Sacred Cargo (1995) - full transcript

Vince Kanevsky is a US Marine who finds out that his brother has been kidnapped by ruthless ex KGB members, he will stop at nothing to find what really happened. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(haunting monastic music)

(moves to somber organ music)

(praying in Latin)

- [Monks] Amen.

(praying in Latin)

- [Monks] Amen.

(deep ominous music)

(wood clattering)

(bat smacking)

(somber organ music)

(deep ominous music) (blade zings)

(chains rattling)

(somber organ music)

(deep ominous music)

(weapons clattering)

(somber organ music)

(praying in Latin)

(moves to tense ominous music)

- [Monks] Amen.

- Attention!

Fighters of the Pamyat,

the Catholic Franciscan scum have poisoned

and betrayed the true faith

of Russian Orthodox Church for 500 years.

We must free Mother Russia from those traitors!

- [All] Ha!



(tense foreboding music) (chains rattling)

(moves to low somber music)

(church bells clanging)

(priest speaking Latin)

- [Monks] Amen.

- Go with the grace of God.

(monks muttering faintly)

- Alexis.

It's wonderful.

Your manuscript is great.

You do not need an editor.

- Thank you, Sasha.

God bless you.

(papers rustling)

(church bells clanging) (low ominous music)

(brakes squealing)

- Let's get them!

Traitors to Russia. Get them!

(men grunting) (camera shutter clicks)

- Run, Sasha!

(bells clanging) (blows thudding)

(punches thwacking) (attackers yelling in Russian)

(camera shutter clicks)

(blows thudding) (men yelling)

(camera shutter clicks)

(bells clanging) (punches thudding)

(camera shutter clicks)

(ominous music fades)

(traffic rumbling)

- These are actual photographs of an assault

on St. Vitol's Franciscan Monastery

in St. Petersburg, Russia. (phone buttons beeping)

They were taken by a fellow monk.

And that is a photo of the abbot of the monastery,

Father Vladimir.

My abbot, Father Joseph, met him at the Vatican last summer.

As you can see, he's in desperate trouble.

And this is the most recent letter that I received

from Father Vladimir just a few weeks ago.

It is a desperate appeal for help,

and we must respond.

- You got to understand,

the U.S. government can't get involved

in religious affairs,

especially not in foreign countries.

Even if I was to try,

it takes six months to get the paperwork signed.

- What do you suggest I do, sir?

Prepare for a mass funeral?

- I sympathize with your problem.

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

- My God, if the most powerful nation on Earth can't help,

who can?

- I've got another appointment.

I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, too.

I've talked to enough diplomats and bureaucrats.

I'm sorry I wasted your precious time.

(chair scrapes)

(door slams)

(bus rumbling) (traffic whooshing)

(faint upbeat rock music)

- So your brother's really putting the heat on you, huh?

- Mm-hmm.

He does every year.

Tries get me to change my life.

(clears throat)

Bootlegger's Dream,

50 bucks to win.

- [Bartender] What race is that, Vince?

- Uh, the sixth. - You got it.

(faint soft rock music)

- Thanks. - Where were we?

- (clears throat) Well, I was trying to explain to you

how this monastery came into existence.

See, it was formed about 400 years ago

by this group of Franciscan friars

who left the Russian Orthodox Church

to become Roman Catholic,

but they were never really forgiven for this transgression.

And so, for the next four centuries,

they were persecuted in various ways.

And it's only recently

with the changes in the Soviet Union

that they have been allowed to come out

and practice their faith openly.

But now, some really sinister developments have,

have come about.

- Did I tell you about the four nuns that go in front of-

- Please, Vince,

I don't want to hear your vulgar joke.

(Vince sighs)

- It's not a joke. It's a story.

- I don't want to hear your vulgar story, either.

Look, kid, I know you're having some difficult times,

and my heart goes out to,

but what are you gonna do?

Stay pissed at the whole world the rest of your life

because you've had a few heartbreaks?

You want to keep gambling and drinking

until you end up drunk in jail?

You're the only one that's punishing yourself.

- Well, Andrew,

better me than anybody else.

- Look, I want you to go to St. Petersburg with me.

- Mm, Florida, no problem.

You buy the (Censored) tickets, and I'll go. (chuckles)

- You know damn well I'm talking about the old country.

Our father was born there.

You've never been there before.

Come on, go with me.

What do you say?

- Hey, Geena! - Hi.

- Uh, oh (Censored).

Uh, Andrew, I'll call you.

- No. - I'll let you know-

- I'll wait.

(Vince sighs lightly)

- [Vince] Hey, what happened?

- I need to speak with you.

- [Vince] Are you okay?

- [Geena] The guy I told you about?

- Yeah? - He's a bastard.

He hits me.

- Where is this guy?

- I knew you'd be in here.

You stupid broad. Come on.

- Why don't you go home and sleep it off?

- You stay out of it.

You had your (Censored).

You gave her up, now she's mine.

- You see this ring?

I save it for special occasions like you.

I'm gonna pop your (Censored) eye outta your head.

(punches whacking) (men grunting)

(table thuds) (glass shatters)

- Vince, stop it for God's sakes!

Stop it!

- Father? Father?

Are you okay?

Father? (glass smashes)

Father? (Andrew gasps)

- Water, please.

- [Vince] Jesus, Andrew.

Christ, are you all right?


Take it easy.

Just take it easy.

What can I do?

Can I, what can I do for you?

- You know what you can do.

(airplane engines rumbling)

(airplane roaring)

(airport speaker warbling)

(door slams)

(loudspeaker announcing in Russian)

- My bag's always last.

I'll meet you in line.


did you put that kilo of smack

in your bag or mine?

- That's not funny, brother.

(crowd clamoring)

What's the matter with you?

- Beg pardon.

Come, please. Routine.

What's the problem, sir?

