's got
the photograph?

MAGGIE: I thought you had it.

TILLIE: No, I haven't got it.

LIZZIE: Kate, what about you?

KATE: What about me?

LIZZIE: Look, I don't
care who's got it.

I just want to have a look.


Girls, we have a
blasphemer in our midst.

Would you mind standing, Miller?

It's become known
to me that Miller

doubts whether God loves us.

Also, she mocks
our blessed Virgin.

Sister, I thought that
one was allowed to discuss--

I don't want to
hear what you think.

Does anyone know
why we shouldn't

think about our religion?

Who in the universe is the most
intelligent being next to God?

The Devil, Sister.

Correct, McLean.

So why, Miller, do you choose
to match your wits with his?

The devil will give
you many good reasons

why you shouldn't believe.

He'll make you think
you're brilliant when

he tricks you into turning your
back on God and the Church.

But don't listen to him.

Don't think about
your faith, just

believe and the Devil will lose.

Now you may be seated.

You look just like your
mother, God rest her soul.

Thank you, sister.

I don't look anything
like my father, then?

I don't know.

MAGGIE: Don't you remember him?


My father.

I never saw the man.

(WHISPERING) She doesn't
know what she's saying.

But I thought
you knew my father?

Good heavens, no.

Your poor mother didn't know
which man was your father.

How could I possibly know?

Don't worry.

He won't be back until tomorrow.

I found it.

Margaret Mary McLean.

Here it is.

It doesn't matter, Maggie.

MAGGIE: Yes, it does.

Who will want to marry me now?

I had this funny feeling
about my parents.

Now it all makes sense.

[footsteps approaching]



I just want to talk.


What's the matter, darling?

What do you think?

honestly don't know.

It's-- impossible.

Darling, I know we're

in the most ideal situation.

No, it's not that.

That was at least bearable.


You don't want to stop, do you?

I have no choice.

I'm going to have a baby.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

VOICE ON RADIO: With two million
troops approaching the gates

of Paris and Hitler's armies
surging across the Sein,

Monsieur Paul Reynaud,
the French Prime Minister,

broadcast to the world the
story of France's anguish,

her fight, the
heroism of her armies,

and the final decision
to relinquish Paris.

[girls giggling]

Privates only.

Oh, don't laugh, Doris,
you'll crack your face.

What's the matter, Doris?

Paris is occupied.

By what?

By Parisians, you twit.


By Germans.

They got it?

Yes, they have this marvelous
way of just walking in.

They gave up?

Not yet, but they will.

They're all giving up to him.


They're getting
closer and closer.

KATE: Well, don't go
on about it, Doris.

Will you go on about
it when they invade?

KATE: Look, they don't want us.

We've been at war for nine
months now and still no bombs.

They'd have taken over ages ago.

We weren't ready for them.

They'll only be 20 miles away.

Mary, mother of God,

pray for us sinners now
at the hour of our death.


Hail Mary, full of grace--

[muttered prayer continues]

Stop gloating, girls!

[prayers continue]

[airplanes flying overhead]


Would you stand?

At this very moment,
our country is at war.

But what we need, more than
airplanes, bombs, tanks,

or soldiers, are prayers.

We have morning mass
and evening prayers

specifically for that purpose.

Now, for the past three days,
McLean has not attended mass,

and it's been reported
that she refuses

to say her evening rosary.

Why can't you do
your duty to God?

I've lost my faith.

But if you're
questioning your faith,

then you must pray to God
and ask him to give you

strength to overcome the doubt.

But I'm not questioning my
faith, Sister, I've lost it.

I just don't believe
in the Church anymore.

Then you desperately
need to pray.

I shall make a special
novena for you.

And girls, we must all
pray to that McLean

may regain her faith.

really want it back.

What did you say?

I don't really want it back.

But how can you turn
your back on the church

that has fed you and clothed
you and educated you?

And all that God
has asked in return

is that you simply love him.

I don't know, Sister.

I-- I just started to
think, my faith is gone.

Well then, stop think
and your faith will return.

You were not brought
into this world

to think, but to
serve God by becoming

a good mother or a nun.

Remember McLean, the
Jesuits think for us,

and they're doing
a splendid job.

They spend years at university
learning just how to think.

The fact that you would
even question them

is quite astonishing.

