Sacred Heart (2016) - full transcript

After the death of his pregnant wife, a religious man rejects his Faith, and mockingly challenges God and the Devil as he struggles with the desire for revenge. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food



Your wife and child
are now with god.

Fuck you.


I heard my wife
and child are with you.

Can I speak with them?

I can't hear you.



Clever. Excuse me?

Something for everyone.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Why are you here?

I want to speak with her.

That's not what I do.

Well, then you can't help me.

Do you have something
that belonged to her?

An object of some kind?

An accident.


How long since
your last confession?

You go first.

- Pardon me?
- I will, but...

First your sins.

What's the matter, my son?


I'm listening.

Are you sure it was him?

He reported his car stolen.


I just asked you
a fucking question.

Are you sure it was him?

Would you like to join
your wife?

Get lost.


J when can we expect
to be friends? J

j when will this longing
for you ever end? J

j just between you and me j

j don't feel my heart
will ever be free j

j you keep breaking... j

J yes, I tempt people to see j

j my favorite pictures
of you and me j

j I blew a kiss
and I let you go j

j the price was high...






J we stock all
your favorite toxins j

j blended nectars
for sweet-toothed assassins j

j cocktails of my own concoction

j poisons of divine
prescription j

j all these things are
yours for the asking j

j kill or the cure
to these 21st century blues j

j I'm feeling good j

j I'm feeling good j

j I'm feeling strained and
smoking chained and choking j

j finger-licking
pistol-whipping good j

j stop the clocks,
slip the leash off your keeper j

j hell is deep, lord,
but we're heading deeper j

j trade your flesh and bone,
you'll give up your very soul

j in a quest to quench the
unquenchable, sate the insatiable j

j stay the inevitable fall j

j I'm feeling good j

j I'm feeling good j

j I'm feeling strained and
smoking chained and choking j

j finger-licking
pistol-whipping good j

j words are stirring
in your mouth j

j hatchlings underneath
your tongue j

j kill them young j

j kill them young j


Ask and ye shall receive.
Search and ye shall find.

Knock and the door
shall be opened for you.

Is it me that is not
knocking hard enough

or is there no one home?

I know men that have never prayed to you
once and yet you gave them everything.

I have prayed to you every day
since I was a child.

And what have you given me?

You sent me to that lovely place
where they cared for me...

In your name.

In your name.

For nothing in heaven or on earth happens
without your permission or knowledge.

But I continued to pray and...

And you sent me more
of those loving people.

And now you take away the only
person that ever loved me.

The only person I ever trusted.

That I... cannot forgive.

You, sir, have been complicit
in an awful lot of crimes.

You know what I believe now?

Either you do not care
or you do not exist.

I'm sorry.

I know it's not your fault. No.

It's the devil's fault.

It's your fault.

It's your fault.

You can't get involved, god,

otherwise you'll be
cancelling our free will.

You can't stop innocent
people being killed.

You're not a cop.

So what's the lesson for today?

It's not the ceiling's fault,
it's your fault!

It's not the ceiling's fault,
it's your fault!

If I'm so small
and insignificant,

why do you spend all of your time
messing with a nobody like me?

Why is the prince of darkness
spending eternity

messing with a nobody like me?

You know what?

Why don't you come on up?

Why don't you just come on up
and we'll get it on right now?

Show yourself!

Come on! Show yourself!

What the hell
are you doing here?

The door was open.

I know you didn't mean
what you said today, Robert.

Then you don't know me.

Don't fuckin' touch me!

You hear?
Keep your hands to yourself.

I understand your anger.

Get out.

I'm not leaving you in the state
you're in, Robert.

That's not legal, father.

It's trespassing.

I can't read god's mind, and I
can't always explain his ways.

Then do us all a favor and keep your
mouth shut and let me grieve in peace.

It seems your god takes
all the good people

and leaves the assholes behind.

Whether your wife
was good or not is irrelevant.

What did you say?

If she was a bad woman, would you
have objected to god taking her?

What are you saying
about my wife?

- Don"t lose your faith, Robert.
- Too late.

I buried it today.

And with it... l buried god too.

How's your faith, father?