- No problem, just routine.

- No, no, no, it's an honest mistake. I promise you.

Look, I'm a Catholic priest from America,

and he's my brother.

He's just a kid.

You understand me, sir?



They're gonna search me thanks to you.

Wait for me outside and please keep your mouth shut.

(low suspenseful music)

- I'm really very sorry.

He's just a kid, (door slams)

he doesn't understand these things.

If you want to search my person and my bag,

it's all right with me.

- Our heavenly father sends the flock a good shepherd.

- I beg your pardon?

- Our heavenly father sends the flock a good shepherd.

- To lead his lost sheep

from the darkness.

(sighing) Oh my, my, my,

I'm so surprised.

- In here.

- Okay.

(tense foreboding music)

(blow whacks)

(steps pattering)

(tense foreboding music)

(door bangs)

- Dvoynik!


This guy's three inches shorter than you.

- [Dvoynik] Who cares?

They've never seen him.

They're expecting a priest, they'll get a priest.

(Andrew groans)

- [Oleg] At least the coat fits.

- [Dvoynik] Ah, here it is.

(phone buttons beeping)

- Chief, it's done.


Yes, he's ready.


- [Dvoynik] Here. - Yes, he has the Bible.


- How do I look?

- Good.

Where are you going now?

- It's none of your business.

- You can trust me.

- You're just one tiny bolt in the chief's machine.

(hand smacks) (Oleg yells)

(low unsettling music)

(crowd bustling)

(tense foreboding music)

- That's it, I'm not standing around here

like a fire engine waiting to get pissed on.

(travelers chattering in Russian)

I'm looking for my brother.

I just saw him.

I just saw him, and I'm just looking-

- You're trespassing.

(tense music sharpens)

- Look, I'm looking for my brother.

I don't know if this is a restricted area or what,

but I'm just trying to find- - Come with me.


- Routine? How do you treat the bad guys?

- Our heavenly father sends the flock a good shepherd.

- To lead the lost sheep from the darkness.

- Amen.

Father Andrew, you have answered our prayers.

(low sinister music)

(door slams)

- [Vince] What do you need, a (Censored) sample?

(tense ominous music)

(door bangs) - Who are you?

- Vince Kanevsky.

- [Oleg] Passport.

- What are you (Censored) kidding me?

Is this how you guys do business here?


- I thought the

Cold War was over. - Vincent Sergei Kanevsky.

(punch whacks) (tense music swells)

(men grunting) (punches whacking)

(Oleg grunting) (lid slams)

- You want that with fries?

(toilet rumbles) (water gurgling)

(water rushing) (Oleg groans)

(harsh dramatic music) (Oleg yells in Russian)

(door bangs) (Vince grunts)

- [Oleg] Stop!

(gunshots blasting)

(window shatters) (Vince yells)

(Oleg yells) (gunshots booming)

Goodbye, Kanevsky!

(low ominous music)

(door bangs)

(water splashing)

(Oleg panting)

(door thuds) (wheels rattling)

- Father Andrew, we call it our sacred cargo.

Only the abbot, Father Vladimir, knows where it is hidden,

and only him,

but he will go there with you.

And, uh,

and Brother Alexis will go with you, too,

because the items are too heavy for one man to carry.

And then they will come back to the monastery and wait

until we hear the news from you that everything is safe.

(deep dramatic music)

(radio chattering in Russian)

(phone beeping)

- Chief, it went like clockwork.

I have the priest.

I had to kill his brother.

I don't know, he must have brought him.

Anyway, not to worry,

he's definitely dead.

Chief, one question.

He hung up on me.

Dvoynik and the chief and their secrets.

- We just drive around and follow orders blindly.

What are the orders this time?

The priest?

The priest.

- Father Andrew.

Welcome to Russia.

Forgive poor English.

- No, no, Reverend Father, your English is perfect.

- We spend many hours every day

studying the Bible in English.

The language has become the symbol of freedom for us.

But now, you must prepare for tonight's work.

Brother Alexis will feed you.

Father Stanislav and I will meet you shortly

to go over the plan.

- Our monastery's future is in your hands.

(door bangs) (Father Vladimir sighs)

- Oh, Father, I,

I don't know.

In my heart, I think we have made a big mistake.

- Father Stanislav,

do you now doubt your own plan?

- No, Father, no.

But we are risking everything with this plan.

If it should fail,

we may all die.

- God knows cruel circumstances have forced us

to take desperate measures,

but now we've taken our first step on this path,

and we cannot go back.

Let us pray.

(truck rumbling)

- [Oleg] Anywhere.

Here will do.

(truck clunks)

- Oleg,

can we get someone else to do this?

- Orders.

I should be giving the orders,

not taking them.

(door slams)

- Oleg, wait a minute.

Listen to me.

Russian monks are one thing,

but an American priest?

Oleg, please, please call someone.

- (sighs) Women.

- Don't do this.

(latch clunks)

(low gloomy music)

(phone beeping)

- Chief?


The priest is dead.

What now?

(deep ominous music)

(leaves rustling)

- Say your prayers till I'm done.

- Yeah, we'll bury him. Then what?

Home? Go home?

That's it, Chief?

- Okay.

Die, Catholic scum.

(Marina panting) (gunshot pops)

Jesus, Marina, what?

- Don't kill him.

We can use him.

- [Oleg] How?

- Listen to me.

Something big is going on.

I can smell it.

We're not a part of it.

He must know something important.

He could be our ticket.

- Marina.

- Believe me.

We have to follow Dvoynik.

He's the key.

He went to the monastery.

Let's start there.

- You better be right about this.

Lucky son of a (Censored).

- [Marina] Come on, come on.

Move it!

(airplane roaring)

(Vince grunting) (low tense music)

- I don't (Censored) believe this.