Girls, who would you listen
to, a Jesuit or McLean?

Jesuit, Sister Thomas.

SISTER THOMAS: The loss of
faith is pure selfishness.

We can do as we please
with no one to answer to.


In this life that is
true, but in the next life

you'll be a sorry sort indeed.

Now, McLean, no more
listening to the wireless

for you or anyone else.

This is where you pick
up your wicked ideas.

You are to spend every
hour that you're not asleep

on your knees, in your
classes, in the dining hall,

and in the dormitory.

You don't have to pray, but if
God sees that you're suffering

he may take pity on
you and help you back.

If you refuse to kneel, I see
no alternative but to send

you to a reformatory school.

Now, down on your knees.

You will kneel until tea time.

The rest of the
class is dismissed.


I'm sorry about the wireless.

I don't understand, why have
you turned on me like this?

You should learn to keep
some things to yourself.

Not only because it's polite,
but sometimes necessary

for survival.

How do you mean?

Well, let me ask you this.

How do your knees feel?

I think you enjoy
all this punishment.

Allow me.

[water running]

the ringing of church bells

is now banned, except
to give warning of enemy

parachutists or troops--

[radio cuts off]

You frightened me.

You'll be a lot more
frightened if you keep this up.

I said no wireless,
and I meant just that.

Now get back to your dormitory.


make any trips by rail or road

in a strip of the East coast 20
miles deep from the wash down

to Sussex, the Ministry
of Home Security stated.


SISTER THOMAS: There we are.

[airplanes flying over]







You know,
[inaudible] suits you.

Your face will be
all right tomorrow.

Now these hands might
take a week to heal,

but I'm afraid,
Maggie, we're going

to have to give you a shot.

Now, this won't hurt a bit.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, doctor.

That's perfectly
all right, Sister.

Mother Perpetua
would like to see you.


Well, I'll see to
her right away.

You must tell
me exactly who is

responsible for
this dreadful deed.


So you can punish them?


I can't do that.

Then all the
girls will suffer.

Even today I still regret
that, in spite of all

my efforts, I have not succeeded
in achieving that friendship

with England which,
as I believe,

would have been a
blessing for both peoples.

I was not successful in spite of
determined and honest efforts.

What is it?

It's from Hitler.

We're expecting
more raids this week,

so we advise you to evacuate
as soon as possible.

but not demand?

WARDEN: Very strongly
advising, Sister.

SISTER THOMAS: Well, the council
advised me only yesterday

to, quote, "stay put."

And that, Warden, is exactly
what we intend to do.

Why aren't you walking
with the other girls?

want to talk to you.

Good day, Warden.

Where's Doris?

She's asked to join the convent.


LIZZIE: She didn't even
say her prayers properly.

Sister Thomas says it's always
the ones you least expect.

MAGGIE: Has Sister
Thomas accepted her?


KATE: Can't get over it.

They'll take anyone.


What are you doing here?

I'm joining the order.

I-- I want to serve the church.

Don't lie to me.

I'm not.

I see where I've gone wrong.

You I don't believe.

I know you don't.

What are you going to do?

You're not going to
tell anyone, are you?

Why are you doing this?

I can't say.

MAGGIE: I'm your friend!

I can't!

MAGGIE: Will you go
through with the vows?

I can't let you do that.

You're not even Catholic!


You promised never to tell!

Maggie, I'm afraid.

Of the Germans.

DORIS: Of everything.

Doris, there's nothing
to be frightened of.

You'd be frightened.

I'm not afraid of anything.

Well, good for you.

Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst
women and blessed

is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of
God, pray for us sinners

now at the hour of our death.


[prayer continues]

[distant gunfire]

Where's Maggie?

Still in bed.

She won't come.

Why didn't you say something?

It won't do any good.

We tried to get her down here,
but she wouldn't hear of it.

She just kept saying,
it's just an air raid

and I'm not bothered.

[prayer continues]

Holy Mary, mother of
God pray for us sinners

now at the hour of our death.


[airplanes overhead]

[distant gunfire]


SOLDIER: Get away from that gun!


Move it!

Oh, look!


Girls, go to your dormitories
and wait until I call you.

Sister Thomas Aquinas.


I am Major Manly.

Major, you do
not have permission

to be on these
premises, and I would

like you to remove this weapon
and your men immediately.