Do you practice it?

Now the other cheek.

I said give me the other cheek!

What do you feel, father?




I forgive you.

I don't want your forgiveness!

I want your honesty!

Hit me!

Come on, hit me!

When a man escapes
certain death,

you claim it's a miracle,

and when another man doesn't,
you say his time has come.

You have an answer
for everything.

All you know is to say warm
and fuzzy words every Sunday,

collect some cash
and make excuses for god.

Fuck you.

You had a funeral today, Robert.

So did I.

I have a funeral
almost every day.

I'd rather rip my heart out
than try to comfort people.

What would you say to a mother

who has lost her 15-year-old
daughter to rape and murder?

What do you say
to such a mother?

What would you say?

That... she'll never see
her child again?

That her daughter
does not exist anymore?

Even in heaven?

Is that what you would say?

I thought so.

I feel their pain, and I suffer

because my words are inadequate.

Some people find strength
in them.

They find hope.

They may be warm
and fuzzy words,

but what is so terrible
about what we do every Sunday?

A few tired souls gathering to
reflect on a 2000-year-old story

of a magnificent man...

Who said something quite
extraordinary and revolutionary.

Love your enemy.

Forgive your enemy.

Is that so bad?

As for the cash, I just ask
for a few lazy coins,

so I can feed some poor bastards

whose life is a hell of a lot
worse than yours, Robert.

I tell you, it's hell out there

and you need faith and courage
and character to face it.

If they can crucify a man who healed the
sick and claimed to be the son of god,

what do you think they'll do
to you out there, Robert?

In this life, you will either be
a victim or a perpetrator.

And if you are lucky, there'll
be moments when you are neither.

Well, I guess I'm both
today, your holiness...

I never claimed a priest
doesn't sin.

I'm flesh and blood, and I have
to battle like all flesh.

I have the same temptations
like all men.

The same dick like all men.

And I battle the same desires
and demons.

I struggle to master
my passions.

I don't always win. But I fight.

Behold the messenger of god!

The message of god does not lose
validity because the messenger stumbles.

If you need a reason
not to believe in god,

don't blame a priest
who sins as your excuse.


All care... no responsibility.

I best be going.

I've done you a great disservice today.
Forgive me.


I think it's human
not to understand god,

because if we did understand
him, he wouldn't be god.

Well, if there is a god,

I'm sure he understands why
I'm a little disappointed.

I said wait!


I have something for you.

J I promise you this j

j if you shut those weary eyes j

j you know it won't take long j

j it's been a bad day j

j that's best left behind j

J you better lie still j

j 1 won't let you
out of my sight j

j won't let the night creep in j

j and come and claim you j

j as one of its own j

J hush your mouth, child j

j there's so much you've seen
requires explaining j

j hush your mouth now j

j all those questions,
questions j

j where we've been j

j and I don't know
what the answer is j

j and I don't know
what the answer is j

j and I don't know
what the answer is j

j to settle you down j

For those poor bastards
you mentioned.

Thank you.

Don't thank me, father.

I don't want them in the house.

Would you like some
of god's finest, father?

Straight from
the garden of Eden.

No, thank you.

It's not a sin, is it?

I mean, god created
all things good.

Where do you think they are?

This is your area of expertise.

- I don't know.
- It's your business to know.

Nice easy answer.

Which section?

I heard there's many rooms
in our father's mansion.

A good one, I suspect.


They deserve to be
in a good section.


I have a confession to make.

This is some of the best shit
that I've smoked in a long time.

No one has a monopoly on pain.

Accept it and face it.

Else, everything you do
to numb it

will lead to more pain.

You gonna smoke that?


Words, words, words.

Talk is cheap.

I'm speaking from experience.

I never knew my mother.

As for my father,
he kicked me out

when I decided
to become a priest.

Well... you can't possibly know
what I feel for my wife.

Is that so?

Well, have you ever...?

- Sorry?
- Father...

I don't follow.

Father, have you ever
had sex with a woman?

- No.
- No?


I have never had sex
with a woman.

Jesus, you sound
like a politician.

So you're a virgin then?

I expect that's the definition.