(plane roaring)

(Vince groans) (footsteps shuffling)

(low tense music fades)

- During World War II,

Stalin filled this place with prison laborers.

I can recall every hour of every day,

every month that I spent in winter blizzards

building secret shelters for the party elite

to hide from Luftwaffe bombings.


(water rushing)

They packed these places with vodka, caviar,

while people starved to death.

Stalin's friends toasted in these shelters.

At the end of the war,

everyone forgot about them.

One of our brothers had access to Red Army files

and removed the details of one such bunker

from the records.

(quiet sinister music)

- [Dvoynik] Amazing! How?

- [Father Vladimir] With no more than a simple eraser.

(truck rumbling)

(doors slam)

- This is it.

- The chief will kill us.

- Relax.

We have the priest. We can't lose.

Forget the chief.

We agreed when the time was right to go on our own.

Well, now's that time.

- Stinks like (Censored) here.

- That's right, (Censored).

(door thuds)

- For four centuries,

the Church was persecuted and hunted

until we were forced under ground, literally.

But when a farmer plants his seed with faith,

it does not die.

His crop will grow and flourish once again.

(furniture scraping)

All we have saved is in here.

Now, it will save us.

If you keep following the tunnel,

you will get to another exit.

There's a truck waiting there. (keys rattle)

- But what about you, Father?

- Don't worry about me, my son.

I'll join you shortly.

(door thuds) (low grim music)

(dog barking distantly)

(grim music deepens)

(cases thud) (grim music softens)

(tailgate squeaks)

(moves to low somber music)

- When our order is settled in a new monastery,

a new place,

the brothers will proudly remember those

who laid the foundation to their new home.

They'll remember you.

Father Vladimir.


At the dawn of my life.

(deep menacing music)

- The dawn? (Alexis thuds)

It's the sunset of your life.

(footsteps plodding)

(moves to slow mournful music)

Father. (mournful music softens)

Oh (Censored).

(sudden sinister music)

What the hell is this?

- Following you, Dvoynik.

- How's the bolt in the machine now?

(blows whack) (Marina yells)

(tense urgent music)

Bastard! I'll kill him!

(gunshots blasting)


(gunshots blasting)

(Dvoynik groans)

Just say goodbye, Dvoynik!

(water splashes)

(tense music slows)

Hurry up.

- Look. It's the monastery truck.

(footsteps pattering) (dogs barking distantly)

I need some light.

(chest thumps) (tense dramatic music)

Oh my God. (jewels clattering)

(tense music fades)

Do you know how rich we are now?

(birds chirping) (airplane roaring faintly)

(driver speaks Russian)

- Do you speak English?

(driver speaks Russian)

Maybe you could learn.

- Yeah?


Yes, yes!

"Go ahead, punk, make my day!"

Sure! (engine revs)

Shabba dabba doo!

(mysterious soft rock music)

(rock music energizes)

♪ Stranger next to me, have I seen your face ♪

♪ Stranger tell me please, have I seen this place ♪

♪ Oh stranger, you're so close

♪ I can hold your hand

♪ I'm a stranger, oh just like you ♪

♪ Don't you understand

♪ Oh (rock music rises)

♪ Oh

(rock music fades)

(church bells clanging)

(car door slams) (engine rumbling)

- [Brother Dionis] Why, in the name of God,

do we not call the police?

- [Father Stanislav] Trust those fools?

- [Brother Dionis] More than I would trust

a strange American, yes.

- If the Russian police had helped us,

we never would have needed an American priest.

Russian police? (scoffs)

When have you ever even seen them around

when the Pamyat attached?

- Father Vladimir is dead.

(dishes clink)

The American killed him and stole the cargo.

It is obvious.

(Vince lumbers)

- [Father Stanislav] Oh my. Here.

- I'm all right.

Vince Kanevsky, I'm American.

I'm Andrew Kanevsky's brother.

He was supposed to-

- Enough!

Call the police.

- Brother Dionis, please.

- I'm not going to stand here

and watch thieves and killers

treat us like fools a second time.


(door slams)

- [Father Stanislav] Who did you say you are?

- I told you, I'm Andrew Kanevsky's brother.

Where is he?

- He is disappeared.

With Father Vladimir, Brother Alexis.

All three disappeared.

- Then Andrew was here?

- Yeah, of course.

Brother Alexis picked him up from the airport

according to the plan.

- As planned?

What do you mean, planned?

- To bring the sacred cargo out of the country.

- Fill me in, what the hell's going on?

(door slams) (bells clanging)

(footsteps clopping)

(Vince groans) (door thuds)

Keep talking, Father.

- We can no longer fight the neo-Nazis,

and no one will help us,

so it is time to leave Russia.

If our monastery is to die here,

then perhaps we can resurrect it in America.

- (Censored)!

(Vince groans)


You're gonna need more than prayers.

You gotta have a pot to piss in.

- Mm, yes, we have 400 years of relics.

(Vince yells)

- Well,

you're gonna need more than a garage sale.

- Our cargo

is estimated

to be worth 200 million.

- Dollars?

- Yeah.


(bullet clinks)

- Tell me something, Father.

Why is it that your abbot trusted Andrew and not you?

- Ah, because to have such knowledge

in Russia is a dangerous thing,

so Father Vladimir was trying to protect us.

- And these fascists?

- No, no, they,

they are just bullies.

They just attack us because we are Catholic priests.

But you know, this customs official at the airport,

did you look?

- I looked. No trace.

Somebody definitely knows about your stash,

that's for sure, Father. (Stanislav grunts softly)

My relationship with God is not exactly

on the best of terms, unfortunately,

but my brother's no thief.

You gotta trust me on that.

What about this Alexis? (soft mysterious music)

What's his deal?

Habits? Friends?

Where he lived?

- [Father Stanislav] Please, look around you.

(cane thumping)

- I'll rest when I find my brother.