I'm afraid we don't
need your permission.


We require these premises
for an anti-tank battery.

You're set to leave
at 1900 hours.

What are you talking about?

Evacuating the school.

And what if I refuse?

You shall be removed.

[car horn beeps]

After careful
consideration I have

decided that it's best for us
to evacuate the convent tonight.

[murmuring among girls]

Quiet, girls.

Remember, God protects
those who are good.

Yes, Buxton?

Are the Germans
going to invade?

point that is something only

God knows.

Girls, this is a very
dangerous time indeed.

It's extremely important that
we remain pure, constantly

in the state of grace.

These soldiers-- girls,
remember, you must

never look them in the eye.

Always look down.

They are men, and
looking them in the eye

can give rise to temptation.

If they should then sin
through thought, word, or deed,

then you would be
sinning as well.

For, as you know, we are
all responsible for one

another's sins.

If they should talk
to you, ignore them.

You will be a
blessing in disguise.

Now everyone, back to
your dormitories to pack.

You'll be leaving
at 7:00 o'clock.

[loud breath]

Kate, that mirror isn't yours.

- Is now.
- No, it isn't.

It's Doris's.

She doesn't need it now.

That's got nothing
to do with it.

It's her mirror.

Here, Lizzie, help me with it!


You stupid idiot, that's
seven years' bad luck.

Look, it's a
letter or something.

Might be money.

It's none of your business!
LIZZIE: Go on.

Read it.

KATE: I can't.

I think it's German.

That's impossible.

Let me see!

No, it's German.

What did I tell you, Mary?

Didn't I say there was
something wicked about her?

She's wicked all right.

I'm taking her to Sister Thomas.

Oh, Maggie, what's going on?

I just came to say good bye.

You lied to me.

When did you arrive
from Germany?


I've only been there twice.

Oh, well then they
trained you here?

DORIS: For what?

To spy.


MAGGIE: We found your letter.

But that note is
from my brother.

You told me that your
brother lived in America.

That letter was from Germany.

I wish he did live in
America, but he's in Germany.

MAGGIE: And what does
he do in Germany?

Not much.

Who taught you
how to read German?

DORIS: Hitler.


You'd believe anything.

Can you read German?


DORIS: Then how do
you know I'm a spy?

Who is it?

MAGGIE: Maggie McLean, Sister.

Come in, McLean.

Sister, it's
extremely important.

Don't speak until you
have calmed yourself down.

Doris isn't a spy.
I know it.

Would you mind
lowering your voice?

Doris is really Jewish.

Her parents were German Jews.

That's why she knows German.

She wants to convert.

She's afraid that if the Germans
invade she'll be persecuted.

She says she's sorry for all
the trouble she's caused.

And you believed
everything she said?


Don't you realize
that a spy will

tell you anything
to make you believe

that they are not a spy?

Sister, Doris isn't a spy!

Lower your voice.

MAGGIE: She's my friend.

Well, your friend has
cast an evil spell over you

with her wicked ideas.

When the letter's read then
you'll know she's not a spy.

if she weren't a spy,

I wouldn't have her back.

She's been nothing but
trouble since she arrived.

We'll be leaving
soon, so I suggest

you finish your packing.

Did you hear what I said?


Well, then do as I say.

I'm not going with you.

SISTER THOMAS: Do as you please.


You are so ungrateful, McLean.

When you were weak and in
need, I prayed for you.

We all prayed for you.

Saint Dymphna gave you courage,
and in return for her help

you decided to leave the Church.

You could believe
if you wanted to,

but you don't because the
path is too difficult.

As far as I'm concerned,
when you say that you

don't want to believe
you are actually

saying that you want to sin.

You don't belong with us.

Sister, I don't want
to leave just yet.

already left the Church.

Are you at all interested
in regaining your faith?


SISTER THOMAS: Then why do
you want to stay with us?

This is my home.

GIRL: Maggie, where are you?

GIRL: Come on, Maggie,
you'll miss the bus!

GIRL: Come on then,
Maggie, we're going!

GIRL: Maggie!

GIRL: Maggie, come on.

Hurry up!

She still thinks you're a spy.

Well, the Soldiers
have decided I'm not.

But everybody's left.


She doesn't want us
in the convent anymore.

It doesn't matter.

You can always come
to London with me.