Lecture me about human relations

once you've had some.

I'm starving.

- You want a sandwich?
- I'm fasting.

I got nothing vegetarian
in the house.

Except this.

I kissed a girl once.

You're a bit old to be kissing
young girls, father.

I was 15.

Tell me. Where did you kiss her?

On the cheek.
I couldn't sleep for a week.

There are better places to kiss
than cheeks, father.

Believe me.

You know, I can't ever imagine
not being with a woman.

I don't know
how you do it, father.

You're a man of experience then?

Just a mere ordinary mortal.

You know,

I can order a lady
for you if you like.

I mean, no one
would have to know.

Can we change the subject?

You ever been
with a man, father?

A boy perhaps?
Don't you ever feel lonely?

I don't appreciate what you're
trying to do, Robert.

Hey, hey, hey...

I'm just trying to understand
your level of experience

with the human condition.

I think I know exactly
what you're trying to do.


Come on, father!

No one escapes a tug
of the love muscle.

Surely you've done that!

If you want my confession, I
suggest you become a priest first.

We're just two men bonding.

Now, what's wrong with that?


That's enough!


Do you really need these?

It's not what you think.

I don't think I can compete
with these magazines.

Is this the woman
you want me to be?

Do you want me to do
these things for you?

Will that make you happy?

Would you like me to look
at this if this was your wife?

My wife wouldn't be doing porn.

If you loved all the women
in the world like your wife,

would you want them to be
doing pornography?

I don't love all the women in the
world, so it's a stupid question.

God loves all the women in the world
more than you loved your wife.

You know nothing of my love
for my wife.

Is there anything you want
to get off your chest?

You want my confession, father?

Call it what you will.

Look. I'm not one
of your little old lambs

running for confession because they
know that they're at death's door.

Only god can know
who's at death's door.

I'm not afraid of dying.

But life scares the hell
out of you, Robert.

How about a story
from the confessional box?

You know I can't disclose
someone's confession.

I didn't ask for names!
Just some stories.

Father, I've sinned.

I stole my aunt Rosie's
recipe books for sponge cake.

What must I do, father, to have
my terrible sins absolved?

One hundred hail Marys.
No sponge cake for a year.


Whatever torments a person,
whatever torments them.

Conscience is god's gift
and burden to humanity.

But guilt
is a lifetime sentence.

That's what the enemy exploits
to destroy us.

The enemy?

The enemy.

I struggle to believe
that there's a god,

and you think that I believe
that there's a devil?

That's what he wants us
to think.

To hell with Lucifer.
I buried him today as well.

Never mention his name.

Where his name is mentioned,
so is he.


I think that's enough
entertainment for the day.

We're not done yet.

What's the worst thing you ever
heard during confession?

- I'm afraid I can't help you.
- I'll make it easy for you.

First case:
Married man confesses

to banging his wife's sister,
yes or no?

Second case: Teenage girl falls
pregnant to her teacher.

Yes, no?

Third case... - Priest abuses
12-year-old boy, yes, no?

That's pretty fucked up,
that is.

I made it up.

Yeah? Which bit, exactly?

The priest? Or the boy's age?

I never heard such a confession.

- You ever made one?
- I know it's happened.

It's happened?

And what did you
do about it, father?

Everyone gets their
just sentence eventually.

I haven't been to confession
since I was a boy.

I couldn't think of any
bad things I had done,

so I made something up.

But he quickly reminded me that
they were in heaven with god.

So I guess I committed the sin of lying
and now I had something to confess.

The next time I was prepared.

I made up a whole list of sins
he couldn't check.

All lies, of course.

This time, I wasn't
going to disappoint.

And it's been
a sinless life ever since.

I wish I could say the same.

Is there something you want
to get off your chest, father?


You have masturbated!

You have a very limited
imagination, Robert.

You abused a boy.

I wanted to kill a man.

What are you talking about?

All I can tell you is a man
came to confess to me years ago.

He was distraught and had
difficulty starting his confession.

I waited for him to begin,

but all I could hear was
the silence of his tears.

Eventually, he found
the courage and spoke.