You want your cargo back, don't you?

- [Father Stanislav] You think you can help us find it?

- [Vince] What's this?

- This, this is a book

he was writing,

a history of our monastery.

- [Vince] What are these marks in pencil?

What's this?

- These, these are notes.

Sasha was helping him to edit the book.

- She? She was a nun?

- No.

A friend.

- Does this monk have a girlfriend?

- Mr. Kanevsky, please.

You cannot even speak Russian.

How can you possibly think to help us with anything?

- Just find me this friend.

Let me handle this my way.

If it makes you feel any better, you can light a candle.

(church bells clanging)

(low ominous music)

(door slams)

(phone beeping)

- [Marina] Yes? (truck rumbling)


I see.

Don't lose him, Leon.

Stay in contact with me.

(traffic whooshing)

(moves to low solemn music)

(keys rattle)

(door clunks)

(door bangs)

- Miss Rosanov,

I'm sorry if I startled you.

I delivered the manuscript.

This is a note from the monks.

- From Alexis?

- We need to talk.

(door slams)

- Oh, you won't stay that long.

Tell me, what do you want?

- [Vince] This your father?

- That's Tolstoy, he's a writer.

- Was he a good one?

- Educated people think so.

What do you want?

What are you doing here?

- This your father? This your family?

- Why did Father Stanislav send you here?

- I don't read Russian.

Didn't the note say?

- It says I must answer questions about Alexis.

Why? What has happened?

- When's the last time you saw Alexis?

- Why should I answer that?

- Because I asked.

- Who are you?

Why are you here?

- When's the last time you saw Alexis?

- No, no, no, you tell me what are you doing here?

And what happened?

(low mysterious music)

(door clunks)

(door slams)

(mysterious music deepens)

- Sasha, don't tell me you don't know about the cargo.

You edited the manuscript.

(book slams) - So?

- Well, the cargo's gone.

My brother is gone.

Alexis is gone.

The abbot's gone.

I just want to find him.

- You read Alexis's Russian manuscript,

but you could not read this letter?

Whoever you are, you're a liar.

He cut that chapter out.

- Did your boyfriend steal the cargo?

- How dare you. (hand smacks)

- My brother didn't!

This is all I've got to go on.

- I knew about it, too, yes.


So what am I now, a suspect?

- I suppose you are.

- Get out.

Get out!

- (clears throat) All right.

(low ominous music)

(gun slide clicks)

(footsteps pattering)

(door slams)

- (Censored)!

(door bangs)

(door bangs)

(tense urgent music)

(door slams)

(truck engine rumbling)

(tires squeal distantly)

(truck rumbling)

(tires squealing loudly)

(tires screech)

(door slams)

(moves to deep ominous music)

(phone ringing)

(door slams)

(engine rumbles) (tires squeal)


- [Marina] Did you get the American?

- [Leon] Not yet, but I'm on it.

- [Marina] You lost him, didn't you? Idiot.

- [Leon] Let me handle it. I know what I'm doing.

- [Marina] Then do it!

It's your neck, Leon.

(truck clunking)

(horn honking)

(engine rumbling)

(low foreboding music)

- Chief, chief, listen,

you don't have to shout.

I'm right here. Everything's fine.

We killed the priest.



Yes, home.

As you ordered.

(phone clunks)

He's going crazy, out of his mind.

- What if he comes here?

He'll sniff out the jewels, the priest.

- So we'll move everything now.

But the priest must die.

He'll slow us down.

- No, we need him.

- For what?

Wedding vows?

- You missed.

- Missed what?

What are you talking about?

- You said you killed the priest's brother at the airport.

- Yes.

- He's alive.

- No way.

Not possible.

- Speak to Leon.

He's tailing the America.

He described him.

Sounds identical, right down to the bullet wound to his leg.

Now, who could that be?

- (Censored)!

(locker bangs)


- However, we have a hostage.

We are in control.

(button buzzing)

- Sasha!

(button buzzing)


(button buzzing)

(speaking Russian)

Misha, open up the door.

It's Boris and Natasha.

(lock clunks)

(speaking Russian)

(hand smacks)

(Sasha screams) (urgent ominous music)

(door bangs)

(punches thudding) (men grunting)

(Vince yells) (punch whacks)

(stairs thudding) (men grunting)

- Who the (Censored) sent you?

(Leon yells)

(Vince screams)

(glass shatters) (Leon screaming)

(Leon thuds) (tense music drops)

(Vince screams)

- Oh my God.

I'm so sorry.

Are you okay?

Come on, we have to get out of here.

Let's go.

(Vince groans)

They will arrest you first and ask questions later.

- [Vince] Now will you answer my questions?

Who's the scumbag?

- [Sasha] I don't know.

He wanted to know who you are, where you were going.

(water lapping) (low somber music)

- [Vince] So that's the first time you've seen him, huh?

He's just after me?

- Yes.

- Look, I'm gonna find my brother.

You wanna find your friend?

Are you working with me?

- Let's work together.

(crowd chattering in Russian)

- [Vince] Well your apartment's out of the question.

You know a safe place?

- Maybe Father Stanislav can help us.

- [Vince] Hey, that's his van.

You speak Russian, get me the address.

- Here.

Lucky you and he are the same size.

(Vince groans)

(fabric rips)

(Sasha laughs)

- Doesn't fit.

- No.

- Guy's a full-bird Colonel.

Oh, highly decor...

He's KGB. (low tense music)

- KGB?

- Colonel Tikanirov was KGB.

In the beginning, he was sent to spy on us,

but he became our friend

inside the KGB.

- Well, in order to survive,

sometimes it's necessary to make a deal

with the devil, Sasha.

But where is this Colonel?

This place looks abandoned.

- He was fired from the KGB.

He disappeared, we don't know where he is now.

- How'd you end up with the apartment?

- Before he left, he gave the key to Father Vladimir.

It is safe here now.

(faint opera music)

(roulette wheel clacking)

- Mr. Barishvili, you must give an answer now.

- [Barishvili] It's an interesting offer.

- Oh, sure. It is.

- Yeah, but I'm getting tired of this,

"Get the stones abroad, sell them,

bring the money back."

- [Oleg] I'm willing to pay.

- Yeah, I don't know.

Too much work, too much risk.

Call me in a couple of days.

(head thuds) (Barishvili grunts)

(gun clicks)

You're crazy.

You will never leave here alive.

- We made you the offer of your life.

Can you afford to refuse it?

- Relax. I didn't say I wasn't interested.

Good business is good business.

(lock rattling) (bolt thuds)

(door bangs)

(low tense music)

(door thuds) (hinge squeaks)

- What, what is this?

- Hm, deliveries,


(gravel crunching)

(deep ominous music)

(engine rattling)

(door thuds)

(truck banging)

- Come on!

Come on!

(phone ringing)

- Yes?


- Hurry up.

(cases thud)

(handcuffs rattling)

Be cool, please.

If I kill you here, they will never find you.

- What do you need with all that money?

- I need to buy a few things.

- What kind of things?

- It'll pay for our TV, newspapers.

Half of the parliament, make them work for me.

Some old-fashioned power.

We will clean up Russia from all the Jews,


American parasites,


and scum like you.

Now talk,

who else is part of this?

Where can I find your (Censored) brother? Talk!

(speaks Russian)

(punch thuds) (Andrew grunts)

(low ominous music)

- Where did you learn that?

- My father's Russian,

and that's what he would've said to scum like you.

- Oleg.

- What?

- Leon's dead.

- [Oleg] What?

- I just got a call.

The American has Leon's van.

- That idiot Leon.

The company's name is on it.

The American is getting too close.

Wait! - What?

- That's perfect.

We got him.

(drawers clattering)

(speaking Russian)

- I'm not a thief.

(speaks Russian)

Okay? I'm not robbing you.

(speaking Russian)

I'm just looking for something.

They tried to kill me today, okay?

Explain to this guy.

(speaking Russian)

(yelling in Russian) (punches whacking)

(cabinet crashes) (deep menacing music)

- You see this?

(moves to low ominous music)

Sasha, come in here.

- Pamyats.

Disgusting! (furniture bangs)

- Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, calm down.

(truck rumbling) (brakes squeal)

- [Sasha] What is it?

- This is Andrew's medicine.

- He was here.

(truck engine rumbling) (doors slam)

(speaks Russian)

- Enjoy the show.

(footsteps thudding)

(door bangs) (footsteps pounding)

The priest is next.

- Yes, but he's not the only one.

- The chief.

- We know you are here.

- Hey! (speaking Russian)

(machine gun popping rapidly)

(attacker yells) (gunshots blasting)

(tense urgent music)

(gunshots popping rapidly)

- You think you can get in that car,

start it up, and drive off?

- No! Why don't you do it?

(machine guns popping) (gunshot bangs)

- 'Cause I'm busy.

- Okay! - Hold it!

(gunshots banging)

(engine rattling)

Hold it, Sasha!

(tires squeal) (engine revving)

(gunshots blasting)

(gate crashes)

(tires squeal)

- Sasha.

Floor it.

(engine roaring)

- Vince, they're after us.

- [Vince] That's him, the guy from the airport.

- Oh my god!

(gunshot pops) (tires squeal)

- Be closer.

I'm going to blow his brains out.

(engine revving)

(horn honking) (gunshots banging)

- Take a turn, take a turn.

(tires squeal) (gunshots blasting)

(speaking Russian)

- Vince, do something!

(brakes screeching) (urgent music grows)

(engine roaring) (gunshots popping)

(tires squeal) (shots blasting)

(driver yells)

(truck crashes)

(explosion blasts)

(breaks squealing)

(engine sputtering)

(door slams)

- Come on, forget it, forget it.

We'll go on foot. Come on.

- Where we going? - Come on!

We'll go on foot. This way.

(fire roaring)

(dishes clinking)

You're wrong about the Pamyats.

They're not just simple street thugs,

they've got Andrew.

As long as I'm in their face, they're gonna hold him.

That's what I'd do.

- Maybe he's not even alive.

- He's alive.

- I'm sorry.

- [Father Stanislav] So what are you going to do now?

- It's all connected.

Pamyats, your cargo, your friend, my brother,

customs official, and the babe with the garage.

- I don't understand.

- Okay, the customs official

who snatched Andrew was with a beautiful woman

at the garage outside,

the Pamyats are working for them.

They're the same ones that attacked the monastery.

They're the same ones

that ripped off the cargo. - No, no, no.

I don't believe this.

- Believe it, Father!

It's happening!

Right under your nose.

Believe it. (chair bangs)

- But it doesn't make sense.

Those guys are not smart enough to plan something like that.

- Well, I guess $200 million made 'em smart.

They took the cargo.

Now, they got Andrew

just in case.

- But how could they know

about the cargo in the first place?

- A plant, maybe.

- A plant?

- A man on the inside of your monastery, Father.

A monk working with the Pamyats.

- What good is a man on the inside?

Father Vladimir-

- I know, Father Vladimir,

he doesn't drink,

you can't bribe him.

Even if you torture him,

he ain't gonna talk.

That's why you flush him out.

You terrorize the monastery to such a degree

that the monks have to flee.

Father Vladimir is not gonna leave the treasure behind.

So when it surfaces, that's when they move in.

It's a good plan.

Look, 200 million in religious artifacts gotta be fenced.

All we gotta do is find the same fence,

someone who can handle that kind of action.

So, I need something to show.

- [Medical Examiner] Father, it is my sad duty

to ask you to come to the hospital

and identify three bodies.