He confessed that he had
accidentally hit a young girl

while driving home late
and didn't stop.

What happened to the girl?

She survived... in a wheelchair.

You son of a bitch.

I wanted to choke him
with my bare hands...

My anger made me curious.

I wanted to see who it was.

To my surprise, he turned...

Like he wanted me to see him.

Perhaps he wanted me
to turn him in to the police.

He was new to the parish.
He wasn't married.

He just looked
after his ailing mother.

You let that bastard walk!

Is that your idea of justice?

That is my sin:
I wanted to kill a man.

No, father, your sin
is much greater than that.

Your sin is not reporting
a criminal.

What is spoken in confession is privileged
and confidential, you know that.

What ever happened to morality?

I told him that he may have
reconciled with god,

and god forgave him, but that he
must reconcile himself with society.

A sin is not always a crime, father,
but a crime is twice a sin.

I told him he must turn himself into
the police, that's all I could do.

Not good enough! "Those who refuse
to obey the laws of the land

are refusing to obey god, and
punishment will follow." Romans 13.

Without confession to society
his confession to god is void.

- You think you know your faith...
- You denied that girl justice!

Don't you ever doubt my love
and pain for that little girl.

Please, you heartless bastard.

She was my niece.

And you did nothing!

Mr. know-it-all.

I'm giving you more excuses
not to believe in god,

religion and everything
that goes with it.

You're full of bravado, Robert.

You want to save the world?
Start with yourself.

You could've made a
difference, but you didn't.

Not according to my position
as a priest!

A man comes to me...

A man comes to me,
in confidence,

with a terrible secret
that burdens him,

and you want me
to become a snitch.

Isn't that how you describe it?

You're a coward.

There's nothing worse than feeling
helpless, when all you want is revenge.

I have to live with that
for the rest of my life.

He crippled your niece.

You sound like a superhero.

You want me to give you
his name?

Give it! - If I give you his name,
you'll have to go to the police.

Give me the name,
and I'll go right this minute.

And after that,
we can break another confession.

I don't give a shit!
Your wife's last confession.

What did you say?

No one's perfect, Robert.

No one's perfect.

Ask me for the man's name,

so that you can go
and do justice

for this poor girl
that you feel so much for.

Come on, ask me the name.

Ask me the name and then
we can open your wife's file.

Aren't you concerned that there may have
been injustices done towards you, Robert?

Aren't you curious? Hmm?

Get out of my house.

You're not welcome anymore.

What happened to your crusade
to save the world, Robert?

Aren't you curious as to whether
your wife was cheating on you?

Don't fuckin' push me.

Aren't you curious about
your wife's last confession?

- My wife never came to you.
- Really? Are you sure?

I knew my wife.

I'll tell you what, Robert...

This will make it easier
to have this conversation.

What are you doing?

Look. We're just
two men bonding.

I've just retired
from the priesthood.

What are you afraid of?


You have no business with me.

You made it my business
today, Robert.

I knew my wife. She loved me.

She never came to you
for confession.

You know nothing!

A doubting Thomas.

She told me
about the first time.

You forced your will upon her.

Weren't your own sins
enough, Robert?

You know what's funny
about people, Robert?

Someone fooled them into
believing they own their bodies.

You own nothing.

Only what you make
with your two hands.

Your body is on loan, Robert.

You're its tenant,
not its landlord.

You don't create life.

Life comes through you,
not from you.

Life doesn't give a damn about
my religion or your ideology.

Life doesn't care
how it comes about.

Whether it's from
love or rape...

Through marriage
or outside it...

Life only has one purpose:
To beget itself.

It makes no moral judgments.

That's the landlord's business.

So when you decided to
terminate life's journey...

Life tried again.

You fuckin' bastard.

Anger is the best
medicine for grieving.

That's enough.

Ask me for the man's name you
want to hand over to the police

and we can discuss your wife's
entire confession.

I knew my wife.

She was perfect.

Except for that
little break you had.

You did have a little break,
didn't you?

Yes, she told me
during confession.

- Robert...
- Get out.

Don't you want to know who was fucking
the hell out of your little wifey?

I warned you.

I warned you,
but you wouldn't listen.