- Vince, I have bad news, I'm afraid.

(low mournful music)

(Sasha crying)

- Come here. (Sasha sobbing)

(low mysterious music)

That's not my brother.

- Vince, I know it is hard.

- It's not my brother.

I know my brother, and that's not him.

- [Medical Examiner] This is not American.

- [Sasha] KGB.

- He's alive.

(Sasha sniffles)

(upbeat Russian music)

(song singing in Russian)

(car rumbling)

- Just wait here.

- The body was a double for my brother,

sent to the monastery to fool the monks.

They did it at the airport.

- [Sasha] KGB.

- A switch.

- Then the plant at the monastery could be an agent.

- [Vince] I thought the KGB was history.

- The people are still there,

with their old contacts.

- Great.

Wouldn't be the same without them.

Come on.

You find the fence?

(Russian music stops)

- [Father Stanislav] The guy knows someone.

We'll meet him at the beer stand.

- [Vince] Gotta hand it to you, Father.

I didn't expect such fast work from a priest.

- [Father Stanislav] (scoffs) Nothing.

Father Vladimir could do street talk with a thief,

and the guy would never know he was talking to a priest,

he was good. - [Vince] Yeah, I forgot.

This is Russia. In America-

- [Father Stanislav] (scoffs) In America,

the priests didn't have the privilege

of living in Stalin's death camps.

(mugs clinking) (upbeat Russian music)


Cold beer on a hot day.

There's your man.


Please be careful, this is all we have.

- Okay.

Speak English?

Not so fast.

- You wait here.

I'll make a phone call.

- Okay, I'll, I'll call you back.

Wait there.

(phone beeping)

- [Oleg] Yes?

- Well, you are not the only ones

who are selling these religious goods.

Yeah, an American is selling, too.

- No, he is lying!

Let me take care of the American.

You arrange to meet him,

but you yourself don't come.

We will deal with him.

(wheels grating)

(patrons chattering in Russian)

- Oh, I won't touch your medals.

They ain't worth crap without legs.

Here's something for all the (Censored) you went through.

One leatherneck to another.

- Tomorrow.


Near railway station.

Okay, I'll tell them.

(phone clunks)

(Vince snoring)

(Vince sighs)

(Sasha clears throat softly)

- Can't sleep either?

- Doesn't seem right.

There must be something we could be doing.

- Well, if you know a safer place, let me know.

- I worry about Father Stanislav.

The monastery is too dangerous now.

- He has his flock to look after.

Tell me about the photographs at your place.

Your family?

(cup clinks)

- I don't like this place.

Deals with devils or no deals.

KGB, it's not safe.

- KGB, CIA, what's the difference?

They all make deals with the highest bidder.

You don't wanna talk about your family.

They're dead?

- No, it's just my story's not that interesting.

- Please.

I'm interested.

(soft gentle music)

You show me yours, I'll show you mine.

- I don't understand.

- It's an American joke.

It's stupid.

Train. (kettle whistling)

- I don't even know you.

- Not much to know, really.

Raised by two men, Catholic school,

wanted to be a priest, couldn't cut it.

- Wait, two men?

- My father and my brother.

- [Sasha] And your mother?

- She died giving birth to me.

I was over 200 pounds at birth, and she exploded.

(Sasha laughs)


She ran off, but we were better off.

- My family disowns me.

Ever since my father found my manuscript for the Samizdat,

Moscow underground.

Alexis was my confessor,

my confidant.

- This is Russia.

I've seen monks rap with gangsters

and make deals with the KGB in the black market.

He was a monk, right?

- Were we lovers?

Is that what you're asking?

- You were just helping him write the book, though, right?

- No, it's not all.

He was my friend.

One of the most honest, kind men I've known.

A breath of fresh air in the middle of all this filth.

(brief tense music)

- (sighs) I'm sorry.

(soft rock music)

- Are you using me?

No, you're not. ♪ Flowers on the floor

♪ All around your hair

Nor am I. ♪ Morning at the door

♪ I don't think you care

♪ You whisper in my ear, shiver in my arms ♪

♪ Don't let it stop, don't go away ♪

♪ Screaming in your eyes

♪ Oh stranger

♪ Between the walls and face to face ♪

♪ Oh stranger

♪ We won't have another chance (rock music fades)

- [Marina] Thank God we're home.

I told Ached and Misha to have our dinner ready.

Today was a long day.

- [Oleg] And tomorrow will be longer.

- [Marina] Tomorrow, we'll be rich.

- [Oleg] But tonight, we'll be together, all right?

(doors banging) (dogs barking distantly)

- [Marina] Hey, wait for me.

(tense ominous music)

(ominous music swells)

(Marina cries)

(ominous music deepens)

(Marina sobbing)

- Misha, who did this to you?

- Someone



(sudden dramatic music)

(moves to low ominous music)

(phone clunks)

- So what are you waiting for?

Call him.

- He may not believe me.

- He'll believe you.

For the right price.

(phone clacks)

Start at 70-30. (rotary dial rattling)

He'll take 50-50.

Then he forgives and forgets.

He goes his way.

We'll go ours.

He'll take it.

He can't afford not to.

- We'll be dead.

- Let's finish this.

- Chief?

Yes, it's me.

Listen, if you want any of this money,

you'll take my deal and forget about us.

Be at the bridge by the Pushkin railway station.

And don't (Censored) with me, Chief.

(deep ominous music)

(clock ticking faintly)

- I'm coming with you.

- Forget it.

Go back to sleep.

- No.

I'm coming.

My friend died for that cargo.

I don't want you to die. (ominous music softens)

- I'm not gonna die.

- I mean it.

- I mean it, too.

You sound like you don't trust me with $200 million.

- I don't. (laughs)

It's still dark out.

- I'll be early,

I'll make a good impression.

(soft romantic music)

(slow suspenseful music)

(truck rumbling)

(suspenseful music deepens)

(doors slam)

What a (Censored) surprise.

(gun clicks)

- Father Stanislav?

What are you doing here?

How did you know?

(door slams)

- Sometimes, you know,

God speaks to his servants,

and today, he spoke to me in my heart,

and I knew that I had to come here.

This, don't worry about this. (chuckles)

So, are you all right?



where is Vince?

- I don't know.

(truck bed banging)

(cases clunking)

- When you're done here,

drive this to the house and wait.

I'll be there in two hours.

(gun clicks)

- Okay.

(gate slams)

(footsteps pattering)

(water trickling)

My boyfriend sent me to finish you off.

In 30 minutes, he'll do the same with your brother.

But I'm going to give you a chance.

You came here to take the monks' treasure out, right?

Take me along,

and I'll let you keep half.

Think about it.

- I thought you wanted to buy the Parliament.

- And waste all the money on his Nazi bullshit?

(laughing) Uh-uh.

I prefer to spend it in the French Riviera.

(phone beeping)

- You better be ready.


30 minutes, and we finish off Americans.

(sudden dramatic music) - (speaks Russian) Fuckhead.

You played soldier enough today.

Where's my brother?

Where is my (Censored) brother?

In there?

(Oleg grunts) (pounding dramatic music)

(gunshot cracks) (Oleg yells)

(Oleg groaning) (gunshot pops)

(truck rumbling)

(pounding music intensifies)

(doors slam)


(steps tapping)

- Throw your gun on the floor now.

- Think I'm a fool?

- Okay.

I'll just blow his brains out.

- Maybe I'll paint the (Censored) walls with yours.

(tense ominous music)

- In five minutes,

your brother will be a piece of boiled meat.

Unless, of course, you set him free.

But to do that, you have to let me walk out of here.

- All right, you Nazi (Censored),

get the (Censored) outta here.

- Go over there.

(Andrew groans)

Stay here.

Don't move.

(steam hissing softly)

(Andrew yells)

- Brother!




(steps clicking) (Andrew moaning)

Oh, thank God!

(ominous music deepens)

- Don't leave me.

- Sorry.

(keys rattling)

(lighter clicks)

(explosion blasts)

(ominous music intensifies)

- Help! Help!

(driver screaming)

(engine sputtering)

(gate creaks)

(gunshots cracking)

- Get him! Get him!

(machine gun popping)

(deep tense music) (glass crunching)

(gunshots cracking)

(gunshots blasting) (victims grunting)

- [Father Stanislav] Oleg.

(gunshot cracks)

- Jesus, God.

Forgive me.

These animals are gonna (Censored) pay.

(tense throbbing music) (Pamyats muttering in Russian)

(gunshots blasting)

- You thought you could betray me? Huh?

- Chief?

Listen, we were going to split the money in half.

- Oh yeah, I know.

Here, I have your half.

(gunshot booms)

(deep tense music)

- Father!

(hood slams)


(gunshots blasting)

Father, it's Vince!

(gunshots blasting)

- No!


It's Vince, don't shoot!

What are you doing?

- It's Vince! It's me!

- I'll shoot her!

- You son of a (Censored), you're the plant!

(Sasha gasping)

- KGB.

(Stanislav yells)

- (Censored)!

(Sasha grunting) (tense music quickens)

Get in.

Start the car!

(door slams)

(Sasha yelps) (engine rumbling)

(tense music slows)

(gate clangs)

(Andrew thuds)

(footsteps thumping)

(Andrew gasps)

- [Vince] These help?

- My God.

Where'd you find them?

- It's a long story.

Sorry I don't have any water.

- Don't worry, I've had enough water.

- Can you walk?

- Yeah. (groans)

(Andrew panting)

- You all right to walk? - Yeah.

(Andrew groans)

- Sit this way.

You face here!

Don't move!

(radio clattering)

- I'm very sorry, kid.

If I'd only known.

- What, that we were set up?

That Stanislav was KGB?

That arrogant son of a (Censored) brought me to his apartment.

I fell for it.

We gotta go back there.

- What for?

- Can you think of a better place to start?

- No, I can't.

- Can you move faster?

- (gasps) You know, you might be better off on your own.

- No way.

- Dolphin, this is Panther, over.


this is Panther, over.

(speaks Russian)

- Meet me at RV point four,

3-0 minutes, over.

- You have the merchandise?

- Do you have the gas and the papers for Helsinki? Over.

- You doubt me, Colonel?

3-0 minutes, not possible.

Pick up in one hour.

(Stanislav scoffs)

- Colonel.

Colonel Tikanirov.

(case clattering)

- (scoffs) What, you are surprised?

- I thought the Colonel disappeared.

- Disappear? Without money, huh?

- So the Pamyats are your people?

- No.

Dvoynik, he and I, we work together.

He was in charge of the underground,

including the Pamyats, hm?

The skinhead and his girl,

they were his, not mine.

(paper rustling)

- So, the undercover at the monastery was for the KGB.

- KGB?

(Censored) the KGB!

(quick dramatic music)

(door rattling)

(Sasha scuffling)

I told you to sit, huh?

(hand smacks) (Sasha gasps)

- I really appreciate your help.

I'm sorry to put you through all this.

- Next time, think about all the innocent lives

you're putting on the line.

- That's exactly what I was thinking about.

(handcuffs click)

- You won't get away with this.

- You stupid (Censored).

(Sasha gasping) (deep ominous music)


(soft tender music) - What's she like?

- How'd you know to ask?

- You look really different.

- Shows, huh?

- Very much so.

- She's pretty special.

She's in a lot of trouble right now.

- She'll be all right, don't worry.

- I hope so.

(truck rumbling)

- You're leaving the country, aren't you?

- There's nothing left in Russia to believe in.