Now look at you.

Now look at you.
You pathetic fuck.

What was your wife's
favorite book?

What was your wife's
favorite color?

What was your wife's
favorite dress?

I thought you knew
your wife, Robert.

Too busy, self-absorbed,
weren't you? Huh?

I thought you knew
your wife, Robert.

Get the hell out of my
house and take your god with you.

I told you, don't push me.
I'll fuckin" kill you.

You better hurry up, I've got
a fundraiser at the church.

What sort of man are you?

See, Robert...

I'm flesh and blood
just like you.

I warned you...

She came and saw me on the day
of the accident, Robert.

Why, Robert?
What happened to honesty?

I loved her.

Love is not enough.

She was in tears
when she came to see me.

She didn't stay long.

She was hysterical.

I offered to drive her home.

She refused.

She said she wanted to walk.

She saw everything.

I warned you too, Robert.

God didn't take your wife,
did he, Robert?

Shut up...

It has a certain lightness
to it, doesn't it?

I have a dying wish, Robert.

I want to sin.

I want a woman.

You asked me
if I ever get lonely.

I do.

Especially at night when
I'm lying in my bed alone.

Just like you.

I've often imagined myself
with a beautiful woman.

I've often imagined myself
with my pregnant wife,

going for quiet romantic walks,

discussing the name of our
future child, just like you.

I've often imagined myself
there at the birth of my child.

But I don't have a child.
I don't have a wife.

I don't have a family.

I have nothing.

Just like you.

Call me an ambulance, Robert.

Pray for one.

Please, Robert.

Go to hell.

For those poor bastards.

No point taking
the past with you, Robert.

Robert, do you want
to hear a joke?

Four religious men
and an atheist die.

After death...

The Christian looks around
at his heavenly surroundings

and it confirms everything
his religion taught him.

"It's all true,” he says.
"I was right!"

And then the Jew
arrives, Robert,

and he sees his surroundings

and they confirm everything
he was taught in the synagogue.

“It's all true.

I was right!” he says.

The same happens with
the Buddhist and the Muslim

when they view
their surroundings.

And then the atheist arrives
and he looks around

but all he sees is nothing.

Just darkness.

He smiles proudly and says,

“it's all true.

I was right!”

Your wife and child
are not with god.

They don't exist.

Because there is no god.

There is no heaven.

Just the hell of non-existence.

J I know his blood can j

j' I know his blood can j

j I know his blood
can make me whole j

j I just touched
the hem of his garment...

Have a nice trip, Robert.

J I know his blood
can make me whole j

J blood of Jesus j

j blood of Jesus j

j blood of Jesus j

j make me whole j

j I just touched the hem
of his garment

j I know his blood
can make me whole j

j I was a gambler j

j I was a gambler j

j I was a gambler j

j just like you j

j I just touched the hem
of his garment

j I know his blood
can make me whole j





J I was drowning j

j I was drowning j

j I was drowning j

j in my sins j

j I just touched the hem
of his garment

j I know his blood
can make me whole j

J blood of Jesus j

j blood of Jesus j

j blood of Jesus j

j make me whole j

j I just touched the hem
of his garment

j I know his blood
can make me whole j

j I know his blood
can make me whole j

j I know his blood
can make me whole j

I'm not here to preach, Robert.


I tried to call her
on the day of the accident.

She wanted to see me
about something.

I never saw her.

I don't know how
to console you, Robert.

Can I help you?

I just killed a man.


J silent in your dreams j

j I enter you remembering j

j my words across your skin j

j and the flowing j

j in the haunted house j

j of love j

j two lives will love
no ending j

j from sunset to star rise j

j remembering j

j found you here j

j the sound j

j and you will fall down j

j and you get up j

j to the sky j

j and you don't j

j evercry j

J a blush comes
on the painting j

Jin adark room j

j awaiting j

j like a rainbow j

j rising after the summer rain j

j hostages to love j

j in another life j

j perhaps j

j we'll right the wrong j

j right from the beginning j

j found you here j

j the sound j

j and you will fall down j

j and you get up j

j to the sky j

j and you don't j

j evercry j