I gave my whole life in service to this country.

Now, they just throw you out on the street.

- You're a pathetic loser.

One of thousands.

(truck rumbling)

- A loser?

(chuckles) No, I'm not a loser.


(gunshot booms)

(low tense music)

- (Censored)!

We must have just missed them.

Oh, what do we got here?

(radio clattering)

- Who was he talking to?

- I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.

(knobs clicking) (radio warbling faintly)

- Panther, this is Dolphin.

You're on permanent send.

Check your pressel switch.

- "Dolphin," that's gotta be a naval call sign.

They're on a (Censored) boat.

- Oh my God.

- What?


(soft introspective music)

Spit it out.

- He must have been telling me the truth.

Of course he was, and why not?

What'd he have to lose?

He was gonna kill me anyway.

- What are you talking about, Andrew?

- It's a barge, Vince.

We were supposed to transport the cargo

in a barge to Finland.

That was the original plan.

- Plan?

Now you tell me.

- I couldn't tell you before

because I was sworn to secrecy.

And besides that,

I didn't know what the hell was really going on.

As far as you were concerned,

I wanted you along so I could keep an eye on you.

And I wanted you to keep an eye on me.

What can I tell you, kid?

- You can tell me more about the barge.

- It's called the Tamara.

You know, Finland's only 80 miles down river

and across the Gulf,

and this guy said he hired the captain

because he was sympathetic to the Franciscan cause.

- [Vince] And you believed him?

- And why not?

Look, I was supposed to be very dead right now.

What did he have to gain by lying to me?

- What did he have to gain by telling you the truth?

- That's the game he plays!

- Maybe.

We don't have a lot of time and even less to go on.

It's worth a try.

- Brother, this guy may be an arrogant son of a (Censored),

but don't underestimate him.

- He underestimated us.

Come on, brother.

- All right.

- What if this is bullshit?

- We don't have anything else to go on.

If the barge is going to Finland,

we should follow the river till it meets the bay.

Come on.

(quick tense music)

(door slams)

(water lapping quietly)

- [Vince] You believe this guy?

Andrew, this is crazy.

- [Father Andrew] I'm just playing a hunch, kid.

- [Vince] I don't play hunches, Andrew,

just tips.

We're wasting time.

We should start from square one,

go back to the monastery.

I don't care if I gotta interrogate every monk in the place.

- [Father Andrew] Whoa, ye of little faith, brother.

Look, there's only one more bridge, right up ahead.

There, you see it?

(ship horn blasts)

(boat engine rumbling) (water lapping)

(deep ominous music)

(door clunks)

(door slams)

- Who is she?

- Eh, don't worry about her.

She's my insurance.

(cases clunking) (truck bed scraping)

- Vince! I think I got him!

The Tamara.

- Christ!

Jesus Christ.

Andrew, I love you.

I found you once, I'll find you again.

(tense urgent music)

(door slams)

(tires squealing) (engine revving)

(urgent music deepens)

(door slams)

- Come on, come on!

Go on down there,

kneel down.

Get down!

(Sasha gasps)

(brakes squeal)

- Vince.


(Sasha gasping)

- Get up there.

- You're always one step behind, cowboy.

(engine rumbling)

(urgent dramatic music)

(engine revs) (tires squeal)

Forget about him.

He's just a naive little child, you know.


(grunts) Sit down. (hand slapping)

Come here, come here.

(Sasha plods)

- What are you going to do with her?

- I've been away, you know,

for quite some time now at the monastery.

(elbow thuds) (Stanislav grunts)

(trolley rumbling)

- (Censored). (gunshots booming)


(engine revs) (tires squeal)


(tires squealing)

(horns honking)

(workers yell)

(bridge crashes) (Vince screaming)

(explosion blasts)

(explosion booms)

(fire roaring)

(dramatic music fades) (plate clatters)

(soft solemn music)

(door slams)

(bells clanging)

- Almighty God and Father, hear our prayer

and look with mercy

upon our departed brothers, Vladimir and Alexis.

For these two courageous brothers

who laid down their lives so that others might live

and so that this magnificent monastery

might continue to survive

and serve your people here in Russia.

Peace be with you, brother. (gentle poignant music)

Peace be with you, brother. - Peace be with you.

- Peace be with you, brother.

Peace be with you, sister.

(computer modem warbling)

- [Operator] We're sorry, all circuits are busy now. Please.

♪ Yeah (energetic metal music)

♪ Hey

♪ Yeah, hey

♪ Moscow calling

♪ Oh oh whoa

♪ Getting on a phone with a busy line ♪

♪ Knocking on a phone and losing my mind ♪

♪ Never never never never realize ♪

♪ It feels so far, like a millions miles ♪

♪ Give me give me give me give me little hand ♪

♪ Just listen to your heart, don't consider it ♪

♪ I'm looking out at the city night ♪

♪ I see your eyes in city lights ♪

♪ Moscow calling

♪ Operator don't tease me

♪ Moscow calling

♪ Operator what's going on

♪ Moscow calling

♪ All the circuits are busy

♪ Moscow calling

♪ I'm going on ain't giving it up ♪

♪ Party party party party somewhere, going crazy ♪

♪ Night is calling me out there ♪

♪ I grip the phone, I'm having no choice ♪

♪ No coffee, no beer, no cigarettes, and line's still busy ♪

♪ Operator on the other end, I need your voice ♪

♪ I need to hear your voice

♪ Moscow calling

♪ Operator don't tease me

♪ Moscow calling

♪ Operator what's going on

♪ Moscow calling

♪ And all the circuits are busy ♪

♪ Moscow calling

♪ I'm going on ain't giving it up ♪

♪ I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac ♪

♪ I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac ♪

♪ I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac ♪

♪ I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac ♪

♪ I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac ♪

♪ I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac ♪

♪ Moscow calling